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File: 93ba90a8f5965f6⋯.png (99.61 KB, 463x419, 463:419, 2ff84940d5a59a7c65bae29655….png)

14d34b  No.12768458

This thread is for media created by the anons of /pol/, the media itself need not be /pol/ in nature, for any alternative to the (((mainstream media))) would be a blow against it due to how it's superior nature would upstage it (the bar has been set very low, and even the few quality mainstream works would suffer due to the audience knowing how Jewish they are).

Today is the Japanese holiday of Setsubun, our media will be like the purifying seeds they throw to cast out the (((Oni))) that dominates every form of media being dripped into the veins of the white race.

Post your ideas, Critique the ideas of others, Form groups to create ideas that are good or have been improved by critique-and-revision, and discuss the most effective means of releasing the finished product into the public, and for getting a large reception without revealing it's origins.

Remember, if you want your work to reach people, you must walk the line, and not reveal the full nature of the philosophy that forms the material's source, making something like nazi heroes fighting against villainous jews and their shitskin hordes may be appealing to us, but it will be horrifying to the average audience member.

000000  No.12768542

>tfw imageboards are just japs stealing european and american ideas for anoomated funnies

c76af8  No.12768552

File: 1b6ac5c1bda523b⋯.png (765.44 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, j.png)

File: 6901869ecd8efce⋯.jpg (7.89 KB, 450x200, 9:4, fj.jpg)


I actually argued it would help the cause to broadcast Murdoch Murdoch on live TV.

Lets watch the cartoon on the TV!

bdf140  No.12768596

You cant have any dank memes. Go to >>>/meme/

0ca86f  No.12768649


>that pic

That was me on the left, then I transitioned into the middle. DIdn't like the (((one of the right))) then, I don't like them even more now.

The pipeline is rael.

a17adb  No.12768664


>murdoch bullshit

but how can a self respecting family man care about anime and other such cringy manchild shit

i mean dont get me wrong i play a lot of videogames daily but you wont find me ever talking about it to other fellow serious human beans around

go about teaching fascism through murdoch and zoged people around you will think you are a weirdo

go about teaching fascism through getting shit done, hunting, being competent, saving lives, some sort of a clear real life physical demonstration of superiority, and people will not only respect you but deep down unconsciously abandon equality falsehoods when they see you in action

d7e33a  No.12768716

File: 4646dc0a95c478c⋯.jpg (310.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Boy-Scouts.jpg)

File: 45f25e7e911be07⋯.jpg (144.76 KB, 986x555, 986:555, 0a24fd7d-a330-49d6-9370-cc….jpg)


>go about teaching fascism through getting shit done, hunting, being competent, saving lives, some sort of a clear real life physical demonstration of superiority, and people will not only respect you but deep down unconsciously abandon equality falsehoods when they see you in action

a584c9  No.12768800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>/pol/ media

Anyone else remember the /nsg/ series?

3f504e  No.12769041


No dude, we need discord trannies not being banned and allowed to make a FUG DONAL BLUMPF thread every fucking ten minutes.

Thanks Ron.

4d4d85  No.12769159


Someone post Gex' "With Open Gates" that's the best /pol/ media OC

I cba to upload it

it's on kiketube though

a17adb  No.12769226

literally the only media allowed should be the 308 radio broadcasts of dr pierce, the greatest man after hitler

you dont even need anything else except maybe a few jared taylor speeches and i said a few, i know that mr taylor does his own thing but still he is probably THE most convincing and normie palatable race and iq debated that i can think of

the thing literally goes taylor into pierce broadcasts into mein kampf audiobook

14d34b  No.12769396

How about something that the average viewer doesn't find automatically abhorrent, and thus refuse to even watch or listen to?

We need to keep in mind the perspective of the average person in our society, why is that so hard for you guys to understand?

We need to be indirect, we cannot begin with talking about race in an open and direct manner, we need to use stories to convey the messages, we need to avoid reality, it might take the use of fantasy, but indirect methods such as making use of allegory and trusting at least a certain segment of the audience to pick up on the subtext may be more effective than having everyone turn away from a documentary on "the nazis".

Why is it that the most effective piece of propaganda is something nominally apolitical like harry potter, star wars, or rick and morty? Because this is the angle we need to be chasing.

Next is the order of the mental barriers that must be torn down in order to truly reach someone:

The average joe sees non-whites every day, and sees them as behaving and thinking just like he does, they are not acting criminally or inappropriately in front of him, and engage with him in a mostly polite and sometimes even friendly manner, they do not perceive themselves as being under attack for their race, they do not see their race as being threatened at all, they assume everyone sees everyone else as individuals, not as groups, he europomorphizes non-whites, and he filters out unpleasant things if he even pays enough attention to see them.

This facade needs to be smashed first and foremost, and to do that, we must acknowledge their experiences, often we come across as being unaware of how they experience the world on a daily basis, without some level of self-awareness on this issue, we come across as delusional and thus best ignored.

Now for the next steps, but first, a video:

He may be a judeo-philic faggot, but this guy makes a good point in the afterword:


First, we need to clarify the existence of the problems we face: At their best, the civnats are a transitory phase, they believe whites are under attack, but they refuse to accept why, it's just the muslims and the marxists, negroes and jews are innocent.

Next, we need to reveal the truth behind all the "anti-semitic conspiracy theories" that they consider to be ridiculous:

The ethnats are, at their best, another transitory phase, they accept that whites are under attack, but they only accept half of the reason why, it's just envious negroes, the jews are innocent.

Then we get to the step between us and the phase before us, where they accept the faults of the negroes and jews together, but they may not accept natsoc yet.

The third is to present a solution, one that understands their still-present aversion to violence or coercion, even of their worst enemies when they pose the worst threat to them.

See the thread I made here:


We need to be indirect,

14d34b  No.12770536


"We need to be indirect, " <- ignore this, it was the result of an error in editing my post

deaf62  No.12770548


Blocked in my country. Not surprised

c942d4  No.12770758

>this is yet another slide for all the shit we already have in the catalog which also have multiple fucking threads for each because SLIDES

Fuck off nigger, we're full.

14d34b  No.12772693


sorry, I didn't realize there was another thread like mine, could you please direct me to it? (no, I'm not going top search through the catalog because I think you might be a lying shill and I want you to prove your word to me)

f04bca  No.12772846


Okay, but what if I want to convert people without needing to interact with them one-on-one, since giant rallies in pseudo-military uniform are out of the question for the time being and I can only talk to so many people IRL?

One can reach millions over the internet, and I'm not sure (well, I am, but we all know (((who))) it is so why bother) why using short, easily-digestible material is considered a bad way to prepare the masses for the ideas of the larger group. Sure it will never beat the old-fashioned ways when it comes to going the distance, but in terms of raw effect, getting a foothold on everyone's mind at once can't be beat.

a84a95  No.12773013


It’s also possible to bypass most of that and go directly to the Inmediate economic benefits of National Socialism.

As an example… “How would you like to have a guaranteed job, which pays one person enough to support an entire family?”


“How do you feel about interest free home loans for families, and loan forgiveness for childrens”

Or maybe

“How would you feel about the abolishment of Federal Income tax”


“How would you like to receive $5,000 every year to be used for health insurance and other emergency expenses”

Many of the Germans weren’t all about the Jews, or even the salvation of the Aryan, they were about a living wage job and a solid economy however.

292fec  No.12773343


Eh it's just (((limited state))) for me. No problems with youtube-dl here. Archived.

5a4987  No.12773464

Any coherent White libertarian becomes a natsoc when confronted with the truth. In their hearts they know It's not general tyranny they hate, it's the tyranny of the jew. It's not big government they hate, they hate that big government never actually helps Whites.

292fec  No.12773526


>It's not big government they hate, they hate that big government never actually helps Whites.

I never hated big government. I just didn't understand why it would ever help subhumans.

b652d8  No.12773669


>girl scouts

>has to do with anything you said


14d34b  No.12775056

This thread is for the discussion of media created by /pol/ anons, but now that we are on the subject:

I think that taking the "nationalism" out of of "national socialism" and combining it with the "capitalism" of "anarcho-capitalism" is not only possible, but results in a perfect fusion between /pol/ and /liberty/.

I see it as being a night-watchman minarchist state with only the required services for administration (commander-in-chief, elections, and tax-collection), law enforcement (including the emergency response and child services) and national defense (including immigration services and border control ).

Voting and Running for public office requiring a variety of things, the very least of which being the requirement to be a white (at least 75% european or north asian admixture) male, but also including the requirement of serving in the administration, law enforcement, or national defense systems, owning land and paying taxes, and being married with children born from your current spouse and yourself (biological children of you and wife), all this in addition to having never had a conviction for a crime that you were later determined to have not been guilty of (and maybe also the requirement of being either irreligious, christian, or pagan (defined as pantheistic, polytheistic, or animistic historical religions, or any religion that is not monotheistic in nature. though I'm conflicted on allowing all forms of paganism, or just the pagan faiths of civilizations we know were white? like the Egyptians), the three religious affiliations of the anons I see on /pol/).

Now, before you

A set of domestic laws derived from the NAP, which cannot be altered, added to, or subtracted from, which includes an age of consent (for everything) set at the point at which the individual is capable of getting pregnant (females) or impregnating others (males) - this is to drive up the population (sorely needed, but if this creeps you out too much, I can raise the age to 18 and find other methods of boosting white birth rates), a ban on abortion (life begins when the sperm enters the egg and fertilization begins - this is also for boosting birth rates, and I'm considering a ban on contraception as well) and which does NOT include restrictions on speech such as laws concerning intellectual property, damage to reputation, libel, slander, or (((hate speech))), and of course, no (((anti-discrimination))) laws, also, no restrictions on weapon possession (ex-convict retards with recreational mcnukes? sure!) or on drug possession (shoot pcp into your eyeballs for all I care!), or on the sex industry of prostitution/porn (so long as they are consenting and of age - whites made porn before the jews made it for us, the difference being that porn made by and for whites was free of the kikery that infests it now).

In exception to the NAP, a tax system (OMG!) based around the georgian principle, such that only land-owners pay taxes, and only in the form of 1% of the total value of their current land-holdings (in which case, 1% is still going to be a lot), due every February 29th.

Elections (OMG!) held every February 29th, using my personal homebrew of the range vote and the condorcet counting system.

Another thing that would be nice would be compulsory service in national defense and/or law enforcement for all white males for four years from the time they have reached their age of adulthood (age of consent), make everyone warriors, especially our scholars, so that we will not have our thinking done by weaklings, fools, and cowards, we can couple this with university education, so that our scholars are strong white males, not the weaklings, non-whites, and females that run our academia today.

another thing I'd like to see is an expulsion of all jews, communists, globalists, and non-whites, along with a permanent ban on their immigration into the country.

I'm sure you have a billion criticisms, but keep in mind that of all the anons of /pol/, I'm the only one to actually share my full plan for a society, and that I'm willing to make changes to my plan if you actually present alternatives and share why you think they are better.

Anyone who just attacks my plan without offering any suggestion on improvement is a shill.

5f88e7  No.12775125


That post was left by a bot. Any post that mentions sliding is by a bot. Sliding isn't a real thing and these users are always (1).

5df40c  No.12775154

File: 9b7fdb93812f945⋯.webm (9.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nuremberg slaughter.webm)

14d34b  No.12775158


It's worth noting that I consider Traditional Values to be naturally emergent from white genetics, all it takes is a few generations of freedom and it will re-establish itself as the dominant way of life.

legalizing guns makes us stronger, and reduces offenses, legalizing drugs helps whites use their natural ingenuity to find their own treatments outside of pharma, legalizing porn and prostitution within the framework of a white society allows us to increase our birth rates but also to reclaim our sexuality back from jewish weimar degeneracy.

also, it will help out to kill off imbeciles and sociopaths from our gene pool, thus improving the quality of our races collective genetic fitness.

I'd also end all animal rights and end the restriction from ethics in science and medicine, I want the full scope of discovery and invention, which is why I ended patents.

all that is needed is proof of consent between two people and it becomes legal, basically, I'm working on a white-nationalist version of rapture from Bioshock, so I can show that kike Kevin Levine that he's a fucking idiot.

also, all those special domestic violence and domestic abuse laws need to be ended, we already have assault and rape covered, and also we need to end (((family courts))) as well, they go outside the law to end families, particularly white families, (((university courts))) also must be ended for going outside the law in order to enforce leftist ideological dominance in places of learning, the same standards of evidence for murder must also be applied to crimes like rape (including of children) as these accusations and the "beleive the victim" narrative that accompanies them are simply means of ruining someone's reputation for no reason, and again, go outside the law.

Here's an idea: anyone who can be shown to have intentionally made a false accusation must serve the sentence that the accused would have served if convicted, and for the same crime.

Lying skanks get fucking shanked

We can call it "Kavanaugh's law"

14d34b  No.12777562


Another thing I just remembered: Ban the practices of (((Fractional-Reserve Banking))) and the Issuance of (((Fiat Currency))) by making them a crime of High-Level Fraud or Treason.

Also, ban the holding of (((Dual Citizenship))) or the simultaneous holding of any form of multiple citizenships, make this also an act of High-Level Fraud or Treason.

These things can really fuck a country up, you know.

Anyways, that's it for my ideas on how to combine nationlism with capitalism, let me know what you think, and if you have a critique, remember to leave your suggestion for an alternative.

I've done what /pol/ should have done a long time ago: I've laid out my entire end-goal, we need more anons to do this, so that we can come to some consensus about what exactly it is that we want to achieve.

8da619  No.12777576

Bump how do we infilitrate the media?

8da619  No.12777586



>/nsg/ series

The national socialist general had a spin off?

14d34b  No.12780394


Simply by making media, any media.

Any form of entertainment that has come from the anons of /pol/ or /liberty/ will inevitably become more successful, especially if it's not explicitly political in any way, and if the audience doesn't know who made it.

If It simply lacks any anti-white narrative or anti-white production team, that is enough to set it apart from all the competitors out there, we can begin inserting the opinions that are held by the majority of pro-white whites on peripheral issues (stances on issues that are not necessarily related to things like sex, race, or sexuality), once we have popularity and a dedicated following, once these small doses of the redpill are taken without a problem, we capitalize on the tolerance by increasing the number of these ideology endorsements along with how explicit these endorsements are, we continue until these positions that are held by the majority of those who are pro-white whites, but are not pro-white themselves (I'm obviously talking about things like economics here) are a major part of the particular project.

Once this period ends, we move onto the third stage, we begin inserting indirect and vague endorsements of exclusively pro-white positions on the central issues of being pro-white, just one at first, and requiring a ton of investigation and interpretation to arrive at, then, by small increments at a gradual rate, the number of them increases, and so to does their blatancy, until finally, it becomes a property that is explicitly pro-white, but since we have built up a tolerance among our work's fanbase, the transition is perceived as natural and welcome.

I know this works because we have seen it in our media over the centuries, how the leftist themes gradually increased from being very unnoticeable, to totally blatant, from few to dominating the show, and people didn't notice because each time the increase in these two categories was so very small, and the rate of the increase in political content was so very slow.

It worked, it created a generation rised on harry potter, when the generations before would have widely rejected it, seeing the books as being filled with totally apparent marxist propaganda.

the success isn't in masking people who use their propaganda as a guide for their politics, it's creating people who would read it in the first place without taking great notice in the propaganda in the first place.

look at all western media from 1900 to now, and see that the propaganda of the left was in the media from the very beginning, though very small at first, and we didn't notice the changes as it slowly got more extreme, little by little.

A tolerance formed each step of the way, and the overton window shifted as a result of it, each time they became capable of taking a little bit more, what we see in the media of today is the natural result of all that accumulation, it could not exist among a people who have not yet developed a sufficient tolerance for it's consumption.

We must do the same, entertainment and propaganda have always been one and the same, the real world is dangerous ground for us to even consider touching upon, do not include real world people, groups, places, events, etc.

Instead, do what the Jews have done - create fictional people, groups, places, and events to host your stories in, use analogy and metaphor, but do not try to be too direct with it at first, this means it must not be readily apparent what real-world situation or issue you are commenting on with this, make it necessary for the audience to do some work to figure this out, the one's who make the effort are going to be the true fans, you do not need anyone else, in the beginning, a cult following is more than sufficient.

14d34b  No.12780395


The left is known for taking things over, well, we will be taking something from them this time; the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, these genres are necessary for advocating for unpopular ideas through fiction, as it provides cover for your advocacy; star trek and the twilight zone were two of the greatest vehicles for the endorsement of kosher ideas, as were things like comic books and fantasy novels, this is where we will begin because this is where we must begin.

now /pol/ is known for not having an imagination, or the ability to understand how anyone outside of /pol/ would see things, and they would rather make something that /pol/acks enjoy, but others would not even consider looking at, they'd break all the rules here and prove why the jews won on this battleground:

- they'd stick to the real world, making a documentary or lecture piece about how the nazis were heroes.

- they'd make their political positions clear through their works, that they are nazis promoting nazism.

- they'd definately scare people away by creating a work that shows how little they understand about how non-/pol/acks see the world. they'd present all non-whites as blatant stereotypes with no differences between their individual members, and follow a nazi hero as he mows his way through them, and is well received by other whites.

the typical person outside of /pol/ sees minorities every day, and sees them as being just like him, he sees them being friendly and polite, maybe he sees them working hard and competently at a job, and maybe they have a minority friend who has never done anything criminal or anti-social in their lives, the average guy assumes they have the same type of mind as he does.

We must acknowledge this daily experience if we do not want to appear as delusional psychotics, we must show him that we do live in the same world as him, and we do see the same things he does, and we must explain why his experiences do not mean we are wrong, and how us being right, and the experiences of the normie are not in contradiction.

f93345  No.12785188


996ca4  No.12785205

File: 469e8d69f3b5c9c⋯.jpg (167.68 KB, 602x761, 602:761, news.jpg)

8da619  No.12789645


Ya and we should be the ones in charge of it.

14d34b  No.12790921


thing is, we don't even need to create propaganda to counter the mainstream propaganda, the leftist media has gone so far that simply making anything that is not a part of it is enough to completely destabilize, and to suck all the energy out of them.

Just make good shows lacking political bias, and we have a good foothold to start pushing back against.

45b736  No.12790943


Trying to manipulate others through skilful writing is pretty jewish in itself.


>DIdn't like the (((one of the right))) then, I don't like them even more now.

Five years ago I hated myself and had a drinking problem. Once I got sober I learned that (((antisemitism))) is one reason they like their goyim drunk and emotional.

14d34b  No.12790990


Yes, we are taking the jewish tactics and using them against them, like kirby or blue mages, we copy the powers of our enemies in order to fight against them.

Jewish tactics work, if we don't learn from them, we have no chance against them, stop giving a shit about who created your weaponry, all that matters it that the weapons are the best for the job that needs to get done.

There are no jewish tactics, and there are no aryan tactics, only tactics that work, and tactics that don't.


Weimar tactics, poison the enemies with drugs, sexual permissiveness, racemixing, economic destruction, hatred of the inferior towards the superior along as many lines as can be found (black against white, female against male, unfit against fit, ugly against attractive, poor against rich, etc.), and with harmful philosophies and ideologies (such as marxism and social justice, but not limited to these two, the more different ideologies and philosophies that exist, the better, due to the barnum effect), along with any other form of rampant degeneracy and debauchery, make them weak and distracted with infighting, so you can either completely destroy them and then offer yourself up as the solution to the problems you created, or simply destroy them and then take over whatever is left behind.

996ca4  No.12791586


id disagree.

when you dont put up a counterweight to this liberal far left rethoric you end up with a playfield only left of center.

the center then becomes the new right eventhough it hasnt changed at all.

While there is a need for shows you described that could be used to our advantage, they need to serve as a voice of reason among two extremes, not as just one end of the spectrum.

Thats how democratic left-right politics works.

The centrists always win because people either dont want extremes or cant reach an understanding on which one should win.

8da619  No.12794132


That is a bit debatable including the fact how gullible normalfags tend to be.

92602e  No.12794343


Get >>>/polmedia/ back on the road first, >>12768800 is a good example.

Murdoch Murdoch is for kids.

92602e  No.12801710



8da619  No.12808322


>Murdocvh murdoch is for kids.

Is it?

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