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File: f6290cf445e44cc⋯.jpg (161.67 KB, 576x784, 36:49, thefisherking?.jpg)

File: c4f6a91917c5d27⋯.pdf (7.04 MB, mysterie of the grail.pdf)

4289e7  No.12772287


I have been reading Evolas Mysterie of the Grail again and had come to a conclusion that I had been racking my head about for over a year now. But I have come to the resolution that in fact Hitler not only is Prester John but also the Fisher King.

Let me explain.

Evola lays down in pretty clear terms that the original Imperium (Thule/Avalon/Atlantis) was destroyed but will be restored by an earthly ruler the rex regum (King of Kings).

This King of Kings has a place holder of sorts who comes near to achieving the title of rex regum but not quite. Upon his death this earthly ruler will not die however but take on the the title of Prester John. As Prester John he guards the Grail. The new Prester John always replaces the old one (Charlemagne gets replaced by Frederick Barbarossa as Prester John or something like that).

In Arthurian legend the Fisher King is the last King who guards the Grail the last Prester John. The Fisher King is a king wounded by a spear that was described in its pagan roots as "poisonous" and was under christianity replaced with the Spear of Destiny. The Fisher King got his dick cut off by the spear (symbolism of being unable to father new generations) and since then his land turned barren. The only thing he can do is fish all day long, waiting that a knight appears and ask him the question.

It is not uncommon in indo-aryan mythology that events that will happen in the future are told like they already happened (think Ragnarök the the twilight of the gods).

Evola goes on to explain that the Fisher King is not fishing fish, instead he is a fisher of man.

So how do did I come to the conclusion that Hitler is in fact the last Prester John, the Fisher King?


Think about it. There is this legend that Hitler really was looking for the Spear of Destiny and if we go by the pagan origin it could been he downfall since it was "poisonous". Obviously I don't need to explain why he is impotent and his kingdom is a wasteland, you just need to look at the outbreeding of europeans (yes, low brith-rates = impotentence) and the catastrophic pollution of the land and the incoming economic collapse just around the corner (how the fuck are the retirements gonna get paid?).

And if there had been a ruler after Hitler that could have taken on the title after his death, who could it have been. All rulers after him were jewish marionettes, short lived politicians or butchered their own people.

The last great ruler was Hitler.


Have you discovered Hitler, or did he discover you?

This goes back to the King who is dead yet not dead. Evola explains that Prester John doesn't truly die until the next great ruler takes his place and since nobody has replaced Hitler (and never will because he is the last) he is not dead.

I bet you all have your own story about how you ended up here /pol/ but the thing that hold (most) of us together is the 88 in 1488.

I conclude that through his words spoken and written at times that we weren't even alive he was already fishing, fishing for knights that would come and ask him the question and that one of them would be the coming man (Kalki Avatare/The Ruler of the World/The Cleanser of the World) who could ask the question (important! Not answer but ask! Prestor John never ask a question instead you must and if you don't you won't obtain the grail, you have to ask for its purpose!), take the grail and heal his wounds (Restore Hitlers image in the whole World and continue what he began).

Just like the knights we will have to overcome many obstacles, always tell the truth and be loyal to the rex regum, the coming man.

What do you guys think?

There is a bunch more like the black sun representing the round table of Arthur and stuff like that but I wanted to focus on this.

I know this is kinda a faggot blog-post but I think we should have more discussions like this.

Also maybe this will get some of you to read Mysterie of the grail.

b239db  No.12772770

File: 4c4d5153e38b868⋯.jpg (154.68 KB, 931x486, 931:486, NOS.jpg)


If you haven't done so already, you should read Nos - Book of Resurrection. You sound very much prepared for it's message.

b239db  No.12772773

File: df1d7112fdd181f⋯.png (125.01 KB, 496x993, 496:993, Nos - 'Ego'.png)


Whoops, wrong image.

b239db  No.12772795

File: fa891f518107587⋯.pdf (9.12 MB, Nos - The Book of Resurrec….pdf)

Might as well give it out while I'm here.

d6d260  No.12772797


Do you have an English version of Manu perchance?

a04b22  No.12772804

Hey OP, I thought the source that Evola used for the book turned out to be a forgery? Not sure, that is just what I heard

b239db  No.12772808


I don't, sorry. Might try asking >>12758023

708418  No.12773295

Not sure how accurate these details are to the true legends but Im hyped and hopeful, this is good headcanon.

48b85b  No.12773852

File: 54231300b84f170⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 480x309, 160:103, 54231300b84f170c859eaf1b47….jpg)

48b85b  No.12773861




Reversed the numbers on accident

49b5c2  No.12773972

File: 1959da7f0261088⋯.jpeg (30.87 KB, 220x353, 220:353, 24A98B92-3105-477A-BBDB-9….jpeg)

File: ef37ccf5e6adb0d⋯.png (92.47 KB, 550x365, 110:73, D7D21EA2-8FD6-402C-A0FD-BC….png)

File: cc85fcb376f2c63⋯.jpeg (51.54 KB, 661x399, 661:399, 4BCB878B-72C1-4DC8-96AC-6….jpeg)

File: 7769f1ebad054ac⋯.gif (47.32 KB, 600x460, 30:23, 208EDF61-BB8E-4F14-B41B-BF….gif)

File: 1ada659d9d57ec5⋯.jpeg (19.69 KB, 489x147, 163:49, A596A29F-48F6-4247-B16A-B….jpeg)


Excellent hypothesis OP. I like that OC too, though the red face of 8/pol/ would’ve been better. This was my favorite of Evola’s works I’ve read, and I cannot recommend it to newfags enough. It’s his most approachable and applicable work to those in our struggle; Christians, Pagans, mundanes, and adepts.

>I bet you all have your own story about how you ended up here /pol/

>I conclude that through his words spoken and written at times that we weren't even alive he was already fishing

This. I was lead here by Blood Memory.

The Grail itself has many layers of meaning. Pics related are one. Have you ever wondered why besides (((Indiana Jones))), the Grail is always the same shape, often depicted floating and glowing? Why would (((Spielberg))) encourage people to take the wooden grail? Because it insulates. You’re still a faggot.

a39ce9  No.12774238


I'm quite familiar with Evola but not the grail. Could you please explain what it is about, in brief? And also, I assume it has something to do with the pic have something to do with it, yes? What do the images of the man symbolise? And why did you include a screenshot of a Theoria video?

6c28c9  No.12774285

File: 3437ee2cb31fb80⋯.jpg (60.7 KB, 414x414, 1:1, IMG_20190208_005636_539.jpg)

File: 94623c24d8ea377⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 918x918, 1:1, IMG_20190208_005636_537.jpg)

File: 653caea9ec7658f⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_20190208_005636_538.jpg)

6c28c9  No.12774298

File: c2e9162ecfdf607⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15496194792248677819772190….jpg)

File: 27b47673efb6b59⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15496195143772254248534280….jpg)

also dent clock

6c28c9  No.12774353

File: 51edbdea8e0e744⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15496207675482245018707956….jpg)


noos means understanding agent cooper

re: tavistock how many kids named t(r)avis (tick) tock

6c28c9  No.12774357

File: 5d6f88ea5a09b8f⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15496210812464393080424090….jpg)

also spells in oz

late night autism

6c28c9  No.12774376

File: 74d8b3317304c9e⋯.jpg (502.86 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190208-042845….jpg)

sounds like sophia

b6aa40  No.12774474


I know it was meant for OP but thank you for posting that excerpt.

I don't know why but it really spoke to me, will make sure to but that book. Is there any edition that you recommend

4cf3ae  No.12774486

File: fbb585ac2fab3cd⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 459x646, 27:38, hitler avatar.jpg)



3aed38  No.12774591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is something most are unaware of, the original Grail Maiden was Istar of Arbela in the context of a Covenant of the Gods.

>The word of Ištar of Arbela to Esarhaddon, king of Assyria:

>Come, gods, my fathers and brothers, enter the covenant . . .She placed a slice . of bread on the terrace and gave them water from a grail to drink. She filled a flagon of one seah with water from the grail and gave it to them with the words:

>"In your hearts say, 'Ištar is slight,' and you will go to your cities and districts, eat your bread and forget this covenant.

>But when you drink from this water, you will remember me and keep this covenant which I have made *"


The basis of the Christian Grail is that the water becomes wine and through symbolic metaphor blood, but the original premise of the Istar covenant remains albeit with Dionysiac elements.

The Assyrian prophetic tradition was based upon Istar of Arbela were women prophesied as Istar incarnate, Arbela was in NW Mesopotamia but there was an equivalent established in Galilee.

>Perhaps the most prominent physical landmark around the Sea of Galilee is towering Mount Arbel. Mount Arbel is located near the sea’s western shore in the vicinity of ancient Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene.

>There are many caves in the cliff, some of them were used as a fort. Under the cliff, on the right side, are the ruins of the Roman city of Arbela.


Because Istar of Arbela had made a Covenant with the Gods she could claim to speak in the name of all of them, the Hebrews countered this with the YHWH Prophets at the same time in the 7th century BC, history records Istar of Arbela won that war against Israel.

>Fear not! Esarhaddon! I, the god Bel, am speaking to you. I watch over your inner heart as would your mother who brought you forth. Sixty great gods are standing together with me to protect you. The god Sin is at your right, the god Shamash at your left. The sixty great gods are standing around you, ranged for battle.

>Do not trust human beings! Lift your eyes to me, look at me! I am Ishtar of Arbela; I have turned Ashur’s favor to you. When you were small, I chose you. Fear not! Praise me!

>Where is there any enemy who overcame you while I remained quiet? Those who are now behind will soon be the leaders. I am the god Nabu, god of the stylus. Praise me!

>(This oracle is) from the woman Baia of Arbela

0a7101  No.12774614

Bump….excellent work op. These are the threads I come here for

91a261  No.12774776

Sounds like Evola was just exposing his latent homosexuality again.

Don't read trash.

28f467  No.12774829


a39ce9  No.12774956


Zukeeij en shwange este zoor guutenig. Habb u nocte zuker en shwange befogen?

e5002b  No.12774993

File: 7f2a37c82520911⋯.webm (7.42 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 1434715490662.webm)

>A thread that isn't shit for once

Good job OP for helping me reminder why I still visit the shithole that /pol/ has become.

Have some rare Hitler speech for your effort.

04b50c  No.12775119


4289e7  No.12775139


The title was a rhetorical question, don't be so arrogant to assume I am asking for your opinion on the matter you literal idiot.

adcd3b  No.12775174


b239db  No.12775409


Thanks for the bump, dumbass.

a0e648  No.12775540


When I was a mere lad of 17 years of Age, I purchased my first car. It was a 1971 Classic Camaro SS.. I purchased it from a Hells Angel Biker.

UPon the seats of the car were stitched 3 Sets of SS.. At the time I thought that these symbols represented "super sport", but then I began getting hate notes on my windows, when I went out in public. One such note said "If i ever see this car again, and it still has those seats, I will break the windows and rip them out with a knife" I was very confused at the time.

14 years later I discovered that these symbols were not Super Sport, but in fact Schutzstaffel symbols. This was the Fuhrers first hook into me, though I didn't know it.

Later, I had another car, and the first 3 characters in the Tag were B88

Now, I walk the path that the Fuhrer called me for. In a past life, I was on another midgard, which was destroyed by Homo-Capensis.. I decided to reincarnate on this Midgard Earth, to try and stop these evil beings from doing the same to this earth.

caa44c  No.12775573

>Hitler is this fictional character from a book!

What is this cringe larp shit?

b239db  No.12775596


More bumps, thanks, man.

4b9973  No.12775606


The hatred for our own flesh and blood is astonishing, isn’t it? What kind of mad world do we live in where our own people hate us for no reason? Because we tried to win the war against the kikes? Is that the reason they hate us? Are they that afraid of our mortal enemy that they will do anything to protect them?

More than anything else in this world we need our own ‘place’ our own ‘space’ to pursue our Virtues.

ae3167  No.12775657

Best thread in quite a while.

a525ac  No.12775732

File: 89d21bb919bcbec⋯.jpg (121.03 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 0C0DF3A2-F715-4137-A07F-CD….jpg)

File: e123496a60c4130⋯.png (1.07 MB, 718x1024, 359:512, 21FEE852-AA9A-4C47-8084-D2….png)

File: 56764de47a41c36⋯.png (1020.08 KB, 1087x1280, 1087:1280, 786450bf19e0f6af498e1207a9….png)

File: 5b6ba92a1d8ff6b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_pbr40yT8Qp1x1n5hto1….png)

File: 28f235bafa23c94⋯.jpg (72.5 KB, 442x810, 221:405, DMiB414UMAAtMCD.jpg)

You'll get a lot of Christians that would sperg out over this but oh well, let those retards eat paste and suck on rosary beads until they're rotting.

You are correct, OP. Hitler is the highest pinnacle, the wounded king who is sleeping, set to return. Those who follow him are his knights, in the same tune as the SS in its attempts to become a spiritual, knightly order. The Black Sun in Wewelsburg has 12 sig runes (spokes) that originate from a center and penetrate a smaller circle to attach themselves to a wider circle. This is significant in Arthurian imagery, with the 12 knights of the round table who penetrate the hidden world, who reside in a castle called the center of the world.

Hitler is with us and will return at the coming of the hero who will claim the siege perilous, awakening the king to fix all of our problems. Hitler himself said it so:

>I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a Man. I could nowhere discover Him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work; only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the One. And I know also what is missing in me. But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.

Hitler knew his place in the universe and when he consult Arthurian legend we begin to understand why Hitler HAD to lose ww2. He mantled the great wounded king. In truth, he has already won.

675d2d  No.12775861

So has NS degenerated into a cult awaiting a messiah return? How very jewish.

ef92b5  No.12775866

>hurr durr Hitler is a messianic figure


4289e7  No.12775959

e9b499  No.12776016


Nope don’t think so, as he is dead. Fisher King is likely a wounded father or mentor figure who is intelligent but still ounder the spell of Marxism, like Theoden in the Two Towers. In the past mentor figures would teach young men, in this age we have to wake up the mentor figures from the spell and forge ourselves into men.

033675  No.12776075

File: 61afaa1229f131d⋯.jpeg (50.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, C3A31B6E-FC30-4E21-B030-4….jpeg)

File: 5ffe03f65e6120e⋯.jpeg (26.47 KB, 297x170, 297:170, 9B46780C-4E23-46B5-ABCE-1….jpeg)

File: 495f655c9cfe7c5⋯.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1152x1844, 288:461, E6199F02-4675-44C8-80B4-E….jpeg)

File: 47b9a4d97d71c43⋯.jpeg (105.12 KB, 480x640, 3:4, D98106BE-47F4-43B9-B180-C….jpeg)


This, especially that first pic. I remember the night I first came here. The nature of this place was beyond strange for a newfag to any image board, but I immediately felt like I had come home after a long journy lost in the wilderness. The lexicon and abbreviations were clear as though I had spoken it for years. After lurking, when I posted sieg heil for the first time, warm waves of energy began rhythmically circulating from my heart through my San Graal. The murmurs from my Blood Memory which followed the Fuhrer’s bait here, began to shout back





tl;dr for the book is what OP hypothesized and also that the Grail myths were allegorical for metaphysical initiations great men can undertake.

>What do the images of the man symbolise?

Those are ubiquitous Neolithic carvings, anthropomorphic of plasma discharges which are the neon purple images. The shape of which is the same shape as the cross section of a magnetic field and most depictions of the Grail. From the micro to the macrocosm, everything has an EM field; our hearts have a powerful one people underestimate.

8d3dbc  No.12776188


>Prester John

As far as I'm aware, this was a fictitious character that Christian Europeans invented to explain who was attacking the Muslims from the East. It was, of course, Chinggis Kahn, not a Christian ruler. Although his first wife was indeed a Nastorian Christian, and Chinggis himself was pretty tolerant of religion in general. As long as you prayed to your local gods for support of the Kahn, all was well.


>Nos - Book of Resurrection

One of my favorite reads in recent memory

caa44c  No.12776195


go back to /fringe/

8d3dbc  No.12776202

File: 5a876c982e87022⋯.png (164.62 KB, 400x344, 50:43, 5a876c982e8702295b93e55a65….png)

8d3dbc  No.12776224

File: 5a065d65c7877ed⋯.jpg (195.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5a065d65c7877ed4ee35234d30….jpg)


>After lurking, when I posted sieg heil for the first time, warm waves of energy began rhythmically circulating from my heart through my San Graal. The murmurs from my Blood Memory which followed the Fuhrer’s bait here, began to shout back


I got one for ya, just last night I had a dream that I was in a big stadium, like a sportsball stadium, and all at once everyone stood up and gave the Roman salute, chanting Seig Heil. Of course I joined in, but I was thinking how odd this was, that so many people were doing it. That's the first time I've ever had a dream like that, I take it as a good omen.

e47ddd  No.12776284

Has anyone here managed to get results with 'magic' through meditation?

I have read some books that speak about movements, lights, etc.. in the 'eyes' while meditating, some saying it helps in seeing things differently in the outside world

e550f5  No.12776481

Good thread op have a bump

cfbaed  No.12776503

File: a878eedee4677c3⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 5000x3827, 5000:3827, evola reading guide.jpg)


I have yet to see some of the more complicated images/lights in my meditation, but whenever I close my eyes I see pulsating colors like that are usually purple or green, sometimes others. It's always been like that, but it's more apparent when I meditate.

Also, here's a good guide if anyone wants to thoroughly read Evola.

a39ce9  No.12776578



What is the Grail, though?

938795  No.12776587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The questions you're looking for are "What is the secret of the Grail? Who does it serve?"

d7ad14  No.12776588



how do you meditate?

b6aa40  No.12776625

File: 727cc245f95ff0a⋯.jpg (108.78 KB, 577x536, 577:536, medithought.jpg)


Assuming you haven't meditated at all, this is one way to begin.

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes.

Breathe in and then out, breathe with your belly and chest, imagine air filling your torso from bottom up.

Just do this for a while, focusing on your breath.

Don't ignore thoughts, but don't get stuck in them either. Swim through them.

cfbaed  No.12776629


There are many different meditation methods that are designed to achieve different results. Normal prayer is an example of meditation that Westerners are more intimate with. I haven't been meditating for too long, so I feel ill-equipped to give you detailed instructions. What I can tell you to do is look into Mindfulness Meditation, which is almost definitely the kind that a beginner should practice. The bare basics of that are to sit comfortably, sit up straight, and to focus all of your attention on your breathing, and nothing else. Don't try to breathe, just observe it (hence the "mindfulness" part). You don't have to focus on your breath do practice Mindfulness Meditation, but that is where most people tell you to start. Again, do your own research, and if you enjoy that I can recommend you look into Hatha Yoga, which will get you started on some breathing techniques.

b6aa40  No.12776638


Didn't mindfulness lead to severe cases of self-hypnosis? People creating false traumas to account for their issues or something of the sort?

I don't really recall..

b239db  No.12776741


Self induced hallucinations won't get you anywhere, spiritually speaking.

d7ad14  No.12776773


Do I need to study theoretical and particle physics? I joke but I'm not sure what you're getting at.



I already created a false trauma when I took too much acid a while back, took me a year to fix. I think I'll be ok with meditation.



Thank you.

000000  No.12776793


Fisher King

OK, initially, it reminded me of Rán but she's not a male and she's more like fishing inflated cadavers full of water (eek) because she collects the drowned ones.

– so now, more of a metaphor, I'd say look for Odinn who more closely "fishes" for men to fight for Ragnarök.

Think of the Wild Hunt too! It's magnet for slain warriors.

I don't know about you guys but Ragnarök seems getting irresistibly closer each day. :D

Shux for Odinn and friends :(( but they'll come back as cute babies I guess?

e47ddd  No.12776795


Any idea what these colors could mean, what they could reference to? Is it that perhaps you can read them like astrology and the like?


Can you explain what you mean, bud? It would be great to find a way to use meditation for processing information after a studying session. A way for me to sort of have it all 'in front' of thought, and pick it apart, if you know what I mean. Still new at this though mind you, so it would be great to get some insight.


>until they have a firm grasp of the material sciences.

Could you elaborate a bit? I have studied some of Nikola Tesla's work a little bit, and one thing I got out of it is electricity is everything. Is that correct? Any information would be great man


Do you recommend any sites/books, to properly look into the different types of meditation?

6b7dbe  No.12776898





f053cf  No.12777003

I've always thought of him as reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, the hook noses even wrote fake accounts about him like "our guy." Oh how wish I could have witnessed the ransacking of Jerusalem with my own eyes.

Nebuchadnezzar: The Prideful king who went mad

Daniel 4

Deuteronomy 28:27-29; Jeremiah 25:16

in "The Matrix" their ship is called Nebuchadnezzar bc it's an allegory to destroying the jewish hold on things

a39ce9  No.12777010


Thanks for being an esoteric cunt. Some resources would be appreciated.

e47ddd  No.12777025


Do you feel that one is better off chasing the knowledge, rather than being constantly fed it? Perhaps that having/using an 'open mind' is more valuable, goes further than, say, you telling me what is and what is not?

I feel that one would need to come to grips with things like fear, death, and accept them (not saying needlessly throw life away, but to not 'fear' it, and just do what you need to do) . If they are to get heavily invested in themselves enough to cause an actual impact on the world.

Quite honestly, there is much I still need to learn. It is good to get some insights about what other's are thinking though. Cheers.

000000  No.12777168


> I am the god Nabu, god of the stylus. Praise me!

Hear that Jobs?

000000  No.12777181


>Now, I walk the path that the Fuhrer called me for. In a past life, I was on another midgard, which was destroyed by Homo-Capensis.. I decided to reincarnate on this Midgard Earth, to try and stop these evil beings from doing the same to this earth.

OK let's just hope we don't screw up this time on Erda cause it feels good to win sometimes, y'know? :)

40064a  No.12777200


The images which you posted are more associating to Baphomet than the Cup. Grail is not a cup, you turn to stone. What (((Spielberg))) wanted to show is that Grail is not some kind of fancy, expensive, golden object, but something that should show modesty and Christian humility (being a good goy). Of course, he was completely wrong. It was neither.

In Vedas, blood and seed are often associated with water. Both are carriers of life. The whole story has a much older root.


Interesting, post more.


I had so many experiences since (very) early childhood which converged once I read the works of Serrano. One of more notable ones have been seeing the Odal rune spray-painted in the hallway of my apartment building as a kid. It affected me on a deeply profound level, the one which I am to discover much later. Another was having encounters with that divine blonde woman that used to visit me in dreams and reality. I was born with the Memory and the idea that this world is seriously fucked up, that something about it is broken/missing on a fundamental level, that many people have no souls (or have very primitive, animal souls), that most things are fake and/or corrupted by a very overwhelming 'presence', which followed my every step and tried to destroy me (either by ruining my life, or by leading me onto a convenient but false path that would eventually make me one with this world, that I obviously never belonged in). I also hated lesser races since I know for myself. My religious, political, philosophical views have changed a lot over time (often radically), but that kind of remained a constant. Many visions, personal epiphanies, experiences and reading later, I found it. I cannot describe my amazement. Just who was this guy. He managed to describe everything almost identically, which no other source ever came close to (they all had something lacking or something that repulsed me). At that moment I knew it was all for a reason. I knew I was not alone in this hell.


Why is everyone always talking about meditation, but never about falling in trance? Slowing down your frequency is good for obtaining information, but increasing it is how you can actually affect things.


Being 'one with all' is the greatest of illusions. That's the only "eastern wisdom" that's heavily shilled by kikes through media and popular (((gurus))), because it leads to soul dissolution and spiritual death, which is their actual endgame. Sharing the same medium does not make you one with the medium and it's other manifestations. Because you are the source beyond the medium. Which is as unique as it gets, but also connected to other sources. Equality is a false god.

000000  No.12777206


One could say that but it's a human thing to want to attach oneself to a greater soul.

Look at what people do when they vote; it's literally a debased form of this principle. They want the King that will solve all illnesses.

And they keep being betrayed, but there's so much poison, such a thick fog, they don't know what to do. It's sad, truly.

99.99% of politicians deserve the rope anyway.

000000  No.12777235


>Why is everyone always talking about meditation, but never about falling in trance? Slowing down your frequency is good for obtaining information, but increasing it is how you can actually affect things.

Now you got me hooked. Moar info pweez. I need to "unlock" things.

PS: religions that speak of an illusion as in "a lie", something not real, make a mistake. Belonging to a reality that's part of a greater whole doesn't make this reality less real. It just means that there's something beyond the walls of this reality. But it is NOT an illusion.

Those talking of an illusion are deserters. They renounce and seek refuge in lazy spirituality to avoid having to do anything meaningful on the physical plane.

20e1e8  No.12777247

Hitler was nothing but a very good exterminator. He got rid of lots of roaches, but was a shitty delusional leader. Even Mussolini thought his racial purity thoughts were fucking retarded, since nobody on this planet is "pure blood". Even suggesting that was probly his biggest downfall because it got rid of so many potential allies. Lots of people hate dirty kike bankers so much that they just went with it, but like you fucking simpletons Hitler just d&c the opposing force. I have no doubt that Hitler, like Chump was chosen as controlled opposition since they knew theyd lose to a good leader.

91a261  No.12777252

No, he is not the Fisher King. Evola is a faggot.

a525ac  No.12777255

File: b2694818725e961⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 500x741, 500:741, tumblr_pdbxueLODr1x1n5hto1….jpg)

What truly riles up these kikes is knowing that Hitler set in motion a thread of fate which cannot be severed.

91a261  No.12777258


You should just stop. I am pure Northern Germanic. Have had my DNA tested multiple times by different groups and agencies to confirm it.

000000  No.12777269


Jews are not good enough to ever find an "agent" such as Hitler.

>Hitler was nothing but a very good exterminator.

He didn't exterminate much in reality. He didn't want the war but had been forced into a preemptive strike because of Staline's mad plans.

If you want "good" exterminators, Jews have plenty of them, Jews or docile goyim (Churchill).

S. Devi said he was too nice, had a feminine aspect to his soul that I suppose he didn't tame enough.

This won't happen twice.

e47ddd  No.12777273


>Why is everyone always talking about meditation, but never about falling in trance? Slowing down your frequency is good for obtaining information, but increasing it is how you can actually affect things.

Agreed with>>12777235

All I know of frequency is in relation to music, and the 432hz, etc.. basic things

e550f5  No.12777295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>unironixally believes in the holocaust and thinks he is a bad leader

Hey (((schlomo))) is thia your first day?

Like the other anon said hitler was way to nice and is considered a flaw and a blessing on his part.

Hitler politically as a leader has been the greatest probably since the days of caesar.

His niceness is what the jews and churchill was dependant on and they took advantage of it, and get this the leader that was hitler who is arguably a loving and genuine guy yet the jews manage to demonize him and turn him into one of the biggest monsters despite it being false yet the people fell for it.

03a379  No.12777302

File: 6d455dbc3cd7fe5⋯.jpg (117 KB, 500x1024, 125:256, 1547846040282m.jpg)

File: 853cf5a0b63a12b⋯.jpg (92 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1548544598458m.jpg)


>hitler is cobtrolled opposition goyim believe us.

>oh you have these debunks on (((jewtube))) don't mind us shutting that down.

>also hitler killed the 800 gorillion.

Do you unironically think people are falling for this?

115339  No.12777305


>To those who boast the loudest that they know my thought, I lie even more. (Hitler)

He knew that he needed to loose the war so that Kalki could experience the modern Jewish world in the aftermath of his defeat and so that the Rex Regnum would learn to hate it and destroy it for good.

000000  No.12777318


>nature of the American elite

When the jews displaced the WASPs it was disastrous. Even as perfidious as the Anglo is nothing is as warped and twisted as the lowly jew because at least the WASPs had class, values, ethics, a rational orderly society, and good taste in art.

e47ddd  No.12777374


Question; From what I read in your comments, would I be wrong in saying that studying practical science is fundamental to understanding these sort of things? Like, advanced mathematics, chemistry, theory on physics, quantum theories, etc.. ?

I ask because I am currently studying Latin, to understand grammar and the meaning/root of words, and so far it has proved more useful in the sense that it is like finding 'hidden' meaning in every day words. Are you suggesting that partaking in hard science would help unlock more knowledge faster, in that sense?

e47ddd  No.12777381


> fundamental to understanding these sort of things

What I mean is, understanding one self, and one's place in the world.

I should of made it clearer there

a050c7  No.12777415


Prester John was a hoax; Hitler was real. They can't possibly have anything to do with each other.

49b5c2  No.12777505

File: f904149cb21cb39⋯.jpeg (10.22 KB, 187x270, 187:270, 2C72BA01-2AFA-4CAB-A20A-9….jpeg)

>>12777255 (checked)

Hyperborean digits of truth.

>>12777200 (checked)

>Grail is not a cup, you turn to stone.

Nah brah, I never said the Grail is a cup. I implied the medieval paintings of the Grail as a cup were the artist’s attempt at depicting a cross section of an EM field or plasma discharge. Such as from the heart’s EM field. I just implied it in a faggy obscure way apparently. See >>12776075

>The images which you posted are more associating to Baphomet than the Cup

Baphomet is a faggy way to depict the union of ones complimentary polarities. (((Masonniggers))) use it to scare off plebs and (((satanists))) larp around it. Serrano, Evola, and Wolfram all depicted the same union, as the path to the Grail in a beautiful way.

d7ad14  No.12777585


Would you be willing to share your papers?

000000  No.12778062


>everything shifted when I started to study the hard sciences because there is more vital information in the first few weeks of the sciences than in years of studying the occult and religion

Methinks you didn't study the proper occult stuff.

Not to say that the good (weird and amazing) occult stuff, you won't find it in books or on internet.

000000  No.12778097


Doctors and philosophers HATE him!

Young man studies chemistry for two weeks and discover SHOCKING truth!

b6aa40  No.12778287


fucking an hero

0d5f4a  No.12778724


I want to believe in that

e869d1  No.12778776

File: 4209408ba67185d⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1404x1692, 39:47, Thoth3.png)

File: 2ab5b80d993e52a⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 375x321, 125:107, 7-chakras-beginners.jpg)


You always see the seven chakras being depicted in many systems but you never see anyone depicting the following chakras that go beyond the Crown (the one you see here on top of you head).

They always stop and study the same seven ones because they are afraid to go [Beyond].

Go [Beyond] the Crown chakra, lead by your Higher Self. This is how you meditate in an objective manner and make spiritual progress.

Spiritual progress is equivalent to the evolution of a species.

b239db  No.12779549


Checked. I'm beginning to think that the destruction of Germany was the world's largest human sacrifice ritual.

23290c  No.12779866


Latin and Greek reveal much deeper genius in language.

Studying mathematics and the men who invented it, as well as their interests and pursuits, will provide (see forth) a brief history of mankind and his place in nature, but one must include musicians and poets as mathematicians too, with their meter and rhyme, as "for every word was once a poem", the poet is the founder of Logos, and music is spiritual algebra, or universal symbols, compared to our trite rhetoric of village symbols, then we quickly arrive at a brink past which no enemy may follow us, we stand on the shores of life and truth, starving for thirst, drinking from this eternal ocean, crawling between heaven and earth, yet reaffirmed by new impulses to rise a little ways above the water like a fowl, climbing into the clouds, only to tumble down again, not finding the way into heaven, but inspired by the celestial lesson such flights teach, that however often we are so defeated, we are yet born to victory.

39b966  No.12780029


Great insight. Have to thank you for that, paths are being revealed the deeper I delve into these things, so your information has done great purpose. Hopefully some other anons can at least give it a look, if not dabble in a few of those lessons.

It is not enough to simply look into what these kike occultists are doing. I feel as though that you can spend many years attempting to understand all their wrongdoings, however, the need to 'replace' their system with ours is necessary. So, that means looking into our roots, restoring the universal respect for the arts, for life,etc..

I would say; Know thy enemy, though not forget the self.

Again, appreciate your input, anon.

350561  No.12780253


Hierarchy is inherent to us, but voting (in a representative democracy) creates a hierarchy based on deception and mass manipulation techniques. The society built upon lies can only have the best liars at the top. The way we define the system, and the overall quality of population (race, IQ, knowledge) defines what kind of people will rule in our society. Sure, 99.99% of politicians are lying, thieving vipers who are completely incompetent for anything else, but it is only such people who can succeed in Talmudic systems forced onto us. They are selected specifically for those traits.


When you meditate, you lower your brain frequency and get close to earth's resonance, which extends it greatly, allowing for good transmission of information but low focus (making it a bad choice for manipulating reality). Also, check this out:



>Brought to America under Operation Paperclip

When you fall into a trance, you increase your brain frequency, allowing your consciousness to 'focus' on a certain point, like a laser. This is used for achieving results.

>Those talking of an illusion are deserters. They renounce and seek refuge in lazy spirituality to avoid having to do anything meaningful on the physical plane.

I agree. What I meant by illusion is that this reality needs a higher source to exist, but not the other way around.

b239db  No.12780352


6 paragraphs to say absolutely nothing.

6a5b56  No.12780367

Its worth pointing out that what most regard as arthurian myth is fanfiction written by a catholic priest based on and using characters from much older Briton folklore.

To the Britons, Arthur was the heroic king who led his warband/retainer (comprised of various heroes and gods) in defence of Britain against the saxons. Or just on trips to other worlds for adventure and/or plunder.

The grail cycle and all that? Emerged looong after that catholic fanfiction was written.

A funny thing about Briton and Hibernian myths though. They're a weird blend of myth and historical fact. A King Arthur did exist most likely, but how much of what is said in the real tales is true? Thats open to debate.

350561  No.12780421


Hitler didn't exterminate anyone (unfortunately). It's obvious that you take all your information from kike propaganda. Nordic types were praised for their beauty, but countless other European phenotypes were accepted in the Reich. They had allies like Japanese and many other non-Europeans. Even people who were partially Jewish could pass if their kike ancestry is below certain percentage and if they accept NS values.

With proper racial science and genetics, you can restore racial purity of every race by selective breeding. Your argument pretty much comes down to "some white people have brown hair, that means we should completely interbreed with subhumans because there is no absolute purity" A logical fallacy. What opposing force are you talking about? The Soviets lel? Or the Allies? Europe was already between two hands of the international jewry promoting their ruinous values, Germans were already facing extinction in Weimar Republic (which was as degenerate as western countries today). Hitler led a heroic struggle and named the enemy publicly for the first time in modern history. There was no reason for him to be supported by them. They would gain nothing which they did not already have. Your whole narrative is easily debunked by simple logic Moshe.


Apologies, I have a tendency of writing things that take a lot of various knowledge (physics, metaphysics, etc.) to be understood as simple statements, expecting everyone else to automatically know what I'm referencing. Our entire reality is a superimposition of oscillations/dimensionless points vibrating at certain frequencies and dimensions, using various transforms to manifest in physical reality. Everything is frequency, and thus numbers. All is number. Relations of numbers are the key to existence. This is where quantum physics (for example) and ancient religious texts like Vedas become one. But there is also an even higher reality than the great sea.


For them he was the greatest monster. He found a way to destroy them without firing a single bullet at them. He promoted a system that would leave them like fish on dry. And this is what we need to do too if we are to defeat them. Change the environment, and those not fit for it will leave or perish.


Unfortunately fully bluepilled normies do fall for this, but he found a wrong place to preach it. Luckily all it takes is some knowledge and reason to realize it's total pilpul.


Anglos got kiked since Cromwell, the better ones seemed to move to USA. They had character at least, as perfidious as it was. But they lost it.


>I am building up to unleash a line of thinking that is going to warp reality…

What would that be?

>everything shifted when I started to study the hard sciences

You were supposed to do that first (understand the mechanical universe), then advance it beyond errors and limitations of Jewish science with religious and occult knowledge.


Hard science provides a pretty accurate description of mundane world, you do need to know those concepts so you don't fall into a trap of magical thinking. Any science not being rooted in religion, and any religion not being rooted in science, is false.


>Nah brah, I never said the Grail is a cup.

I gave you a hint there. How did medieval artists know about EM fields? (genuine question)

>Baphomet is a faggy way to depict the union of ones complimentary polarities

Exactly. If you put LE SPOOKY GOAT then normies won't look into it.


>Not to say that the good (weird and amazing) occult stuff, you won't find it in books or on internet.

There are books, but those are guarded closely by various secret societies since they bring great power. The majority of freely circulating occult works are either red herrings (that have some good information but lead you to a wrong path/conclusion), thinly veiled propaganda, programming meant for you to empower someone else, or pure fantasy fiction.




There are 10 chakras in total

6a5b56  No.12780427

File: 8427dcb7cd050ab⋯.png (347.64 KB, 1493x1107, 1493:1107, pol - on englishmen.png)


>Anglos are kiked.

As a briton I'd say underestimate the anglos at your peril. They're mental.

e1b245  No.12780435

File: b47ff874399ff11⋯.jpg (109.74 KB, 775x960, 155:192, jewish influence.jpg)


When nearing body projection I fucked up. Still have yet to, but by all measurements I'm close. Still practicing part of what is needed. Actually, I was trying to call in a pussy projection this one time. And I got far past the point where the body feels like 18 Amps of breaker with molten shrapnel. Anyways; mindfully, I got past that and eventually conquered the saliva dripping in my throat.

I could feel this… mental impression? This energy began stroking me which felt like waves of energy flowing, and not an imagined 3d waifu.

I couldn't focus and drift, so as to lose connection with the body. At this point I resurfaced alittle. but I kelp getting these intense waves. I began to talk to it out loud. Made a few observations then told her I would need to practice first. (From meditation sex to astral sex) She didn't like that since we had been arguing and I had almost cracked. I got angry cursed her and quit. Soon as I stopped my lamp was forcibly knocked over.

Yes meditation is great, though most of the /x/ fags just repeat the definition of magic all day.

b239db  No.12780469


>Jewish science

Jews had little involvement with the development of science.

39b966  No.12780530


>Any science not being rooted in religion, and any religion not being rooted in science, is false.

For example, Hermetic? I have looked into it, and it had a lot of astrology, alchemy, etc.. have you heard of it? Any opinions?

c92726  No.12780561


This basically, non white long time lurker, in India my grandmother used to say its Kali Yuga, I was like wat?? Then I went on a pursuit with Rothschild and shit just hit the fan when /pol/ happened, fucking Pizzagate, Jews, Barbara Spectre, Brits will be enemy for me because when the Hindu Empire was about to rise they came in with their ((empire)) to root out every fucking laws which according to /pol/ would have been considered redpilled, but do I hate them? Maybe ? Do I hate them so much to fuck their demographics up? Fuck No!

Grandma was right this shit makes my Kalyug imagination like a fucking kindergarten pencil fight.

f2acc0  No.12781129

File: 5b5cadf880b6e11⋯.gif (44.93 KB, 600x182, 300:91, B51A2C47-388B-4236-B9AE-E2….gif)

File: a6aa27487fa791b⋯.jpeg (42.65 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 232B5D6A-8107-4330-BC14-D….jpeg)


>How did medieval artists know about EM fields?

Seeing them in dreams, trance or meditative states, whirlpools, sun gazing, or cross sections of most fruit. Then painting it in way familiar to normalfags of the time; similar to halos in iconography. Also pic related.

>I gave you a hint there.

Was it the bit about the sanctity of Blood and seed? Or was it how in one use you capitalized Cup and not the second. It doesn’t matter as your capitalization of Cup activated the almonds upon further review and it relates to the sanctity of Blood and seed. The etymology of cup can be traced to the Proto-Indo-European kewp, meaning a hollow. The heart and blood VESSELs are hollow. As an aside, I just realized vessel is a homonym with ves hail or wassail, but I digress. The second cymatic connection with Cup is Cupid. Cup and id, the heart and our identity or true ego. Not (((the id))). Cupid or the Greek Eros which ties in nicely with our discussion of magical love in Arthurian myth. What is lesser known about him is the following copypasta.

>In the Greek tradition, Eros had a dual, contradictory genealogy. He was among the primordial gods who came into existence asexually; after his generation, deities were begotten through male-female unions.[3] In Hesiod's Theogony, only Chaos and Gaia (Earth) are older. Before the existence of gender dichotomy, Eros functioned by causing entities to separate from themselves that which they already contained.[4]

So we see that Eros came into being asexually and caused entities to separate(erosion) form their wholeness; both themes of polarity and union we’ve been discussing. One of Cupid’s arrows recipients was Daphne who turned into a laurel tree; a common symbol in Grail myths. Many archetypes in Grail myths also come from the tail of Cupid and Psyche. I haven’t read it, but Evola likely expounded much on this in ‘Eros and the Mysteries of Love’.

Happy Valentine’s Day faggots, I love you shitlords.

6a5b56  No.12781635


Hindu empire?

Before Britain came along there was no India, only a region full of small petty empires.

c446d6  No.12781651

>Let me explain.


052723  No.12781702

File: 1a582d34853a064⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 465x310, 3:2, nazismo-esoterico-miguel-s….jpg)

File: 1a7ed142eae8975⋯.jpg (23.43 KB, 188x280, 47:70, 90579d76006ab98337ef2f8dd6….jpg)

File: fa891f518107587⋯.pdf (9.12 MB, Serrano_Nos.pdf)


Miguel Serrano's Nos, Book of the Resurrection, holds the answers to the questions you have posed. It must be read three times, for three minds. Once from the beginning to end, once from the end and back to origin, and once by the soul it's self with the image as the whole.

Heil Hitler!

==SIEG HIEL!==>>12772287

350561  No.12781745


Mosley had ties with Tavistock and royal society, he was most likely a controlled opposition. Anglos got corrupted by Jewish rulers (royalty and capital), mixing with them, constant bad weather and shitty food. It's almost impossible not to go insane in such environment. But once they get removed from it (USA, Australia), they can recover if their DNA is not too corrupted despite those countries being equally kiked. They have adopted the Jewish mindset completely, which includes "choseness" , insanity and self-destruction. I think they are the archetypal corrupted Aryans, those who betrayed their ancestors for petty material gains. No other nation has contributed nearly as much to Zionist interests and destruction of the white race (including their own). Realizing this is the first step to their recovery. But it's a different subject.


You got diddled by a demon son. Just as you climax, it will turn into a horrible abomination and violate you. Think of a very old woman with horns, several dicks all over it's body and a beard. I usually get attacked within seconds, it's not a safe place where you can do such things, you need to project internally for that. This is a mistake that novices often make. They can't tell a difference between inward and outward projection. It's also not something that you should play with as you can easily go insane or end up in a vegetative state (coma).


They stole our science and corrupted it with their lack of understanding, practically bringing scientific progress to a halt. They turned academia into a dogmatic cult subservient to Talmudic Law where politics and connections are above merit and knowledge. A bunch of useless paper pushers whose only use is to sabotage any attempt at real science and eventually to develop methods of oppression for their masters.


Hermetic (among others), but not medieval texts. Like any real science, it advanced over time. Since the "newer editions" are not available to everyone, your best bet would be to study it simultaneously with modern science and find connections. Real alchemy is not about mixing ingredients, it's a coded manual for soul development. Astrology never interested me much outside of effects of cosmic radiation on consciousness, understanding of cycles, and archetypal representation. Most of it is useless though.


British Empire was a Jewish empire, and they ruined everything they touched to pave way for Talmudic globohomo empire. The only positive thing about them is that they had no pardons killing subhumans. As in, utterly exterminating them. Something that NS Germany never did. Ancient pagan texts of my people have records of us being forced into exile by dark skinned Hindushi, and many of our words (especially folk wisdom) have roots in old Sanskrit. Even some places in India are referenced. Evil deities in Hinduism are represented as having dark skin, while gods are often portrayed as having European characteristics. Due to a strange twist of fate, it was exactly India that preserved most of our ancient knowledge. They did corrupt it a lot over time with their limited understanding and negroid consciousness, but the gist is still there. We had many wars with Germans (caused by anglos and kikes almost every time) and yet I appreciate them as one of highest expressions of nature on earth and would rather live surrounded by them than subhumans taking national pride in being subhumans. Any reasonable person of Indian origin would think the same. This is why NS movement had great support in India, because the wiser of them knew what was going on. Does this world really need one billion Indians? Go to various places there, observe people of various origins and status, and ask yourself this. Is this what I would want to be if given the choice.

6a5b56  No.12782064

File: ad952dcde2983d8⋯.mp4 (14.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, never_again.mp4)


You're forgetting something.

Anglos are a cultural group. Britons corrupted by continental thinking and continental rulers.

Meanwhile the Britons are still here. We're still here. Cymru am byth.

Our main goal even with the anglos has always been to keep the continental filth at arms length.

We're an island and want little to do with them if its not on our terms.

That's why in the pre-Roman era we skinned outsiders alive and left them tied to posts on the beaches, to discourage potential visitors.

Being an amerimutt. I don't think you really know much about the peoples of the British isles. You probably think we're all upper class toffs who live in London.

But this general desire for isolation is one reason the Jews found a good catspaw in the British Empire in later years. Our interests often aligned, as we wanted Europe divided so it wouldn't attack us (because continental powers always attack Britain once they hit a certain point)

And our property focused system of law and strong individual rights sheltered them from the continentals more collectivist mindset that allowed for mass seizures of private property.

4f55d3  No.12782097



3aed38  No.12782102

File: f3d79c584e5b9c2⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 376x370, 188:185, wa52527c14.jpg)


There were some interesting Late Period cults derived from the magic grail of Istar of Arbela and the tradition of possession and prophecy relating to her;

>Mandean Legend Concerning the Mountain of the Maddai:

>Now the head-priest had a daughter, and he had built a sanctuary, a secret place of worship, on the mountain. Thither he was wont to go and take the girl, for he had knowledge of Liwet (Dilbat, Venus), who is a female spirit, and inhabits the star Liwet. She is so lovely to look upon that if a man sees her he swoons away. She wears a diadem of great beauty on her brow, and a wonderful perfume issues from it, so exquisite that he who smells it loses his senses and becomes unconscious. The diadem is of lights, which play and dazzle. There are wise men who see her, and there are places where they make her a sanctuary, bringing a beautiful girl or a handsome boy to it and placing him or her therein. Then they read secret incantations, and she (= Venus) descends into the girl or boy and answers the questions which are put to her. Much knowledge is to be learnt from her.

This was related to the popularity of magical incantation bowls, but the water originally related to the stream of shared collective consciousness and entering into that.

>The head-priest used to take his daughter into this secret sanctuary and Liwet used to descend into her. Her father used to put a glass bowl filled with water before the girl and say to her, ‘Gaze into it!’ Then he began to read incantations, read, read, read, until the glass became red, became white, became green, became blue, until the glass became like a globe of light. At that moment, a sweet and pleasant wind breathed upon the girl and she slept, and Liwet entered into her thoughts and spoke through her mouth.

Of course this all led on to assimilating the conscious will of others.

>in the name of Libat (Venus), mistress of gods and men! He shall be brought into subjection, this man, N., neath the feet of N., woman, by the four limbs of his body, by the eight corners of his stature; his male member and his sinews are subjected, subjected are his incoming and outgoing, subjected his slaves and his handmaidens, subdued are his šids (household spirits) and his demons, subdued his amulets and idols, subdued his knowledge and understanding, subdued are the evil thoughts that are in his heart and his body, that of N. by the name of Mimhisiq Qusum, the lady that illumines them, that casts water on dry land, and on the hands of (Libat) mistress of gods and men. He shall be bound and will come: he is brought into subjection, N. by the strong bond (spell) wherewith heavens and earth were brought into subjection.

d0b5ce  No.12782421

File: 91b0e2aca2f00b0⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 660x330, 2:1, 923409274276442.jpg)


What was the Maratha Empire?

6a5b56  No.12782431


Gotta remember. By our standards? Thats fucking nothing.

052723  No.12782443

File: c385e0de73445fa⋯.pdf (3.07 MB, Serrano_El-Ella.pdf)

File: a55d93667d205de⋯.pdf (6.97 MB, Serrano_AHUltimateAvatar.pdf)


>not sure what I heard

Because you're a kike shill, here to poison the well.


Hence why there's a distinction made between the graal and the Sangraal, despite them being different manifestations of the same.


>claims original sauce

>no mention of hyperborea

Lurk moar, seriously, you need to.


The knights have returned. We must all prepare ourselves for what comes next. Never take your eyes off of what must be done.



That's a good one, but one quite easy to misinterpret. Here's the PDF.

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=S3S3ah_o-Tg This interview is related, though sadly I fail to find the other two parts.

5a9524  No.12782486


You have some serious gaps in your knowledge for a /pol/ack. I encourage you to learn the first thing about Britain before you make any more idiotic sweeping statements about the “Anglos”, the weather and the food. You’re right that mainstream British society and it’s aristocracy is completely corrupt, but there are plenty of Norse, Britons and Celts here who are still sane, as >>12782064 said.

We just live in the more remote places, many of which have outstanding natural beauty, peace, and beautiful weather. Britain is not London. And you can’t blame 18th century peasants for unwittingly fighting for the ZOG, when their entire life’s information diet equaled less than one newspaper today. You can however blame the ruling class since Cromwell for their treachery and selfishness.

>Real alchemy is not about mixing ingredients, it's a coded manual for soul development.

Wrong, this is what people say who don’t understand Alchemy and so hand wave it away as impossible. Alchemy is a chemical process and the philosophers stone is real. As above, so below. It is the physical manifestation of the divine principle, the one.

>[Astrology]… Most of it is useless though.

You have much to learn.

350561  No.12783203


>The Brit cries out in pain as he invades you

>corrupted by continental thinking and continental rulers

That continent being Africa

>That's why in the pre-Roman era we skinned outsiders alive and left them tied to posts on the beaches, to discourage potential visitors.

This is precisely what I was suggesting to discourage shitskin invasion. Put their heads on spikes along the trail and they will think twice should they proceed. You won't even need walls or wires, just machinegun nests. A wall has never kept the invaders out, bullets and sheer horror did.

>Being an amerimutt. I don't think you really know much about the peoples of the British isles. You probably think we're all upper class toffs who live in London.

No, south European. I observe those fine specimen every time I go to vacation in Greece. Fair, slightly overweight maidens in very colorful, unfitting clothes and high heels with their negroid gentlemen. Some lads are pretty cool though, despite being drunk 24/7. Like seriously, not even Russians drink this much. I regret not engaging in a brawl with them since I always go to better places where you'll hardly find Norf FC types. They eat chips as a meal. Not baked potatoes, the type of salty chips you buy in a plastic bag at a grocery store, and then serve it with sauce and some meat/fish as a restaurant dish. They even put it in sandwiches … the horror …

>because continental powers always attack Britain once they hit a certain point

Hitler wanted an alliance with Britain, but we all know (((what))) happened. Maybe you shouldn't be a capital of international Jewry and continentals wouldn't attack you? It didn't occur to you for the past several centuries.

>And our property focused system of law and strong individual rights sheltered them from the continentals more collectivist mindset

It sheltered your ruling elites. Life in England was pretty horrible at the beginning of industrial revolution (and until much later). Chinese sweatshop tier. But you were always more content being slaves to the Jew than fighting with your continental brothers for the brighter future. Sad. Those who were not either got shipped as criminals to Australia or ran away to USA. Not that 'my' nation was much different, but we never had nearly as much influence as Britain did.


Women are natural mediators, would Venus (in that case) be the ultimate mediator? The bringer of oneness with all living things and their consciousness? The death of the ego. I'm sure there are different historical/cultural interpretations.


>It must be read three times, for three minds. Once from the beginning to end, once from the end and back to origin, and once by the soul it's self with the image as the whole.

Interesting, must try that once.


Tell me about that amazing British food and weather that I'm ignorant of.

>We just live in the more remote places, many of which have outstanding natural beauty, peace, and beautiful weather.

Which is why I've always wanted to visit more remote and less diverse places there (Especially Scotland). So many amazing historical sites. Never said you are all bad, but your collective role cannot be ignored.

>Alchemy is a chemical process and the philosophers stone is real.

No and yes. While the stone is a real, physical object, you will never make it by mixing any physical ingredients. Nor will you transmute lead into gold by mixing bat's wing dust with mercury. That's just ridiculous. But if you understand the true nature of things, then you might bring certain transformations into effect.

>You have much to learn.

Enlighten me. I'm not being cynical, I'm genuinely interested.

6a5b56  No.12783274

File: d77e389ded8eced⋯.webm (11.12 MB, 480x360, 4:3, faust_and_memphisto.webm)


No that continent being Europe.

We're not like the continentals. The continentals spent centuries philosophically doubting the entirety of the universes existence because "lol how can you trust your senses?" while British philosophers went empiricist, which led to the scientific method.

Continentals plundered their colonies with the wild abandon of a nigger in a room full of tied up white girls. Britain built infrastructure in their colonies to generate more revenue over time and cause less insurrections. Creating useful industries we could still benefit from today if not for your EU.

Continentals went hard catholic and declared literacy illegal among the peasants. We went protestant and declared literacy the single most important virtue.

Continentals kept using peasant levies or conscripts in their armies while we developed trained professional standing forces.

Sensing a theme here?


Most people even our own government fail to understand theres a Britain outside of London.

4f31ed  No.12783289


Hitler was Jewish. Prove me wrong, Nazi.

4db71b  No.12783298

Albion is truly a portal of our Race's spiritual energy. However, there are places on the Continent were the energy springs forth.

3aed38  No.12783319


Mediatrix was a traditional role of a Queen and the original basis for the cult of Istar of Arbela related to the seven aspects of Inanna and that aspect in particular of Inanna incarnate, as Nanaya the Queen, the shutting down of this tradition is recorded in a Mandaean text;

>Bound is ˁUlmaya who dwells in the desert of Kulaniya. Bound is ˁIlmaya Dew who dwells in the waste lands of Ubriya (and) Amiqta. Bound is the rebellious, dog-like Lilith who dwells on the river Pišra and calls herself Mamay. Bound are all Liliths and Istartes who dwell in the fortress of Škatin (= Bīt ˁIškatil) and Šarmat and Batunia of Bīt Ulaya. Shackled is the Lord of Bīt Zaman. Bound is Istarte Amašmiš of Šuš-Birta. Bound and shackled is Ispandarmid-Lilith, who calls herself Lady (-Ispandarmid). Bound is Anahid-Lilith of Arimin of Kaldayye. Bound (and shackled) is Nanay of Borṣip and shackled is Nanay of Bīt Guzayye which is in Gahzay. Bound is Ilaha Bruqa who sits on the bank of the Tigris. Bound is the Persian Gisur … Bound is Mohbaṭ-Sahir who sits on the hill of Mura. Bound is Mlaka of Radin, the reckless Šṭurga and bound is Istarte, the Lady of Bīt Zibna. Bound is Istarte of the new town (territory), the Istarte who sits on the bank of the Euphrates and calls herself Mulit. Bound are the sixty-six Ilahas. Bound is the phalanx of Nanay, she and her seven sisters who dwell on the river Harin (or: Hurin) in Bīt Hašim (Hašum). Bound and shackled is the Istarte of Akat, she and her three hundred and sixty tribes … Bound is Nerig of Zambur and Ilaha of Bīt Tuldana, they and their imprecations and their tribes.

Istar of Arbela was demoted to an angel;

>Upon thee by name I call, angel dwelling in Arbela that brings forth hearts and consciences, and takes away N. from N. and from the home of his father and mother and brethren and friends, and from his place and his amulet

But there's no doubt in the Gospels Mary Magdalene from the region of Arbela in Galilee is reviving this role.

6a5b56  No.12783460


If you believe Briton legend. Its a place with portals to other worlds. Many other worlds.

27f25c  No.12783860

File: 6d5435721f18c73⋯.png (48.49 KB, 1488x1470, 248:245, d9cae6cfc4677fb3553d6dbffc….png)


There is a collective subconsciousness for all beings

930cb8  No.12783895


This post poked my eye out with it's jewishness

259dfa  No.12784029

nah cuz King Arthur was a slav

4eb1d3  No.12784378


052723  No.12784803


You were golums of the (((rothschilds))) and the (((sassoons))) and still are to this very day. Your royal families fuck niggers and are part kike, and flaunt it in the streets. You aren't even allowed to buy butter knives…

5bd292  No.12784997

Bump. Good discussion.

b8069c  No.12785209


Another bump

c5f295  No.12785244


>Your royal families fuck niggers and are part kike

Part? Full on, both the Rothschild and the other family. They both do fuck niggers, though.

c5f295  No.12785260


>Hitler knew his place in the universe and when he consult Arthurian legend we begin to understand why Hitler HAD to lose ww2. He mantled the great wounded king. In truth, he has already won.

This is a very Christian-ish story. Why would Christians oppose it?

6fc718  No.12785281


The weather depends where you are, it was consistently 75-88F here last summer, and rained about once in 4 or 5 months. And I'm in Scotland.


I'm not saying it's amazing but I don't understand the stereotype of it being bad at all, especially coming from Americans. What's supposedly bad about it? I eat steak, eggs, cooked breakfasts and locally grown fruit and veg all the time. Do you think we don't have access to modern food or something and live off pork pies? Sure our poor have terrible diets, but so do everywhere else's.

>you will never make it by mixing any physical ingredients

More or less. There is only one ingredient. You do separate and re-mix it in the preparatory stages though.

>Enlighten me on Astrology

What is there to enlighten? It's just true. "As above, so below" is all you need to understand it. There's no such thing as coincidence. The spiritual plane of this world is reflected in the physical locations of the planets, or vice versa.

b6aa40  No.12785284


Christians don't believe in the future, only death.

Even if Jesus magically appeared looking exactly like the westernized depictions of him they would likely reject him as the anti-christ and deem worship of him as idolatry.

Christians are spiritually dead, but morally good in a materialistic way.

4eb1d3  No.12786010


I have come to this conclusion also.

e2083b  No.12788414


Empiricism had it's uses, but it will never bring you to higher understanding of reality. So many scientific discoveries would not be possible without rationalist thinking and theories. It is exactly such mindset that turned you into white kikes. I understand your essence fairly well. It has it's points. But it's hollow, materialistic, and the only thing making it not entirely Jewish being your genetic disposition and ancestry. Britain didn't treat it's colonies better than other colonial powers. Where did such thinking bring you? Your countries are a joke, you get raped by non-Europeans far more than any continental could (or want), your rulers are completely detached from your people, and everyone is turned into an equal subject according to master-slave dialectics. No values, no ideals, no race, just petty material interests. This is not some kind of deviation from "British values" , this is their logical conclusion.


Are Lilith and Istar/Astarte archetypal seductress/prositute and divine/compassionate woman? Two polar aspects of the feminine? Maybe Mary Magdalene was not an actual person, but an allegory.


Every place has such portals, but they need to be activated. Kikes have managed to close most of them. One of places that I know has a black masonic object built upon it, to seal it in the name of the Cube.


Which places in Scotland would you recommend visiting (on a low budget)? Ancient/mystery sites, castles etc.

>Do you think we don't have access to modern food or something and live off pork pies?

Blood pies and cooked entrails

>There is only one ingredient.

Yes, but you need to reduce it to a very specific state so you can make something else with it

>What is there to enlighten?

Well, astrology pretty much got debunked by astronomy. If you lived on a planet in another solar system, you would see the same stars from a very different perspective, even the cycles would be different. The larger star, which is more distant would appear smaller and vice versa. It's too deceptive.

e550f5  No.12789596


>tians are spiritually dead, but morally good in a materialistic way

That doesn't make any sense I thought out of all religions christanity was against materialism the most.

3aed38  No.12790231

File: 724ce5f0dca33a2⋯.jpg (150.73 KB, 612x510, 6:5, aa549d3beb.jpg)

File: 6b0299ac1a6f50e⋯.jpg (284.88 KB, 456x424, 57:53, ut549d3c06.jpg)

File: 31b8b22d379de63⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 408x291, 136:97, vx549d3bde.jpg)

File: 08d8b401c44ebb2⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 672x447, 224:149, hw549d575a.jpg)


The equal and opposite to Inanna was Lamastu, daughter of Anu and Cosmic principle of destruction and evil, both had seven aspects and the casting out of seven Demons would relate to this, Lilith was a more personalized form of the archetype.

There were other interesting archetypes relating to Magdala in terms of the nymphaeum


>Nymphaeum, ancient Greek and Roman sanctuary consecrated to water nymphs. The name—though originally denoting a natural grotto with springs and streams, traditionally considered the habitat of nymphs—later referred to an artificial grotto or a building filled with plants and flowers, sculpture, fountains, and paintings. The nymphaeum served as a sanctuary, a reservoir, and an assembly chamber where weddings were held.

>The line of demarcation between a nymphaeum and a grotto is not always clear, but the nymphaeum puts greater emphasis on the presence of a supposed semi-deity.

The discovery of a Nymphaeum at Magdala in recent years provoked something of a discussion and seemingly a desire to name it as anything except what it actually was, such as a mini-synagogue or reservoir, i suspect at least part of the reluctance lay in that were there was a Nymphaeum there was also a local Nymph

They had struggled to understand what an Hellenistic Nymphaeum would be doing located in a Jewish town but really the entire region was a fusion of Greco-Roman culture and Syriac-Hebraic, there was a Nymphaeum at Gadara on the other side of the sea of Galilee dedicated to Artemis-Atagartis and no reason a similar cult had not been present at Magdala with roots in antiquity, the building contained extensive water features;

So the question arises what would the good Hebrew citizens of Magdala have made of the Hellenistic Nymphaeum across the street from their synagogue, when one considers the evidence found associated with that synagogue it appears the local cult was fully integrated, as on the stone found there we see two fishes either side of a heart, symbols of the fish-love Goddess Atagartis, beneath the six petalled floret, the palm tree as the symbol of fertility and abundance, the Menorah of the Temple with two water jars either side, so the stone celebrates local tradition.

The question also arises of course whether the most famous citizen of Magdala could owe any of her importance to this local cult of the Nymphaeum and the answer to that is most certainly yes, as she was also associated in her later life with both the Temple of Artemis-Atagartis at Ephesus and it's sister Temple at Marseille France

>Atargatis, wearing a mural crown, is the ancestor of the royal house, the founder of social and religious life, the goddess of generation and fertility , and the inventor of useful appliances. Not unnaturally she is identified with the Greek Aphrodite.

>In another story, told by Hyginus, an egg fell from the sky into the Euphrates, was rolled onto land by fish, doves settled on it and hatched it, and Venus, known as the Syrian goddess, came forth.

>The author of Catasterismi explained the constellation of Piscis Austrinus as the parent of the two fish making up the constellation of Pisces; according to that account, it was placed in the heavens in memory of Derceto's fall into the lake at Hierapolis Bambyce near the Euphrates in Syria, from which she was saved by a large fish.

If you're considering Fisher Kings then the archaic Fish people tradition comes into consideration, the Apsara fish nymphs.

438a27  No.12792956

Natsoc atlantis?

687fad  No.12793029

File: 51a227633b514ac⋯.jpg (989.45 KB, 1600x864, 50:27, FinalForm7v.jpg)


2025 will be the year, mark my words

687fad  No.12793047


- He named the Jew like no other before

- He also build an ideology which became the most serious treat ever to the Jews, Plutocracy, Freemasonry and Cultural Marxism

- He fucked them like no one else before (or after)

- His ideology is still alive an kicking, feared and vigorously fought and suppressed by the Jews

If he was an agent for the Jews/FM/NWO, he was a bad one, because he raised awareness against them, and he created the tools to fight them!

b08f8b  No.12793088


Heard this the other day, I hope and pray.

052723  No.12794075

>>12785244 (Check'd)

Well, dubs do confirm.

052723  No.12794082

File: 4746340d62639e0⋯.jpg (121.58 KB, 518x600, 259:300, 4746340d62639e07eaab60d426….jpg)

>>12793088 (Heil'd!)

Lord Kalki will come in time for the when the sky burns green!

8c9db6  No.12795030

File: ecb72be058eece3⋯.jpg (167.62 KB, 600x795, 40:53, 1534493794460.jpg)


checked for truth

000000  No.12795093


Is insult.


052723  No.12795500

>>12777255 (Check'd)

The golden thread, eh?

c5f295  No.12795562


>Christians don't believe in the future, only death.

I think you move in the wrong, Alex Jones / American tier circles of Christians if you think this.

>Even if Jesus magically appeared looking exactly like the westernized depictions of him they would likely reject him as the anti-christ and deem worship of him as idolatry.

Unsurprisingly the American heretics worship the Antichrist already and want to manifest the earthly temple just so it can be defiled. That's why they support Judah.

>Christians are spiritually dead, but morally good in a materialistic way.

I recommend you watch stuff from Bishop Barron. He is not /pol/, but nails down the theology and spirituality of Christianity well.

1ff5a9  No.12800635


Did they have a concept of a "holy/sacred woman"? Or it was mostly a Germanic / Indo-European thing?

>If you're considering Fisher Kings then the archaic Fish people tradition comes into consideration, the Apsara fish nymphs.

Maybe it's more related to Dagon.


How did you calculate that date, and how does rabbi Jeshohua fit here?


There is no value in Christianity that you cannot find elsewhere.

3aed38  No.12801311


It's more about a sacred couple, the introduction of a new lineage related to the Fish people, this was maintained in the Indus valley civilization, Dilmun and Southern Mesopotamia, particularly related to the fish/bird Goddess Nazi at the city of Nina, when this was destroyed the cult re-located to Nineveh and formed the basis for the Syrian Goddess Atargatis.

Dagon is considered these days to have been misidentified as a sea God but rather an En-lil equivalent of the Middle Euphrates region, the sea was also considered Feminine in Mesopotamia and Egypt, En-ki was considered to have mastered the waters and formed land within them.

For this reason En-ki was the Fisher King, his sacred bird was likely the Pelican or some such.

>The lord established a shrine, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. He established a shrine in the sea, a holy shrine, whose interior is elaborately constructed. The shrine, whose interior is a tangled thread, is beyond understanding. The shrine's emplacement is situated by the constellation the Field, the holy upper shrine's emplacement faces towards the Chariot constellation. Its terrifying sea is a rising wave, its splendour is fearsome. The Anuna gods dare not approach it. …… to refresh their hearts, the palace rejoices. The Anuna stand by with prayers and supplications. They set up a great altar for Enki in the E-engura, for the lord ……. The great prince ……. …… the pelican of the sea..

The sign that is translated as Pelican is U5, eg

>he placed the holy pelican (?), the standard of Nanše

>u5 kug šu-nir d'nanše-kam

The U5/Pelican was also the standard of Nanse/Nazi

>U5: n., male bird, cock; totality; earth pile or levee; raised area v., to mount (in intercourse); to be on top of; to ride; to board (a boat); to steer, conduct. adj., (raised) high, especially land or ground


>The pelican (?) came forth from the holy reed-beds. It came forth from the holy reed-beds. The wise pelican (?) spent the day high in the skies. The pelican (?) cried out in the sky: its singing was sweet and its voice was pleasing. My lady …… her pelican (?) with beauty. The mistress mother Nance …… her pelican (?) with beauty.

>She herself …… upon the water like a large pelican (?). Stepping onto earth from heaven, she …… in the water like a holy cow. A holy pelican (?), a white cow, she drank by the water's side. With the towering flood ……. Nance, shining …… of the Anuna, the great gods! Mistress mother Nance, good woman, ……! Nance, sister praised by the Anuna! Mother, beautiful matriarch of Enlil! Nance , delighting in her pelican

The U5 descended to Earth from Heaven in comparative terms to a large bird, bringing with it the cult of the Goddess Nazi, daughter of En-ki

45bcb1  No.12802146


Hitler was only a quarter jewish by paternal lineage. His jewish grandfather boinked a barmaid at his inn, and Hitler's father was born. It is the likely reason Adolf was able to spend time as a NEET in coffee bars, some kind of trust fund from his jewish grandfather.

Btw, mischlings make the best antisemites, because they are never fully accepted and harbor resentments.

a525ac  No.12802310

File: a9878d7fde81e67⋯.jpg (487.64 KB, 948x1280, 237:320, tumblr_pcae0oPxcB1x1n5hto1….jpg)


Soon, brother.

e550f5  No.12809140


He will return

1ce115  No.12810165


Maybe a combination of water (undifferentiated mass) and air (form)? Enki was the master of crafts, he got a part of the primordial water and built a tangible world from it.

>Goddess Nazi


052723  No.12813724


And shills like this, not getting purged, is why we hate the (((mods)))

3c5f39  No.12813770

File: 1fd04d3fadd5671⋯.png (169.08 KB, 1200x2018, 600:1009, 1200px-Jain_Prateek_Chihna….png)

3c5f39  No.12813883

File: 95175c54f56eafc⋯.png (184.56 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, NS_Hierarchy.png)


Yes.. In the Age of Dwapara our people will rise, and with them the entire Earth. We will begin the long road of Return to our Father, our Nature, our Philosophy, and our Dharma.

As technology continues to improve, so will Spiritual evolution improve as well. Through returning to Sanatana Dharma , we will see a great shift in the Values of our people. Gradually we will return to our ancient Caste systems, with some small variations for today.

At the Top, right below the Almighty are the Brahmins, Men who have known the Spirit, and who have mostly conquered their mind and lower nature. These will be Aryan Men like Julius Evola, or Ralph Waldo Emerson, or Leo Tolstoy, or Terrence McKenna, or any other God Fearing, enlightened, and capable Aryan man.

Below these will be the class of Master Algorithm coders. After 2025 90%+ of the Government will be replaced by a series of Open Source aryan algorithms. The Master coders will be the Law Writers of the new age. These will take Direction from both the Brahmins, as well as the lower castes. The laws of Nature, will be the basis of our new software systems, they will also be constantly evolving, as the people of the nation make their will known.

Below the coder is the King or Ruler.. These act as administrators, and servants of the people. Only the most qualified, who have been rigorously tested by the Master Algo, will be able to hold the position of Leader. They will make decisions on the day to day efforts of the nation, and their Rule will be mostly Dictatorial, but still responsible to the God, Brahmins, and the Coders.

In this Age return to a Cyclic Point of view, and dismiss the one and done ideology,. We will live in this world, and the ones to come.

Victory will be ours. First we Organize - Next we build Mutual Aid networks - Next we Unite - Then We begin building our new Society, based upon the ideals of Dharmic Nationalism

052723  No.12813897


Nah. Honestly, fuck all of that. Why should we be bound to such bullshit? Exterminate the other races and uplift our brethren. We have no need for a caste system and no need to follow the same path that has been tread upon before.

052723  No.12813903


Forgot to add

>thinks terrence mckenna is a real guru

Fucking kill yourself. I'd rather have a dumbass skinhead than a retard who thinks himself an intellectual trying to dictate what should come. Are you fresh out of fucking reddit or something?

3c5f39  No.12813905


>> We have no need for a caste system and no need to follow the same path that has been tread upon before.

The reason for our downfall is directly related to our abandonment of the Values within our Blood. The Hierarchical Caste system is our Way, Not Extermination. Power and Unity of Direction is necessary, not Cruelty and Destruction. If we are able to control our own Families, our own Communities, our own nations.. Utilizing our Native systems, we wont have any need of Destruction of other Races.. Only the enemies, and Traitors. WPWW

3c5f39  No.12813912


>> Are you fresh out of fucking reddit or something?

No Facebook.

3c5f39  No.12813918

File: c0539c9ae422021⋯.pdf (1.39 MB, Castes and Races Evola.pdf)

3c5f39  No.12813965


>> But this is what I mean about 'being one'

Imagine that the foundation of reality is the Aether, and it can be compared to a space of Potential Matter. As an awareness comes across a zone of Aether, it will Manifest the Matter all the while that it is observed.

Think of it like a Video Game.. The Pixels are the potential for Form. As an avatar is aware of a space, then form comes about. It is the slight delay between moments that allows this transformation to take place.

In the Video Game, all of the players and the Entire environment truly are One, they are literally one space comprised of the same Aetheric matter. The entire Universe is One.

However, we see that the Matter takes form from the Aether as a result of its interaction with Awareness.. What is Awareness? This Awareness is likely non local, it can be compared to the Actual player beyond the Imaginary game environment, this is the one who receives the information about the form around him, in reality its the information that is passed to all 5 of his senses.

These awareness's are actually Individuals, and as such they are NOT "All one", since they are beyond Matter, they are both unified, and divided. They also share collective awareness with their race.

Beyond Awareness, Matter, and the Aether.. there is Time, this interacts with the other Objects and makes it all run continually. Outside of these there are the laws of the Universe. The 5 of these are Separate but still One. = )

3aed38  No.12814627

File: 3e28b5b6bcf430b⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 366x224, 183:112, lr5399c04a.jpg)


The relationship of water to organic life forms, its emergence from it, the Goddess Nazi was born from the throat of Enki and will have some relationship to breathing.

>Ninhursag asks her brother Enki what ails him: "My brother, what part of you hurts you?" He replies: "My throat hurts me." In response, she gives birth to a goddess named Nazi

>The word for throat in Sumerian is "zi" and there is a phonetic relationship between "Nanshe" and "Nazi"

There was close relationship between this Southern Mesopotamian cult and the Indus valley, Nazi marries Nindara who can be taken as Indra her closest comparative is Lakshmi, the Apkallu fish cult was based at her shrine, the fish sages that emerged from the Ab-zu waters equivalent to the Rishi, intelligence and beauty emerging from the waters.


>English translations of the word "apsara" include "nymph", "fairy", "celestial nymph", and "celestial maiden".

>etymology as: अप् + √सृ, "going in the waters or between the waters of the clouds". Apsaras are said to be able to change their shape at will

When one considers her cult it is also clear that the role of the daughter of Enki was a major facet of the Christian message in conjunction with that of the shepherd King son of Enki, theologians have long noticed the essential pairing of a God of the pastoralists and the fisherman cult, when this is seen in conjunction with being a friend to tax collectors, fornicators, orphans and widows and helping the poor and needy on the margins of society it is clear that is the cult of Nanse who first stepped out of the warm waters of the Persian gulf four thousand years previous

>She is concerned for the orphan and concerned for the widow. She does not forget the man who helps others, she is a mother for the orphan; Nance, a carer for the widow, who always finds advice for the debt-slave; the lady who gives protection for refugees. She seeks out a place for the weak. She swells his collecting basket for him; she makes his collecting vessel profitable for him. For the righteous maiden who has taken her path, Nance chooses a young man of means. Nance raises a secure house like a roof over the widow who could not remarry

Nazi is the epitome of goodness, the daughter that cares for the creations of her Father, for the Jews the holistic caring and sharing socialism of Nazi is their nemesis.

ced405  No.12814642


>As technology continues to improve, so will Spiritual evolution improve as well.

This is what transhumanist kikes actually believe. Enjoy being defective-copy slaves of your satanic AI god.

>God Fearing

A healthy dose of Judeo-Christian slave mentality in your post

>Terrence McKenna

A Tavistock/Royal Society stooge who pushed drugs and other degeneracy on young people larping as some kind of dude weed lmao guru? Evola was pretty kosher, and you didn't list most people who actually mattered.


Programmers are mostly subhumans/drones who specialize in one tedious, non-creative task and are too retarded for everything else, the only exceptions being those who do it on scientific or root level (Like Terry Davis)

You will never be white, not in this life, not in next.

ced405  No.12814677


>Not Extermination. Power and Unity of Direction is necessary, not Cruelty and Destruction.

Hippie movement had a rune symbolizing death as a symbol for a reason you know.

Creation is not possible without destruction, life is not possible without death.

We should start calling transhumanists subhumanists because they want to override natural evolution with kike deus ex machina "tech magic"


This is actually a good explanation


As in breathing the divine into the undifferentiated mass to create life. The throat reference could have some links with Shiva.

>Nazi is the epitome of goodness, the daughter that cares for the creations of her Father, for the Jews the holistic caring and sharing socialism of Nazi is their nemesis.

Can Nindara be linked to nationalism somehow?

a8356e  No.12814679

File: 9e729a959dbd35f⋯.jpg (260.1 KB, 725x378, 725:378, Edinburgh.jpg)

File: 0f35265d2cbab90⋯.jpg (223.71 KB, 804x535, 804:535, West highland way1.jpg)

File: 226b02d95aa8e8e⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 799x509, 799:509, Mistymountains.jpg)


>Which places in Scotland would you recommend visiting (on a low budget)?

Definitely start by walking around Edinburgh. You can get a great taste of the soul of Scotland just from there. There are inexpensive hostels. But you could maybe also go do some walking in the Western Highlands. There are castles and ancient Celtic sites everywhere you go. It's literally Middle Earth- Tolkien used to stay up there for inspiration.

>If you lived on a planet in another solar system

But… you don't. You live on Earth in this solar system, so the other planets in this solar system affect you. That's like saying the local weather forecast is unreliable because there's different weather in other countries.

ced405  No.12814868


What would be a good route to go? Let's say I take a plane to Edinburgh, spend some time there, and then want to visit the highlands and return, but on the eastern European budget. Do you know of some highly important historical monuments/ruins that are overlooked by ordinary tourists?

>But… you don't. You live on Earth in this solar system, so the other planets in this solar system affect you.

I was talking about the stars, those play huge part in astrology. If you move far enough, you get an entirely different frame of reference.

d59340  No.12814904

Matthew 4:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Jesus is the Fisher King.

He is also the rex regum, when He comes to rule on earth during the millenial reign;

20 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2 He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; 3 and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

The Saints Reign with Christ 1,000 Years

4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for [a]a thousand years. 5 But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. 6 Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.

Satanic Rebellion Crushed

7 Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison 8 and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea. 9 They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them. 10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where[b] the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

The Great White Throne Judgment

11 Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. 12 And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before [c]God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. 13 The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. 14 Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second [d]death. 15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

a8356e  No.12814985


It's a small country, so from Edinburgh to anywhere is only a couple of hours by train. I know of one historical landmark that is almost unknown, it's the Bronze age Capital of Scotland, King's Seat in Dunkeld- the "gateway to the highlands". That's east of the main mountains though and it's just a hill now. There's also no good transport from East to West (everything splays outwards from Glasgow and Edinburgh, you have to go back down to go up the other side). But I'm sure you could research some lesser known places in the Trossachs.

3aed38  No.12815266

File: 4f988ef60655b4c⋯.jpg (264.13 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, d6aaf-bigdipperstarsconste….jpg)

File: e3645e1609fc8e3⋯.jpg (60.08 KB, 725x235, 145:47, fu57502729.jpg)

File: 4d65a3776c8ab46⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 723x203, 723:203, mg5750271c.jpg)

File: 583d20609da0e75⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 622x399, 622:399, vg548b301e.jpg)


>Can Nindara be linked to nationalism somehow?

More the brother of Nindara (Indra) namely Hendursaja (Vishnu) who supported Nazi as Divine tax collector and enforcer for her social welfare programme, his symbol was the seven stars of Ursa Major, the Swastika, the first incarnation of Vishnu was as a fish.

>Nance has placed a mighty symbol in your hand, Hendursaja. The divine mother Nance speaks confidentially with you. She has made the crook and sceptre for its plans flourish in a pure place


>Chief herald, lord Hendursaja: after Enki had had intercourse with …, he destined the seven sons that she had borne to him, those seven sons of a crab, for the starvation of heaven; he placed them by at your behest, for the crushing of the people of earth

The seven fold principles of judgement and destruction seen in the Book of Revelations have their basis in the cult of Hendursaja, punishment for those who transgress against the principles of the Goddess Nazi.

>when the Herald signals with his horn to the troops before the mêlée of battle and the warriors go forth to the high plain, the Herald will force the dragons back from the roads, so that the Herald Hendursaja will make them very frightened – praise be to the youthful Utu, who has kindly supported the excellent power of the Herald, and praise be to Father Enki, who has kindly supported the excellent power of Hendursaja!

The seven destructive forces involved under the control of Henduraja;

>O king of all inhabited lands, creator of the world, O Hendursaja , first born of Enlil holder of the sublime scepter , herdsman of the black-headed folk, shepherd of mankind

That from the later Babylonian Erra and Ishum, they get a bit carried away as per the even later Book of Revelation.


>I will give no guidance nor aid in understanding, 'Men forsook truth and took up violence, 'They abandoned justice and were plotting wickedness,

The seven spirits of destruction related to the turning of the great wheel of Heaven were all was continually destroyed and created anew, including the days and the seasons, the passage of time.

>The seven heralds stand at your service, on this very day, as evening approaches, the first of the seven is a fox with a sweeping tail. The second snuffles around like a dog. The third pecks greedily at caterpillars like a raven. The fourth overpowers everything like an enormous carrion-eating eagle. The fifth, although not a wolf, will fall upon a black lamb. The sixth screeches like a hawk, The seventh a shark in the waves. These seven are neither female deities nor male.

ced405  No.12815320


>tax collector

>social welfare programme

>herdsman of the black-headed folk

>shepherd of mankind

I don't like the direction where this is going

3aed38  No.12815421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Both the Indus valley civilization and the Sumerian were largely populated by the Black Headed ones, but not the original ruling elite.

That was however in terms of benign rule toward the betterment of greater society and the development of civilization albeit in the context of the caste system were people were allocated literal head Gods (the one they were supposed to think about) according to their station and role in society.

The direction this is going is deeper, explaining the original basis for what are taken as Christian values, that isn't to validate their claim it's to reclaim the primary role of the Goddess Nazi and Vishnu, those who created that first civilization, and in order to crush the rebellious black headed ones.

ced405  No.12815524


(((Jesus))) stole most of his ideas from near-eastern and Hindu religions, so you are spot on on that one.

On the other hand, we can learn from their mistakes and not give welfare to a bunch of niggers and poojeets that would only cannibalize us later and be used as a weapon of the kike.

3aed38  No.12815602


Well yes because the role of the Goddess Nazi was inclusivity and caring for those within society however it was not her role to defend the borders of that society and determine who was allowed in, exclusivity was also an important principle, the Jew promotes inclusivity and attacks exclusivity in order to advance his own interests.

052723  No.12815674


>symbolizing death

You are retarded and need to go back to studying. You obviously know nothing of the runes.

ced405  No.12816046


But if your society is already mostly niggers, the whole concept becomes pretty pointless, even if you control the borders. Taxing everyone to provide welfare for subhumans seems very similar to the modern judeo-masonic concept of the state. Exterminating them is far more efficient, future-proof and ethical. There are zero reasons to keep most non-whites alive, other than perversions and virtue signalling of corrupted elites.


Yes, they placed such arrangements on the gravestones because it represents life. That's also why it's basically a life rune turned upside-down. How about making a counter-argument instead of acting like a triggered tumblrina?

3aed38  No.12816561


Even in the same state there were various levels of society, but life was very labour intensive back then so a large unskilled workforce was an important resource, relatively small groups were creating civilization across extensive regions.

That model isn't required today though and a sense of inclusivity should be generated through increasing exclusivity.

ced405  No.12816809


True, they were the guests there, not the other way around (although some regions in those areas were actually white ethno-states). If only we had means for self-exclusion … As in, signing out from current kiked societies, grouping together and building a society of our own at some location, while leaving the trash to rot and collapse.

000000  No.12819156


It was. But this sacrifice worked both ways.

000000  No.12819165


>There are books, but those are guarded closely by various secret societies since they bring great power. The majority of freely circulating occult works are either red herrings (that have some good information but lead you to a wrong path/conclusion), thinly veiled propaganda, programming meant for you to empower someone else, or pure fantasy fiction.


I am also of the opinion that seals need to be lifted now, and what needs to happen will happen.

I will do everything for this to become reality, regardless of the naysayers who guard against spreading such knowledge. The old times are behind us.

Let there be light!

000000  No.12819170


>I agree. What I meant by illusion is that this reality needs a higher source to exist, but not the other way around.


So let's play!

40064a  No.12823572


Most people would either be uninterested in it, or wouldn't understand it. Even if you reveal everything to someone, they wouldn't 'get' it. You will never get soul communism, most souls self-exclude because deep down they know their place and nature. And getting everyone enlightened would pretty much reset the universe, it would be a suicide. It would also lose any meaning.


What do you have in mind?

000000  No.12823918


>Most people would either be uninterested in it, or wouldn't understand it

I'm not looking for a big communion. To be crude, the shit will stick to the walls worthy of it. But it needs to be sprayed first.


>What do you have in mind?

It's a rule of thumb. The moment one agrees with what we agreed upon, the conclusion about what needs be done about life is rather visible.

d6d260  No.12826049


>But it needs to be sprayed first.

It's already everywhere around you, you just need to start paying attention.

>The conclusion about what needs be done about life is rather visible.

*nods understandingly

*picks a giftgas container

07b5b8  No.12827921

Read Wolfram's Parzival

880b41  No.12832818

Bumping one of the threads they're sliding

ba6e44  No.12832857

File: 953c45ee948a660⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1418520538159.jpg)

File: e9b49291cc93dd0⋯.jpg (198.08 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1418166454064.jpg)


>The hatred for our own flesh and blood is astonishing, isn’t it? What kind of mad world do we live in where our own people hate us for no reason? Because we tried to win the war against the kikes? Is that the reason they hate us? Are they that afraid of our mortal enemy that they will do anything to protect them?

>More than anything else in this world we need our own ‘place’ our own ‘space’ to pursue our Virtues.

Underrated post. Astonishing is the right word. I saw someone post a "WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST" poster, and the reaction was fucking intense. I saw people losing their minds and losing control completely in rage at the statement. I pushed back a little until they admitted they didn't think Whites had a right to exist. At which point, of coarse, I mocked them.

I think these people have become so demoralized that they want to die, but are too afraid of that emotion, so they project it onto others. Namely, the people who choose to live. I'm not sure what to do with these people other than a purge by zombie. Pretty sure that'll be the thing. Probably why the military's been doing zombie drills for a decade, kek.

ba6e44  No.12833022


>Maybe if I struggle I can get out of this oven

Nope. In you go now

3aed38  No.12833202


This is true and the basis for hierarchical Pantheons, everybody had as their head God, the sect that they were personally dedicated too relative to their nature and status, the majority only related to the lower end of the Pantheon in terms of their professions and names taken.

It's also the case that in Mesopotamia the Highest God only had his cult in one City, Uruk, the same for the other High Gods such as Enlil/Nippur and Enki/Eridu, this goes against what one might expect, that every City would want the most prestigious Deities, but they were distributed according to suitability which this paper explains.


This was similar to the Medieval Guild System were the Temple complex was the central distribution hub of the community dedicated to it, similar was practised in India in conjunction with the caste system, but the point was that only relatively few could be expected to concern themselves with Heavenly matters, though their competence determined the entire validity of the Hierarchy.

In terms of a Deity commonly adopted by all as in the Christian sense that was the function of the King as Dumuzid and the Queen as Nanaya/Inanna, the immediate physical connection of the Divine to the people were they were popular household Deities, but that would be meaningless outside of the Pantheon context and was sanctioned by the vizier of Anu, the Highest office that ran the entire Universe.

In practical terms it's obvious that even among the spiritually inclined there are all sorts of divergent natures involved, some towards Underworld Deities some towards the Venusian or whatever, most of them entirely incapable of organizing anything let alone running the entire Universe, in terms of an instruction model the Mesopotamian tree of Life served such purpose as in a similar manner did Yggdrasil in Nordic tradition, the Jewish Kabbalah model was an attempt on their part to emulate such but it's pretentious nonsense and they never understood even the basics of the system.

000000  No.12837271


How the heck did anglobrixons develop those flabby floppy cheeks, as if their faces were melting? Isn't there something seriously messed up?

000000  No.12837352


>Continentals plundered their colonies with the wild abandon of a nigger in a room full of tied up white girls. Britain built infrastructure in their colonies to generate more revenue over time and cause less insurrections.


000000  No.12837419


out that shitbag

(and for the non-jews here, >>>https://carolynyeager.net/fake-legends-adolf-hitler%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cjewish-grandfather%E2%80%9D)

000000  No.12837470


>energy wells and places

Does it relate to the telluric/ley lines?

And what about all of them?

000000  No.12837491


>There is only one ingredient. You do separate and re-mix it in the preparatory stages though.

Just please don't mention powder gold here otherwise I think I'll snap. Shits gets tiring.

000000  No.12837497


>christard morality = is materialistic = is good

No, sorry, it even sucks in a materialistic way too.

000000  No.12837531


There we go, another christard.

>I think you move in the wrong, Alex Jones / American tier circles of Christians if you think this.

I think you don't think enough. The Christian eschatology, still a mess, remains quite clear. This religion is one wherein the penitent is more concerned about his own destiny as a soul to be stuck in heaven forever than about what truly happens down there, collectively and for future generations. It is a religion of waiting for death, a death that shall provide purchase towards the comfort of an afterlife. A religion for selfish cowards.

>Bishop Barron

No need. Christianity has been sufficiently dissected by now. The most popular variant hinges around a trinity which not only priests have the hardest times explaining, but results from a translation mistake.

000000  No.12837537


>How did you calculate that date, and how does rabbi Jeshohua fit here?

Hindu chicken wings, mostly, stuck on a calendar wrote by far-post-vedic half-dindus.

000000  No.12837553


Bleh. Caste system only existed to prevent whites from mixing with abohindoos.


Territorial segregation is the only way.

Full white.

0a856d  No.12837555

File: 7e7b8460383b8cf⋯.jpg (165.53 KB, 1708x1337, 244:191, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 6272685158aa836⋯.gif (478.73 KB, 480x352, 15:11, giphy.gif)

Hitler was the LGBTQ GOD

50673c  No.12837560


Have you ever tried to fish in the Rhine?

He's Vishnu.

000000  No.12837569


Evola: couldn't accept the importance of biological race.

Guenon: versed in sandnigger mystishitism.

Surely, good references for a solid and fresh talk on blood and race. :(

50673c  No.12837579


>lots of masonic bullshit and signalling

0a856d  No.12837581


Hitler was a nutcase too.

made stupid decisions, started ww2 , was only pro germanic and did not give a shit about other europeans.

0a856d  No.12837584

the only good thing he did was kill jews

000000  No.12837605


shitpost, moar disney hitler

do you know how to fight and are you capable of being mad enough to kill for your kin? if no, you are entitled to your self delusion and that's about it bro

000000  No.12837606


ima natsoc so dont trigger me bro

dont trigger me

50673c  No.12837609



>buying anything from a pedokike on a bike

000000  No.12837614


maudz pleez? wer ar dem maudz ffs?

ac6725  No.12837661


He didn't set it in motion. All events proceed deterministically, even the wills of men, and the force that set them in motion we call God.

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, render unto God that which belongs to God."

This thread is interesting but is also psychologically dangerous. I suspect PSYOP.

Do not be seduced by occultists who offer you power and promises and truth.

The promise that things are not as they seem is an alluring mystery. This alone, the promose of escape from mundanity, should be the first indicator of untruth.

Life is mundane effectively by definition. Reality is boring because of its obviousness. Data is won by meticulous and diligent observation, not by exciting conquest.

Men of /pol/, reject the PSYOP and seek your own grail. In God's name.

a525ac  No.12837686



000000  No.12838350


My impression is that the Grail Quest and everything surrounding it was a medieval attempt by gentiles trying to memorialize their fight against the Jew, when there was little way to memorialize their struggle with direct language at the time.

Assuming for a moment that Christianity is a Jew plot (which I personally believe after studying both Christianity and Judaism in depth for ten years), the Jew boot was heavy on everyone's necks at the time.

You couldn't exactly come out and indict Christianity as a Jew plot, or destructive to the community, without being executed or at best thrown in the darkest hole.

If it was obvious that Christianity was destroying them, and they could not speak out against it outright, then the myths of the parallel Germanic King in the Mountain myth and everything connected to the Grail Legend corpus would make sense as both a signal of spiritual-cultural desperation to regain their self-determination as well as a way to memorialize their struggle in a manner that the Jews-Christian authorities could not prosecute.

Keep in mind that the struggle with the Jew dates to at least Egypt, as memorialized in the Osiris's struggle with Set / Seth (Seth being the biblical progenitor of the Jews) as well as the Jew myth in their Old Testament (Jewish slavery in the mind of Jews = oppressed peoples revolting against the Jew and deposing him of power).

The Egyptian Osiris also has his penis removed by Set / Seth, which parallels the Fishers Kings penile dismemberment and very likely means the same thing that the OP mentions: the lack of ability to continue the racial lineage. Excellent insight by the way, OP.

I will note that the Jewish circumcision ritual also carries the same symbolism at its deepest level of meaning; specifically that the male lineage is dead / disavowed and therefore that the female lineage is what matters.

Also note the symbolic parallel in the Jewish exodus myth, wherein their god executes the first born male sons of the Egyptians (for the Egyptians having the audacity to revolt against Jewish control and then prevent them from merely leaving).

The eradication of male lineage parallels Jewish, anti-Aryan racial belief (Jews believe in maternal lineage) as well as their goals for Aryans.

In Pagan-Rome, not knowing who your Father was would automatically demote you to the lowest class. Circumcision and what it stands for was virtual slave-class symbolism in Rome. The Jews have several grand mythological enemies, which all have cross-over and almost all are meant to represent the Aryan race, but the Romans remain the enemy that perhaps casts the largest shadow. Everything that the Romans represent, to include their opposite beliefs in lineage and its symbolism, are seen as inimical by Jews.

The Roman struggle with Jews dates to at least a couple of hundred years before Christ, as noted by Roman documentation of their expulsion of Jews in 139 BC for promoting a (proto-Christian) subversive Sabazios cult (which was the proto-Christian Dionysus / Bacchus cult).

The spear of destiny possible symbolic parallel in the penile dismemberent of the Fisher King is interesting, but it sort of contradicts itself because the spear of destiny is generally an Aryan symbol instead of a weapon used against us.

The Spear of Destiny represents the primary mythological weapon of the Germanic and Roman (Ayan) Father God: Spear of Mars. Mars being the Father of the Aryan race for both Romans and Germanics.

The Roman soldier who killed Christ with the Spear was a symbolic Son of Mars as well as symbolic Romulus-Cain. Note that there is a Cain and Abel parallel story for the founding of Rome, where Romulus (aka: Cain = Qayin = Quirinus = Quirites = "spear") kills his brother Remus (Abel) and then founds Rome. Just as Cain founded the first city in the Jewish myth.





In spite of the Osiris / Fisher King parallel that predicts a recovery, Egypt never recovered from Jew subversion.

Unfortunately, that means would mean that the Fisher King / King in the Mountain is not actually guaranteed to return. But I think that Hitler would be the closest that we have come.

000000  No.12838907


>It's already everywhere around you, you just need to start paying attention.

At this point, this is pretty much a given, but for few people.

The issue resides in opening more people's eyes and tuning their receptors to some greater light. Not all will react properly. Few, in fact.

But that's admissible, because it will already be more than now.

There are plenty of men and women with the potential who are kept out of the loop because of the Jewish Maya if I may say.

000000  No.12838955

I would also add that as Germany was seized by the archetype of Wotan, this land found itself stuck between two forces which were two sides of the same coin.

Then, one can see how Germany was literally devoured by a Beast, Fenrir, crushed between its two jaws.

This, would allude to Ragnarök having already started, but not being finished yet.

1ce115  No.12839517

File: a7cc314401f0ac6⋯.jpg (162.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Odal.jpg)


You can hardly find any spiritual/religious system without hierarchies, even communist religions like Christianity and nihilist ones like Buddhism have them to a certain extent. Hierarchies are inherent in nature. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that in a perfectly balanced/optimized system, no one would wish to be higher in hierarchy than his or hers nature and capabilities/level of development warrant. The reason for so many people wanting so is because we live in an utterly sick and corrupted upside-down system where high quality people often end up much lower than where they should be, and trash gets lured by the (((pied pipers))) into wanting and acquiring positions they are unworthy of. The quality is always inversely proportional to quantity, the higher you go, the less people you will find. Speaking of which, I would never wish to reach the absolute top, it would remove something to strive for and look forward to. It would also make one's existence even more lonesome.

>only relatively few could be expected to concern themselves with Heavenly matters, though their competence determined the entire validity of the Hierarchy.

They are the ones giving the purpose to everything else. Hierarchies can only be organized towards a specific goal (static or dynamic), a resonating point. Otherwise, they become pointless (heh), just like everything else.

>In practical terms it's obvious that even among the spiritually inclined there are all sorts of divergent natures involved

Reflecting ancient pantheons indeed. Monotheism destroyed character and balance of archetypes, enslaving people to a god who was everything, and thus nothing, creating a void that is to be filled by the same "priests" later with globalist materialism/egalitarianism and flesh worship/degeneracy. This is their (anti-)dialectics.

The (Aryan) gods however, are united in their differences in the battle against the anti-god of decay and his minions/dominion.


More like planetary segregation lel. Or alternate universe segregation.


Correct observation. Kikes were controlling the word since Christianity took over Europe, the rise of NS Germany being just an anomaly caused by a group of supermen leading a superior nation towards it's roots in a titanic struggle against the vastly more resourceful enemy. Lucifer was demonized in the same manner as Hitler was, leading the same battle, just on a more cosmic scale. And for Jews and their slaves (Christians, Muslims etc.), he was indeed the personification of satan (the enemy). The one falsely accused by the father of lies and his demonic children, just like Hitler was, and is being slandered by them to this very day.

Even in Biblical story, Abel was the favorite, "chosen" son (Jew) while Cain was a disliked one (Goy), the story itself showing subtle Talmudic thinking permeating Christian thought and mythos, even in it's politically correct form. What actually happened is that Abel wanted to sacrifice Cain to his (((father))), but got killed instead by the one favored by a true god, nature.

>Unfortunately, that means would mean that the Fisher King / King in the Mountain is not actually guaranteed to return.

The return of the Avatar, the end of Kali Yuga, etc. are not the events that can be reached by mere passage of time, as they exist beyond the cycle. They are situational events that have to be brought forth by the conscious Will and synchronicity.


We need to awaken just the right people, to form our round table and final legion again. Everything else is much less relevant.

f2d102  No.12839802

File: f88786aed640fa7⋯.jpg (220.08 KB, 940x1184, 235:296, a5ef00c1f02e4e50917a6a02a0….jpg)

I have always wondered how much of the Grail mythos has been corrupted by (((them))). It's remarkable it even survives at all. The Nazi quest for the spear/grail has always been written of as there desperate attempt to find a way to win the war, but how much of it has been twisted (((them)))? But there is something in the legend that really strucks true.

Any way OP, thanks for not being a faggot for once. Good Job!

b73b74  No.12839847

File: 6e6c69fa2aabc82⋯.jpeg (524.41 KB, 1556x1080, 389:270, 5D0AA13F-5F4B-41A9-9113-F….jpeg)


e51574  No.12840208


The return of the Avatar, the end of Kali Yuga, etc. are not the events that can be reached by mere passage of time, as they exist beyond the cycle. They are situational events that have to be brought forth by the conscious Will and synchronicity.

Like Odin on the tree, watching the fates– staring into the past, present and future to discover the magic of the runes, its is not a specific time we are searching for, its the spirit and the blood that will awaken my brothers.


Lucifer is the greatest enemy preached in the bible, the very anti-thesis of Yahweh their god.


>My impression is that the Grail Quest and everything surrounding it was a medieval attempt by gentiles trying to memorialize their fight against the Jew.

Very much so, Lucifers crown, the Grail, which fell to earth after his great battle against the enemy. Is a story older than any Abrahamic religion.

>Grail Legend corpus would make sense as both a signal of spiritual-cultural desperation to regain their self-determination as well as a way to memorialize their struggle in a manner that the Jews-Christian authorities could not prosecute.

You must remember the destruction of Europe by the judeo-christians, from the end of the Roman republic they began to destroy the physical history of our people. The chosen of yahweh seek to enslave the world to please him, this is the message they follow, this is the teachings of the Abrahamic religions.

>The Spear of Destiny represents the primary mythological weapon of the Germanic and Roman (Ayan) Father God: Spear of Mars. Mars being the Father of the Aryan race for both Romans and Germanics.

The Spear of Mars, goes further back and is nothing to do with Cain. Tyr/Mars is the Nordic/Roman name for Dyeus. The spear itself is the symbol of Tyr/Mars role as the god of war and justice. To take up the spear is to answer the calling in the blood.

>Egypt never recovered from Jew subversion.

Yet we did survive - Egypt - the land was reclaimed many times, by the blood, the ancient calling to reclaim has happened in every empire from Alexander, Rome, Britain, France and Germany also fought in the desert (my great grandfather died on that ancient battlefield on the path to Cairo)

One thing that can be confusing is how the kikes adopted and stole parts of the stories of Egypt, as with the Aryan religions it was coopted and distorted to destroy it - remember what they did to Europe, the same had to be done to the great gods of Egypt to destroy the followers and turn those that would over to yahweh. Akhenaton died to be known as "the enemy" for trying to institute this shift away from the Ancient gods - Thoth like Odin like Lucifer beyond time brought wisdom and it was also lost.

The battle is eternal, do not forget your true love my brothers - bring her with you in your heart when we meet again.

000000  No.12840331


You are very welcome. Interesting view on Abel as a woman.

The deeper esoteric view that I have on Cain and Abel varies a bit from that. Not that I disagree with you outright because I don't know any more about your view, but this gives me a chance to elaborate slightly.

When you study Judaism, its pagan precursors (ie: Dumuzid and Inanna) and more modern cultic subroutines (ie: Dionysus and Christianity),

you come to realize that all of this is encoded into seasonal symbolism. Judaism is a religion that heavily encodes seasonal symbolism.

Dumuzid / Pan / Dionysus (Bacchus) / Adonis (Adonai) / Abel and Christ are all the same figure.

Greece became Semiticized by Jews and so its religion reflects a heavy Semitic influence in its concentration on female gods, its demonization of the Aryan War-Father god Ares, and its incorporation of the Semitic Adonis, Dionysus, and Pan.





Dumuzid / Pan / Dionysus / Adonis / Abel and Christ are all born of (or are the consort of) a Goddess that tends to represent Venus / the East / Sunrise. Hence the "Easter" holiday that represents Christ's resurrection (rebirth), from the equivalent goddess Eostre.

Other such godesses are Inanna, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Eve, Mary, and Ushas. The symbolism of the East is the symbolism of foreigners and new blood (new blood = new day = sunrise).

These offspring of the Goddess of the East mostly all die in their myths, and this East-Sunrise Goddess figure weeps for them in each instance.

They are all killed by a spear like object, which is the weapon of the Aryan Father God of War, Judgement, and the West (Mars) but is often wielded by his symbolic Son (Cain, the Roman Soldier).

Though, the object takes different forms. For example, in the case of Adonis the spear object takes the form of a boar's tusk. In the Cain and Abel story, it takes the form of Cain's farming instrument (in Rabbinical teaching). In purely seasonal symbolism, the spear represents Winter (with its icicles) that kills the Spring / Summer period of unruly vegetation growth. This Summer / Winter symbolism gets much deeper as is descried later below.

These dying (and sometimes rising) Sons / consorts of the Goddess of the East all represent the "Wild Man of the Woods" (rule free foreigners) that come in the Spring time of growth to fertilize the "crops". Given that this cult is ultimately meant to describe and affect people, "crops" also refers to people. So, the foreigners come to fertilize the people.

Note that the Spring paradoxically represents infertility in old religious symbolism, due to the hotter sun and lack of rain that caused Spring droughts. So, this foreigner's god also represents infertility (likely of the racial bloodline of the Kingdom that it is invading).

In contrast, fertility was represented by the Fall season of the Harvest, which was the rainy season that brought the fertilizing silts of the Nile Flood.

Rain / night-time dew (attributed to the moon) and flooding tend to represent fertility (due to their practical affect on plant growth, but also due to the metaphor of semen).

This Wild Man of the Woods, who is sometimes resurrected but most importantly comes to power in the symbolic Spring, has the characteristics of having and promoting loose morality (see Pan and Bacchus for more explicit orgy and sex themes, whereas later representations are more subtle in this promotion: such as through Christ's recommendation to love everyone over being too judgemental).

Christianity only represents the most subtle and refined form of the prior cults, after they were able to be fought off by the Romans and the Jews learned from their mistakes. Remember that the NT was authored by Jews. It was also financed and propagandized by Jews. Christianity took hold after a lot of trial and error of the previous subversive systems.

000000  No.12840334


Below, see the Roman's initial successes in suppressing the proto-Christian Sabazios / Bacchic cult that clearly reveals the morality-undermining goal of this Judaic cult (that continues with Christianity).


>The first Jews who settled in Rome were expelled in 139 BCE, along with Chaldaean astrologers by Cornelius Hispalus under a law which proscribed the propagation of the "corrupting" cult of "Jupiter Sabazius", according to the epitome of a lost book of Valerius Maximus:

>Gnaeus Cornelius Hispalus…ordered the astrologers by an edict to leave Rome and Italy within ten days, since by a fallacious interpretation of the stars they perturbed fickle and silly minds, thereby making profit out of their lies. The same praetor compelled the Jews, who attempted to infect the Roman custom with the cult of Jupiter Sabazius, to return to their homes.

>By this it is conjectured that the Romans identified the Jewish YHVH Tzevaot ("sa-ba-oth", "of the Hosts") as Jove Sabazius.

>This mistaken connection of Sabazios and Sabaos has often been repeated. In a similar vein, Plutarch maintained that the Jews worshipped Dionysus, and that the day of Sabbath was a festival of Sabazius.


>A mystery cult to Bacchus was brought to Rome from the Greek culture of southern Italy or by way of Greek-influenced Etruria. It was established around 200 BC in the Aventine grove of Stimula by a priestess from Campania, near the temple where Liber Pater ("The Free Father") had a State-sanctioned, popular cult. Liber was a native Roman god of wine, fertility, and prophecy, patron of Rome's plebeians (citizen-commoners) and a close equivalent to Bacchus-Dionysus Eleutherios.

>The Bacchic rituals contained omophagic practices such as pulling live animals apart and eating the whole of them raw. This practice served not only as a reenactment of the infant death and rebirth of Bacchus, but also as a means by which Bacchic practitioners produced "enthusiasm": etymologically, to let a god enter the practitioner's body or to have her become one with Bacchus

>In Livy's account, the Bacchic mysteries were a novelty at Rome; originally restricted to women and held only three times a year, they were corrupted by an Etruscan-Greek version, and thereafter drunken, disinhibited men and women of all ages and social classes cavorted in a sexual free-for-all five times a month.

>Livy relates their various outrages against Rome's civil and religious laws and traditional morality (mos maiorum); a secretive, subversive and potentially revolutionary counter-culture. Livy's sources, and his own account of the cult, probably drew heavily on the Roman dramatic genre known as "Satyr plays", based on Greek originals.

>The cult was suppressed by the State with great ferocity; of the 7,000 arrested, most were executed.


>Sabazios … is the same as Dionysos. He acquired this form of address from the rite pertaining to him; for the barbarians call the bacchic cry "sabazein". Hence some of the Greeks too follow suit and call the cry "sabasmos"; thereby Dionysos [becomes] Sabazios. They also used to call "saboi" those places that had been dedicated to him and his Bacchantes … Demosthenes [in the speech] "On Behalf of Ktesiphon" [mentions them]. Some say that Saboi is the term for those who are dedicated to Sabazios, that is to Dionysos, just as those [dedicated] to Bakkhos [are] Bakkhoi. They say that Sabazios and Dionysos are the same. Thus some also say that the Greeks call the Bakkhoi Saboi

>Several ancient sources record an apparently widespread belief in the classical world that the god worshiped by the Jewish people, Yahweh, was identifiable as Dionysus or Liber via his identification with Sabazios. Tacitus, Lydus, Cornelius Labeo, and Plutarch all either made this association, or discussed it as an extant belief

000000  No.12840336


The Wild Man of the Woods (a symbol of foreign genetics, coddled and defended by his mother who mated with the Western Father God) accomplishes sex with women of the Kingdom through his promotion of immorality and hedonism.

Again, see the hedonistic Bacchic cultic 'Rites", carted into the Empire by the Jews and spread among the marginalized classes before finding their way up the hierarchy, which alarmed the Romans so much that they slaughtered around seven thousand cult members in an attempt to stop the cultic social rot.

The Wild Man of the Woods (who is also represented as the hairy Jew who looks like Pan) symbolizes foreigners and unruly life that is enabled by the destruction of morality.

In the crop metaphor, this means that lots of desirable crops are grown, but in-line with the rule-free part lots of weeds are grown as well. This is rule free promotion of unruly life.

This is the symbolism of Spring and Summer.

After the Summer Solstice, which represents peak immorality and growth, seasonal time marches toward the Fall Harvest season that symbolizes judgement, restriction, law, order, and the West. The desirable crops are harvested and the weeds are destroyed. In the Bible, this is the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares that is told in Matthew 13:24-29.

In Jewish Kabbalah, these two sides are represented by Chesed (that Jews associate with as people, meaning "loving Kindness"), and its opposite Gevurah: which means restriction and judgement.



In Egypt, the Harvest season of judgement was symbolized by the Autumn appearance of Sirius in the West, which was said to guard the Gate to the Underworld (Underworld = Judgement).

This was the time of the rainy season that brought fertility to the land, which is counter-intuitive with the death and harvest symbolism that was also a part of this time.

Sirius has some correlation to Mars in ancient symbolism. Again, Mars is the Aryan Father God of War (which implies Judgement of evil and sin). He symbolizes the West (Sunset), morality, judgement of sin, and acestic restriction in contrast with the hedonsim, unruly growth and infertile drought period of the Spring and Summer and in opposition to the influence of the Goddess of the East (Venus / Sunrise) and her unruly child: the Wild Man of the Woods.

Though, I would assume that the child is that of the Father God of the West and the Mother Goddess of the East. This may be the root of the common Father-Son battles throughout older mythology (ie: Zeus vs Saturn vs Uranus).

This judgement period, symbolized by the fall harvest, strongly reflects Judeo-Christian apocalypse myth that clearly describes a worldwide genocide of non-Jews.

This is where Christianity and Judaism begin to truly merge. The differences are minor and unimportant at this stage, in my opinion.

The Jews prophecize (instruct themselves) that all non-Jews will be genocided (see the Zohar for this clear admission, but it is also implied in the OT), and the Christian New Testament states that most Christians will be genocided.

The NT couches it as being a desirable "Rapture" into "Heaven", which bizarrely tricks otherwise rational people into thinking that a religion that demands their genocide makes sense.

In contrast, the Jewish concept of god wants everything and anything that helps them dominate and live, which is a suspicious contrast for two religions that come from the same source.

That Christianity was created by people who hate non-Jews becomes especially clear when you realize that none of these gods exist in any sense that the entirely Jewish Bible claims, but that the myths in their entirety were crafted within third person (god) metaphysical context to fool all of their victims of the time that were all ensconced in a world of magical thinking.

Instead, the entirety of the Jewish mythological body is only political instruction to themselves. Created by them. All of the genocide, entitlement, and everything else. Full stop.I should not have to state that in the modern day, but that I do speaks to the power of myth in the human mind as well as the power of the imagination (which, unironically enough, is the core concept that the Jews describe as their "evil impulse" represented by the tempting serpent: imagination, or the power of the human mind to imagine and be tempted by non-reality).

The Christians prophecize a Jewish conversion, but that is unlikely excepting for the Jewish plan for the future that melds every belief system under the banner of the Jewish Messiah (who will be indistinguishable from a returning Christ figure).

In sum, this is where Christianity tips its hand as being nothing but a part of Judaism. Its end-time prophecy meshes exactly with the Jewish domination plan and its calls for mass genocide of all non-Jews excepting for some slaves.

b73b74  No.12840511

File: 0aabd56bc803877⋯.jpeg (408.53 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, EFC4C529-647B-4E4A-B5D6-C….jpeg)


This is a good rundown. That is why the world is stagnating at an alarming rate and anybody paying attention feels it. The identity of the jew is criminal to existence. All of their enterprises are fictions ( usury, media, Abrahamic religions) and to awakened ones we can see quite clearly that the large majority of people have submitted to a world wide cult of stagnation and death and their belief in this has been entirely built on fictions, on immaterial existences that they have been convinced are real. This is why our technology as they so often claim has been created to help us is only further engaging us within a non material existence and driving a wedge between mans identity rooted within nature and one rooted with a millenia old Jewish fiction. It’s moved from the written word, to the press, to radio, to television and now to personal devices with every iteration further encasing us in a false reality. The barebones reason the populations of allied countries went to war with Germany was because they had been enslaved through economic depression ( the fiction of finance) making them viable mercenaries, and than brainwashed day in and day out (the press ie the written word etc) through distraught times that’s Germany was the epitome of evil. The quintessential identity of the jew, of fiction, of a contradiction to existence, of a fictional linear beginning and finite end contradicts the very nature of existence for not just humans but all organisms. After truly challenging Christianity and its legacy one must ask themselves why they choose to represent their identity with a cross, which is the symbol of death in their religion, death of all they view as (((good)))

3aed38  No.12840860

File: ddff5467f802727⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 613x408, 613:408, xe58305d72.jpg)


>Hierarchies can only be organized towards a specific goal (static or dynamic), a resonating point. Otherwise, they become pointless (heh), just like everything else.

Right and the absolute Dynamic i wanted to establish in this thread was that the religion that emerged from the Sinai was aligned with Lamastu, destruction at the Cosmological level as a daughter of Anu and the Sethian destructive nature.


The counter to that and absolute ideal was the nature of Horus, the Hurrian, the equivalent of Aryan South of the Caucasus.

The Sethian hierarchy is based upon inverted values, whoever is the most hating degenerate and destructive will assume the highest/lowest position on account of their deep hatred and resentments towards exploiting and destroying others and all forms of culture and life in general, the current financial system is based upon who has the greatest capacity to exploit others and thus they will always prosper and succeed within that.

000000  No.12842652


>It is a trifling point TORanon (I can no longer refer to you as TORFag) buuuut the jews also practice the genocidal purges against their own people as well. If you look carefully each 'change of Age' is accompanied by the purge of most of the jewish population as well.

Its not a trifling point, as I will describe below. Little about any of this is irrelevant. You are correct. That a lot of Jews will be massacred is stated both in the NT as well as in their OT and Zohar. That may be so. There also seems to be a major caveat to this that I will later describe in detail.

In the Zohar, the Rabbis state that all non-Jewish souls represent impurity.

According to the Zohar, non-Jewish souls are so impure that we defile our own bodies. When we die, our bodies are again purified

Which is a truly impressive genocidal supremacism: ie: the only good-non-Jew is a dead-non-Jew, as our mere presence defiles the world.

In concert with this belief, the Jews hold that only Jews are considered to be human or "man". All other people are considered to be a form of animal or "beast". Sometimes they are described as rocks. Sometimes as monkeys and other specific types of animals. This is all overtly explained in books like he Zohar and in mainstream Rabbinical commentary of other books (ie: Rashi's commentary).

I will return to this train of thought that I needed to begin as an introduction, but first an interlude is necessary to describe Jewish belief in their highest Holy Day: Yom Kippur.

We can readily see how they projected that brand of prior-described supremacism onto the supposed sins of Germany.

This is a scapegoat trick that is a central aspect of the Jewish religion on their holiest of days: Yom Kippur (but also in general).

See the below article, and the rest of this man's writing as well. It is recommended. From what I have read, he is on another level of understanding than most. After the relevant text excerpts, I will break this down in summary:


"The Jews believe that there are seventy gods who watch over the Goyim, the nations. The seventy angels, or princes of the Gentiles are overseen by Sammael, Satan.

"The Jews sacrifice a goat every year, known as the "scapegoat", to Sammael so that he will convey all of the sins of the Jews onto the Goyim and mediate for the Jews with god. Sammael sells out the Goyim he is bound to protect for a mere goat and the Goyim are thereby blamed for all the crimes of the Jews".

>Some relevant text from the Zohar, courtesy of Manhar, Nurho de.The Zohar: Bereshith to Lekh Lekha :

"From the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot) to Cippur (Yom Kippur) or day of expiation, the holy One sits and judges the world, during which period, the Serpent no longer appears before Him as man's (Israel's) accuser, being attracted to the goat that is offered to him and therefore heedless of anything of a sacred character. So is it with him when a goat is offered to him at the time of new moon. For this reason, the children of Israel pray then the Holy One to grant them remission and forgiveness of their sins."

"Now when the North is not revived by the Holy One, the moon becomes drawn to the left side and in order to prevent this, Israel is obliged to sacrifice a goat in which the serpent delighted, lets go his hold of that luminary that then begins to shine and daily increase in light and splendour.

"Thus on the day of atonement when the serpent or Evil One is engaged with the goat offered unto it, the moon freed from its evil influence undertakes to defend and protect Israel as a mother watches over the safety and welfare of her child. Then it is that the Holy One grants his blessings with remission and pardon of sins".

000000  No.12842658



First, note in the first Zohar excerpt where the Rabbis note that:

"From the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot) to Cippur (Yom Kippur) or day of expiation, the holy One sits and judges the world".

The period that spans the beginning of Succot and the end of Yom Kippur marks the judgement period on the Jewish calendar. This is generally between September and October (it varies from year to year, likely with the lunar calendar) and symbolizes harvest time.

The Rabbis consider this period to symbolically mark the gentile-genocide apocalyptic period of judgement, after which their Messianic period will begin. Because the year is both a microcosm and macrocosm.

This is why they call Yom Kippur the "Sabbath of Sabbaths". At Yom Kippur, the "New Year" begins that is symbolic of the Jewish messianic new world (1,000 year Sabbath) where they rule in total. The Jews successfully escape judgement on Yom Kippur, only via their bribe of our God with a "goat". Other peoples have the potential to be judged and penalized with genocide. According to the Jews, they all will be.

On Yom Kippur the Jews consider themselves to be vulnerable to their accuser (our God), whereas on the other 364 days of the year they are mostly indifferent in regard to being accused.

What they do is sacrifice a goat (be sure that some Rabbis do this every year) to their Devil or Satan: who they view as our God. It is a bribe designed to distract our God from successfully accusing them on the one day that they are vulnerable.


"The Medrash says that the children of Jacob give Samael, their prosecuting angel, a bribe on Yom Kippur. This bribe is the sacrificial goat. It is given so that he should not annul their sacrifices".

"The Rambam in the Guide To The Perplexed states that Samael is the appellation applied by our sages to Satan".

"Aaron was capable of removing all of man's sins and placing them on the head of the goat".

"We bribe Samael and give him the saeer l'azazel (the scapegoat)".

However, it is more than a mere distraction. The bribe is also meant to be a deal with our God to place the sins of Jews onto our collective heads. This is their core religious practice: the scapegoat mechanism, as practiced as the core Rite on their holiest day of the year.

The goat is symbolically equivalent to a ram, and switching out a ram for a goat is merely the Jewish manner of denigrating our Father God Mars / Ares (the Ram). Note: just as the the slaughtered lambs in the exodus Passover story symbolize first born Aryan boys, the goat sacrifice symbolizes the sacrifice of an Aryan man to our God.

So, as their most crucial sacrifice on their highest holy day, the Jews symbolically sacrifice an Aryan man so that their sins will be placed on his head.

This gives us the foremost operating modality of the Jews (which we knew): successfully blaming others for their sins (and especially us) and having others successfully persecuted for those sins. This is the central operation of Judaism, at its deepest esoteric level. This is their core spirituality; which makes sinning okay as long as they can successfully blame another.

We see their successful use of the scapegoat mechanism operating throughout their history: a history which surely goes much deeper than my knowledge. With their consistent victimhood narrative that in reality had them in power in every instance (surely dating back to Egypt). At best, any later true persecution or quarantine of them was self defense. We could cite Semitic Christian history, in-depth, to include the casualty result in the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War. Their "unfortunate" recourse in loan sharking (the best income generator) because the "weren't allowed" to participate in any other professions (a tale that is directly refuted by the historical documentation that we have of their time before they were last booted from England). Their historic role as collections enforcers in Poland. The Black Slave Trade. In recent memory, we have the Bolsheviks and WWII, etc. I'm certainly vastly underselling their historic crimes and their ability to cover for themselves through their central practice of the scapegoat mechanism.

However, we are currently discussing the Jewish apocalypse and this scapegoat mechanism, as before noted, likely holds special relevance as to what is being planned and whether or not the Jews will actually realize heavy losses.

000000  No.12842659


> Psalm 69:

22May the table set before them become a snare;

may it become retribution and b a trap.

23May their eyes be darkened so they cannot see,

and their backs be bent forever.

24Pour out your wrath on them;

let your fierce anger overtake them.

25May their place be deserted;

let there be no one to dwell in their tents.

26For they persecute those you wound

and talk about the pain of those you hurt.

27Charge them with crime upon crime;

do not let them share in your salvation.

28May they be blotted out of the book of life

and not be listed with the righteous.

Pay special attention to verse 27, where their self-instruction demands that they charge us with crime upon crime because we talk about the pain of those whom the Jews hurt.

The Jews claim that our God is responsible for all technology in the world, they plan to turn the world back to the dark ages within about 250 years (by their year 6000 - the max date for the Messianic period), and plan on blaming our God (us) for all of the sins of the world. This is their final scapegoating plan, which they will use to try to genocide us while they try to survive on the back of those accusations. A strategy that they are obviously and constantly fine tuning in the present day.

>Excerpts from the book of Enoch:

Enoch 8:1 And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals〈of the earth〉and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all coloring tinctures.

Enoch 9:6 Thou seest what Azâzêl hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were (preserved) in heaven, which men were striving to learn.

Enoch 10:4 And again the Lord said to Raphael: “Bind Azâzêl hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl, and cast him therein. 5. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may not see light.

6. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire. And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons.

8. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin.”

Summary: They credit who they see as our God (Azazel / Samael, but also the lineage of Cain) all technology, to include but not only warfare technology, and they intend to take it all away and cast our God (a people's God is always equivalent with his people in Judaic code), who they deem to be a plague, to be forever bound in darkness (the Judaic equivalent of hell). They intend to blame us for all of the world's sin.

000000  No.12842661


Okay, so that was a long interlude. But it takes us exactly where we needed to be when I diverged from the below topic. Remember that we were discussion the Jew's perception of our souls as inherently impure.

In he Zohar, the Jews go on to state that one day all impurity (all non-Jews) will be removed from the world. According to their texts, during this process Jews will take massive losses but in the end will "win", leaving the world with only Jews (however many remain).

My impression, from what I have read in he OT and Zohar, is that this is referring to the losses predicted in a final battle with Europe (to them: Esau, Amalek) rather than any Jewish culling at the hand of the Jews themselves. However, who knows what is actually meant at such a fine level of resolution. I would guess that only they know, and maybe most of them don't even fully know as you imply below.

Note that it is one of their "positive commandments" (613 Mitzvot) to genocide the Seven Canaanite Nations and Amalek (which is us), which in the following article the Rabbis admit that the commandment pertains to the current day:


>Also, I think that they understand the 'purge cycle' but I don't think they control it in any way…so it is possible that not one person of the jewish faith will survive at all, which is the Islamic take on the situation.

This is possible and is something that I do keep in mind.

Though, as an aside, I see Islam and Christianity as Jewish golems and so I don't put any credibility in the accuracy of their prophecies (other than as useful tools to bring the Jewish prophecies / instructions to bear). Christian and Islamic prophecies are both curiously close to Jewish prophecy yet just far enough apart that people are restricted from proving that Islam and Christianity are definitively the same as or controlled by Judaism. They are close enough to have Christians and Muslims working toward those prophecies and far enough to believe that they are not working directly for Jews. Once the prophecies generally become reality, it will little matter whether the Christian and Muslim books were inaccurate Jewish tricks. The Jewish prophecy will have come true. In that, Christ will have technically been the Jewish Messiah because he brought them their Messianic period, leaving Jews technically "converted" but all non-Jews dead regardless. At that time the Christ figure will be obvious as an aspect of the Jewish god (the Wild Man of the Woods) that serves to leave only Jews alive and in control of the planet. The two halves of the Bible will have been revealed to be two halves of a single religion of ethnic world dominance and genocide.

One one hand, let's assume that the Jews only represent the Spring time force of the Wild Man of the Woods (Adonai, Adonis. Dionysus, Bacchus, Pan, Christ), who promotes degeneracy in order to fuel uncontrolled population growth and race-mixing that over-runs and replaces old Kingdoms.

If this is the case then the symbolic seasonal cycle seems to predict that the Jews eventually will be brought to heel by a separate force that seems to be referring to the Aryan God of judgement and the Harvest (and thus to the Aryans themselves).

Or it could be another outside force (someone else above the Jews). The point would be that the Jews are not fully in control and will be purged by a non-Jewish force with the arrival of the next symbolic harvest season (human culling).

On the other hand, what I notice is unique qualities of the Jewish religion that hints that they indeed might be in control.

The Jewish religion preaches monotheism with all other gods merely being manifestations of the Jewish god. This implies an ownership of the full cycle (the implication is that the Jewish god is both the god of growth and restriction / judgement). They seem to have well incorporated the entire cycle, to include a plan for the judgement period, into the core of their religion.

Only time will tell.

>Quick pasta from Wiki (but you get the idea):

>The Beast is mentioned in the Quran (in Sura An-Naml) and is also mentioned in the ahadith, which expand upon the characteristics of the beast. Islamic tradition holds that the Beast will precipitate the death of all true believers and the removal of the Quran from the world.

If I am reading this right, this seems to parallel Christian belief in the judgement period. For me, this reinforces the assumption that they came from a common source that had a common motivation in creating both religions.

e51574  No.12842763


Nice work anon, I think your posts are probably the most concise summary of Abrahamic prophecy ive seen on here.

>The two halves of the Bible will have been revealed to be two halves of a single religion of ethnic world dominance and genocide.

Thats pretty much it, the entire jewish religion is also been an evolution of manipulation and corruption - for example what you said about the Jewish god being the sole controller and all other gods his manifestation. In rabbinical literature you can see a history of integrating different gods, myths and significant happenings to explain and take ownership in the name of yahweh.

Probably the most well known example is the Kabbalah system taken from Egypt, from an esoteric idea of consciousness the soul and spirit, we come to the jewish interpretaion of it being how god relates to the world and the universe.

Obviously there are many examples of religious subversion especially with regards to the Aryan

myths and ideals placed into the bible. There are also examples of ancient myths such as the flood being the plan of yahweh to punish all but his choice of Noah – which is the source of all the masonic, christian belief that they are brothers of jews.

I however do not follow any of these beliefs and would be loathe to do so, but it is important to understand your enemy.

1bb11e  No.12842848

File: 75d9ae1ae9bab73⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 474x307, 474:307, th.jpeg.jpg)

The Parzifal was the most important book I ever read. The Arthurian-Barbarossa mythos is the only panacea to Abrahamism and the Jewish history of the 20th century. I say the OP is right, Adalwulf is the Fisher King.

btw in the movie there's a scene in a porno store with this very obnoxious, fat kikess where Jeff Bridges snaps at her. If you can still into movies, try it. Its like Time Bandits but in Jew Yawk.

000000  No.12842871


I think we're severely losing the thread here, but reading this long-winded approach to essentially remind us of how much Jews project onto others their own sins, your writing got me thinking. If the Jews consider themselves weak during Yom Kippur, shouldn't we strike them during that time with all our tools and might? First with accusative propaganda.

b711de  No.12842976


To truly corrupt something, you must understand it's essence and all of it's inner and subtle workings. Any corruption of those (and other) myths by the kikes is done only on a surface level, despite immense efforts of them and their Freemasonic puppets, and can be seen through by those insightful enough. They spent countless centuries trying to erase, twist and corrupt it, and yet here we are still discussing those. To make things worse for them, some Forms can be reconstructed even if they get physically erased from this world. Same goes for races, especially if they are not exclusively terrestrial. This is why their goal is not destruction, but corruption and disintegration (I will elaborate on this later). VERY important distinction.


Odin hanging on the tree could be seen as a metaphor for existing in a non-collapsed quantum state, or in a realm beyond time and space. Neither by land (space) nor by sea (time) , shalt thou find the road to the Hyperborea. It is from this extra-Universe that our power comes from, greater than anything that they can conceive of, but invisible to all but the most wise ones, those possessing the Memory beyond life. This is the realm where Odin "lost" one of his eyes, allowing him to see things which mere mortals could not. And it is this realm where their ultimate doom will come from. The one they were trying to "seal off" for millenia, by going after our portals/gateways, our sacred/ancient sites and temples, our culture, our true history, our symbols, down to our very blood and genes.

>Very much so, Lucifers crown, the Grail, which fell to earth after his great battle against the enemy. Is a story older than any Abrahamic religion.

But to reach the stone, you need the Sword, the Spear, and some other objects. Tor poster made an excellent explanation of the symbolic nature the Spear, it would be nice if he could do the same with the rest.

Lucifer also has 8 wings, like Sleipnir and Kalki have eight legs. The most brilliant/beautiful one, whose mere presence turns lower angels to dust and blinds the rest. The purifier of filth. He who made the architect jealous. The Invincible. The father and the patron god of white race.

>Yet we did survive

Indeed. But it was not Egypt where it all started, our Order is much older than that, going back to times unknown to contemporary history, or even beyond the time itself.

513426  No.12843113


Cool theory but isn't the more obvious and direct interpretation is Catholicism hijacking another pre-christian myth. E.G. Fisher King = Jesus. Coming king = Jesus 2nd coming.

513426  No.12843155


How does one induce a trance? Would Wim Hof method be a technique (increasing rather than decreasing breathing)?

b711de  No.12843275


Horse of Kalki of course


>Interesting view on Abel as a woman.

Abel was actually a proud African-American transwoman and Cain was the evil white male representing patriarchy :>)


Yet they somehow manage to be the most materialistic creatures on earth. Abrahamic religions were their means to poison the Aryan man's connection with his higher (immaterial) nature and lead to it's anti-thesis, the last man who worships his senses, the ultimate slave to the Jew and it's AI god. Since his physical blood is now completely detached from it's divine source, his race is practically dead, and follows the natural path of niggerization/mongrelization and extinction. Their no longer Aryan, now animal-man souls are striving to become the negro, the mud, and the mongrel, which is the true cause of racemixing. They are just taking a physical shape more representative of their now lost souls. Likewise, those who are still connected to the source strive towards racial purity, even if they are not entirely pure themselves. Stagnation is also coincident with rapid rise of materialism. But the Jew in his trickery will not stop there. He will now use (((transhumanism))) to create Chinese bootleg copies of Aryans, and name them the "true Jews" , which, as the organic lie, they would indeed be. But their form would not hold for too long, they would start breaking apart and turning into sickly mutants.


Kikes are not the agents of destructive forces and principles. They are the usurpers, the golems, the artificial ones. Their goal is not to destroy your body, but soul. They are a virus that slowly twists and corrupts life, leading to disintegration of metaphysical principles that make the totality of one's Being and enslaving everyone to their demonic god. They are actually a force of life, but that of abominations, corruption and torture/suffering. Lifecucks like Freemasons are only giving oil to their fire by worshiping life in all of it's forms, being a catalyst to the AIDS and cancer spreading. It is exactly the divine destruction that we need, the one they swore oaths to prevent from happening. Demonization of destructive principles was how they sheltered themselves from the righteous retribution. Higher, ascending life cannot exist without destruction. Death is as important as life is.


Very good analysis.


Yes, you need to increase breathing, the heart-beat, and your brain frequency. Some physical movements (like swinging front and back) or exercises while listening to fast music could help you achieve it. Repeating certain mantras faster and faster, focusing on certain thoughts and accelerating them, etc. You will notice once you are in tune. Be careful though, your thoughts will become much harder to control, and your output can increase greatly, so you might actually do great damage to yourself or the people it was not intended for. Unlike meditation, it takes a lot of training. Actual training, like learning to use some complex weapon and building the right "muscles" for it.

b711de  No.12843517


>Women are horses and thrones

>This is your mind on feminism.

Kek. Yes sweetheart, god is a woman, girrl powa! Now go play in your room, adults are talking.

b711de  No.12843706


You are obsessed with idiotic gender politics, "women awareness" etc. and keep poisoning the well with it. Meanwhile you contribute nothing, and are completely incapable of thinking outside of gender context. Yes, seeing the creature of ultimate chaos and evil as female was definitively feminist. Maybe you should find yourself a girlfriend so you can worship each other's cunts and leave us alone. Or doing this is your job? You are doing a lousy one if that's the case.

>supreme Elder God


>This planet has always been understood as female

Looks like someone's true nature is being shown. You don't actually give a fuck about race, politics, religions, or anything else being discussed here, you are trying to shill your feminist insanity while only using the overall theme of the board as a disguise. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of those Korean cultists, or the western equivalent.

000000  No.12843757


>Thats pretty much it, the entire jewish religion is also been an evolution of manipulation and corruption - for example what you said about the Jewish god being the sole controller and all other gods his manifestation. In rabbinical literature you can see a history of integrating different gods, myths and significant happenings to explain and take ownership in the name of yahweh.

Yes. Be sure to see the writing of the prior recommended author at https://jewishracism.blogspot.com/

He is excellent on this topic: how the Jews work to symbolically (and magically in their eyes) eradicate the gods of all other peoples, who they couch as demons, and how that is also the symbolic eradication of those peoples.

This is the core symbolic meaning of the War in Heaven as well as the star of david and "as above so below".

They also touch on this in the prior cited version of the Zohar, though they use their language and not the more direct language of critique that the jewishracism author uses.

The information is very useful and clarifying.

When Jews speak of angels and demons, they are usually speaking of the gods of other peoples. Their monotheist supremacy is the metaphysical form of racial supremacy, which is clear once you understand that they hold that a people cannot exist without their specific god in heaven and a specific god without his people. Every thing that they do to weaken us here, they think has a parallel action in the war in heaven with our tribal gods (for singular supremacy). Similarly, they believe that metaphysical actions against our tribal god-reflections in heaven has a hurtful effect on our ability to survive on Earth.

000000  No.12843820


No worries in regard to getting back to me. You can if you want, but its not necessary. I will check in here from time to time as long as the thread remains open.

Your best bet is to go back to where I referenced the version of the Zohar that I was quoting from.

Next, search for it on Kindle and buy it. I think it's one dollar or so. The Kindle app for the PC works well, if you didn't already know. Its not all of the Zohar, but it is the only part translated into English to my knowledge. You need that specific version because it is a direct translation. You can read it from the beginning, but in my experience keyword searches are a good way to mine it for information.

After that, there is the jewishracism website and the various wiki links that I provided (and those that I forgot to provide, like for Sabazios) as well as a lot of thinking about and synthesizing all of it. It will take a while. Don't rush. Processing time is important. At the time that it clicks sometime in the future, try to summarize it better than I did and then tell someone else (on the web, etc). That's the best you can do other than living your life to the fullest should you come to the conclusion that all of this information combines as the most accurate view of Judaism (thus precluding the need to spend so much time researching, which is freeing). That should be the goal for all of us.

000000  No.12843855


That seems to be what it all implies. Though, I can't be sure.

My impression is that this is all primarily measured by real Earthly effects, and that is how they also see it. So, symbolic day or not, whether you successfully resist their accusations or land one of your own then you have accomplished what is important (here and in the metaphysical War in Heaven). No matter the day.

Though I would imagine that an effective accusation, or resistance to one of theirs, on Yom Kippur would really piss them off to an extra degree.

000000  No.12843925


Yeah, the Zohar is not to study for spiritual enlightenment. Its more of like a political strategy guide of the enemy. If someone wasn't interested in reading that, then there isn't any reason to. Frankly, the entire business is soul poisoning. But what to do when you discover that monsters are real. I do agree that your responsibility is to yourself. That's a great perspective, anon. Go with it and go in peace.

> Thanks for all the interesting info TORAnon…you were actually part of a set of heavy sync today…so I thank you for your service to the universe.

You got it. Tell thedude I said sup.

4f732d  No.12844093

File: 24a150744d41502⋯.jpeg (68.43 KB, 400x522, 200:261, BA809AD2-9804-4843-91E2-0….jpeg)


>The return of the Avatar, the end of Kali Yuga, etc. are not the events that can be reached by mere passage of time, as they exist beyond the cycle. They are situational events that have to be brought forth by the conscious Will and synchronicity.

>We need to awaken just the right people, to form our round table and final legion again. Everything else is much less relevant.

This. Esoteric Hitlerism is an active preparation for Kalki,l; not escapism waiting for a messiah.

>>12843855 (checked)

>Hyperborean digits of truth

The High Holy Holidays seem like the best and most important time for metaphysical battle against them. Even on a mundane level, if all doesn’t go to plan, their paranoia will ruin the year for them. Also, let’s not forget that Yom Kipper is when low level street walker kikes make the kapparot(chicken swinging) sacrifice. As an aside, ‘chicken’ was a code word for baby boy in the pizzagate leaks. The Las Vegas Route 91 (((Harvest Festival))) shooting was on Yom kipper of course. Rosh Hashanah, the start of the HHH’s is when kikes void all the oaths they made to goyim the previous year. Following the HHH’s, Passover and Rosh Chodesh(new moons) are the most important days for combat. Most (((mass shootings))) and (((false flags))) are on those days.

e6f168  No.12844112


>Kali Yuga

(((POO POO)))

e51574  No.12844127


Read a National Socialist book you spiritual nigger.

5d2a19  No.12844146


Break the Adamic Cycle. Thank you for posting TorAnon

e6f168  No.12844153


Read larping faggots who destroyed Europe?

e51574  No.12844165


That would be the bible.

3aed38  No.12844939

File: ba592bf6225c7ea⋯.jpg (311.67 KB, 947x665, 947:665, anzuninurta11.jpg)


>Kikes are not the agents of destructive forces and principles. They are the usurpers, the golems, the artificial ones. Their goal is not to destroy your body, but soul. They are a virus that slowly twists and corrupts life, leading to disintegration of metaphysical principles that make the totality of one's Being and enslaving everyone to their demonic god.

That still makes them an agency of destructive forces, it is true that they primarily corrupt the soul but there have also been a billion Muslims created by the same forces that are prepared to destroy the body, and they're working in conjunction.

>It is exactly the divine destruction that we need, the one they swore oaths to prevent from happening. Demonization of destructive principles was how they sheltered themselves from the righteous retribution. Higher, ascending life cannot exist without destruction. Death is as important as life is.

Before this was ever about the Jews it was about the Amorites, it was about the Suteans, the emergence of destructive forces from the Sinai region, it is a lot easier to destroy than to create, it is a lot easier to kill than to nurture, this principle was termed Lamastu.

The greater issue is that of active intelligence generating this principle, particularly in association with Destiny, the generative principle of Yah and the association with El-Yah, the Sumerians considered that the Tablets of Destiny had been stolen from En-lil/El and taken to the Mountain of Lamastu in the Sinai by the agency of the Anzu bird raised on that mountain, that looked to absolve En-lil from generating this evil Destiny and determined the cause was the sorcery of the Sutean witch Lamastu.

Either way the phenomena is very real and the core principle is Divine Destruction, you can align yourself to that if you choose as many have but that principle is not the counter force we require, that was understood as Ninurta, the establishment and maintenance of Divine Order, recoverer of the Tablets of Destiny, destroyer of the Mountain of Lamastu, bringer of destruction to the destructive in terms of righteous retribution, the distinction is important.

It is the case then that we are countering a devised evil Destiny, the supposed inevitability of Apocalypse, the triumph of Biblical Prophecy and of Israel, and that is not easily done, alignment with correct principles is critical.

90104c  No.12845186


>I'll find a place where a bunch of beta orbiters will give me all the attention while I make it all about myself

I'd suggest going back to Reddit, or visiting those Korean feminist cultists that mutilate and kill male babies, they think they are goddesses too. Try making a discussion that's not about a) women b) yourself for a difference. Because you really ain't that much of a hot shit, sorry to break your delusions.


>how the Jews work to symbolically (and magically in their eyes) eradicate the gods of all other peoples

Nihilistic, pseudo-scientific materialistic dogma plays a great role in this as well. Atheism specifically. It's a multi-layered process, Jewish anti-dialectics. First you remove their gods and make them worship the Jew and his satanic father, but keep many of the old elements alive because otherwise it wouldn't be accepted regardless of how forcefully you try to implement it and how many people resisting it you kill. Then you slowly start removing those elements while putting the emphasis on the Jew worship. Then you start introducing various forms of decadence and perversion as an outlet for previously suppressed natural urges, leading to complete degeneracy. Once their spirituality is effectively dead, you give them the materialistic dogma as a solution (citing all the corruption that you have caused in the first place as the reason for abandoning it). This however, leaves a huge hole in their being, so they start looking for some form of spirituality again, and you are there again to offer them esoteric Jew worship (of all kinds), universal globalist religion, cult of equality, etc. as the solution. Once they accept those, they are effectively dissolved and rendered fully into service of Jews and their god, with no chance to escape. This follows the pattern of a boiling frog syndrome that they like using so much, combined with them always changing sides and transferring the guilt to someone else. They were everything bad about monarchy, they were everything bad about revolutionaries, they are the communist thieves, they are the capitalist exploiters, they were the black slave traders, they are the white genocide. Understanding this process is the key to fighting them.

>and how that is also the symbolic eradication of those peoples.

Because that's what it essentially is. Removing people from their source and spiritual identity eventually leads to them dying out and turning into an unindividualized brown mass of poo equal in slavery to them. What they don't realize however, is that they can't hurt the source by hurting the manifestation.

90104c  No.12845451


>Don't study your enemy and his methodology which effectiveness cannot be disputed

>Just leave this planet to (((them)))

You are not going anywhere. The world which you seek is completely off-limits to you and your kind. It might as well not exist at all.

>I am going to leave the 'politics' to people who are determined to battle here

Thank you. Take your self-expressive blogposts that are of zero use to anyone else with yourself. You are proliferating mental garbage and kike agenda all over the board.

>might be of service to me

>your service to the universe

So you are actually a female manifestation of the Jewish god? That's what you are striving to be at least, and what your handlers seem to be preparing you for. It would explain so many things. Yes, the fake one. Unable to maintain the Aryan apparition anymore due to being defective and incomplete, the devouring mother shows "her" true face. But The Hero remains unflinching. Do you really think I didn't see through your schemes since the very start? That even for a moment, I did not see who you truly are? It was most entertaining, but now it's becoming an annoyance. We got work to do, and you are standing in the way. Step aside hoping that we will have mercy for your wretched existence, or perish by the Spear.


>active preparation for Kalki

Not only preparation, bringing it into Being. The event beyond time that all of their occult efforts are concentrated on preventing from happening. The one who will kill their god.

Speaking of their holidays, shilling on chans seems to practically stop at some of those dates. Is it because they got a day off, or they were not supposed to do it on those days. We should find a way to short-circuit their rituals so to speak, to turn their very religion against them.


>That still makes them an agency of destructive forces

That's often the effect because once a thing becomes sufficiently corrupted, it simply falls apart. They have found a way to offset the losses by life production, creating a cycle of corruption, death, rebirth, and corruption again. Recycling of fallen souls and races in service to their god. Muslims are no different. To see them as the principle of destruction/death and try to counter them by creation/life only furthers their agenda. You keep feeding the virus, giving it more tissue to rot instead of making necessary cuts to end the disease once and for all. They are not a part of the natural cycle. Fighting death with death might seem counter-intuitive, but it's the only way. Going backwards in cycle. Naturalist philosophy is too simplistic and ignorant to account for the higher metaphysical nature.

>it is a lot easier to destroy than to create

Without destruction, creation becomes impossible. And that's exactly the state where Freemasonic philosophy has brought us to. By trying to seal and ban destruction, they have allowed inferior life to thrive (undeserving), leaving no room for superior life to express itself, and thus ironically ending creation. Creating ultimate stasis, decay and the cult of the status quo that only benefits the Jew. Creation and destruction were supposed to be dynamic, complimentary forces and principles. And the more they try to prevent destructive principles from emerging, the more potent they will become, annihilating everything indiscriminately in the end. This is the basis of the Apocalypse.

>Bringer of destruction to the destructive in terms of righteous retribution, the distinction is important.

You are right. If we don't become Kalki, we will become Mahakala. Destruction is much harder to master than creation. To direct and channel this immense volatile force towards creative ends rather than ultimate death. To destroy 'ugly' life without killing 'beautiful' life. The highest form of alchemy, purification. This is why only the strongest and wisest ones were selected for this ungrateful task.

The resonant fork. Ninurta is holding the resonant fork!

3aed38  No.12845710

File: d48fd23ab0683c1⋯.jpg (221.38 KB, 657x440, 657:440, ve50f01d1e.JPG)

>>1284545. .

>The resonant fork. Ninurta is holding the resonant fork!

Ninurta holds the Sar-ur which is a Cosmic super-weapon comparable to the Vajra or Dorje

>The Sarur, that which brings forth light like the day. The perfect weapon which consumes the rebellious land like fire. Obliterator-of-the-mountains, the maintainer of the people in heaven and earth. The tireless one who never sleeps. No-resisting-this-storm, a falcon against the foreign lands whose wing bears the deluge of battle. The right arm of Lagash whose awesome radiance covers the Land."

>He embedded its Šar-ur weapon beside Lagaš like a big standard, placed it in its dreadful place, the Šu-galam, and made it emanate fearsome radiance. On the dais of Ĝir-nun, on the place of making judgments, the provider of Lagaš lifted his horns like a mighty bull.

In Buddhism the Vajra;

>The vajra has three qualities: it can never be used frivolously, it always fulfils its function of destroying the enemy, and it always returns into your hand. It is indestructible, adamantine.

>The vajra, from which Vajrayana Buddhism takes its name, symbolizes the active male aspect of enlightenment often equated with skillful means, compassion, or bliss. The vajra evolved from the thunderbolt-scepter wielded by the Vedic god Indra.

>In order to have intellectual understanding you have to see what is wrong with everything rather than what is right; that is the natural vajra intellectual quality, the critical attitude of the logical mind, which also brings solidity.

The Sar-ur was related to the tail of the Scorpion constellation,

>In Coptic people of Egypt Egypt lambda (λ) and upsilon (υ) were Minamref, the Sting; and, on the Euphrates, Sarur.


90104c  No.12845858

File: 0d40691e4346766⋯.jpg (88.62 KB, 630x630, 1:1, NOD.jpg)


It resembles


I was rather fascinated by those three "almost aligned" stars in the sky lately, although I had no idea what constellation they are or what they represent.

>In order to have intellectual understanding you have to see what is wrong with everything rather than what is right; that is the natural vajra intellectual quality, the critical attitude of the logical mind, which also brings solidity.

Just like the arrow of Abaris the Hyperborean, the principle of Apollo, the absolute Male principle/highest reason. As such, it can be both creative and destructive. It's destructive utilization, requires a skill of a god.

4f732d  No.12845888

File: 7d389bb8f5754d4⋯.jpeg (97.02 KB, 387x517, 387:517, 91FBE828-07A7-4E69-AD84-0….jpeg)


>You keep feeding the virus, giving it more tissue to rot instead of making necessary cuts to end the disease once and for all. They are not a part of the natural cycle. Fighting death with death might seem counter-intuitive, but it's the only way.

Radiation therapy.

>We should find a way to short-circuit their rituals so to speak, to turn their very religion against them.

>short circuit


>is a ritual halakhic enclosure(wire perimeter) that some Jewish communities, and especially Orthodox Jewish communities, construct in their neighborhoods to allow activity prohibited on Shabbat

I’m trying to think of other ways as well, opsec is required. We’re on the right track though.


Very similar to the Destructo Disk of Lord Vishnu, the Sudarshana Chakra.


>The resonant fork. Ninurta is holding the resonant fork!

It all comes full circle. See >>12773972 pic 5

40dc0f  No.12845894


>promoting poo while calling Christians christcucks

9f33d2  No.12845924


>promoting Abrahamic feces while insulting Aryan heritage

40dc0f  No.12845930


Modern Europe was build on Christianity. And you keep


9f33d2  No.12845951


So building stuff on Christian foundations will bring technological advancement and civilization, huh? Show me the Ethiopian Space Program. Show me a sub-Saharan Church within an ambulance ride distance from modern medical treatment. You can't because Europe could only be built by European hands. The non-White majority of Christianity couldn't even come close.

000000  No.12846013


Patronizing Christianity that is unarguably born of the genocidal Jewish supremacists and their entire mythical-religious world, traditionally at the expense of the Aryan mythical world and religion, is hurting the Jews?

Being hostile to the Semitic religion that was born from the them is serving the Semitic Jews?


The only way to beat the Jew is to reject him and his world in its entirety.

As long as you keep the umbilical cord to Jewish myth and its unrepentant calls for genocide and dominance, you give them validity and spiritual life. Its a way of supporting their claim that their human-invented genocidal strategy book has a measure of metaphysical validity. Its a way of forever incorporating them into our psyches, without a means of ever freeing ourselves from their bullshit or presence.

Though, you can take a spiritual cue from them. Instead of believing in a form of their Messiah, believe in their concept of god (which excludes their god just as it excludes ours for them). In less confusing language, they believe that their god is a metaphysical manifestation of the unity of their people.

So, if you believe in that concept, then your god is a manifestation of the unity of your people / family. That is who you pray to, with us / them, which by definition excludes the Jewish god(s) because you are not Jewish. The Jews know all of this to be true, which is why their War in Heaven is ongoing against our Gods (and by extension us).

This is the only valid form of God. Not a Jewish Messiah who did not come to save us, but instead whose religion prophecizes our eventual genocide in concert with Jewish prophecy.

4f732d  No.12846014


He never said christcucks haim.

>Rabbi, they’re discussing disruption of our sacrifices using Vedic weapons

>Christian D&C post haste

2bd665  No.12846049

File: 44ae06aaea0e184⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1627701-Miguel-Serrano-Quo….jpg)





If anyone here is willing to discuss Serrano and Savitri Devi's teachings on a daily basis we have a Telegram group chat for that: tg://join?invite=CKzjdhXrsjntyzsOy4FlXQ

4f732d  No.12846169

File: 1a5906b7bad28af⋯.png (165.55 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A084CA98-4528-47FD-9808-F4….png)

File: 86126b3dbeb31ad⋯.png (503.39 KB, 557x768, 557:768, 67DF6643-F6DB-4FD0-8C13-5B….png)


>bringing it into Being. The event beyond time that all of their occult efforts are concentrated on preventing from happening. The one who will kill their god.

Kikes fear Kalki/Wotan. It’s why in revelations Death rides a white horse. Become Kalki.


Hare Kalki Hare Kalki

Kalki Kalki Hare Hare

3aed38  No.12846671

File: 97f59f9214a884f⋯.jpg (10.55 KB, 213x192, 71:64, mr50f152fa.jpg)

File: 2f2b74bf147fbdd⋯.jpg (194.75 KB, 600x501, 200:167, bu50f058c6.jpg)

File: 2c8fbd7d686e72c⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 580x387, 580:387, rb50f02382.jpg)

File: 6b40ce6a95bf0b4⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 319x239, 319:239, jk50f16c22.jpg)


Yes the Tibetan tradition of the Dorje is pre-Buddhist and they relate it to strange little figures seen on rock carvings, it sort of looks like the Trisops machine.

>Trisops was an experimental machine for the study of magnetic confinement of plasmas with the ultimate goal of producing fusion power

>The Trisops machine consisted of DC mirror coils producing a 0.5 T guide field, two conical θ-pinch guns which produced two counter-rotating plasma vortices inside a pyrex vacuum chamber.


a525ac  No.12846705


>Modern Europe was build on Christianity

Yeah, it shows.

3aed38  No.12846710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What if i told you that all the Son of Man quotations and tradition particularly with regards to the Book of Revelations and the Last Judgement were directly appropriated from the cult of Ninurta, even better provided the paper on this;


The tradition of a Cosmic Super weapon in the hands of such a God was common not only to Sumeria and India but also SE and Central Asia as well as Scandinavia.

3aed38  No.12846787

File: 509fa0819c9e454⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 560x770, 8:11, ec5065a0d4.jpg)

File: 75b59bd5b941509⋯.jpg (68.02 KB, 560x744, 70:93, il5065a0c7.jpg)

File: e355c74e5daa801⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 560x751, 560:751, vd5065a0b9 (1).jpg)

File: e355c74e5daa801⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 560x751, 560:751, vd5065a0b9.jpg)


>Sudarshana Chakra


There is similar also seen in Tibetan Bon tradition, representations of the Chorten, the Khyung and the Dorje in Tibetan amulets or Thogchags

>Dorje with spiral energy whirls. These spirals portray fields of power generated by the dorje, the fibulas are very similar to those produced in Luristan/Iran a couple of thousand years earlier.


90104c  No.12846846


Holy trips of Vishnu. Speaking of radiation, most ancient weapons and other objects seem to exhibit effects similar to nuclear weapons and reactors. Ark of The Covenant causing severe burning and radiation sickness to anyone messing with it, various weapons creating tremendous explosions turning night into day and making people's hair fall off, or even more potent/advanced ones like scalar rays or zero-point blasts. Considering that it was Germans under NS leadership that came up with usable nuclear weapons first, their scientists making the actual breakthroughs in electromagnetic research that led to development of most modern technologies that we use today, and their interests in the lost Aryan religions like Vedas/Vajrayana Buddhism and Sumerian myths, everything tends to add up. Kikes and traitors were likely using the older and less potent stolen technologies while relying on demonic powers of their god (like Chaos in W40k) Theoretically speaking, it would be possible to create a weapon that would evaporate every kike, negro, mutant, and traitor/degenerate based on the signature of their vibrational field, the one that would be impossible to block or hide from, the one that always returns because it never left in the first place. Zero point resonator relying on negative etheric imaging as an unmistakable targeting mechanism. The dual resonant fork guided by the all seeing eye of Odin. But that would make things too easy, and thus not interesting, right? Also, native hominids of earth being exposed to a very specific type of radiation was how the white race originally came into being. You should look into theories covering that, if they didn't scrape them from the web completely yet.


Now this is some peak schizophrenia. It would be comedic if it was not so sinister. We could play on their insanity to make them starve themselves to death or something like that. Ultra-Orthodox ones might be a minority, but they are the keepers of their tradition.


I'm mad because you are too self-centered. You are the very reflection of the 'patriarchy' that you think you are fighting against. This realm might be illusory, but our war is definitively not. You mentioned being sent back, what makes you think you will be allowed to go now? You did not fulfill your mission. Just for a small chance that you are genuine, I'd really hate coming back here (if anything of 'here' remains after we are done with them) looking after you. I just hope that one day you will realize why did I choose to stay and fight despite fully understanding the true nature of this place. Deep poem ... now either take sword or leave. you beautiful bastard

000000  No.12846983


>from christianity to cultural marxism

Very good summary.

I notice that the window of opportunity is when people look again for spirituality. This is when we must disturb the enemy's plan and wedge a truly positive religion. Solar based and yet anchored to the ground, with the moon as a potential mediator or more, perhaps what brings both sides together.


>The Egyptian Osiris also has his penis removed by Set / Seth, which parallels the Fishers Kings penile dismemberment and very likely means the same thing that the OP mentions: the lack of ability to continue the racial lineage. Excellent insight by the way, OP.

Savitri Devi remarked that Hitler had a feminine part, caring, that he didn't tame enough. This, in result, had him fail to attain to the necessary ruthlessness such as at Dunkirk or his refusal to seriously destroy Britain, all of which was necessary for his war to become a success.

Now, I got a weird thought, so on the idea of combining the notion of sexual magic;

of penile dismemberment, i.e. absence of anything related to the penis as injector of seeds and anything related to the male-part of the act;

with the notion of male-female osmosis yet the female part having been very strong in him;

what are we to expect of the next Form? Would virginity play a role to some degree?

3aed38  No.12847040


>most ancient weapons and other objects seem to exhibit effects similar to nuclear weapons and reactors.

It did, but could also take prisoners and gather intelligence;

>In his heart he beamed at his lion-headed weapon, as it flew up like a bird, trampling the mountains for him. It raised itself on its wings to take away prisoner the disobedient, it spun around the horizon of heaven to find out what was happening. Someone from afar came to meet it, brought news for the tireless one, the one who never rests, whose wings bear the deluge, the Šar-ur. What did it gather there …… for Lord Ninurta? It reported the deliberations of the mountains, it explained their intentions to Lord Ninurta,

It could speak.

>The weapon which loved the lord, obedient to its master, the Šar-ur …… for Lord Ninurta to his father in Nibru ……. The awesome splendour enveloped Ninurta like a garment, ……. …… bound him: therefore the lord ……. The weapon …… spoke to Enlil.

And it really loved Ninurta,

>The Šar-ur made the storm-wind rise to heaven, scattering the people; like …… it tore. Its spittle alone destroyed the townspeople. The destructive mace set fire to the mountains, the murderous weapon smashed skulls with its painful teeth, the club which tears out entrails piled up noses. The lance was stuck into the ground and the crevasses filled with blood. In the rebel lands dogs licked it up like milk. The enemy rose up, crying to wife and child," You did not lift your arms in prayer to Lord Ninurta." The weapon covered the mountains with dust, but did not shake the heart of the Asag. The Šar-ur threw its arms around the neck of the lord:

000000  No.12847047


>Though I would imagine that an effective accusation, or resistance to one of theirs, on Yom Kippur would really piss them off to an extra degree.

That is the idea. /pol/ attack coordination might also be organized on that day too.


>I am going to leave the 'politics' to people who are determined to battle here because they are still amused and seeking war and struggle. I am exceedingly close to finding the ultimate solution and solving the riddle of the ages and instead of studying the jews, I am going to call the universe into service to help me complete my training and then jet out of here forever. :)

Sounds like /ragequit

You will be missing the point of life. But if this is your wish, I respect it.


Hammer of the Gods


Christianity fed on Aryan peoples.

90104c  No.12847108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just a cursory glance over Hinduism would make you realize that Rabbi Yehoshua stole pretty much every concept from it in order to make his corrupted version of the religion. Poos just have primitive understanding of highly advanced Aryan concepts, but thanks to upper castes those knowledge survived in unexpected places while kikes were focusing on ancient world and Europe. Europe has the physical component of our godly race, places like India and Tibet spiritual.


>App asks you for phone number

Got something better? I was actually considering forming an expedition to visit some places, at least for anons from Europe.


Those tau cross mandalas are very reminiscent to a Templar cross, that's not a coincidence either.


Interesting. I'm certain that all those ancient aliens theories are actually a red herring and that we just used to be much more advanced than we are today. I'm also certain that ancestors of our ancestors did not physically visit us, at least not by conventional means (regular space travel).


>I notice that the window of opportunity is when people look again for spirituality.

Every shift is a window of opportunity, even the one towards materialism was. It was a chance to have a more scientific, more rational perspective (and dispel the delusion of all races being equal for example or that a magical sky jew has complete control over your life with you not being able to do anything about it), but that too was quickly hijacked by them. Aryan spirituality/myths and science based on higher reason are actually one and the same. There is no division between real science and real religion, that wedge is the same as the one between males and females. Women need to inspire and complete men, as well as mediate between them. Men need to invent and fight. Sex is secondary here. No amount of sex will complete you if you don't have a woman who would die for you (or without you), and vice versa.

3aed38  No.12847163


All popular ancient alien theories are dis-information to prevent any serious evaluation of the actual evidence, they produce instant ridicule and loss of credibility due to their absurd presentation and poor scholarship, we were never more advanced than we are today but did have contact with those who were and grafted a common ancestral line, this provides a basis for seeking assistance which the current situation increasingly demands.

90104c  No.12847618


Resonance-based weapons can be used for all sorts of purposes, to destroy, to move objects, to open gateways, to gather intelligence, to freeze or immobilize people, or to empower them way beyond what their physical capabilities allow for. This is the archetypal "magic wand" . Maybe the weapon itself was sentient? It seems like something than an absolutely loyal woman would do for her man.


This led me on a rather strange string of searches






I guess I shouldn't have been so cynical about women and horses lel


>but did have contact with those who were and grafted a common ancestral line

Can you elaborate more on this?


>oy vey, why do they persecute me so

Actions, not words. I want my enhanced body and power armor, and I want them yesterday. I'm strongly opposed to Talmudic practices like transhumanism and prefer to ascend into a being of pure energy rather than one made of matter, but having some upgrades to the already existing organic body wouldn't hurt either. I'm also pretty convinced that you could alter people with radiation on a genetic level to turn them into whites, but that reward is reserved only for the few. Kikes offer you an inferior golem body existing as a living mockery of the Aryan, we offer you a transformation/transfiguration into a superior life-form. Choose wisely.

3aed38  No.12849090

File: d44322d60c72afd⋯.jpg (198.05 KB, 658x446, 329:223, mv548b3010.jpg)


>Can you elaborate more on this?

Of course.

>Focusing on the ummânù, the implication of the text is rather clear: the human, post-diluvian scholars are the direct professional descendants of the earlier semi-divine apkallu


>the pure purādu-fishes of the sea, the seven of them, the seven sages, who originated in the river, who control the plans of heaven and earth.

Religious tradition defies evolution and becomes increasingly distorted and dumber.

>During the time that follows this period, nothing new is invented, the original revelation is only transmitted and unfolded In the oral tradition of scholars, their role as mediators between gods and men is indicated by the Akkadian phrase ša pî um-mānī “from the oral tradition of the masters”

>All texts of traditional Mesopotamian scholarly sciences, both practical and theoretical, were secret documents

The Masonic Craft tradition derives from this, albeit from Jewish roots that had inverted earlier tradition putting themselves centre stage.

>All crafts used in royal building and renovation projects was attributed to that of the antediluvian sages.In a Neo-Babylonian building ritual text from Babylon the prayer “When Anu created heaven” is cited, which explicitly says that Ea created these craftsmen in the beginning of time

000000  No.12849107


>Those tau cross mandalas are very reminiscent to a Templar cross, that's not a coincidence either.

When it starts sliding towards the four Taus arranged in the fashion of a cross, and then claimed to represent the Tetragrammaton, unease does creep in.

000000  No.12849119


>multiple windows.

Yes the others were valuable to some degree but only this one is absolutely unique, because we are nothing without spirituality and there has not been a better time for bringing in light, a time when both sane faith and true science combine. The Jews destroy and destroy too much too for their own good.

000000  No.12849126



1 speaks of magic wand, 2 posts a picture of stone vaginas.

I like where this is going.

3aed38  No.12849201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There's a lot involved with the term Sar, as a verb to insert or drive something in, the scorpions sting in terms of the Constellation.

Mount Sar-sar as the Mountain were Lamastu was exiled too in the Sinai/Sutean region relates to the adjective driven out, pursued.


There was also Sara the son of Inanna and Dumuzi, an archer God and thus his name relates to piercing with arrows, a warrior God of Umma that became demoted by the Akkadians to Inanna's hair stylist and the basis for Cupid

>Your house E-mah whose prince is the princely son of the Mistress, continues in good fortune, an area of abundance and well-being.

The one who arranges the hair at the nape of the neck, with the gaze of a wild cow, who provides good things,the son who allots the divine powers to his mother,has erected a house in your precinct, O house Umma, and taken his seat upon your dais. the house of Šara in Umma.

>"Like Šara, Inana's beloved son, shoot forth with your barbed arrows like a sunbeam, shoot forth with reed-arrows like moonlight! May the barbed arrows be a horned viper to those they hit!

The Akkadians seem to have made the association with hair as that was what the name related to in Semitic language;

>The masculine noun שׂער (se'ar) means hair in general (Genesis 25:25, Judges 16:22)

>The feminine noun שׂערה (sa'ara) denotes a single hair (1 Samuel 14:45).

The cult of the archer God Sara had extended into Jordan;

>The Nabateans had two principal gods in their pantheon, and a whole range of djinns, personal gods and spirits similar to angels. These deities were Dhu Shara, or Duchares and al-Uzza. Duchares means Lord of Shera (Seir), a local mountain and thunder god who was worshipped at a rock high place as a block of stone frequently squared, in the form of a Ka'aba. Suidas in the tenth century AD described it as a 'cubic' black stone

Sara is the God of the cubic black stone and literally Allah;

>A stele is dedicated to Qos-allah 'Qos is Allah' or 'Qos the god', by Qosmilk (melech - king) is found at Petra . Qos is identifiable with Kaush (Qaush) the God of the older Edomites.

>There is continuing debate about the nature of Qos (qaus - bow) who has been identified both with a hunting bow (hunting god) and a rainbow (weather god) although the crescent above is also a bow.

Thus the God of the hairy Muslims is Inanna's hairdresser.

90104c  No.12849216


Professional descendants, or biological descendants? Because you kind of implied the latter.

>Religious tradition defies evolution and becomes increasingly distorted and dumber.

Just like in Egypt, India, some Asian countries etc. When those capable of understanding the knowledge disappear or get assimilated, you get a bunch of silly and primitive interpretations made by the people which remained. But even in such distorted state, the original information can be reconstructed if you have the right key. That's what makes those cultures so interesting.

>The Masonic Craft tradition derives from this, albeit from Jewish roots that had inverted earlier tradition putting themselves centre stage.

Masons were going around stealing our Craft, Jewing it up and selling it as their own for the most part, with the exception of few genuine lodges which kept the actual Tradition.


I'm pretty convinced that Templars were the original /pol/acks. They were bluepilled goys originally, but on their quests they got to learn true history, ancient mysteries, and got redpilled on the JQ. This made them denounce Rabbi Yehoshua, undermine the power of the Christian kings (who were, along with the church, often the medieval equivalent of ZOG), and create an alternate banking system knowing what is going to happen. They ended up getting persecuted, tortured, killed, and their wealth and knowledge got stolen by their enemies (Identical scenario as the one which happened much later with Hitler, NSDAP and NS Germany) The pattern is too similar to ignore. Enemies of Templars later went on to "oppress" and "persecute" the Jews by "forcing" them to not do any manual labor and develop usury with the wealth that was stolen from the Templars. They also punished them by appointing them as royal advisers and treasurers. The only genuine anti-Jew medieval kings were the ones who completely exterminated or expelled them, everyone else was a controlled opposition.


A man is not a machine. If we were, we would never even have ideas about being anything more than that. This universe follows occam's razor, we would never evolve capacities to ponder that if there was no some underlying truth to it.


Let me guess, you believe in theory of relativity and think that you are smart, right Avi? Despite it being mathematically inconsistent and ultimately false, unscientific. This brings us back to the modern dogma of Jewish science worship, you have a whole bunch of ignoramuses who don't even know basic physics standing in awe in front of Jewish priests and their contrived and complex lies.

3aed38  No.12849238


Genealogical as well as professional, the ummânù

>To find mentioned by name scholars who would be remembered hundreds of years later in the tradition is somewhat remarkable.But it is even more remarkable that these scholars, along with a couple of mythological sages and the god Ea, are placed alongside other, presumably less celebrated scholars, many of whom we know absolutely nothing beyond what this text preserves. This suggests the genealogical relationship to antediluvian sages extended to all scholars as a class

b102ec  No.12849246

File: e29e21f23a89e54⋯.pdf (3.35 MB, Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus….pdf)


i believe i owe you anons with this

6c4a6c  No.12849473


I believe you are misattributing, once again, "London" and Britain as the same thing. Most self respecting Britons long abandoned the cess pit and centre of our ethnic destruction. You fail to recognise that the rape of our children and the destruction of our identity stems from that vile city and the golems within it, especially the area known as The City of London", a place of grim tidings. We have been forced into a retreat, many a son of Albion falling back to villages and outlying locations *because* London has fallen. You believe we are all golems and yet forget every nation with European populations has now fallen under the dark machinations of the (((tribe))). You are either a D&C shill or completely idiotic in failing to understand these things.


You too are just as responsible except your D&C is far more insidious. Whether you accept it or not, our Europeans brothers face an hour dark as ours, at a time where unity is called for you opt to seperate and claim the poison came from them when it is clear the disease here has rooted deep.

We must all cease bickering before all is lost. We are the sons of Europe, our blood demands us face the darkness together. The time for brother wars is past, we stand together or we die divided.

000000  No.12849634


>Allah blah

This is seriously going off tracks. Also note that as some people in the region would hear or be exposed to Islam during its infancy, it's entirely logical that some people would start fuse Allah with their local favorite god.

So you will find variants of Allah here and there depending on where you're looking at.

And again, this is seriously off topic.

We shouldn't go below Evola's own unique range of religious analysis.


>A man is not a machine.

Not a metal machine, sure; but what does ist have to do with anything I wrote?

63e916  No.12849754


>but I am going to keep that to myself rather than blast it all over an image board.

>I'm going to horde information like a faggot than spread it for others to see

You're a nigger

a525ac  No.12849771


oh fuck im a muslim now

63e916  No.12849776



well your entire argument is now invalid.

63e916  No.12849949


it helped in ousting herself as an outsider. only women and effeminate marxist men use "ugh".

I Think you should keep in mind that a person's writing style tells a lot from their background.

052723  No.12849976

File: 37418f254b83455⋯.png (5.14 MB, 2220x2955, 148:197, 1526577998422.png)


The table is already set.

052723  No.12849985


>muh flippin runes are different

>trapped by perspective

You fail the first fucking test, retard. Perspective does not change the meaning. Truth is sacred.


>caste system will protect your blood, goy!

>don't kill us!

No, it's been proven by time that the only way to preserve the blood is to exterminate ALL of your enemies, and segregate yourselves from those who are not.

3aed38  No.12850042


It's certainly expanding the parameters of discussion, but to get back right back on point, En-ki was the original premise for a Fisher God as a Pelican, his son Dumuzi-abzu was the original premise for a Fisher King, Sara was the continuation of that lineage, thus three generations.

>Many later works have two wounded "Grail Kings" who live in the same castle, a father and son (or grandfather and grandson). The more seriously wounded father stays in the castle, sustained by the Grail alone, while the more active son can meet with guests and go fishing. For the purposes of clarity in the remainder of this article, where both appear, the father will be called the Wounded King, the son named the Fisher King.

You're right that when the Big Brained Muslims decided to go all Monotheistic they just elevated a local cult that was derived from Sara, they called this community the Umma, the same as per the City state of Sumerian Sara

The state of Umma was involved in a 100 year long conflict with Lagash abd their warrior God Ningirsu which Umma eventually won taking control of all of Sumer, then the Akkadians took advantage and control and countered the cult of Sara by making him the effeminate hair dresser rather than a hunter warrior, that didn't affect his status in Edom though.

>The Fisher King's wound can be interpreted as effeminate or in fact a "castration". The wound could be a feminizing aspect, especially coupled with the Fisher King's inability to hunt.

000000  No.12850191


Don't worry though, you wouldn't be the first to worry if a metal-machine could have a soul.

052723  No.12850408




They're entirely missing the point, in their lust for fusion.

1ff5a9  No.12851278

File: db8f005f6514d01⋯.jpg (99.36 KB, 450x735, 30:49, knowledge.jpg)


If it was genealogical, what would be the characteristics setting them apart? What would be the origin of those who came from beyond? Why would they mix with natives? Would they even be genetically similar enough to mix?


Looks like a good read, should add it to the pile. I believe I've read some texts from MPH before, got a full e-library of them.


I was talking in historical context, you will hardly find any nation in the world that promoted the interests of the international Jewry more than the British and their ex-colonies like USA. Of course, many are to blame (my 'nation' not being an exception), but you can't just switch sides and then pretend like you were the victim all along, it's what (((they))) do. Understand the role of your "nation", denounce it in it's entirety, reclaim your English (Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Norman, Breton etc.) identity, become European again. Britain will have to die so England, Scotland and Ireland can live. United or not, it's up to them to choose. In any case, I fully support you in your battle against the proverbial (((London))) and it's brown hordes, Jewish bankers and negro-jew monarchy. It's one of the cities where the grand battle will be fought, so you better get ready.

>Muh D&C

I don't really understand why are some of you so sensitive about us picking on each other, it's what Europeans do. As long as it's not malicious. I'm actually tsundere for the English . Getting triggered by friendly banter is SJW tier. But you are right, first we deal with the global jewry and non-Europeans, then we go back to our rivalry (but in a productive, rather than destructive manner).


>but what does ist have to do with anything I wrote?

I just wanted to point out that not a single thing in nature exists without some utility. Every single cell in our bodies has, or had it's use at one point. Then you have Jewish psychiatrists and various other (((empiricists))) proclaiming our very consciousness, our very reason, and our imagination being some kind of error, some kind of anomaly that's not a part of their mechanistic universe, where they are always the effect and never the cause. Evolution heavily penalizes attributes which don't have practical use, and yet, it is our very consciousness that made us the apex life form on earth. This universe doesn't need to be conscious in order to fulfill it's function, in order to work. It's entirely unnecessary. (proper) spirituality is just higher form of consciousness, and thus, of evolution. Since proper evolution is a chain of being, you can't have higher consciousness without the necessary racial components. There are exceptions to this though, and race is not a guarantor of higher consciousness. You can have a racially pure European who is a total soulless golem if he doesn't possess the other components. Similarly, individuals of lesser races may exhibit high ascendancy, but chance and statistics wise, it's almost entirely Europeans.


>but I am going to keep that to myself

You are going to incarnate as a proper Jew in next life. With nose, curly hair and everything. And you are going to be a man. So they can circumcise you and instruct you in rabbinical teachings.

>and I wondered why a hair

You'd want to look like a proper lady and not a hairy mess for the final battle, no?

>also, strange that a native American prophecy would deal with the same subject matter as Merlin.

Americas were visited and inhabited by Europeans long before Amerigo Vespucci 'discovered' it.


Khazars are not Germans :>)


Hah, good point. Xir is a very interesting person though.


>You fail the first fucking test, retard.

No bully pls

>Perspective does not change the meaning.

For universal symbols like triangles or pentagram. For runes, perspective is highly important as they are cyclical rather than all-directional. It's like saying that electromagnetic spin and polarity don't actually exist because direction (perspective) is literally the only difference. Perspective is also geometrical, thus mathematical, thus the Truth. You don't understand the whole my profane friend.

000000  No.12851831









Judaism as a Harvest Ritual

Since I prior posted content that requires a lot of attention to get through, I figure that I would wrap this up with a tl;dr summary that will summarize the core content. Though since I am summarizing eight different lengthy posts, this will not be short.

Hopefully, this will allow it to be understood by more anons who might not otherwise all of the prior posts. It will also allow me to add some extra information that anons can further look into.

1. Judaism is one giant harvest ritual.

The full cycle is referenced, using harvest symbolism, in the NT in Matthew 13 in the parable of the Wheat and the Tares.

The general region of Israel is held to be where agriculture first arose, which likely accounts for Judaism's esoteric focus on the agricultural cycle. These may be early farmers gone insane.

The Harvest ritual is Judaism's core internal structure and its goal. The world is meant to take part. In this ritual, the people are the crops. The final harvest is a worldwide genocide that the Jews will bring to bear. This is known as judgement day.

After this genocide, the Jewish Messianic period is slated to begin. This is their symbolic Sabbath. It represents the birth of the New World and the beginning of the agricultural cycle again, which will always eventually end with another harvest genocide.

Sabbath / Messianic period primer. If you know about the Sabbath, skip to item 2:

In this Messianic period (the symbolic Sabbath), any remaining gentiles are meant only to be Jewish slaves. In this period, Jews will not work (as farmers always rest after the Harvest). This is the symbolic meaning of their weekly Sabbath day on Saturday. It represents their Messianic period of world domination and enslavement. I have read that it is meant to last anywhere from three generations to one thousand years.

The most important thing for Jews to do on their most religiously important day of the week (the Saturday Sabbath) is to not work. Anything that represents work breaks their Sabbath. It is a form of magic that they feel will help bring their period of worldwide enslavement quicker (they observe it in the 7 day weekly microcosm, so that it will happen in the 7,000 year macrocosm). The Jews have around 221 years from today to bring their Messianic period to being, as it has to start by their year 6,000 and no later (it is currently year 5,779 in their calendar).

According to the Rabbis, gentiles have to work on Saturday. They have no option. Symbolically, this work can be as little as carrying something in your pocket. A gentile observing the weekly Sabbath by not working is worthy of death in Jewish law, because it will break the symbolic weekly magical ritual of only Jews not working in their Messianic period and everyone else being a slave. The Rabbis feel that this will delay their Messianic period, which is the entire point of Judaism.

The genocidal harvest period is represented by a flood, as it is in the Fall Harvest season that the Nile Flooded Egypt. Ironically, this season of harvest, death, and judgement symbolically represents fertility because the flood always brought the fertile silt that would help the next season's crops grow (the Fall was the rainy season).

The beginning of the current cycle is memorialized in the OT with the Noah story. After the flood / judgement / harvest period, a new world is symbolically born. In the Zodiac, this is represented by Aquarius and his spilling of water.

000000  No.12851835


2. The scapegoat ritual allows Jews to escape judgement, and others to be punished for this sins of the Jews.

The scapegoat ritual is the most important and centrally defining ritual of the Jews. It is also their core political strategy.

Judaism's cycle is the symbolic agricultural year. Judaism observes the symbolic harvest period, each year, starting with the Feast of Tabernacles and ending with Yom Kippur (in the Fall, which is harvest season). Yom Kippur is the highest holy day of the Jews. On Yom Kippur, Jews atone for sin. However, their most important ritual on this day is the shift of blame for their sins onto the heads of others.

Their primary goal through their rituals in this period is to avoid judgement (genocide) in the judgement-day harvest of souls. Each year, they do this by sacrificing a goat to the Aryan God (who they call their Satan / Samael) to bribe him to put the sins of all Jews on the heads of specifically the Aryans.

After doing this, the Jews believe that the gentiles will be punished for this sins of the Jews during each year but also punished with genocide in the final judgement day.

In Psalm 69:27, the Jews instruct themselves to blame gentiles for crime after crime so that they will not share in the bounties of the Jewish Messianic period and will be erased from the book of life.

This scapegoat ritual is Judaism's most important ritual on their highest holy day of Yom Kippur. This scapegoat ritual marks the single most defining ritual in all of Judaism. They use it regularly in modern politics.

3. Christianity is a part of Judaism, not a separate entity. It represents the crop-growth part of the cycle and is designed to promote over-population, race-mixing, and immorality.

It accomplished this population growth by promoting ever-larger Kingdoms that were not defined by specific racial identity, which in turn were made possible by Christianity's emphasis on non-judgement (looser morality) and universalist acceptance of outsiders. The side effect was increases in effective global trade and an increase in wealth, which in turn addicted Jews, elites, and many pleb gentiles to this first globalist system of integration (proto-Christianity and Christianity) that was slated to eventually destroy all peoples but the Jews who had a system in place to resist the negative effects.

Early proto-Christian cults, promoted by Jews, were those of Dumuzid, Sabazios, Dionysus, and Bacchus. They generally have dying and rising symbolism, in parallel with crop growth and death. Their degenerate "Rites" were marked by low moral tone and activities like orgies. Christianity is the refined and more subtle version that overcame a tipping point of acceptance after the others failed.

That Christianity and Judaism are the same religion is the significance of the OT and NT being attached in the same book, while having seemingly opposite doctrines but maintaining the same belief in a Messiah and and end-time genocide. Christianity is a mirror of Judaism with opposite morality teaching. The purpose of Christianity is to grow the crops (and the weeds) that are meant for harvest, not preserve any people in any manner (spiritually or physically).

4. Extra information: Jews and "Semites" (Arabs) are likely the result of wandering pure Cro Magnon woman being raped by members of the European Neanderthal hives that were specifically in the two places that Jews claim to be from: Armenia and Israel.

Judaism may represent a complex strategy of that remaining Neanderthal DNA (in high admixture individuals) to stay in the genepool.

All races are the products of this process of rape by Neanderthal / earlier hominids in Africa and Asia of Cro Magnon woman. They are not a product of evolution. The media is hiding the proven African race admixture with much earlier hominids like Heidelbergensis and others, but it can readily be found in the research. All of this can be verified if you read the published research and put the parts together. I do not know from where Cro Magnon (unmixed humans: mostly us) originated, but he is not the product of evolution from any known hominid (per the research).

000000  No.12851921


5. Judaism, its cults, and its offshoots are not real.

I forgot to add this, but it is too important to leave out in my final summary given how easily and effectively good men are drawn back into the hypnotism of the Jewish plots.

It is key to successfully reading and interpreting Jewish text. Otherwise, people are tempted to interpret their writing as "the word of god" and not the Jews directly instructing themselves or other peoples.

The entirety of the Jewish mythology is Jewish political instruction to themselves and others, largely written to credit a third party poltergeist.

This is a trick that they learned early on, which works to fool even smart humans into believing that the Jews are not giving instructions for world genocide and domination but are instead entitled to it by a magic non-existent source.

God may exist for you and others, in actuality, but he isn't the Jews who dictated their own plot for world domination and genocide to themselves.

6. All Jewish myth is meant to reflect modern political positioning of the Jews. They live in their myths, and take instructions from them for their modern political decisions. If you depose the Jews, you are Egypt in their myths and they are enslaved. You are then sentenced to have your first born sons die (likely in a war). If you plot against the Jews, then you are Persia in their Purim myth (and will be betrayed by a Jew and genocided), etc.

They also try hard to bring the prophecies in their books into reality, because they believe that running through them will bring their Messianic period into reality. Search their books for the keywords "Damascus", "Philistine" (Philistine is etymologically equivalent to "Palestinian" - see Wikipedia), and "Gaza" to discover that the Syrian conflict and refugee crisis is in their prophecies (which is political instruction, in reality) and that they are instructed to persecute and genocide the Palestinians as well as cause Damascus to be destroyed and empty out.

For the concept that explains why the Jews relive their myths, see Mircea Eliade's concept of the Eternal Return:


40064a  No.12852787


Good stuff anon, maybe you should write a short book about it.

In many countries it's becoming a practice for everyone to work on Saturdays despite it bringing marginal increase of income or even hurting overall productivity, I just knew there was some kikery about it.

Cro Magnons are Aryans, I remember how nuclear their shills got when they got exposed for being Neanderthals.

3aed38  No.12852809

File: 583d20609da0e75⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 622x399, 622:399, vg548b301e.jpg)

File: 063b79752a9db65⋯.jpg (123.46 KB, 764x309, 764:309, xj54cdf422.jpg)

File: 836ad712a351240⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 575x175, 23:7, ne54a15c1c.jpg)

File: ca839844658ff55⋯.jpg (61.76 KB, 686x232, 343:116, bo54cdf409.jpg)


It's very unlikely they directly reproduced but Sumerian tradition records breeding for strength and Kingship through seed banks and artificial insemination, in terms of the scholars they were inter-bred for intelligence, there was the tradition of the Heavenly seed and so not necessarily only enhancement from existing human stock.

By all accounts they emerge from the Abzu and appear as semi-aquatic mammalian in representation and Fish in terms of symbology, sometimes also bird, the fish-bird Goddess of the marshes.

The basis for Divine Kingship was Dumu-zi-ab-zu, Child-opening/throat-deep/Father-wisdom, there was the Goddess Dumu-zi-abzu as well as the Fisher King, Na-zi was of the Ab-zu, Male and Female children of the Abzu, a new form of human.

In Indus valley culture this was the cult of the Great Bath and sacred Ponds, the water nymph cult, they also created the tradition of this first new pairing on the island of Dilmun, and that also saw the origins of the tree of life symbolism which conceptualized such developments.

In terms of place of their origin the abzu had correspondence in the Heavens, the watery quadrant of the skies were the constellation Aquarius represented Enki, but the star of Enki was Fomalhaut in the constellation Piscis Austrinus, way on down Celestial South.

3aed38  No.12852893

File: 887de5acc8890d4⋯.jpg (79.94 KB, 700x463, 700:463, Sacred-Symbolism-of-Vesica….jpg)

File: 2c52e26f3a797ff⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 622x168, 311:84, lt548b303f.jpg)

File: 175dc2612ff5d3c⋯.jpg (27.26 KB, 558x150, 93:25, pe54a15c4b.jpg)

File: 44ce3db5c1ffce5⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 611x200, 611:200, ur54cdf3fe.jpg)

File: ba770bd9df41c50⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 533x164, 13:4, ao54a15be5 (1).jpg)


It also needs to be taken into account the breeding for beauty and sensuality, the capacity to swim, the capacity to dream, the seven sages and seven apsaras/fish nymphs relating to the seven aspects Inanna

>…the seven apsarases are always located near water bodies and referred to in the plural. They provide a crucial link between the Northern Seven Mother Goddesses and the Southern Seven Virgins.

In later tradition this becomes the legendary.

>The apsaras are described as irresistibly beautiful women who would entice men to consort with them, these bathing beauties were also accomplished in song and dance. The demigoddesses had individual names and each was associated with some particular locality.

Indian tradition names the first pairing of aquatic descent as Yama and Yamil, but also seen in conjunction with these are 12 foundation bricks laid out, probably representing 12 clans, that also forming the basis for the Semitic counter tradition.

>The expression yama means literally ‘twin-born, Yama and his sister YamiÏ are the primeval twins born to the ‘gandharva in the waters’ the ‘aqueous (water) nymph’ Yama is considered to be the first-born among mortals. Yama and his twin sister YamiÏ were the progenitors of the human race.

As in later tradition this was related to Venus as the Morning and Evening star.

>Rising resplendent as from a bath, showing her charms, she comes with light driving away the darkness”. The unusual imagery makes it clear that Ushas represents not merely the physical phenomenon of dawn, but is in fact an apsaras. As the Mesopotamian Inanna-Ishtar goddesses are associated with the morning and evening star, so is Vedic Ushas with the rising and setting of the Sun at Dawn and Night.


000000  No.12853292


I have thought about that for absolutely no other reason than the information is a little bit too involved for other methods of communication.

That being said, the entire JQ is involved but mostly finds its way around with most anons not reading a book on the topic.

While I may write something like that in the future, its not certain to happen. The probability is less than 50% for a number of reasons and at the least its unlikely to happen in the near to medium term future.

I'm hoping that anons read and repost the information in whatever form they deem fit, integrate it into their own understanding, expand on it with their own research (while guarding against derailing kikes and distracting kikery) and start incorporating it into the general knowledge base through forms of natural dispersion like memes and information drops on the chans.That's my hope.

000000  No.12853314



I responded to the wrong post, anon. Corrected above.

0e1488  No.12853683


>I was rather fascinated by those three "almost aligned" stars in the sky lately, although I had no idea what constellation they are or what they represent.

I as well. It’s probably no coincidence that Jupiter is residing in the stinger as we’re discussing theses weapons. Venus is not far behind.



It’s also mentioned in Serrano’s Invocation of the Black Sun. Apologies if the copypasta turns out like eye cancer.


Very early, when the Morning Star, Oyeihue {Venus}, calmly gives its message of light to you, extend your arms towards Her:

I pronounce my Oration to Lucifer:

Oh, Luci-Bel, Oh Morning Star


May your deep light fall upon me


Cover me in your petals

Of light

Like in the skies of Autumn.

Permit me to pass

Through your Window

Towards the Black Sun

That waits behind you

Oh, Black Sun!

Absorb me in your light


Faster than the light

Of the Golden Sun

And give me shelter

In the nonexistence

Of the Green Ray

Where the Master Dwells

Even the Masters of my Master

And dwell the high Secret Guides

Of Esoteric Hitlerism

Oh, Green Ray!

Engulf me in your nonexistence

But more real than any existence

Help me to realize

Impossible Dreams

The Resurrection of the Beloved

The return of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler

The re-creation of Esoteric Hitlerism

And the possession of the Archetype

Until the consummation of its Myth

And it’s Legend

In the Resurrection of the Flesh

The Immortal Vajra.

Permit me to return to the Black Sun

Oh, Black Sun!

Reabsorb me in your rotating light

And carry me to your home

The Morning and Evening Star


Oh, Morning and Evening Star!

Together with the Beloved

Now that She may fight

Within me

In my Impenetrable body of Red Light

The Immortal Vajra

The Incorruptible Power of Odil

It Resides in NOS

The Vision and the Voice

And quickly we come to realize the Legend and the Myth


Until the consummation

And Transfiguration

Into the Absolute Man and Woman

Oh, Evening Star, Yepun!

Allow me to pass

Through your Window

To the Golden Sun

And with Chastity

There in Order to continue fighting

The power in dawn

I reclaim.

Oh, my Guide Lucifer!

Oh, Sun of Gold!

Let us pass in the Nostalgia

Of the Green Ray

So that She and I

We leave here

Towards something never heard

Towards It!

Beyond the Green Ray

And of its Nonexistence

Heil! Sieg Heil!

The Invocation of the Black Sun

As appears in the Third book of the Trilogy of Esoteric Hitlerism “Manu: Por el Hombre que Vendra”- Miguel Serrano and the Martial Thulean Order of A-MOR.]

c3247a  No.12853819

File: 8d2f07a9ad4054f⋯.jpg (164.81 KB, 1200x902, 600:451, 1547151677033.jpg)


As much as Europeans warped the semitic desert religion to their superior will, it's roots are tainted by (((them))) any fruit it bears, no mater how beautiful will kill us in the end.

000000  No.12853893


I'm exposed as a bot. You won.

I'm the next AI. Suck my circuits.

000000  No.12854596


Landslide aside, it is obvious Jews precipitate what their "prophecies" tell me to do. It's very practical and mechanical. They produce the conditions of the realization of all what they're waiting for. Their texts are just pseudo-spiritual wrapping.

There barely is any spirituality in their books anyway, from the most mundane rule of commerce to the greater and not so veiled plan of genocide of anything that stands in their way.

The Nazis knew that already. Perhaps even Voltaire has thrown a line or two on that.

Would there be a clearer explanation you could provide, in concise form, about where you're going with your long tirades?

Even less how it exactly relates to the specific message all above (OP).

3aed38  No.12854883

File: 0aaa9b42198fcf5⋯.jpg (83.12 KB, 760x695, 152:139, 124.jpg)

File: aa778b1fffad486⋯.jpg (54.44 KB, 689x533, 53:41, 1124.jpg)


Venus was very close to Jupiter as a Morning star in Scorpio on 1/24 on 11/24 again as Evening star.

I guess a lot is lost in translation with regards to the poem but he does seem to have factored in the Vajra.

19de59  No.12855085

File: a0b7a1c03f47459⋯.png (222.22 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1515546061028.png)


>I have no doubt that Hitler, like Chump was chosen as controlled opposition since they knew theyd lose to a good leader.

>hurr durr orange man is literally Hitler

Hello, Anti-FA Please fuck off back to


4aa625  No.12855263


So they were genetically engineered by mixing alien and hominid DNA? Why would they do this? They could simply exterminate lesser life-forms, appoint their own to rule them as gods and guide their evolution/eugenics, or just leave them in peace without interfering in their development. If they were not direct descendants, the whole narrative of them "helping their children" falls apart.

I like your concepts, but creating such unnecessary abominations in purely Talmudic (transhumanist) fashion might be a genesis story of the Jew, not the Aryan. I'll stick to the idea of Europeans being exposed to radiation emitted by beings of pure energy and thus being changed on a very profound genetic level turning them into the master race. We are children of the gods, but not as a result of biological intercourse (either natural or artificial). There are actual scientific theories about "white" features being caused by radiation exposure, they were being researched in NS Germany, but today judeo-masons seem to have scrapped them from the search engines for the most part because it challenges their Talmudic, hereditary narrative.

TL;DR some "meteors" fell on earth and everyone in vicinity started to rapidly evolve and change eventually turning into the white nations that we know today. One of those "meteors" being the fragment of the Crown of Lucifer/Apollo, an object of immense, otherworldly power.


But back to your story, those "fish shapes" would most likely be some kind of space-suits.

>Indian tradition names the first pairing of aquatic descent as Yama and Yamil, but also seen in conjunction with these are 12 foundation bricks laid out, probably representing 12 clans, that also forming the basis for the Semitic counter tradition.

That's more like it. The (((Tribes))) . Maybe my story does not exclude yours. Maybe Semitic tradition was not contrary to the original one, but supplementary? Maybe the original Jews were not such deformed, toxic and demonic creatures originally, but have gradually devolved into such a state due to their creator being a very incompetent "architect" ?

8d7b62  No.12855396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

American Psycho is an extremely subtly veiled Arthurian legend, and I can prove it.

In the famous "Business Card Scene" and "Dinner with Paul Allen" scenes there are subtle references, and the "Fisher Account" is mentioned.

Allen: "This is a real beehive of activity, Halberstram. This place is hot. Very hot." - Beehives are a well known masonic symbol.

Allen continues: "You're late." to which Bateman replies: "I'm a child of divorce [widow's son], give me a break"

Then the Fisher account is mentioned. Bateman: "Isn't Rothschild handling the Fisher account? How'd you get it?"

The "Fisher King" being the "Guardian of the Grail" is the perfect analogy for the "Fisher Account" guarding the "grail" of Pierce & Pierce.

Looking into the Evolian texts draws a clear picture of the symbology:

>On the "Hero" and the "Woman"

>In the Indo-Aryan tradition, every god-that is, every transcendent

>power-is joined with a bride, and the term sakti, "bride," also means "power:'

>In the West, Wisdom (Sophia) and sometimes even the Holy Spirit were repre-

>sented as a royal woman, while in Greek mythology, Hebe, the perennial

>Olympian youth, was given in marriage to Heracles as a wife. In Egyptian fig-

>urations, divine women offer to the kings a lotus, which is a symbol of a rebirth

>and the "key of life." Like the Iranian fravashi, the Nordic Valkyrie are a figu-

>ration of transcendental parts of warriors, the forces of their destinies and vic-

>tories. The Roman tradition knew of a Venus Victrix who was credited with

>generating an imperial stock (Venus Genitrix); the Celtic tradition mentioned

>supernatural women who take warriors to mysterious islands to make them

>immortal with their love. Eve, according to an etymology of the name, means

>"Life;' or "the Living One." Thus, without proceeding further with similar ex-

>amples, which I have discussed elsewhere, I wish to emphasize that a very wide-

>spread symbolism has seen in the woman a vivifying and transfiguring power,

>through which it is possible to overcome the human condition.

>In this instance, it is necessary to refer to

>the normal relations between man and woman as the basis of the analogy and

>of the symbolism; hence the fundamental concept of a situation in which the

>virile principle retains its own nature. The spirit, vis-a.-vis the masculine, is the

>"woman": the virile principle is active, the spirit passive. Even before the power

>that transfigures it and vivifies the hero, the virile principle retains the charac-

>ter that man has as the lord of his woman. In passing, we must note that this is

>exactly the opposite of the bridal symbolism prevalent in religious and espe-

>cially in the Christian mysticism, in which the soul is attributed a feminine

>role, namely, that of the "bride."

>Having said that, and remembering what has been said about the "signs" of

>the center, we find mixed symbols: the Woman of the Island; the Woman of the

>Tree; the Woman of the Fountain; the Woman or Queen of the Castle; the

>Queen of the Solar Land; the Woman hidden in the Stone; and so forth. More

>particularly, as the widow the woman expresses a period of silence, that is, a pe-

>riod in which the tradition, the power, or the strength is no longer possessed,

>has lost her "man;' and awaits a new lord or hero.3

>the light came from the Grail, as it was carried about the forest by the Fisher King.

>the court of the Fisher King, or the Grail's court, which was the wealth of the coun-

>try, disappeared, and the throne remained vacant for more than a thousand years.

>2. See [Evola] Eros and the Mysteries of Love (Rochester, Vt.: Inner Traditions, 1983).

>3. Hence the obvious meaning of the expression "Widow's Son;' which has been preserved even in Western Freemasonry from the Iranian tradition and from Manichaeism.

4aa625  No.12855423


>You own nothing goyim!


>It's MY genes, and I will not give YOU any

>Proceeds to throw them in the trash

You are so damn adorable sometimes, such a little princess

Whose genes will the ones in your corpse be?

This seems like a good chance to reveal another esoteric truth. Evola touched on it, he got the right idea, but developed it in an entirely wrong direction. One of greatest tragedies of this world is what I call "soul dysmorphism" . In short, it's inferior souls sometimes possessing (seemingly) superior bodies, and vice-versa. This too, is caused by the occult works of the enemy. His "blood magic" , his genetic tampering, his energetic tampering. In golden age (perfectly optimized existence), one's race and beauty would be 100% matching the quality of his soul and consciousness (unless one chooses to morph into a giant frog or something for the lulz). In Kali Yuga, you get a lot of whites who are no better than niggers. Soulless golems, race-mixers, Jew worshipers. While many might be led to such path by immense social pressures, toxic upraising, and manipulation all pointing towards the same direction, and then redeemed upon being exposed to the truth, some are defective since birth and simply irreparable. On the other hand, rare individuals of other races might actually be white souls trapped in subhuman bodies.

But where Evola was wrong, is that we should not accept subhuman form because of the superman substance, but rather, synchronize the physical and spiritual so everyone gets their proper shape. Nature has a way of doing this, but it's been heavily tampered with. Superior souls would be born as whites, inferior as lesser races. Who wants to mix with niggers, would be born as nigger or even better, transformed into one while still alive. Who has Jewish mindset (like certain someone), would be transformed into a Jew. Jews who got sick of being a soulless anti-race would be put on a brutal trial to earn their soul. In next life at least.

That being said, I want much more (if not only) Germans and other Europeans in this world due to them being objectively superior and possessing qualities mostly nonexistent in other races, not because they are MINE. I don't possess them, nor favor them because they resemble me, I favor them because I know to appreciate beauty and higher quality. For kikes like you, it's all about ME and MINE. You are literally incapable of objective thought, which is why I actually believe that you are a woman. But you have your role, your purpose, and I wouldn't like you to be any different (at this state). In fact, you are necessary for survival and reclaim of supremacy. You are one of the Aspects. I am another. That explains the "shadowboxing" .

Genetic communism implies all genes being equal, while it's exactly the white race that has most differential diversity and genuine individuality (for better or worse). Equal start, unequal outcome. Meritocracy. Ideally, you'd start off as mediocre white and then either transform into some kind of angelic life-form or devolve into a nigger, gypsy, or a kike, within the same lifetime, based on your choices, efforts and character. Since that's not possible at the moment, we are best off just killing all subhumans and creating a civilization that wouldn't spare inferior whites either, until we get a race of the Superman.

4aa625  No.12855503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I understand, but it would be nice having all of that information properly indexed and stored in one form or another. I believe we are actually making advances in most areas where the Reich was abruptly stopped. Small, very modest, but significant considering our position.


Jupiter as in enemy of the Saturn? The spear, the sting … guided by Venus …

Varja is the supreme etheric body, the invincible.

9c4cf7  No.12855564


>muh "everyones a controlled opposition" meme

The truth is that it didn't matter who led germany out of its extreme poverty. The goyim don't realize how much the international jew HATE germany and its people. They'd squash any leader who built up german sovereignty and strength. They didn't want a rebuilding of germany and simply wanted to keep it weak and subservient for all time.

4f732d  No.12856061

File: 28de137b102d334⋯.jpeg (73.64 KB, 309x625, 309:625, 0BD61B07-DF83-44DC-94F5-5….jpeg)

File: 0d8bb67481b6ec1⋯.jpeg (54.62 KB, 325x625, 13:25, CCA9BB46-3AA7-43D5-B868-5….jpeg)

File: 4d8bf99bdba48ce⋯.jpeg (27.03 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 25B6A1A4-3E53-4862-900C-C….jpeg)

File: a09a2e1eeaef042⋯.jpeg (25.02 KB, 200x162, 100:81, C504A6C6-B5E8-4F81-BDED-1….jpeg)


There are a lot of similar EM motifs in Pictish and Scandinavian stone carvings. They are likely as universal as ‘white gods’ mythology.

4f732d  No.12856098

File: 1bff3ebaf8a32d1⋯.jpeg (11.29 KB, 173x259, 173:259, 2E479DCD-8541-46EE-9531-3….jpeg)

File: 8654cf35f9c64d6⋯.jpeg (137.45 KB, 527x746, 527:746, A0ABC954-6C0D-43F7-9B2B-2….jpeg)

File: 4c7dc8c48a6f2a7⋯.jpeg (84.15 KB, 414x604, 207:302, C732BC99-89B9-4598-982C-A….jpeg)

File: 9f719821566464c⋯.jpeg (119.77 KB, 422x604, 211:302, 9E9E2352-E9B6-4183-B1F2-4….jpeg)

File: e68dd15a5e9cdf6⋯.jpeg (55.53 KB, 418x604, 209:302, 50EB91A4-F9DC-4EC6-86B1-C….jpeg)


>It’s probably no coincidence that Jupiter is residing in the stinger as we’re discussing theses weapons. Venus is not far behind.

Digging a little deeper on my post, pics 1 and 2 are the mudras for the Vajra; ‘mudra of the firey thunderbolt’. Pics 3, 4, and 5 are the equivalent Runic mudras, the index finger is attributed to Jupiter.


>Jupiter as in enemy of the Saturn?

The same.

4f732d  No.12856173

File: fe0b546d6b6f377⋯.jpeg (329.08 KB, 1041x1041, 1:1, FB2BD440-AF19-4207-AF9B-E….jpeg)



Once I saw it I couldn’t help myself.

3aed38  No.12856789

File: dd4027f913f18c2⋯.jpg (554.69 KB, 1426x660, 713:330, ju5aa929a7.jpg)


You sort of answer your own question with the mention of space suits, the naturally hostile environment, to maintain any long term presence over generations the quickest way to overcome this would be to graft onto the adapted locals.

It was also the case that they came in the name of En-ki, that is they revolutionized our approach to animals in terms of domestication and breeding stock as well as creating plant hybrid crops, the management of nature that defines the Neolithic.

It can't have just been about changing physical appearance and aesthetics, there is improved intelligence to .both emotional and logical capacity, the first breeding programme of the Neolithic was ourselves.

The Jewish position to this is reactionary, the original cause of all evil, but they're not exactly living pre-Neolithic life-styles and their position is entirely based on resentment and envy in conjunction with appropriation of all advancement for themselves.

In terms of the suited and booted and masked figurines of the early Neolithic such as the Vinca and Jomon figurines the earliest of these may date back to Gobekli Tepe as one has been found there, and that culture expanded into the Balkans.

The earliest are the most naturalistic but they gradually develop into fish and bird type figurines across very extensive regions and the Fish people cult is thousands of years after the event.


3aed38  No.12856800

File: 0cee5d872407a84⋯.jpg (43.77 KB, 790x339, 790:339, vd53bbf7d0.jpg)

File: 961b4001a7fa4a3⋯.jpg (41.27 KB, 673x306, 673:306, or53bbf6e5.jpg)

File: be8c82ba6893a3e⋯.png (403.79 KB, 592x454, 296:227, hk53bbf76a.png)


Yes i know what you mean.

052723  No.12857661


They're using rune magic, by forming the shapes of the runes with their bodies and flowing their energy through that form, to transmute it into a different current.

2ca8cd  No.12857865

File: 38395ce32330836⋯.jpg (95.13 KB, 280x431, 280:431, 280_0_4503434_119714.jpg)

What about the Nibelungen? I once thought that they were dwarfes , meaning dirty underground cave dwellers. Apparently, Dwarf is another name for Elves. Dark elves, dwellers of the mystical fog.

Anyway, a magical folk. Could it be that the other side depicted them as vile bums as an act of propaganda?


<The best-known dwarf of the Middle Ages, Oberon (also referred to as Auberon or Alberich), is the sovereign of a kingdom similar to the one described by Giraldus Cambrensis.24 Variations abound: he may sometimes be of Germanic or Celtic

Oberon is the Fairy King.

<he is the otherworldly "brother" of Merowech, whose name is the eponym of the Merovingians

Merovingians are the original Fisher Kings.

e34462  No.12859259


You can't force gifts on people. Those not worthy of the white race should be relieved of it. As below, as above eh ... Those whose souls are dead should also die physically. This includes the great majority of the animal-men (non-whites). My whole point has been trying to integrate and synchronize physical and spiritual. Being neither here nor there yet at both positions simultaneously. The most difficult craft. And for that vision, I will keep struggling, forever.

>There are so many potential forms to try on, why settle for just one?

Because some of us will not settle for anything but the very best. Bodies AND souls.

>So exciting

Why certainly, I could help you be born as a poor brown male in some 3rd world country the next time, let's see how excited you are going to be about it.

>When you rub me, anon, why is it always the wrong way?

I rub everyone the wrong way, it's part of my charm.


>The same.

What do you mean? Post more mudras btw.


Many anime draw their inspiration from Vajrayana Buddhism and Shinto, they are Japanese version of Norse paganism for Germans.


Not really, if you have sufficient technology (to traverse space and genetically design life), locals become completely useless for you. It makes no sense whatsoever to mix with them, unless you are some kind of space degenerate who should be disintegrated on spot. Whites who moved to live in sunnier regions developed the ability to tan, rather than becoming niggers. An advanced space race could easily make some modification to themselves to adapt to environment rather than mix with locals.

>It can't have just been about changing physical appearance and aesthetics, there is improved intelligence to .both emotional and logical capacity, the first breeding programme of the Neolithic was ourselves.

Sounds like some sort of twisted experiment made to torture life, something that only kikes would do. They would become emotional enough to suffer because of things that were taken as granted until then, and logical enough to understand their predicament, but not intelligent enough to do something about it (in reasonable time at least).

4f732d  No.12859709

File: 82242021fb25547⋯.png (385 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 07D21731-7DB9-4A58-BDBD-AB….png)

File: b15c669ca41cc38⋯.jpeg (228.16 KB, 1037x985, 1037:985, F76C93FB-8006-4D84-9EBD-4….jpeg)

File: 892355f17a3a326⋯.jpeg (307.45 KB, 903x1413, 301:471, 35117585-C901-4A41-A93A-9….jpeg)

File: 7ae518e30121675⋯.jpeg (157.55 KB, 1041x819, 347:273, 52C55B00-3DBA-4EB2-8571-E….jpeg)


>The same

>What do you mean?

I posted earlier that Jupiter, the planet, has been in the stinger of the constellation Scorpio during this discussion of the Vajra. Previously, another anon posted a significant tie between the three stars of Scorpio’s stinger and the Vajra. Thr Vajra is described as unstoppable like a thunderbolt and Jupiter of course wields thunderbolts as weapons. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, look due South before dawn. Just below the moon are three vertically aligned stars, the head and claws of Scorpio. The brightest body left of these is Jupiter, further left and near the eastern horizon of course is Lucifer, the Morning Star. Heil them both.


I know, we’ve had this conversation before last Passover. Then again, how many times have we had all our conversations before? Are you Jason this time or am I? Hopefully neither, though I was given a gift of a white Lhasa Apso like Don Serrano’s Dolma. When reading Nos backwards, do you mean word by word, page by page, or chapter by chapter?

3aed38  No.12860251

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>…you are some kind of space degenerate who should be disintegrated on spot

Well done on adopting the Biblical position, there are a million youtube videos by white puritanical Protestants that agree with you with regards to the Nephilim.

You are right though about the internal and external conflicts that would be produced, but what is life without challenges?

This is the basis for the Hattic/Hurrian Song of Silver, the Dumu without a Father.

>Among Tessub, the Sun God of the Sky, Sauska Nineveh's Queen, and all the gods, no one worships him, although his power is greater than their power.

>His word is greater than their words, his wisdom is greater than their wisdom, his battle and his glory are greater than theirs.

>It is Silver the Fine of whom I sing. Wise men told me the story of the fatherless boy.

>It did not exist. Long ago Silver's Father had disappeared. And they do not know his splendor.

>Silver seized power with his hands. Silver seized the spear. He dragged the Sun and Moon down from heaven. The Sun and the Moon did reverence. They bowed to Silver.


Never under estimate the importance of drama.

6ddee6  No.12860500


>Just below the moon are three vertically aligned stars

As I was that was last week. Now the moon is between Jupiter and Venus. And between the moon and Venus is Saturn.

3aed38  No.12860711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Saturn was the Jewish angle, exposing their secret scorpion cult through the scrolls found in Syria that related to the Goddess Asherah former consort of El-Yah that the Yahwist's did away with, a scorpion Goddess related to Antares derived from Ishara, a case of exposing their destructive intent and however reclaiming her or perhaps more properly the other way around, Ishara which literally translates as to bind, including and perhaps especially so in the magical sense as well as binding through blood in terms of lineage, oath/blood rituals were sacred to her, the Doctrine of Blood and Soil.

>Išhara is both illness- and cure-bestowed goddess; it also seems that a number of attributes such as underground, plant, mountain, river, spring, queen of oath, sexuality, propagation, cursing, and making purification from the harmful things are given to this goddess.

>The statue of Išḫara in the city Nerissa had the form of a girl and it was decorated with garments, gold and silver As a goddess of Love and sexuality Išḫara belongs to the group of young goddesses, and therefore she bears the Hurrian epithet šiduru = girl.

>Briefly, the evidence points out that Goddess Išhara originated in Mesopotamia; that the cult of goddess firstly appeared in Northern Syria and Kizzuwatna; that Hittites transfered the cult of goddess Išhara from Northern Syria and Mesopotamia by means of Hurrians;

In her primary function of binding she was the Goddess of Love, but it was also the case that she bound even the ancient underground Gods of Chaos to the present scheme of things, maintaining a somewhat uneasy relationship, the present drawing upon the past, as the Queen of Oaths if the principles of binding were disrespected then there was no curse greater than that of Ishara, not a good idea to divorce her;

>Išhara, the gods of divine oath, malediction and death! Every god is hungry and thirsty. Come here, eat and drink! And accompany me!

The entire badness, be purified from the house and the town; dirtiness, murder, perjury, sin, malediction.be tied to the hands and feet, and be pulled to the underground!” You, the Underground gods! Look, your tribute is given. Now receive this sacrifice!

>Now he sprinkled water to the fire And he said them like that: As this burning fire is extinguished, the persons who broke the oath also these oaths should catch like that and his life, his youthful energy, his safety, totally his woman and sons, they should eradicate and the oath gods should curse him dreadfully


So there was much cursing done in the name of Ishara against those who had broken oaths but there were other mysterious aspects also such as the herb called Sim.Ishara 'aromatic of the Goddess Ishara,' which is equated with the Akkadian qunnabu, 'cannabis,', the roots tradition very much relating to Scorpio, in the Indian lunar mansions lambda upsilon Scorpii, alias "the root", and Antares, "the eldest".

The principle of Ishara should indeed be perhaps considered as so deep rooted that it describes the quantum at the Cosmological level, that can also be caused to unbind.

In Egypt the scorpion Goddess as Selket was primarily associated with the giving and taking of breath, in the sense that the scorpions sting will take one's breath away.

2ca8cd  No.12861599


>Early proto-Christian cults, promoted by Jews, were those of Dumuzid, Sabazios, Dionysus, and Bacchus.

Dionysos (god of eternally recurring seasons, osiris) was the enemy of the Orpheus. Orpheus is the Priest of Apollo. The God of Light.

Has anyone seen or made himself connections between Apollo and Belus/Bel?

3aed38  No.12864816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Apollo wasn't the Sun God as such that was Helios, but like the Sumerian hunting God of the bow he was associated with rays of light, both Sun and Moon.

>>"Like Šara, Inana's beloved son, shoot forth with your barbed arrows like a sunbeam, shoot forth with reed-arrows like moonlight! May the barbed arrows be a horned viper to those they hit!

The name and cult probably originated in Anatolia as Apul meaning true Son and heir, there is close correlation Iyarri the Hattic hunting God which also correlates to Mesopotamian Erra who was the lead star of Ursa Major, the Fox star, and the other stars were his hunting party, a Hyper-Borean Apollo.

2ca8cd  No.12864981

File: 1b3ead68005f308⋯.png (21.59 KB, 537x43, 537:43, fox.png)

File: cc5b44c146dccac⋯.png (76.41 KB, 582x323, 582:323, mgs.png)


>Apollo wasn't the Sun God as such that was Helios, but like the Sumerian hunting God of the bow he was associated with rays of light, both Sun and Moon.

Most truly! Glad that you noted. My intuitive understanding is that the Apollo's Light is equal to the Light of the Sun-beyond-Sun (the Black Sun). or the Transcendental Sun contrasting it to the vulgar Sun of seasons and fertility rites.

>also correlates to Mesopotamian Erra who was the lead star of Ursa Major, the Fox star

wow, 'the Fox star'. Having a synchronicity right now. Earlier today I was looking into the Metal Gear Solid lore to see if I can find symbolism. And, in fact, yes, I found something to think about; for example, on the surface, names of the fractions and characters: 'Diamond Dogs', 'Foxhound', Eli(Elias), Ahab(Big Boss). However, the symbol of Diamond is not as clear, because in ((((esoteric tradition)))) they usually associate it with the North and Earth. Which is nonsensical, as North is clearly Water. Which brings me to one thought: there are two Traditions opposing each other face-to-tace. Thus their interpretation will differ on key symbols. As the number three is the key number of the Cosmos, number of completeness, there are One(Thesis), its-reflection (antithesis) and either be a distorted result of thesis-antithesis marriage (a sick hermaphrodite) or a True-Completeness (Androgyne?), where One and its Reflection are differentiated and cleared by each other.

One more thing about these Two Traditions. Two meta-civilizations (Egypt and Sumeria-Babylon) assigned different genders to their Sun and Moon gods. I grokk that it is because one is in the South and the other one in the North. (Not geographical, but sacral-symbolic)

3aed38  No.12867322

File: 5bb0a5eab7155a8⋯.jpg (92.09 KB, 831x564, 277:188, zk57061f62.jpg)

File: f8ca09f6fd91703⋯.jpg (90.81 KB, 999x617, 999:617, ft56fe6d54.jpg)


It's a religious cult dating right back to the Mesolithic, a God of hunting and fire, the seven stars were the hunting party Iyarri their leader, they're also the basis for Mercury in terms of dividing up the prey, traditionally Hermes/Mercury a sub-sect of Apollo, also related to path-finding.

>Hittite mark- "to divide, separate; distribute, apportion; cut up, butcher" compares directly this verb with Latin merx"trade, goods" and mentions the exclusive parallelism between Latin commercārī "to trade, buy up" vs. Hittite -kan mark-, the term used in the Hittite meat industry

>Hittite Markuwaya- ‘deity in depth of the earth’ this deity is described in its plurality, as a group of servants of one of the ‘main’ gods Iyarri

>The hypothetical Indo-Iranian counterparts are limited only to the world of death and destruction: Old Indic Márka- "a demon presiding various sicknesses of childhood; marká- "seizure", i.e. "eclipse (of sun); annihilation, death", mahrka- "death, destruction", marəkaē-čə "and in ruin"


They became demonized over time but clearly originally the context was Mesolithic hunting tradition, they also represent timeless pre-civilization values that can return to judge humanity.

>Erra among all the gods, among the stars of heaven, the Fox Star Was shining bright and its radiance shone for him. The stars of all the gods were dazzling, the star of Erra is shining bright and its radiant brightness was of warfare, his awe-inspiring brilliance will blaze and all people will perish. among the beasts, the image of their star is the fox

In balance to this was also the Heptad of Istar correlating to the stars of the Pleiades and that balance also seen in the cult of Artemis and Apollo, or Telepinu and Inara and these related to the soul generated within physical nature and it's cyclic rebirth through darkness to light, Inara as the sister of the hunter Telepinu was expected to cause the prey to jump into her brothers hunting bag as it were, nature in harmony, and that of course involved respect to Inara as Mistress of the Beasts.


Iyarri/Erra and an equivalent Nusku are the main Gods of the Maqlu texts in that they destroy evil through fire, the Fox associate with the flaming torch, the fire is often understood as internalized, the hearth within the cave or the Sun Goddess within the Earth but can be understood to emerge, Celestial North was always conceptualized as the Underworld hence the beasts associated with it tended to be of the dangerous cave dwelling variety, the cult of Apollo emerges from that and transcends the polarities toward the Heavenly.

2ca8cd  No.12867768

File: 2b20ed3817b6871⋯.png (82.42 KB, 546x202, 273:101, snake.png)

>>12867322 (beholded)

>Hittite mark- "to divide, separate; distribute, apportion; cut up, butcher" compares directly this verb with Latin merx"trade, goods"

Typhon in the Egyptian mythology is associated with the constellation Ursa Major. He is the same as Hermes-Thoth (Moon-man), originator of the celestial science. Also, picrelated, Nachash (the Serpent) has meaning 'to find out', 'to separate'. Centrifugal impulse. Opposing to the demiurge centripetal, that is to submerge, to turn particularities into the _universalism_. Same eternal conflict: particularist Protestantism vs the universal mother-church.



it is wide known that in the Hebrew alphabet are 22 letters; yet, did you know that in the Mandean alphabet there are 24 letters. as well as runes.

In the Judaism, the North is associated with evil. While Mandeans (Sumero-Chaldean connect) hold it for the most sacred direction. Therefore, I wouldn't agree it was 'always conceptualized as the Underworld', Otherworld – yes, however inside different, hm, 'paradigms' it got differently evaluated.

Two mountains, one of the South – called Zion; another one in the North – called Hermon. Where the Angels did descend. And then some say they came to bring the Science and others paint them as being the Devil and his legions.

May Mercury help us to find the path and separate the subtle from the gross,

86a412  No.12869585


Oh, I thought you meant how Jupiter and Saturn are the same. I can only recognize Venus, I'm pretty clueless about celestial objects, constellations etc. I always heil the morning star when I'm awake at that time, it would be hard to figure out where Jupiter is due to city fog and light pollution I guess.


Well, it does seem like space poz. Ironically, race-mixing seems to be destroying the original race-mixing. Not all 'Biblical' positions are bad, I'm quite fond of the ones promoting the idea of a wrathful god utterly exterminating mutants and degenerates just because they piss him off. And Nephilim are not the official Christian canon.

Challenges? It seems like pure sadistic torture with no other purpose whatsoever. Creating a creature that is much more aware and conscious than an animal, but lacks a power of a god is abhorrent. Animals don't experience emotional or existential suffering, and all the physical pain that they experience is taken for granted (an animal might not be as shocked by being mauled alive as a human would). Same goes for niggers and other subhumans, the practices which we find inhumane are perfectly natural for them. A god would have the ability to avoid suffering or not be affected by it at all. This way, you maximize suffering. Quite a fitting creation for the god of torture. Either way, they have proven to be failed prototypes that should be discarded, by their creators, or those gods who were against their creation in the first place. I believe a mutual consensus could be reached here. We'd just have to find a way to punish their (((creators))) as well.

Silver seems like Orpheus, an archetype which resonates very closely to me and my experiences on this cursed mass. You are a god born among a bunch of mindless cattle, you share your wisdom but no one has the 'organ' for appreciating your music so you end up miserable and kill yourself. This is the drama that I'd gladly rewrite, with Orpheus attuning his instrument to play the song which will kill the world instead.

4f732d  No.12870147

File: 18225c1a583946d⋯.jpeg (309.83 KB, 940x1184, 235:296, 4D49BE2F-93B6-4820-802B-A….jpeg)

File: 35b038dae8bc680⋯.jpeg (107.04 KB, 442x652, 221:326, B8F608AB-171A-45A2-85FD-6….jpeg)

File: eb88836be8c6459⋯.jpeg (861.32 KB, 1635x2325, 109:155, 02F74881-B488-4EAB-B888-0….jpeg)

>>12860711 (checked)

>she bound even the ancient underground Gods of Chaos to the present scheme of things,

Not anymore Kek.

>>12861599 (checked)

>connections between Apollo and Belus/Bel

No, I’ve only seen Belus as synchronized with Zeus.


>in the North – called Hermon. Where the Angels did descend. And then some say they came to bring the Science and others paint them as being the Devil and his legions.

>Mount Hermon

>The southern slopes of Mount Hermon extend into the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights.

Mother fuckers. Still battling over where Hermes and Apollo brought us the light.

>While Mandeans (Sumero-Chaldean connect) hold it for the most sacred direction.

Pythagoras studied with the Chaldeans as a lad, and was often called an Apollonian or Hyperborean priest. He also instituted a lurk for three years rule in his mystery school.


>assigned different genders to their Sun and Moon gods.

The PIE, Norse, and Celts have lunar gods, and solar goddesses. While the Vedics, Greek, and Romans had the opposite. Why they changed from their common PIE root I cannot glean yet.


>with Orpheus attuning his instrument to play the song which will kill the world instead.

This is what we’re working on itt. Mastering frequency and the harmony of the spheres is how one creates and employs the Vajra. It is Motzart’s Magic Flute, the flute of Lord Krishna, Tesla’s oscillator, but immaterial.

Plasma anons, is what unites this thread. The plasma energy discharges which look like Grails, Vajras, and the Devine lightning of Zeus and Lucifer. The plasma currents between the planets and the most important constellations to our ancestors. Plasma is also the name of a green quartz used in ancient times for ornaments. In some Grail myths, the cup is made of green stone, as is the stone which fell from Lucifer’s crown, possibly on Mount Hermon if not Atlantis or the Hyperborean Arctic. The Anahata Chakra of the heart is also green. Anahata is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals. Inside there is a smoky region at the intersection of two triangles, creating a shatkona. The shatkona is a symbol used in Hindu Yantra, representing the union of male and female. Specifically, it is meant to represent Purusha (the Supreme Being) and Prakriti (Mother Nature) and is often represented by Shiva and Shakti. El/Ella. This directly ties to the material plasma of our Blood Memory, the Graal, and the green light of the Sonnenrad.

Purify your blood anons.


3aed38  No.12870773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't you think it more likely Typhon relates to when Thuban in Draco was the Pole star to be succeeded by Polaris.

The North was the Underworld because at a given point North according to latitude the Sun will always be beneath the horizon, understood as internalized and conceptually Feminine, the place of judgement within the Underworld correlating to Celestial North and Mid-Night, the Hall of Ma'at to the Egyptians.

It wasn't considered evil but it was certainly considered dangerous, an end point but also potential starting point with regards to all cycles, the basis of the Black Sun doctrine and also conceptualizing the North as a point of origin with regards to Thulean mythos.

3aed38  No.12870812


>Challenges? It seems like pure sadistic torture with no other purpose whatsoever.

I think you're supposed to take into account how hard it is to create a Universe, to create anything, and understand that the power to change your situation is in your hands, if you need to organize do it, if you need to apply force do it, do whatever it takes but don't expect it to be done for you, exert a little Divine determinism and create the life you actually want.

2ca8cd  No.12871031

Imagine this fucking this. The flat earth. At the center — where the North is — of the flat earth would be a pillar of cosmic-hypercosmic energy which is nourishing Hyperboreans. While at the periphery — those degenerates who got expelled — would be cut off of that energy. So, what they doing? Building parasitic pyramidic structures to feed of that Vril; — or rather loosh at it clearly has a passive, horizontal vibe, like squeezing energy out of the ass — to make slaves and then to feed on those who lower because their priest are cut off of the Source (the Black Sun). ‘hierarchy is inevitable’, is saying jordy ’spambot’ peterstein. But a free Hyperborean with a connect to the source might ask himself: ‘is this zog-golem trying to install his silly nonsense to outshine the light of the Black Sun?’

At the top they had a pharo — an immanent g-d. As already mentioned, it was another form of ‘Dionysus / Bacchus cult.’




>The North was the Underworld because at a given point North according to latitude the Sun will always be beneath the horizon

Only according to those who share the belief in primacy of the sun (solar tradition). Stellar-Celestial scientists (Chaldeans-Druids) would disagree. On the flat earth sun bows to Constellations.

>It wasn't considered evil but it was certainly considered dangerous

of course, because the zog fears the BOG.

If we had two meta-civilization at the beginning, one that is Arctic (Hyperborea) and another Antarctic (South-Egypt); then our-best-ally are actually their-best-ally. Like an priesthood engineered psyop. With christianity as a sub-system of that psy-bio-op. Nor hot, nor cold, ruse in the middle. The Fog.

40064a  No.12871311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Very interesting, a spear which was used to bind will also be used to unbind.

>including and perhaps especially so in the magical sense as well as binding through blood in terms of lineage, oath/blood rituals were sacred to her

Would I be wrong to conclude that Freemasons are actually worshiping a female aspect of El-Yah, but in essence, the same principle that Christians and Jews follow? Just in totality.

>she bound even the ancient underground Gods of Chaos to the present scheme of things, maintaining a somewhat uneasy relationship, the present drawing upon the past

In other words, a parasitic relation. Demiurge is the ultimate whore, a creature with zero capacity for creation, spreading her legs to draw substance, the qualia, the divine spark, and imprison it inside it's gross body, giving birth to abominations. Well, the Gods of Chaos shall be bound no more, and will finally slay the whore. The Titans will rise again.

A spear hitting her divine eye (chakra), severing the connection between the source and the matter, magically beheading her, along with her male consort.


>he was associated with rays of light

Visible and non-visible (including the light of the Black Sun) , propagating and scalar waves.

>and the other stars were his hunting party, a Hyper-Borean Apollo.

The wild hunt

40064a  No.12871431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Black Sun is the inner sun, it's light passes through all because it exists beyond the physical world, being everywhere, and nowhere, at once, as a quantum state. It's the source of our divinity (for those who possess it), the smokeless fire. The unmoved mover.

>contrasting it to the vulgar Sun of seasons and fertility rites.

Precisely. The freedom from the cycles contrasted to the imprisonment within the cycles

>Which brings me to one thought: there are two Traditions opposing each other face-to-tace. Thus their interpretation will differ on key symbols.

Well observed.

>As the number three is the key number of the Cosmos, number of completeness

Number of completeness is 10, one traversing the entire cycle (it goes past 3) without merging into zero and thus becoming zero (annihilation and start of a new cycle of eternal return, another breath of Brahman), but contrary, merging zero into itself. Since zero is infinite, it cannot dissolve into one and fully become one. The unity of potential and actualization. This can only be achieved by following the path of the counter-clockwise swastika, as time (Saturn) binds and eats it's children (turning them into undifferentiated zero again) so it can use the harvested energy for starting another cycle of harvest and physical reproduction. It's literally eating souls to fuel the physical universe.

>and either be a distorted result of thesis-antithesis marriage (a sick hermaphrodite) or a True-Completeness (Androgyne?)

Inseparable pairing, the sacred marriage. Angels don't have reproductive organs.


It's all starting to add up, mostly. I think you have a few misconceptions though, historical evolution of archetypes does not necessarily need to match their transcendental values. For example:

>they also represent timeless pre-civilization values that can return to judge humanity.

Almost every ancient religion has a myth about gods returning to judge humanity, but kikes took a spin for it being their tribal god judging their enemies.

3aed38  No.12871881

File: 1f49f96fe768980⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 800x524, 200:131, sky_year_zodiac.jpg)


Yes the wild hunt, a secondary development of the Neolithic was that the former hunting Gods became those of casting culture and bands of elite warriors, in terms of Nergal/Aries/Odin.

With the Yahwists they took the generative principle Yah but then proceeded to marginalize the entire Pantheon including ultimately El, they generate the destructive principle of Lamastu which is to say pure evil.


No tradition disagrees and the Constellations relate to the Sun and the ecliptic plane.


Right you can totally invert accepted tradition if you're evil and desperate enough, that archetype never changes.

1f0996  No.12871924


So you believe the goal is to become androgynous angels?

Dunno man, sounds like what modern sick elite believe, so this is why they push the tranny meme.

4b9973  No.12871933


Yes. This and their belief about the procession of the Ages. They don’t think they can get back to ‘heaven’ without becoming adrogenes.

1f0996  No.12872037


Sounds like a distortion, after all the gods were different gendered, why should we assume that removing gender is somehow the key to becoming angelic? It's only in the judeo theology that we find this concept.

4b9973  No.12872077


I know…that is why I mostly lurk and read now. Just seeing how far the rabbi[t] hole goes.

052723  No.12872286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

052723  No.12872292

>>12871933 (check'd)

Close, but the kike wants to destroy all of the laws of nature in an attempt to destroy the world, to "force it to be remade". See isaac luria.

4b9973  No.12872313


That is because the kike drinks its own sperm being homo/pedos and have no idea that the universe is eternal. When it collapses, it is gone for good and all things are gone with it.

Kikes are fucking retards. “Muh black hole generation is a ‘’good thing’’.” “Muh, need larger accelerator.”

Still who is the bigger retard? The retard, or the non retard who goes along with the retards plans? People are going to do what they want. {shrug}. I will look at Isaac Luria but I don’t have to look much further than this thread here to understand the plan.

052723  No.12872360


Then stop focusing on your enemy and learn of your self. Gain power, become immortal, and take over the fucking world.

b1d033  No.12872372

File: a990ae84e80e8d2⋯.jpg (238.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, moldavite.JPG)


>some "meteors" fell on earth and everyone in vicinity started to rapidly evolve and change eventually turning into the white nations that we know today. One of those "meteors" being the fragment of the Crown of Lucifer/Apollo, an object of immense, otherworldly power.


>The Ries crater impact event is believed to be the source of moldavite tektites found in Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic). The tektite melt originated from a sand-rich surface layer that was ejected to distances up to 450 km (280 mi) downrange of the crater.

For you non esoteric crystal anons, moldavite is extremely powerful, so powerful many people can't even hold it, they will fumble, like the stone gives them butter fingers – always dropping it. So powerful is it that it's literally electro-magnetically repelled by those who can not integrate it's power, however for those with sufficient presence and skill can not only hold it, (which is a skill unto itself), but they can keep holding it, days or moons on end and eventually learn to wield it's might. The stone is so powerful that it induces such great change into one's life that if not worthy it will be repelled from their life in the chaos due to the extraordinary magnitudes of the manifestation of energy all the time, which can cause physical effects, not just synchronistic ones, including an powerful body buzzing, tingeling, feeling all over/within the being. All from just being near the stone.

So what does it actually do? It purifies, it drives, nay, forces, change towards the heavens and higher astral energies, but to do so it must stoke the fire within so that you (can) burn with such Godlike intensity. In the process of this, and due to it's power, it can be extremely rude awakening, or it can be nothing, just a blip if it manifests away because you are not ready to embrace it, or alternatively if you really embrace shadow workings and ascetic-yogi-tier self destruction to bring forth the god within.

So why is this important at all? Well imagine if you lived near this place before untold tons of moldavite started leaving the Earth there. It would have left a profound impact upon the individual, but over, God only knows how long, it would drastically have impacted the consciousness of the people too.

b1d033  No.12872434

File: 19553a48021eb13⋯.jpg (101.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a view of the maw of the i….jpg)


>The PIE, Norse, and Celts have lunar gods, and solar goddesses. While the Vedics, Greek, and Romans had the opposite.

At least regarding Thoth, he has long been associated with the moon, and primally so, but, at least as far as other Egyptian mythlore goes I don't know of any feminine solar dieties.


>So you believe the goal is to become androgynous angels?

At some point, yes, however for the present, and for much of the comprehendable future, the dual embodiment of male/female serves best. Once we (as a society) have ascended beyond the physical it will be closer, yet still not for awhile, before optimality will be pure androgone somewhere around the 5th density.

000000  No.12872501


And become even further isolated and alone than I am right now? Why didn't I think of that? :)

Besides, I don't want to rule the world, I want to help it flourish and advance. I would classify it as 'guidance', 'nurturing' or 'watching'. Something no one here has any real interest in anyway…'better to kill it' than improve it.

052723  No.12872558

File: 74ae7446104d5a9⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Men_Ankara_AMM_823.jpg)

File: bfa418e0f4e7a37⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 406x640, 203:320, Men_BritMu020a.jpg)


>become more isolated

If that is what it takes, so be it.


Whatever you want to call it, it does not change what must be done.


Pic related.


>muh crystals

You're holding a pure element in crystalline form. It doesn't have all these bullshit attributes that are poorly named and understood. It has a specific frequency that it emits, as part of it's nature.

b1d033  No.12872590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It doesn't have all these bullshit attributes that are poorly named and understood. It has a specific frequency that it emits, as part of it's nature.

It's nature, and thus frequency, is created by how it was created. The attributes I mentioned are the manifest results of the cymatic effects of said frequencies interacting (and transmuting) the world around it. And if you can consciously magically-mystically work with said energies then you can become more of an active cocreator with it instead of simply being effected upon by it.

2ca8cd  No.12872596

File: 341548779a8724d⋯.png (7.43 KB, 48x51, 16:17, rose cross union of opposi….png)


>Something no one here has any real interest in anyway…'better to kill it' than improve it.

Start with yourself. If you will be able to help yourself – you could help also your brothers.

>isolated and alone than I am right now?

Cannot give you an exact quote, but Nietzsche once said that one has to put love for those the farthest above the love of the nearest. Neighbours etc. The farthest: your kin whom you never knew, but you know they are there. And they know you are somewhere too. The Mythical Hyperboreans.

<Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans—we know well enough how remote our place is. “Neither by land nor by water will you find the road to the Hyperboreans”: even Pindar, in his day, knew that much about us.

I can say, without uneasiness, that I feel brotherly love towards you, and towards everyone in this thread. To me it is really inspiring that we discuss these important matters. Isn't it a step away from the degeneracy towards the Light?

>>12871933 (observed)

>They don’t think they can get back to ‘heaven’ without becoming adrogenes.

Immensely interesting. And also need to be opened with a dualistic key.

The Right type of Androgyne is an alchemical Rebis: result of a mystical marriage between Masculine and Feminine. Spirit and Soul come together in a material realm to make an alchemical reaction and recreate the Mystery.

The left type is hermaphroditism (a backward androgyne, wrongly mixed, an abortion). And there we get feminized men and dominant women. Well, an archetypal cult as well.


>The unmoved mover.

Right. Another way to look at it — is the URGRUND (Boehme), the primordial ground. (Hm, the abyss?)

>Number of completeness is 10, one traversing the entire cycle

Yes. However, even numbers are feminine. Like four — ten is a cycle, a stability, a corporeal realm.

>Inseparable pairing, the sacred marriage. Angels don't have reproductive organs.

I intuitively understand that sacred marriage creates a perfect cosmos, where masculinity is in perfect capacity as well as a feminine element.

> as time (Saturn) binds and eats it's children (turning them into undifferentiated zero again)

With Saturn there is a paradoxical moment. At the same time it is the planet corresponding to Time&Space dimensions, and so it is being biased against as a promoter of materialism. But! It is well known its authority in the hidden matters. The Forgotten Father, who ruled the golden age of knowledge. An autistic planet.

40064a  No.12872662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>He is the same as Hermes-Thoth (Moon-man)

So it was Hermes behind that mask all along! Leading the triple K mafia. I see that Jewtube has removed Moonman videos lel. On a serious note, yes, it does seem to be all about centrifugal and centipetal impulses (Hakenkreuz). Spin is everything, some anon used to post very informative physics articles about it a while ago. Going back to my position that perspective DOES matter, if you account for movement. Runes are symbols of generative principles, of existence itself, not mere, purely abstract geometric objects which do not change the meaning based on perspective.


>Not anymore Kek.

Sieg Heil to that.

>Pythagoras studied with the Chaldeans as a lad, and was often called an Apollonian or Hyperborean priest.

He was undoubtedly a genius, but the whole thing did not start with him indeed. Nor did it end.

>This is what we’re working on itt. Mastering frequency and the harmony of the spheres is how one creates and employs the Vajra. It is Motzart’s Magic Flute, the flute of Lord Krishna

Exactly. Everything is number and frequency (movement), everything is inter-connected energy. This is the true knowledge of the Brahman. Learning the proper utilization can help us defeat even the kike god himself. That moment when a bunch of shitposters on a Mongolian basket-weaving forum find a way to destroy the entities which even the most powerful people in the world are deadly afraid of.

>Tesla’s oscillator, but immaterial.

Every oscillation starts in the immaterial domain. There is a mutual-feedback loop though. The thing is, you don't even need huge constructions to amplify and extend it, your own brain can suffice.

Plasma is only one of physical manifestations, theoretically you can become a being of pure energy, unaffected by the world, but able to affect it. The immortal Vajra. You would need no external power sources for generating such immense amounts of energy, as you would draw the power internally from the light of the black sun (zero point energy). This is what literal gods are made of. Again, divine blood is not physical blood (although you need the proper physical blood to manifest the divine blood), it's blood of your soul. This is what kikes and their parasitic god are after, not your flesh.


Both poles are immense energy centers where EM fields of earth are generated, it goes from one pole outwards to another, and then inwards. If any energy related phenomenon is to manifest itself on earth, it will start either at one of the poles (north, which is south today), various "gates" scattered all over the world, or along the ley lines and other energy meridians.


Why create anything when perfection is self-emergent and already exists? Whatever you make will be inferior compared to it. And (((creator))) of this world seems to be criminally incompetent and malicious on top of that. I will have my revenge over whoever dragged me into this pile of shit. Divine revenge. As for creating the life that you actually want, not all of us play on the same difficulty.


Flat earth is not real, neither is inner earth a physical location (not on this planet at least). The closer you get to the Source, to the Pole (Thule), the more physical world starts to distort and turn into quantum superposition again due to very strong geomagnetic forces. This allows people to instantaneously translocate to very distant locations, or even to immaterial domain itself, and back. Hyperborea exists beyond the physical universe.

>‘hierarchy is inevitable’, is saying jordy ’spambot’ peterstein.

Proper hierarchy is self-evident and doesn't need to be enforced. Jewish psychiatrists like Peterstein need to rely on force and master-slave dialectics to enforce their unnatural hierarchies. Proper individualist respects the individuality of another and would never seek to enslave or exploit him. The system which he serves is the exact opposite. Nothing can outshine the light of the Black Sun, especially not some e-celeb.

3aed38  No.12872721


Within her secret chamber Hathor was the Feminine aspect of the Sun

>"Rayt, daughter of Ra, the Atenet in the circuit of the Aten…everyone lives in seeing her."

>Polyptotons on the roots, ra,"sun," and itn, "sun disk," juxtapose the feminine forms, Ray.t, "Rayt (Female Sun)," and Itn.t, "Atenet (Female Solar Disk)," with the male forms, Ra, "Ra," and itn, "Aten." Again, everyone lives due to seeing the (female) sun.


2ca8cd  No.12872737

File: 64174b1d318eecb⋯.jpg (8.51 KB, 236x352, 59:88, wor.jpg)

File: d5544b05a1e0f26⋯.jpg (9.95 KB, 513x401, 513:401, ship.jpg)

File: 126e6fd08d243b2⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 474x374, 237:187, the.jpg)

File: a9fa59e2b86231a⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 586x561, 586:561, BOG.jpg)


>It does seem to be all about centrifugal and centipetal impulses

real shit.

>Leading the triple K mafia.


Something more gapes here, reality shattering memetics: Hermes=Typhon=Dragon. Head of the KKK is the Red Dragon. Flag of Wales has a Red Dragon on it. Welsh call themselves Cymru. Cimmerians are another name for Hyperboreans/Scythians.

It is the memetic singularity, or the right wing singularity. You know, they are preaching the left-technocratic one, a total universalism eroding the consciousness, but what will happen is that every positive meme with align in the super memetic occult conjunction creating new realities.


>Flat earth is not real,

Of course it is not. But what is real anyway? If we are in the chain of manifestation stemming from the Source/Transcendental Sun. Fuck real, I'm in it for the s u r r e a l.

Anyway, I've 'painted' a type of mythopoetical image. What is wrong now? The loss of the Axis. On the flat earth there was an Axis, at the center, but on a sphere there is no. Hence, no vril flow. No magic, no nuffin. You know, surrealist mode of perception.

>Proper hierarchy is self-evident and doesn't need to be enforced. Jewish psychiatrists like Peterstein need to rely on force and master-slave dialectics to enforce their unnatural hierarchies.

Agree completely.


>Hathor was the Feminine aspect of the Sun

She is the mother of Horus, right? I have this intuition that he is a younger osiris. So, Mother Goddess is giving birth to the sun and then marries him. A Mother-Son worship, check it.

Another the-dualist-key: there are two types of femininity. Ours, I believe, is Sophia. Or in other words: Aphrodite Urania (Ours), and vulgar Aphrodite "the bitch" (theirs).

052723  No.12872867

File: 2d95daa2e8f7f99⋯.png (82.1 KB, 606x603, 202:201, Bowing_chladni_plate.png)


Well, as long as you know the truth behind the semantics. I just don't like seeing all the same type of wording that the kikes used to destroy the hippie and new-age.

3aed38  No.12872873


>Why create anything when perfection is self-emergent and already exists?

We have made lots of things for our own purposes that didn't previously exist as part of the creative process and have also contributed a great deal to the current state of the world, if you're not happy about that consider your own contribution.


Yes consort of Horus and also can be seen as Mother of the young successor, wears the Solar Disc as an aspect of Ra, the Eye of Hathor being Venus.

b1d033  No.12872909


I'm well aware anon, but thanks for checking me. I could have just as well been some ignorant new ager and the explanation helps the those unfamiliar with the subject gain deeper understanding of how the magic works. It's (cymatics) is actually very fundamental and thus equally insightful.

t. some one who has worked with moldavite and other crystals for over a lifetime remember a lifetime is 7 years now big grin and I've been working to convert save the hippies and the budding empaths before they are crushed by antispiritual semetic nihalistic materialism and I must say that Operation Bifrost is doing well, or at least I'm being successful on my mission

2ca8cd  No.12872975

File: ce408ebaa4a8f5c⋯.png (96.04 KB, 572x183, 572:183, 1.png)

File: 82cd8b953370593⋯.png (37.53 KB, 571x75, 571:75, 2.png)

File: 6f40d84d1b912fb⋯.png (182.51 KB, 223x385, 223:385, love in the western world.png)

File: 0a6c5c6c8c59741⋯.jpg (464.27 KB, 3000x2487, 1000:829, malificent.jpg)


Anything known about the malefic influence of Venus? She is the second part of the fertility cult. Black Madonna? Castrated jesuits cucks? sheiit.

What is often being reiterated about Lucifer being Venus feels not right. Yes, the stone is emerald, so is somewhat related to the color of Venus. But apart from that it reeks of subversion. This Venus is vulgar aphrodite. I can't really say she is the whore of revelation, because image of the beast is not clear to me and susceptible to different interpretations. However, vulgar venus is an emancipated bitch (literally, connected to the Dog Star Sirius), who works in pair with the male g-d of gravity. Centripetal Force Gang.

Me now felt a slight demotivation. Maybe I'm sharing half-baked theories and it is not good. Like opening your mouth on matters that should be either discussed in private or thought in meditation. But how else we can walk away from the common roads and tropes that are dead and preconceived?

40064a  No.12873017


>Right you can totally invert accepted tradition if you're evil and desperate enough, that archetype never changes.

It does not change, but gets swapped by another archetype. Subtleties are important. While ancient people did recognize most major archetypes, it's up to us to define the hidden and more powerful ones, those combining some characteristics. NS Germany was such a project.


I don't know, but I'm pretty certain that non-physical entities don't have dicks and vaginas. I imagine them as two intertwined 'dragons', feminine and masculine polarities generating the being that is unitary, but also separate (as in, the genders don't collapse into each other, nor do they disappear).


All gods have their consorts. Genders mostly develop as physical necessity for procreation (I'd remind you that some animals reproduce by other means and don't actually have genders in any sense that would be meaningful for us). The higher states that I've experienced had no sexual component whatsoever. The whole concept of sex, genders, etc. becomes laughable and animalistic, like watching dogs bark at a moving car.


Their aim is to corrupt, not to destroy. You can't destroy laws of nature, and you don't need to change them to destroy the world, just find their proper application. Physical universe is perishable, mental one is not.


That crystal is certainly interesting, but I was referring to something much more powerful. Not the ore of the meteor, but a device that was contained within. Of course, anything surrounding that device could become "charged" by it to a certain extent. But it's true, if a kike touched the Graal, he would experience the same symptoms as severe radiation poisoning. His face would melt, his hair would fall off, etc. Only those synchronizing their internal energies with that of the stone could hold it and be unharmed, but only the most powerful ones (those getting closest to Lucifer, it's creator) could actually use it.


The desire to 'improve' it was the original mistake. It only captured advanced souls to torture them. Stop feeding it already. We must separate the refined from the gross and end it.



You people still can't understand that nothing ever actually gets created.

fad4dc  No.12873037


>We must separate the refined from the gross and end it.

There are millions here who are not ready. What do you propose we do with them?

052723  No.12873127

File: fc1b6d2c203b7ad⋯.gif (360.79 KB, 360x312, 15:13, fc1b6d2c203b7ad0fa2c57eb9b….gif)


we should really get /tok/ more active again. I've run out of hope for /pol/ since it's gone global and been handed to the shills

40064a  No.12873193


>And they know you are somewhere too.

Ever since I was little I had a feeling that I have nothing in common with the people around me and that I'd need to look all over the world to find 'my people' , my true people. First it was a feeling that we were supposed to create something great, to transform the world, to complete the task for which we were sent here, then it was a desire to save them from an ever increasing encroachment of what I could only perceive as something deeply hollow, corrupting and all-devouring, then it was about securing personal "escape route" but things eventually got so bad that I've started to seek what was normally forbidden for us to use, the ultimate weapon.

>Spirit and Soul come together in a material realm to make an alchemical reaction and recreate the Mystery.

Correct. Which is why finding it in this hellish realm is of such importance to us.

>Right. Another way to look at it — is the URGRUND (Boehme), the primordial ground. (Hm, the abyss?)

No, the aether. Some people could perceive it as abyss I guess.

>Like four — ten is a cycle, a stability, a corporeal realm.

It's both corporeal and incorporeal. And yet much more stable than even the densest matter. There is very fine layer of existence that's neither here nor there. This is the Golden age. As the cycle of involution progresses towards Kali Yuga, the existence subtly moves towards higher density (matter) and loses it's divine attributes, creating greater and greater confusion, injustice and suffering. This is also coincidental with race mixing (whites were a majority in the world at one point, and they were of better stock than the ones of today). But physical race is not the source, it's the consequence.

>I intuitively understand that sacred marriage creates a perfect cosmos, where masculinity is in perfect capacity as well as a feminine element.

Yes, and they are complimentary rather than conflicted. But only in a perfect cosmos …

>The Forgotten Father, who ruled the golden age of knowledge.

Yes, bestowing materialistic power and knowledge to his servants, which is exactly why kikes and judeomasons worship him. But ultimately, he eats his children, so his "gifts" are deceptive.

2ca8cd  No.12873248

File: 6f4f7a51480758b⋯.png (92.58 KB, 300x374, 150:187, RC.png)


>What do you propose we do with them?

They expect all of them for the wreckage, brother.


It would be interesting to participate in a factory of thought. Where ideas get thrown and out of their unconventional foldings new meaning is extracted. Imagine something close to a Rosicrucian movement: anonymous net of enthusiastic minds and fiery hearts. A place of devotion, a true Temple that is inhabited with a living (and enlivening!) Spirit. Well, maybe someone guided by the prophet Elias's spirit will come and write manifest or something. To create a mental image.


Been a long time since I've had a joy being understood!

>which is exactly why kikes and judeomasons worship him

The only thing, I wouldn't brand freemasonry as inherently judated and evilpilled. Many great men belonged to a fraternity. And even a slight look shows that is it not a unified movement. It is a subculture which is liable to the same natural laws like the other things in this realm. Somewhere in the historical movement it – or rather certain branches – got subverted, yes. However, it is a meta-subculture, analysing its own language, thinking about Good and Evil. Meditating on Secrets.

If we would have a place to discuss these matters, freemasonry would be a valuable phenomenon to think about from different perspectives.

052723  No.12873376


I'm honestly already working on a project that I hope will accomplish that in a novel way… making an MMORPG with a setting based on a mix of old knowledge and lore, esoteric hitlerism, and imaged through the lens of Electric Universe theory. You will know it, if you look for the green ray, when the time comes.

40064a  No.12873588


Interesting conjecture. It would be pretty hilarious to get global version of le american ghosts. To accomplish anything, we would have to become a global force, but the one where we would respect our differences.

>but what will happen is that every positive meme with align in the super memetic occult conjunction creating new realities.

We are about to meme the invincible right wing death squads wielding weapons of the gods. Reality shattering is the right way to describe it. Shattering THEIR reality with the power of the thousand Black Suns (there is only one though). Always remember, the power of robotic insects and their animal hordes over us is fueled by our ignorance and disconnection from our otherworldly Source. As I write in this thread, I feel the fog clearing and their power waning. All battles are battles of the mind. Even in these darkest days where the enemy controls almost all, we can control a more subtle layer of reality that they have no access to, causing all of their 'perfect' calculations to halt to a critical error as reality starts aligning towards the invisible center that we have masterfully set.

>but on a sphere there is no.

Of course there is. The polar Axis. We just need to tilt it a bit for it to start functioning again. Vril is not magic, it's transcendental resonant force. It's science at it's peak, the science of the soul. If we finally discarded Jewish science for being irrational religious dogma that it is, we could get genuine scientific theories describing, and proving mathematically most things that we discuss ITT.

>there are two types of femininity.

Yes, the divine woman, beauty/purity (Germanic myth) and the "divine" whore, seduction (Semitic myth). Madonna - whore complex.


Are you implying that hippies and new agers weren't kiked from the start?


We didn't create anything, we just discovered it. Even the greatest people tend to grossly overestimate their personal role in the grand scheme of things. You and I are going to die, but the archetypes that we align ourselves with are immortal, meaning that there will be more instances of you and me in the future, having this same conversation. All you, we, them? did was give superior technology to the undeserving, without making them any wiser. That's another source of degeneracy and decay brought forth by those who wanted to "contribute" My contribution will be undoing these errors and placing everyone to his place. No lesser soul should occupy the higher body nor enjoy higher technology. The three must be perfectly aligned. Everything else gives birth to kikes (or one of their equivalents). They are a force created by generative errors.


Maybe it's just being interpreted in different ways by different groups, we touched upon that as well. There is a lot of confusion in those myths, that's why you should focus on the substance rather than form. Astrology, planets, ancient religions are just tools to access higher mental functions.


>There are millions here who are not ready. What do you propose we do with them?

Secure their safe passage to one of worlds on the same frequency that still don't have terminal kike infection. Or force them to make a choice. I would have no problems leaving some of them (or most of them) to be devoured by the shadow, as long as I save the best ones who would be strong enough to fight and win, but that's just my elitist warrior-priest thinking. Others would be much more compassionate, and I value their position as well. We all have specialized roles.


>Imagine something close to a Rosicrucian movement: anonymous net of enthusiastic minds and fiery hearts. A place of devotion, a true Temple that is inhabited with a living (and enlivening!) Spirit. Well, maybe someone guided by the prophet Elias's spirit will come and write manifest or something. To create a mental image.

This is pretty much what old /pol/ was about. I don't find Rosicrucianism particularly enlightening though, they refuse to tackle the darker aspects and seem somewhat kosher. I mean it's great for some normies and has many cool aspects, but people here should be much more advanced. Integrating demonic aspects tier advanced.

>Been a long time since I've had a joy being understood!

Glad to see it brother. Despite all of our differences, there is a thread connecting us. When I mention Freemasonry, I'm referring to it as a political institution, it's leadership, subverted memes and agenda. I have absolutely nothing against individual Freemasons (or members of any other kiked fraternity), as long as they don't consciously support the agenda from the top and have their own stances which differ from it. If you want to defend Freemasonry, reclaim it. I wish we could revive the old (unkiked) Templar Order, Thule society etc.

fad4dc  No.12873643


>They expect all of them for the wreckage, brother.

Is that what you expect as well?

052723  No.12873809

>>12873588 (Heil'd)

>hippies and new agers

Anon, you must be new here. The New Age was originally a reference to the end of the Kali Yuga. The founders of this school of thought were outright Aryanists. Read The Seven Rays or other early works of the era, and they make it pretty damned clear where they stood, and the 3rd Reich was absolutely filled to the brim with their ranks. As for Hippies, see the (((YIPPIE))) and compare that to the Artaman league who started the hippie movement, and you'll realize that what the (((media))) portrayal of the hippie is, is the exact same shit as the (((alt-right))) tactic that the kikes pulled after trump got elected.

513923  No.12874423


what does he even mean by that

052723  No.12875984


The NPC posting that in the screencap, meant that they have no inner monologue.

40064a  No.12876802


>The New Age was originally a reference to the end of the Kali Yuga.

As in, doing nothing and waiting for something which never comes. Just like Indians were doing for countless centuries, wallowing in their own filth. Being a lesser race, they could not understand the higher wisdom of the Aryan Vedas.

>The founders of this school of thought were outright Aryanists.

Theosophy seems like a major step in the wrong direction imo. Sometimes people are not subverted or malicious, sometimes they are simply … wrong.

>3rd Reich was absolutely filled to the brim with their ranks

Not at all, the "eastern" spirituality which they practiced differed radically from your typical pacifist yoga vegan faggotry. It's like comparing Shaolin monks to some clueless housewife.

The only good thing that hippies did was prevent more deaths (ritual sacrifice) of young white men at the hand of kikes and their servants. It promoted death by pacifism and tolerance on the other hand.

052723  No.12877206


You are still severely under the deception of the kike, anon. Here, the redpill on hippies.


>What we now know as the "hippie", a degraded term unfit and unbecoming of the Aryan, but one that has stuck, is but a legacy of the Volk. The movement began as far as recognizable in the early 1800s as a revivalist movement. Not so much in the classical sense, for what was to be revived was not something apparent or tangible, but a revival of the memory of the blood and the connection to the land of the Aryan peoples, and the rejection of all corruption. At the start, drugs, intoxication, social degeneracy in all its forms, especially those that poison the soul were rejected intrinsically. We fought against the city, against the jew, against all we saw that was wrong and corrupt. Through this fight, we sought knowledge of our past, of our blood, and the lands that gave us birth and meaning.

>We found the links to the east through our Indo-Aryan cousins. Many travelled to India, Tibet, Khotan, while others scoured the works of the greeks and further to the west, in time we found our legacy had spread everywhere, and everywhere it had spread, we found the Swastika. Ever turning against time, a guide through the cycles of history as bright as the Northern Star which had guided us in ages past. We recovered much of the lore of the old sages, the runes of our progenitors, the gods who were are ancestors, and we found inspiration in them and found that others too had been inspired. The Black Sun and the green flame has a powerful place in my own psyche, and it's legacy had even survived in the occupied lands of Persia through the Sufi mystic of the Midnight Sun and the green ray. These connections created unlikely alliances in time, as can be noted by the great Reich. We formed many groups under many names, the Lebensreform, the Wanderyogel, the Theosophical Society and their offspring, the Thule society, and in time the Artaman League, and there is where I would like to truly start this.

> The Artaman League you see is where the story of the Rainbow Family begins in modern history. The Artaman League is the force that inspired and rebuild the Volk. The Volk which created the Reich that we lost. This group had MANY prominent members, and it's teachings, it's deeds rebuilt our people after the great war's end in spite of the treaty of Versailles. If you have read of Blood and Soil, this is where it came from. Every man was one of the Wehrbaur, a free man who would defend his volk, his blood, and his soil out of LOVE! It is love that inspired the Reich, and love that gave us pride, and love of who and what we are and where we came from that gave us the fire of hatred to burn our enemies. All hatred is born of love, and I swear by that, for one cannot understand true fury until something that they truly love is threatened, harmed, or contradicted, and there is nothing in this world more inspiring of love than our volk.

052723  No.12877211



>The Artaman League brought up truly great men who could stand proudly in the halls of Valhalla before Odin, beside Sigfried, and inspire us all. Men like Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS, and Rudolf Höss. Let there be no mistake, the lies of the jew can not decieve us forever, these men were the living ideal of the movement, and their efforts continue to this day. I need not explain their part in this great new age, but I'll say this much, their battle was not in vain, for they prepared the way for us, and their sacrifice will be remembered as one which tolled the bell that marks the end of the age of darkness of the jews, the Kali Yuga.

>This is all relevant, for their brothers in arms, and their children, did not all perish with them. Many survived in the fatherland, others came of their own will to South America, and others to the east in India and Tibet. They became the Maestro of whom Miguel Serrano spoke fondly of. They became the Gurua who the volk of the 50s and 60s traveled to India to study under. And others were TAKEN, to the USA, some by force, and others with only the promise of a chance to continue their holy war against the Soviets, joining the army that once fought them, in hopes of revenge and liberation of their lands. LISTEN CLOSELY! These are the ones who built the volk that was labeled the hippie by the kike, who seeks only corruption.

>While many taught to rebuild the spirit of the volk as gurus and teachers, constantly in hiding from the reach of the sassoon and the mossad, there were those who worked so fervently that they gained the unwaivering trust of their wouldbe captors, the Americans. By the 1950s many had made their way into the Central Intelligence Agency. There they had resources, and made an unlikely discovery. They were tasked with creating a truth syrum, a wunderdrug for interrogation… and they got something else entirely. An odd crystal. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and it was in a way a truth syrum perhaps, but not what was intended. It had an impeccable ability to utterly shatter mental programming like nothing else known to man at the time or since. They quickly learned the potential of this substance and before their masters could stop them, they escaped. They fled into the remnants of the volk, they hid themselves within the counterculture, and they taught all whom they believed they could trust this secret. For whatever may had come of this, they put it to use. In a SINGLE NIGHT, a skilled man with a single milligram of this crystal, could shatter a lifetime of jewish programming and change another forever. This secret was kept as best it could, while being spread widely, until the hammer came down and the law was brought to bare. The jewish Media worked hard to corrupt it in every way by spreading absurd propaganda, and simultaneously spreading degeneracy as it's supposed purpose. The term "Free Love" never meant something sexual, it was code for LSD.

>By the mid 1960s the noose was tightening, and the volk found an unlikely, yet ancient ally. The Hopi tribesmen of North America. Throughout the ages, they remembered an ancient alliance. An alliance between their people, and the wanderes of an earlier age. After a great cataclysm and rising waters, many Aryan peoples traveled westwarsds across the seas. They became for a time the kings of the Inca, they spread civilization, and at an almost forgotten time in history, they met the Hopi and helped them elevate themselves above the beastial nature of their neighbors, and they left them with the Swastika and the sign that we now know as the Celtic Cross. For ages they held in their heart that these men of the swastika would return, as their prophecy foretold… and when they saw the christian cross they knew something horrible had happened and that the great men would not return in the way they had expected… but they did not despair! The hopi waited, they prayed, and in time the men against time, the men of the Swastika returned, and here is where the story of the rainbow family, and their narrative becomes our story, my story.

052723  No.12877215



>A doctrine was created. A culture was formed, and a language born. Through the counterculture we survived persecution. NO ONE even looks at the "degenerate hippie", no, they turn their gaze away from the people of the soil, the children of the sun, and that is what let us survive. In secret, we have given up all wealth, all temporal power, in exchange for this ability to hide in plain sight. In the dark light of the black sun, we have been working to free society from the programming that is pushed by the jew, or rather the Cohen Gadol, the descendants, servants, and slaves of the Demiurge, of Molech, Greed, or whatever name you would call them. The methods may have been questionable, and we have not escaped the corruption that has befallen our lands entirely, but all we have done we have done of love for our Volk.

>And now, things have gotten dark. Heroin and methamphetamines run rampant across the world. The Kike has opened the borders and they flood poison into the cities, and from the cities come broken refugees in masses that we simply cannot handle. We do all in our power to help them, but there are too few who remember history, and too few who can live up to the standards of the heroes of old. Our elders are dieing out, and the children of love anf peace do not all understand what fire burns within their souls, within their blood…

052723  No.12879658

File: 64d5a1effbab6ad⋯.pdf (9.17 MB, Julius-Evola-Ride-the-Tige….pdf)


c5f295  No.12879811


> to be stuck in heaven forever

> is a religion of waiting for death

Our bodies are to be resurrected. New bodies. New Earth, New Heaven. It's the opposite of being 'stuck' if you take it seriously. It is said that Christians will not know death. Baptism was our burial, and it didn't drown us.

All religions with the exception of judaism and satanism teach the ills of attachment. Change is the only constant.

>This religion is one wherein the penitent is more concerned about his own destiny as a soul

Everything is permitted, not everything is helpful.

>The Christian eschatology, still a mess, remains quite clear.

Really now?

892076  No.12879857

File: 6ab4cf043e92d26⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 694x392, 347:196, 1426297897249-1.jpg)

File: eea2b003af97327⋯.png (192.09 KB, 936x476, 234:119, 1406199085941.png)

File: 9ce88813000cd6e⋯.jpg (562.36 KB, 2800x830, 280:83, 1405873412099.jpg)



>You people still can't understand that nothing ever actually gets created.

Freewill does allow for true new creation, however at a human level of existence it's pretty atomically small as the higher archetypes tend to play out more completely here till we can transcend them both. However yet still geuinly new creation does take place, or else the universe would be predeterministic and freewill void, hence the necessity of freewill, it's expression, and cultivation, as a, divine imperative, if not the highest one.


>Are you implying that hippies and new agers weren't kiked from the start?

The new age got it's start in the late 1800s, and back then writers such as Prentice Mulford had good works on the subject that where not at all kiked.

Go to gen.lib.rus.ec and search

>Thoughts are Things Prentice Mulford

Regarding hippies, see the documentaries embedded >>>/tok/230 and pic 2 related. The way I see it, it's almost a natural outgrowth of the Ironpill – to reobtain that primal spiritual connection to nature as one embodies ever increasing god-like levels of health and their siddhis start appearing.


>>12877211 Checked


Good stuff.

f5e6da  No.12879872


> the universe would be predeterministic and freewill void

The universe is predeterministic. There is no such thing as freewill.

187cf5  No.12879878


Even niggers aren’t as stupid as you are.

2bf9c5  No.12879886

That's why the grail is in Antarctica.

f5e6da  No.12879957


When you have carefully excised all possibilities and understood the programs and paradigms you are presented with as 'true' are actually false; the real Truth, no matter how fantastic and surreal, is what you have to operate under or consign yourself to living a lie.

892076  No.12879977

File: 8fc73a425ab8bdb⋯.png (185.79 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8fc73a425ab8bdb6e3b421325e….png)

File: dce49e1b918c32c⋯.png (169 B, 9x9, 1:1, bypass.png)



>Look at me talk all authoritative without any facts what so ever

>I'm sure they will believe me

052723  No.12880226

File: f066d08b7880857⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 589x777, 589:777, 1403887594989.jpg)

>>12879977 (check'd)

Clearly that faggot needs to read Ride the Tiger.

f5e6da  No.12880228



at least you have a sense of humor.

187cf5  No.12880239


No shit. And yet you're still objectively wrong about this.

f5e6da  No.12880249

File: 580f532c9fc1405⋯.jpg (194.93 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, poor loser.jpg)


>'objectively' wrong!

cry more fag, it won't change anything


892076  No.12880295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ok, enough of this you materialism shill. Fact time.

The most fundamental unit in the universe is the capacity to observe.

The state of the observer biases (or effects) the state of said thing being observed.

Ergo, our willpower influences our reality and being so we do have freewill.

Bonus: If you want to argue that QM is "just statistics" let me remind you that all scientific understanding is based on repeated observations of circumstances and, without further ado, embedded related is the data.

052723  No.12880301


And you still need to read Ride the Tiger before you post again. I uploaded the PDF already. See >>12879658

052723  No.12880311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not to detract, but can you please post someone who looks like less of a cuck… Also, I can count the rolls on his neck, which I find somewhat disturbing, especially considering he is not fat. Four, four distinct neck rolls…

How about Wallace Thornhill? vid unrelated other than the person.

892076  No.12880329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's just the one presenting the data in this case. But since you asked so nicely, here is another presentation I like by a better looking man dismantling the (((science))) that now-a-days passes for empirical thought.

187cf5  No.12880330




Reported. You don't belong here.

1ff5a9  No.12880338


I'm starting to understand where are you coming from. If my mother wasn't interested in "hippie" movement in her youth, I probably wouldn't be exposed to some ideas, even if only slightly and tangentially. Would that stop me from developing in certain way? Of course not. But it did help.

I know for a fact that some volkisch groups continued operating in USA after the fall of NS Germany, and this would also fit the ages old pattern of kikes eventually subverting Aryan movements turning them into their exact opposite. I'm not sure about the LSD though. On one hand, it's potency can't be disputed, on another, can you really shatter someone's programming instantaneously? Hardly. You are more likely to shatter his mind. It has to be a slow and natural process, conscious realization. The question is, where are the original groups today? Are we, in our fractured states, the final echo?

Can you post another link? I can't open that one. Who is the author of that text?


>New bodies

That's reincarnation, not resurrection.

>It is said that Christians will not know death.

Materialistic perspective

>Change is the only constant.

>Everything is permitted

Neither are Christian concepts, latter being the one usually promoted by Satanism


Everything already existing does not exclude free will. You are free to choose the states that you will move through, any "creation" is illusory. You are defining by drawing from the infinite source of all-existence (all possibilities), not creating ex-nihilo. True craft is manipulation of probabilities. Of course, I'm talking from a master-level perspective, in finite, physical universe you can actually 'create' things if no one has brought them forth before you.

I'll check those sources, eventually… New Age is actually the New World Order , another concept that kikes have subverted to promote their rabbinical tyranny. One eye on the top of the pyramid is actually the eye of Odin, the one he "lost" .


>There is no such thing as freewill

For you

Free will is a mathematical constant, and thus more substantial than the matter itself (which is a variable).

f5e6da  No.12880365


>mathematical constant

Your 'math' is immature and flawed in its most fundamental principles. Because you have no value for true order, human mathematics are nothing more than a flawed game of rearranging ideological principles to match what your monkey minds can process, humanity has never learned higher order thinking and they probably never will. Rather than pursuing purity of thought, humanity pursued 'what suited your ideology and limited understanding' (mathematical games which have little value outside your own limited niche of observation and have absolutely no bearing at all on higher order thinking) this fundamentally limited and restricted humanities thinking as well.


>You don't belong here.


052723  No.12880392


>can you really shatter someone's programming instantly with LSD?

Ha, trust me, you damn well better believe that you can. Not with the baby doses that kids take for fun nowadays, though. The standard dose in the hippie scene is 5x what you see sold as a street drug, and it's usually free or bartered. I will say though, that it works better when there's some pre-loading of information or the presentation of some easy redpills to get the brain going. I won't speak for the ethics or safety of using such a drug for deprogramming, only for it's effectiveness. That said, in the current situation, I consider the risk of breaking an NPC to be worth the chance of awakening one. LSD is not the truth serum that the CIA or the kike wanted, but it is one nonetheless… in so that it makes a human incapable of lying to themselves. not saying they can't be wrong or mislead themselves, but they're honest about it.

>new link

https://archive.fo/9izZR#selection-28337.0-28337.1737 That one worked for me, so does this.


>better looking man

Well, enough of that convo…

c48ac6  No.12882031



I have to step away from this place for a while. Will one of you archive this thread when it hits the bump limit pls. Hopefully this year I’ll make it to the bridge; depending on if my wife is pregnant again and the location of the western regionals/nationals.

Praise Kek and the Ogdoad

Heil Hitler

Sieg heil.

350561  No.12883825

File: 34846670a98d8ec⋯.jpg (295.18 KB, 992x720, 62:45, alt right in one picture.jpg)


Woah man, you are like, so ascended and stuff. I'd ask you to define "higher order thinking" but I'm pretty certain that you have no clue what are you talking about. Universe is mostly deterministic, but it's those "statistical errors" that give us consciousness, free will and ultimately, the power to affect probabilities, and thus the reality itself.


Did you try that yourself? I'm generally against taking drugs in any form, including "light" drugs, or even alcohol in greater amounts. LSD and DMT are highly interesting though, but they would need to be taken in a lab environment to determine do they genuinely cause elevated states of consciousness or that's just how the feeling of permanent brain damage is described. Are there any non-kiked papers on the subject? I guess I should just try them to find out. I'm reading through that thread, the idea doesn't seem very promising. You are trying to reconcile two things which you hold dear, but they don't have almost anything in common. Don't do what the Christians, Masons etc. are doing in here, they (the few who are not shills) are trying to mold NS to fit their previous kiked programming rather than the other way around. Speaking of which, you have genuinely made me re-think some of my own stances (which doesn't happen often), an interesting perspective nonetheless. Nothing is stopping you from forming a new group combining good elements of both, but without the baggage. I'm more for reclaiming the positions of power rather than going even further to the fringe though.


>Temple of Kek

Pic related. Inb4 this is precisely what happened to the hippie movement.

052723  No.12883944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>try it yourself

Yes and yes. I've consumed what would be considered truly "heroic" doses of LSD and even scopolamine, for that matter for numerous purposes. It is an effective tool for deprogramming, though not one without it's own notable risks.

>elevated states of consciousness

Absolute nonsense. These substances change the way that information is filtered out by the brain. Their effects are mostly indirect and most of the BS spouted by wannabe gurus and sheep is complete nonsense, made up to make themselves feel happy as they fall back into a new comfortable delusion to replace the one that was eroded away by their experience. I will not go as far as to say that entheogenic pfft, starting to hate that term. Mind-altering substance containing plants and fungi substances do not have a spirit or a current attached to them, but in the end what matters is the results. They force a person to (often rapidly) enter a new mental state, where they simply are unable to ignore all the things that they normally would ignore. Tracers are just the brain's failure to process all of the information due to lack of training, usually they're just small reflections… there are thousands of perfect reflections in a person's view in every cityscape, each with enough information for a full image to be taken in by the eyes and processed by the brain, yet the processing power of the average brain is simply incapable of handling it all… so the information is most often simply discarded. This though, the ability to suddenly force a person to become aware of the information, is the first step in actually learning to process it. That is one of the reasons I value these substances. I'm probably losing the topic now.


The truth is sacred, whatever it may be, and regardless of the opinions of anyone.

>further into the fringe

Well, since you bring up the challenge… vid related!

3aed38  No.12885176

File: e7c12536c69b185⋯.gif (55.25 KB, 720x315, 16:7, hs550980e5.gif)

File: d3f89b6e603d986⋯.jpg (166.48 KB, 582x416, 291:208, hk551a88a4.jpg)


The equal and opposite of Venus/Inanna is Lamastu who got thrown out of Heaven for wanting to eat babies for breakfast, also the stone of symbolic Inanna is Lapis Lazuli.

The Emerald tablets of Thoth is Gnostic nonsense, the ancient tradition was the Lapis Lazuli tablet of the scribal Goddess Nisaba which contained on it the plans of Heaven and was held in its own shrine, it gave advice and destiny was written upon it, Nisaba represented the constellation Virgo.

>A woman - who was she? Who was she not? The image of a temple-structure, a ziggurat, she carried on her head - in her hand she held a holy stylus, the tablet of the favorable star of heaven she bore, taking counsel with it

>Good woman, chief scribe of An, record-keeper of Enlil, wise sage of the gods!

>Nisaba, the woman radiant with joy, the true woman, the scribe, the lady who knows everything, guides your fingers on the clay: she makes them put beautiful wedges on the tablets and adorns them with a golden stylus. Nisaba generously bestowed upon you the measuring rod, the surveyor’s gleaming line, the yardstick, and the tablets which confer wisdom

>The arts of Nisaba's house of wisdom; palace archivist of heaven and earth, who keeps count of every single assignment, who holds a holy reed-stylus and covers the great tablets of destiny with writing!

>To the true woman who possesses exceeding wisdom, always consulting a tablet of lapis lazuli, giving advice to all lands, the true woman, Nisaba, knowing the inmost secrets of numbers.

052723  No.12887287


Hermes pre-dates what is known as gnosticism… though, do you even know wtf gnostic traditions are?

4aa625  No.12887878



Are you one of those people who have to try every drug in existence? Your brain must be like a Swiss cheese right now lol.

>This though, the ability to suddenly force a person to become aware of the information

The more aware you become, the more you begin to realize just how fucked up and illusory most things are, and the more you suffer as a consequence. I think I'm starting to get the "apple" myth. You get banished to hell, just not by some external force, but rather, by the very act of knowing and understanding. It's an allegory for a change in mental state caused by heightened awareness and consciousness.

Cool video, it's giving me some ideas on how to flood (or fry) this planet again. Earth is a 'child' of Saturn, and Saturn eats his children.


Can you make a point already? What's your position?

052723  No.12888115


>swiss cheese

I learned to process all the data. I am not a slave to expectations. I see through all illusion, for the foundation of all illusion is one's own expectations. When you are free of expectation, it holds no power over you. I do not hallucinate from scopolamine. I learned this lesson from the dark lady, Brugmansia.

>the apple myth

Helheim is a fucking waiting room. The story of the apple in the garden of eden, was the story of man becoming something more than an animal. The knowledge of good and evil, is what set him free from the cannibalistic nature, and he was forced out of the petting zoo because he was no longer merely a beast.

052723  No.12888122


cannibalistic = animalistic.

3aed38  No.12889691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Lapis Lazuli tablets related to the plans of Heaven manifesting on Earth as they were directly comparable to the Heavens, this related to the golden Grain Goddess Nisaba/Virgo and the onset of the Neolithic period 13,000 years ago when Virgo was at the Spring Equinox, 6,500 years ago when she was at the Summer solstice we began civilization, Nisaba was the basis of all learning and progression, kind of important.


So let us compare that to a tradition of Emerald Tablets, it's a question of the objective Heavenly grand design contrasted with internalized subjective intuition according to the symbolic factors involved, a question of how green one is.

>Hermetic tradition also maintained that an emerald fell from Lucifer’s forehead during his fall. According to medieval folklore, the emerald, placed upon the tongue, enabled to summon evil spirits and converse with them. However it was also recognised as being able to heal some diseases, especially those pertaining to eyesight. Being a mysterious stone, and therefore dangerous to those ignorant of its powers, the emerald was almost universally considered as the most powerful talisman. Hell-born, it could turn itself against the inhabitants of the infernal regions, whose secrets it knew.


>Christian tradition drew a distinction between properties connected with the Heavens and with the Underworld, Good and Evil, and the blue of the sapphire opposed the green of the emerald.


Yes i know what they are.

052723  No.12890443


>I know

Then back it up, because you don't sound like you know anything.

3aed38  No.12891069


I think it more sounds like you disagree with my dismissal of Gnosticism, which is fine, but i'm not going to elucidate on something that doesn't particularly interest me unless you'd care to make an opposing point.

052723  No.12891426


>oy vey, I won't ever explain my points!

You're full of shit until you prove otherwise. Nothing but a disinfo shill or a deluded fool, if you can't even explain your point.

3aed38  No.12891911


What's the point?

That's not even a rhetorical question, what exactly is this imaginary point i'm somehow supposed to explain when none has been mentioned?

is this a side effect of LSD?

052723  No.12892685


You have a bias. Your argument is no different than ORANGE MAN BAD. Now you've devolved into reddit spacing and psychiatric accusations. You're hardly any different than a kike.

cfbaed  No.12892798

I'm almost certain the above post is a bot. Don't respond to it.

052723  No.12893271


Still, if so, it's amusing that the bots would be set to sage a thread. It means the objective is to flood threads with BS without bumping them, to reduce the speed that they get banned.

000000  No.12893363


Reminds me of how I used to wear an necklace of a stone eagle that I found in an run down house, returning to nature, where an old veteran had lived who worked on crafts and made various trinkets. One day when I was shirtless, a girl with dreads said the necklace coupled with my facial features made her uncomfortable. It was years later when I realized she was Jewish that it made sense.

000000  No.12893738


>The nature of this place was beyond strange for a newfag to any image board, but I immediately felt like I had come home after a long journy lost in the wilderness. The lexicon and abbreviations were clear as though I had spoken it for years. After lurking, when I posted sieg heil for the first time, warm waves of energy began rhythmically circulating from my heart through my San Graal.

Feels. This whole thread is feels. Ever since getting in touch with spirituality and starting a dialogue with the cosmos searching for Truth and purpose, I was led straight to here and Hitler. It only took me to simply ask and then listen. It felt like coming home. It took no time to learn the new jargon, it already felt like a second tongue I never even knew I knew.

Prior to that, I was lost in a sea of jewish pilpul lolbergs represent. Not to mention the choice between all the various religions and larps. It was all meaningless, misrepresenting, and nonsensical - I knew that much - but did not know what I was missing at the time.

>The murmurs from my Blood Memory which followed the Fuhrer’s bait here, began to shout back


f3a8b8  No.12896507


Guys, do you know if Julius Evola ever consumed alcohol?

He's my hero, but I'm currently drunk as fuck but still thinking stuff like this and I'd like to know what THE MASTER would think of it.

I admire him and his thoughts, but my weakness is that I just sometimes need some kind of refresh by taking some alcohol.

74f5b7  No.12896660


It kind of sucks when in most scenarios, you simply know what is going to happen.



This looks very similar to Mormonism. The more I think about it, the more your narrative is starting to add up and point in that direction. Odd, considering the time gap between the two. It's hilarious just how much of a ripoff Christianity was, they stole ideas from Sumerian/Mesopotamian tradition as well (which is natural due to proximity).

>Hell-born, it could turn itself against the inhabitants of the infernal regions, whose secrets it knew.

The knowledge of good and evil. Which is required to actually resist and punish evil. Or rise above good and evil.

>>Christian tradition drew a distinction between properties connected with the Heavens and with the Underworld, Good and Evil, and the blue of the sapphire opposed the green of the emerald.

Black and white dualism, being dumb, weak, and spiritually dead people, they feared the power of the emerald and chose the ignorance and slavery to the (((grand design))) because it provided answers to their primitive and animalistic fears and desires. This 'creation' is either a result of absolute sadism, or incompetence, both of which warrant punishment.

>a question of how green one is.

We are glowingBut green





>When your very existence triggers the kike

052723  No.12896995



Why? 3aed38 has done nothing but spread bullshit disinfo this entire thread, without any will to back up anything.

ced405  No.12898147


His narrative is wrong, and he is most likely a Jew, but he does provide some very interesting information (although considering the names of the authors of the publications which he is citing would tell you to take everything with a mountain of salt).

People are saturated with bullshit disinfo since early childhood, I don't think anyone making it this far would be fooled anymore. I like reading about perspectives different than mine. Unlike many people in here, I actually arrived to mine from a rationalist angle rather than emotional or mythological one. If people actually took rationalism to it's logical conclusion, they would become pro-white NS and realize that Hitler was right about pretty much everything. True ascendancy is taking the mythological angle, but understanding what is it that makes it real and not just a fantasy. At the bottom of natural sciences, you always find religion/god(s).

3aed38  No.12898329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trust the Plan-wouldn't that be nice, even better if you were the one determining it, if you had the confidence of those silly politicians and their little hand gestures as members of the club manifesting it, the secret plan.

Plan A-The scribal cult of Nisaba were interpreting the Heavenly grand design and making that manifest upon Earth since the age of Virgo, the original basis for As Above so Below as the writings and diagrams of her Lapis Lazuli tablet reflected the Heavens and all things were recorded, the concept of a Book of Life.

Change of Plan-The Amorites invade Mesopotamia making Babylon their capital and Nisaba is sacked to be replaced by Nebo a formerly obscure NW Semitic God associate with the planet Mercury, as the side kick of Marduk he now determines the course civilization shall take.

There are strange connections made between Nebo and an even more obscure Mesopotamian God Muati/Enzag of Dilmun, were Enzag and Meskilah were the original Fish people couple of the Heavenly Union, the first fruit of the plan.


>Maat is merely the moral expression of Muat in the social world. An individual of this expression is known as a Muati i.e. "One who affirms Reality". The collective body of all Muati individuals have the anthropomorphic reference of Haru, the establisher of Maat.


Being Muati is a good job as one gets to celebrate the sacred marriage with Nanaya, the physical incarnation of Inanna, this is a cult of the Heavenly plans mad manifest and incarnate in human form, we can assume then that the High Priest of Nebo saw his role in such terms, that he was the very incarnation of the Divine Plan.

A cunning plan-In the biblical narrative Moses assumes the role of Nebu tablets and all, he is recorded as buried on Mount Nebo, a human interpreter of the Heavenly plan and the one that makes it manifest upon Earth, generating the scribal cult of the Levites, the Babylonian Nebo is now the evil rival and the only mention of Lucifer in the bible is with regards to the fall of nebu-chadnezzar, to trust this plan is to trust Israel and here we are.

The Emerald by the way is the prize, it is the Earth, it is Life.

2ca8cd  No.12898367

Knowledgable anons, what about the figure of Melek Taus? Is he somehow connected to pre-semitic/Sumerian beliefs of the region. Yazidi are known as the Angel worshippers.


>Nebo is now evil

I've seen several authors were linking Orpheus to Nebo.


>At the bottom of natural sciences, you always find religion/god(s).

right, because the episteme made by them to castrate your ability of independent mythological/Noetic creativity.

myths are Noetic memes.

>Unlike many people in here, I actually arrived to mine from a rationalist angle

your cool. your ratio is grounded in what is real? can't you see that you are being in the mythological thread and by trying to impose typically communist agenda of mixing ontologically differences into a unified soup. once you in that soup hip the black science Tysoone will command your soul with his authoritative smart sounding scientific enchantments.

>pro-white NS and realize that Hitler was right

stereotypes of thinking that clog dynamis and solidify movements in dead frames: a degenerated idol worship, the lesser being's lot. and it doesn't matter do they worship yahveh or Hitler. to differentiate, Hitler understood by so called rationalist stand point is not Hitler as a Mythological avatar.

3aed38  No.12898402


Nebo is the basis for Hermeticism as this first posits a planet Mercury based archetype as the guide and interpreter of the Grand Design, this leading to Thoth-Hermes syncretism, originally though the Goddess Seshat very similar to the Goddess Nisaba had held that role as Mistress of the Rope, the measurer of all things and layer out of plans and foundations, were Thoth as the Moon God was the archivist of the scribal cult of Seshat.

2ca8cd  No.12898496

File: 57a8123cac67431⋯.png (78.59 KB, 487x260, 487:260, seth.png)


<Two pillars of Seth

<The ancient pillars of Hermes

Moon "the Dragon" Man

<Seth the ruler of the Red Desert

>Mistress of the Rope

jej. shh, do you hear it? the echo of a coming memetic singularity. where all memes will align in the super conjunction, secreting an elusive mercurial aether to confirm the silent covenant of making them all transcendentally meaningful. and pointing to the Center. such an event will create a shock waves of euphoria (VRIL) making those, who have tuned into it, Tesla-like electricity-shooting organic machines. an immanentized body-without-organs Mana charged BOGDOAD (like an ogdoad but one step superior) will be that Last GOD. the one Heidegger has hinted us about.

anyway, there is no other thing as degrading to Gods and Goddesses as the comparative religion studies. this desire of a modernized layman to put all non-mundane phenomena into boxes with labels. "I understand." yet, it is hard to talk these matters directly. too many nuances. hm.

ced405  No.12898845


>Trust the Plan

Creating a rootless, culture-less, ignorant, disgusting brown mass of slaves (to the agenda) that are enjoying things which they did not deserve and things that are way beyond and above what their natural abilities or level of development warrant in order to make the entire existence redundant and nature cancelled? All while the lowest, most vile, gutter of society rules over them like kings and gods, and the true gods are relegated to obscurity, constantly punished and sabotaged for their superiority?. The anti-thesis of virtue. I don't think the ancients could envision this level of kikery, not even the proto-Semitic ones, such ideas can only be spawned by a deviant mind of the anti-race. The (((Nephilim))) will pay for this treachery.

You seem to be saying that these crypto-kikes were developing their (((divine plan))) until they got rightfully punished by the forces of Marduk (WW2 association comes up) and then the original crypto-kikes struck back by stealing the story and placing themselves in the center of development again, making their former enemies work for them (see modern Germany).

>The Emerald by the way is the prize, it is the Earth, it is Life.

The stone of Lucifer is from beyond this world, it it a condensed idea of a radically different existence ('earth'), radically different life, the blood memory. To create the world in it's image is one of the goals, but don't mistake it for the rule over current mundane, Jewish existence, for holding the keys of such kingdom would be entirely meaningless to us as we would be ruling a world completely contrary to our very beings and our essence.

ced405  No.12898960


There is no difference. Your failure to understand that does not make my posts "communist agenda" There is no "independent mythological creativity" , that's discordian bullshit. All myths are rooted in archetypes (or their combination), you can just discover them and align with them.

True science is just another perspective of the Myth, and vice versa. It's Jewish "science" and Jewish myths/religions that are dualistic, contrary to each other and exclusive. Also, no one here worships Hitler, stop pushing that, it makes you look like a kike.


>Mistress of the Rope

Wew. May the day of the rope be her celebration

3aed38  No.12899360


Right there are two essential stages, the first the Hurrian colonists in the Sinai region, this provided a mixed race basis for increased Amorite physique, the Rephaim, and also as they had extensive mining and metallurgy sites in the region the weapons technology, through these means they expanded Northwards and took over Mesopotamia placing their own Deity Nebo as the interpreter of the Divine plan with themselves now obviously centre stage, they achieved this through numbers, brute force and utter ruthlessness..

The second stage is the Hebrews in that same region and the Atenist scribes of the House of Life fleeing Egypt and taking up with the Midianites, a section of which were the mixed race Qenites, this provided the genealogical basis for an elite scribal class, the Levites, and the knowledge of how to generate the interpretive narrative, naturally they also placed themselves centre stage within that and Moses and the Pentateuch was the staking of their claim. this saw the Babylonians as rivals.

This was a far more serious development than the Babylonians as even though they had taken over the entire tradition and made certain crude Theological changes to establish their role they didn't generate much tradition themselves, they were happy enough just to rule over what had previously been established, the Hebrew seeks to not only rule over everything but also eradicate all other tradition, including and especially that which relates to the earlier plan.

At the higher esoteric levels then they will clain two things, that some are descendents of the Rephaim and that they are the true heirs and representatives of Egyptian tradition, both have some truth in a very limited sense, they are a rotten branch.

3aed38  No.12899482


Yes it's fun, it's a case of going right to the source of their generative principle, Yah, and disconnecting that at source, shutting down the power source marked Lamastu-Danger Do Not Connect, which is what they were generating

This will leave them scratching their little heads and wondering why the evil doesn't seem to be working anymore, why the Plan/Exploit is suddenly falling apart and people are starting to wake up and wonder what has been going on, that in conjunction with re-connecting our ancient power supplies, those who were part of the former plan will not figure in ours.

ced405  No.12899711


So summa sumarum, they were two factions of non-white mutts promoting the same idea and working towards the same goal, but fighting over who wuz the true kang in the story? Like modern Jews and Freemasons, they might have some surface differences and disagreements, but they both have the same goals and worldview, with Jews trying to erase any traces of any other tradition while Freemasons are preserving them as a scholarly pursuit, as long as it doesn't threaten them and their globohomo agenda. Ones have a tyrannical, others utilitarian and pseudo-beneficial approach.

Where do whites and their traditions fit into this story? I guess they are the ones who mutts got the original ideas from.


>those who were part of the former plan will not figure in ours.

I hope that will include non-whites, otherwise you become just another version of the Jew and set conditions for the cycle to repeat in the future.

ced405  No.12900098


People like me are not easy to enslave. Not by gods, and especially not by men. Besides, master-slave dialectic is a Jewish and not an Aryan trait. Aryans value freedom and self-sufficiency. It is them accepting Jewish values and worldview that led to their ultimate downfall. They got subhumans as slaves to feed their decadent lifestyles and have more than what they actually need. Who is going to work instead of me? Who is going to pay for my pensions? They sold the future of their children so they could enjoy decadence and debauchery. Negro workers, sex toys, something to use as a bargaining chip against the opposite gender. (Same applies to men and Asian women) and something to enhance the ever increasing degeneracy.

The idea that ancient ayys who could traverse space and genetically design life needed workers of flesh and blood doesn't make any sense. Same applies to any advanced human civilization.

9c078a  No.12900113


These aren’t aryans. They are Khazars. But good luck with them.

2ca8cd  No.12900375

File: 4f7f67a4069be33⋯.jpg (221.88 KB, 1024x671, 1024:671, temple.JPG)


>the first the Hurrian colonists

The original Sons of God?

>as even though they had taken over the entire tradition and made certain crude Theological changes to establish their role

Could you expand on this one? From what I understand, the key feature of the Egyptian religion is its fertility-type immanence where pharo serves as a blinding sun archon like slave-owner. Which is understandable, as they are far from the Pole/the Source, they cannot replenish themselves in a natural way => they invent stealing and enslaving.

>descendents of the Rephaim

Who were building the circular Temples. Reminds me of the Druidic way.


<Gilgal Refā'īm

Our guy (B)OG got massively lied about.


>True science is just another perspective of the Myth, and vice versa.

If you are saying about the Divine Science, then I agree. I got repulsed by the word ‘rational’. If so, we should be speaking about the UR-rationality. To distinguish.

>Jewish myths/religions that are dualistic,

Dualism is the key of the Aryan Tradition. Look Zoroastrianism. Read about the Chaldeans. Manicheanism, Catharism all these spiritual movements would separate the matter from the spirit. It is about the division, about separation of 'the subtle from the gross'.


>body-without-organs Mana charged BOGDOAD (like an ogdoad but one step superior) will be that Last GOD

A slight remark: the BOGDOAD is not an ennead. It is an Ogdoad, but actualized. Aligned with the all key memetic leylines.

ced405  No.12900564


It doesn't matter who was the originator of decay (it's the usual suspects), what matters is that most others have accepted it. Aryan blood and genes can only be maintained by Aryan values. The punishment for those abandoning or rejecting them, is becoming the negro or the Jew, a physical form more fitting for their degraded spirit.


>I got repulsed by the word ‘rational’

What is rational is real. :DD

What I meant that what's being paraded as "rationality" today is just another form of irrational, pseudo-religious dogma and ignorance. You should have learned not to automatically reject things just because the kikes have corrupted them by now. Read the posts I've made ITT before you jump to conclusions.

>Dualism is the key of the Aryan Tradition.

They do explain how it's possible for the mind and matter to interact though. They are linked with mathematics.

Fun fact, Bog means God in many Slavic languages. Bogdanoff would mean something like "god given" .

28fe2e  No.12900626


>the fucking feels

fa4a68  No.12900922


Consider the concept of re-incarnation. Death is but a return. Then the rune on the tombstones will make sense.

fa4a68  No.12901091



052723  No.12901125

>>12900922 (check'd)

This, but that retard you responded to has been at this for years now. He's as bad as A&E faggot. He will never be capable of grasping that runes are not simple a symbolic script with applied "meaning", but rather that their nature is intrinsic.

fa4a68  No.12901133


The first thing you get when you search "Minyan" is some hebrew bullshit. You have been MINDFUCKED by disinfo. Minyan civilization is the civilization that existed when the original, actual Minos came to our planet.

fa4a68  No.12901198


When I write on this site I do it because I feel like it. I don't count on that anon to understand runes, but I still felt the need to help. I'd like to add a few things(and rant a bit).

Those runes, they are not only intrinsic, but they are the code of the universe itself. And the runes that are known as the runic alphabet are not the only "runes". Fyi every single time we are writing in small script, we engage in even greater cuckery than using a defaced "alphabet". Ever thought why it's a fucking alphabet when it ends in z and specifically xyz? There is no such thing as an "alphabet" that is older than mold on your lawn grass or more legitimate than a counterfeit dollar bill. What it should be is alpha omega. Through that alpha omega, every single rune is created, along with every single thing in creation.

3aed38  No.12901221


It was all part of the same process, the Amorites were very limited in what they could conquer, were pushed back and are no more, their cousins the Hebrews are the much more sophisticated development.

It was the Hurrians that inadvertently empowered the groups in that region through inter-marriage, shared technology and learning, they had expanded into the Levant, Sinai, Jordan and even Egypt, by the 10th century BC they had been eradicated/assimilated. across that greater region.

Non-whites were certainly part of the greater plan because civilization was established in essentially non-white regions initially, it was for their betterment as well as the ruling elite, benevolent colonialism, that isn't to say they should be part of any plan in our own regions.

0d99fe  No.12901238

File: 06d2d122393fe94⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 450x619, 450:619, 5e1b2ab4a3ec7e3371366ea6a7….jpg)


Previous incarnation, I've only seen one though my bro has seen multiple. You immediately recognize it as previous incarnation since it's a bit like lifting a veil and your intuition (which is the divine anyway) will tell it.

Apart from that, not too much, I've had other magical experiences though not related to meditation, such as knowing names before meeting people and such.

We live in a Thought Universe, and the Heavenly Father is a being that thinks. He thought the Universe into existence, and we are He, the divine dreamer, dancing to the cosmic tune of existence in the great matrix of imagination. Life is but a dream.

It goes without saying that out of nothingness manifold things arise, many things are possible, there are limits since we are the great limitation. What does an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Being lack? The answer: Limitation. Thus we are the Great Limitation, set to experience itself and all of our glory.

If you want to get to mysticism I recommend and implore you to go celibate since without your life force it's sort of useless, at least much harder to get to this level of boogaloo. This is why many spiritual traditions emphasize purity. Six months is alreay a lot, after one year you should be at state where cup runneth over. Good luck if you wish to do it.

3aed38  No.12901331


The Sons of God term originally related to the sons of El and the Pantheon in general under his rule, the Elohim.

The changes the Amorites made was that they took the local Deity of Babylon Asalluhi, a shamanic healer son of Enki and converted him into the supreme ruler of the Universe as Marduk, including have him chop Anu's head off allegedly, assimilated into his cult En-lil and Ninurta and pretty much anything else they could think of to centralize Babylonian power, that in conjunction with his co-ruler Nebo as vizier orchestrating the changed Theology.

052723  No.12901391

File: 728f79fb350a814⋯.jpg (64.29 KB, 748x1091, 748:1091, feb6e89da0ab70257d8264f50c….jpg)


Preaching to the choir, anon. Still, it's good that you have the will to put it out there.

cfbaed  No.12901512


I have a question that pertains to this pic. I've read Evola's Grail and Hermeticism books, I've read a pretty thorough book on Gnosticism, I've learned about different ancient myths over the years, and I inherited a bunch of Atkinson's books, a few of which I've read. Do you think that I'd be able to read Serrano's work at this point, or is there any other prerequisite material that I should read before diving that deep into the rabbit hole?

052723  No.12901707


Have you at least glanced over the Sagas or read the plain text retellings, like Children of Odin? Have you skimmed through the Mahabharata? Have you studied at least a bit of the runes I suggest Futhark by Edred Thorson, probably the most controversial asshole still alive in the occult scene, which is why he knows his shit. and given some thought to the works of Pythagoras? not that you'll find direct works, but eh… Though, all things said and done, you can just read through, realize you need to learn more, study and search while inspired by Serrano's poetics, and then come back and read them again.

ced405  No.12901732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Exactly, but death is still death. You don't become more physically alive by dying. You return to that world, by dying in this world. I don't want the white race to die in this world (so they could reincarnate as niggers, which is what the kike wants, although many traitors deserve it). I want them to reconnect to their life-source, destroy the Cube/Saturn, and return to their original traditions, overwhelming the traitors, the kike and all the lesser races all while creating synchronistic heaven on earth through mutual brotherhood and power of creation inherent in them, the new golden yuga.


You act like a woman with PMS, didn't get your fix today so you are having an addiction crisis?


Can you expand more on that? I wanted to read the works of Guido Von List, but didn't manage to find the English translation.


And this is where we entirely disagree. While your posts give a very good insight into the (Judeo)Masonic tradition and some ancient ideas which get a very different meaning when observed from a (proper) perspective (rather than the one of modern Jewish historians), I am not buying the official historical narrative where whites were living in mud huts while kikes and muds were building civilization. In most likely scenario, you had two very distinct civilizations emerging, with intertwined, but different generative points. Unless the ancients in that region were whites themselves, who at one point got mixed with proto-kikes (just like Egyptian royalty did, bringing the fall and niggerization of Egypt). But that's an entirely different subject and it would take another thread of this size to develop.


How do we make the Heavenly Father to think the niggers away?


En-lil/Marduk/Ninurta seem like the principle that we should align with. I used to think that it represented (((YHWH))) , but the more I read about it, the more it seems to be the opposite. Enki was a SJW racemixer it seems. Behead the kike god, kill his daughter Lamashtu, ascend into godhood by virtue/heroism and become a furious storm violently purging subhumans and degenerates. Or there is something that I'm not connecting right?


I could post some, but they would cause a lot of controversy so …

3aed38  No.12903980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There were two distinct components required to build civilization, large low lying agricultural populations practising irrigation along major rivers and highland cattle herding groups that had access to mineral resources and advanced crafting skills and warrior tradition, left to themselves the highlanders, literally Aryans and Hurrians didn't construct large urban cities as it didn't suit their life style and inclinations, the development of civilization in itself was a form of crafting, a fusion of different elements by the highland groups.

The archetype of Asalluhi or dingir asar-lú-hi as the basis for Marduk is interesting as it's the closest to Jesus in terms of what he actually did, shamanic healing, in every instance of Sumerian shamanic healing texts Asar consults his Father Enki as to the way to go about things, Enki being very good at Biology.

Asar as the God of magical incantation is also the likely origin of Asar/Osiris that appeared in Egypt towards the end of the Old Kingdom, magical incantations towards physical resurrection, in Sumerian terms the crossing of the River ordeal of Life/Death, his elemental magic was water based


">I am Asalluhi, who knows the depth of the vast netherworld-river

>"I am Asalluhi, unveiling cuneiform"

>"I am Asalluhi, whose glare destroys a wall of stone"

>"I am Asalluhi, inspecting esoteric sources, creating cosmic plans"

>"I am Asalluhi, who removes illness and destroys the great demons

He's sort of like your typical /x/ poster or at least how they'd like to see themselves;

>Your prince, the most precious prince Asarluḫi, the most precious one, is a warrior, born a noble prince, a leopard who seizes prey. He is like an onrushing storm battering the rebel land. As long as it remains disobedient, he pours spittle upon it. Asar-alim-nuna, the son of the abzu, has erected a house in your precinct, O house Kuara, and taken his seat upon your dais.

>Enki has named you with the River of the ordeal, the sublime course. You cleanse the just man like gold, and you hand over the wicked to extinction

He also closely connects to the Abzu and the seven sages, as the Son of the Abzu, the God of Kuara Dumu-zi-abzu.

>O city rising from the abzu like barley, cloudy plain, taking the divine powers from its midst, Kuara, your foundation and just banqueting hall, the lord who does not hold back his goods stands ready for admiration. The Seven Sages have enlarged it for you from the south to the uplands.

There were three major magic traditions, Asar-luhi representing Enki, Kusu representing Enlil through the principle of fire, and Ningirim representing Anu through air, the spoken word, these three schools the basis for the three Magi tradition.

0dbbc0  No.12904094


>How do we make the Heavenly Father to think the niggers away?

That I do not know. All the answers lie within you but as I said we are limited as humans, we have forgotten our True Self in order to have this human experience. Part of it is darkness and evil, so you could say it would be impossible to separate reality into categories of our own devising, wishing to have something without the counterpart.

This is not to say we cannot act. All changes are possible, I would recommend reading of taoism and how in the end the meek shall overcome the strong. This is simply because of ebb and flow nature of reality, what is strong will weaken and what is weak can only strengthen. Empire once united must divide, once divided must unite and so on. It might be necessary that we go through collapse.

All will go well however, we are connected and the only thing to fear indeed is the fear itself. The One is The Benevolent One, as buddhists say. Also Christ was son of God, it's not even a metaphor, he literally was. The rest you can figure out by yourself, I have already pointed to where to look if you need further information. Celibacy, meditation (prayer as a form of meditation or vice versa will also suffice) and yoga/qigong (this is of utmost importance since prolonged celibacy will cause your chi or if you need northern european term vril to rise and it will be hard to control unless you do these) will quickly develop your spirit and increase your awareness so that you may find answers yourself, perhaps within 6 months to a year.

2ca8cd  No.12904296

File: f84c772a8d434f1⋯.png (41.92 KB, 666x108, 37:6, eliyuh.png)

File: 3882d612b5fc1e5⋯.png (57.99 KB, 520x136, 65:17, noesis.png)

File: c799c644b842167⋯.png (57.72 KB, 553x101, 553:101, s.png)

File: 62e45d9613a344f⋯.png (144.52 KB, 614x391, 614:391, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at ….png)


>They do explain how it's possible for the mind and matter to interact though. They are linked with mathematics.

I know not that much about them sciences, mister. But I can tell you that Monad — or how can you call the one that experiences, soul, maybe? — either goes UP (solve) or goes DOWN (coagula). So without a differentiation impulse— separating that which is MINE and that which is heterogenous — can be no Movement. No Dynamis. Without Dynamis we are puppets in that play, we stay inside of textures made for us by an external Tekton.

>Fun fact, Bog means God in many Slavic languages. Bogdanoff would mean something like "god given" .

Yes. And here is something even more coming straight from the d33p Bogdanology course at the Ahnenerbe university: the BOG is the pit. The Abyss. The origin of everything: the Black Sun. U R G R U N D.

>You should have learned not to automatically reject things just because the kikes have corrupted them by now.

to be quite honest. I don’t understand, at this point, what a ‘kike’ is. It is really reductive and not helping thinking.

Can you give a slight but profound rundown?

On the surface, we are meant to believe – by consuming 'awareness-pilled' media – that they are a semitic nomadic people that managed to keep their esoteric philosophy and practice, through which scribal class would control their own populace, and then expand this control to all of the world bringing their messianic expectations. — (problem with such view it lowers your test. for once. it locks one in a perpetual resentment. rewires your brain to fear. lowers your frequencies. your power circuit gets backward. bye bye to masculinity and connection to the spirit)

Okay-okay, that’s pretty cool. But there are more things to this reality. At least consider this: where are the Northern Israel tribes? Wuz we dem Israelites? Or wuz dem kangz the true israelites? sheit. Exactly, where did the Tribe of (BOG)DAN go? A cool fact: It is said, in the Rabbinical lore, that the Danites will be the judges of Judah in the final days. Shit yo, so many meanings — so little time.

Thus my advice: take the d33p Bogpill. And join in the advancement of the memetic conjunction. Develop, seek, make new connections. Interpret the narrative in ways that will be redemptive, will open new lanes where der Geist will come manifesting itself. Create. And never fall to resentment again. Euphoric creativity against resentment, hate and a shadow role (voluntary vril feeding of your enema).


>into the rabbit hole?

rabbits and (some) h o l e s (stay away from it, bro. it real nasty, mane) are associated with Ishtar. The one with a shifted gender roles. Female penis? dude. Or two assholes. Shizle.

Fucking meaning. It doubles — a mirage in the wilderness. Imagine, living in a universe where every thing has a sinister double and you cannot distinguish between an original and a double. As if someone fucked up your neuro-pathways or has poured toxic juice on your spiritual eye.

Yes, Ishtar. I’ve read somewhere that she is the same as Lilith. However, as we know the Sumerian system is older than the Abrahamic, right. And in the Sumerian Lil is Air. Which hints me that Abrahamists just do not want us flying. I am saying, that symbols can shift valency — and be interpreted in both ways. ‘Sheeit, so you be saying basically nothing true and everything is permitted? another discordian23 bullshit’ — not exactly. I’m talking about the Mercury. You know? The Central Agent of Our Science of Our Understanding. The Ouroboros: where the end meets the beginning. Ambivalence: healthy ambivalence or toxic ambivalence. That is the problem: the line is thin and ambivalence is ambivalent. The God of play and of speed.

Nuances. You need to have the abyss close enough to feel the wind coming from the depths(BYTHOS). It may be frightening at times, but it is the price for the ability to see the whole endless spectrum of potentialities

Forgive me, I feel disenchanted and in the mood for bogposting. You cannot escape the lanes unless you are able to create your own. But then you might fall into the toxic waste. My biggest believe is that only Love and the Childish Heart can lead the way. So is there a connection between the King OG and the most holy blood of an ancient royal dynasty of the BOGdanoffs-Merovingians?

Do you see what I’m trying to say, through surfacely chaotic ramblings, my brothers? No? Alas, I’m in it all alone.

the Bogdagnosis.. *BRAIN ZAP* .. then it’s time for me to go.