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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

786efd  No.12774320

>record low Super bowl ratings

>Journalists are unironically blaming Russian bots and hackers for low super bowl ratings

>Multiple Same NFL damage control articles being published at the same time

>NFL nothing more than showcase for liberal propaganda Disguise as commericals

>Far few movie trailers premiering during the super bowl because Hollywood jews realized they are not profitable

>NFL got see desperate for viewers they tried to tease playing sponge bob sweet victory to appeal to man children

>Baby boomers are dying off

>White remaining baby boomers got sick of NFL being political

>Niggers are stopping watching because NFL not sucking them off hard enough

>Soyboys don’t care about sports beyond pozzing

We need to collapse college sports next. With whites not watching the NFL. There will be far less Bread and circus distracting whites.




d213cf  No.12774327

can't happen soon enough

15b2ea  No.12774338

Did that shit happen already? Remember when the cunts criminilazed anyone in media from even saying the words super bowl? Who could imagine it would turn out this way

786efd  No.12774339


I wish /pol/ focused on undermining college sports. It the main monkey maker for Marxist brainwashing camps. Instead of electing trump.

d213cf  No.12774347


I don't watch sports, but I'd assume there would be a lot of opportunity to shit on them with how pozzed colleges in general are, can't imagine the teams are able to avoid it

786efd  No.12774359


We could’ve and still can use college SJWs to turn on sports. Without college football ((they)) will lose billions

bd0a28  No.12774362


A. Get the feminists to say niggerball is toxic masculinity, and causes school shootings, and campus rape.

B. Larp as a mooslim, and get football banned based on the ball being called a "pigskin" which offends Allah.

c7d5c8  No.12774388

File: 1bd2f9b2b64d580⋯.png (297.73 KB, 952x1458, 476:729, NFL insider.png)

punished Trump will replace NFL with XFL. i think Vince McMahon has been scripting the presidency.

515332  No.12774405


Boomers are starting to die off, and they're the only ones stupid enough to watch football.

786efd  No.12774417


> Get the feminists to say niggerball is toxic masculinity, and causes school shootings, and campus rape.

The fact this hasn’t happen yet. Is proof colleges trying to control feminists from turning on them

4b63da  No.12774429



>literally no world championships

>no world cup


>over ninethousand commercials

Yeah, no shit.

67730a  No.12774444


hrhrhr :3

immigrants dont contribute to the host country's traditional sports economic and thus the do-gooders are fucking themselves in the ass :0

9fa66e  No.12774450


exactly. they cant say niggerball is toxic because schools get funding for their niggerball programs, and also pro niggerball is a huge vehicle for jewish propaganda.

but larping as a sand nigger getting offended by cheerleaders, pigskin, beer being served at stadiums would be good. Anything to ban any type of fun left in going to one of these stupid games.

9fa66e  No.12774461


oh god dont start with this shit you faggot.

>muh football is better din urs huuurrr

its shit. Its all a massive distraction and lite cuckolding to care about this stupid bullshit. If you watch any form of sportsball, youre a cuck.

d20219  No.12774475

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f91cd1  No.12774500

There's multiple angles of attack to be found on college ball but I think a Colin Flaherty style approach would be one of the most powerful; collate all the stories illustrating how priveleged illiterate shitskin thugs living in extraordinary well fed comfort at the expense of the rest of the student bodies are becoming dens of criminality from theft to rape to drug dealing, making life unlivable for all the hard working decent students.

bcf567  No.12774520


>Instead of electing trump.

The butthurt is still as strong as 2016

618d77  No.12774533

>Soyboys don’t care about sports beyond pozzing

This is wrong. Chads are tuning out and soys are tuning in to NFL. They don't have any personal attachment to football because they never played it in school, but it's just like another form of netflix for them.

9d4047  No.12774546


Yup , (((they))) expose their hand in every thread

786efd  No.12774556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The butthurt is still as strong as 2016


>More gun control passed under trump Than Obama

>supporting anti-jewish hate speech laws

>funding Israel wall

>having spreading feminism as a U.S security goal

>Picked the first feminist head of the CIA

>Zero Wall

Tried of winning yet? #MIGA


e37ffa  No.12774558

This last superbowl sucked shit, I'm not surprised. Even the halftime show sucked shit. Not a single normalfag I watched it with liked it, and they're largely leftists who love CNN so they are very much a good gauge in my opinion.

c6e78c  No.12774559

File: 2ee9a792d5ef608⋯.png (563.32 KB, 736x552, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Liberals have been after Football for years.


Derek : [explaining his "anti-pep rally"] Violent ground acquisition games such as football is in fact a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war.

pic related

786efd  No.12774561


Only NFL team soyboys appear to like in big numbers are the sea hawks. Even the 49er fans are ditching the team.

786efd  No.12774567


Why the fuck are you hanging out with cnnloving leftist? Are you a homosexual or something?

ccef73  No.12774589


IF that happened it would just be more niggerball cuckery.

6d48ab  No.12774604


Anyone who thought that Trump was going to be the next Hitler and do everything he said he would when he campaigned is a fucking idiot.

/pol/ pushed for him to be elected because

>Hillary is a child fucking demon

>Trump becoming POTUS was amusing

Is Trump perfect? Fuck no but he's a hell of a lot better than what could have been.

What this board needs is a reasoned response to Trump. He does some good and he does some bad. Support him when he serves our interests and criticise him when he doesn't. Anything else is blatant shilling.

786efd  No.12774617


>Liberals are triggered

>That makes trump the kike good

You faggots really think trump would be any better than Hillary? He is no different from Obama or Hilary. In fact trump and Clinton’s always been friends. At least under king nigger /pol/ knew who the enemy was. All trump done was making larping acceptable in the far right.

1146f2  No.12774624

Niggerball is for mud bloods, play Quidditch.

c94462  No.12774705

Football, both burger's and the rest of the world's version, are kiked to the core. There was a scandal last year in England about scouts grooming young boys, nothing happened, the retarded footie fan kept showing up to the games. Then of course we have the sheer amount of outsiders playing for "your" team. How many of English football's finest are white and English? Again the retarded footie fan chants for his team, his token and based non-white because he kicks a ball around a field better than others.

287bdd  No.12774710


> Can't string a coherent sentence together

You don't belong here nigger.

6032ce  No.12774765


There are so many different things I can do with my free time on Sunday. What sounds incredibly unappealing is the prospect of watching arrogant, low-IQ millionaire nigger athletes kick a ball around a field while Jewish TV stations try to force me to listen to angry nigger sportscasters make commentary on how Whitey be rayciss and shiet. For a lot of people in the States at least, the kneeling shit was the last straw. I haven't watched a game of any sport in years now. I don't miss it and see no reason to ever go back to doing so. If they hate Whitey so much they can get their ticket and merchandising money from the shitskins they love instead.

c94462  No.12774770


It does sound horrendous doesn't it? I tried to get into Rugby a couple of years ago and I did enjoy it, with the Six Nations. Mostly white players, some teams were all white. One thing that I kept noticing was how it would cut to England's token nigger as much as possible. During downtime, cut to him. During a tackle or a play or a foul etc. cut to him or at least include him in shot.

Sports are unbelievably kiked but they masquerade as masculine and even patriotic so people fall for it.

43eae4  No.12774788

I got to see it because they invited me, no way in Hell I'd see it on my own volition. The SpongeBob thing could've been the only entertaining thing to watch and they didn't even let them sing the song, and apologists being BUT MUH NIGGERBALL AIR TIME IS SUPER EXPENSIVE, and it seems not a lot of people had much to say about the half time show except chicks saying "OMG the maroon 5 faggot is sooo hot"; who cared about the other niggers singing with that fucking mumble nigger music. The people that invited me were checking their phones or doing something else, and this is supposed to be your showstopper , but think that some fireworks and faggot flag saying LOVE will make it. It was good tinder Patriots winning because people get so upset with them, because their based wise niggers lose while the (in their mind) evil whites win.

834670  No.12774798



stopped reading right there

OP too much of a faggot to spell out NIGGER



786efd  No.12774815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Doesn’t know nigher is slang Nigerians call other niggers who are darker than them

Nigerians uses Nigher as a insult because the west African nation of nigher considered a failure among othe African nations. Calling someone a nigher is calling them worse than a nigger.

527b58  No.12774852


e76962  No.12774858

>linking to usatoday

>the newspaper that adds gofundme links to antifa in their articles

Kill yourself, OP.

f2eb5e  No.12774859

File: 7a582c5720f957a⋯.jpg (134.71 KB, 700x567, 100:81, kelly_xfl.jpg)


>punished Trump will replace NFL with XFL


e76962  No.12774863

Why not post the actual numbers? I want both the absolute ones and the previous years' ratings. Don't want to give the commies you linked any views.

000000  No.12774878


why not both?

a38d11  No.12774881

There's not enough talk about Trump in here. Come on guys, there has to be a way to work orange man into this conversation. Also, I'm with her.

f2eb5e  No.12774883


>If you watch any form of sportsball, youre a cuck

WRONG! Womens' volleyball is the h'wite man's spectator sport.

097c00  No.12774934

File: efb3dd0cb66be42⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 891x595, 891:595, 1368318846807.jpg)

>White remaining baby boomers got sick of NFL being political

that's probably the most hilarious part of it all. boomers are deeply in love with niggers until you remind them of their uppity side, at which point they look away lest their equality fantasies crumble before their eyes. all the kneeling shit was a constant reminder of the unquenchable desire for gibs found in the soul of the nigger, and what boomers will call 'politics' is just code for 'i can't believe i fell for the civil rights movement'

also, it's absolutely fucking hilarious that they decided to cap it all off by putting 2 gay niggers on the cheerleading squad for the super bowl. can't even let people have their softcore titty show without reminding them of diversity in EVERYTHING

6032ce  No.12774990

File: 6e05a788f61c393⋯.jpg (170.94 KB, 768x544, 24:17, tom.jpg)


You know what's both sad and ridiculous about the libfags losing their shit whenever the Patriots win? They get mad because the Patriots have the most white players of any NFL team, yet they're still below 50% white and that's still too white to make the libfags happy. The Seahawks are almost 100% black and nobody ever complains about too many of them, only too many of us. On top of that, the Patriots are owned by Robert Kraft, who also owns Gillette.

Maybe it's a good thing the NFL is courting these spineless soycunts so aggressively. They're driving anyone even slightly right of Lenin away from their product and toward more productive activities, like literally anything.

f48c28  No.12775019


>We need to collapse college sports next.

This is how you save the South.

6291b3  No.12775020


>Did that shit happen already? Remember when the cunts criminilazed anyone in media from even saying the words super bowl?

What world do you live in, again?

6291b3  No.12775035

File: 1b468c38a6e215e⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 800x533, 800:533, RH5.jpg)


>Boomers are starting to die off, and they're the only ones stupid enough to watch football.

Back in boomer day, the only entertainment there was consisted of tv. They didn't have anything like vidya games to waste countless hours in front of, nor social media to sit around and chat with others, endlessly, without having to leave their chairs.

It's not stupidity, it's sloth.

We all could be doing something with our lives, right now…but were shitposting on /pol/, instead.

As for sportsball…games are for playing, not watching, and the only reason any adult should be playing a game, is for the exercise, which is a useful function of games.

Otherwise, games are for children. Nothing important in society requires grown men to chase a rubber ball around.

816284  No.12775040


There's already a large contingent or liberals who sees college sports as a huge negative since athletes allegedly make a lot of money for the school without being paid. I don't think it would take much to seriously hurt it as a whole as we can own this issue and make it bipartisan. The best thing is no matter what, either one of minor leagues replacing college athletics or college students being paid will turn a lot of people off. Without college athletics a lot of universities lose a lot a appeal to normies, so this would be the one step towards killing the college system. It is the cut of a thousand knives: take away niggerball, everyone already knows about the debt issue, and you keep pushing how it indoctrinates people and the degrees are becoming increasingly useless. Once people see they don't a tribal sportsball team to root for, can't get a job afterwards, and sending their kids there will brainwash them, colleges will be forced to change or collapse.

373f2f  No.12775051

File: 7011bd66cde2e3b⋯.jpg (183.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20192171a784496d110de298fe….jpg)


>Highly regulated market for players. with all sorts of weird rules that people from outside the USA dont understand.

>In decline


>Free market with simple yearly spending caps.


Free market wins yet again.

Regulationfags are you even trying anymore?

6291b3  No.12775052


>What this board needs is a reasoned response to Trump.

You're trying to reason with Shareblue shills, you know.

6291b3  No.12775057


>Free market with simple yearly spending caps.

Did you read what you just wrote?

373f2f  No.12775061


>Anyone who thought that Trump was going to be the next Hitler and do everything he said he would when he campaigned is a fucking idiot.

You mean do everything CNN claimed he would?

Trump was quite open about being a center ground politician. Its common knowledge hes been part of the democrat and republican parties in the past.

It was CNN who said he was a right wing nazi causing unprecedented rise in anti semitism.

The shills are self defeating because the argument they are presenting, hinges on us believing what CNN said during the election, without question. Which nobody on here would do.

373f2f  No.12775063


Obviously it would be even more successful without the spending caps.

9e827f  No.12775064


Why wont you fucking idiots stop giving them (yous)? You’re helping them consistently destroy threads you retards.

6291b3  No.12775077

File: f778a15d48daa12⋯.jpg (137.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Red23.jpg)


And probably become just as corrupt as every other sportsball league.

I believe in the concept of price fluctuations due to supply and demand, and this is a basic requirement of free markets, but if something starts to become harmful to the nation due to political manipulation, or the massive amount of criminal-attracting shekels involved, then I have no problem with limiting these factors, by law.

That every public or private enterprise not harm the citizens of the nation, is one tenant of National Socialism I agree with.

373f2f  No.12775093


The main reason for the spending caps is to stop teams from buying all the best players just so other teams cant have them. Which is obviously bad for the sport.

Thats a big contrast to the overbearing, completely insane and seemingly random regulations they have in American Hand Egg. I bet nobody understands those rules not even the players and clubs.

816284  No.12775104


It's ok if bongland leagues have only a couple good teams perennially because you live on a tiny rock so everyone can easily be a fan and regularly go see that team, but in burgerland if only a couple teams are good, then people will tune out because it takes at least a plane ticket to go see that team.

de93dd  No.12775111


>It's not stupidity, it's sloth.

>We all could be doing something with our lives, right now…but were shitposting on /pol/, instead.

>As for sportsball…games are for playing, not watching, and the only reason any adult should be playing a game, is for the exercise, which is a useful function of games.

>Otherwise, games are for children. Nothing important in society requires grown men to chase a rubber ball around.

People live for fun mate, But you need to able to think seriously about things too, and practice your debating skills. So yes pol/ people of today are better in every conceivable way than the average boomer.

de93dd  No.12775116

It is more a problem if you are unable to think about anything seriously in your life. That is what separates adults from kids.

7beae3  No.12775117


I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever

373f2f  No.12775120


And yet the same team still wins the superbowl all the time. So obviously despite all those regulations you still have the problem.

Interestingly bongland we have much less of a problem than Germany, France or Spain which really do only have a couple of good teams per country and the rest are totally shit.

373f2f  No.12775122


Dont let Trump hear you saying that. CNN told me hes a racist nazi who didnt want anyone to come in to the US even if they were white and totally legal.

e37ffa  No.12775132


>Cutting off friends over politics

This is the position of a leftist that is terrified to be wrong, who must live in an echo chamber because his bullshit cannot stand up to scrutiny.

>Are you a homosexual?

Are you a manlet? That's a rhetorical question. At least you're asking questions, that's how you learn. Now stop asking questions and lurk 2 years.

6d48ab  No.12775159


>Trump said something bad


>Support him when he serves our interests and criticise him when he doesn't. Anything else is blatant shilling.

24603f  No.12775189


With quality content consumers like you OP, is it a wonder?

6291b3  No.12775225

File: bb4999029016317⋯.jpg (114.73 KB, 800x543, 800:543, BussingProtests11.jpg)

File: 5de62c95c03846d⋯.jpg (188.8 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, BussingProtests21.jpg)

File: d02e60249c6fd2a⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 545x373, 545:373, BussingProtests31.jpg)

File: a33d816c05c84ae⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 501x317, 501:317, BussingProtests41.jpg)

File: e86d4aca4e365d8⋯.jpg (69.86 KB, 500x318, 250:159, BussingProtests51.jpg)


>So yes pol/ people of today are better in every conceivable way than the average boomer.


Here's some pics of boomers rioting and protesting their kids being forcibly bussed to nigger schools.

Can you show me some pics of the current generation that can even match it?

what the hell do WE do, besides bitch online constantly.

The boomers lost that bussing fight, but they tried damn hard, and when they lost, they moved their families out, away from the metro areas that were forcing this, and took one hell of a pay cut, just because they loved their children, and didn't want their kids lives put in danger among the ferals.

Can any of us lay claim to anything similar?

53301b  No.12775255


The pic on the left is a CIA agit prop image, retard.

f066ca  No.12775259

File: 7f668556690a8ba⋯.jpeg (32.34 KB, 620x507, 620:507, TwoBullets.jpeg)


My entire childhood, and resulting life, was DESTROYED by this nigger assimilating (((policy))).

FIRST year of bussing them into OUR schools resulted in the neighborhood getting looted, and threatened by gangs, and I was caught in a Spic drive by right in front of my school. Went into the office to report it, and got busted for being tardy.

No one cared!

My Dad moved us to the mountains, and that simply got cucked by the same Leftist Lemmings who pushed the niggers on us that chased THEM out in the end.

And this plague continues to infect on into Texas, Nevada, etc.

The never learn…

53301b  No.12775260

< faggot shoes

< oh he's totally a neo-nazi, believe our glow nigs

< nigger falling like he doesn't know how to fight

< ha ha ha ha ha a nigger that doesn't know how to fight!!!!

53301b  No.12775263


They're even trying to cuck homeschooling (with far less success).

f066ca  No.12775280


"Super-b Owl"

They are fuckin' EVERYWHERE!

…when you have eyes that see.

6291b3  No.12775283


They were overturning busses, asswipe.

And just puking up a tag for any pic is worthless without proof, just as when I call you a fag/

f066ca  No.12775286

File: 3a9322961c060e9⋯.jpeg (21.24 KB, 474x296, 237:148, VikingRaid.jpeg)


They're in total desperation to cuck everything.

Thats why it's not going to work.

I hope you're all prepared for the corner of sperging war into which they are painting themselves.

MAJOR FF on the horizon…

53301b  No.12775291


With any luck Assange's dead man switch will release a flurry of info on the kike.

53301b  No.12775296


There are no busses in your pictures. Fake & gay CIA crap.

I find you CIA boys interesting. You use propaganda so versatilely, and sculpt a lie for each area, saying one thing to one group, another to the other. It's a virtuosity of lying, and, I would think you a yid, were it not for your ubiquitous CIA tell.

6291b3  No.12775317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sorry Chaim, these incidences were not that long ago, you can't rewrite history do close to its making.

Anyone here can research it for themselves, and you're not fooling anyone.

c55842  No.12775319


Fuck are we supposed to do? You gave up the fight before we were even born faggot

65f1c3  No.12775321


>>Journalists are unironically blaming Russian bots and hackers for low super bowl ratings

are these so-called journalists neocons/libs? you have to understand, anon, football is the sport of the empire. it is played by gladiators wearing armor inside an arena. it has rules of engagement. there is a military top-down hierarchy (head coach->offensive coach->quarterback->linemen and backs). you're expected to "take one for the team" and suffer a debilitating lifelong knee injury for a moment of glory and metalized plastic to set on your mantle. it's about the only place on a high school campus where a prayer huddle might still be tolerated!

football teaches naive boys to be foolish men who sacrifice all to Wall Street profits and Zion.

yeah, I'd say whites are starting to figure it all out…

ee8f8c  No.12775382

File: b59de4f68e5635a⋯.jpg (272.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, levis.jpg)

IMO the most hilarious part about all of this is that regardless of what happens to Kapernick the 49ers are fucked. Even before all this stupid shit, they sold Candlestick park for an oven in Santa Clara that has no air conditioning which is causing people not to attend games. Meanwhile the Raiders are leaving for Vegas, potentially this year because of their fight with the city over the Coliseum.

West Coast football is just a huge mess right now, and the Raiders prove that the NFL would sooner let teams exit west coast cities than try to salvage their reputation. Meanwhile the MLB, NBA and NHL all benefit (see the Warriors' amazing stadium deal, better than the 49ers got) so they profit where the NFL fails.

This is how you kill a sport: politics, shitty stadiums and backstabbing.




College football is already stalling out, mostly because feminists have a hard time justifying football players getting free rides while they themselves take out thousands in student loans. However for now they can't criticize it because if they were to they'd be outed as racists since the free rides disproportionately benefit nonwhite players. Already things are at a crisis point due to the UC nurses and adjunct strikes, whose unions regularly use inflated player rides and coach salaries against the UC administration. Give it five years and they'll be fully against it, especially since most college football is not profitable for taxpayers since most teams aren't selling out stadiums.

53301b  No.12775401


Very very fake. And very very gay.

You CIA boys are dum as fuk.

f99574  No.12775407


>but were shitposting on /pol/, instead.

b b b but that's 'something' isn't it!!??

ee8f8c  No.12775412


There's a lot of truth in this post, especially as it comes down to stadiums and mass transportation.

Back in the 60s when Oakland wanted a new stadium they got a full transit station with it, a combination metro and regional rail station. When SF's baseball team went to buy a new stadium in 1995, they got roughly the same thing by building in the China Basin near a train terminal and had the city build them a brand new light rail line in front of them. But when SF's football team went for a new stadium, the city told them to fuck off. The team wanted a new stadium, the city wanted more housing, and the NFL wanted to get paid. This prompted their move to Santa Clara who paypigged the NFL for the stadium, whose design was not vetted and turned out to be a huge fluke for both the team and patrons because it has no air conditioning. At this point the Raiders demanded a new, proper stadium from Oakland and were promptly told to fuck off since Oakland has no money - this prompted their move to Las Vegas who paypigged the NFL even more.

Meanwhile San Jose's MLS team bought a budget stadium south of their airport, which is now going to have it's own BART, light rail, regional rail and potentially high-speed rail station all in one package because they didn't get picky over the stadium site or money.

In short the NFL is a mess since they are fucking idiots who have no interest in ensuring their customers (event attendees) have a good time. The NFL won't step in and mediate stadium placement/construction issues like other MLs will, because the NFL thinks their brand is beyong reproach and everyone is at their service. This didn't happen and now they're basically fucked out of America's largest TV market (Northern California) with no means to rebuild what they have lost.

53301b  No.12775416


I will not watch commieball ever again, and I shall forever shame those who do, for having communist tendencies.

6fbd80  No.12775421

What's with all the illiterate nigger OPs lately? Oh, I forgot about the awesome regime we have now. Barely readable, low-effort scrawl is free speech, after all.

Sage for off-topic and for niggerball thread.

ee8f8c  No.12775440


You can do whatever you want, but figure there's about 20 million Californians (about .5% of the US's total population) that the NFL cannot access anymore because they fucked it up. That same space is now occupied by baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer especially when all four of those sports have easily accessible stadiums.

Just from a pure jew/business angle, this is nothing short of a total failure. The only silver lining is that the NFL will be able to leech off Nevada's economy, but they could have done that without destroying what they had. It's just bad business.

6fbd80  No.12775443


>Hi, /Paul/! I'd like to take this opportunity to defend the great job the Boomers did for you young whippersnappers us fellow kids of America!

Get the fuck out, tie a rope around something vital, and dangle in shame, Boomerfaggot.

c74b46  No.12775475


Marxist indoctrination combined with forcing white girls to be in close proximity to these apes for another four years.

a5864a  No.12775506


>Is Trump perfect? Fuck no but he's a hell of a lot better than what could have been.

Trump is exactly the same. In fact, he's following the typical Republican pattern [Nixon – affirmative action, Reagan – amnesty, Bush 41 – Immigration Act of 1990, Bush 43 – largest influx of illegals ever/genocidal war to kill White men] of being openly and outwardly anti-White.

a5864a  No.12775519


>because it has no air conditioning

Isn't football typically played in open air stadiums? In the fall/winter? And this is in Northern California? Air conditioning seems like a monumental waste.

6fbd80  No.12775528


>Air conditioning seems like a monumental waste.

Indeed. Nobody there even has air conditioning in their homes, since the Bay keeps temperatures really close to 72 degrees year round. I guess these days some people have paid for it – especially the six-figure pajeets who like to poo in comfort – but when I was a kid in the region, there just wasn't any need for people on the cool side of the hills to bother with air conditioning.

f91cd1  No.12775603


You didn't live in the 70's.

If you don't know what you're talking about keep yo damn mouf shut

ffd644  No.12775718


We know more now than you glow fags ever anticipated. We know that Abraham Lincoln was a phony figurehead. We know way more than you think we know.

000000  No.12775740


>the boomers were in their 30s and 40s even during the civil rights movement.

Nice try guy, but those people protesting are the generation BEFORE the boomers.

056330  No.12775758


Another important point is that the guys shown "beating up" the nigger are see eye A, and so is the nigger and the photographer.

056330  No.12775760

We know a lot more now about false flags.

e0666d  No.12775924


we've already elected trump though. at this point the thing that is holding us back is focus on trump. either bitching or telling people to sit back and watch the 4d chess play out are both retarded. he will do what he will do regardless of us. we should only focus on the things that we can control ourselves.

>trump does something bad

so what? does that mean we should give up? does complaining about his actions do anything? has it ever?

>trump does something good

so what? he still isn't as far right as he needs to be. even if he does succeed at executing traitors we'll still have much more work to do.

both sides dissuade action. the anti trump side wants you to think that simply being disenfranchised with trump is enough and the pro trump people think that simply securing trump's presidency is enough (he has entrenched himself in this enough that he will win regardless of what we do - *if* that is the plan)

>but we need people to stop supporting trump or else they'll just want to sit back. they won't help us act unless they stop supporting trump!

even the people that do support trump that are on our side know that he wouldn't want to put homosexuals in bogs. it is much easier and productive to simply get trump supporters to be tribally interested rather than getting them to stop supporting trump.

>but muh accelerationism!

that doesn't work. for decades we have been watching our enemies as they make a mistake. and the only thing that's better than not interrupting your enemy when they're making a mistake, would be to *give them more power* as they are making a mistake, right? we should support the new green deal, yes? no, because the masses will actually start believing it. if we've seen anything it is that the public is stupid. they've bought in to so much in such a short time that you have to be retarded (in a literal sense, as in having an inability to recognize patterns) to not think that rural white males won't be duped into supporting their own genocide at the drop of a hat. or at a minimum the left will step aside while the republicans push for second amendment right for city people. white conservatives love the second amendment, right? giving guns to innercity subhumans would be a cake walk. there's a million other things to do as well.

anyways, it is a verifiable fact that the technique of "don't interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake" doesn't work. this is why 'accelerationism' is retarded. we've been accelerating for decades. we've been going faster and faster and are now further than ever before. at what point exactly do the benefits kick in? protip: they never do.

the best thing that can be done on the internet at this point is spreading the truth. giving white people a national socialist mindset is easy. don't waste time with unproductive dead ends.

b387a6  No.12775938

There's not much that needs to be done. There's a good chance that the NFL will fall, as not one, but two leagues are going to come up in place of the NFL, the Alliance of American Football, and the Xtreme Football League. They will most likely take some viewership away from the NFL, but the question remains if they were churn out propaganda to plague the minds of whites.

4d9338  No.12776181


XFL is scheduled for the off-season so they don't have to compete with the NFL.

786efd  No.12776339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>but the question remains if they were churn out propaganda to plague the minds of whites.

As long Vince is alive. I doubt we get the levels of propaganda in the XFL like we did with the NFL. At worst XFL will have pro war propaganda.

786efd  No.12776345


>are these so-called journalists neocons/libs?

Is there a difference?

8abbbc  No.12776489



I remember this it was pretty big country wide some places more vicious than others, the worst thing they hated the most was white kids shipped to nigger schools.

Also it was pretty much enacted by fiat your kid has to go because reasons, it did not affect me at all being way out in the country far from the city and I really never understood all the ruckus over it.

t. born 1954

8c451a  No.12776528


What the fuck was the point of this? Shitty propaganda and shitty entertainment. Holy fuck those parodies lefties made back in the day make sense now. How fucking retarded is the average American to buy this shit?

000000  No.12776529



9d7ad7  No.12776542

>Nigher felon league

White Nationalists should not be calling others "Niggers".

1ebae2  No.12776551



000000  No.12776563


Hey hey, Sir Churchill and FDR were White Nationalists, nigger.

You wouldn't want to trash the greatest heroes of the age, would you, nigger?

afb781  No.12776627


Get off of our continent, nigger.

cd68d0  No.12776652


>What world do you live in, again?

One in which nobody I interact with even brought up this bullshit. Apparently a better world than you.


>football teaches naive boys to be foolish men who sacrifice all to Wall Street profits and Zion.

Not to mention leaving teens and younger with life-altering permanent injuries. I've seen 16 year olds with knees so fucked up they can hardly walk, torn ACLs, all sorts of stuff. Repetitive concussions. All sorts of things that WILL pop up with a vengeance later in life. These fucksticks aren't just indoctrinating the young, strong, tam-oriented young men. They're crippling them for life. And coaches either don't care or enjoy it.

000000  No.12776663

The vast majority of teams in the Nigger Felon League are owned by kikes. It's just another way for heebs to relive when kikes owned the slave trade.

cd68d0  No.12776690


I'm an ethnoglobalist and I think you're a


91e24c  No.12777392


/pol/ knew cnn were lying mouth breathers. What he is saying is that some legitimatly thought trump would be the next the hitler.

91e24c  No.12777403

File: a7944c09ff74739⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 4968x2600, 621:325, a7944c09ff74739669af83f478….jpg)

File: 3ef17a87f857966⋯.jpg (9.52 MB, 6888x6184, 861:773, 3ef17a87f85796634d0e2517dc….jpg)


>churchill ans fdr were white nationalists.

7878b1  No.12777419

>be argentifag

>be doomed to suffer living surrounded by a braindead NPC crowd who takes football like a religion

>despite rampant corruption in football, the bloated entrace prices to matches, the massive flood violent niggers forcing cops to regulate how many people go to se a match, and despite our massive economic woes

>the football cancer doesn't show any sing of slowing down

never before had i felt envy towards amerimutts

good luck getting rid of niggerball burgerheads, if you somehow succesd, please tell me how to repeat the miracle in my country

nothing would make me happier than to see the football mafia die starved for shekkels

f8aad7  No.12777433


(absolutely checked)


I have been boycotting CFB for years now. Every time some brain dead fan asks me why I tell them that it's because it has no place in modern colleges due to the cost of tuition, the higher priority registration brain dead niggers get to skip classes that actual people need to take, and that all minor league sports should be run like how soccer is in every other part of the world with clubs plucking 12 year olds and shipping the off to academies if they are so desperate to be pro athletes. Killing the college sports cash cow is a worth cause

eea4e9  No.12777444


>Journalists are unironically blaming Russian bots and hackers for low super bowl ratings


"Russia" is code for chan culture. >>12759928


b3855c  No.12777468


>I wish /pol/ focused on undermining college sports. It the main monkey maker for Marxist brainwashing camps.


Most college basketball and football players are nogs.

And the players don't get paid (generally); the school gets all the TV and gate money, which goes to (((academia))), ie - Professor Schlomoberg's salary.

Monkeys should be encouraged to demand what should be their money (this is a rare instance where it would be a legitimate claim). You'd think they could figure that out on their own but, well, here we are.

7878b1  No.12777494

File: 21e67041bcdf74f⋯.png (936.86 KB, 2489x1539, 131:81, irs and pol.png)


>/pol/ ralling up college nigerball dindus to demand they rightfully owed slice of the cake just to fuck with professor (((goldbergstein))) income

this could be the most unlikelly alliance /pol/ has made since the thot patrol

ab6010  No.12777514


How do they cuck the homeschooling? It’s impossible.

b3855c  No.12777537


>How do they cuck the homeschooling?

This varies depending on location; a child's education may not be (((legally recognized))) unless it is kike-poisoned.

Homeschooling is illegal in Sweden and Germany. Guess why.

d3a905  No.12777555

File: d1374f936ed13f0⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1066x1600, 533:800, lend me that ass.png)



Actually and unironically this, niggerball players don't get payed to play at all. What they do get is their tuition costs covered and depending on their majors, heavily worded letters from the dean to the professor telling the professors to pass the niggers.

519be2  No.12777573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

mean while..

519be2  No.12777574

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b66c3  No.12777578


>you have to understand, anon, football is the sport of the empire. it is played by gladiators wearing armor inside an arena. it has rules of engagement. there is a military top-down hierarchy (head coach->offensive coach->quarterback->linemen and backs). you're expected to "take one for the team" and suffer a debilitating lifelong knee injury for a moment of glory and metalized plastic to set on your mantle. it's about the only place on a high school campus where a prayer huddle might still be tolerated!

TL;DR: It's not gay at all

b3855c  No.12777588


Are you unfamiliar with how to spoiler an image, faggot?

6c8847  No.12777606


Tons of dumb fucks still watch the super bowl.

6c8847  No.12777610


reported. faggot.

ab6010  No.12777614


Reported for posting the gay porn.

29979c  No.12777620


They not only force them to close to them, they literally blackmail and pimp girls to the players. Such as the Baylor University scandal that's been swept under the rug.

30f401  No.12777731


The problem is modern football is so tame, and the game stops all the time for the smallest touches that it's nothing like the brutal entertaining sports of gladiators

4a1f48  No.12777743


you forgot to mention: Jew business executives running commercials that both degrade and humiliate your race. Why white people watch this garbage is beyond me. Burgers truly are the best goyim in the world.

2308ca  No.12777752

File: 5a027363c58c670⋯.jpg (35.73 KB, 600x479, 600:479, wrestling-and-boxing.jpg)

We shouldn't demonize sports. At least playing or even going to watch a game/fight. The problem is (((sports entertainment))).

2308ca  No.12777754


Football is a disgusting affirmative action spectacle for fools that want a distraction from their shitty jobs and liberal cunt wives.

886a40  No.12777773


886a40  No.12777777

File: 08ac257a24f8742⋯.png (1.19 MB, 850x553, 850:553, 08ac257a24f87424e65a7515a6….png)

91e24c  No.12777785



886a40  No.12777786

File: 2f8fbcb3bf6aede⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 2f8fbcb3bf6aede7c41fa41111….jpg)



91e24c  No.12777789


No… You wasted them….

886a40  No.12777790


UNNA posting is never a waste

9a125e  No.12777792


boong wizard strikes again

White cunts cant handle the full dreamtime spirit


9a125e  No.12777795


The digits.

Lets give it back.

9cd81d  No.12777797



87413c  No.12777810

File: 4f51307affb3dc6⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 179x151, 179:151, 1441319913942-1.jpg)


you nigger

030b9d  No.12777814


That's the power of Boong Wizard

3dc014  No.12777828

File: aed8c0e0a2d76a6⋯.png (596.58 KB, 793x6421, 793:6421, professor barry spurr2.png)

File: d6802fff658118b⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 265x392, 265:392, spurr-poster.jpg)

File: 672027aff0a6818⋯.jpg (45.09 KB, 940x627, 940:627, barry spurr.jpg)



886a40  No.12777840

File: 15f4c81e38cd708⋯.jpg (119.97 KB, 629x700, 629:700, 15f4c81e38cd7089a224b09812….jpg)



d3a905  No.12777849


Those kids have some balls

9a125e  No.12777850


Don't undermine your true power. SEAsians don't even compare.

886a40  No.12777851

File: dfe39c2a35858e3⋯.jpg (95.52 KB, 736x749, 736:749, dfe39c2a35858e3d480e0db294….jpg)



886a40  No.12777873

File: 7fa6a4f21a57124⋯.png (482.01 KB, 761x500, 761:500, a7079c5f2300b6f19a92521986….png)



326f93  No.12777885


>They get mad because the Patriots have the most white players of any NFL team

Ravens have more white players than Patriots.

9a125e  No.12777891


UNNA descend from Wandjina, SEAsian theory is white devil nonsense unna.

c55842  No.12777892


found the nigger

0b930f  No.12777899





>All these children responding to an obvious baitpost from an ID with (((!))) post

what the fuck happened to you /pol/? It wasn't like this 1-2 years ago

9a125e  No.12777905


Rose coloured glasses cuz.

886a40  No.12777906


I brought a lotta (1)s here by UNNA posting, dunno about the rest

5546b6  No.12777921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminds me.

886a40  No.12777943

File: cddc765abc8e450⋯.jpg (493.23 KB, 720x960, 3:4, c93f229331450c8d2dce5067cb….jpg)



53f321  No.12777949

File: 7d2fd9aa5b36ab0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1129x680, 1129:680, 100 percent sminem.png)


based abonigger that does it for the lulz

truly the purest form of imageboard culture

91e24c  No.12777964


>what the fuck happened to you /pol/? It wasn't like this 1-2 years ago

Nigger what?

895cbb  No.12778042


>but we're shitposting on /pol/ instead

Dunno what you anime-watching, vidya game-playing, entertainment syn diversion syn smokescreen consuming cum farters are doing but I'm almost done with another one of my smooth brained black projects.

Also props to those of you who are digging through the literature to disseminate information to the rest of us. You make life easier and I hope some day I can return the favor.

c14022  No.12778064


based hordes of retarded non english speaking non educated shitskin spics. the entire 3rd world central americas need fast tracked right into my neighborhood. what a beautiful thing, its the only way our country can survive. fuck white people

based nigger drug dealer, based israel

eadbaf  No.12778072

File: a8ecf35db5fa5cc⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 455x455, 1:1, football pedos.jpg)



Yep disgusting the coaches will basically lock young freshmen girls in a room full of dumb violet ghetto niggers, rape is rampant from coons especially if the girls are all drugged up or drunk having it covered up by the coaches. Then apparently also using cheerleaders to look around campus and peer pressure the cute white girls to come to a "cool party" to get lured in to these shitskin rape traps.

Also don't forget Jerry Sandusky was running a child rape program for Penn State one of the powerhouse football colleges. That was a open secret among the college dean and the coaches themselves for 15 years straight. Now if this school was covering up a child pedo ring why wouldn't these other powehouse football schools cover up 18 year old girls being drugged up then pimped out and getting raped at their colleges.

eadbaf  No.12778076


Also its quite common for underage sloots to go to college parties.

ec2fb3  No.12778086

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't be rama rama, the petrol goes in the car.

d02d45  No.12778115

File: 9102aa7d6bd08ff⋯.jpg (203.04 KB, 1600x1036, 400:259, 3v23v2.jpg)



86f14d  No.12778148


We need less "reasonable," response. We don't need less, in fact, we need none. We don't need to put up with this shit. We don't need to just consider the least evil over the greater evil. That's being a pussy and showing that you're not capable. What is it you're not capable of? Saying enough is enough.

'cause I imagine a lot of you are faithless, fatherless, or worse. Raised in homes that coddled you up to this point.

When will any of you bastard children and tiresome adults get the fuck up and decide you won't take it anymore? This idea that you will have the upperhand in the long run is disgustingly ignorant. (You don't if you keep trying to play by the rules and trying to do everything by being lead around by your nose)

Right now you are the frog boiling in the pot. The best thing anyone here can do right now is realize this and invest into the one tool that matters: guns. Go invest in guns, learn the tool, and make it an extension of your self. Then arm those around you who you love and those you can trust. I imagine some of us have done this, but, it is not enough.

This idea that we have to accept this nonsense to continue because the pressure of the media, screeching she-devils, traitorous spooks, pedophile cretins, duplicit families, and worst of all, the overly represented of any; a merchant and his filthy greedy Jewish hands all over our livelihoods.

I grow tired of seeing these fuckers play you like a fiddle in the morning and a prostitute at night. All day long and the worst of it was during the elections… You fuckers truly fell for the shtick. The cult of personality reeled you in and the intelligence agencies got you hook, line, and sinker.

Does anyone actually even read here? This poster is similar to the context of those who posted during the election. They put a bad candidate in place aka Hillary so as to make an even more ridiculous candidate seem much better in comparison. Then he rallied the fools even further by playing the part. He only had to wave his hands around, smile, and get you all to listen to a few keywords n phrasing. Oh he said something a particular way… Therefore you know Trump. They have the most means of influence over the populace and its public eye. Yet you folk truly believed you had gotten him in? NO.

They allowed this simply to relieve pressure. If the heat gets too hot far too quickly then the frog WILL jump OUT.

86f14d  No.12778149


If any of you take >>12774604 (a huge fuckin faggot, mind you) seriously. Then you need to reevaluate yourself. This poster is the same type of person who kept posting the same type of shit during the elections.

"Oh he's not Hitler 2.0!"

"Just wait for Hitler gais!"

"So we should just let Hillary win?" (This particular instance allowed no discourse or deviation. Therefore not allowing any alternative as one is presented.)

"Wait for Hitler Broooo… So what's your plan then, huhhhh?"

"lol fed"

"omg bro dank memes ;^)"


"hehe look at my altar for KEK guys!!!!"

>Anyone who thought Trump was going to be the next Hitler and do everything he said he would when he campaigned is a fucking idiot

Yea and while at the same time. They pushed so hard on this garbage board about how he needed to be elected. He wasn't HITLER but he was somehow close enough cuz he said this or that? As if any of us have the fucking money to influence that decision in a country where legislation is lobbied to get in by Jews and their goyim.

How is it you people fall for such easy tricks. I don't get it at all; I mean even a 12 year old with self awareness could see him for the charlatan stooge he is.

ALL he has been is a release on pressure so they can continue this slow enslavement n destruction of all means of independence. He is no different from the last fucking 20 presidents we've had. He has history of making merry with your enemies and still does.

Why don't you stupid fucks spend more time on influencing those around you to study the central banking problem?

What the fuck is wrong with everyone around here.

You all only know how to emulate and know nothing of what it is to take life in your own hands.

Is there anybody willing to spill the blood required to free yourselves? You may cry havok about me being a shill, spook, glownigger, CIA FAGGOT, etc

But it won't change the fact you're all frogs boiling in the pot. We don't need to accept posters like this anon who propose to act like we have some sort of strange or magical influence over a billionaire tycoon. You know if it sounds too good to be true? Oh it usually is… So how is it so many here were fooled into thinking this fucker was out there for you as an individual of the United States of America?

It would seem many here forget the Jew plays both sides. It would seem many here forget our merchant allies. They know exactly how to manipulate whole entire systems. Are they truly ineffable and so powerful? No.

They are the same in some sense as you or I, in that, they too can bleed and die; omnia mors aequat.

Not only that but they have had many civilizations to practice in. So really they only have experience in trying the same old tricks. They are only efficient now but the end result is the same! Our complete and total destruction. Only this time they've wizened up and realized that technology of today could make this destruction impermanent and our enslavement truly permanent.

We live in a world where fiction can become reality you know. If any has experience with inventing then you know the imagination is powerful. If any has experienced in seeing within their mind while asleep then it appears before them in their reality. If any has experienced talking of something (be it in mind, or aloud whether with someone else or only self) then it comes to one later in reality. Then you know we have the capability to overcome all manner of problems.

So how is it you all fail so hard in this one?

I know some of us here are not seeking to waste More time on here or elsewhere about a fucking TV celebrity. The very people you mock for paying attention to such things. This board has worked to become a propaganda machine for the thing it fucking hates.


Some of you need to wake the fuck up.

AMAZING how some of you were given a little bit of truth. Only to waste it on shit like the frog crap, an election and whatever else you dumb gullible fucks did. Esoteric things are important but it sure did a number here.

The revolution won't be televised. Neither will the death of those of us who choose to actually fight this war.

I hope someone here gets something useful out of what I say.

Hope is not lost, but, many of you are

86f14d  No.12778154

File: 5a781f41d6f7afa⋯.png (804.98 KB, 956x706, 478:353, founding-fathers-fed-kill-….png)

04e3eb  No.12778211

File: d40146826769f6d⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 500x493, 500:493, nervous system.jpg)

Football as a homoerotic ritual – are players really gay?

By (((Jim Buzinski)))


Although it's too late to use the preceding (((deconstruction))) of muh sportsball for the time being, anons might want to keep such an article around for next season. In short, this (((article))) is all about the latent faggotry which lurks just below the surface in the most (((masculine))) of sports, american football. Anecdotally, I've posted it only a few times, but it has consistently yielded fantastic results: erstwhile conservative white (((football))) fans experience extreme cognitive dissonance, and leftists faggots are triggered almost as badly. In both cases, the presumed masculinity of the sport is tarnished; the former question the value of niggerball in their lives (even if at a subconscious level), and the latter either protest against the league or embrace it due to political motivations, thereby increasing the faggotry:presumed masculinity ratio.

000000  No.12778218


let em ytz be disappoint

no hawpe in elexonz

h8t will build up

5eb15d  No.12778223


I'm in hysterics, that was the funniest shit I've seen today. Nice work mate.

754e39  No.12778227


NFL, NHL and maybe NBA is dead right in moment when reliable CTE test comes in. Not because they will have to changes rules but becouse no parent or school will let their children to play. And when there's no longer hige school sports to funnel fresh meat to the grinder they are done.

ec2fb3  No.12778289

File: 76aca84a5517620⋯.jpg (33.11 KB, 375x383, 375:383, abo-vs-cro-magnon.jpg)

16fcbf  No.12778293

Maybe they will get real jobs and the Jews will quit robbing counties to pay for their sportsball stadiums then.

220150  No.12778332



7bcc4d  No.12778692


It won't be a deterrent for nigger "parents" (aka single moms) for the most part. You'll just see less and less white players.

6d0437  No.12779629


so niggers in college are just like niggers anywhere else?

786efd  No.12779822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What the fuck was the point of this?

To drum up support for the Iraq war silly. Sccot Steiner has a degree in mathetics.

786efd  No.12779832



>Gettjng jobs

ca7803  No.12780867

I think the drop in popularity has to do with market saturation more than anything else.

5928b7  No.12785975


>missed get.

There he is. There he goes again

Look everyone he posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?? Oh my god.

I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room giggling like a little girl as you once again type your little 'FIX POL' thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don’t even fill in the captcha, maybe you’re such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for an 8chan pass so you just choose the picture. Oh we all know the picture, the uh epic Nazi van isn’t it? I imagine you, little shit, laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos onto the floor. But its ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh that’s right, did I fail to mention? You live with your mother! You’re a fat fucking fuck up and she’s probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all god damn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 8chan posting about a dumb anti white meme. Just imagine this, she had you and then she thought you were going to be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand and then you became a NEET. A pathetic anti WN fag NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can’t even talk try to you because all you say is "FIX POL FIX POL FIX POL FIX POL FIX POL".

You became a parody of your own self. And that’s all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he’s done a million times now.

And that’s all you’ll ever be.

84c6c1  No.12786185

Soccer is better than Nigger Felon League.

1931da  No.12786187

Sports are for the low IQ.

5928b7  No.12786194



Lol shutup faggot.

5928b7  No.12786214


The virgin neanderthal vs the xhad cromagnon.

5928b7  No.12786217

3cefc6  No.12807318


Fucking kek

aff00f  No.12807850

File: 43e6a958a5d5f6e⋯.jpg (185.09 KB, 1024x755, 1024:755, football shark.jpg)

File: 58a5953e4291128⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 960x624, 20:13, football day.jpg)

File: aa9ab10e046eb10⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 720x720, 1:1, football.jpg)


The NFL is a dead league walking.

Parents are directing their kids towards soccer & baseball.

Twenty years from now there will be no whites left playing football, or watching.

Let it die.


d43c02  No.12807970


Wait what, there are prophets kicking around here too? Warlords, geniuses and prophets. Guess I'll have a Coke

022a71  No.12814922


You magnificent bastard. Fuck I needed a laugh

2f772b  No.12815373


Excellent tactic, but it would have to be done differently than Colin does, since the shit nigger athletes do in college rarely makes it to the news. There needs to be more personal accounts and ideally video of what sports nogs in college are like.

2f772b  No.12815380


>Chads are tuning out and soys are tuning in to NFL.

I haven't heard that, but it wouldn't surprise me. Soyboys are the weirdest men in history, they anchor their masculinity in things like having beards and tattoos rather than developing their bodies or having a spine.

b37c39  No.12815383

File: 4d3b050c3dde2b9⋯.png (945.3 KB, 750x997, 750:997, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone else remember when kaepernick tried to look and act white?

stopped following these faggots after they lost to the fucking seahawks.

niners are cucks just looking for publicity after fucking up the only game they had to win. and now a white team is dominating niggerball

2f772b  No.12815401

File: 6c05b9cbf478b94⋯.jpg (16.12 KB, 360x270, 4:3, trump-supporter-3.jpg)

File: f3acee5eba2e51f⋯.jpg (11.33 KB, 360x270, 4:3, trump-supporter-2.jpg)

File: 0b0b69c3304f45e⋯.jpg (16.06 KB, 360x270, 4:3, trump-supporter.jpg)

File: 144527c6a92d436⋯.png (372.93 KB, 1000x1050, 20:21, pol-trump.png)


>/pol/ pushed for him to be elected because

because you were permabanned if you criticized Trump in any depth, so an artificial echo chamber was created where people only heard the positive things about a Trump presidency.

c00454  No.12815436




c00454  No.12815451





>Doesn't know that I'm white and don't fucking speak any NIGGER click-cluck shit-tier languages and will never even try to learn them.


e76962  No.12815506


Mate, you can't be a leftist without being a terrible person. Simply impossible. You have poor taste in friends. It speaks poorly of you.

2f772b  No.12815523


You should write an in-depth account of your childhood, with just enough vagueness to keep yourself anonymous, then submit it to sites like American Renaissance. Also, post it here.

If you want to fight back for what they did, tell your story.

2f772b  No.12815549


>Can you show me some pics of the current generation that can even match it?

It's true that Boomers get too much shit, Millennials are far worse, but much of the hatred of them comes from their attitudes in their later years, not when they were younger. Boomers weren't too bad when it was the relatively based Generation X making culture not to praise them too much, but they held off social decay from the 80s through the early 2000s, but they got especially toxic when Millennials came to the forefront over the past 15 years.

2f772b  No.12815556


>Mate, you can't be a leftist without being a terrible person. Simply impossible. You have poor taste in friends. It speaks poorly of you.

Lighten up, dude. Most people are simply apolitical with an outward veneer of politics. They don't research things in depth, they go along with the flow, whether that is Trump, Bernie, or whatever.

b0ea7a  No.12815838

Football won't go anywhere without a fight. A 30 second advertisement was 5.25 million dollars. Eventually, if the pressure remains, they'll jump through hoops to keep the money flowing. If people don't take the bait, then they'll die. But people are dumb, so you never know. They're between a rock and a hard place, though, since they're on free television, not PPV, and they rely on advertisers for money, among other things, like merchandise sales and tickets and whatnot. So they're literally caught between advertiser money and customer money, and the customer is saying "no more left-wing bullshit," while the advertising companies are filled to the brim with marxists. At the end of the day, we, the customer, have the most power, because both rely on us for money, but when it comes to businesses like this, I'd say advertisers probably have more power. So I don't really see how they can save themselves. You never know though. They might try to do an overhaul and kick politics out of sports and try to take a center ground. That's about the best they can do. They still raked in over 100 millions viewers, but again, it's on free television.

2f772b  No.12815898

File: dda53ec7b3a1e4a⋯.jpg (97.81 KB, 500x659, 500:659, baylor-cheerleaders-2.jpg)

File: 6502ee982836e72⋯.png (342.51 KB, 648x489, 216:163, baylor-university.png)


Since we're talking about college football, here's a story that a lot of people might have missed.

>Brile's son, the former assistant coach Kendall Briles, allegedly told a high school recruit: 'Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they LOVE football players.'

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4165970/Baylor-athletes-committed-52-rapes-four-year-period.html or https://archive.is/b68zJ

>>A Baylor University graduate filed a Title IX lawsuit against the school Friday in U.S. District Court, alleging a culture of sexual violence that included 52 rapes in four years.


b0ea7a  No.12815907


This only goes for the US. Every generation in Europe is pretty much the same, so far as I can tell. They've always liked authoritarianism and big government. With the US the denigration started with boomers, probably as a result of the infiltration of our educational institutions by bolsheviks in the '40s. Boomers started going to college in the '60s, coupled with already subverted media from years prior, when bolshevik jews came over from Russia, everything they were hearing, for the first time, was being echoed in the media, and it assisted the growth of those far-left ideals into the mainstream. After that it was just worse and worse with each generation, which is why, undoubtedly Gen Z will be the worst. Also factor in each generation is less white than the one before it. All non-whites, out of group interest, adopt these bolshevistic positions, because those positions are presented as a way for them to bolster their group representation and power. Victimhood culture is literally just bolshevistic, marxist socialist social manipulation on par with what Lenin pulled in Russia. That's why non-whites collectively vote together, and why minority white places, like Cali, are the farthest left shit-holes in the country. It's class meets race in the modern date iteration of marxist socialism, and whitey is the bourgeoisie. So, point being, non-whites are almost exclusively left, so regardless of the amount of whites leaning left, the total number rises every generation. Or rather, every year. A nigger may not be an educated marxist socialists, but he supports it because the face value presentation tells him "hey black man, if you support us, you'll get more money, more power, and white people will be held accountable!" This is also why I never agree with the retarded ramblings of some idiots on /pol/ who want to sit here and pretend jews are the be-all, end-all of the problem. They're not. They were in the early '60s. Now they're all a problem. They're all huge problems. Every beaner on the street of Cali, if pressed, will tell you how they can't wait for the day whites are a minority. White people better wake up and see what's going on. This isn't just a case of "jews are trying to kill us!" How can people who pretend to believe in evolutionary theory and hold true to the genetic differences between races not acknowledge the factor of in-groups and natural group competition? That's here to stay and won't go away until diversity is gone, whether jews are here or not.

b0ea7a  No.12815920


>a culture of sexual violence

The whores willingly do it. I'd rather not frame it in a way that victimizes the whores, but rather frame it in a way that demonizes the whole situation.

2f772b  No.12816054

File: 0ad97f594354195⋯.jpg (385.9 KB, 1920x768, 5:2, baylor-cheerleaders.jpg)


>The whores willingly do it.

It's really hard to say. No question that women have done false rape allegations against blacks, but at the same time, we do see that blacks and immigrants are usually above women in the progressive stack. I don't know the details at Baylor, but they are the world's largest Southern Baptist University. So outwardly "conservative," but inwardly cucked.

This site has them as the 5th most conservative university in the United States.


>but rather frame it in a way that demonizes the whole situation.

I agree with that, and I would also put a lot more credibility on any stories of white kids of being bulled by black players, and when complaints are made, nothing is done because football. Those are the types of stories I have heard anecdotally from big football colleges.

It would also be funny to hear just how fucking stupid these black college graduates are.

ec1ac1  No.12816099


>They've always liked authoritarianism and big government.

Because they lived in high trust, low diversity societies where by and large people worked and contributed, so it created a viable, centralized way of running things. It also meant people were /comfy/

That's all changed now with the influx of 3rd worlders, some of the older generations are still in a state of comfy and haven't woken up to what's going on, whilst the younger generations are beginning to rebel because that healthy society they were promised has turned out to be a lie

ec1ac1  No.12816113


> jews are the be-all, end-all of the problem. They're not.

They are

>the face value presentation

This is the jew anon. Look into what you believe constitutes that "face value presentation"

b0ea7a  No.12816267


>This is the jew anon.

And everything I said went right over your head. It's not the '60s anymore. The jew is not the be-all, end-all problem anymore. Now we have a 140 million group-driven non-whites in this country who are demographically able to project their desires via politics, whether jews are here or not, and they will promulgate marxism, whether jews are here or not, because it's what they perceive as the best means of "equaling the playing field," or, in other words, elevating their group while diminishing ours. Jews are a problem, not thee problem anymore. It's 2019, we have a lot of major problems now. One of the biggest is diversity, and it does not cease to be a problem without jews. It's a major problem in and of itself, and will continue to be a problem whether jews are here or not. We're a democratic republic, and as such, 140 million people means a lot, and their group desires will continue to be reflected in government and media, because they are a major demographic, and those group desires are inherently anti-white because they are inherently pro-themselves.

e76962  No.12816473


>, so it created a viable, centralized way of running things.

You know nothing. The collectivism that you're describing is our downfall. It's why people didn't question the elites until African horders were in our towns. It's why people are afraid to speak up even now. Large government and socialized societies create weak, helpless, effeminate people. You're a pussy, man.

f91cd1  No.12816487


Praise be to Allaah.

The word ihtiraaf (professional pursuit) is defined in al-Mawsoo’ah al-Fiqhiyyah (2/69) as follows:

Ihtiraaf in Arabic means seeking to earn a living, or seeking a profession in order to earn money. A profession is anything in which a person works and becomes known for. So they say “the profession of So and so is such and such,” meaning his habit and practice, which is synonymous to the words craft and work.

The fuqaha’ of sharee’ah are in agreement with the linguists on this issue, and the word ihtiraaf (professional pursuit) is used to refer to work and to earning a living.

Al-Mawsoo’ah al-Fiqhiyyah (2/69).

It is not permissible for anyone to issue a ruling on playing football – let alone taking it as a profession – without knowing the nature of this game at this time and the atmosphere that surrounds it. In this game ‘awrahs are uncovered, prayers are missed, fitnah and desires are provoked, and there is the possibility of harm and injury, as well as the negligence of acts of worship that is involved.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

Playing football nowadays is accompanied by reprehensible things which mean that playing it should be disallowed. These things may be summed up as follows:

1 – It is proven to us that play continues during the times of prayer, which results in the players and spectators missing prayers or prayers in congregation, or they delay performing prayers until the time for them is over. Undoubtedly any action that interferes with performance of prayers on time or leads to missing prayers in congregation with no valid shar’i excuse is haraam.

2 – The nature of this game leads to factionalism, stirring up fitnah and hatred. These results are the opposite of what Islam promotes of tolerance, friendship and brotherhood, and cleaning hearts and souls of hatred, resentment and grudges.

3 – The game involves physical danger for the players as a result of collisions and injuries. Usually the players do not end the game without some of them falling on the pitch unconscious or with broken arms or legs. Nothing is more indicative of that than the fact that there must always be an ambulance present throughout the game.

4 – The purpose behind allowing sports is to make people become physically active and to train them for fighting and to ward off chronic disease. But playing football nowadays has no such aim. As well as the things mentioned above, it is now also taking people’s money for false purposes, let alone the danger of physical injury and the generation of hatred in the hearts of players and spectators, and the stirring up of fitnah. It has even gone so far that some spectators attack some players, which could go as far as murder, as happened in a match a few months ago. This alone is sufficient reason to disallow it. And Allaah is the source of strength. End quote.

f91cd1  No.12816494

By the way in case you haven't already heard; stink nigger shitskin hit the jackpot with his kneeling for the anthem thing.

NFL is paying him $60-$80 MILLION in reparmapashunz for his dweadful ordeal at the hands of hateful whydie.


Man I wish somebody would pay me a few million for the horseshit I've had to endure in my miserable life. Let's see if burrhead boy here is bankrupt in 5 years after squandering it all on stupid nigger shit.

f91cd1  No.12816639

File: 5a48bafad203b34⋯.jpg (34.06 KB, 589x113, 589:113, jew2.JPG)

File: 3dc2804783e65be⋯.jpg (142.78 KB, 1199x204, 1199:204, jew.JPG)

File: 84cbfa4def8556c⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 143x200, 143:200, jew vampire.jpg)

File: 65986914df5473b⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 557x308, 557:308, kendal-briles.jpg)


Kendall Briles….Pimping the shiksa bitches to niggers.

That face…

9cf954  No.12823282


That Maroon 5 faggot is Adam Levine and he's a 3/4ths kike. Not that it should be a surprise to anyone.

4afb5d  No.12823301

high profile sport in general is fucked

All these corporation embracing self destructive causes and all the allegations of match fixing. I wached the team I support like year lose by 1 point after totally predicting it.

Like the lotteries the jews just use this shit to launder money and look after their own. They've completely fucked sport like everything else.

786efd  No.12823305


>Soccer is better than Nigger Felon League.

Why do African niggers act less niggy than American niggers?

786efd  No.12823308


>and now a white team is dominating niggerball

But they only had one white guy.

000000  No.12823322


>Why do African niggers act less niggy than American niggers?

less-developed kike influences obviously. the sub-saharan nigger has much less intellectual capacity (and that due to less in-breeding with Aryans) and therefore less of a ripe target for the kikes. burgerland niggers are potentially on the opposite end of the nigger-spectrum, and certainly are under much larger potential (((political))) influence than the primitive nigerian species, thus more amenable to manipulation by the kikes.

143ae7  No.12825630


You'll never get feminists to call out niggers, but football yeah. They don't watch enough to realize that it's mostly dindus. They'll mostly think it's white Chad Thundercock types. It's like when they dropped that "Walking 10 hours in New York" vid to fish for cat calling and it was nothing but niggers yelling MUH DIK

875dbf  No.12825648



The fact that they will allow gambling will put pressure on the NFL. I like the idea of shorter replays.

11c9da  No.12825721

File: 5f885b30ef4e3fe⋯.jpg (159.03 KB, 686x644, 49:46, star wars cast.jpg)

2f772b  No.12828031

File: 0ef14cc4298a591⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 470x470, 1:1, Uncle-Murda-Hands-Up.jpg)


>Why do African niggers act less niggy than American niggers?

Part of it is that there are fewer of them, which affects their behavior. They hold themselves to a higher standard when are a small minority.

If you live in a city that is 3% black, the blacks will usually be very nice people, and culturally similar to whites or other demographics they are around. God, racists are so dumb, these blacks are just the best neighbors!

If you live in a city that is 30% black, you will find yourself surrounded by violent niggers.

84f32e  No.12828055

File: 365db5f607e9768⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Life n death.jpg)



>This is how you kill a sport: politics…

The political Left has long-since targeted football for self-destruction. They don't like the manliness of it. And its a temporary distraction from their political imperative: can't have that, the revolution must completely consume the lives of it's adherents. So if anyone wants to start casting blame around for the destruction of sports, blame the Left. They've so inflated passions in their quest to take over that nothing else matters, nothing else can matter, not even the weekend distraction of football.

79db1b  No.12828241


Burgers always look… off. Compare pictures of burgers with Europeans, its interesting to say the least.

I will deport myself for D&C.

ee8f8c  No.12834095

File: 4e775dcba41e0b9⋯.jpg (32.7 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _104856992_hannahmouney.jpg)

File: afe409f6124d869⋯.jpg (47.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 29906170001_5800394746001_….jpg)


The left loves sports, since in all sports everyone is organized into competing teams where the referee is god. Who chooses the referees? The team owners of course, who use the refs to ensure that fans can't criticize coaches at games. This is evident with general sign bans, security checkpoints, and even DMCAs on sports footage even if it's decades old. It's all in the refs, and the coaches, pocket.

The breaking point was anthem protesting. This sort of thing briefly happened in the mid 60s but back then players were far more disposable so only the truly no-fucks-given ones would do something like turn around during the anthem. And since sports weren't always televised then (a much greater portion of broadcast revenue came from radio) most people wouldn't know about it, compared to today where all TV cameras are mobile and they're always on the players not the flag (this itself was a change made in the 70s to kike up the sport and make it less nationalistic).

It all falls down if they keep trying to keep a lid on it. Fans will tolerate being shit on but they won't tolerate every game turning into politics, and most players won't play if they don't trust each other. Meanwhile at the top advertisers will book it if there's politics, unless it's their catered politics on ESPN.

"Masculinity" has nothing to do with it in the same way all female sports were kiked up by the introduction of male/trans players - which is a another whole scale of fucking up your game, because no father will have his daughter do sports if gross men are allowed to attend let alone participate in games. This also happens to fucking ruin the NFL's attempts to appeal to women, because women will NOT show up to watch games or play games if men dominate their sports. This is where the real rot and most of the damage is long-term, and it's completely independent of the NFL.

By the same token NASCAR will probably do fine because they let a woman in, and all NASCAR's problems can be fixed by doing more road courses. Hence why they still do a Sears Point circuit since it makes money despite being in the most liberal area of California (Marin and Napa are the richest counties in CA and the bluest), because the politics don't happen on the track and everyone is focused on the game not gross men pretending to be women or the national anthem.

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