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File: f5abcc87d382c4f⋯.jpg (349.95 KB, 1662x1247, 1662:1247, 5c5de13b84602.image.jpg)

520f0c  No.12779567

The University of Montana is shitting itself over these "antisemitic" fliers put onto student car windows in the dead of night in sub-zero temperatures. A manhunt is on to find the perpetrator of this heinous act of racial bigotry, who dared suggest that Jews might actually be responsible for the "Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017".


What's that? The organization cited in the main body of the bill, the FRA, evolved from the EUMC, which in turn came from the Commission on Racism and Xenophobia (CRX), AKA the Kahn Commission? An organization developed by Jean Kahn, the fucking president of the European Jewish Congress and Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress? That's just a (((coincidence))), goyim.

What's that? It would label any criticism of Jews, jokes about Jews, questions about the historical accounts of the Holocaust, or any advocacy for "harm" to Jews as antisemitism and therefore open to prosecution down the road? Even disagreeing with this legislation will get you labeled antisemitic and get the police called on you? That'll serve those Nazi bigots right!

So, which one of you /pol/acks is going to end up in a Missoulian reeducation camp in a few days?

520f0c  No.12779584


Links to some local articles




000000  No.12779607

>World Jewish Congress

The hiveminded insectoid ways of the jews begins and ends here and has for centuries. I hope Jesus comes and whips them straight into Hell.

fb594f  No.12779627


Me, ooh me!!

520f0c  No.12779640

File: 1f1e8b019f915cd⋯.jpg (345.51 KB, 2121x1353, 707:451, 72140d1207d685d5a16b675894….jpg)


Stop there, criminal scum! Now pay the shekels and it's off to jail with you - I mean or!

2989b6  No.12779670

The harder they try shutting us up, the nearer we come to having one option left.

Violence. Get armed.

d83707  No.12779696

They never just5ify their actions, just attack the criticism.

Bring up their role in Communsim, they become not angry at the facts but angry at the fact you brought up the facts even if they are true.

520f0c  No.12779714


Don't you know that facts are also antisemitic?

>Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the State of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

But you have nothing to fear if you just stay away from all that truth and facts stuff. Only Nazis express facts that are inconvenient to Jews, of course.

2989b6  No.12779726


Being white is antisemitic. Having white children is a crime against Jews and Israel. Come with us to the treatment center, so we can stop these antisemitic crimes very quickly!

91fc6f  No.12779750


Now THIS is a lettering campaign I can get behind.

77d9f7  No.12779760

=next election vote from the rooftops==

7c5715  No.12779778

jews cant handle truth. simple as that. they operate on lies and deception.

2989b6  No.12779795

File: 2b1c6e75695a3f2⋯.gif (995.15 KB, 500x554, 250:277, hitler-salute-gif-2 (1).gif)

e04a32  No.12779837

needs foreign language versions in non-english areas

c80d51  No.12779844

Stormtard cringe as usual.

895a1a  No.12779851

File: 43925dce2a96b8b⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 600x455, 120:91, 43925dce2a96b8b4a09ca60273….jpg)

Kill the jews.

3eeabf  No.12779855

Willing to bet it was an Arab or Palestinian who put these out.

895a1a  No.12779862

File: e8738259c425284⋯.jpg (72.48 KB, 494x894, 247:447, e8738259c425284cee3b6dae26….jpg)

Shoot a jew dead in the street for no reason; if I get on your jury, I will never convict you.

bb77c9  No.12779871

>115th Congress

That was from the last meeting of Congress. We're in the 116th Congress now. Have (((they))) reintroduced these bills into the current Congress yet?

49b2a1  No.12779875

At least this one is informative. Not the usual muh nazi larps.

143d8a  No.12779876


I love the little frost on the paper on a back ground of fresh light fluffy snow.

pure pottery from big sky country

000000  No.12779878

The flier is spot on just straight facts and citations no memes or nothing.

>(E) Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews.

This is objectively true. The audacity of the kikes to attempt to hide otherwise.

6839f2  No.12779891

File: 31fa399d88c2f11⋯.jpeg (63.12 KB, 600x555, 40:37, dpeubc8wkainlml-jpg-large….jpeg)

bb77c9  No.12779893



Can't disagree here. It's nice, to the point, easy on the eyes, and effective.

8bedd0  No.12779896

Jews attack piece of paper saying jews attack first ammendment

000000  No.12779898

European campuses should be plastered top to bottom about the Kalergi Plan tbh

d83dec  No.12779907


On that note, can anybody upload a copy for use elsewhere?

520f0c  No.12779919


>needs foreign language versions in non-english areas

The writing on the flier itself, not just quotes from the bill, isn't that impressive to anyone outside of an American context. It's Libertarian in it's complaint and doesn't even mention Jews (outside of sly mention of organizations that they don't elaborate but I did), just this legislation being part of an attack on the 1st Amendment. The title alone was enough to cause the manhunt. Just saying Jew in public in a non-positive way is enough to get social censure or worse.


Became law on the 14th of Janurary, 2019.

eaeac8  No.12779922


The man with grey hair looks familiar.

520f0c  No.12779941


You'll just have to replicate it. Unless the original poster of it happens across this thread, there's no digital version of it that I know of. It's not complicated though. Most news agencies over here wouldn't even show the whole flier in their photos.

895a1a  No.12779947

File: 3fa7030a53071d3⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1548914295447.webm)


Someone be a dear and create a .pdf for us..

eac105  No.12779956


That's giga-kike and notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He owns an island where he invites his scumbag buddies over, flies em out on his private jet, and then rapes, and ritualistically murders young children.

7d9ba1  No.12779961

OP doing gods work for once

Now get us a copy to post

bb77c9  No.12779990


>Became law on the 14th of Janurary, 2019.

Ah, I didn't see:

>Latest Action: 01/14/2019 Became Public Law No: 115-434.

I'm old enough to be so used to the old THOMAS system that they had up before Congress.gov went live. Fucking bullshit, but I'm not surprised. Thanks, anon.

8f8158  No.12779994

Jews are the traditional enemies. Their hatred of free speech is a decent redpill for many liberalists. Until we kill them too

7d9ba1  No.12780010


Board of peace ™

We …..thats sounds awfully Glow niggerish

bb77c9  No.12780012


>Until we kill them too

You might be able to convert them. I myself used to be a moderate Judeo-liberal in my youth, now I wish more than anything Hitler would come back.

000000  No.12780014


I remember when my car once got fliered with a little strip of paper calling out the jews for their manufactured holohoax. Made my day.

bb77c9  No.12780017


I wish that happened to me. Would make for a great whitepill.

895a1a  No.12780019

File: 4e3b4f59ace617b⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 890x876, 445:438, 2d46a137cc8de0d3f6b35a9863….jpg)



c5b596  No.12780037

File: c28f1cd53fdac4e⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 852x480, 71:40, 1455589164971.webm)

File: 1efa07435ef8efa⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, coincidence.webm)


>facts and historically supported speculation is anti-semitic



3aa7cd  No.12780086


>Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for REAL or imagined wrongdoing

it's a hate crime to blame a criminal for their crimes every judge and cop has committed a hate crime


e9e821  No.12780116

File: e9974b1bf8d9c91⋯.png (366.18 KB, 495x454, 495:454, 509A500F-A7CC-47FF-9E14-26….png)

>The United States should continue to em- phasize the importance of combating anti-Semitism in multilateral bodies, including the United Nations,

>multilateral bodies

Why are you alowed to be this vague. What bodies? Which ones Specifically. Is it the siminon wezzy thaw center or the NSA?

Are these eight pages the full bill because it seems to be about education and statistical analysis of “hate crimes” against heebs. An is pretty vauge on how its going to b done by multilateral bodies.

It also is going to cost you the tax payers 500k which probably does go to places like the SPLC

af1376  No.12780140

So much for free speech

79398d  No.12780155


This. Good propaganda is good.

f05a44  No.12780166

File: 91888a0fd6f955a⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1079x1370, 1079:1370, 8AD133B7-4026-41CD-AEB9-7….jpeg)

My college is having an event on white privilege…

000000  No.12780177


Might as well redefine antisemitism as racism against Palestinians. Between them and kikes only one is a pure blooded semite and we can get the BDSfags and lefty cunts on board. We can work together to bash the kikes.

d987c2  No.12780187

File: 0effc8793a3b5bd⋯.jpg (403.39 KB, 839x1280, 839:1280, 0effc8793a3b5bdd88478faa97….jpg)


>for no reason

79398d  No.12780293

File: e574141c5ebecd6⋯.jpg (136.33 KB, 760x860, 38:43, WP.JPG)



bb77c9  No.12780297


The Jews, if they got their way, would wholesale repeal the First Amendment.


The lefty cunts are anti-White, they'll never be on our side.

2a4204  No.12780301

File: fab3e4871c7f012⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 504x621, 56:69, 1523443546085.jpg)

File: 10e9e6d6e9a55de⋯.png (8.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1531896364970.png)

File: 3080472d658e97c⋯.png (19.27 KB, 644x776, 161:194, 1549145525498.png)

File: 321a7e896cae1a1⋯.jpg (53.87 KB, 639x648, 71:72, 1520745365039.jpg)


>UM police are asking for the public's help. If you have any information, you are asked to call the campus line at 406-243-6131.

It sure would be a pity if a Jewish student got framed for this horrible act of antisemitism!

ACCUSE JEWS HERE: 406-243-6131

There's a Jewish student group called "Hillel" at the University of Montana.. I'm trying to find the leader of it, but all my fake ZuckBook accounts got burned like two years ago – none of them are letting me log in without weird confirmation steps.. But at the very least we should call that number and tell them that we heard Hillel members discussing this beforehand and/or bragging about doing it. Any anons who attend U of M who could give us some names?

Here are some articles I found on the Hillel Group, but they're old so be careful using names from it (there's a 75% chance they have already graduated since article's from 2016):



BONUS: Report Jews bragging about the deed to the Jewish group as well to sow seeds of doubt within the accused's ranks!

Hillel-Jewish Group Phone #: (406) 243-6159


sorry if the info i got isn't super helpful.. i don't have much time, and my ZuckBook accounts are hindering me quite a bit..

2a4204  No.12780338



>Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

^^This is the Rabbi of Missoula. Blame him.


^website for Missoula Jews

9ab8bc  No.12780350



caa4c2  No.12780370

Not one criminal or even false statement on there. They can fuck off with their "manhunt."

3bbc56  No.12780386

Transcribed text from the picture:

Jews Attack 1st Amendment


Summary of H.R. 672 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017. Full text at: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/672/text

This is melding the U.S. State Dept. with anti-thoughtcrime orgs. Utilizing the massive communications spying capabilities of the U.S. government and asking it to snitch to European governments (who sadly imprison people for speech).

And in time, as 1st and 2nd Amendment protections are weakened, it'll be turned inward against U.S. citizens of course.

New List of Speech & Thought Crimes

(B) Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such, or the power of Jews as a collective, especially, but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government, or other societal institutions.

(C) Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the State of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

(D) Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

(E) Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own countries.

842b36  No.12780389


They aren't actually shitting themselves. They'll just import thousands of niggers for their next incoming freshman class and call it a day. They understand full well no one is going to kill them.

91fc6f  No.12780422


there is hope if you do it

3bbc56  No.12780424

File: acf6750957ff795⋯.pdf (1.26 MB, jews-attack-first-amendmen….pdf)

File: 8f845105a18f1d4⋯.jpg (709.88 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, jews-attack-first-amendmen….jpg)


Please proofread and I'll make any corrections.

3970e3  No.12780471


Yes, good job.

77e311  No.12780487


It's illegal in america to say that jews favour jew-interests over those of which ever host country they are currently parasiting off?

Interesting that they single these things out as specific as they are, it's almost as if the truth hurts.

Funny how no other group of people is drawing up similar laws. No one accused hindu taxi drivers of prioritising india.

000000  No.12780518


Because Pajeets are hardworking law abiding people even if they smell funny, unlike jews.

f4396a  No.12780563


I would bold the "real" in "real or imagined" to emphasis that this outlaws truth.

9ab8bc  No.12780577


No it's not illegal, but this serves to define any legitimate criticism of them as being 'anti-semitism' which will doubtlessly be weaponized into later shit that will make it illegal to be anti-semitic and thusly make it illegal to legitimately criticize kikes by extension. In the meanwhile it also wastes more U.S money on world policing the speech of people in their own homelands with legitimate criticisms of kikes so that they can get reported to their own ZOGs that already lock up anyone questioning the holyhoax or kike power. It's fucking insane and should be brought to the attention of anyone that will listen.

bb77c9  No.12780588


Thanks, anon. Much appreciated.

520f0c  No.12780714

File: 59e267ba2db6bf0⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 182x277, 182:277, index.jpg)


Specifically that one is to make phrases like, "Jews attack 1st Amendment" antisemitic because it is blaming a group of Jews (aka the Jewish people) of crimes and anything negative. Now this doesn't stop them from accusing Germans or whites for being evil Nazi's of course - just Jews become immune to it.


This bill itself is basically easy to pass (it passed unanimously in the House and Senate) and it is insidious since it paves the way for future legislation about "antisemitism" which now has way broader definitions of basically being anything Jews don't like.


I'd recommend against it honestly. They'll kvetch and say it is evil anti-semites on the internet sending death threats and whatever, which just helps their propaganda. The posting guy did it in sub-zero temperature late at night, meaning what few cameras they have probably only caught a person really bundled up against the cold and recognition. I'd be terribly surprised if they found anyone and you better believe if it was a Hey Rabbi sort of situation it would be swept under the rug very quickly. The best thing to do is spread the original statement of it only, because it is pretty innocuous. The news stations are not doing that very much because it breaks the narrative of it being evil ravenous Nazi propaganda.


>This is the Rabbi of Missoula.

No, there's multiple ones. A female one was in the NBC report on it.


>They'll just import thousands of niggers for their next incoming freshman class and call it a day.

Worse, Californians. If it makes you anons feel better, the University has been dying after a long series of blunders. Missoula the city could be turned for the better if the University would stop attracting the Californians for the most part.


>No it's not illegal, but this serves to define any legitimate criticism of them as being 'anti-semitism' which will doubtlessly be weaponized into later shit that will make it illegal to be anti-semitic and thusly make it illegal to legitimately criticize kikes by extension.

That's basically what this legislation does. Once the definition is set, the legal precedent will be used in other matters like prosecuting individuals for hate crimes or justifying banning boycotts of Israel on the basis of "harm" to Jews also being antisemitic. The first clause that the flier-guy left out actually hid that useful little nugget in it…


Good job recreating it and making it look nicer.

000000  No.12780816


People who advocate violence are shills, pure and simple. Violence by clearly crazed individuals wouldn't do a thing against international conspiracies. It would only delegitimize our political movement.

Let's reiterate again: we do not actually want chinks, Koreans, Blacks, Jews etc. to die, we just joke around to piss off the politically correct SJWs. We think they are humans with worth but we just want them to be in their own ethnic homelands instead of here in America. Any futile lone-wolf political violence would simply delegitimize our movement in the eyes of average White folk.

c36537  No.12780822

File: dad20ca20642b6b⋯.png (225.59 KB, 434x537, 434:537, PIGMAN.png)

File: 5d67eabd873e7b3⋯.png (17.17 KB, 1211x131, 1211:131, KikeConfession.png)


Basically, Trump couldn't get elected without hob-nobbing. The kikes kept those pictures, and use them here as proof that they own him - yet those very same kikes want him gone, through this manipulation of us. It's a very interesting situation, but it's easy to tell that they're kikes, because they won't attack yahweh or the kikes.

2b348b  No.12780857


Eat shit and die.

b55c5d  No.12780873

File: 9954998c7384648⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 260x194, 130:97, buzzing America.jpg)

>UnivMontana searching for someone who alerts people to proposed legislation which gives extremely biased protective status to Jews. UnivMontana searching for this person, labeled a racist/antiSemitic criminal. It doesn't matter what the truth is.

The only question left is: who directed the police to target the 'offender' with a manhunt? Who directed this malignment of character and misuse of LEO's? Name that person, and you're one step from catching the real racist.

48a18a  No.12780892


Better to bring their role in capitalism, we dont live under communism.

48a18a  No.12780912


You kill few local jews and the rest will run away to other areas/israel. They can only exist because there is a complete lack of actual resistance, they can deal with politics/media with their money, they can't deal with jewish young women not continuing their jewishness.

dad88b  No.12780914


It's the gun control shills that advocate violence.

They know a call to arms would, at best, result in a shooting that lasts 5 minutes.

They're tired of being called out for fake shootings so they want to provoke a real one.

Shootings of average citizens will only help gun confiscation advocates.

You never see people like Soros get attacked.

af1376  No.12780928


>would wholesale repeal the First Amendment.

That's exactly what they've done. If you can't even speak a contrary opinion of something then you have no first amendment right anymore. This isn't even like the Sedition Act of 1798 which was against the U.S government, this is an entirely foreign people. This shit is so fucking stupid and Trump is absolute fucking dog shit, fuck that rat kike for signing this stupid shit in the first place I can;t wait till his jew ass gets thrown out and everything he did gets undone

1cca5a  No.12780950

Imagine my shock when I have gone so below zero that you owe me years.

581a65  No.12781058


Good. May I suggest putting the url for the full text on its own line?

581a65  No.12781159

File: e620dbe7b261bba⋯.jpg (435.15 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190210-021235….jpg)

File: 71fae332f16b455⋯.jpg (236.81 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190210-021353….jpg)


Going down the kike rabbit hole. They're everywhere.

9eaf50  No.12781293


I see your dubs but I refuse to check them. A sand nigger in Montana? Talking about free speech and jew hate crime bullshit? It's a stretch.

520f0c  No.12781389


>The only question left is: who directed the police to target the 'offender' with a manhunt?

The University's lower administration tends to direct the campus police a fair amount. While they are city police and cannot actually do anything outside of real laws (meaning they cannot enforce University policy, which is jaw-dropping), they do conduct investigations sometimes either on their own or when requested. It could be simply a response to complaints, but it's pretty unclear and unlikely to bear fruit. None of the people who have posted things in this city have been identified so far as I know. This is only the most recent case of mystery posters.


>A sand nigger in Montana? Talking about free speech and jew hate crime bullshit? It's a stretch.

Missoula brings in odd people. There was a case a small while ago about a Muslim claiming they were profiled and harassed by someone who called in a bomb scare thing on them. It reeked of self-reported bullshit to spin the whole "oppressed Muslim" shit here.


Can't forget the Kaarma-Dede case where a supposed Missoulian lured a supposed German exchange student into his garage with beer the student wanted to steal and shot him dead with a shotgun. The funny part is that Kaarma was Asian and Dede was Middle Eastern. One of those tan Germans I suppose. So yeah, they are around here and they work the poor ol' misunderstood Muslim angle sometimes as part of their personal Jihads.


0511d9  No.12781414


No arent .You gang rapists are the Jews of Asia and cutting out white people from their jobs for your cousins just like your idolized Jews, after undercutting them and flaunting your fake degrees for some diversity bucks and dumping your degenerate cult all over Western culture

0511d9  No.12781416

d0c9da  No.12781530



>doesn't want Jews to die even though Jews have been killing whites for centuries

fuck you Christfag, extermination is the only thing that works. why do you think the jews got their dumb anglo-american stooges to exterminate the best germans during and after ww2? Take the linderpill

955364  No.12781568

File: cf741b5398958c3⋯.gif (666.76 KB, 291x232, 291:232, 123.gif)



6633a7  No.12781581


You really need some QR codes on there.

f0c8df  No.12781599

File: 707530a39f309af⋯.jpg (90.14 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1518739404120.jpg)


The Jew fears the Samurai.

cb8850  No.12781912


So this whole board is illegal by US law since the 14th January I guess? Pig stash owner should have updated it's TOU by now.

55e1dd  No.12781934

Retard WN flyers are going to save the White Race

48806d  No.12782003

File: 6e1645653acb3fc⋯.jpg (125.74 KB, 958x973, 958:973, ben_garrison_has_arrived.jpg)




Who could be behind this?

3bbc56  No.12782037

File: 7feb23dceb86609⋯.pdf (1.84 MB, jews-attack-first-amendmen….pdf)

File: ed84934e6f81708⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, jews-attack-first-amendmen….jpg)


Updated with info that it came into law on that date.


Done, please test QR code and let me know if it works.




I tried this but thought it cluttered the design and breaks repetition with the allegation/accuse bolding. The PDF is Photoshop-editable though so easy to make your own edit.

68e2ee  No.12782049


>Well sourced, single sheet of paper that repeatedly cites the bill it's criticizing

>Gotta be a sandnigger lol

They tend to have a more… kinetic form of criticism.

25ce5d  No.12782153

They aren't really "attacking the first amendment". The law only effects europeans, who aren't covered by the 1st amendment.

f19ed7  No.12782185


You people have no shame do you? Is that why you are deformed? You are incapable of feeling shame? People who don't feel shame can't properly internalize moral principles, hence the need for overly burdensome rules and laws that dictate how to live every waking hour of your life (i.e. the Torah, Talmud +extra rules and rites and regulations added over the centuries).

It's because you feel no shame that you are able to brazenly lie like this. This is an American law, applying to American citizens, who are nominally protected by the 1st Amendment. I really can't wait to see you people scatter like roaches when the lights turn on. You have nowhere to run in this digital age of unprecedented connectivity.

25ce5d  No.12782188


Now you're just lying, it plainly says that it is done to prevent european antisemitism.

3bbc56  No.12782199


Nah he's technically right as far as I can tell. What the law is doing is putting more chill on the free speech of Europeans. But of course it sets a further precedent to apply to us in the future. Things are going to move really fast in a few years as the boomers die off and shitskins become an absolute majority, not just a majority of newborns like they are now.

8d7385  No.12782202


He should've titled it with a "Plan" in there.

9a531b  No.12782305

File: ba952495861e487⋯.jpg (75.87 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1484700539737.jpg)


>accusing Jews of being more loyal to Israel

Wait that's against the law now? Wow, holy shit! It's much worse than I thought. Yet the masses are still blind, distracted by the bread and circuses of video games and nigger ball. All these Esports events and games, all being sponsored by Kike companies. It's starting to make sense now.

34e300  No.12782423


>european antisemitism

When you are hated so much you have to hide and have laws to protect you from native population. Jew is swear word in Europe. You call it antisemitism. Jews come back to Jerusalem and what suprise. Even their muslims friends become antisemitic.

520f0c  No.12782439

File: b16a032fdd40755⋯.jpg (109.55 KB, 940x672, 235:168, Borrowing.jpg)


>The law only effects europeans, who aren't covered by the 1st amendment.

Sort of like the Emancipation Proclamation that only affected Southern states during a time when the Union had no political control over them? Laws like this are passed to pave the way for current or future efforts. What this law does is establish the expanded, kosher-approved definition of antisemitism that makes basically any criticism of a Jew or a group of Jews deemed antisemitic and therefore against the law and against (((morality))). It allows future bills to point back to ones like this and say, "All we want to do is combat antisemitism with this little law saying it's illegal… I mean, the American people already agreed to this definition, so lets just continue goys…" And you don't seem to appreciate that in Europe it is already illegal to be antisemitic and is often called terrorism, which means the US could funnel resources towards whatever the Jewish council organizations wanted to in order to "combat antisemitism". This bill is a subtle tool that no one can oppose because to oppose it would make you an antisemite and therefore soon-to-be criminal.

9a531b  No.12782517

File: dcd747c5ad47174⋯.webm (304.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jaypeg posting.webm)

5e6dd8  No.12782582



<only 1350 kikes in the entire state

Why is there such an outcry over the fact that 1350 people might have had their feelings hurt?

520f0c  No.12782647

File: 3395d5976ec1469⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 620x248, 5:2, University of Montana.jpg)


>Why is there such an outcry over the fact that 1350 people might have had their feelings hurt?

Montana only has about a million people living in it, which means they have about the same proportion of Jews that the rest of the country has. Frankly Montanans don't give two shits about them or even know what they are (like most non-whites except Indians), but Missoula is infested with Californians and liberal outsiders thanks to the University of Montana's recruitment. Either the liberals revel in defending the poor little "oppressed" types, or the non-leftists just want to "be nice, tolerant, non-judging Christians".

Missoula could be entirely flipped back to Montana standards if only a handful of people like the flier person here kept up what they were doing and made the non-Montanans feel unwelcome. They'd leave on their own if someone popped their liberal bubble. In fact, no Democrat would ever win a Senate or House seat again in this state if only three cities of less than 100k people were flipped.

520f0c  No.12782653


Ah, correction, less proportion of Jews overall, but in the cities their concentration is much higher.

1821f2  No.12782702



1821f2  No.12782707


I think it would be rather easy to kick leftists/marxists out of Montana that are not from there originally - especially if they are used to CA weather. They're already physically uncomfortable because they didn't grow up with snow and fucking seasons and fucking temperatures lower than 40 degrees F so let's make them psychologically uncomfortable as well and it will be too much to bare.

709f4e  No.12782721

Nazi fags post cringe flyers

Nazi fags confused as to why they are called Nazis.

3bbc56  No.12782727


t.scared plebbitor

520f0c  No.12782745

File: fd9ce5e52cd337f⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 454x306, 227:153, Third Wave.jpg)


>I think it would be rather easy to kick leftists/marxists out of Montana that are not from there originally

It's actually so easy that most of them leave on their own once their University obligation is done. But some want to establish themselves in Missoula so as to make their own little fiefdom and "culture" all these backwards Montana folk. But all it would take to root out these parasites here would be just sustained pressure to make them understand how unwelcome they are. Taking over local government would be exceeding easy since they are incompetent and charging extra taxes for retarded projects that they don't even do properly. Turning the University into a haven for /pol/ack types would be as easy as promoting its classical features and memeing it as the premier place for Nationalists to go, and would cause all of the Leftists to flee in utter panic.

f05eb7  No.12784108

File: 432f3771b505492⋯.png (442.19 KB, 481x380, 481:380, 432f3771b50549273b2ce2a126….png)

They had basically a manhunt at my university when a kid left a Generation Identity poster (I think it was basically a white identity poster) on campus. It didn't even say anything, just had some chad looking white guys on it standing together looking cool. The zog-bots where unable to apprehend the white male with a spine.

9e1a42  No.12784314

File: 7ba1fbe314f04c6⋯.jpeg (26.12 KB, 520x390, 4:3, E0368688-4EA0-4449-BD30-0….jpeg)


Codefag here. Our tech reached the right level of maturity for a mass awakening of the youth/ College level white man. I’m speaking of unstoppable, untraceable red pills saturating campuses to a degree well beyond these flyers. If you followed the >>>redstick sub you already have a general idea. But that sub and the effort is dying on the vine. Why? Due in large part to the absence of USB capable devices like laptops, coupled with a general trepidation of barebacking an unknown USB device.

RedStick 2.0 aims to take the original concept wireless. The starting implementations will be two forms-

1. Android devices running a pup compatible web server.

2. ESP-32 based IOT devices running Flask or similar

These devices will broadcast a local wireless point with a uniform SSID like FREEYOURMIND or similar. The connecting device will hit captive pages similar to that EULA you get when connecting to the free kikebucks WiFi. This is the front door to a series of red pills progressing in severity. No redpills can be accessed until the user completes the first lesson… in critical thinking skills. RS2.0 aims to first teach the recipient to process incoming ideas from a foundation of Logos, then to discern Pathos and Ethos in any presented idea. The strategy is two fold: to begin inoculating them from bullshit ideas coming from media and academia. It also forms the basis of acceptance for the harder redpills deeper in the material. Bonus 3rd benefit- nogs and low IQ spics, and most women will get bored and disconnect. Only those who elicit a base curiousity and intelligence will proceed. More to the point, why would we waste electrons on anyone else?

Devices will be temporary (in the warrior’s pocket), or semi-permanent such as a hidden location with a sky view for solar recharging. Many opportunities exist to get creative with neodymium magnets and drone assisted placement. Strategic use of hashtags to the chosen SSID will drive awareness.

More to figure out like source control, canary files, and easy setup for the non tech warrior volunteer. But the premise is simple: redpill the curious through their smartphone.

521c4c  No.12784341

See, now THIS tis something that should have plastered everywhere rather than the bullshit boomer bullshit "Star Your Ground" with that asshole's face that gOt ZERO attention or press. i kept saying it was a shit idea, and got shouted down again and again by newfags who insisted "I was a shill." About 5 other oldfags were saying same thing. But retards fell for that garbage.

THIS is the kind of info i'd even go post myself, since so few people know and people NEED TO KNOW what the Jews are doing.

000000  No.12784361

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

521c4c  No.12784365


>Codefag here. Our tech reached the right level of maturity for a mass awakening of the youth/ College level white man.

Really, you mean you fucking lazy assholes everyone in my generation put our hopes in are finally going to do something? After many of us spent ALL are free time in Uni here making memes for a dupe of the Jews scumbag Trump who has fucked us at every turn, but we were all SURE that since you fuckers had been using iPads since you were 4 and grew up coding, you'd be able to take over and do things we could never even imagine, and so far you've done sweet fuck all since a few dozen artists from here and cuckchan (before it was total trash) played the media for fools and memes a president into office? And you guys seem incapable of anything, save for a boomer level "stand your ground" shit operation, when my generation shilled Brexit and Trump?

What the fuck happened to "Generation Zyklon" who are turning out to be a bunch of useless fat 56ers who can barely turn on a PS4? Instead of getting BETTER, you're generation has gotten FAR WORSE since you motherfuckers never had to learn to use a computer, it was all so easy. You don'y know about 14.4 and 28.8 modems and having to go on after midnight since your mother was on the fucking phone line all night. You never had to take 2 dats and learn to use a VERY old, funky version of "windup" in 2 parts to DL a single fucking nude.

instead, you've just learned fucking NOTHING and become lazier, and allowed a bunch of silicon valley kikes to censor everything without a word, while tearing down 120 year old plus confederate statues. This country is FUCKED lads. From alll directions, at the same time. and our dreams of "Generation Zyklon" were delusions.

9e1a42  No.12784393


Your nose shows. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Support efforts to awaken the masses or shut the fuck up.

708798  No.12784435

File: 8094ab23bb89de6⋯.mp4 (12.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Zionists360p.mp4)


>This is objectively true.

Indeed - in their own words.

521c4c  No.12784441


>Your nose shows

it doesn't show when it's buried up your mother's cunt though when your father jerks off in the corner. you retards can't understand that lots of people here, the old fags, dealt with Kikey's bullshit and everything else…if ONLy we could get Trump, could only give the next generation 4 years breathing room, you guys would be so fuckig net savvy, you'd do things we never dreamed of.

Now my generation has been fucked by Trump and your generation is (so far) fucking worthless. so, excuse me if I need to vent about once in a while.

7b3815  No.12784444

File: 25af05dec06582f⋯.png (79.62 KB, 423x685, 423:685, vote.png)


Nice meme, friend

af1376  No.12784447


All you have to do before you go and put posters up is know where the cameras are so you can just mask yourself and not wear anything obvious and they'll never find you as long as they look

b7cba1  No.12784454

File: bdc8e298dd9e8f9⋯.jpg (167.71 KB, 750x320, 75:32, jew shut it down convoy-SH….jpg)

File: 230f5cc64f81d01⋯.jpg (153.48 KB, 750x320, 75:32, jew shut it down convoy-10….jpg)

File: 8b1d1a8fb3aa8bf⋯.jpg (147 KB, 750x320, 75:32, jew shut it down convoy-BL….jpg)

521c4c  No.12784460


Or, could just darken skin a bit and wear a muslim hat and add a little "FREE PALESTINE" thing. Then they'd be terrified to expel anyone if they think it's coming from leftists, esp muslim leftists..

af1376  No.12784479


But they might be able to trace that, best thing is to not use anything that sticks out so you're just another anonymous ghost

3bbc56  No.12784502


Good thing we've got a PDF ready to post whenever, wherever. Looking forward to news articles about your exploits, anon.

521c4c  No.12784511


>But they might be able to trace that, best thing is to not use anything that sticks out so you're just another anonymous ghost

you might be right. i'm gonna try to use some of my muslim sock accounts I've had for years to see if can convince muslim student societies at Unis to post these as well. Just need to ad a little a "free palestine" thing. Will be harder for the Jews to attack if muslims posting same poster…

000000  No.12784518

Why not flier and cite all the reasons kikes are traitors like Pollard and can never be great allies but the opposite from the Lavon Affair to the USS Liberty to this




tl;dr The kikes didn't care about running over or purposely murdering US soldiers so a US Marine in Beruit climbed a Merkava tank, put his pistol to the head of an IDF Major, and ordered him to stop his tank column. Jews then blew up the Marine barracks and blamed it on Islamic terrorist.

Even Jordan is a better ally than filthy kikes.

9e1a42  No.12784761


Childish retort, I expect more of someone your age. Trump was the stop gap not the savior. He has a kike SOL and kikes as his mentors. DJT wasn’t Clinton, and for all his faults he broke the ice on political correctness.

Enough of this. You’re pissed and you vented. Nothing to be gained by bitching any more. We are here as brothers aligning our strengths to lead our people toward success. If you do not like the ideas presented then criticize constructively or lurk.

For the record I saw Star Wars when it premiered in the theatre and vividly remember when Regan was shot. The boomers were brainwashed by tv and the millennial by internet. It’s up to GenX and GenY to right this ship.

You in?

520f0c  No.12784893

File: aa2dd502e3f1518⋯.jpg (231.28 KB, 1185x858, 395:286, Noblework.jpg)


Neat. I liked the idea of Redstick in developing a step-by-step redpilling journey for people to educate themselves with, though I think what it needs most is a narrative to engage the target audience to explore the thing. Context, not delivery, was always the issue. It's a different topic altogether, but Redstick needs to be like a scavenger hunt or geocaching project with the redpills being the rewards along the way. Good that you guys are doing more though.


Nice quads.


>Why not flier and cite all the reasons kikes are traitors

You could, nothing is really stopping you. You just have to come at the issue from angles your audience might understand. For instance, most normies don't even know exactly what a Jew is. They think they are just white people with a weird religion that gets them persecuted unfairly all the time. So being overtly aggressive towards a "Jew" is going to turn off most people immediately, though the word "Jew" itself is enough to arrest attention for those that come across it.

Notice in this flier's instance that the one and only thing the press focused on was that the title said "Jews Attack". That's enough to get it labeled antisemitic and hateful, but that's also a key in getting it disseminated through the corrupt media spreading it around. It's like lighting a bag of dog shit on fire. You're not trying to incinerate the shit so much as encourage the discoverer to stomp on it and spread the shit all around inadvertently. The payload is spread only once it catches attention and demands the normal response of, "Quick! Stamp this out!"

000000  No.12790042


Wow. 70 years in prison for defending your home. The family of the burglar must have had some important ties back in Germany.

af6dcb  No.12790113


Willing to bet this poster is a Jew

00deec  No.12790115

File: 6412e764f48e2e0⋯.png (542.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


posting a still from a degenerate movie with (((Jürgen Vogel)))

986ac3  No.12790223


make a tread for fucks sake

521c4c  No.12790447


>For the record I saw Star Wars when it premiered in the theatre and vividly remember when Regan was shot.

Dude, if you're oer 40 at least as your post indicates and not worried about your job, raising your kids, sending them in the right direction and making sure you can pay for their uni and are instead on here with a bunch of 20 year olds and NEETS, you probably need to reevaluate your priorities in life.

Thi is not r/le.ledonald. This is the board that that ZOG military intel found an ISIS memeo telling them "not to try to recruit on 8ch– they're fucking crazy there." Lots of new fag scum have ruined the original spirit, but you are still doing with people "too extreme for ISIS." of course, I don't mean in a "terorist sense," as /pol/ is the board of peace. But really, why you aren't married with kids at your age and are instead mixing with people half your age and talking about memes on what's often called "the most toxic slime pit of the internet" (and in fairness, probably is outside onion sites) you're doing something wrong in life.

Worry about your kids dude. Stay with your own type on r/le-donald. Not only better for you, but unless you work in STEM, it's better for you and everyone here to just let the true autists here work undisturbed.

3bbc56  No.12790456


That's surprisingly mature of you, hebrew autist. Just remember to take your own medicine!

55e1dd  No.12790465


Jews on drugs

8b994d  No.12790510


>fell for jewish lies about children

You deserve it, really.

b55c5d  No.12790594

File: 59bf2cf77597fcf⋯.png (621.16 KB, 5263x5263, 1:1, Peace on Earth.png)


redstick should be treasured, discovered and valued

>geocaching redstick

Geocaching a redstick targets the right audience, is simple and anonymous, is gentle. This.

f9692e  No.12790597

the jew fears the flier

6f78a1  No.12790631


>Any futile lone-wolf political violence would simply delegitimize our movement in the eyes of average White folk.

That is bullshit. At least in my area plenty of normalfags speak of violence in a positive light. Hell, even the California transplant down the street remarked to me during the statue destruction last year that he thought about trying his truck to "those nigger statues" and tearing it down. I've heard even more radical things from normalfags the last two years as they realize how futile normal politics is. People are tired of this shit.

95d2dd  No.12790632


>be recent hipster convert

>vision starting to fade a bit but jawline still intact

>be forcefully crashed headfirst into a direct opposition of all of your beliefs

I wonder what he's up to now.

000000  No.12790786


>world jew congres


Many years before any actual "reasons".

000000  No.12790796



It was a Celtic who followed the kav confirmation hearings.

000000  No.12790806



Lies. My thread was still up then. Only house had voted.

000000  No.12790831


It affects businesses, mostly. Euros are free to do what they want.

520f0c  No.12791186


>Wow. 70 years in prison for defending your home.

The problem was he lured the tan "German" in with a case of beer left visible under his half-opened garage door, and when the thief was confronted with the shotgun he tried to run for it and got shot two or three times in the back. Add on top it was literally an international problem and the University already had problems with Saudi students that they covered up, the Missoula politics wanted to punish the guy severely. And they did.


Good to know. The Third Wave story, the actual one, is extremely interesting once you're redpilled. Basically instituting an NSDAP-inspired program among highschoolers resulted in instant enthusiasm, discipline, teamwork, and improvements among the white students and instant kvetching and rabbi-calling from the Jewish students who couldn't dominate the class anymore.


>the jew fears the flier

Naturally, though here it is more an issue of the whites enforce that fear of the flier more than even the Jews. The kvetching rabbi's are just the icing on the cake that is the good goy outrage over it. They want to show themselves to be righteous to each other by being as unfair and unjust as possible to whom they've been (((taught))) is the worst kind of person. Nothing new, frankly, but the word "Jew" by itself is enough to make them go insane.


>I've heard even more radical things from normalfags the last two years as they realize how futile normal politics is. People are tired of this shit.

Once the dam breaks on that, when an economic depression rolls around and people can't work and want someone to blame, that's when those opinions all manifest. The key is to have an organization ready to scoop them up and make a use of that energy rather than letting it play out uselessly in riots.


>Lies. My thread was still up then. Only house had voted.

I'm just going by what the Library of Congress says. Check the OP link and go to Actions to see for yourself.

4224e8  No.12791210


Only those who advocate it on meaningless targets.

Reminder that not a soul has attempted a lethal attack on any far left leaning politicians

520f0c  No.12791389


Violence at this stage in general simply fuels the "be a nice guy" narrative and turns off potential normies from thinking any further about whatever ideas those are attached to. If they made a random person's death at Charlottesville into a national tragedy that must never ever be forgotten, you better believe damaging one of their powerful people would be made into the next Pearl Harbor. Besides, most politicians are entirely replaceable figureheads. Organizations direct their movements, and organizations have to have the environment shift on them or their supply networks damaged in order to dismantle them. None of that involves physical violence. The zeitgeist currently views most violence outside of righteous self-defense as completely and utterly immoral and impermissible, which can be used to advantage given the thugs of the enemy crave and promote violence themselves.

Redpilling non-violently and adhering to strict and careful self defense while setting up local organizations is the only viable route forward right now, and advocates for overt violence are either shills, morons, or mislead.

3073c2  No.12791429


The problem is Nazi cuck retardation. If the Nazi tards did not show up at the rallies things would be quite different.

0c7557  No.12791539


Archive it you NIGGER. Fucking nu/pol/.


>false flag so it ends up helping jews

Kill yourself.

520f0c  No.12792764


Remember that many of the "Nazi tards" are subversives trying to play up to the Hollywood Ebil Nat-zee stereotype to discredit whatever legitimate groups are there. The problem is that a public demonstration requires an organized platform with a clear message and uniform that is able to identify and dismiss those subversives. That requires organization however, and until that point the only street-work should be from individuals putting up posters and spreading redpills.


Good point, faggot. Archive versions below:




67d86e  No.12792820


You can be sure they aren't a /pol/ack since they're actually doing something besides bumping shill threads, and masturbating thinking of white succession.

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