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File: 6f60b24447dcf28⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 3440x1440, 43:18, 1493698262408.jpg)

122a45  No.12781765

I'm fairly new to basically anything "alt right", and definitely still learning. My biggest issue is - How do I talk about these topics (such as WW2) with friends/family and avoid being immediately branded as racist, extremist, etc? I've barely brought it up with family and some very close friends and immediately they're put off and refuse to discuss or even listen. Does anyone have any smaller links or ideas to kind of kick this off in person?

796dc2  No.12781766

File: 84d8bd07aed3a30⋯.webm (381.72 KB, 226x210, 113:105, oh-holy-shitballs.webm)

Post 'em on /pol/… that'll do the trick!

5ae876  No.12781775


You're basically trying to teach your own karate class as a white belt. Stop talking about it until you hit black belt. When you do, then you know exactly how to go about redpilling others. It's extremely subtle and it takes a lot of time. The gist of it is to highlight the most obvious inconsistencies that forces other people to think. Plant seeds, don't try to plant full grown trees in someone's mind.

c6ae5c  No.12781809

File: 888d8a483d683b0⋯.jpg (95.4 KB, 483x720, 161:240, 888d8a483d683b0901ae5a74f3….jpg)

File: 335270eaa90c88b⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 996x1289, 996:1289, 315922714e5009fe65006f73b9….jpg)

Anon, you asked an okay question but you left out way too many details. >>12781775 is right. Plant seeds. Might take days, might take years. It took me about two years of red pilling to get my parents and sisters on my side. My case wasn't so difficult though, I met nearly no resistance. My family isn't retarded, they just needed the dots connected and most people don't have the time to do the research to unkike their worldview. Anyway, by the mere fact that you used the word alt-right even in quotes means you're not really fully red pilled. Alt-right is a gay jewish meme, anon.

0b0063  No.12781813

Being a respectable chad is key. Don't represent National Socialism until you're living it.

2a09ae  No.12781843

People won't listen to you unless they have a reason to. Are you the most admirable person you know? If not, don't bother sharing your philosophies because no one cares.

4e2586  No.12781866

File: e637a16b9ac35c6⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 254x320, 127:160, nazi hugo boss.jpg)


Start very small, ask questions, see how they react to questions, learn to argue (as many flaws as molymeme may have, he helped me learn to argue), and above all, be beyond reproach in other areas.

For the sake of expanding on that last item: my family knows I'm a machist, hitler-loving "nazi" who would gladly gas jews and throw commies off a helicopter. But before knowing that, they know that I'm kind, love my wife, she loves me, I'm generous, I love animals and the environment, and I help people in need. Knowing all of that about me makes them listen, and furthers normalizes all of the extreme views I have of the world. Moreover, whenever they get fucked by the jewish system in whichever manner, I point out to them which jew is fucking them.

Essentially: if you're a NEET who doesn't shower too often and can't argue properly, don't tell anyone your more extreme views. You must be convincing and charismatic for anyone to listen to you. This doesn't mean you need to be pretty - a man's status and social standing is a woman's tits and makeup.

cdea85  No.12781932

Look up some past debates and listen to the pitfalls others who argue our position get into. It also good to fully learn the enemies arguments to know how to counter it.

Lurk moar, save up important info and learn as much as you can. Until then use the little subtle questions and statements to slowly introduce the subject. Be PATIENT, this is not a niggers game OP it might take 6 monthes it might take 6 years.

176651  No.12781954


Or be pro white in a normal way. No Nazi WN larping.

5d44da  No.12782028

btfo them with facts and logic if they are men with triple-digit IQs

if they're women then just try to disengage. women will believe whoever is in power and whatever the official narrative is. you can't factpill them

5d44da  No.12782033


oh yeah and what this guy said is really good. if you have a job and you look good then your message is more true than if you were a slovenly NEET. especially when you're talking to a woman

4e2586  No.12782035


>No Nazi WN larping.

Hi new friend. When people here talk about being natsoc, they don't mean wearing costumes and sieg heiling.

cd3e40  No.12782051

>How do you bring these ideas, and redpill family/friends?

Neat, on the rocks.

8f5035  No.12782071

File: 26c2c1f90eb777d⋯.gif (437.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, checkem.gif)


Dubs of good advice. If you're a neckbeard faggot, well, stop being a neckbeard faggot before you show your cards. It makes the rest of us look bad.

Also, /pol/ is not "alt right", but you get a pass for being a newfag.

cd3e40  No.12782075

>immediately they're put off and refuse to discuss or even listen

Explain to them that every person in a civilization has a duty to do their best to understand threats to their way of life and to fight for truth and against lies and corruption.

They have been gifted a safe and stable life by their ancestors who fought and died to create a future for their descendants, and we all have to do the same or we have failed ourselves, our ancestors and most of all, our descendants, who will suffer far more than us for our mistakes today.

If people are not willing to look at reality and prefer to ignore problems or tell comforting lies to avoid facing hard truths, civilization collapses and we all suffer.

Everyone has to pull their weight or we all go down.

2db161  No.12782109


Good rundown. The (((alt right))) is a jew invented term for them to frame the right wing narrative as they see fit.

741981  No.12782201


>Anyway, by the mere fact that you used the word alt-right even in quotes means you're not really fully red pilled. Alt-right is a gay jewish meme, anon.

We really do need a label that the mainstream can swallow. Alt-right was good back in 2015-2016, but the media has made it synonymous with nazi now, and that's bad for spreading pills.

4628e6  No.12782214

File: 8a11e3a0b989268⋯.webm (730.75 KB, 384x480, 4:5, 1542970721147.webm)


Simple way to plant a seed:

Ask how many jews where murdered by the Nazis (everyone knows the answer).

Then ask them how many Allied soldiers died in WW2, how many did Stalin and Mao murder?



Then tell them that they have been programmed to know by heart how many a foreign people (jews) where killed but they don't know how many of their own people where slain in combat and that they didn't know that the communists killed far more than Hitler.

83d070  No.12782220


>"We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children."

Ask them if there is anything wrong with that sentence. Then ask them if that sentence shouldn't be the core concept of their lives. When this is established you tell him what atrocious crimes were committed to destroy this concept, and how it's still under massive attack.

83d070  No.12782224


>you tell him

tell them

0e9cd6  No.12782254


Regarding WW2, ask them why the Jewish world population supposedly "doubled" in the 50 years before the Holocaust, and only went up 15% in the 50 years after the Holocaust. Ask them why the Nazis chose such an inefficient method of "mass murder". And ask them why the only "death camps" were found by the Jewish-run USSR.

2f0b2d  No.12782261


You dont, you make a great example of yourself and your life - when they come asking, you tell the truth with facts.

875539  No.12782326

You can never bring them the correct information when you present fagwave.

cdeb64  No.12783267



these are accurate. become knowledgeable, then your ability to redpill comes naturally, because you know the truth. Any rebuttal that may come is easily knocked away, because you know what their conditioning is and how to counter it. others saying to plant seeds or ask subtle questions are also correct.



also correct. you don't need chad genetics, necessarily, but you need to look presentable. this means that you lift and look like you lift. it also means that you dress like a White man. i.e., not fucking gym shorts and sneakers. this isn't highschool.

000000  No.12787647


You teach them 14/88; the two sets of Fourteen Words and the Eighty-Eight Precepts.

These words have a power beyond what Whites can intellectually explain.

Anything else could be considered a complete waste of time.

000000  No.12787751

Stop using Pagan Celtic symbols. We are not Stormfags and despise you using them. Another excuse for the Jews to attack use calling use "Nazis".

95fa10  No.12788393


Don't forget the 5 gorillion white people Hitler personally spanked to death.


Constant exposure also helps with the deprogramming, believe it or not. If they complain about something, point out how the jews were involved. When they get annoyed with you, point out that you didn't make the jew do it, they did it themselves. Once they start to recognize the jews on tv, you're good, but get them to drop the tv.

df00ad  No.12788409


They always have been here lazy kike.

c46152  No.12788417


>if I say we despise you and repeat insults the goy will change their minds.

62e238  No.12788430

Exactly as you said - you bring ideas and individual issues, not yell "heil hitler", etc.

Be smart, dont be a retard.

486e47  No.12788490

File: 2eb46c773e155e9⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 4dd5f8620ae601023552b35a9f….jpg)



Welp, when I'm dating a gurl I make a point to say I'm a National Socialist and that Hitler did nothing wrong within the first 20 minutes of the date. I just smug it off, if I get pushback I just say that everyone knows Nazis are sexy as fuck. Truth be told I've never had any of them make a big deal out of it. Confidence is your friend, friend. Speak with Authority and the world is your oyster. I'm telling people this now

000000  No.12788505


You must know the true meanig of words.

respond to this post and I will post my definition pastas

000000  No.12788516


Stop using the false label "pagan", you doubleredditor.

000000  No.12788529


Good logic game.

there is no "nazi"

c46152  No.12789632


But what if you are an ugly virgin?

6ac928  No.12789718


you have to be indirect

I was arguing with someone online and they said the lolocaust never happened and they directed me to theHolocaustdeprogrammingcourse.

I'm having a hard time, you're smart can you help me make sense of it.

or do you like history channel shows?

try the greatest story never told.

3d6cb8  No.12789849


I agree with you. You have to pitch the ideas outside of the "evil nazi" realm, avoid connotations that you know will trigger the conditioned defense against anything of that sort.

For women I would suggest starting on the empathic, soft and harmonic. Talk about balance of nature, Talk about the love the positive. For example if you are trying to redpill your mother, you must first let her know that you are the best son you can be, and show her that you love her while also bringing out the ideas that you do this because family is at the center of all - that blood is the essence of this will have to remain unmentioned till she atleast start opening up to it all. Redpilling people is a long and subtle process and it is best done by not forcing but rather by piquing interest and being helpful. That's atleast my half incoherent two cents on the matter.

45376f  No.12790053

File: e7393385bf46cb5⋯.png (468.53 KB, 713x1121, 713:1121, ClipboardImage.png)


I learned a lot from the Frankfurter Schule.

Make people question everything (i.e. the current narrative on things).

Just ask them: "Why ist this a good thing?"

Question. Everything.

Critical theory is the reflective assessment and critique of society and culture by applying knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities.

Read Dialectic of Enlightenment by Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno and turn their method on them.

I also use conspiracy theories to confuse people and make them question what they learned, for example flat earth theory (that worked very well actually)

590a68  No.12791181

File: 4ee285c55483020⋯.webm (11.38 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The_Story_of_Your_Enslave….webm)

File: 5e17262c5897038⋯.jpg (110.37 KB, 829x500, 829:500, 2darr3[1].jpg)


Words like racism are a poor attempt at public ridicule by a people that think public opinion matters. Once you realise these words are a means to control you, they lose all control over you.

a91489  No.12800683

File: a0f25bbaf396cc9⋯.jpg (299.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, reality.jpg)


Take em to a ghetto during night.

54421e  No.12800753

Don't rush in.

Ease in, like boiling a frog.

Normie friendly stuff on the edge of acceptable like Tucker Carlson & Nick Fuentes.

Pattern recognition is key. The 13%, the every single time. They'll pick up the pattern without you pointing not out. Let them feel THEY are discovering it.

Ask questions, don't make statements.

54421e  No.12800785


Bingo. You can push the right ideas from safe angles.

The 14 words are just Confucian family loyalty for White people.

Michelle Malkin is just brown acceptable Anne Coulter.

Hoteps can say what we can't and it isn't "Ray-Cis."

54421e  No.12800807


Might be a little fast. Instead, when the Holocaust is brought up, I bring up other genocides like the Armenians and Holodomor. The lesson being it can happen to anyone. Even us.

174bd1  No.12801287

“In light of this reality, I am skeptical that exhortations to nonviolence that bombard us now are designed to prevent us from employing means that fail, but are really designed to prevent us from employing means that work.”

In the long-run, there is not a reliance upon specific punishers to bring about punishment, savvy? You must refrain from the tools you don’t want to face equally in turn. Else the world turns against!

“Considering this, we can only conclude that nothing changes without violins. Not only is violins the answer, but /more/ violins will likely expedite and improve the outcome. However we feel about it, the bullets fired from Micah Xavier Johnson’s violin rifle, in the long term, will save more black lives than all of the peaceful words spoken by the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons.”

Nobody likes that, right? Nobody wants to reward that thinking. So why did we let it drive us into bigoted psychosis? That seems like a very drastic submission to grant a few violin fanatics already amply oppressed by cops and prisons.

174bd1  No.12801410

The short answer about what the alt-right is, is this: it was created by the enemies of western civilization to destroy western civilization and/or hand over the rains of powah to new ownership. The chosen tool was propaganda designed to exaggerate the worst tendencies of any identified defenders of the status quo, and thus adapt “kill ‘em with kindness” in a spectacular albeit stupid way. The midpoint objective is to end the capacity of the first world for peace and contentment. This whole forum is evidence of the scheme. The alt-right are the people who accept that sometimes you must kill the village in order to save the village.

Western civilization is built on a capacity for trust in others and trustworthiness in power which most of the nations in the world do not have. As a result of this, most people in most nations live short, miserable lives with which they need *tremendous* help. The central innovation of western civilization is not telling harmful lies and not believing society is made of harmful lies. To people in other nations, this tendency to speak grey truth and hear it comes across as stodgy and dim.

The early internet suggested the existence of weaknesses in this statistically hyperpotent structure via people willing to advocate that other people perform harmful experiments, which contributed to an earlier perceived weakness in the form of people suspicious of virtue who were themselves exposed as evil, particularly if people behaving arrogantly towards other people’s privacy happened to by any means collect data indicating some overlap in these groups.

The long-term consequence appears to have been fairly extraordinary so far. Most of the mistruths people stress about exist only (don’t listen to me!) because people on the internet used to tell each other to use straws on potentially dangerous chemicals (no!). Hasn’t it been fun? Hasn’t it been funny? Look what people will now believe?

a0db66  No.12801554


Violence only gets used to fundraise against us. It literally costs us elections. Think from the normie POV. How did people react to ISIS, Antifa, and the Baseball shooter? It was perfect campaign commercial fodder.

Use Jew tactics. Encourage your enemy to not reproduce.

f931cb  No.12801587

File: 8aca1a1637ba6d7⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 450x217, 450:217, 6549.jpg)

File: 5d46b7efe280313⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 3713x1941, 3713:1941, AltRightShills.jpg)

File: ae57856da862a24⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 599x477, 599:477, itwasgayprivilege.jpg)

File: ad6479e66be5852⋯.jpg (66.28 KB, 883x463, 883:463, RichardSpencer the jew.jpg)

File: 791d03557c307e1⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 680x292, 170:73, thegays.jpg)


First off, stop fucking saying "alt right". That's some Zionist shit. Secondly, don't say "jews" to anyone you meet. Call them Hebrews or even Israelis. This bypasses the normies' educational indoctrination. I know exactly what happens when you say jews. When I first started, this blonde haired blue eyed woman I met "sympathized" with me, saying immediately that I might have a mental problem. All I said was "Were you aware jews are the majority in positions as CEOs in major media organizations? CNN, Fox (now they're still chairmen), NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, HBO, Showtime." Her Pavlov conditioning kicked in automatically. You don't say the J word among normies until they're used to it. Also comb over this: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

174bd1  No.12801659

I want to say something about this violently bad experimentation concept. I mean, it’s true that he had a bunch of dirty foreigners killed on behalf of his nation, deported a huge number of marginally less filthy foreigners to the immediate south, and made a bunch of murder-by-wire soldiers kill themselves running his drones, but maybe blood being on someone’s hands is just a mark of greatness. It’s still hard to imagine someone like that in somewhere like this, isn’t it? I mean, nobody ever finds the puffed up stuffed shirt act to get old, do they?

Oh, but that’s enough about that. What a stodgy topic, doooo forgive me fears. Better to talk about.. ooh, crumb, I do believe it escaped my mind… oh yes, propaganda and the watchful demimimicry. To see what is most popular, watch your enemy’s compromises. That is how it works, isn’t it my sweetbeans? An ambitious opponent must compromise in real time to achieve ambitious things; a humble opponent will work for all together and give away information constantly. Either way the service of all becomes the devil’s own taboo, specially implemented. Such a pickle! Mm oo hoo hoo! Now who wants some candied plums?

174bd1  No.12801672

Remember, donors rhymes with ignored! Oh dear! My phone destroyed my fjord! Nobody will ever know what I’m saying.

175db2  No.12801700


>I'm fairly new to basically anything "alt right"

>alt right

Doesn't exist just like "nazi" doesn't exist.


>Secondly, don't say "jews" to anyone you meet. Call them Hebrews or even Israelis

Don't listen to this faggot. Both hebrew and israeli has strong jewish connections.

Call them "the tribe", or "a tribe".

<There is a tribe of people that spend millions of dollars to influence senators and congressmen into giving them billions in defense contracts

<All the news is owned and operated by a single tribe of people that look to push a common agenda.

174bd1  No.12801706

Ni de guojia hen kepa

Ci xiaoxi bu hui bei jiehuo

Ci xiaoxi keneng youdian bu zhengque

Wo bimianle fansuo de renwu

f931cb  No.12801711


>Both hebrew and israeli has strong jewish connections

No shit. Their brains still don't make the immediate connection that happens when you say jews. Their own minds connect it to jewry themselves. I've been informing people of the fraud of the jewish holocaust and jewish hegemony for two years now.

f931cb  No.12801715


And when I say "connection", I mean their immediate response, "Oh you're insane!" when jews is said. Not so when you say Hebrews or Israelis.

4f943e  No.12801749


>I'm fairly new to basically anything "alt right", and definitely still learning.

well then heres your first lesson about the "alt right"

every single leader of the "alt right" is secretly a left-winger

174bd1  No.12801752

I am just having fun with this now. The longer I butcher this the more likely I am to lighten the mood with occidental comedy.

Ruguo ni you naixin, jianglai hui you geng da de shiqing fasheng. Wo bu zhidao ni shi shui, dan wo hen baoqian ni de shenghuo ruci jiannan, yi zhiyu ni juede chule ni xianzai de xingwei bie wu xuanze. Ci xiaoxi shiyong yu diqui shang tai duo ren. Ta tongyang shiyong yu shengtu, zuiren he quangda de she.

175db2  No.12801858



And that's why you start with tribe and chosen.

They typically don't make the connection between tribe, chose, and kike, which allows you to drop some hard redpills.

Anywhere from a month to 6 months later and you can slowly reveal that "tribe" and "chosen" are synonymous.

By that point they've been exposed to hard redpills and will come to the same conclusions if they initially resist the jewish connection.

f931cb  No.12801871


I'll start using tribe and chosen then and see what difference it makes.

ba94ee  No.12801932

Rationally and passively when the opportunity presents itself. Really it's just the art of good conversation. You certainly don't bombard anyone with a shit ton of facts. Unless someone is asking about such and such a thing, you have to realise the dynamic at play and it isn't someone wanting to be told, that they're essential retarded and everything they've ever believed is a lie. It's a process. You don't say something everytime so Uncle Bob goes, 'oh little Billy always ranting about the jews'. You don't say some dumb, empty shit like, 'fucking jews' as your input to a converstation. Just every now and then, when you have a 10 KILOTON RED PILL NUKE to drop on some normies dumb ass, you do so.

174bd1  No.12801939

Duiyi tuzhu renmin:

No zhidao ni you liang he xiaozu

Ni de liang zhi qiu dui feichang zaogao.

Ruguo women zhongyu shuo zhongwenle

Zhe jiang shi yin wei yige geng hao de tuanti

Zhichi shuo zhongwen de ren

Dan renhe ren dou keyi sha si zhe zhong yuyan

Zhongguo de shetou rongyi dapo.

Dang renmen yapo tamen de lingdao ren shi,

Dang lingdao ren yapo tamen de renmen shi,

Zhexie zhou shi yige.

Shehui zai shangmian, ta zai xiamian.

Shehui zai xiamian, ta jiu zai shangmian.

Yuanquan zong shi wanzheng de.

Ruguo ni xiang kan dao heping

Ni you shihou bixu shiming

Ni shi bude bu fangshou

Jieshu qianxu; xuexi qianxun

(Ni shenzhi buneng shuo chulai!)

Xuehui wuren kanguan

Shenzhi ni de shetou dapole ni.

Ta dapole ni de guoqu.

Ta hui dapo ni de weilai.

Youren zai teshu quanli huayu zhong fanle cuowu, “women”?

174bd1  No.12801965

Lettuce sigh dare fuzz un “yes-yes” animate, oui?

f931cb  No.12802116


I know this is bait and you're bound to rant about your IQ + 2deep4u, but what have you been saying? Chinese pronounced without characters does not auto-translate.

ffbfb4  No.12802189

The two things that most break civilization are:

1) lying about pacifists

2) favoring dishonest loyalists over honest disloyalty

ffbfb4  No.12802195


Yeah, it doesn’t auto translate. Neither does a brining clang.

8e5689  No.12807033


It's a bot anon

443da3  No.12809602


I think I gave myself a year or two before I subtly dropped RPs. You will know when the time is right. If you do it too soon, you will look crazy, and ignorant. The complete opposite of what you're aiming for, you want them to reach the ideas and conclusions on their own. Think Inception. It is probably the same way you were exposed to uncomfortable truths.


>… [reading intensifies]

>see that every host nation expels them


Either the meat is rotten, or it is the salt. Godspeed brother.

443da3  No.12809607


Cut your fucking hair every 2 weeks.

Wear clothes that fit.

Stop playing video games.

Start running and lifting weights

simple things that make people see that you respect yourself.

b352ec  No.12809786

File: 4a0656c3dc8e7be⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 635x691, 635:691, anti-racist is anti-white.jpg)


>avoid being immediately branded as racist, extremist, etc?

Don't avoid that. If you're saying something reasonable, and they respond by calling you "racist", which is an unreasonable non-argument, then you respond by calling them anti-white. If they can't engage your ideas calmly and rationally, then that's all they are: anti-white.

If they deny being anti-white then they have to engage your ideas. If they don't honestly engage your ideas then you must persist in pointing out their anti-whiteism. If they agree to being anti-white, then there's nothing for you and them to discuss, because they have embraced your destruction openly.

Once someone admits that they want you to have no future/dead, which is what it means for someone to be anti-white, then there is no more discussion. You must elevate things to this level. This is the same strategy employed by Stefan Molyneux to force people to show their true colors with his "against me" argument, which goes like this:

>Government always escalates violently in response to disobedience.

>If you want the government to force me to do something then you're saying you want me dead if I don't do what you want

>Do you want me dead for disagreeing with you?

This is extremely shocking to be on the receiving end of (I used it when I was libertarian), and if someone close to you essentially tells you they want you dead by accepting the label of anti-white, then fuck them. You are completely righteous in denouncing them; in fact if you don't denounce them and cut ties you're a fucking cuck and they will see you as such. Anyone who tells you they want you dead is not worth having in your life, and you have no reason to regret their departure from it.

So the next time you get to the point in a conversation where the other person will neither engage your ideas, nor accept the label of anti-white, you must explain that either they want you and your people to have a future of self-determination, or they want you dead, and then demand that they explain which position they hold. If they refuse to pick, then they are anti-white, because if they were pro-white they would simply accept that whites should be able to determine their own future separate from other races. Accept nothing less than a pro-white answer if they are to continue being a part of your life. NOTHING LESS THAN PRO-WHITE. Anything less is the position of the (((enemy))). Permit ZERO wavering on the issue of white rights to live free of other races. It's non-negotiable.

Because this is the tenacity with which the charges of various "ists", "isms", and "phobias" are being hoisted upon you, and you HAVE to have as strong a position as them to effectively counter.

f538b7  No.12809794


>stop using ancient European symbols that represent what you stand for, goyim!

Eat a bullet, chaim.

b352ec  No.12809804



There is no "we" here. I know who I mean I say "we", and it doesn't include you.

6069c9  No.12822964


Why do we need a political label when we're not a cohesive movement? Our enemies will quickly identify anything we call ourselves as originating from ideas that nahtsees also held to be true. Just call yourself white', so when they oppose you it's easier just to point out that they're anti-white.

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