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File: 79a2e35cb8ccc26⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 1024x603, 1024:603, flag of america.jpg)

a0858a  No.12782430

Why I dated Asian and how it inevitably ended

I'm a tall blonde haired blue eyed white guy.

She was convenient, willing to take the traditional subservient role, and wasn't some fob speaking gook but spoke proper American English.

My first problems began with her parents. I wasn't asian enough, I didn't follow their culture and no matter my efforts my manners (according to their culture) weren't good enough. Her parents mostly didn't even speak English but her father had lots of money and made business here through middlemen.

I had already put my dick in it when I began the redpill conversion to understand truly why racemixing is a horrible crime against nature and how the races differ. She was basically American in every way except her race.

The final problems that led to the end of the relationship and made the right decision for me were when I realized it was all a front. She was as "empowered feminist" as the lot of them except in bed. She didn't want kids till maybe later 20s maybe 30s and despite being a few years younger me and just in college she was firm that finishing it and getting a career in her field was more important than starting a family right away. She also did the typical "we must have a house and stocked up money before having kids" play, which means she either never wanted kids with me or wasn't going to have them anyway until they had dried up in late 30s.

My conversion was complete. I realized that any issues I had with white women were the same across all races. The added problems of other races include poor physical and genetic health of mixed race children, divided loyalties, and parents who see your race as inferior and have limitless influence on your spouse.

I read again the genetics texts I had started reading with little background knowledge a few years before that. I realized that had I had children with another race I would be spitting and worse in the genetic pool my ancestors had made me heir to. A crime so disgusting and cruel that your descendants never stop paying for it.

2f2bba  No.12782433


a0858a  No.12782447


Thanks for the insight.

6275c9  No.12782483

File: 88a4239d3fdc263⋯.jpg (154.84 KB, 500x659, 500:659, 146e.jpg)

The Jews!

c54805  No.12782518

I won’t lie Asian woman are appealing but I could never have kids with one.

I had a similar situation OP but was with a light skinned Puerto Rican. I was young and dumb, but got damn the booty had me mesmerized. Chick was degeneracy personified, in retrospect an absolute POS

Across the spectrum of races in the US you will find good women and bad women. Why race mix? Take on something higher than yourself. Our race needs you and quality white children. Take up that crusade. There are plenty of good white women out there, you may just have to leave urban cesspools to find them

963e32  No.12782579

Racemixing slides even where it's a (((concerned anon))) is still a racemixing slide, jew.

04da7c  No.12782595

Finns are pretty Asiatic by blood, and they're doing just fine. Asians and Europeans have a great deal in common, from a genetic perspective - but still there are differences that would be best to preserve in the pursuit of maintaining diversity.

Japan, for instance, is basically White. But even then I suppose intermarriage between Japanese and non-Japanese ought to be discouraged even if both parties are basically White. Same reason why French ought to avoid marrying Swedish or Hungarian ought to avoid marrying Spanish - to preserve a pure heritage in all circumstances. And the best part is that this intermarriage avoidance is born of love and respect for each other - without need for antipathy or hatred.

371a59  No.12782614


>I won’t lie Asian woman are appealing but I could never have kids with one.

Race traitor.

371a59  No.12782615


Fuck off and die, kike.

c54805  No.12782627


Yeah I mean that’s basically the jist of it, you can have a “Japanese” or “French” people if you mix the two. If you love your own race and respect the others you won’t race mix with them.

Also being white is more than skin color. Just because Japanese people are fair skinned doesn’t make them white. Same goes for northern African Muslims, they aren’t white as they harbor more significant Afro-Semetic genotypes than European genotypes, despite fair skin.

c54805  No.12782632


I’m engaged to a white woman. How am I a race traitor?

Simply acknowledging quality attributes in an Asian woman doesn’t mean I want to breed with them, as I clearly stated.

04da7c  No.12782645


I refer to the Japanese as "basically White" for far more than just skin tone. I don't appreciate the assumption. They are characteristically White by Blood heritage, such as Ainu/Jomon genetic influence, and by their conduct as a whole. Fighting wars as they did is not a subhuman trait.

But at least you understand the reason why I would oppose intermarriage. Unlike this dumbass who didn't read.


f1091f  No.12782646


Pretty good OP and redpill but why post the American flag with it? USA is poised to become the biggest nation of racemixing monkeyfuckers globally within a few decades

d0d980  No.12782663


>has sex before marriage

>unable to pair bond, even with an Asian

You ruined yourself.

557f0d  No.12782670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's one thing being a finn among finns and being a mutt.

and hapas don't do "just fine".

d0d980  No.12782675


With modern technology, you could have had those white kids with IVF and white ova. I respect your taming of a white woman, but more anons should know about the IVF option as an alternative to a small pool of marriage age white virgin women.

c54805  No.12782676


>I don't appreciate the assumption.

Don’t take offense it’s impossible to completely know an anon’s stances.

I’m not familiar with that genetic lineage so I’ll look into it. I agree they have an honorable culture and it’s understandable why Germany allied with them.

fb56a6  No.12782680

>date asian woman

>realize stereotypes are not always true

>now I have stereotype for all woman

>am smart, I should write a smart post

the one constant in this equation is you brother, you are a sucker and the women know it. If you werent you could tell the difference and wouldnt waste your time with shit women.

but you are too needy , you need that pussy NOW. So you grab any qt to fits some checkmarks

white or asian: check

reasonably slim: check

speaks good english: check

has job: check

and you think there are not thots that are sucm that have all these check marks.

What if I told you that there might be some poor black girl out there that would treat you better than the girls you dated. Would you even accept that as a possibility?

Your anecdote adds nothing to the conversation except for us knowing that you are a loser that really doesnt understand how to pick good women because you are a pussy whipped fag that probably was raised by cartoon network.

You got played sucker, why would I ever follow a loser?

6e8f9c  No.12782688

File: c2b3bd9e468eb1a⋯.jpg (152.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, AsianQT.jpg)


>I won’t lie Asian woman are appealing

Indeed. Behold the beauty of the oriental woman.

d0d980  No.12782692


>to preserve a pure heritage in all circumstances

How would Americans go about retroactively demonizing previous generations for mixing them into mongrels who can only call themselves white?

557f0d  No.12782698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


orangutans are very cute apes, hitlerdubs.

also, they're what i think about whenever i see a nigger trying to act civilized. vid related

c54805  No.12782703


So you are going to pairbond with somebody of a different race but tell them you want them to carry somebody else’s kid? That’s not really realistic

The best thing you can do is find a white woman that is somewhat ok and work on her. I see so much bitching around here that all the white woman are degenerate or whatever. This is not true, there are plenty that aren’t but too many around here take on a nog tier victim mentality for their own short comings. It’s fucking pathetic tbh.

Nobody is perfect but if you can find a somewhat reasonable white girl you can work with them. You can’t come out of the gate shouting “1488 GAS THEM ALL!!!”. Sorry as cool as that would be you can’t do it.

You gotta be a man, slowly wake them up. It’s totally possible. And even if it’s not it doesn’t matter if you breed with them. You multiplied your genetics, net gain for our race. But put in some fucking work. Yeah don’t go for the crazed liberal SJW. Also white woman can get more conservative as they age and most actually aren’t that crazy about politics so they will adapt to you to some degree.

9c43e1  No.12782713


>playing by 1950s rules in the warlord era

I hope it works out for you, really.

9c43e1  No.12782720


Why not just use one of the many unused white wombs while you're at it? You think your children will be happy and not have massive identity issued growing up with a foreign tribe "mom"? Think.

10d4c2  No.12782739

File: 59107cd0e4411b5⋯.png (993.74 KB, 1215x893, 1215:893, white women despite being ….png)

File: 6c7ebca8bbd9e59⋯.jpg (43.63 KB, 602x452, 301:226, graph virginity US.jpg)

File: 417dc14dfe4b4ad⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 4920x4161, 1640:1387, whores cheat.jpg)

File: ed5f01794cbd285⋯.jpg (73.5 KB, 666x692, 333:346, teachman on national surve….jpg)


Friendly reminder that by telling anons, in the US at least, to "find a white woman that is somewhat ok" you're telling them to take a 50% chance on getting divorced and JUSTED like Brendan Fraser.

d0d980  No.12782740

Again, I respect your resolve and effort. You managed to, against the odds, build up a successful relationship with a young modern white woman. You chose that path and nailed it. However, that is not the only path. There are other paths, with varying investments and varying outcomes. You could have endeavored to tame a rabid white SJW serial coal burner with 3 mulatto kids from 3 fathers and a meth addiction, in which case you would have taken a huge nucleus of cancer away from the possibility of spreading to other women. You did not, but it's not like you're to blame for any wrongdoing. You did what was best for you, and you did it well. Great even. Yet another path exists. Akin to not going after a rabid white SJW, an anon can enter into a relationship with an Asian from a country where women still want respect their husband. That anon can then have white kids via IVF and white ova. That anon would have taken his own path, with its own (financial) investments, and same payout of white children.


do what works for you to have white children. Extras are good but optional

d0d980  No.12782746


I'm very open to statistics on this issue. I haven't found any yet, but I'd love to do an R analysis if you have any. Until then, I'm assuming the kids will be as successful as other white kids adopted by white families. Really though, stats would be nice on this issue.

04da7c  No.12782747


>Hapas don't do "just fine"

Unknown, but a non-issue if the proposed intermarriage avoidance was heeded.

10d4c2  No.12782761


Twin studies on IQ can back you up on that, you really don't have to search too far and wide. White kids adopted by nigger families still end up having higher IQ and for the most part less poverty than a nigger kid adopted by a white family. IQ has mostly independent genetic factors to it that aren't as heavily modified by epigenetic factors as one would be led to believe.

6e8f9c  No.12782764

File: f67d3d8e0521999⋯.jpg (81.91 KB, 815x396, 815:396, ParallelSelection.jpg)


Without a doubt, they are the most charming of all the apes.

d0d980  No.12782775

d0d980  No.12782794


Thanks you, I suspected as much. The Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study is definitely an authority on the issue. As expected, the race of the child determines IQ, not the race of the parents.

b4f42f  No.12782795

File: 2f5667fce8ffd88⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.65 MB, 640x480, 4:3, white genocide shane dies….webm)

I guess this thread is as good as any to dump this in. Im sure Ill be mocked simply for posting it but it needs to spread, because this nigger could be done if the right person gets angry about it.

This is a snip from a Shane Diesel produced cuckold porn video so you know who is responsible when you get angry

Its one of the most disgusting things Ive ever seen and chances are you dont want to see it.

I cut out the part where it said his name because its disgusting and happens about 15 seconds earlier, so it starts right at the relevant part. Its outright mocking white genocide and white extinction. The porn industry could seriously be threatened if enough people knew this shit was being done by major producers.

I also reduced the resolution to as low as possible, if someone could put up a black box with a video editor over the cock it would be perfect for spreading.



Oh, and hes also Jewish.

>Shane Diesel was born on July 28, 1963 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as Saul Armstrong.

>Saul Armstrong.

<Saul Armstrong.

>Saul Armstrong.

So this is Jewish perpetrated pro-white genocide propaganda.

b4f42f  No.12782806

File: 89c75e028227981⋯.jpg (45.24 KB, 686x334, 343:167, Shane-Diesel-white-genocid….JPG)

File: b83086e124d2644⋯.jpg (239.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Attention-Grabbing-Image.jpg)

b4f42f  No.12782818

Give me a minute and Ill snip one of the parts where it says his name, maybe someone can edit it into a single clip I dont know how.

b4f42f  No.12782840

File: de3250680fea89b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 704.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, white genocide shane dies….webm)

So yea join these 2 videos together, put a box over the cocks and some kind of information showing hes Jewish. Thatd be my advice.

b4f42f  No.12782843

Another point Id add is that he had her say "toilet slave" which implies the Jew also has a scat fetish.

66347b  No.12782875

File: 8416c3049023e18⋯.jpeg (231 KB, 934x927, 934:927, A26F028A-1B2B-42E7-A933-D….jpeg)


Ignore the divide & conquer kike.

2b3bfd  No.12782897


>Problems began with her parents. I wasn't asian enough,

This is the usual redpill for most. Immigrants don't cuck to the multiculti and you're surprised to learn being the gweilo is a fate worse than hell sometimes.

2b3bfd  No.12782909


>Same reason why French ought to avoid marrying Swedish

The "french" where I am (Quebec) is more like 56% amerimutts spouting joyal with a lot of indian admixture. Most towns, not just Montreal, is looking more like New Orleans every day.

10d4c2  No.12782919

File: ad5e82ef3a6ade1⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 599x896, 599:896, 1396579079973.jpg)

File: bb2eaf3c563389d⋯.jpg (343.35 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 1398594267715.jpg)


I will say though, what a lot of people don't understand when looking at Asian women, is why they don't seem as pozzed. The reason being that people have this image of Asian women as your stereotypical Japanese house wife. Coupling these stereotypes with the fact that Northeastern Asian IQs match those of whites and you get some serious misunderstandings. What they fail to realize is that women are infantile creatures who for some reason let themselves be molded by eusocial pressures and environments. These environments unfortunately can be found in great abundance in (((westernized))) modern societies. So because of this women will just reflect these things irrespective of their racial heritage or makeup.

So many retarded or just really ignorant guys marry Asians in western countries thinking they're going to get pics related, a chaste, traditional girl. When that's simply not the case, more over a lot of retarded people in the west think all of Asia is as pristine, traditionalist and crime free as their idealized version Japan. Or some have this weird view of your average Asians being rural, but smart noble peoples. Not once have they looked at the cancer ridden, landmine ridden fields of Vietnam, once have they looked at the LITERAL OCEANS WORTH OF SEWAGE PLUS TOXIC WASTE China dumps into their ocean. Not once have they looked at the red light districts in Japan full of Nigerian scammers plus prostitute Highschool Girls.

Now mind you I did bash Jap land, however I'm not saying it's a shithole, in fact it's a pretty damn awesome, "racist", homogeneous country, so it's no wonder people there don't like migrating to other countries. Why would they? Their country still provides them with all the jobs, opportunities plus sense of community no other countries currently give to their people's. I'm just pointing out that even Japan, plus it's women have their issues even when you ignore the immune system disorders that comes with racemixing with any Asian groups.

Am I saying "hurrr just man up" like the other anon? Hell no, however I do want to elucidate THE FACT, that the reason why Asian women LOOK appealing is because you're looking through some very specific lenses. If you want to go racemix with a Jap, seriously if you racemix with an Asian do it with a Jap instead, just realize that it's the social environment that molds a woman's values, not so much race. Mind you I'm talking about values, not so much IQ.

c806fc  No.12782920

File: 3a10041d19458bd⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, Dance1.jpg)

Christians are by far the worst race-mixers. They do this because of the obsession with making their religion "global" and they as a result end up bringing in mutt humans to the fold. Its just like the UK when it was an "Empire" now its flooded with post-empire 3rd worlders it used to own.

a9f350  No.12782934






>barely looked at vid THAT LOOKS LIKE LADY ANACONDA and Nigger-Diesel face isnt even showing


Don't worry nigger, if we ever decide to come after you, you won't know until its already happened.

b4f42f  No.12782941


Go back to cuckchan, you actually know her name. It says Shane Diesel in the second video, its Jewish white genocide propaganda. If people find out, one of them will go and find Saul Armstrong, tell him in person why thats not okay. Many other Jewish porn producers might get the message, and then the white genocide message is weakened.

That requires people spreading it.

a9f350  No.12782947


>you actually know her name

How can you have a list without names/screen-names?

b4f42f  No.12782951

File: 23dd761542c5228⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 10.75 KB, 287x398, 287:398, kike puppet degenerate scu….png)

701269  No.12782954

File: 429c72e511083d6⋯.jpg (83.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2-meal-hack-1024x576.jpg)




>no exposition on why mixing the races is bad

>no results of the reading and study he claims to have done

Fuck right the fuck off, you lying, LARPing, piece of shit.

a9f350  No.12782961


Post Saul Armstrong dox

b4f42f  No.12782964


Dont have them. We have those type of people around here somewhere.

a9f350  No.12782971


>someone please do work for me

nigger jew confirmed

Hi Saul

b4f42f  No.12782982

File: 409bac1fa1dac82⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.41 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 8chan-IS-your-personal-arm….mp4)


I really wish chodenigger didnt cuck the mods so we could get rid of retards like you again. This place is not for you. We do great things as National Socialists when we work together, and I say we as in /pol/, not you.

a9f350  No.12783045


>We do great things as National Socialists when we work together

Then post Saul Armstrong dox

5fa24c  No.12783055


A white man is a race traitor for… not having children with an Asian woman? What the fuck am I reading?

9c43e1  No.12783076


Their IQ won't change but it will be a psychic issue of identity for them. Plus they will never fit in for having an "other" mother.


Yeah you should not get legally married. Bottom line is we need to reproduce one way or another, so the rest is just fitting strategies to the circumstances that maximize your benefit while minimizing your risk. Plan for success, for mitigate for failure.

52a39b  No.12783086

File: 94f29b22760588e⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 560x415, 112:83, Oh_Wow.jpg)

>She was basically American in every way except her race.


224c06  No.12783118

>>I'm a tall blonde haired blue eyed white guy.

>>My first problems began with her parents. I wasn't asian enough

You don't say… nice larp OP, now go back to jerking it to your gook cartoons.

04e7d5  No.12783121


I've dated two separate Asian Women myself, a Persian and a Korean girl. The Persian wasn't actually so bad, she was pretty much genetically White and her family loved me (because I was white) and spent a lot of time with me. The reason it didn't work out was because I was young and shallow and never really found her to be that attractive so I broke up with her. Her family wasn't very religious in fact, they'd had a very long history of mixing with Greeks and shared a lot of cultural traits in common.

The Korean girl was why I would never date another Asian. She was attractive for a gook and that was why I went after her. But hollly shit was she fucking crazy. I couldn't even see her parents as they'd go ballistic. She used to sneak out just to go on a movie date. It was okay for awhile because she was a good looking girl but then the typical Asian neurosis set in and she became a fucking lunatic she banshee from hell.

a883bc  No.12783128


>Finns are pretty Asiatic by blood

It's pretty late in Tel Aviv. Are you pulling a double, or are you the night crew?

078195  No.12783131


I bedded a couple in my young dumb days.

I couldn't more than once each.

They smelled like cooked carrots.

Thought it was a flook the first time.

Genetics is SO MUCH DEEPER than appearance.

EVERY LEVEL is vulnerable to mixing.

Just don't do it.

493dde  No.12783139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

20f88e  No.12783140

Good thing that you woke up before it was too late, OP. The kikes really brainwash us with this bullshit.

20f88e  No.12783262


The Founding Fathers of the USA were essentially White nationalists. Being anti-White is being anti-American.

d0d980  No.12783270


What passed for white was much stricter back then. Look up Ben Franklin's definition of white people.

14dc49  No.12783308

>why I (((dated))) a chink

Because you were dumb. Only court, only ladies, only your race. Sage, degenerate.

>I wasn't "good enough" for her chink parents

Kill yourself.

14dc49  No.12783310


>this shit


This board has gone downhill–massively.

20f88e  No.12783412

File: 4f782afc9e74920⋯.png (137.57 KB, 955x1080, 191:216, CDC_unwed_mother_births.png)

File: a4ec1e05e3af806⋯.jpg (65.82 KB, 700x393, 700:393, single-mothes_feature.jpg)


What the fuck, the guy couldn't find a decent Italian woman to marry and have kids with? The Thai woman couldn't find a decent Thai dude to marry and have kids with?


>What if I told you that there might be some poor black girl out there that would treat you better than the girls you dated. Would you even accept that as a possibility?

Doesn't matter. The kikes promote race mixing, and resisting the kikes is of the highest virtues that one can exercise.


Getting married in this neo-Weimar Republic is a huge risk these days (pic very related). I'm amazed that my boomer parents who both had a few premarital sex partners got married in 1976, and are still married and together today. Of course, this was back when the kikery was not turned up to 11, cars were far easier to fix and weren't filled with needless electronic components like today.


Exactly. The morality against this is what's paradoxically killing the White race. We don't live in ordinary times, so extraordinary measures are required, plus, we're dealing with an (((enemy))) who has no morals, and does what it takes to "win" at any cost.


>Oh, and hes also Jewish.

Of course. Every single time.




One thing I hugely respect Japan on is that they're 98.5% Japanese. Imagine having a 98.5% White USA? I would literally fight and die for that.


Christianity today (barring some minor exceptions) is anti-White.


I was reading Ben Franklin's letter about Swedes and Germans being swarthy. I was like did he ever actually meet any Swede or German? Granted, if shit does not change in Western and Northern Europe, Germans and Swedes will indeed become more swarthy, but I digress.


Oh boy, it's the "mestizos are esoteric Aryans" shitposter again.

f16a39  No.12783885

Just be glad you learned the errors of your ways and didn't pop out kids. You could've ended up in a noose.

de6154  No.12784008


> What if I told you that there might be some poor black girl out there that would treat you better than the girls you dated. Would you even accept that as a possibility?


fb56a6  No.12784020


I not telling you to like black girls … just to realize personalities are seperate from color

>not every white girl should be wed

>not every asian girl should be wed

your anecdote tells us nothing except for that you are dumb and couldnt see the signs. Ur a loser , it happens. Become a winner stop dating whores.

f8a838  No.12784028


>genetic pool my ancestors had made me heir to



Bro, you just sound as if your'e coping with the fact that you're not as desirable as you might think, even to subhuman asian gooks. ROFL!

f8a838  No.12784045









8a73be  No.12784059



>autistic jewish shill thinks anyone supports his spam

f8a838  No.12784066


>you're a shill because I say so

kys faggot shill.

8a73be  No.12784068


Nice lies, yid.

bd429f  No.12784161


Fact: Hitler was made two katanas by an ultra-nationalist group of Japanese. One was presented to him for his birthday and exists in a private collection. The picture of Hitler in a kimono was most definitely not fake. That sword needs to be set free from its "owner" and returned to Japan until the Fuehrer is reborn.

9a92ca  No.12784846



f8a838  No.12784913





I honestly just came back to this thread to laugh even more at you.


ae27b4  No.12784942

File: 405226a65e10a2b⋯.jpg (150.54 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 405226a65e10a2bd924aa72d0d….jpg)


>you should not get legally married. Bottom line is we need to reproduce one way or another

Brush up on the laws a bit. You don't have to be legally married to be taken to the cleaners through the court system. Especially true if you have children. If anything, being married could help you protect assets if you have children. Thankfully the laws are different in all 50 United States so this information is extremely clear and not confusing at all.

a0858a  No.12785630


America is the last bastion of freedom and when we lose it we are in for at least a century of darkness.

8a73be  No.12785636


It's already lost. The last century of human history has been nothing but jews exterminating us. Fuck off, dumbass.

a0858a  No.12785770


Hate on USA is sad, you have envy in your soul.

c01c2d  No.12785785

File: 08eb4c57b2b6ee4⋯.jpg (186.29 KB, 495x1000, 99:200, 4ea2f07e56a40e40052ac652d6….jpg)


What about interethnic marriage and procreation? I don't mean like Caucasian and Semitic, I mean something like Western and Eastern European. I personally think that it's fine, but I ponder the opinion of other full/pol/acks

bbf16b  No.12785791


Check out r/badscience

I went there for some good dubunking of innocuous bad science we do. But, 90% of posts there are "debunking" anti-(race mixing, climate change, racial equality, genetic equality, LGBTBBQ etc.) Go and learn what they are using and be prepared.

25b328  No.12785810

traveled all over asia: depends on the kind of girl.

high class japanese > high class chinese > high class korean > low class korean > low class chinese > low class japanese > vietnamese >>>> flips >>>>>>>> indonesian >>>>>>> taiwanese

also: the only ones who date white dudes are mentally unstable and will likely an hero ten years into your marriage :^)

if you "get off" to asian looking girls just date a russian and make her dye her hair black. they're more likely to listen to you anyway.

5a6bef  No.12785831


Chinese > Vietnamese

You are wrong. Chinese and korean should be much lower and Taiwanese are good. What is going on here?

b6edda  No.12785841


For you kike, yes you should stay away from Chinese.

5a6bef  No.12785850


I am totally convinced by your valid point.

Not. Kikes would get on with chinks because they are the lowest. Being in Vietnam you can see how disgusting Koreans and Chinese are they are literally niggers here.

25b328  No.12785854


vietnamese are only good because they beat america's army. but tbh if you look into drills white fighters with laser pointers and dinghys beat a battleship in wargames so it's not that great a feat.

their men are also objectively better than most asian men in terms of being balls to the wall insane, which in my eyes is a plus since most asian men are cucks and vietnamese will fucking stab you.

taiwanese literally sit around chewing seeds that get them stoned all day. the men all fuck hookers and the women are all stoned all the time. they're just china but cleaner.

b6edda  No.12785867


Sure lying yid. Kikes only get on with Western rich chinks. Those chinks can stay out of China for all I care. Rest also I do not care.

9c43e1  No.12785869


Yeah avoid common law states, and of course you can and likely will be taken for child support.

9c43e1  No.12785884


It's less than ideal but don't let that stop you from fathering a bunch of European children.

5a6bef  No.12785898


The Vietnamese today aren't the same ones who won the war lol. Maybe the ones who still live in "home town" or the ones who are the Vietnamese version of "Rednecks" (very interesting subculture). They will swarm foreigners with no regard for their own safety if you flip the switch with them but they are usually very respectful to educated whites.


Not sure why you're calling me a liar or a jew for doubting the validity of your tier list. The white thing to do would be to refute my arguments with facts or an argument of your own.

All the lowerclass chinks I met have been sociopath liars with no souls. Literally one guy was only in the country because he lied about being disease free and the blood test results came back and he had all kinds of shit from getting a heart transplant from an executed criminal.

They are scammers and liars and you are a butthurt chink I'd bet (or a Tim bu dong).

25b328  No.12785904


>respectful to educated whites.

As they should be, now go to vietnam and act like a retard and see how long it takes to get your ass kicked lmao.

146301  No.12785905


The only good "right wing" debunker is potholer54 the guy debunks creationists and opponents of anthropogenic climate change. Aside from that the rest are garbage and not worth looking into.

5a6bef  No.12785927


Depends there is definitely ones who will try it. I've been here for a year now but I always dress nicely when I leave the house so I don't look like a junkie begpacker. Saw one guy get knocked out with an elbow to the jaw by a security guard (bike guard).

I think that when you are overseas you should behave as an ambassador for your people so not being a dickhead, but that's just me there are some real scumbags in the tourist areas.

146301  No.12785928

File: 74740c0c0fb6890⋯.jpg (47.79 KB, 800x533, 800:533, gettyimages-474699845_slid….jpg)

File: 53e0eacd4faec56⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 780x585, 4:3, china.jpg)


Friendly reminder this is what South Korea and China look like

>inb4 it's China's fault

50% of SK's power comes from coal plants and they don't plan on reducing this number any time soon.

146301  No.12785948

File: 054673b98cae83e⋯.jpg (53.83 KB, 440x589, 440:589, Defecating-subway-boy.jpg)

File: a644ab2aa31b211⋯.jpg (63.23 KB, 600x755, 120:151, hollandvillagemrt.jpg)

File: e23797a0f715ae5⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 640x360, 16:9, burberry-defication-1.jpg)


Btw china is such a shithole pubpic defecation is still a thing, Chinese tourists also publicly defecate at tourist spots and teach their children these bad habits too.

dadb9b  No.12785998


Sounds like she dodged a bullet.

f8c1cf  No.12786019

File: 9a4b03a05d6bb8f⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 474x266, 237:133, OP.jpg)


>Starts blog to justify life choices

>this and that

000000  No.12788206


They look like the fish they eat in such huge quantities.

bf4e03  No.12788398

All women are crap, the thread.

bf4e03  No.12788401


Fuck off, sharmuta.

662e71  No.12788592

Stick to your own race please, in about 10-20 years Ethno-Nationalism will be mainstream and you and your children will be in big trouble.

be2cd5  No.12789637

File: 63db916a2d5420d⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 8-wFoOPa_400x400.jpg)

f8a838  No.12789779


> I would be spitting and worse in the genetic pool my ancestors had made me heir to

I came back another day to laugh at this dumb shit XDDDD

God, i can only imagine how much of a fat, disgusting, repulsive "man" you are, to end up dating an asian and not even be desirable enough for her to want kids with you. OHHHH, but your genetic allotment amirite? XDDDDDDD

a0858a  No.12789978


Man hows tel aviv?

ecbae5  No.12789993


Hate crimes are a fake concept to being with. I don't believe in them.

47a098  No.12790002

File: 800de7040ed0c1f⋯.png (148.82 KB, 881x422, 881:422, flatter face = increased b….png)

69eea9  No.12790043


I'd never marry or be in a long-term relationship with a non-white woman. I only want to marry and have kids with white women.

I have a working libidio, so sure I would fuck them, but I don't think I will ever put a lot of effort into that, because I realize that pursuing things that you know won't work out is a waste of time.

Sorry, for any right-wing white women watching this, but I do have a working sex drive and it's better than masturbation, so don't fault me for being a man.

000000  No.12790075


I'd never marry or be in a long-term relationship with a black man. I only want to marry and have kids with white men.

I have a working libidio, so sure I would fuck them, but I don't think I will ever put a lot of effort into that, because I realize that pursuing things that you know won't work out is a waste of time.

Sorry, for any right-wing white men watching this, but I do have a working sex drive and it's better than masturbation, so don't fault me for being a woman.

27f83a  No.12790084


How about you exercise some fucking self control instead of trying to justify it here and potentially dragging some anons with stronger willpower than you down to your degenerate level?

f8a838  No.12790088


>he's actually triggered

don't take yourself too seriously, unless you're being ironic.

69eea9  No.12790109


Femanon calm down. It's not a dealbreaker for women, if their boyfriend slept with other women before them. Men and women aren't equal. Men have certain expectations for women and women have certain expcetations of men. Their partner being a virgin or a non-slut is extremely important to men, but not at all for women.

It's actually not at all hypocritical of me to say that, because I am under no delusion that men and women are equal.

It's hypocritical though to only think that the expectations women have for men are valid, while dismissing the male expectations for women.

I have no problem with women prefering confident guys, who are finanically stable.

Sex and love is different for guys. We can literally masturbate every single day multiple times.


Why? I already said I won't put effort into this or have a long-term relationship with them. So no kids, which is the only thing women care about, because they have to share ressources with a kid that isn't theirs.

If it's not with a diseased or ugly women, it's not degenerate. Society is not going to fault a man for that. Women only care about, if you can keep a secret and don't talk about this shit too publically, but otherwise you can have your fun.

a2b55d  No.12790131


>but I do have a working sex drive and it's better than masturbation

Then use it on white men.

ecbae5  No.12790134

I honestly don't care.

White women are the best and I'd take a white women over any other. That said, I might settle with a good jap girl if I were to find one (bloody unlikely to ever happen, given I live in Yurop). That is the only exception I'd make.

Black women are a massive turn-off, even the prettiest keeps me flaccid.

Feel free to call me a race traitor, I don't give two shits.

27f83a  No.12790258


>its not degenerate

it is in a white society.

789419  No.12790308

File: ab64971d0634db5⋯.png (712.74 KB, 766x511, 766:511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8145acb1506c9a3⋯.png (5.46 MB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b719a935b7d9aa⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1600x902, 800:451, ClipboardImage.png)


A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship, one could be a Green Bay Fan, the other a Bears fan, or either a Cowboys fan.


But Race and Family is a constant, maybe they are onto something?

Asian; Asian racism among other Asian is a big constant no one talks about, not to mention all the other races Asians do not want their spawn to spawn with.

Hispanic; Spanish and Mexico City Mexicans, etc., the lighter you are the better you are, the Native Indians (MX, etc.) mutts and the Afro-Mexican mutts are second class.

African; Tribes, nuff said here

Middle East; Tribes, nuff said here.

Israel; Ethiopian Jews, Beta Israel, treated as second class. (wonder why, pics related)


0e61c8  No.12790343


>n anon can enter into a relationship with an Asian from a country where women still want respect their husband.

haha look up tiger mom

any asian with near white IQs is chinese and southern chinese are the biggest ball busters you'll ever encounter and they're smart enough to hide their true personalities until you're committed

afterwards you'll have a little man hating dwarf shouting at you 24/7 that you're poor and worthless and you need to earn more shekels for displays of status and wealth ect.

0e61c8  No.12790367


>vietnamese are only good because they beat america's army.

you could say the same about boy raping afghans lol

trash races can be militarily successful but that doesn't mean they aren't trash

>their men are also objectively better than most asian men in terms of being balls to the wall insane

whoremongers, pimps, shifty scammers and extremely corrupt

>since most asian men are cucks and vietnamese will fucking stab you

murdering people because they make you lose face is nigger tier behavior

you have stockholm syndrome from living in the turd world sewer

000000  No.12790402


Yes, but in order to normalize our race again, women must be stripped of every right and education.

Women must always be treated as what they are: tools for making children, and nothing else.

a064ee  No.12790426


Don't want to sound like GIDF, but those are both China. Believe it or not, Seoul is actually a pretty clean city.

d0d980  No.12790547


>I can be a serial fornicator without damaging my society!

Alas, you are wrong. While you might think that you are a high T stud and white countries would be better if there were more guys like you, that's simply not true. You are creating the women unable to pair bond, which in turn creates the men who don't want to make an effort for women who are not worthwhile. Every time you fornicate, You are stabbing a rusty stake into your civilization. Check out anon's >>12782739 third pic, bottom chart in the middle column. Just because women are bad judges for all things including marriage criteria doesn't mean that we should conform to the guidelines of women, which many weak men before us have done to deleterious effect. It is our role as men to maintain civilization, and that includes keeping it in our pants until marriage, even if we may be high T risk takers who can fuck a hundred different women before marriage. However, if you care only for yourself and not for your civilization, then none of this will breach your ego anyway.

d0d980  No.12790552


What novel would you conversely recommend for a discourse on white motherhood?

0e61c8  No.12790587


normal white women in an intact family are about nurturing and instilling morals and values

asian values are about turning boys into obedient slaves and money making machines that give them social status and ensure that they're well taken care of when they're old

they have no say and they're slave to their elders

69eea9  No.12790603


Mixed race children are so genetically distant from their own parents, that their parents aren't valid organ or bone marrow donors. Think about that.


Okay, it's now revealed on facebook that I fucked a beautiful indian woman while on the holidays in India and a few Latinas, when I was backpacking in Latin America.

So what do you think is the reaction of society to my unusual and perverted behavior?


1. I am not putting any effort into random sex with strangers and will always prefer to put my ressources in a good wife.

2. This thread is about having sex with non-white women, so I am not ruining anything.

3. Okay, sure I would prefer to have sex with white women, but I am not ruining anyone that way. If she is a virgin or maybe has a very low partner count, I will consider a long-term relationship. If not, then nothing of value was lost.

I am a 25 year old virgin anyway, so I doubt I will slay a lot of women, so I don't know why you are all concerned. But I am not under any delusion that it is somehow good or prferable for women that I am one.

91cda7  No.12790628


I can tell right off you're a fucking liar. "Asian" can mean anything from "Nipponese" to "Philipino" and in the UK even can mean "Paki." And YES, it matters a great deal.

NEVER marry a jap and NEVER fuck one who speaks english well, as that means almost certainly she's a coal burner. If you really have a fantasy of fucking a jap, your best bet to find one to fuck is in south america, since esp if you are blonde, tall, blue-eyed, anda gym-fag, you'll stick out more. I was on a ship touring islands off south america, when I met 2. Bad teeth, both "office workers," terrible english, but this was my chance to fuck a jap, and at the time, in my late teens, was never one to turn down an adventure.

They will start by following you around like a puppy. the, they will"ask for pictures" with you. If they both persisit, decide which one you want, and get a few drinks with her. If it goes well, go in to kiss her. If she doesn't tense up or pull back when you go in, chances are she DOEs want to fuck you.

Since it's a much different culture there, you need to be…persuasive without being a fucking "rapist" obviously. I had an English Lit professor who used to say that the best themes for seducing a woman come from that poem. THIs is your key to seducing every and any female, but works esp well on nips I found. think about the themes in it, and learn to expound on them and explain them, and you'll never get turned down again by a girl who is thinking about fucking you:

To His Coy Mistress


Had we but world enough and time,

This coyness, lady, were no crime.

We would sit down, and think which way

To walk, and pass our long love’s day.

Thou by the Indian Ganges’ side

Shouldst rubies find; I by the tide

Of Humber would complain. I would

Love you ten years before the flood,

And you should, if you please, refuse

Till the conversion of the Jews.

My vegetable love should grow

Vaster than empires and more slow;

An hundred years should go to praise

Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;

Two hundred to adore each breast,

But thirty thousand to the rest;

An age at least to every part,

And the last age should show your heart.

For, lady, you deserve this state,

Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I always hear

Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near;

And yonder all before us lie

Deserts of vast eternity.

Thy beauty shall no more be found;

Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound

My echoing song; then worms shall try

That long-preserved virginity,

And your quaint honour turn to dust,

And into ashes all my lust;

The grave’s a fine and private place,

But none, I think, do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hue

Sits on thy skin like morning dew,

And while thy willing soul transpires

At every pore with instant fires,

Now let us sport us while we may,

And now, like amorous birds of prey,

Rather at once our time devour

Than languish in his slow-chapped power.

Let us roll all our strength and all

Our sweetness up into one ball,

And tear our pleasures with rough strife

Through the iron gates of life:

Thus, though we cannot make our sun

Stand still, yet we will make him run."

91cda7  No.12790659

if you're retarded and don't understand poetry and think it's "for fags," all this is saying (very well) is that you need to keep reminding the girl: "we'll only be young once, we will only be together for the time we have on this trip and the never see one another again, I'd love to sepnd years getting to know you and falling in love with you, but by that time, we'll both be old and ugly and it won't matter. No matter what we do in this life, eventually we're both going to be dead…why not take advantage of the time we have on this earth now and get the most we can out of life NOW while we are both young, in our prime, and we both know what we want.. no one ever regretted a love affair on their death bed, but MANY regretted the ones they never had and missing the chance to see where they might have gone…"

with the right type of of girl alredy convinced she wants to fuck you but worried about..spoiling her virginity or what if "you aren't the right one" or that kind of thing, this ine of reasoning works very, very well. I've used it many times, and it has never let me down, so long as you present it right. That's what this below means, he's just saying it much more concisely:


"But at my back I always hear

Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near;

And yonder all before us lie

Deserts of vast eternity.

Thy beauty shall no more be found;

Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound

My echoing song; then worms shall try

That long-preserved virginity,

And your quaint honour turn to dust,

And into ashes all my lust;

The grave’s a fine and private place,

But none, I think, do there embrace."

It's a brilliant argument and if presented correctly, no girl can refuse it.

69eea9  No.12790665


Women don't do arguments. They do feels.

88c361  No.12790667

File: fa8011310e43dab⋯.jpeg (344.57 KB, 928x786, 464:393, 8416c3049023e18c382286eb3….jpeg)


this meme would be better if the header was cropped out of it. one redpill at a time dammit

91cda7  No.12790670


>They do feels.

Exactly. If done right, this inspires their feels. Look into British Literature and what many had to say about the poem before it the entire field was taken over and subjugated by the Jews.

d0d980  No.12790919


I respect your opinions. What novel details what you believe the average Western white motherhood is?

d0d980  No.12790923


Faith in statistics over presumptions is not delusion. Again, check out anon's >>12782739 third pic, bottom chart in the middle column. The numbers are determinant, not fickle opinions.

10d4c2  No.12790947

File: 62e39ec8f3b5ddc⋯.jpg (56.9 KB, 848x480, 53:30, Ginias.jpg)


Yup, and thank you for shaming this prospect manwhore to be in my stead, if you had not done it, I would have.

0e61c8  No.12790967


I'm not much of a reader, so I can't help with that.

10d4c2  No.12790976


>That said, I might settle with a good jap girl if I were to find one (bloody unlikely to ever happen, given I live in Yurop).

Any traditional Jap girl worth marrying would not want to expatriate to Yurop. She'd be busy with her clique of friends at university, or with her family/family shop in her homeland like the other 90%+ of her people. Asians or Japs who idolize modern western culture idolize the current kiked out version of it. In fact those who do appreciate the past of the west and come as a tourist often end up with "Paris syndrome" because western nations are now third world tier shitholes full of turd worlders. So honestly erase that thought out of your mind, because if you do encounter a Jap girl, she will be nothing like your ideal. Also yeah, immune system disorders are a thing for happas, as is problems with transplants of blood, organs etc. etc. They're not common, but there's always that risk.

2b641c  No.12791025


You mad that I get raped by hot women?

I imagine being that mad I have something you don't.

529efd  No.12791093


69eea9  No.12791099


>men can be whores

>men and women are the same

Women hate comes from the insane belief that men and women are the same or should be the same. That's why Incels hate women.

8a73be  No.12791100


Go suck nigger dicks on a different website.

8a73be  No.12791101


Wasn't that quote a fake?

3a2be8  No.12791128

File: a5219ef2fa2f782⋯.jpg (97.12 KB, 500x671, 500:671, a5219ef2fa2f7827b150849556….jpg)


>muh opinions trump statistical data

69eea9  No.12791171


Why do Americans never seem to realize that there are different social classes and subcultures ina country?

For a man to be a virgin and marry a virgin, probably means that they are part of a reclusive religious community that married them at a very young age.

This is not applicable to me. I am not American, so there are no very religious subcultures here, unless you are talking about extreme cult-like ones. Or Arab Muslims.

Secondly I am 25 and I am not going to be a teenager again that is going to marry another girl in a local reclusive religious community.

Again. No woman is going to fault me for having had sex with other women before them. In fact it will be the opposite, if anything. Women don't select for men with low partner counts. Men do that.

Femanon, please top crying about this shit. Just accept your womanhood and don't be jealous of men. We both have our roles, strenght and weaknesses in society.

As far as I am concerned masturbation is worse than having sex with random sluts. Your test drops for the first one, but no the second one. Using your energy to conquer a woman, instead of sitting with your dick in your hand and jerking it to to a man fucking a woman is much healthier. Masturbation is so bad, that british boarding school circumsized boys to prevent it.

3a2be8  No.12791208

File: b453c3c2189d0a1⋯.png (302.86 KB, 640x609, 640:609, 2f4c2428042e170e4528c001d6….png)


>muh opinions

Until you post studies from your own country on the topic I'll continue to slutshame you as the degenerate "slut" you are, you faggot. Sex is only for pair bonding and procreation you degenerate.

529efd  No.12791274


Go suck MUH ARYAN WOMAN anus on Stormfront, you feminist cuck.

f70ee0  No.12791283


>Why do Americans never seem to realize that there are different social classes and subcultures ina country?

When you jam them all together, they cannot individually learn who they are or where their from. Instead you get this melting pot of constant degredation of the minds that actually built the country by the time you get to college. When these places are policed so much by racial groups, it becomes obvious that the education cannot hold and at some point the multiculti narrative blows over into actual civil war whilst having supremacists run the outer layers of society like media and hollywood. The same rules do not apply to the student compared to the luxery rich billionaire.

69eea9  No.12791360


Read what I said in the beginning again.

5819af  No.12791373


Hey there tainted goods. Go be with your lowest common denominator. Any white man worth having is smarter than to put his dick in a tainted hole. I'm sure you can have some white leftist cuck tho, he can even tend your niglets.

c54e1a  No.12791394


So when are you Stormtards going to take action?

Not waiting for the "normies, trumptards, christards, boomers and fags" to do it for you?

d0d980  No.12791485


That is unfortunate. In that case, what renowned specific example of typical white motherhood would you use to compare and contrast with your already proposed specific example of typical Asian motherhood?

d559e0  No.12791530

File: d5b586d55e8a74e⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 660x495, 4:3, d5b586d55e8a74ec53e4e7a121….jpg)

File: 1fc105a50e43c77⋯.jpg (499.45 KB, 1680x914, 840:457, 1469840195999.jpg)


>debunks creationists and opponents of anthropogenic climate change


d559e0  No.12791582

File: f99a97750135689⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1500x1047, 500:349, 1548573586659.png)


Chinese are the best of all of them.

3fe15f  No.12791942

File: fe1c1152592e92a⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 955x949, 955:949, oh_my_god.jpg)


>Japan, for instance, is basically White.

10d4c2  No.12793080

File: 7e9aacec96424ca⋯.jpg (90.18 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1407528648351.jpg)


>being this asshurt

>actually being a creationist


I'm with this anon, until the other anon antes up some studies that support his degeneracy I too will call him a degenerate faggot.

5abcbc  No.12793116


>Believing in ((global warming))

>Mocking people who refuse to believe they ((evolved)) from niggers and apes

You're 0/2, xir. Want to tell us that faggots are born that way next? You know, the golem trifecta?

10d4c2  No.12793178

File: 9e82a7e193bcede⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 288x198, 16:11, 1383812542351.gif)

File: bf933a4a57723a2⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 1397600711567.gif)

File: 25fbca0d6eb76a7⋯.gif (950.34 KB, 324x230, 162:115, 1404349774308.gif)

File: cca348dbe6563db⋯.gif (125.75 KB, 720x480, 3:2, bloodtype.gif)

File: e11f82396807e93⋯.gif (490.67 KB, 320x242, 160:121, deal with it laugh at you.gif)

3292fa  No.12793528


>People disagreeing with this.

America is only half white at this point and is the biggest cultural exporter of miscegenation and homosexuality. It doesn't matter how based the founding fathers were, America went down the path of degenerate empire and it's fate is irreversible.

2d7870  No.12794691

File: 9758cd2bce67439⋯.jpg (10.28 KB, 436x432, 109:108, 9758cd2bce67439ee928b446b4….jpg)



you have no values at all iam glad you suffer(pic related is you)


dont listen to her op women are just desperate to make fun of other people because they know they exist just to be fucked by us

abffd3  No.12794702


dbef28  No.12794711

File: 04c5f506e6502e6⋯.png (26.58 KB, 120x196, 30:49, 1328036157357.png)

Oh, anon has a girlfriend. Let's see what he loves about her:


>subservient (not even "submissive", which has a slightly better connotation, but "subservient")

>speaks "proper American English"

What the fuck is proper American English; ebonics? Proper English is British. Anyway, I'm guessing that all of the problems you have are ENTIRELY her fault, and not the natural result of you being a shallow asshat.

fd4ea8  No.12794740


>Proper English is British

>ur shallow!

Fuck off Chav whore

dbef28  No.12794741


Or Canadian Ubermensch?

It's kind of hard to date submissive little Asian twigs when you're fucking nephilim-sized.

fd4ea8  No.12794748

File: 77a092eff80d0d0⋯.jpg (94.36 KB, 774x880, 387:440, smug tits.jpg)


Tits or GTFO, whore

dbef28  No.12794749


If my camera was working, I'd show you my greasy hairy mantits on my 300-pound stomach, but alas…

You'll have to find another bear to jack off to, homo.

ba4c00  No.12794824

File: 7f15881f3cb3996⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 702x873, 78:97, 1550001708470.jpg)


>Racemixing is more than a crime it is a hate crime against nature

Not quite. Cuckolding is against nature, letting your enemies do what they want with you and your people is against nature. Race mixing, however, is quite natural, albeit rare. You can find a woman of any race who is attractive. Well, except aboriginals. Conversely, this is the same for women. Though their selection mechanisms are obsolete and harmful, proven time and time again by single mothers, prison letters, attraction to the gorilla species - another species entirely. Female sexual selection is not about the other person, or even their body. It's about the messages the body sends.

>This body looks like it can punch really hard!

>This body looks like it can survive a fight!

>This communication indicates that they are socially secure because they get away with making stupid noise!

>This social trend shows that these men are successful (essentially niggers in ads)

>Lot's of money to be had!

Obsolete, arrogant and easy to abuse. Now don't get me wrong, selecting for health is vital, but the male body seems mostly a drone built to do things women don't want to bother with. Or conversely, those traits that are characterized by the ability to abuse the selection. The salvation of man in this case comes from civilization and patriarchy, which by its nature is a gene selection process aligning by ideals, cultures and beliefs. When a family can prevent marriage with a known criminal, when they can lynch a rapist, when they can arrange a marriage for two successful houses - then man and woman can come into being more than male and female.

Let's see what a race is. A biological and spiritual population which grows distant and distinct from other populations of the same species. It could be said that they approach different destination or fate. Eventually they'd diverge into different species altogether.

Race mixing is a statement that one wishes to unite two populations together and seek a mutual destination or fate. It is evil only in so far as it is global, eroding all potential from mankind aside from one spiritual and biological destination. It is hardly a problem if humans evolve in more ways - it would happen quite naturally with space colonization. The only times it is not good is when we find an inferior and hideous race, such as the Jews. They have selected without care for aesthetics, and it shows. If they were beautiful, their character would be as well - and who would mind being ruled by them then?

2ba25c  No.12794856

File: 9fb8585e8293f28⋯.jpg (9.1 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, Snap.jpg)


>Racemixing is more than a crime

>it is a hate crime

ba4c00  No.12794888


Global warming, or climate change is a rather simple notion. The more carbon dioxide, monoxide or methane an atmosphere has, the more heat it stores from the Sunlight. This is the case in every planet with an atmosphere, and is the reason Venus is hotter than Mercury.

Free yourself from this dilemma by a few key principles.

>Nature is not stagnant, ever.

>We live in an age of mass extinction, affecting nature.

As for creationism, the shame of being genetically linked to other living entities is not enough justification to abolish pre-history. God is not terrified of the Truth, and in God you wouldn't be either.

68f8e5  No.12795710


>The "french" where I am (Quebec) is more like 56% amerimutts spouting joyal with a lot of indian admixture. Most towns, not just Montreal, is looking more like New Orleans every day.

Can confirm. There's a meme of "beautiful quebec wahmen" but that is only in comparison to either 400-pound hamplanets that are all too commonplace or women from outside big cities that don't wear this month's trendiest bullshit (that normalfags conflate with beauty)

In reality, a large number of quebec people have the most fucked up facial features resulting from years of admixture with disparate racial groups. Even the ones with no mestizo in them may be the product of races from all over europe and so it's really jarring. For example, the delicate eyes of a scandinavian with a big square brit jaw, that kind of shit.

In addition, male cucks are legion and female chastity is nonexistent. If you want to see whites at their worst, visit quebec (or any mother major canadian population center tbh)

377712  No.12795798


>In reality, a large number of quebec people have the most fucked up facial features resulting from years of admixture with disparate racial groups. Even the ones with no mestizo in them may be the product of races from all over europe and so it's really jarring. For example, the delicate eyes of a scandinavian with a big square brit jaw, that kind of shit.

Bonjour, mon petit anglo Juif du West Island….toujours a dire de la marde comme je vois.

fc3884  No.12795833


is this some sort of bizaro world cartoon?

62edd9  No.12795856

File: fb2f1bf4ddbc078⋯.jpg (55.78 KB, 987x324, 329:108, asiatic mixes.jpg)

>racemixing is a hate crime

Supreme gentlemen like Rodger, Chau & Mr. Kalergi disagree.

Post proof or go back to the gulag. You must intermingle w/ browns or you're Hitler

bc9494  No.12795912

File: 1912b2f5d669fda⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 640x369, 640:369, 1912b2f5d669fdac83ef3c81f9….jpg)


All that we are was given to us by thousands of years of ancestry. We have no right to squander that, there just isn't any enforcement for those who betray so much. All infrastructure, inheritances, and blood is only a loan from better generations that our only payment is to pass on the same or better. Men conquer, if we racemix in sex, it's bad because of what we might create; however, female miscegenation is worse because of what they are perversely destroying.

I'm glad you came to understand what you were doing was wrong, anon. Put it subliminally in every conversation the importance of who someone is and their debt to pass it on.

fc3884  No.12795915


no it really isn't

9b5cd2  No.12795948

Slant eyes for fun

16 year old white girl when you're done

8d9b7d  No.12795956

Humans don't have to mix races. That's an alien telepathic background-noise myth.

112132  No.12796046

File: 3f4d136a707a4b4⋯.png (669.09 KB, 1085x978, 1085:978, 9ab443ce25735797eb99732a8b….png)


Again with this BS, yes, if you could get a white girl but choose an asian over her… and they are equal in appearance, you chose wrong. BUT race-mixing is only a crime when a WOMAN mixes down in the racial hierarchy nya~

000000  No.12798848


viets have that french cultural influence, it makes them a little more "alive".

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