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File: aff5ea85617f612⋯.jpg (123.56 KB, 1298x731, 1298:731, america exists headline.JPG)

9d0b53  No.12782895

Whites, especially males, have NO idea the lurking, subtle subculture of hate that non-whites have towards us.

Non-whites quite literally divide the world into an us-and-them mentality.

They AUTOMATICALLY are biased against any White person anywhere. From Sheniquah at the Public Service Office to Ragminder at the Subway, to the Filipino who has wormed his way into the company you work for, they are always on the lookout for opportunities to disrespect and dump on Whites.

The non-White people don't seem to be able to conceptualize teamwork or self-sacrifice. It's all about invade, breed like rats, and take over for MY tribe.

There are exceptions, I assume, but for the most part, they are tribalistic little things that are sniffing around for anything to take advantage of, especially if it's a White girl, who everyone I have talked to outside my race regards as easy sluts.

When they need you, they tolerate you, but they fantasize about a world without Whites.

What is strange is how completely oblivious Whites are to this, even as they are being aggressively genocided by all means available.

9d0b53  No.12782903

I have noted other subcultures of hate:

Fat chicks will generally band together in a sisterhood against any attractive chick. (but women do this universally anyway)

The problem is that ugly fat whores are now in power in the government, so they take this mentally insane, psychopathic, blame-everyone-but-me-for-being-a-loser mentality and metastisize it into something begger and more horrible.

2b871e  No.12782917

Well it's pretty obvious, they don't exactly hide it any more.

a9a73f  No.12782926

File: 26cdfffa7f3ceee⋯.jpg (6.23 KB, 400x149, 400:149, 400px-PEO_Mossberg_590A1.jpg)

Somebody's been watching too many Colin Flaherty videos lately, and it's not just me evidently.

I'm just sitting here fondling my gun and admiring it's stack of ammo boxes.

164c26  No.12782927

Truthfully I don't even hate blacks that much, selective breeding has proven we can raise some niggers IQ to behave in a human fashion. Spics on the other hand are all psychotic and need to be gassed before they outnumber and kill us.

a9a73f  No.12782942



The Plan of San Diego (Spanish: Plan de San Diego) was drafted in San Diego, Texas, in 1915 by a group of unknown Mexican rebels, who hoped to create social unrest and to obtain political and economic gains. Raids resulting from attempts to implement the plan led to the Bandit War with the United States.

The real goal of the plan is debated. The plan stated a supposed "attempt to overthrow the government in Southern United States." However, some theories state that the true goal of the plan was to create the conditions to force the US to support one of the factions of the Mexican Revolution, as eventually occurred.

The plan called for things such as "the killing of all adult Anglos in the Southwestern states"[citation needed] and the "return of land to Mexicans.". It was, however, exposed before it could be fully executed. Although there was no uprising, there were raids into Texas that began in July 1915. The raids were countered by Texas Rangers, the US Army and local self-defense groups. In total, 30 raids into Texas destroyed large amounts of property and killed 21 Americans.[1] It is not known who was responsible for drafting the Plan of San Diego, but there are theories that Mexican revolutionary leaders helped to sponsor it.

5184c2  No.12782948


>The non-White people don't seem to be able to conceptualize teamwork or self-sacrifice.

While I agree with you for the most part, you are contradicting yourself with the above. The self-sacrifice part, in their behavior, is breeding like rats and expecting gibs, thus flushing their own life down the toilet fo they keeds.

b3d992  No.12782984

c0ef36  No.12783004



e54591  No.12783014

File: ce6f97682a9c553⋯.jpg (193.25 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1453317583091.jpg)


>He thinks white people started the World Wars

Top Kek. Stick around Sambo, you might learn a ting or two.

e07b48  No.12783015

File: 6489cfb221f2411⋯.jpg (103.17 KB, 556x500, 139:125, GIT!.jpg)


"You all started the damn war!"

09eeb1  No.12783018


>All non whites are against us.

No fucking shit.

Want to take a wild guess who hijacked our board and gave it to an anti white mulatto?

A hapa.

I've seen countless threads of whites getting fucked and they are full of posts of shitkins slandering them as kikes without any proof.

8/pol/ is and has been used as anti white proxy for years.

e5488c  No.12783021


Get out of our lands, disgusting shitskin.

c96ce5  No.12783032

They can lick my ass, they are trash.

That subhuman faggot wouldn't make it through a Physics or engineering program. You can't be a timid little girl, those professors will grind your bitch ass into dust.

Blow me with your flag bullshit. I don't give a shit. Get off my phone.

c96ce5  No.12783034


>says the nigger that was trying get his dick in a grow man's ass.

c0ef36  No.12783044

Horses Mouth i know plenty of spics who have stated they were raised to hate whites but basically started to like them Niggers though Spics hate them could be a lie who knows but if you have to choose??? I say ????? It's so tiresome

We need a wall

If Not for any reason but the salty Commie Tears

Now post Cartel gore videos to kill bread Glowniggers in b4 spic i just wanna see a positive bread on X

c96ce5  No.12783062

Implying I am broke.

c96ce5  No.12783064

When in reality I just really love milk.

2f7a8f  No.12783065


>non-White people don't seem to be able to conceptualize teamwork

Well, they do engage in teamwork to band against whites as you've described.

And it's not strange when whites are conditioned all their lives to think they're the racist ones while anyone who raises any concern after noticing is silenced.

7d89b0  No.12783069


Spics love whites on an individual basis because they want to be around beautiful smart people as long as they have the possibility to mix in. But they hate us on a collective basis because they are jealous, and know they will never fit in (especially once snubbed or humbled on some traumatic level), and because the jews have a ready-packaged narrative for them to justify their personal and collective failings (the white man's fault!). Never underestimate the power of rationalization which all races and people are capable of to varying extents but always a large extent. Of course as the saying goes just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you, either.

2f7a8f  No.12783078


I think that's cultural. Latin American countries have purely European minorities that make up most actors, weather forecasters, news anchors, models, etc. anyone whose role mainly depends on appearance because they're the most aesthetically pleasing, I would imagine that creates a lot of resentment.

c0ef36  No.12783084


You sir might of saved this bread you took the bait constructiveLEy and restored Muh hope in the topics on hand Good job So they are going take over if left unchecked are they a Threat to the United States

f05509  No.12783088

This is true OP. A lot of people are going to need to be hurt before they wake up unfortunately and some, will still be cucks afterwards. Can't do anything about those. A few can be woken up with constant spreading of the infographs in the, 'White victims of black crime' thread though.

1a4d4f  No.12783113

This is why everyone needs to never help any subhuman with anything, and to use every means at your disposal to undermine them as individuals or as a collective.

9d0367  No.12783119

>non-whites subtly harbor feelings of jealousy and hate toward Aryans regardless of what they do

>both spiritual and biological and thus cannot be escaped no matter how much they attempt to betray those feelings

Man, the Germans understood this shit over 100 years ago, which is why the "Allies" banned and burned almost all materials of, not only the Third Reich, but of materials pre-Third Reich.

Everyone should read both Imperium by Yockey and Atlantis, Edda, and the Bible by Hermann Wieland. It'll blow your mind at how dumbed down we've become that everything we're now coming to understand was figured out by our grand-grand and even grand-grand-grand parents. Further proof the Jew conquered the world post-WW1 and we've been living in their domain ever since.

42d41c  No.12783130


>All this projection

jfc, this place is sad. There is very little self-awareness here.

89a6e0  No.12783142

File: 1a0a2d588f234b8⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 400x300, 4:3, a4cf569349fa4fd5a6ad8476a7….jpg)




I once worked with a spic who caught me pretty off guard one time.

>be hvac tech

>two man job at a mall

>take a lunch break and sat in the work truck >just BS'ed for a half hour

>both decide to head back in to the mall

>notice a group of white girls talking to niggers

>as we are walking in spic says he hates seeing that

>didn't realize he was talking about the niggers

>I said "see what"?

>starts telling me how he hates seeing white girls with niggers and then complains about niggers and how they act.

>power level kicks in and we just spoke about race and race mixing with him the rest of the day.

There are some that really do get and understand whats going on

000000  No.12783145


Well anon, Sambo did managed to get dat buttah fo dem wahfuhls pretty clever like. Have to give the little niglet that after all.

000000  No.12783153



89a6e0  No.12783158


I think the reason that some of them get it is because they are not completely brain dead like niggers, Some of them have some white genetics due to the inbreeding with the Spaniards when they conquered south America.

9e7c1b  No.12783171

It is also very evident from the fact that said colored people almost always complain exclusively about the evils of blond, blue-eyed Aryans, and almost never towards the exploits of the Turks, Mongols, Arabs, and others.

10fed5  No.12783185

I think /pol/ and certain other fringe factions tend to blow these things a bit out of proportion; while it's completely true than the (((msm))) is increasingly full of anti-white sentiment, I'd like to think that among ordinary folks sanity still prevails. Maybe it's got something to do with where I live (semi-urban American midwest/flyover country), but the race relations among all seem pretty amicable.

89a6e0  No.12783196


Your right about your area in the midwest, However if you live in a coastal state like I do you would see how bad race relations are. Not as bad as MSM portrays it but not great either. Urban America and cities are the source of this country cancer.

2f7a8f  No.12783221



*interbreeding. Jews and other sandniggers are inbred.

410ef6  No.12783223


This. Live next door to shitcongo, getting waves and waves of people moving out of that city is by far the worst I have ever seen. People can't figure out where to settle cause the chinks fucked up the housing prices so people are literally living in trailers or tents inside the national parks now. Niggers are just destroying eachother which is fine but to close to where you would want to call a home.

d07618  No.12783234


Canadian here: my thoughts are similar, except instead of spics I reference native Canadian aborigines. The ones that have never been around whites will typically hate us. Those that have been around us - particularly if we hold ourselves to a high standard - they typically have a hard time disliking. Many really come to respect us. That's why I believe that its possible that whites came in pre-colonial times and got along with the natives. The natives here have legends that tall, golden haired, blue eyed people came from the oceans and lived amongst them, and then disappeared into the oceans, never to be seen again. They had prophesies that they would come back, and when they did they got wrecked.

89a6e0  No.12783238


I live in NJ. Whites are leaving this state by the truckload everyday because of the constant taxation and crime.

4a62aa  No.12783239


my people owned yours like cattle

410ef6  No.12783246


The North failed anon. the union and whatever is left of it died with a muslim holding a rainbow flag. I wouldn't even give a fuck if the country reformed under an entirely different banner just to genocide all the nigger populations in the cities and the sanctuary they provide for molester jews and psychotic cannabalistic mexican gangs. Burn it all with fire.

8b7145  No.12783260


Yes they hate us, secretly they think that Whites are holding them down, this is the Mentality of the nigger.

But You must learn to identify this in real life as it haptens and Laugh.

I go to a School and one black spreads a rumor that Better Equipment was transfered to another school With a Majority White population.

So the word spreads around the school like fire…. they start talking….. but these Niggers Dont understand that this is Just a Trade school… By focusing on little shit like this they lock themselves into being somebody's employee forever.

Niggers are Stupid, Whites excel at controlling the direction and flow of innovation technology… I find the way Niggers think Funny and so should You.

1ee403  No.12783268


You'll never be white, (1)

89a6e0  No.12783278

File: c0d880a8d997143⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 112x255, 112:255, 3b43099588553d9467249bffc2….jpg)


>I wouldn't even give a fuck if the country reformed under an entirely different banner

I think ultimately thats whats going to happen to this county at this point. Balkanization is its only future. For example while my home state is cheering for the passage of new gun control measures people in SD and OK are cheering for the passage of constitutional carry. Its two diffrent countrys at this point and the only thing holding it together is the (((establishment gov)))

410ef6  No.12783286


The only way the outer states will survive is if they still have the constitutional sheriffs out west to preserve and ignore any order that comes in to confiscate firearms. There was a severe weakening of states rights in the past 25 years due to the country being at war and a population raised on single mothers,

8b7145  No.12783293


Its all Manufactured, its all a lie to make to believe that whites are dying out.

in reality its just numbers being cooked as baby boomers die out this is why our (((Birth Rates))) are so low. count only the 14-45 year old numbers and You will see White reproduction rates are Healthy.

This is all a show.

d07618  No.12783294


anybody have a pdf of that?

42d41c  No.12783302


I honestly don't even think you know what being white means.

8b7145  No.12783316


You dont need that.

Type in DDG.GG this is a search engine.

in the search field type in "White reproduction by age"

Scroll up and down and draw Your own conclusion.

Sharks is what You get when You seek information… Great White Sharks… As if somebody is trying to hide the actual numb…..

b4a8dd  No.12783416

File: 191c58980b36d41⋯.png (276.04 KB, 600x402, 100:67, 44a9ad6c7e25ce83387a43bc08….png)


>Whites, especially males, have NO idea the lurking, subtle subculture of hate that non-whites have towards us

Do you have any idea where you are?


>lol go start another world war cumskins

It's called exterminatus, it's where we sweep through the world and completely eliminate every shitskin on a planet. Stick around a while, if you don't starve to death protip: you will you might get to meet one of our flammen-waffe.

adebad  No.12783480


It's projection. Most whites, especially men, are naturally good.

They cannot imagine that others don't think like they do.

The good thing is that once the authoritarian switch gets flipped and they realize how bad these people are, whites apply problem solving to the immigration question and will become ruthless until there isn't any non-white in their daily life.

55ae0e  No.12783508



I know it's a bait post, but I never understood how this became an insult. Semen produces life, shit on the other hand is just that, smelly disgusting shit. Thus the insulting name "shitskin". How is life insulting?

a9720c  No.12783536

>Whites, especially males, have NO idea the lurking, subtle subculture of hate that non-whites have towards us.

Whatever you say, Lauren Southern

b7d5ea  No.12784489

>Whites, especially males, have NO idea the lurking, subtle subculture of hate that non-whites have towards us.

>especially males

Actually, I think it's the other way around. White males in public schools that are near or in urban areas pretty much get it or at least see something is up. It's the ones who don't live in close proximity to shitskins and the females who are more oblivious.

a6b77a  No.12784948

File: dc79936bcf9f310⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 831x357, 277:119, Self-raking leafs.JPG)



Take a look at this leaftard. It may have been Justin Rimjob Trudeau/Castro himself.

e5548f  No.12785179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Having been to lots of turd world countries I can confirm this.

Even docile looking South East Asians all despise whites. They have a face culture and are super insecure about being seen as lesser than someone else, which results in gaudy displays of fake wealth even if they're poor.

The first course of action for any turd world person is sucking up to you and getting friendly with you, trying to get a feel what you can do for them.

If they don't think you're important or can't do anything for them they'll talk down on you and shit talk you behind your back while giving you a shit eating grin.

Also never underestimate how cunning and hateful they are. They poison, murder and ruin people out of pure rage with no material gain whatsoever.

They don't dream of a world without whites or Japanese though. Their dream is to have white servants.

Vid relevant.

000000  No.12785185


>whites breeding at under 2.1 children per couple

>whites went from 1/3 of world population before the twentieth century to 1/10 or less now

<Nothing to see here goy, move along!

8483e2  No.12785259

File: c83d826ff079a79⋯.png (71.72 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


MX call whites "Whatto" (not to be confused with Vato) but I do not know spelling.


Seems Hollywood, MSM, and Obama Admin named a bunch of things, so searching Interwebs is more difficult;


Watto; a junk dealer from star wars…

662284  No.12785261

File: 961581d5f341a6c⋯.jpg (104.03 KB, 500x657, 500:657, watto you mean I'm a jew.jpg)

000000  No.12785297


This is what being inside a Hajnal line does to you.

==SUDDENLY== discovering that alien peoples tend to hate you.

No shit, Sherlock, Eastern Slavs, Southern Slavs and other warzone peoples like Spaniards and Southern Italians, after centuries of genocidal warfare with foreign Muslims from Africa and Asia, had discover this unimaginable fact like a thousand years ago. You Western pussies got waaaaay to comfortable with Slavs taking the brunt of every single alien land invasion from outside of Europe for the last thousand years. Well, have a taste, maybe it will immunize you, maybe it will wipe you out. Who knows, it will be interesting to observe regardless of outcome.

7d89b0  No.12785359


Most of those people on TV aren't fully European anyways though, they just have less mestizaje. You also see the same in leadership positions in government, academia, and private industry. The truth is that it's not only because they're beautiful, but because they are much smarter. And the gap becomes so massive that you can be only 120IQ and a genius in comparison. As for resentment yes there is some of that, but the truth is they mostly just aspire to look like them. It's an open secret that latinos (just like asians) want to whiten their bloodlines with every generation.

632458  No.12785360



7d89b0  No.12785364

File: e1fc6e2ac1304af⋯.jpg (134.98 KB, 602x1062, 301:531, duckduckgo.jpg)


>he doesn't know

119213  No.12785384


This anon understands what should be obvious but took me SO SO long to understand. Please believe it! Those "nice" non-Whites are envious and will take any opportunity to secretly destroy you.

800f02  No.12785385

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


When white people imagine a better future, they dream of elaborate Star Trek utopias where all peoples live in harmony and no one has to work or suffer anymore.

When shitskins imagine a better future, they dream of simplistic revenge scenarios where they rule over masses of desperately toiling whites.

cd13b2  No.12785388


The real question for any of them is why they so willingly go along with the kikes and hate Whites. It's almost like they're jealous subhumans or something.

cd13b2  No.12785390


Revenge for what? We never even enslaved any of the dumb faggots.

4d2f15  No.12785452


thank god I use startpage then

43115c  No.12785455


You for sure don't.

0de467  No.12785466


Because MUH DICK

A majority of black males are at the very least bisexual, so they have dick on the brain CONSTANTLY.

800f02  No.12785473

File: 8623b1861335251⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 400x240, 5:3, whytheyhatewhitepeople.gif)


They're dumb faggots, they don't actually care about the truth. They just hate the fact that they're not on top, and thus consider white success itself to be a personal insult to be avenged. They're stupid like that.

d6a8e3  No.12785485

File: eb7e330f3b6b165⋯.jpg (141.73 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, crisisomega-d7ejaqy.jpg)


Naw, that's bullshit jewish multimedia. Hollywood leftist whites project that delusional kikewash, but they don't actually want it.

Whites don't actually want to live in cities or colonies or crammed into starships or whatever. Those are all things niggers are attracted to and it's why whites with average or better IQ flee them and why empires fall apart (aka mouse utopia). Whites want room to breathe and lots of nature, with lots of distance between neighbors, and most importantly NO NIGGERS.

1a4d4f  No.12785496


This, but fuck James Franco.

9acdd8  No.12785504

Yeah, I'm one of the only white people at my work and it's amazing how the average black holds views that would be considered unbelievably radical if held by whites. I also have to say - anyone who believes the "casual Muslim" myth has never interacted with Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims I've met are polygamists or wish they could be, once at work I overheard a Muslim woman saying something about how she wished she lived in the middle east so she could be "free" to fully live out the Muslim faith…… yikes.

4578ec  No.12785543

File: fd2586acd71c050⋯.jpg (271.96 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, council 2 (Large) jew.jpg)





e0e54b  No.12785557


>The non-White people don't seem to be able to conceptualize teamwork or self-sacrifice. It's all about invade, breed like rats, and take over for MY tribe

That is the only uncucked way of living

Civnats and globalist are cancer

069f03  No.12785559

File: 518ee4f9148581d⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 2681x4364, 2681:4364, IMG_20190211_084202__01.jpg)

Saw this shit this morning. Boiled my blood enough to melt the ice off my beard while I was shoveling snow for my neighbors

1a4d4f  No.12785580


Teamwork and self-sacrifice have plenty place within your high trust European society, but certainly no amount of either should be wasted on subhumans.

83bf95  No.12785625


>Those whites having to carry luggages

>Those whites that are getting shittalked by Indians for being taxi drivers

>Those whites that are working as waiters and get shit for it

>Those white girls who are out in the middle of the sidewalk with tin cups in their hands begging for money

>Queue to white guy getting beat up by Indians for no reason.

>White girl trying to get a taxi ride but no one will accept her money

This is by Indians? This is not at all what I expected, I expected sex slaves since Indians are head over heels for white women to the point of being psychotically obsessed with them.

65401a  No.12785650


Fire bomb it

a34e0b  No.12785654


it's a long running forced weak meme as the only comeback cucks and niggers can come up with in their rather limited intelligence.

c815f6  No.12785658


>literally not even hiding it anymore

>whites still don't fight back at all

So what's all this talk about doing anything, ever, at any time, for any reason? It's clear that we're never going to do a fucking thing. Jews won a century ago.

4b924f  No.12785675


>It's called exterminatus, it's where we sweep through the world and completely eliminate every shitskin on a planet. Stick around a while, if you don't starve to death protip: you will you might get to meet one of our flammen-waffe.


4b924f  No.12785679


No I think not. We are not like Slaves who feel the need to beat our heads against the shitskin hordes…we are simply going to exterminate them all and be done with subhumans forever. No need to spend time 'fighting' with them.

4b924f  No.12785682


spellwrecker…not Slaves, SLAVS

2eecd4  No.12785695

File: bdc24f1fabf8c0c⋯.jpg (147.69 KB, 862x1000, 431:500, 1460503851939.jpg)



Having to work in fast food, I could contest that niggers hate niggers who date white women. I've seen mudsharks and niggers get questioned by other niggers, they also talk about shit they hate about white women but I guess it's better then them mixing.

000000  No.12785699


>we are simply going to exterminate them all


You sure took your time, John Jimenez. Another generation in and you would go full South Africa. So good to know that enough people are redpilled to take definite action.

Oh wait, they aren't. So when them Aztlanians will sing "Kill the Blanco" and Sweden will have been washed away by the Black Deluge, Poland will still be 98%+ White.

d6a8e3  No.12785707


I've seen that, but if you want to see a war, watch what happens when a nigger fucks with a female wetback. That's like pouring white gas on a campfire

2eecd4  No.12785731

File: 24b7abd4c69b8f5⋯.jpg (26.7 KB, 642x642, 1:1, 5d0.jpg)


got me thinking I've never a nigger with a spic but I have seen a white with spic women or visa versa. In fact I've never seen a male wetback shake hands or touch a male nigger

68a13e  No.12785740

Heard an offhand conversation on the street. Went something like this:

>There is no such thing as being racist against whites. Blacks can never be racist against whites because whites can always get whatever they want in terms of jobs and education. Whether or not you are racist is a matter of whether or not you want to be liked by other people. You have the right to your opinions and free speech but it doesn't mean I have to like you.

d0240b  No.12785784


If whites banded together in a world war against the subhumans and jews we would exterminate you from the planet nigger. All of us here would love to see that happen

40c299  No.12785835


Don't think you want that, you nigger faggot. Because you'll be dead.

92bee7  No.12794314


We'll wipe you off the earth this time, foreskin fiend.

e5548f  No.12794669


you're delusional if you think any country will be spared…

240a40  No.12794724


>Poland will still be white

I dont think you understand the dept of the issue.

ec9ecd  No.12794880


I'm fine with gassing the druglords, but I was hoping we could use their normies to "Diversify" the desert lands of North Africa.

Reconquista didn't go far enough South.

ec9ecd  No.12794895


Propaganda is a big part of it. Chi-com propaganda in Philippines is all about how evil Whitey be keeping them down.

It doesn't take much to show them how Ching Chongs are their Jews, and if they were to rise up, they could take substantial land and business holdings back for their people.

I refuse to use White people as cannon fodder. If you want a war, do what the Jews do. Use other people's people.

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