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File: d0f42684064bdf9⋯.png (142.07 KB, 720x937, 720:937, Trumpemergencydeclaration.png)

296747  No.12783321

Shills have to go back to kvetching.


9361c5  No.12783328

Shutdown II: Electric Boogaloo deadline is Friday.

7fc284  No.12783329

File: 8f7c759de6ce39b⋯.png (367.48 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8f7c759de6ce39bcb87cc04439….png)


296747  No.12783340


Sage is not a downboat discord trannie.

af470f  No.12783343

and yet here we are and he still hasn't done it. Even if some judge will block it (even though he has the power to go ahead regardless) and he'll sit and wait like the faggot he is for the supreme court to rule on it.

f345f2  No.12783346


Twitter is so fucking stupid and no self respecting politician should use the platform.

cbc2de  No.12783350


>no self respecting politician should use the platform.

No self respecting ADULT should be using one. But I guess there isn't a single one left among the trickle-down media whores of the Judeo-Satanist left.

2f04a3  No.12783353

In a couple of hours, Kushner is going to pull him aside, remind him who actually rules over America and he'll go quiet again.

8fd092  No.12783354

File: a8d8438ab321743⋯.webm (4.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, (((Blumpf))).webm)

File: 2d98b7e6058e0e3⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.96 MB, 264x480, 11:20, DACA.webm)


>muh Blumpf is a secret white nationalist despite kissing kike/muhnority ass and shitting on whites/men/gun owners at every available opportunity

>muh shills


>muh discord

>muh trannie

/r/the_cuckhold GTFO of /pol/

SAGE for (((Blumpf))) thread

8802ff  No.12783358


in all fields

e6ae10  No.12783364



0b1958  No.12783366



Keep it shut down until Brexits life ends.

Keep it Closed down with a timeline that You Control.

BREXIT should be of Upmost consideration, Do not let them Flood America with Niggers!!

President, HOLD YOUR GROUND… for us. Please.

7fc284  No.12783385

File: e9b322a4b88fd96⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 210x240, 7:8, kurisu-makise-steins-gate-….jpg)


>the boomer's lament

dece8b  No.12783397


>It's happening

Nothing is happening. Call me when he actually does what he promised.

296747  No.12783399


>Beheading videos

You disgusting Israelis and your obsession with blood. Truly a vampiric race.

69c098  No.12783403


where did all these actual boomers come from

605943  No.12783409


>muh White boomers are bad

ce2379  No.12783410


>trump quotes someone about what he could do for the 1,000th time



000000  No.12783417

Insider here, Trump is going to declare RBG dead tomorrow at 13:00 ET and declare its deliberate coverup a threat too national security and declare a national emergency. He won't build the wall but he will deploy more troops to the southern border specifically north of Jaurez. Following that mass arrests of the Russian hoax collaborators and pizagate members. Folks it's all going to happen but we need to silence those here trying to derail the agenda, have faith and hail Trump and hail victory.

7fc284  No.12783422

File: 5df827208b401ab⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1200x901, 1200:901, ClipboardImage.png)


Day of the Pillow soon.


>Insider here

Very convincing.

605943  No.12783426



0b1958  No.12783437


The EU will flood USA with Legal paperwork and Nigger Africans when it collapses, We need to plan ahead.

No im not a boomer


8e0515  No.12783455


that vid is fake, that "victim" is a movie-tier animatronic robot

4e4d22  No.12783487

This thread is wrongthink and should be deleted

7a83ba  No.12783509



58e859  No.12783511


or just a shitty thread with a pic and a twitter link. This isnt twitter anon.

792c84  No.12783533


>publicly mentions that 31 "national emergencies" are legally active

That goes against the narrative. Not that anyone gives a flying fuck about it, though. They will never question "what does that even mean in terms of government overreach?"

72fb0e  No.12783543

So are we in a state of emergency?

c27a0b  No.12783549


you stupid nigger.

9f906b  No.12783557

9fceb2  No.12783567

We have been in a perpetual state of emergency since 1933.

792c84  No.12783591


Since WWII, yeah.

72fb0e  No.12783600


Oh please. Not this legalese crap.

You know what is meant. We're talking about an actual state of emergency. Not archeic legalese larping.

>inB4 "Germany never officially surrendered so technically we're still in WW2!"

c52bbc  No.12783606


To early for April. Don't hype.

2ac00b  No.12783614

File: 20bc1064dab7989⋯.png (325.72 KB, 700x462, 50:33, 1364854236511.png)

"I've got my hand on the button!"

"I'm gonna do it!"

"Don't test me!"

Reminds me of a different fat fuck "leader" who was all talk and no walk.

396419  No.12783633

File: 1ba4a3a0425043b⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 255x172, 255:172, 1421093328173.jpg)


<I could do this guys

<It's totally within my power to do this

>Cool, so why haven't you just done it yet

<T-the plan g-goy

I'll believes it when I sees it. Words mean nothing to me at this point.



You won't live through the upheaval because the kids you abandoned care as much about your future as you did about theirs. Wanna know a secret? I know you do. I can let slip some tactics at this point. When the lights go off I'll be sending crews of nice white men in buttonup shirts to pacify you. I'll promise to protect you, but what I'll really be doing is cataloguing your stuff. My guys are going to loot you completely and leave you to the hands of the niggers you loved so much. See, it's like the focused inverse of what you did to us. Seeing the pattern yet? The judgement for your sins is upon you. Enjoy your future, it's the one you created after all.

aede95  No.12783641


Make peace not war. Don't forget to send money to Africa and support Israel. Only democracy in middle east. It was your generations who fought racism. You are on your way to grave. Nobody is going to miss you. World will be in flames but at least you had easy lifes.

792c84  No.12783642




Kill yourself.

32c32d  No.12783648


>make my generation...

>you all have memory of goldfish

>make our generation...

>forgets where he was in the sentence


0b1958  No.12783681


Id vote… for the end of all times. the Strong will survive… But China must be Pacified first.

396419  No.12783698

File: e7da747d5111563⋯.png (46.31 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 1435370259901.png)


>But China must be Pacified first.

All according to kekaku. China will pose no threat. They're weak and they know it, that's why they pretend to be hot shit. After kikes Chinese are probably next on the list for unexisting. Although after kikes, the rest of the purge happens simultaneously, technically.

217041  No.12783703


>discord trannie.

No fucking cares

217041  No.12783707


China banned rap music recently lol they are far better than the US

0b1958  No.12783718


Russia is Scared of them and they are neighbors.

Russia is Not afraid of War with America

America is scared Shitless of Russia

America is Not Afraid of war with China.

f30190  No.12783720


Stupid dumb boomer scum. Can't wait to put you in a nursing home run by Somalians.

e0b0d1  No.12783726


Cool now let's see trump

actually declare a national emergency on the wall

I'll wait.

f30190  No.12783729


Why do boomers espouse such inane non-sequitur like they're some profound wisdom? China's """Army""" is a self-defense force for their national borders. Their power projection is 0 because unlike Russians, they can't pretend to be white to fight proxy wars.

e3037d  No.12783753


All the cartel live dismemberments& head skinnings are fake?

I wish they were.

Truly horrific stuff

bd98e1  No.12783776


You do realize that after a few months passes and nothing happens except trump kissing more jew ass that all of you magapedes are gonna look batshit insane. Your hilarious global pedo network conspiracy theory is going to make everyone see just how wacko you all really are. And now a lot of you have outed yourselves on youtube so you'll probably be getting a visit from your local mental health professionals.

e3037d  No.12783777

File: f3f34c2a9c63774⋯.png (13.14 KB, 246x255, 82:85, 9644f16cd06a973e8d3f3042b1….png)

File: 09bd1854a4de541⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 503x1024, 503:1024, 190204.jpg)


Fucking fundie christers easier to deprogram than a qoomer

396419  No.12783782

File: 643c1e542b7c541⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1200x793, 1200:793, 1436336130675.jpg)

File: 5763329cef56bfd⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 1433987144491.jpg)


Actually, this is more or less accurate. Russia fears zerg rushing chinks because they have a historical paranoia about land invasions, and it's highly likely to occur; Russia does not fear the USSA because we can't engage them and we're about to implode.

China's afraid of the USA because we're their captive consumer class and we're in the position of "if you owe the banks everything, you have the power", aka they might not ever get paid off on those debts and it doesn't matter if a land deed says its chinese property. Come and take it you filthy chink, I dare you.

USA is afraid of Russia because it knows Vlad will gleefully support American balkinization. Fun fact: my country will be the one taking ALL of those goods. Sorry niggers, libshits and spics. Things just, ya know, BECOME mine. It's a metric you'll know quite well by the time I shuffle off my new planet. As for me: I fear nothing. Things happen if I say they happen. And guess what boyz


f30190  No.12783796

File: 0194334b85a3601⋯.png (157.73 KB, 500x359, 500:359, 1457675984973.png)


>planetary alien proxy wars

72fb0e  No.12783817


>Making up an imaginary conversation

Okay, have fun.

396419  No.12783818

File: 475ec87f21192aa⋯.jpg (311.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1b34a9d6d8c6916ee6dcbb1b83….jpg)


Alien or not, I intend to have this planet BTW if you ran tests on me, you'd find that I'm 100% earthling. I doubt you have the ability to grasp how FTL works, so don't bother with trying to conceive it. When you hear the music just dance, dance like countless others have danced before you. Dance the dance of death and rebirth. None of you had the ability to save this place from turning into a wasteland, so I picked it up at salvage and scrap prices. Nobody knew the treasure that was here. Everybody is retarded everywhere, that metric applies above as it does below. People hate me everywhere, yet strangely nobody outright challenges me. Probably because I'm ALWAYS RIGHT

f30190  No.12783835

File: c78ffe0ab05a941⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 540x471, 180:157, 1526254910987.jpg)


Post a picture taken on the nearest habitable planet and post it here.

396419  No.12783854

File: 66368620754f2f5⋯.jpg (243.02 KB, 736x1128, 92:141, 66368620754f2f5aa32350b316….jpg)


<I get to make demands

<I require "pictures"

Even if I gave them to you you wouldn't believe it. I stopped trying to convince people a long time ago. Now I just manipulate them to my whims. But fear not, I actually have a way out of this mess. I actually care about this planet and, by extension, you. If you think you can field a better champion, by all means do so. I'd love nothing more than to watch one of you apes turn into a Man. I just don't think a single one of you is capable of it. Nobody does. Nobody signs contracts with me until all hope is lost. Have you been demoralized enough yet or do you need a few million more invading hominids before you capitulate? What a joke human you are. I hope you don't survive

0c4d75  No.12783873


I want to believe

000000  No.12783882


e0b0d1  No.12783883


if no one will believe you, then go ahead and post a picture

or are you so petty like an abrahamic god that you need to be believed in on faith alone?

f30190  No.12783884

File: dc92a86be11250b⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 507x718, 507:718, 1526255113301.jpg)


If you didn't care about me believing you, you wouldn't be shitposting about it. Take your Leica over to Proxima Centurai or whatever and snap a few pics.

0b1958  No.12783888


The Kike Slides away, all 95iq hair greesed up and all.

396419  No.12783892


I'll tell you a secret. Well, more like one of my quirks. I can know anything, anything at all. I can see through what you call time, whatever. Pretty OP right? One catch: I can only use it if someone who actually cares asks the right questions. If I could just read/write on your reality at will it would be game-breaking.



<The ape attempts persuasion

>It's not very effective…

You still don't get it, because you're a narcissist. I truly, honestly and without reservation do not care what you believe. I act because I choose to, you react to me. I'm the actor, you're my media. If this wasn't the case, you wouldn't be literally pleading at my feet for me to act upon you. Yet you seem quite unaware of the situation you're in. It's quite amusing

0c4d75  No.12783894


How do I find the right questions?

e0b0d1  No.12783899


ok schizo

f30190  No.12783906


The only "amusing" thing about this exchange is its value to as a demonstration of pilpul.

>I am an almighty God of Earth

>Oh but uh I can't do THAT thing you asked me to

Inhale helium until brain death.

396419  No.12783911

File: ed70761ed4a354f⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1469548674552-2.jpg)


>How do I find the right questions?

Trustyourheartsloth.gif. But seriously, what do you NEED to know? If you already know everything you NEED to know to act, then I have nothing to offer you. I mean, I do it for the lulz because I'm infinitely interested in everything. But consider what you are. What ARE you? Who are you, who do you want to be, who do you intend to be? These are the questions I ask myself constantly.


<When the NPC nigger loses the plot

Case in point. A truly pathetic creature.

c4134c  No.12783914

Trump won't declare national emergency, he is deliberately holding off in order to make them play into his hands. It's all part of the plan.

228658  No.12783916

Yeah he's only said this same fucking thing for months now and hasn't done shit

e0b0d1  No.12783921


>When the NPC nigger loses the plot

We know its all a larp

396419  No.12783922


<Things I never said

I said I WOULD have your planet, not that I HAVE it, and I said nothing about gods. But in your mind, I already do, and I'm a god. Interesting. I learn more from struggling victims than from anything else, you should keep that in mind. My love of silence is for your protection, not mine.

>I can't do THAT

I never said I can't. I said that even if I did you wouldn't believe it, so it's a waste of effort. You still labor under this delusion that I feel the urge to convince you of things. I do not. Eventually, someday, you'll say

>I shitposted at the Emperor once

IF you survive, that is

0c4d75  No.12783923


I want to grow

I've seen you before, why do I feel like I know you?

000000  No.12783927


He's waiting for you brave National Socialists to do something.

0b1958  No.12783928


Trump is on our side, he has no choice.

Do You people not See? You are in control.

Act like it My White Brothers and Sisters.

396419  No.12783929

File: f535965770f65d9⋯.jpg (41.53 KB, 272x420, 68:105, thule05_01.jpg)


I had the same sensation, actually. Some anon said we came from an Aryan soul-group as a unit to fix this shit. How's that sit with you?

228658  No.12783935



Naw fuck off, he was going to do it he already would have. Make a thread when he actually comes through with something instead of just these faggot tweets that don't mean shit. All the twatter shitposting was funny during the campaign but that ended 2 fucking years ago

50b085  No.12783937

File: ab643a0cdc5ee86⋯.jpg (30.33 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 457214711.jpg)



0c4d75  No.12783938


It sounds about right to me. I don't believe in coincidence

0b1958  No.12783943


Bitch I got away with calling Niggers Niggers in a Federal Building, I trolled Nigger Bosses in their faces.

I literally called Cucks Cucks in their faces walking up and down hallways with people all around me… I got away with so much shit… Now Tell me, Can You get away with even 1% of what I can get away with?

0c4d75  No.12783944


It's very reassuring to know that you're not alone

396419  No.12783946

File: 26befd43969bbe7⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 403x388, 403:388, 007e965e878ddc25c955c12811….jpg)


>It sounds about right to me. I don't believe in coincidence

Well stick around because this is about to get to my favorite part. I guess you have it in you, you just need to remember. For highly-evolved people learning is mostly a case of anamnesis. There are others here who are waking up, it's by far not just me. I'm just the blossom whereas the entire plant is necessary for actual life, it's surely more vital to existence than a simple bloom. They're here, I'm here, we're all here. Sieg fucking heil

000000  No.12783955


Meth is a hell of a drug.

0c4d75  No.12783959


I feel the inner fire rise, brother. I love you. Sieg Heil

f30190  No.12783960


Only a jew would derive pleasure from behavior like this

c4134c  No.12783961


Praise Kek my fellow pede!

0fd5d4  No.12783965

Hey Trump thread I found something on Pastebin

Check this out: SWiCfXNA

Http:/:paste in.com/SWiCfXNA

They elected the energy candidate, now maybe the Amerifats would take more agriculture work if they weren’t so tired all the time!

396419  No.12783971

File: d808221525dc95b⋯.png (9.53 KB, 297x308, 27:28, 835f440921e164731a34d9d611….png)







I wonder who's going to win this fight

0b1958  No.12783973


White Nationalists can not have Pleasure to?


09ceeb  No.12783992


If you want to be a faggot go eat your big bag of fat baby dicks somewhere else, I like that guy. He's better than the orange man bad and ironic MAGA posters shitting this place up. Even asses and elbows is more entertaining than your faggotry. Learn to appreciate both the blessings and curses of he LHC.

8e2e7e  No.12783994


That goes to a Salon article, you faggot. This organic shit is liberal, American industry knows what it’s doing. Trump’s not gonna fucking go regulator to make people more energetic. If America didn’t have energy he wouldn’t have been elected!

0fd5d4  No.12784006


Yeah you’re probably right, he’s a total wimp to industry. It’s not like everyone’s energy levels are the base productivity of the whole fucking nation

(Why yes I am several people in this thread, some people pay attention to the world beyond fucko racial psychosis)

0e39c6  No.12784013

>Look guys Trump tweeted!

Call me when he actually does something other than spit out hot air.

8e2e7e  No.12784023


Yeah, that’s right faggot, I pulled you right out. All the world’s a stage and your part is eating dicks.

It’s not about being a wimp to industry. If cutting something from the food is that good for everyone you don’t need regulators to do it. They eat their own product! They want to have that productivity too, and they’ve got smarter people than your sorry ass to look st things like this. Assuming it’s not just Salon being fucking up their ass lugerpresses!

c4134c  No.12784027


>t. kike shill

e3037d  No.12784031

File: 24f025e659e72cc⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 960x687, 320:229, 24f025e659e72cc7b487caaf08….jpg)

File: 4e6f4559c21bc55⋯.jpg (10.44 KB, 191x255, 191:255, fad872d0dd8e70df8b35308087….jpg)

650acc  No.12784032


If he makes good fine, but I must ask you OP what do you consider a failure point in the trump project personally?

0e39c6  No.12784044


>I can know anything, anything at all. I can see through what you call time, whatever.

>tfw you have this power and mostly you've used it to accidentally spoil stories you were looking forward to


I really wish posts with zero content like yours were a bannable offense. You're not adding anything to a conversation, you're just damaging the board's signal to noise ratio. You're barely above the level of a bot.

c4134c  No.12784051


Fuck off back to r/TheDonald if you want a safe space, faggot.

cef9ac  No.12784055


Insider here, my Dad works at Nintendo. Ebin Gabe is going to announce Half Life 8 for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow at 13:00 PST. Folks it's all going to happen as long as we tongue each others assholes.

4f4f7f  No.12784060


Oh..you're so smart. You a National Socialist or Zionist?

650acc  No.12784061


Ok mystery anon I'll bite your story. Do you know the timeline's future as to what outcome the event we call the happening will have and better yet when will the happening occur in earnest.

0e39c6  No.12784062

File: b8f324434f9d527⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 1470870941199.gif)


Actually, let's take that back: Can you prove you're not a bot?

0b1958  No.12784072


Do You believe that Niggers belong within White Culture?

Especially when Whites do not want Nigger Men around them?.. or anybody else?

Is it true that Black Men commit almost all Crime?

97% of White woman with interacial Children are Single. is this True?

396419  No.12784073

File: 101524b3a7dd7e1⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1392333978926.jpg)


It just occurred to me that I think I answered your question. Told ya so, or more accurately I told you what you really wanted to know. Not a bad ability right? One of potentially ~500 I have at my disposal. Too many to be natural, but useful nonetheless

>>12784044 (Kek'd)

>tfw you have this power and mostly you've used it to accidentally spoil stories you were looking forward to

Learning to be judicious with your abilities so as to not make your journey uninteresting…it's a very fine line to be walking


>Do you know the timeline's future as to what outcome the event we call the happening will have and better yet when will the happening occur in earnest.

Ethnoglobe in no greater than 16 years, colony ships already in orbit, ayys decide we no longer have niggeraids and allow us to converse with them granted we're still a living weapon of extermanatus, so everyone's nervous, colonies on Europa and Mars exposed and ownership transferred.

c4134c  No.12784077


You will never be BO again, kikefy.

e869b1  No.12784082

File: 925183f79b4b3f6⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, 1537587360105.jpg)

>It's happening President Trump declaring emergency

I doubt it.

650acc  No.12784091


Interesting. Which ethnic perameters will be utilised and how will these events transpire. I've seen plenty of similar promises you see and I am intrigued to compare notes. I hope you are correct. A shame about ethnoglobe in most regards jews aside I don't really feel we need to do too much more than contain and distantly observe africa and the mideast, and push china back. Japan's not a real problem or a threat, most of south east asia stays in south east asia and south america is less a problem than mexico if the glows did not ruin everything.

5dbc0a  No.12784094


You're a filthy kike liar.

0b1958  No.12784095



000000  No.12784110


>Trump tweeted

Pretty much guarantees it's NOT going to happen. The guy is full of shit.

396419  No.12784113

File: 6f9f406096b3520⋯.png (312.32 KB, 311x445, 311:445, 1464385406620.png)


>the timeline's future

But you have to be careful on this point. What I'm referring to are POSSIBLE futures, which may not necessarily include the vast majority of outcomes. Remember that this is a static 5d at least hyperobject in which nothing usually actually changes. And me being me I'm looking for the rarest outcome. I finally took my main objective target, so it could be I just leave you fucksticks to be ravaged by da orkz. But that doesn't really sound like total victory, does it? I'm a completionist so I'll be doing the optional quests too.


>Which ethnic perameters will be utilised and how will these events transpire

This is something I'm working on. My thoughts on the matter are thus: we know who ISN'T White, so we can start there. Kikes die on principle alone. Once we start getting closer to the fuzzy line between races, we have some options. We can let our genetics team make the call, or I can just personally draw the line as I see fit, or we can let an army of justicars handle the line-drawing. I'm open to suggestions on this issue, and also still fishing for our new country's name. I'm surprised nobody's bit on this bait yet. Someone here can name the country, I've foreseen this outcome.

66d5a4  No.12784121

Yeah, that's nice. Whereas my EO on birthright citizenship, shill?

4f4f7f  No.12784128


About 1000000x more likely to happen that you National Socialist wanking fantasy.

41b4f8  No.12784138


Was Burkard right?

0b1958  No.12784147

File: ea509861c5cffc4⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1756x1875, 1756:1875, 09149f16ac1a099e59535c607d….png)


The New Tactic is to Make one post afteranother in short order. Using words like kike and Nigger.

Kikes, Kikes will Never Ch…

4f4f7f  No.12784150


You White today?

000000  No.12784153


He has an abysmal record of fulfilling his campaign/Twatter promises. Don't feel too bad…he fooled me too

396419  No.12784156

File: 9afd92a5bee58ee⋯.jpg (137.8 KB, 800x436, 200:109, 1431036460861.jpg)


>how will these events transpire

Cliff's notes: USA will balkanize; ethnostate activated; thanks Vlad; erryone unWhite starves to death; undefended isisrael get's zerg rushed and finally glassed; we take all rightful White clay down to Panama; meantime, Europeans deal with their own problems their own way, finally free of ZSA fucking shit up; so does Texas; China invades Ruskies necessitating the North Pole Alliance; White NA assists in operation bugspray; Indian high castes figure holy shit and cleanses its poo, survives; South American Whites can do that work for us, and they will gladly; now for Africa: shock troops eliminate the last remaing pockets of homo erectus who haven't eaten each other; level complete.

Now what's really going to activate your almonds is why I actually need a planetary firebase of Aryan warriors on the edge of this galaxy. And why nobody is trying to stop me. Because, as I said before, nobody willingly capitulates to me unless their death is certain and imminent. Hope you're ready for more than garbage disposal by the time this is finished, because this is the intro level

396419  No.12784180




323622  No.12784190


Great show loser, but the real power is in meta-influence. Don’t be the loser with the VPN pumping her own shit, bait the freaks so they do it for you. If you think you can get some lame pastebin in front of the leader of the free world like this, you ought to just give up already. It ain’t never gonna work.

396419  No.12784204

File: 314fd7078f3c5bd⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 692x1029, 692:1029, 790d55963da9a673185fbce9bc….jpg)


> If you think you can get some lame pastebin in front of the leader of the free world like this, you ought to just give up already. It ain’t never gonna work.

Just to be contrarian, I was assed to read at least the first bit. Sure, we're gonna eliminate kike chemical weapons in food. It's an old and lame strategy. If that's your main concern, sign up today

63d5d2  No.12784221


I wonder that time is all that I need to be free, what you told me just makes me yearn for more

396419  No.12784237

File: e9ee0178124fe7c⋯.jpg (230.75 KB, 720x960, 3:4, magician1.jpg)


I'm just remoralizing you to fight, anon. Did you know that everyone everywhere, fucking EVERYWHERE, is terrified of what would happen if the sleepers awakened? But I prefer to make us so completely essential for survival that no one would dare impede us. It's a dangerous game that I wouldn't even think of playing if I wasn't 100% convinced of the outcome

8e2e7e  No.12784246


Look, I feel sorry for you, what with your cute little Amerifat pretension of brainpower, so I will explain this in little words. This site has trackers. They’re sweet little cookies that show you to anyone watching. Using a VPN only reveals you as someone using a VPN. I don’t even have a VPN in my phone, I already took that off. If you want to be subtle you have to do a little more than that.

f35784  No.12784248

File: f5454a78b69c80c⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 400x288, 25:18, 3cbb58ae764fc38628b12b31ee….jpg)

Oh lordie lordie, mistah president, won't ya save a HUWITE man like me?

Won't ya, mistah president? Won't ya?

Won't ya build me a wall to keep the browns out, mistah politician man? Don't ya care, mistah president?

I know ya got some Jew grandchildren, mistah politician man, but won't ya save my HUWITE race, mistah politician man? Won't ya?

Won't ya save my skin from the black man menance, mistah president? Won't ya?

Won't ya be my messiah, mistah millionaire politician man? Won't ya care for my HUWITE ass and my job? Won't ya, mistah president?

Show them trolls what for, mistah politician man, show 'em how I right I was for placing all my hopes and dreams into a politician man, mistah president!

Mistah president, thank you for milking my vote, I know you'll do the right thing.

I'll call all ya naysayers a bunch of shills and show 'em what for, mistah politician man! Let me do it for free while ya take my money and give it to the negro, mistah president, I knows you gots a plan for the white man! Ya gotta, ya needa, or I'd be wrong!

And don't you worry nothing, mistah politician man, I'll let ya fuck me again in 2020!

63d5d2  No.12784270


I have faith. Thank you for your help brother. I hope when the time comes I will be ready.

d04783  No.12784272


Look what YOU just did! Bunglers like you make everything look harder than it is. Everyone’s gonna know who runs this place if you can’t even keep your alts straight, you naked faggot exhibitionist! You’ll give us away to the stupid normies who think they’re the only ones seeing through the stupid normies elsewhere!

I bet you never even thought to change your post deletion code! You just kept pushing that one string through again and again like you damn well wanted to be noticed, ya dumbass!

dc6369  No.12784281

File: 63d51056b99422f⋯.png (18.74 KB, 144x194, 72:97, redditman.png)


As a redditor who praised kek BEFORE it was cool, why are you lumping us in with SJWs?

Fuck all the antisemites. MAGA FOREVER.

396419  No.12784282

File: e056f2dfff40ec9⋯.jpg (53.14 KB, 500x750, 2:3, e056f2dfff40ec9bc55670ddbe….jpg)


It almost seems conceited to reply, but you're fucking welcome. Not one single unit in this system is less important than another. You'll have bravery when the time comes to act. I have foreseen it

c4134c  No.12784285


based AND redpilled

dc6369  No.12784294


I am redpilled, yeah.

This whole website is kinda pointless though. No reward points for good posts, nothing you do matters.

Just waiting for a viable reddit alternative that respects free speech.

396419  No.12784299

File: 289dfacea5fcbbc⋯.png (10.75 KB, 326x179, 326:179, ffb3f70ef356ed1c1b58e7253a….png)


>taking the bait

But why, anon? Is getting caught part of your plan?

dc6369  No.12784301

396419  No.12784309

File: 9fbf9c82e1874d2⋯.png (82.78 KB, 319x279, 319:279, 9fbf9c82e1874d27ee6bd5c28a….png)

650acc  No.12784313


The sleepers you mentioned, what are those?

As for why you need a firebase, simple some threat exists that needs taking care of. I'd say you'd need to introduce greater technology to the population than at current as we can't even conceive of a defence against relativistic weapons. Also if we're merely a fire caste for your mill I'd question the point in some regards as although ethnic survival is of paramount concern, being enthralled again by an outside force as we currently are sounds… less than thrilling.

c4134c  No.12784315


le fire rises!

396419  No.12784318

File: 1fd7060a875ddfd⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 300x303, 100:101, 1fd7060a875ddfd479e33da0b7….jpg)

6de8fa  No.12784322


My intuition is tingling reading your replies as if I know what you're talking about. How do I differentiate between intuition and my desire to fill the void of meaninglessness at the bottom of my heart? Also, what is the purpose of this place we are all in and what is the ultimate purpose of existence?

63d5d2  No.12784327


To learn and to grow

9f5df9  No.12784336

Watch him cuck out, like ALWAYS.

6de8fa  No.12784337


But what's the point if I die at the end anyways?

396419  No.12784340

File: 766ae3d0f6a6a43⋯.jpg (232.02 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 766ae3d0f6a6a430428c3bf523….jpg)


Huh, nice questions. You're a cut above, I see. Let's see if I don't have that info DL'd.

>The sleepers you mentioned, what are those

People who were entombed next to the end of all things for being too dangerous and unpredictable read: powerful and free. I have use of you, so I came to retrieve you from hell.

>How do I differentiate between intuition and my desire to fill the void of meaninglessness at the bottom of my heart?

By intention. That is all. Why did you do it? It doesn't matter so much to me what you did, what always matters to me is WHY. It's an infinity spell I don't expect people to pick up on right away

>if we're merely a fire caste for your mill I'd question the point in some regards as although ethnic survival is of paramount concern, being enthralled again by an outside force as we currently are sounds… less than thrilling.

I admit, it's not my most noble intention. But have no fear: my plan is to field the most powerful force ever assembled and then to make you watch as I solo the Horror. That's my plan. That's my intention. Why? Because I'm an invincible absurdist, that's why. Also I like happy endings.

>>12784322 (wew)

>My intuition is tingling

Yep, you have the gift. Let me get back to you for a thought-out reply

63d5d2  No.12784343


You don't

000000  No.12784346


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes form. Think about that. What are you?


So, wat do?

63d5d2  No.12784349


I guess you your best, you do what you can and never stop trying.

63d5d2  No.12784351


You do* your best

000000  No.12784357


Not good enough. Expand. If you never really actually die, does that mean you have lived past lives? Can you remember them? And here's a real shocker. If time and space are all relevant, what about future lives? Could you remember those too?

650acc  No.12784362


I'll ask some ancillary questions.

Firstly I have constantly searched for answers to what Die Glöcke was. Secondly do you know what causes the hexagonal storm on Saturn.

And I'll chance asking, how will we remoralise the population to be useful. I have been tirelessly thinking about this. The entirety of white civilisation has been in a depression spiral since WW2, how then do we stop this before it kills us.

dc6369  No.12784363

File: b9f8b88cb7d8dad⋯.png (72.98 KB, 423x685, 423:685, 26.png)

6de8fa  No.12784371


It seems at the bottom of it all I am existence itself taking human form. I came to this conclusion when trying to understand how my will worked. It feels as though I have free will even though I can not determine where my choices stem from. So it seems as though I am the void from which infinite potential springs from. It's the void before anything exists at all. Though this all sounds like mumbo jumbo even though it's the closest I can get to describing what I am.

04f6e0  No.12784373


haha shadilay my fellow kekerino

63d5d2  No.12784380


Of course you've lived past lives, where were you before you were in this dream? You got here somehow. I personally can't remember where or what I was before I am now, but it wouldn't be very hard to predict the path you were on if you had the relevant information, so in a way you could remember the possible futures and in that way change the course to something more favourable.

8e2e7e  No.12784382

The secret truth to make sense of the world is that the people who lead it are emotionally incontinent losers who aren’t actually better than random members of the population. They don’t actually have any special way to make their world especially more worth living in than anyone else’s, because they’re buried neck deep in the scum of ambition. That weighs down everything. For every bite of prosperity you want to give to any subset of the population, you have to somehow persuade another subset to be humble for a while. Sometimes it’s not even because they’d lose anything; it’s often just because people are arrogant punts who can’t bear seeing the wrong other people prosper.

396419  No.12784386

File: 86d19f9f0329c60⋯.png (408.38 KB, 610x457, 610:457, 1431026438865.png)


>Die Glöcke

Somewhat ironically I resist reading philosophy past the point of grasping structural beliefs. I prefer to make my decisions as tabula rasa as possible, then I swing back around and see how close I got to the theorists. I use this as a form of objective evidence, and I don't have a better way at the moment.

>do you know what causes the hexagonal storm on Saturn

Something like that. I know about the mass expulsion, why retard cultists still worship a fucking black cube, cargo cult that they are. And I know a bit more. I'm not sure how much I should go into being the Arbiter in the Black Box though, it's audacious even by my standards.

>how will we remoralise the population to be useful. I have been tirelessly thinking about this. The entirety of white civilisation has been in a depression spiral since WW2, how then do we stop this before it kills us.

How many people were remoralized ITT? Three, can I count you? So I'm showcasing how here. More to the point, it's the same thing that we hear kikes hated historically about who we call Christ: he spoke with authority. Speak with authority and people will listen. They crave it like a dehydrated man craves a drink of water. Where to get authority? Welp, if you can Know, you just DL that right out of the hivemind, and you're never wrong. Eventually people will listen when they see you at 88/88 success rates.

000000  No.12784388


>It seems at the bottom of it all I am existence itself taking human form

I've heard that before. But, to me, it just sounds kind of self-centered. It would also mean all of the people you know are fake as well. Projections of yourself, and I have a hard time believing that. Also, for the self centeredness. But, I do believe there are 3 levels of consciousness.

>The conscious

>The sub-conscious

>And the unconscious

And I think there is info that we can access at each of these 3 layers. Be it about ourselves and our soul's journey. Or, even, future events.

000000  No.12784391

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

That foreign kosher agents are illegally bribing congressmen and Trump's about to forcefully arrest all the treacherous saboteurs?

0fd5d4  No.12784399

Personally, I want to see prosperity for almost everyone simultaneously; I’m sincere enough to make the prisons posh.

396419  No.12784404


>That foreign kosher agents are illegally bribing congressmen and Trump's about to forcefully arrest all the treacherous saboteurs?

This is what it will take. Anything less is the gallows, imposter

650acc  No.12784408


Die Glöcke for further context was a mysterious artifact/project of the National Socialists towards the end of the war, what that was is still largely a mystery so I like to hear all theories on it. And besides I'm just an academic for a world that does not exist yet, if through some miracle this situation is properly salvaged, then I'll have a purpose. If not I'll likely just research in maligned mediocrity and ignomy anyway.

396419  No.12784410


>Die Glöcke

Whoops, I mistook German terms. Oh ya, the tech. Oh that shit worked, but slightly too late. So our ideological founders spent some time in Antarctica and then exfiltrated to Mars. At least that's the word on the street.

0fd5d4  No.12784414

There aren’t actual nazis in this population of earth, or not more than a tiny number of them. It’s mostly a way VIPs bash themselves in the chest, proud of their stupidity and how the gullible public makes itself look unworthy of prosperity by failing to notice the incompetence of power. It’s mostly emotional incompetence, too; if they could get over their superiority complexes they’d be more prosperous, too. Humanity isn’t exactly at any kind of genetic tech limit.

I think billionaires might be people who get to prominence without hating everyone- they’re the people who want to see the world prosper, and tend to see the way they can serve their own prosperity serving the prosperity of others.

000000  No.12784417


>where were you before you were in this dream

I have flashes. They come in dreams. I remember weird shit from the past. And the future, if that's what it is or where ever it was, looks pretty nice. I want it or to go there, now. It was peaceful but ultra high tech.

396419  No.12784421

File: c51e8bef417ff1d⋯.jpg (226.09 KB, 890x890, 1:1, c51e8bef417ff1d029b192840b….jpg)


>There aren’t actual nazis in this population of earth

<You don't exist, goy

Oh, the lies we tell to people we love

6de8fa  No.12784422


I'm not saying that my ego is the center of all existence, but that consiousness itself, which is the only thing that allows existence to be observed, is at the center of it all. My theory is that we can't actually observe our true self, because our true self is the thing that's always observing, and therefore it cannot be observed. Everytime we try to observe it it becomes the thing that observes the layer before it and this goes on till infinity. It's like how you can observe your own thoughts, and then observe yourself observing your own thoughts and so on. When we go back far enough we reach a point at which awareness scales backwards until we are observing all of existence happening all at once, which is impossible because from the base point of existence infinite potential springs. And this is what we call god or source. He's the observer behind everything else. And this leads me to the idea that our most base self is the same base self that exists within all life. It's pure consciousness. It goes beyond ego or soul. But again this is just a theory so idk.

9361c5  No.12784423

File: 25d033fa951da21⋯.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, duneart.jpeg)


Sleepers are awakening mystery anon…across timelines.

792c84  No.12784425


No one believes you.

09ceeb  No.12784436

>what is the purpose of this place we are all in and what is the ultimate purpose of existence?

As far as I can tell the purpose of life is to suffer and die, simply because all living things share that same fate. The meaning of life is to struggle against that purpose, everyone strives to be immortal, knowingly or not. God desires strong souls.

Try to find a copy of "The Immortalists" I can't remember the author or find my copy right now. He tries to explain almost every human action as an attempt to become immortal, everything from bullying to charity. Good luck though, it's probably sixty years or more since it was printed. My copy is extra special because it has hand scribbled foot notes from Carl M. Allen, AKA Carlos Miguel Allende, one of the originators of the Philadelphia experiment story. When I dig it up I will post it in whatever book thread is still up.

c425f4  No.12784442

File: 2dd9fdb8a8ef096⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 344x191, 344:191, EA013B23-900B-4DAA-ABA8-9E….gif)


I like this guy


da10e5  No.12784443


He's not trying to use it as a downvote though you newfag. How do you not understand how saging works?

>anything I don't like is a discord tranny


9361c5  No.12784445


>How many people were remoralized ITT? Three…


396419  No.12784446

File: 876652dea7b35e1⋯.jpg (162.29 KB, 1062x751, 1062:751, 1439511335656.jpg)

File: 3ff63cfc5fdd884⋯.gif (641.47 KB, 260x146, 130:73, let your heart decide.gif)


Were you the one who proposed I do this? Turns out the Black Sun ritual had some…consequences.But who better to proceed over a severing ritual?


>How do I find the right questions?

Found it

63d5d2  No.12784449


If you dream about it, like you said, that could mean it is somewhere youve been or somewhere you want to go. It exists in someplace at any rate.


a27c5c  No.12784465


USMC Scout Snipers

650acc  No.12784467


I had heard of something called waking the dreamer, which would ostensibly hard reset reality entirely, is this related to these sleepers? Furthermore what will you have us squaring up against?

396419  No.12784470

File: 7a2adafb633e212⋯.png (633.33 KB, 550x432, 275:216, 1439537050834.png)



So applying the law of internet posting, I can safely assume 40. In a few hours of exposition. These are world-changing numbers, and any one of you can do just the same. Well, any one of you with the requisite stats. If you were interested, I really, really want to make this a good end. So much so that I'm about to break every rule on the books, and the space cops can get one next if they look at me sideways

000000  No.12784474


>My theory is that we can't actually observe our true self, because our true self is the thing that's always observing

I disagree. There is a technique by a man named Edgar Cayce called

>"Stepping aside and watching yourself go by"

You should look into it. Self observation is very real, i've been doing it since I was a kid. Take 1 minute per day and try it after you learn about it.

I understand what you are trying to say especially with the fact that observation determines reality

>In a sense of the 2 slot dot test

>And the wave format it made while unobserved

But, self observation is very real, i've been doing it since I was a kid

>It's like how you can observe your own thoughts, and then observe yourself observing your own thoughts and so on

That kind of, is, self-observation frendo

>And this leads me to the idea that our most base self is the same base self that exists within all life. It's pure consciousness. It goes beyond ego or soul

Yeah, that's the Akashic Records. That's real and accessible too. It's what Tesla, Einstein, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce all tapped into. >The records of all time


c425f4  No.12784485

File: e0792370ed388f5⋯.gif (315.14 KB, 500x211, 500:211, 6E547630-F2CD-48B7-A2B5-28….gif)


Nobody likes doing the dirty recon work lol

396419  No.12784488

File: 982847c4cdb30bc⋯.png (178.96 KB, 300x420, 5:7, 982847c4cdb30bc69a658b258d….png)


>Furthermore what will you have us squaring up against?

You'll be doing crowd control while I grapple with the most destructive and overwhelming force that's ever been presented to me in some infinitude of galaxies. The first thing, possibly, that's ever substantially damaged me. I needed to come to the very beginning and absorb the most dangerous things that have ever existed in all possible realities to square up with it. But rest assured, when I show back up it will simply be me killing a thing. I've changed while I was here, structurally. I believe in you now.

396419  No.12784498

File: 119aa6acfe531d1⋯.png (57.75 KB, 336x282, 56:47, 119aa6acfe531d1ab5c9e36acb….png)


+1 internet golds

9361c5  No.12784500

File: 64a686febc24a49⋯.jpeg (335.77 KB, 970x545, 194:109, dunesandworm.jpeg)



ee70ae  No.12784505


I take it they're dead, because I can see their faces.

1ace25  No.12784517


>Another trump tweets x thread

0.4Dchess indeed fellow magapede.

396419  No.12784519


>I take it they're dead, because I can see their faces.

You deeply underestimate my authority, and who I may know. Oh, I'm inconceivably far outside of the system, but I'm just a word away from your secretary of defense. My adherents need fear no reprisal. At least, not structurally. And if structurally, that would be outside the boundaries of their authority, and as such those agents must be unexisted

c425f4  No.12784520

File: 5e10c434b78aa73⋯.jpeg (91.5 KB, 750x746, 375:373, 753C8162-69C6-4E62-9660-E….jpeg)


What’s dead?

396419  No.12784522

File: 5ef90d2e28fc688⋯.jpg (828.22 KB, 633x950, 633:950, 31d9fd63382e508c3a3faa8815….jpg)


Would you be willing to do a fashwave dump for me so I can fill up my folder? Pls and ty

650acc  No.12784526


As long as I get to see people reinvigorated, fine. Honestly I think if just the traitors and yids in our culture were removed we could bounce back from this in an amicable way with other groups a lá lincoln rockwell and I feel that this would probably be optimal as I am something of an ecologist and am fascinated as to where human divergent evolution will take the various clades of humanity (sans most juden sadly, when in power they always scream in pain as they strike you and they never stop striking you, trying to enslave or genocide all opposition and their internal dissenters also simply act in a way not useful to anyone, so they in my opinion would ideally just be quarrantined in some technological backwater, and observed). For example I view the european empires in africa dimly, as that contact should likely never have been made, and we certainly should not have allowed them to acquire the technology of the west, as to do so throws them out of sync with their ecosystem. Asians have and always will be more complicated and at least come up with interesting avenues of thought. As for the tribes in south america etc. Again blessed are the uncontacted. I feel leaving them that way is the only way to keep them in sync with their environment.

6de8fa  No.12784527


How do I become what you claim to have become? That's all I want to know.

09ceeb  No.12784529


This thread has progressed far beyond that faggot. Glow elsewhere.

c425f4  No.12784534

File: bdd607a3491b08d⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, F4CD86E3-8DE4-4DBD-812D-E….jpeg)

File: 85aca12fb4af483⋯.jpeg (228.1 KB, 843x1023, 281:341, 0B602092-68E3-4CA0-83AF-8….jpeg)


Most of my good fashwave stuff has been recycled. These ones are cool though

5d1d7d  No.12784539


National emergency? against what?

c425f4  No.12784540

File: 951ffa76e30abcf⋯.jpeg (189.98 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 9B98649D-A3BB-4392-956F-0….jpeg)

396419  No.12784544

File: 044b3e2968b7613⋯.jpg (269.84 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 044b3e2968b761389df6b04777….jpg)


Just keep living. Live and don't die, and you'll end up like me. Put one foot in front of the other. Most people consider it a curse, but the innocent lives I've been willing and able to save will never see it as that. They'll properly see it as divine grace. I just want you to know, it's essentially torturing yourself forever. Best to have an important reason to do so. And your reason best be bulletproof


So it was you. I did the whole ritual with my best friend and father watching as the sun turned black. If I say I'm gonna do a thing, it usually happens

63d5d2  No.12784547


Pray tell the workings of the ritual and its purpose?

9f5df9  No.12784549


Against an invasion.

13ce66  No.12784553


Just like how we “withdrew” from Syria.

396419  No.12784556

File: 6bef62392275ad8⋯.gif (36.12 KB, 720x720, 1:1, b520b1f2edbb7ccfec78e2e1f7….gif)


>Again blessed are the uncontacted

<Oh how I envy

<Those I've never met

You still aren't quite vibing with me. That's OK. You'll get it once I turn up the heat. You're on the field, I know everything I need to know about you.

000000  No.12784557

Looking at twitter right now kikes are kvetching like never before. It's beautiful.

396419  No.12784560


Ask the anon who asked me to do it, I consider this information below the useful range of knowledge dissemination

c425f4  No.12784564


I’ve had a few people stand up to me as if there going to do something while I’m working only to stare into the face of death. Have you ever seen fear shake a person to their bone? . Kinda funny lol Neat little Aryan trick you pick up after some cycles. But yes it’s all a complex process, rooted in complexy and most people just give in or get tired but you are right there is a very special few of us who go to the end everytime because we are curious and devoted. The end is always the beginning. Humans are feeble though they would rather contention and lies than liberation and truth. They will get truth and fire though no matter what.

650acc  No.12784571


Envy is quite an incorrect term, I prefer to think of them as something of a distant curiousity, not worth expending effort to eliminate and if able to be clandestinely observed, a fascinating, edifying and likely bleakly, darkly hilarious insight into why our own spaces are necessary. I must confess confusion at this misapprehension, why would I envy savage primitives?

9361c5  No.12784578

File: 830f017e56a5e15⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 636371956180466197-solar-e….jpg)


The Great Eclipse of 2017 is a clue. Dimensions were opened for those willing to look.

396419  No.12784579

File: badd010c7719fbf⋯.jpg (171.11 KB, 432x585, 48:65, 1470784560475.jpg)


>only to stare into the face of death. Have you ever seen fear shake a person to their bone? . Kinda funny lol Neat little Aryan trick you pick up after some cycles

Of coursh. I haven't shied away from face breaking in this incarnation. No deaths clocked yet, though.

>there is a very special few of us who go to the end everytime because we are curious and devoted. The end is always the beginning. Humans are feeble though they would rather contention and lies than liberation and truth. They will get truth and fire though no matter what.

Hol up, we got us an actor here


Neh, I was implying that one might envy the yet-to-be-delet'd subhumans I've never met. Also it's song lyrics. I'm quite musical, not much of an instrumentalist but a quality singer

155b92  No.12784582


>hes still replying

oh boy I hope all ayys are this easy to bait.

396419  No.12784591

File: 230b25053686755⋯.png (254.6 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 1465346512555.png)



>literally shaking

Oh trust me, you're not just bait. I've brought an entire army of bad actors to consume you. Wrong fight to pick, but it's not like you were capable of better planning. You're capable of being food, and that's what I'm gonna make you. Armies march on their belly, boy, and it looks like subhuman flesh is back on the menu

c425f4  No.12784595


>we got an actor here

Spoken like the man who taught me to use my 6 shooter. Im not just an actor though. I’m especially good at acting

650acc  No.12784597


Is that akin to the line "when the demons arrive those alive would be better off dead"? For our position the line "bows and arrows against the lightning" also seem eerily descriptive in general

da1ab2  No.12784599

File: 61144223191109b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 10.06 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1419154684430.png)


Dindonia to always remind us of the dindus that once stalked our clay. That and pic related

63d5d2  No.12784600


Would you tell me about the ritual if its worth either of our time?

396419  No.12784609

File: ffa38dff46daaae⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 259x195, 259:195, 7a205cfe2b66698c58eedeed43….jpg)


I'm honored by the comparison. Thank you both, I also had a teacher or two.


>Is that akin to the line "when the demons arrive those alive would be better off dead"

More or less. I don't like prolonged suffering though. Although there are those probably the majority who consider unexisting worse than infinite torture. I disagree. And as usual I'm in the right, even though like 99% of all things in existence hate me. But nobody would even consider trying to stop me. So I know what I need to know

c425f4  No.12784612


It depends on who you are I guess. Other anon is on his own path. I found mine by seeking truth though in spite of inconvenience and discomfort. Constant struggle? If you want to become something seek out struggle instead of comfort. If your strong you’ll find yourself, or maybe you’ll just find yourself on the hardest pathway no one else decided to investigate

63d5d2  No.12784628


I feel that these words carry deeper meaning than any explicit ritual knowledge you could give me.

We must uphold the principle of struggle.

650acc  No.12784629


I disagree with that assessment in many regards simply out of my sentiment of ethnic self-determinism, however I do not feel any particular hatred for you. My own viewpoint is largely reviled too, I'm simply unable to grasp the necessity of their non-existence if other means can be utilised to ensure my kind's survival. Hence my regrettable disdain and disliking for the tribe. I would rather things were not as they are but hey, what choice did I have in any of this but to side with where I was always going to. I.e. with white survival.

396419  No.12784630

File: e16832583032961⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 960x864, 10:9, e1683258303296123683f21190….jpg)


>or maybe you’ll just find yourself on the hardest pathway no one else decided to investigate

It could happen, you know. Treasures aren't found lying in the middle of the road, as it were. I'll bow out for a bit, I've had more fun than usual and I'm gratified to think I bolstered anyone's resolve. I love you, anon.

396419  No.12784633


I'm willing to contemplate the viewpoint of someone so obviously capable. Allow me to think on it

c425f4  No.12784634


It’s funny because the masons and jews think that they mastered Kabbalah after a millenia of forcing the unsuspecting into suffering but the natural Aryans can master Kabbalah within a lifetime just off of the (((Kabbalist))) misery, multiple iterations of it. They are really pushing the envelope on the application of genetic memory resurgence and a natural reordering to take place. Like kids playing with matches really the more they buckle down the more they seal the deal. Oh well they had a good go. I’m more into the Aryan galactic empire ideal now. World peace is a worn out kosher meme

7fefaf  No.12784640

Russian shilling the board. Why does you Twitter say 2/11 when in America your screenshot would have came from 2/10?

Russian shill post forgot to switch timezones in screenshot?

650acc  No.12784644


I'm a theorist mainly, not a particularly bright future really as well, the notion of white people being a group with interests is considered vile heresy by society at large, but I feel that if I am to want the survival of my kind I should in turn allow for as far as is possible the survival of other kinds, however I am immediately and uncomfortably aware that such is usually not really a feasible outcome, I do however concede that I did not lose my compassion from being here. Although I'm glad you elevated this thread into a far more interesting conversation than I expected so for that you have my thanks.

c425f4  No.12784673


The key is to learn to embrace complexities with all aspects of study and application. Appreciate the beauty of conplexity in nature. Realize conplexity and hardship make things worthwhile and optimal. Just look at the jews and how their racial revolutionary instinct is to generalize everything they possibly can by over simplifying it and deracinating it. It’s because down to their blood they are weak and inferior so they need everything laid out for them, made easy for them. Jews will never survive on this planet without a host to feed off of whether they are the master or the slave. When you begin to abhor generalizations and embrace complexities you’ll realize most people you come into contact with daily have the communication ability of a child, this tied into what anon described about manipulation. Most people want to be manipulated because they and the dying culture they worship are painfully boring. Don’t mix your theory in with your esoteric and personal growth allow them to work in conjunction with eachother. That’s all I can really give you without being like a heeb

4819b9  No.12784683

I have my regular meal that I saw this afternoon. I will probably hit her again tomorrow, her glorious booty.

4819b9  No.12784688

Oh wait, wrong thread. I thought we were talking about the females in our lives.

09ceeb  No.12784718

>I feel that if I am to want the survival of my kind I should in turn allow for as far as is possible the survival of other kinds, however I am immediately and uncomfortably aware that such is usually not really a feasible outcome

Just being a drunken dick here but can you give me an example of when being benevolent to "other kinds" was mutually beneficial when all is said and done? Can you support your magnanimity?

c425f4  No.12784719

File: bdab7c024e0088f⋯.png (77.41 KB, 380x349, 380:349, C3F18C22-F59A-4599-B9DD-D1….png)



Watch out guys we got a ladies man here

650acc  No.12784725


I'll admit that so much moves me to despair when I observe current events both on chans and in reality, but there have been some posts here I have read tonight that give me hope. Nuance will be necessary going forwards I think, because I'd argue kampfy's greatest sin was in squashing any nuance or road to philosophy more complex than oversimplified post-rockwellian natsoc. Again I am grateful that intelligent posts still find their way here and don't always get drowned in a sea of specious accusation.

c425f4  No.12784747


Despair and struggle are good things though in times like these. Picture it as weight lifting for your mind and soul. These are qualities that fanatics must be comfortable with overcoming and the only hope for the white race is if their is a quick and effective seizure of power over our communities by white racialist fanatics like national socialists. The only real end point is giving up. Then your just as useless as the rest of the morons who got us here in the first place who will continue on a materialist box infinitely tightening until an inevitable horrible ending in hellfire. I’ve grown accustomed to feeling let down and embracing that despair it lets you get into their heads and move behind the scenes. Because then you offer them something they don’t have, and what does a good materialist goyim do? He’s tried to acquire heheheheheh

88d1ed  No.12784774

File: 8839746e326cca5⋯.webm (379.1 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Eromanga groan.webm)


Post a new thread when he actually does it.

I won't be surprised if he declares martial law after some false flag ebil whyte naghtzee terrurist event, then tries to round us all up.

Remember the rally points and verification signs you faggots.

4819b9  No.12784776


You mad she raped me and not you?

519dea  No.12784780



9d59bf  No.12784833


You know exactly which grumpy german this refers to. Either save a guy some more garage tinkering, encourage a man to continue, or continue being coy. Your choice, Herr Kaiser or whatever it is you are implying you are.

cbc2de  No.12784843

So what do we all think about CLIMATE CHANGE under TRUMP presidency?

88d1ed  No.12784916

File: 899fdff7d3adba2⋯.mp4 (4.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, weimar times.mp4)

File: 03281870ec4098d⋯.webm (7.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Glorious Stockholm.webm)


All part of "A" plan.

127a40  No.12784935


>someone said I could legaly no be a kike puppet for a second fellow twitterers

>this message is not necessarily written by Trump, is not legaly binding and the Trump administration will not take any responsibility for anything written here


2ed9ae  No.12784949


Mi-Go are at war with the Elder Gods and Hastur prefers to play games against Nyarlathotep, both using humans as pawns and pieces. Deep Ones, although strong and advanced, don't have numbers so they generally keep to small territories.

What the hell was this image maker smoking? What next? Yig being a bad guy? Most of the mythos beings are neutral, at best. It's primarily their disregard of a lesser advanced race, humans, that makes them seem evil. I mean, /pol/ of all places should understand how trivial and how meaningless most human struggles are in the great midst of the cosmos.

553c2b  No.12784992


> Nobody signs contracts with me until all hope is lost.

Okay Satan, let's sit down at SCP-738 and negotiate a contract, shall we?

e909f8  No.12785046

File: e4f2bef92c1b21a⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, liley.jpg)


I challenged you. Give me a lottery win, or you can't have it. Its all mine. All the way down to the burning pit of chaos

a03bcb  No.12785067




Get a load of this faggot.

f0d988  No.12785071

So dank! So fashy! So saved!

f345f2  No.12785081


Did he died?

500314  No.12785112


As others have pointed out, Trump tweeting is meaningless. Let's see action. Tweets are nice, but it's the actual fucking wall we're waiting on.

584db5  No.12785115


Is this another spin of the wheel or we going ahead this time?

Any tips on what to do in the interim?

0e1de8  No.12785129


this. I dont even read his tweets anymore because its meaningless talk.

>hey fellow goyim

>wouldnt it be great to actually get things done?

>charge shillery with crimes?

>build a wall?

>declare national emergency?

>open fire on invading horde instead of letting them plunder our country?

>pull troops out of Syria?

well too bad. none of its happening, I was just ASKING.

0e1de8  No.12785134


lol and the earth is flat and everything is engineered to give the false impression that the earth is round, right?

000000  No.12785144

Nobody expected Trump to be 1488

Nobody expected Trump to leave the ME

Nobody expected Trump to build the wall

Nobody expected Trump to defund Planned Parenthood

Nobody expected Trump repeal Obamacare

Nobody expected Trump to increase American manufacturing


e909f8  No.12785177


>durr hurr flat earth strawman

fucking kill yourself you subhuman. Back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

/pol/ is supposed to have a reasonable level of discourse, not shit slinging like a monkey.

But yes,


is living in a fantasy world. The cartels are vile.

58b766  No.12785189

Great bantz, where is the wall?

dd2b84  No.12785980


based martial law. hope he uses this time to fast track a few more billion across the globe. its what we need to do. fuck i cant wait until the non english speaking central americas as a whole are implanted directly into my neighborhood at levels never before seen.

so fucking based M A G A

bc1955  No.12786067

000000  No.12788266


So, the second video features chinks (or anything similar) torturing a man who's tied up, lying on the floor, with his face literally skinless. Then they proceed to slit his throat with a traditional knife/saber. They finish the meat with a cutter. The guy's still alive, gurgles.


what. the. *pop*

Above all, what was the point of this video?

000000  No.12788349

We are currently in 31 national emergencies? Is RT the only ones reporting on these things?

85ca7b  No.12788434


Yeah that's right. Aliens that could wipe us out are making us fight each other instead because it's more dramatic than turning us into human McNuggets.

9361c5  No.12788448

Budget deal reached, Shutdown 2: Electric Chimpout avoided, no Wall. What a surprise Trump cucked again.

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