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File: 388942ff53cab5e⋯.jpg (153.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, atlantis.jpg)

ab5aa5  No.12784173

I read a lot of strange things about Atlantis and how it is the mythical homeland of the Aryan race. I don't really know where to start investigating this topic. This is not a slide thread. Please share what you've got and any books that you have.

Also, if anyone has a scan of Atlantis, edda, and the bible, please upload a copy.

acefa5  No.12784267

File: 2f2c2b1160a24a4⋯.png (1.41 MB, 800x1103, 800:1103, runes.png)

Atlands(aka Doggerland) per Oera Linda book. Eddas are not even primary source, the original is locked away.

97abd9  No.12784295

File: 30843c3acf358d6⋯.jpg (9.29 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 66a60e0bb3bb1a06fe0099bb46….jpg)


gotta have someplace to flog your career.

ff8637  No.12784304

Read Plato. That's what nearly everything of note about Atlantis is based off of. Also, Hyperborea (the south pole, which used to be north, which is why you see the north pole referenced in literature and not the south) was first.

081ac1  No.12784368

3e0b09  No.12784377


Plato and Miguel Serrano. There, you're fucking welcome. DYOR.

3beba9  No.12784464


What it seems to be is the ancient civilizations were much more advanced than what we are led to believe. And there was a catastrophe involving a meteor hitting North America, melting huge glaciers and ushering in a catastrophic period of rising sea levels.

Our Jewish overlords are in control of the media and are actively trying to replace whites in ancient history. They are incredibly irritated that they want to proclaim themselves "God's Chosen" while simultaneously living in a world where Whites were the sole creators of great civilizations. Whites were creating HUGE monuments displaying a very intricate knowledge of the stars, astronomy, math, etc.

Atlantis may very well be real or it may not be. But if we do find it you can bet it will be a white civilization of incredible importance. And there are plenty of people in power who do not want to attribute a single thing to whites.

e7acf3  No.12784483


Shit was there now its not

We should find out why

3b2905  No.12784554

The jewish faggots land? Thats israel.

4ff351  No.12784572


There is a tip of Scandinavia close to the artic that was free of ice during the ice age I'd bet it was there if anywhere. But to answer OP we know for a fact that all the stories of great floods are true, they recently found a crater underneath a glacier in Greenland that is dated to the end of the Ice age. A meteor hit the ice, killed all the mammoths and melted tons of water, rising the sea levels hundreds of feet.

db21c9  No.12784593


The Hiawatha Impact Crater hasn't been dated with this degree of accuracy. It is 3M - 11k years, officially. I agree and honestly hope it can be confirmed to have struck at the end of the Pleistocene as it would be the smoking gun, but we shouldn't espouse conjecture as fact.

1a5ec7  No.12784877

File: c1e765a816aa20e⋯.png (340.48 KB, 476x599, 476:599, 476px-Adam_and_Eve_Driven_….png)

3d6584  No.12784880

>explain to me the importance of Atlantis

they invented Ketchup

86f105  No.12784885


This is a really good video that shows that the Richat Structure is likely Atlantis


3a8908  No.12784932

File: b2628602ef4a34c⋯.jpg (40.27 KB, 509x519, 509:519, 1549416201629.jpg)


Atlantis was a global civilization was it not? Ruled by the Aryan people, under God.

9a03bd  No.12784950

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


heres everything that anything you will see or hear or read today is based on. this is all the original research.

3a8908  No.12784961

File: 2a2d1fe7293258c⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 556x414, 278:207, 5ef0264744b80ddddaf9465c44….jpg)


>Were they white the way we understand it in the modern sense?

More so.

4c23fd  No.12784966

File: 3b24671c8bfa7b7⋯.jpg (383.05 KB, 1920x1370, 192:137, EyeOfTheSahara.jpg)

Atlantis was here. It was a pretty cool and big city, but it got destroyed and the landscape surrounding it got dried out so its ruins were now kind of out of the way from anywhere. It got forgotten and now it is a legend.

3a8908  No.12784975

3f2cb0  No.12784986


>atlantis in Africa


ed4d06  No.12785003

File: 86a6e3555b6df49⋯.jpg (411.65 KB, 1280x955, 256:191, 86a6e3555b6df49d759e202e08….jpg)


Basically this. Atlantis (the location) is an allegory for a world-wide civilization. It was the time when all those massive stone/marble statues were built, as well. These are monuments that modern day (((scientists))) can't fucking figure out how they were created or moved. The time of Atlantis was when the Hyberboreans/Aryans/Whites spread their vastly superior technology throughout the world (domination). And then, some kind of astral catastrophe/extinction level event buried it all.

9a03bd  No.12785017

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






the level of loss of knowledge and destruction of previous cities and ways of life is incredible and unknown. not even including the communist destruction of giant area of russia and the oriental countries. many millions were wiped away and so were their cities.

fbcd15  No.12785045


>le africa was/is/will be always black


39bebd  No.12785052

It's an esoteric metaphor… the real atlantis is within our hearts whenever we legalize an immigrant

cd226e  No.12785059


3a8908  No.12785111

File: c92042f38bbcf63⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 250x235, 50:47, 1549613585564.jpg)




>rabbis show up on cue

3a8908  No.12785121

File: e72e39335e66ea6⋯.jpg (199.86 KB, 725x947, 725:947, 1512148820123.jpg)


>Atlantis (the location) is an allegory for a world-wide civilization.

It would make logical sense to change the terminology from Atlantis as a single domaine lost on the map to Atlantis being a Nation Empire omitted from the (((official history))).


The circumstances of the cataclysm and what followed in the aftermath are still yet to be elucidated, the kikes put centuries of work into covering all possible tracks, yet the general picture is in view.

438977  No.12785131

Ancient egyptians who built the pyramids were mostly Blacks aka negroes. The ones we see today is the proof what society corruption and deevolution does,don't believe me take a look at the russians they are already subhumanish and in about 1000 years may end up like the present day africans.

3a8908  No.12785193

File: 71c06faf3ab8562⋯.jpg (72.63 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 7865ertdfgchv.jpg)

1e75e3  No.12785231

File: e97c76494bf732c⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x641, 1280:641, ClipboardImage.png)



Atlantis was in Crimea in the area of Evpatoria. It was lost as a result of the explosion of volcano Santorini, and the place and the date of explosion specified by the Homer, coincide with island Fera (nowadays Thera) and with date (1450±100 BC), installed by scientists on the basis of the radiocarbon analysis.

048301  No.12785238

File: aaf42d38299e30c⋯.pdf (3.85 MB, Who Built the Moon by Chri….pdf)



Specifically, Tablet V. It tells quite a story, to make it short:

>a few aliens came down to Earth and uplifted humanity into a worldwide civilization with its capital being Atlantis

>humans fucked up in some way which forced boss alien to flood the world

>humanity's fuck up killed almost every human which was uplifted and left only the normal pre-sapiens humans

>the few uplifted humans had to teach civilization to the pre-sapiens all over the world

>hence pre-flood myths being everywhere and distant ancient nations sharing similar architectonics

There was also a time before Atlantis where apparently man-eating giants roamed the land.

3a8908  No.12785258

File: 92de7f54a0599aa⋯.jpg (8.82 KB, 204x248, 51:62, 6876829.jpg)


>>a few aliens came down to Earth and-

ayys in lmao

048301  No.12785271

File: 354c2211a9e4675⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ayy.webm)

3a8908  No.12785273

File: 697d8086dac59bc⋯.png (820.2 KB, 1276x1176, 319:294, 1283912391.png)


are you quoting from this introduction article; http://homerandatlantis.com/?lang=en

> So, today it is possible to approve according to the Homer, that Atlantis was in Crimea in the area of Evpatoria. It was lost as a result of the explosion of volcano Santorini, and the place and the date of explosion specified by the Homer, coincide with island Fera (nowadays Thera) and with date (1450±100 BC), installed by scientists on the basis of the radiocarbon analysis. Atlantis has washed off a huge tsunami and, possibly, all this was accompanied by the most powerful earthquake. The Homer writes, that priests in advance have forecast destruction of Atlantis and 10 families by the ships managed to be saved, having got over on Kinburn spit. Then they have founded a city on the territory of the present city of Nikolaev (Ukraine).

written by pic related?

048301  No.12785283


As an addendum: we're used to think of aliens in fiction as an incredibly technologically advanced species, but in reality technological progress is always by spiritual progress.

Something similar to yogic siddhis, these species most probably exist outside of time and space.

32203a  No.12785303


Here you have other sources for atlantis besiudes plato

3a8908  No.12785305


> these species most probably exist outside of time and space.

going along with your hypothesis, if they exist outside of time and space, how can you speculate that you're dealing with a species by definition, organisms capable of producing offspring that produce offspring in relative perpetuity?

87c04b  No.12785310

File: 85ba6a382a61995⋯.gif (402.76 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Damn You Atlantis.gif)


No wonder the jews are so despicably angry…

1e75e3  No.12785311

File: aa7b1bd5588e66b⋯.png (49.49 KB, 754x467, 754:467, ClipboardImage.png)



Possible Homer writings were based on historical facts, not all fiction…


Atlantis; surely some residents were "out of town" that day?


pic not related to Atlantis

87817e  No.12785313

Atlantis was apparently more higher tech than today.

87817e  No.12785354


Troyan war is real, not up to discussion.

3a8908  No.12785370


You seem insistent that Atlantis was based in only one undecided location.

8a5bd3  No.12785391


Any evidence?

8a5bd3  No.12785400


Looks like a crater to me. If this is atlantis, where are the ruins? Or did they build with perishable materials like wood and reeds?


>technological progress is always by spiritual progress.

So I guess we're very spiritually advanced these days.

091f18  No.12785409


>That's what nearly everything of note about Atlantis is based off of

It is a historical mystery and that has likely been solved but that will not stop the coast to coast am crowd from imagining that is where the alien tech is.

d3e9fb  No.12785440




The youtuber BrightInsight did series of videos on the Richat structure / Eye of Sahara as a possible location of Atlantis:




It seems he got the idea from this paywall documentary: https://visitingatlantis.com/

Some of the evidence he presents is rather far-fetched, and he repeats himself across the 3 videos, but there are valid points:

>The size of the concentric circles matches Plato's account

>Plato mentions mountain range to the north of Atlantis and opening to the sea from the south, matches current geology of Richat

>According to Plato, the destruction of Atlantis turned it into 'an impassable barrier of mud', which makes Richat a more likely location

>Plato's account describes the city as built of white, black and red stone - Richat has abundance of rocks with all those colors

>Fresh water well in the center of the Richat, just as Plato's account, supposedly most other wells in the area are salt water wells

>According to Plato, Atlantis had many elephants, Richat is in Africa

>According to Plato, Atlantis had abundance of Copper and Gold, Mauritania (Richat location) is an exporter of both

>Maps created by Herodotus ~450BC places Atlantis / Atlas approximately where Richat lies today

The most valid point against it:

>Too high elevation from sea level, impossible to fit theory without tectonic elevation at some point, though an 1.3 inch elevation per year since the Younger Dryas (supposed Atlantis destruction date) would account for its current elevation

048301  No.12785506


They were once like us and one day in the far future we will be like them.

12f221  No.12785511

Where does Lemuria figure into this? Was it part of the same civilization as Atlantis?

cb4905  No.12785514



I guess you think Egypt was ruled by KANGZ too.

db96f7  No.12785526

File: 7fdd2301e55cc9f⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 739x493, 739:493, a2.jpg)

Atlantis is off the coast of Cuba

253a11  No.12785608



2a3eaa  No.12785612

It's a myth. Water is the symbol for infomation, and the "flood" is just a reference to the tragedy of the commons.


Atlantis is just another masonic hoodwink.

41c52e  No.12785616

3a8908  No.12786323


Of course



Non sequitur

9c25ff  No.12786385

Sicne when has atlantis been associated with MUH ARYAN? Is this yet another case of niggers spamming that word everywhere despite it having absolutely nothing to do with what an actual Aryan is?

8ca1d5  No.12786581


jews, probably.

000000  No.12787089


How long is a game on the current servers?

Also if they were super advanced they'd have already launched plenty of shit in space.

Truth is, space was pretty clean before our first rockets.

Or the mininova thing in the other thread: purifies all, burns everything, crust is flipped upside down, all cities eaten by the planet and a few people survive because of character shields.

000000  No.12787094


You mean Kvetchup.

408859  No.12787106

It's real as the lost continent of Mu

000000  No.12787139


>the level of loss of knowledge and destruction of previous cities and ways of life is incredible and unknown.

Either it's incredible OR unknown, not both, retard.

000000  No.12787152

000000  No.12787166


it's ancient so better so aryan lol

does it matter though? maybe plato just trolled the plebes

408859  No.12787210



>Isn't fluent in unproven new age shit

5e9151  No.12787626

Hm, this subject always summons the greatest storms of autism. I'll try and explain in a manner that makes more logical sense.

Atlantis, as it stands, was highly likely a real location. While it's initial mentioning by Plato was it's first direct reference in recorded language there are some who claim it is mentioned in other texts but the reasoning is fairly loose. The where of it is likely Doggerland but there's also theories it fell somewhere off the western oceanic regions of Europe. It's story is almost an analogue of Mu, another lost region that supposedly also held an advanced (for it's time) civilisation, however compared to Atlantis the concept is they were a tad more warlike where as it's theorised Atlantis was more scholarly.

Now the reason for it's importance. While some will autistically screech ayylmaos it's main interest is that it's disapearence has a potential cause, namely a tectonic shift. The bible and various religious scripts from a whole variety of older religions (even some Mayan texts mention it, I believe it was Mayans, it's been a while since I looked into this) as well as a few scientific models propose such an event could indeed wipe out a civilisation if based on a landmass around a certain size.

Here we move into a more conjectural part. I'm sure some kind anon can dig this out for me but there is an image of a man carrying what appears to be a satchel of some kind that is used in a great number of ancient religious iconography. The gentleman wielding this satchel is by large accounts "fiery red hair and pale of skin" with some minor deviations of description here and there but essentially the same figure. According to some accounts he is known as the "bringer of knowledge" or some such, as I said, it's been a while since I researched this. Why do I mention him? Well it is proposed this man was of Atlantean descent, the sharing of knowledge to advance other peoples after a great cataclysm, said cataclysm being a great flood. Examples of this can be found in those mountain bound ancient cities in South America and one of the Japanese islands. The only reason I remember this is the island itself has a fairly unique genetic crop compared to mainland Japan that while being Asian has some deviations. They also happen to have unique cultural traditions involving the ocean and what with Atlantis and Mu being ocean bound nations it does merit some investigation.

There are other things of interest too that may possibly be connected to possible Atlantean descendency such as Gobleki Tepi which is believed to be one of the oldest sites in Europe. Some theorise it was a location of teaching however archeological research around it has been stifled due to it being in what is now known as Turkey and it being considered something of European origin by Turkish authorities meaning "go fuck yourself whitey your shit is ours now". It's somewhat late where I am so you'll need to dig for that yourself if you want to research this particular avenue further.

If you do indeed go down this fascinating rabbit hole try and avoid the following things;


Anything involving the bumbling drug addict Joe Rogan

Anything that goes too deep into esoteria and occult claims

Enjoy though, it's a fascinating subject.

1bef06  No.12787739


>Can anyone explain to me the importance of Atlantis

It hints to a very different pre-history of the human species and that the historians might not have human history down anywhere close to what they claim it is.

bf5421  No.12789619


This shit is some methaphysical shit if I seen one.

737540  No.12789910

Atlantis was a metaphor for a city that Plato saw and fascinated him. Give it up people. Go chase bigfeet if you need something to do

3a8908  No.12789958

File: 2766b9c314dd3b0⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 485x481, 485:481, 148518532546.jpg)

b5c9b4  No.12789963

File: bff2d0a75488338⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1431x1075, 1431:1075, imgonnabobyou.png)


>I just realized our entire alphabet is based on a circle with some lines drawn through it

22d83c  No.12789965


It’s the Richart Structure or Eye of the Sahara, as >>12784885 said.

The location fits every last detail provided by Plato, who as >>12784304 mentioned, is the source of the legend.


You're more or less on the right track. The comet you're referring to is the clovis comet. It was suspected to have ended the younger dryas and to have caused all the global flood myths that point to about 12,000 years ago. Until 2015, when we actually found the impact crater, and geologists all over the world went to work investigating. There is now a concencus among even mainstream geologists that this theory was true all along. I also think this was the very flood that wiped out not just Atlantis, but most of human civilization at the time.



It was an island nation with the largest empire in the world at the time that it existed, according to Plato. Nothing metaphorical or allegorical about it.

Again, >>12784966 is right too.



Both wrong. Do your research anons, this theory is absolutely air tight. Yeah it's Africa today, but it wasn't Africa 12000 fucking years ago. The surrounding land used to be an island, the evidence that it used to be surrounded by sea bed is irrefutable. There are fucking whale carcasses by the hundreds over here for fucks sake.


You are right and sound genuinely curious. Look into the eye of the Sahara. Seriously, this is actually it.


According to Plato, Egypt was a colony under Atlantian rule.

Its late and I'm phone posting so I want to wrap this up. Its likely Atlantis has some connection to ancient Aryans and RH- blood, and possibly even hermetic philosophy too. RH- blood around the world to this day geographically is near where Atlantis was, the eye of the Sahara. A few patches in Africa, with the largest concentration being the basque people. All locations are ose to the eye of the Sahara. The basque people also have a unique language of unknown origin, and get this, they beleive themselves to have descended from Atlantis.

ce3a4c  No.12790178


Atlantis may have existed, but it was never in this reality.

9a03bd  No.12790225

File: 8f8d5d3f618a832⋯.pdf (85.17 KB, 1763OMB2009sst (1)-convert….pdf)

File: c8bfe5b4dac3dab⋯.pdf (65.07 KB, CMS1763.pdf)

File: bb7dbe3289eeb83⋯.png (180.78 KB, 576x866, 288:433, Abraham_Africanus.PNG)


no thats not true, you are dumb as fuck. incredible is an emotional reaction, a type of mental reaction. something can be incredible because of the known loss, u can see that it was huge and we dont know what was lost but that it was much.

>stupid fucking idiot why are u even on the planet. plz leave

000000  No.12790248

SAGE for historical narratives that are faker than outer space. Atlantis is whitewash of a not so distant past.

1835da  No.12790333


No it is not the eye of Sahara.

It was a big fucking continent between Europe and America. The eye of Sahara is a couple of kilometers. Do you think that Atlantis was just a tiny Island? Oh you are naive.

What about Lemuria faggot? It's the other eye of Sahara?

>>12784377 checked



Blavatsky has very great things about Atlantis too. It was channeled to her from the past by an Atlantean priest. It is hard to read because of the difference in wording. Blavatsky has a lot of her literature still redacted because she got the biggest secrets of history channeled to her, by some high priests who knew how the creation of the Universe happened from who knows what fucking realm. It talks about numbers a lot and it sounds like gibberish without a good encyclopedia for understanding the old words.


>Atlantis is only in your mind goy


>Hyperborea is at the South Pole

You mean North? Even Plato says it is "beyond the North wind" (the arctic vortex)

Hyperborea got swallowed up by the sea.

8a5bd3  No.12790338



Can I see it?

1835da  No.12790347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Damn the number gods blessed me.

Anyaway if anybody is interested in a meshup of all the info on Atlantis here's a long video explaining the story of Humanity and the cycle of the 7 Root races. The rule of 7, and the 8th is a new octave.

fe2139  No.12790360

Don't plastics prove that this is the most advanced we've gotten? Not that this disproves Atlantis being advanced

0c8f7e  No.12790452


Just yesterday NASA released that they have now found yet another large impact crater under the ice on Greenland which they believe was also part of the same event which created the Hiawatha crater.

Two large crater striking that close to the ice shelf back to back with one crater being over 19 miles long. This really raises the extremely highly chance that a global flood truly did occur and the cause was a mass ice melt from the northern shelf which could have raised sea levels tremendously within… shit… probably minutes given how hot those impact events run.

It would have also (easily) caused a massive tidal wave which would have rocked anything in that general region and probably is the cause of the western coast of Africa now being a desert with intact whale bones (non fossilized) being found. Such an impact would have thrown water inland for many miles and sealife along with it. That impact event changed the entire world within minutes.

4c0f79  No.12790457


>I'm sure some kind anon can dig this out for me but there is an image of a man carrying what appears to be a satchel of some kind that is used in a great number of ancient religious iconography. The gentleman wielding this satchel is by large accounts "fiery red hair and pale of skin" with some minor deviations of description here and there but essentially the same figure. According to some accounts he is known as the "bringer of knowledge" or some such, as I said, it's been a while since I researched this. Why do I mention him? Well it is proposed this man was of Atlantean descent, the sharing of knowledge to advance other peoples after a great cataclysm, said cataclysm being a great flood.

back your claim, carrot-top.

0c8f7e  No.12790459


On top of this I seem to recall that the ancient Sumerians wrote about a fire in the sky which was a low moving impact event which cruised close to the ground only to impact far more north but in its path it destroyed everything in its wake with fire. It makes me wonder if these two events were the same thing.

0c8f7e  No.12790469


Plato was very specific in the name as well was his counterpart from Egypt. They were also very specific with the location which doesn't add up to Doggerland in my eyes but points to an area west or southwest of Spain.

My money is on the western coast of Africa with Carthage being a (once) colony city of Atlantis only to later become its own city state with those who survived. The description of Carthage is very near identical to the description of Atlantis in terms of circular land use so that always made me believe that Carthage was a colony and followed similar building strategies as Atlantis. Ironically the Eye of the Sahara looks very similar, in terms of building shape, to what Carthage was said to look like which links the two as far as I am concerned and puts Carthage as a colony and the Eye of the Sahara as the once site of either Atlantis or yet another colony. If we follow Plato's exact statement that would put Atlantis somewhere between Africa and North America.

41c52e  No.12790476


Atlantis the “myth” refers to the stories passed down through 13,000 years of the First Civilization, which was white, had outposts around the world, and was probably beginning to hit the Bronze Age. It fell when the ice caps melted at the end of the last Ice Age and flooded the coastlines of the world 200 miles inland and 400 feet deep. Remember that even today, 75% of the world’s population lives within 200 miles of the coasts. It wasn’t an “immediate” flood, but it was too fast to adapt to the changes, and all our original cities were lost, with all the infrastructure they provided.

This event so scarred humanity that we remember it today in all of our history books. The Bible calls it The Flood, for example. And every other culture on Earth has a “global flood” story that we’re told is a “myth” today, because the politically correct narrative about the start of human development says we only developed agriculture 8000 years ago. And that’s patent fucking nonsense, given new physical evidence we’ve found.

1835da  No.12790478


Yes but it is only the western part of Atlantis

1835da  No.12790506


All the flood myths are from the catastrophe of Atlantis yes. Ice caps may be the cause, because there's no other good explanation yet. There's historical records of multiple comets hitting the Earth at different places which caused the sudden change in climate.

The eye of Sahara is only a tiny spec of Atlantis which in most part sank many millions of years ago and some of it became part of other continents. Parts of Hyperborea got destroyed but some terrain is part of Europe, Russia, Greenland and Iceland. Humanity is millions of years old.

41c52e  No.12790518


The stones of Gobekli Tepe record a comet passing by at that time, and we just found the craters caused by the asteroid impacts of the Younger Dryas Event (long theorized by one of the few real archaeologists left to have sparked the end of the ice age) a couple of months ago in Greenland. It was definitely a flood.

048301  No.12790579


Do you know where I can read more on Blavatsky's records? I want to read it all.

43d7be  No.12790720


I've heard here and there that once upon a time there was a pole shift. What's the actual evidence for it?

80c9a2  No.12790740


The sun has a micro nova every 12000ish years and heats the planet up and kills 90% of everything and melts all the ice. Atlantis was the most advanced civilization before the last event.

The next one is due fairly soon, this is also why the *elite* are building underground bunkers in South America.

They've known for like 50 years and will never release the info publicly because of panic.

Nothing we do matters and we're all going to die in the next 100 years

0c8f7e  No.12792466


The Earth doesn't have a perfect circular path around the sun and it's actually a very odd path that it takes with some period drawing it closer to the sun than other periods. This also happens every 14 or so thousand years where the Earth is at the closest point. During this period also is when the Earth is the most venerable to a small solar nova causing issues.

It always amuses me that the climate change morons are so hellbent on their narrative of this being some man made issue when the truth is these cycles have been taking place for millions upon millions of years. Still though, technologically advanced civilizations are very difficult to kill off and even if the Sun nails the Earth again, which it undoubtedly will sooner or later, mankind will very likely live on as it did the last time around. However, the entire planet lines will be redrawn just as it did the last time as well. If Atlantis was truly a powerful lead empire it's collapse opened the door for what came next. The interesting thing I always found was the limited yet compelling data that showed the whatever empire was in control (Atlantis for example) was much more globally connected than I think we give credit for which would have taken a seriously advanced civilization to pull off. I personally believe mankind is at its apex in advancement right now BUT it does make me wonder just how advanced that ancient group truly was if it had an iron lock on the entire world.

2ed388  No.12792968


>He thinks the earth orbits around the sun

100% demoralized.

fe2139  No.12793317


I'm not arguing that. I'm just saying. Plastics are fucking everywhere. The ancients never produced plastics.

0c8f7e  No.12793378


In the case anyone is interested in this theory, it is called the Milankovitch Cycle theory.

91a2c8  No.12793428


Mauritania prohibits any sort of excavation and research on this territory. Even the locals dont have permission to do that.

All the characteristics of that place is quite matching with the description of Platon.

But keep in mind that Platon could have been kiked. The person talked with Platon about Atlantis might be a kike that wants to cover up the reality. Why would you let a Greek learn about their past?

0c8f7e  No.12793476

I think he gives other hints as well. The 9000 year prior would mean end of Lower Dryas period which would mean (likely) Greenland asteroid which lines up with global flood theory.


I think the most compelling evidence though and one we can truly dig into is that he brought up a major conflict between them and the inner areas (Greece, Egypt, etc). Ancient Egyptians were pretty fucking good when it came to recording events so somewhere in their hieroglyphs is our answer.

79b65a  No.12793497

This entire fucking thread is full of /x/-level nonsense. I shouldn't have expected anything else from you lot.

22d83c  No.12797057


No you fucking twat, Atlantis was the capital city of the nation of Atlantic, and the size of the rings of the Richart Structure just happen to be identical to what Plato describes, along with the surrounding geography. It's located on a massive plateau, surrounded by desert which is full of the remains of sea life. The plateau was the island. Literally every detail provided by every credible source perfectly fits this location, while no other location even fits 1/4 of the criteria. Don't just dismiss this when you haven't even looked at the evidence yet. The theory is air fucking tight and your arguments show how ignorant you really are on the subject.

ae9df4  No.12797169

File: 20a92e5982dffbc⋯.png (1.03 MB, 2344x2224, 293:278, 709E6562-E65F-4C2C-9CFE-AC….png)

File: df9f6ce8c6d2e38⋯.jpeg (71.14 KB, 471x313, 471:313, 45DE82C6-D376-4483-8A04-E….jpeg)

File: b2a6a07598659da⋯.jpeg (453.83 KB, 2100x1574, 1050:787, EC8B8C28-9592-4800-967A-6….jpeg)


Atlantis has a war with Lemuria. All civilization crumbled. The few survivors escaped into the hollow Earth.

Those Atlantans are Aryans and a few of them came to the surface to breed with cro magnums which then became the Aryan race.

Hitler was in contact with the Atlantians of the hollow Earth during the war and they gave him the secrets to anti-gravity technology. In case of debate they also gave him refuge to a sanctuary to rebuild his people. Hitler knowing that the war is lost faked his death and escaped along with thousands of the best German scientists and soldiers and women into this hollow earth which entrance is at Antartica.

Admiral Byrd lead an expedition with access to unlimited funds he brought planes, helicopters, 3 battle ships and thousands of soldiers to attack the last bastion of the 3rd Reich. The 3rd Reich’s anti gravity saucers decimated the fleet and admirable Byrd and his men suffered hundreds of casualties and a battle ship lost.

The 3rd Reich is said to emerge again and save the west during the next economic crisis. This is why in our films we are being predictively programmed to unite against an “alien invasion”. When the invasion comes we shall stand by our aryan brothers.

ae9df4  No.12797175


Sry for spelling and grammar errors. Fucking auto correct

e03504  No.12797209


>Hitler was in contact with the Atlantians of the hollow Earth during the war and they gave him the secrets to anti-gravity technology

Yet they still lost the war. Hmm…

e7acf3  No.12797215


>jews probably

Given what I know of desire, I tend to go with those that chose fire…

b4f57f  No.12797272


So why didn't atlantis intervene and destroy ZOG before the reich was dismantled.

ae9df4  No.12797357

File: 9562d6f730e3de7⋯.jpeg (34.28 KB, 270x300, 9:10, 86CE6654-2174-4010-ABE6-7….jpeg)


We lost ww2 which is a war but it is merely a battle in the grand scope of our survival and that war has not yet been lost. People are waking up and the 4th Reich is flourishing in the hollow earth and they will strike at the perfect moment. The Atlantean tech that was provided to the Germans was never perfected in time for use in the war.

As stated Hitler escaped along with thousands possibly up to a million people into the hollow earth refuge that was provided by the Atlantians in case of defeat. After the war the tech was ready to use and got used on admiral Byrd’s fleet during operation High Jump. After the war Germans were buzzing around in their saucer aircraft doing recon. This is the reason for the huge increase in alien sightings during this time. Nowadays there is much less sightings because of everybody being equipped with cameras in their pockets and thus the Germans have to be more careful.

The fact is Hitler and his people were obsessed with occultism and the orgins of the aryan race. He understood greatly the esoteric spirituality of our ancestors and connected the tales to that of the Atlantians and the possibility of a hollow Earth with enterances at the poles. Atlantians we’re very impressed with the spirit of the German people and is the reason they were contacted, aided and provided refuge. That and also being genitcally connected to the Atlantians.

The Germans were the smartest people and they invented so much tech such as nuclear fission, jet engines, u-boats amongst others. To think they are defeated is incredibly naive. They were leagues ahead of you kikes.

Be scared kike. The 4th Reich will rise and the day of reckoning will commence.

a1e4e9  No.12797435


probably the same reason the swiss didn't get their assholes reamed by the allies

acefa5  No.12797437

File: 20b5289b6e2f523⋯.jpg (71.37 KB, 558x361, 558:361, demsadfeels.jpg)



>you will never meet an Imperial German straight outta Shambhala

Why go on?

a1e4e9  No.12797444


don't be so sure, anon

bf5421  No.12797487


Well nsdap germany still didn't surrender they just (((occupy))) germany now, I hope to god new swabia is real.

bf5421  No.12797494


Question anon does any of this have any connections with the metaphysical truth such as kali yuga which will end in 2025?

ae9df4  No.12797741


I haven’t really thought about the Kali Yuga. Perhaps the reason the Germans haven’t come to save us from this degenercy and slavery from the kikes is because in order to be accepted into the advance civilizations of the inner Earth we must prove ourselves worthy and pass the test of life just as the German people of the 3rd Reich had.

If this is true in order to pass this test we all have to, with as much ferocity and dedication do what is truly good for our people according to the laws of nature. Nature is god and god only smiles upon those with enough courage and love for one’s people to do what’s best to ensure the evolution and prosperity of their kind despite how hard, uncomfortable and dangerous the mission to achieve this may be, just as Hitler and his men had so must we if we wish to be accepted into the adavance inner Earth civilization of Agharta.

The world has been destroyed time and time again as no civilization as a whole been able o overcome evil. Small sects have reached enlightment and those such as small groups of Atlanteans and Germans had reach enlightment and thus been choosen. The world always succumbed to the destructive greed of the parasites, those in our era, the Jews. With the invention of the atomic bomb the Atlanteans are very worried we are following the same path as their people had. This may be another reason why there has been many UFO sightings as the Atlanteans may be gathering those worthy enough to preserve before the inevitable destruction of the Earth.

The final war will be the war in which your actions will determine your place either after death or in life. It’ll be a day of reckoning for the fallen and a rapture for those who survive either to be left behind in the apocalyptic kiked hell or to transcend and live amongst the enlightened.

ae9df4  No.12797755


I forgot to say how this relates to the Kali Yuga prophecy. The world is heading into degenercy and the end times are near. 2025 will be the year where shit really starts ramping up. This is were the test really begins. We do not know exactly when the world will be destroyed or if we will win in the coming wars but as I described all you can do is do what deep down your natural instincts tell you to do. Listen to your instincts and your gut always. Do what you know what must be done in order to bring a smile to the face our god whom is nature incaranate. Do this and you will have a place in Valhalla or amongst the advance civilizations of inner Earth.

8a5bd3  No.12798579


>All the characteristics of that place is quite matching with the description of Platon.

This is true. Assuming it was an island at one point it does fit the description. Of course he said that his mentor said that an Egyptian priest said that Atlantis had created a near global empire before Athens defeated it. Assuming that what we know about archeology is true, there is no record or evidence of a large empire existing at 10,000 BC

8a5bd3  No.12798591


>Admiral Byrd lead an expedition with access to unlimited funds he brought planes, helicopters, 3 battle ships and thousands of soldiers to attack the last bastion of the 3rd Reich. The 3rd Reich’s anti gravity saucers decimated the fleet and admirable Byrd and his men suffered hundreds of casualties and a battle ship lost.

Do you have any evidence for this? Based on my admittedly limited research, I cannot find any record of Admiral Byrd losing ships in the Antarctic.

Also, if Hitler has thousands, potentially millions of people in the Hollow Earth and advanced technology, why does he wait? Why not destroy this monstrous System and free us?

249799  No.12798598


This sounds like nonsense. If we had such advanced tech then, why didn't they use it against the allies?

Why don't they use it now?

160998  No.12798691


>atlantis is just another masonic hoodwink

Do you have any sources on that?

590232  No.12798697

File: 4cfd6a1cca9d27b⋯.jpg (319.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, santorini atlantis.jpg)

File: 7df54adee74751e⋯.jpg (245.2 KB, 620x650, 62:65, Minoan_Miniature_Frieze_Ad….jpg)

Atlantis is the minoan civilization which existed before the Greeks. Check these frescoes from Santorini-Thera.

590232  No.12798704


>Blavatsky has very great things about Atlantis too. It was channeled to her from the past by an Atlantean priest.

When your proof is a cult bitch who pretends to speak with the dead.

d76594  No.12798752

File: ae9ed6b12e54272⋯.jpeg (70.55 KB, 640x400, 8:5, nigs gone nig.jpeg)

File: 3129642fd899744⋯.png (344.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, dis shiut.png)

000000  No.12798780

is it nao that weeneed to remind peepul that Homer's tales are a mix up of stuff that looks nice and other events that make no damned sense if it were supposed to have happened in the Mediterranean Sea?

There's a very, very good yet still fringe theory these days that purports that a lot of the stuff in Homer is actually portraying events that happened in the Northern Sea, close to Denmark/Sweden.

A theory with significant arguments that strike home.

To me Homer took old tales, he made a spinoff of some sorts and put that close to Greece even if some places and events don't make any sense at all, but work extremely well when getting closer to the north.

ae9df4  No.12798816


The tech was not fully perfected in time, read the post.

You also have to understand the entire world except Japan and Italy were against Germany. The Axis Powers’s were outnumbered by a massive margin. It is incredible they got as far as they did in the war.

d530df  No.12798832


>I just realized our entire alphabet is based on a circle with some lines drawn through it

Those are wagon wheels, and the spokes are the lines.

000000  No.12798836


The world-parasite came to Earth, riding an asteroid. It took the name of Yahweh for practical purposes, to attune to the specific needs of a given tribe.

8d6feb  No.12798837


A city submerged by the last cataclysm cycle, a tale that warns us of the upcoming doom from the end of this 12.000 years cycle.

This series describes what's going to happen



Also i suggest watching symbols of an ancient sky by thunderbolts project, it all might shed some light on what's going to happen and how to prepare

8d6feb  No.12798840

File: 574cf90781985da⋯.jpg (3.32 KB, 301x168, 43:24, 346346346.jpg)


alien sky*

d530df  No.12798853

File: 2a5428ff572a72c⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 940x528, 235:132, HaunebuCutaway.jpg)

File: 8e48dc6e144d3af⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 620x496, 5:4, HaunebuPhotos.jpg)


>The 3rd Reich is said to emerge again and save the west during the next economic crisis. This is why in our films we are being predictively programmed to unite against an “alien invasion”. When the invasion comes we shall stand by our aryan brothers.

Hope this is true.

But it sounds too pie-in-the-sky.

No one is coming to save us, we need to persevere, and save ourselves.

And even if what you say comes to pass, why would an Aryan breakaway civilization even WANT to save those that will not fight for their own survival? Are we welfare rats, to depend on others for our well-being?

If Aryans show up to help us, then let us strive to make sure they only have some mopping-up to do.

d530df  No.12798875

File: 1260caa89daa9f1⋯.jpg (169.95 KB, 812x1300, 203:325, LookFamiliar.jpg)

File: 56eb6e7aebe8c8c⋯.jpg (157.33 KB, 1048x1128, 131:141, NaziCigar.jpg)

File: ed6540502c17a92⋯.jpg (134.56 KB, 1008x819, 16:13, NaziCigarDiagram.jpg)

File: 7c6f5f8575b6075⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 743x1024, 743:1024, NaziUFO.jpg)

239799  No.12798883

File: 16adf939a1ca7ae⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 459x646, 27:38, kalki.jpg)


Hitler, as the Kalki, is very much in touch with the cycles of the world. He knows it is not yet time for the Kali Yuga to be over. All moves in accordance with the All.

8dd394  No.12798901


Magnetic declination in minerals

(where the sea floor is spreading, when part of it forms and cools its declination one direction, goes the other way, and goes back and forth for millions of years )

ae9df4  No.12798928

File: a0acee754fe13e6⋯.jpeg (108.99 KB, 462x480, 77:80, 16A02207-8DD0-49BD-AB62-B….jpeg)


See this https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/antarctica/antartica11.htm

Also in regards for the reason why the Inner world Germans have not saved us. Is that

the reality of the matter is that it’s a very complex situation. For example if the Germans were to strike at the wrong time, not planning their moves properly the world may see them as an evil alien force. This “alien invasion” case scenario has been predictively programmed into the heads of every person on Earth through the juden media machine. All of Earth’s armies would likely fight in a globalize effort. Propaganda using the false pretence of Marxist equality and unity will be used to motivate the goyim populations against the Juden enemy. An example of such propaganda would be “we must set aside our difference black, white, man, woman, left or right and fight against a common enemy, our very existence depends on it”.

In the case scenario where the Germans just attack say now they’d have to fight this globalize army which would result in the wiping out of most of the world. The surviving population would hate their so called saviours as they would be blamed for the war, this is why if they do strike it’ll most likely be during an economic world crisis where most people will become enlightened of the reality of the Juden machine and thus be more accepting of their saviours.

Also see this post >>12797494 and my response here >>12797741 and here >>12797755 for another explanation in why we haven’t yet been saved, for perhaps he must save ourselfs and reach enlightment on our own to truly be considered worthy like the Germans to be accepted into the advance inner Earth inter galactic societies.

212c02  No.12798934


Hey OP.

Here's the only Joe Rogan show I've currently been thinking is what every single person on the planet should start off redpilling himself with.

Enjoy. It's basically what another Anon already said but here in geography and astronomical scale - pure facts laid bare.


000000  No.12798966


>archeological research around it has been stifled due to it being in what is now known as Turkey and it being considered something of European origin by Turkish authorities meaning "go fuck yourself whitey your shit is ours now"

When time comes to consider all that was white territory. I'm eager to see Byzantium return to us and see those mudfaces pushed further east into iRack and other random sand dunes.


So the comet kicked some tectonic shells that sunk Atlantis? But now it's actually above ground?

Could it be that the sunken aspect of the story is actually about a huuuuge tsunami?

Doesn't seem to match.

Nothing of that explains the lack of ruins. It is useful to consider how Homer might have been conflating ancient tales with bits of information from here and there.


If it's incredible it means we actually know the amount of knowledge was rather considerable.

Which then is completely contradicted one letter later by telling that it's actually unknown.

You can't say we lost a lot and we don't have any idea of how much we actually lost.

d9aeb4  No.12799120

yer al rong n i no da troof

d9aeb4  No.12799140

File: 267915dbf5d1051⋯.jpg (238.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Skylin gateway.jpg)


There's so many shills in this thread, it's really amazing, TBH.

The most hidden aspect of our lives, the most hidden conspiracy, is our history. Atlantis is it.

But there's so much more to be found out: who we were and who we are, what happened who's against and why, and where we go from here. This is the promise of Atlantis. He who unlocks the past, sets the stage for the future.

And yes, it's spiritual. Everything is.

e9853d  No.12799142


000000  No.12799351


>19 miles long

That's not as big as the Chicxulub crater so it would have been enough to screw us a thousand times over without destroying most of the life.


That's a clever way to say don't do anything.



The only thing hollow is that story.

>Germans saucers, super careful because of iPhones

Effin' lol. They seem to be barely cautious at all if we go by the bazillion sighting reports.

>Be scared kike. The 4th Reich will rise and the day of reckoning will commence.

Someone get me some popcorn.


>This may be another reason why there has been many UFO sightings as the Atlanteans may be gathering those worthy enough to preserve before the inevitable destruction of the Earth.

Would you have an atlantean phone number per chance?


>Atlantis contemporary of Athens.

Mountain of salt unless Atlantis is just a fancy name for a civilization that existed not far from Athens or, at least, the Mediterranean Sea.

000000  No.12799368


>The tech was not fully perfected in time, read the post.

So the hollowers (hollower earth plebes) didn't even have any better tech than what the 3rd Reich had come up with thus far.

Wow. For all intents and purposes they could be cavemen, these hollowers.

>You also have to understand the entire world except Japan and Italy were against Germany. The Axis Powers’s were outnumbered by a massive margin. It is incredible they got as far as they did in the war.

A few strategic mistakes made all the difference. The difference wasn't so massive as you make it out to be.

But those hollowers, they're rubbish, pointless. Where are the super battleships with lazorbeams?


>If Aryans show up to help us, then let us strive to make sure they only have some mopping-up to do.

What if they waiting for the big war to start, for all sides to be weak and then these lurking, undercrust mole-Aryans come out of the woods and finish us all off?


>Hitler, as the Kalki

Had you paid attention to the tale (and, additionally, Esoteric Hitlerism) you'd know that he couldn't be Kalki.

Hitler himself said he was not "him" without defining who "him" is.

000000  No.12799377


such sage

22aba8  No.12799397

Atlantis is the Primus, the origin of the Aryan race. Further, the origin of the Hermetic belief and the first to transnavigate the globe after their fall.

Read "The Artic Home in the Vendas" and "Paradise Found" and you will see this truth, and further realize what is now the frozen Artic North was once an entire nation. Our home, our primus. We were Atlantians.

0ab0c4  No.12799484


It's the home of Aquaman.


914f72  No.12799889

File: 5bbaae0f026df8a⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 400x249, 400:249, arkaim.jpg)


Atlantis and other Antedeluvean civilizations are important because they challenge the narrative mainstream historical narratives that civilization spread from the middle east about 6,000 years ago.

The narrative suggests that Western civilization came about with the marriage of pastoral nomads who brought heard animals and intermingled with farmers. Then they developed irrigated plow agriculture.

The problem with the historical narrative is that some groups have been civilized for tens of thousands of years.

The narrative behind the Indo-European migration is that Aryans were pastoral nomads (which some of them were) who domesticated horses and eventually invented the wheel and developed chariots and chariot warfare. They brought they're myths, legends, and religions to the rest of the western world.

Problem with this is that the Aryans were already civilized. In fact Ruins can be found all over what is modern day Russian that suggest a significant amount of urbanization.

I'm going to point at that Herodotus mentions Hyperborea (the land beyond the north wind) in his writings. There's another historian who speaks of a trade route between Hyperborea and the City of Delos.

I'm going to point out that the ruins at Arkaim, Russia sorta fit the description of hyperborea.

Two things of interest about hyperborea.

1. Every written language in the world is related to the script found at Arkaim.

2. Hyperboreans created thousands of "henge" sites from wood. People talk about stone henge as being unique but really it's only unique because it's made of stone rather than wood. There are about 2500 henge sites. They were celestial observatories. Interestingly enough Hyperboreans had studied had observed and recorded the procession of the equinox at least once. The procession takes (approximately) 25,920 years. Meaning they had some means of recording the events during at least one complete procession. Meaning they were successful enough as a culture for at least 25,920 years. That's the Aryans.

I'll get into Celts in a minute.


914f72  No.12799999

File: 1c071e06df7996e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1250x900, 25:18, atlantis121.png)


Herodotus also mentions Atlantis. According to Greek historians Atlantis was a powerful maritime civilization that was comprised of 10 major cities.

Location described as being beyond the pillars of Hercules in the real ocean. I'm going to keep this short but. Atlantis proper was likely located on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Probably the Azores Islands or Frizland. Keep in mind this is toward the end of the Pleistocene period and shorelines would have been much different from today as the water was locked up in huge glaciers and the sea level was much lower.

According to Greek mythology or probably history as a lot of the mythological cities have in fact been found now Atlantis sunk into the sea around 9,600 BCE. This is around the time of the younger drias climate event which was caused by a large meteor strike that had an estimate force of about 700 megatons. This led to the extinction of several Megafauna species in North America and several human cultures of the time. It effected North America, The mid-Atlantic, Europe, and North Africa.

There's a layer of strata associated with the event. Also if you compare this to a distribution map of MtDNA haplotype X there is significant overlap.

One of the Atlantean cities shows up on one of Herodotus's map. I don't think Herodotus would have lied about it as he recorded things as he was told and read or as he observed.

Someone had posted a picture of the Richat Structure as being a location of Atlantis. I'm saying if it is then it's only one of the ten cities.

The meteor strike destroyed a lot of things and melted the ice caps pretty much instantly, created tsunamis, massive flooding and heavy rains for an extended period. The epic of Gilgamesh mentioned this flood. It was later stolen by the Jews and added into Genesis. In fact there are numerous cultures around the world who have myths about this flood. Why? Because it is a historical fact.

There's a large crater on Greenland that is pretty much the smoking gun for this event. Scientists had speculated but it had only been found in the last few years.

914f72  No.12800064

File: a3874b7158ccb26⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 600x370, 60:37, Atlantis-1882_600x370.jpg)


There are two cultures of European decent who may have lived on the mid Atlantic Islands at some point. Firstly Solutreans where a hunter/gatherer group who lived in modern day France among other places. They migrated across the ice pack to North America about 17,000 years ago. They were in North America thousands of years before the bearing straight land bridge was passable.

The second are the Basques. It's also interesting to note that Basques will tell you that they are the survivors of Atlantica. Atlantica also described as a being a Maritime civilization that sunk into the sea thousands of years ago.

Solutreans sites overlap with Basque country. Both groups had live on or crossed the Atlantic. I'm not sure whether those groups have a genetic link or not. I haven't really looked into it.


5ef9f7  No.12800170

Basically 100,000 years ago humans were where we are now +500/1000 years of technology and degeneracy; cue a little flood brought about by the same lifeforms keeping maned spaceflight limited to earth orbit presently and goodbye 99% of humanity. Don't worry anons if we fail these same guardians will genocide the human race again to make sure such an arrogant selfish greedy short sighted emotional lifeforms from fucking up the galaxy sort of like we only wish we could do with jews but on a galactic scale. Humanity has been pogromed at least 3 times and most likely will be again.

914f72  No.12800248

File: 0aa3ad29b4ee677⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 833x454, 833:454, gornayashoria.jpg)


Megalith Sites.

Megalith sites have been found around the world.

Baalbek in Lebanon has some of the heaviest stones ever moved by humans.

The megalith stones were already there when later civilizations built on top of them

Megalith blocks are found in Greece, Russia, South America, Central America, Egypt, Iran, etc.

Every quarry site where megalith blocks were being worked appeared to have suddenly abruptly stopped working. Stones remaining only partially cut.

I'm going to point out the structures at Giza. The Pyramids and Sphinx in particular. The area around the sphinx and the sphinx itself have signs of vertical weathering consistent with heavy rain meaning they had existed when Egypt had a much rainier climate about 12,500 years ago at least. Also the structures underneath the Pyramids are much older.

Also shit like the the age of the Universe and half life of Uranium are coded into the geometry of the pyramids and they are at the center of land mass at least as far as Africa, and Eurasia are concerned. Without a doubt the pyramids were a major architectural achievement but the weren't built by the Egyptians. They are much older. The Egyptians inherited them.

Beneath the pyramids there are even older structures that people really don't talk about. The Labyrinth under the Giza complex was described by Greek historians who had visited them.

Interestingly the Greek myth about Daedalus describes a massive labyrinth that he designed for King Minos. There are old coins from the Ruins at Knossos Crete which have a labyrinth on them.

The pyramids in Mexico were not build by the Aztecs they were build by a much older civilization. There numerous abandon cities in South America all very old. There are Megalith sites in Russia that are extremely old.

What's funny with megalith sites is there are stones that weigh as much as 1200 tons. Modern machinery can move something about half that size and it's a big deal for us to move something like this.

Older sites like Petra, Jordan have machine tool markings in the unfinished excavations. The civilizations who had the carving done are not the people who originally did the excavating. They were made expediently and with machines.

There are some similarities between megalith sites. Metal clamping techniques, cutting techniques, etc.

Polygonal constructions are found in places like Greece and Peru. Square blocks (Cyclopean construction) is found all over the place.

There's a point to this. There was a vast civilization that spanned most of the globe at some point but collapsed. Most people alive on the earth today are survivors of those civilizations. They had advanced technology and were not primitive as you have been told. Mainstream academia is involved in a conspiracy to cover this up.


891e3c  No.12800327


Is there proof of white outposts or are those stories I have heard regarding Caucasoid mummies being found in places they shouldn't have been? I don't know what to believe anymore but the craters don't lie

Thanks to the anon sending me down a Carlson rabbit hole. I haven't seen these lectures before, only the ones he did with Graham Hancock and the Rogan appearances.

914f72  No.12800330

File: ba2c64ee3a400ee⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 610x370, 61:37, Genetic-Map-of-Haplogroup-….jpg)


But to Answer the original question I suggest that Aryans had successful civilizations throughout North Asia. Aryan mummies have even been found in the deserts of Western China.

The Mid-Atlantic civilization would have been inhabited by people more closely related to modern Celtic Groups. Both groups would had Chariots. Atlantis is described as having a race track around the city.

Of course during this timeline there would have been proto-europeans, North Eurasians, etc and there would have been some overlap between the territories of these groups. Also Neanderthals and possibly other hominid groups would have still been around at this time. Paints a really different picture of history from what most of us were taught in school.

I suppose MtDNA haplogroup X and RH negative blood is the place to start looking for Atlanteans. Hyperborea could be much older maybe dating back to Ancient North Eurasians or before Haplogroup R split. Maybe as recent as only 4,000 years ago and only involving Aryan people. Not enough archeological research has been done.

891e3c  No.12800334


I am a retard. I meant to ask if it was bullshit stories attributed to mummies from conspiracy theorists or was it a valid find(s)

914f72  No.12800430


It gets even more tinfoil hat when you look at Joseph Campbel and George Lucas being good friends. Starwars very well may have happened.

There's also some conspiracy theories surrounding the Black Knight satellite. If the black knight is an artificial satellite we could possibly salvage technology or historical data from it.

c9b416  No.12800444

File: d2346e802216272⋯.pdf (14.39 MB, Underworld- The Mysterious….pdf)

File: 54cd35671210764⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Underworld- The Mysterious….jpg)


A possible (likely I think) area of it

b8df9e  No.12800475

Blonde mummies in peru, red-haired mummies in china.

To my knowledge hair doesn't change color after death. so yeah, we white people wuz real kangs everywhere and we should reclaim the planet from the brown uncivilized hordes

914f72  No.12800654


King Tut's DNA came back R1b1a2. Pharohs carried R1b and wore kilts. Sounds like they are related to Western Europeans. When snowflake talk about white supremacy they never mention Pharaohs being white. It messes with their narrative their bullshit story that blacks actually contributed anything ever. In fact they never mention that the swamps and deserts were impassible. Could Kangz even get to Egypt at the time. Probably not. in fact history suggests there were two migrations that fucked up Egypt the first was the collapse of 1186 BCE and the second a few hundred years later when blacks came up from Subsaharan Africa and turned Egypt into niggerville. Within 400 years of being full of niggers Egypt collapsed.

1227f8  No.12801692


>This is why in our films we are being predictively programmed to unite against an “alien invasion”. When the invasion comes we shall stand by our aryan brothers.


8a5bd3  No.12801766


>The Mid-Atlantic civilization would have been inhabited by people more closely related to modern Celtic Groups. Both groups would had Chariots

How do you figure that? At least according to my knowledge, horses do not show any signs of domestication before 3000- 4000 BC.


>Without a doubt the pyramids were a major architectural achievement but the weren't built by the Egyptians. They are much older. The Egyptians inherited them.

I once read a contemporary story from ancient Egypt that described how a Pharaoh "unearthed" the Sphynx from sand.

>The Labyrinth under the Giza complex was described by Greek historians who had visited them.

Do you know the name of the Historian or what he wrote? I'd be interested in reading this.

>>12799999 (Woah! Check these digits!)

0c8f7e  No.12806586


>At least according to my knowledge, horses do not show any signs of domestication before 3000- 4000 BC.

This is something I have been trying to track down for a long damn time. As far as I know the first evidence to domestication came from Assyria so quite awhile ago and right after the Sumerians. Still that doesn't mean they were the first as they are just the oldest one with anything about chariot use. Horse riding could go back way further, especially in North America when the REAL native Americans were slaughtered by the Indians.

65be5b  No.12806979

File: 33cb62cdba6ac5b⋯.mp4 (13.84 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Lost_Civilization_of_the_S….mp4)

8a5bd3  No.12807028


At risk of starting an anthropologist war, I subscribe to the Steppe school. Personally, it seems to me that the earliest evidence of horse domestication comes from the Scythian steppe. The earliest bone horse bits have been uncovered here as well as a change in the jawline and teeth of horse bones found in rubbish pits suggesting that they were holding bits.

I admit that I haven't looked into any evidence of horse domestication in the New World. All I know is that evidence seems to indicate they they were extinct by 10,000 or 8,000 BC. Hunted to death by those great environmentalists; the red man.

5b8ae9  No.12807075


very cool post

914f72  No.12807081



Edgy. I like this.

914f72  No.12807101

File: 34213b5506f3768⋯.jpg (87.31 KB, 637x421, 637:421, mongolian-horse.jpg)



Here's the thing about domesticated horses being at least 10,000 years back.

The Greek historian thing I will have to look up and get back to you.

255f04  No.12807130

Aryan, toast up with the gang

From Atlantis to a whole 'nother domain

Hyperborea, I'm the livin' proof (Super)

Master race, antithesis to the jew

Pyramids, from China to Peru

In plain sight, a return is overdue

Free energy, implosive how we move

Highjump nigga, Byrdie knew the truth

Vril force, from the Black Sun

Open doors, to Aldebaran

Maria, Sigrun, are the medium

Ultima Thule, seeking our elysium

Gotta love Mr. Bond

914f72  No.12807173

File: b62e45fcf71b66f⋯.png (146.79 KB, 788x476, 197:119, herodotus.png)

Herodotus, Manetho Aegyptiaca, Diodorus Siculus, Strabo, Pliny, and Pomponius Mela

Sorry, I will try to make better bibliographic references in later posts. Here's an article that gives a brief summery. All of these historians wrote authored books. Herodotus is my personal whipping boy because of his maps though.


914f72  No.12807311

File: 29489031a0623f6⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 604x453, 4:3, pyrmidsazores.jpg)


Off the coast of the Azores Islands. Sonar picked this up in the sea. This is back when the ocean was much lower at the end of the

pleistocene. More land area. There are cities like this all over the world as most of the population historically lives within about 75 miles of shorelines.

914f72  No.12807326

File: 139d8dc97fe3343⋯.png (208.75 KB, 388x279, 388:279, pyramidazoresunderwater.png)


Depth finder can find underwater structure with some programming.

8a5bd3  No.12807373


This is fascinating stuff, anon. I have been doing my own research into early horse domestication and there is soil evidence from the Scythian steppe of increased phosphorus concentration in the soil indicative of corralled horses dating back to almost 5,000 BC. But this is even more astounding if true.

Though, I am a bit suspicious of a Cohen authored article from the "History" Channel. There seems to be a lit of extrapolation here.

But as I said, I've been doing some research on this topic and it appears that there is a statue of an apparently domesticated horse dating to 7,000 BC in the Middle East. This indeed lends credence to what you say.

c40fc5  No.12807789


Funny thing is Australian workers in the government believe that the democracy will die in 2025 so they created a initiative to save democracy named Democracy 2025


I wonder if that is where the idea of the black sun came from?

c40fc5  No.12807849


That’s huge and heavy. I am puzzled by how did they managed to lift that heavy blocks?

be2ee0  No.12807867




Even some of the words and letters in the original image are readable

a7f18a  No.12807894


>Believes the retarded jewish skyunse myth of millions of years makes more sense than the hundreds of stories about a devastating flood told world-wide by every race

Being this pozzed

c40fc5  No.12807912


If the massive flood didn’t happen long time ago then maybe we would be on different planets.

8a5bd3  No.12807967


It is unknown… but I suspect that it may have been similar to how the Thunderstone was moved.


ab5aa5  No.12808033


anybody know any of those "we wuz native Americans" tier books. Someone linked one on archive.org a while ago but I lost it. It was about how europeans went to the Americas and lived with the natives thousands of years before official first contact.

c40fc5  No.12808050


I thought they lift it by using the lift with weights? Look at the big blocks. They put a lot of efforts in to big block buildings thing! I guess they love big block or it is for the extinct giants.

8a5bd3  No.12808360

File: f90cf4904a0ffab⋯.jpg (353.72 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Treasury of Atreus.jpg)


Some people say that they're the base for pre-Holocene mega cities.

And while I personally don't say that this is impossible, I'm skeptical.

There are several other more likely scenarios.

First, they could just be berms for the temple complex at Baalbek.

Alternatively, I see no reason to suspect that the ancient kingdoms of the Bronze Age were incapable of doing this sort of thing. Bronze Age kingdoms were famous for building with megalithic stones.

Frankly, people don't give the Kingdoms of the Bronze Age enough credit. They were great builders.

8a5bd3  No.12808431


Actually, wait a minute. Scratch that >>12808360

I looked at the pic again and this is not Baalbek. It's Gornaya shoria.

Now, again I know I may be in the minority opinion, but I am skeptical of this "megalith"

That's a cool image and I admit it looks manmade but look up other pictures of Gornaya shoria. It's a mountain and most pictures I have seen look natural.

In addition, Yandex map it (or google earth it as, I admit, google earth does have better maps). Gornaya Shoria is located on teh side of a mountain. It seems to me more likely that it's natural rock formations than an ancient city.

But again, I haven't seen it. And that image certainly looks man made. So I could be wrong. Make up your own mind.

c40fc5  No.12809036

If the theory about Atlantis and Lemuria is true then I am worried we will be rebooted back again and start fresh. The history is clearly cyclical and Jews are afraid of it for some reason.

914f72  No.12809186


The thunderstone is several pieces. The largest piece moved was about 600 tons.

That's about half of the weight of the stones at Baalbek.

1d9775  No.12809213

Let's see… Hollow earth per admiral Byrd and "the smoky God" book. The Carl Unger letter. Talking about a German uboat trip to hollow earth. There is a map from this Uboat trip as well as sub coords. There are no unphotoshopped pictures of the south pole. Go find one. Stuff like that. The inner earth aryans are long lived super tall and more advanced than us. If you don't grasp how gravity would work on what is essentially a Shell World with a hollow center and a 400 mile thick crust you will think you traveled in a straight line across the surface when in fact you flipped 180 degrees upside down. If you tried to go there again and were off a bit you could miss it. And not really know. It's the reason there are zero polar orbiting satellites they are always off of 90deg north just a little bit. If they were not they would go inside. Weird orbits… That is my favorites "atlantis" explanation.

8e4565  No.12809257


>Could it be that the sunken aspect of the story is actually about a huuuuge tsunami?

the myth says wiped out in a day , and unpassable due to mud

not sunk

914f72  No.12809312


Gornya Shoria I'm not sure about. There are numerous megalith sites around Russia.

This is a pretty cool site for older megalith constructions.


1d9775  No.12809368


I got some Cia doc talking about this. Straight from their reading room. All this weird pole shift stuff where the poles physically shift. Not just the magnetic but the crust slides over the mantle when nenough ice builds up on the poles and throws its balance off. Wild read but some scam because magnetic rocks don't match up.

1d9775  No.12809416


I have been collecting satellite pics and video of the poles for years. I got some really good ones. Also old maps like piri Reese map (sp?). Anyone got any good "hole" pics that aren't hurricanes?

6c323e  No.12809441


please please PLEASE do NOT trust Blavatsky. I made that mistake and consequently wasted many hours of my life with her nonsense. i'm not coming from a christfag angle, she is a straight up phoney.


this vid sums it up. She promoted race mixing, she claimed the swarthy Indians to be the most spiritually advanced Aryans, she claimed the Talmud to be a genuinely spiritually inspired document, she said the new 6th sub race of the Aryans was to sprout out of the anglos saxon stock mixing with All the races on the earth, africans and all, in north America and Australia. Read René Guénon's: Theosophy history of a pseudo religion https://archive.org/stream/reneguenon/1921-Theosophy-HistoryOfAPseudo-religion_djvu.txt

she used to be prolific in the séance scene until she was revealed to be a fraud and driven out of various country's by her bad reputation including Egypt, then turned around and critiqued the whole phenomena of spiritualism as if she was so disinvolved. She is so full of shit I have never felt so thoroughly duped as when I found out the true essence of her crypto masonic cult, it was a more of a face slap than watching TGSNT.

2ab1cb  No.12809584

File: 5adf59e864d31e6⋯.jpeg (458.76 KB, 1608x3020, 402:755, received_2047415962201256….jpeg)

>anon where was Atlantis?

21a0dd  No.12809683

File: 0e9f25d46a1dc5c⋯.gif (146.44 KB, 1423x1039, 1423:1039, bd0e8adb66919866bc5790ce2a….gif)


I agree that she was a fake - I do however believe she used a lot of actual facts at the time of discovery to further push her fakery.

I've also thought that maybe she was legit, but framed as a fake by the jews in later years. Who knows who is jewing who anymore.

6c323e  No.12809769


No doubt some of the things she said are bound to be true, she leeched concepts off of other movements and authors and tried to mash it all together in a cohesive narrative. so many meta levels to her bullshit which is admittedly engaging and gives the image of intellectual depth. She was a VERY avid reader and highly intelligent but contrary to her claims her cunning intellect was the thing that animated her works, not revealed arcane secrets or conversations with higher grades of beings

0c8f7e  No.12809847

The thing we have to seriously consider above all else is that as far back as our only account of Atlantis was (Plato)…. the potential empire was fucking 9,000 years before even that. I mean, shit, we have issues piecing together history from the Bronze Age and Atlantis was nearly ten thousand years before that.

For all we know we could literally be standing on top of the remains (and likely are.. all of us) of either that empire or another. Atlantis is a tough one given how long ago it was and we won't get anywhere until the powers at be fucking finally release old documents or if we strike gold with some FOIA request that slips to the public. We need more intel… absolutely fucking need more but our angles are so limited when it comes to this subject.

0c8f7e  No.12809855


That chain right off the coast of Africa is where it was if I had to guess.

fa0542  No.12809906


>let have another low effort esoteric myths and conspiracy slide thread

>randomly inserts "Aryan"

>randomly inserts "Nazi"

53f9e5  No.12810261


you say fairly soon and then say 100 years

8a5bd3  No.12810392

File: 282c3c7cb3f4229⋯.jpg (86.19 KB, 703x418, 37:22, Thunder_Stone.jpg)


>The thunderstone is several pieces. The largest piece moved was about 600 tons.

That's not what I have read.

Every source I can find says that it was 1,200 to even 1,500 tons and was one piece.


8a5bd3  No.12810414


As a historian, I consider the Enlightenment "recent" history. 100 years is nothing. Just a few generations ago, your ancestors could have listened to Abraham Lincoln, fought under General Garibaldi, or delivered news to Bismark.

8a5bd3  No.12810466

File: 88c264b7dd4a915⋯.png (984.96 KB, 800x599, 800:599, Alima Ukraine.png)


Cool site. I've been clicking around in the Muscovy-Kiev region and while a lot of the locations seem natural or are modern, some are megalithic stones that are new to me and clearly represent an advanced ancient civilization.

e1e078  No.12810499


Yeah, it's a pretty good theory that the Richat is indeed the site of Atlantis, as related by Plato. There are too many similarities for us to hand-wave it away: we need an archaeological expedition, but that needs funding and the locals are literal fucking terrorists, so…

Also, I don't know why you're arguing with this retarded anon. Dumbfucks like him just constantly post pseudo-history and often legitimately believe in hollow earth and magic and other fucking retarded shit.

2ab1cb  No.12810759


No. The NA icecap melted and the weight of the water entering the Atlantic pushed the MidAtlantic ridge down into the crust submeeging Atlantis.

2ab1cb  No.12810764


The richat structure is the remnant of a planetary lighnting bolt, not atlantis.

21a0dd  No.12810847


Well said - She took a bunch of information and forged her own narrative using those facts.

She feels like 1 part fraud, 1 part conman, 1 part researcher, and 2 parts spiritualist.

21a0dd  No.12810855


There is more than Plato that talks about this place, but they all use different names or similar names.

>insert pic of: stones found of Bolivia that show new world and old world with a landmass between them (atlantis).jpg

b7265c  No.12811087


Post them please

638e27  No.12811373


Not much tsunami evidence though..

436676  No.12811977

File: f524205b6212c60⋯.jpg (127.73 KB, 960x716, 240:179, the eye of Africa the rich….jpg)

Fun fax

plato never said atlantis was a island and sunk into the sea

He said the river become unpassable and made it unreachable

8a5bd3  No.12813347


Dubs of truth aside, I do not believe that this is in fact the truth.

While I offer that maybe this translation is incorrect (in which case, if you can translate ancient Greek, please enlighten me) this is the English translation of Plato's "Dialogue"

"For these histories tell of a mighty power which unprovoked made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia, and to which your city put an end. This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles; the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands, and from these you might pass to the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean; for this sea which is within the Straits of Heracles is only a harbour, having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea, and the surrounding land may be most truly called a boundless continent. Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. This vast power, gathered into one, endeavoured to subdue at a blow our country and yours and the whole of the region within the straits; and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island."

0a8901  No.12813829

File: cfa11c4e456fe5e⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 633x1023, 211:341, 1.jpg)

File: 6caef34f3e2abc0⋯.jpg (70.47 KB, 633x1023, 211:341, rongo rongo.jpg)

File: d37a031f318e88a⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1517x1024, 1517:1024, The_Marañon_or_Amazon_Rive….png)

File: a95c3f05d485cce⋯.png (811.86 KB, 1289x766, 1289:766, Unesco_world_heritage_site….png)


>I'm sure some kind anon can dig this out for me but there is an image of a man carrying what appears to be a satchel of some kind that is used in a great number of ancient religious iconography. The gentleman wielding this satchel is by large accounts "fiery red hair and pale of skin" with some minor deviations of description here and there but essentially the same figure. According to some accounts he is known as the "bringer of knowledge" or some such, as I said,

I've researched this thoroughly and have been obsessed with this after visiting Easter Island. I have travelled around, to Azerbaijan, to Peru etc. In the footpaths of people like Ruthledge and Thor Heyerdahl. I begin with my conclusion; there was once a global sun worshipping cult. You find their birdworshipping priest with eggs in their hands in Gobleki Tepe, all over Peru (see Tucume) to Easter Island. While it is little to nothing about Gobleki Tepe except that it is antediluvian and very old, there are legends of the Viracochas which were red and fairhaired men who came from the seas of east to South America. Eventually they wound up on Easter Island were they either perished, or split up. While this is quite a quickdrawn conclusion, i may add that the grand conspiracy is to take control of the history and religous narrative of the world. Destroying everything heathen in the name of God. They fuck up the timelines all the time too.

Every possible attempt to research these subjects are either denied by experts from Harvard and Berkely, throwing of with fallacies in every direction. Evidence has been destroyed or hidden, except for the gigantic monoliths, sunken cities and otherwise. It seems that up until ww2 it was entirely fine to excavate and explore this, but then organizations like the UN (see UNESCO) were invented and control the narrative. At first it was the catholics which destroyed everything in South America and its surroundings, burnt their wooden tablets containing their history, planted trees and forests over sites, then we got larger global organizations.

I am kind of stuck on where to go next in my research except reading old books or visiting places like the Royal Geographical Society for old journals. I am tempted to

98f035  No.12814187


search for "Moon Eyed People"

591543  No.12814251

File: 1778a4307c53dad⋯.jpg (18.29 KB, 255x238, 15:14, 1435380328746-1.jpg)


Is this my thread now? Want to know a fun fact? Back in what, 2002 I think, I was double-majoring and one of 'em was in anthropology. I had some international connections. Word on the streets was that the war wasn't about oil, it was because modern technology was helping archaeologists unearth entire cities that had been overblown by sand and preserved quite nicely. The people who were boots in the sand confirmed this; it was basically about that in their opinion.

591543  No.12814277


Lel, it's like someone literally wrote it down. Atlantis got all fucked up due to plate tectonics when the first or second meteo hit. Fucking thing caused a fireball so extreme that it sucked up all the air into a bubble of heat, causing outer space to contact the surface of Earth and flash-freeze mammoths still chewing grass, in Russia. And no more megafauna in NA. So when the crust starts moving around, there's a thing about how it has to stabilize, kinda like how tension is rectified on any sphere. Things can rise and fall in moments, whole continents can. Randall Carlson has proof of it if you want an appetizer.

c40fc5  No.12814506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>flash-freeze mammoths still chewing grass, in Russia.

That remind me of the movie named “The day after tomorrow”.

0c9799  No.12814568

For more Altantis lore, watch Spongebob.

c40fc5  No.12814675



>cartoon for kids

You are not being helpful here anon.

5f8aca  No.12814686

File: 7d337a609a0abea⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 4132x3151, 4132:3151, Atlantis 1.jpg)

File: fbeb3522d38b87e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 2552x2436, 22:21, Atlantis 2.png)

File: 44e1c9d79dc4aac⋯.png (963.17 KB, 2608x2800, 163:175, Atlantis 3.png)

790889  No.12814700

File: a2c7fe89138f4bf⋯.webm (4.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hey what's up guys ahhhhh….webm)



I'd prefer it if you looked closer. But I don't demand it

790889  No.12814727


You should ask me questions

c40fc5  No.12814745


Webm don’t work on iPad.

790889  No.12814748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm your captive, anon

c40fc5  No.12814750


How much do you know about the cities or buildings under the water. Finland and Japan is two good examples that there was thriving civilisations before they were destroyed.

790889  No.12814753


A bunch. How far back do you want me to go? Probably just to "Atlantis" levels, yes?

790889  No.12814761


Neh, whatever, I'll just rip into it. Well at the closest, your civilization was destroyed ~13,000 years ago, there's the ancient seafaring race which I assume was kinda Mediterranean, but red hairs and blue eyes and all. Back from earlier. All the pyramids. Welp we do that to balance the wobble of your planet, otherwise your weather would be shittier. You can find the same constructions in the same dimensions at the same latitudes on Mars. Look and see

c40fc5  No.12814763


No I want to know everything about the giant and old civilisations. Why are you so afraid of the old civilisations? They are long dead so they cannot hurt you, can it?

c40fc5  No.12814766

>Giant flood

790889  No.12814772


It actually goes back further than you could imagine, millions of years. And you don't need to know about that because it a'int gonna help ya. As for Giants? I've recruited them as shock troops because they hate kikes and kikebots, because of the genetic tests and whatnot. Ho boy if you see giants eating kikes shit has definitely hitting the fan

c40fc5  No.12814777


That was a typo but okay, please show me the photo of the giant shock troopers.

790889  No.12814778

File: 098be540dff8a4a⋯.jpg (77.83 KB, 375x200, 15:8, Окаменелый-механизм.jpg)


<300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia, Aluminum Gear Not Of Natural Forces


790889  No.12814788

File: 4348058a5bdf7e2⋯.jpg (84.89 KB, 600x394, 300:197, giant bones.jpg)


Topcheck. I always feel surprised I have to tell people of the huge effort the Smithsonian has gon through to take all of these bones and hide them. I just assume people know kinda the same stuff as me. Which is arrogant of me. I'm sorry

48ffb0  No.12814804


Reminder that CM wants these kinds of schizo posters on /pol/ to make us look like retards.

790889  No.12814807


<Maybe if I struggle just a little more

Why bother?

c40fc5  No.12814808

>>12814788 checked

I said “giant shock troopers”, not dead giant bones. I am not surprised if the giants used to be extant long time ago. Everything were big due the very high oxygenised environment during Carboniferous times. The giants wouldn’t survive today.

790889  No.12814811


You really want me to go into the living giants? Just the fact that their bones are here isn't good enough for you? I don't dance for faggots, boy

790889  No.12814815


Give me something of yourself and I'll continue

48ffb0  No.12814822


Carboniferous Period

358.9–298.9 million years ago

Quaternary Period

2.58–0 million years ago

Go eat shit you fucking retarded clown nigger.

599292  No.12814827

File: 7a3243f4e10e021⋯.jpg (216.39 KB, 925x801, 925:801, 7a3243f4e10e021825f497a88b….jpg)

790889  No.12814834


I'll do the work for 30% of your soul. Still want the banned intel?

c40fc5  No.12814836


It look photoshopped to me so I don’t believe you.


Yes I know.

c40fc5  No.12814841


We have ID number here anon so stop talking to yourself.

790889  No.12814849


The very first pic I gave you "isn't enough proof", eh? You're not worth my time


It's so everyone else can follow along. Or did you think you exist outside of my pleasure? Oh, the hubris.

c9ac49  No.12814863


Nigger you've shown us a straight out of google picture of a giant humanoid. That's cool, but how is that supposed to make us believe the claim about giants being alive today?

790889  No.12814865

File: 2c63ea9ad22ed3f⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 197x255, 197:255, c642a843bd0d8aec3762c00db5….jpg)


>TFW you curb stomp someone online

Let's make this more concrete, shall we? But it just runs away. Tell me, where in this world do you think you can go to to get away once I've catalogued you? Ya think you can dig a hole deep enough to hide in? Please do try

790889  No.12814869


Do as I command. Do the tiniest modicum of research into the Smithsonian hiding giant bones. Then come and give me 30% of your soul, which really isn't even enough, and I'll tell you what I know

790889  No.12814872


<I beg you to enlighten me

Wow, probably the first time I've heard that line

c9ac49  No.12814880


>30 percent of your soul

Best I can do is three… How does one exchange a piece of one's soul for knowledge anyway? How is that even supposed to work? How do I know how much I've got left? If I've got 100 and you'll take 30, how will that influence my life? I'm genuinely curious what do you mean.

790889  No.12814888


You'll just feel a little hazy for awhile. You can regrow it if you're not completely useless. How do? Just ask, and mean it. But I don't find you to be worth even consumption, so don't bother

c40fc5  No.12814889


I am not giving you my soul but maybe someone will. All I ask for is the fresh videos of the living giant shock troopers.

790889  No.12814894


<plz act upon me

Neh. Why would I? You can't even do research when I spoonfeed you. Feminine bitch boyz on this planet, huh? Does one of you have a backbone?

790889  No.12814896


Do yourself a favor and bow out of this thread, he's getting heated

66b563  No.12814938

i am not a spiritual person but i dont have anything against esoteric hitlerists, i simply pursued higher formal education in utterly technical matters and material world is complex and beautiful enough to me, i find laser ignition in a (ram)jet engine and aeronautics fascinating enough that i do not need to dabble in any spirits and buzzwords to find life meaningful

anyway, to me it seems atlantis is this mythical thing that is not very well known, so you get to project all sorts of personal bullshit onto it

that's it

atlantis for right wingers is what non industrial, non technical academia is for leftists, this pseudo intellectual crap for them to feel important as holders of some esoteric knowledge that cant be applied and is basically useless objectivelly and empirically but you get to feel good about it

my only advice for atlantis enthusiasts is to put their zeal and enthusiasm in technical skills, future fatherland will need nuclear submarines and drone carriers, spend some of your atlantis time studying math and engineering, make some prophets with those new marketable skills you obtain, and start saving experience and materiel for the struggle against judea

4aa346  No.12814950

File: fdbcd24ed5d7da8⋯.jpg (365.86 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Richat Structure 02.jpg)

File: 5540817aa3ab207⋯.jpg (108.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RICHAT 3.jpg)



decent trips but control your fucking spacebar nigger

I see you shitting up multiple threads all throughout the day using your spacebar with wanton abandon

control your fucking spacebar you triple NIGGER

0c8f7e  No.12814976


The geography tells the story big time. Look at the three major… major fucking differences. That is man made. Extremely old and well past any semblance of knowing what was truly there but there is zero doubt that is man made.

000000  No.12815191



>the myth says wiped out in a day , and unpassable due to mud


>not sunk



Is it a reliable translation?

So he was talking about an archipelago, with Atlantis being the main island, at least politically, harboring the capital of this empire, and somehow one could easily reach the other "boundless continent" by hoping from one island to the other?

That's the image I get in my head when reading this.

I'm puzzled though, by the mixing of times, with the reference of Athens adjacent in time to Atlantis.

I think he was trying to be nice with Solon but Plato may have well taken huge liberties there regarding the story of Athens.

Back then they didn't have archeology and history as solid sciences.


This would be disastrous. I think the crust would stretch or compress in many parts, cracking and spewing lava. Many acres of land would actually end eaten by the planet.

No trace of any city would be left around, it would be a complete reboot.

However even if this were to happen, our satellites and the whole polluted orbits, from near to long, would prove the existence of someone like us to anyone living in the future.

Assuming no mini-nova burns all that stuff to particles though.

It's insane how to think that now, we're casually talking of massive reboots.


>Anyone got any good "hole" pics that aren't hurricanes?

This thread is super mega serious but it's still a chan though. Asking for this…


>please please PLEASE do NOT trust Blavatsky.

Maybe we need a Blavatsky bread?


So maybe it should be time to sort things out? To separate the nag from the nog?


Or never ever saw the face of a nigger.


>advanced ancient civilization

Perhaps we should stop using advanced so often? Ancient civilization is plain enough.

Civilization presupposes a lot already in terms of technology and social organization.


>The richat structure is the remnant of a planetary lighnting bolt, not atlantis.

Excuse me?



Hosted in France; denies the existence of races.

They be filtering a shitlot methinx.

>I am kind of stuck on where to go next in my research

Tibet or that place in Sweden or Norway with the "natural" runes in that rocky vein. It's a mineral vein that runs along the surface. After further observation it's said there are no runes, just cracks that look like runes.

8a5bd3  No.12815200


That picture is fake, ya' know.

I actually know the origin of that particular photo.

000000  No.12815241


What zones specifically?

I heard they went to Palmyra, found stuff and then destroyed the rest. I recall something like even that "French" prime Sarkozy summoned to that place, but I may be remembering things wrong.


Yeah, like in this movie with Morgan Freeman.

Big boom. Big wave. Although in truth there should have been massive earthquakes too but the movie completely passed on that.


Is this paleolarping or what? :)



They measure the age of stone, and say it's the age of the device? That seems broken.

Also the picture is for the older device.

>Not so long ago in Russia a mechanical device was found in volcanic rock which was dated 400 million years before the current era (B.C.E)

>It was found on the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, 150 miles from the village of Tigil, by archaeologists at the University of St. Petersburg among found strange fossils. The reliability of the finds has been certified. According to archaeologist Yuri Golubev the find amazed experts as it was some sort of a machine.

Looks like petrified aquatic lifeforms.

000000  No.12815242


Pretty much all giant pictures are fake.

Giants, Aliens, etc.

Everything BUT Whites.

000000  No.12815246


I can sell you oil that will heal your soul bro.



Richat looks like the leftover from an asteroid impact, with hardened ripples and all that.

000000  No.12815592


Good for thought regarding themove of early Whites, but hardly convincing in order to explain the hair, eye and skin color.

We have primitive people still fishing a lot in the southern parts of the globe, they've been doing so for a long long time, yet they don't get any smarter because of fish consumption, nor do they get whiter as a matter of fact.

8a5bd3  No.12815859

File: b61860a44287ceb⋯.jpg (135.67 KB, 753x370, 753:370, Acropolis of Athens 1500 B….jpg)


>Is it a reliable translation?

As far as I know it is. Other translations are virtually identical.

The opposite continent sounds suspiciously like the Americas. Interesting.

The city of Athens dates back to Mycenaean days at the very latest with evidence of a village there since the Neolithic.

Pic related is Mycenaean Athens. A minor city at the time but not insignifigant. She would have contributed warriors to the great achaean army that conquered Troy.

c78e0a  No.12815946

File: 1b2d13a57c01752⋯.png (965.77 KB, 932x617, 932:617, dead nigger storage.png)


>People who use proper spacing as opposed the the spacing Twatter trained them to use are all shills

It's science fact that double spacing after sentences makes a paragraph objectively easier to read. Fucking kids these days


>That picture is fake, ya' know.

Mebbe, I just snagged the first one that popped up. And I know kikes like to throw up chaff, but it's an imageboard and I wanted an image. They got the fucking bones, son. More than that. They got these fuckers locked up and are trying to do genetic engineering to make super soldiers. Eh, I'm not one for letting the weak not fear the strong, so let's spin the wheel one more time


>Looks like petrified aquatic lifeforms.

If you want to look into it, the truth is out there

>3.6-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Unveiled to Public

>Assembling "Little Foot," the oldest hominid skeleton ever found in Southern Africa, was an effort that took more than 20 years.


But don't expect it to be the first result that pops up. A lot of this shit is flack, which means you're over the target

0a8901  No.12816608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e0b09  No.12816981


That geography appears to have been caused by a massive bot of electricity, arcing against the earth.

c40fc5  No.12816987


Just like Mars?

3e0b09  No.12817115


This, the real reason Saddam got executed.

8fe858  No.12817158


This is like saying the United States is in Iraq because they built a military base there. Please read a book. Atlanits was/is in Antarctica which is why no one is allowed to just go down there without military escort.

8fe858  No.12817164


And hebrew is based on the star of david

d8d342  No.12817258


The majority of common plastics take only 1000 years to break down fully. Only 1000 years. The max for sone specific ones is 2000-4000 years. And within the first 300 years plastic is already ground down into particles smaller than silt, taking another 700 for the bonds of all the molecules to break apart. So no, any plastics from past civilizations are completely gone without a trace. Same with buildings. The concrete and steel is turned to soil/sand within 1000 years.

0c8f7e  No.12817654


If we set aside Atlantis and focus on what else is mentioned we may be able to narrow down location and so on much better. For example, these parts really stand out to me:

>This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable

Why did the Atlantic become unnavigable? What made it navigable any different than before/after? There are thousands of years of history showing all those civilizations sailing in the Atlantic so what exactly took place to make that specific area difficult to navigate through? It wouldn't be a rise of sea water as that wouldn't change anything. There is only one location in the Atlantic with a history of causing serious issues for ships and that is the Bermuda Triangle but back to the main question, what makes an ocean impossible to navigate during that time period?

>Straits of Heracles is only a harbour

This point directly at Carthage which is (literally) right there next to the Straights but Carthage had no historical issues until Rome. However, what if Carthage was considered to be PART of the Atlantean empire and encompassed their boundary lines? That would solve the question as to the mention of the straights. I mean… I think we may be looking at this incorrectly in that we are focusing on one major city center while the empire stretched across a huge amount of territory.

>Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated

- This right here is the part that always interested me because the Ancient Egyptians were fucking gurus when it came to keeping records. However, there is only one major invasion force that we have records of and that fits the profile set forth. The Sea People.

Long story short I think there is a lot of data here we can narrow down to help us.

4af70e  No.12817756

So of Atlantis was a world wide empire, what was the use of non-whites? Were they involved in the society as an underclass or slaves like in Roman times?

8a5bd3  No.12817757

File: 899d31c39ebffba⋯.jpg (70.61 KB, 565x424, 565:424, Ugarit Corbel.jpg)

File: d8fb0bcf8d344a3⋯.jpg (172.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sea People.jpg)

File: 6208c14f86d8632⋯.png (957.66 KB, 830x563, 830:563, 2.png)


>Why did the Atlantic become unnavigable? What made it navigable any different than before/after?

Well, I can answer that one. Greek ships were shall we say, not the most sea worthy vessels in the world. Roman ships (based on Greek ones) were so poor at Atlantic travel that BOTH times Caesar invaded Britain, his ships were pushed off course by the currents and winds.

What Greek ships need to travel in the Atlantic are calmer waters and less unpredictable and strong winds. Natural harbours created by the Island(s) of Atlantis could theoretically solve this problem. And even if the winds and currents remained as strong as present, islands across the Atlantic would still make it more navigable by providing rest stops to resupply as that was another problem with Greek ships; little room for supplies.

>what if Carthage was considered to be PART of the Atlantean empire

Presumably, it would have been if the Atlantean Empire expanded to "the borders of Egypt"

> The Sea People.

Indeed. If this legend recounts real events, the collapse of the Late Bronze Age would be the perfect time for it. After all, not only was Egypt invaded by very organized invaders whose origins are still a mystery, but Athens (the Mycenaeans) were being attacked at the same time… along with the Hittites, Alyshia, the Levant city states, and all coastal regions. Interestingly, even the Assyrian Empire too drastic actions at this time. First attacking Babylon. Capturing and annexing its land and then mysteriously retreating and entering a period of internal conflict and isolationism. Abandoning many of its outer territories and allowing Arameans, Phrygians, and Persians to encroach upon their lands.

Interestingly, while the lands of the Hittites and Mycenaeans show a remarkable decline in population and almost all cities were burned to the ground (some never to be inhabited again) Athens not only survived but grew during this time and there is no layer of destruction in Athens. A rare survivor in a period of remarkable calamity.

The ancient fortress cities of Gla, Mycenae, and Hattusa were not so fortunate.

6ba635  No.12817807

File: 73d541459abf5f7⋯.jpg (174.79 KB, 687x988, 687:988, 8158e2a7d81ef4d87f42556a64….jpg)

8a5bd3  No.12817880


>too drastic actions at this time.

took drastic actions

c40fc5  No.12818086


I like to know this as well. I imagine there is fewer races than today but who knows that would be wrong?

acefa5  No.12818250


Hardly existed outside of a few tribes and troops, they all look the same and have hardly any artifacts because they're a very young 'race'.

If your ancestors saw how many nigger there were it would be as confusing as you seeing a few billion abbos.

000000  No.12818567


the kingdom of tartary

430619  No.12818605

File: f134fde34a5906e⋯.mp4 (9.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Satkona.mp4)


Hebrew is based on the Canaanite script, the "Star of David" wasn't even known to Semitic peoples until the late Medieval ages when Muslims brought it from Persia/India to Jerusalem. Its ancient name is the "Satkona" from sanskrit and its mark is for binding others to you. The Satkona was also known to the Romans and Germanics but all inscriptions of it in and around "Jerusalem" are made by Muslims after 600 A.D. or in jewish writings it only occurs after the Middle Ages, coincidence?

0c8f7e  No.12819142


History definitely makes it clear that it was not multicultural so I think it's safe to say they were either used as slave labor or completely left alone and thought to be inferior. We MAY find some answers in African folklore and myth hidden within but I wouldn't count my breath given it is Africans and they are the youngest in terms of to crawl out of the primordial muck and thus are considerably far behind every other group.

133870  No.12819352


Great summary. I find it to be a very compelling theory.

The one problem with the theory (the elevation making it difficult to surround the site with water) could also be explained as just an error in the story. I mean, the story was already thousands of years old by the time Plato wrote it down. If you find 10 points of agreement with what was written down and one point that doesn't agree, that's a pretty good record.

Maybe the people themselves flooded the land between the rings and cultivated it. Maybe over time that detail was accidentally changed into the account we have now.

047f69  No.12819387

Atlantis chronicles the rise of white man out of the primordial soup. It is testament to great technological advancement, the cradle of civilisation and underlines who is the master of this world; the white race. Facts about Atlantis are being obscured by (((conspiracies))) and (((science))) because the simple fact that white men owns this world is dangerous to the kike. Reality about Atlantis, and how white men fanned out across the globe to share their technology and life, religion and dedication, dragging apes up to the level of humans, would be too big a unifier to ever destroy.

Atlantis can be found in the Sahara. The true cradle of all humanity on earth. YFW the out of Africa theory is actually about white men.

c40fc5  No.12821241

What is the level for Atlantis Empire? They were almost everywhere on Earth. At first, I thought Atlantis was a city but it turned out that I am wrong.

785395  No.12824062

Bump for more information.

64d2b2  No.12824067


Sage because CM wants this kind of content on /pol/

000000  No.12824231


Not only Plato's fiction would require Athens then leading a coalition of coastal town's armies against Atlantis, but we're talking about an empire here. One that logically knew he western part of the Mediterranean Sea like its own cellar, at the very least.

Plus the story of Atlantis presupposes a very distant set of cities that are now gone. This pushes the Atlantean timeline way beyond the Mycenaean age.

Or maybe Plato conflated two timelines and talked about Atlantis in its prime followed by the few survivors who settled all over Spain, France, Ireland maybe and around many once South Mediterranean satellites cities of the Empire during the following millennia?

The only reasons people ascribe any kind of reality to Atlantis is the geographical data and the sudden disaster tale. It makes it rank above a mere allegory.

Next time someone sees Plato, ask him for his sources please. I mean, an Egyptian monk said to a friend said to a sailor said to me…

0c8f7e  No.12824236


>Africa theory is actually about white men.

Yeah one of the biggest loads of rewriting history bullshit they ever pulled off actually as Libya, Algeria and that whole northern area was very much a white area long… LONG before the Arabs and Blacks came knocking.

Difficult to truly know where we originated from as there are several options but I think one thing is very much clear and that is we are the oldest race. Our history offers fragments before even the oldest records of ancient China and that is very old. Not to mention the blue eyed mummies when blue eyes didn't even exist until about 12,000 years ago on large scale and all originated from a common ancestor so says modern science. If true that truly plays into the other worldly factor and forces us to consider the Annunaki.

Something I have always been curious about and that is if the Annunaki were actually the Atlanteans given the flood timelines by the Sumerians and the Lower Dryas add up very close. It would actually explain a fuck load if the Atlanteans were the Annunaki and also the Sea People after their empire shattered.

000000  No.12824239



*salivating intensifies*

Moar fax plz

000000  No.12824245


Shitty concrete. Certainly not roman concrete.

785395  No.12824286


You can look up on the map of Mars and you can see the giant scar that look like a huge lightening scar across the land. No clue how it caused that massive scar. I think that is what it killed Mars. Who knows?

000000  No.12824291


> It wouldn't be a rise of sea water as that wouldn't change anything

Would actually change a lot with the streams's temperatures, the sunken land redirecting currents from below, bigger waves, etc.

Islands are natural obstacles to big currents.


>- This right here is the part that always interested me because the Ancient Egyptians were fucking gurus when it came to keeping records. However, there is only one major invasion force that we have records of and that fits the profile set forth. The Sea People.

Vestigial forces of the destroyed Atlantean Empire, never ever recovered form its former glory? Perhaps launching some raids from the Azores?

It is interesting that Solon is indeed said having been leading the Hellenes. So a coalition then?


>So of Atlantis was a world wide empire, what was the use of non-whites? Were they involved in the society as an underclass or slaves like in Roman times?

The proximity to Africa and the Mediterranean trade routes would have likely led the Atlantean Empire to fall in the same traps?

There's a big problem with all that though: the absolute massive lack of data about any such empire or even city.

Lots of data were stored in Alexandria and perhaps lost, but comparatively, this was a late project and it was said that the library was destroyed twice, whilst some scrolls and stuff had been transferred to some other places after the first damage.

Perhaps Atlantis is a name that got altered by accident when the story was orally transmitted?


>Attack of the Sea Peoples

Athens is a tough bitch to take when you look at the city's position and local geography.

Besides the Athenians people could always spread inland and counter-strike from other parts of the coast. Not so much for people living on islands.

That said, 12~13th C. BC, that's too recent imho.

000000  No.12824299



Thieves be thieves.

8a5bd3  No.12824410

File: 6248824ef450fe4⋯.jpg (139.29 KB, 948x843, 316:281, Attack on Mycenae.jpg)

File: 7d1afd6fee127c5⋯.jpg (72.28 KB, 800x539, 800:539, Sack of Troy.jpg)


The dates Plato gave are indeed a big problem for Atlantis advocates as, at the time, nothing even resembling a major city existed in Athens.


>Athens is a tough bitch to take when you look at the city's position and local geography.

I wouldn't be so sure. After all, whatever catastrophe annihilated the great cities of the Bronze Age destroyed the great fortress cities of Gla, Mycenae, and Hattusa as well. All further inland than Athens.

0c8f7e  No.12824451


>So a coalition then?

I think so. It makes the most sense and it was actually fairly common even then if we consider the Delian League, Greece Coalition versus Troy and other examples. You know this opens another door as well which speaks to a much higher level of intelligence then that era is given typically. Uniting against a common foe is normal but if we consider the distance between those areas and that era it really speaks to a more interconnected region through trade, alliances, marriages, etc. This is an important point I think because there is evidence that shows whatever came before the Lower Dryas was equally interconnected through trade. Point being, perhaps Atlantis at its peak were the ones who actually ruled over that entire region and it was them who set up the networks. Rome did the same thing many years later so it definitely has precedence to have occurred even when communication and travel were shit.

Back to the Sea People though, yeah, you know this is the first time someone actually was in agreement about this possibility and that is good because it makes the most logical sense. Either it was, as you stated or it was an opportunistic set of groups looking to take over what Atlantis lost due to their collapse.

One thing is certain and that is the victory by Egypt was very important in history as we know that both Egypt and Greece (for certain) considered it a major event which speaks to the Sea People being a much more powerful force than just being random raiding bands roaming about. I mean it makes sense if you think about it from the perspective of Atlantean citizens. You lose your city center and much of your wealth and those controlling other areas put together a force to attempt to regain control over the territory while setting up a new city center and when it was repelled that opened the door for Ancient Greece and Egypt to take the reigns in their regions (among other places but we do not yet have any corroborating info on that yet). Turkey, Italy (Etruscan probably), Iberia and other areas may be able to help put the theory together if we can find evidence from those areas that echoes Plato and Egypt's records.

8a5bd3  No.12824550

File: ab3fc1dbc3a00a7⋯.jpg (258.63 KB, 800x728, 100:91, Etruscan Pendant 700 BC.jpg)


The Etruscans were not Greek. Interestingly they were a pre-Indo-European civilization. Although, the Greeks believed that the Etruscans originated from Lydians fleeing the Trojan war. The Romans on the otherhand generally accepted that the Etruscans were as native to Italy as the Latins were.

0c8f7e  No.12824817


I think there is ample material that links the Etruscans to Troy as well as Rome. Rome claimed to directly descend from the Princes of Troy which I do not believe to be true but I think the Etruscan's did and when the Romans enveloped the Etruscan's they took that mantle as their own. Anyhow good post, you're right.

The Etruscan's are another very interesting group that is so very rarely discussed anywhere.

2ed627  No.12825634



Besides the obvious ridiculousness of this entire thing, if neither Atlanteans or Germans could build an atom bomb they aren't worth saving especially when the former would have had plenty of time to get high grade uranium from seawater or could have used some sort fusion power device (or some other incredible power source) to refine uranium into bomb fuel.

What's a civilization worth if they couldn't do the one thing fat assed Americans could? Even South Africans did it and Brazil was almost there.

823018  No.12825847

File: 2bf225edbd1529b⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 670x496, 335:248, 1449352609976.jpg)

Atlantis was a Aryan / Nordic / White / European (whatever term you want to use nation-state that existed in antiquity, which was situated on the lowlands of the historical coastlines during the last ice age, which are now underwater due to rising sea levels after the ice age ended.

Folklore from around the world reference a great flood roughly 10-12,000 years ago. This was close to the time of the end of the last ice age, so historians and archeologists just assumed that ancient peoples had exaggerated the gradual increase in sea levels due to the thawing to a massive sudden flood. But then they discovered entire villages and small towns submerged in the North and Baltic Seas. This confused scientists, as they figured that populations would have torn down their structures and moved inland as the sea levels slowly rose, not just abandon them to be swallowed up. Further more, if they were slowly submerged by rising sea levels, erosion from the crashing waves and currents would have torn the structures apart. This provided credence to the possibility of them being submerged in one catastrophic flood. The problem is that would require some cataclysmic event, like a super-volcanic eruption or massive astral impact, which there was no evidence of one around that time. There is geological evidence that the end of the last ice age had a sort of stutter-step, where global temperatures and sea levels rose sharply, then receded back somewhat, then turned around again and gradually proceeded to modern day levels. This shifting back and forth indicates that there may have been some external force that caused that sudden change, but there was no known event at the time that could have been the attributing factor.

Until a few months ago. Evidence has emerged of a massive impact crater in Greenland, close to the North Pole. Geologic samples estimate the age of the impact crater to be around 12,000 years old, which makes it a prime candidate for the trigger of such a worldwide flood. Along with matching the timeline, its massive size and impact location in the North Pole solved the previous issue with the flood theory: The lack of any evidence of a geological event large enough to trigger world-wide flooding. The crater, and thus the meteor, are extremely large, one of the largest impact craters discovered on earth, only surpassed by the meteors that triggered the Cambrian and Cretaceous extinctions. That impact would have generated more than enough energy to cause the flooding. Its impact location was ideal as well. Being smack dab in the middle of the arctic, this ensured that most of the energy released by the impact was absorbed by the frozen ice, instead of splashing into already thawed water or the dry lands closer to the equator. Its impact location also dealt with the final issue: the lack of historical recording. The ancient folk tales and religious myths make mention of the flood, but not of what caused it (or they attribute it to some god or other magical being). If this impact crater in the North Pole was the cause, the lack of knowledge would make sense as nobody would have been remotely close enough to witness the impact. Tremors would have likely been felt around the world, but without knowledge of the meteor strike, ancient peoples would have chalked it up as being no different than any other tremor they've experienced. People not living on or around fault lines would have been shocked, but considering that most locations with low seismic activity were not close to coast lines of the time, by the time they learned of the floods, enough time would have passed between events for a causation, or at the least a correlation to be drawn between them was slim to none.

TL;DR Atlantis was an ancient white society that was submerged by a massive flood caused by a massive meteor strike in the North Pole which melted a metric fuck ton of ice and triggered the end of the last ice age.

8a5bd3  No.12825967

File: 468daa542b638a9⋯.jpg (23.44 KB, 237x288, 79:96, Etruscan woman.jpg)


>I think there is ample material that links the Etruscans to Troy as well as Rome.

I'd be interested in reading an argument for why this is.

Even many contemporary Greek historians doubted the story that the Etruscans were Lydians. Dionysius of Halicarnassus for instance wrote, "I do not believe…that the Tyrrhenians were a colony of the Lydians; for they do not use the same language as the latter, nor can it be alleged that, though they no longer speak a similar tongue, they still retain some other indications of their mother country. For they neither worship the same gods as the Lydians nor make use of similar laws or institutions, but in these very respects they differ more from the Lydians than from the Pelasgians."

An important note is that the Pelasgians were also a paleo-European group that predated the Greeks and Mycenaeans.

823018  No.12825990


Etruscans were vile semitic-african mongrels that practiced ritual sacrifice and child rape.

8a5bd3  No.12826016

File: 390878e9fa0bef8⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 1100x1624, 275:406, Etruscan statue.jpg)


Got any evidence to back up your claim?

01bff1  No.12826057





01bff1  No.12826080


no one ever gives a realistic suggestion to what this fucking stupid purse was.

it is just presented, without explanation or context "DUDE THE GUY IS THE SAME PURSE IN WHOLE WORLD MAN LOOK GUY WOW PURSE!!!! PROVES EVERYTHING!!!!"

Why, what is it, why does it look like that, what is the significance.

It might as well just be a bucket for holding sand and representing cement manufacturers.

01bff1  No.12826104


everyone was a nigger until 5,000 years ago according to the kikes nowadays.

see cheddar-niggerman, and the 'swedish' somalian idiocy they've been pushing in the last few weeks.

in reality, modern humans did not come from africa, and were NEVER there.

The out of africa theory was an invention of the 1960s, to tie in with the civil rights propaganda in the US, and is entirely political in its construction.

Before that, the consensus among academics was a combination of out of asia and multiple origin theory.

Both of these can be found in the book "Erectus Among Us", which has been banned by several (((western))) governments. Use a proxy and find a copy of it or check out the website. It is worth the read, and makes far more sense than the WE WUZ NIGZ nonsense they flood us with.

5ec56b  No.12827024


>spacebar nigger

Two spaces between sentences is basic knowledge that is older than the internet, you outcomes-based education actual nigger. Stop shitting up my internet with your ooga-booga, Tyrone.

d6e576  No.12827041

File: 59b0b5b0f7f81b8⋯.jpg (168.38 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 5b39c6465379ff3058480131.jpg)


>tfw countless archaeological sites surrounded by mudpeople so we can't actually investigate them much beyond their initial findings

3f5430  No.12827095


how does gematria play into this?

63a5f2  No.12827099

Its Newfoundland

b03605  No.12827139

Where the fuck even is Atlantis? If it is truly in the Atlantic, how could Greeco-Roman culture even spread out that far?

bf974b  No.12827195


This is the most accurate post in this thread.

acefa5  No.12827203

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mars being a lightning scarred planet is an interesting theory.

bf974b  No.12827219


Scratch that, this is:


0c8f7e  No.12827634


I'll tell you this. Looking at it now more closely than I ever have it comes off to me as a historical record. The implication blows my mind if it were true but there is no way to prove it but when I see it I see animals/different creatures headed in the direction of the hand bags only to emerge as young creatures from the bag. Look closely at the Tepe one especially. You can see small creatures, all three different, right above those hand bags.

Fuck… this tells me they are meant to signify holding pens and what myth speaks about this very thing? I don't believe Noah had a male/female of every species of course but they damn well would have tried to save the lifestock animals and whatever else they could safely bring. But what happens after, where do they store them when the can build again?

A place with pens, animals bones scattered all over it, walls, underground irrigation and filtration. Tepe has all of these. So, total theory of course, this is a version of the Noah Arc myth. The myth goes he lands on Mount Ararat which is not all that far from the Tepe site. They land, they search for a place to rebuild/store the animals, they build Tepe as an ancient fallout bunker, and then they begin to spread out and repopulate that region.

5ec56b  No.12828048

File: 43c7cc7600a4ac0⋯.gif (116.61 KB, 509x503, 509:503, fig2.gif)


>Folklore from around the world reference a great flood roughly 10-12,000 years ago. This was close to the time of the end of the last ice age, so historians and archeologists just assumed that ancient peoples had exaggerated the gradual increase in sea levels due to the thawing to a massive sudden flood. But then they discovered entire villages and small towns submerged in the North and Baltic Seas. This confused scientists, as they figured that populations would have torn down their structures and moved inland as the sea levels slowly rose, not just abandon them to be swallowed up. Further more, if they were slowly submerged by rising sea levels, erosion from the crashing waves and currents would have torn the structures apart. This provided credence to the possibility of them being submerged in one catastrophic flood. The problem is that would require some cataclysmic event

let's say you have some inland area that is below sea level, like the present-day death valley? and let's assume that gradually-rising sea levels eventually break through at some narrow juncture like the Strait of Hormuz, Straight of Gibraltar, or Bosphorus Straight. well, you'd then have a very rapidly-rising flood on those inland areas, submerging whole villages who'd be lucky to escape with their lives and a few necessities.


afc236  No.12828210

File: 9d1bed789955777⋯.jpg (146.55 KB, 644x605, 644:605, 612444746f7073a94cd38f4a64….jpg)



Mandatory posting

1bb456  No.12828388


Any sus for Steppe school you recommend? Wouldn't it be great if the "Out of Africa" theory that is shoved down everyone's multikulti throat in primary school was total bullshit, the (obvious) is proven that there are different races of "human" originating in different locations. Then the "Out of Africa" theory would have to be changed to "Never Left Africa."

c260f7  No.12828425

Multiple things for this….

1. Tartaria was a giant Aryan super empire from which you can find their mummys burried everywhere and their pyramids are all over china and the entire history was erased by the communists and their (((allies))) as mentioned in a CIA FOIA document you can find on their site.

2. Doggerland

3. the huge sunken island to the west of europe that was submerged at the same time as Doggerland.

d6f6d4  No.12828594


If you only knew how complicated reality is

d6f6d4  No.12828598


Thanks anon. I hope you are right.

8a5bd3  No.12829203

File: 49d8edcd6d1c319⋯.jpg (527.79 KB, 2878x1276, 1439:638, Kurgan Chad.jpg)

>>12828388 (check'd and heil'd)

Indeed. The Out_Of_Africa.jpg meme was conveniently developed just as the jews were pushing multi-culturalism in America. It's easy to do archeological digs in Africa because so little of it is actually inhabited. Whereas in Europe, the most viable land for our ancestors is either buried under 20 layers of civilization or simply underwater.

And of course you have a positive feedback loop; Anthropologists are told that you will find older hominoids in Africa, therefore more anthropologists search in Africa.

As for recommendations for Steppe school, I cannot remember specific books but just search around with keywords like "proto-Indo-European" and "Steppe" or "Scythian steppe" and "origin" or something.

The alternative theories are that it arose around modern day Armenia in Anatolia or in the Caucuses, this latter I find to be unlikely. Another place of origin that I have heard is in central Asia around Lake Baikal.

Fun fact; feminists are obsessed with the Kurgan people and blame them for introducing male power.

Much of this theory of theirs seems to stem from their emotional hatred of their "penis shaped" monuments. Fucking kek.

000000  No.12829242


>Old European has brown eyes instead of blue

>Kurganite has blue eyes instead of brown

I kinda liked the meme, but this tiny details spoils everything.


Out of Africa is true. The trouble is that it is incomplete. The Negros are returnees from the Middle East that have about 10% of their DNA mixed with an unknown hominid source, hence they devolved into simpler, stupider beings. So Negroids are not a basal or pure form of Eurasians, it's the reverse - the Eurasians are closer to original Homo Sapience.

Mongoloids have larger Neanderthal DNA than Europeoids, also both Australoids and Mongoloids have Denisovan DNA Europeoids lack totally.

Ironically the Europeans seem to be the least mixed race.

3a8908  No.12829264

8a5bd3  No.12829461

File: ad150d62d5182c1⋯.png (564.25 KB, 815x1600, 163:320, Minoan woman.png)

File: 6dd63d888626c41⋯.jpg (134.36 KB, 693x554, 693:554, Minoan Warrior Fresco.jpg)


It's a meme, not an anthropological study.

I agree though.

Also, the idea that paleo-Europeans were matriarch worshiping egalitarian pacifistic cucks is as baseless as all feminist claims. This meme is more a jab at these dumbass leftists than a statement on the genetic makeup of PIE.

In truth they were warlike, territorial, hierarchical, and while there is a greater degree of goddess worship on average than IE groups, it is not as extreme as bourgeoisie feminists who don't actually do any historical research claim. Much of the idea that PE were egalitarian feminists stems from ridiculous levels of extrapolation of Minoan society based on modern interpretation of Minoan society.

For instance, feminists claim that Minoan women were "sexually liberated" because some women wore open breasted dresses. That does not follow. These pampered cunts are iewing history through a modern lense. Occam's razor says that this is just the style that the Minoan women preferred.

Also, most Minoans did not dress this way. This was mostly an elite thing…

btw, Minoans had heirarchical elites. So the egalitarian bullshit can also be thrown out the window.

Feminists also claim baselessly that Minoan women were politically more powerful than men. Upon what to they base this claim? They extrapolate this based on the fact that there are statuettes of women whom they insist were either priestesses or political figues.

And even if they were priestesses, it does not follow that Minoan society was a matriarchy. The Athenians also had female priestesses. Would anyone in their right mind argue that the Athenians were a matriarchical society?

Finally, bourgeoisie feminist types like to claim that the Minoans were especially peaceful.

Upon what do they base this claim? The lack of walls around Minoan settlements.

This is hilarious because these same people made the claim that the Mayans were egalitarian pacifists too based upon this same reasoning… then they deciphered the Mayan language and discovered that they were indeed very violent.

And the Minoans did depict themselves engaging in warfare. This fresco from the ancinet city of Akrotiri and if you look on the upper right, you see a troop of large shield bearing soldiers approaching an enemy. And at the bottom there appears to be the results of a naval battle. Nevermind all the bronze weapons discovered on Crete.

000000  No.12829546


>Also, the idea that paleo-Europeans were matriarch worshiping egalitarian pacifistic cucks


>Ancient Sardinians



African and Middle Eastern societies genocided and enslaved one another just fine, same with natives everywhere. No reason to suppose Early European Farmers being peacenik cucks but Boomer-era fads.

8a5bd3  No.12830215

File: 8eb837bccf4eb77⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, Minoan wall at Gournia .jpg)


Indeed. Ironically, the Minoans did build defensive walls and feminists conveniently ignore them. Here's a picture from Gournia, Crete. It is by no means unique.

This isn't even new information. We've known about Minoan defensive structures since at least the 70s.

This means that feminist authors who write about this society lacking walls did precisely zero research on the very people they want to claim as proof for their theories.

2146ef  No.12830229

A lot of very good information in this thread. I recommend reading/listening to Brien Foerster, a lot of his lectures are on YT. One of his more extensive ones can be watched here: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=roX__kFKUjo

We have a board dedicated to discussion of this

thread-related info, but I'm going to be an esoteric faggot and tell you to seek it for yourself rather than link it.

Also, excellent job ignoring the (1)-post derailment shills, everyone. Give them not a single (You).

32264f  No.12830819


Source CIA document?

a15adc  No.12830908



I believe it was Altland, as in Old Land. But I could be mistaken, haven't read the book in a while.


I sincerely recommend you read the Oera Linda Bok, it will put some things in perspective. The alphabet isn't the only revelation in there, and certainly not the most surprising one.

Oh, and fuck Neptune. Fucking traitor.

a15adc  No.12830985







English translation:


Dutch translations:



0b8db4  No.12831780


Germans were the ones that discovered how to utilize nuclear fission energy. The Americans stole the German scientists that discovered this and used them to build atomic bombs.

000000  No.12832708


>I believe it was Altland, as in Old Land.

You might as well start believing in McJesus, my schizo shill. Proto-Germanic is about ~300-500 years younger than Plato, much less his imaginary Atlantis.

And Proto-Germanic *aldaz meant "grown up". As in "adult", not "old fart", cognate of Latin altus "long, tall" as in "altitude". Aldaz switched meaning from "grown-up" to "old" at about the time Western Rome had turned to shit. Aldaizǫ landą (notice nasal vowels) would mean "grown ups' land", meaningless name.

Just stop. Atlantis is derived of the Atlas titan and mountains, that is literally Westland. Need I invent a Polland and Redditia for temporary shitposting only for schizos to seek them 2350 years later?

8a5bd3  No.12832953


>What's a civilization worth if they can't build nukes? Nothing! Nehahahahaha!

a15adc  No.12833847


I was just pointing out what I read in the book. A book which the NSDAP held very dear, especially Himmler. The fact that this makes some torfag sperg out only strengthens my belief in said book.

0c8f7e  No.12833894


>Also, the idea that paleo-Europeans were matriarch worshiping egalitarian pacifistic cucks is as baseless as all feminist claims.

It's so fucking stupid. Like how they try to say Ancient Greece was a predominantly gay culture because they saw a mural with two fags. So fucking stupid…

8a5bd3  No.12834023

File: 75699283be5ef6e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 683x768, 683:768, Bettany Hughes.png)

File: e4f0a4db94cef76⋯.jpg (775.66 KB, 1159x772, 1159:772, MInoan Bull Jumping.jpg)

File: ed794e81b1f8ad9⋯.jpg (112.92 KB, 784x450, 392:225, knossos_king_throne.jpg)

File: fd9b758aeac969a⋯.jpg (80.32 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Minoan Fresco Dolphins.jpg)


Among the worst and most prominent proponents of this these days is Bettany Hughes (pictured). She used to host documentaries where she'd look at a pendant featuring scantily clad women and say "Aha! This proves that women ran society in ancient Minoa (called Kaptara in ancient texts) was run by powerful women."

What a baseless extrapolation.

Why is it that idiots cannot seem to grasp that people have always celebrated female beauty and the fact that women are featured in art is not indicative of a gynocracy?

Do Victorian paintains of beautiful women prove that women ran society in the 19th century? Do statues of beautiful women in the nude prove that ancient Athens was run by women?

No, Occam's Razor says that Kaptaran priests or kings or whoever it is who owned that particular signet was fond of beauty, as Europeans are apt to do. We rejoice in beauty. Minoans also decorated their houses with frescoes of prancing deer, fluttering birds, and flying dolphans. Does Hughes assume that Dolphines ran Minoan society too?

Kaptarans liked beauty. No wonder jews cannot understand them.

0c8f7e  No.12836488


Yeah she is exactly who I was thinking of from her atrocious Sparta documentary.

0c8f7e  No.12836570


When it comes to Troy we have very little data yet again. However, throw aside the sacking of Troy for a moment and focus on their trade networks. We do know that they held the sea lanes across most of the region which, by some accounts, was the real reason Agamemnon wanted to eradicate them. Anyhow, any country, civilization or group that controls such rich and large trading routes will always defend them with both sea faring vessels and most importantly, outposts/probably vassal colonies.

I think this is important when we consider Troy because word of Troy's destruction would have then shifted eyes to those outposts and colonies so the surviving Trojans had no choice but to flee and eventually came to the Italian region. Either that or they were already garrisoned there and, from there, the surviving Trojans became the Etruscan's. Art and decor really tell the tale in many of these cases as if one group a thousand miles away shared the exact same styles (especially in that time period) then chances are monumentally high that they were connected either by being the same group or vassal connected.

You know… more and more that we look deeper into many of these "myths" and "stories" the more they appear to have at least some basis in fact. For example, we know Jesus was a living/real person. We know many of the other religions offer the same thing with people who became myth based on various things. I bring this up because why then would the same not apply to reasonable myth such as Zeus being a real person at one point and, through the ages, just became a fixture as a "God" and stories added and added and added.

Here is why this comes up to me at moment. How long do you think it would take to truly indoctrinate a group of young people into believing something is this/that? All it takes is one person of power indoctrinating the young, killing off those who oppose them and getting rid of any evidence to the contrary. Even in this era it could happen. Look how fast in this modern age it took for things to go haywire in the west with social justice stupidity. All it takes is one generation and control of the information flow and the silencing of opposition. I bring all this up because perhaps buried in the ancient myths and legends that we all love here… perhaps there are clues. Much like the flood "myth" and much like many other examples.

000000  No.12836755


There's been a theory I caught here and there that Troy was far more semitic than usually thought.

Any idea on that?

Would quite hurt all those claims made by royals during the last 1900+ years, always looking into being related to king Priam.

000000  No.12836757

And Paris was a miscreant.

000000  No.12836794


>Yeah one of the biggest loads of rewriting history bullshit they ever pulled off actually as Libya, Algeria and that whole northern area was very much a white area long… LONG before the Arabs and Blacks came knocking.

They mostly invaded during the expansion of Islam I think, although the ethnicity of Egyptians was already massively screwed a thousand years before that time.

It's probably like India. What we are told is a golden age would be nothing more than a system on its last legs, vaguely maintained operative by the presence of capable leaders at the top, Whites for the most part.

But the true builders of pyramids would have already become legendary by then.

I'm not sure that their religion would have included that much bizarre animal-headed gods either. That might have been a later corruption.

000000  No.12836809


>I wouldn't be so sure. After all, whatever catastrophe annihilated the great cities of the Bronze Age destroyed the great fortress cities of Gla, Mycenae, and Hattusa as well. All further inland than Athens.

The relevant part would be that these three cities were not seafaring centers, and also rested on flat lands, safe for Mycenae which is a more impressive case but again strictly limited to land defense.

Having access to the sea whilst resting on high semi-barren cliffs provides a decisive advantage. It allows Athens to see and control a large band of the coast, forcing the invader to deploy further away.

Athens' position provides the city with a very solid natural defense which the other cities you mentioned quite lacked.

If the enemy comes from inside the lands, the city can save its resources with its float.

It can also count on reinforcements coming from the sea too.

Natural geographical advantages are a thing that mattered a lot back then and I'd rather be in Athens than in a city which could be attacked from any direction.

000000  No.12836823


It is sometimes claimed that Rome got its high aquatic technology from said Etruscans for the most part.

000000  No.12836836


> If this impact crater in the North Pole was the cause, the lack of knowledge would make sense as nobody would have been remotely close enough to witness the impact.

Yes I can imagine <"hey whaaaa… my pen shit i must writ… " *drowns*

>TL;DR Atlantis was an ancient white society that was submerged by a massive flood caused by a massive meteor strike in the North Pole which melted a metric fuck ton of ice and triggered the end of the last ice age.

Good old rocks…


Every time we have something interesting to say, there's like a kike to come here and ruin everything, like some nigger crawling into a castle's dancing room and shitting on the marble floor in the middle of a waltz.

000000  No.12836842


Also meaning that as time will pass on Earth, the planet may shed the extra energy imparted by this impact. So the actual see levels may be more of an anomaly than anything else.

In other words, expect more ice and greener pastures south of Europe.

We better remove the shitskins before they get used to the prophetized comfort.

000000  No.12836866


Bitches secretly wish penis shaped monuments would visit their lonely and vacuous temples.

79b65a  No.12836871

You guys DO realize this is literally the ancient white people's equivalent of "we wuz kangs and shiet!"

Why the need for a delusion over some imaginary "super empire"? We already had all the normal empires. This is fucking stupid. If they were so great, WHY ARE THEY DEAD?

4ae40f  No.12836880


That explains why it was destroyed.

000000  No.12836886

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wasn't there a fag manifesto that openly claimed it would be necessary to rewrite history (lie) about what went on on the island of Lesbos, if for the sake of the cause?

8a5bd3  No.12837237

File: ce228b8e02ed0e4⋯.jpg (40.09 KB, 800x386, 400:193, Trojan Pottery 1350 BC.jpg)

File: bc2641a8fa96635⋯.jpg (62.13 KB, 573x600, 191:200, Trojan Pottery 1100 BC.jpg)

File: 401ca5838a16f7d⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 303x539, 303:539, Very nice Bucchero Etrusca….jpg)

File: c133c533293be97⋯.jpg (130.1 KB, 800x1208, 100:151, Bucchero Etruscan Pottery ….jpg)

File: ad6df223ba90ef7⋯.jpg (93.26 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Bucchero Etruscan Pottery .jpg)


>the surviving Trojans had no choice but to flee and eventually came to the Italian region.

>Art and decor really tell the tale in many of these cases as if one group a thousand miles away shared the exact same styles

I agree that artistic taste is a good indicator of which population went where. But the problem with Troy and the Etruscans is that the Achaeans id such a bang up job in destroying Troy that we simply don't have much artwork, frescos, statues, or even pendants from Troy to compare. One method we might look to is pottery and I went to the trouble of finding some examples for us to ponder over. On the left I have Trojan and on the right, Etruscan examples of pottery.

As you can see, the Trojan examples are worse for the ware (get it? lol) so it's not really a fair comparison.

Secondly, we must bear in mind that the Trojans were great importers in pottery design and these examples are very Mycenaean in origin.

Similarly, the Etruscans imported many of their designs from the Greek mainland. Thus, I only selected the oldest styles of Etruscan pottery, from around 400 - 700 BC.

Now, there are some similarities. But to what extent this is evidence of Trojan origin, it's nearly impossible to say.

What do you think?

8a5bd3  No.12837301

File: 558c6c0ae3de4b7⋯.jpg (19.5 KB, 265x170, 53:34, Gold ring from Tyrins 1500….jpg)

File: 7e6f4951197756a⋯.jpg (43.68 KB, 250x319, 250:319, Pot from 1800 BC Kolonna G….jpg)


>The relevant part would be that these three cities were not seafaring centers, and also rested on flat lands, safe for Mycenae which is a more impressive case but again strictly limited to land defense.

I agree that Hattusa was no sea faring power. The only record of Hittite naval expedition was their intervention in Alasiya around 1200 BC. Which was driven by whatever caused the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization and is a tantalizing mystery.

However, the Mycenaeans were no strangers to sea warfare. Remember, they not only defeated and absorbed the naval kingdoms of Minoa, but had just come off of the Trojan war with a massive fleet.

And here are just a couple examples of ships in Mycenaean art.

Mind you, I agree that Athens is in a wonderful position to take advantage of sea trade while maintaining good defenses. A nearly perfect balance. Even the Spartans could not defeat her in her prime.

9da34b  No.12837733

8a5bd3  No.12837868

File: 6f7b93126dc17e5⋯.jpg (126.18 KB, 586x450, 293:225, Bucchero Ware 650 BC.jpg)

File: ec8ef28371b5a38⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 653x450, 653:450, Bucchero Ware Etruscan.jpg)

File: dfe5ce769847d17⋯.jpg (114.73 KB, 452x450, 226:225, Bucchero Ware Etruscan 550….jpg)

File: 173697d2fa581be⋯.jpg (90.68 KB, 285x450, 19:30, Very nice Bucchero Ware 60….jpg)



Here's some more beautiful Etruscan pottery from the earliest period.

Unfortunately, I just cannot find many more examples of Trojan pottery. Just Mycenaean pottery.

a2c94e  No.12837985


Similar story of toth

8605a0  No.12838999

File: 116d838ffe4db83⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 4822x3096, 2411:1548, 1330823385714.jpg)


>the Trojan examples are worse for the ware

you got me

914f72  No.12839183


Stealing this meme for shitposting as my boycott of Proctor and Gamble continues over Gillette commercials.

914f72  No.12839342

File: 1c071e06df7996e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1250x900, 25:18, atlantis121.png)

File: 9aeea233b89424e⋯.jpg (981.02 KB, 2524x1653, 2524:1653, Sturz_des_Phaeton,_Deckeng….jpg)

File: a573a8fd00ba638⋯.jpg (102.55 KB, 500x378, 250:189, phaeton.jpg)



It's not like it was just Plato who talked about Altantis.

Greeks and other ancient people knew about things that happened a long time ago that you wouldn't think they would know about.

For example in Sumerian mythology Marduk destroys Tiamat.

Also corroborated by Greek mythology. Plato tells this story as well. Which is pretty much fact.

In Plato's Timaeus, Critias tells the story of Atlantis as recounted to Solon by an Egyptian priest, who prefaced the story by saying:

"There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes. There is a story that even you [Greeks] have preserved, that once upon a time, Phaethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father's chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunderbolt. Now this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals."

According to the Titius–Bode (Bode's Law)(Now discredited sorta) suggests that, extending outward, each planet would be approximately twice as far from the Sun as the one before.

As it turns out there is a large debris field from what possibly was a planet between Mars and Jupiter. This is where Ceres, the largest asteroid/planetoid whathaveyou is.

Plato knew about this somehow though.

See the "Phaeton hypothesis".

Agricultural societies in only date back to about 7000 BCE and Athens probably didn't come about until about 3000 BC. So the possibility of the attempted regional conquest by Atlantis my well be an embellishment. Something added into a story he picked up from Egyptian or other sources to make the story seem more relevant to Greeks at the time.

There are numerous pre-Greek meglithic constructions. There was a civilization in the area that was much older than Greece. Were they what we think of as classical Greek people. Who knows. But if he was being told the story from an Egyptian. The Egyptian might have said Greeks not distinguishing the older culture from the newer.

8a5bd3  No.12839472

File: 00cf3f2912c8063⋯.jpg (60.69 KB, 640x394, 320:197, Structure on Island of Dha….jpg)


>There are numerous pre-Greek meglithic constructions.

Absolutely. The Mycenaeans and Minoans are prime examples of this. And later Greek writers make references to a people who existed before them called the Pelasgians.

A mysterious people the Pelasgians. They left precious little to us other than a few obscure Gods and some linguistic oddities in Greek names. Greek writers like Herodotus reference them living in hilly and wild places, having been displaced by the Indo-European Achaeans. And they did build things. On the Island of Dhaskalio, impressive structures have been discovered belonging to the Pelasgian Cycladic culture. (pictured)

Apparently, they even had created a drainage system. Fancy.

Indeed, contemporary Greek historians even spoke darkly about ancient cults that worshiped gods in caves that still persisted even into their time.

What do you mean about Marduk and Tiamat and the Greeks?

8a5bd3  No.12839617

File: fc77d8d97da0077⋯.jpg (157.04 KB, 800x590, 80:59, Ancient Fortress at Lerna ….jpg)

File: cbd29086de11d41⋯.jpg (228.04 KB, 800x531, 800:531, House of Tiles at Lerna 22….jpg)


There's an interesting story from Greek legend that mentions that the people of Thebes used to pay tribute to non-Achaean peoples called the Minyans. Apparently they had one king and the Thebans paid him 100 head of cattle a year. But good Herakles would not suffer Achaeans to pay tribute to a foreign king so he attacked their emissaries and sent them back to the king of the Minyans. War followed between the Achaeans and the Minyans but Herakles had his people bless their weapons in an ancient temple and through this they triumphed over the Minyans.

Archeological evidence demonstrates that there was a sort of race war going on between these two peoples. This site at Lerna is an ancient, possibly paleo-European, settlement or fortress. Clay containers with seals demonstrates that the culture here was not wholly primitive and a hierarchical civilization existed with kings and palaces.

Bear in mind that at this point, we're reaching back into fantastically ancient history as far as historical record is concerned. A time so distant that history blends into legend and myth. Any discussion about the Pelasgians is like trying to make out the outlines of distant, ancient mountains in a thick fog.

4e5ff2  No.12839629

Just read Colin Wilson - The Occult

it has an explanation of all the different theories about Atlantis in it and explains which one is legit.


4e5ff2  No.12839662



9d5fc7  No.12839680

I have no clue, other than, "and then something goes wrong."

4e5ff2  No.12839900


I think that Atlantis was just an island in the Mediterranean that sank.

About as big as Athens or any other city-state. Not the size of a continent.

4e5ff2  No.12839936


>and melts all the ice

Bullshit. Scientists have tested how old the ice is in the poles and some of it is ridiculously old. If all the ice was melted every 12,000 years there wouldn't be ice that's been around for like hundreds of millions of years.

4e5ff2  No.12839967


You know Canada built its own saucercraft in 1940s? So at least some saucercraft people have been seeing flying around are just from the Canadian Airforce. So that accounts for some of the increase in "alien sightings"

t. anon with connections

4ff351  No.12840261

File: 49519862e241f38⋯.png (1.78 MB, 966x1346, 483:673, 49519862e241f3890670566b4d….png)

f4cc3f  No.12840906


but we wuz da REAL jews n angels and aliens n shit mane don't expect any kind of answer from the schizos in this thread

000000  No.12840993

Vaguely relevant, albeit cringe worthy at times

>How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization


000000  No.12840994


Carrying the embers of the fire of knowledge?

Almost luciferish, y'know…

a6aaab  No.12840995


but you don't get it dude magnets aren't a naturally occurring geolocial phenomena us huwhites peoples invented them with arr extra big crystal craniums

7112dc  No.12841457

File: 847463b1e7f1848⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2018-09-09-18-0….png)

File: 430812054d43faf⋯.png (1.88 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2018-09-09-18-0….png)

File: e337463251070c9⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2018-09-09-18-0….png)

File: 7c32ab8300cd64b⋯.png (2.08 MB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2018-09-09-18-1….png)




>According to Greek historians Atlantis was a powerful maritime civilization

>maritime civilization



b919ea  No.12841479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not possible?

<If you only knew how bad things really are

8a5bd3  No.12842066

File: d43e77eccd1bab1⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2500x1407, 2500:1407, Island of Thera.jpg)

File: b55ec563316f1c7⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2348x3522, 2:3, Akrotiri Thera .jpg)

File: a1e6a629a5ff1ac⋯.jpg (158.96 KB, 645x769, 645:769, Fresco from Akrotiri.jpg)

File: cbd320a969e238c⋯.jpg (5.49 MB, 3000x2183, 3000:2183, Akrotiri House.jpg)

267222  No.12842111

File: cb112ef362bc116⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 1866b4ffbca5e25e0400af7630….jpg)


Fuck off NASAnigger

000000  No.12842143


So where are all the stone foundations one would expect in this formation of concentric ovoids? Are they all covered by many feet of mud and sediments? Has anyone attempted to to a seismic deepscan of that area yet? You know, Treblinka style, but deeeppuurrrr


Island of Thera hypothesis noted.

Book time!


(1st ed.)


(2nd ed.)

acefa5  No.12842161

File: 58ff31647858e58⋯.jpg (572.5 KB, 1485x1094, 1485:1094, celtae.jpg)

File: cfd3da9d0b4f9ad⋯.jpg (200.17 KB, 750x701, 750:701, 21729c718a3fdb8b8f42a4a79a….jpg)


>This is fucking stupid. If they were so great, WHY ARE THEY DEAD?

They live within us, the White race is the remnants of the empire.

22aba8  No.12842174


No replies to this post, why

6751e9  No.12842211


That doesn't fit the description, and it would completely flood Egypt, negating the very origin of the story of Atlantis from Soloan.

I personally think it was Thera.


The description of "canals" fits with the development of Atolls. Atolls develop around a volcanic island, as the volcano subsides into the earth it leaves the atoll, this probably happened several times creating the "rings of canals". There is also a description of "springs of hot and cold water". This supports the island being Volcanic.

The timing of this eruption also coincides with the exodus of the Hyksos from egypt.

who are the Hyksos? They were the "shepard kings" of egypt that invaded egypt and took it over, they had a leader named "Ahmoses" They had a military leader named "Jacob", they destroyed a city called "Jericho" and they left Egypt in a mass exodus

>7 plagues of egypt

>ashes covering egypt

>frogs leaving the water

>A noxious gas that inwardly killed people (suffocation / toxic gas?)

>Following a pillar of fire and smoke that burned night and day.

000000  No.12842409


Dunno but then wouldn't it move Atlantis in the Baltic Sea?


The shape of this object reminds me of the underwater structure found on the coast of Japan, with all these monolithic clean-cut angles, and how the structure just completely sticks out and nothing around looks like that.

I wouldn't rule out nature being able to produce such things, if one looks at minerals it's crazy how nature can produce straight surfaces, but that's due to how molecules and atoms behave. It seems a bit more far fetched at such a macroscopic scale.

Now, the issue with Nutty Nuggets' page is that it's almost impossible to know what pictures are true scans and underwater camera shots and which ones are artistic renditions with a heavy dose of liberties involved in their production.

93e561  No.12842432

Atlantis represents the greatness that was lost following the meltwater pulse.

The classic Bronze Age was a revitalization of that lost world

Ancient Greece was a larp of the bronze age greatness

Rome was a larp of ancient greece

Everything goes back to trying to recreate what was lost 14,000 years ago.

5f0109  No.12844374

Can some Sumerian ayyliumfags tell me how they resolve Zechariah sitchin being a jew? Is it all mossad? There's a site dedicated to sitchin being wrong about some things but it really is only a couple points

acefa5  No.12844377

File: 4112eae6b517d6a⋯.png (104.83 KB, 842x222, 421:111, ClipboardImage.png)


Ask and you shall receive. It's about communists liquidating all the religions and history. Especially Muslims.


0c8f7e  No.12850271


I've read a lot of interesting original statements from Herodotus since this post began. In fact I read his entire works which can be found here if anyone has interest:


Of the many interesting things I found a few in particular to be very interesting to our discussion.

1) During his time in Egypt and speaking with the Egyptian priests he was informed that the first man to rule over Egypt in the Old Kingdom was "Min". Now the interesting thing here is that Min later became a myth and God. So this pretty much goes into what I brought up earlier in the thread about my opinion that many of these myth persona's were actually real people who just became mythical through the ages due to indoctrination. Min was the first ruler so he would have garnered huge belief that he was a God in man form.

2) I had no idea about this but apparently Hercules was Egyptian and the Greeks stole the stories and made it their own. Even Herodotus came off as surprised but he confirms it as such.

Herodotus all but confirms Atlantis but does so in a passive way by merely addressing an "ancient power" that came before even the "Phrygians" (who the Egyptians and Greeks called the "oldest group"). He places them in north western Africa right by the straights of Gibraltar which is exactly where Plato put them (Straight of Hercules it was called back then). Interestingly the area in western Africa was (at that time) a lush green area and Egypt was mostly swamp land.

Herodotus calls the "ancient" group from western Africa the "progenitor" of the Phrygians. Here is his passage about the subject and how the Egyptians were so interested in the subject:

"Now the Egyptians, before the reign of their king Psammetichus, believed themselves to be the most ancient of mankind. Since Psammetichus, however, made an attempt to discover who were actually the primitive race, they have been of opinion that while they surpass all other nations, the Phrygians surpass them in antiquity….. Psammetichus then himself heard them say the word, upon which he proceeded to make inquiry what people there was who called anything "becos," and hereupon he learnt that "becos" was the Phrygian name for bread. In consideration of this circumstance the Egyptians yielded their claims, and admitted the greater antiquity of the Phrygians."

So if we consider that the Old Kingdom in Egypt and Ancient Greece thought of the Phrygians as the "oldest" group and yet that they were the would be offspring of a more ancient group from western Africa this opens the door for our investigation big time. Why? Okay well let's consider the Phrygians and their background. They were said to be from the Balkan region but eventually settled and created Anatolia (modern day Turkey). So what does this mean? Well in my eyes it puts the offspring group of said ancient group ranging from the Balkan region all the way to Turkey and we know of all the historic significance of Turkey (Troy, etc). So this tells me that said ancient group very likely did indeed have an empire that spread across that entire region as was previously theorized. The Phrygians were said to be Indo European.

So I repeat an earlier theory. Atlantis (I highly doubt that was the name it went by) was a sprawling empire that controlled the entire area. One thing that has bothered me in this research is Orichalcum which has long been said to be attributed to Atlantis and has not ever been connected to any other group. At the same time, this metal has allowed for the theory to to expand a lot more as it really opened the door due to where it has been said to be found. One place is Bolivia/Peru, which is great because it shows the high potential for Atlantean colonies all the way in South America which is of interest also due to the Chachapoyas who I have long thought to be the remnants of an Atlantean colony.

5a35e6  No.12850314

File: 846307109c60972⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 1468206706392.jpg)


Hold on a minute, Phrygians is an awfully similar term to Frisians, the people who inhabited Doggerland. In the Frisian book the Oera Linda, 'Atlant' is mentioned as the city of their progenitors.

You mentioned South America… do you know if there's any ethnicity that share such similar names?

95a883  No.12850343



Atlantis means something like "downfallen".

0c8f7e  No.12850456

File: a394db571d5776f⋯.png (531.4 KB, 892x682, 446:341, Atl1.png)


Indeed you're right. Doggerland should definitely be added into the potential colony areas. The big thing in my eyes though is that we have ancient material which helps is now narrow down who was the oldest in their eyes back then so we now know that the Phrygian's were considered the eldest of the groups post Lower Dryas. So we can now focus on everything around the time period of the Phrygian's to begin to narrow down who was around, where, and so on. I am working on a more detailed map but for the time being here is the basic original map that I am working on redoing.

8a5bd3  No.12850466

File: e09958a1a590252⋯.jpg (141.43 KB, 1046x764, 523:382, Hittite Empire.jpg)


>So I repeat an earlier theory. Atlantis was a sprawling empire that controlled the entire area.


I may be able to offer something to this discussion from my knowledge of Hittite Cuneiform texts. But I must preface this with a disclaimer that as far as we know, there was no "Trojan" empire or indeed any empire that controlled land on both sides of the Aegean until the Persian Empire. Not any that we know of in any case.

Anyway, what follows is a somewhat tantalizing letter from around 1250 BC (only the last third survives) to the king of "Ahhiyawa"

Most historians (myself included) believe that the Ahhiyawa refers to the Achaeans. However, this is a very interesting letter because it refers to a king of Ahhiyawa. Indeed, the Hittite king (or emperor may be a more accurate term here) refers to his opposite as "my brother" which is a very significant title because in this context, it raises this man to the equal of the emperor of the Hittites and the Pharaoh of Egypt. In otherwords, this letter implies that the Ahhiyawa are a centralized empire, not a disunited group of city-states.

Here follows is the last portion of the letter. Note I have made a few edits to make it more reader friendly;

"…when the messenger of my brother said to me: “Take that person; don’t [?illegible?] him,” I said this: “if some [?illegible?] or my brother had spoken to me, I would have heard his word. But now my brother, a Great King, my peer, has written to me—should I not listen to the word of my equal?” And I myself drove out to [?illegible?] if [?illegible?], my brother would once more have said: “he hasn’t listened to my message; he hasn’t accommodated me.” Would I have not in reply asked my brother this: “Did [?illegible?] comply?” I actually went (there), and when I set foot there, I said to Atpa: “Because [ ?illegible?] sent to you: ‘Go take him to the King of Hatti,’ bring him here. Then without hesitation he wiped out the [?illegible?] command. He will without hesitation wipe out the command. And if he says: ‘I am afraid,’ I am ready to send a nobleman, or I’ll send a brother. Let this man remain in his place (as a hostage). But he still kept saying: ‘I continue to be afraid.’” Then Atpa said to me: “O, your Majesty, give a hand to the heir!” [ ?illegible?] gave to that one. Then with that [ ?illegible?] if [ ?illegible?] had done much [ ?illegible?], I would have left him alone under a guarantee. Then I made Atpa swear an oath to me and gave him a hand, saying to him: “I will place you [ ?illegible?] i will [ ?illegible?] the matter to you. [ ?illegible?] I will place. [i will write(?)] about it to my brother, the King of Ahhiyawa.” But he refused [ ?illegible?] my dead, down [ ?illegible?] the towns of himusa and Dahdahhu [ ?illegible?] Kingship to me [ ?illegible?]"

There are other letters that strongly imply that not only was Ahhiyawa a united and powerful state, but that Ahhiyawa was very involved in interference in Hittite affairs. Indeed, in one later letter, the Hittite king all but admits that he is impotent to stop Ahhiyawan interference in his lands, but that he implores him to stop right now, dammit!

Other clues strongly imply that Ahhiyawa is across the sea or otherwise beyond the reach of Hittite armies.

Perhaps this is your trans-Aegean Empire.

As for Peru and Bolivia, I have nothing from this era that mentions anything like this other than Plato's vague reference to another continent beyond Atlantis. Why do you suppose Atlantis had colonies on the Pacific?

0c8f7e  No.12850491


>You mentioned South America… do you know if there's any ethnicity that share such similar names?

I don't, no. But I do firmly believe that the Chachopoya's were the remnants of an Atlantean colony. I mean.. shit… an advanced Caucasian group in the middle of South America in the exact region where orichalcum artifacts have been discovered and a group that practiced funeral rights by sarcophagus and mausoleum? I personally think there is absolutely little doubt that group was the remnants of the colonies of South America who were cut off after the cataclysm.

There is literally no way a group of whites would be in that area unless they were originally there pre-land bridge which is doubtful given all the savages around them who would have killed them (Inca's, Mayans, Aztecs, etc) OR they came and created a colony later and the only possible explanation is Atlantis in this case given the groups connection to orichalcum. This also neatly ties together why the Inca's (very likely) worshiped those blue eyed white deities.

Atlantis comes, subjugates the savages, sets up a colony, begins to build it up, teaches the "locals" how to do it due to them forcing the locals to do the labor. Flood occurs, colony cut off, must make due but begin to die off due to limited populace. Incan Empire eventually takes out the few remaining and incorporates all their lessons into their own group. Makes sense to me

5a35e6  No.12850611


What are those orichalcum artifacts, can you show a few samples?

0c8f7e  No.12850726

File: 5d4182be9df5d38⋯.png (2 MB, 1259x814, 1259:814, Screenshot (294).png)


Yes. First off let us revisit Plato's words on the metal.

"In the first place, they dug out of the earth whatever was to be found there, mineral as well as metal, and that which is now only a name, and was then something more than a name – orichalcum – was dug out of the earth in many parts of the island, and, with the exception of gold, was esteemed the most precious of metals among the men of those days."

"The entire circuit of the wall which went round the outermost one they covered with a coating of brass, and the circuit of the next wall they coated with tin, and the third, which encompassed the citadel flashed with the red light of orichalcum."

"All the outside of the temple, with the exception of the pinnacles, they covered with silver, and the pinnacles with gold. In the interior of the temple the roof was of ivory, adorned everywhere with gold and silver and orichalcum; all the other parts of the walls and pillars and floor they lined with orichalcum. In the temple they placed statues of gold: there was the god himself standing in a chariot–the charioteer of six winged horses–and of such a size that he touched the roof of the building with his head; around him there were a hundred Nereids riding on dolphins, for such was thought to be the number of them in that day."

"Now the relations of their governments to one another were regulated by the injunctions of Poseidon as the law had handed them down. These were inscribed by the first men on a column of orichalcum, which was situated in the middle of the island, at the temple of Poseidon, whither the people were gathered together every fifth and sixth years alternately, thus giving equal honor to the odd and to the even number."




So as it stands the material has been found off the coast of Gela (important - will explain), in Bolivia and in Peru with the Inca's. The Gela discovery is important because Gela was once a colony of Carthage and Carthage has always been on my mind as a very (massively) likely city of the Atlantean empire given their architecture which mirrored the descriptions of Atlantis.

The Carthage harbor was, like Atlantis was described, circular in nature allowing it to house a massive amount of vessels both military and trade related. It was by far way.. WAY ahead of its time:


Also it must be added that Carthaginian coins were discovered on the Azores:


On top of that, it is believed that Carthage also made it to Britain


Also, it is widely believed that Carthage vessels made it to (at least) Massachusetts given the discovery of the petroglyphs on Dighton Rock. Carthage coins have also been discovered in Brazil.

Long story short and my personal opinion. Carthage was once a city of the Atlantean empire and it survived the cataclysm but during the height of the Atlantean empire they made it to the east coast of the US and to South America where they set up colonies.

000000  No.12850756


A problem here would be that certain structures in Egypt, in non-conventional archeology, are dated as far as 12000 BC.

If a civilization was older, we would be looking at something even before that age and I doubt that they would have already called themselves Phrygians, right? Seems a bit too soon, for a name to stay the same over what? nearly 12000 years??

Or the pyramids are NOT kmt/Egyptian but Atlantean.

As in, they were built during the Atlantean empire. Then it crumbled and a kingdom emerged after a while in what we tend to call Egypt.

That would considerably shorten the time a given Frisii people would have kept a name roughly unchanged before leaving the North Sea/Western Baltic area, crossing the whole of Europe (that's a very weird mass displacement of population), by moving south and eastward and settling closer to Greece-Anatolia.

I'm not connecting things properly here because Phrygia itself isn't exactly that old, all things considered.

As for Anatolia, much later on, Turks pushed whites who lived there before. Whites in fact have been chased out from a great many places, all around Caucasus, Western China, Anatolia, etc. I'm leaving out the other double-continent.


Sauce please?

000000  No.12850782


>Atlantis comes, subjugates the savages, sets up a colony, begins to build it up, teaches the "locals" how to do it due to them forcing the locals to do the labor. Flood occurs, colony cut off, must make due but begin to die off due to limited populace. Incan Empire eventually takes out the few remaining and incorporates all their lessons into their own group. Makes sense to me

I've got the feels. Imagining an advanced white colony cut from its homeland, surrounded by shitskins. Only that there were no Jews to promote miscegenation; not that it would have been very necessary, savages would have enriched their wives anyway.

I've seen pictures of still very white people living close to villages with round stone-houses built at a high altitude. These people must be remnants of those lost colonists.

0c8f7e  No.12850844


> These people must be remnants of those lost colonists.

I think that is very likely given what we have put together here. If we trace it back as far as we can I think all directions point to them being the remnants who were once treated as Gods and eventually betrayed only to have everything they taught the savages be claimed as their own. This theory makes a fuckload of sense to me given how primitive that area was/is. The colonists literally taught them everything which is now claimed by them.

8a5bd3  No.12850852


Not only that but Herodotus describes how the Phoenicians circumnavigated Africa (called Libya at the time). Herodotus doubted the story. I don't.

"Libya is washed on all sides by the sea except where it joins Asia, as was first demonstrated, so far as our knowledge goes, by the Egyptian king Necho, who, after calling off the construction of the canal between the Nile and the Arabian Gulf, sent out a fleet manned by a Phoenician crew with orders to sail west about and return to Egypt and the Mediterranean by way of the Straits of Gibraltar. The Phoenicians sailed from the Arabian Gulf into the southern ocean, and every autumn put in at some convenient spot on the Libyan coast, sowed a patch of ground, and waited for next year's harvest. Then, having got in their grain, they put to sea again, and after two full years rounded the Pillars of Heracles in the course of the third, and returned to Egypt. These men made a statement which I do not myself believe, though others may, to the effect that as they sailed on a westerly course round the southern end of Libya, they had the sun on their right - to northward of them. This is how Libya was first discovered by sea"


2ed627  No.12850918

File: 216ea5bad4de3bf⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 2761x3536, 2761:3536, gettyimages-128614304.jpg)

File: b018a726bc33f1b⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 241x350, 241:350, 135775-004-EFD4E6A8.jpg)


The use of atomic energy to build weapons was known before it was known that such a reaction could be controlled and used for electric energy. Also the German who figured this all out, Albert Eisenstein, famously left Germany due to him being persecuted by the new nazi regime.


Nuclear fission aka nuclear science is the natural extension of chemistry, if a society doesn't know what happens inside nuclei then it means they aren't doing enough chemical engineering to warrant such knowledge. Basically, any society that claims to be "advanced" would have to have some idea of what happens inside atoms, because it's that information that directly informs their general understanding of chemistry.

And again it's not as if nuclear power is some sort of future science, it's 1930s (arguably 1920s) era tech that can be done using some magnets and hydrogen, over in another thread see the 12 year old that made his own fusor. A literal Polish woman was able to do radiological research in the late nineteenth century, coming up with many of the concepts that would later give us String Theory.

If a civilization cannot figure this out they're literally beneath Polish civilization, which means they are beneath subhuman. This is the single greatest evidence against an advanced society living in Antartica/under the earth.

5a35e6  No.12850933


Fuck off kike.

0c8f7e  No.12850939


>Why do you suppose Atlantis had colonies on the Pacific?

It is complete speculation based on orichalcum artifacts being discovered in Bolivia and Peru. Orichalcum (that which was recently discovered) was scanned and found to be alloy consisting of 75-80 percent copper, 15-20 percent zinc, and smaller percentages of nickel, lead, and iron. So it was composite and had to have been created which is good for our investigation because such techniques would have very likely been centralized to groups.

So if we take the fact that it was discovered in Bolivia, Peru and Gela that really speaks to a much larger ranging trade empire than previously considered in my opinion. Either that or the ancient Bolivians and Peruvians also had knowledge of how to create the metal which I honestly don't see likely given how guarded such techniques were in ancient days. It makes the most logical sense to me but again I could be wrong but it just appears to fit very well to our research.

And you're right. Troy was actually controlled by Dardania which… fuck… glad you brought this up because the Dardanian's have a direct link to the Phrygian's and that pieces things together even more.

So this is how it is looking.

Atlantis > Phrygian's > Dardanian's/Anatolia/Luwian (Troy) > Carthaginian > Ancient Greece/Old Kingdom > Ancient Rome

Probably could put Ancient Greece and the Old Kingdom before Carthage in terms of civilization but very likely that Carthage being a city of the Atlantean empire would put the structures on par with the Old Kingdom. Either way that is how it is starting to look to me.

5a35e6  No.12850973


How do the Dardanians have a direct link to the Phrygians? Does the orichalcum alloy have any interesting properties of use compared to the common metals?

0c8f7e  No.12850993


Glad you mentioned you as Herodotus mentioned something that is incredibly important on this subject. Fuck I will have to comb through his writings again but he mentions that much would likely be buried due to the changes of the land. Here it is:

"They said that when Moeris was king, the Nile overflowed all Egypt below Memphis, as soon as it rose so little as eight cubits. Now Moeris had not been dead 900 years at the time when I heard this of the priests; yet at the present day, unless the river rise sixteen, or, at the very least, fifteen cubits, it does not overflow the lands. It seems to me, therefore, that if the land goes on rising and growing at this rate, the Egyptians who dwell below Lake Moeris, in the Delta (as it is called) and elsewhere, will one day, by the stoppage of the inundations, suffer permanently the fate which they told me they expected would some time or other befall the Greeks"

I think it is very safe to say that much of the Old Kingdom is still buried beneath a lot of earth and rubble. Unfortunately modern day Egyptians come off as fucking nimrods so the chances of unearthing most or even finding out about it is limited so we have to go by Herodotus' words which I think is the best option given he was there and is giving us a first hand account of what he saw.

It's interesting isn't it? For all this time we think that the Old Kingdom and the buildings are the absolute oldest of everything and now with simply doing some research we discover that even the Egyptians claimed there was an older group who sprang from an even older one.

So I think you're right anon, I think you're right that the Pyramids may very likely not have been Egyptian originally but were inherited by them once the group who controlled the area were pushed aside. The Sphinx is now thought to be much older than even the Pyramids and if the Egyptians claim the Phyrgian's were older than them it logically means that the Egyptians did not create it and it was left to them or they took it. I can't see it any other way personally.

0c8f7e  No.12851059


The Phrygian's were said to be Indo European hailing from the Balkans to which Herodotus called "Bryges" and they are the progenitors of the Thracian language and tribes and eventually settled in Anatolia.

Troy was located in Anatolia. Troy was a controlled state of Dardania (eventually).

Archaeological determination has concluded that the Dardanians and the Luwians shared a common kinship and ancestry. The Dardanian's were a Indo European group that eventually (after the Phrygian's) controlled Anatolia including Troy.

So if we consider that the Phrygian's were there first (of these specific groups mentioned here not including Atlantis) in Anatolia and then consider that later the Dardanian's controlled Anatolia but if we also consider that both the Phrygian's, Dardanian's, Luwian's all shared a common ancestry. Additionally we must consider that the word Dardania is a proto Balkan word - Albania - this shows connection to Balkans as where the Phyrgian's hailed from before coming to Anatolia.

So of course all this is theory but I think we have a shit load of material here to make a solid determination that the Phyrgian's eventually became the Dardanian's, Luwian's, Trojan's and it filtered from there.

All we know for close to certainty is that the Phyrgian's were considered the oldest of that modern (then) timeline but if we connect language, location and so on it looks more and more like those groups were merely descendants of each other. I could be wrong of course but from my perspective it looks solid.

2ed627  No.12851073


That's not an argument, it's an insult. Care to explain how an advanced society would have no idea of nuclear chemistry if they are somehow so advanced? The basic concepts behind nuclear energy, using beamed neutrons to start a reaction, is not much different than using beamed electricity in arc welding or beamed radio waves for telecommunications.

How could this basic technology somehow not be discovered? If a society is able to discover the periodic table they must know something about protons, which become increasingly important as elements get progressively heavier (and thus contain more potential energy).

8a5bd3  No.12851206



>Thinks that the only way to judge the worth of a civilization is whether it had nuclear bombs


Fuck off, kike. Your opinions are worthless.

c47e9f  No.12851217


an entire chunk of history is gone because of people going





8a5bd3  No.12851301


>orichalcum artifacts being discovered in Bolivia and Peru.

This is new and interesting information for me. Do you have any links?

It is a damn shame that we have lost all Carthaginian records as these might come in handy in identifying their history.

0c8f7e  No.12851327

Well fuck me… look at this. Plato gives a statement on the founding of Atlantis and even names its first leader:

"And he named them all: the eldest, who was king, he named Atlas, and from him the whole island and the ocean received the name of Atlantic. To his twin-brother, who was born after him, and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island toward the Pillars of Heracles, as far as the country which is still called the region of Gades in that part of the world, he gave the name which in the Hellenic language is Eumelus, in the language of the country which is named after him, Gadeirus."

Why does this matter? Well… a man named Atlas was said to be the first King of Mauritania. For a long time I always associated Northern and Western Africa (and this also shows how fast the greatest biological weapon in the history of mankind can destroy an area by the way but that is another topic)… I always thought it was originally an Indo-European region which eventually fell to the Moors and eventually was consumed by the Arab conquests. In that I was correct but looking through myths and legends of the region.. what do you know… look at this shit.

Mauretania has a myth about a legendary King Atlas. You all know the myth of Atlas and how he carried the world on his shoulders. However, there truly was a King Atlas who ruled over a large empire from Mauretania and was later incorporated into Greek myth.

So first off, the Arab/Nig pollution did not occur until after the death of Christ so we are talking before that of course and are talking about the timeline when it was lush and green in the Sahara when the "legend" springs up about King Atlas in Greek mythos. More on this later as I am getting tired but there is something I want to show you that is truly fascinating that was buried deep in this shit.

So in 1882 an American researcher/Congressman named Ignatius L. Donnelly apparently was very interested in Atlantis and did a shit load of research into the subject. Every single thing he wrote are things we now know to be factual. For example, he speculated that an ancient impact event caused massive catastrophe to the ancient civilizations. He first wrote " Atlantis: The Antediluvian World" and then wrote " Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel" in which both he outlines his opinion that a large impact created a large flood which wiped out Atlantis. The added picture was what his research led him to believe was the bounds of the Atlantean empire and the center appears to be the Canary Islands and Mauritania. So he too believed that the city center was located in that region although he seemed to believe a larger continent was located there. That said, the ancient myth about Atlantis and how it came to be was that Poseidon granted his "eight sons" with control of the seas. Eight corresponds with the number of livable islands in the Canary island chain. Not sure if that matters but it is interesting but not as interesting as the fact that there was a King Atlas who truly ruled over Mauritania and Plato claiming the first ruler of Atlantis was a King Atlas.

0c8f7e  No.12851330


Best I could find but it is compelling to me:


028746  No.12851404

File: 045eb8a93b9d141⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 2300x1706, 1150:853, Catholic-paganism.jpg)


You should read some of the epic poems. There is also a fable where Pallas Athena(Venus) strikes Mars with the mighty thunder bolt of the gods.

The epics are also illuminating because they describe Zues(Jupiter) as being able to obliterate mountains in the context of the Earth environment.

If you ever read the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, then you would have the concept the Earth used to be in orbit around Saturn.

>pic related

>the "polar configuration"

>Saturn in the background, Venus the "illuminary", Mars possibly the child

2ed627  No.12851470

File: bda9189dabd98dd⋯.jpg (269.93 KB, 1920x1032, 80:43, Albert-Einstein-1920x1032.jpg)


Again, that's not an argument. I didn't mention white people at all except that for a society to be equal to white people they would have had to achieve the same level of civilization as Poland. As for Einstien, adding (((()))))) around his name doesn't change his discoveries, especially the ones he did for the allies leading up to the Manhattan Project. In fact it was his own letter to FDR that started the project due to concerns that his German/Nazi colleagues were further along on a bomb project (they weren't, largely due to a lack of fissile material. The Allies made destroying the Nazi Uranium enrichment plant in Norway a top priority for that reason).

Even if you don't like how things turned out, in 1939 both Roosevelt and Hitler both agreed that nuclear arms would be hugely important in their efforts. A nation that is not capable of even realizing the power behind nuclear chemistry can't plausibly call itself white let alone advanced. Just ask Hitler, because again it was Hitler himself who put all this into motion by starting a bomb project.

8a5bd3  No.12851500


Your opinions are worthless, anti-White.

2ed627  No.12851719

File: 9f0e3ef861ab7a2⋯.png (366.57 KB, 2500x1500, 5:3, N8lOUKO.png)


My entire point is that any white or advanced civilization would have knowledge of nuclear chemistry. How is this NOT true?

Please, explain. I want to know.

ee6cb4  No.12851731

File: 6b7bf64ad0466f3⋯.jpeg (9.3 KB, 316x197, 316:197, winter_lad.jpeg)


A lot of shills in thread. Atlantis is just a land that was once covered in ice, or will one day be uncovered.. Had to say which location it's located in, if it's under ice, water, or sand… But I'd assume it's under Antarctica or it's Iceland.

07bf0a  No.12852812


Any idea what properties orichalcum has? Can't find anything beyond the composition.

Slightly OT, but I find it interesting, how those "myths" carried over into Tolkien's fictional world.

f304d3  No.12852862

File: a212fec241387ba⋯.pdf (8.57 MB, Erectus Walks Amongst Us -….pdf)

>erectus walks amongst us

Here you go


>ethnicity that shares similar names

the Aztecs have a mythical homeland of Aztlan, but that's probably just a coincidence.

Also, the brain tissue derived from 6-8kya remains in Windover Bog, FL turned out to belong to mtDNA halpogroup X, which throws an impossibly large wrench into any hypothesis of the peopling of the Americas which does not include a migration from Europe/the Mediterranean. This is in addition to the Ojibwe people of the Great Lakes area holding some of the highest occurences of X as well as Y-chromosome R* in the world, let alone the new world.

8a5bd3  No.12853226


Opinion discarded, you're an anti-White kike.

I stand with Europeans. You stand with Pakis.

Fuck off.

0c8f7e  No.12853374


No idea at all, just theory. It appears to contain some amount of gold dust which gives it the golden shine. Other than that I really have no idea. Perhaps a platinum/gold mixture of some kind.

It does appear that the metal property combination is rare and if we go by Plato he claimed it was only mined in certain areas (probably more known now) so we at least know it was rare, whatever it was. I guess we could look into the rarest earth metals which could combine with gold and go from there.

000000  No.12853462

at least on certain natsoc forums mods destroy juden posts –

here they're soiling this breah like, a very big stain

000000  No.12853522


>Atlantis > Phrygian's > Dardanian's/Anatolia/Luwian (Troy) > Carthaginian > Ancient Greece/Old Kingdom > Ancient Rome

There seems to be missing a big something in the Mediterranean Sea if we have to start from the Balkans right after Atlantis.

Perhaps Atlantis' people split:

- Ireland? (note that some theory has Phoenicians settling there too; when how how much, hard to say)

- Frisians (North Sea) > Phrygians (Balkans, sliding along the Danube after crossing through "Germany")

- Early Egyptian kingdoms (Mediterranean Sea)

0c8f7e  No.12853533


You're right. Have to fill in the other areas during the time period after the Phrygians in Iberia, Britania, and so on. I was going by oldest but for that list to be exact, yeah, have to fill that in. I really see no other options other than split groups as I don't see any other groups rising to that level in such a short period as Carthage, the Dardanian's, etc would have swallowed them up. Had to be an offshoot.

000000  No.12853550

I just noticed that a long and important move such as North-Sea -> Thracia, long before the rise of Classic Greece, could explain the origin of the strange European civilization that existed precisely around the Danube and got later displaced/erased/destroyed(?) by "new" Whites who, themselves, were moving from the Steppes/North of Caucasus, perhaps having been a lingering remnant of ancient Frisians who had moved further through the North Sea, settled in the Baltic Area before sliding along the Volga.

000000  No.12853568


>Carthaginian records

The area remained unoccupied for a long long time until "recent" excavations. There could very well be tons of stuff to be found beneath the ground. You know, you just need a zealous scribe, priest or noble who just thought "why not?" and put some tables inside a pit or behind a wall of stones, and the thing remained there for eons, waiting to be found.

I doubt advanced civilizations wouldn't want to keep some records of their life and achievements.

000000  No.12853610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Oh, that's very good!

And, wait, you're going to love that.

<- Video about (ancient) royal bloodlines and Rh-.

Isolated whitish pocket in Morocco: 40% or Rh-, the highest in the whole world!

>"Rh- appears suddenly 35,000 years ago in Cro-Magnon."

>(3:50) Among some of the blonde tribes still living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco called Berbers, that percentage* is doubled to 40%. Now keep in mind it's restricted to certain local tribes in Moroccos. (surrounded by shitskins)."

>* compared to Australia's Whites 19%.

000000  No.12853619


>He first wrote " Atlantis: The Antediluvian World" and then wrote " Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel"

Manly P. Hall did some kind of summary of all these cases in his Secret Teaching of the Lost Ages. A must read, for sure.

I like the remnants of this story being "saved" within northern lore (Ragnarökr).

More on that later btw.

>8 sons / 8 islands "Not sure if that matters…"

It does!

000000  No.12853623


>wife-beater Einstein's discoveries

That's another topic. There's enough inconvenient data about his blatant plagiarism.

8a5bd3  No.12853624

File: 7233819e8722117⋯.jpg (192.9 KB, 622x468, 311:234, Malta megaliths 3.jpg)

File: e014077a4024a54⋯.jpg (521.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Malta Megaliths 1.jpg)

File: 1fb2d374b71f7ea⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Malta Road into sea.jpg)

File: 3ac7bdb3d61a7cb⋯.jpg (160.57 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Nuraghe 1.jpg)

File: 517d6da7184dd91⋯.jpg (380.34 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, Nuraghe Well at PozzoSacro….jpg)


>There seems to be missing a big something in the Mediterranean Sea

If you're searching for the remnants of a civilization in the Mediterranean sea, look no further than the mysterious structures on Malta.

These structures suddenly arose around the 4th millennium BC and the earliest temples were already very complex and sophisticated. In addition, these temple builders also built dolmans and menhirs similar to the kind being built in northern Europe.

Too, this Maltese civilization constructed or carved lines or cart tracks. Some of which go straight into the sea.

No one actually knows what these tracks were used for. Some speculate that they were simply wagon cart ruts worn over time. But the lines are often irregular and are by no means uniform in width. Others speculate that it had something to do with moving these giant stones.

Another fascinating civilization that sprung up later was the Nuraghe people of Sardinia and Corsica. Like the Malteze, the Nuraghe (not their real name btw) were very sophisticated archetects who constructed castle like buildings all over the island around 4,000 years ago. In addition, they constructed fantastically well made wells and alcoves. The masonry skills they possessed was equal if not superior to almost any contemporary civilization and indeed, superior to much that came after.

8a5bd3  No.12853627


It's a kike.

He tried to pull the old "Slavs aren't human" D&C trope a short while ago. Check (((it's))) ID.

000000  No.12853641


> rarest earth metals

Allow myself a bit of fringe here, but rarest metals resonates with high tech these days (cue the trouble facing North Korea).


>the Aztecs have a mythical homeland of Aztlan, but that's probably just a coincidence.

Yeah, it definitely must be a coincidence (wink wink).

0c8f7e  No.12853644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The more I am finding out about the group from South America, the Chachapoyas, the more I am convinced that they were truly a colony of Atlantis. Just look at these pictures:


Also, just look at their fortress. No chance anyone would disagree that isn't Euro style to the highest level. It may actually be the most Euro looking complex I have ever seen and that includes even in Europe. Christ look at that.

000000  No.12853645


That may sound lame but you guys with "read" IDs can actually fill reports.

0c8f7e  No.12853647


Another thing to consider about them (Chachapoya's). So we are an Atlantean colony and we just watched the coasts near us rise massively and swallow up the entire coast where we (I assume) once had our colony. We have heard nothing from Atlantis and we scout our area to see the entire coast up and down the continent is devastated. We have to prepare for the worst and we see the that water levels are rising. What is our first move?

We have to get to higher ground immediately. Shit anon… it makes me wonder if their entire location was based on trying to protect themselves from the rising sea of the deluge. I mean it's one thing to build a defensive wall but look at that fucking wall, it's more a water dam than a defensive wall, look at that shit.

0c8f7e  No.12853662


It's them, it was the Berber's. The comparisons of architecture and art are simply too close. They even wove very similar rug styles. It's them and that makes absolute sense as they were the original controlling group of northern and western Africa. If it isn't them I would be shocked but it has to be, there are just too many things that link them with all of these groups.

8a5bd3  No.12853663


Codemonkey doesn't ban obvious kikes though. Just shitposters.

Richard Spencer himself could start posting here and shit all over Nordic peoples and there's not much we can do about it.

0c8f7e  No.12853685

File: f7b59efa4ebe43a⋯.png (961.55 KB, 1226x623, 1226:623, Screenshot (356).png)

It's seriously getting unreal at this point the amount of connections we are drawing. Look at this shit… perhaps we weren't giving the potential empire enough credit.

000000  No.12853694


That's good too. Phrygia's past is mysterious and hard to place on a timeline. I'd love to be able too though.

Also, things are starting to crisscross in wild directions.




If necessary, we may want to return to that later on.

000000  No.12853710


>You're right. Have to fill in the other areas during the time period after the Phrygians in Iberia, Britania, and so on

Which Iberia?

This one: http://www.realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/Colchis_East_Iberia/Colchis_and_East_Iberia.htm

As I picture these people going round and round over thousands of years, with the axis being somewhere in the middle of Europe, I'm feeling dizzy.

0c8f7e  No.12853732


I legitimately think we just put together enough raw material to prove (as best we can all these years later) the high potential of what we all went over here. It gets even deeper and I was about to throw the connection of the Annunaki in based on Sumerian art which is seen all over the fucking place with one image but that can come later as well (ironically the first recorded book was written about that very thing - Epic of Gilgamesh).

Here is where it gets even crazier. The Berber's were said to bury their dead in the fetal position. Chachopoya mummies pictures did the exact same thing. Fuck.. but here is where it gets even deeper. So the Berbers who were native to the Azore Islands (the Guacho Berbers) were said to mummify their dead in the fetal position. Azore Islands, right outside the door to Mauritania a few miles away. Pliny the Elder wrote, via from Juba II, king of Mauretania, that a Mauretanian expedition to the islands in 50 BC found the ruins of great buildings, but otherwise no population to speak of.

It truly was real. It had to be. Too many connections, just too many all point to the same group from the same area which spread out and controlled a massive part of the planet and were blonde hair/blue eyed which were thought to be Gods by many savage groups.

000000  No.12853754


>Malta, 4000 BC

This could provide a bridge towards the Old Egyptian Kingdom, right?

Or at least a splinter group that landed there.

We would still be lacking many thousands of years of history between Atlantis' presence in that area, at a time when seas were lower I guess, and that old Maltese civilization.

The last picture featuring the staircase is absolutely awesome.

Something like Atlantis > … (one or two "evolutions") > Maltese stage (or splinter) > Egyptian Old Kingdom

2ed627  No.12853794


I never mentioned Pakistanis, although Pakistan does in fact have a nuclear weapons program and nuclear bombs. That begs the question, if Atlantis was so advanced why were they unable to achieve what Pakis could?

000000  No.12853800


The size of that wall!

Chachapoyas, "white skinned, cloud people", surrounded and beaten by the Incas.

Thn Machu Picchu, an "Incan" city. Most likely built thanks to the work of other lost whites, perhaps slaves. Same round structures

I'd be curious to know if they have the typical "front hands" pattern as found on statues in Gobekli Tepe too.

000000  No.12853811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Elongated skulls people (Peru): DNA results

000000  No.12853821


Chachapoyas are officially said to be a people of 1400s.

That they would kept such a culture trademark (these statues) despite having lost contact (we presume, sounds logical) with the Atlantic sea faring people is just amazing.

And just imagine the metabolism they must have had: Euro stock with high altitude endurance.

000000  No.12853835


I realize we keep hitting a big temporal gap.

It sounds like there really was a considerably technological reboot, with very few splinter groups managing to save anything.

Or perhaps even less "special" people, proto-Adepts or something, who really kept the hot stuff protected in their pockets… or purses.

Still puzzled as to why Wotan would provide such knowledge to non-Whites though when landing in Central America.

Boredom? Ego-trip? Using these savages as a repository of some kind because Whites, elsewhere on the planet, were too exposed to a constant attack and something had to be preserved in a distant place?

8a5bd3  No.12853843


>Slavs aren't human!


>Judge civilization based on nukes. If it doesn't have nukes, it's not a real civilization!

>Spewing anti-White rhetoric

>Spewing pure shit

Once again, your worthless opinions are discarded.

Kill yourself, disgusting kike.

I stand with my European brothers.

13a740  No.12853849

File: 8f12abb4ad305ee⋯.jpg (94.06 KB, 960x550, 96:55, Aguirre.jpg)


Are there translations of the priests or learned conquistadors who found these people and ruins still available?

ec8903  No.12853859


I'd love to see a thread all about Malta and the Knights of Malta. That place is just ripe for what the fuck is happening

000000  No.12853875


Try to book a meeting with Mr. Lowell.

They're doing "stuff" right now in Malta.

0c8f7e  No.12853890


>Boredom? Ego-trip? Using these savages as a repository of some kind because Whites, elsewhere on the planet, were too exposed to a constant attack and something had to be preserved in a distant place?

One thing is certain and that is they made the exact same error that has been persistent throughout the entire history of mankind. The Inca's painted their ultimate end (picture included). This is a story that repeats again and again and again throughout the history of the world. The same groups builds beauty and a wonderful civilization only for it to be consumed by the greatest biological plague in the history of mankind and that even today the same exact thing is happening. They killed them, took over what they built and history now puts them as the creators. Same thing that happened in northern and western Africa, same thing that happened throughout the Middle East, same thing that is happening in Europe, same thing that happened to those South American colonies and the same thing being chipped away at the last bastion in the US now as Canada has fallen.

It is a cyclical pattern of the same thing over and over again. The same group or set of groups build something amazing and the same group or set of groups come in and wreck it/take it over.

2ed627  No.12853891


The only civilizations that matter are ones that are able to develop nuclear chemistry. How is this not true? If a country is unable to develop nuclear chemistry they're somewhere beneath Poland and Pakistan, which clearly demonstrates their inferiority. Germany got halfway there but couldn't do it because the Allies bombed their production plant.

>>Spewing anti-White rhetoric

Such as? You're not making any sense.

8a5bd3  No.12853916

File: c67204336f2950a⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 800x704, 25:22, Europe_satellite_globe.jpg)



Fuck off, you historically illiterate, uncultured kike.


>Nyehehehehehehe! Poles iz not White!

>(((Einstein))) is better than 99% of White Europeans!


Choke on foreskin, rabbi

Everyone here is already wise to your tricks. Your old D&C tactics have no effect here.

Now fuck off. We're discussing White history. Go hump your talmud, pubic-bearded goat fucker.

8a5bd3  No.12853923

File: 3ff0da9b9b26f24⋯.jpg (151 KB, 953x635, 953:635, Malta Megaliths 2.jpg)

File: 10e0fd150a84873⋯.jpg (129.79 KB, 730x485, 146:97, Nuraghe sacred well spring.jpg)

File: 71f07f8b9a5a889⋯.png (843.31 KB, 684x621, 76:69, Nuraghe sacred well from a….png)

File: 26d487e5265a458⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 550x413, 550:413, Nuraghe Pozzo Sacro di Pre….jpg)


>This could provide a bridge towards the Old Egyptian Kingdom, right?

Indeed. The Maltese were building impressive megalithic temples before Egypt even had a pharaoh.

>The last picture featuring the staircase is absolutely awesome.

Indeed. Here are a few more angles of this impressive structure.

And lastly, here is another Nuraghe well. There are many examples of these in Sardinia.

adfe0d  No.12853939


(((Einstein))) stole all "his" ideas, shill. Serrano made it pretty clear it was the Third Reich did developed nuclear tech, not the Americans nor the jews.

2ed627  No.12853983

File: c08e50e549ebdf9⋯.jpg (649.54 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Greece Purple Tree.jpg)


>>Nyehehehehehehe! Poles iz not White!

is this a joke? Of course they aren't that's why Hitler killed them you cuck.

>>(((Einstein))) is better than 99% of White Europeans!

No, I only said that Einstien is credited with the atomic bomb's development. ffs Germany itself kept it's bomb program going despite him being totally absent from it, and he was removed from America's once the Manhattan Project formally began. You're a moron and not reading my posts and attacking a strawman. The rest of your post is a reddit meme, which is where you should go back to.

2ed627  No.12853986


Yes I know that was my original point (although Einstien can still be credited with the Chicago Pile's development, but he was pulled off it once FDR's commission was setup). Are you actually retarded?

0c8f7e  No.12853988


>Egypt even had a pharaoh

I think there is absolutely little doubt that what happened in those other places and another group making claim to the creation happened in Egypt as well. Per the ruins of the Temple of Isis it clearly states (of Khufu):

"Long live The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khufu, given life

He found the house of Isis, Mistress of the Pyramid, by the side of the hollow of Hwran (The Sphinx)

and he built his pyramid beside the temple of this goddess and he built a pyramid for the King's daughter Henutsen beside this temple.

The place of Hwran Horemakhet is on the South side of the House of Isis, Mistress of the pyramid

He restored the statue, all covered in painting, of the guardian of the atmosphere, who guides the winds with his gaze.

He replaced the back part of the Nemes head-dress, which was missing with gilded stone

The figure of this god, cut in stone, is solid and will last to eternity, keeping its face looking always to the East"

They took the knowledge from the precursor group and then either killed them or they were already dead and they just wandered into the land (they killed them and took over).

8a5bd3  No.12853991

File: a3d7a5ee0ac066f⋯.png (294.62 KB, 800x1700, 8:17, Classical jewish D&C.png)


>Believe in the Holohoax, Goyim!

>Poles are not White!

>Hitla' said so!

>Haven't you watched the (((History Channel??)))

Choke on foreskin, rabbi.

I stand with my brothers.

2ed627  No.12854003


I never mentioned le holohoax, only you did jew. Killing Poles wasn't part of the holocaust anyway since it wasn't the SS that carried it out which is what Jews claim happened to them. In fact, this is the biggest evidence that the holocaust did not happen.

If you had ANY clue what you were talking about you wouldn't be spewing such garbage right now.

8a5bd3  No.12854032

File: f509f0f36843b1f⋯.jpg (305.2 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Osirion.jpg)

>>12853988 (checked)

>They took the knowledge from the precursor group and then either killed them or they were already dead and they just wandered into the land (they killed them and took over).

This would explain the admixture of later Egypt.

Still though, at what time did this invasion occur? If a war occurred, there should be evidence.

Obviously there are intermediate periods in Egyptian history such as the Hyksos invasion and of course before that during the period of chaos that destroyed not only the Old Kingdom, but caused the collapse of the Akkadian Empire as well.

Which period do you suspect this occurred?

Of course, there is also the story of the Scorpion King who invaded Lower Egypt from the south and created the "first" Egyptian kingdom that we know of. Beyond this semi-mythical period, there is precious little known and nothing in terms of the historical written record. Only pure archeology.

I suspect you know of the physical evidence for the age of the Sphynx and of the massive, architecture (which differs from "later Egyptian" architecture) of the Osirion. You mentioned that Herodotus remarked on how Egypt is rising in height due to sand and rubble. The Osirion is at water level and there is no record of its construction in "proper" Egyptian history. Only rumours. Such as Strabo who said it was constructed around the 19th century BC.

I put it to you that if your theory is correct, this "water level" construction may represent the oldest Egyptian or pre-Egyptian buildings.

Thus, perhaps we should be looking for "water level" buildings in ancient Egypt and seeing if they share any architectural/physical similarities.


>Hitler killed Poles!


Choke on foreskin, goat fucker.

I stand with my Brothers.

You'll have to go back to your "White nationalism stops White tribalism" posting, kike.

c5e117  No.12854040


Pay attention. This is a holy post.


0c8f7e  No.12854042

File: 59497631822ee85⋯.png (844.1 KB, 526x652, 263:326, Screenshot (362).png)


Well we know Carthage was a major connection there about 1000 years BC. Look at the crown jewel of finds from that area called the Lady of Elche.

0c8f7e  No.12854050


Celts of course but they came later. Looks like our earliest known connections in that area are Carthage and the Phoenicians.

2ed627  No.12854064


>You'll have to go back to your "White nationalism stops White tribalism" posting, kike.

Poles aren't white, they're subhumans and this is exactly why Hitler had them eliminated for Volga Germans and Aryan stock. You're either a moron, or deliberately using Jewish History to false flag and destroy this board.

Either way you have proved yourself to be a kike holohoax pusher from reddit. You can't answer my question because you are a Jew, and Jews never invented nuclear chemistry while even Poles and Pakistanis could. You are beneath human.

0c8f7e  No.12854086


>Still though, at what time did this invasion occur? If a war occurred, there should be evidence.

Given what we have found thus far I am not so sure there "should" be evidence. I mean if you look at what we pieced together from South America and that remnant group there is merely logic and theory. Given how long ago that was, given how the leaders of those ancient groups wanted to be/were venerated as Gods and, most importantly, given how thorough the ancients were about removing any trace of any past group's existence I am not so sure there would be much evidence other than speculation and theory through the hieroglyphic writing.

It certainly occurred long before the Sea People so it can't be them in this case. Then again I am not an expert on Egyptology and, frankly, with assholes like Hawass in control of the info from those ruins who really knows what is being withheld in the name of religious dominance by the current maintaining group.

That right there I think lies the problem with this entire research. If we go down this path and open this door and piece it all together with very clean and clear examples and precise/concise connections it really rains on the modern day religious control parade and that is something that was not appreciated back then and wouldn't be today.

8a5bd3  No.12854127

File: 7624f839af123af⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 359x346, 359:346, Very happy Merchant.gif)



>Jewish History



>Poles aren't white, they're subhumans and this is exactly why Hitler had them eliminated

>Poles and Pakistanis


30845c  No.12854177


just to add to this, (((neanderthals))) are mostly related to semitic groups, they mixed with other hominids in middle east and later in europe, but they are mostly semitic while european whites are cro magnom, a more evolved species.

the martians made neanderthals mix with other hominids. search for pyramids on mars

0c8f7e  No.12854184

File: bcf5ab5d3b0ec64⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1027x674, 1027:674, Screenshot (365).png)

File: 0ba9cbbbd6125ec⋯.png (799.76 KB, 784x636, 196:159, Screenshot (364).png)

File: f42c0db62ff5819⋯.png (232.38 KB, 364x257, 364:257, Screenshot (366).png)

Well… I was interested in the other famous pyramid site which is (now) credited (partially) to the Mayans at Teotihuacan which has long been claimed to be "unknown" as to the creators. I think the murals tell the story very well my friends.

8a5bd3  No.12854223


>Given how long ago that was…and… given how thorough the ancients were about removing any trace of any past group's existence I am not so sure there would be much evidence other than speculation and theory through the hieroglyphic writing.

I half disagree with you.

I fully concede that ancient peoples were opt to try to cover up previous peoples' existence. (I mean, for god sake, the Egyptians we know of were infamous propagandists)

However, I maintain that when and where a civilization is overtaken or dies, there is always evidence.

Physical evidence in destroyed buildings, toppled walls, unexplained skeletons with marks of war, arrowheads in walls, vitrified stone, etc.

And literary/historical stories or legends.

After all, it is through this latter line of evidence that we have based much of our fact finding already. As well as physical evidence such as the Sphynx's age, megalithic ruins in the Levant, and orichalcum artifacts.

Put simply, if the Atlanteans or whoever preceded the Egyptians built stone architecture (or even mud brick tbh)… and if invaders took over through violence, then we should see some evidence of this.

My suggestion would be to look for ancient architecture that has experienced some vitrification as, assuming that the people in question collected olive oil and stored it in amphoras, any fires that broke out during the warfare would grow hot enough to turn sandstone into glass. Even marble can experience this process if heated hot enough.

And if you doubt that olive oil fires can reach these temperatures, think again. Sites in Crete show exactly this. Floors turned into glass.

000000  No.12854255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A good video summary.

30845c  No.12854269


jews are not afraid, they're the ones responsible for the cycle. better yet, the ones above the jews. search for homo capensis

30845c  No.12854284

File: 0ff504ac2ad60a5⋯.png (1.43 MB, 725x938, 725:938, 0ff504ac2ad60a5a75d4a5316c….png)

File: 2c55ffc1aa9c1b0⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1935x1847, 1935:1847, 2c55ffc1aa9c1b0b49630cfcd6….jpg)

File: 0bc187200382dde⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1500x4280, 75:214, 2b9e15667ead4ce6b9484ab107….jpg)

File: 140861c652eb388⋯.jpg (49.68 KB, 659x229, 659:229, 5f099cc216daa57c292a683956….jpg)

File: 87d269a4b80f14a⋯.jpg (60.52 KB, 655x487, 655:487, 12734181_508153879365863_8….jpg)

b91291  No.12854295


Volume 3 never ever.

0c8f7e  No.12854299

File: 884e7ed9c514780⋯.png (1.43 MB, 879x667, 879:667, Screenshot (369).png)


>However, I maintain that when and where a civilization is overtaken or dies, there is always evidence.

Kind of an exception in this case though given the global stories about a flood that wiped out everything. Want to gauge how big of a deal the Mayans thought the flood was? Here you go.

But you do raise a good point in that all those cultures, if anything, liked to gloat about such things and especially the Egyptians so either it truly was the flood that knocked them out completely, I am wrong, or something else.

Sidenote, I'd say that is a pretty big fucking tidal wave that the Mayans are describing there.

30845c  No.12854317

File: 88226471e9ea38b⋯.jpg (120.54 KB, 659x547, 659:547, 1512949126972.jpg)

File: f9805a57844afc9⋯.jpg (165.56 KB, 644x729, 644:729, 1540864668137.jpg)

File: 6bebe49e5932f87⋯.png (311.3 KB, 1892x426, 946:213, 1545423911458.png)

File: 02377afd1508916⋯.png (324.29 KB, 395x504, 395:504, Amenhotep_II_mummy_Carter_….png)

File: c6d7a4576f7dca9⋯.gif (30.52 KB, 474x276, 79:46, rennes1.gif)

30845c  No.12854324


sure sure. repeat after me: "its a conspiracy theory, nothing to see here"

000000  No.12854332


>muh nukes

Look, obviously nobody here cares about being master of the atom. We don't look at archeological finds just to throw any discovery in the dustbin because it would not point to a civilization having reached a capacity to split atoms or else.

So just wrap up that entitlement of yours, take back your yidstein too, and just leave, thanks.

30845c  No.12854344

File: f3f5b73865c1634⋯.gif (71.49 KB, 685x392, 685:392, washcyd.gif)

File: b0dbc75d4a595d6⋯.png (266.41 KB, 1320x2652, 110:221, masons antarctica.png)

File: 21751423980668f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1186x2923, 1186:2923, masons ONU.png)

File: 90284d9c5a9cc6d⋯.png (3.48 MB, 2064x1920, 43:40, homo capensis.png)

File: eedac98ae64307a⋯.png (237.76 KB, 684x338, 342:169, grtfh.png)

000000  No.12854349


>homo capensis

People supposedly using fancy hats to hide their pointy heads have also been seen numerous times with, well, normal heads once wearing normal hats or nothing.

000000  No.12854379



And I have the impression that you too (((fuckers))) are just pretending having an argument just to ruin that thread, right?

30845c  No.12854390

File: 567259013b38d90⋯.png (258.57 KB, 621x405, 23:15, capensis male female.png)

File: 90990cf5d932631⋯.jpg (210.59 KB, 1200x761, 1200:761, DWg18KwV4AEDDun.jpg)

File: a5c914dbf514806⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 1070x892, 535:446, from mars.JPG)

File: 1077e86f8bbc8c4⋯.jpg (169.58 KB, 1246x662, 623:331, elongated-head-compare2.jpg)


wait wait, do you really think that what im telling is that people nowadays use hats to hide their weird head shape?

its tradition to use that hat in many religions and within noblety because in ancient civilizations, over 12 000 years ago there was a species that ruled over earth that had that skull shape.

they probably come from mars, and came to earth after a possible catastrophe (natural or war). some of them mixed with humans and now they still rule the world through the banking system they created.

000000  No.12854396


>Thus, perhaps we should be looking for "water level" buildings in ancient Egypt and seeing if they share any architectural/physical similarities.

Start digging bro.

000000  No.12854422


>That right there I think lies the problem with this entire research. If we go down this path and open this door and piece it all together with very clean and clear examples and precise/concise connections it really rains on the modern day religious control parade and that is something that was not appreciated back then and wouldn't be today.

Cue the not so subtle and sudden poisoning going on between our posts. Are they pushing for 751?

000000  No.12854445


Were do these pictures/murals come from?

Are they authentic?

And, finally, what is your interpretation of all that?

000000  No.12854463


>And if you doubt that olive oil fires can reach these temperatures, think again. Sites in Crete show exactly this. Floors turned into glass.

Either the oil contains enough energy or when spilled, it mixes with dirt or something and acts like a sticky napalm, maintaining and thus increasing the heat as long as it burns.

Plus an already hot environment.

At least that's an intuitive take on this.

000000  No.12854486




Also seeing Masons speaking of Lucifer is always cracking me up. These jewed kabbalistic suckers have always been out of their league despite their gorillion degrees.

30845c  No.12854557


see it this way, Illuminati and Freemasonry was created by jews, but not the zionists from Israel, but the Elite, (((Nobles))) from europe that came from Egypt and Babylon

8a5bd3  No.12854683


No faggot. I am standing up to kike shilling. Don't you think it's weird how this fucking kike (((>12850918))) pops onto this thread that has nothing to do with Poland and instantly tries to start the old "Slavs are subhuman" argument?

No one mentioned Poland before. This is an intentional shilling tactic of trying to insert anti-White D&C into every conversation. Fracture and destroy.

As for this thread, I've contributed as much as you have. Check my ID. You and I have been talking for several days. Unlike this fucking kike who has so far contributed nothingbut anti-White shit flinging.



>olive oil to napalm

Indeed. In fact, many ancient sites that show evidence of warfare have amphoras that are broken in a similar manner. The theory is that during the sack of the building, enemy warriors broke the amphoras to flood the place before setting it ablaze.

Which, if you ask me is a terrible waste of olive oil. Damn shame.

Then again, that's probably the point. Destroy what you cannot carry away.



This is an interesting image.

I've seen a lot of Mayan frescoes and this one represents a very unique style.

Do you know which Mayan city it's from?

0c8f7e  No.12856857


They are directly off the walls of Teotihuacan (Mexico) and San Bartolo. I mean they were there when I was there but I can't say how authentic they are other than that they were there and they appear authentic given all the other sites I saw. I should add though that this was years ago so who knows how much damage has been done to those places at this point considering the protections on them are fucking pathetic and they are blasted into and scavenged constantly. When I was there you could freely walk the ground with no guide needed and no security. Now you can't go without either I am told as the places have turned into trafficker abduction and crime spots.

Anyhow, my interpretation is that in the first picture the Mayans worshiped a fair skin group as Gods. A fair skin group who just so happens to be holding a relic that looks exactly like the same thing we have seen in many other places.

At some point the Mayans turned on the fair skin Gods and began to hunt them down as seen in the second painting. They killed them. In the third painting I go back and forth with it. It looks to me like they then mummified their remains. However, it also looks like they may be controlling them as in slavery. Either way the story is complete to me from the fair skinned group being knelt to and seen as Gods only for them to be killed and replaced which is the literally exact same thing we see that happened with the Chachapoyas and Incas.


>Do you know which Mayan city it's from?

Yeah that specific one was found in Teotihuacan. That one was always the one that stood out to me big time as well since I always saw it as a massive flood destroying the world.

000000  No.12857598



Atlantis is so important, because it was the first civilicastion on earth, where the gods mated with humans and created the aryan man (read Plato, he writes that here!!!)


Atlantis was placed in the north sea. All europeans are basically atlanteans!

Atlantis has the potential of unifying the aryan race, while preserving our differences at the same time.

It is recorded in many ancient accounts, outside of The Dialects of

Plato, that an extremely advanced island civilization once existed and

transplanted their culture around the world, but was destroyed when it

sank below the ocean. Accounts of a highly advanced, sunken island

civilization occur in locations as diverse as South America, Egypt,

Greece, and Britain. It is apparent that these accounts describe not

just a single Island, but a vast island/coastal empire, the original hub

of this civilization being an Island chain located in the North

Atlantic off the coast of what is now the British Isles. This original

home of this advanced civilization was known to the medieval

cartographers respectively as Hy Brasil (now submerged), Thule

(Iceland), Ultima Thule (Greenland), and although many inaccuracies

occurred in medieval maps, some truths were conveyed as derived from

ancient legends.

J. Spanuth researched this subject for decades and gives all the proof you need to know, that Atlantis was located in the north sea, where the Dogger Bank lies today. The last remnant is Helgoland, which basically means "Holy Land".

So spread the truth!



Based. This is true!

Doggerland is/was Atlantis



2a465e  No.12857675


The man is a Jewish comic book writer so you have to remain skeptical. But (((they))) are known from time to time to spoon feed us truths in a laughable manner and laugh about it later as we call it a fake conspiracy.

With that said. If people believe in hollow earth, expanding earth gives it more credibility. If our earth is growing, the material to grow must be coming from somewhere. This means that when earth was smaller it was more dense and has it grows it becomes more hollow.

Also it makes sense that the earth grows at the rifts as it pushes the land outward on either side of the rif. This gives the illusion that there are tetonic plates that float and move around, when really it’s just land being forcefully expanded.

000000  No.12857694


you can buy the book here:


then do a scan and upload it to here:


and post the link, if you are dedicated to saving the aryan race!

2a465e  No.12857702


Also National socialism was a larp of the Roman Empire, which unfortunately was the shortest lived of the great empires.

2a465e  No.12857852

File: 675d453971c3387⋯.jpeg (96.04 KB, 880x440, 2:1, E6E94D8D-497B-4F7C-B1CE-B….jpeg)


>No one is coming to save us, we need to >persevere, and save ourselves.

>And even if what you say comes to pass, why >would an Aryan breakaway civilization even >WANT to save those that will not fight for their >own survival? Are we welfare rats, to depend on >others for our well-being?

c42bde  No.12857862


Atlantis has a prominent role in Babylonian mysticism. It’s alleged to be the place where the annunaki genetically engineered human beings. The elite lie to claim their bloodlines run back to Atlantis and that they are actually human annunaki hybrids

b7689f  No.12857872


>buy useless desert from groids

>build series of pumps and locks to refill crater with ocean water

>terraforms local climate

>atlantis rises again as new aryan homeland

c42bde  No.12857882


All bullshit. I’ll tell you the secret truth of Atlantis because everyone will just dismiss it. The globe is Atlantis, but it’s not a globe. Atlantis is land surrounded by 6 concentric circles of alternating land and water. That land in the center if the global map and the first circle is the ice wall. Another world exists on the other side. As well as another ice wall surrounding it, etc.

Every 3600 years or so climate change causes a pathway to open through the ice wall, which is where the annunaki come from.

0c8f7e  No.12858931

File: 294890c1139e403⋯.png (966.86 KB, 1526x729, 1526:729, IncaHistory1.png)

File: 0aae26b893eb90e⋯.png (605.41 KB, 1265x715, 23:13, IncaHistory2.png)

The Inca's creation myth directly transcribed. My notes/markings are just things I am piecing together of which I am positive many of you will find interesting as well.

Let me tell you anons finding these ancient stories is a bitch. You would think that such history would be easy to find given the historical significance but it damn well isn't. Anyhow, the Inca's have a fuck load of similarities in terms of origin story and their "creator" is, yet again from another ancient group, "white".

13a740  No.12858949

13a740  No.12858953


>then the elder brother drowned

How convenient for the younger brother.

01b052  No.12860733


But Tartary was not located in West.

The greatness of Aryans were in the West, not in the East. From there it went to East and its spirit still rolling there eg. in India and Japan.

But the Great Aryans were from the West. This Tartary thing is not the end or the most prominent thing. You have to realize why West is West.

8a5bd3  No.12860789

File: 5120b147afee75f⋯.jpg (254.59 KB, 800x548, 200:137, Fresco from Tepantitla 5th….jpg)



Ah, that explains the different style. Technically that's not Mayan, it's a different ethnic group/culture.

Teotihuacan is a fascinating city. Here is a mural associated with the tsunami mural. It appears to depict a god or goddess dispensing justice or commands and representing a "tree of life" similar to the Old Norse religion.

No one actually knows who built the city. During the dawn of the first millennium, an empire of unknown origin based around the city exerted great influence before mysteriously collapsed completely and the city was burned systematically by unknown attackers.

Interrestingly the Maya also have a great flood legend but it is impossible to assign a date to this event as it's steeped in mythology.

0c8f7e  No.12861625


Yeah definitely Tree of Life, no doubt about that. If we go by the Incan creation myth they claim their God followed the same line over the sea northward toward the equinoctial line. From a geography standpoint that is northbound and toward Mexico. Makes me wonder as the architecture at Teotihuacan is similar to the Incas. Probably another colony location. Would make sense to have one in South America and one in Mainland Mexico as that would expedite travel and collection of goods.

That is definitely the tree of life though, no doubt about that.

0c8f7e  No.12861937

File: 52d7893e5480a8a⋯.png (547.87 KB, 608x557, 608:557, Screenshot (411).png)


One thing I find interesting is that in the myth the men and women were identified as Canari's. Now this alone wouldn't mean much considering that there legitimately is a tribe, even in this modern age, of the Canaris peoples. However, this myth took place after the flood so probably thousands of years before even the stated birth of Christ. Anyhow, the interesting thing I find here is the name of the group.

Canari - Group

Why is this interesting? Well it is awfully similar to Canary and Canary is the name of the island chain off the coast of Mauritania where I believe the city center capital of Atlantis originally was pre-impact event/flood.

It could be a coincidence but it's just yet another very odd connection that, yet again, links to the very same fucking area of right outside or inside of Mauritania. Also a couple translations from modern words to their ancient meaning.

The word Teotihuacan as translated from the Nahua (precursor to the Aztecs) language is "The place where men become gods".

But most interesting to me and connected to our research here comes from the ancient word "Atl" which in the Nahuatl language means "water". ATL = Water. Ironically there is another group who use the word ATL as water. Only one group. That group is the Berber's. Atlan means "in the water" and the Aztec God of Water was also named "ATL".

… and now we come to yet another nod to Atlantis but this time we travel back down south to Peru. This geoglyph still sits on Pisco Bay and is called the Paracas Candelabra. I don't know why people think this is anything other than the obvious - a Trident. What deity is connected to the trident? Poseidon. Who was Poseidon connected to? Atlantis.

Atlantis was real, had to be. Just too many connections we have put together. As always /pol/ is right.

8a5bd3  No.12862032

File: 6fe97760b46d354⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 610x459, 610:459, Guanche Inscriptions .jpg)

File: db3a4e89974d858⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 610x309, 610:309, Pyramids of Guimar Canary ….jpg)


>The Canary Islands Hypothesis

Doubtless you are aware of the mysterious pyramids on the island. As well as its undeciphered written language.

000000  No.12862340




This article is the answer you are searching for:


Donald A. Mackenzie was a prolific writer on religion, mythology, and anthropology in the early 20th century. One of his many works was Myths of Pre-Columbian America, published in 1924. Chapter 15 of that book is entitled “White Missionaries and White Gods”.

Mackenzie first relates the accounts of the meeting of Cortez and Montezuma recorded by the Spanish chroniclers of the 16th century. In those accounts, Montezuma told Cortez that he knew that a man such as Cortez would come and take his empire, because it had been foretold long ago by their god, Quetzalcoatl. Mackenzie writes:

“When taking leave of his disciples, Quetzalcoatl told them ‘that there should surely come to them in after times, by way of the sea where the sun rises, certain white men with white beards, like him, and that these would be his brothers and would rule that land’.”

Later in the chapter Mackenzie describes the numerous culture heroes of the American peoples; these were the men who brought civilization to those peoples.

The culture hero of the Maya city state of Palenque was Votan. His peoples were “seafarers who settled on various islands, and were called by one of the peoples with whom they mixed the Tzequiles (‘men with petticoats’) because they wore long robes”.

There is no doubt that there were Caucasoids in Peru during the times of the ancient civilizations. The mummies of the Paracas culture, which lasted from 800 to 100 BC, were Caucasoid, as is evident from their hair. The mummies of the Nazca culture, which flourished from 100 BC to 800 AD, were also Caucasoid.

>>Pictures and DNA testing in the article


Part 1 Of 4: The Red Haired Baby

DNA testing of the baby Paracas was conducted in the Lakehead University lab in Canada, as well as two other labs in the United States. The results that came back showed only one discernible haplogroup present, that of U2e1. This haplogroup is not associated with Native Americans, but WITH proto-Germanic and proto-Balto-Slavic speakers! Contamination has been ruled out.

The Aryan Race Is The Real Chosen Race

Highest Good, Aryan Blood

0c8f7e  No.12862346

File: 2f07852bc39c329⋯.png (461.16 KB, 597x522, 199:174, Screenshot (414).png)


Yeah it's yet another modern day history revision in that they try to act confused or surprised that a group of white fine haired individuals maintained those islands and created those structures. I read an article several years back being surprised that there were white individuals near Libya and I sat there thinking to myself if those fucking nimrods do any research at all considering the entire area was originally controlled by the white Berber tribes.

Picture attached is also what they consider a "mystery" when it is plain as day to (likely) all of us here who know history and also are autistic to see the connections. That symbol, the tetragrammaton, Hermetic Order, seals of Solomon, seals of the horseman, symbol of Metatron and the 72 angels all stood in defiance of Baal and his 72 demons which stood in the way of progress and mankind. I heard this story long ago when I was younger. I wonder if the nuns still teach it at Catholic schools as I used to love hearing the ancient stories and myths.

But anyhow, 72 names of God, 72 disciples of Jesus, 72 companions of Moses, 72 races from Noah, 72 languages from Babel, 72 members of the Order of Saint-Saviour, the book of Revelation originally maintained 72 chapters and not the modern 22, Confucius 72 followers, Zohar's 72 followers, 72 disciples of the Yellow Emperor, 72 steps on Jacobs ladder, Osirus entombed with 72 followers of Typhon, Chinese ancient astrology maintains 72 evil stars, the sentûr in ancient Persia contains 72 cords and many other symbolic connections from ancient times spread out over many groups.

But a long story short as I am sure you all have heard the old myths and stories of the battle of true blood of the earth versus the evil half breeds of 72 is that the symbol I attach (and found on the Canary islands) represents the 72 names of God. Many believe, myself included, that there are a total of 72 pyramids all across the planet. Most of which are buried at this point with some under the waves in various places.

Sorry for the ramble, I tend to go on and on when it comes to history as I so rarely get to discuss it with anyone. You're right, the ruins of the Canary's are yet another indication of all we have put together here and the Gaunches are yet another nod to the ancient whites who were the Mother group of everything.

0c8f7e  No.12862386



This points right back to the Phrygians and as we theorized earlier the Phrygians were the Baltic remnants of the Atlantean's.

I'll tell you this, it will never happen in that we will never know but wasn't Hitler actively searching for all the evidence and materials on this ancient group? If so then I would bet that Germany in the 40s very likely maintained a massive amount of ancient artifacts and texts and they are all likely gone now. Very likely all burned or destroyed. In fact I would be utterly surprised if even one of those artifacts survives today if the Germans found any.

See I'm not blonde hair/blue so I do not believe I would descend from the Aryan group but my dumbass sibling took the blood test and, as I expected, we are some of the purest blooded people around in terms of the Baltic region. 99.3% which is incredibly fucking high in this day and age. I only bring this up because my research and investigation isn't about any search to benefit myself as I am not blonde or blue eyed so I certainly wouldn't benefit from that. But even with that said and why I bring it up, even with that said, I still do agree with you that the Aryan race was the first and was the direct link from the Atlanteans.

Actually no, let me revise that. I believe the Atlantean's were the chosen and first who came directly from the Anunnaki. However, I believe the Aryans are that of the Atlantean's or, better stated, the highest order of the Atlantean empire and therefore they are the living bloodline that carries the most connection. My ancestors are probably up there as well in terms of bloodlines given the connection from the Baltic but the blonde hair/blue eyed ancient Aryans are undoubtedly (to me at least) the most pure connection to Atlantis that there is.

For years I fought the Anunnaki myth as I am a fact guy and I hate placing value into something that I cannot prove but there is just too much that points to those myths being the likely source of mankind. Even the Inca creation myth gives a nod to it (in my opinion) when their creator Viracocha ".. falling on his knees on some plain ground, with his hands clasped, fire from above came down upon those on the hill, and covered all the place, burning up the earth and stones like straw".

This isn't a story of magic but is a story of precise bombardment which came from either the sky, orbit or a nearby vessel. It has become a myth of magic and super powers but if we took everything else out and focused just on that it becomes obvious. They bombarded the savage assholes who were attacking and harassing them.

But anyhow, the Paracas are another fucking one and they are unfathomably interesting and connected to Atlantis. It's all out for us to find it and put it together, all of it. The problem is that so many people in this modern day are taught bullshit lies that I would bet the majority do not even care or dream about these things any longer and most are consumed with delusions of some world they believe will occur through multicultural means that will never happen.

e1c504  No.12862393

File: 2193ab7a3afe746⋯.png (16.03 KB, 900x239, 900:239, American-Megatrends.png)

000000  No.12862395



000000  No.12862403


Aryan means noble.

You do not need to have blue eyes and blonde hair to be aryan. Aryans can be brunette aswell. Aryans are the race with the highest natural diversity (blonde, red, dark hair and blue, green or brown eyes).

Ireland means land of the aryans.

So does Iran. The original iranians were not semites (arabs, kikes).

Baseline: you are of aryan heritage, so you do this for you aswell, aswell as for your brothers and sisters!

0c8f7e  No.12862436


I didn't know that and always thought the true born mantle bearers would be blonde fine hair and blue eyes. Interesting information indeed. So I guess that the best way to classify it would be Indo-European, yes? Could you imagine if all of our groups from history had no quarrels with each other and united into one unit, one heartbeat, one goal oriented force? Considering all the inventions, all the advancements, all the history, dear God the things we could accomplish but that is another topic I reckon. I just sometimes think of how deep into space we would undoubtedly be if that happened and we weren't weighed down by the anchors that weigh us down and have weighed us down. A group that is not weighed down or divided by guilt or aggravation or differences of opinion on minor issues and chiefly is focused on the advancement of the group can achieve marvelous things as our groups have shown time and time again throughout the ages.

0c8f7e  No.12862445


How interesting that it is based out of ATLanta.

000000  No.12862621


My friend, read these two things and you get a closer picture. It is not the complete truth, and some things are distorted, but still not bad.



000000  No.12862645


You or anyone else got an ancient depiction of the guanche supreme deity:

Magec (the Sun) Supreme God and Creator

Acahaman (the heavans) He was the Good God, the God of Luck and Benevolence >>12862032

8a5bd3  No.12862664

File: e093f91ebe27031⋯.jpg (95.97 KB, 736x736, 1:1, Phrygian Helmet.jpg)

File: b6901c218acca60⋯.jpg (36.79 KB, 435x580, 3:4, Phrygian Cap Revolutionary….jpg)


>Sorry for the ramble, I tend to go on and on when it comes to history as I so rarely get to discuss it with anyone.

No need to apologize. I enjoy this thread to no end and I must thank all of us who have contributed to a rare oasis of intelligent discussion in a sea of reddit tire faggotry and trump posturing.

Besides, I love discussing history and like you, I rarely get the chance to do so in depth.


Indeed, Germany did once possess a great many artifacts. Many, including the precious objects from Troy were stolen by the Soviets and I think they're still in Russia.

If the Phrygians were indeed among the remnants of Atlantis, this would be very interesting as one of the symbols of the Phrygians outlived them by a longshot in the Phrygian cap, a style of headgear that has represented freedom from ancient Greece to revolutionary France and beyond.

6698e4  No.12863156

For the anons talking about Carthage and Phoenician connections to Atlantis, weren't they a Semitic people?

0c8f7e  No.12863449

File: 6a973b59a013c07⋯.png (206.29 KB, 259x320, 259:320, Screenshot (300).png)


They are classified as such but when considering the ancient groups it's a little weird in how the classification works which always causes confusion as it differs from what and how we classify things today. For example the following groups are still classified as "Semitic" but only one fits the description of what is currently (modern) classified as Semitic. The Levant Canaanite, Ancient Hebrew of Israel, Arabic polytheism, Sumerian traditional, Akkadian Babylonian, Assyrian Ashurism and the Abrahamic religions.

So as you can see it is simply not the case in the modern day that there is any connection between, for example, Arabic polytheism and Semitic belief. It's just a really poorly defined subclass that needs to be refined much better. The current standard is actually fucking atrociously bad when you consider the same system has been used since around 1750 (system by the Göttingen School of History). So they present three choices for ancient classification by Biblical "race" and those are Semitic, Hamitic and Japhetic. Now Carthage was literally right in Berber territory and even given what we have discussed and connected here it is clearly obvious that the Berber's were and had been the main connected group in northern and western Africa. So you would think that Carthage would be classified as Hamitic but it's classified as Semitic. It's pretty much confusing on the system which really needs a proper and better classifying system. Granted I am positive that Semitic people were involved with/lived in those areas but the classification insinuates religious and political control when we know that isn't the case ranging from their worship system, to funeral system, to just about everything. Then again, I have read before that the ancient Semitic's were much different than what we know today and those alive today are impostors to what once was. I do not know if this is true or not as that subject doesn't interest me and I have never delved into it but just throwing it out there to be complete with an answer.

So long story short, yes they are classified as Semitic people but so are many other groups and the term is obsolete now a days outside of linguistics and merely used in an archaeological sense. The Phoenicians 100% definitely used a Semitic language. In terms of the Carthaginians it is really difficult to know as the Romans wiped out pretty much everything so most of what we know about Carthage comes from Roman statements or Egyptian. The attached picture is said to come from Carthage but anything having to do with that empire is really hard to find and that is probably the case because Rome really did seem to wipe out everyone and everything.


I've seen the cap elsewhere recently.. fuck where was it… it was on a wall painting or mural in one of the South American or Mexican ruins. To be continued because if I am right and if that unique hat shows up across the ocean then it pretty much further shows connection to Atlantis.

That is cool though. I wonder why it morphed into being used to represent freedom. Perhaps some story about the Phrygian's we do not know? Jesus looking into it my God it is widely featured in the United States. From the seal of the Senate, Hawaii, Iowa and many other pictures/murals in the states. But even more interesting is its presence in Central and South America. Paraguay, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Nicaragua. Crazy, I had no clue, good information right there. Something else to add for when I am looking through the rest of this. Currently still looking in South America for any old stories or anything that would be of use to us. More to come.

e254c8  No.12863463


I figure ancient Semites of the past used to be Aryan looking. In fact I believe Shem, Ham and Japhet were all white. Niggers and gooks weren't even considered human. There's a small part in West Africa that seems to have concentrations of r1b, I figure those are true descendants of Ham, Berbers are probably the only pure white Hamites left, pure white semites are also a dying breed, see levantine blondes. It's up to us Japhites to save the world

8a5bd3  No.12863946

File: c80388042286327⋯.jpg (16.37 KB, 413x694, 413:694, Sumerian figurine .jpg)


>if I am right and if that unique hat shows up across the ocean then it pretty much further shows connection to Atlantis.

We must find that mural. This would be compelling proof of the existence of a common origin that is too specific to be coincidence. And given the circumstantial evidence indicative of an island origin, pretty damn good evidence of the existence of Atlantis.

>I wonder why it morphed into being used to represent freedom.

Hmm. Well, the style of cap seems to originate from Attis (similar to Atl and Atlas) who is the male supreme deity…


The cult of Attis is weird as hell. Priests would self castrate and self mutilation was not uncommon during acts of devotion if ancient sources are to be believed. It makes Judaism's weird eccentricities look normal. No one knows the origins of this strange custom but I would say it differs somewhat from regular Greek or even Anatolian customs, wouldn't you say?

Now, as to what this means or whether it represents a more ancient custom or was developed later is anyone's guess. While the Phrygians appear related to the Thracians and other Balkan tribes, no other people did this.

::tangent over::

…As to why the ancient Greeks associated this specific foreign style of headwear with "liberty" is anyone's guess. What is known is that this headwear was also common among the Thracians, Dacians, and other northern Balkan tribes. Thus proving a link with them and the Phrygians.

I did a quick search through several Roman sources and I cannot find any mention of Frisian headwear at all. So whether the Frisians of (then) Germania wore them is unknown.

Also, technically Sumerian is considered a separate language group entirely from semitic.

In fact, it is a real linguistic oddity. Unrelated to any language around it. Indeed, some linguists even argue that Sumerian is an early varient of indo-European based on certain linguistic features!

It's a real mystery but it's not semitic.

0c8f7e  No.12867483

File: 4c7d35c2fa9c2d0⋯.png (349.73 KB, 1587x755, 1587:755, Screenshot (432).png)


>We must find that mural. This would be compelling proof of the existence of a common origin that is too specific to be coincidence. And given the circumstantial evidence indicative of an island origin, pretty damn good evidence of the existence of Atlantis.

I have been swamped with work for the past two days but I will find it, guaranteed if I am right and it is there I will find it as I am about the most anal retentive asshole you will ever run into when it comes to record keeping so it is on one of my computers somewhere in about 10,000 files (yeah….)

I also said fuck it and wrote up a FOIA data request to the CIA which I have yet to send in yet but am requesting all data concerning a shit load of historical cities and terms. Come to think of it, now that I have other anons here, throw out terms/subjects related to this that you think should be added. In the case I overlooked some I want to add them all into one large data request so we can get them in one big release if they even exist which. The way I see it is it is 100% certain that they do. If we found this stuff, they certainly have at one point or another as they probably delved into it for any ancient knowledge or useful data. Hopefully they give it all to us.

>cult of Attis

Anon I am starting to come to a place where I think it is difficult to not believe that many of these hidden and secretive cults have some type of connection. Either as a mockery follower group that has distorted ancient info they have found or something else.

Here is my current map of what I believe the empire of Atlantis was. This is based on every bit of information I have personally found ranging from similar myths to carvings to murals to religious practices to every damn thing. I am probably missing things/haven't found them yet but the areas I added are areas that can be directly traced to some sort of connection.

Note: The areas of Wisconsin, Florida were considered but there just isn't enough yet to be able to add them and I am still tracking down old Native American myths and trying to contact people who may be able to fill in blanks but it's difficult.

8a5bd3  No.12868732


Anon, the CIA is like Crom. You don't want to be noticed by them any more than they already spy on you. Crom only sends doom, not aid.

Regrettably, my area of expertise that I'd like examined in greater detail is the kind of thing that is so esoteric that no one does archeological research on anyway like ancient Minoan plumbing and the pre-classical pyramids of Greece. So I'll have to do my own research anyway and in person.

>Anon I am starting to come to a place where I think it is difficult to not believe that many of these hidden and secretive cults have some type of connection.

You're not the only one. At least in my area of expertise (ancient Greece) all of the hidden cults have connections to the Pelasgi. And many contemporary historians agreed that secretive cults that worshiped ancient gods of the Pelasgians existed in remote corners of Greece, in the hills and around ancient tombs. It is said (Strabo) that the Pelasgi were the oldest rulers in Greece and that they founded the ancient Oracle of Dodona (Zeus) whereupon grew "the oak-tree, seat of the Pelasgi."

Indeed, it was said that an ancient tomb existed outside of Athens built in ages past and was maintained by cult wholly distinct from the (then) modern religion of the Greeks.

I could go on but my main point is that the Pelasgi were reputed (Homer) to have fought the Achaeans under Hector of Troy. Indeed, they are mentioned alongside the Phrygians. The strange part about this is (as you may have guessed) the Pelasgians were not from troy. They were not even from Anatolia. Homer states; "Hippothous led tribes of spearmen from Pelasgia, fertile Larisa, along with Pylaeus, offshoots of Ares, sons of Pelasgian Lethus, Teutamus’s son."

Larisa is in Greece proper, north of the ancient city of Gla. So when "all of Greece" sailed to Troy to rescue "white-armed Helen, goddess among women" not all of Greece was on board, so to speak. At least some of the Pelasgians sailed on their own to aid the Phrygians and Trojans in the war.

Oh and did I mention that the Pelasgians built pyramids and settled cities that are now underwater?

There is a fascinating and overlooked connection between the Pelasgians, Troy, the sea-faring Minoans, and ancient cults practised at night in ancient Greece.

Anyway, I will not trouble you too much about your map (which I find fascinating)but I crave details.

1. What is the connection with Svalbard?

2. How much of Russia do you mean to highlight? Because I would have assumed you meant that there was coastal connections. But you have also highlighted Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, etc so clearly the connection stretches right through the heartland. I believe we talked about Gornaya Shora (which you know, I am skeptical of), but what is the connection with Kazakhstan?

3. On a similar vein, I fully admit I am relatively ignorant of ancient Africa. Though I make up for it in contemporary politics in modern Africa for some reason. Anyway, what is the connection here? The DRC for instance is dotted so I assume there is a funeral or petroglyph connection. What is this?

Also, I must say that I find it odd to imagine the sea-faring Atlanteans ignoring the Niger river area. I mean, I wouldn't want to have to deal with blacks either but gold is gold and ivoury is ivoury. Then again, in the ancient past, northern Africa had elephants and I'm told that Atlantis was plentiful in gold already.

0c8f7e  No.12869208

File: f2cba8eb9d07364⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1197x801, 133:89, Screenshot (477).png)


I just don't know where else we could find anything. We have exhausted all the books, printed documents and pieced together everything that we can from pictures and videos of sites and relics. I just don't know what else we can do.

>Anyway, I will not trouble you too much about your map (which I find fascinating)but I crave details.

The region around Svalbard and frankly that entire far north section of Norway I found to be of very significant importance to trying to connect the dots of the Indo European ancient cultures to Atlantis.

First I began looking into ancient art which Norway in general has quite a bit of and then I began to compare the cave art found in Norway and that region to cave art found in other regions. Rodoy especially and that area contained many petroglyphs which hinted at our research (pictures included). Most importantly though was the hat or helmet that the art depicted which identically matched the description given by the Hopi Indians to which they ended up calling the "Ant Men" who were said to have saved them from hunger, taught them how to irrigate and then left them. I could of course be wrong but I the pictures from Norway and that whole region are very similar to those from other regions in description which speaks to the same group traveling the entire globe.

- I wish I could have cut Russia off and highlighted specific sections but the program wouldn't let me. I will figure it out for my final map but, yeah, not that much for sure. Most of what I found comes from the areas in the west near the Urals and then again in Siberia. Same thing with China but the program forces the entire country to be filled in so I tried to stagger it through dots but I need to fix that.

- Well Africa is interesting to note because at the time of what we theorize Atlantis was active and even as recent as 5000 years ago there were two massive lakes right in the center of the country. One of which was Lake Chad which was the biggest lake on the planet. It was apparently massive and with a big lake comes fish and easier travel across that region so it is only a theory but I would think they would have jumped right on control of a massive water system or both right in the middle of the country.

8a5bd3  No.12869269

File: 4879712046d4b22⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2000x1347, 2000:1347, Men fleeing volcano.jpg)


Ah yes, the Solar disc. Ancient symbol of our people.

I will look into north-Scandinavian petroglyphs, thankyou.

This lake in Chad, what is the evidence of Atlantean settlement and/or trade?

I may take a stab at mapping out these seemingly disconnected clues into one map. Though, I am very discriminating and would err on the side of a smaller Atlantean "Empire" than a global one.

Speaking of which, (we may have touched upon this subject) what are your thoughts on a multi-state "Atlantean" era? I'm a bit skeptical of a global empire as I think that given the technology they appeared to possess, global hegemony might not be accurate. Especially if ancient Greeks, proto-Greeks, or a coalition of ancient peoples could defeat them. Besides, given what we know about multiculturalism and stability, I doubt that the Atlanteans could have held together such a vast empire.

Perhaps a better way of looking at this would be a culturally and scientifically advanced "center" based on the Island of Atlantis or whatever they called themselves influencing an advanced multi-state world?

This is my thinking in any case.

a6aaab  No.12869454


Atlantis may or may not be real, but it is definitely white.

This website for tracking and discussing the the migratory patterns of deep sea algae bloom just keep getting better.

0c8f7e  No.12869487


>This lake in Chad, what is the evidence of Atlantean settlement and/or trade?

None what so ever. Mere speculation based on location and theorized location of Atlantis.

The map I made does indeed make it appear to be much vaster than intended. I believe that, in terms of places like South America and Central America there were merely colonies and colony routes. They certainly did not encompass the entire area I believe. It's just difficult to accurately depict it. I guess keeping it focused on coastal areas would likely be smarter and the more logical areas.

Africa on the other hand I think they very likely were spread across it at least in the northern areas given my theory they controlled Carthage and Egypt so they would have filled in that entire northern area. Though that makes sense since historical records point to that whole northern and western region being white areas long ago.

My theory about how the whole shabang is pretty out there to be honest with you anon. I have tried to reconcile so many different things while focusing on the main question of "where did we come from" and I continue to go back to the Anunnaki theory. I mean why would the Sumerians lie? Why would they just randomly make up a story about people from another world creating them? If it happened today I would say "sure… okay another BS story for social media" but in those days it just doesn't give them any societal advantage and the stories they left are clearly the basis for many religions later as the stories are near identical.

If I am right, and I will never know if I am, but if I am than I hope I find out before I die as this is one mystery that has bothered me for a long time since I can't fully figure the fucking thing out.

0c8f7e  No.12870594


I found more on the areas you asked about. I assume one is connected to you so I will post them up tomorrow after I put it together. Just a bit exhausted at moment but, yeah, that area/those areas have a great history either way it appears going back a very long way.

a83cbf  No.12879661

Herodotus mentioned Atlantis, but said he couldn't confirm anything.

He also recorded over 600 distinct "nations" in the Eastern Med region, as well as histories of the great Empires stretching back several thousand years.

He never mentioned anything that could be "Jews" or "Hebrews" even though their supposed location was smack in the middle of cross-roads of Africa, Asia and Europe, nor any group that could be Jews, much less their claimed pivotal role in several major empires.

Jews as a group and religion simply didn't exist prior to arrival of Alexander the Great, and arose sometime after, probably presenting as a fake "victims of Egyptians" group to Alexander's people, on the hope that Alex's new admin would see victims of Egypt as good snitches for the new admin of Egypt.

Everything in the Bible is about what a Jew could come up with around 200BC if allowed to loiter on the steps outside a major library in the region. Basic locations of major cities, names of major rulers.

51053d  No.12880180

File: 2403d3f1b2a4d64⋯.png (164.82 KB, 395x469, 395:469, 03e8980bb7769dc36c9908ce68….png)


Das digits of fortune.

ae960c  No.12880376


> He never mentioned anything that could be "Jews" or "Hebrews" even though their supposed location was smack in the middle of cross-roads of Africa, Asia and Europe, nor any group that could be Jews, much less their claimed pivotal role in several major empires.

In Herodotus's time the Jews were an insignificant inland hill tribe that had been rolled over by greater powers a few times. They were probably not worth mentioning. From the Greek perspective Solomon would have been a Tyrian vassal.

> Everything in the Bible is about what a Jew could come up with around 200BC if allowed to loiter on the steps outside a major library in the region.

That's pretty much the generally accepted view of what happened except they are said to have done it during the Babylonian captivity.

c26964  No.12883120

When carbon levels get back to normal, 1800 ppm to 3000 ppm, temperatures will stabilize world wide.

Global precipitation will increase evenly, global vegetation will spawn in deserts and highlands, mountains will maintain snow coverage all over the earth, more water will be land locked inland, sea levels will drop,

Here we will see that Antartica was the supposed Capital of Atlantis.

There was a cataclysmic dispute/civil war, over Earth, in terms of Terra forming and Life Creation.

One Faction wanted a slave race, the other wanted a seed race, in their own creation. One was Aryan, one was not.

The Earths Magnetic Field was interrupted by one of these factions, in order to take everyone down with them.

The Goal of the Aryans was to master tone frequencies, essentially to crack space.

c26964  No.12883143

White Science vs (((Einstein Science)))

Look up, Thunderbolts Project on Youtube.

Good stuff.

(((Science))) has held us back, because when the Aryan spirit reawakens, to "Electric Universe Theory", all of a sudden, you realize energy has been all around us.

Look into "Cracking" the sky. Conductive metals absorb Negative Ions in the Atmosphere, we have a current all around us, which can turn magnetic motors, and or store into "Earth Batteries".

Makes you wonder, all of these transformer stations, are absorbing Negative Ions in the Atmosphere, it makes you wonder, how "Finite" electricity, really is.

c26964  No.12883188




7f0056  No.12883199

Atlantis was part of a previous human civilisation which existed from 70000bc to around 10000bc. It was in the Atlantic ocean. Some of them left Atlantis before it sank, they spread civilisation to caveman living in the mediterran area and beyond. Their tech and religion was not separate. High tech came from their religious self development. Yes, they looked similar to northern Europeans. Avalon in Celtic legends, Alt land in ancient German myths are different names for Atlantis. People of Atlantis are not the same as Aryans in the nzi ideology. Plato heard the story of Atlantis from Solon. Sol on heard it from Ancient Egyptian Ra priests who were visited by people from Atlantis before 10000bc. Some of the religious tech was transferred to these Egyptian priests. This religious tech of self development is about meditation techniques which will give you special powers similar to those demonstrated by Jedis in Star Wars and even more abilities which are hard to explain. Transcendental meditation of modern times is similar to it.

c26964  No.12883258


Yes similar to the "Jedi"

It was essentially gene activation through consciousness training. The Religion of Terraformers.

c26964  No.12883267

File: d1b7bd2c9118f80⋯.jpg (198.84 KB, 404x500, 101:125, Singularity at the North P….jpg)

They are still here. Singularity field at the North Pole.

The whole point of the pyramid system was to help create an electromagnetic field similar to their planets.

A Field within a Field. The Mission objective of the Aryan is to Terraform, the mission as old as time. The Demiurge (Parasite), is the anti life, the destroyer, God of Extinction. A Battle as old as the Cosmos.

6b17c4  No.12883359


>this schizo retard shit is "good stuff"

>truth, facts and reality are stupid, just live in jewish fantasy land!

c26964  No.12883449


Don't look into the Thunderbolts Project

We need Einstein physics… TO SHOW US THE WAY!

6b17c4  No.12883485


Yes, look into it. Anyone with half a brain can see it is crazy stupid nonsense with no basis in reality and that is contradicted by simple observation.

c26964  No.12883596


Interesting you said schizo. Is that projection Moishe? Moishe, are you ok?

The level of shilling I have seen over 6 years, is quite impressive, especially when you take into account the desperation and sloppy tactics you apply.

Anyways, for the audience out there, "The Thunderbolts Project", and thank you for the admittance and acceptance of (((Einstein Science))) as the Laws for our Future.

There is no business, like shoah business Moishe.

6b17c4  No.12883645


>if I call reality (((Einstein Science))) even though it has nothing to do with that heeb it will stop being real!

a16cf0  No.12883659


Shut up kike.

6b17c4  No.12883790


>I've been here two whole days and I think "kike" is a magic word that makes facts I don't like go away!

c26964  No.12884895


Its weird that they got you (((guys))) lurking on Atlantis forums. Looks like 8ch is always right.

Looks like 8ch… is always… "Right".

f0e8fd  No.12884906


Just wait for another few decades when the (((Academia))) and their turkroach pawns will have destroyed all evidence of its historicity.

f0e8fd  No.12884924

File: 000b45cb70b9ba0⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 381x360, 127:120, 170626180557_1_540x360.jpg)

File: 937010723e390d0⋯.jpg (229.84 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, Map_IceAges01_full.jpg)


I-its just a metaphor, goys! The whole globe flooding is totally credible due to Global Warming™ but certainly not during the end of the fucking ice age when continental-scale glaciers started melting!

f0e8fd  No.12884940


>nothing even resembling a major city existed in Athens.

Nigger what? Athens was the most major continental center of Pelasgian autochthonous culture long before the Hellenes even came in the Balkans.

c26964  No.12885004

If the south pole was in the middle of the ocean, and not covering land mass, lets say it was in between Africa and Australia, how much Ice do you think would form?

8a5bd3  No.12885348


>Athens was the most major continental center of Pelasgian autochthonous culture long before the Hellenes even came in the Balkans.


eae1a8  No.12885461


Atlantis was a pre-Aryan civilization founded by an ancient white race that lived on a formerly temperate West Antarctica which was an Island when the snow was melted

West Antarctica was Atlantis, Hyperborea, and the Garden of Eden the home of the original white race

It was destroyed by a magnetic pole shift 12,000 years ago

f0e8fd  No.12885475


If kikestein was so smart then why did he fuck, marry and reproduce with his first cousin, Schlomo?

f0e8fd  No.12885480

File: 2e86f83da43cfae⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 240x352, 15:22, T42.1Kekrops.jpg)


Mostly mythological.

8a5bd3  No.12885635


I'd be willing to entertain any thought or perspective. But to believe it, I'd need actual evidence.

Myth on its own is not evidence but it can serve to point us in a direction wherein we can ascertain truth. For instance, the legend or the Trojan war allowed us to discover the very real cities of Wilios, Mycenae, Knossos, Pylos, and Tiryns.

So far as I am aware, there was not a major city or anything even approaching a city in Athens until the Mycenaean era and even then it was small by comparison to later Athens.

8a5bd3  No.12885644


>The legend of the Trojan war.

ae960c  No.12885863

The Calalus story from the FBI / Area 51 thread has been crossposted to >>>/x/46402

There's not much in the way of evidence, but it's an interesting story.

c26964  No.12886160


Yes. The Pole shift went from an Ocean geo location to the actual land mass of Antarctica. The Amount of Ice lost from this transition, and the extreme weather change, caused oceanic glacial, and landmass glacial melting within days.

The technology they were trying to master was sabatoged, which caused the pole shift. Atlantis was going through a civil war. The (((Demiurge))) is the eternal struggle to the Aryan.

The Aryan is the Terraformer. Life Builder.

dd3eef  No.12892016

File: 327ba442cd49f23⋯.jpg (308.98 KB, 925x801, 925:801, ancient pol.jpg)



33eeb5  No.12897814



>Atlantis was here. It was a pretty cool and big city, but it got destroyed and the landscape surrounding it got dried out so its ruins were now kind of out of the way from anywhere. It got forgotten and now it is a legend.

Probably the most retarded things I have ever read. It is a series of natural geological structures and is well mapped and analysed. In essence it is a 100 million year old collapsed volcanic dome with later sedimentary deposition and erosion.

ef2b9e  No.12897827


Thank goodness someone linked this. I'm reading down and all these other places mentioned don't fit the description at all. Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson cover the massive comet that hit and caused the flood. The only sensible location for Atlantis is the mid-Atlantic ridge which sunk after the flood. The only portion left above water was the Canary Islands which, surprise, surprise, had a bunch of White people that lived there for, no one knows how long, who looked liked Cro-Mags. They were-are the last of the Alanteans.

51e14c  No.12898508

File: 52d84dac1960942⋯.jpg (161.85 KB, 736x625, 736:625, icage europe.jpg)

File: 9a47e4fe9ba81f5⋯.png (441.61 KB, 663x714, 13:14, chesapeakbay.png)

File: 5364c99fbe2b1aa⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 242x346, 121:173, across the atlantic.jpg)

File: c4803e00e300e33⋯.png (403.45 KB, 981x573, 327:191, 1522394947124.png)


>nor do they get whiter as a matter of fact.

Whiter as in skin color?

or whiter as in becoming Europid?

>yet they don't get any smarter because of fish consumption

He mentioned the Japs as being smarter chinks, consecuence of sea food.

4d285b  No.12898510

File: c9d3030f1bac27a⋯.png (78.9 KB, 286x193, 286:193, 9.png)

51e14c  No.12898564

File: bed71c2b5080e09⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 300x424, 75:106, psyche cupid francis gerr….jpg)

File: f4488f2c07bbab8⋯.png (15.27 KB, 800x533, 800:533, psyche.png)

File: 66e29d3ab46716e⋯.jpg (61.44 KB, 472x477, 472:477, 66e29d3ab46716e359ad79895a….jpg)


>This geoglyph still sits on Pisco Bay and is called the Paracas Candelabra. I don't know why people think this is anything other than the obvious - a Trident. What deity is connected to the trident? Poseidon. Who was Poseidon connected to? Atlantis.

El Candelabro marks the Southern Cardinal Point, the Crux Constelation.

They also say it's a figure of a San Pedro Cactus, important as it has been used for it's mescaline content for religious purpose as it is a very strong Psychodelic.



And we got a Trident for the Greek word for Soul; Psyche

>Psyche (Psyché in French) is the Greek term for "soul" or "spirit" (ψυχή).

>The letters Ψ or ψ can also be a symbol for:

>psychology, psychiatry, and sometimes parapsychology (involving paranormal or relating with the supernatural subjects, especially research into extrasensory perception).

437eba  No.12903967


They were moved through sound vibration

8a5bd3  No.12904656


An extraordinary claim made without evidence can be dismissed with a "lol"

ae960c  No.12904746


Props to whoever photoshopped the /pol/ "nothing is beyond our reach" logo onto all of those satchels, but that's just going to confuse people.

1d3e83  No.12906284

I've had this thread open forever did you guys find anything of interest? I don't really have time to read all this shit. What were the most interesting presentations or findings itt?

d81ec8  No.12908408

File: 38f4040c4a5fbcb⋯.png (530.95 KB, 1536x1075, 1536:1075, IMG_1474.PNG)

d81ec8  No.12908416



It can. It can also be heard with senses than the few that you have been taught to trust. If something does not make sense according to the laws we have observed, is it more likely that we don't understand the laws, or that there are laws we do not know exist?

c7e1c5  No.12909654

File: 0a41b24a2b68769⋯.jpg (162.18 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Vegvisir-Viking-Symbol-of-….jpg)


Where does this one fit?

000000  No.12913345

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Indeed. In fact, many ancient sites that show evidence of warfare have amphoras that are broken in a similar manner. The theory is that during the sack of the building, enemy warriors broke the amphoras to flood the place before setting it ablaze.

Olive oil was a bit thing around Athens, used for torches. Lucrative business.


A Berber story retells how this place was destroyed by people coming from the southern side of the Mediterranean sea and the city was rebuilt and renamed according to Athena, a goddess that actually belonged to North Africa.

But then we see that thus far, we have Atlas, Poseidon and perhaps Athena finding their roots in very ancient Berber cults, highly likely influenced by leftovers from Atlantis, when Egypt on the other hand went with a new set of Gods — except for the chief deity and creator Ammon and his ram, whose name was also affixed to Zeus at a certain time, and perhaps also found its way into Amon-Ra I suppose.

But some militant Berbers are a bit delusional though, since they're mulattoes claiming a direct link to the Atlanteans and yet we know that mutts don't generate advanced and well organized civilizations.


>Flood pic

It is imho, really, or it shows a lake and people drowning in it. Hard to say if the "angle of the shot" here is strictly 2D-vertical (flood over land) or a top-down angled shot (people drowning in lake).


The two pics out of three are puzzling because the second portrays whites as smaller and dominated, held by their hair, and something similar goes with the walking mummies (their hair, again).

Could represent the coloreds subduing a group of people with paler skin, maybe? One isolated group of whites or people with a large amount of white admixture still left in them.

The third picture features men in arms with prisoners on a leash. I am not knowledgeable enough about the importance of the bandages. Not very important either regarding the topic of Atlantis.


Aren't people conflating Atlantis and Thule? Couldn't have the two groups been contemporary yet separate?

The Richat Eye structure is far more spot on for Atlantis.

Video related (pt2).

000000  No.12913356

a. Mauretania king Juba II spent a great deal of time and resources proving that the Nile connected with a Moroccan southern river.

Today, advanced mapping of underground lakes and rivers shows the hidden presence of an ancient and vast network of aquatic roads and large deposits lying beneath the hostile and dry lands of Africa, notably underneath the Sahara.

b. There was a theory, which anthropologist Giuseppe Sergi (1841-1936) once contributed to in no small part if not outright started, of a "Lybian" origin of the first Europeans moving north a long, long time ago, in his book "The Mediterranean Race: a Study of the Origine of European Peoples" (S.Scott, 1901). Lybia was a far vaster region than the small country of the small name.

Today, it might be substantiated by analysis of the spread of the haplogroup E1b. G. Sergi didn't argue that the Lybians were of mongrelized stock though and pointed at Germans and Scandinavians being true Nordics, although the whiter phenotype was an adaption to the northern climate.

As per wikipedia:

>His concept of the Mediterranean race, identified Mediterranean peoples as being an autonomous brown race and he claimed that the Nordic race was descended from the Mediterranean race whose skin had depigmen