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000000  No.12784842

Ilhan Omar said, "It's all about the shekels, baby."

Source: https://twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/1094747501578633216

US congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a famed Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) supporter, pointed an accusatory finger at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), saying the organization is paying American politicians to be pro-Israel.

Omar made the comment in a tweet on Sunday evening American time sparking immediate backlash, with tweeters accusing Omar of going down a slippery slop by linking AIPAC with the negative antisemitic stereotype of Jewish people's false obsession with money. She was posting in response to a tweet by follower Glenn Greenwald, who wrote that "it's stunning how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans."



15f877  No.12784853

She's an honorary/esoteric Aryan

482dd0  No.12784855

Jews were on our side the whole time

000000  No.12784857


the amount of kvetching on this status is brightening my day.

the leftists are tearing her apart and out come the racist anti-muslim posts from people claiming this is a racist post.

this is beautiful

000000  No.12784861

every other post on this tweet is a blue checkmark loosing their shit.

51da24  No.12784866


Funny how they cry anti-Semitism at the drop of a hat

000000  No.12784868


no comments are even attempting to defend aipac; nothing claiming jews don't buy politicians

51da24  No.12784871


Exactly because it's quite obviously true that AIPAC has undue influence. "Please delete this" is basically all they can say. So this is the power of the Jews? I'd I had a Twitter I'd be dropping red pills on them

000000  No.12784888


880e1f  No.12784900

Shitskins turning on kikes makes me so happy. That's what you get, you little rat nosed niggers.

7aff80  No.12784902


Kill yourself.


Why the fuck are people called "Omar" allowed into US politics in the first place? I know the Jews wormed their way into the system but do you guys really need to help your own enemies?

114808  No.12784905



is a four-letter word

000000  No.12784914


>Lefitsts flood an area with rapefugees and assorted shitskins

>shitskins breed like rats

>20 years later area is permanently blue

in this particular instance it seems to be biting the leftists in the ass; which is why they want mexicans flooding over the border and less muslims. mexicans are not naturally anti-semetic.

funny thing is most jews are leftists; there must be a wider plan, probably just evacuate back to isreal once the area is destroyed. the jews heavily supported muslim immigration in europe, and now many are going to isreal to escape the muslim horde.

maybe they think once they become "americanized" they will loose the anti-semitism or their leftist brainwashing will work, but it will not. the typical muslim seems to be less susceptible to leftist brainwashing.

they do love the free shit though. they almost wouldn't be bad if they didn't vote solid left for gibs. i imagine most want to be armed, they hate niggers, they don't support women's rights, or abortion; it's the gibs, and the natural hate the right has for them when they get here that steers them away from the right wing.

000000  No.12784917


> they hate niggers

well maybe not in this specific case because the somali's are all niggers, but arabs are not fans of niggers

841d77  No.12784930

File: 4d3da88797bb2da⋯.png (341.67 KB, 608x482, 304:241, can't rattle the adel.png)

File: ec8d3265c8e7806⋯.jpg (39.01 KB, 766x689, 766:689, 1401520238053.jpg)

624da7  No.12784938

>Oy gevalt! Ignore the statement! Attack the speaker!

So far the jews aren't denying they bribe politicians.

624da7  No.12784943

Bump because the yids are now bumping ancient threads to slide this topic.

000000  No.12784946

look at her recent retweets


she's doubling and trippling down

>So we’re just gonna pretend Sheldon Adelson doesn’t exist, and that Kevin McCarthy is trying to punish ⁦@IlhanMN⁩ out of sincere commitment to the wellbeing of us Jews? Cool, cool.

>accurately describing how the Israel lobby works is not anti-semitism

Chelsea clinton kvetched and she does seem to be bowing down to the clintons before she ends up in a body bag


>Hi Melissa - I will reach out to her tomorrow. I also think we have to call out anti-Semitic language and tropes on all sides, particularly in our elected officials and particularly now.

<Chelsea - I would be happy to talk. We must call out smears from the GOP and their allies. And I believe we can do that without criticizing people for their faith. I look forward to building an inclusive movement for justice with you.

maybe omar is just being a smartass

63c522  No.12784952


I think their plan is still to attach themselves to China when America can no longer support them.

880e1f  No.12784956


Must be weak-blooded kikes to not lie blatantly in the face of obvious truth.

b6f6d2  No.12784964


Keep in mind that non-whites don't have that white guilt propaganda instill on them, so they will inevitably go ham on those kikes.



I think they'll just invoke the Samson Option once they're entirely out of non-white western countries. There's no point in reasoning with a low IQ demographic.


This would be a good opportunity to post infographics about the holocaust and kikes have influence in media and governments. It'll make them look bad if internet nazis agree with them.

ba9a7d  No.12784977


She was an esoteric Aryan playing 5D chess against the jews.

7bfa39  No.12784983

File: 6257156d101276a⋯.png (126.76 KB, 339x273, 113:91, 146974086123.png)


>tweeters accusing Omar of going down a slippery slop by linking AIPAC with the negative antisemitic stereotype of Jewish people's false obsession with money

f5393f  No.12785000


mein sides are in orbit

f5393f  No.12785005

File: 9ac12346579d7ac⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, Privilege 1.png)

File: f22e9beaa16201c⋯.png (134.17 KB, 807x277, 807:277, Privilege 2.png)


This is our time to strike!!

f5393f  No.12785006

File: eee58da4ed57972⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x1720, 32:43, Privilege 3.png)

File: ecd3c7f019ba183⋯.png (179.64 KB, 600x700, 6:7, Privilege 4.png)

f5393f  No.12785007

File: 1a54e9a3d605f7a⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, Privilege 5.png)

File: 956a1934acc82bc⋯.png (378.34 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Privilege 6.png)

f5393f  No.12785008

File: 1ff0e5365b8518a⋯.png (335.72 KB, 1251x2007, 139:223, Privilege 7.PNG)

File: 28614b7c8c38106⋯.png (366.95 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Privilege 8.png)

ad2f01  No.12785013

jews are fucking pathetic.

f5393f  No.12785015

File: 7b0c0d826371840⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, Privilege 9.png)

File: 33fb3d705969b83⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, Privilege 10.png)

c9789d  No.12785031


she's an arab, working with (((them))) as they have done for 1,500 years. Islam has been the sword arm of jewry since the beginning. Do your reading.

918de1  No.12785119





Arab immigrants will be antijewish, hopefully they will attack jews more than us, easy to beat that since its almost zero attacks.

141906  No.12785132

File: 605b28aae8903ce⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 1000x1116, 250:279, joe.jpg)

File: 9cfdf3a245533e0⋯.jpg (88.89 KB, 620x400, 31:20, joe2.jpg)

File: 480aa875c07e320⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 284x400, 71:100, joe3.jpg)


Even back in the 70's when I was really getting the jew reality shoved in my face I could see what they wanted; they don't want a nice orderly lawful society like you or me. They don't want a place where children can grow up in innocence. They want a vast squalid favela where anything goes and far above it in their heavily defended luxurious stockade, in crystal towers they want to lord it over the scum below in their tarpaper and corrugated iron roofed shacks with rivers of shit running down the middle of the alleys. In this atmosphere of free for all, of anything goes then they can enjoy their most foul lusts untrammeled by any moral judges pointing the finger at them. In their minds the most beautiful flowers blossom on the dung heap. They're rats that love burrowing into that dung heap and they become most ill tempered, peevish when you take a shovel and disturb them in their dark dens of filth and iniquity.

7aff80  No.12785135


This is what their religion promises them, after all.

141906  No.12785141

File: d859aa26f3319e6⋯.jpg (105.69 KB, 548x400, 137:100, joe4.jpg)

File: 49d45088fc586b5⋯.jpg (147.21 KB, 619x402, 619:402, joe5.jpg)

File: f4ed0aa22dcc5c0⋯.jpg (10.87 KB, 251x201, 251:201, Joe6.jpg)

File: d0234a0c84e2438⋯.jpg (45.63 KB, 199x400, 199:400, joe7.jpg)

880e1f  No.12785142


Kikes know they're dirt, everything they do is to try to prove they aren't by tearing everything down in a jealous rage. They are the crab bucket race and will not suffer any attack against their fragile undeserved egos.

141906  No.12785157

File: 6574c0d9e2335ce⋯.jpg (147.73 KB, 643x1313, 643:1313, joe8.JPG)

File: 9660c0dd8f774fc⋯.jpg (221.83 KB, 804x483, 268:161, joe9.jpg)

File: 385ac9b38af5a9a⋯.jpg (192.2 KB, 970x402, 485:201, joe10.jpg)

File: 417854e85e8c584⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, joe11.jpg)

Note the article talking about all the people at Joe's funeral; judges, police, and politicians. Over 800 people. That whore house was Vancouver's real city hall where Mayor Hume and Police Chief Don Winterton and little jew rat future billionaire Jimmy Pattison hung out. I talked to old guys from those days and that whore house was THE place where all the big deals went down. You could get rich just drinking and whore fucking and making friends there.

Jimmy Pattison started out washing cars in a car lot. Now he's worth 7 billion and he even hosted GHWBush and the British PM on his 25 million yacht.

5a2db0  No.12785160

File: 3649af2f8f78873⋯.png (268.9 KB, 1442x440, 721:220, flowers on a dung heap.PNG)


Precisely this. Capped for posterity.

7aff80  No.12785162


Arabs/Muslims have no qualms about working with Jews when it suits their interests. Their religions are closer to each other than either are to Christianity.

f075b0  No.12785296


Can anyone find that clip subbed in English?

5322e8  No.12785349

File: 05dc5537c0c4299⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 1075x296, 1075:296, Screenshot_20190211-081152….jpg)


fb506f  No.12785450


>I'm a kike and I'm ethnocentric as fuck and no one criticize MY privilege, goyim


32c75a  No.12785476


Isn't it ridiculous that white americans are such israeli asskissers, that they have to wait for a muslim woman to enter their politics for someone to finally speak against kikes?

If you go extinct, you deserve it. Don't complain, it's all on you.

98ba43  No.12785480


I think there's already two yids in China's government. The Chinese police also treat the Muslims living in the east of their country like dirt, random arrests, closing mosques, imams disappearing in the night, Guess the Euro and Amero-yids have learned not to shit where they eat the hard way.

9cd0f3  No.12785481

File: 6852f0302a00637⋯.png (160.85 KB, 720x791, 720:791, sd.png)

Golem conditioning is breaking.

Fire up those twitter accounts.

8c4128  No.12785493


>the Irish

We influence the government? Last I checked I was being told to check my white privilege and to stop oppressing brown people by living. This is quite the development.

913ab8  No.12785501


Kikes want to destroy everything because they believe the acts of awareness, existence, and creation are abominations. They believe that their god is broken into scattered pieces embedded throughout the world, and the only way to re-assemble and reunite with their god is to free those pieces by destroying everything (Tikkun Olam). That is why kikes never engage in productive work or generate real wealth or create truly aspirational art. They only engage in destructive scavenging, scam-based economics and empty nonsensical distractions, all in their attempts to stay as comfortable as possible on top of it all while simultaneously forcing everything into decline and decay.

1d94c4  No.12785978

File: e8ca790b075d671⋯.png (41.36 KB, 600x700, 6:7, gas the kikes race war now.png)

9d09f3  No.12786051

Does she know about the USS Liberty?

c82c9a  No.12786056

Now if only a non-commie White would have the balls to say this.

3fc21f  No.12786450

>already apologized


df7220  No.12786465


This is hard to say, we've gotten 9/11. The 2008 housing collapse and a muslim president. Not everything was the jew but maybe 80% is with a bit of the muslim thrown in,

521931  No.12786483


>already apologized

Less than 24 hours later. Beyond sad.

7a6e16  No.12786649


Tis a shame too. Now there’ll be blood and the leftists will devour her in self cannibalistic tendencies. The damage is already done. Her apologizing is only going to add more fuel to the fire. Not to mention she’s going to go dark and disappear for “reconditioning”

271374  No.12786891

File: a39a8d8bfa56dce⋯.jpeg (115.33 KB, 666x1024, 333:512, 30CC886B-023D-4B0B-BDB8-B….jpeg)

File: 7c09e7c086c0e4a⋯.png (197.8 KB, 1342x864, 671:432, C42C8ED0-BECA-43DA-8FD7-81….png)

The Golem has apologized to her makers but it’s too late, AIPAC is trending. Bad Golem!

000000  No.12789995


at least she didnt have the gall to mention the Germans and the ever so powerful Amish Lobby. Fucking cunt.

4452d6  No.12790114


I would unironically vote for her. She has bigger balls than Rand Paul when it comes to standing up to Jewish pressure.

261567  No.12790593

wtf I love Somalis now

24c60b  No.12790607


Many Somali women are hot

1e6bc5  No.12790623


Agreed,As a whiteman I don't mind dicking them.

38ace0  No.12790629

File: 1de9180ad8c74aa⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 580x357, 580:357, 1528598533162.jpg)


Wow that is some juicy fuckin shit man.

Just…. wow

a78e44  No.12790644

File: cd63ec027da8abe⋯.jpg (774.6 KB, 1403x1743, 1403:1743, SmartSelect_20190212-10382….jpg)


> Omar Shitskin in hijab Congressional rep

< names the jew


430270  No.12790654


I don't get why Americans support Israel either.

000000  No.12790677

>jewish people's false obsession with money

Lel. My sides.

d94968  No.12790681

File: 9409cfa977bbda6⋯.jpg (13.28 KB, 252x252, 1:1, 1526397805131.jpg)

STOP reading siege and START being a white liberal

ab3854  No.12791046

File: 11607de142df429⋯.jpeg (19.74 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 5B146B30-E5FC-459D-BF4D-3….jpeg)


0091ba  No.12791203

File: 6541ba4eeb515bb⋯.png (164.84 KB, 1046x840, 523:420, IpaCGuy.png)

File: a81de27ccbc3539⋯.png (28.93 KB, 698x310, 349:155, p0uoikl.png)



I wonder if Omar will fold under all this pressure. AOC already did this shortly after winning the Democratic primary in her district. And does anyone remember Cynthia McKinney? Or what about Marc Lamont Hill?

04d6bd  No.12791348

File: e70490cc36347df⋯.jpg (744.3 KB, 1070x1399, 1070:1399, resign.jpg)



4daf8d  No.12791383


"The third world war must be fomented between christians and muslims''…

c0507c  No.12791398

File: 153e68975c813be⋯.jpg (6.4 KB, 240x240, 1:1, thumbsupapproval.jpg)


Check'd and kek'd. It's beautiful in it's own right to see the kikes golems turning on them and actually pointing out the noses. Now it's just a matter of who is lower on the victim hierarchy.

aa5ad2  No.12791447


If any MAGA turd hasn't realized his president is a kike, now is the time

000000  No.12791534


Alright, that's it. Im voting for muslims from now on. Fuck you trump you zionist pos.

489e1b  No.12791614


Is that you trying to blend in, "Beto" O'rourke?

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