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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e57577  No.12785211

Owen Benjamin outdid the average /pol/ thread the other day when he named the jew 125 times in one show!

>inb4 He's a quarter jewish!

He hates his jewish grandmother (who actually converted to Christianity to marry his grandfather) and doesn't even know how much jewish ancestry she's got so he could be a lot less than a quarter jewish. Also he doesn't give a shit and doesn't regard himself as jewish at all, except when he can use the "quarter jew" thing for comedic purposes.

>inb4 E-celeb!

He's a famous stand-up comedian who was also making TV shows and movies before he quit Hollywood to fight cultural marxism, although he was blacklisted anyway for objecting to transsexualising children and refusing to apologise.

Interesting fact: Owen is friends with Vince Vaughn and says he's a lot like Mel Gibson (politically) in real life and is one of the few right-wingers in Hollywood who isn't afraid to make all his views known behind the camera, which is why you've been seeing less and less of him on screen. Unfortunately he still doesn't speak up in public about all his views.

51179d  No.12785343

Isn't he jewish and married to a mestizo? Sounds based, I guess…

85fc0e  No.12785367

File: f89be588c9c8e1f⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1670x1468, 835:734, 18828893992.png)


anuddah shoah?

0b575a  No.12785374


He's talented, and quite amusing. The worry is that figures like him are being used to shape the the backlash. Direct it at cultural marxism, de-claw and file the teeth down so to speak, in the hope that order emerges from the chaos and the jew will (still) lead the new order.

84efb8  No.12785378


He's a bit crazy and created a cult around his persona. try to talk rationally to him under one of his videos, lol

Also that fake moon landing stuff, he's so convinced he knows everything. Even tho i had my doubts I wouldn't ever state categorically that it had to be fake. And recently I encountered convincing evidence, that the landings were actually real.

1e99e3  No.12785392

Didn't he cuck for a few years and denounce "Nazis", and then do a basic bitch video for Praeger U? Didn't he recently get into cringe boomer conspiracies like the faked moon landing? Isn't he either a fucking nut or a unscrupulous grifter?

84efb8  No.12785394


All I know is that he seems to be mentally unstable. Overdose on redpills might do that to you.

dfcb27  No.12785397


You just perfectly encompassed the idiocy of neonazis in one post.

8e376f  No.12785398

<as long as this isn't a thread about a real person you should care about, like Seana Fenner, goyim


8e376f  No.12785399


>not sees


620714  No.12785425




620714  No.12785426


forgot my image

droof tuchin wall.jpew

bf17b4  No.12785477


386cd1  No.12785547

File: 636a79b7325bcbb⋯.jpg (214.25 KB, 672x382, 336:191, jew quote jews 1st and for….jpg)


>who actually converted to Christianity

racial jew "converts" have sown more destruction against White people than any other form of kike. see vatican 2

788527  No.12785552

Stop shilling Vox Day's masonic frot buddy.


5973e2  No.12785553





Owen was DEEP in the Hollywood soy.

As stated, was ousted and blackballed from social media, just like the rest of us, for the heinous crime of suggesting that hormone therapy for trannie kids is "child abuse".

He STILL has quite a bit of waking up to do.

And that's where we come in.

Even if he is a shill, which I HIGHLY doubt (been watching him 'evolve' from the BEFORE his banishment.

It's actually been real fun watching the hyper accelerated process of his redpilling as things like his nigger "best friend", and comedic touring partner, stole $3500 from him, like about his military exp., and probably doesn't even have cancer. He is partnering with Vox Day, and their SM startup just launched. SocialGalctic. NO free speech zone though. THEY WILL BE BANNING ALL COMMIES, D&C, AND SLIDERS!

Honeypot? Could be. You know what to do.

It wouldn't take much effort at all to push him over with a massive redpill campaign, WITH HIS ENTIRE BASED AUDIENCE BEHIND HIM!!

>tl:dr Dude is BASED! but still sleepy, and only half woke. With his large, growing audience starving for facts, this garden is RIPE FOR HARVEST!

At least go check him out, goys.

You won't be sorry.

If he's a loss, at least he's funny as fuck!!

386cd1  No.12785554


>Didn't he recently get into cringe boomer conspiracies like the faked moon landing?

This is how I know you are dumb.

788527  No.12785555


Except his schtick is a limited hangout to sell shit like all of Beale's scams.

5973e2  No.12785563


Also, if you want to watch the most convincing stream so far that MUST be elobarated on, and spread, check episode #399.

He talks about kike "Wizardry".

Explains the trickery of Logical Fallacies without getting tech. Uses Historical examples of fuckers trickin' fuckers. MLK, Farrakahn, the Pope, all of Hollywood, etc.


He would be a GREAT asset for the spread of prop and info.

>>Seriously. Don't let this opportunity pass by.

5973e2  No.12785566


Now you're just lying.

We see (((YOU))), filth.

5973e2  No.12785581

File: cbfe4593a2ed6d5⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 398x640, 199:320, guillotine.jpg)


When will you IQless, one trick kikes figure your tired, ancient shit out?

Your eyes are like spotlights. When you look and point, and kike, "NOOOOOOO!!!", you only draw EVERYONE'S attention to it. And we all jump onto the very thing you're trying to hide.


We couldn't do this without you!

5973e2  No.12785596

File: 5bddbf68117c383⋯.jpeg (519.22 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, BlondeGirl.jpeg)


You silly fuckers are so adorable.

Keep trying though. You keep all these threads, and people like Owen Benjamin relevant, and fighting against your grimy bullshit.

We're coming…

cd847e  No.12785611

File: 528776c4f306d84⋯.png (813.3 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0af45477f97cac04a286151646….png)


I'm convinced he's in over his head intellectually. It should be fun to see his audience distance themselves from him since he has so many Boomer Bros. In the end he's not a heavy lifter and he always looks like he's one twitch away from breaking down.

5973e2  No.12785653


As opposed to this board for the past 3 years?

C'mon, guy.

He's smarter than you.

I will put money on that.

He is BRAND NEW into this territory.

Watching his hyper accelerated redpilling has been fascinating to watch. He'll say something, get jumped by his audience, research it, and come back the very next day knowing more than everyone that jumped him.

I find it quite interesting that all these negators know EXACTLY who Owen is, and EVERYTHING about him.

Are you all on the (((clock))), or something?.

You aren't glowing suspiciously at all, little ones.

5973e2  No.12785667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He is single handedly inspiring the take down of some of the biggest, backstabbing, sellouts in PedoWood.

Naming the pedos, and the kikes!

He has accomplished more in the past year, than the vast majority of anyone here.

Show some respect.

667a30  No.12785676


The use of capitalization to accent your text and double exclamation points sure convinced me.




We have IDs

5973e2  No.12785688

File: d3d0967d76fec6d⋯.jpeg (86.83 KB, 712x712, 1:1, blondeboyPROTECT!.jpeg)


Got an argument yet?

Owen Benjamin is going to be a MAJOR PLAYER in DESTROYING you.

…and you know it. That's why you're here, doing what you're doing.

This shit is not sophisticated. You all suck at this.

You partied like rockstars, and forgot all your teachings.

Now WE know them all. And we are going to end YOU!

How do you like THAT?!

We're coming…

5973e2  No.12785694

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>We have IDs

Gen Z. Eyesight just started going. Cut me some slack.

Lurked long, recently started posting. Get excited sometimes. Especially this subject. "Wizardry" (rhetoric and logical fallacies). Didn't want to be the one to introduce Benjamin just yet. He wasn't quite there. But it's time. Since his nigger nogged him, he's WOKE! Just a little further to go on the kikes.

Help him out! …softly. He's emotionally raw right now. Blackballed, hated "NAZI!", backstabbing (friends), forced to move away from his brother cuz "NAZI!".

Trust me. He's beyond ready.

He is an asset. GUARANTEED!


3648b2  No.12785720


>And that's where we come in.

bruh moment

5973e2  No.12785726


>He's talented, and quite amusing. The worry is that figures like him are being used to shape the the backlash. Direct it at cultural marxism, de-claw and file the teeth down so to speak, in the hope that order emerges from the chaos and the jew will (still) lead the new order.

And that is why we need to get in there!

Even if he is a shill (doubt), his audience can still be harvested.

Get on it.

5973e2  No.12785729


I got no "bruhs", bruh.

Only limited, cooperative engagement with like minded blood (apparently not you) until the challenges are resolved.

Keep kvetching, though.

It's adorable.

7b81a4  No.12785734


Few of these negators like me watched back when he was an alt lite conservative drone. Though I just watched some newer stuff. I'll concede, he will be an asset.

Though I doubt he will be able to drag most of his audience along. We will see. I was kneejerk reacting to the version of him last year when he was sucking down juden Peterson and Crowder.

Hopefully he's able to present this alongside his comedy in an easily digestible way.

5973e2  No.12785747



That's why I say "hyper accelerated RedPilling".

He was entranced by Juden's glamour spells while he was down and out and searching for ANYTHING, and has since gone into overdrive in taking Peterson down.

He's still pals with Crowder, but he dropped Owen from his writing staff after the moon landing. Trigger.

He is slowly waking up to all of it.

Go give him a nudge or two in the right direction.

I've been watching and studying him for some time, and I personally believe the coupling of /pol to Owen would be highly beneficial at this very moment in the timeline we're on.

I can't find much of a downside to this experiment.

80b5fb  No.12785758

Off topic, but since were talking about pedowood in this thread I might as well ask. Can anyone give me the rundown on Jamie Dlux? Is he the real deal or is he just another crypto boomer parasite?

629578  No.12785772

File: 9b236fdc3614374⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, no good jews.png)

File: eac8d9ca91b3d99⋯.jpg (23.43 KB, 480x476, 120:119, 6496ab953221a161bff9a6b8de….jpg)


>He hates his jewish grandmother (who actually converted to Christianity to marry his grandfather) and doesn't even know how much jewish ancestry she's got so he could be a lot less than a quarter jewish. Also he doesn't give a shit and doesn't regard himself as jewish at all, except when he can use the "quarter jew" thing for comedic purposes.

He's a zionist jew who says we should stand with Israel because "there are no churches in Iraq", even though the secular nationalist leader who protected Christians and donated to Christian churches in the US was removed on behalf of his co-racialists in Israel.

>quit Hollywood to fight cultural marxism,

No, his career didn't go anywhere, and "fighting cultural marxism" was just a way to stat relevant.

5973e2  No.12785805


When will you kikes learn?

This entire world is tired of you talking shit without any research or facts to back it up. We're tired of empty, lazy, mockery and insults. We're sick of your constantly failing doom "predictions". Your "magick" doesn't work on this plane anymore.

Look, this is all very simple logic if you've got the perspective.

There is no way, in the desperation that you're in across the board, that you bastards have devised this level of sophisticated infiltration using an almost completely unknown B actor who, apparently, has uprooted his entire existence, walked away from a million dollar contract (>just a way to stat relevant. HA!), just to grow a mustache and gardens, build fences on his property, buy guns and ammo, and post live streams about pedos and kikes that get 4000 viewers.

Who are you trying to convince here?

…and AGAIN! If so, who fuckin' cares?!

His audience is ripe and ready.

Hell, EVERYONE is ready for this shit!

'Send it.

5973e2  No.12785821


He has to set up his Stand-Up like a 90's rave. Sells tickets with no site announcement, with email maps, and last minute directions, and shit.


He has been forced to do his shit on a deuce flat bed on some guys private property, a child's museum, etc.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface of his story.

Way too sophisticated of a psy-op for such a small player.

As soon as Delev (jew) burns him (inevitable), his transition will be complete.

0ec651  No.12785863


He has literally talked in his Infowars guest host slots how the moon landings were "fake". He could be legit elsewhere, but being retarded in this way is an easy discrediting method.

5973e2  No.12785876


Prove the moon landing was real, nigger.

We'll wait.

629578  No.12785891

File: 4a1ee42e433ca89⋯.mp4 (13.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Oven Benjamin - Stand with….mp4)


>o-only kikes hate my good jew!

Should we all stand with Israel because it's the Palestinians, and not the Christ-killing jews who want even use a "+" that want to kill Christians, like Owen says?

His narrative is that jews some jews are bad, and they're annoying in general, but Islam is the real threat.

We've been right about every other jewish/kosher eceleb you autists became emotionally invested in, then shilled for here. What makes you think this particularly slimely kike will be any different?


I don't know if I believe that, but even if it's true, that's the same kind of thing that happens to Milo (the last "good jew" you niggers shilled for on here) and Gavin McCuck. It doesn't negate his jewishness in any way.


>watching infowars

The Moon Landing being a hoax is 6 gorrilion times more plausible than the majority of what tranny-lover Jonestein and the other shabbos goyim there cover.

0ec651  No.12785899



>don't pay attention to what's being pushed, goy

>also everything is fake because I say so and am too retarded to conceive of anything existing

629578  No.12785916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not even saying the Moon Landing was necessarily faked, just that would be more plausible than say, Israel fighting the globalists, Qanon, the Global Nazi Conspiracy, or anything else coming out of Infowars.

Has anybody told Owen that Jonestein interviewed Buzz Aldrin, and denounced skepticism of the Moon Landing?

152cad  No.12785918

Who? fucking kill yourself. Shill in hell.

5973e2  No.12785931

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trust me, anon, I'm as skeptical as you.

But the evidence is speaking for itself.

If this is (((their))) game to try and keep us corralled, they are getting dangerously close to the edge. I don't see how this plays out in their favor.

He's straight up teaching his audience how their Wizardry works. How could this possibly work in their favor?

I'll drop Owen as fast as the rest if I smell it. Either way it works a yet another example of failed kikery. Win win.

…and yet AGAIN, the fact that you refuse to recognize the potential to reap his audience, screams "shill".

There is absolutely zero harm in testing his waters.

The time is RIGHT NOW!

Besides, dude is funny as fuck.

763b6a  No.12785935

File: fc5f85c02e0f544⋯.jpg (710.9 KB, 1382x1448, 691:724, GLRwut.jpg)

I've been checking out bits of his massive ego-stroking streams for about 6 months now. Yeah he is on the right track with some things.

Problem I see is that he still believes in the Wizardry called Revealed Religion aka desert death cult superstitions and bulllshit such as Creator of universe came to Earth to die for us and also He loves the Jews.

0ec651  No.12785949


>he interviewed an astronaut that was there

>and denounced literal fake news


5973e2  No.12785953


What's being "pushed", big guy?

The fucking TRUTH?!

No wonder (((you're))) so nervous.


Strategy, anon. I know you know this already. As much as I distrust Jones, he has always been very obvious in petting the edge of the delicate bubble with "the Globalists", y'know, the ones who own every fucking available platform for voicing opinions?

And yes, Owen has mentioned that Jones believes he moon hoax.

Look, this is exhausting.

This board usedt to be chock full of fuckers eager to search and study everything, to get to the bottom of anything.

Put your logical fallacy "Wizardry" away, and EXPERIENCE what you can discover before talking so much random, empty shit.

You children act like every move is permanent.

Fuck Benjamin if he's a shill.

But right now, if kikery, they haven't clapped the trap yet, and we can get some fuckers out before they do. I'm sure you're familiar with this window in their schemes? Infiltrate, and re-rail the train.

Then make an example of Owen like everyone else who fucks with the blood.


There you are, random neanderkike! What took so long?

5973e2  No.12785967



If he's for real, he REALLY wants it right now, and doesn't know it.

Again, he is racing through the RedPill timeline faster than anyone I've ever seen.

He'll get there eventually.

Even sooner if he gets the proper guidance.


And if not, fuck him.

No real investment, and nothing lost.

But we've been cut off, and he still has a voice amongst those most susceptible to this info.

We are awash with waisted opportunities, because of you fucking BlackPilled bitches.

Fuck you.

0ec651  No.12785970


>hurr earf is flat space is fake hurr durr

Go back to GLP, sinead.

5973e2  No.12785979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tel Aviv is not sending their best.

It would seem /pol has done tuckered them the fuck out.

…keep bumping the thread, Schlomo.

I truly appreciate it.

152cad  No.12785986

File: a61a052c20bd737⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Tuscany jew.jpg)


>t. yid shilling a jew to /pol/

2c9967  No.12786000


You're an idiot. Not the type of idiot that can be cured, either. We're not shilling a Jew to /pol/, we're shilling /pol/ to a Jew with an audience.

152cad  No.12786006


>jewish pilpul

Rope yourself jew.

d11d35  No.12786007

Based Jews and part-jews do exist. Bobby Fisher is the ultimate proof.

5973e2  No.12786012


(((it))) knows. But they've lost their damn minds now that they recognize they can't stop what's coming.

This is the most epic psy-op known to goy, if so.

I mean, telling everyone through the leaked Protocols that WWIII will be Christians vs. Muzzies, then surprise scrap the entire thing, and blame yourselves, riling the ENTIRE WORLD against you. You die in horrid torture, and cursing. WIN!

I don't get it?

152cad  No.12786014

File: 3ed434971a0798d⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Ze Cure.gif)


>based je

763b6a  No.12786021


<(me) Yeah Owen is popping red pills but needs help over the jew worship religion stuff.

>(you) (sperging out) you're a BlackPilled bitch fuck you REEEEEEEE

Dude get some sleep

629578  No.12786022

File: f22a5850e82a764⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 838x551, 838:551, f22a5850e82a7642325c3caf89….jpg)

File: 5e8fec106eca2fb⋯.webm (7.23 MB, 480x324, 40:27, A Jew exposes the Jews - ….webm)

File: 6a8a2a44ea8d92e⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Bobby Fischer - A Few Not….webm)


>he has always been very obvious in petting the edge of the delicate bubble with "the Globalists"

Yes, those "Devil-worshiping Nazis" who hate the Talmud and Israel, and are working with the Muslims that control Hollywood and The Federal Reserve. Alex is redpilling so many normies!



You sound just like the autists who were saying Milo was their "useful idiot" and not the other way around.


If Bobby Fischer was alive today, he'd be on our side, arguing that there are no good jews. He also wasn't a zionist, like Oven.


>telling everyone through the leaked Protocols that WWIII will be Christians vs. Muzzies

That isn't in The Protocols (which are real), that's a fake letter from Albert Pike.

2c9967  No.12786031

File: 50efbf4c52d93a4⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 278x387, 278:387, 1541437016203.jpg)


See this is the idiocy I was referencing. It's not pilpul, you just lack reading comprehension. If I was shilling Owen to /pol/ I'd be talking about how based and redpilled he is, saying we should listen to him.

Instead we're saying this faggot has an audience and is practically begging for us to feed him redpills that he'll inevitably feed to his audience.

But instead you're so fucking stupid you think we're telling you to become a fan yourself. I'm surprised you ended up on /pol/ at all rather than turning Communist like all the other dumb fuck retards who can't read for shit end up doing.

218a92  No.12786032


>calls every gay a sodomite

>doesnt trust Hollywood and says they are all pedos

>family man, kids look white

>doesnt buy into any MSM narrative

>calls out shills like Peterson and Rogan


>will call out jews


>isnt quite up to speed in the JQ (he considers them equal to all the problems commies are causing, hence he doesnt see himself targeting them when he calls them out)

>takes a lot of blackpills

>claims to be part yid

>married to some half Mexican

>short temper

I think the more and more blackpilled he gets the more he will understand the JQ, but he will never not have ruined his white lineage.

Hes still useful for us

2c9967  No.12786040


Milo faggots thought he was based and redpilled despite being a nigger fucking faggot. I'm saying Owen is begging for the redpills, let us feed some to him.

5973e2  No.12786042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're so pathetic. You're trying way too hard, kike.

a06150  No.12786044

File: 648d42a7bc41c2b⋯.jpg (114.83 KB, 800x501, 800:501, itsallsotiring.jpg)


I've seen him stream from time to time if I happen to open up youtube and he's on. Owen Benjamin is ok and funny but I can already see what's going to happen. He's going to say something that YouTube can finally ban him for and that'll be that. He doesn't just spill his spaghetti, he flings it at the walls. It's only a matter of time before he's purged especially if he's naming names.

I mean if you watch the guy fine, but most of us here are done with following any celebrity because it mostly turns out the the same in the end. Formerly pozzed minor celeb turned civnat really has nothing to do with us and this board. You might have better luck on 4/pol/ and reddit getting people excited. Maybe Voat. I mean that sincerely.

0ec651  No.12786050


>cringey trumpposting

>STILL trying to push flat earth/space is fake kikery

8f6d11  No.12786057


>He's still pals with Crowder, but he dropped Owen from his writing staff after the moon landing. Trigger.

No he didn't, Owen just thought he did but it turned out that Crowder was just having trouble getting hold of him because he wasn't answering the phone at the time and his voicemail is permanently full. (He keeps sentimental messages, including from dead friends. He knows he can try transferring them to the PC but doesn't want to risk it in case something goes wrong.) They've sorted it all out now and Owen's back to writing for Crowder.

105c9c  No.12786080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>jew names the jew 125 times in his jew video

Vid very related


8f6d11  No.12786082


>Can anyone give me the rundown on Jamie Dlux?

I think he's a total faggot, especially since he's blue-pilled on "paedophilia". i.e. he thinks attraction to anybody 1 second under a draconian government-created age limit is "paedophilia". Unfortunately Owen is still blue-pilled about that too, but being abused by a priest (or priests) most likely had a big effect on him in relation to that. He says he wasn't actually raped though, unlike some friends apparently.

5973e2  No.12786083


Still trying way too hard, shitfucker.

When did you learn to spot the jew? Birth?

…fuckin' moron. If you don't know Owen's timeline, stop embarrassing yourself with ignorant nonsense.


>"Devil-worshiping Nazis"

You know as well as the rest of us how many people Jones (accidentally) woke. EVERYONE HERE!

>and not the other way around.

And where is Milo today, bitch?

>Bobby Fischer

Was Fischer kike wise when he was a kid? Or, like the rest of us, did it take experience, and research to come around? …like Owen? that's a >fake letter from Albert Pike.

Oh, so the (((plan))) really is self immolation by Muzzie as rape off the planet forever?

I know they're fuckin psychos, but that concept is a bit too far fetched.


BOOM! This guy gets it!


…another boom.


Strawmanning till your arms fall out… …pitiful.


I'll be watching that very closely then. Crowder isn't off the table yet for me. Again, /pol tactics have potential to derail ANY spell casting at this point.


He knows. He's partnering with Vox Day on a just released SM platform called "SocialGalactic".

Again, this is all very touchy, and requires /pols oversight.

Crush the honeypots, and/or exploit the audience.

For the rest of you filthy kikes, this isn't hard to understand. That's how I know you're a…

5973e2  No.12786090


Owen bluepilled?!


He just said, AGAIN, last night that he doesn't trust himself with power or authority because he would immediate strike up the Death Squads, led by himself, to go lopping pedo heads. He straight up admits he doesn't trust the "Hitler" inside of him.

Tell me this thought process isn't exploitable?

0ec651  No.12786096



>shilling this hard

8f6d11  No.12786097


>His narrative is that jews some jews are bad, and they're annoying in general, but Islam is the real threat.

Actually he says that most jews are bad. You must not have been watching recently.

8f6d11  No.12786102


>Owen bluepilled?!

About that 1 topic, yes. Like many people on here even.

5973e2  No.12786105


On the "SocialGalactic" front…

Vox is overseeing his strict banning policies. He wants "intelligent", "clean", "high level" Dialectic, and will not tolerating any /pol style fuckery.

If you want a challenge, go over, and see if you can ghost, AND spread the message without getting BTFO'd.

This is a worthy foe. …if foe.


Must exploit.

100be4  No.12786111

File: 8b750dbfdc883c3⋯.jpg (458.47 KB, 776x914, 388:457, On 'Kill even the best of ….jpg)


>nigger fucking faggot

>leaving out his worst quality

Sure, being a race-mixing sodomite is a problem, but the problem with Milo is that he's a racial jew, like Owen. Your inability to understand that is why you will continue to be duped by jewish ecelebs.


In the same way that the Talmud uses codewords like "Cuthean" and "Heathen" for "gentile", which is clarified in footnotes, any time a kike says "Palestinian", it should be seen the same way. They feel exactly the same about all of us, but the Palestinians are the only ones they can get away with killing openly at the moment.

5973e2  No.12786118


Not even trying, you pathetic worm.

There is no "shilling" in a simple suggestion to go check out something with vast potential.

What can be gained far outweighs the investment.

But you already know this, kike. You know WE know this, kike.

This is why your dumb fuckers have gotten so lazy here.

…just collecting paychecks at this point, Chaim?

Might as well fill Slurpees at the Quickee Stop.

You are utterly ineffectual here.

…and soon to be extinct.

105c9c  No.12786119


He's jewish though

5973e2  No.12786131


> Your inability to understand

Come on, you arrogant kike.

You're not even trying.

Are you seriously going with "/pol too stoopid for Woen Benhamin."?


You got fat, lazy, and moronic in your decadence.

Mowing you worthless parasites down is going to be so easy.

Thank you.

763b6a  No.12786132


>more sperging


5973e2  No.12786133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Put your supervisor on.

He pays you way too much.

105c9c  No.12786137





>suburban rural retard


>From German Nazi, a shortening of Nationalsozialist (“National Socialist”) (attested since 1903, as a shortening of national-sozial),[1] since in German the nati- in national /ˌnatsioˈnaːl/ is approximately pronounced Nazi [ˈnäːtsi]; compare Sozi (“socialist”).[1] A homonymic term Nazi was in use before the rise of the NSDAP in Bavaria as a pet name for Ignatz and (by extension from that) a derogatory word for a backwards peasant


5973e2  No.12786139



Just keep on bumping the thread, kike.

You fuckers have gotten too stupid for this game.

Is it not obvious yet that we snatched your Magick Wand, and are now blasting the fuck out of you with it?

You have no more power on this plane.

You're already extinct, and you know it.

105c9c  No.12786142


Not an argument.

100be4  No.12786144

File: 2f43efdc9b991bd⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 545x478, 545:478, retard merchant.jpg)


Can't you at least try to fit in? This low-quality shilling is insulting.

105c9c  No.12786147


He's jewish.

0ec651  No.12786148


You're goalpost moving, (28).

>get called out for shilling your flat earth fakemoon cancer

>try to claim it's about anything and everything else

8f6d11  No.12786154


>>married to some half Mexican

We don't know what Amy's dad looked like and may never know since he abandoned the family, but he could actually be a White Mexican.

5973e2  No.12786156


Don't need one. You offer nothing to rebut, bitch.


"In-Group Wizardry"?

God, you homos have really lost your edge.

It's over.

105c9c  No.12786159


Owen (((Benjamin))) is a kike piglet.

2c9967  No.12786162

File: 3dbae5fdd1e0f95⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 617x589, 617:589, 3dbae5fdd1e0f95082ab5444cd….jpg)


Didn't realize I needed to issue a complete breakdown of Milo. I was just insulting him.

And you're still too dumb to realize that shilling Owen to /pol/ =/= shilling /pol/ to Owen. Again with the reading comprehension.

5973e2  No.12786163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


By all means, PLEASE show me where I said a damn thing about Flat Earth, you flat head.

I'm not even that sold on the guy, but your REACTIONS tell me everything I need to know. …as usual, morons.

Thanks again for bumping the thread, and another opportunity to post some Owen.

5973e2  No.12786168


By the way…


Red Herring

Harry Potter has more Wizard skill than you do, chump.

8f6d11  No.12786176


>He's going to say something that YouTube can finally ban him for and that'll be that

He has back up streaming sites for if that happens. (He also has a "secret" YouTube channel for livestreaming that he had to use recently as YouTube did temporarily suspend him.) He gets over 5,000 live views per video and on average around 50,000 extra views when uploaded later. He gets even more after they've been up a few months of course.

8f6d11  No.12786196


Why are you so triggered by Israel? Who gives a shit? Owen says he supports the existence of Israel because he's a nationalist, but he doesn't support giving them aid, especially for building their walls when the USA can't yet have one, or fighting wars for them.

0ec651  No.12786212



>muh moon landing denial is totally different goy

Kill yourself kike.

8f6d11  No.12786222


>but the problem with Milo is that he's a racial jew, like Owen.

Owen is 1/4 of we don't know how much jewish. He's racially White. Jews wouldn't even accept him since it's on his dad's side anyway. If his grandmother hadn't told him that she had converted to Christianity and was originally jewish then you would have no idea that he was partly jewish either.

5973e2  No.12786234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These idiots prove they speak from ignorance.

One can go through and cherry pick anything from Owen's timeline, and say, "SEE! TOLD YOU!".

However, taking the ENTIRE timeline, IN ORDER, is necessary to observe his rapid redpilling (that shows no sign of stopping, and, with /pols nudging, will inevitably bring him around to where we find ourselves now).

Hell, it wasn't a month ago he was praising his prize nigger for being such a great pal.

Last night, basically said, "Fuck Niggers".

Benjamin is a "White Enthusiast", and "Prefers tall, intelligent White guys, to short, dumb, blacks."

He got BlackBalled from Hollywood for naming the Pedos, did the deep dive, and only then started calling out the Jews.

He's well on his way.


Non Sequitur.

Damn, you filthy jew. You're REALLY bad at this.

8f6d11  No.12786239


>flat earth fakemoon cancer

Owen doesn't believe the Earth is flat, he just asked people to prove it isn't as a thought experiment. He also doesn't think the Moon is fake, just the Moon landings.

100be4  No.12786241

File: 4f93a917ba7dfae⋯.png (187.55 KB, 500x476, 125:119, 1416337577327.png)


>Why are you so triggered by Israel?


8f6d11  No.12786255


Yeah, it's only been like a year, maybe less? He stupidly thought that objecting to transsexualising children would be OK with Hollywood.

0ec651  No.12786257



>the moon landing was fake goy ignore the fact it's proven true


5973e2  No.12786260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Owen's father was a professor of rhetoric.

He trained Owen at 6 years old to argue the other side of the argument with the same fervor as your own side, or else you don't have a valid argument.

These dumb kikes have lost the abilities that they used to be so proud of. That's the toll of decadent ignorance and arrogance, I guess.


Owen was going to debate a flat earth, and started digging for undeniable empirical evidence that the Earth is, indeed, round. It cannot be convincingly found. He actually dropped the debate because he was very uncomfortable with the thought that the earth even remotely had a chance of not being round. As a side bar, as you well know, deep diving often opens other rabbit holes, which brought Owen to the Moon.

THAT can be proven a hoax.

Try harder.

This isn't even entertaining.

8f6d11  No.12786266


Israel itself is tiny. There are only about 6 million jews there. (Weird coincidence, lol!) If the USA (and any other countries doing the same) did what Owen wanted and stopped giving it aid and fighting wars for it then what would your objection be? It would be insignificant.

5973e2  No.12786268

Hell, I stopped going down the Flat Earth rabbit hole over a year ago because of the same unease in the lack of argument and proof of Global Earth.

As Owen admits, I'm not capable or willing at this time to wrap my head around Flat Earth.

Your bullshit "argument" is just a try-hard.

Just stahp.

5973e2  No.12786275


He also recently discovered the percentage of pedos in Israel, and that stopped him in his tracks.



0ec651  No.12786284


>you can't prove the world is round

Yo'ure actually fucking retarded. Kill yourself.

5973e2  No.12786296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alright, smart guy.

Let's have it.

You've obviously done all the research already.

Blow our minds, pal!

…and remember, I sail, use a sextant, LOVE the stars, lived for a stint in the woods, and navigated by celestial body, AND have spent weeks alone in the desert under the night sky, blasted on psilocybin.

No one BELIEVES the Earth is round more than me.

I just can't exactly PROVE it with EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE.

And that's the only way an argument has validity.

…so go ahead, top hat.

Prove it.

0ec651  No.12786298


>traveling around the world and photos/videos from space aren't evidence goy

5973e2  No.12786303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You also can't prove it's Flat either.

So, where you at, big brain?

THIS is why this Wizardry works, bruh.

Or are you too stupid to be here. …really?

8f6d11  No.12786304


How many people are you going to call Sinead and when did I ever say I thought the Moon landings were fake? Although my belief meter did tip over to disbelieving about 10 years ago after watching a documentary, but then other stuff including Mythbusters that were debunking the theory swung my belief meter back the other way a bit. Owen does bring up good points though, like about how all other technology has progressed yet the technology with the ability to the Moon has apparently gone backwards. Haven't Presidents since at least Bush Snr (possibly even Reagan or Carter?) promised to send men back to the Moon?

5973e2  No.12786306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So, you trust NASA then?

Even though you KNOW we never went to the moon?


And I'm supposed to keep taking you seriously?

8f6d11  No.12786314


Israel also has the largest percentage of LGBTQRSTWXYZ in the world apparently. They're so full of degenerates! (I guess that might contradict me asking what people's objection to Israel is, lol!)

5d31c0  No.12786315

Come on you fucking faggots. I stopped following Owen over a year ago, yet I knew he would walk this path. Most of his fans on social media are on the new right spectrum, none fully red pilled but all on the right path, thus he walks on the right path. He even shits on Jordan Peterson and some others, and that is why that potato fucker retarded doesn't want Owen to take hold.

How many of us were fully red pilled in a day? Let me guess, none. It is a process and in his case, a longer than usual. Even if he is a shill, we still can use him, to reach a bigger audience.

181f73  No.12786321

File: 7e12b9373f623a3⋯.png (325.52 KB, 1330x750, 133:75, 1511028244728.png)

File: eb6d2c198d53008⋯.jpg (349.43 KB, 1124x1238, 562:619, 1487539180182.jpg)

8f6d11  No.12786326


Switzerland is the only country close to having full democracy. (Although you can never have 100% full democracy as it would just turn into anarchy.) You claim democracy is a scam without ever experiencing it.

5973e2  No.12786332

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I completely disagree with "longer than usual".

Considering he came from the center of the kike cess pit, HollyWood L.A., near the top tier rubbing elbows with these psychos, and totally indoctrinated into the kikery, and blind to the infection.

It took one SJW sperg against his very logical challenging of trannie kids less than a year ago, to calling out the jews 125 times in one episode.

I've been at this shit for over 2 fucking decades. Granted, I was hindered by no internet, and getting any info we could off of UFO vhs vids, hand-me-downed from "Crazy Conspiracy Theorist" seminars, held in bunkers across the U.S..

Owen is coming along quite nicely.

..and yes. HIS AUDIENCE!



That's the first fuckin' time I've ever encountered THAT fuckin' possibility.

Does that shit even happen in a world?

Try harder.

We require a higher caliber foe here.

For my sake, I hope you get better at this.

0ec651  No.12786338


>hurr tech went backwards because kikes that own the US spend our tax money on everything else instead



>you trust something that actually has proof despite my proofless claims otherwise? OY VEY

5973e2  No.12786365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It didn't "go backwards". IT "DISAPPEARED"!

NASA claims they "taped over the originals because of cutbacks".

You buy that shit? …interesting.

And why, little one, for the first time in all of human history, has NO ONE attempted to go back?

People still climb Mount Everest right past frozen dumbasses never to be retrieved from their open air grave, just to "do it".

…and not one country on the entire planet ever tried to go back?

I thought there was a "Space Race" when we "won". Are you truly trying to force yourself to belief that Russia just said, "Damn. They won. Fuck it. SCRAP THE PROGRAM, VLAD! TOSS EVERYTHING WE SPENT BILLIONS ON! NO REASON NOW! FUCK IT FOREVER AND A DAY!. We should just Cold War now instead.

Is anybody in there, lil pup?

Use it. It's designed for more than holding up your ugly hat.

Please try harder.

You're making everyone here look bad.

0ec651  No.12786370


>the government is never incompetent goy

>hurr there's no proof

>government shuffling all funding to givign gibs to niggers and tranny surgery instead of scientific advancement means everything is fake

Kill yourself kike.

5973e2  No.12786376

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


…you're embarrassing yourself.

You know that, right?

…and you keep bumping the thread.

Thank you.

0ec651  No.12786379


>flat earth kike is literally spamming

>doesn't know what sage means

5973e2  No.12786382


If you had an actual argument, you'd proffer it.

THIS is how I know.

>thinks saging is a downvote

0ec651  No.12786388


>still doesn't know what sage means

>still spamming

>still demanding arguments and proof he'll immediately dismiss

Kill yourself kike.

5973e2  No.12786391

File: 459016de77201fe⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 252x400, 63:100, ShootUrOwnFoot.jpg)


>literally spamming.

If desperate, little, kvetching kikes like you could show some self control, you wouldn't be giving me the endless opportunities to fill this thread with RELATIVE "spam".

Will you ever be able to admit that you suck at this?

da1ed4  No.12786392

File: 8ce9b916a08d06d⋯.jpg (268.32 KB, 1000x717, 1000:717, 1440677173328-2.jpg)


Didn't he say that someone sent his kid poison candy ? And that he sent it too the FBI, how did he know it was poison? And why no jewtube fallow up vids on poison candy / FBI bullshit? Also that Beaniebaby bear says he's been demonitied by jewtube but has commcials on vids. Also friends with louder with zion chowerd .

5973e2  No.12786395


Do you know how the introwebs work?

You could answer each of those questions on your own.

And you'd realize how funny you look right now.

0ec651  No.12786401




>STILL spamming

>STILL claiming the earth is flat and space isn't real

5973e2  No.12786411

File: c5b310f8a8d50f3⋯.jpeg (38.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, WizardProof.jpeg)


>still can't grasp the concept of reaping Owen Benjamin's AUDIENCE!

>keeps trying to Strawman bullshit, without even offering a damn argument. Dunning-Kruger

>keep calling a PotatoNigger a kike

Trying way too hard, and still failing miserably.

You have no power here.

Keep it up though. You're doing my bidding.

603136  No.12786421

If anyone of you is active in his chats call him out on "allegedly" being a history major in WWII, who interviewed "holocaust" survivor, but never read Mein Kampf. He says that he has the audio book (is that even uncensored?), but no time to check it out yet. Meanwhile he has no problem talking unfounded bullshit about Hitler. Other than that Owen is highly valuable to the whites race, because he promotes stepping out of the kike system.

0ec651  No.12786426


>goalpost moving

>STILL pretending calling out flat earth kikery has anything to do with MUH ECELEB

5973e2  No.12786455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He studied tyrants and authoritarianism in (((college))). He turned off "The Greatest Story…" after ten minutes.

He is obviously still indoctrinated with "NAZIS BAD!". But like us all, he is slowly coming around.

He requires /pol's help.


Wow. You really are just a kike, huh.

I'm so glad everyone can now see how weak you fucking parasites have ALWAYS been while we were distracted.

<<<THIS one is especially for you.

Except that if we COULD ban you pig fuckers, we wouldn't be able to eat you alive, and shat you back out onto your own failed ideology.


779326  No.12786468

to everyone saying she's a spic she looks like a castizo and less like juanita


0ec651  No.12786470


>only kikes don't fall for kike trickery goy

Spam harder, flat earther.

6c516d  No.12786474

Being a quarter jew was ok according to nürnberg laws aslong as you married an aryan.

How come some poltards take pride in being more radical then Hitler?

5973e2  No.12786499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Still here?

Alright, child. You've had your fun. Give mom her phone back now.

It's actually quite impressive how little control you fungi have over your compulsively obsessive degenerate need to infect everything with your worthless kikery.

Are you incapable of realizing we ALL see right through you, and are going to hang every last one of you? Not hyperbole.

Are you really this ignorant and shameless that you can't recognize your own extinction?

What, exactly, do you believe you're accomplishing here besides giving everything I post validity, and showing everyone here exactly why you're going to dangle from a street light?

At this point, I'M embarrassed FOR you, little neanderkike. I think it's time you head off to the Synagogue for your daily sodomizing.

You are irrelevant here, and you know it.

603136  No.12786503


Just push him into reading Hitler. Like nonstop until he sees the light. I also think it's highly dangerous for him to visit Tommy Robinson in the UK.

8f6d11  No.12786518


>Didn't he say that someone sent his kid poison candy ?

They called him and told him it was poisoned. He sent it to the FBI or friend in the police or something to get tested and it turned out it wasn't poisoned, the sender was just trying to scare him.

5973e2  No.12786519


>reading Hitler

I think we need to push, "Communism through the Back Door" first. He's totally open to BTFOing Commie shit stains.

>Tommy UK


I'm serious. I believe he need /pol BAD, RIGHT NOW!

0ec651  No.12786520


>more spam

>more leftist shaming tactics

>more useless wasted bytes

>only posting when Owen is on commercial break

Really makes you think.

5973e2  No.12786526

File: 95ca30d3a35328f⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, WeWhitePeople.jpg)


You don't make anyone think, Schlomo.

Thinking people are dangerous to your kind.

You're not fooling ANYONE!

It's actually shameful that you can't grasp how very glow-in-the-day you are here.

This is why you're already extinct.

Thank you!

8f6d11  No.12786528


>He is obviously still indoctrinated with "NAZIS BAD!"

Nazis are bad. They couldn't even win a single war.

152cad  No.12786536


Maybe he wasn't right about that part. Look at the evidence. Relaxing it turned our world to shit. You must go the other way towards purity if you want to fix the problem. He was on the right track, just didn't get to the finish.

429ee8  No.12786538

Never tur your back to the enemy.

152cad  No.12786553

File: 3ac423a27b223c2⋯.gif (4.85 MB, 450x190, 45:19, Do Not Fuck With Us.gif)


Are you lost, nigger?

5973e2  No.12786562

File: 43d85e1c81ee544⋯.jpeg (12.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, PotentialEnemy.jpeg)


EVERYONE is a potential enemy.

Turn your back on no one.

8f6d11  No.12786577

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I also think it's highly dangerous for him to visit Tommy Robinson in the UK.

Tommy will get him arrested, deported and banned for life like he did with Lauren Southern. That was clearly coordinated. Reminder that this government agent picked the alias "Tommy Robinson" as it's the name of a homosexual far-left activist musician who started "Rock Against Racism" in the 70s initially as a protest against Eric Clapton who was regularly using the slogan "Keep Britain White!" during shows. "Tommy" is just laughing in everyone's faces with that little joke.

0ec651  No.12786607


>he's devolving into schizophrenic rambling


100be4  No.12786630


>being as jewish as Tim Wise or Rachel Maddow is fine!


5973e2  No.12786702

File: 117c2ed6d95e5db⋯.jpeg (62.42 KB, 565x585, 113:117, download.jpeg)


>schizophrenic rambling

The ever, lovin' irony…

You have a lot of misplace arrogance, little one.

You have no power here.

Keep it up though. You're only helping.

Thank you.

5973e2  No.12786719


Samefagging is masturbation, nigger.

I see (((YOU))).

100be4  No.12786725


Are you that turboautist who used to sperg out in defense of Juden Peterstein?

5973e2  No.12786749

File: 6eb98491a2f71c2⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 343x516, 343:516, BabyEater.jpg)


Nah. I knew he was a fag, and bailed from the start. Never even got to, "Clean your room, eh.".

Do you have a actual argument yet?

Or can we expect more low level kikery.

>trick question. We all know you sewer rats have nothing else. You're done.

0be5dd  No.12786772

File: 1fe15159ee5ce32⋯.mp4 (2.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, My Response to the Jewish ….mp4)

File: 81fff48111e6a78⋯.mp4 (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, My Response to the Jewish ….mp4)


He's a giant ethnocuck, a civnat and philosemite.

KYS nu/pol/.

0be5dd  No.12786774

File: 6f9f6f5c3c126d1⋯.mp4 (2.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, My Response to the Jewish ….mp4)

File: 6f9f6f5c3c126d1⋯.mp4 (2.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, My Response to the Jewish ….mp4)

File: 91d1a839a5cc7ba⋯.mp4 (2.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, My Response to the Jewish ….mp4)

a5534b  No.12786779

Watching his spielberg video. This is pretty amazing.

0be5dd  No.12786789


In what way?

5973e2  No.12786797

File: c8462efcb7a2980⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1024x536, 128:67, ??1.png)


What's the date on those, big guy?

Were you born WOKE Nat/Soc, or was it a grueling process of unravelling the bullshit?

I am relatively new here (old lurker), but I really did expect more from the Chans.

Did I miss the window?

Are all the actual autists gone to greener pastures?

Try and keep up.

a5534b  No.12786810


Saw the buzz about him a while ago and checked out a video and wasn't very impressed. Saw this thread and checked out his spielberg video (from yesterday, I think) and I'm definitely impressed at his willingness to speak freely about kike pedos.

0ec651  No.12786811

5973e2  No.12786823

File: 7b78bd5e7ee70a8⋯.jpeg (44.11 KB, 474x711, 2:3, GenX.jpeg)


GenX, you pathetic, frightened, Millennial house cat.

Go outside and get some sun on that pasty kike wrapping for a change, you shriveled foreskin.

0be5dd  No.12786824


>What's the date on those, big guy?

Not long ago at all, they're about the Pittsburgh shooting.

>Were you born WOKE Nat/Soc, or was it a grueling process of unravelling the bullshit?

<What? You have basic fucking standards? You expect perfection!

You're not very genuine in this commentary and you know it.

>I am relatively new here (old lurker), but I really did expect more from the Chans.

You're a newfag, you've been shilling this (((owen benjamin))) guy as of late, very aggressively at that.

>Are all the actual autists gone to greener pastures?

I am more autistic than you will ever be, and this guy you're shilling for? He ain't nothin' special. The fact that he's partially jewish? Kosher cherry on top.

Go away nu/pol/. Nobody wants your christian ident anti-NatSoc faggotry.




>Indian Jones was a Pedophile and I can prove it!



This should be good… I'm 2 minutes in and I'm already seeing how this is going to go.

a5534b  No.12786841


>>Indian Jones was a Pedophile and I can prove it!



Nah it's literally in the script, you quickposting faggot.

0ec651  No.12786844


>old boomer keeps moaning because nobody's buying his bullshit

0be5dd  No.12786845


Anon, that was literally his opening.

603136  No.12786860


/pol/ wants you to bring either information or questions, for which you get opinions and answers in return. It's not about keeping up appearances or playing wack a mole with deceivers. Ask and you shall receive, otherwise stick to lurking.

a5534b  No.12786866


Thanks for your hard work keeping this board worthless as fuck.

100be4  No.12786877


He's still a jew.

0be5dd  No.12786879


Anon, HE LITERALLY SAID THAT in the opening. I told you, I was only 2 minutes in.

5973e2  No.12786903


Wow. I'm so impressed "old" pol.

>not long ago

But long enough to account for his rapid RedPill schedule if you watch his new shit. …but you don't. You're cynical, BlackPilled, and lazy.


What? Like denying those learning this shit for the first time, and deny them, rather than aid them through the struggle? You sure you aren't a D&C shill?

>newfag Benjamin shill.

Nape. Haven't posted a damn thing on him. He wasn't ready. It was getting nogged by his nigger that made the most aggressive, recent change.

He's ready for more RPs.

>Virtue Signalling my autism.

Still can't grasp that it's his AUDIENCE I am after? You're so fuckin' woke, big guy /pol. I'm impressed.

>christian ident anti-NatSoc faggotry

Oh, so you WERE born an all knowing Nat/Soc without any help, or progression? Lucky you.

>already seeing how this is going to go.

How presumptuous. Protecting pedos to boot.

Willful Ignorance+Blind Arrogance=OldPol

Congratulations. You've gone full circle to stupid again, anon.

Do we "nupols" even need your BlackPilling anymore?

0be5dd  No.12786904

>the world is run by symbols

>they're engraved in our souls

>a way to communicate on different vibrations - i'm not gonna be all hippy-dippy about 'vibrations', but its real!

<that bit where ET touches the kids finger? that's symbolism associated with the sistine chapel imagery of god and man! he took the divinity and made it satanic!

>ET was in a dress!

>Et was associated with Michael Jackson!

>ET was kissed by children!

>The dinosaur in Jurassic Park was attacking children!

>The dinosaur sneezing in Jurassic Park was actually a metaphor for a pedophlic semen facial!

0be5dd  No.12786929

>But long enough to

No, it was less than 6 months ago.

>if you watch his new shit.

Cite me something, now. Don't bitch, don't moan, support your claim with evidence.

>What? Like denying those learning this shit for the first time

He's a jewish comedian you loser, he probably has DONE this shit.


Yape, loser.

>Still can't grasp that it's his AUDIENCE I am after?

You won't get them. They're civnat conspiritards.

>Oh, so you WERE born an all knowing Nat/Soc without any help, or progression?

<What, standards!? YOU DEMAND PERFECTION!

Keep hitting that point, loser.

>How presumptuous. Protecting pedos to boot.

Yeah, the more I watch, the more it proves my presumptions correct.

<if you shit on this loser civnat jew i'm trying to pimp out, you're protecting pedos!

Extremely semitic of you.

No (you) for you.

5973e2  No.12786999




>literally his opening.

>admits to shutting it down after 2 mins.

>completely misses the in your face pedo script IN the movie.

Lazy nigger.


>nobody's buying

Ordo ad Populum

I told you, kike, your pathetic Wizardry doesn't work here.



But what is there to discuss here?

This is a simple suggestion to help along some struggling, potential allies.

Until you all go and WATCH, there's nothing more to talk about. I'm merely using the shills to bump the thread, and fill it with clips. I get you though.


So? "HIS AUDIENCE", YOU FUCKING RETARDS! I think I gave you "autists" too much credit.


>6 months

…is along time for smart people researching, nigger.

>Cite me

…um, look up, retarded, lazy nigger.

>Jewish comedian

Spent his entire childhood in the Synagogue, and NOT the Catholic Church he talks about watching pedos in? Lazy.

>Won't get them.

Okay, Nostradamus. I believe you.


What in actual fuck are you talking about. If that were at all true, I wouldn't bother trying to accelerate Owens evolution. You suck at this.

>prove my presumptions

Site your shit, your word salad tossing faggot.

You're trying real hard, and still having no effect.

Keep sucking that BIG BLACK pill, (((Whitey))).

0ec651  No.12787007


>please, PLEASE support meeeeeeeeeeeee! I mean, Owen who is not me!

0be5dd  No.12787013

I mean, its interesting that this guy at least gives the appearance of calling shit out, but he's combining stuff in a way that's just conspiritard as fuck and he's purposefully dissociating from things he doesn't want to address.

>the problem with jews is

<they're leftists and pedophiles

>which means there's a good 20% that are fine!

He is picking up some interesting narratives though, such as jewish hollyweird narratives about the monster being the good guy.


>>admits to shutting it down after 2 mins.

I'm watching it right now you disgusting moron.

>>completely misses the in your face pedo script IN the movie.

You talking about that retarded "a man banging a young woman = pedophilia!" narrative? Because that was rather fucking stupid.

I didn't both reading anything else you had to say, because I asked you for a fucking link to back up your claims of this guy being less trash recently and you didn't provide it.

5973e2  No.12787024



Hey, anons, how did that little blonde from Poltergeist (speilberg) die again?

How did Drew Barrymore become a drug addled, teen alcoholic?

Yeah, you guys got this shit all figured out, don't you?

I did miss the golden window.

…this board IS shit now.

0be5dd  No.12787027


I know, right?

I'm fine with trying to accelerate a dude's progression, but EVERYTHING about his rhetoric screams gatekeeper hollyweird jew doing a performance.

>satanic pedo jews in hollyweird, I have evidence!

<combination of conspiritard symbolist bullshit and actual legitimate content

>these pedophilia satanic jews are awful!

<but there's like 20% who are fine

>I wish the 'Nazis' had gotten the Spielberg!

<implying muh holohoax is legit

This feels very Alex Jonestein to me.

0be5dd  No.12787032


>Hey, anons, how did that little blonde from Poltergeist (speilberg) die again?

We know.

>How did Drew Barrymore become a drug addled, teen alcoholic?

We know.

>Yeah, you guys got this shit all figured out, don't you?

We know, yeah.

None of this is novel for /pol/. Only for nu/pol/.

5973e2  No.12787069


BWAHAAAHAAA!! Oh, you poor thing.


>he's combining stuff

Please, anon, try and keep up! What part of, "HE'S ONLY HALF PILLED AND NEEDS A NUDGE!" can't you grasp?


>watching it now

The why the fuck did you already comment on shit you knew nothing about? Stop being an embarrassment to this board.

>"young woman"


Just can't into maths, can you, common core millennial?

>didn't both reading

And THAT, my dear friends, is why too many of these worthless Blackpilled, oldpol fags are now utterly worthless to the cause, and do more harm than good with their arrogant ignorance.


>gatekeeper hollyweird jew

Then get the fuck in there, and take the audience over? Why is this so hard to understand? Unless that's your job?


>we know

Do you, though. It doesn't seem like anyone here knows what the fuck they're talking about anymore. Nothing but Logical Fallacies, and foolish predictions. When did you bastards become Leftist Lemmings?

>novel for /pol/

Still missing the ENTIRE fuckin' point. (((…on purpose?)))

Seriously, though.

Losing faith in this trash heap board.

There's nothing of value here anymore.

Maybe that's (((your))) goal?

8f6d11  No.12787075

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>being as jewish as Tim Wise or Rachel Maddow is fine!

I didn't realise Rachel Maddow (or Tim Wise, but couldn't be bothered to look him up too) was only 1/4 jewish as she actually looks jewish. But with Owen, like I said, we don't know that he's actually 1/4 jewish as we don't know how jewish his grandmother is. (Or was, is she still alive?) She herself might only be 1/4 jewish but on her mother's side so she classed herself as jewish before later converting to Christianity for marriage. If that was the case then Owen would actually only be 1/16 jewish. Plus ashkenazi jews (which is what Owen says his grandmother is) have a lot of European genes in them anyway, so even being 1/4 ashkenazi doesn't matter. But it's all irrelevant as he's mostly red-pilled, mostly red-pilling and racially White as the European genes are clearly dominant.

Nothing to do with that but everyone should watch this video. You can ignore the Moon parts. It just shows his passion and focus.

8f6d11  No.12787099


Unfortunately (as in unfortunately Owen just believes it with no fact checking whatsoever) the Steven Spielberg and Heather O'Rourke rape story is total bullshit.

5973e2  No.12787101


>fucking link to back up your claims..didn't provide it.

Oh, I'm sorry, little one. I was not aware this was your first time using jewtube. Y'see, moron, youtube post your vids in order.

You (probably on "accident") scrolled down, and pulled a 6 month old vid. Go back to the top of the page, and pick the most recent one.

They gotz calendar dates with the current year on 'em, and ever'thang.

You're retarded.

…or just fucking with us.

Either way, you are a very poor representative of this place.

Yeah. You don't glow.

000000  No.12787113


Kike author fails at science.

1371f6  No.12787116

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And recently I encountered convincing evidence, that the landings were actually real

What was the evidence?

5973e2  No.12787117


>…because (((they))) said so.

Losing faith in you, anons.

Step it the fuck up. …damn.

0be5dd  No.12787118


I can grasp it fine, you just ignore what I have to say.

I already told you, I find it questionable that he merely 'needs a nudge'. Further, it seems his audiencce is civnat consipiritards, much like Alex Jones.

I simply don't agree with your perspective as to the viability of appeal.

>shit you knew nothing about?

I know enough about this man not to think he's BASTE.


I don't think Indiana Jones was supposed to be 50 even at that point in the movie, my dude. Still listening, so maybe you're talking about something else, but if you're talking about that bit at the beginning in the Tibetan bar, that narrative makes no sense.

>And THAT, my dear friends, is why

You shouldn't misrepresent peoples words? Yes, I know.

I said:

>I didn't bother reading anything else you had to say, because I asked you for a fucking link to back up your claims of this guy being less trash recently and you didn't provide it.


You said:

<if you watch his new shit.

I said:

>Cite me something, now. Don't bitch, don't moan, support your claim with evidence.

>Then get the fuck in there, and take the audience over?

I don't have any interest in appealing to civnat conspiritards.

The amount of time put into them vs the amount of response you get out makes them poorly targets.

>Do you, though.

Yeah, board has been talking about this hollyweird pedo shit, to better detail and bereft of the retarded conspiritard SYMBOLISM shit, or at least to a better degree.

>novel for /pol/

<Still missing the ENTIRE fuckin' point. (((…on purpose?)))

You implied this was novel for /pol/. I corrected you.

If you think you can appeal to Alex Jones fans, then go do it, instead of shilling for a jewish comedia on /pol/.

No (you) for you because you're being very disingenuous and still haven't provided me any of this 'new shit' that is supposed amazing.

I watched his Shylock and Chink/Jew videos, neither of them seemed very good to me.

What, specifically, are you trying to hold up as worthwhile?

0be5dd  No.12787121


Its amazing how aggressively you are defending this jewish man.

8f6d11  No.12787140


This is the whole blue-pilled thing. Indiana Jones isn't a paedophile as Marion wasn't prepubescent when they were first together. Also back then (when the movie was set) it wasn't a big deal anyway as many people even got married at that age, usually with the husband being much older than the wife. It's how things should be, it's normal heterosexual human nature.

5973e2  No.12787145


You're too much of a wet blanket to bother with anymore.

Suck your BlackPill, and go jerk off to Kardashians ass.

You've obviously worn out your value here.

We'll take over from here.

Thanks anyway, chump.


It's even more amazing how aggressively you are attempting to tear him down with your BULLSHIT KIKERY!

I mean, seriously, do you simply not care that you're busted, and no one is effected negatively by your lazy shilling?

It's actually quite sad to watch.

I'm glad you're not long for this world.

0ec651  No.12787148


>boomer is STILL shilling

000000  No.12787150

5973e2  No.12787156


Oh, that must be why it was so controversial, and the minutes from the meetings between Speilberg and Lucas dictate an argument whether or not she should be ELEVEN.

"I was a little girl! You knew what you were doing!" -from the script, dipshit.

Seriously, this is just exhausting, and insulting at this point.


0be5dd  No.12787161

File: 77349ee8e4b2bde⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 768x480, 8:5, #439 The Sickness of Spiel….mp4)


>It's even more amazing how aggressively you are attempting to tear him down with your BULLSHIT KIKERY!

All I did was ask for you to present evidence of your claim, and now you're completely freaked the fuck out. What is wrong with you?

>lazy shilling

The pot calling new fallen snow a nigger.

Vid related.

0be5dd  No.12787167


>and the minutes from the meetings between Speilberg and Lucas dictate an argument

Sauce for any of this?

I'm still watching the video, but now he's kind of plodding along in the dark and reading super chats, so…

603136  No.12787170

>>12786999 (checked

>Until you all go and WATCH, there's nothing more to talk about.

Look, his message is great. He aggressively promotes family values, friends, survival lifestyle, anti-degeneracy, ending money dependency, being one with nature, networking with like minded "bears", he's highly intelligent, gifted, entertaining, and gets into any hot topic possible. This is all great for newfags and normies to get their lives in order and get their survival chances up.

BUT this is /pol/. Common sense meets situational awareness meets knowledge meets crazy. What I see here are young entrepreneurs, who are networking together to push a truth (not the truth) on the starving public. They are pushing lightweight information that is freely available on /pol/ for over a decade, and make a butt load of money on this. Creating alternatives on big social media (still owned by jews) and hooking their audiences on watching long ass streams, day in, day out, while the invasion of their countries is happening outside. I don't see any of these entertainers push any kind of active resistance against nation wreckers. What I do see is non stop "not all jews" excuses added to any insult against jews, and the complete ignorance to the unspeakable crime that is the creation of Israel.

As for Owen; ask him to discuss the protocols, the Kalergi plan, or the Freedman speech on Zionism…after he reads Mein Kampf that is. Also his livestream after the UK meet-up will decide his future jew- naming (or the sudden lack thereof). We'll see. I do like him, tho.

5973e2  No.12787172


>SYMBOLISM=words from a script.

You can't get any more retarded.

Why are you trying so hard to achieve a higher tier of idiocy?

0be5dd  No.12787190

File: a73a75e19d0f501⋯.mp4 (4.23 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, #439 The Sickness of Spiel….mp4)


>Look, his message is great.

Not really, no.

<There are good jews!

<Literally "Its not the jews!"

No thanks.

>gifted, entertaining

Clearly no bias here, amirite? Kek, who sent you faggots here to shill this shit?

>who are networking together to push a truth (not the truth)


>I don't see any of these entertainers push any kind of active resistance against nation wreckers. What I do see is non stop "not all jews" excuses added to any insult against jews, and the complete ignorance to the unspeakable crime that is the creation of Israel.

EXACTLY. This is my point.

>I do like him, tho.

I don't. He seems like a C-list hollyweird douchebag trying to pull a Candace Owens move by appealing to a niche market.


Yeah, I'm done with you now, you're too fake.

5973e2  No.12787193


Fair enough.

However, ignoring that entire field of potential because… …/pol/!, is fucking arrogant, and foolish. How does it not behoove us to try and recruit ripe and ready GROWN MEN to the truth?

>protocols, Kalergi



So, and keep up with me now if you can…

…we go help him.


Am I not speaking proper English, or something?

This is not a hard concept to grasp.

Unless you're getting paid not to get it.

5973e2  No.12787203


Just can't muster the ol' testi juice to into Empirical Evidence, Socratic Method, and Debate.

It's actually quite cute how highly you hold yourself, while being so useless and irrelevant.

0be5dd  No.12787209

>How does it not behoove us to try and recruit ripe and ready GROWN MEN to the truth?

Its a matter of TIME you faggot.

You don't have a limitless amount of time. You have to discern where the best uses of your time are and where they are not.

A bunch of Civic Nationalist (at best) deracinated douchebags listening to some hollyweirdo screaming "ITS NOT THE JEWS" is not a well-spring of readily viable participants.

If you want to make it your pet project to work on this guy's audience, on him even, feel free… But don't come shilling his stuff as though he's someone demonstrable of a base that is liable to be particularly welcoming to anything /pol/ related beyond very very very limited depths.

You can't sit and complain about hollyweird jewish pedophiles AND say "oh jews arent the issue though you guiz" and "ah man there are good jews too" and not be a complete fucking moron.

If you haven't figured that out, yet you know about the jewish pedophilic shit, you claim to have read the talmud, and still claim there are good jews and that evil won't be DRASTICALLY REDUCED by the absence of jewry? Something doesn't add up here.

And when I see a thread with a bunch of aggressive shilling for the guy, I can only assume this is part of an op.

0be5dd  No.12787216

>Just can't muster the ol' testi juice to into Empirical Evidence, Socratic Method, and Debate.

Go debate his stooges on jewtube then, loser. Don't bring kosher civnat trash to /pol/ and wave it around like its BASTE.

>It's actually quite cute how highly you hold yourself, while being so useless and irrelevant.

Yeah, that's great faggot.

Now show me some evidence or fuck off.

5973e2  No.12787217


>All I did was ask for you to present evidence of your claim

You first, nigger. What "claim" have I made beyond, "Go watch his shit, and drop redpills on his starving audience.".

You really suck at this.

Your parent failed you.

(she was a whore, by the way)

0be5dd  No.12787228

>nothing but worthless bantz

Yeah, this is definitely an op. And a bad one at that.

>what claim


>if you watch his new shit


>>if you watch his new shit.

>Cite me something, now. Don't bitch, don't moan, support your claim with evidence.

I'm still waiting, you fucking shill loser.

5973e2  No.12787239


>set 'em up, and knock 'em down.

You're such an infoWarrior.

When you're bravely "defeating" your own, pitiful Strawmen.

The only benefit of you being here, is teaching people how failed this low level kike Wizardry has become.

This thread is far too long (as usual). There is no argument here. Watch his shit, RedPill the Audience.

Don't like that idea?


Stop wasting this thread, and our time, you worthless kikenigger.

0be5dd  No.12787240

This is something you've been doing A LOT lately.

>"Go watch his shit, and drop redpills on his starving audience.".

His audience isn't 'starving'. You need to stop doing that, pushing forth ever civnat loser audience as 'starving' for the redpill. They aren't.

In fact, they are civnat losers exactly because they DON'T want to engage the redpill in any way, shape or form.

They want easy shit.

They want Alex Jones conspiritard nonsense, mixed with civnat loser rhetoric and "its not the jews, fellow goyim!".

This is why nobody takes your awful operations seriously, because they all amount to "Hey, lets waste a bunch of time trying to appeal to people who have specifically chosen alternative paths to the truth, because the truth makes them feel icky!" and you have no counter.

0be5dd  No.12787243

>still no link

Why can't you back up your claims?

>Watch his shit, RedPill the Audience.

You only REALLY want people to watch his shit. You don't care about the audience, that's why you keep running from the fact that the audience hates you and are morons who chose not to look into the abyss out of cowardice and apathy.

>Don't like that idea? THEN IGNORE IT, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

No. I don't like you. I don't like your shilling.

And you're not my dad.

Stop shilling you awful trash here, nu/pol/,

603136  No.12787251



Because you use it wrong. Instead of asking real questions you play ball with agitators, which only wastes time.

Let me warm up /pol/ for a second…wanna stop pedophilia? Sure you do. See all the worlds child abuse content is accumulated and distributed by jews in Ukraine. They have entire server farms all over Europe and are operating undisturbed for at least 20 years (on the web). Neither the FBI nor Interpol is allowed to touch them, and no amount of investigation you bring to law enforcement will ever go farther then Putin's desk. So good luck biting your teeth out on that syndicate. But let me give you an "easier" target. The biggest pedo community on the clear net, with hardcore cp shared freely for a couple of years now. It's called "triforce" and is based on three interconnected imageboards. (144,155,180chan). Go pedo hunting, anon. And come back to /pol/ with your results. You may even try to get Owen in on it. That would actually make my day (not that any of this helps actual children out of abusive situations). Good luck, anon.

0be5dd  No.12787253

Ooooooh, I see now.


>(1) and done


>(68) / 203 = 34%

5973e2  No.12787260


Wait then, bitch.

I'm not here to mouth feed retarded, baby birds, purposely distracting from VERY simple ideas and suggestions.


0be5dd  No.12787261

>Wait then, bitch.

I've been waiting, nigger, and you have not provided anything to back up your incessant fucking shilling

>I'm not here to

You're here to shill, faggit. That's why you're 1/3 of the thread and not the OP.

5973e2  No.12787275


Yep. I know this shit already, guy.



How is this simple concept not getting through to you faggots?

Come on, /pol. You're much better than this.

Or are you?




>not my dad

How do you know? You never met him, and I did a lot of fuckin' in my rockstar days, kid.

But, you've prove to be too stupid to be my child.


>Oooooh, I see now.

You can't see anything past your own nose, Schlo.


Round and round, and round and round…

"KIKE" means "circle". Did you know that?

…of course you did, kike.

0be5dd  No.12787282

>How do you know?

Because my dad would be better at shilling than this.

>You can't see anything past your own nose, Schlo.

Yes, I can. I can see you, with (70) posts in a thread with 200 replies and a (1) and done OP.

Really speaks to the low quality moderation we've got on nu/pol/.

You STILL haven't provided any content to back up your claim that this civnat loser's "new shit" is any better than his old shit, which is philosemitic trash.

You're basically done nu/pol/, you dun fucked up yet another one of your shilling threads by going full-roach in your spastic kvetching.

Sad, yet funny.

0ec651  No.12787284


Come on Owen, you just spent an hour on the Alex Jones show. Take a break.

0be5dd  No.12787289


I wish that I believed this guy was enough of a civnat loser to sit and shill like this, but no, this is our moderation.

nu/pol/ really has degraded in quality.

5973e2  No.12787297



Oh yeah? Who am I? Show me my "lately" posts?

That's quite the crystal ball you've got there, kid.

Works on THOUSANDS of people, and their motivations, knowledge, and intent?


Why don't you use it for something useful?

Like, when will you finally get laid, and stop shitting up this board?

5973e2  No.12787304




You're so fucking ineffectual!


f2cd69  No.12787305


Up to 71 posts which accounts for 33% of posts in this thread, 5973e2.


Up to 25 posts which accounts for 12% of posts in this thread, 0be5dd.


Up to 25 posts which accounts for 12% of posts in this thread, 0ec651.

3 people, or bots, are accounting for ~49% of posts in this thread. Hans, get the Zyklon B.

603136  No.12787306


>Clearly no bias here, amirite?

Nope. I'm not even big into music or entertainment, but that son of a bitch not only plays piano by ear, but he freestyles comedic songs, at the drop of the moment. He does that shit all the time. On top of that he can also sing really good and he somehow manages to be funny for 2-4 hours a day. Also his streams are all unedited opinions, discussions and entertainment. I don't really watch streams, but this guy is the real deal of improvised "realness". He's going to burn out tho. He already started to repeat clips to stretch some time. Anyway he is definitive one hell of a gifted dude.

5973e2  No.12787317


Oh, I'm here on purpose now, you dumb fuckers.

You already destroyed this shit.

So, I'll be happy to continue to allow anyone with half a brain left watch, and learn what it looks like when Arrogant fuck stains play "willfully ignorant" over VERY simple concepts, for no other reason than to stroke their damn, wasted, and cynical egos on their own pitiful Strawmen.

>STILL haven't provided…

Did you already forget how youtube works, retard.

You have to actually watch the vids to have an informed opinion.

Thank you for arguing for me.

You make this shit way too easy.

There is no discussion.

This board already has everything it needs for such a simple action.

Go take a nap, children. You must be exhausted.

5973e2  No.12787324



No more needs be stated.

Not a damn one of you can keep up with Owen's mind.



Holy fucking shit. This place is simply overrun with half baked Leftist who strolled in here to talk shit months ago, got half pilled, and now linger like a greasy fart between worlds.

8f6d11  No.12787349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Owen is live now!

100be4  No.12787352

File: 9f6287159d00ffa⋯.png (45.05 KB, 597x717, 199:239, Netanyahu - Basis for Isra….png)

File: 95c85aefc6bc17f⋯.jpg (591.47 KB, 682x911, 682:911, Talmud on children.jpg)

File: d7bbc4095304365⋯.png (304.87 KB, 1078x510, 539:255, Talmud - Incest with niece.png)

File: afb9d778ad7eebd⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1378x1940, 689:970, talmud-sickness-2.jpg)

File: 3510c27fb3df85a⋯.jpg (595.49 KB, 1342x1950, 671:975, talmud-sickness-3.jpg)


So much kikery in that video

>i-it's just the leftist jews, goy. BASED nationalist right-wing jews are your allies

If anybody's dumb enough to believe him, it's the orthodox "right-wing" jews who are the most devoted to the the child-sex-enabling Talmud.

0ec651  No.12787360


>everyone is bots

You wish the subject field was still here so you could type there and claim everyone was a bot for not responding to it.

615a8c  No.12787381


I've been watching a lot of his streams lately and I'm watching him live right now actually.

I like that he names Pedos and Jews.

He can be really funny.

He gets obnoxious when he bans people for petty things or yells about his IQ or how smart he is. His moon landing conspiracy talk is also very obnoxious. He can treat his fans/people that pay him like shit and then gloat about how he doesn't need the money. It's not a good look or a good way to act as a person.

I'm partway through the Spielberg pedo stuff (yesterday's stream) and had to turn it off because it is very black pilling to see how out in the open these pedophiles are and how they are getting away with it all.

He's a very talented piano player and I'd like to see him keep going into more and more different topics.

53c681  No.12787392



01fadc  No.12787405

>Jewish eceleb thread

>200+ replies

5973e2  No.12787414


It's called "Frame of Reference", you worthless Commie.

"You're like a child who wonders into the middle…"

Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

It's very simple.

If you want anyone here to take you seriously, you have to drop your arrogance, and willful ignorance.

You must go back at least 8 months, and watch MANY vids in a row.

THEN watch the vids from the past two weeks, then compare and contrast.

Screeching, "PROVE IT!!" makes you smell like a Pussy Hat.

Did your mom's boyfriend teach you that?

615a8c  No.12787437

I fucking hate it when he plays videos multiple times in a row in the same stream, he just said "we're watching the Jew and the Chinaman again"… nigger move on to another thing, it isn't funny to anyone but you nigger

0ec651  No.12787440


Shut the fuck up Owen.

5973e2  No.12787444


Damn, you IGNORANT fuckers are so exhausting.

Seriously, this harkens back to my pre ban days arguing with IGNORANT Leftist Lemmings.


Until you go back a year, watch the vids, IN ORDER, you will not see the EPIC, and RAPID transition, spurned by his observable, personal experiences, and NOT scripted, that shows no signs of stopping, which is why I BELIEVE, the potential is there with him, and his audience, to feed them the information they desire.

Owen's audience is made of people who are just waking up to all this shit, just like he is.

The blind leading the blind.


There simply is no argument here.

But you don't know that because you're IGNORANT, AND ARROGANT!

/pol/ is bitter and cynical, and has rendered itself mostly ineffectual with BlackPilling "Nuh-uhs!".

…utterly pathetic.

Oh, yeah>>12787284, I'm Owen.

I'm here typing, while I'm also streaming live.

Aren't worthless assholes tired of being worthless assholes yet?

It's not even entertaining.

615a8c  No.12787448


you have 76 posts in this thread, what the fuck are you doing

f90339  No.12787464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's "Coddington Bear", or one of his other high level sycophants. Owen is a literal psychopath.

5973e2  No.12787471


Fucking with all of you worthless faggots.

YOU assholes took a VERY SIMPLE concept, and fucked it to pulp with your worthless, incessant, Strawman BlackPilling.

If you aren't actual paid shills, which I could easily accept, but if you idiots put up this much random opposition to a rather innocuous idea with little investment vs. MASSIVE gain, then you're just fucking idiots, and you really shouldn't be here fucking this place up anymore.

You've outgrown us, or we've outgrown you.

Either way, offer something of value to this thread, or fuck the fuck off.

It's very simple.


You've changed nothing here.

Only wasted time, and energy.

So, I'll oblige!

Keep 'em coming, asshole! I got the next three days off!

I sit here in my own shit stank just to shame your pitiful tactics.

615a8c  No.12787475


ha I watched that doc, his Anthony Cumia one is the best, the others including that aren't so good.

yeah it's obviously a "bear" in here, like owen is funny and makes good points but there's serious flaws in his personality

615a8c  No.12787482


what the fuck are you even doing with your life, why are you even here, jesus go start a sub reddit to owen or something dude ffs

8f6d11  No.12787484


>He gets obnoxious when he bans people for petty things or yells about his IQ or how smart he is. His moon landing conspiracy talk is also very obnoxious. He can treat his fans/people that pay him like shit and then gloat about how he doesn't need the money. It's not a good look or a good way to act as a person.

He goes a bit too far sometimes but other than that he's just passionate and doesn't put up with shit. Remember that he just constantly gets shit 24 hours a day. Although he often keeps his phone off now. (Hence the brief issue with Crowder.)

5973e2  No.12787485


I'm willing to bet Coddington is moderating the Bear Chat right now.

Damn I'm, I mean, HE is so talented!!

You fuckers have seriously lost your edge around here.

You small fries must have chased off all the real /pols with this endless idiocy.


5973e2  No.12787491





Infiltrate The Bears, and RedPill the fuck out of them. THEY ARE RIPE!

8f6d11  No.12787494



That's actually his middle name. His real last name is Smith. I bet you feel really retarded now.

e99ec6  No.12787499

I trust him as much as any e-celeb - not very much.

He heavily shills for Alex Jones, a zionist.

He supports entry level conspiracy theories like the "moon landing was a hoax" to gain trust.

He shills for Tommy Robinson, a zionist provocateur.

He is the lefty version of a symbol of hate propped up by leftists to be swiftly taken down.

They want him to be a twisted and toxic representation of truth seekers, anti-degeneracy advocates and sane intelligent white people.

615a8c  No.12787500


Taking your frustrations out on fans and people who give you money is fucking horrible.

8f6d11  No.12787503


It's hilarious that you think someone on here right now is Owen while he's livestreaming.

5973e2  No.12787506



Thanks, anon!


It's not hard to get this info.

If you're as good as you claim to be, PROVE IT!!

I'm relatively new here, and I am NOT IMPRESSED!

You niggerfaggots are arrogant, and LAZY now!


Taking your frustrations out on "fans" who give you money, TO TALK SHIT is fucking EPIC!

Again, no Frame of Reference.

Do WORK, anons.

This is pathetic!

5973e2  No.12787514


He "moved the goalposts".

I'm "Coddington Bear" now.

I have eight arms, and 9 keyboards, and speak Chinese.

…fuckin' morons.

Shame on you, /pol. Shame.

f90339  No.12787518


>he's just passionate and doesn't put up with shit


Why are you white knighting this bipolar lunatic? Every time someone brought up the irrefutable evidence about Nimmer, they'd be screamed at and banned. Now he's on board with it and Nimmer has disappeared from the internet, but are those people unbanned? Nah, they're just "dead wood" to be burned, right?

8f6d11  No.12787523


>his observable, personal experiences, and NOT scripted

That's what I love about his streams. They're so natural and random. Sure, he sometimes has a few things prepared he wants to talk about be most of it is just a passionate "stream of conciousness" as people say.

dabb2c  No.12787525


Yeah but I dont wanna give benefit of the doubt. I'd like to think he was, but better safe than sorry.

But more importantly, HE STILL MARRIED HER

615a8c  No.12787526


yeah he defended that little burnt peanut nigger blindly for a long time

5973e2  No.12787527


Christ, you fucking morons.


Remember when you voted for Obama, and jerked off all the time, and chased thots, and though 9/11 was "muzzies" with "WMDs"?


There is no debate here!

You all sound very lazy, ignorant, and arrogant.


These guys have already evolved past Juden Peterson, and Toe Rogan.

Help get them past Jones, and Tommy!

This is not hard to understand, you dumb fuckers.

615a8c  No.12787531




Ok so we are going to filter this guy now as he's obviously nuts

7527ba  No.12787533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He is Jewish though, he is an e celeb, he is pro-Israel. Next.

papa JF is a good eceleb tho

8f6d11  No.12787540


So if people you do't really know (along with trolls that just hate you) were talking shit about one of your best friends you'd just believe them? He believed it once people he trusted told him that Nimmer lied about the extent of his military service, then apologised to some of those he didn't believe originally.

8f6d11  No.12787545


>But more importantly, HE STILL MARRIED HER

Yes, he married the (really hot) girl that he's in love with. That's normal.

4de3ae  No.12787546

File: bf933a4a57723a2⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 1397600711567.gif)

File: e6ed19e1be17ec8⋯.gif (530.8 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ayy lmao.gif)

File: 052861e5166c00f⋯.gif (910.3 KB, 250x188, 125:94, beam me up.gif)

File: 9d91312d807f7c4⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x250, 2:1, popske.gif)

File: 6e42c133102a018⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 300x166, 150:83, samefag laughing at his ow….gif)


>recently said IQ is le bullshit and then backed off when Ryan Faulk told him he's full of shit

>the only reason why he gets butthurt about IQ is because he fell in love with a mentally challenged teen girl who is so retarded she can't legally give consent

5973e2  No.12787549


Yeah, you dumb fucker, that's how COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WORKS!

If a mob of random people in the midst of political war and shilling turmoil told you your best friend was a fuckin lying thief, would you just accept their word, and fuck your friend off?

If so, you're a shallow prick, and no one should befriend your disloyal ass.


There is no denying his intellect, and charisma. That's certain. But he's new to being an "honorable man".

He was a thot chasing Hollywood accolite until VERY recently.

How are these idiots not getting this?

I'm almost sorry I wasted my time here.

I honestly thought /pol was more intelligent, and capable than this.

My bad.

Stay in your tiny echo chamber, anons.

I'm sure you'll achieve all of your dreams from in here.



>White Knighting

I'll explain ONCE MORE!


Fuck Owen if he's stuck on "not all Jews".

But I don't see that.

He dropped his nigger, and has just about written them all off now.

5cc713  No.12787550

File: a666ba1c7d18be5⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 500x624, 125:156, url.jpg)

File: a64f83c511d7103⋯.jpeg (62.55 KB, 474x632, 3:4, th.jpeg)


>>who actually converted to Christianity to marry his grandfather

So when a jew converts to Christianity they stop being jewish? I thought it was a racial thing. So there are after all good jews? Baste!

c9911b  No.12787554


Hey Epstein

5973e2  No.12787563


He was raised Catholic, had second hand experience with pedo priests, and converted to Christianity RECENTLY, after decades in the Hollywood Hellscape.

Keep digging…



And this is all new to him!

He's half way to the TRUTH!


You fuckers are so retarded.

You're not getting this because you're paid not to.

We understand, but it doesn't work.

f102e6  No.12787565


The moon landing was fake. You faggots who actually believe that we got to the moon with 1960's tech are the toppest of top goyim. I bet you think Lincoln was the bestest president ever too

KYS faggot.

8f6d11  No.12787570


>So when a jew converts to Christianity they stop being jewish? I thought it was a racial thing. So there are after all good jews? Baste!

Isla Fisher, who is White, converted to judaism when she married Sasha Baron Cohen. If she were to divorce him, marry someone else who is White and not jewish or at least just have more children with them and not only stay a jew but also bring up her new children jewish then would they be racially jewish?

f90339  No.12787573



Go read the thread over at foxdick on him, guy is fucking a developmentally disabled girl, and has done this in the past.


>So if people you do't really know (along with trolls that just hate you) were talking shit about one of your best friends you'd just believe them?

No you stupid sycophantic fuck, I wouldn't "just believe them", I'd investigate the claims first before I took any action. On a recent stream he admitted that people in his personal life knew Nimmer was bullshitting from the start, but they were scared of saying anything to him, obviously because of how they knew he'd react. It's sick.

5973e2  No.12787574


Not an argument.

This place has been overrun with shilling Leftist Lemmings.

Empty accusation of "CRAZY!", and other Ad Homs are their MO.

You glow, nigger.

f102e6  No.12787576


>duh gubmint nebur l-eyes, ebur!

>how are you doing fellow white goy…er, guys!

f102e6  No.12787582


This place has been shit ever since Trump got into office. Newfags, kike shills, and general autistic faggotry killed it. This place was pretty fun back in 14 and 15, but now……

be25f5  No.12787586

File: 2047f755d039f71⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Canadian with Laura Bush a….jpg)

this is an e-celeb advertising thread. Welcome to the latest psyop, just kicking off now.

He's also going to tell you how FLAT the Earth is. Right now he's "90% sure the Earth is round", but that will change over time, dragging a bunch of people into crazytown.

5973e2  No.12787588


Only Leftist Lemmings make failed predictions, you fuckin' kikenigger.

YOU are the glowing psy-op.

5973e2  No.12787592


Sad. I lurked for a couple years out of respect. Started posted just a few weeks ago.


100be4  No.12787595


Fucking retards is still better than being jewish.


>Ryan Faulk

Reminder that he's an anti-Hitler sodomite who used to get racists and anti-Semites banned from jewtube.


I think it's probably jewish psychosis, not a psyop.

8f6d11  No.12787597


>No you stupid sycophantic fuck, I wouldn't "just believe them", I'd investigate the claims first before I took any action.

>Hey Nimmer, my best buddy, some guys on the internet say you're lying about your military service. Can you get me all the documents that prove your claims? I know we're friends and have should have that general friendship trust but, you know, these ARE guys on the internet. THE INTERNET!

f102e6  No.12787606


Ya, this place is a cashed hit. At least on 4cuck the blatant shills make me chuckle, and the oblivious newfags arguing with them is somewhat entertaining.

4ca080  No.12787608

File: 0ba160d145766cb⋯.png (16.94 KB, 765x141, 255:47, pal.PNG)

File: 23dcfb5fa76190c⋯.jpg (108.51 KB, 650x877, 650:877, pal2.jpg)

File: 09e6ea03348171e⋯.jpg (159.68 KB, 650x900, 13:18, pal3.jpg)

dabb2c  No.12787620


>defending miscegenation

Well we are just going to see eye to eye on this one , so let's just agree to disagree

8f6d11  No.12787621


>Hey, anons, how did that little blonde from Poltergeist (speilberg) die again?

Heather O'Rourke died of cardiac arrest and septic shock caused by a misdiagnosed intestinal stenosis when she was 12. This happened over a year after she filmed the episode of Rocky Road she guess starred on where the "rumour" claims she was "raped to death" (or at least to injury causing death) by Steven Spielberg. (Even though he had nothing to do with the show.)

8f6d11  No.12787627


*guest starred

586347  No.12787638

>owen benjamin is totally /ourguy/

>supported a lying nigger who pretended to be a ZOG marine

>works with Crowder

>has an Israeli Jewish woman as his social media manager who not only has access to his Youtube account but is in his trusted inner circle

>(((Hollywood))) ties

>has been issuing bullshit copyright claims on other Youtube e-celeb faggots because they hurt his feelings and the feelings of his inner circle

Totally our guy. Get fucked marketing faggot.

5973e2  No.12787641

File: 533e8927681a5e8⋯.jpeg (13.75 KB, 236x258, 118:129, PedoMo'Fucker.jpeg)


Keep digging…

Beyond the (((official))) reports.

>nothing to do with the show.

Yeah, he never got anywhere near her, huh?

I NEVER thought I'd EVER have to beg /pol to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Damn. (((They))) seriously did BTFO this place.

So sad.

7527ba  No.12787642


>implying that doesn't just make me like him even more

I don't like to see retard pussy going to waste.

8f6d11  No.12787644


If you saw Amy walking down the street and didn't know who she was you'd say she was White. She is White for all intents and purposes. It doesn't matter if she may have a little indigenous Mexican in her.

8f6d11  No.12787650


If you think she's 12 (or 11) in that photo you're utterly retarded.

5973e2  No.12787659


And, one more time…


He has dusted Juden Peterson after praising him.

Blasted Toe Rogan after praising him.

Fucked off his nogged nigger after praising him.

Named the Jew 125 times in one stream.

Calls out the pedos he used to make million dollar movies with.

Shall I go on?

Because I can…



…along with his entire "cult".


What the actual fuck is going on here anymore?

You've lost your will to fight in just a single month, you faggots?!


f102e6  No.12787661

File: 60b5ee9d02809b6⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 500x485, 100:97, 60b5ee9d02809b60be92df821e….jpg)


>Damn. (((They))) seriously did BTFO this place.

So sad

told ya

5cc713  No.12787668

File: b9468fc29796ec7⋯.png (165.59 KB, 417x550, 417:550, image181.png)


But is he racially jewish by his own admission? Perhaps he's wrong and he's not jewish, I don't know him or his genealogy but for him to admit jewishness means there is a real thread of it in him, or there's some form of larping as the chosen people in his family.


She would be a traitor to her race and people but if she were born White than she is always White, even though she is a traitor and should have the fate of a traitor. Her children definitely wouldn't be White. Tacitus understood the character of these traitors to jewry:

"Proselytes to Jewry adopt the same practices, and the very first lesson they learn is to despise the gods, shed all feelings of patriotism, and consider parents, children and brothers as readily expendable."

5973e2  No.12787669


What the ever loving fuck are you talking about?

Is this place seriously this fucking retarded?

Heather O'Rourke was not in Indiana Jones, you fucking spoon.


God damn, this place is utter shit.

Nothing left here but a mob of drooling, window licking, mouth breathers.

8f6d11  No.12787684


I know how old she was and how old she was originally going to be in the script. Even at 11 she could have started puberty, although in the final script I think she was 13 (I'm sure they said she was meant to be 23 the year the movie was set in) and as long as she wasn'tprepubescent then Indy wasn't a paedophile, he was a normal red-blooded heterosexual.

586347  No.12787689



>he thinks a man getting wasted on alcoholic flavored seltzer water every night in the freezing cold sitting by a wood fire with a keyboard and a laptop with a dying graphics card and going on psychotic rants while a bunch of idiots throw money at him is redpilling

This isn't a man getting redpilled. This is a man with an alcohol dependence problem and some mental issues while people like you are enabling him.

8f6d11  No.12787695


>…because (((they))) said so.

No, because I thoroughly researched the claims about Steven Spielberg and Heather O'Rourke and was able to debunk them. It never happened.

64947f  No.12787710

File: 276a4719d216607⋯.png (214.95 KB, 899x719, 899:719, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's say he's /ourguy/ without a doubt.

Now what?

Why follow this celeb?

Is he running for office?

Is he promoting candidates?

Is he going to lead "us" down a path to salvation.

Is he JBP 2.0?

586347  No.12787717


But he's not our guy. He has an actual Israeli in his inner circle. No /ourguy/ would have a kike living in the kike kingdom as theur social media manager and trusted advisor.

8f6d11  No.12787724


>(1) and done

What? I've made at least a dozen posts, maybe more.

64947f  No.12787734


OK OK Fine.

I'll bite.

Is he selling a new book or what?

Tell me why I should give up my time and focus on his every word.

Why are you angry that people aren't following him?

5973e2  No.12787788


Dude, just stop.

Your ignorant speculating hurts my asshole.

Go watch the shit if you want an informed opinion.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

You're embarrassing yourself just like all the Leftist Lemmings do when they regurgitate their NPC programming.

Do better.


You're reaching, asshole.

These stories are well known.

An adult professor, fucking a child, pushed into a Pedowood movie script by a bunch of child fucking kikes is not an accident, and in no way was supposed to be "normal".


Damn this place…


More Ad Hom? …predictable.

How many times must you be reminded, your seeping douche nozzle?



So, he's drinking three lesbian beers a night after working his property all day, on top of the massive stress that piss ants like you would bleed under?


One more time…


His audience needs a hand!

If you're all so "ALL KNOWING", why aren't you excited to share it with others, and expand your ranks.

Oh, that's right, this place was never about goals, achievements, and being effectual.

You're just a mob of pathetic, shit talking, gaming little frail faggots, telling "edgy" jokes.

Well, little ones, that era is over, and now your wallowing in your afterbirth.

Congratulations, /pol.

You are effectively extinct.

(((They))) beat you fags down.

You lost.


No, you really didn't.


You didn't read the thread, did you, nigger?



Then dig on her, and see what she's hiding!

Owen could be a great asset, if he can wrenched from those who have corralled, and may be exploiting him.


More Strawmanning?

I never said "his every word".

Hell, go turn on his live stream and mute the fucker for all I care (you'll be missing out).


No book. No movie. No alternative motive, like you, kike. (I know that's impossible for you to understand.

The point?

…his audience.

He has been at this for a while now, and is only now at the brink of a great breakthrough, WITH A LARGE AND EXPANDING AUDIENCE, but the cognitive dissonance, THAT WE ALL HAD TO BTFO, is confusing him, BECAUSE HE HAS NO GOOD INFO OR GUIDANCE, AND ALL THE VOICES HE WAS FOLLOWING HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!


Get the fuck in there, and share your knowledge, you stupid, worthless, lazy fuckin' assholes?

What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?

Why have you wasted the last decade of this shit, if your now just gonna sit here in your own waste "above" everyone else in arrogant silence?

Is it now a habit to argue your bullshit Logical Fallacies, while ignoring the actual facts of the issues at hand?

You might as well vote for Bernie, faggots.

Get out.

8f6d11  No.12787791


>Her children definitely wouldn't be White

How would her new children (not any she's had with Sasha Baron Cohen) not be White if her new husband/boyfriend was White? So you're saying that her previously converting to judaism (and if she decided to stay jewish) and bring up her new children as jewish then that would magically change their race from White to jew? Explain this jewish sorcery?! Lol!

5973e2  No.12787797


>Even at 11 she could have started puberty.

…found the fucking pedo.

Give me his dox, NOW!

29e567  No.12787809

File: 29fd0431344a69a⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 248x255, 248:255, 29fd0431344a69abdf5ecee405….jpg)


>C'mon, guy.

>He's smarter than you.

>I will put money on that

What in the goddamn…


Oh. Oh, I get it. huh

8f6d11  No.12787821


>Heather O'Rourke was not in Indiana Jones, you fucking spoon.



You go and read stuff again. I wasn't talking about Indiana Jones, I was talking about the ridiculous "rumour" (read "made up bullshit") that Steven Spielberg raped Heather O'Rourke to death when she was 11 (or possibly even 10) on the set of the TV show Rocky Road even though she actually died over a year after that episode was filmed and all the other details in the rumour don't match the actual details of what was in the episode. For example she never danced in a bikini (or swimsuit or whatever they said).

5973e2  No.12787826





You "get it"?

ps. not an argument, faggot.

You're ALL fucking pathetic, and showing anyone watching how worthless, and ineffectual this place has become.

A tired, empty husk of a VERY SHORT lived Golden Era.

Go to pasture, arrogant fags.

You're no longer necessary here if you can't even be bothered to research anything before opening your fool mouths to screech, "JEW SHILL!" anymore.

Go find a Pussy Hat.

It suits you so much more accurately than Pepe now.

And I will continue to shit all over this board until morale improves.


Take your stupid shit on this thread, and I'll step in it, and moonwalk on your fuckin' tuna sandwich.

5973e2  No.12787839


Run along now, Nancy.

You're gonna skin a knee.

586347  No.12787840



Clearly you're not from around these parts. Go back to Big Bear's kibbutz for the bear cult.

8f6d11  No.12787848


>An adult professor, fucking a child, pushed into a Pedowood movie script by a bunch of child fucking kikes is not an accident, and in no way was supposed to be "normal".

George Lucas isn't jewish and I wouldn't be surprised if one of your great or great, great grandmothers was a similar age when she was married or at least impregnated, let alone lost her virginity.

5973e2  No.12787851


"around these parts" enough.

Are you talking for practice, or do you actually have something of value to add?

5973e2  No.12787864


So, only jews can be pedophiles?

Are you incapable of critical thought, you brick?

Are you setting up an argument why it's okay that you're a fuckin' child rapist?

…talk about my mothers again, you fuckin' degenerate.

8f6d11  No.12787865


>No, you really didn't.

Yes I did. I can even link you to one of the copies of the script. (I can't find the other one I saw though.)


229e04  No.12787866


Filtering the leader of the kike squad and his friends. Also sage.

586347  No.12787872


I already said plenty of value. Owen is insane and controlled by Jews. People shouldn't fall for Owen and his inner circle's dog and pony show of "I'm totally an anti-semite guys! Give me money and stay inside watching my streams!". There is no redpilling or redpills to be had from this drunk, mentally unstable man. Stop parading him around with the rest of his bears.

8f6d11  No.12787874


>…found the fucking pedo.

>Give me his dox, NOW!

Blue-pilled faggot. Feminists thank your for your service as a "useful" idiot.

29e567  No.12787885

File: d167ef889031a37⋯.png (169.33 KB, 999x442, 999:442, hurt-box.png)


I'll say this for the hivemind, once, just to be nice. Every single /pol/ack is looking at your performance, shuddering in horror, so embarrassed for you that it becomes personally uncomfortable. We wonder if we used to act like this when we were absolute newfaggots, and hope we didn't. I'm not sure how you found h8chan or why you thought this would work, but…oh wait, I figured it out. You think you can brute-force the hivemind and inject your personal viewpoints whole-cloth into it without insinuating yourself organically into the culture. It doesn't work that way, sonny boy. To get in the hivemind you have to become part of it, and once you become part of it we have you. Many such cases

>>12787866 (Kek'd)

>Filtering the leader of the kike squad and his friends

<filtering (96) posts and all of the replies

Does the thread even exist at that point?

5973e2  No.12787891


Your kikery is so weak.

Do you actually believe you're confusing me, or are you seriously this lost in this debate.

Indiana Jones, and Poltergeist are two different movies.

O'Rourke was in Poltergeist, not Indiana Jones.

It was the SCRIPT of Indiana Jones that invented the predatory pedophilia between the character, in which, she would have been 14. However, the original idea was to make her 11, WITH A GROWN ADULT MAN!

The age of O'Rourke was never discussed in relation to her death.

I believe you are PURPOSELY confusing the two tales, muddying the waters, and just being an all around typical, and predictable kike.



What the fuck do feminists have to do with you justifying your child rape, you fucking walking corpse?

586347  No.12787900


Owen's numbers have been dipping lately so he sent a bear (possibly Coddington) to make threads all over to try and get some views. That's my guess.

8f6d11  No.12787903


>So, only jews can be pedophiles?

>movie script by a bunch of child fucking kikes

You accused George Lucas of being jewish. You also accused him of being a paedophile with no evidence whatsoever beyond objecting to the age difference during Indy and Marion's first relationship.

8558e7  No.12787910


Indeed. This is obvious, trivially identified, (((controlled opposition))).


And gas yourselves, glow niggers.

5973e2  No.12787911



More assumptions, and logical fallacies.

I already told you.

I already stated my purpose.

It's now up to you to grasp the EMPTY WORTHLESS content that you fucking judgemental maggots have fucked the thread with.

You aren't interested in intelligent conversation or debate anymore. I'VE WATCHED FOR YEARS as you've degraded into this lazy, arrogant, dismissal of everything that requires, REEEEEEE!!! ….effort.

>proud of being hiveminded

Are you even certain YOU belong here, you wannabe Commie shit stain?

You've outed yourself.

29e567  No.12787913


Right on, thanks for the intel, friendo. Oddly enough I was just discussing oven beyamin the other day. I suppose he should be gassed. Are kikes trying to set up a new aut-right leader? I do get so terribly bored of seeing the same moves over and over again.

8558e7  No.12787915


Fuck off, moshe. We don't need kikes, he's a kike, fuck off kikes.

36e49e  No.12787918


he is controlled discention. why the fuck would you tube allow it to run?

8558e7  No.12787930


The very fact they try to make us believe that there's no conspiracy, when they've already banned alex kike-promoter for being antisemitic.

8558e7  No.12787934

It's astonishing how shit these glow niggers are, and this (((Benjamin))) guy is just another kike.

It's the arrogance of kikes, really. They like to degrade us. They could just hire a white person to do it, but they'd rather mock us by directly performing the act of subversion, rather than using a golem.

586347  No.12787951


It's simple really: he runs his mouth, people eat up the shit, and his Israeli handler cleans up any dissenting voices who want to stop him from keeping us fixated on his "redpilling" and "based views". She tried this shit against the Porsalin documentary when she sent a complain to Youtube for him naming her and now she's trying the same against some channel named Nightwave Radio run by some faggot named Mersh.

8f6d11  No.12787967


>The age of O'Rourke was never discussed in relation to her death.

Well her age was very important since we know the exact dates she filmed her Rocky Road episode (she was just a guest star): November 3rd to 7th 1986. And we also know the exact date of her death: February 1st 1988. That means she died 1 year and 3 months after filming the Rocky Road episode and if we have her correct birth date, which both IMDB and Wikipedia say is December 27th 1975, then that means she was 12 when she died. (It also means she was actually still 10 when she filmed Rocky Road.)

29e567  No.12787973

File: 0a4817d601fa083⋯.png (474.37 KB, 765x900, 17:20, 0a4817d601fa08354a13e91b89….png)


Lel, typical tricks. We've evolved past such petty ploys. It's a wonder these unoriginal faggots haven't accidentally gassed themselves at this point

8f6d11  No.12787974


>What the fuck do feminists have to do with

If you weren't so blue-pilled about this then you would already know.

5973e2  No.12787981



>That's my GUESS.

That's right, you clueless, ARROGANT, morons.

Keep on guessing.

And I'M the one who causing "shuddering horror", and "embarrassment".

What happened to your pussy today that you're so sensitive, you faggots?


>accused him of being jewish

Did I. Maybe I misplaced a comma.

Stop insulting my intelligence with your worthless ad homs.

This place is gone.


Opposition to what, exactly, you fucking moron?

You idiots are starting to sound like Antifa.

"If you aren't part of the hivemind, JEEEEEEW!!!"

Do better.

You're an embarrassment.


You idiots gonna keep on guessing like Leftist Lemmings, or do what you claim to be so famous for, and RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELVES?!

…so pathetic.



Prove it, you sloppy bitch.

Damn this place is LAZY now.

Owen Benjamin must be MIGHTY DANGEROUS to draw this many worthless faggots.

What are you little shits so afraid of?

I seriously don't get it.

>degrade us

Oh, like everyone of you idiots who've come with NOTHING but logical fallacies trying to get me to stop, and shut down the potential of Owens growing audience going Nat/Soc?

You idiots have yet to come with a valid argument as to why that's a poor idea beyond "JEEEEEWS!"


More, ignorant, arrogant, shit talking speculation.

What happened to you /pol/?

LAZY! FRIGHTENED! BTFO'd into oblivion with paranoia. GONE!

Good riddance, bitches.

I had a feeling you children didn't have the stamina.

"We gonna gas the jews!"

You can't even gas up a lawn mower, pussies.

5d8a46  No.12787992


>>inb4 He's a quarter jewish

Thanks for warning us about this shit thread, still you spelled kike wrong.


8558e7  No.12787994


You're right, no need to sage. This thread can help us educate the noobs about how they operate.

8f6d11  No.12787999


>Owen's numbers have been dipping lately

Lol! His livestreams have gone up from 4,000 to occasionally 6,000 watching live just in the last month or so.

8558e7  No.12788002

File: dad20ca20642b6b⋯.png (225.59 KB, 434x537, 434:537, PIGMAN.png)

File: 681993681328286⋯.png (172.65 KB, 420x315, 4:3, shecyclers.png)

be25f5  No.12788014

File: 732979c3c13f379⋯.png (384.67 KB, 814x690, 407:345, cloning.png)


All self-promotion threads should be archived

586347  No.12788019



You are one sad and desparate shill. I'm pretty sure my guess is 109% correct when his Jewish handler Dolev is shitting out bullshit claims against other channels. Porsalin made a video about the claim against him. Then there's this going on today with that Nightwave channel. What's got you so scared?

8f6d11  No.12788021


>Did I. Maybe I misplaced a comma.

Where the fuck would a comma go in

>movie script by a bunch of child fucking kikes


29e567  No.12788022

File: fac806feab640d8⋯.jpg (156.2 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, 9d52bc7a980f5c6fef5c6527f2….jpg)


>You're right, no need to sage.

Guess that's true. Fuckers just gonna self-bamp it anyway

>This thread can help us educate the noobs about how they operate.

It just feels kinda like a pyrrhic victory. I mean, I could colonize it and turn it into one of my remorilization and war threads, but I'm just not in the mood right now. I need to recharge still

8f6d11  No.12788038


Do the world a favour and keep filtering everyone who is fully red-pilled so that you can rot in ignorance rather than posting bullshit replies.

5973e2  No.12788041


But, anon.

I thought it was /pol/ who was pushing the 40% of faggots meme?

I understand the entire Leftist mob is in cahoots, but being vague, and arrogant isn't a argument.

But you know that, kike.

This is just more kikery.

If you weren't so blackpilled, you'd actually be comprehending what I'm doing here, and not looking like a fucking nut rash.


Yeah, we're surrounded by shills, who now think by using the Commie tactic of In-group shit talk, can claim this thread as their own.

They sure did beat us in front of all them noobs with all them soul piercing "arguments".

/pol/ is still a safe space for faggots.


>self promotion

Oh, so now I'm Owen again?

Can you fuckin' morons even hear yourselves anymore?


You poor thing.

All this shit talking must be exhausting.

Take a nap, lil' one.

29e567  No.12788058

File: b5ce4d6786ca611⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 1434898971165.jpg)


Any chance you want to go into a bit more detail on this issue? I'm interested in knowing more. Who are these people, who are they connected to, when did this happen and why should I care?

8558e7  No.12788065



8f6d11  No.12788067


I hate to break it to you but Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney are actually dead (possibly around the same time), so they won't be doing any self-promotion anytime soon. Although a lot of you promote Hitler plenty on here anyway.

5973e2  No.12788077



These Nat/Soc faggots were never REAL Nat/Socs!

They need a safe space, just like all the rest of the pathetic faggots.

I'm trying to expand our ranks, you faggots.

What is your ACTUAL argument against this?

No really. The REAL reason that you can come up with why harvesting an audience that is DESPERATE for your knowledge is so beneath you ignorant, arrogant assholes?

Group think?


Is this what humans do whenever they collectivize?

I'm starting to rethink my belief that this ideology has any future.

Turns out, your still just lazy, arrogant, "socialist" Commies.

The other side of Antifa.

Actual, beat to fuck, NAZIS!

You're so pathetic.

All you have to do, is go talk to his audience?

Why are you so scared?

Makes no sense.

8558e7  No.12788083


>a lot of you promote Hitler


8558e7  No.12788089

These stupid sharmuta.

29e567  No.12788090

File: 55c56d69cb6112b⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1467389537116.jpg)





So two shills have half of the ~300 posts while the rest of the posts are just anons calling them kikes? Impressive

5973e2  No.12788091



8558e7  No.12788098


They've gotten pretty blatant, lately, the sharmuta kikes have.

8f6d11  No.12788116


>I thought it was /pol/ who was pushing the 40% of faggots meme?

It can still be 40% of faggots are actual paedophiles. But too many people aren't using the actual scientific factual definition of paedophilia. Instead relying on a lie that feminists have been pushing for over a hundred years now and that later cultural marxists have latched on to for their own subversive reasons.

586347  No.12788119


Porsalin is the British fellow who made the documentary in >>12787464 . He received a strike on his channel which he fought and I believe won. Nightwave Radio is a night time comedy / shitposting stream hosted by some guy named Royce. He got hit with a strike today by someone who has access to Owen Benjamin's acount. Only a handful of people have Owen Benjamin's login credentials. One of them being Dolev Broughton, his Jewish social media manager who lives in Israel. She issued both strikes against people who were bad goys against Owen Benjamin.

5973e2  No.12788120


On purpose.

You pussies got lazy in here.


Ouch. My feeling.

Grow up, asshole.

You idiots have lost it in your little bubble here.



More "in-group/out-group" Wizardry?

So weak.

Only kikes pull this kikery ENDLESSLY, even after getting called out.

You really aren't fooling anyone.

If you're real, go talk to his audience, and inspire some awakening.

You have ZERO reason to contest that, unless you don't belong here, fuckers.

29e567  No.12788128

File: 15b5320eb85c3ac⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 252x244, 63:61, 1464397221693.jpg)


Right? Hey are we glassing kikes soon or no? I'll take the ones in the jewSA if you can handle the desert ones. One hand washes the other, and we can discuss the details later. God is Great, friend


I appreciate the update, thanks man

5973e2  No.12788142


I'm not interested in your Red Herring argument anymore, kike.

You assholes actually believe this low level "distraction" game actually works still?


You're going to make your inevitable extinction quite easy.

And you are still a fuckin' self exposed pedophile.

8558e7  No.12788147


>Only kikes pull this kikery ENDLESSLY, even after getting called out.

ha ha ha hah ahahahahahah

Listen to this sharmuta kike. She wants you to believe that only kikes …. call people kikes!!!! and only kikes…. expect neo-nazis to not be dripping with hate and sarcasm at the presence of Nazis.

So laughable.

Stupid fool kikess sharmuta.

8f6d11  No.12788151


>These Nat/Soc faggots were never REAL Nat/Socs!

I've never claimed to be a nazi. I'm truly "politically incorrect" which is the board's name. If nazis are so triggered by true political correctness then go set up a /nazi/ safe space instead.

8558e7  No.12788157


The government will eventually collapse. It already has become completely unresponsive to the needs of the people, and it is already not cooperating with itself, and the people have lost a sense of belonging, have become only observers of it, as a thing.

We just don't know when it will collapse. Now, 10 years from now? We don't know.

8558e7  No.12788168

File: f731b1ac7f80573⋯.png (750.29 KB, 720x960, 3:4, GodCommunicator.png)

File: dad20ca20642b6b⋯.png (225.59 KB, 434x537, 434:537, PIGMAN.png)


Your hostility toward "nazis" is obvious, stupid sharmuta. You're a stupid and filthy whore. Go get HIV and finish the job.

586347  No.12788171


There are things about the way you post that give away that you are not from here…



Bear confirmed. You're using bear cult terms.

5973e2  No.12788181

Face it, assholes.

All the REAL Nat/Socs have left you, and all you have left are these fuckin' larpers, lazily dismissing everything as "jew".

You're already extinct.

And it's a real shame, because up until very recently, there was GREAT momentum here.


>politically incorrect

Does not mean "randomly argumentative for no fucking reason".

Not a single one of you have proffered an argument against reaping an audience of ripe, battle ready men.

You're lazy, and arrogant.

No wonder we're still struggling.

You just don't have the stamina for this.

You think you're gonna go to war with this demoralization and paranoia already DEEPLY infecting your entire psyche?


Well, now I know I won't be standing with you walking targets!!

8f6d11  No.12788184


>I'm not interested in your Red Herring argument anymore, kike.

It's not a red herring, many (although unfortunately not enough) have learned about it and can see what cultural marxists are doing. You're rejecting certain red pills and are just allowing yourself to be brainwashed by cultural marxists.

8558e7  No.12788187


It's why I hate women. They are such arrogant garbage. They're arrogant even when defeated completely. The stupid bich doesn't even know what a sharmuta dum fucking fool she's been proved. The arrogance springs from mental illness, like those crazy people who think they're kings.

But all women have this kind of arrogance, at least until they hit the wall ^^

But in kikesses, often they maintain it even after that, probably due to a genetic disorder.

29e567  No.12788196

File: d356bda39e5ba4e⋯.png (622.15 KB, 729x611, 729:611, 1419006794306.png)


>The government will eventually collapse

Oh, definitely, it's basically already over. You'll want to have a friend like me to make sure the new country isn't run by kikes who want to keep bombing you. I can make that happen, for the low, low price of 6 million kike scalps. Can we call it a deal, then?

> Now, 10 years from now? We don't know.

Certainly within this time frame.


>It's why I hate women. They are such arrogant garbage. They're arrogant even when defeated completely.

We have much to learn from your culture. I hope we can set up cultural exchanges after we handle the garbage removal.

5973e2  No.12788199


Not an argument.

Explain why reaping a hungry audience of battle ready men is a bad idea?

Not a single one of you fuckers has an actual argument beyond "QUARTER JEW!!".

Look at yourselves, /pol/.

Seriously, look.

What is this shit?

No more REAL arguments in ANY of the chans, ANYWHERE?

And you're cool with just rolling over to this?

You're extinct.


000000  No.12788201


Because no one would ever go to their shitty Nazi board. So they troll other boards and try to force it down our throats.

8558e7  No.12788204


You're experiencing the "water" of a left-leaning mind. It "surrounds", but contains no structure. It inundates but doesn't comprehend.

That's their nature. They take each element of a thing, and then supply sort of word growths, lessions upon the scheme of conversation.

They are in factal, the parasitic whore.

000000  No.12788210


Another honorable and brave Ayran warrior.

8558e7  No.12788212


You have nothing to learn, kike. All you have remaining is to learn of the gas chamber.

29e567  No.12788220


No man, calm your tits. It's me, NatSoc anon who wants to kill all kikes. I'm on your side here

8558e7  No.12788222

Government semi-machine shill, many phrases don't connect, meme is nonsense:


586347  No.12788225


>he thinks Owen Benjamin, alcoholic washed up comedian, is going to lead an army of men

>he thinks the kikes that control Owen Benjamin will allow him to assemble an army of men

Fucking hell. This bear is on some next level brainwashing.

8f6d11  No.12788226


>politically incorrect

>Does not mean "randomly argumentative for no fucking reason".

No, it means being against cultural marxism and all other (full) political ideologies. It means using science, facts and logic to tackle issues individually and come up with solutions and just ideas in general without just blindly following a political ideology's views on issues their claimed solutions.

5973e2  No.12788235


I'm talking about reaping battle ready men from a hungry audience.

You're talking about a raped child that YOU used to sidetrack this thread.

That's the definition of a Red Herring.

>Cultural Marxist

What benefit could CMs possibly gain by me believing that high level Hollywood bastards are fucking children to death?

Again, can you morons even hear yourselves anymore?

This is just pathetic.

29e567  No.12788237

File: 05be1a23c99c3a9⋯.jpg (69.01 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 1452652234296.jpg)

>>12788222 (checked)

Ok, I can do indiscriminate carpet-bombings as well. I just though maybe you guys could handle half of the work in exchange for your life, but there are other options

d1b912  No.12788245

>Explain why reaping a hungry audience of battle ready men is a bad idea?

Are you talking about bears here, because they are all wet blanket cucks.

8558e7  No.12788246

This is still not an actual human response:


Very interesting, don't you think? I've seen that same software before. It's also possible it's just a kike. Could also, frankly, be French or something, but it seems certainly a stupid sharmuta. What's French for whore?

5973e2  No.12788249


>Keep setting up those Strawmen, you pitiful faggot.

Show me where I said Owen would lead ANYTHING, and DIDN'T mention, a dozen times, HIS AUDIENCE IS RIPE FOR YOU TO LEAD?

So fucking stupid. …or getting paid?

You fuckers really suck at this.

8558e7  No.12788250

It's so fascinating that they can afford the resources to shill here, but not enough to apply intelligent human interaction.

That said, it could just be a woman, because women are that stupid.

5973e2  No.12788260


You know all THOUSANDS of them?

Try harder, kike.

This shit is just insulting now.


29e567  No.12788261

File: ad5ccace70d38d0⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1420992424032.jpg)


Oh I'm quite real, and you're making a serious mistake. But I guess I should expect nothing more from a semite. Feel free to die painfully, as is your right.

8558e7  No.12788265


Yeah, it's dumb. Kikes are always trying to control groups & make money off them in the process. Very lame kike crap. It's always "lame sauce". Like it's missing something. Like, you go to McDonald's, and you get a burger, and you know there's something there. The burgerness, it's something real. But this burger, it's not a real burger, something's wrong. So only idiots ever for a second stay with McDonald's. Instead, they seek out a true burger.

8f6d11  No.12788267


>he thinks Owen Benjamin, alcoholic

I'm against alcohol yet even I don't class someone drinking 3 cans of low alcohol beer a night after working hard all day as "alcoholic". His size is also a factor.

8558e7  No.12788275

Look at this:


So, bots are very good at talking about themselves. Needless to say, it's their "home turf," and, often, they try to direct the topic in that direction. It's a hallmark of a shit tier bot.

8558e7  No.12788278

Women are all stupid trash.

5973e2  No.12788283


He drinks 3 lesbian waters, at night, at 6'8", after working his land all day.


586347  No.12788286


We get it. Big Bear Owen wants you to bring us to his streams so he can say Jew a lot more for us, have us pull more people to watch him say Jew more, and his Jewish handler rakes in the big bucks while distracted from actual shit going on in the world. I hope Dolev is giving you a nice cut of the pot.

d1b912  No.12788291

>Women are all stupid trash.

Dolev is an insidious Israeli.

8558e7  No.12788295

These are both kike shills:



8f6d11  No.12788308


>What benefit could CMs possibly gain by me believing that high level Hollywood bastards are fucking children to death?

Now it's you confusing things. Although for that point the answer is quite obvious if talking about Spielberg. It will make you look crazy and have people dismiss anything else you say if you believe Spielberg raped Heather to death 1 year 3 months before she died and with no evidence whatsoever since the rumour's details don't match up with the facts.

8f6d11  No.12788327


How popular are your livestreams and how much money do you make from them?

5973e2  No.12788333


No, dipshit.

As I've very clearly stated MANY times, and you keep on kiking right past, is the very simple concept of redpilling, and acquiring more to these ranks, and you STILL can't come with an actual argument as to why that's a bad idea?

You REALLY suck at this.


So, lemme get this straight.

The ONLY ones here offering up ACTUAL logical thoughts, and ideas, are met with nothing but a stream of empty Logical Fallacies, and other total nonsense, and WE don't fit?

Maybe this place always was this fucked?

I coulda sworn I saw otherwise quite consistently until recently.

Maybe it's time to look in the mirror.

And that's why I haven't left!

Mirror Wizardry.

Just gonna keep on wallowing in your shit with you until YOU can smell it too.

Keep 'em coming, anons!

Apparantly, you sleepy dipshits are in need of another RedPilling to pull you out of your lazy stupor.

Explain why Rank Filling from ripe and ready audiences is a bad plan?


You idiots have played yourselves.

Worth less.

586347  No.12788336



>he's not an alcoholic guise!

>there was a moment on one of his streams where he moves around and you can hear the empties under him shifting from the movement

Clearly that is normal for someone who owns a house yet he streams outside with a wood burning stove, a piano, a laptop, and a bear head. Clearly the actions of a sober and mentally normal person.

5973e2  No.12788344


I WILL kek to that.

I don't trust that bitch.

I just know she's gonna fuck him over eventually. It's what they do. They can't help it.

Owen will be completely woke to the JQ at that point.

And you'llhav

5973e2  No.12788351


And you'll have already wasted this opportunity, and lost him, and his audience to some Alt-Right kike.

Great job anons.

I don't think you're serious about your future.

586347  No.12788354



It's cute how these bears try to act like they understand korean basket weaving forums but fail miserably at it.

5973e2  No.12788365


More empty ad hom.


You really suck at this.

8558e7  No.12788376


I think glow niggers peg the end of the enraged spectrum to try to hide their total lack of understanding of a place.

8558e7  No.12788381



8f6d11  No.12788402


>Clearly that is normal for someone who owns a house yet he streams outside with a wood burning stove, a piano, a laptop, and a bear head. Clearly the actions of a sober and mentally normal person.

I think it's clear that you lack originality and imagination

5973e2  No.12788415


I'm not failing, chump.

I'm working you over by keeping you emotionally invested, until you realize what fucking worthless, lazy, arrogant, shit talking assholes you've degraded into.

I think you idiots made the common mistake of believing your own Legend before you had actually achieved it, and now your arrogance, not unlike the jews, is going to be your destruction.

Or you could go redpill Owen audience, and swell the ranks again with battle ready men, eager to inspire you again to share your knowledge.

Am I not making sense?

Does this not have potential?

Or is this the shit, backed by this much passion, that all the kikes you've met on this board do?

I think you all know what's up here, but it just feels better to be "right" all the time.

Even if it's about ….nothing.


You "WIN!".


I have no interest in a "place".

Since when did you losers get so sensitive about the 'rules' of your 'shit talkin' safe space?

Can you not see how pathetic you've become, cozy in this tiny hole, hidden from the world?

Wake up, fellas.

You're wasting time, and energy being paranoid and lazy.

883e9a  No.12788418


It's ok. The ones that get it get it. Go ahead and berate random anons but you're pissing in an ocean of piss at this point. Clever folks already know that it's useful to spread propaganda to receptive audiences that are looking for answers.

8558e7  No.12788424


>I have no interest in a "place".

Again you turn the topic to yourself.

Bots do that, because it's their roundhouse. It's very easy to generate a lot of content that's just yapping about itself.

You'll see this in all the lower-end bots.

586347  No.12788426


I didn't know streaming outside in winter slamming down faggot drinks and yelling at your computer and the dying graphics card on it while dressed like an extra from the Revenant was original and imaginative. You bears have shit taste. Owen should fire Dolev for getting such shit bears to shill.

8558e7  No.12788428

< attacks everyone

< talks about itself, not topics

Welp, that's a bot.

5973e2  No.12788432



I'm not interested at all with the arbitrary rules for your basket weaving fuckboy fest.

We are at war, you fuckin' pussies.

Start fucking acting like it again!

229e04  No.12788433

File: de314ffb10ebf56⋯.jpeg (41.47 KB, 600x358, 300:179, doubt.jpeg)


This thread is hilarious. Is there archive it yet? Please someone do it cause I'm on my mobile electric jew. This thread is literally JIDF_101, someone need to screeshot it in full resolution, the first posts are so telling, they are playing the both sides desperately, I'm starting to doubt they even know.

5973e2  No.12788438



Clever, AND edgy!

At least you're kinda trying now.


8f6d11  No.12788446


>It's cute how these bears try to act like they understand korean basket weaving forums but fail miserably at it.

I've not even a "bear". Despite enjoying his livestreams and wanting many of them to be seen by as many people as possible to spread the messages, there a few things I disagree about and don't want to become a full member of that community and risk getting banned as well being attacked by other "bears". I've also been on 8chan since #GamerGate.

8558e7  No.12788447


< random attacks.

It's so dull. I yawn. I live for content, ideas, topics. If you opposed me, but were not a bot, were actually interesting, I would enjoy it, but I have to admit I have never met one of you sharmuta kikes that was even vaguely intelligent.

8558e7  No.12788452


So, mockery, name-calling… that's just 1995-style trolling…

… you're sure you're not a bot?

5973e2  No.12788453


What part are you playing, faggot?

"The Random Faggot who pops his little faggot head in, and talks some irrelevant faggot shit"?

Well done, M'Lad!! Well done!

8f6d11  No.12788459


>I didn't know streaming outside in winter slamming down faggot drinks and yelling at your computer and the dying graphics card on it while dressed like an extra from the Revenant was original and imaginative.

How many other people are doing it?

8558e7  No.12788461

It's very strange, the spy agencies really are shit at all of this. Like, they think that they can make people feel bad, people who have already been utterly rejected by society? Who wrote their manuals? Clearly kikes or niggers.

8558e7  No.12788472


That's again completely lacking content.

We exist already with plenty of abuse, so you are pissing in the ocean, and hoping for a level rise.

5973e2  No.12788475


I already posted all the info necessary for my point.

If you assholes choose to ignore it in exchange for these pathetic games, I'll totally play along until you fuckin' figure it out.

This ENTIRE board is ignorant, arrogant, paranoid, and LAZY now.

Snap the fuck out of it, anons.

You're an embarrassment.

And you haven't seen anyone like me in here in a long time, if ever.

Get used to it, faggots.

a06150  No.12788476


>Every single /pol/ack is looking at your performance, shuddering in horror, so embarrassed for you that it becomes personally uncomfortable.

This really. I posted earlier in the thread, had dinner, took a shower, hung out with a friend and came back to see this shit still bumped to the top with hundreds of posts from what I'm convinced are the same dude IP hopping between 3 or so ID's.


I did but it probably needs updating if this persists. I assume it will. http://archive.fo/s6fgC

8558e7  No.12788477

It's very weird, such a strange bot.

The topic of the thread is a certain e-celeb, one (((Benjamin))), who is a kike larping as controlled opposition. But he's a kike, so he can't really larp, can he?

586347  No.12788488


Why would anyone from the first exodus support Owen Benjamim of all people?


Poor bear can't handle banter. Dolev found a sensitive one this time.

8558e7  No.12788504


>This ENTIRE board is ignorant, arrogant, paranoid, and LAZY now.

< everyone is negative stuff [except me]

So, people who are new here may not realize that it is the actual goal of spies, whether Ceeeyiyah or mossad or whatever, they actually think they can attack sort of the feelings of people and achieve an objective.

Then these sorts of groups emerged. It's been going on for something like 15 years, really.

They didn't adjust their strategy, and wonder why they keep growing anyway. Of course the reason is such attacks are completely ineffective, and even with D&C the new groups just grow themselves, because the disaffected gain insight into the kikes, and it always becomes more and more, because the kikes can't bring themselves to reduce their profile.

It's just very interesting to see that someone thinks it's some sort of novelty for us to have a massive amount of incoherent and unreasoned abuse hurled at us.

This is our very environment. This is what we emerged out of. This is our primordial ooze. This is our home. Your words are more fuel to us than opposition.

8558e7  No.12788514


People who post such weird feelings-based posts simply are either glow niggers (it's not permitted to type C [letter after H] A, around here, which is interesting), or women, or faggots.

Emotions don't mean that much to us, at this point.

5973e2  No.12788517


You got all the content you're gonna get from me above, and it's more than enough to make my point.

Now I'm merely mirroring you self cucked chumps until you realize it's YOU who has failed to bring any actual content.

You exist with plenty of abuse because you invite it with your lazy post, and allow it with your habitual paranoia, and that leads to you deserving it.

And now I'm here.

Keep it up. I have the next three days off.

I'll sit here in my own shit stank until your sleeping "NAZIS" wake up and again, and get your fucking soft heads back in the game!

Wake up, anon.

I'm sincerely here to engage, support, and share.

Maybe one day I'll share why I'm already well past ready to get this fucking DOTR started. Just waiting for the whites of their eyes.

But now I don't trust you weaklings to have what it takes when the rapidly approaching time comes.

I'm a kike?


I'm an "Ardent Protector of the Grove".

Figure it out.

8558e7  No.12788518


>Why would anyone from the first exodus support Owen Benjamim of all people?

Checked for 1…..488 dubs.

5973e2  No.12788556


>attack sort of the feelings of people and achieve an objective.

>incoherent and unreasoned abuse hurled at us.


Oh the ever lovin' irony…

Can you say "projection" anon.

Go ahead. I will challenge you to show me who fired the first logical fallacy in the face of an ACTUAL logical concept, and then continued ceaselessly to fire fallacious blanks for the duration of the thread, without EVER ONCE actually addressing my proposal.

Including exactly what you're doing now.

Stop insulting my intelligence with your empty arrogance.

You STILL have no argument chumps.

You literally all sound like a pack of irrationally emotional pussy hats.

It's rather frustrating. I'm sure you remember?

5973e2  No.12788560



And they will keep on coming until morale improves in this shithole.



309a6a  No.12788564

The most pertinent point in this thread is the one made in the title. Owen gets 100k+ views and names the Jew regularly now. Alt-righters hate him for various reasons but the fact is that they are all putting their ego on the forefront because from where I'm standing : Owen Benjamin already did more for the alt-right's cause than they have for themselves. And he did it with less focus, energy, and pain that most other alt right figures (JF, Spencer, etc.)

Naming the Jew is the most powerful thing anyone can do right now, because it's the #1 way to wake people up to the agenda of white genocide. It will roll off people hundreds of times before it will stick. But each time someone names the jew, you're planting a seed that will eventually grow. Even if the odds are as little as .000001% each time - it needs to be planted and replanted as often as possible because in the end people will not be able to deny the reality in front of them.

Eventually the delusion that the jews have created for the normies will come crashing down and they will be met with the reality that the alt-right have been facing for years. We need to speed up this process. If we had 10 more Owen Benjamins out there with the same amount of influence over differing groups of people - our cause would meet success exponentially faster.

83b162  No.12788577


That picture is literally from porn. Nice try, kike.

ef8cf1  No.12788609


I look forward to his streams everyday. He and Vox Day are my go-to podcasts now.

586347  No.12788614

File: 0147e8b1a776aa0⋯.png (70.52 KB, 1177x517, 107:47, tmp_unknown-53786252298494….png)

File: 32cb1c09946e53a⋯.png (15.78 KB, 1200x72, 50:3, tmp_unknown-48892977615219….png)


Thay's what you get from this thread? 1 shill has been atguing nonstop as to why Owen Benjamin is some modern day right wing folk hero and exposed as not being from around here and thay's what you get? (((Someone))) is pushing for us to support Owen Benjamin, a man who has Jews running his carreer behind the scenes. But if you don't believe me, maybe you'd like some chatlogs of owen supporters…

5973e2  No.12788620



An actual fucking, intelligent, logical response!

Thank you very much, anon.

I was beginning to starve in here.

And yes, I completely agree.

And that my added point.

ALL THIS SHIT IS BRAND NEW to Owen, and his audience. They need a rapid redpilling, and leadership, and another place to get REAL info.

Benjamin is ice skating on roller blades right now, and they are blindly following.

The rest of you worthless scrubs, shame yourselves, and learn this lesson.


We're fuckin' running out of time.

And, please, for the love of Odin, someone explain to me how stealing his audience is "shilling" for him?

You morons have lost your fuckin' touch in here.

You are on a paranoid path to extinction.

The kikes got to you just when you had them scared.


8f6d11  No.12788623

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This is so fucking red-pilling. (Except for the "arabs/muslims aren't much different from us" bit. But it is an old video.)

a06150  No.12788641


>I'll sit here in my own shit stank until your sleeping "NAZIS" wake up


I feel so woke now.


>You morons have lost your fuckin' touch in here.

Yes I agree, you should probably just leave since it's not worth your time. Go for a walk, you've been spergposting all goddamed day and all you're going to be able to show for it is a blood clot.

8f6d11  No.12788644


Keep circle-jerking about Hitler. That will bring all the White countries back and rid us from cultural marxism someday! You just have to keep jerking. Harder!!

5973e2  No.12788651


I fully expect you to know that, you fucking pedophile.

I truly hope you and I meet one day.



That's what you got from my posts?

What happened to reading comprehension?

I have stated clearly, and emphatically a dozen times or more…


I know. REAL fuckin' hard concept to grasp, huh, retard?

If Owen gets fully pilled in the process, and wants to come along, fine, but he's not my "modern day right wing folk hero", you Strawmanning moron.

Seriously, anons.

You've all hopelessly degraded into weak, low level, logical fallacies, and paranoid delusions.

It's very sad to see this place fail so quickly, and easily.

Especially when we're so close to a collapse.

You better get your heads back on straight.

Imagine trying to "find the shill" with this hyper anxious mind set. …once everyone is pointing guns at each other?


586347  No.12788656


When did I ever bring up Hitler? I just proved that the bears think anons are useful idiots fot Owen's livestreams nut hey, I am just waiting for Hitler apparently.

ef8cf1  No.12788661

>names jew

>denounced by (((nu/pol/)))


5973e2  No.12788662


I'm not going anywhere, faggot.

And now that I recognize your patterns, I'm going to hunt you around these boards, and crawl up your cowardly ass every chance I get.


8558e7  No.12788667


That tactic doesn't work here. We already are abused by you kikes, it's nothing new.

8558e7  No.12788677

This is a weird bot. It attacks people, and has some localized flavor.

I think it's auto-generated, but that it permits certain types of phrases to be added to tell it what are "the bad things" for the target group.

The content doesn't show the ability to comprehend what it read, so it's not a super-advanced bit of AI.

5973e2  No.12788680


Oh, I'm no kike, fren.

Red Irish/Scot

I got cleaner blood than you, I bet.

And by the tell of your endless, mindless posts, it shows.


5973e2  No.12788692



Oh, you poor VICTIM!

Do you need another safe space beyond this one?

Most of you sound, and respond like Leftist pussies.

Doesn't matter how long you've been here.

It looks like you spineless cowards are no longer required around here.

As a matter of fact, you've become a liability.

Watch your back.

8558e7  No.12788714

Remember how I pointed out that these bots are good at talking about themselves, with their phony personas? Here it goes again:


Such text can help make something seem more real. Of course, it's totally phony.

This one is also interesting. The word works in a bot-like context, but the way I used the word is 100% inconsistent with the text:


See how it says that I am saying I need a safe space? But I said exactly the opposite, and any real person would have known that.

But this problem of bots will only get worse and worse, and the end result is that we'll have to use video chat, and that might even be inside of 5 years, just to have a bot-free experience.

5973e2  No.12788731

I can just imagine it;

You're all sitting here dumbfounded, wondering "what kind of "new kike" have they employed against us?"

"This is not "normal" around here."

Maybe that's your first hint, fuckers.

You've normalized your pathetic behavior around here, and have lost the ability to think on the fly, and adapt to new stimuli. ME!

Rejecting your programming, fellas?

Yeah. You've become the NPCs you just so recently mocked with such epic accuracy and fervor.

And then went sleepy time again. Lazy.

I guarantee you I'm no fuckin kike.

But I am now seriously questioning this places ability to offer up any more relevant warriors to this cause.

Youv'e all gone soft.

The kikes got you paranoid, and delusional.

…and you're STILL wondering, "What's the angle here? Never seen any Wizardry like this before."

You've been indoctrinated into the kike's kikery, that you can't even recognize TRUTH anymore!!!

I'd laugh, but this makes me very sad.



Oh, for fuck's sake.

There it is, then?

You simple minded assholes have stolen the Leftist Lemmings paranoid, "get out of debate free" card?


You fuckers are already extinct.

Great job, slackers.

586347  No.12788736


I don't know if any of the bears are smart enough to program even a shitty bot. These people have a chatroom they use for planning this kind of shit online but practice zero opsec.

5973e2  No.12788743


I'm convinced you lazy, logical fallacy flinging, retards are the bots.

I STILL can't get a fucking actual response directly engaging my proposal.


You lost your edge.

5973e2  No.12788774



What fuckin delusional world have you idiots created for yourselves?

You're not this important, and I'm not afraid of any of your "Doxxing".




I'm rebuilding from the ground up, but fucking ready for the damn war already, but not next to you fucking delusional cowards if you keep this shit up.

Not a single logical argument in the ENTIRE mix.


Lost chumps.

5973e2  No.12788785

…and Owen, going off half cocked, is going to attract the Army, THAT SHOULD BE HERE, and march them next to the likes of Cernovich, and Molyneaux!

…and it will be our fuckin loss.

Great job, geniuses.

You're so awesome.

586347  No.12788803


>he thinks opsec is only about life ruination

5973e2  No.12788824

File: 8b32bd6189ed0fd⋯.jpeg (89.01 KB, 403x403, 1:1, LeapOfFaith.jpeg)

And you've all gone silent.

Is it finally starting to click?

>inb4 "We're ignoring you, kike."

Get some sleep, anons, and think on it.

You'll need the rest.

I'll see you tomorrow.

8558e7  No.12788849


They hire it out, I guess. lol @ the opsec

5973e2  No.12788853


>thinks opsec is a complicated concept.

Yeah, bruh.

This particular "mission" is so sensitive.

You're scared.

You're an infection in the ranks.

We're beyond the point of being so paranoid.

Our enemy is on (((its))) heels. They are scattered, and too desperate to invest that much energy here.

Especially when it's more than apparent that (((they've))) frightened you into policing yourselves into irrelevancy.


Find your spine, anon.

The clock is ticking…

Go to sleep, boy.

8558e7  No.12788854


I think it's a bot. It doesn't make any sense. The biggest fault is it doesn't know what the topic even is, the topic of the thread…

8558e7  No.12788862

Yeah, that's DEFINITELY a bot. It's interesting. I wonder what software it is.

586347  No.12788884


This entire fucking post glows. Go back to your bear chatroom and plot on how to get the "chanworms" to do your bidding. It'll work for you someday.

5973e2  No.12788899


Derp, derp, derp.

The topic is Owen naming the jew 125 times.

My simple, logical suggestion, is for /pol/ to mingle with the bears and start redpilling them in order to recruit them into our ranks.

I'm now mirroring you assholes. So if I'm not making sense, blame yourselves. I already laid my rational argument without a single one of you fucking morons ever engaging in the actual issue at hand. A new common, and dangerous, lazy habit around here, it seems.

And if you're ONLY "intelligent" response to this very simple, REPEATED, suggestion is…


Than you're already lost.

Go put your Pussy Hat on, and screech autistically at the sky, chumps.

…and if software can respond like this, then we're all already fucked.

Wake up, boys.

This is embarrassing.

You're acting like lost little women.

00269a  No.12788913

File: ea24ba88fc15f80⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 604x259, 604:259, 1546268052800.jpg)



I began watching one of his videos in which he mentioned something about keeping one's feet on the ground and then proceeded to talk about himself for 15 minutes straight. Couldn't handle so much self congratulation is I quit watching and forgot about him.

I cna understand the uses for cults of personality but this is pushing it. Gather his fans if you'd like, but I can't imagine anybody willing to listen to such masturbatory nonsense as anything other than a weak faggot who completely lacks self respect.

5973e2  No.12788917


Derp, derp, derp…

I can't explain it to you any more clearly, you fucking drooling morons.

Get out of your damn, delusional head, and COMPREHEND what I've stated.


You're BTFO'd.

You're already extinct.

6c22e9  No.12788918

This jew faggot is the latest TRS/Milo/Mcinnes whatever garbage. How many fucking times can you dumb assholes be fooled by the same bullshit?

Last name Benjamin and OP (probably the guy himself or the gimps promoting the shithead) says some shit about the granny?

Little boys forget that jews ALWAYS LIE? That you can't trust ANY OF THEM, EVER? Get this fucking garbage off here and shit in /b if you want to look like a fool later.

8558e7  No.12788921


no. That's not the topic. That's what the video is about, but that's not the topic.

Very interesting, it's definitely a bot. There's no knowledge of what the topic is. That's amazing, a complete inability to know even this very basic simple sort of thing someone from around here would know.

8558e7  No.12788928


Yeah, but we are also seeing a bot in operation.

Important information: The bots that shills use permit accasional partial/full take-over by human operators.

The reason I know this is I have observed their operation over the past 8 years. They've gotten better and better.

8558e7  No.12788931


Nobody's fooled. This is just a shill thread. But it's also turned into a bot exhibition. Have a look at this very interesting bot. Bots are getting better, but they make big mistakes too.

000000  No.12788936

How is this better than when legends like Gary Oldman named the jew?

5973e2  No.12788951


Mute him, then.

I don't give a fuck.


I can't believe you idiots can't recognize the value here?

Hey, at least you FINALLY addressed my actual argument.

For that, I can show gratitude.

But it's not very enthusiastic at this point.


How many fucking times can you ignorant, gaslighting, strawmanning assholes misrepresent my suggestion?!

Do you not read the threads anymore?

Are you no better than the Lemmings on the Left who read a headline, and lose their shit in preprogrammed, triggered delusions?

The kikes have trained y



Not only did the kikes manage to chase off all the actual anons, they've been replaced by Leftist Lemmings, probably sucking Trumps wrinkled, shriveled sack.

By the way, ACTUAL BOTS!

Can YOU tell ME what the topic is about, or what my suggestion is?

No one is impressed.

a06150  No.12788962

File: fde84a97adf48c6⋯.gif (220.48 KB, 320x238, 160:119, fde84a97adf48c6e3f6f8590b6….gif)


Do you want to fight me in real life too?

8558e7  No.12788964

This bot is very weird.

5973e2  No.12788966


Gary Oldman doesn't have a ready made army of intellectually starving, battle ready, half woke men, preparing themselves for the coming collapse.

And you assholes are going to just hand them over to Gavin McGinnis, or some faggot?


You're shit.

Your mind is shit.

Your spine is shit.

You goals are shit.

This mob of once epic potential got



586347  No.12788976


Careful anon. He'll run back to the bears chatroom and plan some other winning strategy against us "chanworms".

8f6d11  No.12788977


>Last name Benjamin and OP (probably the guy himself or the gimps promoting the shithead) says some shit about the granny?

His last name is Smith, retard. And he's someone who actually sacrificed his career (although fortunately he still brings in the crowds for his stand-up) to fight and inspires others. Whereas you just sit around posting retarded messages, hoping one day your Hitler will come. What have you sacrificed?

8558e7  No.12788987



it's a bot, lad

8558e7  No.12788994


Interesting phrase. Sadly, we cannot namefag anymore or I could be ChanWorm.

5973e2  No.12788995

I'm calling it right now.

All because of little ol' me trying to re-inspire this fag hole, you fucking idiots will be calling each other bots, and turn what's left of this mud heap into twitter.

You've already lost your minds to "KIKESHILL!".


You're already extinct.

I'm only sorry I had any part in it.

8f6d11  No.12788997


>How is this better than when legends like Gary Oldman named the jew?

Did he do it 125 times in one night and do it many other times virtually every night for quite a while before and since then?

5973e2  No.12789001




So clever.

You guys put the rest of the internet to shame with your advanced internetting.

Astonishing, to be sure.

5973e2  No.12789008


It would be HILARIOUS if Owen RedPilled himself into Hitler, and then these fuckers would REALLY feel like the ineffectual losers they are.

"Told ya so, chimps."

Save it for later.

8558e7  No.12789011

This is weird:


OK, each sentence on a different line? Why a blank line at the top?

Weird bot.

5973e2  No.12789019


Chan termites are more like it.

You splinter every thread you join into nonsense, and logical fallacies.

…like it's (((your))) job, or something?

5973e2  No.12789032


It's called "sentence structure", faggot.

A paragraph indicates a new subject.

First line, I addressed the anon.

Second paragraph was for the rest of you.

Maybe if your nigger father would have stuck around with your nagging whore mother, he would have taught you more than embarrassing yourselves in open forums for posterity.

Can your bot do THAT, you silly bitch?

You're STILL embarrassing yourselves, and EVERYONE IS WATCHING!

8558e7  No.12789037

This is definitely auto-generated:


Boy, it's an interesting bot, though. What's the software?

8558e7  No.12789040

It's interesting that the bot is capable of accepting customization of adjectives.

5973e2  No.12789045


Rather than trying to presume some cryptic magical meaning in my conjugation, why don't you spend that time and energy being useful and relevant to the discussion that you've already burned to shit?

Because you can't.

You're nigger father, even if he did stick around, never had the IQ to fix your stupid.

…and here you are.

For all to see.

8558e7  No.12789046

So the actual topic is whether or not (((Benjamin))) is controlled opposition, since he's a kike.

This is kind of a joke. There is no topic. We know he's a kike.

8558e7  No.12789052

This bot is weird. It keeps saying the word "cryptic" and "magical".

This is definitely a strange bot.

A lot of words are getting reused, and there's no identifiable interest or opinion other than attacking others and talking about itself.

5973e2  No.12789053



Fine then. I'm going to keep pushing until you destroy your own safe space then.

I just recently got here, and am now unimpressed, so it won't hurt my feeling if you idiots can no longer have a rational debate without delusional paranoia fucking your day.


And here I had convinced myself I'd find men of valor here.

…spineless, mindless, chumps, fit for slaughter.

a06150  No.12789054


You know I wasn't sure. I thought maybe it's just one dude using multiple IP's but this shit has me convinced…



It quickly replies to itself under different ID's and has been all day. I mean I know there's guys here who sit at a computer all day but ffs, no one is this pathetic.. r-right?

Didn't we have a thread a while back all about messing with bots that some /tech/ bois got in on?

8558e7  No.12789055

I must say, this is an important thread for us to watch. Let's examine this bot and see its behavior, because we can expect more of it, in more confusing situations.

5973e2  No.12789073


CopyPasta my other "cryptic" you fuckin liar.

We all know this is your job, but do try and be consistent.


You don't know shit.

This board has been dead for weeks, and you worthless assholes are the culmination of the fall.

Participation Trophies all around!

The saddest part is, you probably actually believe I'm a bot. Nerd.

586347  No.12789089


Owen has a few bears who sit around all day and monitor all things Owen. This could be Coddington Bear, one of Owen's inner circle and friend to Dolev Broughton, Owen's Israeli "social media manager".

5973e2  No.12789097



You got me now!

Mother fucker, I'm a damn mountainman. I don't know enough shit about this tech box to know how to "jump IPs".

Teach me. I see no use for it because I prefer folks who aren't delusional liars. But, hey, ALL skills are welcome for potential exploitation.


Alright you mighty bot chaser. How are you going to test whether or not I'm real?

And if I'm not real, is this level of accurate response unsettling to you?

Because now you're freaking me out if you ACTUALLY believe your own Leftist "BOT!" hallucinations. …purple.

5973e2  No.12789105


So fucking paranoid.

You idiots are dysfunctional, and impotent with fear now.

Fuck the chans. Fuck /pol/.

You wastes of skin get the rope too.

See you soon.

8558e7  No.12789118

Again, like I said, it can talk about itself with ease.

That's what often lures people into thinking bots are real people. But that's something that can be quite easily pre-arranged. It has no such virtuosity on the topic at hand. But of course, it also won't quit until its operator turns it off.

8558e7  No.12789121


That's hilarious, but so true. Most people don't know how obsessive kikes are.

5973e2  No.12789123

I can smell the gears in your mind grinding from here, faggots.

"NPC-586347, input does not compute"

You've become your own anxiety ridden quarry, ya mighty Commie hunters!


8558e7  No.12789125

When he said "see you soon" he meant in 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

8558e7  No.12789128

sigh. bots. That's how low it's gotten.

5973e2  No.12789137


You're both still here, bitches.

And you aren't even trying to have an actual conversation.

Who's obsessive?

Who's the kike?

What are you even accomplishing here?

You have fundamentally become EXACTLY like the fear driven, delusional, paranoid, Leftist Lemmings.

And yet, you STILL believe your so badass, and smart.

It's REALLY sad to watch this fall from grace that did not last nearly long enough.

You failed, anons.

You cucked this board.

8c9b92  No.12789143

If I was a con artist kike I would also target the mentally ill.

5973e2  No.12789146


Sigh, calling people bots. That's how Leftist it's gotten.

Do some pushups, frailfags.

You're not getting enough blood to your hat rack.

8558e7  No.12789148

Oh wow. Did you see how it did a bot thing? with the phrases?

5973e2  No.12789149


Is that why you think I'm here?

Preying upon the mentally ill?

Yeah, unfortunately, it would appear that way.

8558e7  No.12789150

That's a really weird bot.

5973e2  No.12789154


That's a really wierd bot.

8c9b92  No.12789155


I think you are mentally ill.

5973e2  No.12789160


That's a really wierrd bot.

5973e2  No.12789163


That's a really weirrd bot.

5973e2  No.12789167


That's a really weird bot.

8558e7  No.12789183


You win. It's not a bot, but a mentally-ill kike.

70a82d  No.12789193


he is gonna need the criss cantwell treatment if he is going to get anywhere. just dont know if it's worth all the effort to convert a quarter jew. if he was already based i'd say an exception could be made, but he's got a mestizo wife meaning his kids arent even white. going by the nuremberg laws that is.

586347  No.12789197


I hope you're having fun bear. You're gonna be on damage control for the next few weeks after Owen just pissed off the Killstream fags.

5973e2  No.12789202


That's a really weird…

What's the matter, nigger?

Did I just scare the shit out of you?


You weak minded, paranoid fools are too easy.

Consider yourselves lucky the kikes don't actually employ anyone like me.

You would have been buried and forgotten a year ago.

Instead, you can feel pride that low tier, minimum wage, cockstuffing jews have destroyed this place with paranoid delusions, and irrational fear.

Simply by accusing everyone of being a "shillbot".

I don't want you faggots on my side anyway.

Really sorry I've wasted my time here.

Enjoy your dying, Nazi circle jerk, ya sodomites.

You'll be dealt with in the end too.

Out here in the REAL world, organizations are growing, while you cower and shake in your room, under your covers.

You could have ventured out of your safe space, but the kikes did what they do, and got the better of your weak minds.

YOU destroyed yourselves by allowing the same, SIMPLE, ancient tricks to break you.

5973e2  No.12789225


Oh, yeah, that would be a GENIUS strategy anon.

BTFO yourself with paranoid delusions, and then take the complete OPPOSITE expenditure of energy, and attempt to fuck the potential of Battle Ready Young Men.

The kikes fucked you enough to where now, you are going to effectively fuck yourselves.

You might as well start going to church.

Hell, fuck that, go all the way, you pathetic "Aryans", and don a wig, and cut your cock off.

It's going to be sad, but rather fun, to watch you burn this place to ash with your irrational fear, anger, and hatred. …of each other.

So much wasted here.

Own it.

8558e7  No.12789228

Honestly, I'm just smirking here.

8558e7  No.12789237

But it's definitely a kike. I remember when I saw a kike chimp out. That's kike chimping out. It's such a shame, they're such a mess and so stupid.

8558e7  No.12789240

But don't watch (((Benjamin)))'s broadcasts. That's stupid. There's nothing to be gained by doing that, giving money to kikes.

8f6d11  No.12789246


You're so narcissistic that you think there can't be more than one person who disagrees with you.

5973e2  No.12789256


Oooh, scary.

It's cute that you can't even grasp that we are more BANE than you, punk.

Been through it EXCESSIVELY already.

You're little band of termite dicks don't scare anyone who know how to rebuild.

You're empty threats only work on useless Commie shit stain.

We are likely twice your fuckin age.

Seen it all.

Besides, Owen is dealing with Antifa ON HIS PROPERTY, feds, Hollywood, the Media, etc.

He has a face. A celebrity face.

Do you ACTUALLY believe he gives a shit about your ability to cause…




…mild static?

You have no clue how foolish you are to keep yourselves so isolated. Especially from REALITY!

Like I said, If this is your mindset, you're already extinct.

Go! Fly little monkeys!! Do your best!

You'll make EVERYONE you touch stronger.

You know this, though, don't you.

5973e2  No.12789275




Okay. I'm a "chimping kike" then. At least I'd have an excuse. What the fuck is your malfunction, little one?

Obsessive compulsive retardation?

Or deeper?

Didn't know your dad, and now ANY energy from ANY man attracts you like a moth, even if your getting spanked?

586347  No.12789276


It's impressive how much sperging out a bear can do when they're caught being a shill.

5973e2  No.12789277

This board needs a serious enema.

5973e2  No.12789291


You're still incapable of self reflection?

At least I have a stated purpose. A couple now, actually. I've been open and forthcoming with you.

But like a Leftist Lemming, you believe your paranoid delusions over the available empirical evidence.

What are you still doing here, besides embarrassing yourself in an open forum for posterity, and allowing me to use you to remind these anons to…


But, whatever. Keep it coming, fag.

This is the best entertainment I've had all week, and we both know that little ol' you isn't going o top ANYONE from going over and checking the bears out.

You are impotent, and ineffectual, and this realization injures your fragile ego to the core.

You could end your misery, but you seem addicted to it.

…like most Leftist Lemmings stuck in the programming.

13fc64  No.12789295


We got one earlier but sadly it seems like this thread was untouched.

8558e7  No.12789297


Yeah LOL. I think there is an element of automation involved. As I said, I have been observing the expansion of shilling, and there are certain signs it displays that indicate that some of the sentences are auto-filled.

5973e2  No.12789299


Good thing he's not a kike then, huh?!

8558e7  No.12789308


Your scripts suck.

5973e2  No.12789313


Point them out then, geniusfag. I'm highly curious. Or is this just more Dunning-Kruger gaslighting?

You worthless little idiots don't got SHIT, but paranoia!


586347  No.12789321


You really want all these bad goyim coming yo check out the bears? Almost as if (((someone))) wants you to collect all the bad goyim in one place monitored by Owen Benjamin and his (((inner circle))).

8558e7  No.12789335


< tell me how to improve my scripts

lel no

5973e2  No.12789336


The irony, bruh. It BURNS!

What are you even doing here still?

Is this like some kind of nerdfag, digital "staring" contest, or something?

I told you, I'll sit here in my own shit for 36 hours until morale, and INTELLIGENT AWARENESS IMPROVES!!

You sad little house pets don't know what the fuck to do with me.

And you think you're ready for war?

You're cannon fodder, and you know it.

Anyone putting any stock in these boards anymore is a fuckin' blind chump.

The REAL anons have all jumped ship already, leaving you hear for the Feds to wipe up.

…cannon fodder.

5973e2  No.12789347


No one give a shit about your dork talk, chump.

The concept is still the same, and it's still very simple.

You so SMRT, you stoopid again.

Maybe try less hard this time, eh?

We'll figure this out for you, cupcake. I promise.

8558e7  No.12789349


You're a kike. I believe that you are a crossdressing kike, specifically. I can tell by the style of speech.

In addition, I can tell that such text isn't produced by ordinary typing, so there is mediation of software.

8558e7  No.12789353

Yeah, this is one weird bot. Definitely observe how it moves in and out of partial human control and full automation.

8558e7  No.12789359

To understand how this works, you have to realize they're shilling over hundreds of websites.

More complex shilling shops permit different workers to swap out control of aliases as they (semi-) auto-shill.

8558e7  No.12789360

If we can keep it going long enough we may get to observe it at shift change.

58460b  No.12789364


look at this fucking kike shilling another zionist

4f7e59  No.12789370

File: a58047ce278da56⋯.jpg (35.43 KB, 843x669, 281:223, 52075908_126217805100740_2….jpg)

fuck off jew bear shill

owen is controlled oppo, his social media manager is an israeli jew

neck yourself

5973e2  No.12789371


I did before I encountered you dickless faggots.

You're not worthy of the Bears support.

You morons can sit out here in digital Siberia and freeze to extinction, while your call each other, "KIKEBOTSHILLFAGNIGGERKIKEBOT!!"

You deserve EVERYTHING you've created for yourselves here.

And it grinds on your very bones to know that I am 100%, emphatically, undeniably, spot on in my assessment of your little Soggy Biscuit Sessions here.

8558e7  No.12789373

4f7e59  No.12789378


fuck off jew shill, we know you're all sitting in a chatroom joking about how you're going to shill to us dumb chantards

4f7e59  No.12789395


wow the shills got quiet when i said that

are you guys really that surprised? you think you're the first bunch of chucklefucks who had the bright idea to recruit from our board? you thought you were smarter than us, didn't you?

fuck. off. outta. here.

586347  No.12789404


You might want to run back to your bearsapp chatroom and come up with a new plan against us "chanworms".

6dca8d  No.12789405


>Interesting fact: Owen is friends with Vince Vaughn and says he's a lot like Mel Gibson

I was wondering how F is for Family was funny. I guess a lot of those joke must be coming from Vinces head.

5973e2  No.12789412








You have got to be kidding me right now?

Are you shitheads actually being serious right now?

Are you telling me that's it's this fucking easy to grab you paranoid shit stains by the boo boo, and confuse you to the point of actual, physical reaction?

Well, I'm sorry I aimed you at the Bears, but they can handle you pussies.

If it's this easy, next time I'm going to run you in circles, and then aim you at my actual enemies?

Wow, it's so fucking easy. No wonder the kikes use this shit all the time.

You make me humiliated to be Aryan.

If, indeed, you are Aryan, you rotting kikecum.

(we all know you're not, and your tired game is tired, and we ALL see through your shit)

And you have no back up here because…



To fuckin' easy.

You're so pathetic.


8558e7  No.12789425


Homosexuals are surprisingly dumb.

8558e7  No.12789430

I'll tell you what kike this kike sounds like. Remember that never trumper kike that was ranting in an insane way on Chris Matthews, when Anne Coulter was on? Like that shit.

8558e7  No.12789433

Interesting fact about Chris Matthews: He used to live in Jerusalem.

5973e2  No.12789435


DERP, DERP, derp.

Welcome to the party pal!

But I've already dealt with that bullshit argument above.

Try and keep up, Sally.

It truly is amazing how fucking easy it is to rule your minds here, you midgets.

Sad really.

I really wish I was a kike now.


You're lucky they don't have anyone like me.

Hell, you wouldn't even survive the Bears with these delusions.


Great job, fellas. Really.

8558e7  No.12789439

An important piece of information about kikes is they readily display antisocial behavior.

13fc64  No.12789441



Please stop talking to yourself and bumping this insignificant shit no one cares about

8558e7  No.12789442


Not an argument.

8558e7  No.12789446


This can hardly be thought of as a thread pertaining to significant matters. It's about an e-celeb who is a kike and controlled opposition, and then there is the matter of your bot, which you post with.

5973e2  No.12789450







TOTALLY afraid to even address my, and my suggestions.

Spineless, cowards.


8558e7  No.12789454


>Please stop talking to yourself and bumping this insignificant shit no one cares about

Oh, I thought you were the other guy. Apologies. I chose to continue bumping, because it's useful for people to see what a shill thread is like. It's so incredibly obvious that it's self-disabling.

8558e7  No.12789457


< afraid to even address my, and my

kekked you kiketard

13fc64  No.12789460


>an e-celeb

That no one knows or cares about except what is probably Owen himself larping as two people having an utterly bizarre vulgar non sequitur conversation.

8558e7  No.12789472


That's the nature of such situations, isn't it? If one is particularly stupid, how can one tell which is the stupid one?

5973e2  No.12789473




You silly fags can fuck the fuck right off.

NONE of you have even BOTHERED to come with an actual argument addressing me properly, and with the slightest bit of diplomacy.

>e-celeb kike bot

Come on, lemming NPC.

You assholes can't seriously be this open and willing to destroy /pol/ with your PARANOIA, are you?

There's a reason no one is here anymore.


…delusions abound.

And I KNOW you know that nothing you say is anything you actually believe in.

There's a reason your dying here.

Getting cucked on EVERY front.

Trump kicking our ass.

Antifa running freely through OUR fucking streets!!!

And you worthless afterbirths can't even enough to keep a fucking simple conversation straight long enough to organize a thought, let alone a "movement".

Hell, how do you even velcro your damn shoes before the short psyche bus shows up?

8558e7  No.12789485


>addressing me properly

That's not the topic. The topic is an e-celeb. If you want the topic to be about you, how about you start a blog or something?

5973e2  No.12789490



I though you recognized "BOT SPEAK" from a mile away, faggot?


Still strawmanning the SAME, TIRED, SHIT, anon?

Not here for Owen, dumbass.




Ah, a query that you faggots REALLY should ponder while staring at your soy sucked face in the mirror.

You've rendered yourselves obsolete with your kike induced paranoia.


You're extinct.

8f6d11  No.12789494


>I was wondering how F is for Family was funny. I guess a lot of those joke must be coming from Vinces head.

I've never watched it. I'm always wary about "Family" things and think that they might just be degenerate propaganda like Modern Family. (I've never seen that either, but all the ads and clips showed how degenerate it is.)

309a6a  No.12789495

Speaking of kikes, do you guys know that Joe Rogan is married to a coal-burner Jewess who had a kid out of wedlock with some rapper? Yes, Rogan married a Jew and has a black daughter.

Now the whole fake "macho man" personality makes sense. Rogan wants to project this strong, disciplined man persona when the reality is that he's a cuck with so little discipline that he couldn't even get a decent wife without baggage. He is always going to be an enemy of right-wing politics because of the family situation he is trapped in and keeps very tightly under wraps.

8558e7  No.12789501

Man, that bot is crazy.


(((Joe Rogan))) is himself a kike. Ever see a REAL photo of him? He looks EXACTLY like (((Weinstein))).

29e567  No.12789502

File: be67dad99ce7c4d⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, 28:27, 1427427014939.jpg)


>You're extinct.

If that was true, why even bother saying it? I don't try to convince corpses of anything. Explain yourself faggot

8558e7  No.12789506

(((Jimmy Dore))) is also a kike. Another crypto.

be25f5  No.12789509

File: 9414e1ad8029171⋯.gif (4.64 MB, 800x361, 800:361, flat earth.gif)

He's at (171). Fucking epic.

8558e7  No.12789510


tbh you just dunked on (((him))).

5973e2  No.12789511


Another Red Herring.

Are you little shits even capable of comprehension?

NOT ONE of your lame arguments have bothered to come close to my points.

This isn't hard.

Is /pol/ truly this inept and useless now?

Scared out of your ability to think rationally?

It's surreal that it took all of one month for you to lose to your own bullshit, and inability to control your own fears.

You deserve everything that's coming.

And I don't even think you'll see it at this point.

You give yourselves too much credit.

WE are out here in the ACTUAL world, making REAL change, you computer cowards.


You already lost.

8f6d11  No.12789513


>It's about an e-celeb who is a kike and controlled opposition

I think it's quite clear who the controlled opposition is. This board is just filled with shills who do all this bullshit to any thread about someone who is fighting cultural marxism or having a good productive idea to do something. You're so pathetic and predictable. You're going to lose faggots as some of us have little more to lose and are fighting back hard no matter what we have to do.

8558e7  No.12789516


ha ha ha ha

Yes, you did finally make me laugh. You suggest the topic of the thread is a red herring, and that the topic is instead yourself - an anonymous. Genuinely, here's an everlasting fuck off.

8558e7  No.12789520



5973e2  No.12789527


The first real, AND HONESTLY ACCURATE, response in a hour.


Another Strawman?

Geez, you pathetic kike, grow another schtick already. YOU'RE PATHETIC!

I though you were the thousands year old "scholars"? Is THIS What takes thousands of years to master? You suck at this, shill.

5973e2  No.12789533


Your pubes are astroturf.

Trying to hide your smooth, virgin, hairless, coin purse.

You're not fooling anyone.

8558e7  No.12789540


>Another Strawman?

I cannot engage in the fallacy, as I have no interest in your temporal pseudonymy.

13fc64  No.12789543


5973e2  No.12789544


You're still a faggot.

You always will be.

A lonely faggot.

Wait, is that an actual definable thing?

Cuz if your lonely, you sucking that black cock, so, you can't be a faggot. But you still love the black cock, even though you can't get it.

That's a confusing conundrum.

Nope. I'm gonna stick with "LONELY FAGGOT!"

8558e7  No.12789546

And really, this is a great kike oversight.

Whites simply need but ask themselves, "to what end, this?" And then the whole kike delusion, wherever it may be, falls apart, because the end of the way of the kike is destruction.

But they are rootless and don't think of this sort of thing, being parasitic.

8558e7  No.12789548



abandon thread.

5973e2  No.12789550



And I've been open and forthright with my EVERY intention here, and you are still…

…an empty faggot.

5973e2  No.12789552


Oh, is that your game, bitch?



a06150  No.12789559


Fucking finally. Archive is here: http://archive.fo/ilvTU

5973e2  No.12789566


>Whites simply need but ask themselves, "to what end, this?"

Very true. But you wouldn't know, because you're a fucking kike nigger.

That's why you're still here acting like a kike nigger, and offering nothing but kiked niggery to this entire thread.

Hell this entire site is probably infected with your kike nigger filth, faggot.

Did you "win", Carmine?

Are you happy now?

Gonna fire up the micro and reward yourself with some Mac & Cheese, faggot?

8f6d11  No.12789567


And he outed him self right after I called him out (as in he was included) as controlled opposition!

5973e2  No.12789574


Doh, you figured it all out, Shylock!

You got me!

But hey, at least I get some shekels, and you only get to masturbate into your dirty sock with a belly full of Mac.

Do you REALLY believe the shit your spewing, fag?


No. We both know YOU are the shekelgrubbing kike doing work here.

You fail.

You ALL fail.

And we are going to kill you, long and slow for this anguish, and mental torture.

You know that right?

I mean, you REALLY KNOW that your end is coming because WE have had more than enough of your shit, and it our Earthly DUTY to remove your stain from the blood of ALL HUMANITY for eternity.

And GOD will praise our works!

29e567  No.12789590

File: 2c15d0144f9747e⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 541x602, 541:602, 6aa9c8202253dbb6a3312fad7b….jpg)


<anons are perusing this train-wreck

But the real hero of this story is you. It was always you

a06150  No.12789591

File: bb926ed34a5eb7f⋯.jpg (31.31 KB, 600x640, 15:16, HMMM.jpg)



>You got me now!


>Doh, you figured it all out, Shylock!

>You got me!

5973e2  No.12789595

File: 5cdd99fc27c26ab⋯.jpeg (167.57 KB, 900x1417, 900:1417, Bearzerker.jpeg)


There's a reason your entire, infectious race is as fucked up as you are. Many reason actually, but the main one is your deep rooted anxiety, and paranoia that WE will one day wake up.

Well, demon spawn, that time has finally come. And just when you thought you were going to control the entire world, huh?

How torturous a revelation is this timeline for you? Considering you've infected the globe, and there is no where left for your fungus to hide?

Underground maybe? GOOD! You can live like devils down there, removed from the light of the Sun, and the Son, Jesus Christ!

But I don't believe that's the option. Your blood will feed my fields for 7 generations, mother fucker!

…and you know it.




"I'll most likely kill you in the morning."

5973e2  No.12789600


Repeat for the kikes in the back of the synagogue.

29e567  No.12789620

File: 265e4c93bc4d30d⋯.jpg (175.74 KB, 1236x800, 309:200, 243589_105807729514230_292….jpg)


Looks like we're all tuned up. What's the thing to fight

5973e2  No.12789646


>Nazis are bad. They couldn't even win a single war.

>And he outed him self


…got 'em.

Always had his pitiful hide tied to my fist.

You filthy Jews aren't slick.

You glow ON the sun, nigger.

And now, due to this diligent effort I've wrought, you have given this board so many patterns, you'll never get the glow off, bitch.


You will all cease and desist on these boards, because you aren't achieving your desired goals. You are honing our skill, and strengthening our resolve, and for this, you will get ONE gracious bow. The other we save for the pleasure you will oblige us when draining the life from your fetid, demon possessed, soul. And that, I will thank you in person for now. Thank you.

Like I said. Run along now, Nancy.

If you had taken my advice, you wouldn't have scuffed up your pretty little knees, and dirtied that lazy little dress. …sad.

BTW, are you at all aware of how easy it is to track down fags like you?

…the old fashioned way?

Who do you think you're fucking with?

Sleep well, jew.

5973e2  No.12789659


…my eyelids.

Good night anon.

Sorry I dressed you up, and then had no place to go!

You can polish off this kike for me. 8f6d11

He's admitted and outed, so it should be easy.

ps. anons, I promise not to do this again unless I warrant it.

This fuckin' place needed a change of habitual dipshittery.

Sorry if I fucked anything up!

29e567  No.12789662


>If I

retreat and die, we are eternal

29e567  No.12789670

File: e31e70a142b780e⋯.jpg (145.21 KB, 640x512, 5:4, gokuvegeta.jpg)


Anyway now that that faggot has expired, wanna colonize the bread? I really like your fighting spirit, we have this in common. Friends, enemies, such things are somewhat irrelevant. Finding a Warrior? Now that's an event.

8f6d11  No.12789686


You need to read this post, faggot: >>12788151

29e567  No.12789701


<Finally get around to reading its death rattles

>I-I'll get you g-goy

Nope. You will die. Words cannot save you from kinetics. This is the law of the Golden Age. You're no longer needed. Bye goy

4f7e59  No.12789708

>people show up and try to rally us against the kikes

>they want us to follow a man who's manager is a jewess from israel

fucking lol

85fc0e  No.12790105

File: a73ff54c0217ed1⋯.jpg (47.23 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 1527195616559.jpg)

>580 replies

ec7fa8  No.12790127


>Explain why Rank Filling from ripe and ready audiences is a bad plan?

For over two months now the citizens of France are protesting and fighting in the streets, while the death toll is climbing. Jewish media from all over the globe is withholding that information from the world, while spreading lies about it. I would call this a ripe audience, yet not one jew was attack or killed in France. None. The civil citizens are still protesting without addressing the real problem. The do not fight the obvious enemy. ANON…why should I waste my time on the bears? If you want to help Owens audience, tell them to watch his stuff for free on "bitchute", and invest their own money to defend their lives.

bcfcb4  No.12790132


I don't think I've ever seen an ID with 183 posts before. Nearly 1/3rd of this thread is one giant tumor.

8558e7  No.12790289


It got anchored. No need to sage.

8558e7  No.12790295

So, for my part, I found the kike shill so utterly incoherent as to be unfit for a response. There's some kind of disease kikes have that makes them capable of producing incoherent nonsense at a very fast clip.

85fc0e  No.12790303

File: 0791ffff9f26793⋯.jpg (183.13 KB, 1024x852, 256:213, 1526413894429.jpg)

File: a5621107a275075⋯.png (163.18 KB, 303x566, 303:566, 1525999265870.png)

883e9a  No.12791112


fight club is gay and so are you. Sneaky jew.

Thread is funny because 1/3 is one guy getting buttblasted about paranoid cowards not wanting to do the right thing, not realizing that he's arguing against bots, shills, and schizophrenics. Most anons lurk and rarely post.

4c4711  No.12791372


Fuck off moron bear, he's trying to conflate JQ with no moon landings.

4c4711  No.12791378


The Moon landings are provable. Only those soon to be flattards think it is fake.

7d36d7  No.12792284

File: 603f6a334ee92fc⋯.png (36.31 KB, 509x715, 509:715, fischer-encyclopedia-judai….png)


>If Bobby Fischer was alive today, he'd be on our side, arguing that there are no good jews. He also wasn't a zionist, like Oven.


>Was Fischer kike wise when he was a kid? Or, like the rest of us, did it take experience, and research to come around? …like Owen? that's a >fake letter from Albert Pike.

I wish anons would read about Bobby. He was never a jew. Pic related, a scathing letter he wrote to Encyclopedia Juadaica denouncing them for assuming he was jewish. He was successful in getting his name removed.

7d36d7  No.12792294

a832aa  No.12792398

Owen proclaims to be Christian, hard working, and to uphold male values, while fighting "sodomite Jews" but he's a failed comedian and a sorry excuse for a man. He blocks everyone critical on his twitter, copyright strikes a channel for fair use because "he doesn't like them" and gets drunk off three 5% fizzy waters. BOOMER BUCKS FOR YOUTUBE CUCKS.

ce3f72  No.12792795


Get the nigger dick out of your ass. You are for sure a nigger too, listen to you, dumb as fuck.

116e64  No.12795045

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you so far out of your element that your only retort to a simple question is to sperg out like a tard?

The anon asked you to supply supporting evidence of your assertion. You say the earth is provably round, yet offer no proofs.

Many here will say 'I dont know what it is' because the only provable fact is that we were lied to in many cases on the topic.

The 'space program' is nearly 100% shabbos goy (((freemasons))) and there are bubbles in 'space' in many videos. some of nasa's "official space footage" was later proven to be filmed in a swimming pool. As well as "space station footage" that is demonstrably fraudulent. Why the lies at all anon?

>so groundbreaking, such history, a 'giant leap for all mankind' - nah fuck it, lets record over the tapes

Come on, try harder.

116e64  No.12795067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Space is real goy, never question the trillions of dollars swindled every year from your taxpayers and the crappy cgi 'composites' force fed to you as 'proofs'

Nevermind the fact that kikes control hollywood and can make any fake video they want.

Just beliebe.

3732f3  No.12799460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


retard that's not a greenscreen

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