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File: 0f31f6997779a96⋯.jpg (172.04 KB, 638x340, 319:170, jewsfleeisrael.jpg)

d1761a  No.12785651

Semitic though they may be, the majority of people around Pissrael are not Jewish at all, as it turns out. They are the darker, rapidly breeding Arabic variety, Muslims.

Same shit, different continent.

Muslims have no voting rights in Pissrael. They are second-class citizens. This situation is untenable in (current year). Muslim immigrants deserve the same rights as Jews in Israel.

Just like feminists, and blacks, and the other (((identity))) politicians of the Left, Muslims typically vote as a single block for whichever Muslims are running for office, without regard to other considerations. If Muslims are ever allowed to vote in Pissrael (because current year), they will flip Israel to Islam. And generally what goes Islamic will evermore remain Islamic. Just like blond women, the more mundane Jews will not be treated well under a ZioIslamic flag.

Many of those Jews will emigrate from Pissrael. They will likely head to the most Judeo-pacified country in the world: America.

Don't believe me. Check it out yourself.


Oh, the irony

416184  No.12785668


I get that you're here to shill your kike Website, but having Jews flee Israel is a bad idea. They'll go infect more host nations. Nope. Keep the kikes in one place.

1cd6d6  No.12785794


I don't think you would even notice diference. America is damaged today. And there will be no more Greater Israel. Let's make Israel Palestine Again.

0ccbb8  No.12785807

File: 59a1851d5213cb7⋯.jpg (14.21 KB, 326x250, 163:125, iran-cia.jpg)


>implying jews don't thrive in mudshit hellholes

Get out and take your stupid blog with you, shithead

472645  No.12785808


Yeah, no. They are already everywhere and a lot of them never moved when Israel was formed. So there is no use of Israel other than being the agitator in middle east. At least being in host country will compel them to think about not filling it up with niggers. I think you are the kike here.

f47e2e  No.12785849


This, google Caliphate of Cordoba and the Ottoman Empires treatment of jews. They're natural allies because their strongest conviction is to take down those who see Christ as the son of god.

2b79c1  No.12786461

Fuck off mudslime

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