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File: da7cbd56152fe6c⋯.webm (3.72 MB, 296x244, 74:61, no way.webm)

657e99  No.12786225

>An op-ed entitled, “Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?” was published Thursday in the student newspaper for Dickinson College, The Dickinsonian. In the piece, the author expresses her frustration with “white boys” being allowed to share their opinions with others.

>The author, Leda Fisher, argues that males who have names such as “Jake, Chad, or Alex” have been taught that their voices are the “most important,” but that after listening to these individuals speak, Fisher has decided that not only do these voices lack value, they should also be silenced.



9d9620  No.12786309

My vietnamese wife got the same hat heh. Fuck Chad but not cause hes white.

a5af7c  No.12786325

2b2b18  No.12786374

Universities are an exhausted meme and debt farm that have few justifications to still exist, they have been subverted to nearly a complete inversion of their original purpose and mostly function as Marxist footholds in their enemy's territory.

56d80f  No.12786380


Scrub the humanities department and you'll eliminate the marxist problem.

9ed7e2  No.12786383


fuck off incel

9d9620  No.12786389


How am I incel if I'm married? Oh I guess Asian women dont count that's why so many niggers visit Asia but of course niggers dont count cause dey black n got dat BBC so dey dindu nuffin and can fuck all the hos. It's stupid to me that people say oh some white guy with an Asian woman hes incel or cant get his own women yet when some nigger or spic does it its cause they got a big dick or some other nigger muh dick thinking.

9ed7e2  No.12786399

File: 558ce1be4d4b0e9⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 612x612, 1:1, rudd.jpg)


dude if you were good enough to marry an attractive white woman you would have.

The lebs here say that if you marry an asian you must have a small dick :)

2b2b18  No.12786408


Not really, it's pretty much universal at this point and some of it is federally mandated down upon them. Yeah you can find some small pockets of freedom from it, but when you hear about the holocaust in a math class you come to understand the breadth of the problem.

9d9620  No.12786419


I'll take things a nigger, kike or pissed off white roastie would say Alex.

9d9620  No.12786442


I'm not saying I got a huge dick or talking about my past with women. But I noticed the big dick meme is something conjured up by Jewish pornographers and also as a way to sell sex with niggers to white women. And why would I want a roastie who's fat, feminist, liberal and loves black cock like 99.9% of western women? I have a virginal wife who hates niggers. My Chinese ex hated nigs too. Never knew one white woman yet that called niggers apes like they rightfully are. Also if dick size makes someone superior then a donkey or elephant must be better than human beings. That's gorilla or chimp nigger logic IMO.

1c7025  No.12786447

Babydick journalists social signaling astroturf thread

the jews

1c7025  No.12786454

Leda fisher belongs in a rope

657e99  No.12786508


>Babydick journalists social signaling astroturf thread


3e4f7c  No.12786543


>knows that the big dick meme is something conjured up by Jewish pornographers

>yet still believes the jewish myth that white women love black dick


9d9620  No.12786555


You haven't got much life experience kid if you think otherwise. White women been black washed for a while now.

3e4f7c  No.12786560


Stop watching Jewish porn.

1c7025  No.12786576


Gayest shit ive seen in the last second.

9d9620  No.12786580


I dont watch porn or jerk off.

bf07ce  No.12786589

>some college newspaper faggot said something gay

wow breaking news

af3406  No.12786592


kill yourself faggot, and if you have any mutant spawn, take them with you

53b0bc  No.12786708


You speak incoherently and spout demoralizing propaganda. You're either a shill or so backward you truly believe what you are saying. If you are being sincere, I suggest you take your ugly yellow wife back to her homeland and raise your half-breeds there.

9d9620  No.12786716

Stay mad phaggots

839d2c  No.12786754

File: 97a825f89c85d6f⋯.png (50.15 KB, 1592x668, 398:167, 2c5d1b58ea47e28c669c73d0eb….png)


Welcome to the asian race

9c0ef2  No.12787671


If your wife isn't white then you are betraying us, the white race. Chinks are bug people who can't write English.

31d8e5  No.12787715

If I had a time machine, the only thing I'd do is go back to 2014 and give Elliot Rodger heavier weaponry. Hapas are great for weaponizing.

d5ef2c  No.12787728


>jews are white

>anti-white is anti-semitic

Force the issue and corner kikes on it. Make them either speak up against anti white issues or admit they aren't white.

e0fb19  No.12787894


There's still the majority jewy student body shaping the cultural norms, not to mention 18 years of indoctrination that they get before ever setting foot on campus. Let me know when someone gets a bio degree with a factual thesis on race and intelligence.

686133  No.12787945


>what are you doing schlomo?

686133  No.12787959


Those are white women, they are Jews.

569d8c  No.12788009


Women don't want a 'big dick' anon, they want a thick dick. Preferably one that is about six inches, just long enough to reach the G Spot. Any longer and there are FEW positions that you can enjoy because the guy can never really fuck you. I hate whomever posted it, but someone (fucktard) posted some tranny in a theater jerking a guy off on one of their posts, THAT GUY (the one being jerked off; not the tranny who I didn't even really look at) had one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen in my life…it was perfectly proportional, thick but not too big, wider at the base than at the head and just really pleasing to look at.

I am tell you that man could be a cock model, like a hand model, but with cocks instead, if there were such things.

5023b3  No.12788015


>reporting on a fucking college newspaper op-ed

i thought it was common knowledge that journalism schools are among the most pozzed in higher education. sage because this shit is barely threadworthy, nevermind newsworthy

686133  No.12788017

Grown men obsessed with dicks.

55fe72  No.12788073

what's the play here? look into leda fisher? the college? spread the news to parents sending their students to college? smear the college with memes?

9b6296  No.12788720


You know I probably say this here every fucking week and it's only monday but this time I really fucking mean it.


39689d  No.12788820


You just outed yourself, dummy.

In your previous shitpost you said;

>You haven't got much life experience kid

Now you say, 'phaggots' which is mid 20's at most if you're especially autistic.


He's a gook cartoon watching jew.

9d9620  No.12788911


I loled at that. Asian women often say they want to be white girls, think Nazis are cool and want white babies. Its psychotic of them. I get angrier when I see niggers with Asian women then white women.


Yet I'm the degenerate fag.

I'll keep my views on white women and my own preferences silent. I'd rather not demoralize or offend anyone here. I'm sorry I just can't stop fucking Asian women. Their so cute and their broken engrish turns me on. Plus I love Buddhism and all the swaistikas in Asia.

9d9620  No.12788922


Man you dont have to like me but dont call me a Jew that's too far man. It actually hurt my feelings.

a02ed1  No.12789394


Most white girls aren’t into black guys, it’s a total meme

cd27e1  No.12789463


> Spends thread talking about race mixing and how he loves it

> Don’t call me a jew

Oh fuck off

841c7a  No.12790618

File: e68ccf4545e8bea⋯.png (635.26 KB, 712x752, 89:94, African land whale.PNG)

Here's the author of the article.

5f43b4  No.12790658

File: 45d47b2792908b5⋯.jpg (437.41 KB, 1424x931, 1424:931, 1504226797608.jpg)

d82718  No.12790662


>student leader with Hillel


11b9ab  No.12790668

File: bd16e39c5a5950c⋯.jpg (227.25 KB, 700x466, 350:233, Leda_FisherIMG_5187_700w.jpg)

>I am named one of the three names she cites as examples

Eh, at least I'm not the human embodiment of ugliness and debauchery in their most extreme senses.

139dd0  No.12790673

File: 5b904ef84ebd621⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 634x657, 634:657, missing link 2019 colorazi….jpg)


Let me define non-White once and for all….

000000  No.12790727


Faggot kike.

5f251d  No.12791144



>thinks he still is allowed to talk

the rope is waiting for you

a5c49e  No.12792613


And the only other article she wrote for the paper is "On Interfaith Dialouge":

"Growing up, my family always emphasized the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam…"

thedickinsonian . com/opinion/2018/04/19/on-interfaith-dialouge/

c9b550  No.12792796


These pics really get me thinking. Who goes to the opposite side of the globe to be surrounded by hordes starving homo erectus? Why would one go to such great lengths to be around the most useless disgusting creatures on the planet? Is it just because they can finally feel superior to something? Fucking cunt, there are hungry kids in your own country, but you don't care about that. I hate these people

3e4f7c  No.12792828


Misplaced empathy and desire for social approval, i.e. the greatest weaknesses of women.

21e43c  No.12794495


post moar of these white hate bs articles. I'mma redpill my brother.

1ddafa  No.12794516

File: 7b7bc669626cb92⋯.png (226.62 KB, 582x438, 97:73, 7b7bc669626cb92d8beba7afe2….png)


>See starving walking skeleton

>Feed it mountain dew and sugary fastfoods

ec7fca  No.12794538

File: 1ebf6128d380078⋯.jpg (92.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1ebf6128d38007822fe5037e65….jpg)


the longer I look at this, the more pissed off I get.

wooow youre such a good person feeding these starving monkey people! Make sure to give them plenty of food so they can produce even more starving useless eaters that tattooed virtue signalling women like you will surely take care of ok? wow so brave and heartwarming. Be sure to post this on instagram, snapchat, facebook, and make a jewtube video about it. wooow

a04153  No.12794552

File: b887312b560b84f⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, white people.jpg)

55fe72  No.12794562

File: 9e0ee24b237c3cd⋯.jpg (215.29 KB, 1197x1140, 21:20, DPHUtZNWsAA9GSW.jpg)

File: b7b50c5ca62d460⋯.jpg (171.74 KB, 1200x854, 600:427, DPHUtX1X4AYpDPD.jpg)

File: 8db76c5cd43fb99⋯.jpg (304.16 KB, 1077x1144, 1077:1144, DPHUtYpWkAUr_K7.jpg)

File: 181e3e269d6f53d⋯.jpg (198.09 KB, 1200x1122, 200:187, DPHUtYtWAAADI20.jpg)

File: 3e5e6202a64cebf⋯.jpg (199.16 KB, 1125x750, 3:2, time magazine cover.jpg)

000000  No.12794575


>Should Jews Still Be Allowed to Breathe?

96a858  No.12794579


>be white chad

>newspaper article comes out saying i need to be silenced

>walk directly into the college deans office

>the several women at the front desk are smitten by my sharp aryan facial features.

>one of them manages to stutter out

>"c-can i h-help you s-sir"

>"why yes this article has actually quite offended me and i'd like to speak to the dean immediately"

>at this point my assertive but polite and civilized personality has them gushing.

>only a WHITE man could be so handsome yet so caring

>"why yes s-sir right this w-way"

>I burst open the doors to the deans office as a gust of wind blows my übermensch blond hair.

>I explain to the dean the 14 words and why this article is offensive.

>the deans never had a strong aryan man put her in her place before and immeditaly agrees with me, thanking me for redpilling her

>i begin walking out of the office

>i look back over my shoulder just as i reach the doorway

>"it was my PRIVILEGE"

>moans from all the women in the building permiate through the floors and walls alike

>just an average day in the life of a white man

000000  No.12795131


>I have a virginal wife who hates niggers.

Yeah, race is a lot less important than this.

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