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File: fbfa08353a4d91a⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 959x718, 959:718, Jewish Bagels.jpg)

5c5a45  No.12786418

HORROR FROM HISTORY Chilling echoes of France’s Nazi past as ‘Juden’ graffiti is sprayed on Jewish bakery in Paris

Oy Veh!

>The word “Juden” – German for Jew – was sprayed in yellow paint on the window of a bagel shop in the city’s 4th arrondissement on Saturday night.

>“An anti-Semitic tag in the middle of Paris,” said France’s Interior Minister, Christophe Castaner, as he reacted to the latest outrage.

>He added: “One too many. Juden in yellow letters, as if the most tragic lessons of history no longer enlighten [our] consciences.

>“Our answer: to do everything to make sure the perpetrator of this outrage is prosecuted. Our pledge – don’t let anything pass.”

>Gilles Abecassis, the owner of the Bagelstein shop on the Ile St Louis said: “We discovered this tag on Saturday morning and it was probably done overnight from Friday to Saturday.”

>This was the day that the Yellow Vests – the social movement threatening President Emmanuel Macron’s government – went on the rampage around Paris for the 13thSaturday in a row.

>They have been associated with a number of anti-Jewish incidents, and are known to number neo-Nazis in their ranks, but there was no immediate evidence linking them with the bagel shop incident.

>The Paris prosecutor's office has now opened an investigation for “aggravated voluntary damage” and “provocation to racial hatred”.

>Far-Right parties in France including the National Rally – which used to be called the National Front – have a history of anti-Semitism, and their members are regularly convicted for crimes including Holocaust denial.

>Ariel Weil, mayor of the 4th arrondissement, said the perpetrators of the latest attack were among those who “were nostalgic for the Third Reich”.

>It was as recently as 1995 that the then conservative president Jacques Chirac finally publically admitted that French police and other authority figures had helped arrest 13,152 Jews on two days – July 16 and 17 1942 – in Paris.

>They included more than 4,000 children, and all were held at the so-called Vel d’Hiv cycle stadium before being talem to camps such as Auschwitz.

Well, I mean, democrats keep screaming about how it's cruel to separate illegal parents from children so wtf do you want?

This certainly could be a self inflicted "hate crime" and given that it's on a fucking bagel shop, not a bank or a media corporation, I wouldn't be surprised.

It is possible that this is an attempt by the jews and the establishment to frame these protests as "anti-Semitic" in order to justify more harsh repression against the people.

Then again, it is also possible that this is a true attempt by an individual to identify jewish businesses in Paris. If so, a bagel shop is hardly worthy of identifying. A better target would be a media corporation, a bank, or a newspaper. These are the tools of repression, not bagels.

In any case, it might be beneficial for French anons to identify jewish owned media corporations and banks in France.

5c5a45  No.12786433


Here are the archive and original Sun Article



Sage for forgot

069e16  No.12786459

Classic case of, "hey rabbi!?"

455eb3  No.12786472


>attempt by an individual to identify jewish businesses

As if 'Bagelstein' isn't a sufficient clue…

But seriously what was Varg doing in Paris last weekend

000000  No.12786473

notice two things firstly, who puts baked goods right behind a person's head near a window in the FRONT of a store and secondly it says est. 1789, thanks enlightened pricks

9330a4  No.12786486


It's "jude" in France, so that's likely.

9330a4  No.12786488


Shit, I mean "juif."

06a1a8  No.12786489



>spray painted with juden

Weird that they're not doing it to the banks. Really makes you think. toppest of lels though

6d37a3  No.12786590

File: 9165c06478978b6⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 420x555, 28:37, 1539821311124.jpg)

82a03e  No.12786638

Good thing they tagged that store as Jew operated, no one would ever have guessed from the name alone.

47286b  No.12786817

Eternal victims.

Meanwhile in one of the thousand neighborhoods in france ruined by shitskins (pushed upon them by these eternal victims) little Emma is being gang-raped by niggers, but this is totally worthy of media attention.


3ca644  No.12786895

oh my god it is actually called Bagelstein

7b19cb  No.12786931



Who the hell would write something in German in France?

7af274  No.12786982

File: 78988578d0445b8⋯.jpg (176.82 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1539613782407.jpg)


Yes, they should be the first suspect.

See 28:00-28:30 !


e2ea1b  No.12787564

File: f4e960be3719fdc⋯.jpg (235.17 KB, 671x502, 671:502, Bagelstein1.jpg)

7e7a30  No.12787591


The guy in this pic: >>12787564

d52590  No.12787600


Did he really call the shop Bagelstein?

Oh wow, yes he did.

7af274  No.12787605


Bon édit.

06f9c2  No.12787613


You can tell it's fake as it's painted under the logo so as not to obscure their brand insignia. Same as the kikes who spraypaint on tombstones or rooms with art yet miss anything hard to replace or of value.

699d4f  No.12787703








e26be7  No.12787755

File: 7056b672836fefd⋯.gif (372.59 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, huhuhuhuhuhhehehehe.gif)


Fking wut?








ceea9c  No.12787837

File: 1099b861cd60651⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 784x820, 196:205, bagel.jpg)


>These are the tools of repression, not bagels.

5fad40  No.12790163

undermining the yellow vests

as always

968409  No.12790184


Is this a joke? Are we being rused? That can't be the real name.

99a00c  No.12790191


I thought op photoshopped it. Jewy as fuck.

99a00c  No.12790193

Anyone else sick of kikes misappropriating European food and calling it Jewish? Bagels are polish in origin.

f5c8bc  No.12790219

File: 9b89d045eb8ea03⋯.gif (826.78 KB, 300x300, 1:1, hmmms internally.gif)

>jewish bagel store


>"The old-fashioned homemade bagel" in English at the top

>rest of the words on the storefront in French

>"juden," a German word, used

>German word for jew used in France on a store named Bagelstein that has it's brand tagline written in English

03cf70  No.12790222


literally another holocaust, reparations now!

c42297  No.12790244


very cosmopolitan…

043e5e  No.12790975


Don't think the big questions, goy. Condemn it!

dabf4e  No.12790991

3909b0  No.12791009


I'm sick of kikes being alive.

000000  No.12791029


Well if it was over the logo it would be harder to read.

9f7a3d  No.12791503


> Holocaust denial is a crime but everything else in history is fair game to say anything about

>They do not think it is insane to print this

I know this is basic, but goddamn this shocks me constantly. Normies have already start to notice this shit. If they were smart they would lay low for a decade

f2cd32  No.12791545



381944  No.12791565


You mean "Hey fellow white, watchya doing?"

5c5a45  No.12791568


It's so weird that all of current society is based around the hatred of one man. People laugh at the crazy propaganda the English wrote about Napoleon yet stand in solemn silence s the jews role out another film about how the Nat-sees ate babies and gassed 6 gorrilian jews.

7aaeb4  No.12792049

File: 8f023246497538a⋯.png (37.53 KB, 492x166, 246:83, only you can prevent reckl….png)


No, he means "Hey rabbi", you're mixing memes here and muddying the message that's supposed to get across. The "fellow white people" meme hasn't burst far enough into public consciousness for it to have enough power for you to do this yet.

tl;dr– meme responsibly, newfag. lurk moar

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