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File: ae2b9ccf6b0c57e⋯.jpeg (51.49 KB, 750x485, 150:97, AF8FD748-88DB-41F5-A564-F….jpeg)

46f635  No.12786507

Holy fuck boomer women are terrible. My grandma was talking with my mom about how evil the white man is and how great Mexicans are and how we need them for our country because us whites are too lazy and won’t do any of the farm or labor work. I interrupted her conversation with my mom and told her that’s bullshit we don’t need Mexicans, Canada was 90% white 40 years ago and we were doing just fine until you boomers started passing immigration laws that favoured brown nations. She got angry and called me racist and told me that Canada was never a white nation and that it was originally a native nation and that the whites stole their land. I rebuttled in defence and told her that Canada was mostly barren and we were pioneers and not immigrants that settled unclaimed land and minded our own business until natives started scalping us. She argued back that the natives were doing just fine before the whites and I told her that’s a lie there was constant warfare between the tribes. She called me racist again and carried on her pozzed conversation with my mom.

WTF, boomer women are the most pozzed and brainwashed, even more so then university educated millenials. I even tried telling her that our government hates whites and we are being replaced and she couldn’t even understand why that would be a bad thing.

Even though she’s my grandma and I love her I hope all boomers get what’s coming to them. They desreve to be in an old age home with abusive browns for their final days.

Her conversation with my mom was about this article (link below). This is where she referred to whites as evil and Mexicans as awesome and how great our government is for cracking down on evil whitey to help out great economic boosting Mexicans.


ab2714  No.12786525

File: cda076f83be9657⋯.jpg (174.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, god_only_haqua_tongue.jpg)

1193f1  No.12786531

Majority of them firmly believe every walking dick on the planet is theirs to control and that they are the reason life exists.

db74fd  No.12786534

For sure find a different way to vent your frustrations than fucking coming here and posting this garbage, OP. Jesus fucking christ.

b78784  No.12786544

I'm Canadian too people here are Communist fucks even in small all white towns. Don't worry they'll all hang some day.

8851e4  No.12786598


Women like that can only be slapped.

c027a9  No.12786599


> I hope all boomers get what’s coming to them.

That would be living in a nursing "home" being abused by obese, white-hating negresses from Ghana.

8173e8  No.12786604


>That would be living in a nursing "home" being abused by obese, white-hating negresses from Ghana.

it's the future they choose

85ec35  No.12786619


This. Go slap your grandma hard right now OP. Show her who's the man of the house.

accb55  No.12786691


They desreve to be in an old age home with abusive browns for their final days.

I'm truly comforted by the fact most ageing boomers are racist cunts. And they will indeed find themselves dieing and surrounded by those they hate. Thanks annon.

000000  No.12786722

the generation of wealth

spoiled our nation's health

soon will come a day

where the down will come down

on those boomers faces

who condemned the european races

to mix and melt till turning brown

soon they too will melt away,

into the soft day of the pillow

0a1bed  No.12786735

File: ada537d96a4f7ec⋯.jpg (158.45 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, 9f95811ac334efa03c33fa170c….jpg)

>boomer couple I know are talking about their trip to Africa (Kenya in this instance)

>noting how all the niggers there were looking at them in a not so friendly manner

>not even 15 minutes later they are talking about their grandchildren

>grandchildren in a school filled with chinks and pajeets

>they are the vast minority there

>"but it's a good thing. They will grow up in that environment and be more tolerant than we were when they get older"

That's the real horror of the boomer. They know non-whites hate whites, but they bought whole sale the kike lie that familiarity breeds fraternity instead of contempt. For that level of child abuse they deserves the fires of hell that await them. I pray for their grandchildren.

03f4eb  No.12786858


Boomers are proof conservatism is a failed ideology that is easily subverted to prepare the anus of the weak to be fucked by Jews and their shitskins. NatSoc forever.

847288  No.12786864

File: f3ef32b554a0d64⋯.png (667.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, day_of_pillow_honk_honk.png)



day of pillow is coming

it will be fast

it will be silent

it will be deadly

days when 60 gorillions boomers died for their crimes against european race.

91c63c  No.12786874

Okay, not your blog.

46f635  No.12787087


She never had a proper man in the house to put her in her rightful place. She divorced twice and has been a “strong independent woman” for most her life.

d2d9f3  No.12787110


When life is fraught with failures conversations like that are just attention whoring and venting that women engage in.

6dd682  No.12787181

File: 86aa5d9b4d310a3⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 1024x927, 1024:927, b54ff0da2e2ec5f663a77c4545….jpg)


>talking to normalfags

>talking to women

>talking to boomers

>mfw I got flashbacks to shitty retail job

holy fuck I am glad that I work from home now

529758  No.12787192

Some boomers are absolutely the worst. My boomer mom is kinda based, though. She's open to White nationalism. My dad on the other hand, is a Judeo-liberal that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

8173e8  No.12787208


your mom thinks your more alpha then your dad if shes dumping his politics for yours, hilarious

529758  No.12787211


>work from home

That's what I need to do. But my job, I don't need to be micromanaged every single second, and I've had some convos with some based racially conscience White boomers and Gen-Xers. It's sadly kind of rare, though.

529758  No.12787238


The funny thing is my dad isn't some low T soyboy, yet he acts like one when the (((American Bullshitting Company))) news starts talking shit about Trump, or anyone non-Democrat. Yet, when the niggers start rioting about their bullshit, he starts to get his balls back. He's pretty out of touch, I guess he thinks that the Democratic Party is still for the masculine White working class, when of course it's just all about giving gibs to spics and niggers nowadays.

000000  No.12787255

>spoke to boomer lady today.

>told here boomer farmers were to blame for all the smoke during summer.

>she laughed. said it was mostly fires.

>told her 90% of fires were started by people last year.

>told her the public lands dept publicly blamed non-english speaking people.

>she short-circuited.

mfw boomer lelelelelel

000000  No.12787267


>mfw property of others while at home

Having clients is the same kind of servitude slavery; only work on your projects. Exceptions are made for those working for others on public welfare projects like clean air, clean water, and general Europeanism.

27d0b7  No.12787288


My grandma is "greatest generation" and my mom was early gen x, like early 60's. They always sort of just listened to me and knew me well enough that they believed I was telling them the truth about things.

I brought up the holocaust with my grandma a couple years ago and she couldn't even hold it in anymore. Said she always knew the numbers were hugely inflated, that the Germans were suffering horribly under Jewish rulership, etc. It was like she waited her entire life for a sympathetic ear. She had 5 brothers who served in the various theaters of WWII for the US. They were stoic men who never even talked about it when they got home but were obviously damaged by it, both mentally and physically. She used to go to church before and after school to pray for them to return safe. Amazingly they did, mostly. I'm digressing.

Anyway, moral of the story is yes, boomers are the fucking worst. Know-it-all, virtue signalling neo-lib/con faggots. My uncle is a boomer and holy god he couldn't be more stereotypical. Literally a milquetoast nobody who still snorts coke he buys from high school kids and bar tends at boomer degenerate bars and talks about how he almost went to Woodstock but his car blah blah blah..

Greatest gen at least seems to have at one point knew a lot of what they were fed was bullshit and are old enough now to not give a shit who they talk to about it. Some gen X and early millennials (I'm a bit of both-1980) are eternally skeptical of politics and actually remember white America where your parents could let you out at 8am to play without helmets and supervision and not worry about you until dinner time. So they are open to hearing why it isn't like that anymore.

529758  No.12787339

>>12787288 (heil'd)

My grandma is Silent Generation, but she's pretty based, except for the fact that like my dad, she thinks that the Democratic Party is still for the working class White man, and not a gibs party for spics and niggers. It's funny, it seems like the older women are more awake to how things are than the men, and in my generation (millennial), it's the opposite. The guys seem to be more aware of how things are, and the women spread their legs for spics and niggers and the concessional White. Shit has really gotten bad quite rapidly when you think about it.

91c63c  No.12787371


My great-grandmother (early Lost Generation) never swore, except against the British. She'd read the newspaper and say, "The fucking brits did it again…" She absolutely hated them for bringing the US into WWI (as she perceived). It's not like she was totally wrong. She wanted nothing more than total isolationism for the US and, spoken more quietly, white racial homogeny. My three-greats grandfather fought in the Civil War and always felt slighted by Lincoln's assassination, since it meant the niggers weren't deported entirely.

15edca  No.12787375



fa1696  No.12787378

>still living in Canada

Hide your powerlevel, my northern friend.

a39428  No.12787388

>She got angry and called me racist and told me that Canada was never a white nation and that it was originally a native nation and that the whites stole their land.

Appropriate response:

>It's you cunts who sold our future for your own sickening fun. Now we have to kill millions of shitskins when they should never have been here in the first place! Don't worry though, when I stick you in a fucking home, the Flip savages who steal your shit will really enrich the country with all the dope they buy.


03cf92  No.12787400


>Majority of them firmly believe every walking dick on the planet is theirs to control

That's pretty much all women.

45c0f8  No.12787407


honor thy mother and thy father

15edca  No.12787413


White women won't fuck you nazi fag?

fd99d0  No.12787421

Yeah they're dog shit alright. But then so are Gen X women. White women in general in N. America are complete trash.

If only you knew how many of them crawled happily into a bed of sticky lust with some greasy ugly jew or a stinky Brillo® pad shitskin for a nose full of cocaine.

a39428  No.12787436

File: 1e04977ed989fb8⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 450x754, 225:377, Hints_From_Anne.jpg)




It's a relevant topic to /pol/. Stop IP hopping, Kampfy.


Having clients is nothing like being enslaved. I treat my clients like shit, and they keep coming back because they are mostly convinced they can't get a better deal anywhere else, and I have tons of time for my kids.

>>12787288 Heil

I outright told my WWII-veteran grandfather he fought on the wrong side and Hitler would have known what to do with the blacks (this was in the '90s, before Merkel's regime). He sighed, as if I'd just said something he'd been lying to himself over for decades. This was just as the WWII nostalgia-kike was starting to kick out tons of movies like Schindler's List and stuff, and men like him were being hailed as heroes everywhere they went.

When I drove it home that I blamed the WWII Allies for the mess we're in now with integrated schools and liberals everywhere (I wasn't redpilled on the JQ yet and thought liberals were the root of all evil), he kind of shrugged and said, "I got money for college at least. Don't say any of this in front of your grandma."

He died a year or so after that. I really miss him sometimes, you know?

15edca  No.12787441


>muh pro white national socialist white nationalists hates white women

fd99d0  No.12787442


But NatSoc failed so evidently it didn't go far enough. It simply wasn't murderous enough, not even 1/10 as murderous as it should have been. Hitler should have unleashed the nerve gas on both fronts. That would have given him the time to get the Horton out there in massive numbers, ship it to Japan for them to copy and then blam, knock the air armadas of bombers out of the skies.

fd99d0  No.12787445


I'm just telling you what I saw, and what I saw was pure treachery. Cunts are treacherous, evil slime. Too stupid to know what is good for them.

ddb9e6  No.12787451


by being the man he wasn't

a39428  No.12787462


>honor thy mother and thy father

My father is a Boomer waste of space. After my parents' divorce, my mother turned into a coal-burning whore. I haven't seen or spoken to either of them in many years, and none of my siblings have shit to do with them either. Even my rice-fever eldest brother, who has also been out of my life for a decade, isn't on speaking terms with either of them.

I married white though. Somebody has got to rebuild what our hideous parents threw the fuck away.

This is now a Boomer hate thread.

e5ab53  No.12787469


You're talking about married boomer women though. You have to understand that the reason women today are so bad is because most of the trad boomer women ended up single because of the "free love" movement, which did everything it could to substitute hedonistic pleasure for love.


Well it's clearly not his Dad or Grandpa, that's for sure.

e5ab53  No.12787529


Most boomers are a dishonor to themselves. Killing ethnomasochists is the only way to MAINTAIN any bit of honor that they still have. The one outcome for the white race that could be worse than our extinction, is for it to live on indefinitely through ethnomasochistic half-breeds. This is the future that was sought by the sexual revolution, not a world of love and trust, but one of lies and multiracial self-hatred.

000000  No.12787537


Still can get a White girl to fuck you?

6787b0  No.12787551

If she hates white men so much, you should cut her out of your life. You are a white man and don't want to meet and have your grandkids meet someone who hates white men. She should be happy to get rid of a white man in her life.

457e62  No.12787560

White women are terrible. Boomers are terrible. Put them together in one package and you have something truly horrific. I speak with my mother and even she would be intolerable if I didn't love her. But I won't make room in my life for any other boomers, or even acknowledge their existence outside of a professional capacity. They are a failed generation.

844cd1  No.12787566


Starting to D&C based on age too I see.

457e62  No.12787590


>> I hope all boomers get what’s coming to them.


>That would be living in a nursing "home" being abused by obese, white-hating negresses from Ghana.

No, that would be too easy on them, and they still wouldn't accept the truth. Their favorite mental contortion is NAXALT. They would just claim they got one of the bad apples and the rest of the negresses from Ghana are great people and deserve to be here taking your jobs. They deserve far, far worse than being allowed to slowly age in nursing homes.

000000  No.12787601


If this was real life I would advocate a bullet into the head of anyone promoting death to elderly or any aged Whites.

457e62  No.12787636

If you live with a boomer who is still blue pilled and liberal, with all the knowledge you have gained on this board, you are a failure. Why have you not redpilled them yet? Why haven't you thrown every possible angle and infograf at them? Why haven't you cornered them and forced them to relent in the face of superior argumentation? Seriously, if you can't redpill your own parents or other relatives, what makes you think you have anything to offer the rest of the world? Start at home, and drag those fuckers kicking and screaming to the JQ and redpill them until they have no fight left in them. Why would you allow yourself to live with these anti-White pieces of garbage without converting them? You're squandering a golden opportunity.

457e62  No.12787643


>If this was real life I would advocate a bullet into the head of anyone promoting death to elderly or any aged Whites.

Fuck off white knighting faggot. Most Whites are trash and the older ones are responsible for ruining our nations. They deserve retribution and if you don't like it you can go in the pit right along with them, fucking queer.

4867d4  No.12787660

In my experience if theyre not crazy dyke hippies, theyre stronger and more right wing than their male counterparts

4867d4  No.12787665


Calm down, kike. No reason to get all riled up.

457e62  No.12787674

Only 5 - 10% of us are worthy and will earn the right to start over in the new world, rebuilding from the ashes. This idea that every single White life is precious and should be saved even to our own detriment, is some of the most mentally stunted bullshit I've ever heard of. How new are you?

The vast majority of Whites have proven themselves to be trashy materialists, race traitors, subversives, marxists, and essentially luciferian in their behavior and outlook. The most vociferous anti-White racists are White leftists. The best you can say about many of them is that they are apathetic fence-sitters. It's only a small number that are worth anything. The rest are actively fighting against us just like any of our enemies would.

Yes, we all know that the jews are ultimately responsible for the brainwashing, but that sure as shit doesn't let all these traitors off the hook for what they have willingly done.

There will be a very small window in which the White traitors will have an opportunity to accept the redpill and abandon their evil ways, and if they don't they are to be dealt with the same as any other enemy of our people, for that's exactly what they are.

Anybody trying to white knight for them on the sole basis that they are White, is not capable of doing what needs to be done, and they will be swiftly discarded.

000000  No.12787681


Anti White Storm trash like you will be delt with.

457e62  No.12787688


>Anti White Storm trash like you will be delt with.

Storm trash. Found the kikelet. That was easy.

457e62  No.12787690

Traitors First. It's more than just a slogan.

9ee0db  No.12787706

File: de0b9df53b91dcb⋯.png (273.46 KB, 399x398, 399:398, cvghbntz.PNG)

Why should you talk to the already dead?

They're gone tomorrow anyways.

c650eb  No.12787738


>If this was real life I would advocate a bullet into the head of anyone promoting death to elderly or any aged Whites.

LMAO Captain Save-a-Ho

Have fun rescuing all the communists, subversive left-wing trash, race mixers, fags, dykes, pedos, crypto jews, perverts, and drug addicts you pathetic cuckold. But don't act surprised when you are considered one of them, and treated as any other traitor will be.

000000  No.12787759



Found the Stormtrash. That was easy.

Will you ever grow the fuck up?

a9756e  No.12787761


Checked and kek'd

000000  No.12787769


Oy vey! Spend you whole time here trashing Whites yet claim to be "White Nationalists?"

How mighty Jew of you all.

aaab96  No.12787786

File: 1f52d52ba7e4483⋯.png (301.39 KB, 500x504, 125:126, help.png)

aaab96  No.12787802

File: 2892e1a28a34be3⋯.png (487.43 KB, 800x576, 25:18, sorry.png)

>not mine


c650eb  No.12787813


>Oy vey! Spend you whole time here trashing Whites yet claim to be "White Nationalists?"


>How mighty Jew of you all.

Not a very compelling argument. What's your brilliant answer to the problem of White traitors? Oh, you don't have one, because you have the intellectual maturity of a 12 year old.

feb913  No.12787814

File: f09eb01d4ef1645⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 600x503, 600:503, disgusted tony.jpg)

File: 3c80970803ab0c1⋯.jpg (295.3 KB, 1308x1636, 327:409, nazi gramps.jpg)

>be argentifag

>every single old person i know from the same generation as merican boomers is a hardcore Nat Soc

>i've been hearing my elders say stuff like: "the holocaust didn't happen, but it should have" since before i even knew what those words actually meant

>only ever found out how pozzed my country was when betacucks began to virtue signaling their faggotry on social media

>depite the level of poz i've still to meet a single soyboy in my daily life

gotta say, it sure feels good to have some kinship with older generations and be somehwat shielded from the poz in my small social circle

hang on merimutts, in a few years the last of the boomer will have breathed his last

24248d  No.12787827


because one who does not wish to believe something will not believe it, no matter what evidence is given to them

"they're not all like that"

"thats not from a real accredited scientist"

"that study was done by russian secret agents"

"snopes says you're wrong, so there must clearly be some fatal flaw in your argument"

"sweetie, the government has always been on our side and always will be"

and thats if they AREN'T intellectually dishonest and don't try to throw you in the looney bin for questioning the narrative

5f8070  No.12787952


>>she short-circuited.

I hate this. Especially old women can't follow anything wich depends on a logical train of thought.

And then they scream at you in a not loud, but strangely distorted voice, elevated only to make higher harmonics which sound like chalk on the blackboard. They all do it, no exceptions. Bummers also don't understand that all those rules and sayings don't apply. Example: Gardening. They don't see how those new (((hybrid))) species have totally different needs than those from their youth. Weather patterns differ, many areas are now paved over or forests grew back, changing local microclimates. You can even show the change in tree populations e.g. going from birches/elms to young oaks everywhere but they just look at you with that blank stare or they scream back with that gnarly voice.

Try talk to them about forest coverage in the 1700 and how that did change with the advent of Whites, totally negating their point about how Natives where living and they just throw you out of the room.

5f8070  No.12787985


Look in the archive of the heartiste for NHS/NIH and Cochrane studies if they pull the "not official" card. Or just make the list really long, save all pdfs and zip-send them. But after that you are "that guy". Before you just stated something. Older generations are still about what you actually do, have or want. In contrast to the youngest generation where simply stating something is your identity.

6d278f  No.12788030


Make sure she ends up in a nigger and "immigrant" infested age care place, she will change her mind.

1f85a8  No.12788048


you can lead a horse to knowlege but you can't make it think.

913f10  No.12788148


It did not fail it simply got removed and destroyed that is not proof it failed.

6dd0bc  No.12788153


Imagine being this unironically retarded.

000000  No.12788159


>working for other people

>totally not slabe

Lel. Yeah. You. Are.

000000  No.12788166



6dd0bc  No.12788174


>thinking calling people names is an effective shilling strategy.

Now this is really lazy shilling.

000000  No.12788180


It's a bullshit story you retarded faggot. You anti White fags need to raped to death by BBC's.

ddd638  No.12788197


>>Nursing home proxy revenge

You don't even need to hope, it's going to happen. Make sure it doesn't happen to you.

000000  No.12788200



>boomer maymays

Maig moar bleez.

ad5244  No.12788207

The boomer women already tend to ride me like an amusement park.

000000  No.12788215


>not proud to be called slavic

What timeline is this.

c650eb  No.12788377


Found the anti-White boomer.

>Thinks White traitors should be protected at gunpoint

>Uses Storm trash as a slur

>Employs the BBC narrative

>Wishes murder and rape on redpilled Whites

>Has no argument

Get fucked, boomer scum.

27d0b7  No.12788525


>When I drove it home that I blamed the WWII Allies for the mess we're in now with integrated schools and liberals everywhere (I wasn't redpilled on the JQ yet and thought liberals were the root of all evil), he kind of shrugged and said, "I got money for college at least. Don't say any of this in front of your grandma."

They know. I have no doubt about it. Like I said before her brothers NEVER talked about it. They didn't have veteran plates and hats. In my opinion they were hiding their shame from the women and kids they loved who thought of them as war heroes. I'm sure some of the more recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans go through the same thing.

656996  No.12788570


I spoke to a boomer man today. We discussed very surface level topics before I could broach the idea of the declining number of whites. There seemed to be something in his eye, something to say, "we fucked up, I'm sorry." Don't give into the hate, some boomers are okay, as a generation, yes, total garbage. But don't join the D/C train just to hate on boomers.

f03995  No.12788587

File: 58bd67ca37d2763⋯.png (73.77 KB, 819x512, 819:512, 149888928595.png)


If older Argies are all natsoc why is Argentina increasingly mestizo and becoming more and more leftist? I wish you the best but something is not matching up about your story here.

000000  No.12788604


>muh It's the White boomers goy! Not the Jews.

f03995  No.12788610

File: ddc23ed67939edb⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 480x272, 30:17, ddc23ed67939edb88e8aa28ab6….jpg)


Either way the jews will be first to go when chaos strikes. The memes demand it.

000000  No.12788612


Oh STFU with your bullshit stories already.

000000  No.12788762


But the "first people" are exactly that, thefirst people…


Then Europeans migrated 5-10k years after and built everything they like so much and can't seem to live without. Actual Arabs, Indians, and Africans would not be able to survive in Canada, or any Northern climate, without the technology of Europeans.

92d6f1  No.12789018

Tell the cunt to fuck off and die already.

01ec44  No.12789188

File: 877e083a407c3f6⋯.jpg (60.25 KB, 480x379, 480:379, hippy_bullshit.jpg)

That is because you are a zoomer faggot. Your grandmother can't be more than 70 something, which means she is responsible for enabling one of the most degenerate decades that have ever come to pass in the 20th century and the product of it is the likes of your mother. Who was raised under pozzed liberal bullshit just to be repressed into rebelled whoredom by the 80's libcuck bullshit on TV to become a frigid literal witch.

Big news OP, you are the problem.

f35f4d  No.12789203


>told me that Canada was never a white nation and that it was originally a native nation and that the whites stole their land. I rebuttled in defence and told her that Canada was mostly barren and we were pioneers and not immigrants that settled unclaimed land and minded our own business until natives started scalping us

Inform your gamma that the so-called "Natives" were Beringian invaders who pushed the French ancestors (Solutreans) off the land, the Quebecers were simply re-claiming what is rightfully theirs. Then of course the British monarchy (at the behest of the Jew) stole it away.

529758  No.12789209


He's not wrong, though.

9094d7  No.12789266

Guess What?

I used to be concerned about this as well, but on the bright side, they will begin dying off sooner or later which I make a point bring up around older people just to remind them that they will never be vindicated by their grandchildren and the average white man and woman will become more right leaning as the pendulum swings and balances out again lifestyles promoted by leftists (e.g. like not having children).

71b5c9  No.12789437


>Talking to boomer women

Theres your first mistake. Trying to convince a group of people responsible for getting america into this mess. Ignore the irrelevant future muzzie targets and move on.

fea3e6  No.12789518


fuck you nigger

I'm the product of some "fling" they had years ago, neither of them fucking wanted me and they showed it. because now I have a "developmental disorder" which is code word for "my parents never loved nor cared for me".

This resulted in a rather hollow childhood, a time from which I have few memories, and the ones I do have are unpleasant and painful to remember, everything else is just time spent in my dark room constantly.

Why the fuck should I honor those two nigger tier pump n dumpers?

My dad always gives me shit like "why can't you be like me?!?" gee I wonder, motherfucker, almost as if you never raised me, almost as if you HAD both parents growing up and the both of them showed some inclination to raise you!

Meanwhile my autistic ass is all alone being borderline neglected and used as a pawn in their stupid fucking affairs.

Even to this day, I have not recovered from the bullshit they imparted on me, hell, I only recently began to understand just what the fuck happened.

Eat shit, faggot.

ca17ae  No.12789530

Women are perpetual children. Spoiled angry ones that have been told they're queens and Goddesses by self help books and the (((media))). Don't bother debating.

de1fdf  No.12789561


My mom and grandma both used to be pro-immigrant leftists, I was able to eventually convert both of them. They can change. It takes time though. Just keep confronting them with reality.

27b1ec  No.12789576

Your first mistake was trying to talk to women like they are real people.

5ea1b8  No.12790252



I never heard that, but able to figure it out. That's a good expression.

671714  No.12790280


>being this dumb

People that are rightwing can be put into two groups; first group has lower than average IQ. The second group has higher than average IQ. Average IQ usually ends up being leftwing. You can probably guess which group you belong too.

The entire world struggled to defeat fascism and natsoc, thats how much it 'failed'. A country smaller than the state of Texas held its own against the entire world. (And thats ignoring the great awakening that took place.)

11dc7f  No.12790563


the more boomer hate the better

a858c6  No.12790570


Japan sure put a great fight…

53b432  No.12790604

Why are you arguing with your nan mate. Why hasn't your grandad fucked some sense into her by now. Tell the crusty bitch to go back to her knitting and leave the politics for men.

53b432  No.12790605

11dc7f  No.12790625


Agreed, They are just the to fuck and look after very young kids, oh yeah and also clean the house, My father told my mom her cooking was shit, and so he took over all cooking and it was so much better and interesting. I actually ate all my greens and got interested in healthier food.

11dc7f  No.12790630

Invite all blacks to rape all white bitch left-tard feminist boomers.

11dc7f  No.12790638

Niggers apparently like 92 year old pussy just as much as 2 month old pussy

f03995  No.12791204


Sorry about your situation, anon. You're not alone.

3e01a9  No.12792058

It's called haggling. They get 2 for one. Cheap imported labor and discounted/free labor by guilt tripped white youth/interns/debt slavers. Boomers are the generation of 99 cent pricing schemes, gold plated door knobs, booms/busts and bail outs, and "zero" percent interest loan schemes. Even if their boomer friend gets railroaded, there is a conference or seminar to teach them the new schemes to bail them out. They all get together and laugh at happy hour about how much they bamboozled their parents and progeny. Its a big joke to them.

They never really worked. Just like they don't research for themselves or think for themselves. They project their laziness on to others and laugh about how they haggle them out of cheap labor. In companies or family units.

That's why companies threw up their hands and just layed them all off in 1987 crash, while they clutched their red staplers and made under the breath threats. They wouldn't even work for 15 minutes a day. They just squated at their desk jobs.

Every time their kids get saddled with debt or joblessness, they laugh because of the cheap destitute labor they can get from them. Their nihilists. They don't care.

All boomers go on the same cruises, same happy hours and speak the same language. Haggle, mock and laugh.

3e01a9  No.12792150


You're not alone alone. I know your feels. Don't worry about the drive by preacher. Christianity is deeper than that. Christ also said about denying mother and father and following Him.

Was boomer Podesta a 'father' to Chester Benington? Was Dr. Josef Mangel a 'father' to John Podesta just because they looked a like?

b39c0c  No.12792941


>work from home

What's your job, anon?

7ef022  No.12792981

>honestly arguing with NPCs

just make emotional smug comments and laugh at them, treating animals like they're actually human will just get you angry and depressed

5e2cb6  No.12793056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Stock market boomer seems to have hung around here too long. See coming civil war, societal collapse and the uselessness of marxist education. Worth 6 minutes. Guess some boomers are waking up.

942c92  No.12793828


>i've been hearing my elders say stuff like: "the holocaust didn't happen, but it should have" since before i even knew what those words actually meant

Sounds like your family are recent immigrants. I bet they're fresh off the Uboat.

dbcc16  No.12794959

You're trying to use facts and logic.

Feelings don't care about your facts.

Start with something you KNOW libtards agree with. Agree that Americans aren't willing to pick crops at those wages offered. Point out that filling those jobs with illegal scabs depresses wages. It's a Koch brothers scam to drive down wages, like their fellow Boomer Bernie said.

Then tell them it's racist to use them as a slave labor class. Mexico wants Mexico's problems fixed, not exported to the US. White (lol, don't tell her you mean "fellow" White) in Hollywood and DC don't like Mexicans. That's why they put their kids in private school. They feel they are a higher caste. They want open borders for cheap coke, child sex slaves, and under the table domestic labor. The open border feeds this problem. It makes the cartels rich.

Think she'd buy that angle?

885577  No.12794986


You just look her in her wrinkled bitch face and say just that:


dbcc16  No.12795000


Boomers are controlled by their television. This is not a figure of speech. They are the first generation to have nothing to do but stare at a TV. They do it to this day.

Who controls Hollywood and puts out the TV programs?

EVERYTHING they stand for came to them via the idiot box. The failed Sexual Revolution, the belief they have privilege, the belief White Christians are "evil."

ALL of it!

936137  No.12795049


> conservatism is a failed ideology

Nope. Conservatism is not an ideology nor is it a philosophy – and that's precisely why it never achieves anything. Conservatism is actually an attitude and a form of posturing, which is why you've never heard of the principles or doctrine of conservatism. The only thing they share in common is that they believe that they should be conserving things; however, what they conserve or should conserve has never been defined. All they do, all they've ever done, is go, "hmmm, I don't like the sound of that" to left-wing ideas. Yet, somehow, they inevitably end up adopting those ideas. This is because they aren't opposed to them for any real, clear reason and that they care about being accepted more than being an outcast. They're like a heavy rock in a stream: they move along with it, slowly but surely. If you want to guarantee that you lose, be sure to rely on a conservative. They won't let you down.

2dd3c1  No.12795247

>Talking to boomer women

>Talking to boomers

>Talking to women

Why bother, they're brainwashed, self-obsessed, entitled and completely retarded cunts.

7e7763  No.12795311


The day of the retirement home is gonna come soon. But hey, maybe those non-white nurses they keep importing are FUCKING BASED and won't treat them like shit.

70b49b  No.12795469


This. There's plenty of common ground, just learn to phrase things correctly.

52ad04  No.12795528

File: dcb44ae7812d916⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 720x360, 2:1, 771ceeec9a3b060a65406d4868….jpg)


>I even tried telling her that our government hates whites and we are being replaced and she couldn’t even understand why that would be a bad thing.

Encourage her to eat lots of low-fat, high-sugar foods for her health. Convince her to gorge on carbs. Make sure she believes vitamin supplements are full of toxins. The sooner boomers croak from beetus + obesity the sooner they stop voting.

c93ec1  No.12795666


>talking to normalfags

>talking to women

>talking to boomers

>mfw I got flashbacks to shitty retail job

I spent a few years working in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe. Got used to being treated with common courtesy and respect in professional interactions by both men and women. Had to come back to the West to care for an elderly parent.

Holy shit the difference. Snarling, post-menopausal hag office managers with a chip on their shoulder. Even the younger women who wouldn't rate a 3/10 acting like they were solid gold. And then there were these clueless fags droning on about the big weekend College Niggerball game. Could barely keep myself from strangling them with my bare hands.

I'm ready to either leave again or build my rural compound.

710345  No.12795775

File: e490f089c7f1d27⋯.jpg (11.8 KB, 191x255, 191:255, e490f089c7f1d27c9f83a68b9a….jpg)

847288  No.12795979



Welcome back Satan.

ad380c  No.12796098

They started this jew shit

Meanwhile my 84 yearold aunt still calls niggers coloreds and has been redpilled on the jews for 67 years.

7f1c46  No.12796359


You didn't even call that cunt anti-white? Good job, you blogposting nigger.

7f1c46  No.12796389


Damn right. I have stacks of medals and ribbons put the fuck away. I knew about the Rottenchilds going over. It's a good thing I have the training, but I would never have gone in for a bullshit war against Europeans.

d87026  No.12797157


Trips of truth. They require a minimum of 3-4 hours nightly of the talmudvision. They will obey its orders for the remainder of their lifespans.

440581  No.12797170

Stormfags still can't get laid

45c0f8  No.12797220


>thinks getting laid is somehow a symbol of success

resisting the women is a pathway to wisdom. try again retard

440581  No.12797229


lol Classic schlomo

b86ab7  No.12797288


>coming civil war

wishful thinking. but FUD is what sells gold and silver…

a7a139  No.12797310

Today I told my mother she sounds like a nigger-brained faggot. She said she was going to record me and play for it for people so they hear what I sound like. I said go for it I don't give a fuck what those faggots think. She has no clue what to say if threatening me has no effect.

886eab  No.12797319


>My fellow White people…

a7a139  No.12797348


Naw I am for real. This is a gen1 feminist pro-abortion boomer woman who wore her white Hillary pant suit to voting day 2016 and has been harping muh russia for 2 years and now that the senate committee says there is nothing she still thinks there is some evidence out there hiding.

b5423c  No.12797463


stop ruining your relationship with your family you dumb autist.

7d3965  No.12797472


>They're gone tomorrow anyways.

The boomers won't be completely gone for another 40 years. Maybe longer, considering the advancement of medicine.

41ecf1  No.12797485


Tell us more argentina bro. My grandpa died when I was young. Never got to properly understand who he was as a person




Are any of these old cats still kicking?

e5ab53  No.12797847


Already fuck my girl plenty, thanks for asking.

87fd1f  No.12797973

File: 0f43880e9109190⋯.png (931.97 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1548699992459.png)


Modern Whites were doing fine without immigrants, Injuns were doing fine without immigrants, Solutreans were doing fine without immigrants…

Hmmm… Is there a pattern? Could it be that nobody actually needs a draft age nigger/mestizo male with a machete that is waiting to kill them? But who would pick oranges??? Don't you know that whites and asians are physically incapable of picking fruit?!

6774ac  No.12797985


#dark_skin is among the best tags, loli, defloration, and impregnation are above it.

1f04f1  No.12798350



79ef51  No.12798409

File: 384f2a18f54b477⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 323x454, 323:454, For_what_purpose.jpg)


>talking to barren-uterus parasites

79ef51  No.12798414


Kinda tempted to make a doujin.

c25864  No.12798776


There is not a single thing men aren't better than women at doing except childbirth. The division of labor between the sexes was simply an arrangement of practicality because cooking and home making aren't as crucial as real work.

df96e2  No.12808384

File: 88ec9a9eada0e98⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 493x480, 493:480, the_niggest.jpg)


Wow that sucks anon. My boomer grandma is a nigger hating Confederate.

0ef105  No.12808414


Did you chime back with "You're anti-white"?

0ef105  No.12808430


>have you accepted the state as your lord and savior?

This is the stupidest line of attack on this cunt. Very few people are anti-government. And the problem with our government isn't that it's a government, it's that it's populated by people that want us dead.

b9413f  No.12808603


I loled AND got a boner.

Good edit

b9413f  No.12808608


Should not want…. But do want

f347eb  No.12808678

File: 2ecd9af1e50b701⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 251x320, 251:320, last_true_argentinian.jpg)


>If older Argies are all natsoc why is Argentina increasingly mestizo and becoming more and more leftist? I wish you the best but something is not matching up about your story here.

Because we do not run our own country.

Guess ((( who ))) really has the political power?

>muh gunz and start an armed revolution!

We don't have them. We don't have a 2° amendment equivalent.

d96c3d  No.12808695

File: cafc6bc028ed21c⋯.mp4 (11.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cafc6bc028ed21c8248ec4d381….mp4)


This is definitely the truth.

That's where I plan to put my mother when she retires.

9c4e35  No.12808741


Yeah, women are just easily brainwashed. That's their biggest fault.

0ef105  No.12808745


>that vid

I'm willing to bet that women do get paid less than men for the same job, simply because women suck at negotiating, or strong-arming their way to higher wages. With this in mind, some businesses may actually prefer hiring women just to pay them less.

0ef105  No.12808771


>easily brainwashed. That's their biggest fault

It's not a bad thing. Right now women suck because men have dropped the ball, and let jews monopolize female ears. But if women were not easily brainwashed, then they'd always suck because we'd never be able to control them.

529758  No.12808794

Most people regardless of sex are rather easily brainwashed. My sister's White ex boyfriend is with some black spic girl, and cries about "racism" all the time and snorts coke. Very feminine behavior. The NPC meme is real. I see it with my own eyes.

88908c  No.12808805


This topic is relevant to /pol/.

88908c  No.12808841


There is some percentage of boomers that is aware of the coming war, but they tend to be the ones who quietly hated their generation this entire time. There were always /ourguys/ among the boomers who were silenced.

88908c  No.12808860


Underrated post. This gets right to the heart of the matter.

88908c  No.12808887


I assume you're really young, but you need to avoid destroying those close to you, even if you think they're beyond fucktarded.

0ef105  No.12808959


You can tell your mother she's wrong without sounding like a nigger-brained faggot yourself.

Besides, when it comes to women, even your own mother (and often people in general), appearing not to care what they believe, while confidently disagreeing is far more convincing. If you're man-aged, your mother should defer to you on basically everything that isn't a matter of experience, but she'll only do such a thing if you're above needing her to validate your position, which is likely what you fail to communicate when you call her names for being wrong. Unless, of course, you were smugly chuckling when you called her stupid; that would communicate dominance, and, in the woman's brain, correctness.

I guess the point is be cool, and if you are, then good on you.

350ca1  No.12809091


Btw, your grandmother is probably Silent Generation if your mom was early Gen X. Silent Generation were way too passive, but they tend to have their heads on straight compared to the Greatest Generation, one of the dumbest generations of Americans ever.

d10035  No.12809129

File: 7108660218acd40⋯.jpg (146.82 KB, 658x500, 329:250, chilangos mexicunts.jpg)

she is delusional mexicunts are good-for-nothing I was in mexico shitty and is the worst place you would ever want to be fuck mexicunts if you see one better have your gun and ready to shot before they take your home

45e1e6  No.12810376

File: 64870f3663351bb⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 960x525, 64:35, 346234636.jpg)


Goodness gracious. You couldn't be more right. I would not be the least bit surprised if my parents took 14/88 rhetoric 100% seriously if some cakefaced bint wearing stripper heels and a blazer on a news panel said it. That pane of glass on their television screen is a sacred barrier to them and all images and messages coming from the other side are gospel that are not to be challenged.

Of course, my mother will scream and scream about the power of Russian propaganda and insist that people who watch Fox News are brainwashed and she says this, over and over, with absolutely zero self-awareness. She will rant and whine about the exploits of evil, creepy, opportunistic men - always white men, of course, she never notices they are kikes and when I point it out it's not relevant - and my dad will ignore her man-bashing because he's too busy looking through his little movie guidebook so he can figure out what other movies the actor/actress on screen has been in, what year the movies came out, and their ratings, because what's really important isn't the well-being and future of the offspring standing in front of you, no, what's really important is sticking your nose in a tiny book that fulfills all your celebrity worship needs and helps you figure out what Roger Ebert thought of Stephen Spielberg's 1975 thriller hit Jaws.

0ef105  No.12812027


Stop, this hits too close to home.

3a1ced  No.12812062

File: 8275c5e7edb9f14⋯.png (38.54 KB, 1240x371, 1240:371, onwomen.PNG)


Women, in general, are fucking stupid. They are not biologically wired to think logically, they are designed to think emotionally. They are useful for reproduction and caring for said offspring, as well as homemaking, and to a lesser degree companionship.

When you tell female humans that they are capable of anything while giving them whatever they ask for and encouraging them be vocal about what they want, you end up with an army of utterly entitled and vapid cunts. That is what the vast majority of Boomer women are a product of and that is why they are fucking pure cancer that cannot die off soon enough.

There's still hope for a portion of the younger and future generations of our women, but only if White men get firm hold of the reigns and start putting restrictions back in place on the weaker sex. If that doesn't happen, it won't matter what bullshit the kikes do or do not continue to pull on the goyim, the world will spiral further out of control and ultimately into pitch darkness as a result of miserable useless sets of holes running out of control.

tl;dr kikery and toxic femininity go hand in hand and the solution is White men killing their enemies

439171  No.12826014


The problem is christianity and its "no matter how many times you fuck up you are always forgiven" policy. Christian women produce tons of mulattoes but are never kicked out of the community because god loves all, even those that trash it from the inside.

ba1af0  No.12826092


Christianity is a malleable collection of abstract ideas jews use to control whites.

5561f1  No.12826224

>talking to NPCs

Found your problem.

5bb0fd  No.12827048


>insults natsocs

> calls natsocs jews

Is this the new strategy from the civnat jew cucks from TDS?

5bb0fd  No.12827049


It’s the worship and deification of weakness

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