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File: 395286d4f35dd55⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1189x672, 1189:672, alternative_cold_war__sovi….png)

File: 097488f2b98941a⋯.png (170.59 KB, 1920x722, 960:361, ja0gxue6onf21.png)

fa17f4  No.12787778

I unironically shill for Russia, I honestly believe she is the salvation of us all. Irrevant of her ideology, as long as she isn't a democracy she will have my support.

d9482a  No.12787855


>That image

>Halford Mackinder's nightmare scenario

So would you shill for the USSR or just an imperial Russia?

fa17f4  No.12787980


Both, it doesn't matter. Whatever it takes for Russia to expand.

d9482a  No.12788006


So are you pro Russian or just a civic nationalist who likes big states?

Also, would you be pro-Russia if Russia began genociding Europeans?

I take it you're Russian.

704a6e  No.12788061


It looks like a second mongolian empire.

fa17f4  No.12788086


>so are you pro Russian

Very much so.

>or just a civic nationalist who likes big states?

I wouldn't mind EU/USA/China collapsing, any of the three.

>Also, would you be pro-Russia if Russia began genociding Europeans?

That wouldn't happen in any case. Inb4 muh Katyn.

>I take it you're Russian.


428918  No.12788113

File: 68e736cfac4014e⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 562x768, 281:384, 9dF2DY7.jpg)

sounds pretty based to me

d9482a  No.12788164


>Very much so (pro-Russian as opposed to pro-Russia)

So do you like any other European ethnic groups or just Russians?

>That wouldn't happen in any case

It did under the USSR which you said you'd support.

fa17f4  No.12788211


Rest of the Slavs.

Hey, dissidents need to be dealt with. And still, 50 years of Soviet rule weren't any more brutal than any other historical example of conquered nation. Don't let the core butthurt belt (Balts, Poles) try to sell you their talking points how Soviets were equally bad if not worse than the Nazis.

00e60d  No.12788229

File: 8e142b38f2aaa53⋯.jpg (87.37 KB, 759x540, 253:180, Israel folder.jpg)


>were equally bad if not worse than the Nazis.

d9482a  No.12788230


While 8/pol/ is for all dissidents, it is generally a White nationalist board, not a board devoted to proclaiming one European ethnic group superior to others. Poles should rule Poland, Germans should rule germany, etc.

Why do you value the needs of Russians over other peoples, including yourself, if you are not even a real Russian?

00e60d  No.12788242


>Why do you value the needs of Russians over other peoples, including yourself, if you are not even a real Russian?

It's called being a cuck. They have an unnatural desire to be dominated.

786560  No.12788243

34c6c6  No.12788247


Slav here, do you like me anon?

d9482a  No.12788298


At present, OP seems like a real cuckold. Imagine supporting a foreign ethnic group dominating your own people. Sounds suspisciously familiar…

fa17f4  No.12788335


>Why do you value the needs of Russians over other peoples

Because they are the only thing that can secure the further existance of Slavs, their opressive and socially conservative government policies are the perfect tool for preserving pic related peoples way of life, cutting us from the faggotry of the west.


So am I. Sure I like you, just don't support EU & US.

34c6c6  No.12788355


Sadly my country is a German satellite state now and always has been a part of Huns' empire.

c8b3e0  No.12788664


Poles ruled Poland in commie days. After capitalism came, everything was taken over by the west. Compared to that, Russian influence practically didnt exist.

9006f5  No.12788689


I'm not convinced the Russians want genuine territorial reunification with the Central Asian stans.

249972  No.12788704


>Hey, dissidents need to be dealt with

Deal with yourself, you bootlicking subhuman.

3f87a9  No.12788755

File: 32deb7bafa3b9f9⋯.jpg (669.55 KB, 766x3231, 766:3231, ancap cop.jpg)


Spotted the ancap.

5c1219  No.12788781


That's because it is.

655882  No.12788811


of course they don't, nowadays russkies even don't want to liberate ukraine

fdca62  No.12788891


>Whatever it takes for Russia to expand.

>Whatever it takes for Bolshevism to expand.

428918  No.12788904

File: 179862de3c36da9⋯.jpg (132.64 KB, 610x733, 610:733, 1FLFk9t.jpg)


>Russian influence practically didnt exist

we'll always be Russia's Austria who cares about influence tbh

0378cb  No.12788905

File: e55475c554ae8f4⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 3996x3192, 333:266, hiv-graph-statista.jpg)


I found your masturbatory fantasy maps



Duginists and russophiles are the pathetic. They can't comprehend that the rest of the world does not need or want they incompetent governance. Fetishizing russia because they are "conservative" is so off the mark that it's ridiculous. They are the most AIDS filled country in Europe, with the most abortions, the highest murder rate, most corrupt, and like western Europe only growing their population due to immigration. Chechens run Russia like a bitch and yet dumb westerners like to praise Russia because sometimes they attack feminists and fags. But Russia attacks everyone who disagrees with the state. White nationalists, Russian nationalists, anti-islamics, all have done jail time so that Russia's paper thin unity can last. You want a strong authoritarian state? Fine. But take off your beer goggles and face the fact the Russia isn't your orthodox trad state and is instead just as degenerate if not more so than the west.

b87094  No.12789113


I agree, or at least the Slavs in general. Could be the V4 or Russia or both. Or some pan-Slavic federation. I like Hungarians too, even though they're not Slavic.

428918  No.12789114



whew cringe kys

4dd7a7  No.12789468


>I unironically shill for Russia, I honestly believe she is the salvation of us all.

They just so happen to have interests that align with the civilized portion of the planet at the moment. Look at it from their perspective: If the kikes take over the middle east and run their pipelines into europe, russia has no one to sell their oil to. Also the middle east is a great jumping point to begin another russia/afgan style war that will engulf their entire country. Its the same reason why iran and hez are fighting in syria. Keeps the kikes two countries away from their border.

fa17f4  No.12789487

File: 88442eff0bbae41⋯.png (245.37 KB, 1200x450, 8:3, 4gyuqea9n2c21.png)

File: 5c26a452eed6790⋯.jpg (52.47 KB, 650x433, 650:433, a76pgyj0mnj11.jpg)

File: 85be04f6d8c472f⋯.png (95.07 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, upg2lguto7g01.png)

File: 6526c776e2f1163⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 401x532, 401:532, O0PqkP.jpg)

File: c947844028eb608⋯.png (336.23 KB, 1200x4134, 200:689, oedkm5sjmj401.png)





Muh dick.

f2e7c4  No.12789716


Careful with Kaiserreich. It may be fun to have an alternate history but the community and developers are filled to the brim with unironic anarchists that think their pie-in-the-sky syndicalism will actually work in real life. I give it a few months before we start seeing syndie flags and fags at commie marches. And I don't mean the IWW, I mean flags from the game in real life.

cf877f  No.12789739

File: 52aa226818060dc⋯.png (43.24 KB, 595x689, 595:689, Bozhe moi.png)

000000  No.12789796

>be slavic

>speak uralic language

>wat do

887ccb  No.12789844

File: 299204603dd25da⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 300x290, 30:29, reeeally.gif)


>2nd biggest immigration ratio on the planet

>almost all of it Central Asian Muslims

>native birthrate is shit, but that doesn't stop the Kreml

>will literally be a Muslim state by 2060

I am so glad Russia is shrinking compared to other powers and will never ever regain its former station.

Ethnic Russians are the ultimate civic cucks, who get their asses rammed for centuries for muh empire, get conscripted for 13 years and die in bumfuck nowhere so mr tzar/first secretary/whatever can paint more of his territory on a map, never ever see any dividends from all this overextension and now they'll get phased out.

Putin is a McCain w/o a brain tumour and with a seni-dictatorial positon and media backing isntead. Thats all.


>Poles ruled Poland in commie days.

How did we rule Poland, you piece of dog shit? The puppet government was minority Polish in a 99% Polish population state. We were robbed for 50 years of our productivity to the point of people welding wagons full of goods to the tracks out of desperation and our "leaders" were mostly handpicked soviet patriots educated in Moscow. We were occupied by massive Soviet force that had preferential access to resources over the citizens and our own military was allowed a stockpile of ammo that only lasted a month.

"We ruled ourselves", guys. lol

940d71  No.12789858

File: f4adf3ce8c401fb⋯.jpg (59.9 KB, 600x445, 120:89, russia-will-become-majorit….jpg)


>A bizarre alliance of neocons, Western chauvinists, crazy Russian nationalists, Islamist fanatics, and plain Russophobes have been peddling the imminent prospect of a Muslim-majority Russian Army and a Russabia ruled from the Caucasus Emirates for almost a decade. But one does not have to be a proponent of mass Muslim immigration, or to deny that serious problems of radicalization exist in some Russian Muslim communities, to call out such projections for the fear-mongering BS they really are. Here is a graph that decisively refutes the “Russabia” thesis:

>Anatoly Karlin

From Russia To Russabia? Not Anytime Soon

This Featured Post in Da Russophile about Demographics, and tagged Eurabia, Islam, Russia, was written by Anatoly Karlin on July 8, 2013 . 7 Comments

Faced with the utter failure of their doom-laden projections for Russia’s population future to describe reality – it’s population is now not only growing in absolute terms, but even barring migration its number of births now virtually equals the number of deaths – the more guttural elements of the interwebs are now resorting to another strategy: “But it’s all due to Muslims anyway!”

A bizarre alliance of neocons, Western chauvinists, crazy Russian nationalists, Islamist fanatics, and plain Russophobes have been peddling the imminent prospect of a Muslim-majority Russian Army and a Russabia ruled from the Caucasus Emirates for almost a decade. But one does not have to be a proponent of mass Muslim immigration, or to deny that serious problems of radicalization exist in some Russian Muslim communities, to call out such projections for the fear-mongering BS they really are. Here is a graph that decisively refutes the “Russabia” thesis:


The percentage of births in Russia’s traditionally Muslim” republics in the North Caucasus (Agygea, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Chechnya) and the Volga (Bashkortostan, Tatarstan) is a mere 13%-14% of the total – and shows no signs of increasing at a sustained and rapid rate.

It should furthermore be noted that of the above only Dagestan, Chechnya, and Ingushetia have predominantly Muslim population – and their share of total Russian births, at just a little above 5%, are today virtually the same as they were in 2006. This is especially relevant because the vast bulk of Russia’s problems with Islamic fundamentalism and armed opposition to Russian state power are concentrated there.

>Finally, the Muslim demographic expansion is self-limiting. A lot of the people who push Russabia (and Eurabia) are apparently under the impression that their typical family has 6 children, which in turn will have 6 children, and so on until they squeeze out everyone else. This is completely and utterly wrong. In Russia, at least, the only Muslim region with a TFR higher than the replacement level rate is Chechnya; as of 2009, it was at 3.38 children per woman, compared to 1.97 in Ingushetia, 1.96 in Dagestan, and far less in all the others – in fact, both Kabardino-Balkaria’s and Tatarstan’s TFR of 1.51 was *less* than the Russian average of 1.54. As such, far from reflecting any innate demographic strength, the current high rates of natural increase seen in Russia’s Muslim republics – or even more specifically, in Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Chechnya – are due in large part to the youthfulness of those regions’ populations. Young populations have, by definition, few old people (hence low mortality) and many young people (hence high natality). Considering that *all* of Russia’s Muslim regions with the partial exception of Chechnya – which, however, accounts for a mere 1% of its population and 2% of its newborn – are rapidly undergoing demographic transition, this is necessarily a temporary state of affairs.

940d71  No.12789860



887ccb  No.12789874


Pretend immigration don't exist and you're not further down the path of minority majority than even US all you want. Nobody wants your budget Mordor, Mehmedovich.

Furthermore all other large powers will keep outpacing you, you will only fall further behind. Nothing to offer nothing to win with, I'm gonna enjoy watching you try to keep up instead of developing your country with all that raw resource money.

000000  No.12789915



You're assuming nobody is migrating, or pretend like it's a small number. Russia and its neighboring regions are the Europe and North Africa before it even started. The "rest of Russia" has a large Muslim population already and if some shitskin marries outside of his faith, I can guarantee you that the family stays Muslim and the gene pool is inevitably browned. Look at the demographics of the largest cities and read the retarded shit you've posted again. And once those become fully fucked, everything is going to spill to the rest of the country.


I keep seeing these threads come up and I don't understand where you have to get your information from. I know Europe is slowly becoming an Arab and nigger majority, but do you really think being ruled by another country that's been mongolized and then shitskinned is a great alternative? >>12788905 is correct, but I'd say it's similar to India more. A once perspective country sodomized by subhumans into the state it exists in today, complete with absolute bureaucracy, retarded leadership bordering on mental illness and Pajeet behaviors minus street shitting.

ff667c  No.12789934

File: 39b8623b2a521eb⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1464720052789.jpg)

I'll invade you with a million zerglings and we'll have this talk later, Vlad. I'll train you even if it means breaking you

ff667c  No.12789941

File: 68b9912bcc933fb⋯.jpg (51.65 KB, 720x531, 80:59, 1464068866673-3.jpeg.jpg)


I've already foreseen their pleas for help. Since they funded my revolution I'll make it happen, but not before I watch a drip or two of sweat fall to the floor. I want those weapons and all that food, Vlad. Do it not and I promise your complete annihilation. We're gonna be friends, I can tell

787e20  No.12789942


>the GDR

He doesn't know that the GDR was actually trying to continue third position under soviet rule…

54532b  No.12789959

Slavs can take Central Asia (it's their rightful clay) but should fuck off from North Eastern Europe and give back Finnic and Baltic lands and GTFO of our countries

82c8f8  No.12789987

File: 70d3d4bbd207837⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 1013x745, 1013:745, 1447183414034[1].jpg)

I believe.

dd40a8  No.12790000


>uses "she" to refer to a country

Yep he's russian.

000000  No.12790027

You must understand the need of Russians to add clay.

It is a dark cold forever frigid bumhole here in Moscow. All the smart Slavs emigrated to them sweet shiny Balkans, or at least semi-oceanic Poland and Czechia. Or were smart enough to stay in somewhat warm Ukraine. Some however went to Opolie fertile region of future Muscovy during the last warm period of X-XIII century, when it was actually a nice place akin to modern Poland, and not to the gray frozen fringe it is now 9 months a year.

So except for semi-decent places like Voronezh and south of it, most Russians would happily annex any piece of clay with some warmth in it, I mean look how batshit insane they were with adding a small peninsula the size of Massachusetts or Slovenia, consequences be damned up to nuking everyone.

It is warm there, for a change.

It's just they had forgotten to live on their own, after all the Tsarist and Soviet tyranny, so they can't imagine just going on foot to new places like the Syrians did. Otherwise I'd expect up to 50 million Russians invading-settling Turkey or the Balkans or Italy or wherever Goths settled from the Ukraine in search of warmth and distance from Hunnic subhumans. All poor refugees from Attila or Puttila or whatever.

The Finns may have whatever empty icy shithole they greedily covet so much after the Russians go the way of the wise Serbo-Croats and ditch everything if favor of Warm.

It's not like Helsinki is notably warmer than Moscow. The mean temperature in Helsinki is a whole 0.1C colder than in Moscow. I shit you not, winters in Helsinki are around +3C warmer than in Moscow, and summers are -3C colder. Almost same climate, due to sea influence. I bet Vologda climate will murderfuck Finnish colonists by hundreds, must be the reason Proto-Finns themselves ditched it 3000 years ago and moved to the Baltic.

dd40a8  No.12790034

File: b91457706a7b5d5⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 976x549, 16:9, _97785507_cbale976.jpg)


Some fat quads right there

940d71  No.12790065


I am from Croatia and can safely say that you are full of shit. Russians emigrating to Balkans? Nice try.

Shows how much of a "russian" you are. Goddamn yank.

80e4bc  No.12790071


>I unironically shill for Russia, I honestly believe she is the salvation of us all. Irrevant of her ideology, as long as she isn't a democracy she will have my support.


~From "Yockey - A Facist Odyssey":

In the event of a Russian occupation of Europe, Yockey saw two possibilities: (1) endless uprisings until Russia tired and left; (2) a relatively lenient regime that would be infilitrated, causing within a few decades the "Europeanisation" of Russia to a more meaningful extent than the Petrinism of prior centuries. This would "eventually result in the rise of a new Symbiosis: Europe-Russia." "Its final form would be that of a European Imperium." The Russian occupation of Western Europe would eliminate the "inner enemy," "the Michel-stratum" and "thus liberate all creative forces within Europe from the tyranny of the Past." Petty-statism would go with the traitors, kept in power by American bayonets. "The barbarian, whether he wished it or not, would complete the spiritual unification of Europe by removing the only inner-European obstacle to that unity." "The American-Jewish Symbiosis appeals to the worst of Europe." Russian occupation would even eliminate the inner enemies of Europe. The first victims would be the local communist parties, as the types attracted to these could not be trusted. They were Marxist theorists whereas Russia's true religion was not Marxism but "Russia." Stalin eliminated the Comintern in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc. To Yockey, real enslavement comes from the USA. It is the Huxleyan "soft" slavery.

000000  No.12790072


russia is fucking cancer and i doubt they are needed in europe, just like i have my doubts that the southern united states with hwhite hispanic majorities should become mexico in a couple hundred years.

dd40a8  No.12790083

File: c95ad71081f4c23⋯.png (718.22 KB, 1291x845, 1291:845, c95ad71081f4c237742a48aee2….png)


It's hard to believe, but this RIDFag is right though, at least partially. There are russians who escape motherland shitfest to a nearby more civilized country (with less aids, chechens, better food and healthcare, etc). It's nowhere near significant, but the figure is steadily growing. In fact, I'm one of them. Linguistic and cultural similarities soften the impact on the psyche that is usually comparable to a chick getting out of dark shitstained coop to see the outside world (which is also full of shit, but less, and of a different kind). For the first three months I was talking to my friends about how food is not shit, imagine that.

15fb34  No.12790087

File: 8a251f18ab6dd22⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 500x375, 4:3, brzinskydugin.jpg)

File: 4cac8068db3a627⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 327x499, 327:499, 51TTL 0Br3L._SX325_BO1,204….jpg)

File: e8c2c0aad9869ab⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 220x299, 220:299, 220px-FoundationsGeopoliti….jpg)

Russia is not our friend

000000  No.12790118


You mongrel idiot, Serbia and Montenegro and Bulgaria are choke full of Russians escaping their frozen over paradise. IIRC Bulgaria upped their golden visa requirements to 300k Euro, so Russians couldn't just sell their flat or two and forever relocate to EU Slavic state that is warm for a change. Montenegro almost had a literal coup by FSB mercs in attempt to control that very attractive refuge point for sane Russians.

The quality of life in Belgrade is already comparable to Moscow in all financial matters (for the common folk, the kiked tyranny dogs need not apply). Except the climate is so much warmer, the people are nicer from not surviving in frozen over gulag, and percent of Muslims is SO much lower.

Which equals to Balkan states, except maybe Bosnia and Albania from Muslims, being already much better than anything Putinstan might offer. I already make preparations to relocate to Montenegro permanently.

And if Catholic Serbs don't like it, they may settle under the sea for all I care. The brothers must share, you greedy bitch. You already fucked away from Western Ukraine to the Adriatic, a smart move in retrospective. Maybe we should learn from our Serb brothers and move too.

There are 30 million Russians living outside of Russia, with Balkans being a preferable alternative to those who can't afford rich countries like Germany or the USA or Scandinavia or Czechia or Canada (I taught English to three men who emigrated to the USA and Canada already, just last year). They are all being niggerified anyway, except for Czechia who I heard was so full of Russians and Ukrainians they had had shit fits over Crimea there. So even the non-EU states on the Balkans become a potential hideout from this pink Soviet tyranny of Chechen bandits and Jewish oligarchs.

BTW, if somebody has that brilliant idea to give refugees motorboats and machine guns and point them at Constantinople, I'm ever ready. The Finns and Chechens might share the snowy shithole for all I care.

edc886  No.12790125


jewish slide thread

b0f213  No.12790142


>Implying the world isn't ready for the glorious Australian Reich

f2a550  No.12790186



It someone elses trun OP?

I think Russia had enough time in the spotlight.

Nobody likes a selfish, spoiled little bitch, OP.

223ee8  No.12790208


They want to be close to Constantinople genuinely I think other than that, I dunno

c6d29c  No.12790249

The USSR would have been nothing after WW2 without being propped up by Lend & Lease. Communism doesn't produce shit, that L&L equipment still ended up being used in Russia for decades for that reason too.

I think the reason Stalin changed the stance from "worldwide communism" to "socialism in one country" not because he was OMG BASED AND REDPILT but because he was pretty fucking smart, he knew that the shitty inefficient system can't take on the world so he'd rather have an iron fist over an established collection of populations living in abject poverty ignorant to the world outside.

2aeaf3  No.12790269

File: 1d1e6b988139313⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 791x484, 791:484, russia divided 2.jpg)


>First map


>Northern Norway

Retarded. Here's a better map.

d9482a  No.12790352


>Because they are the only thing that can secure the further existance of Slavs

So if Poland got a true nationalist government that protected the people, would you become a Polish shill?

000000  No.12790622


kola and finnish karelia still occupied.

d6023c  No.12790653

File: 5ea58cd3f37e57c⋯.jpg (71.08 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 1473700954378.jpg)


>some retard tries worldbuilding

>makes a map where 90% of the new countries would die of starvation, while survivors would flee to, ironically, a region called Russia

000000  No.12790691

i don't understand why its always the most run down countries that think others want to be ruled by them, surely it is advisable to get one's own house in order first?

c6d29c  No.12790957


OP states he's not Russian though. People in the West such as writers have had this strange fascination with Russia for centuries, they would romanticize it without knowing much how it actually is, projecting traits onto it that just plain don't apply, thinking it's on the same caliber as Western European nations when it was a pretty bad, un-Western place to live under the surface of pretty looking nobility. I suppose it's the same effect that created the myth of the Noble Savage.

d6023c  No.12791397


>muh lende lease

every thread.

you homos overestamate your gay little aid program, most of which england got, because you did barely any fighting in the war.

>m-muh steel, muh trucks

the USSR was saved by the industry created in the 30s in northern caucases and behind the urals. millions of people were fucking deported to serve as a workforce of the industrial backbone there. and the trucks, much like the motorization of the red army, as with the german army, was overestemated aswell, as a major part of towing and similar tasks were done by horses which remained from the calvary reforms in the 30s and were generally moved to use in the far east. the only reason russians used trucks to the extent they did was because they were free gibs as was the fuel for them.

you dense motherfucker.

im gonna screencap my post just so i can throw it at you the next time you start shitposting about your gay little fundraiser

000000  No.12791490


hello comrade, how are you settling in?

a7638f  No.12791525


>i don't understand why its always the most run down countries that think others want to be ruled by them

Right, most of the world doesn't understand Americans either.

c6d29c  No.12791589


>that tankie who can barely spell or construct a coherent sentence

Every thread.

If Lend & Lease didn't matter at all, is that why the Red Army got its ass kicked every time it was engaged with a real army, including one of an underdeveloped country of a bunch of reindeer herdsmen with nothing but snow during the Winter War until the Americans started propping it up, and all it was good for until then was brutalizing unarmed peasants?

685982  No.12791590


>yugoslavia as soviet client state

>yugoslavia with albanians and bulgarians in it

>historically british client states like iraq in russian sphere

>Artsakh not part of Armenia

>Kurdistan but mount ararat is not in armenia

>fucking east austria

>dramatically different finnish borders comprising part of the kola peninsula

dude wtf.

a3acb0  No.12792059

File: 66989ec34e8c651⋯.jpeg (71.74 KB, 800x450, 16:9, C7BD725F-2DC8-4BBD-BF47-D….jpeg)

File: be5256d0c1aa5db⋯.jpeg (104.44 KB, 851x479, 851:479, 6090144E-905B-4722-8649-E….jpeg)


>nationalists are pathetic lol xD

>what is per capita

>Russia is more degenerate than this

I wonder (((who))) made this post

Also Ukrainians literally have to fight against their government’s degeneracy

a3acb0  No.12792062



>nationalists are pathetic lol xD

>what is per capita

>Russia is more degenerate than this

I wonder (((who))) made this post

Also Ukrainians literally have to fight against their government’s degeneracy

e45004  No.12792129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Russia and Israel have a special relationship, possibly stronger than America and Israel.

e45004  No.12792152

File: 650db66d8bbe40c⋯.jpg (88.82 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.jpg)

File: 4649eb79c2f72d7⋯.jpg (155.01 KB, 602x356, 301:178, communism2.jpg)


>50 years of Soviet rule weren't any more brutal than any other historical example of conquered nation.

You've clearly never been sent to a Gulag or have been forcefully starved to death by your Jewish overlords.

c6d29c  No.12792215


inb4 "but gulags were for criminals and traitors!"

Yeah… anyone in the USSR could be considered a "criminal".

d6023c  No.12792315



we dont have CP here homo.

699343  No.12792319



KEK. They fought ebil Nazis and won. So they were taken by ebil Commies. Irony. Main problem with communism was censorship and ban on traveling. At least Russians didn't want to replace us by niggers and muslims.

24e091  No.12792328


Not really. Germany just ran out of resources

d6023c  No.12792360

File: 57d1ea77fe2fc74⋯.png (93.96 KB, 315x691, 315:691, 1439854879126.png)


>u a commie cuz u dont like america

no, im just not gay.

finland was great for guerilla warfare which fins luckly knew well, and generally all armies going in with conventional tactics will get fucked. much like germany did in yugoslavia or america did in alaska

>pic related lol

being a fucking retard that watches history channel you are, you might aswell jump to the conclusion that the USSR won because stalin purged so many people around the same time.

so why dont you take your superpower complex and go win some desert war youve been losing for the past two decades

c6d29c  No.12792374


>accusing me of being an amerifat and not being able to even multiquote

lol, I knew it's you, I recognize this distinctive style

You're not necessarily a commie, just retarded. And it's just mighty funny that you only ever come out of the woodwork if somebody talks shit about the USSR.

And no, calling everyone homos won't make you fit in here.

699343  No.12792388


>Europe is slowly becoming an Arab and nigger majority, but do you really think being ruled by another country that's been mongolized and then shitskinned is a great alternative?

European countries are ruled by EU already. I don't shill for Russian Empire. But if EU didn't fall or kick out all muslims and niggers, white race is done. I don't care about religions. Christianity or islam. Who gives a fuck. You can erase religion in 20 years. But you will never turn nigger to aryan.

9acad5  No.12793610



Nice job replying twice to the same post dimwit.

>>nationalists are pathetic lol xD

I am a nationalist for my own nation, not Russia. If you want to run roughshod over Europe you best be able to defend your tyrannical rule from basic criticism.

>>what is per capita

Per Capita Russia is still more degenerate then many western and eastern countries. Economically they are shit as well. Despite the the vast wealth of Siberia and an enormous population they have a GDP the size of Italy.

Calling out your Russian fetishism doesn't make me a jew. If you want to suck muscovite cock you do it quietly in the corner where you belong faggot.

000000  No.12793675


5354c8  No.12793753

File: 7dd56f5dde44a3e⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 7397f608706bb28fe94d352508….jpg)


Considering most Russian posters on this board want to murder me graphically for the accident of being born in le wrong country, no thanks.

d6023c  No.12795402



whats there to multiquote about your shitpost? how gay you are?

>lol, I knew it's you, I recognize this distinctive style

>youre this boogeyman from long ago that killed my parents

yeah thats it. you get debunked so you turn to calling me names.

>And no, calling everyone homos won't make you fit in here.

im only calling you a fag. youre not everyone. you halfchan tier stupid homo.

efdb98  No.12795408

File: 6d91b9cfc301571⋯.png (389.01 KB, 1920x1037, 1920:1037, 6d91b9cfc30157122b1aafc646….png)

File: 7a3f02347d637c6⋯.png (244.06 KB, 644x485, 644:485, 6f8a9dae0b78e0e8c3d758c8e8….png)

>being unironically pro Jewish


efdb98  No.12795427


At least ukies vocally don't like faggotry, on principal. Ruskies are totally fine with as long it as long people don't make fun of them for it.

c6d29c  No.12795542


Sheesh this post just radiates sub-90 IQ. Also learn what a "shitpost" is - it's not a "post that is shit", it's an ironically bad post - you reek of "how do you do, fellow kids".

You seem upset anyway.

d6023c  No.12796032


>muh iq

we need to get the wordfilter back

>whats a shitpost

its a pointless post usually posted across multiple threads multiple times purely for the sake of the authors amusement or stupidity.

i.e. your lenlease shitposting.

the mere fact that youre crying like a bitch right now instead of defending your viewpoint shows that your lend lease shitpost is exactly that; a shitpost.

9b5d86  No.12796110


>Montenegro almost had a literal coup by FSB mercs in attempt to control that very attractive refuge point for sane Russians.

it was false flad operation. just like trump and russia collusion. president of Montenegro needed that type of event to win elections.

c6d29c  No.12796172


Crying like a bitch? Yep, projection as expected. And only a shitskin would bitch about mentioning IQ anyway.

Continue being delusional, just like with the notion that Russia "saved" Eastern Europe or that communist economies only failed because muh embargos.

7ea7b3  No.12796348

File: a08bdec0ff34e52⋯.png (529.4 KB, 657x987, 219:329, JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP.png)

Every fucking thread is JUST straight shilling.

000000  No.12796445


95% of the current Federation has nothing to do with real Russia.

a25d99  No.12796494

File: fc5c7343f6f5fc5⋯.jpeg (99.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 3.jpeg)


>A civnat cuck megastate where the leaders don't even know the languages and religions of their subjects will be the salvation of us all

Why are slavshits such bootlicking slaves? OP's is a good demonstration of their subhuman slave race tendencies.

a5f36d  No.12797158


>Russian imperialism will save the Nations.

What a waste of digits.

8fd5b3  No.12797665


Antony C Sutton: Wall Street and the rise of Hitler & communism


Banking with hitler


Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch puppet



Speech from the 1960s. Major George Racey Jordan was responsible for facilitating the transfer of American Arms and Technology to the USSR during WWII under the Lend Lease Program. He kept a detailed diary including Primary Source documentation.


000000  No.12797961


Considering how devious yet incompetent FSB is, I might as well suppose they fucked up as usual and that Montenegrin not-dictator gave it a good spin, maybe baited them in. Poroshenko got his hour of fame from all the Donbass happenings, the Boeing blown up especially, the same way.

Blowing Russian houses mini-9/11 style to conquer Muslim Chechens of Ichkeria for Bolshevik Chechens of Moscow is not as easy as executing foreign people with nerve gas and no witnesses, much less couping a country. Socialist negative selection in action, retards inherit jobs they were never qualified for.

Honestly now, Russia had been having Jewish rule 100 years before now and never had its de-Bolshevikation, only a born retard might suppose it could be any improvement. RF hates and genocides its Russian majority same way Euros and Mutts get soft-genocided. If anything, Russia is the nearest future of Western Europe, a thoroughly pozzed and poor White majority state with South African tier incompetence and savagery yet insanely rich oligarchs of suspiciously Jewish ancestry or ties and their Chechen dogs. World leader of income inequality. The day RF, the spawn of USSR, dies, the Russians will see a major improvement in their lives.

They will also probably spill everywhere, which is good, fuck this frigid gulag. I'd rather turn Serb or Montenegrin or whatever than stay a 56%er prototype any longer.

Kill this golem. Everything needed to turn USA into Israel's bitch was first tested on Russia, what else do you need.

51320c  No.12797972


I have noticed.

5504dc  No.12798022

God bless Ukraine. There is no Russian sphere of influence, there is only ZOG and those trying to break free from its yoke.

000000  No.12798127


>Jewish oligarch president

>Jewish prime minister

>Jewish not_Hillary witch in opposition

<G-D bless Ukraine

He sure did. Jews make up 0.2% of Ukraine's population but 100% of its upper government.

c6d29c  No.12798148


It's basically the usual business - choose between Jews or other Jews.

0d3295  No.12798314

File: 019ce12ca125646⋯.jpg (72.89 KB, 850x400, 17:8, democracy_ezrapound.jpg)

Lots to unpack there. The biggest question is, why ?

I'm not anti-Russia, but I'm skeptical that the Russian Federation can even hold together over the long run. I think once Putin is gone the (((American))) state department and the disgruntled oligarchs will pick the country apart. I'm neutral on Russia, but I hope Putin is grooming a successor or series of successors because the federation breaking up would be a bloody catastrophe that white countries will inevitably get baited into fighting over and dying by the millions.

000000  No.12798327

Im russian and I must say that amout of bullshit upon our country is bigger than our land…

861817  No.12798329

Russia has potential to turn into a white ethno-state, but they are ruled by Kahal as well. In fact, USA and Russia are the only countries in the world where any resistance of the type would be (theoretically) possible. Both scenarios would require A LOT of purging though.

d6023c  No.12798433


>u projectin

>u shitskin

>sum economics

were talking about your lend lease shitposting homo.

000000  No.12798455

Shilling for Russia is idiotic. It suffers all same problems as the West to some lesser extents and some added on. Everything needs to crash everywhere we need to rebuilt and start anew.

b990f1  No.12798544

File: 98528b5b04357cd⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 236x328, 59:82, cf97ec8f4e7382eb8172d648dd….jpg)

File: 5fda04c55c1cf19⋯.jpg (25.36 KB, 236x335, 236:335, 8c65e475f021d318fd9e382cf5….jpg)

Yes please!

Cant wait to liberated by Slavs again!

Last time was such a blast!

000000  No.12798597


The most terrible acts committed by the Red Army do not rest on the shoulders of Russian Whites.

The description of these troops made by Patton does not suggest Whites at all.

This does not mean there would have not been disgusting Slavs doing horrible things to Germans too, but it certainly was a racial mixed bag, with all those Eurasians, Turks, Mongols, etc. Look even at the faces of the Reds in those two paintings.

I know of the book Hellstorm. Do these two paintings refer to events in particular or are the general?

000000  No.12798644


siberians hate the central government, it is a bit like texas except they get all their shit stolen soviet style so they are broke.

641941  No.12798657

File: c1a1931b2a5ed1c⋯.jpg (108.21 KB, 735x400, 147:80, Putin-Russia-Muslims.jpg)

>One of Europe's largest mosques opens in Moscow


>Scientists claim that almost half of the Russian population inherited Mongol genes


>Russia: Drone captures massive Eid al-Fitr celebrations in Moscow


>Russia: The World's Second-Largest Immigration Haven


>part of the plan /Kadyrov’s soldiers (20.000) are ready to kill Ukrainians


>Crimea: Largest Mosque Ever Built, for Crimean Tatars


>Political Islam, Migrant Crime, Terror Cells Challenge Putin Claims of 'Great White Hope'


>The Lingering Effects of Krokodil


>Putin's Pro-Islam, Pro-Diversity Speech


>FIFA World Cup 2018 with traditional russian women



>How Muslim Migrants Are Reshaping Russia's Dying Countryside, One Village At A Time


641941  No.12798658

File: 2586c388f94370f⋯.jpg (68.5 KB, 549x911, 549:911, gopnik.jpg)

>The death of the Russian far right. How the Kremlin destroyed the far right in Russia, while backing it in the West.


>Russian police detain hundreds in nationalist protests


>Russia nationalist leader jailed for life over hate crimes


>At least 86 Russian nationalist protesters reported arrested


>Far-Right Leader Dmitry Demushkin Arrested Ahead of Upcoming ‘Russian March’


>Russia now has more prostitutes than doctors, farmers and firemen combined


641941  No.12798660

File: 322dc738fb700b8⋯.png (74.87 KB, 768x512, 3:2, russia.png)

>Love and Race in Modern Russia. Mixed-race marriages are becoming more common in Russia


>From Russia With Love, Thousands of Wives for Turkish Husbands


>Trauma fades for mixed marriages in new Russia


>Russian newspaper encourages Russian-Chinese marriages


000000  No.12798669




So much for the Kipling theory.

000000  No.12805590


Never saw the second pic. It goes into my fap collection, thank you very much.

cf4484  No.12805723

>shilling for russia

wtf are you demented?

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