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000000  No.12789354

How an Alt-Right Leader Used a Lie to Climb the Ranks | Times Documentaries


000000  No.12789357

>Comments are disabled for this video.

828491  No.12789362


Aut-kike is a jewish lie, so this must be one of them. Sage.

27af62  No.12789368

File: 7dc15f23b4e2c08⋯.gif (834.72 KB, 350x200, 7:4, Inglourious-Basterds-chris….gif)

Did he reach the rank of Obergruppenfuhrer of the A-Nons?

49164f  No.12789414

Only a TRSodomite could have expected to get away with stealing ZOGbot valor after becoming a public figure. And listening to those clips from the shows, only TRSodomites could have ever thought he was telling the truth.

000000  No.12789416



Hence my quotes. There is no fucking leader. We're a leaderless resistance. These jews are making all these fake controlled opposition leaders for us in an attempt to subvert us. Real resistance is W.A.R. style like Tom Metzger proposed.

000000  No.12789443

Guys pause at 5:24 and kek at the "Was Hitler Right About Slavs" post that New York Times saved. They are watching us.

66204c  No.12789448

File: dff70dc97052152⋯.jpg (66.73 KB, 388x558, 194:279, savedyouaclick.jpg)

000000  No.12789456

Also 5:25 where they saved a post about a guy talking about his 500GB encrypted hard-drive of porn and there's a Hitler meme pic but other than that it is /b/-tier and has nothing to do with anything lel.

000000  No.12789469

>when they singing about picking cotton in dixie and the bus driver is a nigger


0a8d12  No.12789478

Literally who?

at least this is a good opportunity for some rare D&C faggotry

>alt kayak tee arr ess sawdomyte etc etc

000000  No.12789483


Just some random controlled OP prop. It is interesting to examine the propaganda though and think about what we are to do about this ZOG faggotry.

000000  No.12789573

jews did 9/11

000000  No.12789604

The guy lied about being a vet it seems.


Preaching to the choir.

ddf79f  No.12789605


>Real resistance is W.A.R. style like Tom Metzger proposed.


7e640a  No.12789608



478677  No.12789624

File: 0ce9456ce468d8e⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 640x360, 16:9, anon.jpg)

>tfw they will read about you for generations to come but will never know your name

0a8d12  No.12789629

File: da69202847c5faf⋯.jpg (593.26 KB, 2020x1500, 101:75, Viktor Vasnetsov 2.jpg)


>what to do about ZOG fagprop

Easy. Don't let it distract us, or lure us into playing defense when all we need to do is keep attacking.

49164f  No.12789630

File: 2d82fdd6f53fd21⋯.png (161.17 KB, 400x318, 200:159, cum.png)

File: e87a21514204738⋯.jpg (131.44 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1ab4e560ab5451888f305ba0f0….JPG)

File: 20084d2456755cf⋯.png (57.26 KB, 637x277, 637:277, Israel dindu nuffin.png)

I'm confused, I thought they were showing anti-Spencer protestors?


That's just a meme, goy.


His real name is Elliot Kline.

000000  No.12789651


www.resist.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on February 11, 2019, 6:59 p.m.. The current time is February 12, 2019, 12:54 a.m.. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE


See also: https://vault.fbi.gov/white-aryan-resistance

000000  No.12789665


>That's just a meme, goy.

The Mossad, working with their fellow jews the Saudis, made sure it happened and that no jewish lives were lost during it.

49164f  No.12789676

File: f09c5ad7b586e94⋯.jpg (26.67 KB, 433x505, 433:505, Mike_'Enoch'_Peinovich.jpg)


But Mike Enoch said it was just a meme?

On a serious note, the thing about no jews dying is actually false. Many were definitely warned, but others weren't. It's one of those nitpicky things the kikes love to focus on to try and discredit the truth.

14921d  No.12789721


Mike Enoch is Jewish kill yourself

Mike the Kike Pienovich and his Jewish supposed now ex-wife Ames


95ce6f  No.12789728


Why would someone record themselves looking like this?

14921d  No.12789731



478677  No.12789736


Have you seen the shit people do on camera for money? This is nothing.

bf2514  No.12789740


They take their alpha slave trophies very seriously.

99f55a  No.12789744



this is terribly unclever

478677  No.12789749

File: e683ef384a13831⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 434x250, 217:125, Are You New.jpg)

95ce6f  No.12789752


>That scene with Richard Spencer teaching a bus load of larpers how to sing Dixie

Absolutely bizarre. Why do these idiots constantly agree to do interview and documetnary's with MSM?

It never looks good in the end.

c2fac1  No.12789770

File: ff2abb82a3e085b⋯.jpg (116.99 KB, 756x564, 63:47, 1421690705904.jpg)

478677  No.12789772


It's not meant to. They are in it together.

386c19  No.12789774


>jews doing 9/11 is retarded

He's right, the Saudis did it on behalf of the jews.

27af62  No.12789800


Talking to the media in 2019 is the most retarded thing you can do. For those that know the truth its been retarded for a lot longer than the public now understands dating back at least 30 years getting you nowhere. Very few people have what it takes to truly speak in front of a camera that's going to be used as propaganda by your enemies.

fa59ab  No.12789802



>Claim the MSM is a great tool of the enemy

>Let it leech on you and milk clicks and buys through you

Either these retards are stupid, grow an ego a thousand times before it's even remotely appropriate, or they are a bunch of lying scumbags who are not your friends.

The only time where interviews, media and promotion is acceptable, is within the media that we ourselves control.

Also reddit spacing to trigger and to change the subject slightly; stop clicking on clickbait, articles, or any links to any site which you are aware are anti-white. Archive before spreading such links if what is in it needs to be seen. Laziness and lack of discipline in this is making you all look fucking stupid when you say "THE MSN IS THE ENEMY!"

000000  No.12791599


Outside of /pol/ do people believe these guys are legit and get influenced by these controlled ops?

d08da0  No.12791624

>aut right leeder

Yids are really grasping at straws here

a2fdcb  No.12791671



91fae0  No.12791688

File: dbcc8dcdd44609e⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1280x4192, 40:131, Kike Eunuch's dad's facebe….jpg)


You'd be surprised how widely accepted Mike Enoch still is, after admitting to being jewish and being exposed for bringing his B'nai B'rith faghag wife onto his fake WN podcast to lie to his followers and say things she didn't really believe.

Even Patrick Little is cucking for Eunuch, apparently because of some kike-hating 101 statement he made about Chomsky being controlled opposition. The same kind of thing you'd hear on RBN a decade or so ago.

bf0ec9  No.12791742


Another propped up target to try and get idiots to open themselves up?

5958fe  No.12792105


Tiresome twatkike. Go suck a bag of dicks.

08de64  No.12792145


(((eli mosley)))

>a jew

>outed for stolen valor

this is TRS

and it wasn't even 8/pol/ that doxed him

6ce950  No.12792148


For better or for worse, the alt-right has been rendered effectively non-existent. The highpoint for the alt-right was immediately after the election of Trump until just after Charlottesville. After that, the decline and fall into irrelevance of the alt-right was apparent and now they're reduced to a scarce few internet commenters who increasingly don't even use the term.

91fae0  No.12792149

File: b2f207a38dee5a7⋯.png (2.43 MB, 984x1320, 41:55, b2f207a38dee5a71725d9447e8….png)

6ce950  No.12792411


Interesting hatchet job. This just goes to show that, the next time we organize en mass, we must not speak to, give interviews with, or interact with the jewish media in any way other than from positions of power or violently (if it comes to that). This is clearly another case of splicing together the most ridiculous and misleading interactions together to form an anti-White canard.

Intelligent people think that they can give a rousing speech and articulate their positions well enough to sway others when their story is told by the media. But your story will never be told by them. Only the jew's story. And that story is vile and poisonous. Do not give them anything to work with because they will misrepresent what you say.

This seems obvious to some including me, but there are many people who think that they're special. It does not matter how articulate you are; the more you give them, the more they have to hang you with.

Treat the media as you should be treating cops;

Do not talk to them

000000  No.12792492


no one cares stop shilling your gay documentary

32b03f  No.12792689


>You'd be surprised how widely accepted Mike Enoch still is

Not everybody hate pro-whites.

32b03f  No.12792707

File: 6b9f16643699a6f⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 433x505, 433:505, mike enoch.jpg)


>This just goes to show that, the next time we organize en mass

You know that we that wanted no organization won, much thank to the FBI/antifa shutting down the competition?

We even got proof that white people are not free to protest our own genocide in the land of the free.

92bead  No.12792872


>You know that we that wanted no organization won, much thank to the FBI/antifa shutting down the competition?

How is babby formed?

91fae0  No.12793239

File: 55c3baf7d0783fa⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1477x3340, 1477:3340, Bulbasaur Talmud Apologeti….png)

File: 4fde7e6713ad9fe⋯.mp4 (2.42 MB, 640x356, 160:89, TRS Christmas.mp4)

File: 6511708093626b5⋯.png (277.84 KB, 1100x761, 1100:761, alt11.png)

File: 5261cacf8859df9⋯.png (596.51 KB, 956x1024, 239:256, tumblr gay children.png)

File: c14a8c497d20df1⋯.jpg (162.85 KB, 846x738, 47:41, Playlists.jpg)


>Mike is pro-white, h-he still loves me!

If Eunuch was sincere, he woudn't have brought his B'nai B'rith faghag wife onto the podcast to say things she didn't believe and pretend to be something she wasn't. Only a fool would think her husband was for real after that.

That's just one of the many holes in the character he depicts. Until around 2016, they were blatantly pro-Israel, denying the existence of jewish power, and condemning "ZOG people", yet Eunuch now claims that during his supposed "anti-neocon days" he was the only one who would say the wars for Israel. And why did Bulbasaur seem to view Enoch is some kind of Talmudic authority in a pro-jewish/pro-Talmud article he wrote (after they had already started the podcast)?

8b0847  No.12793719

File: f36b23bc4070b20⋯.png (51.62 KB, 731x731, 1:1, 5fVgvwa.png)


While there are probably some minor misrepresentations, as can be expected from anything coming out of the ziomedia, it isn't really a "hatchet job". You could tell Eli was lying just listening to how he talked about his supposed military service, even on TRS, and then how he reacted when being called on it as a lie. After that came out, he promised that he was going to release documents proving he heroically advanced the jewish agenda, and a year later, he hasn't released anything - a lot like that proof he wasn't jewish that he assured us would be released.

Yes, don't talk to the jewish media, obviously, but also don't be a piece of shit whose lies will help discredit the movement, that's the bigger issue here. And don't enable liars. Do you think a narcissist Richard Spencer would have let him handle his security without doing some kind of background check? Do you think Kessler would have allowed him to be involved with UTR as much as he was without a little digging? Like Enoch and his wife's jewishness, and Nehlen's jew-sodomite campaign manager, I'm sure others knew all about his lies.

We have to be purity-spiralers, with those we tolerate, and ourselves. Don't give the enemy any ammunition.

7f5c63  No.12793999


that's weird.

000000  No.12794215


Probably typical jewish shapeshifting where they felt it would be better for him to change tactics to undermine or subvert something.

000000  No.12794242

>How X Did Y


f6cc97  No.12794247



>thousand cock stare

Why do they always pick the faggiest looking people to be controlled opposition? I guess anyone that has a single drop of testosterone in their body would also have enough self respect not to fag it up on camera for the benefit of people that hate you. Which means that they have to settle for antifa-tier losers.

17bfc6  No.12794251

Nobody cares.

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