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File: aec00072fc1b358⋯.png (58,71 KB, 280x585, 56:117, sioniste.png)

eb7538  No.12790067

Over the weekend, tragedy struck. No, not someone losing their hand, although that also happened. Something far, far worse than that, at least if we are to judge by the severity of the reaction in the French ruling class.

The window of a Jewish bagel shop had the word “Juden” sprayed on it in yellow letters. Massive governmental resources are now being deployed to bring the perpetrator of this atrocity to justice, although some have declared that it could be a false flag, another in the long line of fake “hate crimes” that are, in reality, authentic hate crimes, targeting white people by attempting to discredit any public expression of their feelings or interests.

The CRIF (Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France) declared that this window pogrom “recalled the darkest hours of History”. Another Jew-spawned organisation, LICRA, quickly joined in the denunciation of this tragic spraying event, this hate spray, for which, clearly, there can be no place in France.




01174a  No.12790111

The Yellow Vests Will Triumph

d06661  No.12790124

File: 157dbb7fbb9e712⋯.jpg (46,98 KB, 602x481, 602:481, triple.jpg)

File: 970527167e301bd⋯.png (309 KB, 562x514, 281:257, bNF7dm.png)

File: ac489dc8192e234⋯.jpg (209,77 KB, 671x502, 671:502, f4e960be3719fdc2734952bb01….jpg)



b3fac3  No.12790155

Yellow vests? more like white straight jackets. Only a crazy conspiracy nut would believe such things!

5aee1b  No.12790162

They also love chanting about Frexit and Macron being a whore of the jews…its beautiful.

0a75df  No.12790214

File: d6fdbb9f8fae284⋯.png (123,74 KB, 787x508, 787:508, d6fdbb9f8fae28489cd4d5e423….png)

000000  No.12790233

SAGE for claiming we're on a globe.

166a71  No.12790261

Very nice! That's nearly critical mass.

4501e9  No.12790291

>believing kike numbers

The actual percentage is much larger. Sage for shitthread.

ac8897  No.12790292


Hopefully this is real and not just another Jewish trick

ee4bfd  No.12790329


Yep, gotta push over 51%.

380e00  No.12790431

File: 064e6a5d973de8c⋯.jpeg (742,23 KB, 1018x896, 509:448, 5AD281B4-51B1-48BD-8D28-0….jpeg)

56% not paying attention

9c7680  No.12790435

Go frogs. Gas the kikes.

708c94  No.12790440



Based French





6922be  No.12790472

>France: 44% of Yellow Vests Think There is a Zionist Conspiracy on a >Global Scale

Oy vey, we need some Stormtards in Paris to help.

1e9409  No.12790475

I am a gay man who loves cosmopolitanism, peace, and progress. I met my husband by admiring his essays and discovering that he admired mine. We wrote essays for each other. We wrote essays on topics of shared concern. Eventually we wrote pornography for each other.

I am posting here because for the second time in my life I have been harassed out of leftist spaces for the sin of producing the wrong art. My whole basis of romance with my husband is now forbidden. I am regarded as a corrupting influence on my innocent spouse by people who do not understand that they will never appeal to my husband with such positions, for he laments to me in private the constraints upon his creativity. My husband’s essayist output has become small and compliant, bound to obedience, fit within the limits range of acceptable thought permitted by the most counterproductive false-tolerant leftists.

I am posting in this thread specifically because I believe this evolution of intolerance is exactly why such horrible bigotry has arisen. The left has forbidden the kindness, tolerance, and capacity to listen to people whereby they gained cultural power. Without soft power, they are discovering that hard power does not make people compliant.

I am a pacifist. Commit no vengeance on my behalf, but please promote tolerance in society. For it is not Jews who people hate, but the hateful people who have tried to use Jews as a shield to prove themselves not hateful. Not to my knowledge do Jews deserve hatred.

Also, write porn with your lovers. It promotes literacy like almost no other creative exercise.

b01779  No.12790480

File: f89e73e3cd64d62⋯.jpg (39,97 KB, 396x435, 132:145, cartoon dubbguy.jpg)


That number needs to rise to at least 88%

Also, cool numbers




512df6  No.12790498

File: dc37f05449b051b⋯.jpg (21,63 KB, 476x358, 238:179, 1bdfd5ba8f9a5563f354ebca4b….jpg)

There was a comment left by someone else someplace else that amounted to: Jews love to keep tabs on their host populations, primarily by taking polls on them. It's a creepy monitoring that is disturbingly intimate and shouldn't be withstood by anyone. They should simply be thrown to their precious Zion in one go, and sooner than later, and also use American military might abroad to force them out of Japan, Latin America and Europe.

9c7680  No.12790530


They said they'd pay this shill by the word and his nostrils flared wider than the grand canyon to suck up the shekels.

52e00a  No.12790569

>first pic



2a4a92  No.12790595


I too am curious.

But in general, I thought this number would be higher, how do people not notice the Jew anymore? They are having to make it illegal on every platform to even talk about.

8d4207  No.12790601


It was a little girl being raped by an adult in a room with mirrors

8e4b16  No.12790611




034e93  No.12790615


Now how do we make it 50

034e93  No.12790621


Okay you guys are literally forcing my hand here. Do I have to say this shit every fucking day?


20ee62  No.12790640

File: 54fcef08e9453de⋯.jpg (691,77 KB, 1333x1137, 1333:1137, small-riot.jpg)




Poling is more a way to convince people to conform to the believes of others. As in 70% of people hate trump why don't you?

000000  No.12790642


Only it's the jews who claim they did. Lel.

ee4bfd  No.12790735


>Not to my knowledge do Jews deserve hatred.

fake and kike scoobydooing. Gas yourself.


ee4bfd  No.12790745


It has that effect, on the NPC's. But it also has the opposite effect on thinking persons, because they start to wonder, "why would you poll it, as if that settles the matter, after all, appeal to popularity is just a fallacy?"

54271b  No.12790747


>window of a Jewish bagel shop had the word “Juden” sprayed on it

Would have liked to have seen that.

54271b  No.12790758


poland was a haven for juden for 800 years while the rest of europe tried to kick them out.

what is one and not the other is blurred.

a4c8e8  No.12790946

Welcome to Drumpfs toxic anti-semitic globe. Congratulations Nazis.

20ee62  No.12791008

8d9439  No.12791040


You know you put in the hours and you think it doesn't make a difference, but it's nice to get some recognition every now and again. Thank you

9cde64  No.12791083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

82e48b  No.12791122

If this isn't nipped in the bud, another 6 million jews will be genocided with electrified diesel showers.

da5930  No.12791439


It's also: Huh, this is a thing?!

000000  No.12791547


>we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.

So why don't they build something the- phffff ahahahahah! Oh right, I forgot. Destroyers. Yeah, that checks out.

ddbed7  No.12791605

While 56% knows there is.

205096  No.12791611

Why isn't that number 100%?

ee4bfd  No.12791776

badec1  No.12791990



Holy fuck, do you ever spell parasitic vermin leeches funny.

a85281  No.12794264


we did it reddit!

712bea  No.12794313


>The goyim know!

Bumping pro-White morale boosting thread.

0a9bd0  No.12794365


If there are no jews, there is no antisemitism. Thank us later as well.

7151e6  No.12794419


Problem with that is jews are not semites. They are not decendents of Shen (sp?).

jew are not even from the region.

jews are pharisees.

5340e9  No.12794441


Pharisees are just a sect of Jews, dumbass. They're all semites.

ecd6d7  No.12794551

File: 94e2351a6932b8f⋯.jpg (72,93 KB, 680x588, 170:147, 1523717402962.jpg)


How do they know that? Are the outlaw rebels taking surveys?

000000  No.12794585

When Jews wear yellow, they get silenced and kicked out.

When Aryans wear yellow, they get based and outkiked.

Outkike the world.

000000  No.12794587


Shem, dude.

Jews are a supermix of all kinds of decrepit stuff, like a genetic dustbin.

Then they tried to add a lot of white DNA to look attractive. It's like adding fine wine to a glass of piss.

Logically, it failed.

So they keep hatin'

000000  No.12794589


Base me up!

000000  No.12794596


44% is even more than you'd get from the whole white pop.

Not surprised either. Change is achieved by minorities.

Besides, the rest is divided so it's not like they're a united anti-white front within the yellow vests.

000000  No.12794597

1 2 3

530512  No.12794693




Masons confirm duck-shaped earth.

629841  No.12794926

/pol/ should focus on red pilling the yellow vests and guiding them towards the right path. Yellow Vests are red pilled already you say? No, merely knowing that you are getting fucked over is something different than understanding how. Let's add fuel to the fire and watch it burn.

000000  No.12794963

The irony of the legacy of WWII. France is the first to awaken and will lead the world in Christ's final mission in destroying the Synagogue of Satan.

6b2feb  No.12794972



>errr ok


>oh wow, i'm going to be totally honest and straightforward with you in a country where even asking to whom the country owes its debt could land you in jail

Yeah, totally legit, just like any poll numbers in france.

Or they could stop spinning in circle and understand that nearly everyone HATE jews, mostly for importing muslims and negroes.

The only conspiracy theory here, is the one pushing the idea that "antisemitism" is anything but the natural reaction of goyim toward jewish antics.

Let us remind that what should have happened, didn't happen, but will happen.

Those fucks have a tab to pay.

PS: note the term "sioniste", an old trick in french media to try to conflate hatred for the hook nose as something white goyim should stay away from because the muzz use this term instead of jews due to potential legal implications.

000000  No.12795127


Most Jews are Zionists anyway, and the final grand Jewish project is of zionist nature.

If we were to rollback to a time Zionism didn't exist, we'd be talking about the same Jews that use us as hosts.

Zionism also includes non-Jews.

In fact one could accept Jews if they were put back into one small ghetto and forbidden to leave it. But Zionism, that must go down.

c39559  No.12808124

File: 8aab32c344159e1⋯.png (1,6 MB, 1412x925, 1412:925, check 2.png)


Very good dubs man.

57aa2b  No.12818072


You do know that we literally control the justice system in ukraine right?

e3987a  No.12818119


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