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File: 38d011be5125519⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 685x385, 137:77, viktor.jpg)

aa632d  No.12790158

A lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women who give birth to and raise at least four children

A low-interest loan of €31500 for women under the age of 40 marrying for the first time. A third of the debt will be forgiven when a second child is born and the entire loan waived after any third child.

A loan program for families with at least two children to help them buy homes will also be expanded

After the birth of a second child, the government will give €3150 towards its family's mortgage, after the third child, €12580 and €3150 for every subsequent child

Grand-parents could be eligible for "GYED" - a type of paid maternity leave until their grandchildren reach the age of three

The Hungarian nursery system will be expanded with 21000 new places by 2022

A subsidy of €7862 will be offered toward the purchase a seven-seat vehicle for families with three or more children.

b5d87b  No.12790170

We need LESS people being born, not more kike.

bcada9  No.12790173

This is the right way to do it rather than "let's get into a breeding competition with Africans who have 9 kids on average"


Sure thing Moshe

000000  No.12790176


Burn in high entropy, Malthusian! Euro peoples are breeding below replacement while Niggerland and Pooland shit up the world with growing populations!

611f0b  No.12790177


This is even more pathetic than normal, Chaim. You'd actually be shilling more effectively if you had just never posted.

813e98  No.12790179

>It's impossible to revert the demographic decline goy

>We MUST ferry in millions of Africans otherwise your countries will DIE, goy

>W-what are you doing? Benefits for people with children?? THATS RACIST

813e98  No.12790181


Less niggers, pajeets and chinks. Sure.

Not less Whites.

36da66  No.12790259

i was looking for some outs and Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia figured in there. At this time in my life though learning another language would be a big hurdle, seeing as I was never that good with languages anyway. But, it does seem that Hungary is truly paving the way and doing more than any other countries to preserve the integrity of their country. Of all the news about Hungary I hear, there is not a single negative that comes out of it. They have been doing incredible things, and are continuing to do so.

When anyone brings up Hitlers Aryan breeding program, this is all you need to point them to. He wasn't trying to create a super race, he was just rying to create a good strong population that could hold on to it's democracy rather than throw it away to the incoming foreigners.


Just because you end a sentence with kike, doesn't mean your jewishness is instantly hidden to all.

41aeac  No.12790266

Before anyone comes in here and says this will cause gypsy numbers to swell:

Notice how all these measures are tax exemptions and loans.

You get tax exemptions if you are employed. You get loans if you are employed. The criteria are strict. Gypsies do not qualify for either the loan or the any other support. All of this is squarely aimed at boosting the middle class.

34fc01  No.12790272

File: bc82ed26e8b8e03⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.86 KB, 1024x882, 512:441, hugZQqv.jpg)


Thats right, fellow NatSocs! Babies are evil just like women. Never forget the 14 words

>We must secure the existence of our hentai

>and a future for robot wifus

04cdf1  No.12790274


Super kosher first post.

13e6e7  No.12790288

File: 3292facfc57c2a6⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1000x1350, 20:27, aryan woman.jpg)


finally some strike back

e56872  No.12790305


It only makes sense for 95% white countries with very strong anti immigration to do policies like this though, otherwise you’re just setting up a race war. Only Eastern Europe will survive the coming times without bloody civil wars.

7bfb86  No.12790318


top post

b29b18  No.12790336


Somebody's embracing the fash.

cbb4c3  No.12790354




>L'antisémitisme est antidémocratique et inacceptable. Je suis un Hongrois d'origine juive. Mais je n'ai pas de double identité. Mon identité est hongroise et je n'ai aucun problème avec le fait d'être juif. Je ne l'ai jamais nié et mon père me frapperait si je le faisais ", affirme Viktor Orban.

Translation :

>Antisemitism is undemocratic and unacceptable. I am a Hungarian of Jewish origin. But I do not have a double identity. My identity is Hungarian and I have no problem with being Jewish. I never denied it and my father would hit me if I did, "says Viktor Orban.

c23daa  No.12790359


Can't wait the magapedes defending le baste orbán…

c01568  No.12790377


>He covered all bases.

Orban is a genius.

Checked for truth and White pill

000000  No.12790380


Replace all races with White children.

Genocide all non-white races.

8ab208  No.12790491


Orban is still less of a zogbot than Donald "We need more legal migrants" Trump

358c7f  No.12790511

1494ff  No.12790515


Didn't take long for the anti-Orban shills to show up, I see.

Keep being ass-blasted that Hungary will stay Hungarian.

020e1c  No.12790556


On the surface this seems good. But is this available to ALL, or only ethnic Hungarians (romanians, various slavs, germanics etc…europeans) or is this also available to the many non-whites already in the country. Because there certainly are a lot of sandniggers in Hungary and a handful of niggers aswell.

7e0c6b  No.12790560


Social programs like that might work in white countries. Poland has a similar program.

611f0b  No.12790562


He might not have been trying to create a super race but that's where they were headed. Through perfectly valid means like national emphasis on self-improvement and helping one another while promoting healthy living and having children. He did a great job really, and he had a lot of good stock to pull from, if only he had been able to continue. It's awful how conflated his version of eugenics is with kike lies and how dysgenics are preferred by bluepills that fall for those lies.

7e0c6b  No.12790565




cbb4c3  No.12790657

File: fd9303aa6dfdd93⋯.jpg (195.95 KB, 358x368, 179:184, 1535848802135.jpg)

File: 4bbb08e4d01641e⋯.webm (9.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, em4fvbn75gop.webm)



>Here we go.


He is Jewish. There is nothing more to say. Praising a Jew is praising for your death.

523c49  No.12790918


I watched 20 minutes of his new speech with English subtitles. He talks about the evil of anti-semitism and that the far Left and the far Right (Nazis as he says) are uniting against healthy patriotism. What does he mean by that? Is this really happening in Hungary? I can't imagine how literal Nazis would unite with actual Lefists. Orban is a Zionist, that I'm sure off, but his policies are in line with the far Right, in terms of Realpolitik. Wtf?

a980c2  No.12790936


You mean there's another choice besides "legally" importing third world savages as workers?

That's one way to fix the "we need more people" problem.

ddf54a  No.12790992


Bingo. Its help for immigrants to stay there. One of the reason 2015 immigrant wave missed the Eastern Europe was because no gibs there. Aaaaand they started giving them, the same in Poland.

4e8880  No.12790994

File: 355ea9c5547ff0e⋯.gif (143.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, disgusted.gif)

File: 1fc15f9e20e1ad8⋯.jpg (21.25 KB, 374x340, 11:10, american kirby in captivit….jpg)


>make Shitholes like Africa, Caribbean Nigger Nations, India and China have population booms


>oh no we have a lack of a work force! time to import Niggs, Poojeets and Chink!

I know this is a troll post, but why are normalfaggots so dumb they can't connect these obvious dots together?

ccaa40  No.12791495

File: 73f637562f04b28⋯.webm (318.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1419285079355.webm)


Old fashioned merchant for old fashioned shill.

2719e4  No.12791821


yes goy

despite already having a negative birth/death rate, eastern europe needs LESS children

Bulgaria has less people than it did in 1914? Who cares? Romania is 20% Gypsy and growing? Who cares? Just stop having children, the Africans and Indians will stop too, trust me.

bcada9  No.12791833


>Just stop having children, the Africans and Indians will stop too, trust me.

Man, I'm reminded of those smartass skeptic youtubers who'd go "Africa's going to become more prosperous one day and they'll stop having so many kids just like the West, I'm sure of that!". Ignoring that it's never going to happen, it's not even tied to poverty like they claim, Eastern Europe is much poorer than the West and as you've mentioned it has a negative fertility rate, because those people don't shit out kids left and right when they know they can't support them.

f8dafc  No.12791841

File: a08180b454e6ed3⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 576x550, 288:275, a08180b454e6ed3cd6642cef8e….jpg)


43bb37  No.12791854


This sounds too good to be true for the Hungarian people, some how the gypsies are going to take advantage of this and reproduce like rats, I don't see how this could go well, it sounds like a really good policy but it sounds difficult to achieve without being deemed "racist" by the kiked European union

f8dafc  No.12791858

File: 7e176c4ac1e2d87⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 500x295, 100:59, Dp_4XVLWsAA11-z (1).jpg)



bcada9  No.12791889




Gypsies don't work.

b106f7  No.12791900

Based! Can't wait for more gypsiepedes replacing the Hungarian population!

86af78  No.12793388


I would gladly make a 6+ family with a Hungarian woman.

…so if you know someone…

t. Proud Southerner

c5c789  No.12793688

Anyone know what percent of Hungary is Jewish?

2519da  No.12793961


>It only makes sense for 95% white countries with very strong anti immigration to do policies like this though, otherwise you’re just setting up a race war. Only Eastern Europe will survive the coming times without bloody civil wars

The ones bordering Russia will (cheap energy and Russia will jump in if any are attacked). The western countries will die a slow death.

The influx from whites fleeing the west will make eastern europe the new America (pre nigger invasion).

2519da  No.12793967


gypsys dont pay taxes.

fb4d8f  No.12793994


Hgahahahaahaa aaaahhahahha fuck you.

d96d5f  No.12794013



04e9e5  No.12794034

Shit so how do I move to Hungary?

e4200e  No.12802990


well holy fucking shit m8, and here I thought this was another welfare program for non-hungarians just like what Gyurcsány back in the 2000s.

e4200e  No.12802999


*Gyurcsány did

sage for double posting


see >>12790266

0a7fd0  No.12820919

File: 7695b97b8253840⋯.png (354.56 KB, 1404x996, 117:83, untouchableindianrat.png)

File: 4a5aca5e49cc523⋯.png (767.73 KB, 900x630, 10:7, CIGANSUBHUMANSinHungary.png)

Y'all are a bunch of hyped retards

DAILY REMINDER that Orban is A LITERAL GYPSY subhuman that denied gypsy crime existing and lets gypsies to roam free

1/3 of "Hungarian" youth is made of gypsies

arab sandnigger/viets brought by the commie government and the EU infiltrated small businesses in most major cities that were traditionally owned by Magyars.

Orban also sells Hungarian citizenship to chinks and his fellow poojeets

2ac626  No.12820931

File: 15aca9cfdf5a984⋯.jpg (41.64 KB, 623x474, 623:474, 15aca9cfdf5a98474d123f1bac….jpg)


>A lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women

This is some next level gynocracy

2ebe26  No.12820990


Only in countries that treat women as equals.

In reality, countries that even have a chance at a policy like this still keep them in the kitchen or in low paying careers involving children and less than 1000 hours a year.

c662c6  No.12820995

Wouldn't these even work in a 56% place? Since it is tax cuts and loan assistance, muds wouldn't really benefit.

42ba4d  No.12821037

File: eeb0855fe57dcb2⋯.jpg (51.77 KB, 768x433, 768:433, iuQUW802WI.jpg)


Low effort.

f2ca3f  No.12821049

women who're childless in their 30s should be taxed more. Single mothers should be punished. All babies with genetic disorders should be aborted. Iceland has nearly eradicated down syndrome.

Rather than using abortion to eradicate terrible disorders it's used as a get out of jail card.

2ebe26  No.12821074


Be careful with this. Health is a very subverted industry. Before you know it, white sequences will appear on the abortion list one by one.

898b7c  No.12821168

000000  No.12821188


WTF I love Orban now

3bdbde  No.12821198


<here, you dropped this

d049a8  No.12821204

File: 8c21c5680a577e7⋯.jpg (260.82 KB, 1333x1502, 1333:1502, Muh Based Orban.JPG)

File: 9ff75945476dd45⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 98x95, 98:95, ##.JPG)

d049a8  No.12821205

File: ae9190e3a73b626⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 1523x1102, 1523:1102, Who Could It Be.JPG)


>We need LESS people being born

f2ca3f  No.12821281


We need less people compared to the 1920s due to automation. Even Big Spic saw the writing on the wall regarding farming robots in the 80s.

“The robotic work has been funded entirely by agricultural associations, and pushed forward by the uncertainty surrounding the migrant labor force. Farmers are “very, very nervous about the availability and cost of labor in the near future,” says Vision Robotics CEO Derek Morikawa.”

Back in the 1970s, the US government was funding the early robotics industry, until left-wing hack politicians taking the side of Cesar Chavez intervened, and the robotics industry got promptly defunded.

The article notes “…it wasn’t just technological challenges that held back previous attempts at building a mechanical harvester –- politics got involved, too. Cesar Chavez, the legendary leader of the United Farm Workers, began a campaign against mechanization back in 1978.”


5f445c  No.12836623


more übermensch fewer untermensch

84e1e3  No.12836626


Meanwhile praising Jesus…

84e1e3  No.12836627


Fuck off yid.

We need BILLIONS & BILLIONS of white people.

7a1626  No.12836631


No he isn't. Nice try at disinformation but his family's background is in farming.

58a5cd  No.12836653


Found the Jew

ddf54a  No.12836717


No. Forbid womens work. They will have to find a provider and tie him with babies.

94e262  No.12836744

Giving a tax exemption to women and not men is just gonna make the woman work and the men be the one to stay at home

72135c  No.12836769

File: 92c9e1a706c0a79⋯.png (238.85 KB, 326x382, 163:191, 125266733.png)

Heh heh more taxpayers, more goys buying iphones, more cars consuming our fuel, this is what we need..!

Seeking to stabilize the population at a level that maximizes comfort of living is a terribly antisemitic idea that only those evil fascists would think of, I'm glad the new /pol/ focuses on increasing the amount of goys endlessly while ignoring the actual problem.

221faf  No.12836993


You sound just like the kikes who told Whites to stop having kids, then used the declining birthrate as an excuse to import human garbage en masse.

72135c  No.12837178


Declining birth rates aren't a problem. You only think it is because the kikes are importing millions of shitskins every year and you're panicking for a bandaid. You can't fight against mass immigration by shitting out more babies, that doesn't solve the problem, that doesn't even alleviate the problem, it's just speeding up the inevitable collapse of the society unless the real problem, the mass immigration, is stopped.

a0686a  No.12837181


Many of our white sons will die in the coming fight. Its only natural to stock up on warriors for what is bound to happen. Life is struggle.

000000  No.12863070


>unless the real problem, the mass immigration, is stopped.


e49fd0  No.12863082


But once the society collapses you can just kill all the shit skins. The government will be powerless and the only thing able to stop you is running out of ammo. I say speed up the process and crash the system, then it's free game for all.

be96b7  No.12863100

Anything that supports strong productive families (aka Whites) is good in my book. But is this actually effective? A woman who is a full-time mother and raises 4 kids wouldn't have personal income, unless it gets to benefit the husband too and half of his income gets exempt from tax. Still, these are the kinds of pro-white policies we need.

020e1c  No.12863106


>Budapest swarming with literal niggers

>Hungary incentivizing their own replacement

Well done gypsy president. When it is not exclusively for ethnic Hungarians or atleast Europeans alone, it's detrimental.

ccd1ab  No.12863108

The problem with this is unless they discriminate it will be a magnet for parasites.

Theres already reports migrants are being helped into hungary from communist shitholes. Trying to get sum dat.

Theres literally niggers itt already posting sheet got to get me sum dat.

Without hardline discrimination its just inviting parasites.

000000  No.12863109


The benefits certainly need to be directed at families as a unit.

020e1c  No.12863111

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