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File: c710d77eb547b9f⋯.png (841.85 KB, 854x869, 854:869, purefuckingevil.PNG)

25448c  No.12790202

Massachusetts Attorney General Blames Sackler Jews Personally for Opioid Crisis, Half a Million Deaths


47f925  No.12790649


f4feed  No.12790655

Every wretched kike in that family should unironically hang.

9fa41a  No.12790664

>inb4 100 pictures of her with kikes

Unironically working to stop white genocide by jewish interests

c52e51  No.12790674


inb4 she gets suicided via 3 gunshots to the back of the head.

dd44ff  No.12790682

File: 1de1fd0b4ea9122⋯.jpg (100.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, THEMERCENARY.jpg)



487632  No.12790792

Absolutely do not support this fucking cunt.

t. Masshole

e63fef  No.12790811


Agreed, this is a PR stunt from her to gain support. This is the same woman that, in this state, wants to restrict gun rights as much as possible in this fucking hellhole.

4dcfc4  No.12790820

File: da98817eceba857⋯.png (192.45 KB, 514x521, 514:521, bq-5c62bb15cb79b.png)

Hory shet!

487632  No.12790897


Don't get me wrong, I hope they fucking destroy that family. If you're a fellow masshole, you know opioid shit is crazy here and now we're finding out they downplayed how addictive OC's were and even paid doctors to prescribe it - all while working on other drugs that they could sell to the addicts they just created to help them get off the stuff. Fucking demonic greedy cunts that probably nothing will happen to

But her anti-gun shenanigans, I call them that because a lot of her tactics are purely illegal, are unforgivable and negate any good that may come from this. She's being sued by gun rights activists all over.

aa68a9  No.12790903

Al l you have to say is the following;"The term "anti-semite" doesn't prove or disprove a statement."

e0f207  No.12790905


Notice how she said absolutely fucking nothing about jews.

000000  No.12790932

it's because they are jews

2a6f0c  No.12790940

Opium is not a problem. People are responsible for their own actions. If a bunch of weak subhumans want to kill themselves with drugs that's their business.

f4feed  No.12790949


No it's not, it's enabling kikes to be predatory toward people already being driven out of society by their psychotic hatred of them and use of every institution to enable it. You are the weak subhuman.

2a6f0c  No.12790954


They aren't forcing anybody to do anything.

497a7b  No.12790956


Sorry Shlomo, but that argument only makes sense if we lived in a healthy and fascist society, not clownworld where we have children dancing for money at gay bars. I don't blame these dudes for being so depressed out of their minds that they seek out drugs

2a6f0c  No.12790963


If you can't place blame on a man for choosing to purchase and take drugs it doesn't make sense to be able to place blame on the Jew who sells him those drugs. What gives the Jew agency and the junkie no agency?

f4feed  No.12790972


I didn't say they were, they're just strongly encouraging them to in hopes of killing mass numbers of white people. They're kike scum and so are you.

2a6f0c  No.12790984


Well one thing's for certain: they're definitely more competent at following through on their desires than you are. Why don't you start focusing on encouraging Jews to take opioids if you think it's such a diabolical action?

e0f207  No.12790989


This is a paid jewish shill.

Think back to your own education. Did your teachers and textbooks ever avoid talking about a person or group except in a positive light? What about persons or groups you never saw, except when they were being admonished? Imagine an institutional push–by a government controlled by conquering foreigners, by a media which says things of which the government approves, and by academia, which uses textbooks approved by the government–to tell the people of a nation that they are all, collectively, “evil.” That they have “never” created anything. That anything they did create was “wrong.” That their history has been nothing but death and destruction, and that there is no reason to learn who they are or where they came from. That all other nations and cultures are better than they are. That they must pay reparations to the rest of the world for the “things they have done.” And asking whether they had actually done these things is not allowed. Not having a cultural background from which to draw means that a nation has neither existential reasons to succeed nor pressures to do better. There is no abstract catalyst to propel their collective demographic forward.

If you psychologically torture someone into killing himself, it can hardly be said you are without guilt. If you do this to three whole generations of people, through media and academia for over 70 years, you are beholden to infinitely more guilt. You did not shoot every member of these generations with bullets, stab them with knives, or even chemically castrate them such that they could not reproduce. But you were the cause of their deaths. Not everyone thinks this way, though. Let’s look at an example. Jewish Talmudic law absolves a jew of murder if he ties a man to a pole–say, in the desert–and leaves him to die of thirst. No, seriously. By jewish law, the jew is “not guilty” of murder, because “the sun killed the man.” Similarly, if ten people have knives and stab a man, but your stab was the seventh and he only died after the tenth, you are “not guilty” of murder. Only the last stab was “responsible” for the death. So says the Talmud. When you are from a culture that has been raised from birth to think this way–for millennia–you will engage in certain behaviors that are detrimental to all those around you. Perhaps without even knowing. But you will still be at fault.

32cc53  No.12790998

Maura Healey is a nanny state gun grabbing cunt, don't give her any support just because she paid lip service to something we're already aware of.

32cc53  No.12791003


Grab a fistful of cyanide and exterminate yourself, yid.

3c1742  No.12791021

Fuck off nigger.

f4feed  No.12791023


I am above diabolical actions, I am above you.

2a6f0c  No.12791024


Doesn't make sense unless the doctors are literally forcing people to take opium. They aren't, these people are choosing of their own free will to take drugs and then going on to choose to continue taking them. It doesn't matter if you feel hurt because someone said something mean about you, you still are responsible for your own actions.

f4feed  No.12791027


It doesn't make sense to you because you're a low-functioning neurotic rat person.

e0f207  No.12791028





Yeah, we know you're a jew. No one is going to believe you. Everything you've said is a lie.

2a6f0c  No.12791034


Why can't you coherently defend your position? Is it because you know it's wrong?

e0f207  No.12791039


<oy vey you're insane because I don't understand what you said

<oy vey you didn't defend it lol ignore the post you made

<you've been locked in a room your entire life

<you can't leave, because I'm stopping you

<the walls are plastered with posters telling you to kill yourself

<you have never known anything else

<everyone around you is in the same kind of room

<there's a gun in the room

<I built the room

<I put up the posters

<I stopped you from leaving

<I gave you the gun

<but you pulled the trigger

<so it's your fault not mine

This is a paid jewish shill.

2a6f0c  No.12791044


Who are you quoting?

You said here >>12791028 everything I've said is a lie. Does that mean that you believe that someone is not responsible for their actions if someone else has hurt their feelings in the past?

f4feed  No.12791052

File: 508442fa8877fa9⋯.png (82.78 KB, 348x441, 116:147, jew disposal.png)


Some classic kike projection from the guy trying to defend the indefensible with intellectually disingenuous replies and a complete lack of engagement with the argument made against you even as you say it's not a coherent defense. You are bad at this, solve yourself.

1f874a  No.12791055

File: e1544f5de08729d⋯.png (812.12 KB, 640x920, 16:23, e8c.png)


She's a third-right. Democrats do it also, and she takes jewish money to be Anti-Israel false opposition.

2a6f0c  No.12791058


Explain how I'm being intellectually disingenuous without resorting to strawmanning.

e0f207  No.12791066


Yawn. You're done.

f4feed  No.12791068


By refusing to engage with the anon's points in >>12790989 - particularly the later half. You say he has no coherent defense, there it is. I reiterate my demand you kill yourself.

3c1742  No.12791072


They should all be strung up, doctors pushing the pills for comps and the marketers and makers. The doctors knowingly pushed a money maker because they wanted the perks when they had more than enough options already at their disposal. Rather than starting at the bottom, many docs went right for the oxycontin and just swapped them in for vicodin.

When people are in pain. REAL pain, not this stupid hurt feelings anguish they are trying to sell etc. those individuals will consider just about anything to get out of pain. When a doctor offers them relief they are likely to take it to hell with the consequences because the pain now is a bit more noticeable than some what if later. The rationalization of we'll cross that bridge when we come to it certainly comes into play.

As an aside I'm surprised MScontin (morphine sulfate continual release) never made the headlines. It was cheaper, lasted just as long, and it was actual morphine on a time release instead of oxycodone.

Doctors had MScontin for YEARS and it never went to shit like oxycontin. Oh wait, jews, shekels. duh.

They all need to be strung up.

487632  No.12791073


Its not opium you brainlet. It's pills for pain and various other things that contain opioids. They are prescribed for a myriad of things from tooth pain to cancer. This family paid doctors to OVER prescribe it flooding the market and downplayed it's addictive tendencies for years all while developing treatments for what they knew and intended to be a public health crisis created and funded by them. Are you defending this practice? It's ok with you that companies do this sort of shit?

3c1742  No.12791077


Are you a nigger? If yes, then it is excusable. If not, then you are being deliberately intellectually disingenuous.

2a6f0c  No.12791081


The point is flawed because it assumes that psychological torture removes the will of the victim. If an individual can accurately be described as conscious, it meas that their will is the primary arbiter of their decisions and actions. If you have parents who verbally abuse you every single day and you decide to adopt a nihilistic worldview and murder and rape a child, would it be accurate to say that you have no accountability due to your past psychological suffering? Of course not, so long as you were conscious while you performed the act. Same thing applies to apologists who claim that a nigger who kills a while family in a robbery shouldn't be blamed because society "psychologically tortured" him for being a minority.

e0f207  No.12791085


>implying it doesn't

3c1742  No.12791097


That is one of the jewiest things I've heard on /pol/ in a coon's age. And we have hourly Trump threads.

2a6f0c  No.12791120


So how can you rightfully place responsibility of any action on the actor when the could just say that they suffered in the past, thereby passing the guilt to their tormentors?

e0f207  No.12791147


Because you've now dropped all pretense of an argument and have invented a strawman non sequitur out of thin air.

2a6f0c  No.12791161


How so?

487632  No.12791177

File: 0e87a04adff0d3f⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 341x411, 341:411, 59d9e074890b026285b3102469….jpg)


He called it opium like these people are siting in underground dens in Chinatown smoking from jade pipes or some shit. He doesn't know what the fuck hes even talking about. But he's gonna double down regardless and shift the conversation away from the fact that what he's really doing is defending these greasy kikes lying to and poisoning people and paying scumbag doctors to do it for them. One has to wonder what he's even doing here if these practices are not offensive to him. What else does he excuse to make some pseudo intellectual argument about free will?

497bb0  No.12791239

File: db2cdb6970e2e4d⋯.png (65.63 KB, 205x219, 205:219, 1534118141888.png)

About fucking time

262d06  No.12791275

File: fa9a4e56b5cff52⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 550x723, 550:723, ice-cream-shop-1940s.jpg)


There's a lot of truth to this, but doctors also have a lot of authority in our society. If they are prescribing large amounts of opioids, much more than they would with a more honest knowledge of their addictive power, they are contributing to the problem, as is the system spurring them on to do so.

That is how the most innocent people usually get hooked. Something happens where they need pain relief, and they get a prescription for opiates, not really understanding how addictive they are. Everyone knows heroin is terrible, but this isn't heroin, and a doctor who did 8 years of schooling gave you a prescription for it, and you are in a lot of pain. Why shouldn't you do the whole prescription?

This isn't the same as some guy you see out at a bar or party trying to sell you pills.

b88412  No.12791318

why can't I trust

f4feed  No.12791329


Who's to say they always don't know? That's part of the culpability too, to not inform accurately and thoroughly to the best of one's ability in a position of power. And yes, to any kike giving me (You)'s, people should also do research but mistakes are made and malicious or predatory behavior shouldn't completely excused by their failure to be an expert on everything they will interact with in their lives. Doctors are doing shit like overprescription and medically unnecessary procedures more than enough to not assume innocence on their part in a patient-doctor interaction that has a bad end. Imagine even wanting to live in a cut-throat society like this, it's anathema to a European, but the hunting ground of the Jew.

58e3d9  No.12791333

File: 579cf3acdc2941f⋯.png (2.73 KB, 490x270, 49:27, Afghanistan_opium_poppy_cu….PNG)

are you saying a small group benefits from all the wars in the middle east?

this seems like a pure coincidence.

b0fbbc  No.12791344


Because this woman is an awful gun grabber, one of the worst in the country. Hopefully she will be able to follow through. I have a feeling she will cave or be subverted like Warren did when she tried to take on the Jews on WS.

aec451  No.12791433

This AG also made it illegal to buy any kind of “assault rifle” including “copy cats” about a year or two ago. She’s a fucking cunt and no better than a kike herself. Some somali muslim cunt called out AIPAC the other day. Does that make her baste too? Fucking half brain niggers.


928d5d  No.12791438


Stop reading.

f4feed  No.12791457


wtf I love the Sackler family now

3c1742  No.12791466


Meh, context. We know people aren't sitting around chasing the dragon but some people like to paint word pictures and some like to keep it simple.

As for doubling down, yeah, he's a jew.

3c1742  No.12791472

I can't wait for the attorneys to ask about the do no harm part of the doctor's oaths and why they aren't culpable. It will turn into a shitstorm and the insurance jews will be jumping into it too. It will be glorious.

607a0c  No.12791477


aec451  No.12791478


>speak of the half brain niggers and they shall appear

665888  No.12791479


How about a class action lawsuit towards Israel to pay reparations for the mass murder of six million whites by a jewish family with Israeli citizenship? Pay for your sins, Rabbi.

f4feed  No.12791489


I've been in this thread, you embarrassment to even your inbred race of parasites. You're the one that showed up late to say some shit we already had people say with some added leddit spacing and the implication we should never turn our enemies against one another under any circumstances because it would be inconvenient for you as an employee of big pharma's shill wing. You'd have less than half a brain if you opened your little faggot mouth to my face.

aec451  No.12791520


>not supporting gun grabbing maura Healy

>a Jew

Pick one you buzzword salad spewing faggot

f4feed  No.12791536


>Implying I'm advocating support

What part of turn our enemies against one another don't you understand, heeb?

85d581  No.12794792


Former masshole, I can never move back because some of my guns are totally banned and I’m not giving them up

Fuck Maura Healy with a sandpaper covered baseball bat

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