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File: c85f929e4e56fa7⋯.png (385.1 KB, 590x919, 590:919, fa9o3j3uh5g21.png)

57396a  No.12790660

Yes, it's real. It seems like Trump can't decide which country he wants to go to war with. It felt like just last week we were flirting with liberating Venezuela and putting based Indio nat socs in office because Maduro supports Hezbollah. Tired of winning yet?


89f66f  No.12790883

Shlomo be sliding my thread

cd8882  No.12790886

Trump was shilling for war in Iran during the campaign. Not my fault you didn't listen to him then.

89f66f  No.12790889


OP here, I never suppprted Trump. I did the research and he was bailed out by the Rothschilds after he filed for bankruptcy.

67c8c3  No.12790912


In the second or third debate, when he was nervous and/or desperate not to blow the whole thing, he admitted that Iran was fighting ISIS. Might have the "you'd be in jail" debate, but I'm not sure.

89f66f  No.12790944


I don't remember that at all

38c23f  No.12790977


Yeah, they should vote on the other candidate.


89f66f  No.12790981


What would be substancially different if we had Hillary in office instead?

a46584  No.12790982

We already have a thread about this here:




Also, learn to archive faggot.

a46584  No.12790985


White people wouldn't be sitting around "Trusting the Plan" and would be organizing and growing the collective racial consciousness.

They rigged it for Trump to stop the white uprising.

9f4882  No.12790987

File: 55379ee328a0be2⋯.png (5.08 KB, 517x194, 517:194, hillary clinton and the ro….png)


>What would be substancially different if we had Hillary in office instead?

Instead of banning bump stocks, she'd ban guns. Instead of talking about war with Iran, Venezuela, North Korea (remember that?) Syria (yep, remember?) the US would be at war with every country neighboring Israel.

7bdc55  No.12790996

What's the game here? Do the neocon kikes really want a war against Iran? Are they that dumb? It's obvious that America is never going to strike at Iran, so why do the neocons even bother?

89f66f  No.12790999


>Instead of banning bump stocks, she'd ban guns.

We are having gun bans, though. Under Republican leadership and by endorsement of Trump, many states now have red flag laws. These laws are backdoor gun ban that confiscates guns from political dissidents, which is what matters.

67c8c3  No.12791002


You know what to do then.

c7871e  No.12791004


>oy vey lol they totally don't want what they've wanted for 40 years

>lol it will never happen goyim go back to sleep

Just die already.

618944  No.12791022


It does seem weird that they've never gotten the war they've been pinning after for 40 years.

Maybe they know that Iran would break them.

293134  No.12791031

File: 53c06289ac988d8⋯.png (467.13 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1490382006024.png)


I'm ready

c7871e  No.12791035


>It does seem weird that they've never gotten the war they've been pinning after for 40 years.

Not really, if you know anything about how this shit works.

07d256  No.12791042


Republicans will always be the ones to pass any gun control or amnesty legislation. This is so that Whites are demoralized instead of enraged to action.

618944  No.12791048


>Not really

>War with Iraq was easy

>War with Libya was easy

>War with Vietnam was easy

>Bombing Syria was easy

>Bombing Serbia was easy

>But even after 40 years of trying as hard as they can, they can't get war with Iran


433b4d  No.12791049

Good more dead Zogbots

Also duplicate thread

38c23f  No.12791050


Its called voting on a lesser evil.

625db7  No.12791051


I was already worried about US invading Iran back in 2006 at least. If Trump really does it, he's worse than Hilbama. Then again maybe it's just more saber rattling that US does every now and then, presumably to appease the kikes.

618944  No.12791056


>He fell for the "Vote for the lesser of two evils" trick

Anon, people like you are the reason why things are as horrible as they are.

915aaa  No.12791062

Dildos, get your free dildos!

89f66f  No.12791065

a4d5c5  No.12791075

File: 3de503d85eca808⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 620x387, 620:387, nat-rothschild_2463174b.jpg)


Reminder that Lady Rothschild was also anti-Obongo. Trump was bailed out by Rothschild Inc. and appointed a Rothschild banker as commerce secretary, not to mention his judeophile daughter, Yael's romantic connection to pic related.

89f66f  No.12791104


They Live

74296b  No.12791134

File: 22eb1a671f5faad⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gf.jpg)

This is without doubt an excellent idea. The US should be perpetually at war with someone, somewhere, for some reason. I'm sure someone stands to profit from it.

9f4882  No.12791135


>Reminder that Lady Rothschild was also anti-Obongo

What do you mean to imply by that?

2e2db0  No.12791152


I did, that's why I didn't vote

e29102  No.12791155

How many threads matzo maker?

2e2db0  No.12791158



Clintion only wanted a no fly zone in Syria, Trumps repeated air strikes have gone well beyond her rhetoric

67c8c3  No.12791170


To be fair, how do you suppose a no-fly zone is established?

9571d6  No.12791178


Israeli imperialism mate

60c35d  No.12791179


And look what that did.


>2 missile strikes, 1 on an old runway and 1 on an empty building are repeated air strikes

Well alright, I guess.

915aaa  No.12791194


He can show his face in public without the shame.

9e7833  No.12791825


they are failing spectacularly with the wall deal being crushed and cucked.

a4d5c5  No.12791936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That if you want to pretend a single woman, who may not even be a kikess, and is only a Rothschild by marriage, is proof that the ZOG Emperor is really at war with the Rothschilds, then you have to say the same about Obongo.

38c23f  No.12792020


Voting takes half an hour every other year or something like that. You have no other option anyway. Go f youself.

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