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File: 2f6bb78fdafdc7c⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 430x279, 430:279, T.jpg)

714899  No.12790686

SSRIs – mind numbing NPCdrugs (watch the movie Equilibrium)

Ritalin, Adderall, amphetamines – NPCdrugs that speed your mind up and make you focus, absorb more information faster, do many boring/pointless tasks faster. Great for being a very productive NPC. May induce hypomania? Hypomania – fucking based.

atrazine – endocrine blocker sprayed on crops

female birth control – endocrine blockers, allow women to be complete mindless whores

HRT / roids – fuck with endocrine system, create tranny demons that disturb natural relations between the sexes

glyphosate – autism causing carcinogen sprayed on crops, chemically similar to nerve agents. Also a chelator and remover of Mg, Ca, other ions you need for proper nervous system function

thymerasol and diethyl mercury – mercury containing compounds found in vaccines (probably causes autism, adhd). Very bad for you. Any non-zero exposure to mercury is neurotoxic and harmful.

aluminum – in deodorant, also some vaccines, certain foods… may be involved with Alzheimer’s. used as coagulant in water treatment plants.

xenoestrogens – these fuck with your endocrine system and brain. They leach out of plastics into food and drink, and into the water supply. Female birth control pills are also bad. Also sprayed on crops.

Fluoride – probably not good for you and neurotoxic, it’s a reactive ion. I’d rather have bongaloid teeth.

Lithium – neuroactive… there are studies that strongly correlate minute lithium concentrations in drinking water to the rate of suicides (higher lithium = lower rate). Used as treatment for bipolar. Is bipolar always a pathological disorder, or can it lead to genius? Combining the rational with the emotional (left+right hemisphere?) may lead to creative, intuitive capacities. Dragon energy = bipolar? It can be a fine line between genius and fucking batshit insane.

Chemical exposure causes autism and adhd (glyphosate? Others?) and causes homosexuality (prenatal hormone exposure studies?) but pedos also cause homos (studies exist on this).

Marijuana – can be relaxing, definitely chills you out. Can reduce anxiety, pain. Can also make you paranoid. Estrogenic compounds?? Shulgin characterizes this as of no use. Chronic use and dependency is fucking degenerate. Keeps low status males pacified – is this the reason for the push for legalization? May help with chronic disease management and dealing with pain. Vietnam soldiers smoked that shit from the chamber of unloaded shotgun. Indica and sativa – different strains – varying CBD and THC levels – different effects.

714899  No.12790692

Soy – estrogenic, literally creates soyboys who display the scared monkey open mouth smile expression

Onions – boosts testosterone. You have to drink raw onions juice!? Lmao.

Testosterone – boosted by sexual abstinence and physical activity?

Nicotine – stimulant. What else does this do to your brain? Decrease estrogen synthase?

Cocaine, heroin, oxy, morphine, fentanyl, etc – escape drugs. Of no use, addictive and dangerous, destroy motivation to do anything.

Cocaine – creates false sense of overwhelming confidence?

Alcohol – downer, reduced inhibitions. In moderation, meh? Poison at higher concentrations. Do not oberate boter behicle.

Porn – escape drug, used when surrounded by insane feminists and NPCs and when all opportunities for sexual or economic success seem cut off. Addictive, dangerous and corrosive, destroys motivation to do anything, leading to a virtually endless spiral of despair. May help allow access to the unconscious, however, by removing the internal censor/filter.

LSD, psylobin, peyote, Shulgin’s synthetic phenethylamines and tryptamines (hallucinogens / psychedelics) – create altered states of consciousness that may or may not be of any use?? Said to induce ego death. Anti-authoritarians loved that stuff in the 60s and 70s. But the CIA was also trying it for MK… LSD can induce suggestible states. Is it used covertly to assist with MK? The dosing of tabs has reportedly been reduced over the years. Can psychedelics induce consciousness in NPC goyim? Or would it just make NPCs go nuts? Can these drugs bypass the trauma/programming MK and tap into our unlocked and suppressed potential as humans? Help beat addiction/depression? (psylobin in particular). Can be used to induce realization of dualistic view of universe? Read Shulgin.

MDMA – used for treating PTSD. Also used by druggie thots. Enenthogen like other psychedelics. Results in profound depression. Neurotoxic and aftereffects can last for years. Likely of no use.

DMT – machine elves and shit?? Supposedly simulates death, leading to a change in perspective. Reported to be short acting, but stronge.

Ketamine – dissociative used for depression. Bizarre, probably for NPCs? Masculine men do not dissociate as easily.

Pseudoanonymous internet synagogues of peace (4chan, 8chan, etc) – tap into the memetic collective subconscious. Much harder to shill and steer in some particular direction compared to conventional social media. Also fun bantz sometimes. It’s where the lost jews meet up because we’ve been bullied by the others and feel like we’re surrounded by NPCs.

Money – it’s a drug, but also a tool. Also a schizophrenic fantasy. If money is necessary to interact, you’re probably not doing it right. By and large, we’re not doing things right. Transactional relationships are hollow and fucking suck.

Money, sex, power, social influence – drugs that inflate your self-confidence and self worth in your brain. Never forget this. Endorphins released. Body language and behavior are closely linked to social standing. It’s neurobiology. Not necessarily a good thing, especially when you have a system that excludes people for shitty reasons and leaders that don’t seem to think enough. Makes people content and think less. Synthetic endorphins or other compounds may be able to achieve similar effects? The people who want to get rid of social hierarchies altogether have no understanding of the world and are weak and incompetent. Only the weak or deceived or the deceivers preach radical equality. Or those who seek to mock and destroy the far left because they’re fucking crazy.

TV, computer, phone – drugs, programming, but also tools, potentially

Kike desert magic trilogy – a drug for the mundane masses to keep them content and happy. Most sects of organized religion are fucking pozzed. The KDMT is no longer applicable because technology has changed the world so much that many of the old rules no longer apply. Certain sects seem to be adapting however, like modern orthodox jews? Too slowly? Idk. Some of the old rules about secret societies and cults don’t apply in the modern hyperconnected and hyperarmed world, where things like mutually assured destruction change how you have to play the game. Assassinations no longer occur for the most part because the retribution would be swift and fierce and would lead to total destabilization and utter chaos and destruction.

Proper use

Using drugs carefully and in moderation as tools – can be based.

Using drugs as a coping mechanism involving dependence – not at all based, fucking degenerate.

If you realize you are addicted to something or dependent on it – you need to quit it.

000000  No.12790694

Enjoy a kike shill free first post.

cf5fbb  No.12790702

I don't drink, look at porn, smoke marijuana, take prescription drugs, or any of that shit. Every few months though, I will take LSD or mushrooms after a good workout and just let my mind wander off and get lost in my music. Those who cannot master moderation should go completely straight edge or risk being consumed by drugs.

000000  No.12790703

>watch the movie

Repent, NPC.

714899  No.12790711


fuck off tornigger

holyjew creates reality

714899  No.12790716

The feminization of men through xenoestrogens leaching from plastics and sprayed on crops and in food additives is of the main concern here. It's really become a very bad thing.

714899  No.12790722

Ahhh I forgot biochemistry and in vitro crispr/cas9 tranny demons.

714899  No.12790772

how do we make the future into a rave party orgy?

3faeb6  No.12790789

Lithium is shit and makes you an emotionless robot that wants to die in my experience.

b14145  No.12790950

<LSD, psylobin, peyote, Shulgin’s synthetic phenethylamines and tryptamines (hallucinogens / psychedelics) – create altered states of consciousness that may or may not be of any use?? Said to induce ego death. Anti-authoritarians loved that stuff in the 60s and 70s.

>create altered states of consciousness that may or may not be of any use??

>create altered states of consciousness that may or may not be of any use??

>create altered states of consciousness that may or may not be of any use??

>Said to induce ego death.

>Said to induce ego death.

>loved that stuff in the 60s and 70s.

fuck my sides.

07cf39  No.12791132


This is a tier 1 schizo post

c1993f  No.12791151

Fuck off schizo

e96c5f  No.12791173

File: 7a6b8e8232641c4⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_20190208_220519_241.jpg)

All this and no mention of Adrenochrome ?

If you must write about any drug (to or of the brain) its this one.

d273ce  No.12791195


>no mention of Adrenochrome ?

Fear and Loathing was way over rated

815a16  No.12791196



64983d  No.12791227

People who call schizo are gigantic NPC's. All of OP's post was coherent. Lrn2readingcomprehension.

64983d  No.12791234



Like, what? Are you a shill?

28a406  No.12791244

File: 31e31d6c4d89a33⋯.jpg (171.3 KB, 750x1100, 15:22, 1542746593439.jpg)

Interesting. Please tell more.

12fac4  No.12791252


Hmmm line diagrams, it is nice to know what I am looking at now. I can’t wait until I get a chance to synthesize chemicals in a good lab.

a6bf55  No.12791259


I wish I was married to an Aryan like her.

12fac4  No.12791260


Perhaps because we don’t feel like torturing children to enhance our brain power.

12fac4  No.12791268


Bug person alert. The only way they can take a decent photo in which their eyes aren’t looking in different directions is if one or both eyes are closed.

12fac4  No.12791282


>It can be a fine line between genius and fucking batshit insane

I strongly doubt that there is any difference at all between the two. Thinking of something new is so unusual that there is almost no precedence for it in nature. You would have to be mentally disturbed to actually think beyond the social consensus/construct that holds all the NPC’s in a herd and will not let them think or do anything new.

88ed1c  No.12791284

testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol, as all steroids are, and you need to eat saturated fat to get the sirum cholesterol.

The cholesterol in your skin cells is what the sun converts into vitamin d.

d273ce  No.12791293


Or the fact fear and loathing was not a true story despite what fanboys and pizzagaters may tell you

12fac4  No.12791316


What say you about the raw food issue and the denatured proteins? I am starting to thing about encorporating some raw eggs into my vegetarian diet.

b9c9ca  No.12791324

Raw eggs, I would hope to take your woman raw.

e343fe  No.12791350


You need sugar to make cholesterol.

15f7c6  No.12791355


Hang on, I thought men didn't need cholesterol.

5ba1e6  No.12791402


Two truths and a lie my friend.

Andrenochrome conspiracy is a red herring and nothing mofe. Just like commercial airliners being used to poison the populace is a topic brought up to redirect the discussion about government funded projects to experiment with the atmosphere or small climates. It is one and the same; I ask of you if you know the one outlying factor that remains a constant?

Hint it has to do with you… OP is normally this every time OP posts. ;^)

12fac4  No.12791416


Only if you don’t ever want to make testosterone. I don’t know that you need ‘cholesterol’ but it is a byproduct of the same hormonal processes that make testosterone, as well as other hormones like Vitamin D. What you really need are the raw aminos and lipids in order for your body to manufacture Test. I am really pushing the people I know who are interested in T-production to try SAFE raw protein that hasn’t been denatured to increase T production, I have no idea if it will work, I am experimenting on someone I know but I think there must be a reason that protein is destroyed through heating it and we are also having low-T problems. But keep it safe anons, you should know 100% the history of that protein, don’t buy ground burger from the grocery store and start chowing.

714899  No.12791548


based. veganism is a psyop.

714899  No.12791552


you could be very right.

578d4a  No.12792993


I wasnt talking about a johnny depp movie and or a book by H.S.T

The actual drug, harvested from a human brain. After the subject has been tortured.

330c60  No.12793045

File: fb1c9933c1149df⋯.jpeg (78.52 KB, 1153x648, 1153:648, 76E9275F-7116-4C95-BF78-7….jpeg)


>I wasnt talking about a johnny depp movie and or a book by H.S.T

Boy I don’t know what kinda fancy words you speaking but the only HST I need to know are the Federal Premium 9mm Hollowpoints

000000  No.12794564


Now that's a project!

Ask Apollo, has some nice tunes in his star-pocket.


Sucks being a torfag cause pictures are fun and this board, delicious, would love to post pictures of love.

Now, what sort of drugs can really let you talk to beings from other realms, bad or good???

I want to invite a lot of people from all planes of existence, some kind of fiesta, we'd be hitting on a hanged jew to get some candy and shekels.


There's good fat. Jewgle it, fat is necessary for testosterone.


>I have no idea if it will work, I am experimenting on someone I know

LOL you bastard mengelebro :D


not bad, not bad

d13b0f  No.12795275

File: c1c7269cbca7be5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.97 KB, 474x474, 1:1, Illunsionary.jpg)

DMT/high doses of hallucinogenics make you more receptive to ideas. Easier to conform and create new logos. However, the psychedelic user also correlates with trait openness (positive nihilism = live and let live man). Trait openness also trends with decreased industriousness (You only got one life d00d, whatcha think of this painting I made with my menstrual blood?)

Guess what…


CT/MRI scans have proven brain changes in psychedelic users even when SOBER.

You just gotta live life in the present, live each day like you're going to die tomorrow

<does nothing but plays videojews

1b4d4c  No.12795312

only drugs i do are psychedelics and weed, which are particularly nice after a workout

i quit alcohol/caffeine 5 years ago

c1993f  No.12795313



Go fuck yourself you jew faggot fuck.

d273ce  No.12795323


>The actual drug


d13b0f  No.12795327

File: 60724db172c6d78⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.46 KB, 570x576, 95:96, Vegvisir.jpg)

Also, Fluoride, Mercury, Aluminum, Lithium etc.. are all accumulative metals. Having a toxic effect at higher doses. A non-carcinogenic chelating agent such as Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid/and or Sodium calcium edetate

(EDTA) can help remove some of these.



Afterwards, be sure to replenish yourself with multivitamins.

976aa7  No.12795338

Or I could just move to Colorado live on welfare and force the taxpayers to pay for it later in life for poisoning me.

d13b0f  No.12795410

File: e4a3f4dcffc240c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.28 KB, 744x772, 186:193, NineGloryTwigs.jpg)

Mucgƿyrt Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Attorlaðe (Cockspur grass)

Stune Lamb's cress (Cardamine hirsuta)

Ƿegbrade Plantain (Plantago)

Mægðe Mayweed (Matricaria)

Stiðe Nettle (Urtica)

Ƿergulu Crab-apple (Malus)

Fille Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Finule Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Crush them to dust, and to mix them with soap (lye) and apple juice. Make a paste from water and ashes, boil fennel into the paste, bathe it with beaten egg – both before and after the prepared salve is applied.

f67e64  No.12795431

File: 85215a4e8996dca⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 400x428, 100:107, 05a3f6e459a79236f6ef21e349….jpg)

It's not just men who are being effected by all the estrogen in food and water. It's also why girls have tits at age 11 now, in addition to having makeup and sexuality pushed on them at younger and younger ages.

3db1b6  No.12795543


OP, got a question for you. My "friend" was supposedly diagnosed with bipolar but since it's a jewish trick he went without any assistance for many years. He was subscribed lithium but never took it, not once. He was always more likely hypomanic as you say, or perhaps had cyclothemia but a range of human emotions is normal. I reckon he outgrew all the psych bullshit because the highs and lows became less frequent as he matured and got older. Long story short, he lost somebody and then some more a few years ago and took to drinking because he found himself alone with nobody around him to help. It wasn't that he felt sorry for himself, it's just that he didn't wish to be "here" anymore. So after going past the thoughts of suicide to the point where he became an automoton npc to just bring home the bacon, he relented and trusted his new, non jewed female doctor to give setraline a try. He's been on that and blood pressure meds. He says the first few weeks were hell and they changed who he is. So now he's been on it for about 6 months and feels better, but his spikes of ambition and interest still waiver. It was supposedly his anxiety that was constantly overcoming him for nonsensical reasons and it forced him to try setraline as he needs to operate in a calm state due to the nature of his work. Still, i think my friend is just being a pussy and needs to man up but his addictive personality to the booze is something he needs to quit after 12 years before the doc allows him to turn off the crazy pills (he can keep the nicotine apparently, the exercise also helps him). If you have any knowledge on this, would you please please please be so kind as to answer. Sorry for the long question but you know, you guys have always been good to my friend. God Bless.

46b19b  No.12795569


I thought the drug was just a meme

3db1b6  No.12795572


thanks for the info. don't see how shit that makes you escape your plane of existence can ever be good if you have to smoke or ingest it, regardless if it's "naturale" or not. makes complete sense when looking at co-workers

46b19b  No.12795581


Can you please use paragraphs? And what is the question? I didn't see a single question mark in that whole post.

ad11c6  No.12795603

Other than avoiding plastics and getting a water filter, what else should I do to avoid the molecular jew?

e0f3a7  No.12795609





good thread. petulant zionists rolling in on time

46b19b  No.12795617

File: 99cf5514d11c859⋯.jpeg (227.73 KB, 1059x1500, 353:500, serveimage (35).jpeg)

Just a reminder to drink a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda everyday for healthy kidneys.

Your body is acidic due all of the processed junk you eat and the modern environment. Baking soda (not baking powder) is 100% sodium bicarbonate. This chemical is based (pH higher than 7) and when it mixes with the acid in your kidneys, it creates water and salt that can easily be pissed out. If you don't want kidney stones or don't want to be on dialysis in your 50s, make sure to keep your body at a healthy level of alkaline.

46b19b  No.12795621


Xenoestrogens are chemicles that act as female's main sex hormone, aka soy. Take Zink supplements to increase test levels. Also exercise and sleep well everyday.

190d1d  No.12795640


Pharmaceutical comes from the greek word pharmakiea, meaning "to deceive with sorcery" or "poison by sorcery". Makes sense that the jews run this industry to destroy the human vessel.


There are plenty of people actually doing positive things with the knowledge they download under dmt/shrooms. Other psychedelics are different. Sounds like youre projecting here tbh.


As a male, xenoestrogens will increase your estrogen levels and decrease test. It has the opposite effect in women.

a78227  No.12795716


dumb nigger thinks it comes from a movie

532f6a  No.12795932

>no sources provided

>mixing kike disinfo like "HURR MARIJUNA MAKE U GAY" and pure theorycrafting with real info

>including literal non-drugs that are drugs in metaphor only with actual drugs

Is this just another "nu/pol/ circlejerks and virtue signals about how 'good' and 'pure' they think they are" thread?

Learn how to make a thread or fuck off.

9c2a29  No.12802765

I'm starting to suspect that we're suffering from an ongoing low level raid. These occultism threads are not organic.

Reminder that CM wants this kind of non-content on /pol/.

A mislead /pol/ack is a harmless one.

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