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File: 2b5435eb11010ce⋯.gif (782.08 KB, 701x418, 701:418, I heart Freedom.gif)

d3ac97  No.12790839

An anon made this petition on Whitehouse.gov to reveal the citizenships of not only congressmen but federal judges and executive appointees as well!

The site itself says:

>100,000 Signatures in 30 Days

>Get an official update from the White House within 60 days.

So far, we're at 21 of those 100,000!


Half-Chan's thread on this:


d3ac97  No.12790843

C&P Error – We're at 94 sigs.

f728b8  No.12790847

I walk around with my passport so there's no doubt about mine.

000000  No.12790862


>servile anon carries identification like good goy

d3ac97  No.12790880

File: ec368d41e28a141⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 558x639, 62:71, Car Problems.jpg)

c3fb71  No.12790892


>likely a kidnapper queer that needs to be banned and integrated.

43e175  No.12790893

It's already known that dozens of US congressmen are dual-citizens with Israeli, but nobody seems to care.

c3fb71  No.12790898

I care, I suggested making it illegal for dual citizenship holders to hold political offices.

d3ac97  No.12790910



> I suggested making it illegal for dual citizenship holders to hold political offices.

And *this* is a first step to getting there.

fc9145  No.12790937


Australia did it

fd0767  No.12791030



Get the fuck out and don't come back.

fd0767  No.12791033


Ok, so get the fuckers that are dual citizens to make a law making it illegal. Fucktard.

d3ac97  No.12791080


We're working on multiple things here:

(1) Raising awareness,

(2) Exposing the loyalty issue,

(3) Exposing the corruption issue,

(4) Building momentum,

(5) Laying the groundwork for the real action,

(6) Using what we have.

Even if the petition gets the 100k signatures and goes unanswered, we'll still have a place to point to and say "See, it's an issue!" – If they do issue a statement, then we can say "See, it's such an issue the Whitehouse issued a statement about it!" – Think doing the MSM/dossier trick, but this time on our side: we can push this to the point that normies take notice, and because the MSM has been harping on "Russia stole the election!" for *years* it means that normies are *ALREADY PRIMED*.

d57c68  No.12791089

Signed #108

2988a4  No.12791105


>oy vey goyim an internet petition will surely do something


d3ac97  No.12791109

42296d  No.12791119

Give this to r/the_donald

d3ac97  No.12791142


I would, if I posted there, but I don't.

d3ac97  No.12791278

we're at 108!

2bf396  No.12791313


I'm not sure anyone actually knows this or not. While all ashkenazi Jews are applicable for citizenship in Israel and we've got a certain number of askenazi Jews in congress, we can't really prove they're actual citizens of Israel. Hence the petition, I guess.


It's clown world that it isn't already so.

2988a4  No.12791340


There's nothing to see. Your bullshit is meaningless. No one is falling for your absolute fucking boomer bullshit.

eeb9eb  No.12791368


>oy vey please don’t do this tiny thing it won’t work anyway lol

>channers shouldn’t use every internet outlet available to troll, disrupt, and raise awareness about issues we care about

Try harder.

2988a4  No.12791376




>JUST KEEP TALKING (does nothing)


>GO AHEAD AND VOTE (does nothing)


Paid shill confirmed.

7a85e6  No.12791420

Good guy John should pay for everything… baby making should be left to Chad

d803f5  No.12791443

File: cec5133e704643d⋯.png (276.68 KB, 598x369, 598:369, Calling it.png)




eeb9eb  No.12791458


Wow. You did indeed try harder. It is nonsense though. It takes zero time to do this. Also /pol/ is a board of peace, faggot. Do nothing? No. Just not do violence like you are suggesting. Political action like organizing and getting involved in petitions IS action. This is a good idea and it is why you are irrationally upset random people are signing something that asks the government to address treason in a way that is not easily subverted by being “omg Hitler antisemite!” Tier.

Fuck you, cock gobbler. You cannot stop this. And if you are some normal anon and not a kike shill, why would you even care? No downside, a few reasonable upsides.

Get fucked, merchant.

a51384  No.12791543

>The System is going to willingly cripple itself because we asked politely

d3ac97  No.12791555


Again, see here: >>12791080.

It's not *just* about _this_ – it goes further, it's also about building awareness and momentum and, thanks to the MSM's *RUSSIA!!* BS, the public is absolutely primed to it.

a51384  No.12791557


You'd be right if the target of this awareness approach wasn't the lemming masses.

You are going to be preaching to a demoralized mass of people who really do not care about "loyalty" considering they're electing communists and muslims into office left, right, and center.

You're stuck in the "phase 2" mentality. Unironically read SIEGE.

d3ac97  No.12791585


>You'd be right if the target of this awareness approach wasn't the lemming masses.

Not the *only* target.

>You are going to be preaching to a demoralized mass of people who really do not care about "loyalty" considering they're electing communists and muslims into office left, right, and center.

The problem is hopelessness, in particular *LEARNED HELPLESSNESS* – one thing that actually really helps is being able to *DO* something, even if it's a little thing… this is precisely that: something small, that all but the most black-pilled can do, that has some chance of returns.

Even if it's ignored by whitehouse.gov, that's fine, we can still say "look it was important enough it got XXXXXX votes!", and if we actually get a response we can say "look, it was important enough that the whitehouse made a statement" – IOW, this is just the beginning, we're laying a foundation for actions that would be thought impossible two or three years ago.

> You're stuck in the "phase 2" mentality. Unironically read SIEGE.

b3e891  No.12791606

File: 981f367625fad4b⋯.jpeg (6.81 KB, 275x183, 275:183, bryce williams shooter.jpeg)

Oh say can you shart

a51384  No.12791617


This will not amount to anything. Just another moment in time where the kikes were highlighted and the great masses of weimerica had their eyes covered, ears plugged, and mouths shut. We've been talking about Yuri Bezmenov's interview for what, 8 or so years now? How long is it going to take you to realize that everything he said about a demoralized populace is applicable to weimerica and her golem states?

You can tell people the truth, you can show them what an "important" issue looks like, and they won't be receptive. At times, they'll even violently reject it.

Your optimism is just ignorance, you categorize those who see through the meaningless movements you're trying to make as others with terms like "blackpill" when in reality these sorts of people have just understood the game a bit better than you do.

At the end of the day, your petition, no matter how hopeful you are about it, is going to lead to nothing, even at 100k signatures. Your enemies want you dead, those same people own the populace.

I'm sorry to say, champ, but the world isn't what you think it is.

b3e891  No.12791632

File: b2b764f363ae226⋯.png (8.46 KB, 251x272, 251:272, b2b.png)

2988a4  No.12791643

a0ce24  No.12791646


don't let the tards sway you. some of us understand the message. continue on and carry the weight just a little more. its coming.

a51384  No.12791664

File: 3e45606dd68ce35⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1200x600, 2:1, NA gas traitors.png)


Absolutely, brother. I am nothing but optimistic, I simply have been around long enough to have learned a good deal. We've got Hitler and that's more than enough to carry my ass to finish line.

2020 is going to be a great year. Pre-Trump, the youth was radically different from today. Their outlet for discontent with modernity WAS Hitler and Fascism. That same spirit is lingering but it hasn't progressed because Trump existed as an easy, politically charged alternative. In reality, he was a shroud to throw over the heads of white kids so they could comfortably relax and believe that change was possible through the political system, all the while being blind to the demographic issues which their savant savior did nothing about.

2020, the shroud comes off, Trump doesn't stand a chance. The white kids aren't alright and a lot of them are going to be pissed when they're being represented niggers, spics, communists, and, of course, kikes.

Groups of radical dissidents are going to be recruiting the youth (see how almost all true to heart fascist orgs in the anglosphere are "purity spiraling" youth orgs) and 2020 is a breeding ground for white radicals. See ya in the Satya Yuga!

eed24c  No.12791665

File: 0d46edf79252671⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 3434x2959, 3434:2959, 1402034832017.jpg)


This. You faggots either know about the idea of groundwork and grassroots and are deliberately trying to muddy the waters, or you're fucking retarded. Either way, you're still fucking retarded.

It should be a no-brainer that anyone holding a position as an elected official should not be a dual-citizen. The first step is absolutely raising awareness to this issue and fact, but I don't think a petition alone is going to do it. Instead, I'd like to see more campaigns - fliers, etc seem to work pretty fucking well. Any artfags around? A neat metaphor could be something like a man with extremely long legs, reaching halfway across the globe with one stride - as he picks up bags of money from one side, his other hand is giving this money to the other side. No words, no Ben Garrison-tier labels, no happy merchants - just a simple and effective metaphor.

A lot of people already know it's wrong in the back of their heads, but it requires some good ol' reinforcing propaganda.

b3e891  No.12791703

File: 57980e4909546ca⋯.jpg (99.98 KB, 900x760, 45:38, a0d59e5c19a4537d4a0a0d2b4d….jpg)


Don't do anything! Don't take one more step! You're close, better stop right now! Turn around! Not one more step closer! Stop being angry! Never get angry, anger is a harmful emotion! Calm down! Not one more step! Stop printing leaflets! Stay on your fucking containment site!

eed24c  No.12791719

File: e819b262f5ea3de⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.81 KB, 198x200, 99:100, 1348332054171.jpg)


That's right! Don't forget to paint jews on everything! It's all about jews, only jews! Talk about ONLY jews, and what violent criminal actions you'll take against them - don't do ANYTHING else, everything else is a waste of time!

I wonder how many CIAniggers are ITT, frothing at the mouth

d3ac97  No.12791734


>I wonder how many CIAniggers are ITT, frothing at the mouth

All of them – investigating all these public officials for their dual loyalty is going to be a lot of work, and they simply CAN'T HAVE THAT!!

b3e891  No.12791747


You do realize Theodore Roosevelt loved Jews and niggers? Something isn't right about that post.

d3ac97  No.12791751


>You do realize Theodore Roosevelt loved Jews and niggers?

Did he try to create a hybrid?

A sort of Jigger… if you will?

eed24c  No.12791754


It's just a reaction image. Though, to say Teddy "loved jews and niggers" is a bit of a stretch - he was just too fucking optimistic and thought we could basically uplift apes with the right environment. It's obviously been disproven since then.

b3e891  No.12791757


Haaretz begs to differ.


2988a4  No.12791818


>do things that don't work


d3ac97  No.12792302

File: dab1bde0093d094⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 720x511, 720:511, Anger.jpg)

fc7d1e  No.12796692

7049ad  No.12796774


I'm not a burger but I'm bumping so this hopefully takes off throughout the entire West.

000000  No.12796783

Wasn't the beaner federal judge that famously attacked Trump during the election a known illegal?

7049ad  No.12796791


I'm pretty sure he was a rapist.

17880e  No.12797051

non-burger bump

9d59eb  No.12797168

File: 4c972bf1038e037⋯.jpg (5.45 KB, 320x319, 320:319, 4c972bf1038e037735e11f6cb6….jpg)


>Wow. You did indeed try harder

Sensible chuckle

52c458  No.12803330

Signed, 291

d3ac97  No.12803578


Awesome / Thanks.

d3ac97  No.12804656

We're at 316 now.

7d1291  No.12804696

File: df527dae65e3b1b⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 500x532, 125:133, no_longer_certain.jpg)


faggot, /k/ already did this. It means nothing. It does nothing. There is no political solution. Voting will not save the Whites, Trump will not save the Whites, get it through your plebbitor heads.



25801a  No.12826127


722874  No.12826155


No, you fucking yid.

000000  No.12853525

bump bc fuck jews

2e4dd3  No.12853527


No, jew. Kill yourself. Your ✡petition✡ is meaningless.

568ae2  No.12853638

It is really pitiful when we can't even get to 1,000 signatures.

2e4dd3  No.12853654


Almost as though we know that your fucking bullshit does nothing, moishe.

0482d4  No.12853660



they have to at least acknowledge it if it passes

d3ac97  No.12855267



Someone posted it on r/The_Donald, indirectly:


53f8db  No.12855275

File: 9b244fdcb3532f1⋯.jpg (250.93 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, 1551182729157.jpg)


>You better name yourself jew!

Not happening. Use your 2nd amendment, thats how you communicate with the federal government.

3ef243  No.12856494

File: eb590bf4af6b214⋯.png (546.63 KB, 588x569, 588:569, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Lena….png)

File: eb590bf4af6b214⋯.png (546.63 KB, 588x569, 588:569, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Lena….png)

File: 726b22506cd002d⋯.png (812.16 KB, 534x712, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

3ef243  No.12856496

File: b295de92fa8b586⋯.png (37.05 KB, 722x493, 722:493, Screenshot_2018-11-02 Lena….png)

f2f0c7  No.12860034


If it would embarrass Israel it will simply be ignored, without regard to the number of signatures you obtain.

901200  No.12861018


Realize that anons don't like to sign anything with their legal names. You're going to have to shill this to normies.

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