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File: 81ba19ab13035d5⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 803x603, 803:603, doug.jpg)

82707c  No.12790928


>Ontario Premier Doug Ford has accused student unions of getting up to “crazy Marxist nonsense” in his latest fundraising letter to party supporters.

>Mr. Ford’s government last month announced a number of changes to the financing of the postsecondary education system, including a plan to make many student fees optional.

>Student groups have protested the proposed changes, saying they would dramatically alter life on campus. Most believe that giving students the right to opt-out of some fees could hobble the student unions that provide a wide range of services, from student media to support organizations for minority student groups.

>In a letter to supporters Monday trumpeting the government’s achievements, Mr. Ford said that under the previous system, students were “forced into unions” and were also “forced to pay for those unions.”

“I think we all know what kind of crazy Marxist nonsense student unions get up to,” Mr. Ford said. “So, we fixed that. Student union fees are now opt-in.”

>Student unions have emerged as one of the loudest voices of opposition to Mr. Ford’s proposed changes to higher education. Groups have rallied outside Queen’s Park several times since the government announced its intention to make significant changes to the way postsecondary education is funded.

d532fd  No.12790958


751a72  No.12790970

>Student union fees are now opt-in.


defunding the commies

I get it

fd5ff3  No.12790980


>risk of white people opting out of paying for niggers and kike media


Good luck, Canada. Hope it works out.

094f45  No.12791012

Nice to see Dougie is doing good by the vote, I still think we should run all these people out of the country with a swastika at the front of it but Canadians seem to prefer the painful learning experience

3a7a5d  No.12791082

Everyone contributes to their ability. kek

e9a2c5  No.12791231


This is a good idea. Student unions at my old uni were responsible for about 1/4 of the cost of attendance. The main 'job' they performed was to have yearly protests to complain about tuition costs. By abolishing themselves, the unions could have immediately lowered tuition costs by 1/4, which is a greater savings for the students than any tuition reduction they'd advocated for. Students' union is a place for the most corrupt and sneaky kikes and sjws to practice for careers in politics.

464510  No.12791309


Because unchecked by unions universities wouldnt raise tuition as high as they please? Unions keep wages high and costs low.

8e14ef  No.12791365


This is a bot.

535bd5  No.12791369

File: 32995a8bcc35a8f⋯.jpg (69.23 KB, 537x810, 179:270, 1532362945699.jpg)

Hebrews literally CANNOT stop KVETCHING

e9a2c5  No.12791371


The student union is only a union in the sense that they compel the students to pay for them. They don't have anything to do with the wages of university bureaucrats (obviously overpaid shysters) or the costs of running the university itself.

I don't blame the student unions for high tuition. There are two main causes for the increasing rates:

The govt for guaranteeing student loans to everyone who wants to go. Universities raise the price of tuition because prospective students can pay more thanks to these loans.

The universities' administrative staff vastly outnumber the professors and many at the top take in outrageous salaries. These dead weight parasites make up an expanding majority of the costs of running a modren university.

40f6a0  No.12791388


Describe the actual beneficial service the student union provides for students.

d796c8  No.12791405


>unions good

When will socialists ever learn? Describe one benefit unions have had to any western country or its economy in the last hundred years. Provide proof.

3a7a5d  No.12791431

File: 9016c97af66ccc4⋯.jpg (80.81 KB, 567x401, 567:401, been working in the coal m….jpg)

d796c8  No.12791455


>oy vey goy don't allow young people to seek employment, teach them to be useless and dependent until long after the (((age of majority))) so they can be indoctrinated by our (((public education system))) instead of contributing to the nation's health and economy

Want to try that again?

464510  No.12791505


>9 yo doing 12h shifts in factories or mines

>"its young people seeking a career"

How retarded can you get.

0108c9  No.12791518


>being so retarded he still thinks the thread is about labor unions

464510  No.12791523


No it isnt, its about canadian beavers.

e32de1  No.12791531

He is not as great as his brother Rob was… but he is great.

d796c8  No.12791533


>propaganda by unionist kikes that never happened

>implying slavery was legal in 1910, so that's why we needed to steal money from all the whites and create the welfare system to ensure everyone is worthless

Kill yourself.

314e7c  No.12791538


No because they run a business so they price their goods and services at a rate the market can keep up with or they shutter and close from a lack of customers.

e9a2c5  No.12791563


'people' derailing the thread with off-topic fighting and general unions good/bad arguments are missing the point. This is about very specific groups, the student unions, and whether or not students should be compelled to pay for them so the leaders can play politician and squander money on minority interest groups. If your argument is that unions are good because they protect workers or some shit, then you're using misdirection to lead the discussion into pointless dead ends that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

If you're a student, a good way to help reduce your costs is to run for students' council on a platform of abolishing the students' council. Most students don't vote in the elections because they don't think it matters and don't know how much of their money goes to these groups every year. It won't take many votes to actually win on such a platform and you're more likely to find people willing to vote for you to crush the system than to support some young kike and his political pet projects.

c02d06  No.12791690


>Because unchecked by unions universities wouldnt raise tuition as high as they please? Unions keep wages high and costs low.

Found the Marxist! Unions definitely keep wages *higher than they rightfully should be*. Unions and illegal workers are the main reason for "mandatory minimum wages" existing.

224145  No.12791729

File: e007c8b2b98372d⋯.jpg (148.08 KB, 1440x954, 80:53, doug ford watch the skies.jpg)

Leaf here.

Ford is basically the only hope for Canada right now. I'd do anything to meet the man in person and thank him for his service to the province, and for calling out (((soros))) publicly.

3c5a56  No.12791877


I would very much like to see a link to Doug callout out Soros. I can't find anything on it.

464510  No.12792045


>dumb spoiled brat that thinks work is voluntary

Grow up you dumb shit

a84c0c  No.12792156


I voted for Ford but I don't think he's anyone's saviour. He's just a basic bitch zioglobalist like the rest of the PC and running damage control to keep the RRSP-minded boomers in line. But if you have counterexamples to disprove this I'd like to see em.

586a9a  No.12792244


This is correct. He makes a few minor, very basic changes that libs will cry about but don't really do anything, while keeping 99% of the liberals anti-white, pro-kike agenda.

000000  No.12793521


Yeah I wish we still had Wynne, I liked my kids being taught about trannies and alternative sexuality in schools. The sooner my son learns to suck a cock the better for everyone right?

b56b0a  No.12793557

File: 00cd8a8e04d0d65⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 480x368, 30:23, 00cd8a8e04d0d6577804b61434….jpg)


>unions stopped child labor

ca746a  No.12793584

File: 00bccb5ff7b93e0⋯.jpg (249.74 KB, 605x720, 121:144, 00bccb5ff7b93e0ede6c1deb4b….jpg)

>Student union fees are now opt-in

Oh, that's gonna have them turning red in the face.

b8a38f  No.12793591

People should start contacting him asking for something to be done about online censorship. The only reason I knew he was doing a good job was from all the shit talking that reddit was doing.

151692  No.12793592

File: 557d83c4f9f4b56⋯.jpeg (40.84 KB, 640x433, 640:433, 1BACFF53-E7BD-4C10-A0C8-A….jpeg)


b8a38f  No.12793602


Child labor is infinitely better than the current child prisons that are used to prevent learning useful skills.

d6729e  No.12793624



nice waifus, now would Doug Ford join the People's Party? Why the fuck would he want to work under Scheer? Look at Mad Max's daughters.

d796c8  No.12793651



I reiterate, kill yourself.

000000  No.12793663


This. He got political too soon and had to pledge allegiance to the cuck party.

d7454e  No.12793890

Give this man some crack for his hard work

21395f  No.12793901


where's the proofs anon?

f35d36  No.12793914


No differences according to my predecessors.

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