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File: 7944acbdaab8025⋯.png (222.65 KB, 1140x2540, 57:127, 7944acbdaab80253d2586c67d7….png)

819266  No.12791218

Reminder that shills can be identified by trying to kill ideas with insubstantial responses that only contain accusations and insults.

or by misrepresenting the ideas in a negative fashion.

If they do not actually present arguments for why the idea is bad, their influence is to be countered, when you see them in a thread that presents an idea, bump the thread up, because the idea is likely to be a good one.

I've made a couple Idea threads, one for making our own media, one for creating documents that detail what we believe to be true, what our end goal is, how we plan to achieve our goal, the rules we agree to follow, and how others can be sure that we wont deviate from our plan or our rules, the last idea is simply the idea of taking the risk of meeting each other in real life at a pre-defined location and time, while also taking measure to mitigate the risks so that anons would feel comfortable enough to show.

Right now, the only things we've been doing it trying to educate people, but our message and the vagueness around both it and those who deliver it, chases people away, rendering us ineffective at our stated goal.

So my ideas are to make the message and everything around it clear:

- We write out our vision for an ideal country/society/world, and we do it in complete detail, completely describing everything from the ground up, even the most mundane and commonsense of details, and making every description as explicit and complete as possible so that there is no room for intentional misinterpretation.

Now people know what we plan to achieve and thus we are much less scary to the public.

- We write out our plan to achieve the society listed above, ensuring that is it described with as much detail and clarity as was given to the above, leaving no room for deliberate misrepresentation, so that they know how we seek to get to our goals.

Now we are even less scary, as they know what our plans are, and more importantly, what they are not.

- We write out a code of conduct for our followers to abide by, and the recommended punishments from failure to live up to the rules listed within the code.

Now we have quenched all three fears in the mind of the public, even if some can be convinced to refuse to believe that we are telling the truth, they can see the ideas presented as having value in themselves, and that's still a win for us.

The second idea, meeting up, has been posted so many times. The problem with the idea is that there is no threat to meeting up at an arranged location, date, and time, but shills have managed to scare anons into thinking there is one even though there is no reason to, they even got me with this until I started to actually think about it, that said, the shills tend to mass invade this type of thread every time it's made, it's obviously on the highest of priorities to keep us online, which means what we are currently doing is no threat to them, but going offline means that we would be surprised at how favorable things would turn out for us once we did so, right now it's not about avoiding the (non-existent) risks, and more about making anons feel safe enough to attend a meeting for the first time, once they attend, and see that there is no danger, this thing will snowball into something very powerful.

And that's the three cool ideas that shills hate.

819266  No.12791223

File: 3b7c0e3e4b8d762⋯.jpeg (102.3 KB, 720x883, 720:883, 5b4763848bb3a.jpeg)

The third idea, creating our own media, has been presented multiple times, every time the thread was made, it was destroyed by shills using the tactics described at the top of this post, then it get's abandoned and dies.

We have a fuckton of creatives on this board, and creating our own media would be the easiest thing ever, I'm determined not to let this die, however, we get two types of fucktard that are exclusive to /polmedia/ threads:

1. The anons who completely lack the idea of sublety: these are the ones who refuse to create media that the average person would be willing to consume, they want to insert nazis into everything, openly brand jews and racial minorities as enemy factions, and make everyone into a stereotype straight out of damaging failures like angry goy or zogs nightmare, which doesn't jive with the average suburban white who goes out every day and sees blacks who don't act like niggers. They don't understand our humor, and so assume we are delusional enough to think what we put in our games is an accurate depiction of reality.

This blunt approach has been tried many times and only hurt the cause each time, we are making media as a form of outreach, not for ourselves, and outreach requires a very gentle approach, not one that scares people away from it, we can speak our ideas through various forms of writing that aren't literal, allegory, metaphor, the entire group of genres known as "speculative fiction", we need to trust in the intelligence of our audience to interpret the messages out of our media, we don't need to make the outright statement that "Hitler did nothing wrong", in order to tell people that the actions taken by the NDSAP were justified.

2 - The anons who object to using the tactics of the enemy, these guys are placing some retarded idea of honor above reason and practicality, there are no jewish tactics or aryan tactics, only tactics that win and tactics that lose, right now the jews are winning, and if you are truly serious about victory, the only sensible approach is to learn how to reverse engineer the enemy strategy for our own side.

If an enemy's guns are superior, find a means to use their guns against them, often that means taking their guns from them and adopting them as your own., learning from the enemy is an essential component of war, and if our weapons were superior, we wouldn't have found ourselves on the losing side, what;s the point of staying true to ourselves if it will only lead to our defeat?

And that's the three cool ideas that shills hate.

819266  No.12791225

The pics are unrelated, the words are.

9c0abf  No.12791242

>you can't say my ideas are shit without posting a novel about a better idea!!!!!!!!!!!!


71c3c4  No.12791245


She looks cute.

e01573  No.12791270

I think op my be a gay.

819266  No.12791273


As for the assertion that there is no danger to meeting outside of /pol/.

Ever notice that they never explain how they would arrest you? what charges they would lay against you? and how they could possibly convict you on those charges?

Keep in mind we aren't meeting dressed in uniform, we are meeting in public places, and we will not be discussing plans to commit any illegal activities, if we are in a country like the united states, or even leafistan (canada), there is almost no chance that we'd be able to be arrested for anything.

and if the authorities somehow manages to find out who we are and send an agent to listen in, there is still no problem, we might redpill them, but they won't hear anything they can use against us, even if it's only them, we still have someone to talk to about politics, and that has huge psychological benefit top any anons out there without anyone they can truly express themselves to, that in itself is a big plus.

The feds are watching this board, they already know everything, trying to keep secrets from them when they already know them is retarded at this point, and a waste of movement space, it's an unnecessary limitation on what we can do as far as activism is concerned. Stop doing it.

3db8d9  No.12791285


>The feds are watching this board, they already know everything

So why does IOTBW cause a stir every time?

000000  No.12791296


Coming to the airspace near you.

819266  No.12791297


Shill type: Misrepresentation

I don't need a novel about an alternative plan, I just need some reason for why my idea is bad.

What I'm getting is being called shill, glownigger, jew, gay (>>12791242), paki, stupid, etc.all with no basis or reasoning provided to support such libel.

What's more, these accusations have nothing to do with why my idea should be ignored, even if they were all true (which they are obviously not), it would do nothing to discredit my idea.

It's kinda funny how all you shills behave like children, using insults in the playground style, you are retarded, but we must be even more retarded for these tactics to be effective on us.

I'm done with the word "tactic", I'm using the word "strategy" from now on.

819266  No.12791300


IDK, because it's useful when the media goes hysterical? it makes us out to be a big bad threat, which makes our outreach efforts more difficult.

000000  No.12791301

>the feds are watching this board

Only when they get reports about it. and when they shitpost

>they already know everything

Bullshit. Have you ever met a spook. They know fucking nothing.

1608a6  No.12791302

Open the borders, no more brothers wars

1608a6  No.12791304

((( >>12791301 )))

Sounds like D&C

The FBI is mostly Aryan

819266  No.12791305


Well, then, they are even less of a threat now, aren't they?

I guess I will be seeing you at the next meetup, right?

819266  No.12791311


Hispanics aren't white or aryan, they have to go back.


An anti-white Aryan is still an enemy (albeit a very unfortunate one).

d37f38  No.12791312

OP is a retard and a shill.

Probably voted for Trump too.

000000  No.12791323


Yep. I'll be the one with the maga hat.

000000  No.12791326



You fucking nigger.

1af5ef  No.12791327


As far as meeting irl, the “take a walk” thing going on a few months ago was a good idea. I participated and actually met up with another anon, there is still a thread for it in meadhall but it’s kind of died out now. Something similar might be good

fcde86  No.12791330


>all Europeans are white

>speaking a language means that you're white

>being a watered down mix of "native" americans and spaniards means you're white

You aren't white and you never will be, Paco.

454c3f  No.12791332


>shills can be identified by trying to kill ideas with insubstantial responses that only contain accusations and insults or by misrepresenting the ideas in a negative fashion

Or misdirection - not necessarily negative, but responding like "study this MSM source to find out what they're up to"

fcde86  No.12791337


The best way to meet irl is to create /pol/acks out of your existing social circles. They'll, in time, do the same for their own circles outside yours, and again and again.

c2135e  No.12791347

File: 3111a59f918f50d⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 220x311, 220:311, 220px-Jody_Wilson-Raybould….jpg)

File: a936b0825a26060⋯.jpg (26.93 KB, 620x349, 620:349, tamara-cartwright-poulits.jpg)


>Ever notice that they never explain how they would arrest you? what charges they would lay against you? and how they could possibly convict you on those charges?

As the target of one such operation, I can explain. They befriend you, get you impaired, and get you talking, then GOTCHA.

Police are more like spies and kompromat operatives these days. Or maybe it's just the circles I travel in.

1af5ef  No.12791352


True, that is good as well, but it’s not always that simple. There’s also a difference between someone who’s redpilled and someone who is redpilled and willing to stand up for our people. I’ve redpilled others before, but certain personalities are never going to stand up on their own. Connecting people who will is important, that’s how we get things done and move forward

fcde86  No.12791370


Fair point, I tend to forget that there are many who know what is going on but feel powerless to stop it (niggerpills). I wasn't around for the "take a walk" situation, do you have any details?


Have you been locked up/put away, anon? I'm interested in your story.

1af5ef  No.12791395



Thread is super dead now

Some of it’s niggerpills, some is just faggots who will never give up vidya and microwave pizza

fd1a1a  No.12791401

Whenever I meet someone new I say the 14 words and ask if they have a problem with that. Whatever they answer I follow up with "why?". That not only always works in your favor, but it creates great discussions on the spot, and exposes snakes in mere seconds.

819266  No.12791423


yeah, there are a lot of different shilling techniques out there, what we need to do is focus on the ones we encounter most often.

35a9fc  No.12791441

Reminder jew shills try and switch the narrative by railing against simple truth with pilpul.

b25b38  No.12791464

File: d9eb0c789d3bd3a⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 3c7 (1).jpg)

Muh FBI monitoring!

The FBI is a bunch of teenage girls with jobs. Remember that those faggots were literally crying in text messages when Trump was elected. They're just as frigile and stupid as your average University students. All the top kids in their classes went on to actual intelligence work, or into the US Marshalls. The FBI is where the losers ended up.

95aaf4  No.12791467


I went to take a walk with /pol/acks… they were all spic. Based!

95aaf4  No.12791470


You sound like kike

819266  No.12791529


You suggest we ignore race-traitors?

No, you shoot a traitor before the enemy.

409914  No.12791610


Not the other guy, but honestly I just shitpost a lot

4c5523  No.12791627

File: 57120ca251f9877⋯.jpg (109.97 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, marshalls.0.jpg)


>All the top kids in their classes went on to actual intelligence work, or into the US Marshalls

And the rest went to regular Marshalls.

769d4c  No.12791670


Never trust a fed.

819266  No.12792097


Then we simply avoid alcohol at the meetups, or we simply don't go if we actually support doing illegal shit.

There are a billion simple ways that this is not a problem.


They won't be a problem if we simply don't give them anything useful, our meetups can still be productive without revealing anything that can be used against us in an effective manner.

819266  No.12792157

File: 1e48eeed8fbad6e⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1e48eeed8fbad6ea8081445a8a….jpg)

It will be a while before we can have race-rallies like the kikes do, but right now we are doing jack shit to get ourselves to the point where that is possible.

I remember that one shilling technique is insisting that if an idea that slowly makes progress for us doesn't get us all the way immediately, the idea is no good, this is a strat that ensures that progress doesn't get made at all, we are starting from the bottom, if we are going to make any progress, it is going to have to be slow and subtle, as we do not yet have the support or resources needed to do something large and fast.

The sooner we begin implementing these plans with gradual effect, the sooner their payoff will come to us, what's more, there is nothing about these plans that suggest they are the only thing we get going, we can do other things as well, and, even if it's not a big contribution, the contribution these plans do make will give our other operations an advantage, and we need all the advantages we can get at this point.

fb1c57  No.12792379

File: 692356c645d9333⋯.jpg (190.9 KB, 897x673, 897:673, 1549823550574.jpg)


Alright anon. Serious levels of weaponized autism anon here

7e11a8  No.12792438


>We have a fuckton of creatives on this board, and creating our own media would be the easiest thing ever, I'm determined not to let this die, however, we get two types of fucktard that are exclusive to /polmedia/ threads

This is a good thread OP, and I agree with everything you wrote. I've been working on solutions to these problems but it's slow going.

Look, I don't want to sound crass here, but what is needed the most in this "movement" is MONEY. I work on projects that would benefit all of us with every spare moment, but I have to work a demanding day job just to pay my bills. I am only able to squeeze in so many hours of side work every week due to my main job and all the chores and errands one needs to do just to live. This means that a project which might take me only 100 hours, can drag out for MONTHS because I'm only able to put in 8 or 10 hours a week on it.

If you look at the left and the way they have commanded our culture, it all boils down to MONEY. They not only have a ton of massively funded media companies already in place, but they have billionaire donors who pay them to work on their culture projects. Without donors, we are fucked because if a man can't keep a roof over his head by creating content, then he won't do it.

I have noticed a tendency on the right for people to be real assholes - tight-fisted, self-centered, and pessimistic. They rarely peel open their wallets to fund good ideas. They just want to sit back and do things that are easy or free.

This is the problem we must solve if we are to get anywhere. Politics is downstream from culture. Control of the media is EVERYTHING and we are getting our ass handed to us by leftists on this vital front.

tldr; stop being such miserly faggots and send money to people who are doing good work.

I know I'll get shot down for saying so but I have dozens of ideas that would be wildly successful in shifting our cultural consciousness, if only I had a little more time to work on them! And with a little bit of funding, I would have that time. I am very skilled at what I do and I've been building experience for decades…but without money it's just one inch forward at a time, and we don't have much time left. Fuck, it's frustrating. Where is our Soros? Marxist shitfuckers get paid big bucks to shill and shitpost all day but we do it for free. It doesn't take a genius to see who will win that battle.

819266  No.12792448


IKR? it's pretty cool if I do say so myself, more importantly, it's effective.

This is the young blood approach, so this is the future of our board, it's the policy of bravery and honor rather than cowardice, it's about taking action rather than playing it safe and merely telling each other lies about how you're making any sort of noticeable difference.

I've identified three key weaknesses that are preventing us from becoming effective, and proposed decisive solutions:

- consensus of anti-white narrative in the media.

- strawmanning of pro-white ideas and the aversion coming from the resultant misunderstandings or incomplete understanding of those ideas among the populace.

- lack of IRL contact between pro-whites.

- the general cowardice of the pro-white community, who wants to fight battles that come without the need to take risks (such battles do not exist), who thinks they are producing effective outreach by impotently shitposting and upsetting people with some vague poster placed up somewhere sometimes.

We have lost the true love of our volk, the love that makes us take rash actions in the interests of our people, we have lost sight that it has only ever been these rash actions of love that have ever produced change, we preserve our existence at the cost of having never lived for anything, and it is shameful for me to see you like this. We have been demoralized to the point where anyone who suggests an action that may benefit our cause is shouted down by cowards who think out of shadowy fears. We must cease to lie helpless within the dark, I propose taking up torches and burning out the shadows around us, others shall see our lights, and they shall become a beacon, such that when one of our lights go out, it is replaced by a hundred more, and for the one light, know that suffering is a brand upon the soul that has finally discovered what it was to live.

For my volk, I will be willing to suffer, I consider it not a risk, but a reward, telling me that I have done my sacred duty.

819266  No.12792488


we can find donors, so long as people do not know our work is natsoc, we are able to acquire donations and other means of support.

This is why it is integral that we do not start some project that will be rejected on sight, why we must stay away from being explicit, and instead focus on other means of storytelling, non-literal writing, works of speculative fiction, etc. Not some Nazi Ubermensch gunning down caricatures of Anti-Whites, Shitskins, and Jews, this shit is retarded, has been tried in the past, and has only been counter-productive to our goals.

We make something quality that normies could watch without knowing what it is, and which the theorists and high-IQ people can deduce the messages from due to their ability to interpret subtle patterns.

and it would be interesting and good enough to support itself.

If that is too difficult of an approach, we can simply make something that is wholly apolitical, as I said, the left has gone so far left tat anything that isn't leftist is a challenge to the narrative, what's more, having some successful work of media that isn't completely owned by them is something they'd be afraid of, specially if it's success is enough to challenge their dominance of the cultural landscape, one thing we know about them is that they are control, freaks who are paranoid enough to be unable to deal with anything thy cannot control and therefore predict.

7e11a8  No.12792527


Thanks for the reply. That is my area of expertise, I am making projects designed to lead people on the path from normalfaggotry to redpilled. My current project is entertaining and funny, without any overt racism or nazi imagery, designed to be impervious to censorship. But the trouble is I know they'll censor it anyway, based on what they've been doing lately. I haven't done any Kickstarter or Patreon bullshit yet because again I am very cynical about supporting those fags and also I know they will probably pull the plug on me just for going against the narrative. I'm trying to set up a cryptocurrency donation funnel but it's not easy to get people to fund a speculative project that hasn't borne fruit yet.

I'm going to keep doing my thing regardless of whether there's any money or not, but we really need some sort of censorship-free funding mechanism, perhaps mimicking Patreon and Dickstarter but using crypto wallets.

fb1c57  No.12792537

I just had a really weird Idea.

7e11a8  No.12792545

One of the other challenges is that creating high-quality content takes either a LOT of time or a lot of different people. You are competing with slick multi-million dollar productions, and people are accustomed to expect high production value or else their brain tells them it's lame and amateur and has no authority behind it. You'd be shocked to learn for instance how much a single episode of Family Guy costs to make, just as an example. I am doing a project that is normally done by a staff of 20 or 30, each making >$60k salaries, and I'm doing it all alone with zero budget. It's not easy my man. I wish at the very least there was a way to get high quality volunteers to help. Working on making these necessary pieces fall into place with every ounce of my energy.

7e11a8  No.12792553


>I just had a really weird Idea.

I'm very proud of ya!

fb1c57  No.12792555


What if, we do exactly what we do here. But live on camera, chosen individuals. A superior kek alliance live alex jonesing with eachother 24/7. Our capacity for the truth is great.

7e11a8  No.12792564


>What if, we do exactly what we do here. But live on camera, chosen individuals. A superior kek alliance live alex jonesing with eachother 24/7. Our capacity for the truth is great.

I'm intrigued but I feel the details need more fleshing out.

fb1c57  No.12792594


That'll be the fun part if we can decide if there is actually a fuckin point.

Lets do a sketch about raping drake. that shitll blow the PC normies back into their DMT trips.

For this to be ((The Move)) we have to be aggressively brave accurate funny and fast. We would have to become the entire counter culture. We'd have to organize the entire kek army.

fb1c57  No.12792609

Well shit anons. I think this could serve as a disguise for the revolution.

Get me Dana Carvy

fb1c57  No.12792621

Dedicated. Call it KEKUVISION even though godaddy just sold that domain and all variations of it

fb1c57  No.12792644

Board better be speechless because I just blew every bodies fucking kundalini

fb1c57  No.12792678

I'm serving my fourth license suspension right now. I never leave my apartment. I learn, I work, I write, I sleep. There are no leaders anons. Now somebody with the spirit of jesus actively making a smoothie in your heart get the fuck up and follow me! We need to get this ball rolling anons! We need to succeed where national lampoon and Dana carvy failed. Remember, Lampoon was close to completely destroying society, but print wasn't doing it for them. We need to re-manipulate the masses through television at the exact rate required to keep there attention.

fb1c57  No.12792685

Also it could all backfire horribly but I don't give a shit were getting a wall

fb1c57  No.12792711

Jordan Petersons Patrion wont ban us. And we can take checks in the mail. We can run hillarious ads, using specific anons who are actually funny as fuck to run our ad department. Go after all the businesses who support Trump first.

819266  No.12792856


what is it?

1c897f  No.12792892


Give TL;DR so I dont have to waste time reading your probably shitty ideas. Sage because no TL;DR is inconsiderate

fb1c57  No.12792906

did I break the chans? Whats a tldr, and

819266  No.12793172

Never said any of these things were easy, I said they'd be worth it.

Right now the easiest thing of the three cool ideas is the clearing up as vagueness in what we do and do not stand for, it does not require offline action, loss of anonymity, or money for us to do.

We write out all the policies that would exist for the perfect society according to /pol/, we write out our plan to achieve the creation of this utopia, we write out a list of rules regarding our own conduct, along with the penalties for breaking one of these rules.

We remove the unknown and difficult to acquire information around what we stand for, what are goals and plans are, and what standards we abide by. We do this and we counter one of our enemy's greatest advantages over us.

Right now the enemy can misrepresent us as any ridiculous strawman and get away with it because the average person has a very fuzzy idea of what we actually want, support, or oppose, so anything they hear about us sounds credible to them.

By making a clear and complete declaration of everything that defines us as a group, we remove this fog surrounding us, and make us much more difficult to misrepresent.

We need to cut down on the work a normal needs to do in order to understand us, ans we need to bring this information to them, not expect them to seek it out.

fb1c57  No.12793270


Yes Kingslayer Anon, its perfect.

The massive quantities of information we eat up and chew out will keep a feed back loop of evolving genius trickling down the hierarchy of anons from the collective truth. We will literally have to find these anons one by one.

You're completely correct about the rules. This is 8ch. Balls are a pre-requisite.

We will create content. Advertise, broadcast, record, and develop. Sort of like if Alex Jones bought Comedy Central, and was funny.

I've created a discord.

7e11a8  No.12793288


>Right now the enemy can misrepresent us as any ridiculous strawman and get away with it because the average person has a very fuzzy idea of what we actually want, support, or oppose, so anything they hear about us sounds credible to them.

The first thing we need is a name for what we are, then we can codify our beliefs. We're not alt right or nazis or white nationalists…those are buzzwords which have been fully co-opted by our enemies and associated with losers and sociopaths. I propose that we use the terms Third Position and Third Positionist. Either that or National Populism, or NatPops. Neither of those terms have been heavily demonized yet and they are both fairly accurate. What do you think?

fb1c57  No.12793328


Right now what we need is momentum. There is a lot of soldiers out there who are far from useless. We need to unite a strong base under our cause to lead us through its conception together.

fb1c57  No.12793336

I just shot the message out to two potentials I was shitposting with last night in a strong board. We need to have a consistent majority of the right capacity of Wisdom and Truth.

7e11a8  No.12793340


Sure but there is no 'cause' without even a name. People need something to coalesce around. Like it or not, branding is very important and it all begins with the name. We are scattered, atomized, and disorganized right now because there is no single theme to unite behind. The Alt-Right promised to be that a few years ago but it was quickly revealed to be a subverted dead end. But we never replaced it.

fb1c57  No.12793352


Anon, you have to remember that the masses are already retarded and filled with plastics and neurotoxins. Nothing that cant be fixed but still, their used to receiving their information in bullshit, mediocre, neuroticism, and fucking CNN. We have to give them their addiction in a neatly rapped package. Our name has to suggest that stupid people will be safe.

fb1c57  No.12793354

lol oops

fb1c57  No.12793379

I'm sorry anon you are correct, and National did a good bit for the Lampoon.

National Escapade/page, not sure.

fb1c57  No.12793383

But really we should be focused on getting artists and geniuses together who are game,

fb1c57  No.12793409

8ch defeats the jews with its own infowars

fb1c57  No.12793425

For example, we need an 8ch anon who can surf the chans inredibly with great intuition and knowledge of the chans corridors. Anons who wield this ability can help us do something that America has almost completely forgot. Exceptionalism, at a new, liberal face fucking standard.

819266  No.12793430


Not all of the masses are unreachable, there are different tiers of sleepers, just as there are different tiers of awakened, take what I said about the media, for example, how most people will simply enjoy it as entertainment, and only some will read between the lines to interpret a hidden meaning from it, these are the more intelligent sleepers, and those who are just generally the type to look for hidden meanings in their favorite shows.

For another example, look at my "manifesto" idea, there will be sleepers who will not make the effort to awaken, but if we accurately present who we are and what we want to them, they will be willing to accept it and join with us.

These people make up a minority of the sleepers, but adding their numbers to our own will allow us to do things that can draw even more sleepers to us, the ones from the lower tiers who regard groupthink as the most attractive factor, the ones I refer to as the "joiners" or "the herd", they seek belonging and approval within a larger body.

Of course, to attract these "herdlings" we need to actually show up and project our presence IRL.

Basically, there are a lot of sleeping people who have no problem waking up and joining us if we simply met some extra criteria; Such as doing most of the work and presenting a good case, or simply giving them the feeling of security that comes from being a part of a crowd.

We need to try to categorize and understand the things that go on in a sleeper's head, for example, one that I keep bringing up is sleepers who see racial "minorities" acting like white people, and they see this everyday, they may even have friends who are white-acting shitskins, and for them, this is what keeps them asleep.

We typically talk about black people as if they always behave like stereotypical niggers, all muslims hate non-muslims, and so on, this completely contradicts the day to day experience of this kind of sleeper, and so they conclude that we are completely detached from reality, to wake them up, we need to show that we see the same things they do, and acknowledge that there are members of "minority" races who do act like white people, at least to the casual observer.

By simply acknowledging their day to day experiences of other races, we fulfill the extra criteria to wake these guys up.

fb1c57  No.12793478

We need 13 funny ass anons, like Jesus and his followers, or Horos and his followers.


We will have to create thought tanks within our discord for sectors of information that would be as pertinent as that. For example, normie watch. Whats goin on with them.

The black population is gonna be awoken in mass and its going to have to spread through the deepest parts of the ghetto. There is already a minority division within the black community of woke, referred to as nerds. They will grow to become the dominant group of blacks in America.

Having a nostalgic MTV feelings incorporated with some of our comedy content. Will be important for them. I specialize in this heavily. Fucking hate MTV though, Luckily this wont be created by lunatic luciferians. Also I know blacks who are talented on the cause.

fb1c57  No.12793500

You have a superior understanding of them. That will be perfect for generating the proper attributes to shatter their illusions safely-ish in our content. We'll have to suddely apply to their morality.

It was hard to believe… Truely. But the great awakening is coming.

e82ce2  No.12793508

>Reminder that shills can be identified by trying to kill ideas with insubstantial responses that only contain accusations and insults

Mother of Christ, by this metric 99% of this site is shills.

fb1c57  No.12793514

File: b34a08ea0518c43⋯.jpg (173.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b1e3dee125123ff76504d48b5e….jpg)

File: f05165100eb5dba⋯.jpg (808.22 KB, 2109x1362, 703:454, f05165100eb5dba26c2d7b4fa0….jpg)

File: d936e37483fa9a8⋯.png (564.78 KB, 637x743, 637:743, d936e37483fa9a854b7d371a86….png)

Subliminal programming. These flashing by to some some then big white letters on black screen




fb1c57  No.12793524


Shit what

fb1c57  No.12793529


Nah jew you crazy, untless you're citing that 8ch is mostly braindead creatively, besides my buddy here. Which I would really hope not.

4e0dd6  No.12793534

File: 6d93ff7e3461f63⋯.jpg (285.12 KB, 550x640, 55:64, 1 1914 05 21 shadows.jpg)



I'm the Anon who started the "Take a Walk" project after I recognised the potential of the idea in another thread. I had some personal success, I heard Anons down in Oregon had considerable success. But aside from the one fella that showed up for me, nobody ever showed. It's like our population has been replaced by emotional screaming trumptards and schizophrenic shills that post all about what's happening in their little world inside their head as if we should all get it.

Where did everybody go?

fb1c57  No.12793537


Whitehat anon might have to be retrieved temporally through one of the leading organizations already carrying this weight. Those guys do great work for geniuses. Weaponized autism is going to be key for the sheeple.

fb1c57  No.12793552


Thats a sad sentiment anon. I wish you would help us get those guys too. Reference the tiers >>12793430

People are happier not believing in bullshit. People are unhappy when they find out theyve been tricked

People are afraid of robots chips economies powerful people and dealing with it.

We need the counter culture. Their hooked on stimuli and beginning to realize everything is trash. Its time to start beating back.

fb1c57  No.12793577


Lmao did I not detect the shill

fb1c57  No.12793580

wow thats so both ways. I wonder what the other side of that is like. Ill have to ask, anyway fuck this dude >>12793534

be273a  No.12793716

File: f88fa035367107e⋯.png (564.78 KB, 1140x2540, 57:127, lolwut.png)

I'm just gonna go ahead and ignore this whole thread. Rate the country you'll all be living in within 25 years, though, fam.

36fa0e  No.12793766



Absolutely. Ever since the mass arrival of newfags during the 2016 election /pol/ has changed a lot and lost touch with it's national socialist principles. Before the influx, we were a relatively obscure community and the only people who arrived here were the ones who cared about truth more than hurt feelings AKA redpill vs bluepill. This resulted in a fairly homogeneous community who agreed on a very similar set of basic societal principles. I only say fairly homogenous because before most of /pol/ migrated to 8chan you'd still have arguments in threads but the well made posts held dominance and reinforced /pol/'s beliefs. Nowadays most users would just take a shit in the thread by calling anon a shill and be done with it. This results in confusion and normalizes bad argumentation. In turn, this leads to the current state of /pol/ where no one bothers looking from different perspectives and challenge their beliefs. This leads to a board full of people who value feels over reals. Bluepilled instead of redpilled and I think the rest of the board needs to either wake up on this fact or leave the community. Considering the board is no longer run directly by administrators that explicitly enforce /pol/ values and regulate for quality discussion I believe a migration is necessary so that more dedicated old fags can regroup and start working on the ideas outlined in this thread. /fascism/ worked well and had high quality /pol/ related discussion for the first month or two but fell apart due to board management issues and the eventual post drop. Now it is just a barren shitposting ground but I believe it showed just what /pol/ needs to do in order to efficiently carry out tasks again. For those who are curious, there is a thread on a different chan that was discussing about a very similar topic about internet communities. If anyone wants to follow up with this idea I recommend they seek out the thread themselves and see what they say.

Also consider this a bump you magnificent bastard. It's people like you who keep this board alive.


As said, the big thing differentiating /pol/ oldfags and newfags is newfags value feels over reals.

be273a  No.12793775

File: aeb8c9b3cbe9e72⋯.png (63.61 KB, 424x686, 212:343, Selection_700.png)


Whoops, forgot a part.

93b56c  No.12793891

That quiz is way too long.

Basically my main concern is citizenship and the corresponding rights. I don't want everyone who happens to set foot inside my borders to get a free ride.

Voting rights based on military or civil service would immediately remove 90% of undesirables like women and soys from the system.

749ab7  No.12793992

File: 1d587f0cb3336b8⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 580x624, 145:156, a8a06c676773944e5bf86ea35d….jpg)


>cool ideas

Does anyone know how to buy a debt, as in an individual one? I remember that professional cock smuggler john oliver mentioning it once by blathering about how expecting niggers and spics to honor their debts is RAYYYYCIISSSS and it activated my almonds. Buying some degenerate's debt and holding over him so that he behaves would be an excellent way to get a mole into an organization so that we can take it apart from the inside. Kikes pull shit like that all the time, why should they get to have all the fun?

410320  No.12794092

99% of posts are useless noise from bots. I can't even post anything useful anymore because I've been trying for years to red pill at least one of you Blue pilled npc faggots by showing who a shill is.

Here's a general rule for who you should associate with. Hint: it's nobody on pol.

If somebody doesn't care about your well being, then don't associate with then. They are your enemy. Everyone on pol openly admits they have no compassion for anyone and only want to control people, and they somehow use that as "proof" that they are the masters of reality. No. Kill yourself .

97edfe  No.12794130

File: 2b15ad4eb9c568f⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 181x279, 181:279, download (2).jpg)


You can buy real estate notes (ie own the debt on someone's house). The only sure fire way to own a debt on someone would be to lend out your own money to those individuals. Which will be a challenge in it's own right. You can't just look someone up, call them, and ask them if they want to lease your money. They will automatically know something is up.

You'd have to set up a financial service and hope your mark comes to you. It's like fishing but more expensive and no guarantee that your mark will ever even need to borrow from you.

Read pic related. Im not sure if the info is outdated yet but it seems like it is up your ally.

749ab7  No.12794157

File: 0b2f58f7f609d7c⋯.jpg (1010.95 KB, 2449x2449, 1:1, Inquistor Tomoko.jpg)


>an actually useful response

I was beginning to think that all the people with brains were run out by der ewige redditor, thank you. I'm trying to think of other ways to ensnare degenerates into working for us, pedoshit seems like the most expedient solution but I don't want to go that route. Moral corrosion is a real threat, I don't want to become the very same monster I fight against.

97edfe  No.12794237

File: 79f0332e2cde07e⋯.jpg (45.26 KB, 600x518, 300:259, 5de85b32cf836454fdff12f436….jpg)

File: 81a598b693972bd⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 700x845, 140:169, stingray-700x845.jpg)

File: 15dfe0426a32ff7⋯.png (48.53 KB, 860x674, 430:337, IMSI-featured.png)


> I don't want to become the very same monster I fight against.

Mein Gott, you don't know how refreshing it is to see that on here. I was legit starting to lose hope in this place.

IMHO, I think a more fruitful endeavor would be to invest in a Stingray device (or an IMSI catcher). It's a device similar to what the spooks use to track and intercept cell phone data and messages on people. If you are loaded enough to lend people money you should have enough money to afford one of these. Heck, maybe even combine the two some how. You seem like a creative fellow. I know you will think of something.

Whatever you end up doing, best of luck and Godspeed.

dd8d6c  No.12794280


>These people make up a minority of the sleepers, but adding their numbers to our own will allow us to do things that can draw even more sleepers to us, the ones from the lower tiers who regard groupthink as the most attractive factor, the ones I refer to as the "joiners" or "the herd", they seek belonging and approval within a larger body. Of course, to attract these "herdlings" we need to actually show up and project our presence IRL.

>Basically, there are a lot of sleeping people who have no problem waking up and joining us if we simply met some extra criteria; Such as doing most of the work and presenting a good case, or simply giving them the feeling of security that comes from being a part of a crowd.

I believe this is one our biggest obstacles: the enemy has a monopoly on normalcy. They rigorously project their freakish fever-dream as "normal", so sleepers instinctively fall in line, fearful of leaving the herd. If we can reframe the subverted, global culture as the out-group and reclaim European-run society as the in-group, then instead of a risky exodus, it becomes a homecoming–a joyful reunion with our heritage.

The average person wants what we want; they have to be continually conditioned to accept the enemy's paradigm.

6b2b56  No.12794291

File: a147f003da911c9⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 394x458, 197:229, b54ff0da2e2ec5f663a77c4545….jpg)


>buy goodies

>scope out fag in position of prominence

>trawl residental area sucking up fags data

>get fags personal info

>steal ALL of his money

>fag is now shitting himself

>pose as collections agent from the bank

>tell fag that I have the legal right to seize his shit and garnish his wages but I won't do it if he does exactly what I tell him

>fag is desperate and agrees immediately

>get fag to do criminal shit to ensure he can't wiggle away from me

>use fag to hire other degenerates that I control

>destroy company from the inside out, bet against the company in stock market and make a fuckton of money

>degenerates and fag go to prison for stock market fraud and I get fucking paid

>mfw I fuck up the kikes plans and get rich(er) doing it

64a3a1  No.12794298


BTW we need to revive >>>/polmedia/



9eb649  No.12794303


You cannot have a stable government with non-white. The whiter the nation the freer it should be. The inverse property holds. Nothing will ever come about of this site. Who do you think runs the servers? The FBI or some intelligence agency to spy on us and keep placid. Shutup and complain like the rest of us and wait till you see a collapse of federal authority to take action.

a2f524  No.12794320


We should choose a name that has the word "liberal" or "liberalism" in it.

Something like "National Liberal Populists" or "National Liberalists Manifesto"

1. This would confuse actual liberals who read the /8pol/ manifesto.

2. It may entice people to accept its message.

3. If the media or anyone else decides to warp the message of the manifesto, they will need to connect the word "liberal" with negative connotations.

64a3a1  No.12794324


Problem: Sargon already used such tactics for his own cuck ideology, so we need to pick a synonym.

a2f524  No.12794361


Another option is to pick a title in french which would make it sound more modern and "intellectual" (normies love reading french philosophy bullshit so they can feel smart)

EX. [Libéralisme national]

Bonus: we could possibly use this to influence the yellow vest protesters. They look like they're just waiting for an ideological rally call.

be273a  No.12794410


Hard veto.

Liberal basically means what Americans call a libertarian. Free trade, free religion, egalitarianism, democracy and a bunch of other commie-enabling freedumbs that subvert and rot out a nation from the inside.

We are not libertarians. We are national socialists and other hard right ideologies that completely reject the enlightenment and its liberal politics.

Crypto nazi shit is gay but at least pick a better word to cower behind. Using liberal makes me cringe.

cce7f4  No.12794412

>J-just dont criticize my data mining or youre a shill!!!

af1334  No.12794417


looks comfy lad

who is doing the fishing, farming and works if everyone is in the army though?

c8ac3c  No.12794428


Fuck off kike.

Data mining thread.

ccc25b  No.12794432


>We write out our vision for an ideal country/society/world, and we do it in complete detail, completely describing everything from the ground up, even the most mundane and commonsense of details, and making every description as explicit and complete as possible so that there is no room for intentional misinterpretation.

First, we won't agree on all things anyway, secondly it sounds like "how to pretend to be one of us" shill thread and for last it has options like gender change, immigration. If you shills try to meme something to be /pol/'s value to manipulate us, you can fuck off.

/pol/ is national socialist, anti-Zionist board, everyone else has to go back to reddit

be273a  No.12794444


Farming is outlawed as it takes land away from our sheep, goats, and cattle. The only form of planting that is allowed is the planting of forests.

It is a restoration of Aryan nomad horse culture with modern productivity. Factory farm a bunch of cattle, sheep, and horses while dismantling all the fences and farms in the missouri-mississippi river basins. We cowboys now.

That said, I'm probably being a bit hyperbolic. There will probably be some very limited agriculture, and for that we have slaves.

Imagine coming to power in modern USA and trying to transition away from industrialization. Imagine having 150 million undesireables that you need to get rid of. Half the fucking population is nonwhite now. What I'm trying to say is there's going to be >150m slaves to do whatever kind of menial labor we choose to use them for. Hopefully most of them will die in the civil war when we point guns at their backs and make them charge into the National Guard as a distraction for our SS boys, but a lot of them will survive, sadly. We'll need to put them to work while we deport them as refugee bombs to cause the collapse of rival nations.

46b8ad  No.12794448

File: f5b4e9b00f15f8b⋯.png (64.41 KB, 460x288, 115:72, NoSeriously.png)



>Waste 25% of your life slaving away for the Lord

be273a  No.12794465


-t. Individualist.

Oh woe is me, 25% of my work goes to supporting my tribe and in exchange I get to be the head of my household, have a loyal wife who bears me 18 children, and the food we need.

Almost everyone here should pray to be so lucky as to be a 'serf' under this system. Besides, mongols were very K-selected, and decimated the low quality chink and mudslime serfs they fought. They ate a high quality meat and dairy diet at every meal, every man had a horse and a weapon, and as a result of their nomadic lifestyle they could essentially train for warfare 100% of the time.

If you're awake you should be either training for war or fighting a war. For the glory of your people, not for the fat entertainment of yourself you spoiled degenerate first worlder softling.

46b8ad  No.12794492

File: e1ba9ad08a27b75⋯.jpg (129 KB, 776x893, 776:893, e1ba9ad08a27b756e338fa30ec….jpg)


I am fine with your system as long as i am the Lord and you're the serf. After all you should consider yourself lucky that you're a serf under this system. Good luck training for war when you have to hand me 25% of everything you produce. Maybe i'll allow you to improve your diet by going down on me every now and then. Just kidding, i want my serfs weak and subservient. No protein for you.

819266  No.12794493

I didnt create the quiz, nor do I even think its a useful way of doing anything.

I'm not looking for answers to it either.

I chose the pic because it was the xlosest one to being related to one of the subjects in my very limited folder, i havent even read it before posting it.

Lastly, whats wrong with datamining? Whats to fear from getting our shit in order, or getting on the same page? You act like its the worst thing ever, so convince me, what is so dangerous about it?

I'm aware that /pol/ disagrees on a lot of issues, this is a severe problem for us, not a strength, no one will support a group or movement that has no clue what they want.

The NDSAP did not have a billion different ideas for Germany that they gave equal preference too, thus appearing like a poor choice to the public and remaining paralyzed with indecision and infighting, they chose one set of policies to be their official positikn on everything and projected an image of being united behind it's implementation, and while they may have privately disgreed with parts of it, they agreed with enough of it to support the official party stances on the issues, it didnt need to be perfect, they knew it could be changed later, and also that thet needed to be united under one official plan, at least in the initial atages.

"What do we want?" "We don't know!"

Is not a rallying cry that would be effective at rallying anyone to the cause.

Tl;Dr ignore the picture, come to a compromise, and dont fear datamining, we cannot possibly tell the enemy anything about us that they do not already know.

Sure it may be datamining, but it doesnt matter because it does us no harm, and does us some great deal of good.

>"change my mind" *sip*

af1334  No.12794517

File: 4051a55688bd853⋯.png (376.31 KB, 1140x2540, 57:127, ideal country 13.2.19.png)


slave army is a good shout I guess

1b0962  No.12794544

File: 69a7448cdcff6e2⋯.gif (3.44 MB, 378x298, 189:149, tenor.gif)


Don't let your memes be dreams, anon, you devious bastard.

a2f524  No.12794548


>liberal basically means libertarian

>word to cower behind

>using a word makes you cringe

Holy shit its like you really have no understanding of optics or ideologys whatsoever. Are you underage?

819266  No.12794617

This site I being run and monitored by the feds, we all know that, I'm not asking for you to say anything that hasn't already been said here, I'm only asking you to put it all in one place, and agree on a way to make it consistent. If we do this, it can only help us, it's not going to help (((them))) because they've already beat us to it by this point.

Post your ideas, critique the ideas of others, debate and find compromises when you can, the goal is to find the policies, laws, and positions that best reflect the majority of our anons, if you have a minority view when all is done, keep it to yourself, we need to project a united appearance behind a single set of goals, remember, the "manifesto" (for lack of a better word) is not going to be something that is set in stone once achieved, and you can work towards changing it after we've one, which will be easier for the additional reason that most of the policies you support will be in place, I know this because we agree on most of the issues we are passionate about, and as for the rest of them, they don't need to be perfect, just good enough for us to rally behind.

fb1c57  No.12794762


Good work anon.

This is not a socialist movement.

The truly woke are aware that National Populism is our calling card.

Its a strong representation of the ideal and as anon already stated, hasn't been cucked.

Like I've said, we need funny and genius anons,

who are dedicated to this Country, this Species.

Once we have a small strong collective we should be able to expand without problem.

fb1c57  No.12794770

Also, people seem to be missing the point. The masses are most comfortable with this retro neuroticism. They spend hundreds of hours on apps like twitter, instagram, pornhub, being programmed. They are accustom to receiving their information with no effort in this fashion.

Our name has to suggest that those of the stupid will be safe while being lured into our creations. The goal here is to disguise our war party as an entertainment bureau.

fb1c57  No.12794773

The Truth tailored to replace the opiate of the masses.

819266  No.12794779


No, our board is, and has always been, a national socialist board.

But national socialism evolves according to the needs and desires of it's volk, and that is what we doing now.

In my eyes, national populism as you describe it, and national socialism are one and the same, I'm not exactly disagreeing with you, I just consider this as still being able to be called National Socialism.

I have no idea what /pol/'s ideal country/society will look like, but once we get enough suggestions, there must be some policies that will be more ubiquitous than others, we go with whatever policies are suggested the most by our anons, and therefore the policies that receives the most support from them.

It's a true assessment of the wishes of /pol/ as a collective, and the goal is the most accurate representation possible, the more submissions, the more accurate the result will be.

Maybe a wiki format would be best for doing this?

fb1c57  No.12794796


I have a suggestion, Democracy is stupid. Follow a strong leader and follow his insticts. The strongest of your collective will see this.

I'd vote that we use Nationalism period. Its basically synonymous with Populism, and it throwing socialism on anything is gonna piss off most who are woke to the casualties and pitfalls of socialism.

Infact, I refuse to associate with the word. These lazy fucks were trying to awake are not going to handle well if they adopt the title of socialism.

I don't give a fuck about names right now. I give a fuck about passion because passion leads to momentum. If y'all wanna goyim. If y'all think your funny genius or ready. Then (((they))) shall be destroyed.

I'm skeptical, but there is much hope for you anons.

fb1c57  No.12794800

Also, there are no leaders here. That is part of the point too. Fight club

fbfaa6  No.12795070

File: d8e49e730dd3af7⋯.jpg (71.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, picasso_merchant.jpg)

I don't think my idea is worthy of its own thread yet, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while. We all know that one of /pol/'s greatest strengths is its memetic potential. We can be funny, entertaining, and creative while staying true to our principals, which is usually reflected in our memes. This is something that we have been neglecting. I think it would be a good idea to at least have a thread dedicated to making memes, art, literature, videos, etc., so that we can build a community of talented, dedicated National Socialist/Right-wing artists (and amateurs willing to learn) contributing to our propaganda campaign. A concrete example of how this might work is that every week we make a thread where we all create something centered around one idea, ideally a meme-worthy current event. We can post our content in the thread, but it must also be posted outside of /pol/, because the whole point is to bring others into our way of thinking through humor and creativity.

819266  No.12795072


good thing I'm not asking for leaders, they aren't required for the projects I'm suggesting.

But at some point in the future, if we are going to win this thing, we will need to establish some hierarchy before it establishes itself, groups of people are beings that naturally seek to define a hierarchical structure, because we are human, we are no exception.

If we do not choose a fit leadership for ourselves, an unfit leadership will emerge instead, and we will blame them (whoever they may be), instead of ourselves, the ones who placed them there through our stubborn inaction.

to be thrown into disarray is a major disadvantage, even when the one doing it is ourselves.

fb1c57  No.12795144


Indeed, I will be seating myself at democratic debates round table of this justice league. We will have to tightly knit our super keks at this tier, for it is at a considerably achieved level anon that will mastermind this battle with grace.

Our efforts will begin to bring in interested parties that will become a following. Creating Sub-efforts for the anon to make use of their own Selective Participation. Refining ourselves. We just need to keep uniting the anons who are ready to sit in the cockpit.

It may be shocking how many people want to wage this war once we pop the top off.

There are many channels.

fb1c57  No.12795166


Seems relevant.


We've been on target. I'm ready to start putting together our war chiefs with you.

Different cuts of noble cloths, the conception missed within 'the strength of diversity.'

Cant just continue a bunch of nigael ferrands fighting a house of cucks alone.

be273a  No.12795398

File: 32957fdeb1318f3⋯.png (35.5 KB, 1170x406, 585:203, weevdecided.png)


>No eugenics, no abortion for retard babbies

Reminder that Spartans and Vikings (and most ancients) did post birth abortion for retard babbers.

>instant citizenship possible

plz no, your majesty.

>Land owned de jure by the king, issued as viceroyal leases


Pretty good government, though. Question, when you impress slaves into the navy as battle thralls, will you have segregated service to keep Angles and Saxons separate from dirty mud people, have only Angles and Saxons, only Europeans, or all jumbled together?


>I am fine with your system as long as i am the Lord and you're the serf. After all you should consider yourself lucky that you're a serf under this system.

I would be lucky to live as a folkling under such a system, which is why it's my ideal system. But good luck becoming Khan when it's rule by force and you're a faggoty republican individualist.

>Good luck training for war when you have to hand me 25% of everything you produce.

People don't produce anything under my system, queer, it's a nomadic Aryan horse culture. The herds produce most things. And that 25% includes training for war and hunting. The irony is if you're a wage cuck you're probably paying 50% in taxes right now and bitching about paying half as much in your free time to train for war and keep your people safe. The absolute decadence of low IQ republicans.

>Maybe i'll allow you to improve your diet by going down on me every now and then. Just kidding, i want my serfs weak and subservient. No protein for you.

Hurr hurr kings bad, republicanism good, nobles exploit you


Go bitch about porky somewhere else, republican.


>Holy shit its like you really have no understanding of optics

Yeah, you're right. Optix are for (((The Daily Stormer))), and (((Weev))). Pic related. Let me know when you grow out of your crypto phase and are capable of discussing your honest beliefs with people like an adult. I mean, I get it, you live with mommy and she'd be mad if you were a nadzee. But that's no excuse to not be able to do maths. Tell me again how you're going to vote your way out of this by tricking people into being nazis with you, when 50% of the electorate is nonwhite and 25% of the electorate are communist whites? Trump was the last chance and he blew it.

>or ideologys

You're the one who doesn't know what liberal means.

9b9769  No.12795517


Shortwave radio needs to make a comeback. I bet the waves are empty since internet radio is now the norm.

374da9  No.12795795


I like the term National Populism, because it's accurate, it describes a system of nationalism for the primary benefit of the volk, but it lacks the stigma and historical connotations of National Socialism. Also, the word socialism turns a lot of people of if they don't understand what NatSoc is. National Populism is sort of an empty vessel, nobody has done much with it, so it's untarnished and will not trigger reflexive avoidance in normies. It just doesn't have the same baggage that Nationalism or National Socialism has, but it's not also not a compromise.

a2f524  No.12796591


>Yeah, you're right. Optix are for (((The Daily Stormer))), and (((Weev))). Pic related. Let me know when you grow out of your crypto phase and are capable of discussing your honest beliefs with people like an adult. I mean, I get it, you live with mommy and she'd be mad if you were a nadzee. But that's no excuse to not be able to do maths. Tell me again how you're going to vote your way out of this by tricking people into being nazis with you, when 50% of the electorate is nonwhite and 25% of the electorate are communist whites? Trump was the last chance and he blew it.

Borderline delusional. You sound like one of those sperge lords who took the red-pill a little too hard and revealed your powerlevel. Now none of your friends want to talk to you and youre known as that "Weird Nazee Kid". Look bro i known its rough loving in a 200sqft, 1bdrm cuckbox. But some of us don't feel the need to sperg out at every opportunity.

819266  No.12797120


There is nothing wrong with being open and honest about who we are provided we have nothing to lose by doing so.

but to place ourselves, our jobs, our relationships, our positions of advantage to the cause, etc. at risk by revealing ourselves is just retarded.

Making one's political opinions known is advantageous to some of us, and disadvantageous to others, it's good to have those outcast rebels stirring shit up, and it's good to have covert agents helping from behind the scenes, it's also good to have the intellectual representatives of the movement serving as our figureheads, so long as they actually represent us in an accurate fashion, and that they are actually with the cause because they believe in it, and not merely out for fame or power (this is what sets them apart from e-celebs, not every natsoc with a social media account is a secret alt-right jewish shill, and like a good traditional aryan woman, we need to practice discipline when it comes to sorting out the diamonds from the rough).

218141  No.12797132


How can I help make the manifesto? My life seems to be a constant reaction to evil, just complaining and watching it spread. I want to proactively spread goodness, but I don't know how.

819266  No.12797136


I'm going to mention again that I never looked at the chart in the pic, I chose it because it appeared to be tangentially related to the subject at first glance, it is not an actual part of my post, and is largely unrelated to it.

Finally, even if it has room for bad political policies, it probably also has room for good ones as well, if the answers to any option are obvious, then simply fill them out as you see fit.

Throwing a tantrum and calling me a redditor is pointless aggression, and makes me question whether you truly are old enough to be on this site.

819266  No.12797212


I was thinking using a safe and secure website with a wiki-style format, and putting a link to it somewhere on /pol/ that every anon can see, and thus contribute to.

I figure that if we take the most commonly supported individual policies among /pol/acks, we can piece them together to create an accurate blueprint for /pol/'s idea of a perfect country, I'm pretty sure we already have an idea of what the demographics would be (and how to officially define them), so the most important part is already done.

I'm sure the mods of this board might be willing to consider helping out with this.

we get this done, we get a name for it, we get our (modular + general) plan, we create a set of rules for ourselves (and include penalties for breaking them), we put it all together, and anonymously post it IRL (think poster campaigns).

now there is this new fully-fleshed organization leaving these documents everywhere, no one sees them, but they draw interest anyways, the official propaganda channels tries to slander it, but the streisand effect helps it to spread, especially when the usual strawmen are plainly contradicted by the documents, as the meme develops, people start spontaneously claiming membership in this group, some to be edgy, but others out of genuine appreciation, who have a signal that is amplified by the edgelords (who are hampered by the docs thorough nature, it's also a good reason for the ruleset and penalties to be in there, we can say any "extremists" that pop up were not truly a part of it, and we can point to the foundational docs as proof).

There, we get ourselves a movement that represents us without actually having to join up or reveal ourselves, and it uses meme magic to achieve this result.

Meetup is the step that follows this, as the movement we created also serves as cover for ourselves getting together.

As for /pol/ media, this is another prong on the attack, as we create media that the theorists that over-analyze our works and High IQ sleepers that can properly interpret the subtext in fiction will associate with the movement.

Essentially serving as the media that defines a new generation of counter-culture, ours.

ad5321  No.12797225


No shit this board is always national socialist, nothing is gonna change that anon do not worry about it, how ever we need a new party and title now considering the situation that we are in we will disguise national socialism as national populism. This board is going to remain unchanged.

ad5321  No.12797227


I meant name*

218141  No.12797287



This probably isn't sustainable long term, but it could get the ball rolling:



819266  No.12798572


Happy valentines, it looks good btw, thanks!

218141  No.12798839


Happy European-tradition-turned-comercial day to you too. Does this wiki have good enough bones to begin shilling to all /pol/acks for contributions? If not, what should I do? I have to do something and I think the creation of this manifesto is the most important singular thing for the """movement""".

64a3a1  No.12801726


>>12794298 (fixed the link for ya)



The pic is meant to reaffirm the redtext, faggot.


> Wikia/fandom

Worse than Discord

218141  No.12801901


I'm just spitballing. Literally tell me what to do, if you know, to help make this manifesto.

819266  No.12805272


alright, I've already begun working on it

c7ef24  No.12806605


You shouldn't try to unite everyone, especially on wiki.

Make local group.

You should meet up.

Go from there.

Otherwise I like your train of thought OP

c7ef24  No.12806617


>Meetup is the step that follows this, as the movement we created also serves as cover for ourselves getting together.

never mind. I am not going to read whole thread, but looks like you have intricate plan. Good luck OP!

564dcc  No.12819086


> Literally tell me what to do

Get in the riot link, and tell them /pol/ brought you there, there are a lot of groups preparing for action (the mods have a policy of deleting accounts that are idle)

Also, start inviting people to use Matrix instead of Discord (e.g. https://chat.nobodyhasthe.biz/#/welcome )

6f852b  No.12821988


The amount of swindling, jewing and betrayal on the internet has lead to this skittishness

Not to mention the extra pain of buying crypto and not exposing yourself

837124  No.12822392


Gay and autistic. The board really sucks today…

fe9584  No.12822854

I like your attitude but don't entirely agree with your gameplan.

Writing out everything in meticulous detail isn't a good idea because:

1) People tend to get lost in a mess of details and understand simple broader messages better.

2) The more details and the more issues you cover, the greater room for infighting. Everyone has a vision of a perfect future, unfortunately they are rarely identical, even on here. Plan broadly with room for changing your plans as the situation arises, but when it comes to strategy and execution of your little baby step projects, THAT is where your meticulous nature comes in.

3) "People will trust us if we lay out all of our plans" your words will be twisted and misinterpreted. This problem actually gets even worse the more you speak. Politics isn't a fair fight, your enemies will lie about everything you say. Say little, but make sure it has a big impact.

Far too many people have been posting here lately with grand ideas about political manifestos and cool new ideologies.I can assume you're young, because this is something I was really interested in.

So I'm going to be the grouchy old man that tells you none of that really matters. Abstract political ideas don't matter unless they're attached to a power structure, and when you get into power you find you have to compromise on things and change them. That's the reality. Spending hours planning out every minutia of detail for your ideal political system is mostly wasted. Your energy and heart are in the right place, but this just needs to be channeled into something.

Create a set of basic principles, not just for your politics but for you life. Be a fanatic for those basic principles, and spread those basic principles.

Then, use that planning and strategic mind of yours to develop a strategy to put those principles into action.

Find your 'why'. Find those core principles that motivate your life, and set them in stone and stick to them your whole life. This picture shouldn't be detailed, don't decide on everything all at once before you've gained experience and responsibility. Create a rough sketch, then fill out the details as you go.

Settle on your 'why' and set it in stone.

Then spend the rest of your life figuring out 'how'. Because 'how' is the question that keeps most of us on /pol/ up at night. It's what drives most of the fighting on here. It's the best outlet for strategic planning and thinking, not abstract ideology or an 'after we win' scenario. After we win the world might be so radically different we have to scrap all that planning anyways.

I have a few ideas, I've been writing them out and drawing up a plan of action. But everyone needs to contribute.

819266  No.12823126


OP here, I'm going to be honest with you because you asked nicely.

I want to see what kind of society /pol/ would build if they were the sole inhabitants. That's it.

I've been getting lots of mixed signals here, and I want to see what the most commonly held opinions are among /pol/acks, there must be at least some, but I see multiple different policy suggestions even on what /pol/ considers to be it's core issues.

I want to peer into /pol/'s collective psyche and see a clear vision of the world they want to create, right now, I've got some images, but it's blurred and obscured, I'm looking for you guys to have a platform to write it out, and make it clear as day.

When I said that government agencies probably have a clearer vision of the things /pol/ wants, I meant it, they have the technology and access that none of us possess, they've probably been tracking our trends and got us down pat, and I know they've been sharing their info with the rest of our opposition.

Meanwhile, most of us don't have a clue what we want to achieve beyond some vaguely defined goals, and I want this asymmetry to be balanced out by forcing you to come to a consensus.

Power comes from consensus, our lack of it is a weakness, not a strength, knowing exactly what we are fighting for is stronger by far beyond rallying behind some idea that is mostly left up to individual interpretation.

That is what I want, and if you were smart and dedicated to the cause, you'd want it too.


The other thing I want is to meet with /pol/acks in real life so I can talk about the things that interest me and that I care about, and also to waking people up and start them thinking.

I get outcasted whenever I say the wrong things, but having no one to talk to about them makes it harder to restrain myself, I go mad when I see myself surrounded by people who are so emotionally invested in not giving a shit about anything of importance.

I'd get along with the likes of antifa or blm better than I do with sleepers, they are actively my enemies, but at least those two actually care about important issues, and I can respect that, it's almost impossible to respect sleepers, most of them simply follow the path of the lemming; they seek comfort and pleasure in the immediate capacity above all else - This is why they are so dedicated to following the herd, doing whatever is socially acceptable and avoiding whatever is not, in order to fit in.

If I am to reach these guys, I need a crowd to make up a movement, I also need talking faces to publicly represent the movement, at the same time, I can also relive the stress of my daily life by chilling with dudes who are okay with talking about politics and stuff, especially when discussing opinions of a controversial nature.

I'm here because I thought I could integrate all these desires into one effective plan that /pol/ would approve of.

Now, I'd have no trouble if they rejected my ideas with arguments about what was wrong with them and how they could be changed for the better, but all I got was shit that anyone could say: I got accusations intended to shame me.

Or worse, people pointing to unimportant elements of my plan that weren't even contributed or approved of by myself and yelling "Optics!" over and over like some autistic spastic.

In this case, the claim of "optics-cucking" was made due to the name of a wiki someone else made on my behalf, which was simply intended to act as a communal notepad for jotting down various ideas and determining which ideas would be the best ones for /pol/'s ideal country, meaning that it was an element of the planning phase, not one intended for public display, I wanted it to be the "National Socialism Wiki", but the guy who made it named it the "National Populism Wiki" instead, I considered it sub-optimal but not enough to completely derail the project, as I was willing to make the best with whatever I had to work with, apparently sperglord disagreed, and the name of the wiki used for planning a general consensus before moving ahead was enough to completely invalidate the entire thing.

It's always childish bullshit like this that prevents /pol/ from accomplishing anything, I think they are shills because they must know this is counter-productive conduct, no one here could possibly be so immature and retarded to think what they are doing is helping in any way.

c5caf2  No.12823972


>whats a tldr

[sic] me so hard


>i've created a discord

How did this thread not die the second anyone read these words. People actually responding to this alphabet nigger when he flat out admits he has no knowledge of board culture.

Reminder to check post IDs.




64a3a1  No.12835681


OP is either a newfag or someone who is really bored, because most people in /pol/ are divided betweek Hoppa-Ancapism and Ethno-Fascism

c93b15  No.12835896


>The problem with the idea is that there is no threat to meeting up at an arranged location, date, and time

Remember the /k/ anons that went to the BLM protest? Aren't they locked up now for attempted murder?

It was probably before your time.

7f8133  No.12835946

File: acaf2d7a1e920e4⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 777x656, 777:656, 456787656.jpg)


>t. faggot

819266  No.12839542


Because they are /k/ fags who went to a BLM protest.

I'm talking about simply going to some politically-neutral meeting point and having a private conversation with one another.

If you can't recognize the difference between these two things, you really must have something wrong with you.

819266  No.12839547


Hell, even being white and going there would be enough to have yourself a bad time.

bd443a  No.12839626


coming soon - in beta now.

I'll make a thread as soon as it launches.


bd443a  No.12839671


We should place these into a ChatBot, and assign a score.. for the sake of Filtering Shills. Most of our enemies would not know our stance on most of these issues, if they did.. they would have likely joined us already.

819266  No.12839838


you know what? that's a pretty decent idea!

I'm on board!

435955  No.12839862

>how do you do fellow polsters!

>write out a list of your demands and ideals so the (((media))) can attack you better!

da760e  No.12839869


I don't get how you tally a score from the image. Am I reading it wrong or does it just not explain it?

819266  No.12839875


I'm confused, just how would it help the media attack us better?

819266  No.12839878


I mean, if anything, it would make it harder for them to do that to us

da760e  No.12839883

05c681  No.12839927


The only way to create a third media, is to go undernet, and then start it as a rumor… a myth… a place so horrible, so vile, so filled with hatred, that even Satan himself would tremble at the thought of it. Then, leak it slowly, via virus style malware attacks, on any web sites normies frequent, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. You won't be able to monetize it, but you will have no constraints on what you post. The only real freedoms are privacy and obscurity. I'm thinking a tor / zeronet / IPFS style "attack" but with political propaganda, naming the Jew, etc via ad based networks that Twitter and Facebook thrive on. This way, you hit the normies, the grannies, the trannies, etc with the truth and it would be unprofitable for facebook, twitter, instagram, etc to intervene. They wouldn't want to lose their shekels from advertising, so they aren't going to cut their own throats to block red pills from flowing through their ad networks.

819266  No.12839943


IKR? they rely on misrepresenting us, so forcing them to deal with us representing ourselves accurately would be something that would make things significantly more difficult for them, especially since if it's their word (both news and hollyjew) vs. ours, the public has already lost trust in the media.

000000  No.12840065


Nothing will be done and no good results will be achieved without violence.

As long as our enemies are allowed to live, nothing will change for the best.

Kill them all first. Then, you can present all ideas that you want.

8bb7ed  No.12840332

File: a54397653295d7b⋯.jpg (505.72 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, allbyitself.jpg)


You're right on.

All of you - the advantage is in the simplicity of the principles and the slipperiness of having a decentralized leadership structure. Follow the principles Nature (Nature!) provided you, practice those principles every day of your life, find ways to network with like-minded people in real life. The stronger you are, the stronger the group is, the faster people will want to jump on board and the whole things takes off without having to write down or centrally organize anything. Truth is self-evident. Take action and use that principle to your advantage.

The best laid plans of mice and men…as you create action (real life action) circumstances change, and plans change. You have principles, you don't need a plan. Nature's principles naturally lead you to the natural goal, which is perfect. Truth is self-evident. It's Brilliant!

When something is done in accordance with Nature, it is done all by itself. No doing necessary.

819266  No.12840405


>just go out and commit acts of terrorism goy!

how about no.

first of all, we can't make IRL contact with each other, and none of us is going to trust another anon when they say to meet up at X location and go rampaging.

So we are only going to be able to be lone shooters even if we were retarded enough to follow your advice.

Second, even if we all began the DOTR ourselves, heading out in RWDS and were armed to the fucking teeth, and somehow had the best possible martial strategy for guerrilla warfare against the state (and its allies), we will still be either getting our asses kicked or succeeding and having to rule a rebellious population that hates us with the worst kind of hatred possible (so we start killing dissidents, only to find out that they were the ones feeding us and keeping things running, so now our entire fucking society falls apart and other countries are invading).

There is no possible scenario where your advice turns out well for us.

basically you are saying "hey, don't try out that idea that has a chance of helping us, instead try out this idea that is guaranteed to destroy us! I'm so smart because I'm edgy"

2097da  No.12863744

here's a bump for me to check out later if there's some meat in it

a83646  No.12863841


>“take a walk"

Some people on >>>/qresearch/ actually had a good idea that was planned for this past President's Day.

>inb4 MIGAtard, Trumpstein, Kushnerbot, discord tranny

They called it the MAGA challenge, in the vein of icebucket challenge, etc. Basically, everyone would wear a MAGA hat on a particular day and say you're livestreaming it for a youtube challenge. This way, you distance yourself from Trump/appear objective, raise awareness of the dangers of simply supporting the democratically elected president, and signal to others in a less 1488 way.

If /pol/ picked a day for this, it would be easy to filter out boomers and conservacucks, and everyone should know how to shitpost irl ie CIA power stance to identify one another.

3a6781  No.12864022



>code of conduct

>meeting up

get the fuck out of here leftist

44f896  No.12864033


>4 quads

This is a holy post, brothers.

This is the form of government we will create post revolution. An anarcho-nomadic feudal-national-socialist tribal-Aryan ethno-kaganate.

e86c93  No.12865129

Insubstantial ideas deserve insubstantial responses, calling a person a shill or jidf because they disagree with you is the same semantic game that kikes use (labellling someone a bigot, racist, homophobe to invalidate their argument). We are better than them and can debate ideas for their merit, such is what made our people great.

The most important thing for us is to establish a secure method of anonymous communication with a method that rates the trustworthiness of a poster. I've thought about irc because kikes and normies can't into technology with primitive gui, but that used to the case with image boards and look at us now.

I wonder if this could be accomplished using blockchain technology

398aa9  No.12865162


>the only solution to mods not deleting obvious marxist, jiddish and nigger shitposters and offtopic slide and shilling like my posts is a pseudointellectual marxist circlejerk no one gives a shit about

>also please ban everyone that calls my cringe shit what it is

>also please hang out with me


your cringe ideas are shit

819266  No.12865184


>How are my posts marxist, yiddish, or niggerish?

>If they made an argument as to why they deserved to be insulted and shitcanned I wouldn't have called them shills.

>My call isn't necessarily for them to hang out with me per se, more for anons to hang out with each other IRL in general, I volunteer to meet with an anon myself because I wasn't to contribute to my own plans instead of just telling others what to do.

I need arguments to take your words seriously, please elaborate on what you mean or we will simply assume you don't like it because it is an idea that is helpful to ourselves, or harmful to (((you))).

To summarize:

My ideas are not shit unless you can explain why, and not give a retarded reason that can be refuted in the next post.

819266  No.12865204


I'll be even more short with you, since you complained eariler in this thread that you have trouble reading long posts:

If you want to stop this back and forth between us, give me some reasons as to why you think my ideas are bad, it's as easy as that.

It might be obvious to someone like you, but I might not be as insightful as you are, treat me like a child or retard, and make the attempt to explain the problems you see with my ideas.

If I could understand where the problems with my ideas are, I would stop promoting them and either fix the problems before posting the improved versions of them, or scrap the ideas entirely and come up with some new ones.

This is because the number of ideas that get presented to /pol/ raises the chance that this board will come up with something good.

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