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File: 82b212fec39647b⋯.png (271.27 KB, 1280x1125, 256:225, pepe scorpion.png)

File: be50901eab12ae9⋯.png (739.48 KB, 1232x1014, 616:507, bernier white genocide.png)

45de93  No.12839988

The scorpion, when surrounded by fire, seeks a safe passage out of danger. But upon finding none the arachnid will sting itself to death preferring a short and painless demise over a long, painful death by fire. This is Accelerationism.

On one side we have the Zionist Right who facilitates European Genocide in a such way it occurs slowly. The elite offer political theater to keep the masses entertained and complacent until finally one day they wake up to the realization they're such a minority the chance of resisting is no more.

On the other side we have the Globalist Left who facilitates European Genocide quickly by open borders. We can conclude that slow-motion genocide coming from the Right is their actual goal with European American genocide, and the Left is used as a boogeyman to encourage supporting the Right, because open borders has caused Europe to resist replacement.

Americans have revolution in their blood and acting too quickly to replace whites here may result in backlash followed by revolution. This is the reasoning behind supporting Accelerationism in America. Such a strategy will force American whites to address their genocide, resist it, and finally to overthrow the criminal ruling class returning America to her roots.

So you have two choices:

>Support the Right and be replaced without a doubt

>Support the Left and risk being replaced with the chance of redpilling the masses and fighting back

Be like the scorpion.

498542  No.12840007

File: 06e9b2304405019⋯.png (32.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, vomit.png)


Accelerationism is the only way to make the frog jump out of the pot. Communism is coming if we like it or not. The faster it comes, the more people will freak out and fight it.

Its like if you binge drink too fast. Your body reacts and forces out the poison. If you drink slowly your body doesn't have time to process it and eventually you become an alcoholic and die of liver failure.

45de93  No.12840012

File: 4c2c0a6ed60f171⋯.jpg (464.49 KB, 1048x2202, 524:1101, accelerationism-works.JPG)


good analogy

6e53ab  No.12840015

People need to realize how correct OP is.

If an extreme leftist Marxist got elected, whites would be inflamed including boomers. Some states might even secede.

A rapid escalation of political violence would cause increased government repression and lack of trust by American people. Revolution is the only way out.

498542  No.12840032


Which is exactly why 2020 will be rigged for Trump.

Screenshot this please.

012e28  No.12840042

File: c15bc0e0f36d04d⋯.png (186.78 KB, 250x348, 125:174, 250px-I_Can_Swim.png)

45de93  No.12840045

File: b45ab0da9d26251⋯.jpg (122.55 KB, 1883x453, 1883:453, 2020 rigged.JPG)


This. Wish there were an alternative to Accelerationism but that alternative, Trump, didn't pan out.


i got u


thanks man. hopefully the meme spreads and we can finally fight back

b6736d  No.12840049

Fuck off back to kikechan cunt.

498542  No.12840053


> :)

Your OP got deleted because you are new-faggot who uses smilies. Also, mods are kikes.

8acede  No.12840059

File: bad1788cc92f2e2⋯.jpg (82.68 KB, 915x668, 915:668, 1528597411186.jpg)

92a2cc  No.12840060

We should accelerate the gay agenda and start turning kids into trannies ASAP tbh fam.

498542  No.12840063


This is actually a good idea. Corruption of the young is a good way to get mothers in an uproar. Nobody fights harder than a woman who thinks her children are under threat.

45de93  No.12840067


>if you let your enemies kill you slowly while youre distracted by political theater, you win

b6736d  No.12840068


I would accept the chair to kill you slowly.

498542  No.12840074


You can talk about whatever the fuck you want on /pol/ as long as its politics or you should be allowed to.

c9dd19  No.12840089

Need I remind everyone here that every time the kikes have found themselves surrounded by the gentiles, they always sooner ritually commit suicide before surrendering to the law? Obviously it’s to hide their blood sucking rituals.

1a5282  No.12840090

File: dd2a9698ad467a1⋯.jpg (50.34 KB, 500x514, 250:257, WePutOurBootsOn.jpg)


"...whites of their eyes..."

Hang in there, blood.

a31398  No.12840101


Judaism is an old strategy. They commit suicide so they never 'admit guilt', they are so arrogant that they always think they're correct, no matter what. They'd sooner kill themselves than let their enemies somehow corner them and (as a result) kill all of them.

They are a different breed of human. They will follow and allow their leaders to exploit them - since it means they are without responsibility and always act collectively. Collectivism is the Jew's specialty. It will tell you it's individualist only so the collective bears no harm.

000000  No.12840118

>Canadian society transformation

Whatever you do goyim, DO NOT look up the Toronto Protocols.

1a5282  No.12840119


>They will follow and allow their leaders to exploit them - since it means they are without responsibility and always act collectively.

Nutshell=End of discussion.

a31398  No.12840123


Part of the Jewish illness is schizophrenia, where it mistakes its social persona with itself. They're both considered by the Jew for the purposes of pilpuling between 'collective' and 'individual'. The distinction between them has become so faded for the Jew, that they viscerally mistake their own breed as themselves. If them killing themselves means that another Jew survives, then they see it as vindication of themselves. That other Jew will never speak ill of them.

That's why Zionists and other Jews have no qualms praising a murderous killer as a 'hero'. It's Jew vs. Goyim. They do not seek distinction as an individual (like Aryans), but as a group.

45de93  No.12840130


thanks for lead

000000  No.12840270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The sooner Afrimerica goes full nigger, the sooner kosher bulldozers move in.

45de93  No.12840282

File: 16e445080b68f86⋯.jpg (123.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, rwds nao.jpg)

4642c1  No.12840321

>be like the scorpion

kill ourselves? fuck yourself

If the scorpion in your scenario fought its coward instinct and persevered through the fire it may live yet, who knows

000000  No.12840329


It's a fascinating video. There's just one bulldozer there and dozens of unarmed religion of peace types sitting around watching the jew jew. They seem capable of getting violent only after a European country gives them free food and shelter. Unarmed pothead monkeys in the US will not fare better when the projects they love to kvetch about in their rap songs get bulldozed. Trump funds this for Israelis. But here, he hires Ben Carson to get more funding for the niggerlands like some capitalist psychopath only concerned about McDonald's quarterly earnings during his term.

45de93  No.12840349

File: 5816d7849010626⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rwds 2.jpg)


white americans don't even realize they're surrounded by fire. accelerationism makes them aware of the danger by putting it in their faces.


worst case scenario is majority of whites dont fight back and we get rwds

8d68cf  No.12840354


They can't fight back while their stuck in the cities, the courts just start killing them which ruins the birthrate even more and many are to poor to leave.

d49d0f  No.12840356

File: a4d6f9fd16a0d78⋯.jpg (288.13 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, jtweed.jpg)

File: db15169be847776⋯.jpg (232.69 KB, 1391x783, 1391:783, ride.jpg)

Justin Trudeau is the ultimate accelerationist.

If you lose to your enemies, you win.

45de93  No.12840358


germans have no problem fighting back within the cities

7eb574  No.12840360


>Too poor to leave

IDK about that, chief. If things go really bad and I was still living in an urban area, I'd probably carjack the nearest minivan, pack my shit into it, and fuck off as fast as I could

8d68cf  No.12840387


Not when your district is run by democrips who devour baby dicks for $500 a pop.


Many have families here and don't want to risk uprooting all their families on the basis of fighting back especially if their not getting any support from others. It would literally just be another" oh this guy went crazy everybody look at this guy over social media he's another nutcase" scenario.

45de93  No.12840401


open the borders and force whites to acknowledge their genocide. then you get results.

8d68cf  No.12840415


It's already past this point when 2016 rolled around and my state has already reinstated gun rights for self defenses. The next goal from the upper echelon of the state would start massive deportations of spic populations but it never got around to it cause of the massive lobbying power of the sanctuary status of large cities like Chicago from getting any worthwhile legislation to get passed. In order for this to happen these cities would need to be re-zoned or redrawn out of thr actual state and made into a city state status so they have no actual lobbying power.

37dbe2  No.12840418


Your analogy/description and analysis is simplistic and does not align with reality.

You assume that everyone on the right is an agent of Soros or whomever and wants to replace whites with more easily controllable shitskins and obedient gooks. By your logic, if we had supported Hillary Clinton, it would expedite the civil war situation that we all dream of. In reality, it would prevent that situation by allowing Hillary to control the narrative. In fact, it was the rise of Trump that is responsible for the huge amount of acceleration that is going on on the left.

The left has been driven into a frenzy. I'm not a kid, I remember when Bill Clinton was president. Bill Clinton's positions would be considered right-wing today. Bill Clinton wanted whites gone, but being a smart man, he knew that this would have to be done gradually and over many decades. That was the game plan all along - don't boil the frog too fast or it will jump out of the pot. Trump's victory caused such a shockwave throughout the Democrats that they have reacted by going so far left that they are 15 years ahead of schedule from their original plan put in place by LBJ.

The left is already proposing revolutionary, violent action in pseudo-mainstream circles as a reaction to Trump, and the pervasiveness of social media has only accelerated this phenomenon by making mainstream media a slave to clicks and revenue generation, further stoking these flames by continuously putting out incendiary articles. We want the left to get violent - because we have all the guns and a massive strategic advantage in that most right-wingers don't live in urban centers that not self-sufficient and are extremely vulnerable to siege tactics. The left has become so divorced from reality nowadays that they are inadvertently walking towards their doom.

Leftist insanity has caused a reaction in the right as well, by radicalizing many right-wingers into desiring revolution as well. This is the best possible situation because the left is ideologically morphing into exactly what scares most regular people and prompts many others to stockpile guns and ammo, while simultaneously being completely toothless to influence policy since they are not in power. They can't pass a single federal gun law, but they are already talking about killing all whites - this is excellent. They are talking about redistributing property while the economy continues to grow and illegals are being deported in numbers greater than ever.

None of this would have happened if Hillary was president because the Democrat establishment would have kept a lid on all the communist crazies running amok. Why do you think Pelosi and Schumer hate people like AOC? She's ruining the plan that they had 60 years in the making by chimping out and agitating the left and right before the demographics of this country can catch up to that phase of their plan.

867faa  No.12840419


>Revolution is the only way out.

Civil war will shine lights in the remaining darkest places. They will not survive the civil war. We may not either, but at this point I don't even care anymore. All I care about is that they will be exposed, and hunted down to the ends of the Earth, to the ends of time itself if need be. They will not survive this one.

45de93  No.12840426


>You assume that everyone on the right is an agent of Soros or whomever and wants to replace whites with more easily controllable shitskins and obedient gooks.

are you claiming this isn't the case? Both Right and Left want the same thing: Kalergi plan.

21af96  No.12840432


You can't swim through fire.

f5f74b  No.12840439


>People need to realize how correct OP is.

AND how much of the fucking enemy that shill Andrew Anglin is.

f4e90c  No.12840445

File: fb0d3403af265d5⋯.png (96.21 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, oyveyQC.png)


More like

>Support the Right and buy time to organize

>Support the Left and watch your country being niggerized as fast as (((they))) can

45de93  No.12840451


>support the right and get 4 more years of slow genocide

>support the left and get 4 years of revolution

f5f74b  No.12840452

File: e688cef20d97f2a⋯.png (266.18 KB, 605x853, 605:853, 2016 election results trum….png)


yeah. it'll come down to the electoral college like last time. i wish people would get over the whole "we memed him into the presidency" NO. he lost the popular vote and was installed by the electoral college.

now he just tweets what people want to hear but without fail, always does the opposite of it.

our goal needs to be to delegitimize the government. show how they fail to provide, protect etc etc. Always push stories that make us seem better off without them. encourage local group building.

f4e90c  No.12840456


>4 years of revolution

With what army?

AFAIK nothing, at least in Canuckistan, can oppose the system right now

45de93  No.12840462


Look at German riots, or France. The People themselves are an army.

37dbe2  No.12840464


It's certainly the case for a good number of right-wingers, but again, this is a ridiculous oversimplification, or rather, lack of understanding.

Most people, even those as well-placed as US senators, lack the foresight, planning and especially, selflessness to execute such a plan. A politician is loyal to their party, but they are even more loyal to themselves. Their greatest goal is to get re-elected, so politicians still have to listen to their constituency. We have seen in the 2018 midterms what happens to anti-trump, neocon representatives when they don't follow their constituency - they lose, THEY ALL LOST THEIR SEAT.

The growing divide ideological divide between the left and right, and the increased political literacy of the average voter in recent years, means that politicians in Republican areas cannot afford to push leftist policies or remain complacent without losing their seat or getting primaried. They still have to march to the beat of the constituency if they want to keep their jobs, even if they themselves don't agree. Even Trump is victim to this, as has been observed many times when he gets ratio'd on twitter by right-wingers for supporting stupid shit and reversing course immediately.

Whether or not the Republican politicians truly care about our message or not, their inherit desire to remain politicians means that they have no choice but to follow it, which only makes the left even more radical as a reaction. The left will fire the first shot of the next civil war.

45de93  No.12840465


>Most people, even those as well-placed as US senators, lack the foresight, planning and especially, selflessness to execute such a plan.

Politicians are actors following a script given them by Zionist Elites. No one is "elected" in America, no one gains any real power organically. Both sides work towards white genocide and Trump proves this.

867faa  No.12840467

File: 5b044cbff1fef56⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 800x999, 800:999, Space cat.jpg)


Trump didn't lose the popular vote, and you're a faggot. Instead of larping, you should truly join the righteous side.

Accelerationism doesn't mean that Trump can't win again. Accelerationism means getting the Left to act first.

b6736d  No.12840471

File: e39f99aefada1c4⋯.jpg (136.74 KB, 565x848, 565:848, Reminder.jpg)




Don't come back jew.

4e2268  No.12840472

File: 9f8c427e75bf127⋯.png (478.94 KB, 666x704, 333:352, one thing.png)


>while the economy continues to collapse

Candidate Trump: These numbers are fake!

President Trump: I have the best numbers ever, believe me.

The numbers are fake

>While more illegals are invading than ever

8d68cf  No.12840474

File: 673857d0ced3e31⋯.png (156.42 KB, 589x478, 589:478, 636a71eb0321a8607ae71e0636….png)


>join the right side

wtf does that even mean, 2 days ago he gave a speech to africans about more gibsmedats.

37dbe2  No.12840476


So why is the left pushing revolutionary communism right now when this country is still majority white, almost all Republicans are heavily armed, and their rhetoric radicalizes tons of normie right-wingers to white nationalism daily? Sounds like a great plan by the Zionist Elites!

Go away, retard.

7f2668  No.12840478


>too brainlet to understand why you should push your enemy to attacking you first before you destroy them

f5f74b  No.12840483


>Trump didn't lose the popular vote

imagine saying that to someone who already posted evidence in the fucking post you are replying to.

867faa  No.12840484


Low IQ niggers should go back to Africa.

7f2668  No.12840485


Political rage: terrorism and the politics of emotion

>Recently there has been a renewed interest in the role of emotion as both a site of political knowledge and as a contributing dynamic in the stability or upheaval of political institutions. While it is widely recognised that emotion is directly implicated in terrorist behaviour, terrorism studies has not critically engaged in this revitalised theorising. As a small step towards addressing this analytical gap we argue that there is a need to see terrorism as a political act grounded in a particular set of human emotions triggered in certain social circumstances. We begin with a brief discussion of the treatment of emotion within terrorism studies before examining how modernity might contribute to an intensification of emotion within political behaviour. We posit that one outcome of this intensification is the adoption of violent forms of political agency by individuals seeking to address real or perceived grievances.

8d68cf  No.12840486


>pulling more sun tzu mumbo jumbo that nobody understands

I can see right through your shit bruh, your not gaining anything by that community, they can never be satisfied and when you forget about them they destroy themselves at a faster rate which is good for everyone else. Conservatives conserve nothing other than black cock.

867faa  No.12840489


Low IQ niggers should go back to Africa.

498542  No.12840490


Oh so you were spamming about witchcraft and pizza slices. I didn't see what you were posting, but just going on that I can tell you are probably a little bit crazy. Remember, theres a reason Kampfy would sticky all the (((pizzagate threads))).

f4e90c  No.12840491

File: 60665485e8d8552⋯.jpg (182.1 KB, 945x530, 189:106, The Rock.jpg)


>look, muh disorganized masses

>literally an army

We must first organize.

If Macron or Merkel or Trudeau decide they had enough of ebul populists or nationalists or what have you, there is nothing RIGHT NOW which is ready to oppose a Federal or Republican army intervention for more than a few hours.

We need to be more organized before going full accelerationism.

f5f74b  No.12840492



wasting my time nigger

f4e90c  No.12840498

867faa  No.12840501


>wasting your time

Then leave.

498542  No.12840503


>it'll come down to the electoral college like last time

It always comes down to the electoral college. The popular vote is never used to determine the president. Are you european or just an idiot?

45de93  No.12840504

File: 8aa011f51ac52fe⋯.png (414.64 KB, 800x800, 1:1, trump antisemitism 4.png)


>So why is the left pushing revolutionary communism

They've always pushed that.

>Sounds like a great plan by the Zionist Elites!

Why is the Right pushing Zionist revolution?

Go away, retard.

45de93  No.12840507


Decentralized Resistance doesn't mean disorganized but it does mean a lack of set leaders.

7f2668  No.12840517

f4e90c  No.12840520


In Canada, I evaluate the current state of Resistance as "not yet enough organized"

37dbe2  No.12840521


>They've always pushed that.

Never in open political circles

>Why is the Right pushing Zionist revolution?


I totally foresaw that we would be living in a white ethnostate 2.5 years after electing Trump despite the fact that leftists control almost every part of the government and we have tens of millions of mudskins!

I'm glad you're not in politics, your IQ is too low - are you even white?

45de93  No.12840526


10 people marching against white genocide, without Seig Heiling or brandishing memes, will result in 10,000 followers by the next few demonstrations.


>Never in open political circles

Of course they have. What do you think the Communist Control Act of 1965 was about?


You don't have to be Hitler to not suck Zionist cock. Trump is a Zionist kike, simple as that.

5c2e47  No.12840530


people who believe pizzagate is fake should be banned from here. forever.

867faa  No.12840531

5c2e47  No.12840538


>10 people

A guide for getting vanned

8d68cf  No.12840539


>this guy is in 1945

>im in 2019

wtf is wrong with you my dude

45de93  No.12840542


if the government v&s you for resisting government sanctioned genocide then you're a hero and a political prisoner.

f4e90c  No.12840543

File: 9b583439e072d8a⋯.jpg (103.94 KB, 388x388, 1:1, well.jpg)


Lol if 10 people march against White genocide without Seig Heiling or being abusively pro-White, you really think 10,000 people will read/hear about it in the media?

45de93  No.12840547


Good point, but this proves the media is not our ally and shouldn't be relied upon. /pol/ more adept at spreading information than the media. 10 people march against white genocide in Canada and I'll promote the story relentlessly. If they march in America, and if the timing is right, I'll be there with them.

f4e90c  No.12840557


I agree. I think we, as a People living in different countries using different native languages, need a little bit more time to organize as a White Front with the means of communication we have right now. If some group decide to rely on the msm to gain popularity, they must act first get msm coverage.

45de93  No.12840558


True. Now is the time to offer and debate ideas and form a strategy while getting ourselves together as individuals. A movement and political party will form later based on the time we spend now preparing.

248937  No.12840575



>delaying DOTR

Cowards get the gas.

45de93  No.12840577

File: fe40fefc5dd6324⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x683, 500:683, rwds 3.gif)


A loose cannon often misfires.

000000  No.12840585


Leftists must be killed along with jews.

55343d  No.12840597


Did you even read the thread?

Accelerationists want war, not leftist takeover.


20ab63  No.12840977


You were banned because you were an obnoxious schizo

20ab63  No.12840987


Yes but there is no reason for whites to organise if their quality of life is not decreasing and they still lead comfortable lives.

The point of acceleration is that it FORCES whites to organise, whereas people like you would rather just keeping waiting.

affc63  No.12841001

So what is the meaning of this? Everyone vote for communist?

What if this means commies got the legitimacy they want?

434516  No.12841053

File: b627446d1debfdd⋯.gif (672.72 KB, 245x192, 245:192, fire rises.gif)

File: 301e2b01cb93d42⋯.png (33.46 KB, 1704x494, 852:247, pic 2.png)

File: f4cc6b9b295a486⋯.png (119.1 KB, 698x870, 349:435, schools.png)


the ability to rationalize is often used to boil a frog in hot water.

Look around there are 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old White dudes who have never dated, never married and/or no kids. They work trades, lawyers and all kinds of jobs. some masters by the time they reach 30 and are making $60 an hour – yet still can't even get a White woman over 40 to look at them for more than a second .

There's a thousand mantras for you to "rationalize" with. Do you know the origins of "that's just how it is" or do you know the fundamental thing you're saying?

What can you do? Keep a journal and at the end of each day weigh what you liked and didn't liked and what you want to do or cut out or change and develop a step by step plan to achieve it – if you don't have a plan, you're going to end up someones bitch.

If you end up the enemies bitch – they'll make you look like Natalie Mars

26d4ed  No.12841068


GamerGate was a form of acceleration that if hadn't have happened would have resulted in Shillary winning as criticism=misogyny.

We should thank Chelsea and Anita, really.

26d4ed  No.12841072


Trump IS the acceleration option.


We know Brock is hiding out, so this must be actual JIDF.

2ac025  No.12841086

Someone who's knowledgeable about Serbian history should make an easy-to-digest meme about how Kosovo went from being 70% Serbian Christian in the early 1800's to majority Albanian Muslim by the mid 1900's. A lot of naive people think that there's no way immigrants could ethnically replace natives from European countries, ignoring the fact that an European region suffered a "peaceful" population replacement not too long ago.

846b18  No.12841099



The original of that 2nd image.

d0e257  No.12841103

The more we fight back the more they fight back the more people wake up and fight back.

We don't need to give weapons to our enemies, we need to make our battles so vicious it become impossible not to see them.

867faa  No.12841135

File: 86104c6ef0131e2⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 768x379, 768:379, how to wield your tool of ….jpg)


Accelerate, obviate, the Left's irrational desire for control at any cost.

Obviate, accelerate, the deep-state corruption.

Accelerate, obviate, the reactionary Antifa tools.

Obviate, accelerate, the ongoing coup against Trump.

Accelerate, obviate, the snowflake riots.

Obviate, accelerate, the media lies.

Get them to act.

Draw them out.

You want to win this? Be smart. This is a war of trolls.

3827b2  No.12841166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


846b18  No.12841236


what is a good one? I remember there was an obscure forum on this site somewhere with heavy subjects but I forgot

b18de7  No.12841265


>support the left faggots because the 'right' bla

In terms of mainstream politics, all politicians are working for the same people and the same aims, by choosing either side you are guaranteeing their plan succeeds without resistence. That is what controlled opposition is.

A simple example is that if no one went to vote in the next election, nobody, then the system would instantly fail, they would have no power, the system would fall apart and they'd panic like mad, with constant threats and reactions because they wouldn't know what to do.

Yet everyone keeps playing along with the two choices given to them that both lead to the same end, as though there is no other choice.

Red or blue?? Wow red sucks, I choose blue lol, I have power in my life, I chose blue!!!

b18de7  No.12841288


Take a look at Haiti if you want to know what happens to those who are permissive and passive.

9eb918  No.12841299


The right isn't organizing, though.

609e48  No.12841308

I made a video on this

434516  No.12841332

File: 8432021c1454ab1⋯.png (816.61 KB, 1391x941, 1391:941, SINGLES.png)

File: b8f2cfc6341c2c1⋯.png (1014.55 KB, 728x1077, 728:1077, MARK OF THE BEAST.png)


If you welcome these eternally damned Whites back it slows Accelerationism

af71a0  No.12841355


The thing is we're all just waiting for a goddamn leader. If someone would just step up to the platform who isn't a total pushover and has the integrity to do it right we would have the reaction on the left we need. We need the left to pull the trigger because otherwise the right will be fucked in the ass so fucking hard. I agree that the right is currently lead by people who don't care about whites at all but the majority of people who are republicans do care about whites. We need the Republican party to die so that we can replace it with something else. We need a new party with a new leader and more than all that, we need a spiritual revival. The only thing that got Trump elected was the religious vigor he had behind him. If we can use that same spirit towards the creation of an ethnostate we can pull this thing off. Though a lot of retards on this website that talk about this subject don't care about anything beyond what flavor blunt they're smoking and that's why we're losing in the first place.

846b18  No.12841395


fuck off retard

f5462e  No.12841401



The Elite don't want communism perse

They want Social Marxism mixed with heavy capitalism but actual Stalinim would be shit for them

Not saying that communism is good but the kike push isn't there

043905  No.12841424

File: b326510eda8f376⋯.jpg (77.83 KB, 800x450, 16:9, accelerationist.jpg)


>Accelerationism - why Jews fear it

< Accelerationism- selling /pol/ the idea that giving jews what they want means /pol/ wins

You can't make this shit up.

>The scorpion, when surrounded by fire, seeks a safe passage out of danger. But upon finding none the arachnid will sting itself to death preferring a short and painless demise over a long, painful death by fire. This is Accelerationism.

Your own analogy means you want whites to proverbially sting themselves to death. Did you seriously think this was a good analogy or did you subconsciously reveal your (((true intentions)))? Actually, this is perfect. Anyone falling for this is a complete retard or a shill.

< Be like the scorpion, goyim! Sting yourselves to death because there's no way out!

>On one side we have the Zionist Right who facilitates European Genocide in a such way it occurs slowly. The elite offer political theater to keep the masses entertained and complacent until finally one day they wake up to the realization they're such a minority the chance of resisting is no more.


>On the other side we have the Globalist Left who facilitates European Genocide quickly by open borders. We can conclude that slow-motion genocide coming from the Right is their actual goal with European American genocide, and the Left is used as a boogeyman to encourage supporting the Right, because open borders has caused Europe to resist replacement.


>Americans have revolution in their blood and acting too quickly to replace whites here may result in backlash followed by revolution. This is the reasoning behind supporting Accelerationism in America. Such a strategy will force American whites to address their genocide, resist it, and finally to overthrow the criminal ruling class returning America to her roots.

You've posted this analogy in a previous thread. It didn't work there either. The main flaw in your framed context is to magically pretend whites will wake up. Everytime you and other (((accelerationist shills))) advocate for self-destruction, you offer no explanation as to how whites will magically wake up. Then you dismiss that altogether, "S-stop saying they'll magically wake up even though I'm saying they'll magically wake up!"

So why do you keep getting reminded of this? Because people need to be redpilled in order to see the jewish threats and understand them for what they are. No one is redpilled instantly, it always takes time. If you accelerate jewish schemes -giving jews more power- then we also lose avenues of being able to redpill people. Jews will use the power you give them to cut off the means of redpilling others.

This jewish-tier scheme you're trying to sell is based upon blinding everyone to what should be obvious and selling them the idea that helping jews win means we win. In your grand single-digit IQ vision of how to win, you constantly neglect to mention the part where bluepilled whites will not recognize their destruction because they're bluepilled. While you're getting schlomo's niggers elected and voting for disarmament, bluepilled whites will think everything is fine, "Based people of color keep taking away the guns!"

It's disgusting to see that this is what desperation causes someone on /pol/ to post. I sincerely hope you're just a shill, and not someone who thinks they're redpilled.

>So you have two choices:

>>Support the Right and be replaced without a doubt

>>Support the Left and risk being replaced with the chance of redpilling the masses and fighting back

Classical Fallacy identified: False dilemma. The obvious answer is to redpill whites and prepare them for a race war.

>Be like the scorpion.

i.e. assist in your suicide.

Well done OP, you want accelerationism so you can kill yourself and whites faster. How about you just kill yourself instead?

434516  No.12841425

File: ecc19d37e5ab137⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 480x264, 20:11, wtf.gif)


I wonder what stories White South Africans have about welcoming back coal burners.

1e655b  No.12841433


Rightist uprisings have been so totally demonized that any attempt to perform one in reaction to "collapse" will result in the Rightist uprising being terminated by the military industrial Jew and his NATO goons with the support of the public. Sorry to say this but it really is too soon, need to kill the money powers before anything will collapse. Remember Waco, Brazil is our future.

823b11  No.12841446


>>Be like the scorpion.

>i.e. assist in your suicide.

There's a better way. Have the full capacity to commit such evil, but choose otherwise. You can redirect the bravery and commitment such an action requires.

>tfw you now understand Abraham

434516  No.12841464


"There is no justice in bureaucracy for the individual, for bureaucracy caters only to itself. One cannot practice the same bureaucracy as one is fighting against."

- Leon Trotsky

000000  No.12841542



Throughout history mothers are the ones that select from their own sons to donate to the bathhouses. They get paid for turning their boys into prostitutes. Fuckin idiot.

1bcadb  No.12841543

File: f44d3846160c7fc⋯.jpeg (213.67 KB, 775x1024, 775:1024, 945518260335386624.jpeg)

434516  No.12841549


Will Smith said White people need to purged from this Earth with fire, and his words will ring true with an ironic twist that (((they))) will choke on.

Accelerationism is instead of letting death win by default, like a slow cancer spreading all though the body, it is making (((their to be methods planned for 50 years from now))) used now to cause a massive shock by the system and non-Whites to unwittingly purge the permanently cucked Whites from the White gene pool – hence making the strong even stronger. It's not about the individual, it's not about having a shit-lib play pin with non-Whites in the US, it's about the clan destine group.

"The rule is that once burned, twice shy. It only means keeping your hand out of the fire, not staying clear of the kitchen. The System wants - depends upon - INTIMIDATION." -James Mason

c8543c  No.12841586


It's fake and retarded, feminists literally invented age of consent laws

043905  No.12841587


>There is no 'fire' yet anon. The point of the OP and I believe that you completely missed it, was the idea that we will fight to the death OUR WAY and to the bitter end we will do things OUR WAY,

That's not what he said. OP regurgitated the basic vague promise of (((accelerationism))), that helping jews gain power means we win, because whites will magically be redpilled and fight back.

>rather than leaving it in the hands of 'politicos' or 'leaders'.

Clearly you had no intention of understanding what I wrote because I acknowledged he displayed an understanding of controlled opposition and by default that politicians are useless to us & controlled.

>It is the idea that NOTHING will stop us from pursuing our own agenda to the bitter end if necessary.

No it isn't. Be general and lofty all you want. It doesn't change the fact that accelerationism is suicide. Even OP admits it with his imagery.

>Think of it as the European persons 'samson option'.

See, even you admit it. The samson option is mutually assured destruction aka, (((they))) die, but you die too. How about finding an easily sensible scenario that doesn't involve whites dying?

> However, like I said, we are pretty fucking far from that circumstance and A FUCKING LOT OF BLOOD IS GOING TO BE SPILT ON THE PLANET before we would ever begin to even consider this as an option. Also, 'fire' is inanimate in this context and thus NOT a symbol for our enemies who are animate, flesh and blood and thus can be slaughtered before our faces. This is my personal take on the OP and it fills me with hope rather than with despair because it means that someone is gearing up to FIGHT!!!

Well, at least you admit you're delusional - delusional enough to qualify a fire to your liking in an analogy. And not just that, but the promise of mutually assured destruction or more specifically, suicide means to you, "gearing up to fight." You didn't even bother to explain how whites will become redpilled during this (((samson option))), but that's just the giveaway for (((accelerationists))).

Isn't this wonderful? People on /pol/ are actively cheering for the deaths of whites and calling it a fight?

Reminder: The hallmark of an accelerationist is to advocate for helping the jews win more power and present that as a scenario where whites will magically become redpilled and fight back. They always fail to explain how whites will become redpilled if jews are given so much power where jews will start removing access to redpills. Accelerationism is a jewish longshot con where shills prey on desperate and delusional /pol/lacks looking for a quick solution, and present a "solution" that involves /pol/ helping the jews. It is quintessentially jewish for jews to sell an inverse of the truth i.e. "if you help jews win, you win!"

c8543c  No.12841593





Le Cringe

c8543c  No.12841600


>The hallmark of an accelerationist is to advocate for helping the jews

How, Israel is fucked without the US. Destroy the US and Israel is without income or protection

61fdfc  No.12841681


Try millchan on zeronet maybe?

3c6bb6  No.12841699


>We need to be more organized before going full accelerationism.

We've had 4 years already.

The alt-Right tried to organize but they were shut down.

The System has left us only one option; destroy it and organize in the ensuing chaos.

affc63  No.12841707


How can you destroy it without organization?

3c6bb6  No.12841728


>The obvious answer is to redpill whites and prepare them for a race war.

We've been "preparing Whites for race war" for years if not decades. We are already in a racial war and White people refuse to fight back because "the republicans will save us"

The only solution to this is to destroy the treasonous republicuck party. Take this false hope away and let them learn to swim.

3c6bb6  No.12841783


I cannot say any specifics for obvious reasons. If we attempt to organize, the entire weight of the System will be used to crush us. Maybe we'll be better able to resist them through our organization. But the System will always be far better organized and thus, far stronger.

In otherwords, trying to defeat the System through building a pro-White organization (from the ground up I might add) is like trying to defeat the US military in a conventional war while starting from the position of a third world country.

Thus, the only way to organize is to disrupt the enemy's ability to disrupt us.

affc63  No.12841793


But again…you can't do that without organization.

Even the Taliban got a central command and leader(s) (and foreign country support being Pakistan).

You can't just say up and destroy something and that thing is destroyed.

bc46dd  No.12841798


Millchan? Ok cool. I will look into that as well. Do you know of any boards (image or otherwise) where people can just talk about issues and bounce ideas for our future state/ethnoglobe off each other? I like the format of Reddit but hate the gangstalking that the faggoty kike special interest groups do over there…ideally I was looking for a blockchain tech where your thoughts couldn’t be ‘censored’ by kikes or destroyed.

I had this thought a log time ago for a project called iMod where it was ‘totally free speech’ in every way but the USER controlled all moderation of ideas from their own interface. Meaning that it was UP TO YOU ALONE to moderate the content of your own interface. NO MODS NEEDED because it was a totally free and open to all people and all ideas and all political ideologies. Thus Nat Socialism would be incorporated in the other political ideologies but could be selectively isolated by the operator in order to focus in on one ideology…also there was a genetic component as well that allowed privacy in private forums due to genetic factors…isolating the highest privacy for the self, then direct descendants and next of kin, then larger family kin, then tribal kin then national proximity, then global interface…but your own genetic code would isolate your private data into smaller and smaller secure groups. Would also be blockchain so people in the future could find out EXACTLY what people were thinking at any given time when the data was turned over to a historical archive when they were dead. Anyway…I might have to make this a reality on my own because I don’t see anyone working on it either and most likely they would FUCK IT UP beyond all comprehension if they attempted to implement it without my big brain.

61fdfc  No.12841834


>Do you know of any boards (image or otherwise) where people can just talk about issues and bounce ideas

You are familiar with Voat I assume? As for blockchain, I'm not very proficient with it but someone really needs to make an imageboard on it in the vein of Steemit (4chain)? Also, something called Urbit is in development that might be a good platform once it's fully functional.

ac93cb  No.12841867

File: df46a0eadd3eb93⋯.png (18.12 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Northwest_Front_Flag.png)


>How can you destroy it without organization

Oh if only we had an organisation that realized all this long ago! An organisation that would take a practical view of our limited numbers and reduce the problem to a smaller, more manageable size. An organisation that is patterned after the most successful revolutionary forces in history that fought ZOG. An organisation that has avoided all the drama and organised quietly in the background.

If only



>We've been "preparing Whites for race war" for years if not decades. We are already in a racial war and White people refuse to fight back because "the republicans will save us"

Exactly. It's been the same thing within our movement. Everybody who proposes "we should get elected to government" or "we should have a march wearing costumes, then surely people will rise up and follow us" or "we should form our own secret masons/buildiberger group" thinks they're the first person to come up with such a brilliant plan. They don't realize that we've been trying this for over 60 years with no result. The people in control of the elections sidelines us and the media doesn't show our faces, the normalfags just point at the people wearing the costumes on tv and laugh while police has to protect your small group from numerically superior leftists and jews throwing trash and bricks at your "rally", and any attempt to build secret fraternities fails when nobody can convince vacillating rich conservatives to put much money into the venture. For 60 years the while alt-kike phenomenon repeats over and over, yet we never seem to learn. "The tea party just got elected, they'll save us!" then fails and we go right back to "Trump got elected, he'll save us!"

By 2025 the boomers will start to die off en masse causing us to suddenly drop to minirity status and leaving a power vacuum that the "revenge presidency" after Trump will be only too happy to fill with shitskins like AOC (if Trump doesn't do it himself). Our numbers are pathetically small, we're a minority among a white minority. How many jew-wise extremists do you know in your city/town? Maybe 20 total? In most places there's barely 3 people, and 1 of those is still clinging to the "we'll vote our way out, next time will be different" delusion. All across a rapidly browning country we're spread out with no support. We need to concentrate our numbers into a place big enough that the government can't just surround us and cut us off from food and power, but small enough that everybody is a few hours of driving distance from each other. A place with sea ports, farmland, minerals, living space, one of the last healthy water sheds in North America, manufacturing and natural barriers like mountains, so that a future state has everything it needs to survive international blockade while receiving arms shipments from Russia for the first few years.

You know what I'm talking about Anons, but will you rise to the challenge? It's terrible to leave our ancestral lands and accept we've lost, but how long will you wait? Until you're old and the neighborhood has become a barrio of Mexico/Detroit? Until you're surrounded on all sides by crime and poverty and your property's value has plummeted and you can't sell? Do you want to end your days being beaten and mistreated by Nigerian and Filipino orderlies in a state nursing home?

Come home, save our race. Regroup so your great grandchildren can be born at all and take it all back someday. Come home white man!

affc63  No.12841873


I'm down with the NWF actually, but really, I'm quite saddened that it hasn't gun up.

Americans really are too complacent.

bc46dd  No.12841950


Yeah, I was on VOAT for a while as well. It was fine if a little rough around the edges, as well as Gab but I hated that because of the limits on texts and I don’t want to ‘pay’ for something because my ideas draw down fire and I don’t want even GAB to know who I am IRL, besides they are kikes and nothing good ever comes of trusting a kike or allowing them to interact with you or your private life at all. As such iMod would be TOTALLY anon and it might remain so even after you were dead. Of course your family would know who you were because of the genetic proximity. This would also allow half sibs to contact you when your dad has been out planting seeds illicitly ;)

Anyway, thanks anon. I will look into all those options. The reason that I don’t go for VOAT is because it is not blockchain and so it faces the same restrictions as Reddit…and those Reddit mods used to hammer me all the time, I have been banned and had my work destroyed by them so anything that is not just totally ‘anon fuckery’ (like it is here) is not worth my sharing my true thoughts with since they will only be destroyed for their challenges to our everyday ‘brainwashed understanding’ of modern ‘culture’ aka kike culture. Anyway…thanks again…I am sure I will eventually find a home that I can really begin to challenge peoples understanding of reality and help them grow in.

bc46dd  No.12841973


What is the majority location of your ‘group’…I am thinking very lightly about moving. Is this an organization or an actual geographic designator? If I move again, I want to find a place that is majority White that will have ZERO PROBLEM driving parasites out of our community. I used to living in a section of the country where they could burn a cross on the lawn of a nigger that tried to move in…it was a FUCKING PARADISE with ZERO crime where EVEN IN THE MODERN AGE I DIDN’T HAVE TO LOCK MY DOORS on the house. FUCKING PARADISE where the worst crime in 8 years was a manslaughter that resulted from a bar fight between two friends where one of them punched the other and he accidentally died because he struck his head. Otherwise, no crime, no fear, tight close family European White culture and values.

71f22e  No.12842004

All I'll say is that Hitler won because Germany declined too hard and too fast. We've been in the slow boiling pot since the war ended. Little by little, year after year, our countries have descended further into the muck.

a19cde  No.12842320

File: c9f60c7cece4d94⋯.pdf (2.67 MB, The_Brigade.pdf)

File: cd149b31e5322c5⋯.png (145.2 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, 1491881965655.png)


New IP because foneposting from work.

You a Southerner? Your people have always been some of our best stock. The group I'm referencing is called the Northwest Front. The plan is to congregate our numbers all around the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and the western half of Montana. British Columbia and Alberta are also in the plan, but due to the pathetically low population and general cuckery of leafs the Canada branch is sort of in a Schrödinger's Cat situation Vancouver Island and Edmonton are breddy gud though.

The plan is to grab a piece of the pie when the USA starts to balkanize into a Mexican Aztlan in the southwest and niggerville in the east. For now setting up communities and propaganda is the focus, but revolution modeled on the IRA is the end goal once the USA can't keep pretending its USD has purchasing power. There are 5 Northwest Novels written by the org's founder, and they detail both the practical considerations of guerrilla insurgency as well as how to negotiate and build a functioning state afterwards. They're a bit like the Turner Diaries, but a lot better written and more practical for the modern age. They're also a lowkey training manual for how to set up a cell based movement and not get caught. They're all available for free in PDF form from their site Northwestfront.org. Start with The Brigade, it's the first and most important novel.

They also have the Migration Manual (aka "The White Book") that sets out their whole political foundation and sets out everything you need to know about moving to the Pacific Northwest. I don't have it on my phone but I'll post the latest edition when I get home.

The NF also has a draft constitution that was created as a group collaboration between the NF founder Harold Covington, David Lane, members of The Order and others. It's also on their site.

Speaking personally, the Pacific Northwest is some of the whitest country left in North America. Sure there are whiter alternatives in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere or in tiny areas on the East Coast, but the Northwest is the best place to stage a revolution and build a nice big country for the aforementioned reasons. Places like New Hampshire are too small for that. The cities are pretty much mini Detroits so stay away from Seattle and Portland, but outside the cities it gets rapidly whiter. There's tons of existing economic opportunity, and a lot more projected growth coming (it's the whitest areas left, naturally all the jew capitalists are moving to where there's remaining productivity). And the whole area is dying for tradesmen. God, plumbers have a license to print money in the Northwest! If you don't like rain (which isn't that big a deal) then settle east across the cascades, where the winters are colder and the 4 seasons more distinct. Idaho and Western Montana are pretty great if you want big skies and a lack of "city people."

Just start with The Brigade and the Migration Manual. They're a rip roaring good time. Also become familiar with the IRA and guerrilla warfare. The IRA went up against tanks, choppers and a nuclear armed ZOG state, and with only 50 men on active duty at any one time ground London to a halt and gained pseudo-independence their damn leaders were bought off to compromise. Guerrilla warfare aka "Asymmetric Warfare" has beaten ZOG again and again from Ireland to the middle east, and the fictional Northwest Volunteer Army is modelled directly on the IRA, but without the Marxist politics.

fad42e  No.12842333

Communism won't happen. In every instance it has occurred, it's been an agrarian society. The US is not some south of the border shithole where the plebes run everything. Go to the top of that mountain, and look around. It's royals, their capitalist underlings and Jews running everything up there.

0f23ff  No.12842341

File: d212825fe59f86a⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 721x647, 721:647, Accelerationism_original.jpg)

File: 02aea68027ffbaf⋯.jpg (133.25 KB, 717x664, 717:664, Accelerationism_original_d….jpg)

File: bee8154bf85062e⋯.jpg (139.23 KB, 703x687, 703:687, Accelerationism_original_o….jpg)

File: 5cc9fb57d250817⋯.jpg (117.55 KB, 649x578, 649:578, Accelerationism_original_p….jpg)

File: c949aa230b3482e⋯.jpg (110.17 KB, 502x655, 502:655, Regressive Beasts.jpg)


>south africa

I love how they keep trying to use that as an example, without realizing that the accelerationist argument is exactly that the frog must be made to jump out of the pot, because otherwise the slow boil will RESULT in South Africa tier demographic conditions.

fad42e  No.12842349

So jump out frog. Nobody is stopping you from coming out of the closet. I prefer water

0f23ff  No.12842361


>10 people marching against white genocide, without Seig Heiling or brandishing memes, will result in 10,000 followers by the next few demonstrations.

Its been tried before and proved utterly false as a claim.


>The US is not some south of the border shithole where the plebes run everything.

Checked for we know who runs everything in the US, my jude, and it ain't 'royals'.

Now tell us more about how its the masons, maybe even post a henry makow website from 1997.

da18c7  No.12842368


I like this kind of accelerationism: https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/3026350/16680004/

Starving the system to the breaking point while making you stronger.

9dbacf  No.12842394

File: 150b96470f4c525⋯.jpg (160.26 KB, 710x473, 710:473, accelerationism.jpg)

File: 6c896c9431270c1⋯.png (1.14 MB, 854x1201, 854:1201, accelerationist brains.png)

7b9914  No.12842395


Thank you for spreading the message anon. I've never heard of Covington nor the Brigade and I'm loving the fuck out of it. It'll soon finally be the goddamn time for the white giant to wake up from its slumber

e1ec5f  No.12842411


>Justin Trudeau is the ultimate accelerationist.

Justin Trudeau is evidence accelerationism only hastens our demise. He has every possible commie pathology, yet nobody in Canada "rose up" to do anything; immigration intake escalates unabated and nobody lifts a finger. Do you seriously think Canada could elect someone more anti-White than that embarrassing faggot?

There is no political solution.

da18c7  No.12842413


Stopping shekels going to jews and their bioweapons while using them to build up yourself, can be done: https://voat.co/v/AskVoat/3026350/16680004/

a0f068  No.12842482


Show us one single example where accelerationism has worked. Or don't bother, we already know that you can't and that you are the communists and jews best ally.

0d3a10  No.12842490

File: 4a5bd04c6d6d0b9⋯.swf (1.22 MB, housewitz~.swf)

000000  No.12842492


People seem to forget that SA was literally slow cooking the frog, the whole thing has been happening along 25 years or so, only now is getting literally insane

0d3a10  No.12842495


>newfags don't know the greatness that was flash.

bc5cad  No.12842497


>the arachnid will sting itself to death

>Be like the scorpion

And there's the payload.

0d3a10  No.12842505


Then don't retard, smart people will know what it is.

e1ec5f  No.12842526



An accelerationist would have you voting for jewess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the rationale that, being a literal clown (quite like Canada's Justin Trudeau), she'll supposedly trigger the nation's destruction.

Whenever one finds one's self wanting the same outcome jews want, one has miscalculated.

d1407b  No.12842529

File: 9145bbc78b33477⋯.jpg (244.3 KB, 1228x1300, 307:325, bb8f4bc20dbc01395d68ad43b6….jpg)


First, this is the dumbest analogy ever. Your example of the scorpion is basically "Kill yourself with a gun instead of with a pair of safety scissors." Second, street activism like what is happening in France is what is needed. For that to happen, something must catalyze it usually falling under the category of "drastically reduced standard of living." So, how will voting for leftists precipitate such a massive decrease in standard of living that people will finally wake up? Sure, our taxes will go up, but we already pay taxes we just won't go out to eat 3 times a week and cut it down to 2. Sure, there will be more brown people with more brown babies, but that is par for the course, all cities are non-homogeneous hellholes already. I mean seriously, think about it, we have transgendered kids, illegal immigrants getting away with literal murder (california case where dude shot girl at the pier), 13% of the population commits 52% of murders, english isn't even spoken in many areas and the family unit has completely collapsed. And the fucked up part is, nobody cares enough to do anything about any of these things. The only thing leftists could do is try to take our guns. Other than that, they have already done just about everything else they can to piss us off, and we have done nothing.

6e98ed  No.12842592

File: 3c1329e72f0aeae⋯.gif (942.75 KB, 615x267, 205:89, 3c1329e72f0aeaee2219b83fba….gif)

File: 4b6fab27d393976⋯.png (94.51 KB, 236x224, 59:56, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4156d3a4af9efaa⋯.png (94.44 KB, 229x220, 229:220, ClipboardImage.png)


...is the real accelerationist candidate


Trump proves himself to be yet the most pro-jewish, pro-black and pro-gay president of all the time.

He just can't get enough of sucking cocks and soon will be openly genociding white cis-gendered people

the lulz were really worth it

da18c7  No.12842670


If you'll notice the first step is pure individual and is already a 2x hit, takes away from jews & friends at the same time building up any who setup as such. The second part of investing in unison can be done without vetting, one, merely setting up neutral alternative services already strikes back at jews, merely not non-personing people, just sticking to the law nixes jews' current moves, two, can poison pill if desired like jew businesses where they support xyz sjwlgbtjewblmasdf causes, could start White causes that the businesses support so anyone investing no matter who they are, are contributing to those White causes, three, it's possible to run those business at a loss as that 15-20k multiplied is yearly so can be in it for the long haul.

bef187  No.12842685



297d52  No.12842688

The kikes don't fear accelerationism, there's probably contingency plans in the works if this global Weimar ends up failing. Remember, the kikes are running the show, but there's otherwise brilliant good goys working underneath them coming up with ideas and plans that keep the whole shit show going.

bef187  No.12842699


Don't worry anon, the White Nationalists are going to save the Whites race posting frogs, Hitler and how Trump is a kike and shit.

814847  No.12842701


Proof nazis are cringey boomers

8f01cf  No.12842702


I don't understand the idea behind accerlerationism. There's some off-handed comments by some kike cunts saying "lets not do it too fast" but if it happens fast enough it will collapse? Who's to say it will work in the end or we won't be fucked over by an Orwellian state?

If we accelerate it there's no guarantee it would work. I understand its frustrating to wait while migrants are raping white women but it might not be the best long term solution.

84bdda  No.12842751


>If you drink slowly your body doesn't have time to process it

it's time to stop posting

000000  No.12842760


In Revolutionary France the closeted royalists would vote for the most batshit crazy sans-culotte politicians because they knew they would sperg out and people would get sick of them, hastening the fall of the republic. And guess what? They got what they wanted less than a decade later when Napoleon overthrew the directory in 1799.

Of course the terror happening under the jacobins didn't make all the french people suddenly wake up to what was happening and join up en masse to overthrow it. Sporadic resistance was inspired but that wasn't what did the republic in at the end of the day, for all its failings. ""What left wing fanaticism did do though was make it so that a small, motivated group of people emerged who could take the now discredited government down by force."" When bonaparte ended the republic and installed a right wing dictatorship nobody did jack shit because they were glad the old government was gone.

Also nice strawman with the

<hurr vote for trump because voting for democrats only gives the kikes what they want!!

Tell me, how is trump "slowing things down" and "giving whites more time"? Demographic change is continuing to take place in this country just like under obama and trump hasn't done a fucking thing to stop it, even when republikikes held both houses of congress and the goddamn presidency. You're probably a glow in the dark but on the off chance you're not, holy shit, wake the fuck up. Trump is not doing white people any favors. All the deportations and shit like that are only a drop in the bucket compared to the tidal wave of people that come into this country illegally every year. It's all a sop to fool retards like you into thinking that something is being done. If you seriously believe that buying time for whites is a good thing, you're beyond saving. More time = less able bodied whites = more able bodied shitskins = the less things work out in our favor. There is no organization when the present system precludes any meaningful coordination from being done at anything beyond the local level. We're more numerous, we have all the guns, every one of us except for troglodytes like you knows what needs to be done. That's all that matters. There is no upside to waiting longer, you fucking idiot. The longer it takes for the reckoning to come the worse off we'll be.

That being said it was probably a good thing that he won in 2016 and not clinton. It radicalized the left so much that the next time the democrats win power, which is only a matter of time given the demographic situation, they're gonna be batshit crazy and people are gonna start waking up like never before. It also showed anyone with half a brain cell that real change cannot happen via the present system. These things were valuable and important, but now it's time to move on.

feb6e0  No.12842773


Quite the read, thanks anon

912a7d  No.12842776


fuck off

912a7d  No.12842828



000000  No.12842832

Anti-accelerationists keep saying that accelerationism is retarded because voting for the left is giving the kikes what they want. They think that's an argument against it. The answer to that is yes, accelerationism is giving the kikes exactly what they want. The difference is that we're giving them TOO MUCH of what they want TOO SOON. That's not a good thing from their perspective. Of course if you offer heroin to a junkie he'll gladly say yes to it, but if you go on to shoot him up with it to the point where he overdoses, did you do a good thing for the junkie in the end? No you didn't.

Anti-accelerationism shills always show their true colors just with the basis of their whole argument. They think in terms of what the kikes want and don't want, as opposed to what's best for white people. If in the short term, doing what's best for white people means playing along with what the jews have in mind for us a little too much for their own liking, then by all means. Just look at what happened in germany after WWI. The kikes went too far too soon and ended up wearing bullets for their trouble. Just look at what happened to (((Rosa Luxembourg))). Do you really think they haven't learned their lesson, and aren't trying to keep that from happening again? There's a reason why people like Crowley and Pelosi had/have so much power in the democratic party, and why they fight tooth and nail to keep people like cortez in their place outside of general elections when they need their votes.

Polite sage b/c I'm double posting

3ee98e  No.12842862

>jews fear something that makes them win faster

Fuck this board. At one point, kike shilling like this would have been destroyed. now, it's welcome. God fucking damn.

912a7d  No.12842879


accelerationism doesn't belong with those things.

e5dd63  No.12842881

File: 5df8f5a69b860b2⋯.png (309.82 KB, 480x288, 5:3, accelerationism.png)

912a7d  No.12842897


If we are the guy being crushed, all hope is lost.

He can't fight back at all. It's already over for him.

The only possible action is begging, pleading his captors to release him voluntarily.

So : What do you propose we do?

74c26c  No.12842914


Make things worse. Making things worse makes things better. That's the first thing you learn when you become an accelerationist.

035bb9  No.12842944


Just shut up already. All of you fucks should be banned. NatSoc mods would shove you back to Reddit on trains going 6 million km/h.

8f01cf  No.12842958


Nigger, I'm not oblivious to this at all. I pointed that out because I understand building a based to combat this shit might seem appealing but accelerating it is a shot in the dark. I obviously don't want niggers and spics and muslims to rape and kill white women, but I don't accelerating it is the solution because if we do there's not telling if whites WILL wake up or be too subjected to do anything.

8f01cf  No.12842961


*might not seem appealing

32f448  No.12842973

Yep, staffing stealth bombers with literal communists who think its 1942 again and will do war like it will certainly help white nationalists.

74c26c  No.12842977


We need more shills on /pol/ and accelerate its downfall. The worse things get the better.

297d52  No.12842993


>(((Rosa Luxembourg)))

That kikess was hated by pretty much everyone except for the KPD/communists. SPD/Socdems had no problem telling the Freikorps to put bullets into these commie assholes.

7b9914  No.12842996


This. Accelerationism basically says:

>if you let your enemies win, you win

Which is as retarded as it sounds. We need a little more time to continue waking up people and kikes know they're loosing grasp very well. In short - sage this kiked shit

45de93  No.12843007


>if you let your enemies win, you win

False. Accelerationism says our enemies are winning by covertly genociding American Europeans and keeping them complacent. Accelerationism says to put the problem at the forefront of white consciousness, redpilling whites completely, and helping them fight back.

87f465  No.12843065

File: d964b0e28fa3757⋯.pdf (517.03 KB, The_White_Book.pdf)

File: 4b123612c69aca1⋯.png (91.39 KB, 930x500, 93:50, ZOGdownNARup.png)

Anon from >>12841867 and >>12842320 here. Here's the Migration Manual for your viewing pleasure.



>I want a guaranteed land trust for Whites only

Well feel free to set one up. I don't have high hopes for it though. The amish are a non-threat to the system. Racially aware white men however are at the top of their threat list. It doesn't matter how many laws you set up when ZOG will just ignore its own laws. You can't fight a tyrant with laws when they just ignore them. Morris Dees and other loathesome jews down at the ADL make a career of finding white nationalist's houses, land or plain property, then hiring some sheboon to cry her eyes out in court and claim "he made me feel unsafe and is promoting a climate of hate!" because in this fucked up system, the feelings of minorities now constitute an actionable defense in court. Dees loves to use these malicious civil suits to take away anything we own, and lawyers are pretty much useless.

That being said, the desire for land is an oft repeated one. And there's lots of cheap undeveloped land in the northwest (although building permits for that land can be tricky). And a network of farms and homes with extensive guest houses will be a definite plus for sheltering official representatives who will need to have no property and no address lest Dees or some jew try to seize everything the representative owns through a civil suit. So by all means come on up and buy yourself a handful of acres! Remember though that the majority of the work is getting in cozy with your neighbors and setting a good example so when ZOG comes to take you away it's harder for the locals to dismiss you as some "crazy disturbed nutcase." Good luck Anon, and start reading The Brigade and all the other novels today, you'll love em!

45de93  No.12843326

File: 658c7e3d5ae8f57⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2102x6000, 1051:3000, Accelerationism-Maymay.jpg)

On one side we have the Zionist Right who facilitates European Genocide in a such way it occurs slowly. The elite offer political theater keeping the masses entertained and complacent until finally one day they wake up to the realization they're such a minority the chance of resisting is no more. The boiling frog is a perfect analogy for this strategy.

On the other side we have the Globalist Left who facilitates European Genocide quickly by open borders, which has caused Europe to protest and riot against ethnic replacement.

Either way, white genocide continues. Solution?

We can conclude that slow-motion genocide coming from the Right is the actual goal for European American replacement, and that the Left is used as a boogeyman encouraging anons to support Republicans because as Maxime Bernier said:

>When it (white genocide) happens too fast, it creates social tensions and conflicts, and provokes a political backlash, as we can see today in several countries.

American Europeans have revolution in their blood and acting too quickly to genocide them will result in backlash followed by revolution. I say to bring the backlash! Allowing Democrats to enact their anti-white, open border policies will result in said backlash, while the Right will boil us slowly.

This is the reasoning behind Accelerationism. Such a strategy will force American Europeans to address their genocide, resist it, and finally to overthrow the criminal ruling class returning America to her roots.

So you have two choices:

>Support the Right and be replaced without a doubt

>Support the Left and risk being replaced with the chance of redpilling the masses and fighting back

Again: you are being replaced either way. So the matter comes down to how we can manipulate our Enemy and co-opt his plans for our own benefit.

This is Accelerationism.

da18c7  No.12843331


If there was wealth and economic ecosystem alternative to jews I question their ability to hold onto to their power. They're shutting down people speaking via sites given ultimatums by payment services forced to do jews bidding by threat of credit card companies which come from banks, or directly controlling things like domain registry, web services, etc. If all that is countered with non jew controlled services, that takes away their power, which can currently be done without having the businesses being exclusively White, they just have to be neutral, only adhering to the law. Then continue setting up/taking over all manner of businesses to where you finally have an ecosystem of businesses from head to tail such that it doesn't matter if jew run businesses refuse to deal with people, there's non jew alternatives in the market for everything. As well, buy the politicians like jews, and fund lawfare. >>12842413

2137fe  No.12843410



Name the Jew.

f607ff  No.12843420


Most people don't even know what COVEN means at all. Explain what it means before implying we are dumb.

65941b  No.12843445

got ourselves a new ism boys yeeeeee ha

65941b  No.12843464


I really know know it does seem like to some degree the current leader of the USA is trying to start a civil war.

0250ba  No.12843496

"blah blah blah blah in a role-playing faggot trying to talk like the anime elder validate me"

Nah I'm good .

65941b  No.12843506


>validate me


c33722  No.12843604


blessed image

9eb918  No.12843659

File: acefca705adbaa6⋯.jpg (33.31 KB, 721x647, 721:647, cmonstepitup.jpg)


Gun confiscation within our lifetime. Then we get a chance to actually use them!

9eb918  No.12843669


The whole point is we're losing against the slow boil. Provide viable solutions.

9eb918  No.12843677


The problem is you don't have a solution. Driving things forward to an early flash point is one.

45de93  No.12843684


civil war would break out the moment dems. came for our guns. it would prbly start with some redneck militias and spill over into the city streets.

fad42e  No.12843685

I won so much I was kicked out.

000000  No.12843686

three years ago, I though Accelerationism was a bad choice, but it seems to be the least bad option any month that progresses.

shit is bad.. all around.

9eb918  No.12843695

File: 24dcb7b43db19a6⋯.jpg (190.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 421afc7b6d7706bda1bfef42b8….jpg)


The best part is it would be completely beyond our control. Just pure kinetic chain of events. My plan is vote in earnest for local elections, no-show or even go bizzaro and vote the craziest Dem for nationals.

4ffdbe  No.12843708


How can we speed this up?

Tell everyone to go fag?

Tell everyone to tranny up their kids?

Drop your daughters off in a nig 'hood and take off?

da18c7  No.12843716


What I've described isn't a private banking system or private internet, but running a bank, credit card, internet services, etc in the current system as is. They operate as their intended purpose minus they don't kick people out because jews say so. A credit union is owned by the members, credit unions have legal authority to run a credit card business. The example given of one million Whites ponying up 15-20k each for 15-20 billion is more than needed to do so. To give you some context of how much purchasing power that is, here are the top 100 banks with their market caps, more than half of them are valued at way less, ie, it's very possible to take ownership of a bank, have it run like it was doing before the buyout with the only difference being the new owners don't kick out people because jews don't like them. Rinse, lather and repeat for every business under the sun. jews start losing holdings, their assets share drops as Whites who are awake have a place to go, able to eat our own dog food with every kind of business non jew owned, so jews left out in the cold again, existing businesses that towed the jew line now have an alternative and jump ship, and on and on, can buy off 51% of politicians like jews, have billions for lawfare(the largest lawsuit was a 206b over 25 years for smoking, followed by enron at 7.2,) all within the current system. See what I mean? Doable.

da18c7  No.12843719



e5ae87  No.12843720


Just vote democrat, goy :^)

OP is a shill.

45de93  No.12843724


same. the more clown-world it becomes the better.


No. Do not contribute to the decline of the West but merely allow Democrats to follow their will. Let me ask:

Is Accelerationism the strategy of the traitor? If our Government is so pozzed that people who want ethnic genocide and tranny kids can run for office instead of being arrested for subversion, then I say our politicians who could have prevented the need for Accelerationism are the traitors.

45de93  No.12843734


>have not

da18c7  No.12843746

File: 7ef9d676b5f610a⋯.jpg (238.59 KB, 437x722, 23:38, 1497684892591.jpg)


BTW, the game plan shouldn't be to bleed jews dry, not possible, they've amassed trillions upon trillions of dollars, they don't shekels, the leeching they do is to keep people weak, to keep power, have alternatives for everything, a large enough war chest to fund policians and fight court cases forever and jews lose their biggest weapons outside of indoctrination, which would be able to be countered as well with the funding.

da18c7  No.12843752


s/they don't shekels/they don't need shekels/

a29a71  No.12844161

The thing is, accelerationism will not receive support from white men if they don't believe they will survive the coming race war. I know that's a big reason I've never been that enthusiastic about it, because I'm not prepped at all. I don't own a gun or a car, am not prepared to shoot, haven't been taught to hunt, do basic medical or mechanical work, etc.

A better tactic, if you are a prepped fellow who wants collapse+RAHOWA to purify us from this slow decline, is to reach out and guide us unprepared man-children into becoming men, to gain the skills where we would be confident we have a chance of surviving.

If you are hedging your bets on 'nothing to lose' guys who want to selflessly die taking out a dozen niggers so they'll be remembered and better the white race while not passing on their own genes… you will get guys, but it won't be very big numbers compared to appealing to those of us who will cling even to the scraps of life and are frightened.

da18c7  No.12844173

45de93  No.12844256

File: 88c390be32bf572⋯.jpg (367.37 KB, 1036x1848, 37:66, Accelerationism-is-Revolut….jpg)

d536ca  No.12844259


am i fuckin band again

d536ca  No.12844262

45de93  No.12844264


no i c u bby

d536ca  No.12844266

File: f7b375bbb908833⋯.jpg (103.22 KB, 794x794, 1:1, 15z8z7 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)….jpg)

d536ca  No.12844267

45de93  No.12844270

da18c7  No.12844306


More data points.

700m if we wanted to run our own youtube.


860m to run facebook back in 2012: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/427941/the-biggest-cost-of-facebooks-growth/

twitter is valued at 4.4b.

45de93  No.12844313


better to destroy the whole world than enslave it to kikes

45de93  No.12844332

File: 30e9d1d5e5ac46c⋯.jpg (14.3 KB, 300x360, 5:6, feels bad.jpg)


da18c7  No.12844337


For dinosaur media, cnn was only worth 10b five years ago:


Now only 5b:


45de93  No.12844355


very qabalistic

45de93  No.12844401

File: f560d971ffd9a6e⋯.jpg (55.45 KB, 850x400, 17:8, hitler struggle.jpg)


Same. But I've come to understand that misery is just unwanted struggle.

23c27a  No.12844459


Trump is our worst mistake.

45de93  No.12844481


True. Perfection is a pipe dream tho. All we an do is strive for perfection while realizing there is no state of pure perfection; there's always something to do and achieve. So why not embrace the struggle as the means to perfect yourself?

5d4865  No.12844523


Capitalists work with communists to keep people in false dichotomies. Left, right, it all leads to zog. Trump was a pressure release valve to pacify radicalized Whites after Obama. For that reason, he will be reselected in 2020. They must think that by 2024 they'll have enough pieces in place to switch back. If not, another cuckservative will be to continue the slow boil. The bottom line is that the SYSTEM is the enemy, all flavors of it, and the sooner Whites realize it, the better.

45de93  No.12844532

File: f9a546596f78da8⋯.png (485.98 KB, 925x429, 925:429, hitler crime.PNG)


45de93  No.12844539


then try harder fgt. perfection is false. qabalistically it's put this way

>there are trees within trees, voids within voids

just try harder

5d4865  No.12844542


That's not the spirit "we" need.

45de93  No.12844543

File: 5d9c2599acbb943⋯.png (786.19 KB, 881x887, 881:887, hitler was right.PNG)


They're great. I'm so glad the (((International Bankers))) waged a global war against Hitler, destroyed Germany, genocided their own fellow Jews... all because Hitler threatened their bank accounts.

d2257e  No.12844560

Anyone who believes in accelerationism is a brain dead sightless fool.


>jews hate it when we let them win


Genital mutilation is legal and no one cares.

45de93  No.12844563


you got trips so i mean.. you cant be that bad off.

>Every Effort Always Fails

I can't help but relate this to the struggle against Jewry. If this is the case then burn it all down.

5d4865  No.12844566


Have you tried cleaning the sand out of your vagina? Filtered.

23de6c  No.12844574


>If I spam this meme more I am sure it will convince them heheheh


>No argument

Is like you are asking to get kicked out of your job.

5d4865  No.12844577


You're a spiritual kike as well. Filtered. You fucking sad sack woe is me faggots. Nut up.

5d3d90  No.12844588

Why would the Jew fear acceleration? As long as the head of the snake remains attached to its body, it will continue to feed on its prey. What good prey whites have made, growing fat on the grain of hedonism to be milked for the benefit of their masters.

The people at the top have their fangs in too deep, no country has escaped their treachery. What good prey whites have made, growing fat on the grain of hedonism to be milked for the benefit of their masters. If there are any left with the spirit of their ancestors, their only hope is to die screaming in a probably vain attempt to take the snake with them.

If the white man fails to remove all of the cancer, humanity is doomed to become a race of fat mudmen slaves for those who hold themselves above everyone else (seemingly correctly, considering the state of modernity). The cycle will continue until only they remain, because they control the rules of them game.

803fa4  No.12844593


Jews fear everything.

45de93  No.12844594


Better to let the whole world burn than sell it to Jews.

fac2a4  No.12844596

File: cf5c4174b75ddb0⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 558x392, 279:196, imagine-2050.jpg)

Accelerationism also depends a lot on what is being done. You want stuff that will rile people up while doing little or no harm.

Here is a good example. The removal of the Confederate statues promoted more of a mental backlash by people disturbed to see history destroyed than probably the death of a thousand white people from black violence would have. Maybe several thousand dead whites. So, you lost these monuments that really mean nothing, as nobody became racially aware from visiting Confederate statues.

Reparations like some Democrats discuss is another good strategy. We already give hundreds of billions to niggers every year to blacks, and it is so normalized that most whites don't even notice it or wonder about what might have been done with that money. But talk about reparations to blacks and giving them a few trillion dollars, and people get enraged. Let a Democrat who win who tries to implement this.

45de93  No.12844602


true. good points. Democratic Socialists will hit all the right buttons.

5d4865  No.12844620

Trump was there to put a lid on immigration, slightly, to benefit kikes who overplayed their hand with their mongrelization of the USA, and fear losing their protected status since hordes of spics only know them as Christ killers, and only see them as the most privileged and wealthy Whites, since they've warped as them for so long.

>Stephen Steinbeck cis.gov

Type that into your search engine and read it. Read through the pilpul and see how Trump perfectly encapsulates the answer to his problem. Share it. Make the connections and the memes and spread them. Whites need to know that Trump isn't their friend. Roy Cohn, Jeffery Epstein, Rubashkin pardon. Yeah it's chess all right, chess against the last bastion of White America.

5d4865  No.12844640

File: a589e6ef3a81a7c⋯.pdf (93.49 KB, tmp_27293-back130160898793….pdf)


In fact here's the pdf

>The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography: Reconsidering A Misguided Immigration Policy

Really makes you think when you think about Trump.

5d4865  No.12844642


You again? Nice poem faggot but I could smell your vagina from here. Filtered.

5d4865  No.12844653


On the ground guys can hypothetically go even further. Hypothetically speaking, if kike car had crescents painted on them, and snack bar cars had stars painted on them, that would hypothetically cause a ruckus

5d3d90  No.12844657


And who are you, to claim that you recognize me? These are my first two posts on an image board in years. Cut your hands off, perhaps it will allow you to think before typing.

5d4865  No.12844694


I resent that objectively good meme.

>Stop the breathing

>Start the bleeding

>Induce shock

b190b0  No.12844706


Let the external world go to shit, but keep yourself and your own on the path of tradition.

In other words, ride the tiger.

5d4865  No.12844760



>Jews want acceleration

No they don't. Posting quotes from that article you'd do well to read.

>We will also risk upsetting not a few old friends and allies, and some of the newer ones we’re

already cultivating (like with businessmen who love diminished wages?). To whom, one and all, we will need to explain

our concerns with patience and empathy. But we should ask the hard questions no matter what, recognizing that only straight talk will get us anywhere. We cannot consider the inevitable consequences of current trends — not least among them DIMINISHED JEWISH POLITICAL POWER —with detachment.

oy vey

>Of equal urgency, and inextricably linked to that debate, is the mission of finding ways to strengthen national unity

and social cohesion in America by resuscitating patriotic

assimilation under demanding, historically unprecedented


'Murica First!

>We are, in the first instance, not speaking here of refugees from

tyranny or oppressed minorities, but of vast numbers of

immigrants seeking economic betterment, and, secondly,

we are not advocating an anti-immigration position — far

from it — but rather a sensible one that is consonant with the American dream. Put simply, what we are advocating is a pro-immigrant policy of lower immigration.

Sound familiar also? LEEEGALLY. Trump wasn't joking. Make America Great (for kikes) Again

63442c  No.12844763

File: 0040dfb56ec6bbe⋯.png (1.35 MB, 789x611, 789:611, 1550730640394.png)

>>12839988 checkd

tbh the american people as a collective are the only thing standing in the way of the global imperialist pedophile death cult from conquering the world, they can afford attrition because satan is on their side so its servants have alll the time in the world

Americans have the first and second ammendments specifically for these reasons, to remove tyrants and by God if there were ever tyrants in the world it would be the ones ruling over the western world right now

America is an isolated island continent and dont have to worry about external threats reaching its soil. So the elite feel if they can placate the domestic population they are set for a lifetime of child murdering rituals

>Placate the americans

>People thought by the nations constitution to resist tyranny

>Run by the worst evil

A civil war in america will trigger a world war as the old order collapses (its already collapsing but they can rebuild faster than it crumbles, they have practically infinite resources and time) and the rest of the world readjusts their political leanings

Ideally an American coup without bloodshed by true constitutional patriots would be the best because it would appear more stable and then can lead the fight against the evil that has taken hold of the world

America has to be the one to fight the great satan, no other country's people have the power or the means to do it but you, American.

If you do not fight, your rulers will accept your silence as support and would declare wars on every nation watch out for Iran memes in the lying press this year and spread the evil and enslave even more innocent people. Dont be complicit in your government's crimes please, you are our only hope

45de93  No.12844782

File: 829451a7f093981⋯.png (439.3 KB, 600x400, 3:2, merchant abstract 11.png)


>Ideally an American coup without bloodshed by true constitutional patriots would be the best because it would appear more stable and then can lead the fight against the evil that has taken hold of the world

10/10 post. Very well said.

6014c8  No.12844854


>acting too quickly to replace whites here may result in backlash followed by revolution

What are you, retarded? White people already got replaced, and they have parades celebrating it. There is no revolution building right now, except the one that says Democrats are the real racists.

Most people in the JewSA are radical zionist christians who believe the end-times are upon us and jewsus will return as soon as the prophecy to rebuild solomon's temple in jerusalem is complete. They believe there is no reason to think longterm at all because Sky jew will come down and save them. The entire religion is designed to subvert all longterm thinking and replace it with hedonism (short-term thinking). The only way to reverse this, at least for a few decades, is to actually build the temple in jerusalem. The problem is they have to destroy the big muslim one in this big fantasy nonsense they're pushing. There is absolutely no evidence jerusalem there was a real temple of solomon, much less in that exact location. Frankly, I don't give a a shit about bombing that camel jockey mosque eyesore and building the temple.

45de93  No.12844860

File: 5da6fb6fe2dd33d⋯.jpg (84.61 KB, 953x768, 953:768, america israel.JPG)


>they have parades celebrating i

a minority, sure. But the majority voted Trump in the hopes he's end all of this. It's not their fault he failed to deliver, so perhaps they will re-think their next actions.

>Most people in the JewSA are radical zionist christians

Not true. America's views on Israel are beginning to shift. Pic related. This change in perspective should and will be encouraged.

>Frankly, I don't give a a shit about bombing that camel jockey mosque eyesore and building the temple.

That's because you're a kike.

a6e5cb  No.12844871


Found the gem. Its the way we see it in fly over country.

6e98ed  No.12844879

File: 34d0ba990e52e61⋯.png (67.52 KB, 640x590, 64:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a39e6ce4c6c8a1⋯.png (261.14 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5182ac9651ffbaa⋯.png (37.87 KB, 420x388, 105:97, 012318_1.png)

File: 984d1dce66a2613⋯.png (43.84 KB, 420x715, 84:143, 012318_4.png)

File: d68705d6daf8470⋯.png (27.25 KB, 684x504, 19:14, warmonglers.png)


Majority of Trump supporters voted Trump for his pro-Israel politics

The only ones who are getting critical of Israel are the leftists

Evangelicals are death cult, they are preparing to die for Israel, to fight for the God's chosen people

45de93  No.12844890

File: 7e295630328d87f⋯.jpg (72.91 KB, 1266x337, 1266:337, trump evangelicals 2.JPG)

File: c11b817e96b5ce0⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 1227x375, 409:125, trump evangelicals 3.JPG)

File: e2446112d654a5b⋯.jpg (165.18 KB, 1182x787, 1182:787, trump evangelicals 4.JPG)


>Majority of Trump supporters voted Trump for his pro-Israel politics

pic related. Evangelicals are dying out, and immigration was the biggest reason they supported Trump. He's already beginning to bleed Christian support.

6014c8  No.12844905


>some kike rag posts that americans are increasingly critical of pissrael

>it must be true

The kikes say this constantly to get the literal kikes acme spiritual kikes to support pissrael even harder. "Oy vey how they persecute us so. We need $6 billion to save us. Oy vey, you only sent $6 billion! How will we build even one holocaust museum with that? Send your children to die for us, and then your sin will be forgiven."

As things worsen, even more people in the JewSA are deluding themselves into believing that jewsus is about to return, if only we give pissrael more aid.

The dialectic is:

>BDS is all commies.

>If I'm not a commie, I must support pissrael.

christkikes have been bred and progranmed into thinking exclusively in dialectics.

45de93  No.12844909


>source contradicts your claim


sorry man but Trump is bleeding Christian support and Evangelicucks are a dying breed. When Omar mentioned AIPAC she gained support from both the Right and Left voterbase. I don't disagree with what you're saying here just that Trump doesn't have near the amount of support (((FOX))) and other sources would have you believe.

e8b6f8  No.12844911


>Majority of Trump supporters voted Trump for his pro-Israel politics

you just made that up, thats not what your data suggests

why would you do that?

feb6e0  No.12844924


You left away the other more important reasons for what trump was elected by those people, because no one is interested in Israel's well being first and foremost.

So you are manipulating data to try to present one fringe matter as the core one for the US voters.

b3748a  No.12844990

>>12844911 checked

Because he's a kike. They think lying is a virtue as long as it benefits them

f77542  No.12845053

File: 1566e24ef371b6b⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the future.jpg)

White people are never going to rise up and defeat the elite. White nationalists such as the ones on /pol/ know who the real enemy is, but what about the majority of "redpilled" white people? The only enemy they will be seeing are the brown hordes replacing them in their own countries. Fighting the brown hordes does not equal defeating the elite.

I'm sure that someone on here is going to reply to me and say, "yeah but fighting back against the niggers, spics and mudslimes is the first step! we're gonna go after the jews next!" The elite want you to stay busy fighting everyone but them. If the masses are fighting amongst each other, they're not fighting the elite.

The elite are undoubtedly looking forward to rolling out killer robots in the near future. Literal terminators. Have you ever seen Boston Dynamics' youtube channel? The robots that they're showcasing are a glimpse into the type of robots that will be used to kill people. A human police officer or soldier can disobey orders, but a robot will not.

Once you take this into consideration, you'll realize how all this squabbling amongst each other is an utter waste of time. Whether it's men vs. women, straight vs. gay, white vs. black, christian vs. muslims, etc.

Prepare yourself for a dark future.

519da9  No.12845104

>the jews fear right wing whites helping them accelerate their plans by being traitors to their race.

fuck off kike.

45de93  No.12845180


>ring wing

/pol/ is a natsoc board. try gab if you're right wing

fac2a4  No.12845183

File: 8a48023fe875a18⋯.jpg (112.6 KB, 852x1136, 3:4, iranian-woman-1973.jpg)


>Majority of Trump supporters voted Trump for his pro-Israel politics

I don't think so, no. You do have very deep Israel support among several million evangelicals, especially ones who are older. CUFI surpassed 5 million members late last year.

OTOH, even most evangelicals support Israel because they are completely fucking clueless. For them, ME politics looks like this

>Israel and America vs Islam

>Islam = Assad, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood

They don't understand that Assad, Hezbollah and Iran fight ISIS and Al Qaeda, or that Israel works to help ISIS. It's all one simple good vs evil story to them.

9e83b9  No.12845190


>He can't fight back at all. It's already over for him.

Retreat =/= Surrender

fac2a4  No.12845195

File: 23ace04a9c068b5⋯.jpg (505.88 KB, 2400x1036, 600:259, WesternWall.jpg)


>sorry man but Trump is bleeding Christian support and Evangelicucks are a dying breed.

Christian support is his most solid though. All of the Evangelical names are behind him 100%. Most evangelicals are stupid or naive, so if they are disappointed that he didn't build the wall, they will blame the Democrats, and just ignore the fact that he had two years of a Republican congress to build it.

519da9  No.12845198


>literal mental retardation

why post?

45de93  No.12845201

File: d6dd661b62bbfd5⋯.jpg (815.77 KB, 1456x3000, 182:375, Accelerationism-Argument-1.jpg)

File: 7ce126c74e80169⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1955x3000, 391:600, Accelerationism-Argument-2.jpg)

File: 1ca36c4ebe52d17⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2095x3000, 419:600, accelerationism-argument-3.jpg)


>Christian support is his most solid though.

True, but Christianity is falling rapidly in America.


Here are three arguments in favor of Accelerationism. Let's see if you can counter them without resorting to deflection and/or a pilpul campaign. Good luck.

519da9  No.12845257


dont pretend like all of europe isnt pozzed anymore. the few countries like italy and hungary that are now fighting the problem on their own soil never "accelerated".

you'd prefer we follow in sweden, france, or germany's footprints instead of italy or hungary?

45de93  No.12845261


pic related here: >>12844256

Your logic is faulty.

fac2a4  No.12845266

File: 8cca79e159d99aa⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 970x1278, 485:639, deleon-alonso-smith-father….jpg)


I agree with your arguments in principle, but you have to be very careful of increasing immigration in the United States. There is a big difference between the United States and Europe, and that is the former always had blacks, and for most of the 20th century, most Americans have been somewhat close to blacks. IOW, everyone had sort of normalized black violence, which in most of Europe it is still kind of shocking.

Very few immigrants, and that includes Mexicans overall, are anywhere near as bad as blacks. That is why there is often some truth to stats about illegals committing less crime, and that is because native blacks commit so much crime that it skews the stats away from what people really care about, which is how illegals compare to whites.

I think the best bet for accelerationism is just widespread craziness. Let the left keep overstepping its bounds. There was such a huge reaction with the Covington Catholic kids because suddenly millions of Americans no longer felt like even their children were safe, that the media narrative would be immediately turned upon kids for the crime of being white. The whole thing was creepy and Orwellian. You want media, celebrities, and politicians to keep doing shit like this, while people are exposed to alternative viewpoints on the internet.

45de93  No.12845271


The Right VS. Left dichotomy is false. The Zionist Right uses the crazy liberal Left to make themselves, and subsequently Zionism, appear more reasonable. Magakids were Jews. Trump… is a Jew. Mike Pence… Jew. If kikes can use Left and Right as mere chess pieces then why can't we?

fac2a4  No.12845287


I'm not sure if I follow, friend. I was responding to the message of your graphics. I like accelerationism overall, but it has to be of particular types, otherwise you are just hurting yourself overall.

For example, the worst type of accelerationism I can think of would be banning abortion. That means probably over 400k additional black and Hispanic babies a year, but there is a 20 year lag in experiencing just how bad a thing that really is. That is why abortion needs to be one of the most important issues; there is basically no upside to it, whereas most other bad policies at least piss people off in the short-term.

000000  No.12845289

>>12839988 (gets of truth)


45de93  No.12845300


>banning abortion

results in more non-white births, sure, but it's also excused by

>muh based moral virtue!

And whites do not react to those additional non-white births, being made complacent with religious/emotional arguments, and white genocide continues. Best Accelerationism: Democratic Socialism.


based torpedo

da18c7  No.12845913


>Start talking about this stuff and the whole thread goes slip sliding away. :)

I noticed that too, all of a sudden there was a flood of juvenile posts as if to drown things out, hmm.

1d9700  No.12846108



>proof of American accelerationism

Surely you jest

f77542  No.12846372


>someplace we can talk and solve problems

>We are the civilization builders

You're just some dweeb on the internet, dude. Stop being an armchair general.

da18c7  No.12846392


What I've been talking about is doable mainstream and out in the open, the sales pitch is businesses that are run apolitically that just follow the law. That alone kills off the current jew non-personing maneuvers.

260340  No.12846567


>The elite

And Masons, Illuminati, Reptilians, etc….

But not the Jews, of course. It's all about the elite.

da18c7  No.12846586


>your thoughts about IRL meetups

Weary of them depending on the level/aim. When people talk of "IRL meetups" it's pretty much something I see no value in, wastes of time with potential risk. People looking to getting starting from bottom of the barrel? Answers are online: https://voat.co/v/news/2848609/15001002/ Enough people already situated with yearly disposable $k to do something in concert, then things start to get interesting. AIPAC, bilderberg, what have you meetings end in financed action, "IRL meetups" of hanging out, pep rallies, moral support, planning irrelevant marches, speakers preaching the choir, or whatever, isn't serious.

Basically a business plan has to be hashed out then a meetup to be presented at and agreed upon and financed to go forward with.

3ee98e  No.12846590

>pro-sucide "if you help your enemies kill you, you win!" thread

>still up

e36799  No.12846629


More like 100 years. People assumed peace would stay even as demographics got worse. We always assume other hominids are reasonable.

723752  No.12846643


Yes I see the value in this. There has to be ‘money on the table’ to begin the breakaway civilization. Lemme think for a bit then make the Breakaway Civilzation thread. Perhaps we can refine the terms and requirements even more without resorting to Alt-Kikery. Are you Nat Soc btw?

3c6bb6  No.12846657


>reading comprehension; low

Anon, Qcumbers are being juxtaposed to European resistance. Trump is a Republican and thus is antithetical to accelerationism. Republicans are the slightly more responsible goyim meant to appease the conservative goyim while ultimately taking America to the same place that the insane liberals would take us.

Trump may well be forstalling true Revolution.

905402  No.12846665

File: 791bb64b79dc647⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 444x444, 1:1, Pepe Dreaming Of Happening.jpg)


The only problem with this post is that resistance is always possible. The idea that you can't is the illusion. Other than that, I support discussion on this topic. Normalfags need to wake the fuck up. Also, nice dubdubs.

3c6bb6  No.12846670


It's still up because it's true. The only way to make revolution possible is to make the lemmings uncomfortable.


True but we lack a revolutionary atmosphere. White people in general still trust in the legitimacy of the (((System))). We need to somehow break that trust. This seems to be the only reasonable option.

905402  No.12846677


>da left

Look at this nigger and laugh.

905402  No.12846678


That's not true. Lots of Whites hate the System. Problems are motivation and organization. They must be made more desperate.

da18c7  No.12846703


It comes down to banking/financial services as I currently see it. They don't allow just anyone to start bank, you have to be x years in the business with y degrees, so just being owners from a buyout would seem the expidited path. From there most banks with a credit just do a branded mastercard/visa which is no good, what's needed is to be another bonafide credit card company. From there doing own payment service like paypal, and so on which the requirements get less demanding past financials, a domain registry business requires a submitted business plan and a $100k or so reserved for example.

da18c7  No.12846761


>Are you Nat Soc btw?

I don't know that I fit in any predefined group, haven't dwelt on it and such labeling seems counter productive.

000000  No.12846784


>True but we lack a revolutionary atmosphere. White people in general still trust in the legitimacy of the (((System))). We need to somehow break that trust. This seems to be the only reasonable option.


Counter-propaganda does that, destroying the System's myths, one at a time.

9462a2  No.12846790


fuck off faggot. I kick dirt on the fire and make my own fucking way out.

92a2cc  No.12846851

Things have been accelerating rapidly. First since the naturalization act of 1965, before that with the civil rights movement. We've had 50+ years of "accelerationism" and nothing has changed.

723752  No.12846883


The breakaway civilization is forming right in front of your face

>muh nothing is happening :(

191f6a  No.12846894


seriously.. it's none of our business. Just don't get the US involved. If israel wants to tear down the al aksa mosque and build a temple, who the fuck cares?

191f6a  No.12846906


>just be another mastercard or visa

this made me laugh. you're just going to get 300 million points of sale to adopt your new card?

da18c7  No.12846956


It would start out as card used online. I suppose it could be initially skipped going from payment processing service directly to bank, but as I've already gone over, the plan is to startup/acquire every kind of business such that there's non jew alternative competition for everything, that's a lot of businesses, and there is a chicken egg situation.

15caa3  No.12846961

>>12839988 (checked)


Trump was the accelerationist candidate in 2016, and will likely also be in 2020. Accelerationism is not a valid reason to be anti-Trump.

da18c7  No.12846989


Also, I guess you've never heard of single use/store cards before, like sears or newegg, har-har?

ea16f1  No.12847113


My family all work with government and trust it completely, always show me stories about how bad China is because I like to travel there.

Beijing is a nicer place than any major city in the US and you can get lots of cool electronics, food, and instruments there. I've been to Tokyo too and it's similar, more friendly in english, but cheaper. Everything is cheaper and has that communist "Nobody wants to repaint government owned buildings" mentality. Tokyo is nicer. But still, I can't get new glasses and eye exam for $50 in Tokyo.

Anyway, I have to just shoot back about bad stuff the US did, like the radiation tests in St Louis, experimenting on our own troops, how we handled Bikini Atol, Kosovo, and things like Waco. The government will straight up entrap you and murder your family if they don't like you and they will invent the reasons police snipe your kid. US government has exactly no high ground on anyone else.

I can't start with white genocide because they have such a high opinion of the US government that they don't have a world view willing to believe it. I have to get them seeing how shitty the US can be and how despite the radiation texts being exposed as continuing observation, the 2019 US government still refuses to aknowledge it or inform potential victims that they were intentionally exposed to radiation, it refuses to give them treatment, it refuses to do anything. They are more than complicity, they are carrying out these atrocities as we speak. Get people to realize that and they will stop defending it so hard. I finally got my brother to break down the other day and he was rather upset by the shit the US had been doing. Good. He should be more upset. He should realize all the things it's doing. That it's currently hostile to us and wants to exterminate us because the US government is actually a bunch of Kikes that hate us.

We don't need acceleration if the events of today aren't already enough to upset people. People were already sick of endless war, they were already demanding change. Just have better Norrie outreach. Prove your points. Get uncomfortable. Argue with people one on one. Who cares if you burn some bridges with people that actually hold our race against us or hate themselves for being white. In a civil war we may have to shoot such people anyway. You can stand to lose them as friends. Just protect your career. Have no paper trail of these discussions. Just voice only. You need plausible deniability so it doesn't hurt you. Have kids, make your life better. Stay in shape. Get normal sleep and a job. Self improve and reach out to people.That's what we need.

9fe3e5  No.12847122

File: dd5636f8bf23288⋯.png (71.09 KB, 544x1000, 68:125, accelerationist.png)


>somehow kikes fear you helping them make things worse

>if only the enslavement and genocide worsens at a faster rate everyone will miraculously begin resisting

>(even though it's bad enough now that they should already be resisting)

>whoops, looks like things became so bad that resistance is now impossible I'll see you in the gulag

05b185  No.12847165

File: f20049dee8261eb⋯.gif (3.14 MB, 800x587, 800:587, f20.gif)


/nupol/ in a nutshell.

45de93  No.12847324

3a58af  No.12847391

File: 5cc39bc4df839da⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 250x296, 125:148, 1419799452279.jpg)


I'll do it, it's fine, whatever. I always win elections, so it's not like I'm not good at it. It's just weird to me that literally nobody else can get the job done. Admittedly, I did say that in order to do it right I have to do absolutely everything myself, so I guess this is the natural consequence of that. I do have the whole plan, so that's nice. And I come with some perks, like I don't consider conquering this planet to be anything to be particularly impressed about. I look around and mainly I see hominid animals, so what is this? Ape conquest level 1? Whatever, like I said I'm completely capable of it. And I already said I'd do it anyway, so just go about your business and I'll be there when you need me.

I figure I'll conquer a city-state and that'll prove my fitness as a leader. It's a really old plan of mine that I had abandoned years ago, because the dynamics wouldn't work back then. But in a chaos situation, it'll be just the thing. That way you'll just know who I am and I don't have to make any claims or promises. I figure that's the way it's gonna be.

3a58af  No.12847438

File: 2d2a588f7455fdb⋯.jpg (135.14 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2d2a588f7455fdb0953ac4ca91….jpg)


I could be out there stealth-killin' or studying physics or writing short-stories, but no. This is my fucking life. Last thing in the world I wanted to do, but if it might work I've gotta give it a try. Just so you know, I really like individual people but I find people as a whole to be endlessly annoying. So this is like a special version of hell just for me


Dude I'm nobody you've heard of, trust me. You think I'd be dumb enough to try to "get into politics" when I intend to forge a new empire. You're stupid just stop

3a58af  No.12847456


But if you do want my plan, you probably should have seen it by now. I'm not gonna type it all out because fuck that, it would take forever. And I refuse to pasta it either. And I won't just make a thread because it would give shills something to attack and mods something to delete, so you get what you get. If you lurk a lot you've probably seen enough to piece it together, but I would be foolish to give details that, frankly, I just develop on the fly anyway. Because I'm really fucking good at that, I'm just a great strategist and that's all there is to it.

a78071  No.12847459


You sound like a crazy person and in the likely scenario of a collapse you will most likely be shot by a nigger cop the moment you poke your head out of your trailer.

3a58af  No.12847465


You know better than to fuck with me, don't you? Or did you have some information you want me to take out of that nigger skull of yours?

65941b  No.12847467

acceleration in the other direction is ok with me

not like it's hard

have tucker carlson reveal that michelle obama is a man and lets get this world war 3 started bros

3a58af  No.12847474


>every election is politics

Huh. Never joined any clubs or anything? Didn't win all your class elections, didn't win elections in college? You think you've got a clever little jab there, is that it? Go away pleb

45de93  No.12847476





Leaders, at this stage, are organizers. We are the ones who create strategies like Accelerationism. Should this lead to Revolution, the leaders then will be the ones who risked everything for their People. Trust fund kids like Richard Spencer, agent provocateurs like Patrick Little, YouTubers like Pewdiepie... these are not leaders and wouldn't last a single week in the chaos /pol/ is here discussing.

3a58af  No.12847488


Leaders at this stage is you have no leaders, only e-celeb faggots. And if you really think I'm some commiefornia politician or wherever the fuck that guy is from, you're the reason I hate people in general

a78071  No.12847489


Lol you are obviously a paranoid delusional. Please ramble more about how you plan on getting shot by the police. I could use the amusement you something awful tier goon faggot.

45de93  No.12847498

>>12847488 (heiled)

>Leaders at this stage is you have no leaders, only e-celeb faggots

Exactly m8

3a58af  No.12847503

File: 6e996d7e2837573⋯.png (305.5 KB, 1315x890, 263:178, CIVIL_WAR_IN_THE_USA_HA_HA….png)


>muh police can do anything in any kind of emergency at all

Whatever nub. People are begging on their hands and knees for a leader, and I can't stand to see grown men grovel, so I'm kindly taking the burden off their shoulders exactly as they plead for. You should be more grateful and less shilly. At least I'm making an attempt unlike your dumb ass. I'd rather not even bother, trust me

140201  No.12847526


>all of these paragraphs

It's amazing how you wrote so much, and said so little, all Conservacucks must hang.

a78071  No.12847534


Haha, holy shit. Hahahahahahaha….hahahahahaha….omg you actually believe that hopalong bullshit.

You are a fucking sad hateful toolbag and luckily it's just a fantasy in your head.

I could imagine what your attempt at leadership would be, all 'up against the wall' and 'white girl breeding camps' for your rape fetish.

3a58af  No.12847541

File: c8910f4a8d4363c⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 638x479, 638:479, e8_3.jpg)

File: 32a0c38d18e2034⋯.gif (57.22 KB, 477x453, 159:151, e8_6.gif)


No, just you and most of the subhumans around, that's why I advocate for ethnoglobalism. You know what I'd rather be doing than playing ringleader to a circus of squawking apes? Pic related. But you dipshits are about to destroy the entire fucking planet so this is my job now. Learn to deal with it faggot, I have

a78071  No.12847547


Lol 'We're just a shadow maaaaaaaaaaannn!"

3a58af  No.12847555


>Implying we're not

That's not what the physicists say, genius. Sorry I make you feel so inferior, it's just because you are.

65941b  No.12847556


the pic just reads like fear porn

>don't try to clean up the government or lock us pedos up goy, everything will burn we promise

3a58af  No.12847560


>Clean up the government

And you say I'm the delusional one

a78071  No.12847569


Haha, whoever he is I wouldn't want him in charge of catchign stray dogs.


If anything you make me sad that America's mental health system was torn apart and people like you don't get the help you need.

3a58af  No.12847580



Lol, did you think this was up for a vote or something? It's just that I have extremely high charisma and started public speaking in 2nd grade, did it all the way through college. I'm good at rallying people IRL. Hey man, if you think you can do it or have someone in mind who can, by all means take the wheel. If not then stop acting like ignorance is a virtue. It's not.


>muh insanity

Straight out of Bolshevik Russia. You kikes never change, do you?

882d92  No.12847586

File: cafd4d4ee06a7d3⋯.png (1013.44 KB, 1104x635, 1104:635, do.not.censor.me.png)

Because for once, we get ahead of the narrative instead of reacting to their bullshit. It doesn't have to be accelerationism, it can be anything in which you're proactive.

The options you give are false, OP.

882d92  No.12847590


WRONG. Singapore split from Malaysia over racial tensions and look at it now, world leader in everything. But 40 years ago… very poor and no resources or anything else. Study it.

3a58af  No.12847601


Want me to remind them what I learned from you last time?

1. Feds are terrified that they don't have even a fraction of the percentage of the manpower it would take to keep IRL tabs on /pol/acks

2. Feds are terrified there are /pol/acks behind every street lamp

3. Feds are terrified that /pol/acks will start to make casual IRL connections and realize how common our views actually are

Thanks shills, this is intel for the people now

a78071  No.12847603


See, it's "You kikes' like I'm a jew operative and not a regular anon laughing in your dumb face. The next to come is accusations of i.d hopping.

This is because you are a crazy fucking idiot.

No wait. You know 8chan is owned by the feds right? Kushner has his hands all over this site. We can pull your i.p any time, but we don't even need your i.p, because we're already watching you.

It was your father who told us about you. He was worried about some of the things you had said and he informed us through a local police hotline.

We already know.

3a58af  No.12847611


>Maybe if I make baseless accusations

Implying I haven't been watched since childhood. 555-OH-COME-ON-NOW, get on my level. The one oh so far above your paygrade. The one above kikeshner. And try to track with me now, I'm in the middle of some really fun shit

3a58af  No.12847613


No, for the ones I don't.

45de93  No.12847619


>Nasim posting

Hello, Weev. I will use your post to address a few of the false assertions ITT coming either from the naive or, as in your case, the corrupt.

>Trump is the Accelerationism candidate

Trump is facilitating white genocide in such a way the masses are made complacent and do not resist. See these posts:



>Accelerationism is not our strategy

<Because for once, we get ahead of the narrative instead of reacting to their bullshit. It doesn't have to be accelerationism, it can be anything in which you're proactive.

Accelerationism, as a strategy is, the only way to be proactive. Accelerationism includes the spreading of propaganda as an means of controlling the narrative, and lastly, creating said narrative.

>I will be the leader!

See: >>12847476

3a58af  No.12847628


See, the funny thing is, anything dealing with the affairs of you clowns is tangential to my serious work. If people don't want to listen, fine, then don't. Like I say, playing zookeeper isn't my main priority. If you want this world to turn into a desolate wasteland, I guess fine, whatever. Have fun with it

000000  No.12847650

I remember watching demolitions of the buildings around me back in the 80s as a kid but asking why they would do that to what I thought to be perfectly good buildings only to build new buildings over them. I was told they were too far gone and it was cheaper to build new ones than to repair, renovate, and rebuild existing buildings. This is exactly what must be done with the current degenerate society. It is too far gone and everything must be reset, everything must burn.

3a58af  No.12847658


You keep implying that he people I hate are the ones I want to save. I'm not 100% sure why. The hominids that yammer on and consume mindlessly are the ones I hate. If you feel threatened by me, GOOD, that's what I'm going for. See how that works? I provoke emotional responses. It's just a thing, whatever. I make people dance, it's one of my many abilities. Who cares

3a58af  No.12847672


Now I'm bored here, and I myself want to listen to music and dance, so I've made my statements and you can all react however you want, and I really couldn't care less. Enjoy the moments of your life to the fullest

436b9a  No.12847691


Be gone tranny

9fe3e5  No.12847793


>acceleration in the other direction is ok with me

(((Accelerationists))) do not want acceleration in a good direction. They want you to aid your enemies in your own enslavement and destruction.

Here's a riddle for them:

One bullet. One enemy. One traitor who aided the enemy. Who gets the bullet?

45de93  No.12847812


The opposite of Accelerationism is supporting the Zionist Right, again, who faciliates white genocide in a act amounting to racial blackmail: support Israel and white genocide will cease! I will not be blackmailed so easily.

>One bullet. One enemy. One traitor who aided the enemy. Who gets the bullet?

Let me ask: In a system which allows genocidal candidates to run for office who is the traitor: the anon who says, Let us use this information to our advantage! or the politicians and lawmakers who allow these (((people))) to run in the first place? It is they who allow genocide. It is they who are the traitors.

518d18  No.12848011


Fuck off kike

63442c  No.12848557

File: 10e15b5c85b86e0⋯.jpg (135.87 KB, 842x842, 1:1, 1550737239446.jpg)


> these filthy turds that think they are 'human' need to be dragging into the streets and exterminated for invading our nation and trying to genocide us

>addressing the symptom but not the cause

The main problem you have is your country is already invaded by satans gnomes, not that it is about to be invaded by orcs, theyre always gonna be on your borders

You can execute the treasonous people who share your citizenship and deport the illegals following the laws you have in place and your people and the world will perceive you as rational/just

Your hype for genocide suggests to me you are either a gnome, glowie, shill, or just a psychopathic faggot

353a4c  No.12848889

This isn't fucking mario kart people, hitler isn't going to suddenly reincarnate just because the jews are kicking our asses.

45de93  No.12848909


action reaction

353a4c  No.12848924


And hilter was the leader for the nsdap more than a decade before officially becoming the fuhrer of germany. Do you think he just sat on his ass and let the communists make shit worse for germany? No, he attempted to do a coup in the 20s. I would say that's the opposite of accelerationism.

45de93  No.12848939


Communists made things bad for Germany organically. Weimar Republic was run by Democratic Socialists, and without Weimar Germany there would have been no NatSoc Germany.

353a4c  No.12848959


And i'm saying the natsoc party fought communists through out the weimar years, accelerationism just comes across as inaction at best and aiding the enemy at worst. The only way accelerationism make sense to me is that you believe we're not in Wiemar era just yet and that's why there's no natsoc party.

45de93  No.12848962


Jews are using their own form of Accelerationism. The Alt-Right has fought ANTIFA for years now, both sides controlled by kikes, all to make the Right and Trump look good. It's controlled chaos. Due to this the white masses are conditioned already for National Socialism - the Enemy has done the work for us.

>you believe we're not in Wiemar era just yet and that's why there's no natsoc party

This is true. Trump keeps whites complacent with false rhetoric and empty promises. He exists solely to hinder white revolt. See argument 1: >>12845201

353a4c  No.12848968


>This is true

Okay now this making more sense, the only thing I have left to say I think it's a hell of a gambit, were nearly reaching the point where the DNC will have a supermajority, thanks to texas changing demographics. Oh sure you could have a chance if you could permanently flip a state like Pennsylvania red but you know how the GOP is, they'll chase after 'based hispanics' over blue collar workers. I think if we were at this accelerated state a decade earlier I think we could have a decent shot, right now it's very nail biting.

45de93  No.12848979


Totally agree. Very risky move. Either total defeat or victory. Big payoff and from my perspective our only chance.

000000  No.12849094

They double down on the pro-Zion rhetoric, with the help of evangelists. The Right is a plague. It's a lie.

If you really, really want to vote. Vote LEFT.

Sounds crazy but the last thing you want is being boiled alive because the temperature was raised very slowly.

We have to make chaos our ally.

You want a shock, a sudden break.

The genocide is like a brick. You're a Shaolin monk.

You don't break through the brick by slowly applying pressure on the center of the brick.

You break it by slamming your fist right in the middle.

The Right wants rapture. We want rupture.

0f23ff  No.12849105

File: 346a7342a51bb89⋯.jpg (173.16 KB, 2491x1481, 2491:1481, click.JPG)


The irony is thick.

0f23ff  No.12849109

File: f6f967d93f81269⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1049x704, 1049:704, ClipboardImage.png)


The implication being that the 200 million strong population CAN'T save themselves.

The image would be more accurate if it were a hulking giant under the weight, who is gradually shrinking due to blood loss from a tiny hook-nosed goblin stabbing him repeatedly in the back while whispering in his ear that he deserves it.

45de93  No.12849112


>The Right wants rapture. We want rupture.

nice. im stealing that line

0f23ff  No.12849113

File: e17df4c109c3e31⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 797x640, 797:640, Anti-NatSoc Shilling on nu….jpg)

File: 290ac2ca40c4456⋯.jpg (8.45 MB, 3744x9120, 39:95, Double-Spaced Shilling.jpg)

File: 985220246e73447⋯.jpg (149.64 KB, 1828x969, 1828:969, irish thot chokes on egg-b….JPG)


>hitler 3.jpg

Can you imagine LARPing this hard?


Thats a fake quote.

1e7b0d  No.12849117

Reminder that this is a shill thread.

Oy vey goyim, kill yourself, then you will win.

0f23ff  No.12849124

Reminder there are shills in this thread.

Oy vey goyim, a frog won't react to a rapid heat spike and jump out of the pot! Slow boil is preferable!

498542  No.12849125

File: 9bc34bd010faf6d⋯.jpg (161.49 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, intelligence below average.jpg)


>This. Accelerationism basically says:

>>if you let your enemies win, you win


Accelerationism says if you let your enemies win, then people will start fighting back(like they did under Obama).

0f23ff  No.12849131



Accelerationism says that people oppose their enemies when their enemies make them uncomfortable, and remain docile so long as their enemies cloak themselves in friendly masks and keep them comfy.

The idea that White Americans were less aware that they are being ruled by hostile foreigners under Obongo than they are under Trump is laughable.

9db88e  No.12849144


How is Trump the accelerationist candidate? He's the exact opposite. He pacifies a great deal of whites who would otherwise be open to radical ideology/revolution. Trump swindles these whites, making them think he's going to build the wall, drain the swamp, and bring back jobs. And mainstream conservative media (e.g. Fox News) will make them think that Trump is a great president who's keeping all his promises and helping us. All while he actually works AGAINST whites and doesn't do anything he promised. And then the whites will wake up 8 years later and wonder why the hell everything got worse and not better.

==Electing Trump again will give the kikes


Whereas if a Democrat is elected again and again, whites will be FORCED to realize that the only way out is revolution! Imagine if Sanders, a literal jewish socialist, were elected. Even the cuckold, jew loving Republican boomers would be willing to revolt!

609e48  No.12849180


I already realize it, then again, if I'm here, then I'm not a typical American.

9db88e  No.12849199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be070e  No.12849280


holy shit

000000  No.12849659

I think the antifa and liberals are going to literally implode if they realize that we will now vote like them, for the left.

Could we organize a short campaign explaining why we need to vote for the left?

If the left realizes what we do, they'll either continue doing what they do, which is fine (yes yes, it is fine in the sense that they're going full steam ahead and the sooner the clash the better), or they'll have to slow down their program, which will completely infuriate the libshits.

Oh man, the sweet chaos.

NatSoc brothers. Be mad. Force the System to reveal its true face earlier than it would want to. Vote for Democrats.

da18c7  No.12849697


He advocates being poor to avoid paying income tax, there is a way to avoid tax while not living poor. https://voat.co/v/news/2848609/15001002/

c2176b  No.12849704

Stick it to the jews by killing yourself before they can kill you!

c2176b  No.12849710

They'll be so mad, it'll be hilarious! Whatever you do, don't ever fight back. Just kill yourself and you win!

7d1fcc  No.12849886

File: 5c1482dc227d77d⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 427x640, 427:640, 1547030133964.jpg)


Are you retarded you fucking nigger? Here's what will happen if a communist is elected in any office:


Accelerate the West to it's own death, a self fulfilling shoah! You're all golem faggots and should promptly commit sudoku.

>If Obama is elected I'm moving to Canada and Texas is seceding

>Surely he won't win a second term..

>If Trump is elected I'm moving to Canada and California is seceding

>Surely he won't win a second term..

Kike puppet NIGGERS.

c2176b  No.12849901


Kys for bumping this kike trash.

000000  No.12849993

>>12840445 (you can't beat the OP's bidubs)

The pool contains enough redpills now, although you could need more, MAGAshill (>>12840451

). Redpills will naturally replicate and spread.

Voting for the Right has been useful and it's done, it's over. The purpose was to demonstrate that there is nothing to expect from the Right. It gives a false sense of hope, a comforting illusion that there's part of a solution through voting for so called "hard" conservatives, feeding the absurd idea that we will obtain something good out of it. But it's complete bullshit. We now have the proof.

The System has shown what we can expect with this side of the equation: nothing pro-White. Trump is exposed as a traitor (regardless of a possible presence of an eighth of Jewish element in DNA). Same goes for Anglin.

Now it's time to move to the other side, and that's something completely insane.

000000  No.12849995


000000  No.12849998


000000  No.12850002


1757c1  No.12850792



>Trump exists solely to hinder white revolt.

But doing this only bought them time, while it had the unexpected consequence of turning all white kids and teenagers toward right-wing ideas. Total opposite of millenials, Xers and dear boomers.

The next generation is already racially aware, they grew up feeding on memes and redpills, and in a few years they will naturally end up as jew-aware white nationalist young adults with a very different perspective than most posters here; I expect them to be much more effective in actually solving the issues plaguing the West.

a78071  No.12850875




Are you a Russian or a Jew? America must not go down, it is the nation that we love. The government must be corrected. Our institutions must be corrected and made stronger. We do not seek the defeat of America, we seek to make it beautiful.

45de93  No.12850878


>Could we organize a short campaign explaining why we need to vote for the left?

a very good idea


>The next generation is already racially aware

You're right in much of what was said, but consider that in just a few years American whites will be 30-40% of the population. And in a few more, when those kids are old enough to fight back, 20-25%. By that time it won't matter how redpilled they are because they'll just be picked off by shitskins under the approval of the Jew. Now is the time to fight for the next generation.

f90b1d  No.12850963

File: eb65a634fdb0a69⋯.jpg (58.94 KB, 663x400, 663:400, 8cc6902d20515e533179e23380….jpg)


Heil those doubles. Contrary to what others will say, accelerationism, and then armed reaction, is the only option. Already in the USA 49% of humans under 30, are non-white. Remember that white in the USA includes many non-Aryans too. The revolution must happen within 10 years or all hope is lost for Aryan rebirth. Just sayin' nya~


45de93  No.12850986

File: 785072cb9587140⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 190x277, 190:277, nyazi.jpg)


>Already in the USA 49% of humans under 30, are non-white. Remember that white in the USA includes many non-Aryans too. The revolution must happen within 10 years or all hope is lost for Aryan rebirth

Yup. Hoping to avoid armed reaction tho.

8ec69b  No.12851119

File: 4b874b7943854c1⋯.gif (755.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1524859966410.gif)


I remember back during the 2016 election I figured Hilary would win, however it occurred to me that Bernie might be the better candidate simply because he's crazier and would wreck the country faster. A fast death and rebirth over a slow death.

Thankfully coming up we have candidates even far crazier than both of them. We need to invite as much suffering on the masses as possible to break them out of their comfort zone. Comfort is death.

45de93  No.12851214


>Purr them to death with your pussy

Sounds hot, but no. Mass awakening and political revolt.

9e14f1  No.12851298

>>12839988 (checked)

Accelerationism works when it makes the kikes reveal their puppet strings. A recent example is that muslim tweeting AIPAC. Having a negress muslim in fucking congress should be accelarationist in of itself, but it isn't. It only is when they do shit that makes the jew out themselves. Despite all the shit I'll catch for this, Trump is more accelarationist than Hillary even would have been because of his obvious subservience to pissreal and the kikes. People have grown soft and don't have the desire, or the thought, to fight back in the ways that will be effective quite yet. They are finding out who their common enemy is first. If you accelerate too hard, you may not a find a window to jump out of in the building you've lit on fire

45de93  No.12851309


>>Trump is the Accelerationism candidate

Trump is facilitating white genocide in such a way the masses are made complacent and do not resist. See these posts:



Trump is an Accelerationist if it means convincing the People to accept Israel #1 policies.

3ec636  No.12851318


or give them their just desserts

3ec636  No.12851320


im sure your anime will solve the problem

45de93  No.12851322


nah but redpills and the angry mob will

9e14f1  No.12851361


He's doing it in such a way that boomers are made complacent and don't resist. Everyone younger than 40 I've talked to who voted for him feels betrayed and that there is no longer a political solution to the ills of the nation. I know it's anecdotal evidence, but that is the direction you would want people to head towards as a result of acceleration, is it not? He's also made supporting pissreal an exclusively republican platform. Whether that's due to the left being contrarian towards his every blink and movement or with the fact that jews just are too damned white for the new liberals.

Let me ask you OP, what is the end goal of accelerationism in America? Is it not to attack and destabilize the government so that it is vulnerable to attack and the chance to be supplanted with something else?

498542  No.12851381


>Sounds hot, but no. Mass awakening and political revolt.

So basically you are sitting around waiting for hitler.

Got it.

45de93  No.12851401


>Everyone younger than 40 I've talked to who voted for him feels betrayed and that there is no longer a political solution to the ills of the nation.

You're right with everything you've said but are the People prepared to revolt? Whites aren't even protesting their own genocide. The closest they got was tiki torches. It's going to take full Weimar to create full NatSoc America. Anything less merely opens the door to (((foreign intervention))), prbly by Russia.


There can be no Hitler if there isn't the environment allowing such a figure to rise and succeed.

45abb3  No.12851429

File: 9dc6809b7861dba⋯.jpg (103.66 KB, 720x960, 3:4, white babies6.jpg)

File: 3e1b4e66defb3de⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 540x960, 9:16, white babies5.jpg)

File: ffeed2bddf9d4fe⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 501x623, 501:623, white babies1.jpg)

OP is correct. The slow boil is much more dangerous than scortched earth. I want a white hating disgusting woman in charged who will use executive authority to try and take all guns outright. That kind of shit wakes people up. Whites won't fight when they can just keep running via white flight. When they know they can't run anymore, the lion wakes up. But if we just keep doing this low level slow burn Trump H2-B doubling nonsense, by the time white normies are aware they are dead, the guns will be gone and the numbers too small to fight back. It will be over. Trump types are literally more dangerous than the most rabid anti white politician you can think of.

9e14f1  No.12851440


Some people are prepared to revolt, mostly in the wrong direction though. The Hegellian Dialectic has worked wonders since Obama was elected. The (((right))) began to hate, now it is the (((left's))) turn. R's and D's, (((left))) and (((right))) are ready to revolt and to go to war with each other, but seemingly, only Bowers was ready to go to war with the kikes. If by full Weimar, you mean jew openly parading around, as jews, their dominance, then yes, I agree with you. It would be a terrible waste of a revolution if it were to be any way other than gentiles, united, seeking reparations from semites in the United States.

45de93  No.12851452


>It would be a terrible waste of a revolution if it were to be any way other than gentiles, united, seeking reparations from semites in the United States

True, and Israel. I hope at the end Jewishness itself as an idea dies.

45de93  No.12851494

File: a04c219f1f92b3d⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 300x360, 5:6, thumbs up.jpg)

167b5f  No.12851529

File: 27e787830ab7254⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 960x666, 160:111, 1550545953721.jpg)


damn…look how much things have changed in less than 3 years. I wish I could take some of these threads and time travel back to 2019 and post them. Remember how we felt? that strange feeling, "hope". I was getting some anxiety the week leading up to the election, if shillery would have won, I would have lost all hope and known we were finished right then, the conservacuck party would be finished, and that would be our last try to even have who we thought was ourguy…and that should have happened. All right wingers need to not only stop worrying about the votes, stop worrying about whats legal or working in the system. we needed to fully accept that working within the system is a kike ruse.

Its so hard to accept sometimes, even now.

167b5f  No.12851592


are you autistic? its not about killing yourself or destroying your family you knuckle dragging niggers. its about letting the entire system collapse while protecting your family. How are you not getting this? Dont drag out your disgusting cuck or nigger fantasy into this.

45abb3  No.12851622


Trump was always a gamble and most rational anons acknowledged that. The best hope was a stepping stone. It's all failed miserably, but that's what you get when trying to solve a such an over encompassing problem we have as a nation via the ballot box. Given the same chance and going back in time, I'd vote the same way. There was no better opportunity. But the gamble left us in an even worse position. The only option left is accerationism.

93f9a5  No.12851634

File: aaf0dcd03e20fc3⋯.gif (8.42 MB, 332x248, 83:62, MERCHANT - ROASTED.gif)


>>Support the Right and be replaced without a doubt

>>Support the Left and risk being replaced with the chance of redpilling the masses and fighting back

Jew tell #5391:

Offers limited choices, which benefit the Jew.

Same as the salesman's assumptive close, "will you be paying with Visa, or Mastercard?".

Fuck (((you))) you fucking DemoralizationFaggot.

9e14f1  No.12851638


I'd say the gamble has left us in slightly uncharted waters. I disagree that Trump wasn't a stepping stone. He was a stepping stone to real 3rd position politics entering the mainstream American consciousness. He may not do jackshit for our cause but he opened the door for people on both sides to say fuck off to the normal (((D's))) and (((R's)))

93f9a5  No.12851639

File: 3857b5a8a85fc3e⋯.png (156.06 KB, 754x588, 377:294, MERCHANT QUOTE.png)


>Trump was always a gamble and most rational anons acknowledged that. The best hope was a stepping stone. It's all failed miserably, but that's what you get when trying to solve a such an over encompassing problem we have as a nation via the ballot box. Given the same chance and going back in time, I'd vote the same way. There was no better opportunity. But the gamble left us in an even worse position. The only option left is accerationism.

9e14f1  No.12851642


also checked

45de93  No.12851643


>Offers limited choices

offer an alternative to accelerationism?

45abb3  No.12851648


>but he opened the door for people on both sides to say fuck off to the normal (((D's))) and (((R's)))

And then immediately closed it. The R v D fight is all normies yell at each other about now.

45abb3  No.12851650


>kikes want the kikes expelled

fuck off nigger

c4ca07  No.12851660

File: 16c76a8a06f05a0⋯.png (840.41 KB, 1166x915, 1166:915, 16c76a8a06f05a0b5944f618ea….png)

>Hoping to avoid armed reaction

I wish, but honestly I think that ship sailed after the US, under the socialist FDR, baited Japan and declared war on the Third Reich way back when nya~

9e14f1  No.12851661


We don't need normies for where we're going. Trump effectively signaled the death of the traditional Republican/Neo-Cohen platform at a national level

6a0c6e  No.12851667



Trump worship belongs on a different website.


>oy vey goyim there's a peaceful solution

9e14f1  No.12851669


but enough about that faggot.

93f9a5  No.12851672

File: cdd1cc4db3f33b2⋯.png (292.6 KB, 642x654, 107:109, YELLOW VESTS - SHUT IT DOW….png)

File: 2c487fff130fcbf⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 998x4978, 499:2489, JEW DEMAND YELLOW VESTS BE….jpg)


>The France Color revolution is a glownigger operation.

Reconcile you weak fucking faggot

45de93  No.12851673


>oy vey goyim there's a peaceful solution

I didn't say that. Hitler didn't create RWDS and bomb buildings to gain power if that's the non-peaceful solution you're preferring.

6a0c6e  No.12851695


>oy vey goyim 1933 and 2019 are totally identical ha ha it's exactly the same

Get the fuck out.

45de93  No.12851702


It's quite identical.

Jews are re-creating the events which led to Adolf Hitler's rise as Fuhrer.

(((They))) are doing this to create puppet-States controlled by their own "Hitlers" – Israel First Zionists – before using these States against We the People in fake and controlled wars.

>Migrant crisis: already happened

>Mass addiction: already happened

>Child rape networks: already happened

>ANTIFA: already happened

>Alt-Right: already happened

>Populist leader[s]: already happened

>Anti-Semitism: already happened

>Push to deport Jews (Zionism): already happened

Re-creating points in history to control the outcome thus changing the future/present according to one's agenda is advanced psychological manipulation. And knowing their method we can take advantage.

93f9a5  No.12851708

File: af7c9412858b076⋯.gif (803.91 KB, 339x382, 339:382, CHRIS LANGAN ZZZ FINAL FOR….gif)


>offer an alternative to accelerationism?

FFS this isn't complicated

Stop drinking (Jew juice), drugs (weed is for niggers), shit food, porn

Work out

Learn hand-to-hand

Get strapped

Get mates

Take over local Republican party, it's Trump's now

Elect pols to your local gov't that hide their power level (especially LEO)

Prepare for removal, if that fails, peaceful Balkanization, if that fails, RWDS

This whole thread is an attempt at demoralization. You did watch Bezmanov, didn't you?

9e14f1  No.12851712


No, but he wasn't afraid to take the streets and clash with the communists either. OP as an accelerationist do you think it's more worthy to target comfort, like food supply, infrastructure, power grid, OR government stability through D&C, overwhelming the system, frauding the system, and getting people mad enough to kick it off then seize the opportunity?


Economic crash ()

OP I'm not advocating NWF faggotry but I think the IRA/Balkanization of Yugoslavia are better models for the U.S in particular

45de93  No.12851714


>Stop drinking (Jew juice), drugs (weed is for niggers), shit food, porn

>Work out

>Learn hand-to-hand

>Get strapped

>Get mates

All good but does nothing to fix the larger problem.

>Take over local Republican party, it's Trump's now

>Elect pols to your local gov't that hide their power level (especially LEO)

This should take what… 10 years to accomplish? 10 years of white genocide and anti-white rhetoric.

>Prepare for removal, if that fails, peaceful Balkanization, if that fails, RWDS

This should take 5+ years just to see if it'll work. So just another 15 years of white genocide and anti-white rhetoric. BASED!

How is 15 years of more waiting superior to Accelerationism which may end the Jewish Problem completely in 10?

3ede40  No.12851718


>the (((marxist))) concept of accelerationism

>here's why the jews "fear" the very thing they've been shilling for 200 years

cool story

45de93  No.12851722


>No, but he wasn't afraid to take the streets and clash with the communists either

True. And we will clash with the communists. It will be organic. Unlike Spencer, when punched we will punch back instead of posing for photo ops.

>do you think it's more worthy to target comfort, like food supply, infrastructure, power grid, OR government stability through D&C, overwhelming the system, frauding the system

It's more worthy to educate the masses and smash the illusion created by PSYOPs. If you break the law you give them a reason to arrest and silence you. If they arrest you for telling the truth you become a political prisoner and a hero.

45de93  No.12851724


There's a few forms of Accelerationism. Marx had his, Nietzsche his, and Zionists theirs. Now /pol/ and the Aryan race have their own.

93f9a5  No.12851728

File: 92221c855d6b7c6⋯.jpg (60.68 KB, 640x835, 128:167, POINTING NIGGA.jpg)


Your right, your logic has convinced me there's no point in trying.

Let's make a suicide pact, I swear I'll do it b/c clearly there's no hope. Really, I will. Hurry the fuck up, the pain is too much.

I might suggest you fucking Jewgel "Balkanization" b/c that's one of the scenarios, but I'm equally fine if you

45de93  No.12851734


>there's no hope.

Accelerationism is a gamble but the only hope we have. You keep supporting outsider candidates tho despite the System controlling which candidates are elected.

45abb3  No.12851749


>Accelerationism is a gamble

It's the only viable option left, politically.

45de93  No.12851762

9e14f1  No.12851763

>>12851722 (checked)

It will be organic indeed. The entire alt-right is a fabrication and an attempt to monetize and redirect the movement. While I agree with you that breaking the law is fruitless, now, it may not be down the line if the tyranny of the majority begins to overwhelm the masses. At that point those who attack the system would have support, active or implicit, of the civilian sector. At what point does saturation of all possible potential allies occur? The best way to get people to look into the JQ is to attack them directly, forcing a heavy handed response. This is what needs accelerating. It hasn't gone to the point where they have arrested someone for telling the truth because demonetization has been plenty effective for them so far. You would need someone so rich or so poor that the tactic would fail


kill yourself shill

000000  No.12851782

>Accelerationism - why Jews fear it

The parasites can't survive on a corpse.

Accelerationism is amazing because in history, it makes everyone angry, violent.

It is the ultimate organic destabilisation.

Look at France, not there yet completely but close and you see it.

All manner, all ideologies, all stripes will march chaotically in all directions unstoppably as they know society is in shambles.

Their capital is 3rd world outside the wealthy districts with their private guards.

Their politicians are owned by rodents in humanoid form.

Their society, economic, and social order is crumbling.

Bless and curse the 68ers and their kike overlords.

They caused their own demise through overdose.

45de93  No.12851788


True, nicely said.

>You would need someone so rich or so poor that the tactic would fail

poorfag reporting in

b8af7c  No.12851808

File: 7d853796715da0d⋯.png (510.2 KB, 750x2728, 375:1364, The Cognitive-Theoretic Mo….png)

File: 23d5f021548d729⋯.png (207.81 KB, 750x1264, 375:632, The Cognitive-Theoretic Mo….png)

a5da13  No.12851939


you first

a5da13  No.12851956


>I might suggest you fucking Jewgel "Balkanization

Why is that a bad thing? There goes Israels gibs

da18c7  No.12851989


>All good but does nothing to fix the larger problem.

Need monetary power. That acquires venues, content, they exist as alternative to jews' holdings, can push around politicians like jews, can weather courts. >>12842368 >>12843716 jews have a monopoly currently so even though the internet came along that provided a venue for non jew content jews have been able to squeeze people out of view. "shut it down."

45de93  No.12852017


>Need monetary power.

Why? Spencer has great monetary power, toured colleges, and had his own dedicated marketing team but none of that helped.

da18c7  No.12852050


No he doesn't. I'm talking billions, enough to buy/start and run every business imaginable, bank, credit card, payment service, .., to buy off politicians like jews, to have billions to throw around with lawfare.

45de93  No.12852069


>I'm talking billions, enough to buy/start and run every business imaginable, bank, credit card, payment service, .., to buy off politicians like jews, to have billions to throw around with lawfare.

that's not our reality. it's a pipedream.

da18c7  No.12852085

45de93  No.12852095


this >>12843716 is not our present reality nor within our grasp right now. Jews already possess all the power that post suggest white people assume.

>The example given of one million Whites ponying up 15-20k each for 15-20 billion is more than needed to do so

How do you suggest we convince 1 million whites to give 15-20k each? Totally unreasonable.

da18c7  No.12852148


I've gone over it already, for one it's 15-20k of investing, the outcome of which is owning companies, for another the 15-20k number came from reclaiming money already lost to jews and their pets through taxes. https://voat.co/v/news/2848609/15001002 with the premise of starting from scratch let alone people already with that kind of investment money. jews and friends are making things easier for this path to be able to pitch it mainstream to republicans/the_donald types with them now banning people for being republican from their banks, paypal, what have you so a sales pitch of start/buyout a bank to run apolitically that just follows the law will have a wide audience, much more than a million.

45de93  No.12852166


Ok. So when you're ready to invest your 15-20k I'll give you my Paypal address. Let me know.

45de93  No.12852229


see how >>12852166 works? thanks to ecelebs shekel grubbing no one is willing to give small amounts of money much less large. hitler didn't need massive funding, nor do i. just good men.

7f7681  No.12852234

This is why we need to be memeing for the left. preferably a candidate that is rapidly anti-white.

45de93  No.12852248

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, this.gif)

f77542  No.12853058

File: a649bbe31e3ab9b⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 666x666, 1:1, you can't change the syste….jpg)


>hurr we should be meming u guyz

Read my post here >>12845053

Memes, voting, protesting and whatever other silly thing you come up with is pointless.

Other than killer robots being rolled out, I've read compelling evidence on some site that Russia and China are going to invade the US during the height of a planned civil war. Apparently, they already have a significant number of weapons and soldiers ready for action within the states. They're also working together with Mexican cartels.

Google this to find the article: "Chinese-Russian Alliance Poised to Launch a 7 Pronged Attack Designed to Destroy America"

But sure, keep ignoring facts that actually matter. I'm sure the white race is going to be saved through the power of memes. Hurray! It's okay everybody, we just need to vote for a politician that's /ourguy/. Yippie!

da18c7  No.12853836


Whether he's black pill shit posting or what he's saying is his actual belief just means he isn't the type of person that would be involved. You're looking for people to go to war while what I've been pointing out is financial war with the premise of people getting themselves setup in their living conditions that results in them living very independently, drastically dropping their cost of living, dropping their tax "contribution" to jews and bioweapons by $15-20k and using the funds to build an alternative to the jew monopoly. The people committed enough to get situated like that will have the same drive to build a non jew ecosystem with money they were losing before anyway and that now they're setup the way they are don't use a lot of money anymore to live, and having gone through the trouble to avoid giving jews shekels won't be inclined to spend their reclaimed wealth on jew trinkets but might be interested in continuing the defeat the jew game they've already been playing. Mind you, even going the war/revolution route leads to having to setup shop afterwords.

a04887  No.12853906

If there is one thing I have learned from observing Jews, it's never risk your OWN people. Use pawns.

/Leftypol/ is so freaking eager to storm the glass buildings and drag out the (((1%))). This would crash so much of their power structure and give an EXCUSE to siege the cities that Boomers would be on board with. Gotta contain the Commies.

Best of all this would put brown hordes against the military and take out a bunch of the LGBTCommies too. Hell the T is already at 40% casualties and we haven't even started.

We need to get these wankers doing our job for us.

aa32cf  No.12853960


Like Cortez? Just be careful to make the candidate super weak.

This could backfire BADLY.

d7c6f3  No.12853971


Then what should a "redpilled" whitey do then, shill?

f77542  No.12854036

File: e3a817f2734ed03⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 625x417, 625:417, I expect you to die.jpg)


It's ultimately not going to be in the white man's hands. It's going to all be in God's hands. 🙏

You're just a rat in a cage. Maybe you'll see what I mean when the time comes.

69d289  No.12854044

File: 80fbbb3bcb19571⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 403x344, 403:344, 223334816.jpg)


>The parasites can't survive on a corpse

000000  No.12854629


not sure but i think it can't happen

too rotten for too long

perhaps from the beginning

45abb3  No.12854692


Despite all my rage, I think you are correct on all counts here.

fecc99  No.12854777

It's inevitable that most current state systems will fail in the next few decades through degeneracy, debt and anomie. The rot is too deep. A fresh start is required.

The question is who will be the group to seize and keep power in territories that have been weakened by leftism?

Acceleration is wise, as demographic conditions are only going to worsen at current rates. Voting for communists could help, but both sides will feed off each other and escalate. A Duerte or Bolsonaro is radical enough to be helpful, because as they make actual changes to fix things, they win support and grow unity for their true nation, while polarizing the enemy groups, who must escalate to try to stop the momentum, which only justifies their helicopter rides.

1a0945  No.12854951


take your meds, faggot

45de93  No.12854971


>even going the war/revolution route leads to having to setup shop afterwords.

What I'm promoting negates the need for war and traditional revolution. The opposite course of action leads to war and (((foreign intervention))). That is their plan boomers put their trust in.

1a0945  No.12854978


>redneck militias

Stop talking dirty to me anon.

45de93  No.12854983

a8b0a4  No.12854984

Acceleration means faggotry to you losers.

a8b0a4  No.12854988


Get pushed in front of a bus trash.

861db5  No.12857908

It makes me think of some X-Men comics, and the recent TV series The Gifted, conflict between humans and mutants, a mutant group called The Inner Circle wanted to separate humans and mutants, dividing the country, humans have their country, mutants have their country, two separate countries. Or some type of apartheid as it was in South Africa? If there was separation that lead to Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia… Or random lottery for inhabitants of the area between Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt…

71599d  No.12858029

Its already out of control now that their narrative is all but destroyed across the planet. Enjoy it my fellow faggots.

f544e7  No.12860617

File: ec95f7568d4335d⋯.jpg (395.39 KB, 1173x1200, 391:400, serveimage.jpg)


I have been thinking on your topic quite a lot op and I am starting to agree. People are too far gone to be saved. They are garbage. The social glue which is holding this all together, the females just make it much harder to actually change stuff since the females are only capable of compromise, only capable of peace. Even if out of the many opposing parties, many are just plainly, simply wrong. I have seen this multiple times happening near me. Even if a female is completely garbage. Some females will still support her, some of them will still compel others to be nice to her, to support her, her bad habits and her stagnation that she brings to the group. This basic behavior, is it not present in reality right now?

Grannies, old women, young women and teens are all part of this same plot of "retarded peace" maintenance. Women are completely useless and horrible creatures, probably our enemy #1 as of now.

So yea, acceleration ism, towards destruction I would say. Nuclear war, or some other form of complete destruction of the forces that hold the reigns of stagnation. The whole global picture of all the elements that keep themselves in their checks and balances, from the shitty women, to their beta orbiters, to all the other groups. They make it so that this world decays. In face of such garbage I only wish for their complete destruction. Why show mercy towards them? Why try to help them? Most of them are unhelpable, most of them dont even want help. The furthest these vile wretches have gotten is somekind of childish tantrums of feministic bullshit that they adhere to. Pretty much all of them. Just look at pic related.

It is not a simple and easy thing to say that we are winning, and that things are alright. These people have been brainwashed, and are far gone. Therefore I propose along your line op, towards destruction, WITH the aid of the muslims (who love throwing gays off roofs, and hurting women). All of these alternative solutions are all just fucking garbage that dont work. Women dont like giving up this power. They will never say so, they will however try to deceive us endlessly that they are coming to our side. They are not.

They revel in their power, even to the point at which they destroy this civilization. Their power of deception, and even some mild programming of us. Sure we complain that the JIDF comes over here and starts muddling our topics into pro zionist pastures. But I believe that they are but a small, a very small insect gnawing at us. The largest parasite of all is the female. And we have accepted her into our mids. Our purity spirals helped to keep her away, but it all changed after ikamfy left didnt it? The female is not capable of totalitarian change, totalitarian violence, non subtlety. She does not deal with absolutes. Yet I can see traces of her among us.

Clear identification, and clear solutions is what we had in the past. And what we should regain again. The female must be removed at least for now from our lingo, at least be aware of her fellow anons.

f544e7  No.12860695

File: 10dd1fc51572ac5⋯.png (562.62 KB, 659x464, 659:464, 1545904601744.png)


oh and to add, we should be the part of destruction. You know how many of these parties try to fix society, ad a little bit here and there, thinking it will make a difference. Well why not actually gear towards destabilization on a global stage? Try to do unpeace. Spread rumors on others, try to make people fight, make the machinations of the global machinery go into chaos. Do the opposite of the peaceful and compromising females. Make trouble!

Lets find the people who could also like this…who have doomsday prophesies. The doom pauls…but also not the kikes perhaps (il probably get shot by the natsocs for mentioning this). Srsly, a global nuclear war, or somekind of giant global breakdown of all order is in our benefit. Its to late to save anyone. All should be removed, destroyed and stomped upon. None of these people deserve salvation, or second chances. Kalki should spring up and appear already.

All of this is just fucking garbage, meaningless and useless garbage. The Italy thing, the brexit, the US. All just matriarchal retards doing their "retarded peace" dance. If not by jews then by their beta men tied to their compromising women. The women wont give up their power, so yea, perhaps instead of playing with them, it could be a time for another detachment from them. Whatever power we may have, it could be used for destruction now if we willed it so.

f544e7  No.12860696


>we should be the party*

oh shit fixed

62af0e  No.12861082

File: c8e81df89295c89⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 600x429, 200:143, NrCCdNv.jpg)


>NO. he lost the popular vote and was installed by the electoral college


Read carefully you mushy-brained follower. The 2016 Presidential contest was not for the Popular vote. The contest was over the electoral college. The 'popular vote' is meaningless and you fell for one of the most idiotic memes in political history. Do you work in a cubicle next to OP?

62af0e  No.12861107

File: 646a21eb57cf04f⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 399x398, 399:398, YuriSubFace.jpg)


>il probably get shot by the natsocs for mentioning this

Where do you think you are posting? Why are you here?

f544e7  No.12861211



well I did the naughty thing, I listened to the jews a couple of times, and often I found them not to be so wrong after all. They mentioned that our own are being the biggest enemies, and they were kinda right. Even if they helped the feminists rise up, and most of the evil movements…because they feel like they wouldnt be safe without them…well. I just keep wondering, both sides seem to have lies, exaggerations and just plain ol propaganda.

and as such I have seen the white race itself, destroy itself from the inside, without jew interference as well. I have seen it destroy itself in past history, in non jew dominated corporate area's, many places like that really. And eventually I also was thinking about other races, how they are enemies as well. And then the jew just didnt really seem to be the biggest enemy of all.

Chinese are the enemy, women are the enemy, leftists are the enemies, jews are the enemies as well. All of these elements have run rampant, with and without the jews help and its just one giant retarded fuckfest of stupid. The only sensible solution is complete annihilation of all life on earth, well human life really. Or nearly complete annihilation. Something that most parties would agree upon I think. At least the best of the best.

The world has become too small, and we have to equally murder everyone in it. We have to murder the bad genetics, the ones carrying the feminist virus, and the many other groups. Nuclear war especially seems tempting for that since most of the garbage concentrates itself in the cities. So yea, not sure if anyone cares but I am for acceleration ism. With a preferable outcome of complete nuclear war.

9fe3e5  No.12861223


>Well why not actually gear towards destabilization on a global stage? Try to do unpeace. Spread rumors on others, try to make people fight, make the machinations of the global machinery go into chaos. Do the opposite of the peaceful and compromising females. Make trouble!

Essentially, be jews.

>Srsly, a global nuclear war, or somekind of giant global breakdown of all order is in our benefit

If we destroy ourselves, we win! It's flawless, Justin Trudeau logic.

f544e7  No.12861257


yes, but we differ in our goal with the jews in the way that the jews want control, we could strife for destruction!

f544e7  No.12861284


here is a nice, childish and brain damaged theme song


4c7437  No.12861294

>"win by killing yourself and make the enemy win faster" is STILL up

More proof the moderation is compromised.

cd0dc6  No.12861419


It's always the same response from these neo-Nazi retards when someone writes an intelligent response to their idiocy. "Cuck", "kike", "shill", and never the slightest argument made. Imbecilic insults is all you're capable of.

The inability of neo-Nazis to defend their idiotic accelerationist and just-wait-for-the-race-war positions with reason and evidence is proof of how weak their positions are and how stupid these people are. Neo-Nazis are like the left's useful idiot fifth column in white ethnonationalist movements.

fb6ead  No.12861475



5ca239  No.12861492

>The jews fear suicide

>Perciving politics in two spectres made up 120 years ago

off yourself kike, no one else will

fb6ead  No.12861505



cd0dc6  No.12861575



Always the same response. Nothing intelligent exists in the mind of the neo-Nazi subhuman. Any hope that white ethnonationalism has will be destroyed unless this trash is kept out of our movements.

49c388  No.12861595


>I am a shill and am alerting everyone to this fact

Why not just not post instead?

bf40e9  No.12861603


I think the argument is better made for creating Chaos, not accelerating collapse. For example, having Donald Trump in the White House has, objectively, caused leftist radicalization. It has to some extent deradicalized the right, at least amongst the average conservative, since "their guy" is in the white house. Meanwhile, more fervent right wingers are inflamed with the rise of people like Occasio-Cortez. Tactical campaigning for and against particular candidates to agitate general conflict and disunity is better than outright supporting the opposite side in an attempt to make things worse. I would guess that it is better to have conservatives in positions of power and under attack, with left wingers inflamed and attacking, than it is the other way around, because the conservatives of today are incapable, largely, of acting offensively, but they can cock-block legislation and other maneuvers and seem content to do so. Until a more powerful right emerges, which it probably soon shall, that is my take. Maybe I'm beating around the bush here, apologies if a litte vague–consider the developments of Weimar Germany or the Reactionary regimes of Europe in the 1800s, post Napoleon. They came about as the (old) right had power but was then under serious attack in various forms.

The other point to make is that from said chaos, a group that preaches order can emerge, and that group becomes revolutionary, since the status quo has become chaos and conflict, but not outright defeat.

62af0e  No.12861643

File: fc5f85c02e0f544⋯.jpg (710.9 KB, 1382x1448, 691:724, GLRwut.jpg)


>jews are right we need to be annihilated

Your mind has become infected with filth. True we would be wrong to blame all our problems on the jew. Yet it is right to point out their destructive influence on our society. Women are not the enemy; they are not useless. They like so many other things have been subverted and confused into self harm. Just like you have become demoralized and turned into an indiscriminate weapon seeking a target. Seek virtue for your salvation

cd0dc6  No.12861644


Not only are you stupid, you people are always such blowhards.

>On the DOTR I'll get you!! I'LL GET REVENGE ON ALL THE JERKS I DON'T LIKE!!! Just you wait!!

Just keep waiting for the race war, you fucking retard. Holy shit.

You've been saying and doing the same idiotic shit for decades. One day Hitler's gonna show up, though!!! Just keep voting for the party that wants to censor us, accelerate our demographic displacement, destroy our power and influence in America and brainwash our children.

>One day though, one day there's gonna be a race war and then all my impotent rage will be let out!!!!

9beb42  No.12861693

French anon reporting. My take is that the USA will require accelerationism. The USA are too big, and your immigrants too nice to lead to anything else than a slow and unopposed white genocide, aka modern genocide done right.

Interesting to compare with France, where the situation has worsened a lot in the last 5 years, so much that I can feel that even the former deeply brainwashed normies are waking up. Our arab immigrants only have conquest and revenge in their mind; most are from Algeria, a country with massive demographic growth. They were 8 millions in 1950, they are now 40 millions (+8 millions already on our soil, not counting niggers and other arabs). Their fertility rate has even raised from 2.3 to 3 the last decades thanks to radical Islam, and their country is shit (obviously) so many are moving to France. They are everywhere.

I've said it already here, but we will be the first country to enter the race war.

f544e7  No.12861726


women mostly vote for peace, and stagnation, do they not? Who opens our borders to the invaders. Who panders and tells everyone that more mercy is needed? It is true that within the female species there exist a spectrum of garbage. But garbage it is none the less. The jew provided the vaginal jew with a microphone. For the vaginal jew to vent its voice towards the world. These inclinations were always present. The jew simply just encouraged them to speak. The filth was always filthy though. The weak were always weak. And to elevate them into a role of usefulness is foolishness. They are not equals, they are not useful. They are garbage, and should be treated as such. The only path for them is complete, mental and violent subjugation. Whatever mental pathways we may posses for pairbonding, we should see as evolutionary dead ends, that must be surpassed.

These wretched female degenerates have tasted power, and will not be willing to give it up. Empowered by all sides, by christianity, or natsocism, that elevates their usefulness into certain roles…how laughable. At every stage of this movement I have only felt their uselessness, their nagging, their continual calls for compromise, for peace and stagnation. Burdening our collective with inane calls for their mental protection.

Well no longer. I declare myself an enemy of the female kin, and wish to destroy them (while fucknig them preferably), through intellectual mastery, if I can manage to do so. I place you wretched female degenerates, all of you right alongside the jew as my enemy. At the same spot.

49c388  No.12861732



Confirmed for not being hitler.

3c6bb6  No.12861733


Based on this map, Czechia and Slovakia should be the leaders of the new Europe.


Losers wait for a collapse.

Winners make it happen on their own terms.

da18c7  No.12861735

File: 56740c94fe65e77⋯.jpg (293.58 KB, 1315x1332, 1315:1332, 3xR9s5.jpg)


>Who opens our borders to the invaders. Who panders and tells everyone that more mercy is needed?

That's easy to answer, jews and christcucks.



To top it off christcucks have been breeding shitskins the world over for over a hundred years.

9beb42  No.12861755


Your are getting emotional and missing my point. You beaners and niggers are complete filth, I can only agree with you.

BUT, even where they are a large percentage of the population, they will not cause a complete breakdown of your country, like our arabs do. Our arabs are smart, cunning, organized, and are motivated by a racial hate that your immigrants don't have.

They are here for a simple purpose: take control of the country and get revenge from Algeria war. They want France to become Algeria and to be ruled by Islam. They specifically attack any sign of authority, not only police but also firefighters, nurses, mailmen...

Being violent has nothing to do with what I'm talking of.

The second reason is that France is more densely populated. France is the size of a big USA State, except that in this small area you have to fit 75 million people, 1/2 white 1/4 arab 1/4 nigger .

What will happen for you is a simple white flight, where some states will be so shit that whites will move to better place as cancer grows and population replacement happen. In France, there is nowhere to go: there is only one State. Big cities are already lost, and even in the deepest rural areas the niggers are already here.

173f85  No.12861763


Who do we vote for?

f544e7  No.12861772


yea among one of the enemies. That does not absolve the females of their garbageness however. They are still garbage, and still enemies. We are forgetting one important point as well. Any element in our mids that is unstable, can affect other parts of us and lead us astray. A being that by nature always seeks to compromise, always seeks peace by her own psychological inclinations, will try to persuade others to do the same. Its one of the reasons why so many movements fail out and die.

Women cannot and are not allowed to be part of this community. Maybe the old rules of that women should GTFO are correct.

b8e498  No.12861781

File: 4b460854dea539a⋯.png (93.86 KB, 629x1173, 37:69, anger.png)


obviously the guy in the picture wants more weight, adding the weird slowly would only prolong his suffering. unless you're naive enough to think the people adding the weight are going to decide to stop.

da18c7  No.12861784


arabs are in the states now, shipped in by the millions.

da18c7  No.12861795


No cuck ideology, no jews, no shitskins, no women running amok, it all starts with that mind poison.

f544e7  No.12861809


the ideology makes sure that the men keep their women in check. But the women have no ideologies, they only have faggotry. Women were garbage, and women are garbage. Their only skill is raising kids and making dinner more or less. The rest of their skills only lead to destruction. The ideologies of old treated women as property, as spoils of war so to speak. Not as allies, not as people that can help you in conquest or something good. You dont listen to them, you dont take advice from them, you basically completely stonewall them, so to speak, from anything that you do with your male friends.

f544e7  No.12861829


ha, I managed to escape your influence fucking roastie! Finally after months of solitude my pair bonding has returned to zero values. No female holds sway over me this time around. The brain is in cool dude mode! And as such I can see clearly again. Clearly who my friends and enemies are! And you cunts are not it, fucking kill yourselves you useless "retarded compromise" cunts.

9beb42  No.12861833


You'll taste what having Islam on your land is. Different than Mexicans.

I live in one of the biggest cities in France, and accounting for the suburbs, people below 20 are about 60% arab... In Marseille, maybe 75-80%... Paris? 30% arab, almost 50% nigger. Just some numbers for today so you get a better idea, but they also outbreed us fast so it's getting even worse.


Your spics are not Islamic, and they aren't backed by 1.5 billion other Islamic people who finance them to settle in Europe and conquer the continent. But ok.

538c70  No.12861839

File: ae011f988838194⋯.jpg (926.1 KB, 1156x1411, 68:83, SmartSelect_20190228-17591….jpg)


>women are more sympathetic

>they are susceptible to emotional propaganda

>they are child-like

>they are not equal

Yeah I'm with you anon

>they are useless garbage deserving only violence

Well I'm sorry your mother was a worthless whore but not all are. I've known some who are virtuous and live only to support their husbands children and family. Get a fucking grip

f544e7  No.12861852


yea you are lucky the jew whisperer did not whisper in her ear yet "u are speshul, you can be liek a cool wine aunt an travel da wold" because the moment one does, she is gone. Such is the feeble nature of the decadent vaginakin.


oh god it feels so good not having to play by your stupid rules, with this brain returning to normal, I dont have to compromise ever again! FUck you cunt, I would rather ally myself with the kikes, if they allow me to kill you and your kind than to ever type one world of kindness towards you ever again.


Fuck il steal your baby and sacrifice it to moloch so I can kill you. Fuck you you stupid cunt. Come on kikes. Let me kill them. Let me kill all the women, god I want to murder them, bathe in their blood.

f544e7  No.12861867


I dont see any germans who are left here who still treat women like the garbage whores that they are. If they were I would not choose the jew. But there is nothing left on this planet that resembles sanity anymore. All is fair game at this point. Fuck il learn yiddish. Fug il go find them moloch worshippers and ask them to help me kill you dumb cunts.

882ed5  No.12861874

countries that practiced accelerationism: uk, sweden, & germany

countries that didnt: italy, hungary, & poland


9beb42  No.12861879


Jews are your problem, but not Islam (yet).

Why haven't you used all your nice ar15s on the Mexicans ? All talk no action, something something God Emperor will save you.

f544e7  No.12861896


I am pretty sure that this board is still patriarchal and just will flip at a moments notice. Acceleration ism is inherently "non compromise" and "non peace". It is not a female value, and as such I am a proponent of it. As are others.

Maybe we should try to label more female only, and men only values. Maybe il find more of them by harder study, who knows. But I know you garbage bearers are among us. Ever so subtle.

9beb42  No.12861903


Funny is that when the first Western country will see a massive conflict taking place between whites and shitskins (whoever they are), the whole world will have to take sides.

I'm not sure even the most jewed country will be able to send armies and support to help the Islamic soldiers (or beaners, unlikely but ok) to kill the remaining whites trying to fight for their life in their homelands.

Even more so when considering the awareness of the jewish question you burgers managed to raise on the whole planet with your funny memes.

Could be the waking up call for the global purge.

da18c7  No.12861905


You missed patient zero in your analysis, christcuck mind poison that lives in your brain, from which everything else flows. that not just allows it but for large swaths of Whites has them carrying out White genocide at every opportunity.

6202b4  No.12861908

Removing All Options

For the movement over the past twenty years there has always been the option of take it or leave it. If you got mad or discouraged you could always just pickup your marbles and go home. Indeed this has been the case for all White America. And when given a choice, human nature inevitably takes the course of least resistance. The diabolical nature of the Big Brother System in power today may be largely responsible for breeding a race of docile "consumers" who roll over like a spaniel when kicked and otherwise outraged, but for us that is no reason, no excuse, for revolutionary inaction. It CAN be done!

They say a coward will allow himself to be bullied and backed up as long as long as there is room left for him to back up. All of White America has been behaving like a damned coward in the face of arrogant Blacks and traitors in government dismantling the once-great united States of America. Before it's too late, let's see to it that the big coward at last gets backed into a corner so that he is going to have to come out fighting!

It's a crying shame and disgrace that every incident that's happened so far with only one or two exceptions, which even comes close to being revolutionary, has either happened as an accident or as the result of Red agitation. The riots recently in the South are excellent examples. We may thank our lucky stars that the Jews have whipped the Blacks into such a volatile state that they'll go off at the drop of a hat. Some news accounts did mention roving pick-up trucks of Whites shooting Blacks at random in places where order had broken down. But the object is not to kill Blacks… it is to FAN THE FLAMES! If we can't get the Whites off their asses to retake control of their destiny then we can at least put them in a position where they will have to fight for their miserable lives!

And with a general conflagration going on that will involve police and armed forces, we can, if we are slick about it, assume the guiding position amidst the disorder and coordinate it into what it must become: a revolution to smash the System!

The way things are so delicately arranged in this country today, incidents like the one in Miami and elsewhere can be expected to blow up anytime, anywhere. They said some White cops in Miami beat a Black to death and because some of these cops got off the charge, the Blacks of Miami went wild. If the Movement had been organized and on the ball, those flames would still be burning. How about six such "Miami's" at once across the country? It a DOZEN? Enough to pin down all the System's troops to allow us to go after Big Brother himself!

If, as Rockwell said, your uniform in the coming war is the color of your skin, then what, I ask, shall be your insignia of rank? We must view and realize that ALL OF WHITE AMERICA is our army. The leaders, the officers in this army, are those who take action and who strike like lightning. We are the cause, they are the effect.

Siege, by James Mason

[Vol. IX, #4– Aug., 1980]

>Acceleration in a nutshell. Why haven't you taken the siege-pill yet?

538c70  No.12861916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>you can be liek a cool wine aunt an travel da wold

Has no allure for a based traditional country girl who has known only her faithful husband's cock and been rewarded with the joys of healthy loving sane family. She would smile at you, a glitter of pity in her eye, and saying, 'No thank you my life is already complete' turn her back and forget you exist. There are such females in my family. I agree they are out of control obviously but you're making some leaps in your reasoning.

21af96  No.12861962

File: f4736900f643243⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1696x6224, 106:389, Anon_is_angry_about_islam_….JPG)


> but not Islam (yet).

I'm tired of hearing this sentiment, all throughout that murder cult's history they've always worked together with the Jews to destroy every empire.

45de93  No.12861975

File: f75bbb95fe001b1⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 256x197, 256:197, hey kid.jpg)


This is a FED. Accelerationism is about mass public awakening and real political change, not terrorism.

9beb42  No.12862002


Maybe FED, maybe not, either case his comment was off-topic. He was probably heading to chemistry class and felt overwhelmed by his imagination.

41d6b1  No.12862347


>doing nothing while your people are genocided and enslaved

>muh FED are the only people who would ever fight back

It DOSENT EVEN MAKE SENSE ANON. The FED’s want our people slaughtered, obviously, our constitution is dead. The LAST THING ON EARTH they would do is tell you to fight for your people, your freedom or your family against the shitskin hordes. Remember the NSA OFFER that you could live in a secured compound if you join the NSA? That is ‘their plan’ rather than fight the destroyers of the Earth they are going to CAVE and learn to live like isolated prisoners in a planet wide favela of humanoid sewage always in fear of the sewage overwhelming them.

45de93  No.12862357


>You're doing nothing if you aren't committing terrorism

false argument. Mass awakening to the truth is doing something and it's far superior than demonizing the white struggle against genocide by acting like a kike or a Muslim.

45de93  No.12862864


Hitler tried taking power by violently over-throwing the Weimar Republic, an action he would later regret and deem bad strategy.

b64213  No.12862938


I bet he would deem not systematically killing every kike he corralled bad strategy too, if he could.


45de93  No.12862943


>I bet he would deem not systematically killing every kike

Jews are presently the wealthiest and most powerful group on the planet. Why don't you explain your plan to bring this world to a point in which every nation allows the extermination of Jews along with a time-frame estimation how long your plan will take

45de93  No.12862949


feel free to take a shot at this question >>12862943

b64213  No.12862996


>committing terrorism

Wanna know how I know you're not from around here? Only a shill/fed/faggot/boomer/civcuck/coward would refer to attacking the Sysyem that's purposefully genociding the White race terrorism, or at least, use that word with a negative connotation when talking about attacking the System. The System terrorizes the law abiding everyday. When a compound full of children is burned to the ground because they had the audacity to be self-sufficient, is that not terrorism? When a woman and her son are killed on a lonely mountain-side because they wanted to be left alone, is that not terrorism? When White boys and girls are forced to "integrate" at bayonet point, is that not terrorism? Whe children are brainwashed to hate themselves and literally poisoned by the water supply, is that not terrorism? I could go on and on, but I've made my point.

45de93  No.12863017


No. Detail your plan. How will you convince the populations of all major nations to allow you to genocide all Jews? Explain. And how long will this process take?

45de93  No.12863020


Let me know when you get started then?

b64213  No.12863024


Every nation? It only needs to happen in America faggot. The rest will follow. I won't waste my time with you anymore; it's obvious what you are. This common shill tactic of demanding minutia etc. to discredit a theory is worn and well known. You might as well be saying


How about this, why don't YOU explain your "peaceful solution", with timelines of course :^)

45de93  No.12863026


>It only needs to happen in America faggot.

So America should kill all American Jews and then go to war against every other kike controlled Nation until America's economic and political collapse? Wow that sounds like a brilliant plan! Tell me: how did you come up with it?

>I won't waste my time with you anymore

Once I ask for substance… what your plan is and how long it takes.. once I open your shilling up to discussion… suddenly you don't have time to defend your nonsense? Get out of this thread you low IQ glowing faggot.

b64213  No.12863028


Exactly. You've been outed PIG.

45de93  No.12863035


>We should totally commit acts of terrorism…

>Not me tho… you goys do it

Exactly. You've been outed KIKE.




It took Jews decades. First, Jews had to come into power. Then they had to convince powerful non-Jews that white genocide is the path to Utopia. We don't have decades. We have 10 years max to make something happen. Your reasoning is faulty at best and completely retarded at worst.

45de93  No.12863044


Jews are retards yet they've managed to conquer the world and nearly genocide the Aryan race. Do you even hear yourself? Hitler did not underestimate the Jews nor will I. Stop polluting this thread with your low IQ.

b64213  No.12863046



>go to war against every other kike controlled Nation until America's economic and political collapse?

That's not at all what I suggested. I only said IT, and didn't even say what IT was, for a reason.

>inb4 see you don't even know!!!

Haha you wish faggot. I'm too smart and self-assured to fall for appeals to ego or any other low-rate PIG phishing expeditions. You fucking boomer faggots just don't get it. You're inept and outmatched. You're also filtered.

45de93  No.12863052


>I only said IT, and didn't even say what IT was


>implying "it" isn't genociding kikes

so what is "it" exactly? :)


Exactly this. We shouldn't underestimate our Enemy. They've been attacking us far longer than we've been defending ourselves.


Then describe your plan for payback, exactly how it will work, and how long it will take to accomplish? If your plan is so superior to mine of Accelerationism you should have no problem convincing this board. You have the floor. Go ahead.

45de93  No.12863083


>I am not explaining ANYTHING to anyone


<I have no actual strategy and I'm only here to promote violence because I'm a mossadnigger who wants to demonize the struggle against European Genocide

I had no problem explaining my strategy in this thread. You know why? Because I'm legit. Stay defeated.

b64213  No.12863113


Hypothetically speaking, if one were to cause the System to lash out at Whites, that would be an unfortunate, but in the end desirable effect of certain efforts, because by making things uncomfortable for them, by knocking them off the fence and backing them into a corner, they will come face to face with a universal gem called necessity. Necessity is the mother of all invention. What Whites NEED to do is band together everywhere they are, but they don't seem to feel the need to do that. That it's because they're still comfortable. They still have a modicum of peace, order, and distractions, at least, enough to pacify them while the long march of tyranny against them continues. If they were less comfortable, they would stop being passive about the attacks against them. If the System was so overwhelmed that they couldn't even pretend to "protect" them, they would lose faith in it, and replace it with faith in themselves and their racial kin. Do you really expect me to explain to you how I would go about making Whites feel uncomfortable and overwhelming the System?

45de93  No.12863120


>Do you really expect me to explain to you how I would go about making Whites feel uncomfortable and overwhelming the System?

I agree with your whole post. Accelerationism is the means by which we counter the attacks by our criminal-controlled system.

b64213  No.12863163


Well then I guess we just have different ideas about how to go about it. I'm pretty big on my method, whatever it is.

45de93  No.12863168


Well, what's your method?

273c07  No.12868796

ask sweden or the uk how accelerationism worked out for them. ask italy or hungary how resisting worked out for them.

000000  No.12868834


You problem is thinking that you have some control in the situation AT ALL. You don't. They are going to do whatever they want to these 'nations' as they please. The only real answer is absolute chaos and to destroy every last pathway for their escape and every last avenue for their plan to go forth. That means a global purge, which should have happened AGES AGO. The longer you delay and refuse to take responsibility 'white man', the higher the penalty you will pay for it. They have no problem dragging your right down into a hell that is indescribable and as yet unfathomable by you. And still you sit with your thumb up your butt.

4ebfea  No.12869055

File: d6f73b469333462⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, d46ff0a4e49ec7e8f65ab95b0f….jpg)


Actually hes been great at showing normalfags that it is not in any way an unfounded 'conspiracy theory' that the government, media, corporations and the political parties of the U.S. are all corrupt and against what people want in this nation. Trump was never for us, but for them. Trump has served his purpose far better than I had hoped myself, I was hoping for a bit more time to prepare, not someone whom would unlock the masses from giving two shits if someone else with conviction comes and decides to take our collective enemies down. At this point, the system has a major fucking problem: normalfags are not going to rise up and defend them from one of us now. That was a big stumbling block before trump as so many had little direct reason to either assist us, or agree with us even if the majority of them knew that 'shit be fucked maine'.

Now, now fertile ground has been tilled for an new leader(s) against (((them))) and everyone whom supports them. Normalfags are still normalfags tho, so don't expect them to yet rise with us should the fire start now, but at the least, few of them will bother picking up an bucket to put out said fire. That is a big fucking win. Now it is up to us to push so that they would look forward to one of us taking command if nothing else than to get the fucking yids and their pets off their back.

Steps, one after another. We are winning.

000000  No.12869482


>They're great. I'm so glad the (((International Bankers))) waged a global war against Hitler, destroyed Germany, genocided their own fellow Jews… all because Hitler threatened their bank accounts.

Thing is anon, they have been doing this to nations for Ages, Sparta, Rome, Libya, Iraq, Syria…anyone who threatens their bottom line, the entire nation gets it…is this REALLY how we want to live as humanity? Always under the gun like this? Forever?

45de93  No.12869490


>muh sweden



45de93  No.12869492

File: bd03fd82c8f563f⋯.png (105.21 KB, 642x600, 107:100, holocaust didnt happen.png)


nah. this is the last time we'll play the game.

d9ae16  No.12869496


"genocided their own fellow jews"

Shut your lying Jewish mouth, subversive rat. Nobody believes you.

45de93  No.12869498


>Shut your lying Jewish mouth, subversive rat. Nobody believes you.

Prove me wrong? Hitler didn't genocide kikes. The Allied Powers did upon bombing German camps, hospitals, and food supplies. Both Jews and Germans were killed, dying of hunger and diseases such as typhus. All according to the Zionist plan to create justification for a State in Palestine.

d9ae16  No.12869505


The allied powers did kill Jews, but unintentionally. If they had gotten their way, no Jews would have been harmed.

You're trying to generate sympathy for Jews. A typical trick.

45de93  No.12869519


>The allied powers did kill Jews, but unintentionally

Not unintentionally. Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. 6 million Jews were not killed, of course, and the number was inflated, but the act was done according to Jewish Torah for the purpose of creating justification for the Jewish State in Palestine.

>You're trying to generate sympathy for Jews.

Does the truth make you feel sympathetic towards them? On one side we have the Zionists who see a world without Europeans and on the other, Internationalists who seek the very same. I have no sympathy for either side, nor should you.

000000  No.12869858


>the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion

It is kind of weird since they aren't actual jews, but russian khazars and since they are atheists…some 90% of them or more are atheists.

94cf3e  No.12869863


I know that the Elite don't exactly want Communism, but they're playing with fire and losing control of their Mutts

000000  No.12869875


Actually what they probably want is a form of Christian Socialism (because it undermines nationalities) or Islamic Terror (if the semites win the war like they are set up to right now by wiping out all the Europeans). They would probably settle for either one, which is why it is so important to bypass them and move to Indo-Christianity, rather than continue with Judaeo-Christianity.

342f4c  No.12869881

What this board calls acceleration is actually trying to turn otherqise straight qhite males gay.

342f4c  No.12869886


No, we were hoping you mutts would just start killing each other to be honest.

45de93  No.12869888


True, very strange. The Elites use Judaism as a tool of mass brainwashing just like they do every other religion. Their only concern is wealth and power.

000000  No.12869908


Yeah I used to say that they were making mankind in their own image as 'god' here…so laying a suffocating blanket of their own values and beliefs over all of humanity. That way humanity could be controlled and manipulated as ONE MASS rather than as individuals. Sort of The Crowd Psychology…(by Bonne) or the Borg cube, once everyone was aligned in thought and deed there would be no more original thought ever. I guess it was the idea of murdering lucifer that thrilled them (so that mankind could never progress again or advance in any way…) and look, they are so close.

45de93  No.12869924

File: e50b37b03989453⋯.jpg (355.62 KB, 1138x1280, 569:640, lucifer.jpg)


They always get close but BTFO in the end. This will be the last time we play the game.

000000  No.12869936


What a beautiful art piece. We will see. I think people would need to be a lot more woke than they are now. It is almost like they are blind or something.

45de93  No.12869961


Advanced psychological manipulation has been use against them. Accelerationism coupled with good propaganda will wake them. If not, there's no chance at victory, only making the Enemy uncomfortable until our defeat.

836ce1  No.12870009


Are you that same anon who did the ethnoglobe OP?

45de93  No.12870023


Nah. What was the OP about?

b185e2  No.12870112


This. Look at Ocasio-Cortez. An obvious lunatic and everybody knows it. If we could get somebody like that into the Oval Office, and the media sounds like they would assist in that endeavor, then EVERYBODY would be so uncomfortable, and deprived of placation, that they would be forced to disown "the system." South Africa's whites had the chance to leave, and many of them took that chance. This time, there is no room for running away; there are too many people and not enough space for them to run to. Americans and Canadians can't all hide in Iceland.

b185e2  No.12870122


I'm for Balkanization too, and I can tell you that Federal accelerationism combined with local nationalist infiltration is one of the best combos for white survival going forward, as it greases the wheels on either Balkanization or violent revolution, whichever it comes out to, while minimizing demographic losses.

4ebfea  No.12870309


Funny thing about yids, they live in enclaves or cities. Makes them easy to target with nukes. They don't really understand that 'mad' is not mad when the alternative to launching nukes or releasing class 4 bio weapons is the death of our species anyway, so why not cut out the cancer and give the patient an chance to live rather than guarantee an slow painful death.

09b461  No.12870330


Get over yourself, Americans are so pacified and cucked it’s not even funny

>long and proud history of revolution

One war, 300 years ago? Europe has had far more than that

09b461  No.12870340


People did fuck all under Obama, in fact they elected him AGAIN

45de93  No.12870347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tell that to Zundel.

09b461  No.12870357

File: 21c8cc89eb58d48⋯.png (253.85 KB, 639x1110, 213:370, 759C6B6C-48DD-471A-AB8A-61….png)


Ernst said that to appease Americans and stroke their ego, 54% white and has done nothing about it.

Let go of your ego and face reality, Hitler had foreseen this, America was doomed from the start

09b461  No.12870367

File: 13a31ff4f09639c⋯.jpeg (40.23 KB, 248x300, 62:75, 94BFBC31-DB8D-4957-B62B-3….jpeg)

45de93  No.12870372


Zundel foresaw the Weimar conditions coming to America. Zundel, like myself, has said this will provoke American revolution. Zundel contends that it must be America which stops ZOG first in the United States and then Europe. Accelerationism is coming. Weimar America is coming. The New American Order is coming. Are you mad?

45de93  No.12870374

09b461  No.12870378

File: 05eb876862dcf17⋯.png (15.11 KB, 420x474, 70:79, CD492139-E0B0-4BDD-BBDA-57….png)


>it will trigger another civil war

even the United Kuckdom is doing more than Americans at this point, there will not be a civil war in America, perhaps in 20-30 years a small state will secede, anything else is just letting your imagination go wild

45de93  No.12870381


>it will trigger another civil war

Who said this? Where have I once said

>the goal is another civil war


You muddy the argument.

09b461  No.12870384


>y-you’re just mad

Dude listen to yourself, quit larping and start putting in work.

09b461  No.12870390


Your quote exactly “ this will provoke American revolution”

You don’t even have an argument anymore, you’re just talking semantics

45de93  No.12870397


>Your quote exactly “ this will provoke American revolution”

Why are you equating revolution with civil war? See: >>12861975

why not lurk and read the thread before putting your foot in your mouth? that way you can counter the actual argument.

09b461  No.12870401


>Why are you equating revolution with civil war?

Semantics, my point still stands

I already called out this bullshit in >>12870390

45de93  No.12870404



is not an argument. revolution is not limited to warfare or civil war. go work on your pilpul.

09b461  No.12870414

File: 3d6cd5008e51462⋯.png (469.23 KB, 600x602, 300:301, 2A5C85B9-DC29-4C9F-9678-96….png)


>stop telling me to actually put in work instead of fantasising about revolution reeeee ur a Jew

Unbelievable, people like you are why America will never revolt. You’re too complacent even knowing the reality of the situation.

45de93  No.12870418

File: 62b5990183beb36⋯.jpg (248.21 KB, 1577x963, 1577:963, revolution nonviolent 1.JPG)

File: bac685b21a84eb7⋯.jpg (189.89 KB, 1579x865, 1579:865, revolution nonviolent 2.JPG)

File: 30545b591d3b2bf⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 1076x375, 1076:375, revolution nonviolent 3.JPG)


>gets called out for using pilpul

<b-but put in work

pics related. Accelerationism is about mass public awakening and the political change which results therefrom. How defeated can you get ITT?

09b461  No.12870431


>mass public awakening

>ZOGbotland full of mutts who “don’t care what race they are as long as they believe in muh American dream”


If they can’t agree on something so milquetoast like diversity makes a place worse, then they aren’t even gonna go near the JQ

45de93  No.12870441

File: d4dfa71a423306f⋯.jpg (55.67 KB, 1554x499, 1554:499, (((mutt))).JPG)


keep embarrassing yourself, rabbi

09b461  No.12870444


Yeah that pic has nothing to do with the topic at hand though

3ec636  No.12870451


bro dont take the bait , hes an internet fag

45de93  No.12870455

File: ef00dd18cf3545a⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 825x576, 275:192, (((mutt))) 2.JPG)


>haha Americans are mutts who dont care about race

<most Americans prefer marrying within their own race tho…

>haha that has nothing to do with the topic at hand

go work on your pilpul

09b461  No.12870475


>>haha Americans are mutts who dont care about race

No, but the amount of whites, mutts, and brown people who will actively undermine the idea of race certainly make up a large portion of America

><most Americans prefer marrying within their own race tho…

Again, I never said race mixing was common among whites


I think he’s not pretending to be retarded

45de93  No.12870476

File: 2039d0794c262df⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 618x670, 309:335, (((mutt))) 6.JPG)


>whites… who will undermine the idea of race certainly make up a large portion of America

>I never said race mixing was common among whites

pick one

09b461  No.12870485


Those are false equivalents and don’t contradict each other, you’re really grasping at straws

Whites in America are the least likely to use race as an identifier, and if you wanna break it down further and ask the importance of race it’s going to be even smaller

45de93  No.12870489

File: f58af5585e254a3⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 573x150, 191:50, (((mutt))) 8.JPG)


Whites in America are the least likely to marry outside of their own race :) Niggers and spics are racemixing. Only 17% of all married couples are mixed. You first got BTFO by trying to claim revolution is about civil war and now your got BTFO by claiming whites are too muttified to fight back for the preservation of their race and that they don't care about race. Please make another claim so you can get rekt.

09b461  No.12870497


>Whites in America are the least likely to marry outside of their own race :)

Again, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, I never said whites were mixing en masse

Being facetious won’t change the fact that your “revolution” simply won’t happen unless you start putting in work, fuck even then it’s far too late.

America is ZOG’d beyond recognition

>You first got BTFO by trying to claim revolution is about civil war

To act like these aren’t synonymous is being wilfully ignorant, back-pedal all you want about “n-no what I actually meant”, it doesn’t matter.

You already admitted America won’t have a civil war, and that’s what it will take to get things done

09b461  No.12870504

File: 5ab4df33b423a4d⋯.jpeg (253.57 KB, 750x671, 750:671, EB751AA7-C1E0-4808-BF00-7….jpeg)

45de93  No.12870505

File: 62d05a73ed54a10⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 1014x270, 169:45, (((mutt))) 7.JPG)


>this has nothing to do with the topic at hand

You said here >>12870431

<ZOGbotland full of mutts who “don’t care what race they are as long as they believe in muh American dream”

I debunked this claim here:





America is not full of mutts who don't care about race. Especially American whites who do care about race enough to choose to marry within their own group. Whites care about preserving their culture and soon they will be inspired to fight for it's preservation. This is what the kike fears.

45de93  No.12870506

09b461  No.12870513

File: 05eb876862dcf17⋯.png (15.11 KB, 420x474, 70:79, 90D90839-ED56-44DF-A654-69….png)

File: fe9843b03c4f244⋯.jpeg (529.86 KB, 750x1249, 750:1249, 1ABDE9EB-523D-48CC-AF00-C….jpeg)


>I debunked this claim here:

No, no you didn’t

45de93  No.12870517

File: 69b320640959c03⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 1023x704, 93:64, (((mutt))) 5.JPG)


>only 17% of all married couples are mixed

>whites prefer marrying within their own group

>racemixing is still frowned upon by the majority

<i better equate ethnic diversity with miscegenation to save face!

stay defeated

09b461  No.12870519


The cognitive dissonance… Jesus Christ.

Do you disagree with the statistics that show only 7% of Americans think racial diversity makes it a worse place to live?

45de93  No.12870521

File: 092d4101d7215c4⋯.png (706.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, israel mutt meme.png)


<i better equate ethnic diversity (living among other ethnic groups) with miscegenation (mixing with said groups) to save face!

Whites arent mixing anywhere near the level youve implied ITT. 17% of all married couples are mixed. Thats it.. despite ethnic diversity.

a253d1  No.12870522



Shill BTFO

09b461  No.12870528

File: fe9843b03c4f244⋯.jpeg (529.86 KB, 750x1249, 750:1249, 6A21F74A-B1F7-4100-ADB4-E….jpeg)

File: 05eb876862dcf17⋯.png (15.11 KB, 420x474, 70:79, E5E276E8-D051-4B90-ADF8-D5….png)


Again, you can continue straw-manning about miscegenation or whatever it is you’re obsessed with, it won’t change the fact that the majority of Americans embrace racial diversity, and do not believe in the importance of race



09b461  No.12870532



><i better equate ethnic diversity (living among other ethnic groups) with miscegenation

I never said this, you did

45de93  No.12870533


>you can continue straw-manning about miscegenation

You call rekting your argument strawmanning? You claimed I failed to debunk this claim:

>America is not full of mutts who don't care about race. Especially American whites who do care about race enough to choose to marry within their own



You then attempted to prove yourself correct by falsely claiming Americans preferring ethnic diversity is the same as Americans preferring miscegenation which I called you out on here:



White Americans who enjoy living in a multi-cultural society also prefer marrying within their own race; their multiculturalism does not equate to their acceptance of racemixing.

Now stay defeated.

09b461  No.12870550

File: c7b3a99e380d536⋯.jpeg (112.3 KB, 1600x691, 1600:691, B515B30C-F78A-46EB-8FE9-E….jpeg)


America is in fact full of mutts who will do anything to undermine the importance of race

Now your entire straw man about equating that to whites breeding with nonwhites is all on you buddy, I never even mentioned whites outbreeding

>White Americans who enjoy living in a multi-cultural society also prefer marrying within their own race

I never mentioned “white Americans” in that post you utter moron, I said the general consensus in America is that race is not important to them, which is true, they do not understand the significance of race

You didn’t even argue against my premise, you’re arguing against your own made up premise you schizo

45de93  No.12870556

File: 727243fd77144c2⋯.png (165.51 KB, 416x310, 208:155, Defeat---accept-it.png)


>America is full of mutts!

>whites will never fight for their race!

<whites prefer marrying within their own race and only 17% of all married couples are mixed tho..


09b461  No.12870568


>>America is full of mutts!

-who will undermine the importance of race, correct

>>whites will never fight for their race!

Not when they don’t understand the importance of race

><whites prefer marrying within their own race and only 17% of all married couples are mixed tho..

and those 17% of mixed couples will for sure be egalitarian civnats and muddy the gene pool some more


It’s not relevant, because this entire miscegenation straw man was your completely made up position and not mine

Show me that the majority of whites, not Americans just whites, understand the importance of race. Until then, you’re arguing against your own straw men

45de93  No.12870577


>Not when they don’t understand the importance of race

Whites prefer marrying within their own race as it is. Seems to me they have an understanding.

>Show me that the majority of whites, not Americans just whites, understand the importance of race.

That was never my claim. Accelerationism is about waking up whites to the threat of their racial genocide. Note I haven't said anything about non-whites and mixed-raced people. Accelerationism will work because:

>whites are already semi-woke about race which is why they prefer to not mix

>whites now need to become aware of their replacement, forced to address the issue, which will weaponize their awareness of race

Anything else, Moshe?

09b461  No.12870603

File: 42b2cd9907a2b7a⋯.png (130.23 KB, 712x303, 712:303, YP race attraction.png)


>>Not when they don’t understand the importance of race

>Whites prefer marrying within their own race as it is. Seems to me they have an understanding.

There are many reasons as to why whites, white women in particular would virtually only marry whites, it's because whites are the most attractive of all, again it's a non-argument against the fact that Americans don't understand the importance of race, and therefore will not be in favour of an ethnostate.

>>Show me that the majority of whites, not Americans just whites, understand the importance of race.

>That was never my claim.

Then what the fuck is? You keep retracting your own arguments.

>>whites are already semi-woke about race which is why they prefer to not mix

No, they prefer not to mix because nonwhites are generally subhuman, you do have swathes of white men marrying Asian women in America however, also the MGTOW question

>>whites now need to become aware of their replacement, forced to address the issue, which will weaponize their awareness of race

Do you have any evidence of this?

45de93  No.12870606


24 million white Americans hold "Alt-Right" or pro-race beliefs.


>they prefer not to mix because nonwhites are generally subhuman

which shows they have a concept of race to even think that way.

>Do you have any evidence of this?

Yes. Weimar Germany becoming NatSoc Germany.

09b461  No.12870622


>24 million

7% of the US population SEVEN PERCENT, there are more ethno-nationalists in Europe than that ffs

>which shows they have a concept of race to even think that way

You're definitely jumping to conclusions, you don't need to be white nationalist to understand that white people in general have better looks

>Yes. Weimar Germany becoming NatSoc Germany.

You cannot compare Weimar Germany, 30's era Germany, to modern day America.

Complete nonequivalent

45de93  No.12870627


>of the US population

I'm not considered with the US population but white white population. What percent is that of white Americans, anon?

>You cannot compare Weimar Germany, 30's era Germany, to modern day America.

We're on our way. Crossdressing children, push for pedophile rights, drug epidemic, etc.. Accelerationism says

>things must get worse before they get better

09b461  No.12870643


>I'm not considered with the US population but white white population. What percent is that of white Americans, anon?

It didn't break it down that way, just 7% of ALL Americans, but if we did break it down on an ethnic level, it would only be 10% of white America

>We're on our way. Crossdressing children, push for pedophile rights, drug epidemic, etc..

Again, America is not 30's era Germany. Get real, so many factors that go into that such as the Freikorps (totalling 100k), still a strong sense of tradition, no internet and very cohesive and nationalistic societies, they were also not being invaded by millions upon millions of brown people

72e132  No.12870651


>you do have swathes of white men marrying Asian women in America


Yes, since about 99 percent of men are deemed Unworthy by the 20 percent of the females who are actually attractive. Having been milked dry by some fat lazy sow, then raped in court, yes, in desperation, men turn to gooks, etc, who at least ACT human.

It beats the heck out of being with some sow who has no shred of morality, humanity, or desirability left, due, most likely to having it all fucked out of her by niggers.

BTW, men if you want a virgin, and figure your chances of being someone's Chad in Fatbitchland are pretty low, go to Vietnam. No sex before marriage, but, you know she ain't been the Town Pump, either, unlike every American woman over the age of six.

45de93  No.12870652

File: f8d080eda476276⋯.jpg (222.6 KB, 1919x912, 101:48, 10% rule.JPG)


>it would only be 10% of white America

10% of white America holds unshakeable pro-racial views.


Accelerationism is the catalyst that will assist in radicalizing the remaining white majority who already show racial awareness by their marriage preferences. All that remains is to give Democratic Socialists power, allow them to create anti-white policies, and encourage whites to fight back… exactly how it happened in Weimar Germany. The alternative is slow motion genocide.

09b461  No.12870669



>10% of white America holds unshakeable pro-racial views.


>completely disregards the dwindling birth rates and massive influx of nonwhites

If Accelerationism, that you think that’s what will sort the problem, hasn’t happened yet then it never will.

And here we are, back to my original point

45de93  No.12870677

File: 935ed2762610525⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, mfw smug in august.jpg)


>completely disregards the dwindling birth rates and massive influx of nonwhites

lol even with the dwindling birth rates and non-white immigration, as you said, 10% of whites hold unshakeable pro-white views. So your rebuttable is irrelevant.

>If Accelerationism, that you think that’s what will sort the problem, hasn’t happened yet then it never will

My strategy of Accelerationism has never been tried like this. So we'll try it, because again: the alternative is slow motion genocide. If Accelerationism doesn't work, whites get replaced. If Accelerationism isn't tried, whites get replaced. There's really no down-side to this method.

09b461  No.12870679

File: 477d6ca7b210343⋯.jpg (208.09 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1546831675156.jpg)


>lol even with the dwindling birth rates and non-white immigration, as you said, 10% of whites hold unshakeable pro-white views. So your rebuttable is irrelevant.

Yeah, that's only IF your source was "24-million WHITE Americans hold alt-right views", but if you want to assert that it's whites, then pinpoint to me where it was just whites and not all Americans in general?

>My strategy of Accelerationism has never been tried like this

So you've been asserting your idea as a fact? Makes a whole lot of sense

45de93  No.12870687

File: 203830ed3a72bf9⋯.jpg (59.41 KB, 1666x376, 833:188, 24 million whites.JPG)


You didn't even glance at the source I gave? Are you debating honestly or practicing pilpul? Pic related.

>So you've been asserting your idea as a fact? Makes

And why not? Here are the facts:

>If Accelerationism fails, whites are replaced by the Left

>If Accelerationism isn't tried, whites are replaced by the Right

>If Accelerationism succeeds, whites replace both Right and Left without replacing themselves

Unless you think there's another solution? Please tell.

09b461  No.12870693


Read the actual study it was based on dude, only a minority of those people, those "24 million" (which is false btw the sample size was 3k), only 28% of those had "feelings of white identity"


It's atomising even further, this makes whites who have white identity as 0.028%

45de93  No.12870717


>24 million whites are objectively racist (prowhite)

<yeah but it's not really 24 million

stahp. what is your alternative to Accelerationism?

09b461  No.12870728


0.028% of the US population has a sense of white identity and I just proved that.

>What's your alternative to accelerationism

For America? Nothing, the populace is too pacified and dumbed down.

45de93  No.12870734

File: 58e258a0fc73f0f⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 1514x393, 1514:393, enough to build upon.JPG)


>I have no solution to stop white genocide in America

>But I'm also shilling against the only strategy with any possibility for stopping white genocide in America

very telling of (((you))).

09b461  No.12870746

File: b3a85e90c1103e0⋯.png (94.1 KB, 776x384, 97:48, zzogmfft.png)


Do you even know what that article is about, clown? It was about how people who approved of Trump's response to Charlottesville = Neonazis

You're using actual fake news to support your claims and it's not even supporting what you say either.



1,014 people were polled, you cannot extrapolate the views of 1k to the views of 22m, absolutely laughable

Actually read it before you use it as a source

"Nine per cent of Americans say holding neo-Nazi or white supremacist views is acceptable, according to a new poll.

The Washington Post ABC poll was carried out in the wake of the deadly racially-charged violence which erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville earlier this month. If extrapolated to the entire US population, nine per cent would equate to 22 million people.

According to the survey, 83 per cent of Americans think holding neo-Nazi views is unacceptable. "


9% of the people polled would total a little over 90 people, not 22million

Fearmongering libshit news sites as a source now, crazy

45de93  No.12870752

File: de64d503fba77be⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 677x428, 677:428, enough to build upon 4.JPG)


Why are you still trying? Your statement here: >>12870728 is the best advertisement I could ask for regarding Accelerationism. Every single shill who argues against my method wants white genocide to happen in America. Only a kike would say, Let white genocide happen! America is shit anyway! You wasted hours of running pilpul with that one statement. But I am a gentleman and will not kick you while down, instead I humbly accept your defeat, Moshe.

09b461  No.12870758


>calls me a jew and a shill for disagreeing

>yet shamelessly uses JEWISH fearmongering media to support his idea that America is full of hurr muh neo nazis

09b461  No.12870759


Also, that would make "neo-nazis" 4% of the US population, but then again they count people who vote trump as fucking nazis these days

45de93  No.12870762



>2 replies

You're seething. Anyway. Thanks for the promotion of Accelerationism. We will fight European-American genocide whether (((you))) like it or not. I'm off for a while but feel free to kvetch in my thread.

09b461  No.12870766


>no argument

>Y-you're seethig h-heh at least I got 2 replies


I'm not necessarily even against accelerationism, it just wont work in America whatsoever and I've thoroughly proved that

feb460  No.12871260

File: a101360f05178c4⋯.jpg (152.14 KB, 685x738, 685:738, 20190303_050438.jpg)


I've never seen this Pepe before, how magnificent, Also allegation is great how to start the races going the way of(((them))) ooo

000000  No.12871599


I think there has been 20 total years of peace in the entire history of the United States. We haven't had 'one war' 300 years ago we have had (for all intents and purposes) non-stop war for the last 300 years. There is no way Europeans could ever top that.

704382  No.12873594

File: 79456cbabd7f240⋯.jpg (163.28 KB, 578x712, 289:356, Accelerationism.jpg)

45de93  No.12873611

File: 5de09d97408cc2f⋯.gif (298.76 KB, 500x266, 250:133, accelerate.gif)


jews are terrified of accelerationism

d2f109  No.12873639

Here's why we need to help the Bolsheviks overthrow the Csar and Holodomore the Ukrainians. Once we hit rock bottom the sheeple will surely wake up. - (((OP)))

704382  No.12873646



t. accelerationist

45de93  No.12873655

File: 9f6f77a76814adc⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 812x1024, 203:256, brainlet 58.jpg)


>over-exposure to the Enemy's genocidal plans, forcing whites to wake up and address the issue, means your Enemy wins

49c388  No.12873666



This is proven to never happen.

45de93  No.12873669


>This is proven to never happen.

Really? When have whites been educated on their genocide and provided with a leader, or leaders, who aren't



and promoted uprising?

45de93  No.12876933


When asked a direct question shills never have an answer

c68a79  No.12880444

File: 4902d05753144a4⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, 4902d05753144a4e2f4e4d877a….png)

File: 5ccfc5c746be56d⋯.jpg (452.61 KB, 2314x1681, 2314:1681, jefferson-1.jpg)

File: 867bee316194f31⋯.jpg (217.69 KB, 627x500, 627:500, 1447490335385.jpg)

Shut your fucking cock holsters you fucking faggots. Accelerationism is not putting the gun to your own head. It is removing the creature comforts that is distracting the masses from the slow destruction they're going under. In no way should you support marxist goals. That is fucking idiotic. Only shills or low-IQ fucktards say that. You're not accelerating the racial pollution of your nation, you're accelerating the rate at which the population recognizes that they're being replaced.

And how you do that is simple: you attack the systems supplying those creature comforts. Power substations and gas pipelines (fuel for back-up generators, if you attack the power grid you have to attack these simultaneously) are almost completely unprotected and deserted across the nation. Destroy these from a distance to avoid electrocuting or exploding yourself, use your imagination. Avoid pump stations along the pipeline, those will be protected and possibly populated. Destroy cellular and radio towers, again from a distance to avoid frying yourself from the EM radiation. Be careful, these will be protected, and may or may not be populated. There are others I can think of, but will not mention for reasons. If I can think of them, you can too.

45de93  No.12880463


>you attack the systems supplying those creature comforts. Power substations and gas pipelines (fuel for back-up generators, if you attack the power grid you have to attack these simultaneously) are almost completely unprotected and deserted across the nation.



e6b73c  No.12880471



>137 spam posts

>can't list a single time to prove me wrong

Hey, thanks for proving me right.

45de93  No.12880500




>When have whites been educated on their genocide and provided with a leader, or leaders, who aren't:




The answer is Hitler's Germany.

e6b73c  No.12880505


The answer to a question which wasn't asked. Whites can never be forced to wake up. They won't do it. Ever. No amount of demographic reduction is sufficient. No amount of social change is sufficient.

45de93  No.12880507

File: bcf57ab11524548⋯.jpg (224.17 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, hitler color 16 crowds.jpg)


>Whites can never be forced to wake up. They won't do it. Ever.

tell that to pic related

c68a79  No.12880515


A fed would tell you specifically how to do it because it will either not work, harm or kill the user, rack up additional charges to hit you with, or would be easily identifiable through forensics, thus narrowing the search of their suspects. I encouraged you to use you imagination. A fed would encourage you to pick targets that can cause collateral damage to people, landing you with endangerment, potentially manslaughter and even possibly murder charges, instead of just vandalism. Alternatively, a fed would encourage you to pick targets that are seemingly abandoned, but have very strong passive detection systems, ensuring you are caught. I advised to pick targets that are largely deserted, and are so numerous and widespread that to employ this level or protection on them would be infeasible.

d6a304  No.12880517

Don't sleep. Every street goon with be sfter you rich fuckers.

45de93  No.12880519

File: b26029fba95173c⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, cianiggers.jpg)


>we should commit acts of domestic terrorism

>not me tho…

>you goys do it

8aa016  No.12880533


I wish that I was raised to recognize how beautiful that picture instead of only finding out in adulthood.

45de93  No.12880536

File: 4ebd540c026276c⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 500x375, 4:3, feels.jpg)

a5da13  No.12880541



I think we can all tell who the real shill is here

45de93  No.12880542


>OP has 140 post replying to different anons, engaging debate, and exposing CIAniggers like myself

>oy vey

c3b6e6  No.12880547

c3b6e6  No.12880549


It is kind of his J-O-B as the OP ya know?

3c6bb6  No.12880581

File: aa695991dd60e81⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1313x775, 1313:775, Universal Language.png)


Have another, anon.

3c6bb6  No.12880591


Anon. I profoundly disagree with your jpg

In the lefthand image we see anon parrying a thrust in a manner that not only exposes his underarm to the enemy, but more importantly he is using the center of his blade to deflect the thrust in a very weak wrist position.

Far better to parry the thrust with the strong of the blade as shown in the right-hand image and done in a way where your wrist strength is stronger.

Where on earth is this advice from?

e2786f  No.12880737


there are other alternative

Fight Against Anti-European politics

European ancestor were magnificent warrior who conquer the world

All these Post-war Anti-European politics started when European men chose not to fight

You can't convince non-European to give up all these social benefit come from left

You can't convince Conservative not becoming traitorous whore

Only solution is recognized biological fact that Non-European can't be the European, and European men choose to fight

c3b6e6  No.12880749


That one is very nice as well. Good job.

23f26c  No.12881261


All very interesting. But your leader's analysis of the IRA is hopelessly ignorant. The British never wanted Ulster and view it as a massive expense and irritation. The IRA lost and badly - by the mid late 80s they were completely infested with double-agents, MI5,touts,informers etc. They utterly failed. NI is still firmly part of the UK because a million mad ulster protestants wanted it that way - a white pill believe it or not. So much so that NI is currently causing a major constitutional crisis in the UK and the republic over Brexit. So unfortunately your leader, on this particular subject - doesnt know what the fuck he's talking about.

652d6b  No.12905904

File: 554cc971a4287b5⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 403x480, 403:480, b5bdb7f0e2fb5cabbd9c6df38e….jpg)


<accelerationism goy

<just vote for democrats and communists you'll get everything you ever wanted

How is it that people don't see this for what it is?

00dcd6  No.12906641

no, the possess of peacefully resisting is the necessary first step in any revolution if for no reason that to assemble those that share the conflicting thesis to the dominant thesis. it is necessary that all legal peaceful and "moral" attempts are made before violence breaks out. if Clinton would have won then "nationalists" would have just tried again in 4 years but if we get someone in office who does nothing. and everyone realizes that it didn't work then escalation can continue.

45de93  No.12906767


>you'll get everything you ever wanted

Quite the opposite. People will get everything they're getting right now under the Right but in such a way they're forced to acknowledge it and realize they dont want it.


Agree with this. At the point escalation must continue the majority of People will support you as well as many in the Intelligence and law enforcement communities.

3ec636  No.12906783


simply , honestly ,

its the only way, prove me wrong.

protip: you know its all fucked

9032aa  No.12906851


Good point. This is very true. But Amerimutts are ignorant and europoors eat shit and love the taste from 3rd world boots

000000  No.12914812

How can you accelerate if you go novote?

Shouldn't you demvote instead, for the side that's surely going to favor more liberalism, faggotry and gibs?

You should decide if you want to buy time for a supposed arming of whites, which just makes the situation worse in truth since whites are already sufficiently armed, or crash the system?

29f7ab  No.12916057


>Shouldn't you demvote instead

Yeah, demvote for candidates who will further the anti-Zionist agenda. Gibs don't aid Accelerationism but complacency. Gabbard and Sanders are the best choices if you go this route due to their stance on Israel.

a0f068  No.12916076


Stance on Israel is not important, because Israel is not the top priority for jews. The biggest priority for the parasite is to live of the host. You will find plenty of jews, like Sanders, who advocate for the destruction of white people and take a critical stance on Israel. Just as you will find plenty of jews who advocate for the destruction of white people and support Israel. If you focus on Israel, then you are a fucking idiot.

000000  No.12916077


Vote Zionist. It's crazy but anything else is akin to pushing the boiling temperature so slowly that the frog doesn't notice.

Accelerationism will show the System for what it is, as brutally as necessary. That's the idea. Clinton would have been a better option.

You can't heal America.

c03f66  No.12916081

>suicide cult thread is STILL up

29f7ab  No.12916084

File: ec1f46ac472650a⋯.png (43.95 KB, 439x290, 439:290, shilling.png)


>Stance on Israel is not important


>Vote Zionist

we did that with trump. very little has changed.

a0f068  No.12916088

What all you fucking retards who promote "accelerationalism" have to explain is: how come the people who want to support are either all jews, controlled by jews or influenced by jews? In what alternative universe does it hurt your enemy to lay down your weapons and bend over for him?

29f7ab  No.12916091


>how come the people who want to support are either all jews, controlled by jews or influenced by jews?



Jews co-opt every word and movement because they're not smart enough to create their own.

>In what alternative universe does it hurt your enemy to lay down your weapons and bend over for him?

This has nothing to do with Accelerationism.

a0f068  No.12916092


ITT you have people claiming that it would somehow be good for us to vote for a jew, Sanders, justifying it with that he is critical of Israel.

He is still a fucking jew, you shabbos goy.

29f7ab  No.12916098


Haven't you figured out how the 2020 elections were rigged yet? They're preparing to pull the same shit. If you know their plan and method you can make it work in your favor. Figure this shit out and then form an opinion on strategy.

29f7ab  No.12916109


<2016 elections

a0f068  No.12916231


You claim a lot of shit just to avoid admitting that you are advocating for us to support jews.

8e9ba9  No.12916260


>implying voting matters

>implying the elections aren’t rigged

>implying they’re not on video admitting they’ve done this for 60 years

>implying all voting machines aren’t owned by jewish companies



>implying Trump has deported a single nonwhite in his entire presidency

What are you even saying, dumbass?

a0f068  No.12916298


I am saying that we have people ITT claiming that we should support jews, because somehow that is better for us, and it is ok if they are critical towards Israel. Because somehow it is bad for our enemies if we lay down our weapons and let them rule.

Nice greentext list you wrote. I really hope that you aren't an accelerationalist who wants us to support jews. Because you cannot do that and still claim that voting doesn't matter.

29f7ab  No.12916300

File: 03c32681070f513⋯.png (89.05 KB, 768x737, 768:737, Bernie Controlled OP.PNG)


I made a post just for you


Maybe you'll read it, decide if it makes sense, and realize I'm not LARPing.

2b982e  No.12916316


>if we pretend our enemies are secretly on our side, we win!

8e9ba9  No.12916369


No, you were already exposed.

2b982e  No.12916440


What? That was my first post in this thread.

000000  No.12916598


>we did that with trump. very little has changed.

nah, you didn't really

because trump was to be seen as anti, he couldn't deliver full steam the way clinton would have had. and he still has to put up a sufficient level of pretense to fool people.

29f7ab  No.12916636

File: dae6eeea8a91cdb⋯.jpg (147.37 KB, 1347x857, 1347:857, trump white genocide 3.JPG)


we're heading into our third year of pretense..

000000  No.12916656


every single year counts. all you know is that there wouldn't be such a complicated dance with clinton: more degenerates would have been there from day one with her. trump has to mimic upholding good values.

have i to explain the difference between 30 mph and 90 mph now?

29f7ab  No.12916660


> more degenerates would have been there from day one with her.

that would have been better. the People would not have had time to be lulled to sleep and maybe they would have fought back right then.

>trump has to mimic upholding good values.

while he continues white genocide. that's what i mean: he's just there to placate the populace.

0374a6  No.12916933


Bernier was a Liberal Party operation to contain the fringe. Then SNC-Lavalin (CIA front) came out and it changed the channel.