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File: 93abf96454ddc12⋯.png (200.71 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 38f72bc518c6b8811e20556171….png)

File: 7d012da82ec230b⋯.jpg (180.52 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 7d012da82ec230b6a1858e626d….jpg)

d27a41  No.12859725

Are you weak or fat? Ofcourse you are. If a black guy tries to mug you will you be able to defend yourself? Ofcourse not. Wanna change these things? Ofcourse you do! ==If you are not an aryan superman, literally nothing else pol related matters==

Step 1: Muscle Mass

To gain the physique of pic related you need 3 things:

#1: 7 hours of sleep each night. YOU WILL NOT EVER GAIN MUSCLE IF YOU DON'T ALLOW YOUR BODY TIME TO RECOVER. Not everyone gets enough sleep because they stay up playing vidya or doing weeb stuff. Dont make this mistake.

#2. Proper diet! Treat your body like a temple. AVOID SODA AND PACKAGED MEALS AT ALL COSTS! When I grocery shop, I always always always read the nutrition facts and the ingredients. IF IT CONTAINS SOY OR FLAX DONT EAT IT! Each morning I eat 4 eggs with mushrooms 3 slices of ham and a chunk of swiss chiece and a clump of spinach. Lunch is usually steak with brown rice and brocolli or celery. Dinner is usually salmon with whole grain pasta and corn or yams. I usually have 3 or 4 snacks a day of fruit, a bunch of almonds, or Greek yogurt. IF YOUR NATURALLY SKINNY, USE THAT DIET! I'm also naturally skinny and this diet works great. If your naturally larger, just cut down carbs by a huge amount and stay away from sugar. You need to be able to cook your own food! I had no idea how to cook first, so I used my big ass brain and figured it out. Look up how to cook a medium steak on skillet. Theres plenty of videos out there.

#3. Get proper exercise! There's really only 2 ways to get good results: at home workouts and the gym. An at home setup has a bigger startup cost but the gym costs more in the long run. Personally I prefer the gym. At the gym you should be doing the 5x5 method. Here's an in depth explanation: https://stronglifts.com/5x5/#Why_This_Works If you cant afford gym and you cant afford weights: just try out the exercises in the second pic.

Step 2: Warrior Training

You need to be able to fight like john wick. To do this, work from the ground up.

#1. Hand to hand combat, essentially just MMA. I started with spetsnaz systema, but this is very rare so you should just find classes to teach you krav maga. Mua Thai is also very good, and judo is decent enough. Look up classes nearby, it'll take you ATLEAST 6 months to become good enough at it to progress to part 2.

#2. Learn how to properly use firearms. This is the subject I have the least experience with. I've had a few range lessons, but not enough to preach on how to be proficient at it. Just start with pistols, and try to take your first shots with someone experienced nearby.

Step 3: Accquire Greater Knowledge

You need to learn skills that can be used in practical scenarios, and skills that would only be utilized in some sort of race war.

#1. Practical skills like being able to change your own oil, fix a broken something in your house, or survive in the wilderness are really important skills a man should master. For this I'd recommend; watching videos online, going to the library to read a book on it, or taking a course on it at your local community college. So far I've learned to change my own oil and sew my clothes back together if they rip. I'm also learning Russian.

90 percent of the mods are Jewish so I fully expect this to get taken down. Just try to follow this 3 step method to become a better man.


e98858  No.12859736

File: f4465dbb8fe3a43⋯.jpg (36.11 KB, 476x675, 476:675, cff660b90bcd15fd52bc69b6c8….jpg)


> it'll take you ATLEAST 6 months to become good enough at it to progress to part 2

>#2. Learn how to properly use firearms

I must've done that backwards because I started using firearms when I was 8 we're all meat on the inside and if you can kill and field dress a deer when you're a prepubescent, you're miles ahead of most urbanites

d27a41  No.12859745


Well lucky you, but most of us are from urban areas, me included. I thought about adding hunting to the list but that might be a stretch for most people because of the obvious reasons of hunting areas being too far and stuff

e98858  No.12859753


>most of us are from urban areas, me included

me too, but that never stopped me

>hunting areas being too far

there are organizations like Hunting Sports Plus that lease land for hunting; don't let a perceived lack of access stop you from getting truly in touch with nature.

51ad3a  No.12859764


>rice, grain pasta, corn

Way too many carbs. You're making yourself slow.

000000  No.12859765


nice thumbnail chart, faggot. bodyweight is excellent btw. within six weeks using the exercises in convict conditioning 6 days a week i dramatically changed my overall strength and physique, especially my upper body. i highly doubt this is is by and for 'convicts' but the progression approach really works, even if you are fat.


76c722  No.12859770


>no forearm exercises


b09c3c  No.12859773


>Are you weak or fat? Ofcourse you are. If a black guy tries to mug you will you be able to defend yourself? Ofcourse not. Wanna change these things? Ofcourse you do! ==If you are not an aryan superman, literally nothing else pol related matters==

kill yourself and fuck off back to cuckchan/reddit

d27a41  No.12859778

File: 10e416f76173962⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 720x720, 1:1, qv896Up.jpg)

d27a41  No.12859783


If you have a high metabolism you need a lot of carbs because they all get burned off so fast. I should probably be having more

524757  No.12859793

Cmon man krav maga is for retard larp jews. Learn muay thai, bjj, and mma. DO NOT LEARN MUAY THAI AT A MMA GYM. They dont fucking know anything about muay thai, youll end up looking like karate kid. Mma is really crap but its useful to combine striking and ground. But go back to the source and learn striking from strikers and ground from bjj. Catch wrestling is also acceptable for ground. Dutch kickboxing is acceptable for striking. NOTHING ELSE. Krav maga is some seriously stupid shit and you will get fucked if you try to use it irl.

Carry a knife if not a handgun. But remember a gun is a crutch, a motivated attacker can draw a knife and cut you from 30 feet away before you can draw your gun.

Skip the carbs and starches. Eat veggies and meat. Keto diet if you can. At the very least IF. Even if you are "bulking" Learn how to butcher your own animals. If you can't hunt you can at least buy bulk meat and process it yourself.

You dont need a gym. Bodyweight is plenty. Any routine, just be consistent. If you do hit the gym, powerlift. Do compound exercises. Don't do bicep curls you fucking fruitcake. And don't use any fucking machines other than a treadmill or bike and only then if its subzero temps outside. Those machines exist for white cunts to exercise with minimql effort. That wont get you anywhere.

But most importantly, dont spend any time around people who dont have those same lifestyles. Crabs in a bucket is a very real phenomenon. I deserted my life entirely to seek fortune in Alaska 10 years ago and never looked back. The people I left behind are weak and poor and just becoming more so. They would not want to see me succeed and would actively prevent it. Take heed faggot.

b09c3c  No.12859799


>You are a jew for calling out my shit thread

>implying /pol/ is physically unfit/ le neckbeard mene

>"black guy"


>Fails to use red text correctly

Back to where cuckoldry is practiced and is considered normal



000000  No.12859805


>I deserted my life entirely to seek fortune in Alaska 10 years ago and never looked back

You're living my dream. Godspeed Anon.


This Anon has a point OP. You're not supposed to post here until you've lurked for two years first. At the least learn to spell the word 'nigger'.

d27a41  No.12859833

File: 2bed186409593a8⋯.png (44.76 KB, 558x614, 279:307, a33.png)


He really doesn't. Hes calling the thread shit because its pro white and he is Jewish. >>12859805

d27a41  No.12859839


>someone can cut you from 30 feet away

Lol ok mr genius. Taking my whole thread and putting it in your own words is kinda retarded and unnecessary. But whatever. Enjoy Alaska

0f2666  No.12859840

>John Wick

Anybody else noticed how many times he kicked people in the balls in those movies?

524757  No.12859857


Sorry i had to tell everyone not to do krav maga because its the stupidest jew shit in existence and then I got to rambling.

27a8e3  No.12859864

File: 05e06dacefb5f6a⋯.pdf (217.4 KB, Hitman - A Technical Manua….pdf)

File: 92581994c0830a5⋯.pdf (613.21 KB, Operators_manual_m9_9mm_ha….pdf)

File: 75b4a1656894a6e⋯.pdf (193.72 KB, Psychology of Killing.pdf)

File: 9e3214b0829645d⋯.pdf (460 KB, CIA - A Study of Assassina….pdf)

File: d4e2d9350937400⋯.pdf (4.84 MB, CIA Combat Training.pdf)


>Step 1: Muscle Mass

>#1: 7 hours of sleep each night.

>#2. Proper diet! Treat your body like a temple

>#3. Get proper exercise!

>Step 2: Warrior Training

>#1. Hand to hand combat, essentially just MMA

This is how I know you're not serious about it and you just wanted a lot of (You)

MMA will help you in situation against untrained normies but never against low-impulse-control/high-test/low-IQ savages.

You won't sleep well if you start fucking up people left and right I can garantee you that, they'll come back after you twice as hard and you specially need to be prepared for that

>#2. Learn how to properly use firearms.

>#1. Practical skills like being able to change your own oil, fix a broken something in your house, or survive in the wilderness are really important skills a man should master.

Those are the only things that are worth learningand please don't cite pedowood movie as example you retard

d27a41  No.12859876


>spams a fuck ton of unnamed files

>I'm smart your stupid hahaha

I Didn't learn mma I learned spetsnaz systema. Learn to read you dumb nigger. Your other argument is absolutely retarded. Go ask bibi to help you shill better.

d27a41  No.12859883


I've heard from a lot of people that its pretty good if you get jumped out on the street, but I haven't actually tried it myself. If you think its shit then ok I cant actually dispute that. I Didn't even know the heebs used it either

bca3b9  No.12859887


MMA is idiotic. Do you really think grappling ability is worth a goddamn thing except in a regulated sport. Supposed you do manage to get the guy on the ground and into a hold. What are you going to do about his three friends who are now kicking the shit out of you? One-on-one confrontations are extremely rare in real life. Muggers always go in pairs.

There is only ONE THING you need to be concerned with when attacked, and it's causing the maximum amount of damage as quickly as possible and then running the fuck away. Most of that isn't going to be taught in MMA because it's all "illegal" like hitting the groin, neck, or eyes. The last thing you should ever worry about is that you might be "fighting dirty". People who fight clean end up dead in the gutter.

000000  No.12859889


>or survive in the wilderness are really important skills a man should master

not exactly 'survival' but interesting stuff nonetheless.



don't be defensive OP. it makes you look like a faggot. just argue your position and let it rest at that. lurk two years.

ad5f51  No.12859890

File: d7491489f994ee5⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 1506x731, 1506:731, BEANS.jpg)

Heil Bean-ler

Second meal effect is a god-teir knowledge in getting /fit/

When you eat food, you wanna eat it, not just ram something in your mouth, then shit it out

Make sure your gut health is good, the gut is almost more important than the rest of your entire bodies, you can literally live with half a brain, but god fucking help you if your stomach isn't feeling well

Remember to avoid high anti-androgen foods like soy

Anti-androgens will fuck your ass up

Phytoestrogen is in a FUCKLOAD of foods, basically every fruit, and many vegetables

I heard phytoestrogen is weaker than regular estrogen, but gets used more & blocks estrogen more, if so, than that would mean you'd get big gains from eating more plant stuffs

Also watch out from dairy & certain meats

The hormones pumped in them can easily be your downfall

Your body has a balance, keep it balanced

d27a41  No.12859891

File: 0903bf893bb66b8⋯.jpg (173.97 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, You need to go back to red….jpg)


You really really really really need to go back.

d27a41  No.12859892

File: 251e44beb412ed9⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 255x189, 85:63, ae204223baffd642fd97482929….jpg)


The first autism free reply. Thanks anon. Doing gods work

d27a41  No.12859899

File: 4686f648e32054e⋯.jpeg (62.22 KB, 750x706, 375:353, 5b576db81f9ed.jpeg)


>muggers always go in pairs


>once you do enough damage you need to run away!

Jesus christ what a fucking pussy

27a8e3  No.12859935

File: 99112d0b8baad76⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 640x640, 1:1, systema fail.webm)

File: 8bf42c11aa36d8d⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1489x2935, 1489:2935, shtf.jpg)


> I learned spetsnaz systema

Systema like krav only able the jew to free the goyim from hard earned money but I'm the one who is dumb.

You wanted a discussion on becoming a hard2kill aka "superGOYman" and I delivered docs on it so don't a high estrogen faggot and level up.

You'll get a reality check soon enough I hope and when you do come reporting in.


>not exactly 'survival' but interesting stuff nonetheless.

Will watch anything that can help resist, being able to live outside is of great utility.

OP also need to train his brain to be more calm less stressed and less defensive, he'll never make it against savage if getting criticized make him suicidal

bca3b9  No.12859964


Macho men also end up dead in the gutter, but don't let that stop you. Go right ahead and find a large group of big niggers and start talking shit. Prove how you're not a pussy. Post results or have your next of kin do so. I can't wait.

603bce  No.12860022


WHAT the fuck are they doing in this video?

000000  No.12860029


All will amount to nothing if you don't dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

Teach yourself means to feel good about killing your enemies and their allies. Teach your children the same.

No power can achieve anything without the will to be violent.

31fb57  No.12860049

File: 725934e203c7d1a⋯.jpg (108.13 KB, 800x1010, 80:101, wp-content/uploads/2014/10….jpg)

File: 1c6ee1376e1ba9a⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, wp-content/uploads/2014/10….jpg)

File: cbe080fb1ea18c0⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 800x1003, 800:1003, wp-content/uploads/2014/10….jpg)

File: e1d3bfcf1a247d3⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 800x1010, 80:101, wp-content/uploads/2014/10….jpg)

File: 0164d24ef23e986⋯.jpg (83.4 KB, 800x995, 160:199, wp-content/uploads/2014/10….jpg)

When the last surviving veterans of Napoleon's Grande Armee were in their 70's the Daugerreotype was invented just in time to capture them all on film before they vanished into the sands of time….

d9a746  No.12860077


Sit ups are useless FYI.

Leg raises, specifically weighted leg raises are master race, that and using an ab-whee, those are also great for core exercise.

374de4  No.12860078


> I thought about adding hunting to the list but that might be a stretch for most people because of the obvious reasons of hunting areas being too far and stuff

Learning to shoot and gun safety =/= tracking and wilderness survival

d9a746  No.12860079



f99d86  No.12860130

File: 38607c73b2c74db⋯.png (43.84 KB, 480x309, 160:103, Screenshot_2019-02-28-11-2….png)

OP is paying shekels for his thread to be featured on the front page

27a8e3  No.12860149


The dude on the floor is disrupting the ki center of the chinx directly with his fat center

9384c3  No.12860161


Grew up on a farm among the orchards of the northwest Americas. Can ride a horse, dress out a hog, kill pluck and fry a chicken. You are right, rural means you are already miles ahead of the urbanites.

148a5d  No.12860162


So good advice and pays for server bills? Great, OP!

f99d86  No.12860168



This thread reeks of JIDF/Glownigger faggotry

27a8e3  No.12860174

File: f7cf6f3a499568c⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 4:3, aggression.gif)

File: b1ff32ad0cef6d4⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 600x338, 300:169, jew shhhhhhh.gif)


>All will amount to nothing if you don't dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

>Teach yourself means to feel good about killing your enemies and their allies. Teach your children the same.

>No power can achieve anything without the will to be violent.

Exactly, in our civilization the best to achieve this is either killing people and end up in jail or working as a butcher, especially in slaughterhouse, the screams of the beefs, the blood, the smell can dehumanize you in less than a year or even visiting /pol/ for some spics on spics action.

Hunting is good also, gutting an animal is quite good and make you feel how it is to be on top of the food chain, if you can't just start by killing your own food (chickens, lambs…) because I can assure you that the day you'll have to stab someone without being prepared, your brain and legs gonna give up on you and the savages will get you fast and hard.

a31860  No.12860210


the heebs invented krav maga you moron.

26d058  No.12860212

This thread was created to slide this >>12844962

Won't work, kikes. Your time is up.

3b7c47  No.12860224

File: 8ecd8282aaf7163⋯.mp4 (2.79 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, Ahhhhhhhhh hoooooooooooo h….mp4)



Jesus, enjoy getting stabbed. The method they teach for handling yourself against a knife-wielding assailant is extremely high-risk.

056c46  No.12860237


So what? If it works, you should learn it and use their own weapon against them.

It's important to try to learn the actual military version of krav maga. The "sport" version is cucked because all the dangerous and effective moves and strikes were removed because rules.

31fb57  No.12860239


There's some essential grappling techniques. Someone punches my face I grab a handful of their face and hip toss them especially if they're enraged and trying to crush me. when they're down they're getting the boot under the chin and a shattered mouth and permafucked teeth, maybe kill them with brain trauma.

df3465  No.12860254


Lol. This kike's fake /sig/ thread got removed. Is this the kikes response to another subtle but fake /sig/ thread?

13e6ab  No.12860277

OP is a shekel-paying faggot.


>>spams a fuck ton of unnamed files

The file names are right above them. Visit /pdfs/ and stare at all of the threads until you can make sense of what each file is called for practice.

49e488  No.12860369

File: 812f19d05508278⋯.png (252.24 KB, 526x565, 526:565, 1s.PNG)

I spent $150 on equipment two weeks ago and started P90X along side some other fitness and nutritional changes. Never felt better. If you're feeling like you need a change, just do it.

Buy some guns too, they're fun and useful.

27a8e3  No.12860416

File: 72a635ea846dac3⋯.pdf (193.7 KB, terrorists-handbook.pdf)

File: c2e45a5afe57206⋯.pdf (775.88 KB, The Anarchist Arsenal.pdf)


Do you have the /pdf/ of <pic related ?

588e9e  No.12860498


> Those machines exist for white cunts to exercise with minimal effort.

I'm pretty sure those machines have adjustable effort that you can turn up as high as you like.

> Stationary bikes won't get you anywhere.

Can't argue with that.

588e9e  No.12860501

File: cd6b2a26c6f0a87⋯.jpg (266.12 KB, 1513x1559, 1513:1559, mai-tai.jpg)



588e9e  No.12860516


> you can literally live with half a brain

can confirm

5fa7b3  No.12860668


I'll kick a nigger in the balls if I have to, what the fuck…


>avoid phytoestrogens

>eat beans, which are high in phytoestrogens

Fuck off. Beans are trash food.

d27a41  No.12860678


Yeah dont eat beans your actually right. Its a nigger tier food.

d27a41  No.12860687


It's only high risk if your a low IQ nigger. If your smarter than a nigger than it'll work perfect because your smart enough to execute it flawlessly. The entire Russian army wouldn't have taught it to their soldiers if it was so shit.

d27a41  No.12860688


Anon is a low IQ nigger

d27a41  No.12860697


If you ever made a good thread like mine it might be put on the front page too. But you've never made a good thread before because your a low IQ beaner

4cecae  No.12860713


keep living in a dream world where classes can prepare you for violent acts. none of it will help unless you already have hands on experience with brutality. the real lessons come from actually being involved in situations. heres the best one, once it starts you cant be halfway in it. you better be fully committed to destroying because the second you hesitate to bring the fight to your target youre done. never fight fair, its not about honor. its about destroying your opposition.

368adc  No.12860717


Lol so much retardation from someone who managed to call out (((krav maga)))…keto is horseshit, your muscles need carbs, fuck outta here with (((meme diets))).

44583e  No.12860720


PDF anywhere?

68e20c  No.12860736

I haven't seen a thread this good on /pol/ in some time.

0ced50  No.12860747

File: b0a6680d5264e5f⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 290x324, 145:162, 1441244282448.jpg)


to be fair you shouldn't use martial arts alone to defend yourself against a knife attack you need something to keep the knife attacker at distance, this is because once the attacker has a tight grip on the knife it's almost impossible to physically disarm.

d27a41  No.12860760

File: ec7aa7646005d50⋯.png (103.45 KB, 500x777, 500:777, ec7aa7646005d503510259e094….png)


Thanks. Theres a lot of Jews crying about how my thread is trash, so that's how you know it's really good lol. Also it got put on the front page, which is a nice surprise.

4cecae  No.12860774


youre making it trash talking about how great it is. all you said was arm yourself, get in shape and be prepared for war. everybody knows this.

d27a41  No.12860795


That first sentence made no sense. And if you were able to read, you'd see that the thread is a 3 step method I thought of to become a superman. That other sig thread is about just general self improvement. This is more advanced/specific because it's better to be a super bloomer than just a bloomer

4a769f  No.12860800

Dank, another shitty /fit/ thread full of homoerotic circlejerkers that will LARP but show no sign of actually doing anything ever.

ee4d57  No.12860836


>follow this generic stock advice I found on health blogs to become the Aryan superhuman I always wanted to be


b8f9dd  No.12860850

File: 7c910d07d1e0fb8⋯.jpg (95.11 KB, 599x599, 1:1, All_around_me_are_familiar….jpg)

>tfw urbanite

At least when I get mcnuked here, more minorities will die than whites.

cb94b5  No.12860865


What are /sig/ threads?

d27a41  No.12860932


Self improvement threads, basically. Self improvement is the last thing Jews want the white man to have, so they're trying to shit up my thread as best as they can. It wont work tho, my threads already made front page. Theres another self improvement thread at the the top of pol, but it's more so about getting out of a rut than becoming the greatest you can be which is what my thread is

ca5037  No.12860956


Thanks OP for such a great thread.

9c01af  No.12860966

Strength training will significantly increase testosterone. Full body exercises have been shown to increase testosterone more than isolation exercises.

Smash abs pretty much every day since they are the fastest to recover.

d27a41  No.12860975


That has literally nothing to do with this thread, but ok whatever you do you captain soy.


Your welcome brother, It's always good to see when your work makes a difference.

de5df3  No.12860984

Hey op I'm 6'4 at 155lbs.

Started going to the gym and eating sort of good.

How bad are carbs for a lanky fuck like me I always consumed a lot of shitty carbs and sugars but never got fat.

000000  No.12861000

I'm guessing tv is responsible for the urge to make toothpaste portraits of your favorite niggerball players like this high IQ Chinese guy who did this on his break from building my next iphone.


d27a41  No.12861049


Well I need to eat a lot of carbs and around 4k calories a day but that's because I'm naturally skinny. If you burn calories slower and you wanna gain muscle mass then I'd assume your need to do the opposite of my routine. Dont eat more than 2,800 calories a day that's for sure, but for carbs dont have more than one serving per day. Each day I eat a serving of rice, pasta, and corn or yams. You shouldn't eat more than one. And as for sugar, try to cut down on that the most. This stuff should work well enough but again I haven't tried it because I'm not naturally larger

d27a41  No.12861058


Oh wait I read that wrong. Yeah if ur skinny eat a lot of carbs. I'm 6'2' and 150 so we're about the same. Just follow the diet I put in the post

08cf77  No.12861151


Eat organic. It's not gay hippie shit, it's what food should be. Nude Ecofacists are gonna take over health food stores and put vegans to the sword. Trump to coordinate with powerful EOs.

Don't buy gmo shit unless you want big titties.

Read Bronze Age Mindset

Don't drink beer unless you want big titties

Eat spinach and broccoli, they are full of iron, zinc, and magnesium. Good for T levels. Eat eggs a lot, also good for T and full of healthy fat. Avoid flax, canola oil, rapeseed oil, and anything soy. Olive oil is great and will help you shit.

Look into keffir and probiotics.

If you're a fat fuck, take an EC stack.

4c1c24  No.12861280


if you're going up against a guy with a knife, even if you have a knife yourself, you should anticipate getting stabbed at least once. as an example, if you can get the other guy to get his knife stuck in your arm so you then get a chance to strike him and take him out you should consider that a big success.


>bronze age mindset

how is this book? i was interested in it until i found out it was some current year thing and all the reviews seem like they're from 110iq hobbyists who just want to meme.

a207c4  No.12861324


You don't hate jews enough. Anything their minds created you should be repulsed at using for yourself. It should have a feeling of taint to you, especially when there are so many other options.

4515cc  No.12861339


So if you were starving to death and you were surrounded by meats veggies and fruit but they were all farmed by Jews, you still wouldn't eat it? Nice. Your an absolute genius.

794469  No.12861354

File: 7ae27e0983e04d9⋯.png (213.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8390e8ebc27d09a7a3ab52933f….png)


>Implying you can trust them not to poison the food they are selling to their self proclaimed enemy.

5b9ca7  No.12861356


>implying kiked would ever create anything of value, let alone do physical labor

We ain't talking scifi negro

4515cc  No.12861362


In war, you should never under or over estimate your enemy. If Jews have resources we should take them for ourselves. But ofcourse you dont feel this way because your jewish

00f4f1  No.12861363


>lol wow how could you not trust something like this

>ignore that they are commanded by their holy book to poison and kill non-jews

>ignore that they have repeatedly been caught doing this over thousands of years, everywhere on earth

>wow you can totally trust them

You are paid to post here.

5b9ca7  No.12861377


>your jewish


Nice projecting, retard. Kikes will either samson or get obliterated. There is no middle ground for them. I realize where you're coming from, but if you'd knew history, you wouldn't paint these subhumans as anything but leeches; they will *never* create things of their own, let alone share anything with the goyim

4515cc  No.12861393

File: 6ee938157a8b564⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 6ee.jpg)



Derailing threads be like

d97a7e  No.12861395


>So if you were starving to death and you were surrounded by meats veggies and fruit but they were all farmed by Jews, you still wouldn't eat it? Nice. Your an absolute genius.

You have the wrong mindset, fren. Your life is of little value, compared with a high principle. To die refusing food from your enemy has a certain nobility in it. If you can't learn that, your ancestors may be from Africa.

744844  No.12861406


Best way to hit is to either be completely unattached in any way or in vast numbers.

e209bb  No.12861447

I'm fairly weak, but in a pretty good shot.

I still need to gain some muscle, but age is agr

4c1c24  No.12861503

reminder not to neglect back work. you don't need to do much of any pressing at all. you'll get more benefit from just doing tons of rows. most people training for function could probably drop pressing entirely in favor of rowing. a set of pushups to failure at the end of your workout is plenty for most people. do a fuckton of rowing. vertical, horizontal, bent over, all of it.

do a fuckload of abs too.

f27c9e  No.12861591


criminally underrated post

4ffc06  No.12861700


fitness is something a lot of us can do free if we don't have the money for a firearm or live with liberal parents who would kick us out if we brought one into the house. You probably won't have a long rifle on your person if you get mugged on the street by a nigger, too.

4ffc06  No.12861714

File: 998d233f51a34b2⋯.jpg (49.19 KB, 382x476, 191:238, April with purse.jpg)

File: b8b01b9a7f0c45a⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 188x267, 188:267, red backpack.jpg)


> you need something to keep the knife attacker at distanc

What about a backpack or a satchel? I figure if you just try to hit the knife with it, the knife might get stuck in the fabric and make it harder to stab you with it, during which time you could push the knife via the bag wrapped around it aside/backward to get past it and hit them in the face?

524757  No.12861715


You get all the carbs you need from veggies.


You learn some grappling so you can put someone to sleep or otherwise restrain them without killing them. If you punch someone so hard they fall and crack their head open and die, the state is going to view you as the criminal. As long as the police state apparatus is fynctioning nonlethal deescalation is more important than killing.

524757  No.12861727


A knife isnt going to stick in your arm dummy. Your plan is to get gutted so deeply that your attacker disarms himself and you expect to be able to fight back with that mortal injury? Best defense against a knife is to run like hell. Second best is to shoot them. Third best is to attack their weapon hand so they can no longer wield the knife.

37a944  No.12861749


>that first gif

The state of the mind is far more important than the state of the body. As long as your body isn't a complete wreck, the actual will to kill is the most important weapon you have. The next most important one is not being obvious about your intentions.


Everything is high risk.

-t former 03 Marine

37a944  No.12861757


False. Anything can be disarmed, but you need time on combatives.

4515cc  No.12861803


>hey can I use my backpack as a weapon lol

Literally anything can be used as some sort of weapon or tool. If have stanky onion breath you can blow it into the face of an attacker to stun them. You can use your own damn shoelaces to choke a nigga. You just have to think fast

ae6652  No.12861889

>3 steps




bf32c7  No.12861928


Why do self improvement threads make you so angry Chaim?

429a85  No.12861967


There's already a fucking /sig/ thread you stupid faggot, a thread died for this shit.

27a8e3  No.12861968

File: 3316ea5f869a37c⋯.webm (9.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, choke that nigga with you….webm)


I've started to incorporate daily light but intense compound movements as OHP Deadlift Squat and weighted trunk rotations to my routine. Crunchs & sit-ups were not enough to sollicitate my whole abdominal belt and the whole body routine take too much time, I also do 1h biking to keep my muscles awake.


>Literally anything can be used as some sort of weapon or tool.

I see, your a man who follow the advices of the great Bas Rutten as well www.youtube.com/watch?v=QszYRlWy3eo

Oh you also choke niggaz with shoe laces ? Were you in that special force unit?

4515cc  No.12861984

File: 625e86e0df39e06⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 600x693, 200:231, 74b.jpg)


>Self improvement isn't really white identity, my fellow goy! You have to be weak and fat and stupid! Until then, your just larping as white!

4515cc  No.12862001

File: 89128f145d8137a⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 1000x1154, 500:577, 89128f145d8137a36720ade0fd….jpg)


This is different than the other one. That one was more so about getting out of the red and into the green. This thread is about getting out of the green and into the blue.

82e58e  No.12862072



429a85  No.12862113


Whoa it's almost like in a self improvement GENERAL more than one topic can be discussed in a thread

aef16f  No.12862355


this. i can still remember my uncle making me cut open it's belly and pull out the steaming organs with my bare hands. i think back to that moment as the moment I started my journey into manhood.

2006ca  No.12862382

File: f1d7f3ab5d777a0⋯.png (76.59 KB, 552x547, 552:547, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78c836b1680a577⋯.png (106.82 KB, 551x756, 551:756, ClipboardImage.png)

>self defense thread


A valuable resource.

44cd80  No.12862408


>Lizard brain

Why are posting this debunked kike pop psychological bullshit? Is this unironic stupidity or nigger level jewry?

ebcd82  No.12862538


Post the real shit then Something like that and by that i mean Substance that you don't need to Sift through a 1000 page Medical journal…. If someone finds it interesting they may Lurk towards………wew …i really don't care but quit being a fag and Debunk or get out with your Anger what he posted was a Read Convincer bate He may of not known or (((he))) did ,,,either way this breads good Dont fuck it up Keep on topics

3b3dde  No.12862746


I found it far harder to kill animals than humans by far. I've never understood where this image that it is difficult to kill other humans come from, as if its some herculean effort you must treat as if it is an summit to prepare for before you climb it. Fuck, in some ways it is downright fun, but damned if I didn't bawl my eyes out when some random bird chick I found died on me while trying to care for it.

Other than that some good stuff from you and the one you responded to.

000000  No.12862937


Animals are mostly innocent, it's like killing children. People on the other hand deserve it.

c7e93f  No.12863063


>medium steak

Fuck off, rare or raw are the only ways to go

d27a41  No.12863209


>I want to taste the blood!

I cant tell if your jewish or just a stupid nigger

000000  No.12863284


thanks anon. it really does work if you set your mind to it.

27a8e3  No.12863332

File: 617a0bbaf366c7a⋯.pdf (10.41 MB, grossman.psicologia_guerra.pdf)


The killing part is not to fear, the emotional kick-back is

That's not for nothing that 3 letters agencies shrinks have ways to keep their operators out of the "secrecy & guilt burden" loop.

205869  No.12863342

File: bf264e6f96351cb⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 715x1538, 715:1538, sides.jpg)


>Nude Ecofascists are gonna take over health food stores and put vegans to the sword

Big heil

7ac2fd  No.12863367

File: 41b70f761c00702⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 632x362, 316:181, dirty harry 3.jpg)

i follow a rigorous routine of heavy alcoholism (which mentally prepares me for war) and i legally conceal a handgun loaded with hollow points i bought with cash and no record of me buying them. i also loaded them while wearing gloves. i know all the organs and look at people like a butcher looks at a calf. i maintain situational awareness and have no problem staring down niggers or anyone else in my vicinity i dont like the looks of. i am not in a duty to retreat state, and if i feel my life is in genuine danger i will shoot to neutralize without hesitation. my definition of that, since i dont think there is one, is to shoot as many rounds rapid fire as i can into the perp before they hit the ground, at which point i will stop.

i also have a criminal lawyer with a solid record on retainer. hail hitler faggots.

aecda8  No.12863804


Fucking kill yourself you stupid bean shill. Beans are full of phytic acid and lectins they’re not food and none of their touted benefits have relevant bioavailability

a67c1d  No.12863820

File: f94e70e61bf7e6d⋯.png (31.73 KB, 748x400, 187:100, Needle.png)

Get your T checked. If low, go on TRT. Makes a huge difference. Went from skinnyfat to /fit/. You get over being afraid of needles.

673f88  No.12863824

Is peanut oil alright to fry in? I know canola and vegetable oil are shit.

2b3a70  No.12863846


krav maga is gay, a meme, jewish and terrible

edafd2  No.12863852

Spetznaz training is krav maga.

Most Russians are ethinically khazaric and/or Mongolian.

aecda8  No.12863868


No, peanuts have a number of problems. Only use animal fat, no vegetable oils of any kind should be consumed

2b3a70  No.12863894


not all fats are bad for you, coconut oil is great. I drink a spoonful every day.

aecda8  No.12863901


You’re a retarded soccer mom

aecda8  No.12863960


Coconut oil is entirely a meme. It has no benefits and it doesn’t make any sense for you to eat it unless you’re some flavor of yellow nigger. Europeans didn’t evolve eating coconut oil. You seriously think a processed product shipped to you from across the world is something you should be eating? The whole mct coconut oil meme is dumb and irrelevant if you have a healthy diet of high quality animal foods.

I didn’t say fats are bad, just vegetable fats. Most are inflammatory and have shit omega 3/6 ratios.

You should be consuming high quality animal fat like butter, lard, tallow, and you can even give duck and other more exotic fats a try. When you make bacon, which you should be doing, save the bacon grease and cook with it.

Animal foods are sustainable and can be produced locally unlike coconut shit from Thailand or wherever. What were our Europeans ancestors eating in freezing winters? Not vegetable oils like a bunch of niggers

428c13  No.12864016

a long streak of nofap helps too

after that, stop watching porn and MAYBE fap once a week (if you dont have a waifu that is of course)

6e959c  No.12864192

File: 16232c45df189af⋯.png (34.11 KB, 701x653, 701:653, 1548457106600.png)

File: 23aff7b0c471cf2⋯.png (458.26 KB, 750x1854, 125:309, P49HQVD69QJL.png)

File: efe739770558400⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2046x4295, 2046:4295, PK8WMRARP974.png)

File: 63b98029bc599b3⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 298x320, 149:160, RONAGQ4UO19F.jpg)

Will post couple of old /fit/ pastas/infographics.

6e959c  No.12864196

File: cedcc9b610e958c⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1539684236284.jpg)

File: a76e6e58bfa8dd2⋯.jpg (316.16 KB, 1541x844, 1541:844, 1539684314709.jpg)

File: 1bee3cbfef10327⋯.gif (760.4 KB, 2544x1850, 1272:925, 1539684584333.gif)

File: 00e8c4ef330e201⋯.jpg (284.55 KB, 871x768, 871:768, 1547094383405.jpg)

6e959c  No.12864203

File: c3c4a9ea84ed612⋯.jpg (361.04 KB, 1534x1085, 1534:1085, 1539683427371.jpg)

File: da31afc0fbe5ed8⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1200x2852, 300:713, 1539683479282.jpg)

File: efe739770558400⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2046x4295, 2046:4295, 1539683805909.png)

File: 3ef303cea6e5b25⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2084x4576, 521:1144, 1539684102732.jpg)

f6ddf8  No.12864210


Steroids can cure depression.

LSD can cure depression.

Lifting weight can cure depression.

SSRI's can worsen depression. Why? Because it will only put a blanket on the real sources of symptoms. Being delusional of how shitty your life actually is won't make it less shitty.

d27a41  No.12864244


>Russians aren't white

Ok mr goldberg, thanks for the heads up

6e959c  No.12864268

File: 229a9aa7affcb82⋯.jpg (92.4 KB, 450x532, 225:266, 1539682255377.jpg)

File: 132e875c796cefc⋯.png (18.75 KB, 406x326, 203:163, 1539682291231.png)

File: 29511e861097462⋯.jpg (352.83 KB, 1561x772, 1561:772, 1539682343916.jpg)

File: 9bc4b0a7e72ef14⋯.jpg (125.5 KB, 1168x1250, 584:625, 1539682404397.jpg)


>x aren't white

shoo shoo Shekelberg

4c1c24  No.12864284


>a knife isn't going to stick in your arm

yeah i know. i was trying to demonstrate that if you're going to go knife vs knife then you should accept that you're going to get stabbed and account for that beforehand. it's better to sacrifice a smaller portion on the side of your body than get rapid fire stabbed a dozen times in the gut like the way most people would come at you with a knife.

everyone's heard the saying "both people die in a knife fight. one dies on the street and the other dies in the hospital later on", or something like that. so you should try to make it so you don't die in the hospital later on.

there's fancy tactics but if you haven't practiced them smartly with another person then i wouldn't even bother with anything other than abandoning all attachments and expectations and til valhall'ing it.

sometimes you just need to take what you can get. if you're a wild boar and you're going up against a guy with a spear then your best bet is to try to get hit in such a way that you'll be able to run up the spear.

>just run away

yes but that's a moot point. you wouldn't pay to get personal instruction from a military veteran for him to tell you "just don't go to war in the first place lmao"

6e959c  No.12864318

File: 5cf5a339c943478⋯.gif (859.84 KB, 2143x1912, 2143:1912, 1539680978094.gif)

File: 9cee160f1119477⋯.png (70.26 KB, 1008x1008, 1:1, 1539681264039.png)

File: edae87910991fc1⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1000x3749, 1000:3749, 1539682187107.jpg)

File: 60a418545bcc15e⋯.jpg (651.32 KB, 1081x1536, 1081:1536, 1539682221144.jpg)


Got much more if anybody wants

c063f7  No.12864407


Compound exercises are good for beginners but you'll plateau doing only those. Also, i don't know how you plan on developing your biceps and intend to never curl. Saying you only need a floor is also retarded. You need weights if you want to develop an athletic physique. Incorporate slow and controled movements with explosive ones. Go to the gym you beta shut in. Terrible advice.

8578c1  No.12865139


>MMA is idiotic. Do you really think grappling ability is worth a goddamn thing except in a regulated sport

Regardless of the worth of MMA, grappling/wrestling has been the central hand to hand combat technique in Europe for the majority of history.

People in Antiquity were learning how to grapple/wrestle their opponents, so did the peasants and the knights of the medieval period, even the wig wearing aristocrats from the 18th century learned it when they had to go to war and its parts of 19th century traditional German Gymnastics, which created the foundation of why later German Nationalist were such fucking beasts.

>What are you going to do about his three friends who are now kicking the shit out of you? One-on-one confrontations are extremely rare in real life. Muggers always go in pairs.

Realistically you are never going to win against multiple opponents if they halfway know what they are doing, regardless in what kind of martial arts you are trained in. So you are a retard for asking this question in the first place.

If you are faced with multiple opponents you don't do anything but trying to escape, this is something which most Martial Arts don't teach because it should be common sense.


>Coconut oil is entirely a meme. It has no benefits…

Mosquitos hate it. Had to work in a workplace with high levels of Mosquito, because they basically build it in a Swamp. The commercial Anti Mosquito Spray worked only half the time and traditional house remedies weren't worth the effort.

However rubbing the exposed parts of my skin with coconut oil twice a day did wonders.

4c1c24  No.12865168


the first mma is what that one guy historically used to defeat that minotaur. it was a mix between boxing and wrestling; can't remember the name but they added it into the olympics at that time. this was back when they had chariot racing in the olympics i believe.


i think Reinhard Heydrich was really into fencing throughout his life and when it came to national socialism and war he was not a casual by any means

d1d6b3  No.12865197


pankration is the art youre thinking of

d5e7fe  No.12865392


Bronze age mindset is great, and a PDF is easy to find. It's insightful and funny and full of historical anecdotes bap uses to show how gay modern man is.

cbdebf  No.12865432



This is a stupid blanket statement that doesn't apply everywhere. Just don't learn anything at an MMA gym that doesn't actually produce fighters and you'll be fine.

> Mma is really crap but its useful to combine striking and ground.

You're an idiot or you've just been burned by too many MMA McDojos. MMA is simply the least restrictive ruleset you can compete under in general. It's not a single martial art. Any decent MMA gym is going to have specific classes for wrestling, boxing, muay thai and bjj, then they'll have MMA focus classes where you spar with MMA rules or learn specifics on how to combine the different forms. Like knowing that a pure Muay Thai stance will get you double legged all day.

9bac8e  No.12866512


I was obviously talking about ingesting it

1c585a  No.12866654

>spend your energy getting joocy and get ready to die in an engineered conflict that kikes won't be participating in

Cool thread man, you're totally the consensus here and you rock. Thanks for the workout tips man

d27a41  No.12866706

Pro tip: Drink Hotdog water to make your dick bigger.

Pro tip #2: Snort crushed dried up spinach to build muscle faster

9a7057  No.12868416


A rigorous bodyweight regime will get you athletic and rippped as fuck. Plus you'll be able to actually hide your physical power level. Everyone cam obviously see a bpdybuilder is a strong guy but nobody expects a 150 lb guy to have trachea crushing grip strength from years of rock climbing. There are different approaches to take based on what your end goal is and they all are equally valid depending on what warrior class you are going for. The only universal rule is that machines are gay and curls are retarded. When you get to the point of bodybuilding so much you need to target your biceps specifically youre destroying your mobility in pursuit of vanity. How many curls did Bruce Lee do? Biceps are a fucking meme muscle, like pecs, their useful for getting tanned and flexing onstage in a mankini not for fighting for your life for hours on end.

d27a41  No.12869342


2fc3af  No.12869373

Give all your property to Kek.

d27a41  No.12877857

File: 67494d10cbc16cd⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 185x255, 37:51, 462f54d9486fca737bbbd277fc….jpg)

7ebd2e  No.12878594

File: bd3cc12884d3c10⋯.jpg (499.96 KB, 625x5000, 1:8, 28zh1KL.jpg)

Opinions on the meat only diet? Are fruit, carbs and veg really that bad for you?

Dump fit recipes plox, Love pic

Small dump here https://imgur.com/a/Esohc

4afe79  No.12878642

File: 32a6a3913a7bf30⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 480x473, 480:473, f9eedb1bbe8609078283aed207….jpg)

File: 6f462cb0515b753⋯.jpg (151.49 KB, 800x638, 400:319, 6f462cb0515b753a0d3c42773d….jpg)


Eat your fruit and veggies anon god dam you'll end up with fucking scurvy if you don't. I know you love the idea of being a butt pirate but maybe tone it down a bit and give the scurvy a miss. The people saying to eat meat only are trolling, it's that simple.

eat your god dam veggies.


>my spine it feels crooked

>what should I do?

Maybe try a chiropractor god dam retard

f8606b  No.12878648


you have an extra rib. it needs to be removed, immediately. if you can, get to an ER as soon as possible. that thing needs to come out before it drinks any more of your six pack.

e7c35f  No.12878679

>no mention of intermittent fasting

What a bunch of faggots

e7c35f  No.12878680

File: 18c9d52d89f18c1⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, its-time-to-stop-posting.jpg)


>eat fruit

>sugar is good for you goy

e7c35f  No.12878687


You can get everything you need including all of the macro/micro nutrients from a meat diet IF you eat the organs. If you're just eating fucking steaks/fish/chicken you're doing it wrong. I understand this is hard for some anons to find organs, so if you can't, eat your vegetables to get your micro nutrients. Avoid sugar at all costs and limit your carbs as much as possible. Once you get on a high fat diet (high quality food) you won't crave sugar or carbs

b245f2  No.12878689

File: 6bc4eae85062a4e⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 2041x1361, 2041:1361, frug.jpg)


>! Each morning I eat 4 eggs with mushrooms 3 slices of ham and a chunk of swiss chiece and a clump of spinach. Lunch is usually steak with brown rice and brocolli or celery. Dinner is usually salmon

Stopped reading there. You don't know a fucking thing about nutrition, faggot OP.

b245f2  No.12878692

File: ff1d8bc14f118b0⋯.jpg (4.64 KB, 228x221, 228:221, brainlet5.jpg)


>fruit is bad for you

it really baffles me that there are people so retarded they get brainwashed this easily.

b245f2  No.12878693

File: 5024d476bd60037⋯.jpg (162.82 KB, 960x960, 1:1, lifedeath.jpg)


>just eat the organs

what the fuck for? you're getting the nutrients the animal got from PLANTS. carnist are easily the most deluded morons on this planet, its not even funny at this point.

784692  No.12878697

e7c35f  No.12878704


Wrong. Keto diet is what my European ancestors were on you insufferable faggot kike. Your brain and muscles do not need sugar or carbs, they can run off fat once you are keto adapted.

b245f2  No.12878708



enjoy your heart disease and heart arrhythmia

e7c35f  No.12878711


Not all of it is bad, but people eat too much of it. Sugar in general is poison, and should be avoided at all cost. High fat, medium protein and low carb is what anons should be doing. It's what our European ancestors ate. This meme with fruit was made up by kikes so you get addicted to sugar instead of reaching ketosis and intermittent fasting.

d79acc  No.12878712


>Rudimentary, blunt canines.

This one begs to differ good sir. My canines are incredibly sharp and a good deal larger than most.

b245f2  No.12878713


ketocultist are completely fucking deluded. biggest brainlets on the internet because they cannot research or think critically. guess what faggot? every major shill for keto has direct links to the fast food industry. they are literally being paid to shill fatty garbage.

e7c35f  No.12878714



>enjoy your heart disease and heart arrhythmia

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

b245f2  No.12878717


you're wrong and i dont have time to anally annihilate your entire post because im going to bed.


completely retarded argument and you blatantly ignore the fact our digestive systems are NOTHING like those of omnivores.

e7c35f  No.12878718


>fatty garbage

Try harder faggot. All of my food is locally sourced. I eat nothing but vegetables and meat from local farmers/butchers. The only time I go to a grocery store is to get wild caught salmon. Any movement is going to have kike shills to try and discredit it.

b245f2  No.12878720


saturated fat causes type 2 diabetes and dietary cholesterol leads to heart disease. its not disputable you faggot, you're not a nutritionist or a cardiologist.

b245f2  No.12878722


all your meat is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol you moron lmao

e7c35f  No.12878724

File: 2648e9b7edbca3d⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 309x309, 1:1, fedorsmile.jpg)


>you're wrong and i dont have time to anally annihilate your entire post because im going to bed.

a5b85d  No.12878725


>implying the betaniggers here are going to do this

e7c35f  No.12878727


>saturated fat causes type 2 diabetes and dietary cholesterol leads to heart disease


>you're not a nutritionist or a cardiologist.

Neither are you faggot

d79acc  No.12879182


You also ignore that our closest relatives in the animal kingdom do eat meat when they can get their grubby mitts on it.

784692  No.12879252


I wonder why jews would instead promote diets that involve no meat and lots of carbs.

479848  No.12879281



Even if you’re not eating organs you’ll be fine so long as you’re not over cooking and destroying your food. Organs can be helpful though, eat them if you do have access. Plants are all full of shit like antinutruents and you do not get really any benefits from them.

Anyone who tells you not to eat meat or to cut back is a shill, a retarded vegan cultist, or they don’t actually know what they’re talking about. There’s no such thing as a “balanced” diet, because you don’t need plant foods in the first place.

Read fat of the land by stefansson, easy to find the full pdf. Any foods that aren’t from animals should be used only as a fuel (calorie) source if you have zero access to anything else, and they have to be prepared properly which is a pain in the ass and not worth it unless you are going to starve otherwise. If you’re determined to eat grains look at the Weston a price recommendedations for preparations. Or just eat some eggs and bacon instead

479848  No.12879288


Go drink some urine you dirty vegan

5502d5  No.12879316


No, polyunsaturated fat does. Rats bred to get type 2 diabetes don't get it unless their diet contains polyunsaturated fats.

90bee8  No.12879323


8/pol/ is like a blend of /pol/ and /r9k/

It usually doesn't go over well to tell people here they need to be in shape.

3ca8a3  No.12879606


What a waste of dubs.

Talk like a degenerate more moshe.

8d9e81  No.12879742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Learn ringen, the combat of your ancestors. Our people developed entire systems of combat to deal with various brutes, drunks and brigands, and you know none of it.

Remember, niggers cant grapple, but also learn pugilism because they often attack in packs. These techniques were tested in actual combat, do not shun them.

000000  No.12879843


>krav maga

kill yourself, jew

7daf3c  No.12882572

If you do any of the following, you're beta as fuck;

>Tell your wife you love her

>Make less than $500k a year

>Do your own laundry

>Know how to cook yourself a meal

>Have a body count of <500

>Eat vegetables

>Spend time with your kids

Quit being a beta soyboy.

62169f  No.12882776

File: edfad1c13ea8c2b⋯.png (920.21 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: edfad1c13ea8c2b⋯.png (920.21 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Excerpts from the police training video "Surviving Edged Weapon," demonstrating the speed of a knife attack and how quickly an assailant with a knife can close a gap. While watching these cops get carved up, keep in mind that it takes even longer to draw from concealment than from their open-carry holsters and the outdated two shots center mass standard (video was shot in 1988) may be insufficient to drop the attacker.


62169f  No.12882781


idk how those images got added, it was unintentional but kind of works with the edged weapons theme

8e0b43  No.12899776


chimps eat meat you fucking retard

f7a256  No.12910964

File: a39642b12e8e478⋯.png (452.23 KB, 640x361, 640:361, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone know any books or videos that will help me into cooking? I'm tired of shoveling junk into my body and actually would like to put some work into what I eat and myself.

2b3127  No.12910970


>knife assailant

Carry a spear, a gun, and a knife of your own at all times.

45c350  No.12911366

This is all very good and I agree that self improvement can be very beneficial. However, we must watch out for and avoid masturbatory self improvement that just keeps us distracted while feeling like we are accomplishing our goals. This is what is shilled by the Jordan Peterson's of the kiked-right.

Work toward the goal of being virtuous in all things, but we must remember, eye on the prize.

62169f  No.12911555


Scooby Werkstatt has some good guides on nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle, both on his website and on YouTube. For example:


183119  No.12911562

aryan is literally just a slur

f7a256  No.12911901


Awesome, thank you

6848d8  No.12913396

File: 883d7339bf6d1db⋯.png (724.63 KB, 870x658, 435:329, 1538531591.png)


Wait what's wrong with rapeseed?

40af83  No.12913437

Learn to fight dirty. The Sucker Punch is the single most devastating empty hand "technique" in all of martial arts. The ability to divert attention and recognize distraction as the opening to attack significantly increases your odds of winning any confrontation.

c1484e  No.12913584



What if your upper body is skinny (wide shoulders, large arms, but very skinny), but your lower body is thick af (meaty butt, meaty, naturally muscular thighs…)?

c17a53  No.12913658


>krav maga

Thanks for the advice (((JIDF)))

6e959c  No.12913661

File: 71071ca0b9f4088⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 1024x696, 128:87, 1517228267912.jpg)


skinnyfat, hit /fit/ read sticky, get to gym

5502d5  No.12913765


It is poison? That's why they made canola, it is just a strain of rape that has less poison in the oil. But it is still bad for you because polyunsaturated fats cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes and endocrine disorders.

005c67  No.12913781


> much survival skills

How about business skills so you can create companies that do business globally? Learning how to start a fire with sticks is less meaningful than learning how to do business in Africa or Asia.

5502d5  No.12913840


>why not learn how to be more jewy

2006ca  No.12913846

File: 3b9be357b835d1c⋯.png (15.19 KB, 290x23, 290:23, ClipboardImage.png)


>Physiological Food: fruits, veggies…

Maybe if you descended from shitty hunters, you fucking fruitbowl.

We've been hunting for so long that we've evolved to throw spears and brought megafauna to extinction for food. I swear, nu/pol/ is a magnet for new-age retards like you.

5502d5  No.12913864


>gobbling up vegan bait like a tard

2006ca  No.12913871


I just really hate vegans.

6848d8  No.12915227


Shit. I thought rapeseed oil was a good cheap alternative to olive oil.

adda44  No.12915258

Daily reminder these shitty threads belong on >>>/fit/ .

62169f  No.12915437

File: 90f84a26e7dc96a⋯.png (451.63 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, 1550608623960.png)

File: 6bae5b6ef7b79f8⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2848x3996, 712:999, George_Washington-Greenoug….jpg)

File: b934d53e7d72af9⋯.jpg (141.17 KB, 640x631, 640:631, thucydides--warrior schola….jpg)



This thread and /sig/ draw from ancient Hellenic civic virtue, early Americanism, National Socialism, and I'm sure a myriad of other political ideologies.

>No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

t. Socrates

>In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these two means, man can attain perfection.

t. Plato

>I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.

>Health was amongst (if not the most) precious gift of Heaven, and without it we are but little capable of business, or enjoyment.

t. George Washington

>Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.

>Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.

>Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

>Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

>I repeat my advice to take a great deal of exercise, and on foot. Health is the first requisite after morality.

t. Thomas Jefferson

>Above all, a balance must be struck in education between intellectual instruction and physical development. What is called a Gymnasium or secondary school today is a mockery of the Greek school it was supposedly modeled after. We have completely forgotten in education that in the long run, a sound mind can only live in a sound body.

t. Adolf Hitler

>Long lasting success in any human endeavor is never the result of blind luck. The achievement of a clearly defined goal, whether it be the act of walking from point "X" to point "Y", the building of a house, or the organization of a business, is always the product of three things:

>>The intellectual ability to perceive the problem involved, the opposition which must be expected, and the best way to overcome that opposition to reach the goal.

>>The will and determination to do whatever may be necessary to reach the desired goal, regardless of opposition.

>>The physical means, strength, and courage to enforce and carry out the plan or fight conceived by the mind and determined by the will.

>If any of these three elements be lacking on one's purpose, failure is the inevitable, predictable result.

>On the other hand, civilizations, for all their intellectual achievements and sciences, perish most often because of failure of the will, the diminishing of the savage and ruthless drive for survival and dominance which originally created society. They become "humanitarian", selfish, and soft. They become physically weak and dependent on paid armies and police to do their fighting. The fighting spirit of honor and self-sacrifice and heroism of their ancestors gives way to a growing love of ease and luxury and cowardice masquerading as "humanitarianism".

t. George Lincoln Rockwell

Not only are strong bodies needed for warfare and industry, but mental health deteriorates with physical health, as observed by millennia of physicians from prehistoric Ayurvedic tradition to Hippocrates in the 5th century BC to modern researchers like Dr. John Ratey. Physical weakness leads to mental and spiritual weakness and the decay of peoples and their societies.

Strengthen your body to strengthen your mind. Don't let sloth distort the lens through which you view the world. Open your eyes and see through the lies.

16e2c5  No.12915887

aryan iz a slur

dc7796  No.12949158


Good stuff

c3dd02  No.12949321


>You dont need a gym. Bodyweight is plenty. Any routine, just be consistent. If you do hit the gym, powerlift. Do compound exercises. Don't do bicep curls you fucking fruitcake.

All of that was wrong. Otherwise, decent post.

8ec140  No.12950390

File: 44177acdfac491a⋯.png (512.19 KB, 713x662, 713:662, 1523465444962.png)


All of that is useless unless its built on the base of faith in God and total rejection of lust from your psyche.

3e6a17  No.12970532


>faith in God

gas yourself if you put faith in Yahweh

03aa9d  No.12975838

File: 579fe93a867539e⋯.png (79.44 KB, 195x267, 65:89, ewfcwf.png)

Look at those forearms, look at those arms.

These are some well sculpted forearms.

How's that he didn't leave a fitness training manual?

88aaae  No.12976475


>Run towards the cities, run towards the conflict,run towards the enemy, fleeing from the enemy is cowardice. The countrysides are already ours, as they have always been. The people of the countrysides are already traditional, already close to nature, already supportive of their people.

>Its the cities where the struggle lies, its the cities where the invaders have massed, its the cities where the marxists have poisoned the institutions, its the cities where the traitorous media and corporations lie and its the cities where the anti-white politicians and the NGOs make their homes. Invade the cities, take the cities, battle in the streets for the cities. The cities are the economic, judicial, political,ethnic and cultural battleground of our people and it is there we shall wage our war.

>The countryside can wait, the cities need you, your youth needs you. Despite how many of you may feel living amongst the pollution, amongst the cultural filth, crammed into tiny apartments in the city sprawls, far flung from mans natural environment. But it is there our future will be made and it is there the battle for our peoples future will be fought.


b044a4  No.12984446


You still have time to escape before the whistle drops, anon

5d44a0  No.12984484

File: 7651681939b79f2⋯.jpg (80.98 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 1529318534817.jpg)

b2d782  No.12984499

Track your calories

Train hard 4x a week

Do a martial art

Read books

Get a gun and shoot it

There, i just condensed your post. Those should be normal aspects of your life though. To be an overman, you must excel in all of these areas.

b0f024  No.12984525

I call bullshit. Indians (Aryans) only eat chicken and lamb. Not pork…

ffc4ea  No.12998800

Bump for self improvement.

b245f2  No.12998881


Not an argument. Nice dubs though.


Carnist have fucked up gut flora hence why they are so temperamental, they don't produce enough serotonin and are in a constant state of body-wide inflammation.

b245f2  No.12998899

File: 9271ea0c553792c⋯.png (244.04 KB, 618x1232, 309:616, lifeBTFO.png)


Little bitch made

b5335e  No.12998916


that bath tub looks nice

b245f2  No.12998931


>eat a healthy diet


>train hard

I do 8-10 hours a week of moderate and vigorous training. lots of cardio and some weight bearing exercise with calisthenics.

>read books

Check. Wish I started years ago.

>Get a gun

Ausfag sadly, it's not really practical to do so.

b245f2  No.12998973


>No, polyunsaturated fat does

Full retard and I need a citation for both of your claims.

>hurrdurr vegetable fats cause diabetes

b245f2  No.12998976




humans only ate meat out of sheer desperation. sorry kiddo, whether you like it or not, our digestive systems aren't designed for flesh.

4d2b2c  No.12999139


if you aren't already fat, you need energy to sustain muscle mass and brain function.

people invented agriculture for a reason, people have been eating wild grains forever.

stop listening to diet fads

read what athletes and strongmen eat.

read what soldiers eat

4d2b2c  No.12999164

>>brasilian blowjob jitsu

"MMA" and blowjob are fine if you are one on one in a ring with rules.

If you do that on the street you end up having the second guy's boot in your head in about 2-3 seconds.

Muay Thai is proven effective, boxing is proven effective, judo throws and locks can help, but if you are thinking of grappling with a guy on the floor for 5 minutes with your face in his nuts, perhaps keep it in the gym/ring.

Take a look at the thousands of street fight videos, the ones that win, especially against multiple opponents, which is extremely rare in itself, strike very quickly, very hard and leave as quickly as possible.

4d2b2c  No.12999180


You're eating the PLANTS and their SEMEN to gain the nutrients that they took from the soil???

Just eat dirt directly, like a nigger.

4d2b2c  No.12999214


It's trace evidence.

18c2ef  No.12999250


Thanks Mr. Gym Teacher.

9d6705  No.12999267


It's not as simple as that. Its really complicated, you will be a slave to hormones for the rest of your life.

I really wish you faggots would keep things to yourselves and shut the fuck up.

I wish I could kill large numbers of you at once.

ffc4ea  No.13013403


d30d13  No.13014421


My cholesterol levels are twice as good after basing my diet more on meat and fish, than it was when my diet was more biased toward grains (not wheat flour) and vegetables

000000  No.13014530

Life weights and do dutch kickboxing.

0e87e3  No.13014542

I value integrity most of all. That’s why I’m not bigoted. Aryan is literally just a slur for a particular kind of obediently broken person. The essence of the aryan is in punishing snitches who might otherwise expose their wrongdoings and corruptions. Look for aryan stupormen everywhere people lie.

99ec1f  No.13014631


>krav maga. Mua Thai is also very good, and judo


99ec1f  No.13014739


He developed his forearms tugging his dick with the fingers he's holding.

779dd7  No.13014774

Get fit, get armed, make good friends. Don't speak publicly if you're overweight or weak. Be strong or be quiet.

779dd7  No.13014789


If shit gets real you best be ready to bite balls clean off. It's not plan A, but if things get to that point, you've gotta go full ape and start ripping and tearing.

ffc4ea  No.13019464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Ripping and tearing

e23d6f  No.13023003

For self improvement

5b5f44  No.13023707


underrated post

6a4487  No.13024018

I do not care how i look like. But i still train. Not to look wonderful Gay. But to get Stronger in any Aspect of Living. You get more Powerful with Training.

I still eat Normally. Why, cause my Ancestors eat so much different kind of Food and look on them. Muscles like Hercules.

Do you need hold a Diet. I do not think so if you exercises enough and ever day.

ffc4ea  No.13032073


You need to work more on your grammar than excercise fren.

ffc4ea  No.13041132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have some fashwave for some motivation

79bedf  No.13041451


>3 Step Method To Becoming an Aryan Superman

Don't forget the most important method to become whatever superman: Stop reading /pol

e6e8a4  No.13041482


deer hunting is essential. to be able to take down a (roughly) human sized moving target quartering away at 300 yards with a single round is an advantage that whites have over blacks because niggers cant into the great outdoors

c35ac0  No.13042003

File: d99aa2e1798b447⋯.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 47:66, 2_int.png)


> moving target quartering away at 300 yards with a single round is an advantage that whites have over blacks because niggers cant into the great outdoors

2c70c7  No.13042391

File: bc20ca8f6929f8e⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 300x376, 75:94, tree_of_life.jpg)


no the energy comes from the sun. Most all energy on the earth comes from the sun. Plants are the purest form of energy since they are the first step in converting the sun's light into nutrients.

2c70c7  No.13042402


that makes zero sense. Plants LITERALLY don't have any cholesterol in them. Only animal products have cholesterol.

2c70c7  No.13042434


No, refined sugar is bad. whole fruits with the fiber is great for you since your body breaks it down over several hours instead of instantly with a coke or candy. If you are active at all then fruits super healthy.

and with all the fiber you'll be too full before you get the equivalent sugar in a soda.

whole food is the way to go, with longer breaks between eating.

b245f2  No.13042439


>and their SEMEN to gain the nutrients that they took from the soil???

are you clinically fucking retarded or what? talk about a false dichotomy.

>eat the organs that the animal got from plants

>or eat the soil

full retard, kill yourself before you pollute the gene pool with your retardation.


that's an over-simplification but i like where you're headed.


this this this. also REFINED sugars/carbs are shit for your gut flora and cause inflammation. complex carbs/sugars are ideal for your gut flora as is fermentable fiber…and guess what? fermentable fiber only comes from plants. animal products have NO fiber in them and they have NO anti-oxidants.

c590dd  No.13042920

mma, kickbox, karate are ineffective self defense for the retarded people without brain capacity

You need to learn real hardcore military techniques like grabbing male by his neck and pushing his adam's apple inside hard!, without help that person will die, help means you need to stick your hand into this persons mouth and with your fingers inside the neck of the person you push the adam's apple back…and even if you save that person it will never heal completely and that person is kinda fucked up for life

you fuckers should be glad your retard enemies dont know these techniques, because they can just grab you on street and cause you irreversible damage or death super easily

5865ae  No.13042929


Yes, this is true.

This is the reason why people should become vegan, raw vegan.

bc405c  No.13042990

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ffc4ea  No.13046817


But didn't the majority of our ancestors eat meat?

135775  No.13049721



>our digestive systems aren't designed for flesh

What fucking plants inuits eat, huh? People living in the taiga must be fucking eating a lot of pine too, right? Niggers down in Africa must hunt for the kicks of it then? Goatfuckers herd only to get their animal sex toys, correct?

Fuck off veganigger, go starve on your own and suck down a fire hose.

82e826  No.13053443


He was a personal trainer.

f19be2  No.13053460


Veganism is a legitimate and good alternative to eating industrial-farmed meat.

b23916  No.13053585

File: 6672d49e976ef3b⋯.jpg (12.9 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 8d5c47d7dd97cc7df1195a0431….jpg)

ea9127  No.13053598

Ok mods, I will stop coming here. Thanks.

e96c28  No.13054056


you missed the most important part: become financially literate and build a community of like minded people. Building a business will insulate you from the system. Building a community of people that build businesses together is even better. Chinese and Jewish business networks are a good place to learn about how to works as a group for business purposes

a703e6  No.13054072


Based mods.

778378  No.13054309


What porno is that from?

661db6  No.13056664

>tfw nofap for a few weeks now

>dont even feel the urge to get a boner anymore

wtf guy halp

ffc4ea  No.13065683


Find a hot woman… If you get a boner you are fixed.

If you dont…


b69037  No.13065715

This is as good a thread as any to ask, anyone got infographics on identifying jewish females? I'm usually pretty good, but there's one case I'm on the fence about

4328be  No.13067021


Go outside and talk to grills, having less desperation makes it easier to find a suitable mate.

bcfac9  No.13076328


Sounds like a bad advice.

Work on your self dont chase women.

ffc4ea  No.13081907



be07dd  No.13082629


Regarding martial arts, I've been practicing Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for a few years and it's a pretty serious system made from several old Japanese schools from the Sengoku period and older. It's a bit more widespread than systema so it shouldn't be hard to find a teacher and its core philosophy is "least effort/movement needed". It's mostly technique based though, so you'll have to do strength training in your spare time. It's used by some special forces. Can highly recommend.

bcfac9  No.13098308


Is it effective against niggers?

7ab0d3  No.13113574


Niggers cant fight

4c0303  No.13113609


Wrong. Get your carbs from fruits.

t. guy who is much stronger than you.

57ce3f  No.13113650


>Its really complicated, you will be a slave to hormones for the rest of your life.

That assumes your hormones aren't fucked up already. My choice was 1) feel like ass or 2) lifelong injections.

Pretty clear cut choice to me, I can go back to feeling like ass at any point.


>krav maga is gay, a meme, jewish and terrible

Let me save you all some time. Take your hand, cup it slightly, swing underhanded to smash the nutsack. Do it multiple times in quick succession. You now may graduate krav maga training with a black-belt in nutsack slapping.

In addition to that, I got jewed hard. Here's the scam. You go in, they don't talk about price. They send you into a class where you basically get the shit knocked out of you. Great, after than it's contract negotiation time. They have a relatively hot and in shape jew woman take you for all you are worth since you are in no form to be negotiating anything. You sign and they take all your sheckles.

Sorry anons, this was a long time ago, I'd never give those jews another dime.

2f5cf5  No.13113659


>krav maga

>Can't spell muay thai

Kill yourself retard.

104e5b  No.13113781

Bump for self improvement.

023d14  No.13113874


>keto is horseshit, your muscles need carbs, fuck outta here with (((meme diets))).

Except every single one of your cells need lipids and those come from fats. Muscles need both lipids and by carbs you were implying glycogen which the body produces just fine under ketosis.


There's zero shills for keto, especially linked to the fast food industry. The main reason why is that keto is impossible and incompatible with the fast food diet. Fast food constantly involves sugary treats and bread.

Shills want you unhealthy. You're inventing something to imply some loose connection.


This is hilariously untrue. If meat was loaded with saturated fat there would be more people in mind ketosis at best. You're just a shitposting faggot.


When your body is on ketosis, it metabolizes fats and resulting cholesterol easier. There's also two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol. HDL is meant to be kept high while LDL is meant to be kept low. LDL typically comes from unnatural and unhealthy fats, and is used to blame everything on cholesterol in general when cholesterol is not inherently bad.

0c6174  No.13113897

Aryan is a slur.

This thread is a duplicate, one of many; this place isn’t allowed to get off message. The holy priests of misery enforce it so.

287416  No.13114131

i dont get it, why ONLY self improve yourself when you could improve society? get rid of the jews and their kike ways, introduce programs to improve all society both physically and mentally. i dont see the point in being some natty intelligent goy if the entire jewish system is out to destroy natty intelligent goys.

Yeah you improved yourself but you still live in a place full of kikes niggers, spics muslims,etc that run wild.

So much time spent improving yourself you forgot to improve the place you live in day to day

The only way i see anyone here improving themselves is to train like a soldier, survive off little to no resources and learn how to manufacture their own weapons for use otherwise you may just be yet another niggercattle that wageslaves and gets jewed out the ass

66710c  No.13133774

Any recommanded diets

104e5b  No.13151158

Bumping for self improvement

e1fafe  No.13152035

File: 17a0002e4e21d5f⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, triariip.png)


f95ab0  No.13152230


You have a point, but for a lot of people self-improvement is the critical fist step. Self improvement leads to more confidence, more drive and more self discipline which is essential in any effort to improve the community around you. Nothing of significance is possible as an individual, you will need to work with and inspire others if you intend to make any real change. No one is going to want to work with or be inspired by a fat/skinny fat basement dwelling weakling who can barely talk to people, has no practical skills, and gives up on what ever he is doing at the first failure.

Self improvement isn't the goal in itself, it's how you develop the means.

96e729  No.13152725


>do keto

>can't ever eat a burger with the bun again

>bunless burgers taste like shit

>can't eat french fries

>cannot eat anything fried that is breaded

>can't eat pizza

>most wings come with sugary sauces

>most salads from fast food places loaded with sugar

>can't drink pop

Yeah fast food's the one pulling the strings, for sure. You're fucking retarded m8.

346dde  No.13152775


but I'm a manlet

c63127  No.13152776


>mug you will you be able to defend yourself?

Niggers are terrified of whites unless you look like a lefty soyboy. To them we have a history of savage brutality, as conquerors, killers, chads and outright God's of war. It's their entire message behind "white people bad."

They're not wrong, we're the most chad race on the planet.

c63127  No.13152789


Gives you a better angle at a taller man's jaw and his lanky nature makes his neck whiplash harder for an easier knockout.

If it's a larger nigger he's slow, hit him in the throat as hard as you can, call him a nigger while he's still awake so he wastes oxygen thrashing around helplessly.

Call an ambulance at the first sign you think something's wrong, maybe 5 or 10 or 30 minutes after he loses consciousness :^)

e8e1b3  No.13153401


Weird I always assumed bench presses were vertical. Why I don't do them and never got above my own bodyweight. They always seemed like one step above curls but maybe I'll give them another try.

If someone wants to actually lift to gain strength I'd tell them deadlifts, squats, pullups, cleans/jerks.

c3f212  No.13153730


301f93  No.13153782

>become muscular

Can't stop bullets.

>pretend to be John Wick like some king of faggot

Can't stop bullets.

>be a smart

Can't stop bullets.

Until we have a Hitler 2.0 who's immune to bullets, fuck you.

9348a1  No.13167311


kys neet

79bc17  No.13167577


how tall are you?

Ofcourse the benefits of size outweigh the downsides to a certain degree…

180-190cm is ideal general height for fighting.

But stuff like planes, tanks, indoor firefights or naval warfare prefers small people.

09752a  No.13167605


how bad is 175

79bc17  No.13167607


>deadlifts,squats,pullups, cleans/jerks

where is chest?

also how the fuck do you work out without benching above bodyweight? I train mainly with bodyweight and recently with 12-20 cattles and a log. The last time I benched(about 15 months ago) I did 75kg or something, I was 63kg back then.

1e71fc  No.13167619

File: 0856d584e33f999⋯.jpg (288.89 KB, 1236x1241, 1236:1241, 00a.jpg)


Oh fuck off faggots, these men never did any gay exercising and they were 100x the man you homos will ever be because they just worked each day. Only reason people work out is because they're lazy and don't want to spend any of that energy on actual manual labor

79bc17  No.13167636

File: 53a40299c15106e⋯.png (2.01 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, sketch-1555865308116.png)


kek, I am 174. That is barely below average. How insecure are you ffs?

79bc17  No.13167699


you may be not entirely wrong, but modern economy dictates paperwork. Which is the reason work out is essential.

>hurr durr

you will not help anyone as a plumber intellectual with no money.

1e71fc  No.13167753


The modern economy is for faggots like you, do real work like a man instead of being a little pussy woman

79bc17  No.13167797


you mean consturction, warehouse etc?

dont be a retard, money is not the most important thing, but its needed for quality food, quality tools, weapons and other items.

>inb4 make it yourself

ok I am going to build a car right after I finished my rifle, no problem my dude.

3b1df5  No.13168434


censored for some obscure reason in a certain country

79bc17  No.13168921


>why only improve self when you can improve society

stopped reading right fucking there

Societys improvement will be a result of major conflict and for that conflict you have to be at your best.

It makes absolutly no sense to talk about "improving society" when you have absolutly no power to do so. I was hoping that only leftists are that radicly retarded.

25a71e  No.13169460


>dislodge the manapple

how does this work on fatnecks or neckbeards?

ffc4ea  No.13184595

14eeb9  No.13184617

thanks for the workout infograph thing. i've recently started working out and needed this.

14eeb9  No.13184621


you must be a wormy little kike. yes, bullets and missiles exist, shouldn't stop you from working out. unless you're a little weak faggot.

198d75  No.13184661


Working out won't stop ahmeds from shooting you dead you retarded fucking larper. Do something actually useful with your time instead of compensating for your kike microdick.

6e1e73  No.13184696


Working out improves general health so I can carry more ammo. My resting heart rate will be much lower and my breathing paced so my shots will be more accurate. Why do you think soldiers go through so much physical training? Fitness allows you to control adrenaline better which means you can shoot straight.

501c39  No.13185734


this is moronic, you can tell tarrent has never once studied a thing about insurgency despite potraying himself as some white revolutionary. Most rural whites are naive normies like everyone else. Nearly all geurilla groups will have rural bases that will support urban units.

7e2761  No.13185739


This. All Navy Seals do extremely demanding physical training voluntarily on and off deployment to be ready for combat. Combat isn't just pulling out your gun and shooting the bad guys, its running and marching for miles, carrying heavy gear, moving from cover to cover quickly, throwing grenades, carrying wounded comrades, wrestling and stabbing a shitskin that ambushed you, etc. etc.

Only a faggot kike would argue that physical training is a waste of time, especially in relation to combat scenarios.

1e71fc  No.13185747


It's a waste of time. Working out doesn't mean shit because your forefathers never worked out and look at them, they were 100x times the man you faggots are today

7e2761  No.13185917

File: d84b45f85d967b3⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 850x850, 1:1, Arno Breker Statue.jpg)


They just didn't know any better, my dear low t kike. The benefits of exercise have only been researched thoroughly in the last twenty years. Also, its a pretty retarded cope to just point to the men of the last few centuries and say "look, they're not fit, so i can be a weak fatso!" when the far more natural ancient aryan cultures all held physical fitness and masculine aesthetics in high regards. Had white men not become slaves of their tools and kept their martial prowess and warrior mentality, kikes would never have been able to subvert us.

Besides, the above mentioned benefits of physical training for combat situations are self-evident and have been proven through the experience of the modern soldier in warzones all over the world (and by the soldiers of ancient civilizations such as the egyptians and the romans), so still claiming "its a waste of time" is pure ostrichism. If the standard you apply to yourself is that being a weak fatso is perfectly fine, then yeah, its a waste of time, but if you want to be an able, domineering warrior, physical exercise is obligatory. So the choice is yours, faggot.

f19be2  No.13186035


>ancestors never worked out

That's because they spent their lives doing grueling hard labor on farms and the like. Their physical exertion made them strong as Yew, but we don't exactly match that kind of physicality under normal circumstances in modern life. So working out is best for us.

eb7daa  No.13186166


Rice has too much arsenic no matter where you get it from, wheat is shit for weight loss and gives you a nasty beer belly, corn isn't nutritionally dense and just does the same as wheat, ham and eggs are shit-tier sources of protien and give you loads of very bad types of cholesterol, and eating cheese is for pussies addicted to cow-tit milk. Milk contains addictive substances to keep the baby cow near the mother for predator avoidance. It's nothing but swallowing a big load of useless low nutrition fat. It's going to sound really gay because you've been brainwashed but eat more nutritionally dense vegetables like spinach and brightly and deep colored plant foods because those usually contain more vitamins and minerals. Get some spirulina (loaded with nutrients and iodine) most people are deficient in iodine, and it helps your body remove fluoride.

eb7daa  No.13186191


True, most coconut related shit is a meme. It's way better to just eat the unprocessed version like dehydrated shredded coconut. If you're one of those people (someone else reading) who is absolutely going to try and eat coconut fat on purpose no matter what anyone says, you could always get dehydrated coconut milk. It's still full of coconut fat but still has all the other good stuff in it. It tastes really good too. Unprocessed organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil still has one great benefit, which is that you can use a very small amount to moisturize your skin or use it as lube.

eb7daa  No.13186202


HARD MODE: watch porn, and then don't fap. Makes your testosterone skyrocket and if you have the willpower, you can benefit from it without fapping. (((they))) will think they are winning by thinking people are watching, but it is you who wins.

501c39  No.13186209


most of our forefarthers would have been peasant farmers who would have gotten btfo 500 to 1 by knights if they tried starting an uprising

eb7daa  No.13186212


Almost forgot, you can also swish the coconut oil in your mouth for a very long time (like 20 minutes) and it helps your gums get rid of some of the bad bacteria and makes your teeth a little bit whiter over time (not a huge difference, but some)

eb7daa  No.13186219


You could, but you will never get off it. You will be come enslaved by it and dependant on it forever like most pharma drugs. Eat more garlic and onions.

7e2761  No.13186222


This is the most retarded shit i have read ITT. The dopamine is being released through watching the imagery, not the ejaculation. Thats why porn addicts usually watch dozens of videos for a short time before ejaculating, every new video is a new dopamine hit. It fucks up your hormonal system in its entirety and crushes your self-confidence.

Do NOT do that.

eb7daa  No.13186239


If you properly soak your beans or lentils for a very long time and replace/rinse the water and then cook them on proper temperature for the correct cooking time you eliminate most of the phytate and lectins. It's fear mongering.

eb7daa  No.13186249


I have never heard of anyone else mention that idea before posting it moments ago, and I never heard anyone else reply to it the way that you did. Where the hell did you get that opinion from?

7e2761  No.13186263


>ham and eggs are shit-tier sources of protien

Absolutely fucking wrong

>bad cholesterol

No such thing

>Milk contains addictive substances to keep the baby cow near the mother for predator avoidance

Fucking retarded bullshit with absolutely no scientific basis. Milk has been proven in dozens of studies to be perfectly healthy and good for your bones. Its not addicting at all. >Muh cheese is heroine! Literal vegan propaganda.


This is also fucking retarded. Men with a genetic testosterone deficiency will simply come to their normal levels with synthetic testosterone. Why the fuck WOULD they get "off" it? Its meant to make their bodies work normally. Its not physically addicting but there is literally no reason not to go on TRT if you have shit testosterone levels.


>where the hell did you get that opinion from?

By doing research, reading studies and not being a retard who regurgitates every stupid shit he reads on image boards.

eb7daa  No.13186270


Look into spirulina. If you love spinach, you will love spirulina. Spinach is goitrogenic, which if left unbalanced from lack of iodine intake will fuck up your thyroid eventually. Spinach IS good, but you need iodine, which thankfully spirulina has. Olive oil is just as bad as any others. Look up the olive oil mafia. Every time I have ever eaten olive oil it was just straight up Pure fucking weight gain with no other benefits. Eggs are not really the best protein source and will give you nasty cholesterol issues.

eb7daa  No.13186281


Also you make really great points about the vegans and health food stores. There is a difference between "Plant BASED" and vegan.

>Vegan: basically antifa SJW's

>Plant based: doesn't eat any animal products, eats fruit and veg, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, everything healthy.

Vegans are liberal, where as Plant Based's are right leaning.

7e2761  No.13186286



Seriously, are you mentally ill?

eb7daa  No.13186339


>Absolutely fucking wrong

Not an argument

>No such thing

Not an argument

>Fucking retarded bullshit with absolutely no scientific basis. Milk has been proven in dozens of studies to be perfectly healthy and good for your bones. Its not addicting at all.

Studies funded by who? You're going to be really disappointed but I will allow you to figure it out on your own.

>Muh cheese is heroine!

Do your research.

>Literal vegan propaganda.

Just because they incorporate this piece of truth into their agenda does not invalidate it.


>Large amounts of fat

>A considerable amount of hidden sugar

>Large amounts of calcium

>Comparatively low amounts of magnesium

What are the results of this combination of nutrition? If you get high amounts of calcium but low amounts of magnesium, what effect does that have on your ability to absorb that calcium? What about the calcium already in your bones? What happens to that?

Research Research Research.

>This is also fucking retarded. Men with a genetic testosterone deficiency will simply come to their normal levels with synthetic testosterone.

Define genetic testosterone deficiency.

Who said the deficiency was genetic?

Yes. Men who take testosterone will have their testosterone measurably increased For the time they are on it. When they stop, the levels will drop even further than what they used to be before supplementation

>Why the fuck WOULD they get "off" it?

Because of the many adverse health reactions and side effects associated with taking testosterone.





>Muh sources! Find other ones. They will say the same things.

>Its meant to make their bodies work normally.

Synthetic testosterone being introduced to the male human body does not fit the definition of functioning normally.

>Its not physically addicting but there is literally no reason not to go on TRT if you have shit testosterone levels.

One good reason is that you could raise your testosterone levels with healthy diet and exercise before paying up to (((big pharma))). Another good reason to consider is dependance. Think Steroids. Think testicular shrinkage.

>By doing research, reading studies and not being a retard who regurgitates every stupid shit he reads on image boards.

Because your replies were such high quality knowledge and wisdom enriched posts.

eb7daa  No.13186346


Crikey m8, I've spotted a liberal. Very elusive creacha… You can tell they're lurking below the surface by the way that they react when you disagree with them.

7e2761  No.13186453


>Not an argument

Cholesterol isn't bad for you, its the carbs in combination with them. Everyone who knows even a little bit about diet is aware of this.

>You're going to be really disappointed but I will allow you to figure it out on your own.

Certainly not by the people who are pushing the vegan agenda, soyboy.

>Do your research.

I have, socially engineered self-castrator.

>>A considerable amount of hidden sugar

>hidden sugar

Lactose isn't fucking hidden, retard. And lactose is an organic product which your body is designed to process. The ancient aryans drank milk by the gallons.

>What about the calcium already in your bones? What happens to that?

>Research Research Research.

Debunked (((netflix))) documentations aren't research. No, milk does not drain your bones from calcium, lmfao. Again, studies have shown milk consumption increases general health and bone density. Stop regurgitating vegan brainwashing.

>who said deficiency was genetic?

This becomes obvious once you have tried all options of normalizing your t levels without medicine.

>When they stop, the levels will drop even further than what they used to be before supplementation

No shit. Who cares though. They were shit to begin with and you can get back to these (shit) levels by taking estrogen blockers within weeks in most cases.

>Because of the many adverse health reactions and side effects associated with taking testosterone.

These side effects will vary and many won't have any at all depending on the dosage. If the side effects are too bad, you just get off it. A light acne on your back is certainly preferable to being lethargic and depressed your entire life. Many TRT users report it was the best decision of their life. Its not like these men roid out to look like IFBB participants. They just function normally again.

>One good reason is that you could raise your testosterone levels with healthy diet and exercise

I think most TRT users will have tried that first, retard.

>Another good reason to consider is dependance. Think Steroids. Think testicular shrinkage.

There is no physical dependance and testicular shrinkage also varies, most do not have it at all at medical dosage. Stop larping as an expert because you're coming off as a fucking retard.


I spotted a schizo.

"Vegan is not the same as plant based, vegans are liberals while plant based are right wingers because i say so, nevermind its a literal synonym" Consider suicide.

13453e  No.13186461







is a word of slaves who know not how to be free

4dfce2  No.13186483


>Krav Maga

>giving kikes $$$$$$$$$$$

You fucking nutjob

Get two fucking clubhammers and begin learning how to swing them so you can defeat everyone you encounter on the Minecraft Hammer Nationalism servers [ Will also build your arms ]

7e2761  No.13186495

File: dc36674103c0748⋯.jpg (902.51 KB, 1633x2000, 1633:2000, Kalki.jpg)


Found the kike

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