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File: b02a48c29fb15ba⋯.jpeg (27.84 KB, 220x308, 5:7, 52B1B083-5EC2-4DE1-B903-3….jpeg)

bb9e6f  No.12862283

After doing some of my own browsing, I’ve developed an increasing interest in propaganda and its numerous amounts of techniques and forms it takes. I’ve realized that /pol/ has a lot of tools at its disposal. I think /pol/ can benefit from a discussion about not only disseminating propaganda, but also how to convert individuals. We need to figure out how to covert and convince individuals who come into contact with our propaganda or at the very least make them question and wonder. We need to try to convert libs, conservatives, moderates and even the most extreme leftist.

We should be aiming to reach out to the entire political spectrum, as well as the normalfag masses. Maybe even analyze the Left’s methods and they used them to be successful. We can also discuss how to recognize and counter any type of enemy propaganda. I know a lot of you use social media/memes to spread redpills, which is good, but learning new methods shouldn’t hurt.

>ITT we discuss different types and methods of propaganda and how to convert individuals

Here’s some material to start us off:


(Milieu control and bandwagon seem really effective)


(Natsocs talking about how to appeal to Marxists)



(I know it’s a Marxist concept, but (((they))) are using this against us. They control the culture and decide which ideology is acceptable and dominant).

Feel free to post any material that is relevant and contribute as you see fit. And remember:


8051bd  No.12862304

yeah we read mein kampf too, bud.

bb9e6f  No.12862327


Get out, shill

8051bd  No.12862337

File: 5dcca2a0cd68021⋯.jpg (110.2 KB, 736x1308, 184:327, 4e333138f9e74b7b4c5274e113….jpg)

7b2565  No.12862351

File: f4461b931dd8501⋯.png (72.91 KB, 1600x2262, 800:1131, ITS OK TO BE WHITE 2.png)

File: 2f4ce95cd630f16⋯.png (431.39 KB, 1500x1625, 12:13, mossad meme example 5.png)


Good propaganda must be informative and emotional. By informative I don't mean littered with sources an statistics. A true statement matched by a visual representation, even if the artistry is simple, is far superior to the enemy's own propaganda which is often times of the highest design quality. An example is the IOTBW campaign. The design was simple typography which made a true statement (it actually is ok to be white), while the emotional aspect was fully realized when non-whites opposed that very basic truth (it is ok to be white and i feel persecuted by anti-white racist who claim otherwise). There are no memes, no merchants, no professional graphic design elements and yet it was a far more successful campaign than those coming from the enemy (see second pic). The second pic is clearly of high quality design elements, created by a graphic artist, for the purpose of "hype." But even so the Patrick Little shilling went nowhere while the IOTBW campaign is still ongoing.

Propaganda must

>educate the masses without seeming convoluted and preachy

>touch the emotions

1fe96a  No.12862366

File: 4be2e431d55dbe2⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1421x2100, 203:300, fam.jpg)


>We should be aiming to reach out to the entire political spectrum

No. You can't treat the people of today like Germans in the 1920s. Most Western cultural centers are a mess of different races and whites have zero racial awareness that would be considered common sense a century ago.

Successful mainstream propaganda can only arise when a large portion of the population is openly pro-white and has a legitimate political presence. Right now we need focus on works that motivate people in our camp to be bold.

Here is what public propaganda accomplishes today:


Three men doxxed for messages wasted on racial aliens. Not to mention how pathetic it looks having to post things at night with masks.

c908f7  No.12862388

There’s 2 different kinds of propaganda imo. Obviously one is informative, aimed at educating/agitating/conversion.

But the other, and it isn’t often discussed, is what I’d call the “wolf’s howl”, for lack of a better term.

I think this “wolf’s howl” type propaganda is really important. It’s function is to both rally the pack and warn the enemy. It’s a shout into the darkness, letting others from your pack know you are out there. I won’t lie, when I stumble on good propaganda from somebody totally outside my circle it warms my heart. Let’s me know I’m not alone. This sort of propaganda can be more covert since only those in the know will interpret it.

1fe96a  No.12862404


This is what I’m talking about. Images that encorage us to act on our convictions. Real art that no one else can understand.

f7d556  No.12862424


>They are not charged with anything relating to the flyers.

c908f7  No.12862437


Yeah moral of the story is don’t be a spoiled shit toward the cops

Technically, what could they have been charged with beyond that. I don’t remember Mass having laws against hate speech but maybe I’m wrong.

214791  No.12862470

File: 1f37952f2c4a3e8⋯.jpeg (234.06 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, 4C764A37-06D6-4151-9C1C-F….jpeg)


I to have thought about propganda and the optics route against the struggle of Jewry OP. I even came up with an idea.

Please, Hear me out.

A question first.

Which group of people do the Jews have nearly full control over and use in their effort to genocide whites? Answer, minorities.

Minorities as we know are sub-human and only seek instant gratification akin to a beast, thus are very susceptible to the Jews control via gibs. The Jews propagandize them to champion agenda that ultimately increases their tyrannical government and corporate monopoly power over the goyim masses in exchange for gibs and the promise of the elimination of the false bogey man oppressor that is white people.

The minorities are essentially the back bone of the entire leftist doctrine. The core essence of the doctrine is the victim complex of evil whitey and the entitlement of reparations in the form of gibs and eventually white genocide through ethnic replacement. So to get to the point of my idea is we hijack their control of the minorities by propagandizing the blacks against Jews by tapping into their victim complexes and need for gibs, we give them a much better deal then the Jews.

The minority group I suggest targeting is nigs as they are the most malleable to influence. Just think about the “we wiz kangz” meme for example. They believe that shit.

So the strategy I purpose is we slip redpills in the community that exposes the true evil (((whitey))) im such a way to maximize their victimhood complex against (((them))). We will propagandize them to form an alliance in the mutually beneficial goal of freeing our kind from international Jewry. In terms of gibs we will promise them the full ownership of Africa, an Africa that will be free from any outside (((influences))) that they can call their own.

I figure this is an excellent strategy to will bring an end to the charade on both sides of the political spectrum. Just think how can the media react, after years of sucking the black man’s dick and programming leftists and civnac nationalists to accept niggers. To all the sudden become critical against blacks because they start going after the rich banking elite will break the charade and all sides will wake up to (((them))).

bb9e6f  No.12862485


Sounds really ambitious, but very Machiavellian. It’s like what Pat Little is proposing with using Israeli foreign aid as reparations

88c563  No.12862491

File: d5ab269a21e0d0d⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 790x853, 790:853, d5ab269a21e0d0dac3d99c027e….jpg)


Here's a quick overview of effective persuasion for the noobs:

> You can't change someone's mind, they have to do it themselves

Always remember that you're giving them the basis on which to adopt a new ideology. If you just try to tell them what you want them to think can reject it effortlessly. If you give them compelling reasons to adopt your way of thinking it's less easy to ignore.

Brain dead talking points like "diversity is a strength" can be dismantled with a simple "howso?"

> Use rhetoric instead of dialectic

Base your argument on emotions rather than logic. Your process should be logical but your conclusions should be moral or emotional. Always paint opposing ideologies as toxic, self-serving and cruel. Always paint yourself as kind, altruistic and healthy.

People decide what they want to believe not because of facts but because they want themselves and others to see them as good people, smart, respectable and well liked. Present your ideas as normal, good, intelligent, attractive, successful, etc and your enemies as the opposite.

> Build a case for your conclusion

Lead the listener through the steps needed to get from their ideology to yours. Don't just say "Yes I am a racist" explain why racism is natural, healthy and normal. Then say you think of yourself as normal.

> Engage their brain

No one will change their mind unless you force them to think. This is done by creating cognitive dissonance, asking questions they need to answer or demanding they come up with a plan. "How much immigration is enough?"

You can also draw them in with controversy or a pretty face.

> Keep it short, clear and simple

> Allow them to save face

Always present the enemy leadership as evil, but the rank and file are normal people who were understandably tricked, but they can always redeem themselves by joining the good guys.

> Adjust your push

If they are agreeing with you, then incrementally push farther. If they get defensive, pull back and find points where you can agree.

f87027  No.12862492


Keep your kike hoax images to yourself.

cd4dbb  No.12862659

This would be a decent thread if it didnt immediately link to Wikipedia

bb9e6f  No.12862940


It's just a simple list of techniques to get the ball rolling

027c9a  No.12862956


Fuck off kike.

cd4dbb  No.12863090


It is a complaint for your benefit. This could be a good thread, then you linked wikipedia. Correct yourself.

000000  No.12863838

Some time ago there was a thread (thinking face as OP picture) discussing words/combinations the left uses, and what we could use as counter. It was a very interesting thread with good examples. Anyone remember?

31605f  No.12864755


you should put some flowers on the bottom margins and some pretty wooden vines in the top corners

31605f  No.12864766



>construct model of the human earth system

>define utopia

>demonstrate ease of transition

>point fingers at the perpetrators of prison planet


>sterilize the normies

000000  No.12864960


PDF of:

Propaganda: The Formation of Mens Attitudes

By Jaques Ellul


31605f  No.12864964


yes, tell them about the origins of gangster rap, drugs and gun violence in their communities, origins and mechanisms of money and banking. many are already woke to the JQ. map out black communities in the US and their online habits and propagation of your redpilling with surveys.

should be pretty easy, keep it to jews and money. has to be a coordinated effort, even if only from a small team. posting memes randomly on the webs doesnt do much, need social proof and consensus dark to light on the jews and such.

31605f  No.12864969


go home nigger

bb9e6f  No.12865169


>page not found

31381e  No.12865222

File: d7a48c653b7fe28⋯.png (86.36 KB, 891x155, 891:155, Screenshot from 2019-03-01….png)


Well put, i`m still going to fast from time to time; but they do come back to it to argue/discuss it futher after a while. Then you can take them on a journey. It takes time but it's worth it.

000000  No.12874907



17c33c  No.12877811

41fbfe  No.12878266

File: 38a3fbc088fde83⋯.jpeg (19.37 KB, 661x360, 661:360, e84bd505d0204625aacfb3bbb….jpeg)

Let's use the media to our advantage. Then leverage the fact that the vast majority of Americans don't trust their reporting.

We need to bait them into reporting on a single, undeniable "gateway" fact. For example, The USS Liberty or maybe a list of countries Jews have been expelled from. The kikes will put their own spin on the story, but once it airs, we would have already won. A large chunk of viewers will be curious enough to Google it and down the rabbit hole they go..

31605f  No.12905197

I will try to do a brief write-up tonight, need to review a few things to frame my ideas

13f524  No.12905279


The biggest advantage we have over our enemies is the truth and with that truth, a steadfast resolve to make right from wrong. To address the imbalances that the jew has orchestrated across the world for their profit and with the explicit intent to destroy all opponents; particularly the white man. They could kill every one who stood up for the truth but the truth would not die with us. Imagine their suppression as a dam and the truth as water. The pressure continues to build but for now they are able to reinforce the dam to withstand it. Yet sooner or later the dam will yield. It has to because the water is unrelenting and keeping it contained is unnatural. Cracks have been appearing more frequently and more people are beginning to notice. Good propaganda instills an emotion of determined fervor, a bonding with people of the cause and a selflessness that is contrary to the hyper individualism of our current subverted West. Above all it is so powerful because it that truth and no meddling from the jew or its agents can ultimately discredit what people can see with their own eyes each and every day. All their efforts are in vain. There will be no triumph of the shill because the shill only has its own confidence in itself to drive the message. We have the truth and that energy that derives from being right. For being for justice and the natural order. Our people. Our race. That which elevates us above all others. Victory is inevitable if we dare to seize hold of our predicament and refute our enemies and their designation of us. We are not defined by them. We know what we are.

5e434d  No.12905401


That's a picture of antifa destroying a police car. Try your propaganda elsewhere sweetie.

417191  No.12905435

The biggest propaganda effort that helps the Jews is White Nationalism. And it has worked for decades.

bb9e6f  No.12905555


Stay away, shill

e71208  No.12905571





Oy vey another holocaust!

b12ac3  No.12907724


Did you ip hop?

3bd9bc  No.12911397


000000  No.12911489


>nordicised italo-med


I can destroy.

Attack their character (Who do they associate with ?)

<bugmanchang is a chinee : chinee skin doggo

Attack their policies (How dumb are their policies ?)

<bugmanchang is anti-guns : guns equal freedom

Attack their ability (Where has their logic failed ?)

<bugmanchang can't into words : words are required for communication


1e99b1  No.12911552

Spread Alt Media as much as possible. It's our best weapon to redpill normies, it's how I got redpilled.

40f089  No.12911557

This place is maintained by mandatory lies. It’s just a bunch of humorless miseries trying to fake it ‘til they make it in a world that doesn’t give them much fun. I wish I didn’t enjoy messing with people here so much, but a mostly honest approach seems to do some good, too.

5c8099  No.12925546


141c06  No.12947902


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