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File: 74aec9989f3c05a⋯.jpg (505.03 KB, 1133x1416, 1133:1416, 1gv.jpg)

13055c  No.12862517

>my face when most humans spend their day and lifes in slavery, as wagecucks

>they live to do something stupid that they don't like just to get house, food, car

>you need that house, food, car so you can work

>only 5% or less humans are born as high caste or oligarchs

>only those 5% can actually have fun, travel, enjoy, without being in slavery

>even those 5% will end by being old, sick, with dementia, eventually dying

000000  No.12862521

National Socialism is the answer

000000  No.12862530

we basically have feudalism


ac5105  No.12862531

slave waging builds character and gets you exercise

4ab2cd  No.12862533

Jesus, look up serfdom. People have only been free for awhile. Being subject to a king means you have no say and could never say no.

02f3ae  No.12862534


Lmao hierarchy isn't the problem - it exists naturally in every single system. There is no such thing as an equal system - it's inherently untenable. Because an equation has to have the EXACT same value.

The problem is that people are leading meaningless lives for reasons that are actually more philosophical than economic.

8f20b2  No.12862542

>church fools you

This image is like what 8th graders use to be edgie and say "fudge the system."

000000  No.12862548


>Jesus, look up serfdom. People have only been free for awhile.

people are not free

>Being subject to a king means you have no say and could never say no.

just like today. if you say no to wagecucking you will die from hunger and homelessness


>Lmao hierarchy isn't the problem

it is a problem when 0.1% of richest jewish oligarchs own half of world's wealth

eliminating them is necessary

000000  No.12862553


>church fools you

>This image is like what 8th graders use to be edgie and say "fudge the system."

said christcuck who is cucked by his church

2ac51c  No.12862560


>communism is good goyim

2ac51c  No.12862562


>ban evading child rapist whines about christianity, like only kikes do


000000  No.12862571

let's kil all rich people and jews

8f20b2  No.12862572


Here's the edgelord that doesnt realize religions impact on art and culture.

Don't be late to school tomorrow, kid.

13e1ba  No.12862579

You could take every one of those rungs and replace it with a marxist system. Egalitarianism is the grand lie of the 20th century.

>but the ideology specifically says X ! pure ideology has never been tried !

nobody fucking cares what lies you print in your gay commie books

b69436  No.12862594

File: c4a70773c57ebc6⋯.jpg (89.3 KB, 757x822, 757:822, Communism-Capitalism-and-N….jpg)

File: 739a4796c0ddb2c⋯.jpg (181.2 KB, 678x767, 678:767, Whats your religion with h….jpg)

File: 23cb581cce6b3e7⋯.png (493.65 KB, 600x805, 120:161, If_I_Tell_You_who_rules_yo….png)



You two are correct, but >>12862521 is the solution.

52749c  No.12862650


Is middle management slavery?

000000  No.12862752


>Here's the edgelord that doesnt realize religions impact on art and culture.

>Don't be late to school tomorrow, kid.

Here's idiot that doesnt realize religions impact on controlling and enslaving humanity since thousands years

Don't be late to church tomorrow, cuck

4f1385  No.12862782

File: a9d78ef6cdef106⋯.png (276.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a9d78ef6cdef106b9605b62907….png)

I'm genuinely interested in how many /pol/acks are wage slaves. I'm trying to find ambition to get a career after getting out of the military. I can waste 4 years or my life getting a pointless fucking degree and not get a job, or I can be a trade cuck and hate my life. It might be worth doing if I'm living in an area where there is like minded people like me. But since everyone here dosen't do jack fucking shit in real life except for various groups like those faggots that live in the pacific northwest that are probably an FBI honey pot.

734b19  No.12862837


On the grand scheme of things advancing yourself is good for the white race. If you are ever in a position to hire you can select for white men and ignore diversity quotas and the like. You can earn money, attract a nice white chick, and start a family, continuing our race. If you get successful enough, even running for local office helps. Not suggesting votecucking is a long term strategy but there are surely thing you can do and influence that help our people

I’d recommend avoid college unless you have a specific goal/degree in mind. I’m a STEMfag with a PhD. Had I the ability to turn back time I would have bought my grandfathers business and took up the family trade. Such is life. The debt is a massive problem

As much as it sucks sometimes you gotta work within the system to undermine it.

203faf  No.12862872


>trade cuck

How is disciplining yourself to take up practical skills being a cuck?

4c5dea  No.12862877


You are vastly misrepresenting the issue. Degrees are largely worthless, that much is true, but learning a useful trade and skills you can apply outside your direct work is never a waste. The labor market also isn't as hellish as you'd like to think.

000000  No.12862881


Rockwell, yet another White Nationalist success story. So much winning.

7fdac2  No.12862908


And it's only the arts degress that are totally worthless. Chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, maths, computers, electrical engineering aren't worthless

4f1385  No.12862911



I get what your saying. I'm just tired of living in a multicultural shit hole filled with niggers and leftists. I have noone, my entire family is leftists and I even have a fucking kike in the family from one of my parents remarrying a Jew. I'm guessing you anons have families and that's what keeps you going. I've always lived in the city and have been surrounded by leftist faggots from day one. I can't stand being around these fucking worthless race traitors anymore. Even the "conservative" ones are fucking race traitor cocksuckers. How many people believe national socialism in America? How many are eager to get together and actually do something? How many of these groups are FBI honey pots?

Sage for blackpilling blog post. It's all just too fucking tiresome. Kudos to you anons for staying strong. I don't know how you fucking live in this Sodom and Gomorrah shit hole.

2eee4c  No.12862924

File: 4861fc968590784⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1133x1416, 1133:1416, 74aec9989f3c05a78758aa4e7c….jpg)

Oh, it's this thread again.

fc3dd2  No.12862987

File: fa524b6dabf3461⋯.jpg (29.59 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 0801ac20ded86a0c16104bfce2….jpg)


national socialism is a stepping stone to tribalism.

7fdac2  No.12863062


Thanks for the fixed version.


It's the other way around.

Tribalism works when your tribe isn't too big, National Socialism works when you have a Nation.

fc3dd2  No.12863066


My nation state is comprised, so is yours unless you live in a narrow range of countries, and as such complete collapse is the best solution. National socialism was a luxury that we lost alongside the second world war.

bc171d  No.12863089


lots of degrees are not worthless: engineering, accounting, pharmacy, law, medicine, etc.

bc171d  No.12863091


my dad is a cuck that made in real estate development and remarried an overbearing kike. My mom is a christian zionist christcuck. "God blesses those that bless Israel".

The rest of my relatives are retarded feminists and white hating SJWs. I honestly want to off myself.

bc171d  No.12863093


he's got 30+ million in property investments and the kike is trying to make me feel unwelcome so that I will give up on the relationship and let her inherit the property.

55f36b  No.12863102


Because you think you are outside that system or at most the top guy. Unless you have billions, you're not. And the supervisor roles go to regular jews.

fc3dd2  No.12863104


>the relationship

What relationship? This story is kind of vague.

Actually my parent was also responsible for a multi million dollar property after my grandparents died but they sold it and then immediately spent all the money so I know the bane that is the boomer if its any consolation.

55f36b  No.12863107


Negative one. Literally blocking people from reading even bible for centuries, to not question it.

198cee  No.12863179


>Implying those 5% are not the 5% by being slaves to lesser Jews who in turn are slaves to bigger Jews who in turn are slaves to their own ambition as they are in a constant cycle of master > slave > master from trying to out Jew other big Jews while avoiding becoming out Jewed from other big Jews.

All of man kind is a slave. God is the only true Master. Harp on God being Semitic all you want. I stand by my words.

47e266  No.12863202

>work for my mom and her friend

>he basically works for himself, manages several properties, really only answers to the property owners.

>work at a strip mall as a maintenance guy

>met the owner, not a kike at all

>basically set my own hours, give myself a 3 day weekend if I want it

>currently on a 3 day weekend

>work with some mexican who doesn't do his job, so I pull his weight

>get paid more because of it

>big boss likes me a lot more than him

>he's basically unfirable because there isn't anyone better

He at least shows up to his shift, even if he is getting free money. I definitely am not a wage cuck/slave though. Shits nice. I basically report to 3 people instead of the 7 or 8 I used to, if that. I barely hear from/about the owner. Only downside is I live in commiefornia. Can't move out even if I didn't have 700 dollars in bills.

f37788  No.12863208

>yeah dude fight the power

gb2 /n/ circa 2008

4c5dea  No.12863210


Nah they are. If you must go to uni, get a pure math or pure physics degree, the rest will only net you a job as a lab tech.

c9576f  No.12863214

File: a2dcdf398f85b2d⋯.png (181.29 KB, 400x444, 100:111, A-Wyatt_Man_Jesus.png)



>Of course I still worship Rabbi Yeshua. Doesn't everyone?

8317c4  No.12863225


>If you must go to uni, get a pure math or pure physics degree, the rest will only net you a job as a lab tech.

M8, I think engineering is more likely to get one a good job than those are.

f37788  No.12863236



christianity delayed all scientific progress by 1000 years. go look at the mathematics developed by the greeks, and then what was developed from 500-1500. nothing

fb0bb9  No.12863238


OP is correct, communism just takes you from this realisation to an impasse. Part of its usefulness is to defang the Lefty goyim who realise something's wrong. Libertarianism feels like the same but for righties.


It is. Remember the Gervais principle: sociopaths at the top, clueless in the middle, losers at the bottom.

55f36b  No.12863347


You will stand in front of an execution squad, shill.

84ae7c  No.12863404

Any poster talking about heirarchy and wealth unequality that doesn't mention pareto distribution, doesn't know what they're talking about.

84ae7c  No.12863405



84ae7c  No.12863411


>greeks live in stable period with a power base and civilisation

>develop maths

>Europeans in dark age/migration period constantly at threat of war and viking rape, barely managing to hold onto territories for more than a few centuries before getting invaded and conquered again

>wtf guys they didn't have time to sit around drinking wine and philosophising

>later when territories settle down and nations are more stable and powerful, Christians develop whole of science and renaissance

>often based on knowledge from Greece/Rome that Christian monks have painstakingly preserved over centuries of war and monasteries getting sacked

>I guess it was all Christianity's fault

e48ca4  No.12863434


>/leftypol/ fag


You are right about everyone being a slave

There is no free person in this world

Kikes have their hierarchy too and are not Gods yet and they know they can't do anything they want

In fact there can only be one free person and that only under dictatorship

31df8b  No.12863457


Leftypol disagrees. Communism is the answer… Goy…

412fb9  No.12863528


True. Connections are more important than any degree ou can get. The only advanced kind of job you can have with no connections is IT, and that is better self taught than with any degree.

d7a5a2  No.12863602

He who has nothing seeks money

He who has money seeks wealth

He who has wealth seeks power

He who has power seeks control

These are the real circles of hell. There is nothing wrong in seeking these things defensively, but there is a class of godless people whose religion is this. They will infiltrate the power structures and the opposition to it.

Capitalism or [national]socialism does not matter to them.

So the history of man is not the history of his means of production or that other bullshit. It is the history of the control the system wants to seize off him.

Capitalism did a fucking nice work because it softened us first, just like in Pinocchio's "The land of toys".

We look at money but the system could revert to force. Technology is mature enough.

0ac62d  No.12863612

File: 0cf2731c8ea3d5c⋯.mp4 (8.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, to kill a king.mp4)


Its great you understand the liberal lie, though a few centuries to late to fight the Roundheads. "The chief fights for victory, his vassals fight for their chief" -Tacitus, Germania. There is a necessity for Kings if you want victory, the people can only fight for their King and not themselves.

000000  No.12863616

8e4dab  No.12863617

File: 56e3567b277eedf⋯.jpg (203.78 KB, 950x647, 950:647, the day of the hurry up an….jpg)




I didn't know Roof Koreans had a king…

In america free men fight for themselves, America has no king, america needs no king.

1534f4  No.12863628




ae69e4  No.12863645






There can't be equality between men because there isn't any within them. If you were born with a modest set of talents, you will never have the status of a Benjamin Franklin. He is simply able to do jobs that you cannot. He is not a better person than you, he did not make nobler decisions than you, he was just born with a better brain. He will be richer and happier than you in any environment, even a purely socialist one, because even in a system that attempts to forcibly instill equality, true equality between never be achieved.

bf9530  No.12863654


Kings must also understand that it's a mutual contract. If the King doesn't care about his people/country (modern Kings are a great example of this) than the people have a duty to oust him. Leonidas is the perfect example of a great King that was willing to put the work in to defend his nation.


One of the lowest IQ takes I've ever seen. The reason those Koreans had to engage in street warfare to defend themselves was a direct consequence of the USA being a cesspool of ethnicities, where no true King is present. I bet you think those chinks are "just as American" as you. Sad!

000000  No.12863658


>worship Satan, goyim

Nah. It isn't working out so well for the majority who got very angry when they didn't get that Elmo toy for Christmas.

000000  No.12863671


And the Chinese are even smarter and more numerous thanks to socialism so lazy brown-nosing jews like you could live for a thousand years and not be able to kiss all those asses.

ae69e4  No.12863688


Chinks are numerous because they breed like chipmunks. They're like that no matter what type of government they currently have.

cc87ce  No.12863699


>people had no say

They have a say now? Are you stupid?

The modern world is worst than serfdom

c1dfa0  No.12863752

File: 59a5acd7393eb90⋯.jpeg (45.32 KB, 266x335, 266:335, 82E06641-99B5-46C0-9415-6….jpeg)


Does this look like a slave to you?

4cc51f  No.12863755

File: e8c21fd5191d947⋯.jpg (62.21 KB, 660x571, 660:571, _88458580_indian_caste_624….jpg)

Hierarchy is necessary for the emergence of something higher than the individual itself, people differ between each other even among the same ethnic group, let alone between different races. You can't have a society where everybody is king, or everybody is a peasant. The first is unrealistic, the second is not worth it. History wouldn't have its overmen, its Alexander the Great, its Napoleons, its Caesars, without an organic society allowing the material and immaterial conditions for these individuals to overcome humanity and their own individual lives.

This obviously doesn't really defend hierarchies of the modern world, based essentially on quantity, rather than quality, and whose highest aspiration is gold, usury, and related shit. The zeitgeist of the times would like for men to be all equal when they are born, only with different qualifications and at best different initial capitals. The reality is that people are not equal, so the large majority is led after a carrot on a stick for something they shouldn't really aspire to be.

As long as society is not oriented toward spiritual fulfillment but material fulfillment, the vicious cycle is going to continue and get worse, with the masses wanting more and more bread and circuses, and the so called "elites" getting richer and more isolated/hostile.

2ac51c  No.12863756

>communist thread still up

000000  No.12863760


>met the owner, not a kike at all

>work with some mexican who doesn't do his job, so I pull his weight

>get paid more because of it

>big boss likes me a lot more than him

good goy

work hard and fast! your capitalist will "like" you (while laughing at you behind your back)

000000  No.12863762


>There can't be equality between men because there isn't any within them. If you were born with a modest set of talents, you will never have the status of a Benjamin Franklin. He is simply able to do jobs that you cannot.

your theory is shit, kike. because wealthies and most powerful people in the world, are not the most talented. they are kikes that got there because of inheritance, jewish nepotism, corruption, luck.

>He will be richer and happier than you in any environment, even a purely socialist one, because even in a system that attempts to forcibly instill equality, true equality between never be achieved.

wrong again. kikes won't be richer and more powerful if we holocaust all of them. someone who doesn't exist cannot be richer than you.

55f36b  No.12863799


Temporarily embarassed millionaires are waking up to the fact that they're actually a permanenly fucked underclass.

Oh no.

3f94f9  No.12863818


the presence of an alternative does not justify injustice


6ddf55  No.12863819


The Gini Coefficient has been increasing steadily since the 60s. I would say this is in part due to mass importation of low-skill, low-IQ third worlders, but also wages have been stagnant when accounting for inflation.

60c303  No.12863854


good for them, hopefully they don't foolishly turn to the same ideas that have consistently led to backwards authoritarian regimes. you know, like how every attempt at large scale communism has resulted

ca7ae3  No.12863908


>beaner directly profits for free from your employee voluntarism

>"I definitely am not a wage cuck/slave though"

is this an ironic post

91e473  No.12863922

We need a national goal to work towards. The 1960s had the space race. Has there been a considerable, nation harmonising goal since? What I mean is that working towards generating profits is slavery, but is it still slavery if that work was to contribute to a system allowing your country to get ahead?

aae120  No.12863923

File: c2206693481ddf2⋯.jpeg (104.41 KB, 788x1000, 197:250, 1451418665150.jpeg)


This is the natural order. People aren't equal. Every system will end up like your pic no matter what you do or how you do it.


National Socialism (and fascism in general) are the embrace of the fact that most people are "slaves". Most people are untermensch and there is nothing wrong with this. Even "slaves" have their purpose.



000000  No.12863936


>there is little uncharted in this territory (maths)

Are you fucking stupid or just blind? Maths is the one subject that can never be exhausted. Literally never. And I use "literal" literally. The possibilities are literally endless. All you need is taste, and a modicum of rigour, and some internal spark, and you're good to go.

>only jobs for non-uber sooper genius are in academia

That explains it. You're just ignorant. First, acadamia is where all the interesting maths jobs are, as pure researchers. Second, all the maths jobs outside of academia are either intellectual assembly-lines where you apply the most boring solution to trivial problems, or are mimicking academic research, with the caveat that you're told what to discover, what directions to go in, etc. This is Kaczynski's Law. Outside of acadamia

You Have No Control

Third, you don't have to be a uber sooper genius to have a decent academic research position, being a normal genius suffices. But, fourth, and most important, you'd be right not to go to college to study maths, 'cause you can do it for free with the right books; there are even online forums dedicated to discussing mathematics, so you don't even need the "connections" colleges offer. In the case of maths, they are literally the scam of scams. everyone says "go STEM", but really it should be STE, because all of Science, most Technology, most Engineering, but no Maths whatsoever, require big expensive equipment, which unis can afford, but you can't.

000000  No.12863950


whoops, wrong thread

ca7ae3  No.12863974

File: c926b8c51ae6941⋯.jpg (576.32 KB, 1195x820, 239:164, a87f9ad3a188809509494ac76b….jpg)

19308f  No.12864070


Retired at 57 here. Got scientific degree at good University. Worked in field for 7 years. Got married, started business. Retire 25 years later still young/healthy enough to enjoy life.

t. not wagecuck

76a7a6  No.12864334


>muh cross cube

christian crosses aren't proportioned such that they fold into cubes

819797  No.12864436

File: f6eabdc737d8c52⋯.png (320.92 KB, 640x553, 640:553, f6eabdc737d8c52bd77cbc88df….png)


Listen anon, I'm in a similar situation. I want you to know that family in that case doesn't matter at all. It sounds shitty, but if they're wanting to destroy themselves and others then you can't change that.

Just find some people locally that are like minded AND DON'T CUCK OUT ON IDEALS. If they're Nazis that love niggers, fuck off quick. Also find a girl whose family can be easily influenced.

I turned a 100% European liberal woman into a pure nigger hating Jew naming national socialist. Just drop subtle name hints over 4 months like "This guy, Mr. Cumberg, wants to import minorities." Then start showing how immigration can be bad, in a way that will hit them hard. If they like family, show immigrants killing families. Then you can start naming the Jew. Point out how it's all Jews who want a certain bad thing and back it up with names of them.

I live in Austin, so I know how bad a multi culti liberal hellhole can be. This city has slowly degraded thanks to mismanagement and I've been along for the ride this whole time. It might be blackpilling to see all the shit around you, just enjoy the good things and hold your head proud and high as you'll never fall to the degenerate state of others.

e8b11f  No.12864440

Having to work for a living ≠ being a slave. You sound like an entitled teenager who just found out the world isn't made of candy and unicorns. Congrats on giving Jim your shekels to make front page though, it wouldn't on its own because its shit.

82bc3f  No.12864469


this. Anyone pretending that we are still able to throw the breaks on is fooling themselves. Without a collapse we're going to have a hard time establishing anything other than the garbage we have now.


>retired at 57

While you've made it out better than most, that's still a life of toil leading right into a death bed.

ab52a0  No.12864496

>blaming capitalism

Resetera/ /leftypol/ raid thread.

9870ed  No.12864521


>because wealthies and most powerful people in the world, are not the most talented.

Okay, that's your opinion, and it will remain so until you provide some kind of evidence.

>wrong again. kikes won't be richer and more powerful if we holocaust all of them. someone who doesn't exist cannot be richer than you.

Kill everyone smarter than me so I can't be jealous. Communist confirmed. Why don't you do the world a favor and kill yourself instead?

55f36b  No.12864529


>every leader i don't like is a dictator

>coowned state is a dictatorship

>capitalism means freedom, not Rothschilds private feudal domain

6fe160  No.12864535

Gospel is for the poor. Anyone who doesnt believe Jesus paid for all their sin will die in their sin.

9870ed  No.12864537


>The whole universe is just a test of my blind obedience.

901a2b  No.12864598

wow, i really like that king of the shekel is being used for the greater good

really nice jim, very nice

fucking nigger

d0c2d3  No.12864761


I suppose the irony of pushing Socialism in a paid thread is lost on you.

1c8f19  No.12864793


We already have socialism (Marxism). That was OP's point. We have it on a global scale. Hitler would have had us all fending for ourselves on our own separate, ethnocentric bases. He wasn't trying, contrary to popular belief, to "turn the world German"; fascist, maybe. And when one steps back and looks at the effects globalism has had on us all, it's easy to see why.

d0c2d3  No.12864872


Hitler was an idiot who declared war on the United States.

af82e4  No.12864885

File: 51d0af1357cdcb6⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 427x358, 427:358, 1536609333829.jpg)

Idk man, I spend like maybe an hour a day actually working at work, most of the time I'm just surfing the internet or listening to podcasts. It might not be a popular opinion around here but 99% of human history was worse than this for the average person. It's all gonna fall apart eventually anyway, so you might as well relax and enjoy the decline.

60c303  No.12864925


Co-owned state my ass. literally every communist revolution has produced shitty authoritarian states. unlike some people, I try not to be an ideologue. I would be okay with a system other than capitalism, but I'm not going to give in to the whims of Marxists when the history of such states is clear. Especially when so many of them fail to make the best of their situation despite whatever obstacles life presents. Wanting to free workers is noble, but many Marxists I've encountered appear to be more motivated by resentment and jealousy over anything else.

Marxist ideologues have a hard time realizing that ideas and intentions can easily fail when implemented. You can think up great ideas and theories, but the real world is vastly more complex than a person can comprehend. If you want to implement your ideas, push for policy that leads to decentralization and build from the ground up, that's the only way it will work in my view.

810a6f  No.12865019


You're in a cage though

9870ed  No.12865090


>You're in a cage

No, man, you're like, in a shoe. No! A rat trap. Yeah, dude, society's totally like a rat trap.

you're in a rat trap america, wake up and stop eating the cheese of corporate america, or you'll never escape the springloaded aluminum bar of your oppression!!

85292d  No.12865194

>oh my god i can't believe i have to work to get money and earn my living i'm such a fucking slave to the system!!

all of you are idiots who don't know how to manage money and spend their days wasting away just browsing your favourite echochamber talking about how much better everything would be if somebody did X Y and Z doing nothing with your life and not making anything of it. as if modern society is awful and unlivable because a bunch of rich jews like to jerk off to kids

000000  No.12865803


>It might not be a popular opinion around here but 99% of human history was worse than this for the average person. It's all gonna fall apart eventually anyway, so you might as well relax and enjoy the decline.

That's because in the past we did not have high level technology and science. Now we have, but it's not used to make us happier, it's used to make Rothschild's richer

36fea9  No.12865817

Yeah most people are slaves because the twats who use slave labor to waste everyone's time making dumb shit have found loopholes to commit slavery and distract us from it. They're just dumb shits wasting our time to build a shit pile for everyone to see.

36fea9  No.12866137


And what do they do with that wealth? Absolutely nothing. It's just a distraction from the fact that you could have done everything they do with their wealth, for free.

072b0b  No.12866286


And if the Hitler of our time achieves control? As seen in Nature, there is always the One; He who controls the tribe, he who leads all, he who holds the fate of his people in his hands. The One has the power to raise Humanity up, and the power to bring Humanity down.

072b0b  No.12866402


The ""last man"" (German: Letzter Mensch) is a term used by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra to describe the ""antithesis"" of his imagined superior being, the Übermensch… The last man is tired of life, takes no risks, and seeks only comfort and security… The lives of the last men are "pacifist and comfortable". There is no longer a distinction between ruler and ruled, strong over weak or supreme over the mediocre. Social conflict and challenges are minimised. Every individual lives equally and in "superficial" harmony. There are no original or flourishing social trends and ideas. Individuality and creativity are suppressed.


456fb9  No.12866574


Church is about being programmed to be apart of them.

456fb9  No.12866577


Should I have been a predator along with others preying on other humans? Is that all thats left?

8e4dab  No.12866701

File: e7a0307ca99d639⋯.jpg (781.73 KB, 1436x2000, 359:500, Drei Eidgenossen.jpg)

File: ede51c1dfeff23e⋯.jpg (237.59 KB, 1200x727, 1200:727, 1386.jpg)


even though you wish death upon me I still hope the crown approves your nail file permit.


no, you moron, the koreans held the roofs. No need to fight in the streets. They defended thier property legally.

Civilized men can live in a republic. Civilized men can pass laws and follow them.

Others need kings or as some call them Kangz.

Free peoples who can defend themselves don't need a king to tell them what to do. Free people can assemble and fight without a king.


you should have been a pair of ragged claws

Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

527ab5  No.12866723

File: 7de2018eddd063c⋯.png (526.42 KB, 657x705, 219:235, ClipboardImage.png)

I've spent the last 7 years casually obtaining my geology undergrad, my father is BEGGING me to get a job, I think I am going to go draw out a masters & then a Phd. By the time I am done and go to the woods to live, I will still have leeched far less off the system than what I could contribute to it. Fuck jews and niggers lmao.

t. talented goy

36fea9  No.12866725


No because then we wouldn't be able to tell you apart from a legitimate colonist and a legal tailgater.

582ee3  No.12866821

Slave to who?

Freedom to do what?

6e08de  No.12866903


no dude, that's immoral and bad pr. They should be sentenced before a court, their wealth taken away and used for public construction!

cd9656  No.12866919

File: bee4b3cbe619554⋯.png (464.59 KB, 955x555, 191:111, dbl99b2-c6a47266-1180-4660….png)


> have noone, my entire family is leftists and I even have a fucking kike in the family from one of my parents remarrying a Jew. I'm guessing you anons have families and that's what keeps you going.

My entire family is dead and I have no friends. Not even a single semi-friend. Being aspergic means it's very difficult to even try to make friends. And my city is a gigantic pozhole filled with niggers and antisocial Chinese. You need a higher purpose, something greater than yourself that you truly believe. Then you can march forward with as much confidence as the man who has it all. And, as a man who has lost it all, I can tell you that people are overrated and parasitical. You aren't missing out on a whole lot. If that sounds depressing, it's because life is, but we can't see that properly because we were lucky enough to be born in the most comfy period in history. As soon as you can accept this shithole for what it is, you will set yourself free.

d215b4  No.12866932

File: 55014852985c4bd⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 560x407, 560:407, shrugdeal.jpg)

>they live to do something stupid that they don't like just to get house, food, car

I have the opposite problem, I do a job I love for more money than I have any real use for.

55f36b  No.12866937


Again, just because there was a leader - always is - doesnt mean it was all authoritarian, thats how propaganda paints them. It was so much from the ground up, even of state has to coordinate big projects etc.

55f36b  No.12866940


>allowing them to exist

Its like not poisoning rats in your house, just catching them and releasing. They will be back in a few minutes.

44eb7f  No.12866966


those blue guys with slung rifles look more like ancap than natsoc tbh

7914ba  No.12866969

File: a2eed756d7cb8a9⋯.jpg (9.29 KB, 186x271, 186:271, 412343.jpg)


>make all young men slaves of the state and send them into slaughter of hopeless war

090f5d  No.12867542

Slavery is a state of mind OP is in maybe. I for one find it rewording to learn to live without so you may go out and work yourself out of nothing. That is what life is all about starting out with an empty cup so you may fill it up. A slave state would never allow that to happen. And the elite are cheating themselves out of this experience.

4451b8  No.12867632


>implying there are not wage differences

>implying there are not differences between the classes, even as menial as middle, to lower class

>implying you cannot work towards one or the other

still a wage slave, but if you have more money, you can also do more stuff, travel further with a car, have more hollidays. Its not that horrible really. Well it is for me, because I am retarded with money, but not everyone is.

4e9adf  No.12868166

>even those 5% will end by being old, sick, with dementia, eventually dying

or depressed and ending up overdosing on good quality cocaine

59286d  No.12868897

Doing labor because it's needed to keep your society functional and keep your people alive isn't the issue.

Doing labor that is needed to keep a society that hates you and wants you dead functional and keep everyone that hates you and wants you gone alive whilst you barely gett compensated while a hook nosed fuck doing nothing takes 95% of the fruits of your labor and uses a portion of them to keep a system in place that is explicitly designed to make your existence a living hell, or to outright kill you, should you step out of line is a problem.

07bc80  No.12868958

Sucks for you.

000000  No.12869214


>Here's idiot that doesnt realize religions impact on controlling and enslaving humanity since thousands years

lol wut? religions = philosophy = way to live life. without a way to life, people are lost and depressed. hmm does is it a coincidence that kikes hate Christianity so much they mock and try to destroy it?

07bc80  No.12869219


Building over priced shit teir houses isn't labor.

58ac7e  No.12869234

File: 63011cf2f5f8b2b⋯.jpg (638.2 KB, 1133x1416, 1133:1416, 74aec9989f3c05a78758aa.jpg)

9c5eb6  No.12869244


aa7618  No.12869261


>It might not be a popular opinion around here but 99% of human history was worse than this for the average person.

I've often thought about this.

If everyone changed nothing about their poor income and simply lived a life of subsisting on bread and potatoes with no fancy tech or online subscriptions they would be filthy rich and living a life of endless possibility in the eyes of a serf of the past.

Basically I think we need to cut down on expenses and find ways to better translate those saved dollars into "survivalist" experience and starting businesses.

07bc80  No.12869271


Adjust for inflation. If you're going to use that system, use it properly.

Quit switching players without me being aware please. I cant watch a side of the argument, and conclude whom it is that I am speaking to Charlize.

I have an algorithm in my head that would bring it all down. The only reason I am alive is because I haven't used it once.

f72d7d  No.12869403

>Muh slavery is bad

Either you're a (((communist))) or you are (((Abraham Lincoln)))

0d3b49  No.12870078

Spiritual Jew detected.

Yeah, most people are lemmings, but justifying that shit is the first steo towards Kike superiority as mask for inferiority.

e310f6  No.12870448


hitler took the guns so that image doesn't work. the bottom panel is essentially ancaps.

3c6a27  No.12870453


This lmao. Natsoc is literally upper left what with the mass slavery camps and all.

17f05e  No.12870824


>Implying that the new leaders installed after the purge (or DoTR whatever the fuck you want to call your rhetorical Judgement Day parallel) won't just become the new Lords and you'll be in the exact same place as before, or possibly worse

What, are you going to tell me that there won't be any leaders? Don't be a Ancap retard. What? Once they take the power from the Jews they'll just… GIVE IT to you?? It'll never happen and you fucking know it. You're delusional.

It's funny. I realized something recently when reading about people who are afraid that democracy is faltering, that fascism and totalitarianism is once again on the rise and taking hold in many countries, that what little freedoms and choices people have are eroding away. The way the scholars go on, it's like they think democracy and freedom is some kind of ideal, some kind of inevitable end condition for humanity, and that what is happening right now is just a momentary roadblock before we go back to democracy as a norm.

But the truth is, freedom is not the norm. The horrifying reality is that the current position of the world IS THE MOMENTARY ROADBLOCK, a mere few centuries respite from what has otherwise been ten-thousand years of total, unchallenged subjugation of the many by the few. None of them seem to realize that slavery is the way that humanity has been for virtually its entire history, and that a return to this is the system regressing to the norm. What's happening right now is probably just the preamble.

And you retarded fucks are just going to hand over power to your new masters because you hope they won't be as bad as the ones we have now. Didn't Trump teach you that lesson?

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Won't get fooled again.

9e1161  No.12870873

>only 5% or less humans are born as high caste or oligarchs

>only those 5% can actually have fun, travel, enjoy, without being in slavery

In truth any kind of power, wealth, influence has to be constantly defended from upstarts, you can't just own money and not have the government tax it or sly individuals trying to make use of it, which is the basic starting condition to be free. Yes, there are indivuals who are born with wealth and who spend the rest of their lives doing nothing, but that does not give them power or influence, if they want that they will have to enter the constant battle.

So no, noone is free, its not part of nature to be free, the only thing you can do is realise your slavery and to try to become the master of your situation as good as you are capable off.

17f05e  No.12870908


>there are indivuals who are born with wealth … but that does not give them power or influence

Are you stupid? Honest question.

6b160e  No.12870920


This guy has the right idea

097892  No.12870993




This. Blue guys with the rifles are rugged individualists, or ancaps.

fa808e  No.12871055

File: b7de1af3d65e032⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 600x549, 200:183, strange appa.jpg)

Feudalism and monarchy were stable forms of government, essential in a pre-technological world. Modern communication technology allows for better, more efficient forms of government. The most efficient government is no government at all, authorities replaces by consumer collectives, law replaced with contracts and arbitration, and the combined military potential of the population replacing a standing army.

A medieval peasant paid 10% of his income in tax, a russian serf paid 25% of his income. The communists even have songs about how the taxes early 20th century are too high. Today we pay 50% of our salary in tax, and yet more in the form of inflation.

Central banks are nothing but institutions to transfer value from working and middle class, to government and the asset owning class. An inverse Robin Hood scenario, if you will.

We will never be rid of the steadily expanding government, unless we abolish government totally.

1c24eb  No.12871278


Libertarians never take niggers in to account

2131a4  No.12871288

File: 891cef5124c8eba⋯.jpg (8.75 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 1544090877936.jpg)


Neets are what you're describing and i once was turning into one. I took up an instument and a passion for music objectively. I've started drinking water in whole units like an oasis amount of water you're gonna drink cause there's not anymore till while, It's helped to relax the mind and my body. Being a neet is horrible, if you're forced into the corner to be a neet, take a cold hard look at yourself and do something productive and take up an art. Learn something, even if it's something that might seem completely useless like learning to tie a knot or identify dog specie type. Keep your mind productive and above all else question everything, dont be a cuck though, from a philosophical standpoint of cousre

b27c4f  No.12877721


The system of feudalism as it operated in Europe imposed restrictions on what a Lord could do based on precedent and what was mutually agreed upon by the interested parties. They couldn't just do whatever, because they were bound by tradition, religion, self-interested underlings, and of course popular opinion. The average medieval peasant had lower taxes i.e compelled labor than the average American today. Greedy kings had to resort to hiring Jews as tax collectors because many of their Christian knights refused to treat their own so cruelly; the result was hundreds of pogroms throughout the middle ages. When in the history of the IRS have American peasants ran out their Jewish arendators? The Magna Carta, itself merely a confirmation of past practices, was done at the point of the swords of nobles who were sick of their king's bullshit. Now people don't even know who their dictators are clearly it isn't Trump, and wherever they live it's far out of pitchfork range for flyover country.

But hey, at least you get to choose between hundreds of different covers for your iPhone!

32f37a  No.12877751


Find shit you can appreciate even if its hard work. It sounds like typical boomer advice but hear me out.

I like marijuana, but also like agriculture in general as I grew up around bonsai trees and sheeit.

Also like metal stuff.

I work on a farm. Hard work but enjoyable at times and imo respectable.

Off time I work metal and garden here and there. Own a welder and all the fixins to go along with it, can pretty much build anything metal I want for nothing and that shit normally costs a fuck ton.

Work on things that interest you already, the more you learn about it the more yoy can monotize it and use it to help not only yourself but others.

b27c4f  No.12877757




How new r u?

Germany relaxed it's gun laws after Hitler was elected.


91eb4b  No.12878441


I don't see a difference

062630  No.12878529


>how many are wage slaves

The reality is that we have to make money in order to not only support ourselves, but the cause as well. We may not be in the ideal situation but the first step to getting there, is to buckle down and put ourselves through hard work to get there.

Myself I'm a white collar worker who does graphic design, data entry and coding.

I am sculpting myself into the person I need to be so that I can do more for the people I love.

This is something we all have to do.

Also, as for the 'honey pot' thing, I don't get why pollacks have such an issue with it. If there is a group of whites that are organizing in your area, fucking take a chance and do some good work. Don't do anything illegal, obviously anyone who tells you to do something like saw off shotguns, or plan to blow up buildings is going to be a suspicious person. But if you're coordinating with other whites in order to do simple things like pool your wealth and recruit more whites to your cause, then why not do it?

The biggest problem right now is the pollacks that drop out of life and use the corrupt state of society as an excuse to sit around and jack off instead of doing something useful with their lives.

000000  No.12878561




Breddy gud paintings tbh.

000000  No.12878568

>saw off shotguns

Is legal. ATF will be mad if you saw it too short.

833fd4  No.12878571


Hoppeans do. Niggers become pests.

000000  No.12890439


I use the following: You're a slave if you can't support yourself without working for a year.

Slavery happened mainly because you had nothing to eat. So you find someone who needs their fields worked, who will front you the means to live as you do work for them. But next year comes, and you are in the same situation - nothing to eat looking for someone to front you the food.

Slavery is the state of being a full year in debt. People are born that way. What people call a year ahead is actually dead broke.

1e398f  No.12890560



>Kings must also understand that it's a mutual contract.

What happens when the king abuses his people but is able to maintain a strong police state to suppress revolt as the current (((regime))) is able to do?

Conversely, what happens when the king tries to do right by his people but is resisted at the top by unscrupulous aritocrats? If they are well connected and he opposes them, they could solicit the King's brother or cousin and raise him up as a pretender. Now we are in a state of civil war. What then?

3ed89a  No.12913754


> The problem is that people are leading meaningless lives for reasons that are actually more philosophical than economic

Disagree. Inherent differences in creativity, industriousness, propensity to take risk, and aptitude alone will produce hierarchy, even assuming wealth is initially distributed equitably. Guess what? All of those traits are what Northern European/Anglo Protestants had in spades and exported to the colonies. At the very least, even the dumbest among these people at least had the balls to make the journey and the self-confidence that they could provide for their families once they got there. Think those traits are heritable? Probably enough to make it matter.

The likelihood that you ended up outside of Europe as total and complete limpwristed genetic trash is slim to none. Colonization did not sample a random cross-section of the population. Certain traits relevant to Capitalism were selected for, inadvertently or not.

ec2cba  No.12913850

File: c5ff9e25ceb528e⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 510x488, 255:244, 122395fee0c71382c95e61c6c8….jpg)


>ctrl+f fiat

>0 results

Well there's your answer. Everyone's talking in circles with apparently no understanding of what the actual problem is. Which I should not have to explain to ANYONE, even a goddamn normalfaggot, in CY+4. But since you guys haven't brought it up yet, here we go. The problem is that the fiat monetary system is a ponzi scheme in which the value of the dollar is constantly eroded. Thus you end up having to work more and more just to keep up with inflation, while your actual purchasing power goes down. This is of course a scheme to force you to work more and more for less and less. It's designed to keep you frantically running on a hamster wheel while never actually progressing. That's the problem with "wage slavery", it's not that you work for a wage, it's that the wages themselves are in freefall.

In the 50's a man out of high school could get a 40 hour a week factory job and support a family of 4. In 1964 the minimum wage was 5 silver quarters an hour, which is equivalent to over $15 today. Not that I work for minimum wage, or even specifically a wage at all I work on commission, but I'm pretty sure it's around half that in my state today. And the price of most things has doubled or tripled since 1999 as well.

Look at house prices. When I was a child the house my parents bought, a little 3 bed 1.5 bath, was equivalent in cost to a year's wage for one of my parents just a couple years out of college and into their first job. Now that house goes for over $100k, and that's DOUBLE the median HOUSEHOLD income around here. So the goddamn thing is at least 400% more expensive than it was a couple of decades ago.

This is the entire point of fiat currency. We need a labor backed currency like NatSoc Germany proved works amazingly. No "hur durr I put $1000 in a bank now let me loan out $100,000 based on that initial $1000 and charge interest on the whole thing." From what I understand, the debt on these fractional reserve loans exceeds the value of every single thing in the world. It's absolute insanity. But again that's the point.

Put it this way, I'm the central bank, and I create and loan out $100 at 5% interest. So now you owe $105. But that other $5 DOESN'T EVEN EXIST, so how could you possibly repay it? Oh well I guess the bank will just take some of your personal property or real estate to make up for it. The entire system is just a vacuum sucking up actual goods and property. How people don't flip shit over this thing, which was literally my babby's first redpill as a teenager, I have no clue. It's all so tiresome

32306f  No.12942602

File: 14e7eedd42d55ee⋯.jpg (451.7 KB, 1714x1711, 1714:1711, 1552744121548.jpg)


not everyone is entitled to monthly neetbux …

32306f  No.12942706

File: 9596004605f2524⋯.png (264.67 KB, 839x882, 839:882, untitled.png)


that's a retarded meme statement.. (and no I'm not religious in any way)

Christianity contributed tremendously to the progress of Europe. Yes it had its dark sides… but in the end there was a lot more benefit.

For instance, Christian groups set up cross country banking systems which benefited merchants and trade.. which caused cities to flourish.

Pagans and savages across Europe were united and their excessive behavior (cannibalism, tribalism, witchcraft, black magic etc) was faded out…

Christian scholars defined our morals, standards and till a certain extent even our current law systems.

974038  No.12942982

>Be communist.

>Call people slaves.

>Post commie propaganda.

>Don't tell people that under communism, they're literally slaves.

Try again, Bernie.

68c016  No.12944005

File: 33215c619597283⋯.png (24.6 KB, 450x311, 450:311, ClipboardImage.png)


That image is retarded. The price of silver fluctuates.

3a2dc4  No.12944333


Words have meanings. A labor backed currency like Germany had IS a fiat currency. The problem with the currency is not that it is fiat, it is that it is backed by debt, and designed to be inflationary no matter what.

3a2dc4  No.12944358


You don't need to post your fucking picture here, its not faceberg.

>Christian groups set up cross country banking systems which benefited merchants and trade

I thought you were listing good things?

>Pagans and savages across Europe were united

You mean killed?

>and their excessive behavior (cannibalism, tribalism, witchcraft, black magic etc) was faded out…

That's jewish mythology you fucking worthless heeb.

>Christian scholars defined our morals

Yes, they defined them to be far worse than what we already had before.

f96b89  No.12975729


religion controls the goyim, either fight for your race or fuckoff

04ba46  No.12975745


Been that way since Sumer. I want to know the city in Sumer that gave rose to the kike. UR seems to be the best guess, considering Abraham was born there. Therefore, we must look at the moon, as Nanna/Sin was the god ruling over that city.

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