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File: 4963ecebdd54b21⋯.jpg (80.28 KB, 590x395, 118:79, poland_partitions-eng_590.jpg)

9fb7b1  No.12868467

Poland was always much less populated then lands in the west.

There are many reasons for this but that is a tangent.

The fact is that due to this sparse population it was common to allow certain privileges to groups of people if they would come to our land and behave.

Were we too kind?


Is there still a chance to improve relations with Israel?

Do they deserve one?

Did they behave?

It is no secret that behaving according to the rules of the land was never their strength nor was there even a proper attempt at the cultural level.

000000  No.12868491

I thought the plane crash a few years ago fixed things. The animosity between elites must be theater to please the citizens until capitalism takes its toll on those massive marches.

9e57eb  No.12868503

File: 6afee6789de4392⋯.mp4 (13.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jews discussing destroying….mp4)


The jew hates us all. But the hate nationalistic Goyim more than other Goyim because they're a threat to jewish power.

a43ad2  No.12868512


>improve relations with Israel

What are the recent guidelines for appeasing terrorists?

c421b4  No.12868513


jews look so unnatural.

9fb7b1  No.12868525


If those who call themselves elites are putting on a show then this implies they are already in supreme and unquestionable control.

Is pretending that they aren't in complete control the most effective strategy?

Or perhaps they are not in complete control and spreading fatalistic beliefs that they are in control is actually the most effective strategy at maintaining an upper hand?

c7bbbb  No.12868534

More poles died in the holohoax than jews, so they despise the polish for removing one of their keys to power, the white guilt.

8ef18d  No.12868538


<Is there still a chance to improve relations with Israel?

Neck yourself.

5bb73a  No.12868541


Israel hates the Poland can speak the truth. Is there chance to improve relations? Not really, any 'improvements' are simple fake lies to gloss over things. A sociopath would consider you loose ends Poland.

000000  No.12868552

Poland has the real ultimate victim card of WWII.

689742  No.12868572

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Belarus are probably the only good White countries left. Italy, if Salvini goes into power may be the first Western European country to come back from the brink… yes these countries are more poor than Western Europe, North America and Australia/NZ but that's what the jew does he exchanges petty monetary prosperity for chains and shackles and rewires the brains of the Whites in these countries to think like jews and worship money and despise blue collar workers.


The anti-Polish campaign on Krautchan and halfchan's /int/ was a very transparent pro-(((EU))) propaganda. And while we looooove Germany's past, everyone knows if you support Germany in modern times, you support the heart and soul of the (((EU))), which is literally the USSR of the modern world but with indirect demographic murder instead of traditional Gommie murder.

fdcc0c  No.12868605

File: 4c613a6de72ce9c⋯.jpeg (667.72 KB, 789x1000, 789:1000, DE2D5FD0-EA2F-439A-92EF-D….jpeg)


Imagine hosting a jewish Disneyland (((Auschwitz))) since at least 1989 and still getting the proverbial stab in the back.

fdcc0c  No.12868619


It can’t be a (((conspiracy))). Must be a cohencidence.

9810bd  No.12868646


Some time ago jewish military jets wanted to do a low flyby over Auschwitz, Polish gov said to not do it because its a historical monument and it might destroy it - they did it anyway.

They dont care at all about anything. Such low quality people.

809ce3  No.12868673


Jews hate you because you exist and you aren't jewish.

5b3512  No.12868681


because they killed off jews that stayed behind after ww2 and now are one of few countries fighting back against kikes genocide plans.

6011ce  No.12868718

File: 03009538eeddcf3⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 400x457, 400:457, Polska.jpg)

7ed21a  No.12868783

File: b0d1aa0b1920da3⋯.jpg (428.49 KB, 820x1119, 820:1119, catherine-the-great.jpg)


Israel doesn't hate the Pale of Settlement. It's their home away from home.

4e2c72  No.12868835


Poland is conservative, catholic, resists sexual degeneracy and pornography, race-mixing and is mainly white.

Thats all you need to know

7a9dd3  No.12868842

>why do jews hate -insert European culture here-

ac3b98  No.12868850

File: 7eb265cc0c94325⋯.png (148.31 KB, 500x522, 250:261, better than jew.png)


Because they can't be poles.

7ed21a  No.12868858


>Poland is Catholic



>why do jews hate themselves


except they are, and have been since Catherine.

9e57eb  No.12868865

File: 766adef224d3c29⋯.jpg (255.59 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, Folk Dress in łowicz.jpg)


There was this guy who wrote a fantasy novel about an evil race of reptilian alien vampires that sucked the blood of White women in order to survive.

The ADL and the jewish anti-White hate crew immediately began attacking this author as anti-semitic.

So essentially, the kikes are upset because a man wrote a fantasy novel about evil reptilian vampies and the kikes assumed he was talking about them.

That's how evil they are.

They actually identify with evil reptilian vampires more than humans.

Speaking of which…



Oh look. Here comes the kike to try as usual to get Europeans to go to war with ourselves.

I stand with my brothers, as always. Choke on a foreskin, kike.

a660a3  No.12868871


Welcome to retarded.

000000  No.12869065


The Jews tend to resent anyone that they spend a lot of time around.

Per their OT, they feel entitled to all land and resources and so I would guess that they merely begin to see any non-slaves as an impediment to that. This is why the Jewish apocalypse calls for the genocide of all non-Jews.

Unironically enough, the Jews spent most of their time in Poland as collectors for landlords. They were the class that were the most hands-on in keeping the Polish serfs down. I hear that the old joke culture that used to target Poles as stupid originated with the Jews, as a special reward to the Poles for that relationship.

The Jews were likely full deserving of any hypothetical Polish targeting of them in WWII. And they may as well have, as the Jew will always scapegoat his victim for the sins of the Jew. As we can readily see here. Predictably, the Poles are innocent.

fc25b9  No.12869079

People don't realize this, but the Jews hate philosemites as well. (((They))) hate the USA, (((they))) hate Poland, both countries have generally been very philosemtic.

c47bae  No.12869087


what's the source on this? this is some doomsday-tier fearmongering

94404a  No.12869439


Kind or not, polish nation is equal to (((them))) and should be exterminated alongside jews, niggers, weak, dumb and of course niggers.

cbf461  No.12869797

File: 92d57f29278346d⋯.png (189.2 KB, 1073x703, 29:19, paradisus.png)

File: 9b490b8ae8eeedd⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1600x1418, 800:709, 1471454847919-0.png)

File: ec9239e97dd43ad⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 720x677, 720:677, ec9239e97dd43ad8b006ca0ee4….jpg)


Poland was the breeding ground of the jews for most of history, they were protected and allowed to thrive there while other countries expelled them


>muh honorary japs

no, they're slit-eyed piss niggers that slice up animals alive and sex traffick white women for their porn industry. TWO NUKES WEREN'T ENOUGH and WEEBS GET THE GAS

cbf461  No.12869801


I don't think poles deserve genocide, that sentiment reeks of kraut salt, they are white; but Poland should be about 1/3rd of the size that it is and all poles should be deported there

cbf461  No.12869818

File: b9ac08b6ea89aba⋯.png (118.86 KB, 396x385, 36:35, b9ac08b6ea89aba824bc58a2d7….png)



56ecd7  No.12870349

9f2da5  No.12870376

94404a  No.12870482


My nation doesn't deserve anything. We were always troublesome for everyone and we are not white. We are genetically closer to pajeets than, for example, White French.

2216ec  No.12870508


>1/3rd of its size

We are already at 1/5th of our former size, so what territory are we getting back?

56ecd7  No.12870750


Good question.

fc25b9  No.12870772


>sex traffick white women for their porn industry

Pretty sure that's the work of some of the kikes in Japan.

fc25b9  No.12870774


Pretty much this. It boils down to this simple idea honestly.

adbdab  No.12870782

File: a72fcd87e509722⋯.jpg (142.22 KB, 351x463, 351:463, .jpg)




It's an (((art project))) dumb goyim!



adbdab  No.12870813

File: 405e6411a6e63a4⋯.png (309.7 KB, 441x397, 441:397, ClipboardImage.png)






fc25b9  No.12870818

Kikes have always subverted through their "art". The Marx brothers had us let our guards down with their "comedy," also.

c421b4  No.12870830


We can turn this against them. The holohoax was an art project too.

1c9a33  No.12870846


They aren't capable of gratitude on any important scale. They're transactional creatures at best.

More like Hyenas than rats.

9a87b4  No.12871625

Guys, we have tradition in poland, we hang a Jew upside down for Money. Mostly its a Banker Jew.

Also our Media goes against the Jewish Supremecy.

So stoo thinking we are for Jews. Some of us startet the War against them. We been the one how show the Truth Nature of the Jews to the World. But you asume that we are for the Jews. The Establishment is, but not the Polish Peoples.

389366  No.12871652

File: e1dc8d7cbc111e2⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 960x615, 64:41, 1510334679755.jpg)


Because lies of the holocaust comes from Poland (geographically). So the they unconsciously try to destroy source of lies to bury it forever. Evidence destruction by criminal.

a35880  No.12871746

File: 5c946eac54b38a3⋯.png (1.26 MB, 5976x4374, 332:243, ideal yurop1.png)


>everything is JOOZ

No. There is a demand for white women in japanese pornography because white women are attractive. They have the money to pay them, so some whores will fly there for the job. Therefore, the japs are among our enemies and deserve genocide.

As for actual sex trafficking, the yakuza would be involved, which is majority korean- not jews.


this is what I think should be the map of Europe. Poland should be pushed south and east like where they were in the 1400's

481c3e  No.12871748



Comes from subhuman who is tolerating shit like drag queens. Your shithole is the main exporter of the most degenerate culture in the world and despite having guns you do nothing to stop this. If anyone deserved the nukes it's definitely you and not just two.

a35880  No.12871760


>t. slit-eyed piss nigger

if you're not white then you can FUCK OFF

8ef18d  No.12871776


>jewish subversion isn't the source of the problem

>make more enemies out of non-Whites


481c3e  No.12871780


>if you're not white then you can FUCK OFF

Why don't you fuck off with your poz and keep it to yourself, you worthless cockroach? It's very ironic that cunts like you somehow have enough balls to spew "TWO NUKES WEREN'T ENOUGH" when your country continues to export the worst possible poz around the globe which also brings us the worst possible cancer such as child prostitution.

You're the most sick fuck this Earth ever carried along with your masters and your words are meaningless to me. Kill yourself, you fucking scum and stay away from the rest of the world.

a35880  No.12871808


>non-whites were innocent and harmless until jooz made them ebil

>implying different races aren't already our enemies because they are different races competing for limited resouces

you're the faggot


>ching chang chong


9e57eb  No.12871839

File: 0f788d29a7733a3⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1828x1647, 1828:1647, Perfect Europe Map 1.2.png)


>Hey Goyim, an ideal Europe would be one where you steal each other's land and make multi-cultural countries.

No. THIS is the ideal map of Europe.

It is 100% based on ethnic majorities. Unlike yours which is based on fantasy and would lead to more brother-wars, ethnic revolts, and White Genocide.

We can argue on how to divide up non-White areas. But seeking to oppress Irish, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Romanians, Slovenians, Czechs, Russians, and Swedes is a semitic mindset.

No more White Genocide.

8ef18d  No.12871840



>implying limited resources is the main issue, not jewish-engineered White genocide and global homogenization

Looks like I was mistaken, you're not a faggot, you're actually a filthy kike.

481c3e  No.12871841



And that's the best you can do, cockroach. As I said, kill yourself, you're in no position to say something when you're the main exporter of the cancer. I'd ask you to fix your country but you'll never be able to do that anyway, the best thing you can do is to spew your meaningless shit on the Internet without even acknowledging that you're the biggest reason why even Asia is suffering. Oh, and also you can report meany people.

By the way, how do you feel about saving the most disgusting race on the planet after your masters which would be chinks?

31e1dd  No.12871846


the same reason they hate every country on the face of the earth you stupid fucking retard.

9e57eb  No.12871888


*Note, actually it is less than 100% based on ethnic majority as I made a few common sense exceptions.

1. Switzerland has remained one of the most stable states in Europe for almost 200 years. Clearly they have multi-culturalism figured out so why fix what isn't broken? The same reasoning applies to Andorra and Monaco as they have maintained their independence for hundreds of years. Thus, I opt to leave them alone. Vatican City is annexed to Italy.

2. Scotland has been reduced to the areas that mostly voted for independence from the UK.

3. While Euska has been given independence for remaining majority White, Catalonia has not. They not only are leftist shitheads, but they couldn't even muster enough courage to fight for independence under Franco or the fake democracy.

4. Finnish Swedes identify with Finland more than Sweden.

5. I awarded most Bosnian majority areas to Serbia and Croatia because if I did not, this would look terrible. They're just muslim Serbs anyway. I can explain this reasoning further if anyone is interested.

6. Wales and Britany do not get independence because they appear to identify with their "parent" nations more than the want independence. Though, if I am incorrect please enlighten me and rest assured, I'm more than willing to grant their independence.

7. Friuli remains independent but unrecognized until we can determine whether or not they're Italian.

a660a3  No.12871936



Get out.

000000  No.12871954



>Hey Goyim, an ideal Europe would be one where you steal each other's land

>No. THIS is the ideal map of Europe. It is 100% based on ethnic majorities

Oh cool, Poles murder 1million+ Germans and take their land “It’s ours now fuck off” please Germoney help us against the evil Russians they are so scary and you are no longer around to keep them in check



>The same reasoning applies to Andorra and Monaco as they have maintained their independence for hundreds of years. Thus, I opt to leave them alone. Vatican City is annexed to Italy.

You are obviously a non-European retard.

a35880  No.12871958

File: 9fde7d29573fb39⋯.png (1.25 MB, 5976x4374, 332:243, ideal yurop1.png)



ROI is a marxist terrorist state, all of the British Isles belong to the UK


my map has a rather generous Poland for the Poles to be relocated to

>Ukrainians, Belarusians

i.e. Russians


again, there is a large Romania


they're basically Croat-German hybrids, fine to put them with Croats


there is still Czechia minus rightful kraut clay


biggest country in the fucking world, oh so oppressed


Skaneland is DANISH


>everybody that loses land that they should never have had in the first place is oppressed, and that's GENOCIDE!!!11

wew, drama queen

I stand by map related, made a couple minor adjustments. perfect map of Europe. and European countries would get back their colonies according to post-WW1 borders

a35880  No.12871980

I love how because he disagrees with my opinion on something, he has to quote me in the "HEY GOYIM" context, as if anybody that could conceiveably disagree with him about anything could only possible be an evil jew

these retards have destroyed this board, they basically overdosed on red pills to the point where they started becoming foolish in their own unique way

9e57eb  No.12871999

File: 9acf58759633eb1⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1828x1647, 1828:1647, Perfect Europe Map 1.2.png)


>Trying to ignite a brother-war.

Very semitic of you.


>all of the British Isles belong to the UK

That is as true as claiming that all of teh globe belongs to IsraHell. Nigger.

>my map has a rather generous Poland for the Poles to be relocated to

>Hey goyim! You don't mind being reloated like cattle, do you?

You have the mindset of a jew.

>Everyone is a Russian

Fuck off mutt.

>Hey goyim! You don't mind having your land stolen if I go steal other peoples' land and give it to you do you?

Again, this is the mindset of a jew. You are not pro-White if you support White genocide.

>Slovenians are Croats

t. Mutt who has never met one.

>I want to recreate EU4 and award land to people who don't even live there.

You shouldn't be making maps then, anti-White. Like the jew, all you want is land theft. Fuck off.

>biggest country in the fucking world, oh so oppressed

This idiot actually thinks that borders = nations.

You're a civic nationalist. Not a real nationalist. Fuck off.

>Skaneland is DANISH

t. Mutt

Okay then. Since you worship London so much, annex Texas to Britain too. It's as British as Skaneland.

You're a child trying to recreate EU4.

Anyone interested in an actual map that represents PEOPLE rather than this faggot's EU4 savegame, this is the correct map of Europe.

Instead of exterminating millions of Europeans and stealing their land, I propose that land reflect people and we do away with multi-culturalism.

9e57eb  No.12872015

File: 53f0801d6df9162⋯.png (24.02 KB, 1131x724, 1131:724, Ideal Muttmurrica.png)


Fucking mutt, you despise Europe. Here. I made "Ideal Muttmerica" for you.

It makes as much sense as your EU4 fantasy

a35880  No.12872018



swear you have a mental handicap or something


all of the USA should go to Britain, actually

a35880  No.12872020


except Alaska, which should go to Russia, Puerto Rico/Guam which should go to Spain

a35880  No.12872021


eh nvm about Alaska, be nice to give that to Britain too 'cause they'd already have Canada

a35880  No.12872028

File: a51a02b3c1a39ff⋯.png (143.97 KB, 1024x570, 512:285, Untitled.png)

something like this, just replace the Europe with the one in >>12871958

9e57eb  No.12872029


>All of America should go to Britain.

Britain does not deserve more land. They squandered what they have.

Go play EU4 you ignorant child.

You can't even make your own map. That map is from Crusader Kings 2. If you had actually put some effort into your map and not just loaded a savegame, then your map would be realistic pro-White.

As it stands, you propose ethnic cleansing of Europeans. Fuck off kike.

a35880  No.12872034

File: 272c74fe7b99ec9⋯.png (69.93 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 272c74fe7b99ec93606ee5d7cf….png)

File: 7133a4b117553d3⋯.jpg (106.3 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 7133a4b117553d3b2da9993475….jpg)

File: 154897ced9fe9d8⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 154897ced9fe9d841de1c57304….jpg)

File: 53038773fa862ed⋯.png (91.41 KB, 7000x6318, 3500:3159, 53038773fa862edf5b26119d86….png)

File: a3c23afab768367⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a3c23afab7683672965b9cb512….jpg)


>redrawing borders is ethnic cleansing and KIKE

713096  No.12872060


Well get on it anon, no time to waste!

a35880  No.12872068

File: 96df8d01850177a⋯.png (69.62 KB, 468x564, 39:47, 96df8d01850177af8db26e0bf6….png)

>the most successful country in the world "squanders" land

>inbred jihadist albanians should devour half of Serbia

>"macedonian" is a legitimate nationality and should snag some Greek coast

>Polish enclave in Lithuania

>Basque independence but not Catalans or Galicians

>"Bosnia" (turk-serb jihadist mutts) exists

>what is that, Veneto?

>independent Scotland


9e57eb  No.12872070


>Treating Europeans like cattle is good!

>Expelling millions of Europeans from their homes is good!

>Land theft is good!

>Multiculturalism is good!


a35880  No.12872080


it's called "irredentism", nerd

>"Multiculturalism is good!" out of nowhere

I swear you are not right in the head. you're one of those that got utterly drunk on redpills to the point where you ended up retarded in the opposite direction

I think this board would be better off if you didn't post

9e57eb  No.12872083


All that one needs to know about you is this map

>You know nothing about Europe

>You don't care about Europeans

>You have so little curiosity that you didn;t even do any research

>You base your map on EU4

>You support multi-culturalism, land theft, and arbitrary border changes to fit your EU4 fantasyland.

9e57eb  No.12872084


>>"Multiculturalism is good!" out of nowhere

If you did not support multiculturalism, why the hell do you create ONLY multi-ethnic states?

By stealing land of course.

9e57eb  No.12872090


>It's good when you murder your brothers and steal their land, NURD!!!

This is how I know you are a kike or a child.

a35880  No.12872095

File: 6bfd25a0ec25f56⋯.png (48.13 KB, 800x729, 800:729, 6bfd25a0ec25f56c861639cb00….png)

File: 43e94e5bbe94b50⋯.png (27.41 KB, 408x450, 68:75, 43e94e5bbe94b50a75360d52fa….png)

File: 15442ee23c356c3⋯.png (93.86 KB, 866x900, 433:450, 15442ee23c356c31860629e870….png)

File: f40e77dbf1d46c2⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 637x631, 637:631, f40e77dbf1d46c24f59c218657….jpg)

File: cd77f5710363a42⋯.jpg (70.19 KB, 1170x742, 585:371, cd77f5710363a422bc7cc7032a….jpg)


>people from other countries are your "brothers"

I should not have replied to you

8ef18d  No.12872100


>This is how I know you are a kike

Seeing as he effectively wants to revive the (((British Empire))), I'm going to say that he's a britkike who should fuck off back to >>>/britpol/

9e57eb  No.12872105

File: 85980c7fb7ccc58⋯.png (2.31 MB, 600x4486, 300:2243, D&C4.png)

>>12872095>Hey Goyim! You know how we jews have been causing brother-wars for centuries in order to weaken and destroy you?

>Well, you're brainlet if you don't keep listening to us!

>IRREDENTISM IS GOOD (if it leads to WW3 between Europeans)

This is how we know >>12872095 is a kike

9e57eb  No.12872129


If it were not obvious that it is based on an EU4 game, I'd assume this was designed to destroythe concept of nation-states.

Literally every border in its map contains people of other nations. So either he is pro-multi-culturalism or pro-ethnic cleansing of Europeans.

ae282f  No.12872144


Don't over-think it. It's quite simple, really:

1. Poles are white

2. Poles are not allowing enough Black/Semitic immigrants into Poland

3. Poles don't fervently believe in the Holocaust

4. Poles are not paying Israel lots and lots of money

d03ce7  No.12872149


found the double-digit iq amuttican

a660a3  No.12872156


Reminder that the moderators allow these paid shills to post here.

000000  No.12872226


>having your land stolen if I go steal other peoples' landYou shouldn't be making maps then, anti-White. Like the jew, all you want is land theft. Fuck off.



>Treating Europeans like cattle is good!

>Expelling millions of Europeans from their homes is good!

>Land theft is good!



>You support multi-culturalism, land theft, and arbitrary border changes

Poles talking about land theft, golden!



>Hey Goyim! You know how we jews have been causing brother-wars for centuries in order to weaken and destroy you?

Yeah Goyim you wouldn’t want to change the results of WWII!

9e57eb  No.12872235


You don't know anything about Europe and are obsessed with maps and borders rather than nations and people.

Go actually learn about Europeans you cultureless mutt.

Rootless Americans don't give a shit about who rules them. But people with souls do. Anyone advocating forcibly expelling Poles and Germans and French to create a multi-ethnic superstate is a spiritual jew.

000000  No.12872249



>Anyone advocating forcibly expelling Poles and Germans and French to create a multi-ethnic superstate is a spiritual jew.

Poles will be expelled, because they have shown, that despite all the loot they made, they can not hold peace.

9e57eb  No.12872287

File: dbc9ec1be11078c⋯.jpg (313.32 KB, 642x1083, 214:361, Slavs aren't white.jpg)


>Poles will be expelled, because they have shown, that despite all the loot they made, they can not hold peace.

And this is how we know you are a jew.

26ec5d  No.12872470

File: 71486a01aa54ce5⋯.gif (506.21 KB, 294x233, 294:233, Opinion Discarded.gif)


I know where your opinion belongs.

469b5b  No.12872768

They just want the territory.

469b5b  No.12872799

File: e8a5cf4a052f5d3⋯.jpg (279.18 KB, 628x800, 157:200, europe.jpg)

Poland + Ukraine (they tried) would result in a permanent kike toll gate tax for muh russian pipelines into the rest of europe. To the north, Germany, kikes own it, to the south (Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania) kikes control most it (Turkey is the only straggler).

7ad290  No.12872852

File: 56d6ec34092ec58⋯.jpg (199.84 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 3NMVLF18INQL.jpg)


>Why does Israel Hate Poland?

Zionist Jew must believe in words 'Nobody but us', he must be taught from birth that no goyim is good or trusthworthy, he must learn that man of chosen nation is worth more than a goyim.

If you understand those things it's very easy to understand why jews,in spite of many examples of Poles sacrificing their lifes for their jewish friends, are hated more than any european nation. There were reasons to build polish-israeli friendship, many of them,but zionists can't afford it,since it'd destroy 'Goyim is evil' dogma. Truth about this relationship is potentially much more damaging to zionist identity than any other relationship with goyim.

Jews need to hate Poles in order to exist as nationalist state. In their eyes all sacrifices of Poles were what goyim OWE their masters. You don't thank cow for giving you meat, it's something you expect. But when cow rats you out to nazis, you might want to punish it.

2213db  No.12872921

File: ddb06992e06c711⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1828x1647, 1828:1647, Fair_compromise_map.jpg)

a35880  No.12873043

File: 8b3537aa5075554⋯.png (8.35 KB, 150x101, 150:101, LOOOOOOOL.png)

9e57eb  No.12873055


Why not just give all of Europe to Germany?

f891ce  No.12873119

File: 50a3a5d1708e89b⋯.jpg (173.52 KB, 600x456, 25:19, ETeam.jpg)


They are trying to mock the idea of an 'Elders of Zion' type deal going on, and yet for lack of introspection they don't realize how redpilling such an 'art project' can be.

2213db  No.12873210

File: ab5a785962bd682⋯.jpg (199.75 KB, 1019x784, 1019:784, german_empire_unified_by_a….jpg)


< (((Give)))

Rather than respect historical and racial heritage of those regions. The map is a compromise that does not go far enough.

The only country that was "given" it's existence & land out of nothing is israel I suggest you fuck off back to that shit hole for as long as you are allowed to hold it.

788d9d  No.12873243


Hey mutt, reminder that you are so worthless Hitler rather allied with racially pure non Europeans than shitty subhuman mulattoes who support communists.

788d9d  No.12873251


Would have been preferable. Poles and other trashes are worthless niggers.

788d9d  No.12873258


Cry more, toilet licker.

You KNOW what will happen when the truth of the 20th century comes out. Relish in the stolen land now.

Because your posterity wont be able to. You will disappear for good.

9e57eb  No.12873287


Tell me more about your desire to slaughter Europeans.



So I presume you advocate exterminating Slavs? Tell me more.

9ead05  No.12873319



>Tell me more about your desire to slaughter Europeans.

you just called someone a mutt. do you understand there are ids and we can see you are two faced when it comes to white people?

e800ed  No.12873344

File: a53222178c97b31⋯.jpg (116.08 KB, 640x607, 640:607, 640px-Slavic_tribes_in_the….jpg)



>posts an alt map

Give back Lusatia Polabia and Slavinia you smelly g*Rm peasant

9e57eb  No.12873421


>you just called someone a mutt

Who was advocating genocide of Poles.

Being called a name is not as monstrously evil as invading someones homeland, evicting them from their homes of generations, and murdering them all for the sake appeasing a psychotic freak's desire to recreate the borders of 1901.

>Oh You're so MEAN!!!! How could you be MEAN to someone who calls Slavs"toilet licker" "Poles and other trashes are worthless niggers." "Poles will be expelled" (On Irish independence) "all of the British Isles belong to the UK"

I don't see you getting upset when jews advocate literal ethnic cleansing of Europeans. You only seemed upset that I called a pcychotic, anti-White freak a mean word.


Explain your reasoning.

5f4f99  No.12873560

File: 21df3cf4649f1a5⋯.png (52.05 KB, 1068x162, 178:27, south korea and the talmud.png)


>which is majority korean

>not the jooz

9db280  No.12873563


>Being called a name is not as monstrously evil as invading someones homeland, evicting them from their homes of generations, and murdering them all for the sake appeasing a psychotic freak's desire to recreate the borders of centuries ago

Poolish hypocrisy knows no bound.

But you are right. One has to be pragmatic. Blind revanchism is stupid.

You have to judge which people are better.

>greatest anti kike and communist legacy in history

>one of the greatest scienctific, artstitic and industrial people in the world


>"nationalists" who beg NATO every week for more cum

>who peddles the holohoax native so hard their cucked, occupied neighbor tells them to fuck off also

9db280  No.12873576


>literal white niggers

Read Germania and Roman maps. But it doesnt matter.

Between living like niggers and reaching the star, one does not choose the pole.

9e57eb  No.12873598


>You're a hypocrite because you defend the right of Polish people to exist

Explain your reasoning.

Why is it hypocritical for me to defend the existence of Polish people?

You know what's hypocritical? Whining about Poles defending themselves while proclaiming that you want to exterminate them and steal their land. You're literally doing what the kikes do in IsraHell.

9e57eb  No.12873613


Also, this is rich.

>Polish people deserve to be evicted from their homes, (probably bulldozed right?) herded into cattlecars, and either exterminated or packed like Gazans into a tiny fraction of their own land because they are ruled by jews.

>Who should the land be given to?


>A multicultural loving, Islamic loving, anti-fascist worshiping state where they literally castrate themselves to appease the jews.

The fact that you call me a hypocrite for being consistent in my defense of Europeans while you promote White genocide is astounding.

9db280  No.12873667



Now now dont be butthurt. Of course Germany only "deserves" those lands back when they break their chains.

But we all know that a certain bunch of NATO cumguzzling, holohoax peddling, kike loving flips importing scum dont like it.

Just enjoy the land, polacke. We all know what will happen when real nationalism comes back, not the hard red controlled, holohoax peddling kosher OP that is pooland.

Reminder it is in pooland best interest to keep kosher nationalism status quo and the Holohoax alive. And even cucked Germany told them to fuck off with the holohoax payment already, kek.

9e57eb  No.12873674


>It is in the Poles best interests to support the jewish NWO so as to avoid being exterminated by the Germans.

And this is how I know you are a kike. This was your message.

A simple divide and conquer tactic,

You came here to convince Poles to oppose National Socialism. And to do this, you used the old "Nazis will exterminate you" argument

9e57eb  No.12873677

File: 0d770cae7c3dd7c⋯.png (267.49 KB, 590x395, 118:79, Poland for everyone.png)

2213db  No.12873681


poland is a fake country Lithuania seizing those lands would be as legit as Prussian, Austrian or Russian claims.

9e57eb  No.12873687


IsraHell is a fake country, kike.

000000  No.12873709


>be Poland, weakened by idiotic sjem system and Jews

>get partitioned by Prussia

>get called the niggers of Europe by Frick the Prick

>we must germanize the poolish

>after 123 years of constant struggle poland gets independence

>lands given were those formerly German by allies don't care

> poland is polanding

>germany REEEEEEE

>poland doesn't exist, the polish are apes, we must civilize them

> ahem, "we must save ze poor germans and invade"

>but we also must civilize those niggers

>why are you resisting, don't you want to become germans?


>today: "pooland" and we must civilize those backwards poles and we need to save the germans living in poland

2213db  No.12873723

File: 2c099317662179d⋯.png (132.46 KB, 549x317, 549:317, rydz-smigly-b-w.png)


Yes ,it is and it should be under European administration Mare Nostrum! As should be "turkey" for that matter.

poland was created to destroy Europe by destabilizing its heart Germany.

788d9d  No.12873738




Yeah yeah, lick my ass, subhuman.

It is not my fault your ancestors were retarded subhumans who didnt choose peace with Hitler and your "greatest" king had yiddish inscribed on his sword.

788d9d  No.12873743


The thing is poles are actual niggers.

fc25b9  No.12873748


>t. D&C kike.

9e57eb  No.12873757

File: bc5ed65ecd124ef⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 760x428, 190:107, Pagan Celebration Poland.jpg)


See? Look at this fucking thread.

The entire thing is kikes spamming anti-White diatribes against the Polish people.





I do not know if this is simply an IP hopping kike or if I am actually among the only non-hypocritical people here. But all I can say is; I stand with my brothers in Poland, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, France, Sweden, Belarus, and Ireland.

788d9d  No.12873765


Who is exporting their filth to Western Europe to drive down wages and fuck niggers?

Who is so ironclad in peddling the Holohoax narrative even cucked Germany told them to fuck off?

Who is sucking NATO cum?

Who is about to import 150k flips for being based catholic nationalists?

9e57eb  No.12873774


>Who is exporting their filth to Western Europe to drive down wages and fuck niggers?

Who forced Europe to accept millions of niggers?


>Who is so ironclad in peddling the Holohoax narrative


>Who is sucking NATO cum?

Germany and Britain

>Who is about to import ten times more than 150k non-Whites just cuz?


788d9d  No.12873775



>I do not know if this is simply an IP hopping kike or if I am actually among the only non-hypocritical



But again, when real ethno nationalism takes off again, and not the kosher NATO shit, you will see some dramatic changes :)

9e57eb  No.12873777


>when real ethno nationalism takes off again you will see some dramatic changes

Like what?

What will you do with all the Polish people living in Poland?

What will you do with all the Irish people living in Ireland?

What will you do with all the Czechs living in Czechia?

788d9d  No.12873778


Now now, you said yourself modern krautland isnt nationalist. But somehow based pooland peddles the holohoax in such an irritating fashion even these cucks told you to fuck off.

You havent explained why baste pooland is importing flips and STILL trying to sell the holohoax.

9e57eb  No.12873784


Who forced Europe to accept millions of niggers?


Who arrests their citizens for questioning the Holohoax?


Who literally castrate themselves rather than be called racists?


Who promotes feminism?


>You havent explained why baste pooland is importing flips and STILL trying to sell the holohoax.

Jews like you.

788d9d  No.12873786



>Irish in Ireland

Not my problem but Ireland should be whole again tbh.

>pooland and porn star land

You know what will happen.

Better put that "democracy" and holohoax narrative on the stove again.

For as long as you can. Your subhuman forebearers gave you this fate and legacy :)

9e57eb  No.12873791


>You know what will happen.

Explain in detail.

Explain what you will do to millions of Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Balts, French, and Italians.

2213db  No.12873792

File: 4b32b6bd34741f8⋯.png (267.08 KB, 1349x335, 1349:335, sss.png)

Both the western Allies and the soviet union spread propaganda, supported the ethic cleansing and the land grant to the poolish squatters and supported the polish state

….. really makes you think. pic related



Its never the jews the post. The so called "German" government has not been legitimate since 1945.

788d9d  No.12873793


Who attempted to fight against all of that? Krauts and not the subhuman poles.

But this is tiresome to hear. I say it again, krauts "deserve" their lands back when they wake up again.

Otherwise, business as usual and they can tell you to fuck off trying to peddle the HOLOHOAX again :)

788d9d  No.12873799


Half of that isnt related to Germany in any meaningful way.

Sounds like you are also the kind of scum who support the vatniks scum colonizing Estonian cities.

Well, that wouldnt be surprising anyway.

9e57eb  No.12873800


>the old "The gobernment is not legitimate meme"

Sure and the Roman Empire officially never dissolved either.

Yet today, Germans would castrate themselves rather than be called Nazis.

Your failure is that you equate governments and documents with people. Your fixation with legalism proves that you're not a nationalist.

Nationalism is concerned with people rather than legal documents.

9e57eb  No.12873804


>Ignores question

Explain what you hope will happen to millions of Polish men women and children.

If you believe that you are in the right, come out and be honest about your intentions like I am.

e800ed  No.12873812

File: 5c860dce3696e9f⋯.png (124.44 KB, 600x388, 150:97, wkLrPzS.png)

File: ca0fc2cb5f08365⋯.jpg (42.45 KB, 600x285, 40:19, 71qsZ1H_d.jpg)


>Read Germania

I've already read it you dumb nigger, Tacitus basically took a guess, he said we looked like Sarmarians yet we werent nomads so we must be Germanic, later historians like Jordanes who actually lived in Eastern Europe went on to correct him, image number two is from Gothica. But go on and peddle your alt history maps some more if it makes you any less butthurt.

788d9d  No.12873815


>Yet today, Germans would castrate themselves rather than be called Nazis

Yet in this decade they have started to tell the eternal Holohoax peddler, the subhuman pole to fuck off without another cent. And polish kike bitch merkel is now the most hated scum in German mainstream.


9e57eb  No.12873820


>Ignores question

Explain what you hope will happen to millions of Polish men women and children.

If you believe that you are in the right, come out and be honest about your intentions like I am.

I have no problem stating that I am pro-Poland and pro-Germany. Why is it that you need to squirm out of answering one simple honest question; What do you want to do to millions of Polish men, women, and children?

2213db  No.12873821


True in every Western country, no government actually does anything to benefit its people. Its worse in Germany because they have an occupational government that is hell bent on exterminating its populous for the crime of following the "secular satan" of the 20th century.


This too.

9e57eb  No.12873832


So in one breath you pronounce that Slavs are subhuman because their government is illegitimate. And in your next breath you make a lame excuse that Germans are absolved of all links with their extreme liberal nature because their government is illegitimate.

One rule for me, and one rule for thee

788d9d  No.12873836


I didnt make the maps. But and can vist the oldest churches and graves in occupied Prussia and see for yourselves.

But this doesnt matter. Either krauts grow a pair back or they dont.



Dont know. Dont give a fuck. I see poles as white wetbacks anyway.

But another round of German payback would be nice to observe. Krauts have always been very well versed in tragedies and vengeance.

I can say that I hate kikes, I hate kike slaves and the subhuman defending the actions of both of them and seeing them dying is like smoking a cigar after a nice steak dinner.

788d9d  No.12873843


Krauts have good boy point because they actually attempted to oust the kikes. The toilet lickers saved the kikes on the other hand. And they still peddle the Holohoax.

9e57eb  No.12873845


>Dont know. Dont give a fuck.

Earlier you said

>You know what will happen.

>Your subhuman forebearers gave you this fate and legacy

>(Poles are) subhuman

>poles are actual niggers.

>poles (are) white wetbacks

Explain what you want to happen to millions of Polish families.

9e57eb  No.12873850


Be upfront and honest, kike. Tell us what you want to do to the Slavs.

I've been upfront and honest about what I want to do to jews.

Why is it that you refuse to act like a White man and be honest?

788d9d  No.12873852


Im not Herr Führer and wont be, since Im not German.

So I cant say. Maybe krauts should do what the poles did them :)

2213db  No.12873861


How much are you being paid to flip out anytime someone mentions stolen German land on these boards?

e800ed  No.12873863


>oldest churches and graves in occupied Prussia

History doesn't begin in 1793 retard


Oh it's that schizophrenic spic who argues on behalf of other people

788d9d  No.12873864



Sorry, I don't larp like pole doing the kosher NATO dance.

Ask yourself. I say it again, I hate kikes and their slaves and the subhuman defending the fruitition of their action and I enjoy seeing them dying.

9e57eb  No.12873867


>Maybe krauts should do what the poles did them

And what was that?

9e57eb  No.12873871


You've literally been advocating land theft and White genocide.

788d9d  No.12873873


Oh look it is an amerimutt projecting its wetback racial composition on me.

History didnt begin in 1793, but many people sure did.

9e57eb  No.12873877


>Continues to avoid obvious question

What is it you would like to do to the Slavs?

788d9d  No.12873887



>and what is that

You know, expelling the subhumans who expelled your people from the land they made rich. The Prussia situation is so similar to South Africa. Krauts being the huwhites, and the poles are red bantu niggers.

But all of this depends on whether ethno nationalism returns :)

788d9d  No.12873901


Are you retarded? I dont care. Msny slavs fought for Hitler.

Many didnt.

The ones that didnt suffer under communism already and died like dogs. So now there is only wishing death on the ones who still defend the ussrvand the kikes, no?

000000  No.12873906

krauts are like the rabbid christians here, both only use white interests as a trojan horse for their true purposes, for the latter to create a christian theocracy and the former an ethnostate expanding eastwards. throughout history the germans have dehumnized polish people to justify attempts of germanization and land grabbing and in classic german fashion they'll try to disguise their imperialist ambitions as humanitarian aid.

9e57eb  No.12873907


>You know, expelling the subhumans (He means Poles) who expelled your people from the land they made rich.

And where will the be expelled to?

2213db  No.12873911


<Land theft

Yes, which why poland exists the soviets and allied nations stole the land and exterminated the Germans living on said land while trying to to cement their claims at the end of WWII with the destruction of of German monuments and propaganda see pic


9e57eb  No.12873917


You're literally sitting here crying that Poles are subhuman for resisting Germany but that Russians are not subhuman for resisting and then defeating Germany.


9e57eb  No.12873923


>Poles should be genocided because of what happened 80 years ago.

So what about Russia, France, and Britain?

788d9d  No.12873927


Except they are scientifically valuable unlike the semitic bunches.

But who gives a shit? Im thankful for their music, science and autism which allowed them to attempt rebelling against the kikes.


Commies are not human. Figure that a subhuman pole would defend communism.


180 of whatever poles did to Germans would be nice. But that is up to them. I wager the krauts will be less barbaric than the poles.

788d9d  No.12873936


And poles are subhumans for being the spics of Europe.


2213db  No.12873946


<80 years ago

1945 was 74 years ago and this happened from 1945-1947 trying to add more years to this does not diminish what happened.

9e57eb  No.12873948



You're literally sitting here crying that Poles are subhuman for resisting Germany but that Russians are not subhuman for resisting and then defeating Germany.

Hypocrisy. If Poles are subhuman for resisting Germany, why is it that Russians, French, Italians, Finns, Ukrainians, Romanians, Greeks, English, Scots, Welsh, and Americans are not?

788d9d  No.12873950


Major nations with significant contribution to arts and science. Like Germany. Unlike pooland.

So they will deal among themselves. Sound familiar? Kek

e800ed  No.12873956

File: e6d539cba6ebaaf⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1452x851, 1452:851, 1547525522028.png)


>muh poles genocided six gorillion native ethnic Germanic aboriginals in danzig

loosers can write history too

9e57eb  No.12873962


>180 of whatever poles did to Germans would be nice.

And what is that? It was mostly the Russians doing the killing. Would you like Russians to invade Poland and rape, steal from, and murder them?

788d9d  No.12873965


A war with Russia can destroy the world for nothing.

Pooland is worthless.

Anyway, I will go to sleep now.

Remember, your holohoax peddling days are numbered!

9e57eb  No.12873968


>Sound familiar?

Yes. You sound like an Israeli.

788d9d  No.12873973


>poles hopping borders to live on aboriginals welfare

Lol. And the whole thing with poolish women fucking niggers in the uk. Top lel.

And based Simon Mol too.

788d9d  No.12873979



Dont worry, krauts and ruskies will love you tenderly like they always have. Have a nice first day of your lasts

2213db  No.12873987


Why not the Russians have east Prussia (kaliningrad) why not give the rest of Prussia to them? The Killing, rape, and plundering would be fair turn about for what the polish did 74 years ago. It makes no real difference in the current geopolitical climate… perhaps it might actually help the rest of Europe uncuck itself.


>Losers can write history too

The basis of polish and jewish history.

9e57eb  No.12873988


>Have a nice first day of your lasts (Poles will be exterminated)

>Pooland is worthless.

788d9d  No.12874000


Yeah, I dont think krauts even need Prussia anymore. Industries evolved.

But if they actually act on taking it back, they will do it quivkly. German nationalism is the most powerful anti kike antidote, historically proven.

8c7e2c  No.12874042

File: 67fa410bf6cb1d6⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 500x747, 500:747, 747476532189872800820076.jpg)

Poles? Critics say the jews simply hate everybody they meet.. and critics have been saying so for thousands of years … [Pic quoting the Roman, Tacitus, related.] Critics say it's in the jews' genes, in the code,, in the DNA.

25ec76  No.12874099

>More poolish kvetching

Fuck these white niggers. If I have to hear about the Holohoax one more time…

4a9a28  No.12875989


Yet you haven't answered his question.

Why do you retards let 788d9d slide the thread with his pathetic attempts at d&c anyway?

4a9a28  No.12876007


>Implying Poland owns the global holohoax industry

>Poles are kikes guys, its not the kikes, it was the poles all along!

Mouthbreather 788d9d brought a d&c comrade, I see. Would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

00def5  No.12876042


Because polish-lithuanian commonwealth was proto USA. All religion equal (but catholicism encouraged) and democracy for nobles. After they destroyed it (((parasite))) had to search for new host.

000000  No.12876133

In a time when Germany is showering Poland with billions of Euro, a million of polish Leaches have come to Germany, there are 1500 registered polish homeless people just in Berlin, after clearing an occupied anti-Fa house in Berlin the police arrested a dozend Poles, the Poles just can not stop to attack Germany.

If it there first new elected president and Nobel peace prize recipient Walesa wishes to nuke Germany, or after annexing a quarter of Germany and half of its industrial potential the Polish government talks about “reparations” in the fantastillion dimesions.

Poles continue to raid, loot, murder in Germany since the borders have been opened, non-stop and the Polish government position on that:

Cars 'too easy to steal' in Germany, says Polish ambassador

Poland's ambassador to Germany on Monday rejected responsibility for a spate of car thefts on the border between the two countries, suggesting it was "perhaps" too easy to steal cars in Germany.


Poland will never let us in peace. They already made plans before the war to push the border to the Elbe river, you have seen their fantasy maps here already


That has not changed, polish government encourage Poles to buy houses west of the border, to use the depressed economical situation there, that is in part to blaim to Polish raids. People on the Polish border no longer are able to insure their stuff because Polish robberies are so frequent. Polish government prevents Germans to buy houses on the Polish side, they don’t want Germans to buy their old houses back.

Poland demands “minority rights” for the Poles that have come to Germany

So it is clear, while economically depended on Germany, do seek the Poles to further enlarge their country at Germany’s cost, harm Germany wherever they can.

There is no peace possible with Poland.

a887b3  No.12876706


Fyi, walesa is a kike/shabbos goy. Secondly, the political class are the same faces/offspring of judeobolschevik scum that terrorized poles after the war. Moreover, they've been brainwashed to treat their ebil natzi neighbours with utter contempt by the kike narrative that has been drilled into them. Your history of ganging up on them thrice along with austria and ruskies also doesn't help. Maybe, just maybe, they steal because they've been regressed for 40yrs of communism + have been denied billions from the marshall's plan which has additonally set them back by a fuckton.

>There is no peace possible with Poland

More brother wars then? That's what you're suggesting? What a great sentence to end a post; you've learned nothing, haven't you?

000000  No.12892171

poles on mighty horses saved vienna and stopped turk mudslimes

fought against red kikes in WWI and stopped bolshevism

still buy chibijews as luckycharms though but that makes juden kvetch damn hard

07fd9c  No.12893097


The jews are like women, they will push and push without stop until you put them in their place through circumstance or force.

07fd9c  No.12893159


The jews know that the only people of capable of preventing aryans from exterminating the jews are other aryans. And that the only way we'll make it through this current ethnic replacement together is by cooperating against them. So they will exploit every pre-existing fracture point possible.

000000  No.12894846


maybe because poland is getting more money from the german taxpayer in structural aid than israel is getting in reparations?

10dc58  No.12894930


Maybe stop posting complete and utter idiocies about things you know nothing about?

bc8cdc  No.12894933


Poland belongs to the Jews.

9e57eb  No.12894945

File: e2d64144e77832a⋯.jpg (197.64 KB, 600x452, 150:113, Polish Dance .jpg)


Poland belongs to the Polish People.

1e4a8c  No.12925570


I guess this is why >>12915251

Look at the amount of sliding dnc kikes there; hilarious

83190c  No.12930223


Shut the fuck up, you krautnigger sub-human. Those are POLISH land, and always were.

83190c  No.12930264


They will not do shit, you dumb fucktard. Krautniggers will be non-white in 1 gen.

83190c  No.12930287

File: 6c90884b33963ef⋯.jpg (116.18 KB, 940x916, 235:229, German 'mustard' race.jpg)


No, you sub-human krautnigger. We will never disappear. Unlike krautniggers.

Your sithole was pumped full of money by United States, you ungrateful swarthy kraut. In 1939 at the height of Nazi Reich your public debt was almost 300%. On June of 1945 it was 0%. America build up your economy from scratch. It also saved you from millions of vengeful Slavic people, who were ready to tore you animals to shreds for what you did to them during 4 years of genocidal invasions. Oh, and daily reminder that it was Krauts who created communism, Lenin was a German agent, and it was German money which paved way for succesful Red Revolution in Russia in 1917. Kaiser was hoping that Revolution will destroy Russia, and make it ready for Kraut colonisation. Luckily, he was wrong. Communism made Russia stronger, it hastened industralisation, militarisation and made it ready to repel Drang nacht Osten Invasions.

83190c  No.12930331

File: aa2b7901b3350b8⋯.jpg (81.8 KB, 1024x548, 256:137, Schwedentrunk.jpg)


If krautnigger sub-humans ever set foot again east of Oder, we will slaughter them without mercy. We will even help arabs in Germany start revolts, and destroy Germanistan from within.

e51d31  No.12930976


>We will even help arabs in Germany start revolts, and destroy Germanistan from within.

Good job retard and twenty years later you have a Caliphate in Central Europe that will murder you for being a dirty Kafir.

83190c  No.12931022

File: 22070ee4e16ca40⋯.jpg (167.78 KB, 800x544, 25:17, Based krauts saviours of E….jpg)


No. Germniggers are far larger threat.

e510e0  No.12931207


White, ethnic russians slaughtered Eastern-Europeans in Belarus and Ukraine, after that they killed Baltic people. Ethnic russians deserved every starving orphan they got. They are still, to this day, hateful, evil dogs.

Just a reminder that Germany still to this day is a better country to live in, while you backwards criminals probably still wash potatoes in the toilet bowl. Every russian girl wants a Chechen man by her side, and Chechens will take them.

e510e0  No.12931325


Russians are scum, just like the british. Imperialists aren't nationalists, they are the same criminals like communists, who oppress smaller nations. Good thing you have no power outside your basement.

e510e0  No.12931393


Russia doesn't care about smaller nations, and they'll never stop. The thing they did to Ukraine they'll do to the Baltic states. You have no shame of atrocities and terrorism commited against Ukrainians by russians. You just go what you inbreds tell you.



come to Easten Europe and see how your fantasy has no basis in reality.

83190c  No.12931659

File: ef8bc0420d5940e⋯.webm (2.12 MB, 500x375, 4:3, Mein Krautism.webm)


Russians have superior country to Germniggers, who are no white.




Germniggers are shit.

000000  No.12931907


i completely agree. it is a little known fact that that poles are actually g-ds chosen people

83190c  No.12932072


We are not Jews you fag.

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