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File: 46a18e7c0dcdc3c⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 948x523, 948:523, Giga society.jpg)

3280da  No.12871193

People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed

>true thought and innovation only capable with >140 IQ

>the minimum IQ to be classed as above midwit

>capable of doing anything at that level

>will actually cause humans to be able to interact with aliens

>will prevent the destruction of modern science and technology

>will prevent the continued existence of dumb niggers and shitskins that breed too much

>will rid the world of poverty, which is usually caused by low IQ


Kikes/shills are against this, because they need dumb goyim slaves. People below 140 are subhuman animals. Anyone who disagress is a drooling moron because everything I've written is 100% true.

08db1b  No.12871197

You are fucking retarded. People with high IQs tend to gravitate toward high IQ work, and high IQ work isn't what keeps a civilization running. A society of artists, poets, and scientists will fucking starve to death every single time. Even worse, people with high IQs tend to have more mental and personality disorders, making them essentially useless in times of hardship. An overly intelligent person can't find satisfaction in a good day's work because between his hyperactive brain and his rampant emotional problems he'll feel the need to ask stupid questions that attack the value and even the very existence of a good day's hard work.

You need people with average and low IQs to keep society running. You need people who look at the world and take it for what it is, no questions asked. You need people who find pride and joy in turning wrenches, pounding nails, tilling soil, and kneading dough.

>b-but muh automation!

Taking automation beyond a certain point will be very harmful. If you make automation too advanced you'll eventually wipe out high IQ pursuits as well, and mankind will die of idleness. If you refuse to take automation to the point of true AI, then machines remain merely as advanced tools, and they'll still need wrench-turners to operate and maintain them. Furthermore, products that were made with less automation are almost universally considered to be superior products, so it would probably even be good to reverse automation somewhat and therefore to increase the lower IQ population. This has beneficial effects socially as well as economically, as you need the strength and emotional stability of the lower IQ people to balance out the fragility and insanity of the higher IQ people. Remember, it was "intellectuals" who decided that 10 year old drag queens would be a fantastic trend to push, and it was the lower IQ population that was the most horrified at this.

TL;DR IQ isn't everything you sub-110IQ fucking retard.

3280da  No.12871201


I actually have a 157 IQ, you mouth breather. Keep your brainlet farts out of this thread.

992d2e  No.12871204

People with IQ’s lower than 420 should be removed

>true thought and innovation only capable with >420 IQ

>the minimum IQ to be classed as above midwit

>capable of doing anything at that level

>will actually cause humans to be able to interact with aliens

>will prevent the destruction of modern science and technology

>will prevent the continued existence of dumb niggers and shitskins that breed too much

>will rid the world of poverty, which is usually caused by low IQ


Kikes/shills are against this, because they need dumb goyim slaves. People below 420 are subhuman animals. Anyone who disagress is a drooling moron because everything I've written is 100% true. Blaze it

553c51  No.12871205

People wil iqs lower than 9000 should be genocided.

3280da  No.12871206



08db1b  No.12871208


Of course you do, Moshe. Never mind that the average IQ of your (((people))) tends to fall in the 90s.

3280da  No.12871210


Impressive sentence, for a nigger.

e92503  No.12871211


Actually, low IQ is associated with genetic damage.

48d551  No.12871214


We should have no problem with this. Except for no women hit that level, of course. So some exceptions will need to be made. Best of luck

7126de  No.12871215


>157 IQ

>reddit tier insults

>posting on /pol/

>not taking over government and forming a new ruling structure

You're not fooling anyone. Go back to r/mensa and compare your brain dicks there.

553c51  No.12871218


oh no that sucks

3280da  No.12871220


I'm already a certified member. Well, I actually got banned for humiliating OkteoberStorm in a debate but whatever. I invented a new transistor for quantum computing and sold it to Shen Zhen's best tech firm who are using it for advances in AI computing. I'm no politician though.

7161b3  No.12871235

There is already a thread about this.

000000  No.12871239


And they will.

3280da  No.12871245


there's a thread about 110 but that's too low.

78d982  No.12871250


Would be for this, but of course, 140 would become the new 100…

3280da  No.12871254


nothing wrong with that, it'd be a giant improvement

78d982  No.12871256


It'd repeat itself once there was no one left to remember what it was like before.

7161b3  No.12871258


So instead of making your argument in the already existing thread you decide to open up a new one that only differs in but the number of the IQ? A thread died for this, you dumb cuckchan nigger.

3280da  No.12871261


You'd have a better baseline and that's what counts.


That thread is garbage because 110 is too low. This is its rightful replacement.

000000  No.12871264



I mean it's nice that all goyim will be removed, but don't you think it's a bit too much, Moishe?

>Kikes/shills are against this

Now that you mentioned this so nobody would think you're kike-shill. SMART! High IQ!

Just passing by with my humble 160IQ

3280da  No.12871267


>humble 160IQ

I'm 157 WAIS.


Looks like you accidentally put a 1 in front of 60.

2f19d8  No.12871269


Most of the problems that high iq people experience is because of having to live in a society geared towards those who are 3 standard deviations below themselves. The other main problem is that it is difficult to satisfy their mental needs in terms of study and professional capacity.

Both of these would be eliminated to a large extent if the sub-optimal of the world were purged entirely.

Your arguement is akin to pygmies saying that pgymy society would crumble if they only allowed 70+ iqs to survive. In reality, the 55 average is what is holding them back.

66e9f5  No.12871277

Why is it that everyone that has a 'high IQ' seems to act like a complete faggot? Seems to be quite prudent to me that IQ is no substitute for common sense or even self awareness, as OP and other faggots ITT clearly demonstrate by lacking any type of humility or modesty.

>But I'm entitled to act this way!

What? Because some pseudo-jewish test showed that you problem solve arithmetic and shapes better than most other people? If anything this just goes to show how your types would lack to function if left completely to your own devices.

>>12871197 is right, and I'm starting to question the validity of IQ tests; all it really seems to venture into is math and similar.

2f19d8  No.12871280


>emotional stability of low iq people

This is a complete inversion of reality, lower iq means less control over the emotions. Have you ever tried to have a reasonable discussion with someone from the dark continent? As for people to hammer nails - well Japan with its significantly higher intelligence is at the forefront of automation. Further to that, most truly intelligent people are not averse to a variety of tasks, including those involving physical skills. Perhaps you are confusing mentally ill and frail rejects in your perception of what an intelligent person should be. Thank television for that.

Note that the nordic races possess the highest intelligence in europe, and are also the strongest physically.

As for who (((intellectuals))) are in regards to depravity, that is self evident and always has been. You sound like a man desperately giving reasons why he should be left alive, when there are none that are viable.

b9e11f  No.12871281

IQ is not and has never been a measure of intellect.

It was designed to measure mental development relative to age. In children.

This is why it's so heavy on pattern recognition as human pattern recognition abilities typically improve with age.

c24cba  No.12871284


No one on /pol/ has an IQ that high, or the internet at large, 140+ IQ is extremely rare, it's just liars and self-hating fags. At least the 110 IQ thread was more believable.

2f19d8  No.12871285


>doesn't understand what intelligence is

>listens to /trannypol/ level ideas about iq 'just being an irrelevant number on a piece of paper'

Are you currently using a computer from 1982, because there is no difference between an old computer and a new one, apart from irrelevant numbers on a piece of paper.

2f19d8  No.12871287


Check statistics, there are more than you think there are. It might sound high, but that it is just slightly higher than the average doctor.

c24cba  No.12871292


Even were this to be true a doctor is a much rarer profession than almost anything else. Still the fact almost everyone online claims to have genius level IQ is obviously not true.

66e9f5  No.12871293


>resorts to ad-hominem attacks

>References trannypol out the fucking blue

>Are you currently using a computer from 1982, because there is no difference between an old computer and a new one, apart from irrelevant numbers on a piece of paper.

>piece of paper


Nice bait. Guessing you scored 160 in the IQ test, right chip?

3280da  No.12871295


BS, avg doc is 130. I60 is the difference between a toilet cleaner and a doctor.

2f19d8  No.12871300


Nice reading comprehension.


>no one has 140+

>only slightly higher than a doctor (130)

That becomes "160" in your reply.

2f19d8  No.12871306


They are only rare because there are so many low iq people. Kill off all the idiots and high iq people are no longer rare, that is the whole point of this thread.

Compare the technological achievements of north western europe and the congo.

Do you use the same arguement of "we need the low iq types to run society"? That's like barbara spectre the kikess saying with a smirk on its face that "europe will not survive without all the europeans being replaced by 65 iq negroids".

Use your head.

3280da  No.12871310


I;m Chinese. English is not my first language.

2f19d8  No.12871312


Society would elevate and adapt, as it has done with every iteration in evolution, claiming that the current norm of 100-105 is the ideal is nonsense.

>55 iq is enough, we need the 35 iq types to pick up stones and drop them, and scoop holes in the mud to look for worms - if we had only 70 iq types, then who would scoop holes in the mud?

3280da  No.12871313


He's just intimidated and threatened because he has a low IQ himself.

2f19d8  No.12871316


Numbers are the first thing you learn in a foreign language and the easiest thing to recognise in text. You just didn't read the post I had replied to and missed the context.

c24cba  No.12871319


There's a massive difference between a violent subhuman shitskin with a classified retard IQ and the average White person and anyone below 140 IQ. You would have to edit genes to make this sustainable or you'd kill over 99.9% of people including all but like 3 women and then you go extinct.

000000  No.12871320


>You are fucking retarded.

No, you because you don't get it if someone tries to wind you up.

He is making a point, for those retards that didn't get it at the IQ110 thread.


c24cba  No.12871321


My IQ is lower than 140 yeah, but trust me you'd easily be killed off first before any of the masses you want to cull from the genepool. Come try it chink.

0665ac  No.12871324


It is actually a lot less than that. The changed the 'online reporting of it' so that it wasn't that humiliating…but just like their shitskin cousins that surround their island the real accurate figures are 84 average IQ. If you look in books which are obligated to print the truth (more than an online website, anyway…I am sure they are working on revising all of this since we have all been laughing so hard about it) but the average IQ is 84, NOT MID 90's.

b9e11f  No.12871327

Do you people even know what the scale means?

In classic IQ testing and modern?

3280da  No.12871330


Hahaha, my great grandfather was the brother of Hjalmar Schacht who migrated to Hong Kong after the war. I also fight for white interests. You are stupid for such ideas and desires.

c24cba  No.12871338


The point is without gene editing there is a regression to the mean hence why usually you're dumber than your father and 140+ IQ is not sustainable.

2f19d8  No.12871339


Maybe, empathy also has a part to play and conditioning. Most people don't like the idea that the majority of the world's population are useless. Government and business policy in work sectors has for example no place for anyone below around 80 iq, yet they are about 30-40% of the population. All those people living lives, consuming resources, needing all the information to be reduced to their standard just to maintain their existence is senseless.

Maybe OP's 140 is too high, but the current method of appeasing the lowest common denominator is retrogressive and suicidal for civilisation.


You only see that difference because of the comparison between the society we have and the society and behaviour they have. Can you accurately imagine a society with only people of 120+ iq for example, or as a better analogy, where 120 is the average instead of 100.

The average in africa is around 65 iq, pygmies are 55 iq and the rest of africa dominate them, they are a curiosity only, yet they have survived perfectly well by themselves.

Look at Japan and compare it with mexico, not such an enormous step between them.

The difference is quite noticeable though, no crime, people are polite, the streets are clean, technological developments are rapid and inventive, and they are almost immediately applied to the infrastructure.

Imagine if Japan had a 10 iq higher average, or 20.

They would encounter initial problems, but those would be overcome with replacement advancements, as has always been the case throughout human history.

As for the problem of killing off a lot of people, that's the point of the thread. Higher iq women would arise in sync with a higher average iq population. Realistically, you would have to do it in planned stages in order to have a generational and balanced effect.

2f19d8  No.12871341


>scale is based on an average

>means people can't refer to it to talk about changing the real average

2f19d8  No.12871343


Again, would you say that to the people 200,000 years ago, that 60 iq is enough and anything higher is not sustainable? That just highlights a lack of knowledge and imagination.

c24cba  No.12871345


No, even though I'm not 140 IQ I'm all for eugenics and gene editing, the world would admittedly be a much better place without shitskins and jews. I don't believe killing off everyone or sterilizing them now is the only way to accomplish this though otherwise we'd never have evolved to this stage in the first place.

ca128a  No.12871352


I can go for this, as a goal, but realizing the small size of population in this demographic, I propose a more societal acceptable gradual system, to achieve this goal.

Simply take everyone with 100 IQ's and up, and allow them to breed freely, and give their offspring full access to every bit of knowledge available, college for free, apprenticeships, etc. Put the power to vote, etc only in the hands of those with a high iq. Mass sterilization of any group of people with an IQ less than 90. Then, as IQ's rise, reward those with higher IQ's greater privilege and prestige in that society. Make success and wealth equate to intellect and innovation, instead of making stupid people famous. Keep doing this, until the average IQ is over 120, then level the playing field, until you hit 130, then 140.

2f19d8  No.12871353


If there weren't any jews infecting our populations with forced immigration since the 1950s especially, then our national intelligence levels would have been rising all of this time instead of falling.

France's average iq has dropped significantly within only a few years simply because of this. I agree on that part. I would use OP's idea as more of a long term aim than an immediate action. Not sure if gene editing is a wise idea, given how primitive it is, only at a very limited experimental level. Eugenics can be achieved quite well enough through social projects and rewarding quality families and sufficient guidance and support of intelligent people, instead of throwing trillions into supposedly keeping afloat those at the bottom rungs.

Sterilising sub-normals would be a useful thing though, there is no reason to allow the defective to continue their gene spread. For example, sterilise any immigrant from a third world country. If they are truly 'fleeing', they would accept the condition. If they are a parasite that wants to stay permanently and infect the once civilised society with their own failed species, then they will refuse.

3280da  No.12871357


I'd say keep going until the average is 160 so you have a buffer against situational decline. But I definitely agree with the approach. The title exists as it does so people click on the thread.

2f19d8  No.12871359


Sounds reasonable.

bb844e  No.12871363


Your comment brings to mind the Russian fox breeding experiments. Intelligence is part of a matrix of genetic cofactors, some of which may be less than ideal for advancement in cooperative societies.

5824fa  No.12871369


but if we did that then who would post on /pol?

3280da  No.12871370


Not you, because leftypol would already be 6 feet deep.

2f19d8  No.12871371

45cce6  No.12871376


>speaks like a subIQ nigger

>"kill all sub-IQ niggers!"

2f19d8  No.12871382


What are the limits though? Do doctors work well together, despite them being on average 130 iq? I'd say for the most part, yes, although they function in an odd hierarchical system. How about scientific researchers? People of a similar intelligence do tend to work best when in company of their peers, and suffer when they are forced to work with those either far above or below their own. The figure usually given is 30 iq either way being detrimental to communication.

There are a great deal of cofactors, that is why I would say that genetic alterations would be an improper way to proceed, especially given the primitive level of the current understanding of that subject. It would be like a chimp editing a million line programme with no thought or vision for consequence.

9edfba  No.12871388

>have iq tested by mensa at 147

>being selected out of reproduction because the only women who dont fear the power i have over them are zoomers (and i dont wanna get shot trying to date one)

So as of now we can consider the opposite of OP to be occurring.

36da27  No.12871395

that wouldnt leave enough people to run the vital infrastructure of the planet, like cooling nuclear reactors.

2f19d8  No.12871402


Go to the doctor and say you are depressed, they'll prescribe you medications to turn your brain into a stub of its current form and you'll find a match within weeks.

40eca4  No.12871406

File: 5c03763094d33b6⋯.png (36.36 KB, 183x275, 183:275, ClipboardImage.png)

>Northeast Asians and Jews have highest scores on test

>non-Jewish Europeans have lower scores on test

>Creator of IQ test is a jew

IQ test is just a way to keep Kikes in power

e58f1b  No.12871408


>People with IQs lower than 140 should be removed from the gene pool

You racist.

e58f1b  No.12871410


The Han chinese obliterate Jews on IQ tests.

40eca4  No.12871413


Mate, they're also rising to (((power)))

b9e11f  No.12871415

File: 668c806517f38d8⋯.png (585.27 KB, 718x802, 359:401, baka1.png)


The classic scale is what the creators considered "normal" relative to your age.

So in those tests 100 is "normal" at the age of testing.

So if you're ten and you take a test designed for ten year olds and you get 100 then you are what they deemed "normal" in terms of pattern recognition ability.

Bear in mind this was entirely their opinion on what was normal pattern recognition ability for different child age brackets.

And most importantly these tests were not designed or produced for adult use.

That was the original IQ test.

A high IQ at any point on these tests was an indicator of future intellect. Since the child would be better equipped to utilise the educational resources around them due to a superior capacity for pattern recognition.

Low IQ was was an indicator of stalled or slow development. Sustained low IQ over a number of years was a sign of retardation.

But again these were for children.

Modern tests were derived from these childrens tests because people like having a number they can point to and go "I am six points smarter than you hah!"

Because people are idiots.

Modern tests (the ones you pay for at least) work to two approaches.

Customer satisfaction in which case everyone gets a high score but not so high as to be unbelievable. This is very common in the USA and Asia.

The other is population averaging. Basically the idea that 100 should be the average of the entire population. These companies like to get the results of their tests and try to push them everywhere they can so that they can constantly tweak their tests to get that desired 100 average.

But you're still only testing pattern recognition.

These tests don't and can't measure applied knowledge, creativity or even memory.

492e24  No.12871418


>You need people who find pride and joy in turning wrenches, pounding nails, tilling soil, and kneading dough.

And high IQ people don't? I have an IQ of 142 and am an industrial electrician, for me a good day is spent outdoors running cable.

9bdf94  No.12871425


Sort of this. A high IQ does not mean you are wise or have common sense. For example among our enemies there are high IQ individuals. There needs to be a natural balance. You can't go to perverted extremes.

2f19d8  No.12871427

e58f1b  No.12871436

File: d0f461be993a8d3⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 300x225, 4:3, deus_dance.gif)


Fair point.

2f19d8  No.12871450


Ability to apply knowledge comes for the most part from intelligence, which is in its raw form, pattern recognition. Saying that it doesn't test everything is not relevant.

That they were designed for measurement of childhood development discards any advancement made in the tests themselves. It also discards the clearly visible correllations between intelligence and achievement and professional capability. The main factor for super-145 iqs having trouble in professional fulfillment is linked to the poor quality of the society that surrounds them. That is the reason for universities having existed in the first place, they were a centralised source of well educated and intelligent people, this concentration is necessary in order to fulfill collective potentials and obtain the necessary stimulation required to do so.

9edfba  No.12871451

File: f6dee7af91fdea8⋯.png (352.27 KB, 503x628, 503:628, ab64d795c1859ed9a40082d3f6….png)


How helpful. Like being put back into the matrix.

Im so far beyond "muh dick" I literally just want a wife so I have something to sleep next to, yet somehow 8-10 years difference is only okay if the woman is older…imagine that.

I fucking despise normalfags. Theyd rather let their daughters become whores and single mothers to niggerbabies than allow a consensual and productive relationship with white males who have the means, desire and ability to care for them and produce children.

b9e11f  No.12871460


That isn't what universities were for.

They were training centres for the upper class. Intellect wasn't relevant.

76729f  No.12871461


Are you even close to 140 IQ?

c2b0d8  No.12871466

File: 60036c0c534cebd⋯.png (5.63 KB, 227x214, 227:214, 4a83b93c1a22d5b76e90925cdf….png)


1 in 261 people have 140+

I scored 138 on WAIS IV and 136 on WISC. Obviously not everyone here is 140+, but 140 is not THAT much. I'm sure you'll find someone here…

3f974c  No.12871481

2f19d8  No.12871485


Find an older woman with a grown daughter, two for the price of one.

2f19d8  No.12871491


Upper classes had far higher average iq, from breeding as well as the most consistent factor of consistently adequate nutrition. Thought takes a lot of energy. They also had enough time to develop their learning and use their brains.

40eca4  No.12871525

IQ tests are broken

you need a 120 IQ or higher to get a Phd and there are people getting PhDs in "Gender studies" or "Dance theory"

b9e11f  No.12871531


The first part is a myth.

It was mostly down to better nutrition and being able to afford to dedicate time to learning.

9edfba  No.12871532


This makes my bepis big

9edfba  No.12871541


Dude most of /pol/ is probably between 130 and 140, thats why were here.

3f974c  No.12871543


>Upper classes had far higher average iq

Abject nonsense, as proven by today.

3f2838  No.12871544


Most high IQ, or at least visibly intelligent people that I've ever met have found more satisfaction in performing something simple and menial but that required significant physical exertion than pretty much anything else. As much as I love philosophical debate and learning how the world works; it hasn't got anything on tearing up the garden and building a shed or combat sports.

You have a point regarding a lot of autistic and mentally damaged people exhibiting high IQs and having a whole host of issues that make them incapable of functioning in normal society; but there are an awful lot of intelligent people who can function very well. I also dislike the arbitrariness of "IQ 140", whilst IQ is a decent identifier of intelligence it is not the be-all and end-all. We should certainly engage in some eugenic practices as a society though.

2f19d8  No.12871549


>forgets how they came to be leaders in the first place

2f19d8  No.12871552


Education is broken.

d45a27  No.12871585

I'm okay with this idea with one modification: either your IQ is 140 or else you're super good looking. Like one-in-a-million supermodel incomprehensibly gorgeous. This will still get rid of the most undesirables without losing certain genes that are objectively desirable.

481451  No.12871590


you fucking retard

7829db  No.12871604

File: d6f97ce72a6fc28⋯.png (61.1 KB, 558x895, 558:895, why homeschool.png)


> People with high IQs tend to gravitate toward high IQ work, and high IQ work isn't what keeps a civilization running.

Labor keeps it running. Robots do labor. High-IQs make robots.

140 is too high, though. Start at 100 or 120 and see how it goes. Even getting rid of the sub-100s (most niggers) will make an enormous difference. And there may be genetic boons attached to 'lower' IQs (120s) that could come out in breeding later. True high IQs will not have a problem with this because we understand how much there is that we don't know.

134eb7  No.12871608


>Me Chinese.





b9e11f  No.12871613


The nobility came to rule by virtue of a distant ancestor who was a warlord.

Or by an ancestor who made themselves useful to existing nobles and was rewarded for it.

386466  No.12871615


Any education is better than none. Education allows people to fluently communicate with each other with regards to the ideas taught.

That is all education does, it allows us to learn our language and learn more ways to talk about things we all individually observe. We observe something, then use what we've been educated about to communicate what we observe to another person. Remember: no two people truly understand each other, communication is more of an arbitration of the things we observe.

3f974c  No.12871621

Get rid of this spam.

7829db  No.12871626

File: ce23b84f20ef204⋯.jpg (83.87 KB, 500x735, 100:147, foreign aid.jpg)


>Taking automation beyond a certain point will be very harmful.

Who suggested taking it beyond a "certain point" in the first place? Going too far with anything means you've, guess what, gone too far. So don't go too far.

>This has beneficial effects socially as well as economically, as you need the strength and emotional stability of the lower IQ people to balance out the fragility and insanity of the higher IQ people.

>High IQ people are the people the institutions and lowest-common-denominator trends say are the high IQ people.

>Remember, it was "intellectuals" who decided that 10 year old drag queens would be a fantastic trend to push

>Remember, high IQ isn't determined by an IQ test, it's determined by admission to an ideologically posessed institution where the most cult-driven nepotists exile anyone who threatens their identities as "intellectuals"

>, and it was the lower IQ population that was the most horrified at this.

Citation needed

You're a fucking retard m8

386466  No.12871630


>you need a 120 IQ or higher to get a Phd

I disagree, all you need is the "right environment" (for example a degree for stupid ignorant people) and a bit of "luck" (actually passing that stupid degree which is simple as fuck).

Phd is not relevant to IQ. It should be, but it isn't because we make Phds for subjects intended to be completed by the average chimpanzees.

Law degrees cope with this by now adding more qualification requirements post grad. Medical degrees, etc do likewise.

f7cc8a  No.12871633


No, people under 200IQ are dumb animals and need to be removed. OP is probably only IQ 169 or something and a dumb faggot.

40eca4  No.12871647

File: 587f574ad891e23⋯.png (238.84 KB, 936x535, 936:535, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, here's a chart, but wikipedia doesn't tend to be the most accurate source…

7829db  No.12871650

File: c1bb8117e3afa3b⋯.jpg (54.58 KB, 850x400, 17:8, its real.jpg)


I really just can not believe the stupidity here.

>Stupid people are emotionally stable, while smart people are unstable

(Not generally true, and where it is true, it's easily explained by smart person being stuck in an institutional environment controlled by authoritarian morons.)

>I know what a good day's hard work is. Smart people are confused, but I know. Not gonna tell you though.

>High IQ people don't find joy in turning wrenches, pounding nails, tilling soil, and kneading dough. That's why they evolved during hundreds of years of doing this for themselves and their families, as independently as possible from tyrannical pressures.

>High IQ people could never enjoy building a house from scratch, and feeding and raising a family in it off-grid. High IQ people would never find ways to improve the efficiency of living independently. They don't like to engineer things for themselves, they like to work for massive institutions mired in absolute abstractions, or something.

>Because physical work is stupid work for stupid people.

7107b7  No.12871657

File: d427d4f484a096c⋯.png (485.92 KB, 505x717, 505:717, image.png)


Got to be honest I am the PurpleAnon and this is why I became a glownigger because I hated not just normies but a world of people I viewed as no better than common savages continually in their own and my way. The first 16 years of my life were a fucking hell as I thought being honest and using my gift of intelligence to help people around me was right thing to do. This just led to me being ostracized out of fear or taken advantage of to a point where I just made a decision to treat most people like jews treat the goyim as pets for me to play with. Never looked back after that and my beliefs were only reinforced over course of my radioactive career manipulating populations. Humanity is utterly irredeemable unless everyone with an IQ below 100 is genocided at a minimum.

This is why many of us super glow fucks love our jobs because it allows us to treat people of inferior genetics with the contempt they deserve. While other anons are correct that you need laborers and service workers to have an advanced society those anons are also not smart enough to realize that within our lifetime robots will be able to fill those roles so if we started sterilizing stupid people today we would be ahead of the curve and be able to save our social programs for the last people of inferior genetics who need them instead of seeing societal collapse when the dregs no longer have a use.

Ideally we need to reduce the world population to between 500 million to 2 billion people. 140 may be a bar too high for that so theoretically for a stable society population numbers would necessitate a reduction of 1 standard deviation to 125. Yes I know people at 125 can be a pain in the ass because they are smart enough to know something but never understand it which is why with genetic editing I'm optimistic their offspring can enjoy IQs high enough to be a net benefice to society and other lifeforms.

As to aliens I also believe this is the benchmark to be accepted by advanced extraterrestrial life as any evolved lifeforms wouldn't want a bunch of intergalactic niggers shitting up their galaxies which is what humanity with a mean IQ of 90 is now.

7065e0  No.12871664

>IQ is highest among Ashkenazi jews

Nice try buddy

000000  No.12871669


The stench of IQ160+ idiocy is overpowering in this thread


40eca4  No.12871671


Good luck trying to tell the kikes that

345bd8  No.12871676


>Anyone who disagress is a drooling moron because everything I've written is 100% true.

Wasn't this 110 last time? Again, start with yourself, because it's obvious that your IQ is squarely below 100.

40eca4  No.12871688


>IQ test developed by jews

>jews and asians suspiciously have higher scores then non-European jews

oh vey shut it down

b9f24c  No.12871693

Didn't we have this thread already?

Is this some sort of new shill tactic to make /pol/ look (even more) retarded?

Sure sounds like it!

40eca4  No.12871695


shekel for you goyim

7107b7  No.12871698


>There's a massive difference between a violent subhuman shitskin with a classified retard IQ and the average White person

There actually isn't the problems just manifest differently. Dumb niggers want to take things from people dumb whites want to give shit away for free each behavior is culturally based but driven by their inferior intellects that are incapable of foreseeing the effects of an action past its immediate conclusions. Whites are only more tolerable than niggers because they have IQs that are 2-3 standard deviations higher than a sub saharan negroid. For example evangelical christianity only exists because there are white people with sub 90 IQs. 140 is too high and genetic editing will help to alleviate the problems from having to include people of lower IQs than 140 to constitute stable population figures you are correct about that though.

799ccc  No.12871699


works for me

55d5f8  No.12871706


Ironically you are low IQ for suggesting such a retarded solution, because there's a phenomena called mean reversion. So the children of the 140 IQ person would have a higher chance of having a high IQ, but they would overtime revert back to the racial mean of about 105-109.

Positive eugenics can solve this problem over time, but simply gassing all the low IQ people wont work.

8e7c15  No.12871707

Ah yeah then everybody with a high IQ wouldn't have anything to compare themselves to. They'll keep trying to get smarter but the law of diminishing returns states they could only become more stupid.

2cce6a  No.12871727


That's jewish logic. First post too.

Kill yourself.

421297  No.12871728

>believes in aliens

start by removing yourself from the genepool, retard

7107b7  No.12871744


You are clearly one of the people who would be genocided. Most likely you are a flat earth christfag something that wouldn't exist if society didn't tolerate slobbering window licking morons like yourself. Why don't you run along back to reddit with all of god's other little clowns.

2f19d8  No.12871772


Significant human accomplishments have taken place almost exclusively in a few countries in the north west of europe.

2f19d8  No.12871777


Sign me up.

000000  No.12871811


>and mankind will die of idleness

Since when is idleness lethal you retard? I'm a relatively rich bitch that hasn't been productive in over a decade and I'm pretty sure I could keep this up indefinitely if I weren't but a mortal man.

33c4f3  No.12871855

The guys who really drive civilization are around 120-140 and hard workers with various other attributes (tough, good social skills, enduring, good leaders, etc.) You need a few very smart guys to do scientific research and shit, but those who start companies and run institutions are around 120-140 with many other positive attributes. Looks is probably also important there.

The line needs to be 100 for whites and eliminate all non-whites, period, regardless of IQ. The reason you keep the sub-120 whites is you want some genetic diversity in other respects. Don't want to turn into a fucking Tay Sachs-type inbreeding nightmare.

a52742  No.12871887


>His IQ is so high his duplicate thread got anchored.


>I invented a transistor for quantum computing


d25a54  No.12871905

File: 909f05e545b0d08⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 900x750, 6:5, mfw_seriously.jpg)

>let's get rid of over 90% of the white population because they didnt score high enough on some kike test

40eca4  No.12871961


imagine having kikes move from 2% to 20% of the population

4ad8c0  No.12871968


If you don't believe that two intelligent partners could have an unintelligent baby then you have no idea how genetics work.

40eca4  No.12871979


I agree, and we should start with you

40eca4  No.12871991

File: 2f40215547784d9⋯.png (42.98 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


just so happens those places are controlled by jews, nice try kike

000000  No.12871998


>People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed

Ignoring your interwebz ahkue test results for a moment:

Good luck getting anyone who is legitimately at 140 IQ or above to work construction, as plumbers, factory workers, nurses, janitors, or even low level engineers at the pay level required for those jobs. If you think that robots will take over that work, you are low IQ. At 135 IQ, construction work in my early life left me hopelessly depressed. It would be worse for someone with a higher IQ.

>>true thought and innovation only capable with >140 IQ

Provably incorrect. Its not even improbable at 120 IQ, and I say that as someone who can barely tolerate communication with most people at 120 IQ. This statement puts your IQ into question. More importantly, people at 150+ IQ could think the same thing, except that they are smarter than that, and except that the baseline would hypothetically start with them. Why not eradicate those with 140 IQ in favor of a world where the left side of the Bell Curve starts at 150 IQ? See how that works?

>>the minimum IQ to be classed as above midwit

The top 1% of the IQ range is a "mid-wit". Are you certain about your IQ?

>>capable of doing anything at that level

Except 99% of the world's necessary work that would drive them to suicide with boredom and lack of purpose.

>>will actually cause humans to be able to interact with aliens

There are no aliens, mental retard. At least none that will ever be in contact with us. Which any reasonably high IQ person would e able to deduce given the probabilities and distances involved, which include the insanely specific solar and planetary measurements that make life possible.

>>will prevent the destruction of modern science and technology

The Jews are dead set on destroying that anyway, according to their books. Within the next 221 years. Your largest threat in this department is them, many of whom are 140 IQ and higher.

>>will prevent the continued existence of dumb niggers and shitskins that breed too much

That's what will prevent their existence? Seems unnecessarily indirect. Are you certain in regard to your IQ?

>>will rid the world of poverty, which is usually caused by low IQ

Be honest. You're a dumb mud. Poverty is inherent in the losing bottom worker tier of any labor market. In your new high IQ world, the 140 IQ people are the new low IQ set and will occupy that tier. All resources are competed for, and so your ability to secure them is determined by your competitive advantage.

>Kikes/shills are against this, because they need dumb goyim slaves. People below 140 are subhuman animals. Anyone who disagress is a drooling moron because everything I've written is 100% true.

I've proven that you are at least lower IQ than I am (sub 135), but more probably that you are a drooling moron. Sorry to "disagress" with you.

000000  No.12872016


You're a LARPing purple dildo. Full stop. Stop shitting up the board and take that cyanide cap embedded in your molar.

93cefd  No.12872023

>kill the average white person

>enforce this only in white countries.


d3fcad  No.12872087

Like you niggers that can't follow simple fucking rules? I'm ok with that.

0d70b0  No.12872176


>Enacts this retarded plan and sterilizes 99.9% of society.

>Demographics collapse and society enters deep recession almost instantly. Freefall recession.

>High IQ individuals won't do slave work, high IQ individuals begin starving or else return to an 1800s way of life.

>Low IQ barbarians overun the degenerate and broken society, pave it over and replace it with garbage in their own image.


Yeah you aren't fooling anyone OP. There is enough of us here who actually have the IQ you are claiming. Your bullshit tastes sour, it might be past it's expiry date.

1df238  No.12872177

File: 928ff6ae6101659⋯.jpg (108.01 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, tigger nigger.jpg)

File: 8991f4a5cd9b5d6⋯.png (33.73 KB, 505x576, 505:576, around chinks, don't blink….png)


Spotted the 160 IQ poster.



动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

a5c114  No.12872251


Nobody cares about your "achievements" here.

8e7c15  No.12872258

Removing the low-IQ is like removing numbers 1 through 6 on a one foot rule. You're just trying to make your own penis look bigger by bumping two inches up to eight.

02f877  No.12872329


There are a lot of jobs that 140 IQ people won't be willing to do ie construction, janitor, waiter, stocker, etc.

Until you can replace all these with robots just shut the fuck up you idiot

31f1fc  No.12872331


164 here

everything you think is hard is easy to learn

trying to read w/o words running off page is hard

people are hard

human potential is zero sum

the variation in people is in realized potential

i can realize my full potential way faster that you

but maybe you can go further due to the uphill nature of your struggle


>People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed

your dumb

what are the odds +140 reproducing

what are the odds 140+ has 140+ parents

how about

People with IQ’s +140 have to breed with exclusively +140 for a couple of gens first

then their kids can tell your kids how dumb you were

7044d0  No.12872380

Using an IQ test directly for eugenics is a bad idea, especially if you set the threshold that high, because you'll get fucked by Goodhart's law.


I know for a fact that there are many people on imageboards who are that high. You are operating under the assumption that this community is a random sampling of the population, which it's not.

aadbcc  No.12872433


Sterilize yourself.

You are living proof IQ tests need serious re-work.

85b51c  No.12872522

File: a1b48fcd52183a6⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 425x425, 1:1, iq test.jpg)

File: 26d4be4901823d4⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, We-re just gonna kill -em.webm)





IQ is only your mere capability to learn, it doesn't measure shit, if we are talking about intellect. OP is human proof that high IQ can go to waste for a corrupt person. OP no matter how big of a number you show us, if you share idiotic ideas you've convinced yourself with, we will not care. Everyone is bringing up excellent points and there's no point to your capability to of learn if you are this stubborn in your delusions. Personally I don't care what online or professional IQ tests say, because I value myself by the values, wisdom and how broad of a vision my mind gains that I can share with others.

I think these IQ tests can be practiced, because no matter how abstract and different and non repetitive they make it, with exercise everybody can realise what patterns you have to see.So con-fucking-gratulations you are able to solve a time based shape sorter game under a good time. Now pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

a7bdb3  No.12872557


>it was "intellectuals" who decided that 10 year old drag queens would be a fantastic trend to push, and it was the lower IQ population that was the most horrified at this.

the exact opposite is true - low IQ jews decided that 10 year old drag queens would be a fantastic trend to push, and it was the higher IQ population that was the most horrified at this.


>high IQ work isn't what keeps a civilization running.

agriculture and animal husbandry are relatively high IQ work, that is why niggers don't do either.


>products that were made with less automation are almost universally considered to be superior products

that is why an abacus is superior to a digital computer amirite?


>the strength and emotional stability of the lower IQ people


5a2219  No.12872562

IQ of 135 here. IQ tests are nothing more than a fucking test. You can even study for it. A majority of the people like myself who take an IQ test and pass with high marks have likely taken multiple IQ tests in their life. So, in light of all that, if you believe that an IQ test is good for anything outside of impressing people on a resume (MUH MENSA) then you're even more retarded than OP.

f8215f  No.12872588

140 based on what scale? IQ tests often have their own scale, like how double black diamond at one hill is a blue rated ski hill at another.

It is quite difficult to measure actual IQ, and simply keeping it above 115 on a non linguistic pattern recognition test that is resistant to experience profiling is the only way. As someone with an IQ between 130 and 150 but with ADHD, let me tell you, being supergenious level won't fix everything. Many minds are how you achieve greatness because good ideas can come from anywhere - but only great minds can decide how to properly execute them.

85b51c  No.12872639


I don't agree with your ideas on space travel and contact.

I mean just think it through: Let's say Einstein is completely wrong on his theory (he is, but it doesn't matter for this point) and faster than light travel is possible. When, not if, our society reaches this stage people MUST make up rules of engagement, because the risk is the entire race with any big mishap. A civilisation this advanced MUST realise higher ethics to go further in existence or it will see itself become an autist who chokes Planets with its "retard strenght" like accidental germ infections wiping out Planets, driving races off course, causing massive wars, angering way more advanced races, waking up superjew spacekikes and so on. Either it destroys itself or gets destroyed by a higher authority because of the danger they pose to lower civilisations and themselves through their owns stupidity. These authorities would guard things of the unworthy and the unworthy itself of its own demise because they see life and consciousness as the highest value in the Universe. I mean we all should.

So my point is that even if lmaos exist, they are not that stupid and immoral to interact with the Planet because it might push history off course or cause complete panic/shock. Any higher race would just casually observe and give a hand only if a race is at a risk of destroying itself or ending its Kali Yuga to reach the golden age like we will soon.

The first rule of space travel should be to stay invisible and to never force attempts at communication until the situation and consequences are judged. Why would they fuck with us? This damn thread is proof that we are too stupid and hotheaded to even be considerable. Espionage is a different thing though.

b7cdc0  No.12872702


(((King of the Shekel))) indeed.

2f19d8  No.12872713


>thinks jews are from north western europe

I can see you've received your full dose of education.

5812d3  No.12872850

File: 6722f6dfe63ca5f⋯.gif (126.06 KB, 500x281, 500:281, giphy (3).gif)


>People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed

i hope your excluding infants from this.

cf51c7  No.12872860



a6b73c  No.12872898

File: 58456b7b0edc11a⋯.jpeg (37.2 KB, 660x680, 33:34, 4322431423423.jpeg)


>IQ predicted this

1df238  No.12872937







887f05  No.12873020

IQ isn't an absolute measure. It's relative. The average is defined to be 100.

8e7c15  No.12873035


I always wondered if the IQ test was made to make measuring intelligence easy then whoever uses it isn't smart enough to figure intelligence out themselves

8e7c15  No.12873223


Wouldn't they need a test to judge the accuracy of the IQ test because the people who created it couldn't use their best judgement to measure IQ in the first place?

b98959  No.12873273


I said they were being controlled by jews faggot

All jews are arab/middle eastern first

fucking shill

31f1fc  No.12873299


>Wouldn't they need a test to judge the accuracy of the IQ test because the people who created it couldn't use their best judgement to measure IQ in the first place?

a true reference would be hilariously great

Jeff " not sure" Nominal

every bodies scores are pegged to this guy, jeff

test him yearly to redefine 100

342bc3  No.12873318


Archimedes was killed by a common soldier.

000000  No.12873329

Good idea, that will wipe out the voting class and the politicians they vote for so yeah I support it.

b5dc2e  No.12873337

File: 99d5a98e0182c67⋯.jpeg (104.86 KB, 484x649, 44:59, EDEFB507-769D-4223-888B-7….jpeg)

File: 29d061a8340e5b2⋯.jpeg (62.16 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 11D8A8AC-54C8-4AB4-810E-B….jpeg)

I disagree. Low iq people can form a symbiosis with high iq people that ultimately serve the benefit of the whole.

The only requirements for the symbiosis to work is that the people are of the same race and are bounded togeather under a collective ideal the golden rule of Darwinism. Darwinism being the struggle in life to improve your kinds bloodlines. The one rule all life forms on Earth abide by (except modern man) the rule which ultimately was the foundation of National Socialism and the reason why their society made progress on all fronts, industrial, scientific, spiritual, medical and educational. For the reason of the everything in the national socialist ideology being tailored to the prosperity and evolution of ones kind (I.e Darwinism).

Low iq people are needed in order to do the mundane. To be the farmers, to be the janitors, the tradesmen, the labourer, the cooks, and a whole lot more.

Without the low iq people being the cogs that run the machine the high iq will not be able to focus their time on the innovation of the “machine”.

With the principle of Darwinism in the hearts of every man, woman and child. Regardless of IQ all bloodlines will naturally evolve. Today’s high iq will be tomorrow’s low iq, today’s leading edge work will be tomorrow’s mundane.

000000  No.12873341


There you go again blowing the entire psyop.

fff124  No.12873371

I have 190 IQ

OP a fagot

Get BTFO brainlet.

da59ba  No.12873374

File: e8adc572f2224b0⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 390x277, 390:277, throw heads back.gif)


I actually have a 175 IQ, I know so because I took the official test on www.coolmathgames.com. Also my mom always tells me how smart and handsome I am.

2f19d8  No.12873429


>rejected by mensa

>"iq is meaningless!!!" ever after

6d0e6a  No.12873461

>takes online test

>thinks it's smarter tahn the rest of us

GIVEs WATKINS SHEKELS to wook at me!!!

I know you're a virgin, and most likely the only repository of your autisic semen will be a negress crack ho, so the gene pool is a little safer

330491  No.12873615


>Kikes/shills are against this, because they need dumb goyim slaves. People below 140 are subhuman animals. Anyone who disagress is a drooling moron because everything I've written is 100% true.

So intercourse with below 140 is bestiality, then.

330491  No.12873629


>I know you're a virgin, and most likely the only repository of your autisic semen will be a negress crack ho, so the gene pool is a little safer

Come on in, the water's warm. No matter what its IQ is.

fffa11  No.12873727

Y'all realize, of course, that one standard deviation on the IQ scale is 15 points, so there are only about .5% of the population with an IQ > 135. So, all this discussion is ridiculous. Odds are that nobody here has an IQ of 140 or better.

000000  No.12873807


Yeah, probably more like less than 70 but it was fun while it lasted.

Another dead psyop for the dust bin.

8a43dd  No.12874117

File: 5322d11151b2632⋯.jpg (32.4 KB, 532x533, 532:533, 6a350ffc12ee37994b61b14d36….jpg)


>Remove everyone with a less than 140 IQ from the gene pool.

Sounds great! Should we remove you now or later?

000000  No.12874367


Psychology is not a real science. Just another religion to control goyim. Yes we know that. Get rekt Moishe.

54e154  No.12874388

IQ is for brainlets. It is the white equivalent to "muh dick"

54e154  No.12874398


>not arguing, rather insulting

I got this now. "Muh IQ" is used as an argument by /pol/ jugend

f17e7e  No.12874555

Having a high IQ doesn't mean you're not a complete and utter dumbass and only that specific kind of high-IQ retard thinks it means anything since their high number lets them think they're superior to the masses in some way despite being a fuckup. Just means that one measured part of your fluid IQ is high. An IQ score only gives you a VERY general idea of how "smart and capable" an individual is, and is mostly a score that shows how good you are at passing IQ tests. There's a reason you can study for them. If you're actually smart then you probably know this already.


This. Also, checked.

ebcf5e  No.12874594


140 IQ is somewhere about the 98.5 percentile. This means only keeping about 1.5% of the world's population. About 113 million people currently which leaves you about what 10 million white people?

I understand where you are coming from. Being smart is lonely and the anti-intellectuallist environment can be overwhelming at times. I've certain entertained the thought of engineering a virus that would only affect people who have certain versions of genes that are not associated with higher intelligence. But honestly if you are good at coding genes why not just make a retrovirus that will replace the dumb genes with the better version of those genes?

Also the point that people miss is culture of intellectual exchange is what really makes science work. One of the reasons science is advancing at the rate it is right now is because their a lot of scientists. Imagine when there are 70 billion people living on Earth and a few other close planets. The amount of intellectual exchange goes up tremendously. New branches of scientific study can be explored because there are more people to work in specialized fields.

Sure it would be great to clense the world of none geniuses but I suggest a less extreme approach to eugenics.

Simply sterilize everyone who has an IQ under 100. This reduces violent crime and person to person crime tremendously and it also reduces the nigger population by about 90% as nearly all persons of pure African ancestry have average IQs around 70. Middle east mostly depopulated.

Pretty much leaves the bulk of Asians and whites.

for the most part if you just wiped out the low end of the bell curve you'd be at a sustainable level of population and a civilization sustaining IQ level.

The next step is when you pick people for offworld colonization only take people who have high IQs. Pretty much everyone who works in aerospace is pretty intelligent anyway.

No fuckwits ever make it to space. Offworld colonies have a selection process.

Other options. Start your own nation and only allow people who have IQs up to your standards join. Chances are you wont have enough people who are smart and willing to do what you want.

Incentivizing higher IQ individuals to have more children would be a great idea. Using birth control is a cognitive task and this is why stupid people have way more children. So really if you want to keep smart people around you're going to have to ban birth control for people in the higher IQ ranges.

Here's a thought experiment for you. All of the technology we have available to us today makes our lives extremely complicated with our civilization at an average IQ of 100. Imagine the technological advances and environmental complications a civilization who has an average IQ in the 180s would be like. Imagine learning everything the average college graduate knows by age 14 but then having to be in school until you are 30 just to be able to have a job.

The world you are talking about would have infinitely more complex technological and sociopolitical problems.

ee8801  No.12874744

140's don't make enough kids on average. The pop would dwindle. You need it at 130 because they shit out three kids on average.

000000  No.12874940

Everybody that is serious discussing that, doesn't qualify.

They are too dense to understand, that the jew, that made this thread, is just winding you up.


c95c37  No.12875237


Or a top tier athlete.

2f5104  No.12875923


This but unironically.

d08ef3  No.12875946

I would survive the cut, but:

1: I’d be left in a world filled with mostly self important ubernerds who don’t want human contact, and

2: who the fuck is going to do the remaining 99.999999% of the work needed to keep us alive?

05c944  No.12876689

This really does not evaluate how well the test giver understands the numbers. It isn't unusual for the program to be botched since day one.

05c944  No.12876703

If I was given an intelligence score of 140 I would prefer to continue questioning myself, otherwise there would be a high probability of falling victim to confirmation biases and a confidence tricks. The score says more about how a person will feel about themselves after receiving their score and perhaps start to dumb-down with a higher score rather than improving themselves on a lower score.

05c944  No.12876724


Imagine the possibilities and forget not the final results.

c5911f  No.12876843

File: eac0095e2e2d9f1⋯.jpg (51.83 KB, 614x500, 307:250, Autismgang.jpg)


This. Make it sub 100.

000000  No.12876997

I absolutely agree!

57ef7f  No.12877087


>People with IQs lower than 1400 should be removed from the gene pool


a56bd3  No.12877183

This has already happened. The catch is that at any given time whatever is average is the new 100.

000000  No.12877438

Your own jiz is dripping from the corner of your mouths again. Now I know where slobbering Joe learned it from.

1df238  No.12878105

>Retarded chink pays actual money to to put his crap thread on the front page.

>He still expects us to believe he has an IQ of 156 even after wasting his money on this frivolous crap.

Everybody laugh at this insecure brainlet. He probably took a free online IQ test riddled with ads and actually believed the fake result.

8f901e  No.12878260


LOL uh huh sure you do inbred trash

ebcf5e  No.12878835

File: ecfe22e2d1451c6⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 403x448, 403:448, brainlethelmet.jpg)



I scored in the 99th percentile on everything that matters.

Skilled labor fields wouldn't be so bad if they weren't dominated by people who have IQs in the 90s. I mean if you could actually carry on a conversation with someone while at work it wouldn't be bad. Also working with someone who understands what pathagorean triples are and how to make a square.

Watching brainlets try to make a square is like watching a monkey try to fuck a football.

000000  No.12878844



ebcf5e  No.12878851

File: 0ba70e928c765ca⋯.jpg (65.58 KB, 700x648, 175:162, hawking.jpg)


There are plenty of top tier atheletes who are geniuses.

Steven Hawking was an athelete before he got paralyzed.

ebcf5e  No.12878859

File: 0ae2e3dc5b751b8⋯.gif (2 KB, 347x263, 347:263, PythagoreanTheoremFigure_1….gif)


I never claimed I was good at spelling.

b07356  No.12878873

Niggas is wildin

1ff15d  No.12878882

File: 05a52df39c12808⋯.jpg (9.94 KB, 160x230, 16:23, kid.jpg)

my anus hole is smurt

838484  No.12879045

The alt left will never allow this. Higher IQ people will spend much less on entertainment and put all the super rich athletes, actors, models, singers, etc out of business.

2f19d8  No.12879329


>typical jew backtracking

50f064  No.12879773


>OP pays for his thread

>I am superior, everyone else is retards

>reddit spacing

>reddit insults

The only thing that you deserve is bullets.

f7d667  No.12879997

Im 139 iQ. Please kill me zoomer daddy.

aeef05  No.12880484

>People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed from the gene pool


Hating self much?

000000  No.12880537


He was a delusional retard prop.

000000  No.12880548

This bee hive is begging for attention and intelligence due to you Muslims sucking too much Camel cock.


11e09c  No.12880741


Calling it Shen Zhen and not Shenzhen let’s me know you’re full of shit.

5ef592  No.12881058

So most Whites should be sterilized? Bravo!

0905b9  No.12881069

Comfey? Snug? Smug?

7260d2  No.12881107

If your plan was implemented you could say goodbye to /pol/. Not even memeing

8f8164  No.12881212


>mouth breather

The phrase "mouth breather" should be 'mouth-breather' in this context.

t. Dropout

a0d0c6  No.12881309


Well this site won’t exist if people below 140 iq aren’t allowed to live !

aa258b  No.12881313


Kike-free first post is, perhaps surprising to some, kike-free.

8a6378  No.12881921


OP you must be Hungarian it's like with your money… you have milions but you are poor anyway.

842e83  No.12882125

File: 3af98bdfac96d97⋯.png (151.75 KB, 375x523, 375:523, 63a5a5a410da9105ce8a1c6ac5….png)


If we were to do that then 99% of the userbase of /pol/ would be wiped out.

and the 1% remaining would be jews

ebcf5e  No.12882223


European nobility is highest IQ group.

b58b08  No.12882227

File: 7c75b8e2a5f0bac⋯.png (221.3 KB, 379x521, 379:521, decree.png)


Fixed for authenticity

ebcf5e  No.12882244

File: e38978c692da61b⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thislol.jpg)

507372  No.12882722


>People with IQ’s lower than 140 should be removed

some really good bait. you got my attention op.

bc9a26  No.12882937

People under 6 feet tall and who can't run a 5k within 20 minutes should be euthanized

360894  No.12883150


Thank the Mind I have an IQ of 155.

We do also have to keep in mind that your IQ is based on your strong suit, like a deck of cards. Not everyone has the same hand, you see?


328936  No.12883587

Anyone who cant grow a full beard is infected with soy and needs to be removed from the gene pool

3968e6  No.12884177


Argh, damn you. Argh, I say. I’m sorry I said damn you, but the argh was heartfelt.

>10 year old drag queens

Aarrgh! Whoever gave you that ammunition made a mistake!

>10 year old drag queens

I like LGBT rights! I like new ideas in culture! I like tolerance and experimentation!

>10 year old drag queens


It’s bad treatment of children. To make them do that is evil. To encourage them to do that might be evil. To even let them do that seems questionable.

I don’t want any part of this thread, but I can’t stand to let an inconveniently valid point go unacknowledged.

2bc92a  No.12884710


when do we get to kill niggerspics

ee8801  No.12885118

File: b6d3eac1fa9e9d6⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 376x480, 47:60, oh.webm)


One out of a hundred is One percent of the world's population, so two out of a hundred is half of one percent. If going from 7 billion, that's 35 million people left alive, roughly ten percent of america or (averaged out) five US states. With about 93 million miles of land, if a little over a third of that is habitable, then each person could get a mile of land with both habitable and harsh types of land to spare. Also 140's only make one kid on average, and that number might be that high due to societal trends, so you might have to keep 130's or even 120's around. IQ test's are fucked anyway by not directly testing social, societal and survival (of both them and their species/bloodline) intelligence, so IQ is somewhat of a moot point.

ee8801  No.12885121



93 million miles of land of earth, not just the states, mind you.

cfa832  No.12885572

>transistor for quantum computer

>quantum computers differ from standard computers by not having transistors as their base

>people are actually posting in this thread without mocking OP

>99% of people here lack basic knowledge in regards to computing, genetics and IQ testing

I really miss pre-2016 8/pol/, before r/donald plebbitors and subhumans took over.

fd42f2  No.12885720

People are born with low IQ and old people at the age of 60 wouldn't even probably reach that specific IQ based from their age.

Either you're a retard or a retard. Whoops.

fd42f2  No.12885740


>have als

>live longer than the rest of als patients

He's likely a body double like Miley. Look at his teeth and hair color from old photos. His crooked and missing teeth plus thinning and white hair was already obvious from his past photos before he became a NASA rockstar metaphysicist. Look at his (((NASA))) photos, he's just meant to spew and fearmonger cryptic BS like global destruction and space memes just to distract your even more and push you into codes called despair.

25a4d8  No.12886804

OP is retarded and most likely doesn't have 140 IQ as his proposed threshold.

a) Most jobs don't require IQ that high.

b) BuzzFeed test is not legitimate.

c) If you know how IQ testing works you would know that they always revist them so the average would be 100.

d) I can guarantee you that you had made zero noticible innovations.


>capable of doing anything at that level

You are retarded, you can do most of the jobs with 110-115 IQ.

d1bbf9  No.12887420



Op is a retard with half the IQ stated. Also I'd like to know if going with the beyond asinine plan of yours who's gonna take care of the everyday tasks mhm?

936cb8  No.12889725

Says inbred trash

That would leave very very few people in existence idiot

d82741  No.12889785


This is bullshit. I'm 41 and my gf/partner is 24 and hot as fuck. I'm also exceptional, so just be that.

If you are hot, no one says anything, especially the bitches that just want to bang you because they heard you have a big dick and give lots of orgasms. The guys I work with just give me high fives, and I work in a highly specialized scientific field. These aren't sub-humanoid, low IQ niggers.

Even if you aren't really aesthetic, just work out and be in great shape. Don't be shamed by society, ignore what they think. The vast majority of society are dribbling, retarded simpletons that would be happy being glued to their sofas and eating themselves to death in front of the tv. We are better than them and should not be concerned with their fatuous naive, brainwashed opinions.

d82741  No.12889792


Due to the differing IQ averages per race, there would be more white than the current percentage, although there would also be a lot more chinks. (Far fewer blacks, arabs, meximongrels and dot.indians). I vote to maintain a small population of australian aboriginals because some have outstanding character, and also provide endless entertainment.

d82741  No.12889796


IQ is the best predictive measure of both future lifetime academic achievement, wealth and health.

ab2797  No.12890012


>Implies he is140IQ, the cutoff for his super society IQ above 99.616% of population

>Posts text graphic saying that .999999999 - or 8 people - will qualify.

You sure you're gonna make the cut?

For slme kind of shitty planet that runs off of 30,000 genius spergers?

You flatter yourself.

0451db  No.12895225


The kikes have a point then.

Stupid people make very valid contributions and I don’t just mean as the menefestation of the will of the smart on there surroundings.

Putting wheels on bags is not a smart idea it’s fucking stupid, obviously. It’s just so stupid it took that special kind of mind to think of it.

0451db  No.12895251


Who the fuck will I make racist jokes about you dumarse craker

ca1240  No.12896213

My IQ is about 120. Two of my kids are over 140.

ebcf5e  No.12896275

File: adf91adb4824693⋯.png (73.8 KB, 512x512, 1:1, bulldozerbutton.png)


All Boomerang niggers do collect welfare and huff gasoline.

ebcf5e  No.12896670


Statistically speaking successful men marry younger women. It works out because women loose their value as they get older. They become less fertile and less chaste with age.

Men on the other hand become more valuable as they get older. Men accumulate wealth and security and become better providers over time.

Shortly, good on you guys getting younger pussy. I'm 40 and I don't really seem to get the pussy or the money that I used to.

902a6f  No.12896675

Heart > IQ

Tenacity > IQ

Two of my family members are 150s and they haven’t done shit with it. Neither are any better than I. No clue what mine is, I’m certain it’s average. Lol. So I disagree. Ambition is everything. Poor and stupid has worked harder and attained more than lazy and brilliant.

Problem is with success comes poison to the soul so IQ is diluted and used for a purpose rather than left organically ambitious. And usually not aware of such.

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