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File: 8b1d5558496764d⋯.jpg (115.28 KB, 681x491, 681:491, wargames.jpg)

File: 8b0bc0df27b3273⋯.png (708.55 KB, 1056x777, 352:259, multi domain war.png)

92edaa  No.12904634

U.S. "Gets Its Ass Handed To It" In World War III Simulation

>In simulated World War III scenarios, the U.S. continues to lose against Russia and China, two top war planners warned last week. “In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it" RAND analyst David Ochmanek said Thursday.

>RAND's wargames show how US Armed Forces - colored blue on wargame maps - experience the most substantial losses in one scenario after another and still can't thwart Russia or China - which predictably is red - from accomplishing their objectives: annihilating Western forces.

>"We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary," he warned.

>In the next military conflict, which some believe may come as soon as the mid-2020s, all five battlefield domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, will be heavily contested, suggesting the U.S. could have a difficult time in achieving superiority as it has in prior conflicts.

>The simulated war games showed, the "red" aggressor force often destroys U.S. F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters on the runway, sends several Naval fleets to the depths, destroys US military bases, and through electronic warfare, takes control of critical military communication systems. In short, a gruesome, if simulated, annihilation of some of the most modern of US forces.

>“In every case I know of,” said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense with years of wargaming experience, “the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.”

>So, as Russia and China develop fifth-generation fighters and hypersonic missiles, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructures like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

>He said "$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III.

>With the defense budget stuck around $700 billion per annum for the remainder of President Trump's term, America's Warhawks are inciting fear through simulated wargames with one purpose only: demand more taxpayers' money for war spending.

Gotta cough up for the war effort goy.



ba97e9  No.12904645


Not shitty enough. They need more trannys.

f0d836  No.12904646

It's pretty straightforward. The carriers can either be reliably sunk and the fighters/bombers reliably shot down or they can't. If they can be, then it is beyond obvious the US cannot match the replacement capabilities of Chinese industry and will lose in the same way Germany/Italy/Japan need unless it immediately goes nuclear. That would invite a nuclear response and the targets would be ZOG bases and nigger cities – which destroys ZOG anyway.

92edaa  No.12904653


I did wonder if the big brains at RAND incorporated globohomo into their assessment. The browning of America is going to mess up their R&D too.

e201f1  No.12904674


i doubt it, I think we just also got our first nigger woman general too, USA military is hilariously pozzed

f41199  No.12904677

>Has most powerful military force on earth

>"Hey, let's flood our military with niggers, spics, foreign agents, women, faggots, and trannies!"

>Loses against people who don't even spend half as much on their military

>"I don't understand what happened! We made the military more diverse. Surely it should be getting stronger, not weaker!"

<"Maybe it just needs more money and more trannies?"

>"Good idea Moshie. More money and more diversity."

4bd4e0  No.12904690


Why would such a negative assessment be allowed to be made public? If it was really so dire, it would be kept secret. The reason of course is the public is the target of this negative report to build a case for an even greater military budget.

4bd4e0  No.12904700


>first nigger woman general

God dammit.

99db92  No.12904702


>The EMPIRE is on weak footing

Because of Justin Smolett?

e201f1  No.12904706


wow anon so insensitive, didn't you know that the greatest generals in history were female niggers?

8c9680  No.12904715


Translation - Please Gib Monies to Lockheeb.

84d578  No.12904720

File: dd17ae57d45352d⋯.png (15.61 KB, 621x668, 621:668, 1425194819415.png)


>Remember those those Romans guys?

>Remember how they ended up with their armies mostly filled with foreigners?

>What if we did the same,but this time we includes the mentally ill and women as well!

>Surely nothing could go wrong

ba97e9  No.12904725


Exactly. I'll probably get emails from contractors telling me to hire some of Trumps new immigrants as well.

fc3946  No.12904745


History repeats itself my friend, and you're the biggest loser of all of them

64f69f  No.12904748




bc3107  No.12904762


>>So, as Russia and China develop fifth-generation fighters and hypersonic missiles, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructures like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

This is soft-pedaling it. Like I keep telling you faggots, the aircraft carrier is obsolete. Those F-35s can't get off the ground because hypersonic missiles will sink the carriers first thing. They're trillion dollar floating deathtraps.

01c127  No.12904768

File: 8dd3d4da353388e⋯.png (1.51 KB, 158x168, 79:84, SFGCUCA----H---.png)

File: eb30fde6690dc65⋯.png (2.26 KB, 152x192, 19:24, SHSA-------H---.png)

File: 60b8dfc9c63915a⋯.png (4.53 KB, 146x194, 73:97, SOGCUCI----D---.png)

I've always been trying to find a good war game system to realistically simulate or at least start to approach realistic simulation of modern war.

Anyone got any suggestions?

e201f1  No.12904807


nuclear triad is where it's at anon, if a real war ever breaks out

6aec0c  No.12904809


Well no shit. We're letting niggers, women, and faggots overrun everything.

4bd4e0  No.12904817


and letting gooks manufacture all the computer hardware in these "smart" systems. You would think Trump would declare it a national security objective that processors for government/military use be completely fabricated in the U.S. and not by duel citizens (fuck off intel).

6f0c7f  No.12904841

File: 4a1bba83b59e5a0⋯.jpeg (498.98 KB, 1100x847, 100:77, 1.jpeg)

File: 54c2b45285079e5⋯.png (8.41 KB, 864x113, 864:113, 54c2b45285079e55eb3c32c540….png)


Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank.

99db92  No.12904854


Its a delicate situation because Canadia have the Chinese CEO who has been stealing secret mobile phone tech from the US.

But the chinks just kidnapped some Canada guy so if they extradite the chink who stole Murrican secrets to the US, the chinks will just 'disappear' the Canadian guy and obviously his family would be upset at being caught up in an international trade to be more specific: fraud, on the part of China war.

Its like when the North Koreans assasinated Kim Jongs Brother in Malaysia. The Malaysians had the assasin trapped and surrounded but the North Koreans just arrested the Thai consulate in North Korea and they had to release the assasins to get their own citizens back.

01c127  No.12904857


>Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank

I appreciate the reply, but it seems that, that game has a greater focus on tactics.

I'm looking for grand strategic nation level simulation.

878718  No.12904858


How did whites (bear with me here) get this fucking dumb that the concept of diversity doesn't immediately raise red flags? Why are whites so insanely susceptible to "but TRUE socialism/diversity/shit-eating has never been tried before!" reasoning? How does an once predominately white country become so pozzed? I don't understand it. How did all these old white generals, senators, CEOs, etc. just roll over for transparent jewish schemes? I don't understand how the poz managed to get THIS endemic in the system that even blatantly fucking obvious bad logic gets celebrated as the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

52b61f  No.12904862

>He said "$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III

The US spent the US spent $623 billion in 2018

OY VEY! That's not enough to prepare for war!!

e201f1  No.12904868


>How did whites (bear with me here) get this fucking dumb

we have the highest empathy rate of all the races, it's fine when we are only living amongst ourselves, suicide otherwise

52b61f  No.12904870



6f0c7f  No.12904873


Check out Gary Grigsby's series.

d68d3f  No.12904883


the great bucket in hell no doubt

64f69f  No.12904887


>How does an once predominately white country become so pozzed?

Too much prosperity makes people weak.

52b61f  No.12904891

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

237bd7  No.12904896

Tbh i dont think the US can even fight. If China goes "fuc uo lol" they can just stop sending shit to them since most of the production comes from there which will result on shitty pushes from the US which will fail

And then (if the shit i say happens)…Fallout irl?

52b61f  No.12904905

They're still building aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers have been obsolete probably since the sixties. The point of military spending isn't to create a viable defense; the point of military spending is to feed the voracious greed of the corporations that build this worthless shit.

f41199  No.12904906


All those kikes feeding us constant propaganda from birth to death and viciously persecuting dissidents probably helped.

99db92  No.12904909


But then China would have to contend with armies of millions of unemployed starving chinks that were normally busy making products for the USA.

Hmm actually thats never been a problem for them because the population is disarmed. They will just massacre anyone who is dissatisfied with the government..

107e24  No.12904913

Anyone have the cap of that simulation where the US predicts losing half their coastline to a random warlord?

8d8a43  No.12904914


It starts with education, and since the 1950s, they've been pushing a concept that there is no difference in intelligence between races, and more recently, that race itself doesn't exist.

Therefore all decisions have to be made without regard to race on one hand, yet any shortcomings that present themselves in non-white candidates are explained away as historic marginalization due to "injustice", because of course the difference couldn't violate the axiom of equal intelligence. The mess is so great now that I think it's irrevocable to change within the system itself. Even the Supreme Court is filled with shitskins and jews

01c127  No.12904916



Thanks, this looks like what I was looking for.

How is ground combat simulation?

bd7dc5  No.12904917


Late stage capitalism. When the greatest value in society is the amount of money in your bank account, it's just a matter of time until everyone in power is corrupted. This is also a consequence of the huge amount of jews who invaded the US after ww2 both from Europe and Russia.

96ef68  No.12904922

Military industrial complex advertising trying to justify an increase in defense budget. Ignore and sage.

8d8a43  No.12904925


counter-sage. Yeah if we ignore this thread, we don't have to be aware of it anymore, isn't that magic. Consider yourself an idiot mate.

96ef68  No.12904933


Consumption of this propaganda is a waste of everyone's time and subjects the consumer to civic nationalist memeplexes. Go suck your orange stooge's dick spicboi.

64f69f  No.12904934


Of course it helped. But the kike propaganda couldn't work if white men kept morality, built families, and didn't chase the shiny Jew of materialism.



8d8a43  No.12904940


>Ignore and sage

Yet he's still here. Were you assigned to this thread, shill?

353682  No.12904943

>it's trash

wow, who would have thought the rand corporation would make a shitty simulation

da3f9b  No.12904953

File: 32d76fdd59bd78a⋯.jpg (154.16 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 32d76fdd59bd78ad50222e8cf5….jpg)

>our (((simulations))) show America is totally vulnerable, goy

>you ought to increase the defense budget by another 30 billion to prepare

>my cousin Mortimer at Lockheed really needs a new cash bonus next year to pay off his newest summer home in the Florida keys

>oy vey! Don't forget more billions for our greatest ally who will certainly support you logistically and totally not find the time of day to actually help you in a war later and keep the cash

64f69f  No.12904956


Doesn't change the fact that America has been weakened by (((diversity))) and gluttony.

1933be  No.12904965


1. I don't know how much I trust a defense contractor about anything, much less something that sounds like it's looking for more money.

2. If a lion had half its body infested with leeches, it'll lose against hyenas.

3. I'm an American and I don't even want us to win any more. There's nothing about this country that I have experienced that makes me want to fight for it.

bb3800  No.12904979



bb3800  No.12904981

See how these jew fucks at kikebush operate?

0c6c29  No.12904996

Huh weird. It's almost as though diversity ruins everything, including the military. Racially homogeneous countries like russia and china hand our asses to us while we lose even though we have much higher defense budgets

e201f1  No.12904997


sounds legit, still think our tranny army would lose though

cf8929  No.12905008

1ec810  No.12905012

Good. Can't wait America to be destroyed



>Racially homogeneous

Russia is full of hapa mutts

They even got their own spics (Kazakhs and other Turks)

64f69f  No.12905015


Correction, diversity of white nations ruins things. Diversity of niggerdog nations with whites helps. White is right.

eea321  No.12905017

File: 05e57a5d9fb2f74⋯.png (630.25 KB, 1446x1437, 482:479, 1443942710591.png)

File: 5ca54ac2b530542⋯.png (800.18 KB, 1803x905, 1803:905, 2166398727b261e6e8441e63c8….png)

File: a6fcf754ff35474⋯.jpg (2.42 MB, 1080x5349, 360:1783, Screenshot_20170811-150213.jpg)


Here's a couple obligatories. Love these things.

7304ff  No.12905023


RAND are a non-profit think tank (but a spinoff from Douglas). Were you thinking Raytheon? RAND is quite elite, their analysis is likely spot on, but I'd question why it was made known to you. To add support for a military spending PR campaign seems most likely. It also gives Trump a new imperative to shift focus away from the wall if he can't even make a fake show of progress seem believable.

64f69f  No.12905026


Based Tom.


>think tank

Kikels within kikels.

10d155  No.12905028


This is pretty much it.

Really, the only enemy right now that would consider a war with the US is china. Any war with china has to be at least 50 years off, the chinese would need a foothold in south america or canada first, to take advantage of their main power, near limitless foot soldiers. But they really can't move that many soldiers without tipping their hand, so I'm really not convinced they could pull it off. Plus, all this presupposes we don't just nuke each other first.

Civil war in the US is a much bigger reality. When the civil war kicks off, you might have a chinese invasion on your hands. Unfortunately, a chinese invasion might be the only thing that can unite the country again. So I'm not really seeing that either.

This is just gibmedats for the defense contractors.

abf75d  No.12905030

solution: let /v/ play

7304ff  No.12905043


Has there ever been a mass multiplayer war game with a chain of command resembling a real military? Some players are soldiers, others fly transport, one player is President/Supreme Commander etc?

e201f1  No.12905049


dark age of camelot

64f69f  No.12905053


>Any war with china has to be at least 50 years off

Too optimistic. Within a decade there will be conflict, if not overt war, with the mainland dogs of chiNa, if the US doesn't make a rapid turnaround.

7e83cd  No.12905064


wtf I suddenly love our one world government. Can't lose if we don't fight.

ba97e9  No.12905068


Thanks for the insight TiawanAnon.

abf75d  No.12905071


Assuming these "wargames" could plug into say, unreal engine, I don't see why they couldn't be used as the basis for one. War isn't just a game of chess that you can simulate with a computer and predict accurately.

0f8486  No.12905073


Why so sad? This is great news considering if your a white male your ass is either getting put in front of an shallow ditch for not joining the crusade to exterminate us (white males); or you get to join us in the defense of our species. Would you rather some kind of competent leadership on the enemies side? Or these kinds of creatures both leading and infesting every level top to bottom?

>I know what I want!

>Time to mandate at least 80%+ diversity in all combat arms

>actually lets mandate only diversity can be in combat arms and all whites are banned from leadership and combat lines.

>racist whites can go burn sewage on shit burning detail for the entire fucking war, they deserve it!

19ac5f  No.12905078

Good way to get rid of a bunch of our ethnic minorities and faggots, go send them to die in WW3

e201f1  No.12905079


now this anon is thinking ahead

bbc66b  No.12905082


The problem isn't the funding so much as the waste that's mandated with all the procurement bullshit.

A million years ago when I worked a dead-end job at CompUSA, our "government discount" was a 300% markup. We were located in the DC metro area and about half our customers were affiliated with some gov dept or whatnot. The feds didn't give a damn, cause it wasn't their money and they could only shop at certain stores anyways.

ac0940  No.12905091

Clearly just a way to beg for money. I wish it was true. Why would anyone want the most jewed nation in history to win a world war?

e5194f  No.12905092

Rand is zog, they just contract SMEs then use the derived info as they choose. All FFRDCs are zog. They will use the info to share critical intel with zog in each host nation so they can ensure the outcome of conflicts before they even start. Gold has been delivered to china for 2p years by central banks. The only reason that occurs is in building up nations in a thuccidies catharsis. they've done the same MO in each world war, including the seven years war. When you hear stories about nations deciphering encryption, such as the Zimmerman telegram for instance, or the enigma machines, the stories about decyphering are disinfo. It's literally just jews in each host government sharing secrets and ip. That was true of the rosenburgs. That was true of Zimmerman telegram, which was "intercepted" in room 40, then passed to british cabinet where of all people, it was given to arthur balfour (balfour declaration) who then presented it to woodrow wilson for american public propaganda, which was run by what later became known as CIP which was spear headed by edward bernays, who was the father of propaganda and the nephew of sigmund freud, and the grand uncle of who ever the guy was whovcreated netflix. With jews, you lose.

4a7b47  No.12905114


RAND is like the ZOG Bugbrain. Look at some of their associates.


They even had (((John von Neumann))) working for them! As a pop culture reference, the Dr Strangelove was in part based on him and another RAND fag.

>The character is an amalgamation of RAND Corporation strategist Herman Kahn, mathematician and Manhattan Project principal John von Neumann, rocket scientist Wernher von Braun

49dab9  No.12905121

File: cc6ac964e7be058⋯.jpeg (19.43 KB, 277x265, 277:265, fine.jpeg)


>OH and give them access to atomic weapons as well!

1c96e2  No.12905137


I honestly thought this thread was also about that nigger

e5194f  No.12905143


War gaming is flawed because it doesnt acknowledge the true conduits of energy which is international trade and lending, of which since established, has never been engaged in warfare, even the nazis didn't do that. War gaming is like putting a bunch of bugs in a box and making them fight, trying to guess who's going to do what. In reality, if you shot the guy standing over the box, hed just fall down and tip the box over and there goes the wargame paradigm

17d89d  No.12905144

File: f277808c94d5836⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 320x284, 80:71, hitler_stare.gif)


The draft is not random. They would select right-wing people. And the ones that dodge the draft will be considered criminals, giving the govt even more of an excuse to arrest or shoot them. WW3 would not benefit us.

ee0b6f  No.12905147



Infowars is a more credible source than fucking zerohedge.

e201f1  No.12905152


>WW3 would not benefit us.

would be nuclear annihilation, conscription is going to be the least of anyones worries

1c96e2  No.12905153


>Really, the only enemy right now that would consider a war with the US is china.

Russia would as well but they wouldn't consider starting it

>Unfortunately, a chinese invasion might be the only thing that can unite the country again.

Chinese invasion actually would be a catalyst since many groups would use the chaos to gain power

7157a8  No.12905158

There's even less reason for nukes, and those wouldn't annihilate us anyhow. Nuclear Winter is a hoax.

4a7b47  No.12905167

Shows you the power of media influence. Prior to that hoax story, I'd never even heard of the show Empire.

4a7b47  No.12905170


You dense mother fucker, it's not original zerohedge reporting.

6ffca1  No.12905173


The US does not just prepare for war, it prepares until it is capable of winning all simulated outcomes at all times.

Here's a clue, China gets roughly 75% of it's economy from selling things to the US. If we simply sanctioned them they would stop being a threat, but this is outside the scope of the war scenario.

F-35's are on carriers and Domestic runways so how exactly do we lose them on the ground? Because our war games focus the US goal on destroying their forces and the US goes on the offensive. We have to set up bases in India and Japan and eventually inside of China and Russia.

China has almost no navy that can reach the US, they have a single carrier that's a threat, all of Russia's are old but potentially dangerous. But combined the 2 of them don't rival our forces in numbers.

Stupid objects and stupid scope lead to stupid results. If we had a war scenario with China we would want to starve their economy as much as possible prior to engaging. Fighting a defensive war would easily stretch them. their power is also much more concentrated than western forces. If DC was destroyed we have numerous backups. If all US leadership was destroyed we have NATO leaderships. Our equipment never enters civil war status. China has no such hierarchy.

If Tiananmen Square's buildings were destroyed they would be crippled and throw into a civil war state immediately. Probably a 4 way civil war.

ee0b6f  No.12905177


>With the defense budget stuck around $700 billion per annum for the remainder of President Trump's term, America's Warhawks are inciting fear through simulated wargames with one purpose only: demand more taxpayers' money for war spending.

Kek, okay I'm surprised.

f41199  No.12905179

File: ea90da65c303b5b⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 280x280, 1:1, Supajibobu!.jpg)


>And the ones that dodge the draft will be considered criminals

I agree that WW3 would be a bad thing but being declared criminals would give us nothing left to lose. That would trigger the revolution.

e201f1  No.12905182


1 nuclear submarine is more dangerous then all the aircraft carriers in the world put together

ee0b6f  No.12905184


>and the grand uncle of who ever the guy was whovcreated netflix

Wow that's fucking insane, never knew that before.

86ae1a  No.12905188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Arma 3 or Arma 3 with Zeus. Unlimited mods so you can change the whole "2020" high tech vibe to it as we..

373031  No.12905194


>Aircraft carriers have been obsolete probably since the sixties. The point of military spending isn't to create a viable defense

True enough, but the carriers aren't ABSOLUTELY obsolete. They can be parked offshore as platforms to bomb turd world countries with absolutely no means of retaliation. Against any force with a means of retaliation, then they're useless shit. But again, they're not designed to do anything other than harass middle eastern countries for israhell's benefit.

86ae1a  No.12905206


The video doesn't really do the game justice but it runs on the same sim the US used to train with, essentially the devs got their break by getting a tender from the military.

753513  No.12905215


New season started too, and I was wondering if OP was about it getting shit ratings. Needless to say i was disappointed.

753513  No.12905220


They're mobile bases, and a point of return for attack craft instead of hauling ass back to the mainland.

Plus they're amazingly utilitarian, being able to ship around relief and troops alike.

e201f1  No.12905224


doesn't sound very useful against a super sonic nuclear missile

753513  No.12905235


>wasting a nuke on 1 ship

US would immediately retaliate with a swarm of Minute Men ICBMs

77a849  No.12905236

Wanna win WW3?

Stop protecting niggers, kikes and mudshits. Turn isolationist.

Even Russia and China wouldn't be stupid enough to attack US mainland.

753513  No.12905248


Pretty much. Let china have the mudslimes and get Beijing suicide bombed every other week. Make them realize being a world power isn't what its cracked up to be.

d3faa0  No.12905259


Russia is the real threat, China is still largely 3rd world, only thing they really have is the power to sabotage.

99db92  No.12905270


Chinas military budget is 150 billion.

Russias is under 70 billion.

And both countries are by definition 'second world'.

d3faa0  No.12905273

China's biggest asset is the US's racial diversity obsession, there will be so many Chinese loyalists in the USA at all levels of the country, the US would actually have to consider putting them all in camps as a legit strategy, but they've successfully indoctrinated against this idea for decades.

d3faa0  No.12905277


China has the money, but they don't have the power. China has absolutely -zero- to gain for going to war with anyone, they make their money and power going for land-grabs.

They're like a non-violent zerg race of cheap manufacturing.

000000  No.12905296

>wwwiii in 2025

If China could just stop inventing all those wonderful things, jews won't be forced to use Afrimericans to steal them.

753513  No.12905322


They also rip off every military design from just about all world powers. US, Russia, Germany, etc, all have had their shit copied and imitated while being painted as some sort of chinese godsend that will destroy the west. Meanwhile, its all cheap shit with the guts from a hodgepodge garbage all thrown in and expected to work flawlessly. Think of those wooden "planes" in africa, but with a slight attempt to make it functional.

33ed82  No.12905325


Christianity. All of that backwards-ass, weak-is-strong thinking begins with the Christian book.

ee0b6f  No.12905345


This. Remember during WW2 voluntary service was banned and only males from right leaning backgrounds and areas were sent to the grinder.

fb7812  No.12905371


>2nd pic

>the US government fears it's own people way the fuck too much to ever start a civil war

How then to provoke one, forcing them to step up their game?

52b61f  No.12905386


Digital Combat Simulator was created originally for Lock On Modern Air Combat, then changed the name of that to Flaming Cliffs (that's what Russians call "scorched earth") It can encompass a theater of war, like the Black Sea and Caucasus or the Persian Gulf in vivid detail.


It's also morphing into a pretty good strategic ground/air game with one of it's modules;


The Module you'd want is Combined Arms


You can download the latest basic version of the game for free with one aircraft you can pilot, the Russian Frogfoot ( the Russian A10 equivalent).

I personally like the Black Shark 2 module.

Also I personally like Arma III for infantry tactics on a pretty big scale. It's actually used by the US military for training up to the Brigade and even Division level in the form of VBS2 (Virtual Battle Space). I like it for it's solid quality modeling of weapons systems. Aircraft carriers are not the only thing that's obsolete; so are tanks and all armor basically. That's why NATO and Russia have dramatically reduced their production to about 1/5 the level of the 80's. If you have time for tabletop games there's also SPI Wargames and Strategy and Tactics magazine by Dunnigan. They don't make it anymore but you can find Firefight by SPI out there and that is well worth having just for Dunnigan's analysis of post Sinai Israel Egypt war and the epochal Battle of Chinese Farm, where Sagger missiles damn near totally wiped out Israel's tank force. Tanks in a real battle are just rolling crematoria for their crews.


Arma 3 is set up for modding;



52b61f  No.12905397

File: 719286c8ab37ad1⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 467x600, 467:600, pic2484386.jpg)

File: 625da52c9260ba8⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 435x600, 29:40, pic1721316.jpg)


52b61f  No.12905412



$48 billion dollars on the USS GHWBush just so you can drop high explosives on barefoot niggers living in mud huts.

And the USA is bankrupt.

ba97e9  No.12905425


Just be an intransigent asshole. Do your part to stoke racial tensions every chance you get. See a nig nogging? Make fun of them, call them a nigger. Same goes for fags or any other group.

52b61f  No.12905428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Red Hammer has the mod you want if you like current uniforms and equipment. The detail and accuracy of their work is superb, better than the vanilla game. Part of the reason BIS went with the modern stuff was to avoid patent claims from the companies that produce those weapons systems.

e201f1  No.12905429


you don't nuke a ship although if you could hit the entire fleet I don't see why not, I'm saying the war won't be fought with conventional arms, that will be largely irrelevant in the face of nuclear war

e7706b  No.12905442


>And the ones that dodge the draft will be considered criminals, giving the govt even more of an excuse to arrest or shoot them.

>WW3 would not benefit us.


>not benefit us

52b61f  No.12905448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12905455

that the US military's annual combined budget is over $1 TRILLION per year, yet Russia, spends a trifling tiny $60 BILLION per year, and can somehow out flank and out maneuver the Amerikanskis and even kick America's ass in WW3 and win.

heckuva job Pentagon faggots–you are useless, and you have betrayed the American people by plundering us instead of defending us. therefore, you deserve to die a traitors death. arrest all 800+ Generals in the US, march them out into the Pentagon parking lot and open fire on them with automatic rifles until they are all dead. simultaneously, commandos jump out of helicopters and crash through the skyscraper glass windows of the executive floors of all the major DFENS contractors–Northrup, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and executes their entire C-suite. simultaneously, the CIA director's plane is shot down by MANPAD, the NSA director's 6th floor corner office at Ft Meade is blown out by a MANPAD, and the FBI director's 5th floor office is blown out by a MANPAD.

how fucking stupid do you gotta be to spend $1 TRILLION on your military per year, and yet you still get your ass kicked by Lilliputian "enemies" like Russia and China? this can only be the clearest goddamn proof of Demographic Suicide. back when America used to be 85+% white in 1980, the American military could fucking wreck shop. now that the spics and the niggers and the muzz and the trannies and the Commie Shitlibs have flooded our country, and infected every strata of our society, and with the help of the kikes pumping out (((Hollywood))) degeneracy and (((Education))) degeneracy, which has dumbed down at least 3 generations—now the Pentagon can no longer even mount an effective defense.

and this "problem" isn't some shit you can fix by giving RAND and the RayBoeThrupNamics another $1 TRILLION dollars to squander on another bonfire. throwing good money after bad money only makes the problem worse. the solution is to stop feeding the goddamned Beast. bleed the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex. cut their jugular. hack them down like a machete in a jungle. cut their funding by at least 50%. cut everything. fire 75% of them. hit the bricks pal.

we must purge the (((Neocons))) and hammer their decapitated skulls on pikes lining Independence Avenue in DC to send a message: "never plunder America again instead of protecting America, or else this will be you too."

52b61f  No.12905464


I would very much like to know how US military generals are paid? Do they take worthless federal reserve bills or are they paid in pure gold deposited in secret Swiss bank accounts?

089cb6  No.12905473

>thinking that if the gloves were off the US would lose to anyone in WWIII

>we're dogs held back on our leash with all the PC faggots and human rights bullshit

>without that faggotry it would be scorched earth and we wouldn't give two honkin' donkey dicks who was caught in the crossfire

e201f1  No.12905476


most are paid in jew semen, to rise that high you have to suck a lot of jew cock

52b61f  No.12905506



On March 1, 2018 Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, gave his annual State of the Nation speech in Moscow. The last third of his 2-hour, 13,340-word speech dealt with nuclear treaties and nuclear weapons. On this day in this speech Vladimir Putin unveiled five new Russian nuclear-weapon systems (pausing after describing each one to show a video CGI simulation of it). Like Sputnik in the Cold War Space Race, these highly advanced strategic nuclear weapons checkmate U.S. military supremacy.

These weapons systems also render aircraft carriers and submarines obsolete. One is a drone, in this case a nuclear-powered underwater drone. It can travel 100 mph and descend to a depth of 3,000 feet. Its nuclear power unit is 100 times smaller than the ones that power submarines. This 75-foot-long submerged drone can carry a 100-megaton thermonuclear cobalt warhead, one that is 5,000 times more powerful than the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan. Detonated off the coasts of North America it would create a tsunami wave 1,500 feet tall washing over cities on the east and west coasts. The drone also comes in a form carrying a conventional warhead for use as an anti-aircraft carrier weapon

Another one is the Sarmat heavy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Weighing 200 tons, this nuclear-powered missile can go into orbit around the south pole so that its nuclear warheads will hit American targets from the south. They thus escape the U.S. missile defense system, pointed north to detect and destroy earlier generation ICBMs shot from Russia. By going into orbit the Sarmat heavy ICBM has essentially unlimited range. A small nuclear reactor provides propulsion for this missile, as it does for the new aircraft-launched Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile that he mentions. The small nuclear reactor that power these weapons is the key component in Russia’s new nuclear weapon systems.

Then there is the Avangard hypersonic projectile. Launched by the Sarmat ICBM, it can attain a speed of Mach 20—14,000 mph. In his address, President Putin put it this way: “It [the Avangard hypersonic projectile] flies to its target like a meteorite, like a ball of fire. The temperature on its surface reaches 1,600-2,000 degrees Celsius [2,900-3,600 degrees Fahrenheit] but the cruise bloc is reliable guided.”

e201f1  No.12905541


>These weapons systems also render aircraft carriers and submarines obsolete. One is a drone, in this case a nuclear-powered underwater drone. It can travel 100 mph and descend to a depth of 3,000 feet. Its nuclear power unit is 100 times smaller than the ones that power submarines. This 75-foot-long submerged drone can carry a 100-megaton thermonuclear cobalt warhead, one that is 5,000 times more powerful than the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan.

Russians are fucking crazy, nuke drones what haha

66ddf6  No.12905570


This is just bullshit meant to give politicians an excuse to increase military spending.

3aed32  No.12905577

File: 5f5387038a30c1b⋯.jpg (305.61 KB, 1000x1041, 1000:1041, Smoke on the Horizon.jpg)

File: 6ea30ddde347920⋯.webm (3.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Where There Is Smoke....webm)

0d3a1a  No.12905595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Tanks in a real battle are just rolling crematoria for their crews.

Would you say Rommel's time was "peak tank"?

52b61f  No.12905596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And supercavitation submarines and torpedos…that's what that drone is. Suck in cold sea water, use the tiny nuclear reactor to immediately turn the water into super heated steam, then blast it back out through the micropores on the membrane of the sub creating an envelope of steam around the entire vessel. Thus, no water friction, only water vapour.

Russians are way ahead of this

963cab  No.12905605


It's almost like when you diversify all the people suddenly people feel they have 0 connection to each other. Why would anyone want to go fight and die to defend a bunch of kikes and mutts who probably hate them and have 0 in common with them? People are such degenerate fags these days I don't blame anyone for not wanting to fight for this sinking ship

0d3a1a  No.12905608


Quite an enjoyable read to be honest.

52b61f  No.12905616

File: 3b746fb3183e192⋯.png (686.55 KB, 546x842, 273:421, 1973_sinai_war_maps2.png)

File: 375e0f78db95df2⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 750x531, 250:177, Battle_at_Chinese_Farm_-_F….jpg)


The era of the tank came to a definitive end in 1971.



he Egyptian commandos who crossed the canal in rubber boats moved inland rapidly. As the leading tanks arrived, they were met by swarms of Egyptians rising out of shallow foxholes with rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). The tanks which escaped pulled back a few hundred meters out of RPG range. It was, however, not far enough. Red lights seen wafting lazily towards them proved to be wire-guided Sagger missiles, the operators aligning the bright light on their targets. The missiles had roughly the range of tanks, 3,000 meters, and were as lethal. At these ranges the Sagger operators lying in the sand could not be seen. The IDF tankers had not been told of the missile's existence and did not know what was hitting them. Intelligence had learned months before of the Sagger's arrival in the Arab arsenal, but the Armored Corps, not overly concerned, had not yet passed the warning on to field units, let alone proposals how to cope with it.

0d3a1a  No.12905626


I know the US intel agencies are full of niggers sleeping at the switch, but surely they knew about the development of all of these weapons long before Putin announced them. It would be pretty hard to hide the testing of a hypersonic missile. The only question now is whether or not the U.S. has effective counters, and they're bluffing that they don't.

000000  No.12905629


Russia will never be defeated militarily. genetically, instinctually hardwired into the psyche of every Russian is a subconscious fear of the thundering hooves of distant raiding bedouin Mongols. the Golden Horde conquered Russia in 1240 and subjugated it for 300 years. the Russian mind will never let that happen again. it kills me why the deaf dumb and blind Pentagon brass faggots see Russia as their arch nemesis, instead of seeing Russia's strength as an ally who we need on our side. over the next 200 years, i see infinitely more in common between Russia and America than differences. especially as the Demographic Genocide continues to explode exponentially. someday very soon, the Barbarians will be at the Gates, if they aren't already, and it will only be White Americans and White Russians remaining to defend whatever remains of our common European and Christian and Roman culture.

963cab  No.12905631


I believe VBS2 is outdated now, they already have VBS3

1cf1f0  No.12905633


>perpetuating the nuclear hoax.

Oppenheimer and all leaders of the Manhattan Project were filthy kikes. Reported.

744ef6  No.12905641


>Intelligence had learned months before of the Sagger's arrival in the Arab arsenal, but the Armored Corps, not overly concerned, had not yet passed the warning on to field units, let alone proposals how to cope with it.



52b61f  No.12905643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With 65 million Russians murdered by the bolshevik jews it's pretty obvious that the kikenvermin have a massive hard on for the Russians.

Gibbon asserts in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that the (((Venetians))) paid the Mongols to sack Kiev to block an alternative Silk Road route.

da3f9b  No.12905644


Russia was an ally of America until the Czar was overthrown and arguably before Jews took control of American media in the very last years of the 19th century. The Russian navy parked itself in New York and other American ports during the Civil War as a deterrent to British and French ambitions to support the CSA to divide American power on the continent. It wasn't until a critical mass of Jews were in America to run hit pieces on the Czar because he was getting in the way of Jewish plots to subvert and strip the Russian people of their wealth that America began to turn away from Russia. When the Bolsheviks took over it was the end of that relationship, however.

Now both sides serve Jews, but keep up an appearance of confrontation.

52b61f  No.12905653


There are a few who have it but you can't buy it.

Here's what you want. Arma 3 with mods, lots of mods…at least 6 or 8. Then run a Linux machine as a server and download the free version of Arma 3 server, then use headless clients running AI commanders in VMs. You will have a hell of a game to play. The AI is stupid otherwise. But AI with multiple headless clients on VMs will give you a savage beat down.

963cab  No.12905672


Are we talking about Arma 3? Cause I've already played a massive amount of it, same with Arma 2 and Arma and OPFlash and got really burnt out on milsims

52b61f  No.12905673


The Russian navy parked itself in New York and other American ports during the Civil War as a deterrent to (((British and French))) ambitions to support the CSA to divide American power on the continent.


52b61f  No.12905676


Yeah Arma 3; google Arma 3 headless clients. The game itself only runs on one or two cores. It's a pretty primitive engine. This means that in all the tasks in each cycle the AI tends to get slowed down or even dropped so that you have boring battles with stupid bots. Start creating artificial commanders in the enemy organization and assigning them to headless clients in virtual machines and now you're taking advantage of parallel processing with all your extra threads to have multiple fast thinkign AI's commanding your enemy or even your own side's AI commanders depending on the scenario you've created in the editor. There's editor tools for this. Check out You Tube for Arma 3 headless clients

2eb925  No.12905684

Translation: Gibsmedat

d13908  No.12905687


>Even the Supreme Court is filled with shitskins and jews

One of the funniest bits about this clown world we inhabit is that the closest thing to /ourguy/ on the SCOTUS is a nigger. That and the only person in the Trump administration still giving a shit about immigration being a kike (Miller).

7a41bc  No.12905691


Naval War: Arctic Circle has some interesting mechanics - is set mid 2020's involving Russian attacks on Europe. You can try and stop them breaking out of the baltic etc. A lot of it is micro-management and timing your sorties/saturation attacks on their missile cruisers and making sure you position your mid-air refulers properly (and using them as bait to lure in their stealth fighters!).

e201f1  No.12905695


that is kind of funny, in a sad pathetic sort of way, tough for whites when our 'elite' whites sell us out for a couple dollarydos

f0d836  No.12905698


>Gibbon asserts in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that the (((Venetians))) paid the Mongols to sack Kiev to block an alternative Silk Road route.

This is similar to the US's current motivations in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria. Previously in Georgia, more quietly in Balochistan.

edfe59  No.12905699


I am the one behind all these selections, and I won't be happy until every position of power is held by a nigger woman tranny muslim in a wheelchair with aids and microcephaly that believes in the flat earth and is pregnant with her own clone's child.

Without these changes, the US will not survive, and I will be resented for my part in this, which must take place.

52b61f  No.12905708


Funny how Trump chased all the people who put him in the white house away and then surrounded himself with never Trumpers>>12905698

Yep. Israel has the Chicom balls deep in their faggot assholes on the silk road; Chinks now basically own Israel's ports.

e201f1  No.12905714


godpseed, make sure to pozz the police force as well

963cab  No.12905716


He got rid of all the gentiles and replaced them with kikes as soon as he got into office. I feel like an idiot for buying into the shit he was selling but thank god we have elections every 4 years

c6a9d8  No.12905717

Wow, the government think tank created by Douglas Aircraft Corp that totally isn't in bed with the military industrial complex says we're weak and need to spend more money on a military that has already taken us into debt that exceeds our annual GDP.


How do we convince all blacks and trannies to go infantry?

52b61f  No.12905718


Well don't feel too bad. I got excited too. We all knew Trump was the world champion sleaze but son of a gun they actually said shit that needed to be said and woke a lot of people up.

3346b5  No.12905724


>Military industrial complex runs simulation saying it needs more funding


52b61f  No.12905730

File: a400a167dbf23ef⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 650x421, 650:421, Rtpl6Zc__F9PWo8aBP59gA.jpg)

Putin the commie bad guy unveils Solzinitsen statue.

bb3800  No.12905732

File: af330027fdbd11d⋯.jpg (323.13 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Still want.jpg)

cd036c  No.12905745


>specializes army on asserting foreign Jewish hegemony over sandniggers

>falls behind fighting armies specializing in defending their own national interests

who could have expected that!

ab6ec1  No.12905747


Non-profit just means owners don't get a share but the people who run it and operate it do (which is almost always the owners). The think-tank makes more money when there is more demand for their supply (memes). When they push for increased defense spending through their memes, defense contractors and other people financially interested in war put more money into think-tanks like Rand in a perpetual monetary circlejerk with the purpose of creating as much bloodmoney as possible.

051d5c  No.12905760


> raise red flags?

Well anon, there's this little thing known as christcuckery..

bb3800  No.12905762


You obviously don't understand their intent and what they do with that budget, nigger. It isn't about winning any conflict. We could do that several times over with any non-nuclear nation and many of the nuclear ones. Nukes are the showstopper. It's hard to maintain the theater when losing face means someone can pop a nuke. Too big to fail so no one really goes after the main cast.

All that money is siphoned into jew projects and maintaining the stage.

Take the jew fuckery out of the question and nukes, and the US can roll the world a few times over.

000000  No.12905771



Exactly! But there is GREAT NEWS to be had here! They are admitting a real problem exists, but its a problem for the US PROJECTING FORCE into the Middle East. NOT for the US DEFENDING its own interests! In short; what the military is saying is that as soon as the mid 2020s the US will no longer be able to protect Israel! OH NOOOOO! That SUCKS. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! But the best part of this is that even a few billion more dollars will not be able to offset having more brown people and fewer white people in the military! GREAT NEWS. Get fucked ZOG. Im going to tell all friends and family to avoid any form of military service. We need to leave those positions OPEN for all the wonderful diversity that we love so much. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

e428e4  No.12905774


Why would they hinder their own military by pandering to all sorts of PC crap?

963cab  No.12905796


Because the people elected women and minorities into political offices and women and minorities only care about importing women and minorities into positions formally occupied by white men. That's they're only goal in life and they have no understanding of what it means in the end

211923  No.12905857

File: 0269b8da530523b⋯.webm (4 MB, 240x180, 4:3, Ceaușescu execution.webm)


A large portion of the money on contracts with companies like Lockheed goes to funding black operations, not just Lockheed. You think the US government hasn't heard people constantly complaining about how the F35 is overpriced?

4911d9  No.12905890


>Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank.

got a free download for this?

81de7b  No.12905897


Response: I'm gonna give you a budget like you would never believe. No one will build the military like I do, that's what I do, ok? I build. I want the biggest military, with a budget like no other. Obama didn't have what it took to do it. Bush didn't either, but believe me, our military will be great again.

81de7b  No.12905915

File: a2f48ae133b26f8⋯.jpg (289.47 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, hope-hicks-2.jpg)

File: e2bd1bc8a00d325⋯.jpeg (485.1 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, 589b8e756e09a835008b6169-….jpeg)


>Trump administration

It'll went downhill once we lost Hope. Once Trump no longer had that to look forward to in the morning, he stopped giving a damn.

08a183  No.12905922

LOL if you think that Moscow, Beijing, and other key cities don't already have pre-installed nukes ready to detonate.

The USA doesn't have to use missiles. If The Reds start the sentence "We declare war on the US…" then the nukes going off will be the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence, followed by radio silence as every major city in enemy territory has its cheap, pre-installed EMP triggered.

EMP's are simple and cheap to make. Do you think every potential enemy city doesn't have them installed in locations that are easily co-opted?

In fact, they are SO cheap and simple, you can even make them reusable, so after Ivan or Wang Ho are EMP'd back to the 1930's, you just pull the trigger again as they rebuild their electronic infrastructure.

If you all think that something as important as a nuke is going to be relying on atmospheric delivery systems only, then think again.

Look at the shipping container traffic on any given day. You can smuggle one GRAM of uranium at a time, completely sheathed in lead/tungsten shielding that weighs what, a few kilos? Do you really think the big powers are taking chances on their missiles not reaching target?

If you knew where some pedo was going to go with your daughter, and you didn't know where they were, but you knew he would go to that one place, would you risk flying in with a helicopter when he showed up, or just camp out there and wait for them to arrive?

Forget the narrative you've been sold. They've pozzed every small bit of our lives. You think they don't have nukes already in place?

Don't live in urban center, and don't live downwind of them, and you can just enjoy the show as trillions of dollars in future jail, penitentiary, HIV treatments, policing, judges, juries, etc. payments are evaporated.

Don't go into a bomb zone to help out. They might light off another one.

Also, if you want a more realistic "shelter" line whatever wall of your house faces the downtown core with lead and make sure no windows face it. It's not like they will announce it in advance "We bom yoo nau, roundeye!"

But, yeah, it ain't WWII and Enola ain't so Gay anymore.

963cab  No.12905924


Yeah I know right hiring a woman is totally fucking based right nigger?

81de7b  No.12905928


>EMP's are simple and cheap to make.

Can I make one at home? I live near niggers and I'd love to permanently shut down their nigger beat noise pollution.

e8db12  No.12905930



>simple, cheap

i'm gonna need a source on that big claim of yours

753513  No.12905933


Doesn't overvolting a transformer yield a similar, if a bit smaller, effect?

e8db12  No.12905935


No you can't. The only way to create an EMP burst large enough to disrupt communications in a large metropolitan area is with a nuclear airburst.

That's beside the fact that non-nuclear capacitor based EMP's on the city scale are a pipe dream.

81de7b  No.12905937


As an executive assistent to provide you eye candy and motivation? Yes, it absolutely is you MGTOW faggot. Visit any corporate office and look at who the executives have running errands for them. Pro tip: They don't look like the twinks you enjoy

81de7b  No.12905943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know, I was just humouring the tard.

69ca08  No.12905946

File: 686e81aa00fb553⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 480x270, 16:9, bruh.gif)



589cbc  No.12905948

File: 763c2d66a7f4a6a⋯.jpeg (15.46 KB, 318x159, 2:1, bigchiefdrinkalot.jpeg)


>Spokesjew for the (((Military Industrial Complex))) says lazy drunks and perverted bugs are a real threat that require billions of shekels to remedy

The USA is already being annihilated by niggers, and the final solution to that problem is very inexpensive >>12904634

b6b6ea  No.12905950

Complete deacted bankrupt Kike Shill Pandering. Global Reported for Entire Down Syndrome Reject Posting

edfe59  No.12906015


Already working on it, but 50% have to be blind and a quarter paraplegic. Looking into a 10% proportion of spastics too, as long as they constantly twitch and flail, and bestiality is a prime factor in recruitment.

08a183  No.12906018


1 supermagnet

1 coil of copper wire

1 means of propulsion of said magnet through the middle of said coil of copper wire at maximum possible speed

If the coil of wire is arranged around a tubular former, such as a piece of PVC pipe, then it can be creating EMR during the entire travel of the magnet down its length.

By minimizing the distance between the magnet and the wire coil, intensity of EMR pulse created is increased by inverse squares.

The magnet will be placing a substantial amount of force on the wire and vice versa, so just loosely winding it around a tube will yield a device that is not reusable.

By experimenting with magnet weights and velocities, you can most likely create a system where the entire energy of the propulsion is used up in the generated EMR, and the magnet will just calmly drop out of the end of the coil at a very low and constant speed, assisted by gravity afterwards (in a downward-facing EMP arrangement)

The pulse will radiate from the central axis of the EMP tube outward.

With a cooling system and fed by a fully automatic propulsion system, you can have an EMP emitter that can have a continual output until you run out of prepared magnets and propulsion means.

If you wanted to do a drive-by of some enemy electronics, such as the Russians reportedly did to the US destroyer, you could just drive or fly by at reasonable speed to get you out of the newly-created blackout zone, while continuously firing the EMP.

The longer the coil of wire, the more powerful the magnet/more powerfully propelled it can be and expend its entire energy in the length of the EMP.

An elevator shaft is an ideal location for such a weapon, as it can be made completely stealthy, disguised as a run of conduit extending fully or partially down or up the shaft.

Which is why these can be installed almost anywhere. The EMP can be enclosed in a larger-diameter pipe to hide it, and it does not have to be vertical, it just assists in removing the magnet and making it so there is not a trajectory to the magnet that is altered by gravity.

If generating a lot of energy in a short burst by using capacitor was the kewl way to do it, then the "chemical lasers" that are used to shoot down missiles and start fires in California would be called "capacitance lasers"

You don't use electronics to generate pulses to knock out electronics.

9fe548  No.12906058

File: 5062053b454967e⋯.jpg (5.68 KB, 231x225, 77:75, 5062053b454967e8cdac0d1762….jpg)

they need more money

08a183  No.12906066

Further, with a parabolic reflector around it, you can tight-beam the EMP in whatever direction you want. Want to cut a six-foot-wide path in a particular direction? Make your parabola so that its asymptotes are six feet apart.

The deeper the parabola (all parabolas are the exact same shape, with literally, zero variation, except for scale, as all parabolas have their curves so that the sides exactly adjacent to the focus are at 45 degrees to the focus.) Those satellite dishes you see of various "shapes" are just different parts of the exact same shape cut out of that shape.

With a hyperbolic reflector, you can spread the beam to and only to the exact asymptotes of the hyperbola. Want a beam that spreads at 10 degrees? Create a ten degree hyperbola with ten degree asymptotes.

A parabola, to maximize energy utilization and beam focus will be long and deep, not wide and shallow. if you take the triangle formed by the point of origin and the two edges of the parabolic curve segment you are using, in degrees, then divide that by 360, you have a ratio of how much of the EMP energy fanning out in that (for example) 36 degree arc instead of heading directly downrange compared to the entire pulse energy. (36 degrees would be ten percent)

a33e6e  No.12906089

File: 6c04bb785babca1⋯.png (276.39 KB, 1121x431, 1121:431, Amerimutt master propagani….png)



Anon really wasn't talking shit.

The only solution to kikes is extermination. Hitler was too soft.

642962  No.12906095

File: 303d62f8b20d061⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 574x555, 574:555, putin portrait.jpg)


Ironic, all this talk of chess and Putin is subtly showing more and more that he's /ourguy/ having to deal with the situation given to him




I recall reading on /k/ a while back that Russian nukes were cobalt-tipped or something along those lines. I don't remember if it made them faster or that they were more destructive, but either way another possible advantage in a nuclear exchange


China is a paper tiger and is already dealing with tons of unrest already. As soon as those US sanctions start they're screwed


2012 - 500 protests every single day. They chased the police and politicians out of towns. Almost 200,000 protests in 2010 alone. It didnt stop.


Now they use cameras, online tracking and credit systems to try and stop protests and arrest dissenters before they even start. Despite this, they still have tens of thousands of protests and cant stop them.


a33e6e  No.12906101


Soure please?

a33e6e  No.12906102



It is to create even more radioactive residues. Vatniks are subhuman mutt animals and they will burn the world with them.

e8db12  No.12906111


neat so you can create a room sized emp with several hundred dollars of equipment and an assumed amount of technical skill. Not what I would call cheap, easy, or on topic considering your OP was talking about infrastructure disruption.

c236ec  No.12906115

08a183  No.12906116


Cobalt retains radioactivity longer than any other commonly available metal, so the effects of the bomb are not just measured in days or weeks, but years.

The worst possible nuke would be a bomb surrounded by hundreds of tons of cobalt. It would provide maximum residual radiation poisoning of the surrounding landscape for years thereafter.

c40054  No.12906121

File: 1ccb7995e55b670⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 960x602, 480:301, 1ccb7995e55b670d08ddb29241….jpg)

File: 234e56916151b45⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 853x543, 853:543, 1517968960989.jpg)

File: 88f28b0d0c7c423⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 599x938, 599:938, 1517081862807.jpg)

File: d4f55578ab4cb66⋯.png (47.61 KB, 731x709, 731:709, 1513396941093.png)


As if 150 million dead burger 'murimutts & brainlets is a bad thing

08a183  No.12906124


You sure seem scared of something Shlomo.

You are using the "lead with ridicule, then follow up with irrational attacks on everything" methodology favored by the (((enemy))).

I won't bother debunking your attacks. The science is sound and cheap, and the scale of destruction and disruption to civil infrastructure depends only on the size of the EMP built, and how specifically it is focused, multiplied by number of events triggered.

Go back to your bombing hospitals in Gaza.

a33e6e  No.12906126

File: 7048c25ee7ca26c⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, Retards of the nation of s….jpg)


Cavitation tech has been present for a long time. But of course, less pozzed countries are actually more innovative. If anything, the jewSA IS the obsolete shithole here. In fact, even their entertainment toys come mostly from Koreans now, as Samsung has outpaced everyone and is now the source of Apple displays.

Military and consumer, both cucked. The modern <50% "huwhite" jewSA.

Karma is a bitch.

e5194f  No.12906129


You dont get it. War is a production, war is the jews harvest. The war with china doesnt have to make sense. It was planned long ago. It doesnt matter who is dependent on what. In ww2, nazi germany had ibm conduct their census in germany and poland. Nazis provided transport of the first jews to palestine via the transfer agreement. Standard oil provided fuel patents. In ww1, the US gov provided american grain to germany by having hoover organize the belgian "famine relief" which was diverted to germany. When the Bolsheviks took ukraine, they stole all of the food and starved millions to death. The stolen food was sold to the united states as the principle export of the soviet union, at the price of 11 million lives. A country can only fight wars as good as it can protect the knowledge of its disposition. The US gov is full of jews at every executive node, china is merely controlled at the apex. If jews want the US to lose, they can and will do it.

a33e6e  No.12906130


No, that wouldn't be bad. But the lingering radiation would be devastating for the rebuilding and would likely cause overpopulation in safe zone.

Which is just as shit as ZOG.

995e92  No.12906136


What’s even better is that this is running on the expectation that all sides don’t have polluted as fuck air. When the fucking chinks are buying canned air for the population because the regular Chinese cat eater gets health issues from daily dose of silent hill tier smog. Chinese cities only give lung diseased infested soldiers meanwhile the villages they’d probably recruit from are filled with birth defects.

Give me a fucking break

e8db12  No.12906138


>lead with ridicule

At what point did I ridicule you? By saying "neat"? Excuse my incredulity regarding your claims; all research I have done on the subject has proven that all existing city-level EMP tech exists soley on the level on nuclear airbursts.

>I won't bother debunking your attacks.

My attacks have so far consisted of asking for evidence of your claims, which you have yet to provide.

>The science is sound and cheap, and the scale of destruction and disruption to civil infrastructure depends only on the size of the EMP built, and how specifically it is focused, multiplied by number of events triggered.

Post your evidence, please. Excuse me for not believing anon's words at face value.

>Go back to your bombing hospitals in Gaza.

I'm not a jew, and I haven't attacked you. No need to be rude.

a33e6e  No.12906144


That never stopped the anglos from colonizing the world. London and england was arguably worse than china back then. But the output of industries made high tech high volume wars possible for you.

Chinks are playing catch up, and they are not cucked. Moving forward > being liberal mutts pushover with inferior techs and production.

c40054  No.12906149

File: 15fd315e39c8f45⋯.jpg (205.52 KB, 893x1024, 893:1024, 1517376954068m.jpg)

File: 566716ce8b6cf01⋯.png (773.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1516508393909.png)

File: 7e5e2fcea955f33⋯.png (450.86 KB, 1006x720, 503:360, 1517097843126.png)

The ONLY chance the White race has is if 'murica,the Jew Kay,& Pissrael are totally ANNIHILATED along with EVERYBODY in them.

ab6ec1  No.12906155


Leaving Sweden, Canada, and the EUSSR to save the white race.

2e862c  No.12906166

Why would they say this publically? Is this completely false in order to cause China and Russia to let their guards down? I just don't understand why you would talk about how weak you were if in fact you were that weak.

a33e6e  No.12906171

File: 18536edd4043495⋯.jpg (188.45 KB, 510x717, 170:239, Fuck muttmerica.jpg)

File: 6ec211b1ab2fc8f⋯.jpg (89.5 KB, 564x846, 2:3, Thank you hwhite brothers ….jpg)




That is assuming the liberals can keep power without (((Atlantik-Brücke))) and (((NATO))) around.

Remember that the only reason Europeans are not joining ZOGbots armies is because:

1.Muttmerica pays for everything

2.If you are "red pilled" and fight for ZOG, you are retarded

Most fuckers in modern EU armies are after the easy money and education benefits so they can join the wagecucking life better.


Too bad no actual European nationalist think like that. You might find better company with your (((Identitarian))) anti anti semite bunch :°)

a33e6e  No.12906176




It is a nuclear game now. If it only stays conventional, then the post summerizes what is going to happen. Either you are superior in quality and quantity or you are not.

c40054  No.12906182

File: 1842c0de7ee223b⋯.jpg (3.03 KB, 125x96, 125:96, 1515712697052s.jpg)

File: 115b5e20693c0c2⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1517525658683.jpg)

File: 561a1c90f416cd3⋯.jpg (391.66 KB, 2048x1830, 1024:915, 561a1c90f416cd3c697e42d785….jpg)


CAT-DAMN I absolutely despise 'murica& ' muricans with every fiber of my being.

The English language wholly lacks the vocabulary to express my complete and utter antipathy.

dfb2b2  No.12906183


This is a good thing. Fuck ZOG's military, the armed citizenry is suppose to be the ones to defend the nation as originally intended by the Second Amendment.

1e6b7e  No.12906190

File: 6f6bf6811c14269⋯.jpg (244.67 KB, 1206x1228, 603:614, 6f6bf6811c14269995752a0a4f….jpg)


>thinking that if the gloves were off the US would lose to anyone in WWIII

That's a pretty brainlet analysis there, buddy. Think harder about the situation. White men know, and I mean from coast to coast, THEY KNOW that the exact purpose of "the government" is to rob us for every cent, and as soon as possible to openly genocide us. Well, in fact WE ALL KNOW that we're openly being genocided RIGHT NOW though genetic replacement.

So tell me now, who exactly is going to fight for "the US"? Niggers and spics and women? I'd put a bullet straight into someone who tried to conscript me. And that's not just me saying it, either. If I need to get shot to death, I'd rather do it here than in whatever gay ass theater our nigger generals decide. Which would no doubt simply be a death trap just to kill whole swaths of White men more efficiently. The fact is, strange as it sounds, a civil war or WWIII would probably give us a better chance of survival in the long term than the horse shit that's going on continuously as I type this. Just let this nigger infested country die already so we can do our good work of destroying those who have openly declared the intent to destroy us.

963cab  No.12906197




Spoken like a true jew

a33e6e  No.12906198

File: 80ae89ee57f0655⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, retards of the nation of s….png)




My hatred for the subhuman mutts who fought for communism and killed my SS and SA grandfathers are the tendies for my posts, mutt :3


Any normal person would.

>tfw shitskins and goat farmers hated amerimutts before you did and you laughed at them

>tfw learning about races, nations and actual cultural diversity of the world confirms that the goat people were right

>Entire world view shattered

>now it is your mission to bring pain to the (((allies)))

08a183  No.12906200


>all research I have done on the subject has proven that all existing city-level EMP tech exists soley on the level on nuclear airbursts.

So, you can't find evidence of effective EMP's using (((Google))) that can be cheaply and simply constructed. Imagine my shock. I didn't say only ONE would be deployed to knock out an entire city, YOU did.

Do you use Google to find out who was responsible for WWI and WWII, also?

131ece  No.12906201


Basically this and some more promiscuous women that will bend over to be diversified if the enemy ask politely and the jews shill it enough in the culture

>oh wait

9a7ba6  No.12906203


People hate amerimutts organically, fyi. Wake the fuck up and look at what your (((Federal Government))) has caused for over a century now.

c40054  No.12906207

File: 6b8cf54c96fdffa⋯.png (84.26 KB, 345x343, 345:343, 1515560004853.png)

File: 730cec4de65910c⋯.jpg (3.45 KB, 125x118, 125:118, 1518044776424s.jpg)

File: 23de8d03a691074⋯.png (23.37 KB, 741x649, 741:649, 1514008062867.png)

File: 3d59136e1909fae⋯.jpg (151.16 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1517013394424.jpg)


Russia& Eastern Europe.

Any remaining whites in the western hemisphere are non-entities.

Western Europe,also.

Sometimes you cuck for so long, itz just best to end EVERYTHING.

393762  No.12906210


Can't you just go out in the public and say something completely offensive and inappropriate, thus being deemed completely unfit for any public service and effectively giving up your conscription?

dfb2b2  No.12906213


The thing is, when you're exposed to it, you either double down, or it helps to wake you out of your slumber. Sadly, it seems like most Whites take the former option.

9b4657  No.12906216


It won't change anything.

>The Federal Reserve is Jew owned and can tank the economy.

>Trump is Qushner's pet (Kushner answers to Israel)

>Most of congress is dual citizens to Israel

Democracy died with Trump

dfb2b2  No.12906221


>Democracy died with Trump

It died way long before that.

dfb2b2  No.12906231











c40054  No.12906241

File: 5eb5c86ed7d6800⋯.jpeg (13.41 KB, 255x140, 51:28, 64acf45e95595bc6cbd8ffbc2….jpeg)


Well, you cant pull a Corporal Klinger, you go in first 4 that…..Wait? Go full 1488!!!!

They'll NEVER put them in any position of formal danger or responsibility!

642962  No.12906248



Appreciate the refreshed info anons

ffa1a1  No.12906250

I'll be damned if they try to draft my ass to fight some bullshit war that doesn't benefit me or my people.

52b61f  No.12906256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cobalt isotopes create a longer lived deadly fallout. In fact the Cobalt bomb was the inspiration for Kubrick's (co)Balthorium-G doomsday device in Dr. Strangelove.

>In the black comedy Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), a type of cobalt-salted bomb is employed, with a Dead Hand mechanism, by the Soviet Union as a nuclear deterrent: if the system detects any nuclear attack, the doomsday device will be automatically unleashed. With unfortunate timing, a mentally ill American officer orders an attack on the USSR. One American bomber piloted by a hapless and unknowing crew gets through to their target; the Dead Hand mechanism works as designed and initiates a worldwide nuclear holocaust. The Russian Ambassador says "If you take, say, fifty H-bombs in the hundred megaton range and jacket them with coBalt thorium G, when they are exploded they will produce a doomsday shroud. A lethal cloud of radioactivity which will encircle the earth for ninety-three years!"

6126eb  No.12906268

File: 0588055bdd46688⋯.jpg (476.23 KB, 2560x1810, 256:181, 13549325637217.jpg)

Are they even accounting for military bases all over the world though?

753513  No.12906280



I thought they said no us bases?

753513  No.12906294


Not enough, since hes just IP hoping to bolster his opinions. Pretty sure hes either a sand nigger of some kind or a poojeet, as not even chinks are this much of a pipe dreamer.

235016  No.12906300

File: 4ae5872ff423145⋯.jpeg (202.19 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, 86A1D71A-9255-4BB8-8F87-D….jpeg)

781875  No.12906302

File: 89294d5eb62c2aa⋯.gif (174.11 KB, 550x563, 550:563, a60f69d3272add21c563d3dd94….gif)


anon gets it right again

753513  No.12906303


If it promotes another war, yes.

c40054  No.12906308

File: ab4f01af6592d1d⋯.png (15.37 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 67dbd08820665c08ef7c362a77….png)

File: 2fe7c887fc33b72⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 614x942, 307:471, vKEqUVJ.jpg)


> hurrpadurrp how much they payin' you,paid shill?

Never heard that one before.

Am I wrong? Texas goes blue the day aftre tomorrow,no wrong,itz been majority mud 4 years.

Yer fukd, 5murishart.

753513  No.12906309


>Why should I continue to accept lies about our heroes?

Because you're lying to yourself.

d46017  No.12906313


If they kill you, YOU win.

753513  No.12906316


Now I'm curious, what are you? Canadian?

dfb2b2  No.12906323


>Then and only then can Germany join the peaceful nations of the world



753513  No.12906324


He died a coward, most likely. If he had cared he would have stood til his last breath, instead he somehow survived long enough to spawn your waste of space ass.

e4bb54  No.12906327

File: d6f730df8daed38⋯.png (813 KB, 611x603, 611:603, LornaMahlock.png)


The only thing niggers are worse at than math and not committing crimes is achieving sexual dimorphism.

753513  No.12906328


Post proof, show me your hand.

52b61f  No.12906333

File: 88ac1afb7b22f4b⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 539x717, 539:717, zzzzz.jpg)


753513  No.12906339


>modern german family

dfb2b2  No.12906344


Holy fuck, underneath her picture in the article, it says that she was born in Kingston, as in, Kingston, Jamaica. The bitch wasn't even born here! Didn't notice that till now. So she's




Swell job, Trump. Doing a real bang-up job there, buddy!

52b61f  No.12906345


Put that in charge of a fighting retreat in the dead of winter with overwhelming Chicom human wave attacks at the Chosun Resevoir.

52b61f  No.12906349


>modern german family

Oh fuck, so he keeps them locked up in his basement…I hadn't though of that..

753513  No.12906350


Pretty sure Jamaica is US territory. Not that it matters, a nigger is still a nigger regardless of the hole it crawled out of.

753513  No.12906356


>I have done it before

So? Post it again, refresh our memory.

dfb2b2  No.12906361


It's a British Commonwealth realm, not an American territory. True on the rest of your post, though.

ffa1a1  No.12906365

File: 3f0e1b6b1970eba⋯.png (287.18 KB, 641x569, 641:569, response.png)

File: 1445e4a18fa743e⋯.jpg (44.35 KB, 377x336, 377:336, 1424465941588.jpg)


You think Russia wants war with the West?

46ae00  No.12906369

bull shit , what are these scenarios???

Is there any scenario on a western front?

Do we have like 0 allies , what is japan doing????


nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger , nigger

c40054  No.12906371

File: 67f5b1d937f74c6⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 5999cd5e695bd4a44e858669f8….jpg)


Where did I do that,you illiterate CHUD.

& WTF is ip hopping?

52b61f  No.12906376


>No, I will send you my pile of shit on the statue of mutt terror bombers. But the villagers probably did it before already.

Thanks; if some little sand nigger makes a cheap homemade bomb that fucks up a couple soldiers he's a dastardly criminal. But if you drop huge 1500lb bombs with a jet aircraft on civilian targets you're a hero. Thank you for your (((service))).

The American cognitive dissonance in a nutshell.

753513  No.12906377


>reply to my post twice

Seems I struck a nerve. You're little story reminds me of basic holohoax nonsense



963cab  No.12906381

File: 051d93e79bfee47⋯.jpg (162.86 KB, 975x353, 975:353, Washington.jpg)

We lost this message when our traitor Presidents went to war in Europe

ffa1a1  No.12906383


>there's a growing underground culture of far right Nazi bodybuilders, and here's why that's a bad thing

753513  No.12906394

May as well fumigate just in case

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

9f095d  No.12906402

This bread so far Military runs computer war games gets Btfo ''' Releases it to the public ? For (((reasons))) most think it's a scheme to get more Funding some think it's Bate to see if the Enemy would take bate some say we lose game because our Military is Diverse with Women niggers spics and trannys at the helm I also believe it could be boomer brass thinks they can get new recruits to join by showing their in Need but they are not I've heard personally they can't find any one worth a shit to join most are on drugs Fat and basically can't hack it and quit and the ones who would say fuck you I'm not going to die for a country that hates me So this bread is good except for the Fag trying to call out the snow Mexican

Seriously though Fight your own war mother fuckers we got Fuckers on every corner of town waiting for the STHTF because of the race baters at the (((msm))) also nobody cares because Demoralization (((pure coincidence)))

753513  No.12906406


>IP hop

oh ho ho

753513  No.12906414


Now you're getting hysterical. Are you, perchance, upset?

753513  No.12906422


Well I'm still here, regardless of your insane ramblings and misconceptions of the past. So tough up, buttercup.

ffa1a1  No.12906423

File: d979395f5739e97⋯.png (142.27 KB, 404x404, 1:1, filter.png)

753513  No.12906426


But I want to get him to pop a vein so he can meet his grandfather in valhalla.

753513  No.12906432


>Resorting to petty insults

You poor thing, you really are mad.

753513  No.12906436

I wonder if this is kike2 with a new playbook to go by. Seems to act just as hysterical in his posts.

2f80f0  No.12906441

See heres the thing.

These scenarios never test the USA defending itself. It's always the USA being entangled in a foreign war or starting a war.

So yes of course the USA would lose if it attempted to invade China or Russia.

753513  No.12906450


Its tactics 101, defenders have the advantage 100% of the time, and its a massive one at that.


Yep, its kike2

753513  No.12906461


You really should prove to us you're the true white and post your hand. I find it hard to believe you'd be anything other than a nigger or a poojeet.

f50b67  No.12906462


I like this analysis pretty well. Of course the government here doesn't try to defend us, they won't even bother to enforce the currently existing laws when 76,000 OBSERVED illegal invaders flood across the border in a single month. They're just trying to kill us in as many ways as possible. Nobody's doing a ground invasion with any kind of comfort when we have 50% of all small arms and ammo in the world. Not even the ZOG already here.

393762  No.12906467

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sorry but war with China has already started a long time ago

https://www . bitchute . com/video/MY-yHd8Xms0/

no youtube link cause it got taken down for wrongthink


Also this, actual /v/irgins can totally dismantle the simulation, iirc some other candidates from another older sim beat the invading US army forces by popping in and out of the map in a way that basically broke the map but that could realistically speaking pose a threat to the logistics.


Tribes Ascend

753513  No.12906470


Because you're a poojeet.

753513  No.12906475


You're still a poojeet.

1bbf45  No.12906483


Just stop replaying and filter he is clearly a delusional magatard

26c095  No.12906485

Are these simulations as good as the ones they use for climate change?

753513  No.12906489


And what reason would I have to believe you, Pajeet?

753513  No.12906497


Because you're not of german ancestry and are sullying the memory of those who actually fought on all fronts.

1bbf45  No.12906499


>If we simply sanctioned them

If that ever happened that would be the US's official last day as a super power because every other country would just ignore the sanction.

753513  No.12906502


Thats already the case, we've had sanctions on russia for decades and no one cares, not even us.

753513  No.12906505


>t. Pajeet LARPer

2f80f0  No.12906513

File: 57633e4a091fec4⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1814x1304, 907:652, WhyNorthKoreaInvasionIsBad.jpg)



In the case of China it is literally impossible for the USA to successfully invade.

The USA presents no credible military threat to China and both sides know this. This is why the USA keeps spazzing out over them and has constantly maintained a state of war with north korea even if they're not really able to act on it.

As it stands the USA has three options for fighting China.

Option one is the land route through existing "allies" or countries they can coerce into accepting it. Which means they'll be invading through the western Chinese border and have to slog all the way to the more heavily populated regions and the capitol. Through the entire country. Maintaining supply lines the whole way, they don't have the manpower to hold a lot of territory or even to crush opposition throughout the nation.

In any conflict with China the only hope is to rush the capitol and hope that works.

Option two is the largest amphibious assault since WW2. One that would make operation overlord look like a boy scout outing.

But doing that would be absurdly costly because the Chinese would know you're planning it months in advance if not years. The amount of infrastructure and equipment you'd need to build in "allies" to do it would be blindingly obvious. Really the only ally you could safely do this in is Australia. The Chinks would see it coming and you'd lose a lot of the manpower and equipment on the way in.

And once they land? They have to fight off the Chinese forces long enough to gain a foothold you can use to land more forces.

That operation would have such a cost it would on its own probably be enough to break the USAs willingness to fight.

Option three is the North Korea route. This is the best option. If the USA has North Korea then its a short run through one major city and a brief jog through the countryside to Beijing.

But image related is a good summary of why this route is bad.

The USA can't win a shooting war with China.

And its consistently shot itself in the feet preventing it from fighting it in other avenues. Trump is legit the first US president to actually try and his efforts amount to sod fucking all because by this point its too little too late.

753513  No.12906516


>t. mad Pajeet LARPer

Oh I didn't backpedal, you never had a grandfather in the war to begin with.

26c095  No.12906518

>RAND Corporation

This is propaganda in order to justify even more military spending. The USG is incompetent but I think it's safe to say they don't lose unless there is a stand down. Which is of course not out of the realm of possibilities.

753513  No.12906524


Sure thing, pajeet.

753513  No.12906527


You said it, pajeet.

7a708a  No.12906530


m80 im an electrical engineer

and what you say would work, its not that fukn easy.

the emf created by passing the magnet through a coil would oppose the emf of the magnet.

faster moving magnet = more emf

thing would fukn rip its self apart or the force to launch the magnet would either shatter it or bring the building down.

the copper wire would have to be huge to not burn out with the amount of current generated.

there is so many deign flaws.

753513  No.12906535


>that cap

Interesting read, though I think there would be far more than just farting around in North Korea.

Also don't soldiers get water purification tablets to make water somewhat safe to drink? Or have they done away with that?

eb5740  No.12906539

how stupid do they think people are ?

none of all this really matters, all that matters in the end is there's a meter on everything, literally everything and at the top of every meter, they are there in full control of it

Looking at China, they've been absolutely allowed to get away with pretty much whatever they want for decades, the last thing they're actually going to want is someone actually doing something. Why does the US just allow China to get away with taking over the pacific ? They don't really care that's why because there is only one side.

6bab5e  No.12906550


>Admitting to be a dumb mulatto

>reciting the exact same word over and over like a bug chink

What can you expect from defects like amerimutts?

>Spamming report like some gibs me dats niggers

6bab5e  No.12906552

File: fe15e71365bae6e⋯.jpg (190.32 KB, 999x754, 999:754, Trumpkike.jpg)

753513  No.12906555


>Ban evading yet again

Poor little psycho pajeet.

6bab5e  No.12906561

File: ecba1085d78e471⋯.jpeg (307.45 KB, 1536x1676, 384:419, amerimutt matzo kino.jpeg)

File: 2da01837d12948c⋯.jpg (125.19 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, amerimutts failure to plea….jpg)


>Thinking this is impressive

Do you drool when you see a normal Euro too? I mean I get it, with you being shitskinned pajeet, niggers, arabs and other assorted "hwhite" goblinos.

Don't do that, just like don't go wow at the tiniest thing I do, shitskin.

2f80f0  No.12906563


They do but note the cap points out they'll be drinking dirty water once their supply of both water and water cleaning consumables (meaning those tablets) run out.

For the most part I agree with the cap. It how quickly the USA wants to push into China and how quickly they can feasibly do it.

Another major issue they'd face would just be keeping their forces moving once they're cut off from the supply line.

People rarely appreciate just how reliant the US military is on its amazing logistical capabilities.

753513  No.12906573


I believe it too, but it seems there would be more to it.


Whatever you say, pajeet.

a643f6  No.12906598


they are just begging for 24B in gibs for defence contractors. It has nothing to do with America's ability to fight a war.

7157a8  No.12906619

Why do RandCorp think China and Russia would help each other?

0c07c2  No.12906621

good let them destroy this faggot nigger country

2f80f0  No.12906671


I think the assumption is that the US forces would fall into some level of disarray due to the collapse of south korea and the disintegration of stable supply lines.

The US leadership won't want to abandon north korea as they need it in order to launch an invasion of China and its a very defensible region.

But at the same time they won't be able to do much with it due to an inability to resupply their forces in the area.


In the face of US aggression the two would see it as sensible/mutually beneficial to aid the other.

And have made numerous statements to that effect.

d660cb  No.12906687

File: eda0b1ac07ea91e⋯.jpg (216.86 KB, 600x596, 150:149, 200 percent smug.jpg)


checked and keked

bc3107  No.12906695


>nuclear triad

So MAD then? Hooray..

46ae00  No.12906702


(1st pic)

ive seen this meme before, you lost last time it was something superimposed on trump.

maybe youll win now , but its still shit

d7a3b9  No.12906715

File: 7a7ed5401e5774f⋯.png (4.43 KB, 151x255, 151:255, 78d30d8e789eb4c9924109836a….png)


I believe the idea was to make clear a message to Russia and China that the US knows about it's weaknesses (presumably that russia and china had already figured out in their own war games) and is working on correcting them. Most likely as a nuclear detterent. It is likely because of this announcement that WW3 won't happen anytime soon. If it were imminent the US would focus soley on correcting these military mistakes and let the enemies still think we have those weaknesses. They've probably already corrected them tbh, but they don't want the enemies to know how much or which mistakes have been corrected.

2f922e  No.12906764

File: c44bab9871ba6a6⋯.jpg (466.69 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1440540599603-1.jpg)


>we need mo' money for dem military programz and sheeeitt

Just more propaganda to take more money out of working white people's pockets and hand it to Goldstein's Aerospace Company in corrupt contracts at a 10x price mark up

214628  No.12906769


RAND has really turned from an intellectual powerhouse… the equivalent in research of taking man to the moon… on paper… into a complete embarrassment. They employ security specialists… and other such wankers. They used to employ the best. It's obvious it's ONLY for propaganda. In saying that I have no doubt a war with Russia and China would be nothing short of apocalyptic for the USA.

214628  No.12906774


I'm sorry, do you contract for the Government? I'm pretty sure you don't. You fit in the fake opposition box.

72a69f  No.12906838

>We Russians/Euros want to torture you Americans to death in a thousand horrible ways

>Be sure to balkanize into a myriad weakling warlord states when SHTF so we can invade you easily, after all you WANT to embrace us

This is why we have trust issues.

63bdd1  No.12906927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





963cab  No.12906939


This fucking game still exists? Holy shit

a7547b  No.12906940

>ctrl+f millennium challenge 2000

>no results

plenty of kike memes tho.

<Goodjob useful fucking idiots.

Thanks to this site I know the Northwest Front is a CIA psyop.

<Whatever you stupid fucks say is good is always a redflag

519974  No.12906946


A half dozen MIRV ICBMS can exterminate 80% of the Chinese population. They all live in hives concentrated in 3 river valleys. All are vulnerable to dam destruction as well, so the other 20% would not be hard to kill with flood and famine.

fe832e  No.12906961


>"Hey, let's flood our military with niggers, spics, foreign agents, women, faggots, and trannies!"

Remember that in simulations the negative effects of this won't even show up, because they're assumed to not exist and obviously the military isn't practicing against real Russians or chinks. The simulations in the article can safely be assumed to be bullshit anyway, because the real simulations aren't released to the public (and if they are, then that's an indicator of gross incompetence itself). We can be pretty confident that the military's internal simulations are underestimating its capability, though.

fe832e  No.12906963


Sorry, overestimating, not underestimating.

4ef4d6  No.12907003

File: 21865fa4bc13fe3⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 225x300, 3:4, otome_ga_tsumugu_koi_no_ca….jpg)


Vlad and Xi:

Please make this an easy war

Destroy the Yanks quietly

Annihilate their aggression comfortably

In my comfy chair sipping expensive tea

2d1c53  No.12907029


>how come whitey dead now

Because the bulwark against degeneracy is not race. It never was. Race is part of the equation, but the real bulwark is Christianity i.e. moral actors. We are literally living in concrete jungles now. Even once wholesome and prosperous places are now shitholes of shitheads, even in the whitest parts of the country.

25ab10  No.12907038


On their wikipedia page, they cite this impressive fact:

>Thirty-two recipients of the Nobel Prize, primarily in the fields of economics and physics, have been associated with RAND at some point in their career

I guess that cannot continue in the age of globohomo. Honestly, if they created a modern day equivalent of the Manhattan project, it'd be staffed with meme scientists like NDT and (no PhD) Bill Nye.

7f7483  No.12907040


Do you think China will respect USA’s victimhood?

7e81cd  No.12907045

le war meme

fe832e  No.12907054


If the US were to lose such a war, and the kikes hadn't already successfully puppeteered the winner, I wouldn't be surprised if they used the US nuclear arsenal to Samson option the whole world.


>but the real bulwark is Christianity i.e. moral actors.

I hate this "defense" of Christianity more than I hate outright anti-Christian arguments. If you can't hold Christianity to be true, not just useful, it won't even be useful to you. That's why Christianity is no longer working as a bulwark in the sense you describe (fortunately, this isn't a surprise to sincere Christians–we know things are going to get bad).

0806a9  No.12907061



37fdbd  No.12907066


Does that include Ethiopian Christians? Churches that are more ancient than any European Christian Church? And what about South Korea? Is the bulwark against white genocide preserving Christians there?

Or is the global Semetic religion really nothing more than that?

0806a9  No.12907070


Ty m8. I knew someone had to have it saved.

b28cd1  No.12907078

File: 42a729c28179885⋯.jpg (229.61 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, military women.jpg)

File: c05aae9c3f202ac⋯.jpeg (141.55 KB, 1109x577, 1109:577, the us military.jpeg)

nah nah nah dog you see, you jus need sum black womyn up in der!!!! WE GOT DIS!!1

7e81cd  No.12907083


a few rich ones sold out

25ab10  No.12907088


White girl on the left is a 5/10, I'd imagine that after a tour of duty in some shit hole, she becomes a high 8. You'd have to be a real retard to put men and women in the military together, whoever thought of that idea should hang.

f27cc6  No.12907104

I don't think I trust these simulations. It sounds like a demoralisation tactic to me.


33c09a  No.12907112


Spoken like a dead kike worshipper

Christ cucks get the rope too faggot

Spirit cooking and ritual cannibalism is not ok

18ea7a  No.12907119


It helps if you read the OP first, it saves you from making a complete fool of yourself.

5531db  No.12907126

Sims like this are useless considering that all major powers are under the control of internationalist jews.

d808b4  No.12907129

File: 1f36ef9e83b7cbb⋯.jpg (35.23 KB, 502x470, 251:235, 1f36ef9e83b7cbbd8cfe88555a….jpg)

They want the masses to destroy eachother. There is anger and hate that is directed accordingly through social engineering to funnel that energy against enemies of those in power. The only real solution is if the masses were able to redirect that energy against those in power.

240d72  No.12907134


Internationalist jews all squabble with each other. If two jews were left on the planet, they'd both opt for a Sampson option rather than server under the other. They're quite often severely deranged and irrational.

5531db  No.12907196


>Internationalist jews all squabble with each other

Jews of all sorts tend toward the deranged but the internationalists are significantly less likely to squabble. Zionists may squabble with Orthodox, Republican with Democrat, neo-con with liberal, etc. but the true internationalists work toward the singular goal of world domination and the extermination of the white European races. The fact that much of what is outlined in The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion has come to pass is reason enough to avoid underestimation of their collegiality.

52b61f  No.12907226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jews don't squabble until it comes time for that band of thieves to divvy up the loot of their crimes. While they're engineering the crime they move in close lockstep.

Another attribute of criminal jews in particular; they love to sit around spinning yarns about each other's adventures. They love to log roll each other and create legends about the audacity, the cleverness and the amoral impudence of their partners in crime. I used to hang around with older jew criminals back in the 70's and they all did this. They'd sit there and snigger at the tales of outrageous behavior of their fellow kikenvermin.

I strongly recommend Mordecai Richler's Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Boy Wonder. I knew a boy wonder jew back in those days. He ended up getting stabbed to death by an outraged goyim. But bring his name up and it was always the same shit. "He was a mensch,why HE'D GIVE YOU THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK!"

The movie was superb…totally did the book justice. Best movie ever made in Canada actually. Watch it closely; it's a text book on the tribe by a member of the tribe. Much better than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

7e81cd  No.12907262


i have a feeling the masses would rather destroy themselves because they know it works, its easier, but theyre uncertain about turning on their masters because that would be more difficult since they would have to open their hearts and thats scary.

963cab  No.12907283


Ok kike, keep thinking that you jew loving faggot

6fdab0  No.12907296


Sage isn't a downvote or magic you mongrel. Bump out of spite and because you're obviously lost.


i'll raise ya

642962  No.12907326


Screw off with your religious self-importance. There's been numerous cycles of moral excellence and degeneration both before and after your religion popped up.

Sage for getting off topic

2f922e  No.12907333


What the fuck are you talking about? "I'm sorry, but" you sound like a well poisoning jew and you're making implications which fly in the face of hundreds of redpill threads we've had here over the past several years. So, unless, you have new information to share about how the kikes run their military industrial scam to share ITT, you can fuck right off back to your disinfo hole.

5e6707  No.12907335

I imagine the panama canal will be our suez

0c16dc  No.12907406


hopefully the US is brought to it's knees and then, the simple basics allow us to fit=>>12905506

>create a tsunami wave 1,500 feet tall washing over cities on the east and west coasts.


>President Putin put it this way: “It [the Avangard hypersonic projectile] flies to its target like a meteorite, like a ball of fire. The temperature on its surface reaches 1,600-2,000 degrees Celsius [2,900-3,600 degrees Fahrenheit] but the cruise bloc is reliable guided.”

what a great day that would be to wake up to.

00fa69  No.12907426


Can't find that one at the National Archive and records administration. Care to direct me to it?

25b851  No.12907488

File: 22e938841ddab3c⋯.png (233.21 KB, 656x564, 164:141, being der fuhrer.png)

File: a5fc841e48200fc⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1330x896, 95:64, RWDS (this is why leftists….png)

File: 51977f53f440114⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1890x1228, 945:614, blue spots are cancer site….png)


>Inb4 accusations of being a glow nigger.

Does this mean we can finally knock over the blue counties and get away with it?

ec2e8b  No.12907507

File: ebcb754faae1b12⋯.png (256.18 KB, 935x500, 187:100, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34c4e45235a0b89⋯.png (169.78 KB, 567x507, 189:169, ClipboardImage.png)

There was a brief age of greatness until the rise of the dual citizen.

Dual citizen Israeli jews lived in many countries, not just the USA.

Traitor spies comfortably met with each other in Israel during the cold war and were even allowed to emigrate to the USA after heavy lobbying from jewish groups.

Soviets could enter the USA as long as they were jews!

Source: https://digitalcommons.tourolaw.edu/lawreview/vol19/iss2/22/

31ece2  No.12907668


>then it is beyond obvious the US cannot match the replacement capabilities of Chinese industry

"Chinese industry" is a fucking joke. They have enough problems reliably producing serviceable craft on a leisurely peacetime footing; turn up the heat and you'll get the vehicular equivalent of pig iron. Russia is pretty good at planes but their navy has been a vaudeville act ever since it was established.

12077f  No.12907680

File: d4631079ec0a02e⋯.jpg (149.72 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Kuznetsov.jpg)


You're not a fan of Russia's ski-jump carrier for launching planes?

800816  No.12908117


Was it tnt? Is there substantial documentation in the public domain?

000000  No.12908216

the american military are not stupid they are like an attack dog playing dead waiting for someone to make the first move. it won't even be necessary to attack though because american civil society is being destroyed from the inside.

d8a235  No.12908246

WW3 starts , lights go out , food shortages , Cops don’t show up for work. 5th Column White Nats go to town killing Jews, Celebrities and other Elites too stupid not to have a getaway plan.

efab98  No.12908386



>They don't make it anymore but you can find Firefight by SPI out there and that is well worth having just for Dunnigan's analysis of post Sinai Israel Egypt war and the epochal Battle of Chinese Farm, where Sagger missiles damn near totally wiped out Israel's tank force. Tanks in a real battle are just rolling crematoria for their crews.

I disagree. Tanks have been getting better at active countermeasures to AT missiles, systems that will launch a shotgun blast or countermissile against incoming projectiles. Against other tank rounds or guided artillery i doubt they could work, but against missiles their soft skin is vulnerable. The future will see lasers which are perfect for shooting down cruise missiles and aircraft, but which can't do much against fast-moving hard sided projectiles, so we may see a return to artillery being the deciding factor of a battle, with engagement ranges of 20-40 miles. They'll need spotters, so that will require either infantry, scout cars, or tanks. Countermeasures, armor, and the power source for a big laser require a big vehicle, aka a tank.

My bet is on stealth aircraft being more obsolete. AA missiles have been getting really good, as have radars and especially networked radars. Non-nuclear raids will get so expensive in aircraft that they simply won't do it. This used to apply to major powers but top-tier systems will continue to percolate down to lower level countries.

eb5522  No.12908443

I'm not too upset by this.

Hitler started off by losing a war, catch you boys in the NSDAP party room.

Also the US is basically the IDF at this point so fuck those guys.

82d301  No.12908457


Yet your too scared to leave the house and meet up with other Nazifags, but you're gonna Mad Max when TSHTF?

ba97e9  No.12908478


Nice try shill. No one is giving you info on their contacts. Why don't you go make some new mspaint shits. There are plenty of Rockwell pics you haven't edited yet.

8e9ca5  No.12908480

File: 456fccfda47405d⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 355x201, 355:201, 629.gif)

File: a4775f17e4accd3⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 355:201, 1445910612909.gif)

File: 91e9423907cfb59⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1439131050151.gif)


>his fighters need a catapult to take off

8e9ca5  No.12908494


>the american military are not stupid

Dunno men, they surely seem full of niggers.

72a69f  No.12908551


Funny, nu/pol/ would want to kill everyone in pic two.

800816  No.12909098


what's :17-:23 if not jet engine sounds? they're obviously adjacent to a park, and seem to be NE of WTC, which could be City Hall / Tweed Courthouse, Washington Square Park, or a number of other places reasonable to film on a Tuesday morning.

99db92  No.12909115


Even very transparent and obious false flag attacks on yourself are great marketting in hollywood.

Once Smolett is let off with a slap on the wrist his career will go to the next level because liberals will just remember that he was the victim of alleged attacks. And completely forget that he was the one who planned and paid for the attacks.

efab98  No.12909121


Are you sure you're not thinking of the Venetians paying the 2nd Crusade to sack Constantinople? Because I can't find anything about them paying the Mongols.

270987  No.12909256


You can try Command: Naval and Aerial operations. It's on stream, but it is on the pricey side. I think it is one of the best simulations and it's probably the closest you can get to pentagon simulations as one American (Luitenant?). anyways, check it out, I hope you like it

895f9e  No.12909261


That catapult is a perfect example of military over expenditure. They even modernized it again with an all electronic system, which is as good as useless when the Russians can shut it down with one EMP.

800816  No.12909369

File: 26b187989108ed1⋯.jpg (7.18 KB, 288x175, 288:175, hawogusunpemu.desu.jpg)



fuck, i want to play arma in dubai

82c539  No.12909472



The transfer agreement didn't last as long as it did when hitler just said.

>know what… i concluded this being a failure

Then created a new economy and made an alliance with amin.

Ww2 is declaring war on someone who goes against their interests and as an example.

Hence the many lies of france being cowards

And germans being evil and hitler being the most lied man on earth.

ece97a  No.12909495


This article would be a lot shorter if they simply said that it was time for the DoD to drum up new fears about a broke has-been nation(Russia) and a country that is little more then cheap factories for cheap junk(China)in order to justify an expanding budget.

0676a2  No.12909598


That's a complex psychological question; every answer you've received is part of the puzzle; if it was EASILY answerable, some based rich guy would have delivered us already. One thing to keep in mind is that as a people/culture/state/race grows, so also does its needs to hide its power, and eventually very extreme ideological weapons will need to be invented to convince the global public of the innocuousness of its rule. The extraordinary cant of American diplomats, invoking "freedom" "human rights" etc., at the very moment they are starving Venezuelan, Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi children, is a perfect example of this. Go back and read FDR's speeches; note how in EVERY FUCKING SPEECH he aggressively says we are NOT going to war in Europe, and at the exact same time, does EVERYTHING he can behind the scenes to do the EXACT opposite. Also, related to this is another idea: eventually, a state may become so powerful that it deliberately embraces its unwashed masses as a demonstration, as a token of its strength: "Look at me, I've got millions of outsider-race parasites, and I'm STILL stronger than you all." This is all laid out very clearly in The Genealogy of Morals by Nietzsche, a text I recommend you read, or re-read, thoroughly, and immediately. Masks are very powerful, and the imprimatur of socialism, global equality, race-equity etc. is a POWERFUL mask, and therefore it will be picked up and used. Am I contending that everyone professing belief in these masks, and proclaiming them not to be masks, but their real faces, are lying? Yes, but only if you allow space for the notion of an unconscious lie. People have layers, and to protect themselves emotionally, they will lie to themselves about who they are. You think a morally squared-away population could have made the earth suffer to the degree the American and British populations have done without lying to themselves about the moral good of their insane power-lust? Unlikely. Another example: Americans hate fracking, but also allege to hate foreign wars for oil. Any rational politician would see that you can't have it both ways, i.e. we have to get the oil from somewhere. But for the average American, having it both ways is a COPING mechanism; kill brown children for oil access, feel bad about it, unsure of what to do, so erect some moral flagstaffs. In secret, they love foreign wars AND fracking, or they wouldn't fucking buy all the products that benefit from those industries. tldr moralism is a mask

753513  No.12909603


Didn't the british have ski jumps for a while as well?

000000  No.12909639

>That’s absolutely cool! Watch a female special operations soldier show off her sniping skills.


Mexican Pablo is gonna wish he never crossed the border into Israel's colonies while he lays bleeding to death hoping sick call ranger jamal delivers the letter to his wife and kids.

a8bf2b  No.12909670




0676a2  No.12909742


I like this poster


>light hair on arms

means the bitch is aggressive and probably great in bed

>wears longsleeves to cover it up

>hides neck whenever possible

>A+feminine modesty

<leather pants in the white house

my queen

cdaab3  No.12909803


What is this gay shit? Who fucking cares, war is a game played by the true leaders of this world, if we wanted to kill everyone we'd just weaponize mad cow or ebola, assuming we haven't already and all of us goyim who munch on wal mart meat and other assorted Goyimchow© products aren't already on a ticking clock. Also rods of god are a thing, and the only space that actually matters is cyberspace since it's the only space that can turn all the others against their owners. If you're going to try to spam the board with demoralizing threads don't be a complete and utter ignorant faggot over the material anons here possess, warfare is merely foreplay.

52b61f  No.12909843


>Are you sure you're not thinking of the Venetians paying the 2nd Crusade to sack Constantinople? Because I can't find anything about them paying the Mongols.

Venice did sign a treaty with the Mongols. Genoa also had friendly dealings with the Mongols. For that matter, the French attempted to establish an alliance with the Mongols, though it never quite worked out. Western Europeans, particularly during the early years of the Mongol empire, saw the Mongols less as an existential threat and more as a potential ally against Muslims. Between legends of Prester John and the demonstrable existence of Christians among the Mongols (Nestorians, but Christians nonetheless), the rise of the Mongols looked more like an opportunity than a crisis.

Anyway, back the Venetians: there was a treaty signed around 1221. It’s not clear to me how much is known about the treaty proper, but the sense I have of it is that it was a commercial agreement. In return for exclusive trading rights around the Black Sea, Venice would make payments to the Mongol empire. It has been suggested that the Mongols gained intelligence about what was going on in Europe, and most usefully about the chaotic political situation in Russia, but that sounds like an incidental side-effect of ongoing contact between Venice and the Mongols, not specific terms of the treaty. Either way, the Mongols held up their end, maintaining good trading relations with the Venetians while sacking ports used by Venice’s rivals.


< Check out the index of the full 7 volume Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon

52b61f  No.12909880


And no pics to jerk it to so it's not worth shit.

52b61f  No.12909888


You left out the 50,000 Yemeni children they've just starved to death..but it's difficult I know…the press is so adept at ignoring this shit while screeching about the vitiglio on a nigger faggot pedophile's penis.

52b61f  No.12909910


From the left's pov, it

1. doesn't matter that it was fake; he was using a fake incident to draw attention to systemic racism in America and that is always a good thing.

2. The outrage generated by his fake claims and the media storm proves that America is racist against black gay men and so he deserves to be compensated for this racist homophobic persecution by international superstardom and an Academy award.

d67216  No.12909936


>"red" aggressor force

52b61f  No.12909994



This game is expensive though…$100

But it's worth it. It's a megalomaniac's wet dream

edfe59  No.12910669


Haha. Write a book with that title, with the sub-title of "and 101 other interesting facts".

edfe59  No.12910699


If all arabs countries, including israel, and all of africa, 98% of india and 99% of china were purged, the world would be a better place.

Also on the list, new york, washington dc, los angeles, miami, chicago, detroit, san fransisco in the US, and 90% of brasil.

Then tactical nukes for various districts in london, paris, stockholm, berlin and so on to empty the ghettos, then the rest can be dealt with worldwide with conventional weapons and door-to-door localised purges.

The subhumans if they were not bipedal, would be treated as any other plague infestation animal.

edfe59  No.12910706


1/3 of the world population has 500 protests a day.

Not significant, not going to affect their hive.

2f80f0  No.12910714


Most do.

edfe59  No.12910721


England has 260,000 jews, kill those and suddenly the country recovers.

France has 500,000+, kill those and France recovers.

The US has 10+ million, slightly bigger problem, as that is more than israel itself.

Funny how you only target "anglos", a term popularised by american jew media in the last 15 years. I wonder what your race is, something with a hooked nose I expect.

b3823c  No.12910740


Is there any difference between a stand-down and incompetence keeping planes from getting into the air? Other than stand down being reversible obviously.

e3885a  No.12910754


>That catapult is a perfect example of military over expenditure. They even modernized it again with an all electronic system, which is as good as useless when the Russians can shut it down with one EMP.





d79b61  No.12910785


000000  No.12910857


You goys have to realize a lot of this information is released publicly not to inform you, but to push an agenda. See here:

>He said "$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III.

Remember Project for the New American Century? Same deal, and now look at who the National Security Advisor is.

Russia isn't beating the US in a hot war.

China isn't beating the US in a hot war.

You know how they beat the US? By sitting on their hands and watching the United States crumble under the browning demographics. It costs them nothing, and is a sure win.

RAND is literally just fishing for shekels.

efab98  No.12911358


I keyword searched Gibbon's book and couldn't find it, but it sounds plausible. Marco Polo was a Venetian, had a place in Kublai's court, and it fits their previous behavior. Found a few other interesting bits, like how Venetian merchants spread gunpowder to Egypt and Persia because they were enemies of the Ottomans. Or how the Austrians & Bohemians repulsed the Mongols handily. Kek, I even found a wiki article wherein a Czech town is denounced for expelling the Jews, followed a sentence later describing it as the start of their golden age.


This seems likely. $23 billion is pocket change for our military, but it would be a lot of fancy yachts for Lockheeb executives. Even if the reports are true, corruption and treason are the primary causes of it.

000000  No.12911361


>In our games, when we fight Russia and China

This report is psyops intended to imply that Jewtin is greatest ally material. Notice how the jews couldn't even put China's name first even though they could easily destroy Russia and China is first alphabetically. It's more evidence that USA is scheduled to lose WWIII and Israel will lead China's diveristy/niggerfication efforts after the war.

4911d9  No.12915067


>china could defeat russia

no way, chink

why would they need to niggerfy chinks? chinks are manipulated just fine without negro blood, unlike whites

c014e3  No.12915098

File: 32a09026289b3e7⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, welookedatthedata.jpg)


>The draft is not random. They would select right-wing people.


>This. Remember during WW2 voluntary service was banned and only males from right leaning backgrounds and areas were sent to the grinder.

I'm going to need a source to believe that.

f41199  No.12915155



>being empathetic

000000  No.12915163


>accomplishing their objectives: annihilating Western forces.

RAND corp's premise is dumb. Nobody wants a hot war on that scale; not even the bugmen.

a22d7b  No.12915243


A mix of things. Comfortable living has made us weak and fat. Most of us have some form of illness whether physical or mental due to this. The Second World War knocked the fighting spirit out of us and killed a great deal of good men in the process. Urban living and urbanites do not have the capacity to fight since Urban living makes you suicidal and unwilling to fight. This is due to being removed from nature. Bread and games work their magic like heroin on us. We are also the most emphatic race on Earth.

1550ba  No.12915288

File: 6aae6818a786ebe⋯.jpg (148.04 KB, 634x731, 634:731, 49AD698A00000578-5447441-L….jpg)

File: e09cf6106fa249c⋯.jpg (84.19 KB, 634x804, 317:402, 49AD680900000578-5447441-U….jpg)

File: afd264377cfc177⋯.jpg (151.23 KB, 634x910, 317:455, 49AD630B00000578-5447441-P….jpg)

File: 6523ae80c055058⋯.jpg (108.74 KB, 634x801, 634:801, 49ADCDD800000578-5447441-G….jpg)

File: 99c7b4f9e5dab26⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 1024x694, 512:347, GettyImages-674905848-1024….jpg)


You have good taste sir. Hope even dressed as a younger hotter version of his wife for him.

1550ba  No.12915299

File: ebbcee60d18721b⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 634x816, 317:408, eww as if jew.jpg)

File: 46f41ec184a0ab1⋯.jpeg (46.84 KB, 462x944, 231:472, Screen-Shot-2018-02-09-at….jpeg)

File: 59ea95e5a05ccf1⋯.jpg (63.32 KB, 306x626, 153:313, 49ADCDF000000578-5447441-R….jpg)

File: f2feb0348028543⋯.jpg (132.88 KB, 632x931, 632:931, 49A5899000000578-5447441-W….jpg)

d3956c  No.12915535


>The draft is not random. They would select right-wing people

You just have to be a terrible soldier and/or misuse your position in a time of conflict, it's not that hard.

d67216  No.12915704


Judah and Israel lost pretty hard. All twelve tribes gone, both temples gone, lineages gone, names gone, teachings gone. Heck, they've even inverted most of their heritage. Circumcision was made more severe, they changed to matrilineal inheritance of their ethnicity as opposed to being patriarchal and they are trapped in a desperate bid to fulfill a covenant they have failed to do for two millenia. They are non-living cuckold caricatures.

a5f3da  No.12915747

File: 8ef049526cc416b⋯.jpg (20.07 KB, 252x400, 63:100, 8ef049526cc416bd13a613f6b1….jpg)


Humans are inherently tribalistic, meaning that while they will be more cautious against outsiders, they're generally much less cautious when it comes to their own, especially Whites. As kikes have become fairly White looking over centuries of intermixing, many Whites in the U.S. thought they were just dealing with other White individuals in the past hundred years and not with another tribal group that plans to damage them. No matter how smart you are, it's very hard to defend against attacks of people you think are on your side. Hence,

>“If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

Jews are simply a tribe that exploits tribalism of the host tribe, which is why they do everything they can to appear to appear to be of the same as the host tribe. However there is one downside to their tactic:

>"one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs of him like water off a raincoat. But call him a jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: 'I've been found out.'" -Joseph Goebbels

It's also why historically Jews sooner or later always got kicked out or genocided throughout history because at some point the host tribe will notice they're not one of their own. Right now we reached the point where our people begin to notice once again and this time we have to make sure it's permanent.

d14659  No.12915891


I have always been an antisemite and I'm now old by any standards. I'm not totally stupid; I can get 100% in Calculus tests, I have a 134 IQ tested in my youth.

As I've aged my jewdar has gotten more and more powerful but even now I'm surprised how insidious these infiltrators are. Some are virtually impossible to spot, nose and all until you start finding out details about their lives or until they open their mouths and you become aware that you're dealing with a jew mind. Once a purge takes place and many go under deep cover it will be very difficult to get past their camouflage.

226ba3  No.12915940


Genetic testing may be necessary.

f8ba9b  No.12916021

But for a mire $28b increase to our defense budget we'll kill them all. lol

642962  No.12916048


Right now yeah you're correct. The whole point of referring to that though is if China is to go to war and large sanctions/tariffs are enforced on them, the domestic strife will be hugely exasperated.

6126eb  No.12916082

File: 8dcfecc9f097eef⋯.png (452.93 KB, 560x436, 140:109, u66PhgS.png)

File: 18111ee75afd4f8⋯.png (582.32 KB, 669x771, 223:257, 11.png)


>>"one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs of him like water off a raincoat. But call him a jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: 'I've been found out.'" -Joseph Goebbels

That doesn't apply today. It only applied back then in the Third Reich. Kikes are now proud to proclaim that they're jews. They don't shrink back anymore because the filthy parasites hold too much "power", which is really nothing if enough of us thought about it. Do they have super strength? No. Can they jump tall buildings in a single bound? No. Are they faster at lying than a locomotive? Yes. And the most important issue:

Are they bulletproof? Absolutely not.

016dd7  No.12918785

File: dedfb817486c4be⋯.jpg (211.79 KB, 1200x728, 150:91, DSfAVTXVwAADzx4.jpg)

File: 0f7c2fa77357820⋯.jpg (3.09 MB, 3000x1650, 20:11, YAL-1A_Airborne_Laser_unst….jpg)

File: ce5297ce1b0c2fe⋯.jpg (186.57 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, Nike_Zeus_system_illustrat….jpg)

File: 791ce9e45b04781⋯.jpg (80.43 KB, 800x562, 400:281, 980x.jpg)

>>So, as Russia and China develop fifth-generation fighters and hypersonic missiles, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructures like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

This is just another fake ass missile gap like we had in the 60s. End result will be the US building a better hypersonic missile, and then avoiding the problem altogether by deploying fucking nuclear-powered lasers to stop it. The setup for this already exists in the B-36H (nuclear aircraft demonstrator) era 1955, the YAL-1 laser era 2005, and the X-51 missile era 2015. Ditto for all the plasma and smart ballistics research done in the 90s which Clinton scrapped because the Cold War ended. Rebuilding this capability can be done in under 10 years and Trump has already started this process by promising a US missile shield - what do you think the XS-1 is for? It's also why the INFT had to die.


This also assumes America doesn't rebuild a nuclear-armed border defense and city defense systems, which the ((((military)))) wanted bad because it would have been a massive project (imagine German flak towers but 10x bigger and more expensive). Trump will probably approve something like this but it'll easily take 20 years to fully deploy unless an ((((unusually)))) large amount of cash is earmarked for it.

It's of little surprise that most of the tech here is either owned outright by the Israeli government (through their state owned companies eg IWI) or through Israeli companies as similar systems are deployed as part of their Iron Dome/Sling network but in regards to much harder targets (tiny mortars and artillery).

016dd7  No.12919006

File: 98203a38daa050c⋯.jpg (121.38 KB, 1503x657, 167:73, sea-shadow-bay.jpg)

File: 9cbcbe66ce159d8⋯.jpg (262.27 KB, 1486x989, 1486:989, USS_Zumwalt_is_on_the_fina….jpg)


Also, forget about the F-35. The situation OP describes is exactly why the US government wasted a phenomenal amount of money on the Zumwalt Class, which was more or less cancelled after 2 deliveries. The Zumwalts were supposed to be stealthy surface ships, that didn't do anything except launch lots of (preferably nuclear armed) missiles when ordered. Notably it would have defended itself using either a railgun or a laser which were to be powered by a nuclear reactor, but this was scrapped when it went to construction because the government got cold feet when they had to write the checks.

All in all what really killed it is the fact that, if there is to be a nuclear war using lots of hypersonic nuclear-armed missiles, an F-35 (and UAVs) can deploy far more far faster and in more places than a ship.

016dd7  No.12919049

File: f536ca0e36252aa⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 641x300, 641:300, alsv_b82.jpg)

File: 7c2f7a23b008c2e⋯.jpg (250.83 KB, 2000x1045, 400:209, img.jpg)

File: 5d972f2378c24ee⋯.jpg (55.47 KB, 634x287, 634:287, 306FA1F700000578-3410999-i….jpg)

File: bb93973ad58bda6⋯.jpg (132.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1457632860-hwb-art.jpg)


Also: the XS-1 is just a nu-age 747 Air-Launched Sortie Vehicle but with an unmanned mini X-37 instead of a manned vehicle. Ditto for the C-130 drone carriers which are just nu-age 747 Airborne Aircraft Carriers (which would have used F-15s) or the proposed hypersonic missile carrier which was first concepted with a 747 in the 70s as well.

You'll see a lot of these concepts resurface more seriously when the USAF start moving to replace their C-5s in 2022. They want a hybrid wing body for this too, you can already see it with the X-47/MQ-25 contract.

67e099  No.12919106


>sea ships

seems like they're pretty much obsolete don't you think? Can they stop these hypersonic missiles? Why even bother trying to build naval capacity. It's just a huge resource sink. Like building pikemen when your opponent is building marines.

67e099  No.12919152


>the american military are not stupid

yeah but are they smart?

23a8a6  No.12919256


yes that's the sea advantage, imagine being retarded and giving it to your enemy.

the sop is let them come across then cut their supply lines

7594ed  No.12919480

the sooner the united states of zogtranny crashes and burns the better

000000  No.12919715

>the F-35 rules the sky

t. lockshill martin

It's an embarrassment and everyone knows it.

8e9ca5  No.12920213

File: a2bf62979af2342⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 180x313, 180:313, dirty hippie.jpg)


>warhead-remains residue

>somehow not-negligible in full MAD exchange

>m-muh nuculear fallout! save the trees!

Cobalt alloys have high wear-resistance and temperature stability, therefore probably used as heatshields for higher-speed reentry.

8e9ca5  No.12920409


>[autistic all caps screeching intensifies]


8484b9  No.12920510

File: a4e5e77a0caf6bd⋯.jpg (232.19 KB, 736x549, 736:549, diversityisourstrength.jpg)

e428e4  No.12920636


I'd also like to see some kind of evidence for this.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did this today, but idk about WW2.

8e9ca5  No.12920686


What's even worse about it while having women and trannies in the armed forces is not their emotional instability, mental illness or weakness, but that they don't even have genuine patriotic feelings in that psychosomatic clusterfuck and just join the armed forces to be glorified hookers.

8484b9  No.12920896

File: 674b92ccd23ac6c⋯.jpeg (90.41 KB, 692x738, 346:369, 15def3040bcd401529e3be8ad….jpeg)


>a 1950's tank gets fucked by brand new 1970's technology that nobody had been told about and which took everyone by surprise

>this means tanks are obsolete and useless!

>because clearly tank armor, maneuverability, active defense systems, spoofing systems, IR insulation, camouflage, etc. never changed or developed since 1971

You're a fucking idiot. Like that moron in the 1800's who wanted to shut down the patent office because every idea man could possibly come up with had already been invented.

Hell, an older version of the Challenger II survived over 70 direct hits from RPG's in a single battle. And the newest version of the Abrams has even better protection, along with a newly installed APS that can shoot down incoming missiles and RPG's. Methinks they're anything but 'rolling crematoria'.


>Russia has reduced tank production to 1/5 that of the 1980's

Because in the 80's, everyone was convinced WW3 was going to happen any day now, and Russia has 1/5 the budget of the USSR. The T-55, T-62, and T-64 that made the bulk of the Soviet armored force are obsolete and were phased out. The only factory that can produce the majority of parts for the T-80 is in Ukraine, so Russia has been phasing them out as well since having the only source of spare parts in enemy hands is kind of a bad thing. So they're streamlined to just modernized T-72's, T-90's (which are also basically just modernized T-72's), and now the T-14. You don't develop a new tank that's meant to be scary and badass if tanks are obsolete and pointless.

>aircraft carriers are obsolete

>being able to deploy aircraft anywhere in the world without having a military base permanently stationed there is obsolete

>because of a ballistic missile China (of Made In China quality fame) has that took multiple attempts to hit a stationary target they had perfect targeting data for

>because it's not like aircraft carriers can move or anything, or are surrounded by an entire fleet of ships with anti-missile systems, or that China has to know exactly where said aircraft carrier is, where it's heading, and at what speed in order to hit it with a missile that, again, took multiple attempts to hit a stationary target that they knew exactly where it was

Dumbasses like you are why we can't have nice things.

ac2787  No.12933503


Everything I have to say in disagreement with your statement is contained in greentext in this post.

fbe77a  No.12933611

>>12904634I'm a huge fan of hex and counter wargames, anyone know where I can get the one in the original pic.

8803c1  No.12933756


Russia have 30% mudslimes population and that's only official data, in reality there is much more of them. Russian white men are cucks as much as USA ones. Russian military is a fucking joke, its just some rusted out and devastated shadow of USSR. The only reason war would take a long time is because USA would want to use war status to achieve their goals and also to justify stealing half of russian land like they intend to do.

0aaaa9  No.12933845

File: 91a269c73df17fb⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 91a269c73df17fb39d9a0b3773….jpg)


No one is doubting that given a gross advantage in monetary power, tanks and carriers can be used to subjugate your inferiors. There is however serious doubt if they are useful against a more evenly matched foe. An Abrams tanks cost a fucking fortune, carries cost the entire military budget of other countries.

The US is only able to afford this by the exorbitant privilege of controlling the world currency, and being able to print it without limit. When this inevitably changes, doctrine will also have to change.

1633bb  No.12934097


almost 200 years of anti-european brainwashing which has been mostly unopposed.

ac2787  No.12934277

A true militia.

Would it not also include its own air force?

Could we not share then mass-cottage-produce modernized but still viable warplanes from WWII?

If there is a rifle behind every blade of grass, why not a civilian warplane behind every tree?


>muh rockit can totes easily shoot down your slow old tech planez

But, what if there there are a million of them? Equipped with far more sophisticated technology, AND piston-driven, made of carbon fiber, with exhaust heat cloaking available on command?

A "well organized militia" needs its own air force. Tech levels are such now that we can build P51z's in our home towns, out of carbon fiber, and extract far more energy from the exhaust before it is released at the TOP of the plane. (also, for IR, the belly radiator would have to be mounted on top, too.)

Please don't jump and shriek and shill about this. Consider it. If China or whoever invades, what defense could they offer against a million or so 500mph low-radar-signature, low-IR-signature warplanes? How do you fight a plane coming in at 50 feet above ground level that pops over the horizon only 500 yards to your left, drops its fun packages on you, then disappears over the horizon 500 yards to your right, which would take 0.75 seconds to accomplish at 500mph?

If we are invaded, we can mass-produce warplanes on an unprecedented scale. Zero electronics necessary, immunizing them from EMP and microwave beams.

Just consider it.

0c503a  No.12935043

File: ef01d1264238b92⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 604x392, 151:98, 1359450062_1376306993.jpg)


>Putin is subtly showing more and more that he's /ourguy/

You faggot are delusional. I don't know what kind of headcanon you westerners have about him but in truth he is a jew pawn. This faggots cares for nothing but money and grinding russian population for more money. Russia is 30% mudslime thanks to him and guess what? All russian media and imageboard is filled with pro-feminism and pro-mudslime agenda. Im not even sure if this guy is alive anymore, every time he appear he have different face proportions, he is either dead and replaced with 10 lookalikes and who knows who or what really rules russia, or he simply doesn't even care enough to show up, he knows russians are cuck enough to eat that up. He would grind russia and its people out of all juice, pollute the land and then flee when he would be done pretending to play WW3 with USA.

So stop being so fucking misguided and don't hope he is a white race savior. He is nothing but a money hungry whore. He also either killed or jailed all white supremacists and their movements in russia. If china is paper tiger russia is fucking nonexistent ghost bear.

016dd7  No.12936400

File: c3a74653f4baae5⋯.jpg (194.01 KB, 381x535, 381:535, 3g05604r-www.freevintagepo….jpg)


It's because it's fake shit since everyone who died for the US in WW2 had previously voted for FDR thrice. Not once, but THREE times in 1932, 1936, and 1940.

Whoever made this comment >>12905345 must either be a non-american or a total fucking moron. What do you think the letters "W.P.A" written under old bridges stand for? The Works Progress Administration aka the New Deal. Same for the S.S.A aka nigger welfare, which exists solely because of FDR and is how he got four fucking terms.

It boggles my mind that some people on /pol/ are this ignorant of history. Most of America was just as leftist as FDR back then because capitalism had failed, just as it had failed in Germany and in Russia.

23bd5e  No.12936871


> just as it had failed in Germany and in Russia.

Cant say for Germans but in Russia the commie thing didn't work out great either.

739a13  No.12937167


> The carriers can either be reliably sunk and the fighters/bombers reliably shot down or they can't.

Read "Lessons Not Learned" regarding the carrier question.

There's no doubt the US Air Force is superior to the chinese, but would their advantage be sufficient to win above chinese territory/waters? Doubtful.

I wouldn't count on stealth to save the day either, there are certain hard limits to this technology that can't be solved by throwing more money at Boeing and Northrop.

Plus, I'm not sure if Uncle Sam even has the guts nowadays to mess with a competent enemy, and take the losses that would invevitably incur.

I mean, Christ, they're still bitching and whining about the 10,000 dead at D-Day, once a year.

Mao sent a million to their death in Korea, and was willing to take the risk of nuclear escalation.

If it comes to the potential of losing millions of lives, as would be the case in a nuclear war, who do you think is going to fold first?

0bc58d  No.12938230

Reminder to move to the Pacific Northwest, preferably east of the Cascades, and start preparing yourself.

89160d  No.12941640


>Why are whites so insanely susceptible

Whites tend to believe in hierarchy and accept their place in it and will suppress their personal views to follow orders from above and to do "the right thing"

This works perfectly well when you have the right people in charge and is the main reason our societies tend to be more pleasant to live in.

It becomes a problem when a foreign parasite finds a way to place it's agents at the top of the hierarchy and issues misinformation and harmful orders that the majority go along with.

000000  No.12946078



>Its a delicate situation because Canadia have the Chinese CEO who has been stealing secret mobile phone tech from the US.

Is that the level of education in the USA?

The Huawei CEO is arrested in Canada for breaking US embargo rules in China while trading with Iran.

Yeah, the USA thinks she can decide with whom any country in the world can trade and which not.

>But the chinks just kidnapped some Canada guy

They arrested some Canadians under espionage charges.

If that charges are trumped up, political is unknown but possible. For sure are the charges against Huawei political, economic warfare motivated. Embargoes are always economic warfare and traditionally equivalent to a declaration of war, especially if it is tried to interrupt commerce with third parties, like China.

It is a game of chicken that the USA is playing with China. They want the Chinese to kowtow and recognize US superiority. That is not exactly what Xi plans todo. Xi bets on the USA bluffing.

The USA is like an old weak lion that tries to prove his vitality to the young ones that think their time has come. Kind of like Britain tried to do towards Germany in World War One and Two.

The USA has eroded the ethnic bases of her success. She has marginalized the white European founder people of the country deprived them from education, employment and political representation. Just read the credits of Adobe CS programs of the early century and the CC programs of now, European names have been totally replaced with Indian ones.

The leadership of the USA has totally destroyed the manufacturing capacity of the country for short term profit and handed that over to China. The USA is just not in an economic favorable position to fight and win a war with China.

China is militarily not as strong as the USA, has not the global reach like the USA has, just like the situation was in WWI between GB and Germany.

China will be badly bruised in such a conflict, safe for nuclear exchange that would physical eliminate the USA as well. China will eventually survive such a conflict, the USA maybe just in name because the internal conflicts will be difficult to paper over in addition that USA is fucking over its vassals already. Imagine they will be not be too happy to be dragged into a conflict that has no benefit for them. The puppet regimes the USA has installed after WWII might be toppled or seek new alliances similar to what happened Napoleon.

The USA is trying to win a war it has lost already, like GB did in WWII. The best move the (((USA))) can make is not to move, to keep the house of cards standing as long as possible. Considering that the same (((people))) that governed GB before the war govern now, then too, the USA, “fat chance” this going to be happened.

000000  No.12946155

Remember, if you are in the military and white, get a profile that makes you non-deployable when POTUS Sanchez gives the order to attack China. Let the spics and niggers drop the bombs on China for being bad goys.

7d81bc  No.12946665


I believe this as well. Has to be top 3 reasons why whites are losing globally right now.

7d81bc  No.12946699


Also a bingo. I hope whites wake up soon. Time is running out fast!

Once we become the minority in our countries Id say we have a few decades left.

000000  No.12947299



>But then China would have to contend with armies of millions of unemployed starving chinks

Yeah sure that is going to happen if the Chinese no longer deliver goods in exchange for green paper.



>Here's a clue, China gets roughly 75% of it's economy from selling things to the US. If we simply sanctioned them they would stop being a threat,

Who is going to suffer, the producer or the consumer?

Guess, who is going starving in such a scenario? The masses in the USA because they lack employment and income to pay for food, even if the USA produce enough.

Remember Depression?

Now imagine that with the ethnic composition of the USA today.



>China has almost no navy that can reach the US,

So what? Do you think this is the 1930’s? The Chinese have easily the reach to touch the USA. Remember Chinas moon mission this year?

>We have to set up bases in India

Yeah India is going to fight your war with his neighbour. I doubt that the Pajeet leadership is so stupid to pull the chestnuts for the USA out of the fire.

If that situation arises, India will stay neutral and maybe side with the survivor, don’t kid yourself.


Is going to be destroyed by nuclear weapons in such a conflict. The Japanese already looking forward in anticipation of US adventurism at their costs.

> and eventually inside of China and Russia.


Remember the Korean war?

>> 12905235


>wasting a nuke on 1 ship

>US would immediately retaliate with a swarm of Minute Men ICBMs

Sure they would, if they take off. How old are they now?

See if the USA bombs China via carrier and hypothetically China answers by wiping them out with a tactical nuke, as if they haven’t enough conventional weapons, the USA is doing nothing or nuking a Chinese carrier, hahah.

The moment the USA attacks mainland China with nukes, or weapons that look like nukes from afar, the Chinese are going to retaliate in kind and throw anything they have against the USA and wipe you from the map.

The USA is never going to sacrifice their leadership, their leadership property for some measly sailors that are there to die anyway. The few nukes the Norks have are an effective deterrent, even if they don’t have the capability to destroy the USA as a whole.

Maybe, big maybe the (((leadership))) of the USA will go all in just to put the USA out of her misery.


>LOL if you think that Moscow, Beijing, and other key cities don't already have pre-installed nukes ready to detonate.


The Israeli might be able to pull such a stunt in the USA or at their vassals, but if you think the Chinese or Russians would accept that or be to dumb to notice it you live in an alternative reality.

Say, the USA had a nuke in their embassy, everywhere else the Chinese could take easily control over them and that would be the last thing the US would want.

So the USA has smuggled in a nuke in the basement or top floor of their embassy. That is unlikely not going to be noticed, because you bet the that the Chinese screen each and every piece going into the embassy, Vienna convention or not.

Say the Chinese could not prevent it from going into the embassy, because US guards would protect them and the Chinese guards could not get a Go from their superiors before it disappeared behind the fence.

So what would happened? China strategic forces would go on alert ready to fire. The Chinese leadership would scramble out to their designated hide outs. Then the US ambassador would be cited to the foreign ministry and explained to him that he has to hand out the device immediately or PLA would storm the embassy the same day. Simultaneously the Chinese leadership would send a message to the US president with similar content, amended with the notice that Chinas nuclear forces are now on Red Alert ready to fire on moments notice. In the event of a detonation in the USA embassy in Bejing, China would immediately strike the USA with the full force of all of their arms, wiping out largest parts of the USA.

For what? For one measly nuke in an embassy, while USA has thousands on the tip of missiles?

The USA could try to play a little bit delayed action, while the Chinese would evacuate the city, but in the end the Chicoms would get the nuke whole or in parts. They would storm the embassy and if the glow-nigger, jar-heads tending it are too stupid that would have been the last day of the USA.

Final judgment, unlikely, because too stupid.

016dd7  No.12947355


>The leadership of the USA has totally destroyed the manufacturing capacity of the country for short term profit and handed that over to China. The USA is just not in an economic favorable position to fight and win a war with China.

This isn't true at all and China's attempts to buy/steal/obtain Boeing's trade secrets is proof of it. In particular, the autoclave/epoxy tech used to glue together the F-35, 787 and B-21. This is also why China getting the F-35 plans are useless as they lack the proprietary glues and pressure chambers to do it. Meanwhile, when it comes to harder industry China killed Bethlehem Steel but that only gave rise to Nucor Steel which also ate China's lunch which led to their attempts to overproduce steel which Obama swatted down with import tariffs. China's other attempt to price dump cement also led to complaints from Mexico which led to similar tariffs. In both cases China was/is left with surplus material that they can't sell which undercuts new production - a situation that is typical of communist regimes and is why their industries are not competitive.

(the comparable US example is US auto overproduction, but this isn't nearly as bad especially when China was banned from competing for mass transit contracts last year/ This was done due to complaints by Japan, South Korea, Canada and Germany)

>China will be badly bruised in such a conflict, safe for nuclear exchange that would physical eliminate the USA as well. China will eventually survive such a conflict, the USA maybe just in name because the internal conflicts will be difficult to paper over in addition that USA is fucking over its vassals already

America has essentially zero internal conflict because Ben Garrison will either fuck off back to their farms or turn in their guns, whereas the militant left was cucked and fucked by the center left. Meanwhile China is not a net food producer, has to declare war on Tibet to control it, had to declare war on their own Muslims to control them, and current has a border conflict with two other nuclear armed countries (Pakistan and India) who won't negotiate. And they don't even have a reliable friend in Russia because of their old border conflict too and claims over Mongolia.

Meanwhile the US is more or less making an NA-wide trade bloc with Canada and Mexico, which is the only part of their NWO plan that will survive. This is a strong position even if it's run by certain ((((people)))).

000000  No.12948200



>elctric catapult is as good as useless when the Russians can shut it down with one EMP.

>shutting down a gigantic electro motor with emp

How high, do you think, has to be the field strength of your EMP to fry the big winding of a massive electric engine?

240221  No.12948233


>millennium challenge 2000

According to the article, seems like US just resets every time a HQ gets deleted by Russia or China. Why not have troops learn to operate independently?

000000  No.12948667



>The leadership of the USA has totally destroyed the manufacturing capacity of the country

>This isn't true at all and China's attempts to buy/steal/obtain Boeing's trade secrets is proof of it

Know How and manufacturing capacity are two different shoes.

Liberty ships of the WWII were primitive, but the US could build more than Germany could sink.

So while the US has still a capacity to build planes, I question if that can scale as easy as it did during WWII, simply because the industrial background, that is needed to build or that can be repurposed is no longer there.

US can still build microchips but most are build outside of the USA. The people operating this plants outside of the US are specialists and mostly Chinese, regardless if the plant is in Malaysia or Germany.

Lots of Chemicals are now exclusive produced in China. Repurposing or new building plants in the USA or the West in general would take a long time, much longer than the reserves of those chemicals would last. Just-In-Time not a cent into unproductive assets in storage.

(((They))) fucked us over not just with diversity.

So while the Chinese have a problem with food, they also have a overland connection to Russia and other countries.

>has a border conflict with two other nuclear armed countries (Pakistan and India)

Pakistan has changed allegiance from USA to China some times ago. Their nukes are no real threat to China because their delivery mechanism is still to primitive.

Pakistan, as well as Burma are in fact great assets for China connecting it with the Indian Ocean east and west of China. After loosing Burma to the West, because China was too pushy, Burma now comes back discovering that the West wants to enrich them with diversity by religion of pieces rapefugees, alternative liberate and democratize them to hell.

India is not going to mingle into the business between USA and China. India don’t likes the USA pushy and imperialist behaviour, whom the can trade or not (Russia, Iran), similar to China’s attitude in that respect.

What India is going to do is collaborate into “containment” of China, stemming her influence in the region.

What India guaranteed not going to do is to become a staging place for a US-China conflict.

India is certainly not categorically anti-Chinese, they seek trade and investment with and from China.

016dd7  No.12949125

File: 18175bdd69c12dd⋯.png (21.27 KB, 400x292, 100:73, 400px-US_and_USSR_nuclear_….png)

File: 2b5900ac66e0fed⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 744x561, 248:187, Toxic-Legacy.jpg)


>So while the US has still a capacity to build planes, I question if that can scale as easy as it did during WWII, simply because the industrial background, that is needed to build or that can be repurposed is no longer there.

This is wrong. Besides the fact that Boeing has the world's largest airplane factory (exactly why China wants them to outsource aircraft production to them), America just built a totally new airplane factory at Plant 42 just for B-21 construction. This does not include the completely new factories setup for F-35 and V-22 production, or the likely approval of a new factory for V-280 production. Ditto for factories for civilian aircraft (Cessna, Piper, etc), and all their suppliers (especially suppliers because this is where all the special glues and plastics become a major consideration. It's also how the US's semiconductor industry survives).

>US can still build microchips but most are build outside of the USA. The people operating this plants outside of the US are specialists and mostly Chinese, regardless if the plant is in Malaysia or Germany.

So? Russia made 10x as many tanks as America in WW2 and 100x as many tanks, artillery, and rifles during the Cold War. And for most of the Cold War, Russia also had far more nukes, most of which were small and designed for artillery. It didn't help their economy one bit, because even though they won North Korea, Iran and Vietnam as allies their quota-based economic system was totally untenable as it did not efficiently distribute resources to where they could be best used. China has the same problem but amplified through capitalist markets, this does not change the underlying dynamic even if volume is high.

Even if it just came down to a raw war: America's existing air forces are three times the size of China's, with another 150% in reserve. When it comes to personnel, America has 10x the amount of licensed pilots as China (their shortage is extremely notable because most of them are trained in the US, making them victims of the trade war) and when it comes to warheads America has over 100x the amount of bomb-ready fuel than China (and far better designs, see the $200bn spent on upgrading them Obama approved). If it comes down to missiles, then the US also leads because we are the only country seriously studying electrohydrodynamics and laser-based combustion (both of which are pertient to hypersonic missiles). On the topic of lasers, the US is also the only country to have built an airborne anti-missile laser and the only country to put a working nuclear reactor in an airplane. Trump has suggested doing both again and Congress funded it.

>What India is going to do is collaborate into “containment” of China, stemming her influence in the region.

India has already failed at this evident by China's somewhat successful new silk road program which contains them, and China's warm relations with Pakistan. India's purchase of Su-30s and S-400s also put them against the US, and Trump will sanction them as soon as they take possession of them. This is where Congress's most recent push to increase the sanctions on Russia really hurts India, and pushes the US out of the region.

However, on the flip side of things India has a major issue with China over water which is when problems in regard to food production arise. China's diversion projects hurt India, and this will become an increasingly large problem as India's food capability declines beneath their current population. This is exactly how an ongoing border dispute turns into a real war.

e9b1e5  No.12951643


Eve Online

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