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File: 6f56ba80f06f0bf⋯.png (729.87 KB, 600x1234, 300:617, 72500ba8cf_Urk2.png)

6d95cb  No.12909773


In a Christian fishermans town. between 50-100 Dutch white people attacked an Immigrant family from Morocco ( had something with adultry or drugs).

Now, Morrocan youths form the enire country are gattering in the little village to destroy it. The police are locking down everything.

Links are in Dutch, but watch the video's





fc8798  No.12909778


Bump for more info

06a1dd  No.12909783


So this is where the race war starts…

230022  No.12909784

File: 79a5718de5b40cc⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1418928417221.jpg)

Hope some livestreams popup

cf435f  No.12909786


Ohhhh this is gonna be good

Let it all fall open race war is all but here gentlemen

39030b  No.12909788

translate your goobly goop language

902470  No.12909792


/k/ reporting in

609b0b  No.12909793

Literally hoping the Dutch kill a bunch of orcs and I get to watch it on livestream while drinking cocoa in my jammies

9aa4d1  No.12909796

Why are these Moroconiggers swarming a tiny fishing town and leaving their comfy gib-cities?

629954  No.12909802


Because the European ZOGs are putting them there.

0e6e7e  No.12909806

File: 02134d296717ecc⋯.mp4 (370.96 KB, 320x468, 80:117, fVGAtP6W9OSu9Zm-.mp4)


>shitty formatting

>shitty grammar

>doesn't post any videos

Good info, though.

570336  No.12909807


Christians can get in on it imo, I'd be happy with a Racial-Holy War rather than just a plain race war. Works just as well.

cf435f  No.12909811


Hell yeah brother from /k/

Kek bless the Boers. The Dutch will kick it off and I’ll laugh my ass off when the shitskin horde gets its shit pushed in

cf435f  No.12909813


That sounded like a smack across some niggers’ head anon

Did the spark get lit?

81eac5  No.12909818

File: 8ded88d2d004abf⋯.jpg (259.92 KB, 552x641, 552:641, 20190312_181214.jpg)

7637bc  No.12909820

Stuff like this will become an everyday thing soon

6d95cb  No.12909822


OP here

The town where this happens is called Urk, Urk is a small christcuck community. Some people say a lot of durgs (cocaïne) is used here. It is a closed community (a little bit like amish people in the USA).

Apparently the first agrument was about a love affair or a fraud care sale. I white guy got all of his friends to beat up the Moroccan guy. This was yesterday evening.

Now Moroccan youth al over the country are traveling to Urk. The police has locked down all the roads. I heard there is a fire going on in Urk

6d95cb  No.12909826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


df0dd2  No.12909827


Fuck Urk. It is a Protestant hell hole. At least Volendam is kind of cosy, because it is Catholic.

t. Dutch guy

6d95cb  No.12909829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More footage

c06eff  No.12909831

File: 414df0b110328fb⋯.gif (990.79 KB, 245x160, 49:32, tumblr_n3a5nbszwh1qdk4doo1….gif)

File: 4dd2f07100ec0a1⋯.jpg (61.02 KB, 1221x701, 1221:701, screwing-rick.jpg)


Based and racewar pilled

6d95cb  No.12909838


Realise that the multicultural bullshit has failed when groups of trash are attacking eachother in this way

7d56f4  No.12909839


It's mostly Morrocan people threatening in Dutch-ebonics.

I'll translate the picture in the OP:

Luister vriend > Listen, bud

Jan Willem, jij hebt het grootste probleem > Jan WIllem, you've got the biggest problem.

Mogge makker > (I have no clue what this means)

Jij moet achterom kijken deze dagen > You've to watch your back these days

Waarom zit ik in deze groep als ik vragen mag > Why am I in this group, if I may ask

Lig heel de avond al lekker aan het netflixen > Been watching netflix for the entire night

Ik kom je kanker moeder halen > I'm going to get your mother (means that he's going to murder/wound her)

Ik kom met half west amsterdam > I'm coming with half of western Amsterdam.

Je kk madri neerhalen > Taking your cancer madri*(I don't know what madri means) down

Goed achterom kijken > Watch your back

81eac5  No.12909844

File: 8b10a13f46a3191⋯.jpg (518.48 KB, 1138x1080, 569:540, SmartSelect_20190312-18181….jpg)




d81352  No.12909845

I hope the dutch cleanse them all and purify their beautiful land

b9c58c  No.12909846



So coastal fishing town with shipping boats available? Sounds like the brown drug horde is mad their envoy got beat up. Figs after easter.

6d95cb  No.12909848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d95cb  No.12909853


Rumors say it's about a love affaire or some car deal.

But it is true that the town is full of cokehead christians

8f4112  No.12909855

"War is coming" in a little fishing community is a bit dramatic but keep us informed. Any more info? Does the community support this or was it the actions of a few random guys? How big is the village, and how many "youths" are attempting to come in? Damn, imagine if white people got together to attack an entire community of subhumans everytime a white person was attacked.

cf435f  No.12909856



Fuck them al up Dutch bro

609b0b  No.12909857



Dutch people should arm themselves with bats and aim for kneecaps.

7d56f4  No.12909861


Ah, because they took in too many 'refugees', and felt like the smaller towns had to take in their share, too.

Simply put; major cities are overflowing with them, so they put them in the smaller villages.

The Netherlands is already extremely overpopulated, so it was only a matter of time.

11892d  No.12909862

>Morrocan youths form the enire country are gattering in the little village

Best time to eradicate all of these roaches in one go.

f5b25c  No.12909863


Exactly. Muslims just want to fuck goats and cut clits in a desert. They're not thinking about traveling thousands of miles away to take advantage of a welfare system and collapse a country. They'e doing that because Jews are setting them up to do it.



An attack on western culture is by default an attack on Christianity. We need engaged Christians in this fight. The most important level of warfare is the moral level. We need people who are fighting for a righteous cause greater than themselves. People who have something to live and die for will always beat people without that.

dcf321  No.12909867

Here's an example of the clear distinction between whites and non-whites. Whites engage in violence as a last resort after all other avenues of conflict resolution are exhausted. Sand niggers, in this instance, escalate to violence immediately when faced with retaliatory violence.

6d95cb  No.12909868


It's a small fishing community, a lot of people are family. I think a lot of white people secetly agree with the attack, but cannot say it because of muh evil nazi. the first attack had 1 Moroccan dude and arround 100 whites.

Right now it could be more thatn 100 Moroccan youth. Police do not know

d1e07b  No.12909869



Didn't they read their Bibles in English? How could they!

c06eff  No.12909872

File: a44f8971dd6f063⋯.png (5.34 KB, 180x180, 1:1, MR_logo.png)


Yeah i thought the dutch were getting more based, didnt wilders get the most votes of any party but got fucked over by one giant jew run coalition?

Honestly the dutch are fucking smart either way if anyone can get those fuckers out of their country its them.

6d95cb  No.12909874


They are also known cokeheads

cf435f  No.12909877


Spirit cooking

Ritual cannibalism

Death to ALL abrahamites

6d95cb  No.12909878


There are local ellections next week. the anti immigration party is expecting huge gains

d81352  No.12909882



so how does your retarded religion get rid of holy niggers and godly spics?

f5b25c  No.12909891

File: 8796fc5ab012b33⋯.jpg (919.61 KB, 2204x1469, 2204:1469, 1537753421767.jpg)




Fuck off with this divide and conquer bullshit.

609b0b  No.12909895



Is the concentration of pagans on here higher than on half-chan? The Semite worshipers on there are insufferably stupid.

d81352  No.12909896


no answer huh, guess it's okay if jamal fucks your daughter then, long as he's Christian


I'm not a pagan

df0dd2  No.12909904


>realise the multicultural bullshit failed

I think literally everyone did a long time ago.

c06eff  No.12909906

File: ede3f12d3913d46⋯.jpg (440.28 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, dc711f348ff3b3226bf164a151….jpg)


Well thats great man and good luck if you live there.

You know this board can get pretty fucking black pilled at times, bitching about disapointments with trump and arguing over shit like optics and stradegy and other autistic garbage but in all honesty this movement has accomplished alot. And its still fucking growing.

Vox is making huge gains in spain and Salvini in itally has litterally proposed ending the countries central banks and seizing the gold reserves from the kikes.

This revolution is sweeping the fucking west and the kikes are shitting their pants on the daily.

1ba67a  No.12909909


romans 9:6-9

6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:

7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.

8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

9 For this is the word of promise, At this time will I come, and Sara shall have a son.

cf435f  No.12909912


Yes. Confirmed esoteric pagan occultist here

d81352  No.12909914


I just wanted to insult christcucks, not derail a good thread, so I'll just concede and lets get back to topic

40d925  No.12909916


>confirmed edgy larper that was a staunch atheist 3 years ago.

609b0b  No.12909921


It's actually the opposite. I was a "DEUS VULT" retard three years ago and believed all the dumb bland memes about Semite-worship being based. What a fool I was.

df0dd2  No.12909922

File: 217a904b1e0d40f⋯.jpeg (31.64 KB, 860x484, 215:121, 690AC68C-1C26-4229-AC9A-8….jpeg)


>believing (((political parties))) will change anything

All anti immigration parties are pro Israel. Being pro Israel will cause inevitable immigration, for Israel causes wars that cause non white shitskins to flee to white nations. Thus truly being anti immigration can only be done by also opposing Zionism.

Do you have any current examples?

Added pic is Pim Fortuyn, who was expected to win 40-50% of parliamentary seats and who opposed non white immigration, Islam and Zionism, as well as the NWO and, following that, the EU. Fortuyn was (((assassinated))) in 2002.

8f4112  No.12909923


Agreed, /pol/ is too reactionary, treating every little setback as if it's some massive blackpill, and yes I know a lot of that is shills, but I'm actually feeling good in the sense that we're undeniably growing, and /pol/ tier politics are getting more and more mainstream. We might bitch and fight with each other but for fucks sake we are making progress and just need to keep on trucking. Sorry for off topic, go Dutch bros.

40d925  No.12909927


The bible is explicitly anti race mixing you retard. Just because biggers can be Christian doesn't mean you can't have separate christian ethno states. Keys jidf "pagan."

902470  No.12909928


Too late, now someone larping as a pagan will show up quickly followed by some trump and yang spam.

2ab0c1  No.12909931

>jik kek jik kek jik keky

Know how fucking useless that pic is, nigger?

df0dd2  No.12909932



So you follow Kaballist thought, which is just as Jewish as Jesus?

40d925  No.12909933


Then you've grown into retardation which is rarer.

6d95cb  No.12909934


Update, the Morrocan groups have there own telegram groups.

The argument was probably not race related. But leftwingers are turning it into an argument for votes next week

2ab0c1  No.12909935


The jew god told them to steal genes often.

6d95cb  No.12909941

Update, an anternative media site (geenstijl) got acces to a telegram group of Moroccan youth, watch and translate


7d56f4  No.12909942


>didnt wilders get the most votes of any party


If I remember correctly he got second place.

>but got fucked over by one giant jew run

You're mistaken, Wilders and his wife and Jewish and run on a platform that wants to strengthen our ties with Israel.

All he does that is in-line with /pol/ is that he hates on Muslims.

d81352  No.12909944


how much media attention is it getting there?

df0dd2  No.12909945


>The argument was probably not race related.

Of course it was. Stop trying to force your racial equality SJW bullshit, (((right wing))) (((conservative))) (((MIGApede))).

Racial division is good and essential to causing race war. We only need whites to uncuck themselves.

b9c58c  No.12909948

File: ab4dd0bac189b26⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 480x320, 3:2, tenor.gif)


Thanks bro. Car love affair. Got it.

6d95cb  No.12909949


Wilders supports Isreal. He got second place, but a coalition was formed without him

df0dd2  No.12909952


Wilders was literally trained in Israhell and is a zionist country traitor.

I’m afraid Baudet isn’t much different.

cf435f  No.12909953


I walked away from the Mormon church when I was 18. 35 now. Come at me kid I’ll fuck you up

6d95cb  No.12909954


No, It was some love afair. Remember, this is basically white trash fighting gainst moroccan trash.

c06eff  No.12909955

File: d663dfb0f4eabd8⋯.jpg (77.34 KB, 800x420, 40:21, adolf-hitler-early-days.jpg)


>believing (((political parties))) will change anything

That depends on the party anon

that depends on the party.

>pic related

40d925  No.12909957



Well I imagine it'd be hard to trust christianity after that.

40d925  No.12909963


We're infinitely more ZOGed than even weimar Germany. A party like the nasdap would never be allowed to exist.

902470  No.12909965




609b0b  No.12909966


Yes, worshiping Jews is in my best interest.

7d56f4  No.12909969


>Moroccans talking about how they're going to go to Urk and fuck them up

>Other Moroccans talking about how much they respect them for planning to do so

>Shit gets leaked

>They go batshit, but still want to continue with their plan

>Talk about how they can make sure they avoid the police.

cf435f  No.12909972



I don’t trust anything that has anything to do with that crazy nigger abraham

cf435f  No.12909973



There. Back on topic just for you anon

6d95cb  No.12909974

File: b18718522d579de⋯.png (107.2 KB, 359x315, 359:315, ScreenHunter 237.png)

Update, apparently some leftwingers are making fakenews by involving geert wilders

df0dd2  No.12909981


No. See added pic. Also, Hitler unnecessarily caused millions of whites to die and supported the founding of the (((Bank of International Settlements))), central bank of central banks, based in Switzerland, amongst many other detrimental things.

I am not black pilled. I just ask that, instead of looking at certain symptoms of the disease called Judaism, we look at the bigger picture. Doing that, you quickly realise how fabricated the world has been by (((them))) since WWI.

853653  No.12909982


df0dd2  No.12909984

File: 9fb6f553ce69ffc⋯.gif (65.44 KB, 421x352, 421:352, 54261E62-6480-4748-959D-80….gif)

6d95cb  No.12909986


Fuck of and stay on topic shill

853653  No.12909987

File: 5451c95543224ca⋯.jpg (186.91 KB, 973x839, 973:839, Tump kek.jpg)


Those who speak the loudest

ab04f5  No.12909989

File: 09d5f023b9e42f3⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 18yfjosgs1xqljpg.jpg)

6d95cb  No.12909992

Update, some Moroccan dude posted a call to arms on facebook this Friday.

Listen here Dutch people on here, /pol/ is a board of peace, do not go there, the Urk cocain people are not worth it. The police will be waiting for your

c89e18  No.12909995


In california prisons it already is once a month. If one member of a race disrespects another race it cracks off instantly. If you dont participate you get steel.

3632dd  No.12910001



very convincing

c06eff  No.12910003

File: b5b9381895bf1e4⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 426x810, 71:135, beneath-this-mask-there-is….jpg)


Ideas are bulletproof dude

this board is proof of that

no matter how long we are suppressed the aryan spirit WILL rebell again and we will be victorious

the revolution is inevitable, and it has already begun.

6d95cb  No.12910006

Last update, I think I will go asleep right now almost 1 am here. If something happens I will rapport here or in catalog

171845  No.12910008

We'll see which race shows more solidarity

000000  No.12910009

>Christcucks ruining everything on the board

Fuck it, mods just start calling this /christianpol/ Change the name or delete these threads you sweaty monkeys.

6ac7c0  No.12910014

File: e6992919faca036⋯.jpg (210.32 KB, 738x1998, 41:111, south africans being armed….jpg)

Gee, I hope (((somebody))) doesn't arm the Moroccaniggers with radar jammers and other military grade equipment, like (((they))) did in South Africa

7d56f4  No.12910022


Police closed off Urk, seems like it's done for now.

Comments are mostly on par with the things posted here, I'll translate the top two:

>Is het mogelijk eindelijk zover? Is dit het begin van de revolutie die hier al jaren voorspeld wordt?

Is it possible that it's finally time? Is this the start of the revolution that has been predicted years past?

>Zou er toch in de nabije toekomst een omslagpunt komen? Kan toch niet uitblijven.

Will there be a turning point in the near future after all? Can't keep going like this.

c06eff  No.12910023

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The rothschilds controll every bank in the western world. To say that hitler "supported" the bank of international settlements is akin to saying that you support the jewish banking cartel when you make payments of your mortages.

They controll everything dude.

But they didnt under hitler.

You se hitler did ALOT the jewish banking cartel DIDNT want.

Everything from printing his own money, to clossing rothschild banks in germany, to going to war with the mechanism they intended to conqure the world with, namely the soviet union.

>vid related

The "connections" you speak off was done largely to londer money in swiss banks incase of the fall of the reich in homes that it could be rebuilt out of south america. (a hope which, despite what you were told in the mainstream medias aproved "conspiracy theory" peices died in 45)

Hitler was the last major leader in the world, with the slight and only possible ecception of JFK to rebell against the jewish banking cartel and that is why to this day he is villified as he is.

7d56f4  No.12910026


Oh, and before people start calling us based.

This is an alternative media site with mostly younger people on it, so the comments are to be expected.

5b7fa7  No.12910038

File: 456f793fabed340⋯.jpeg (576.34 KB, 1400x1918, 100:137, Kulturterror.jpeg)

Leave it to the swamp germans to drain the swamp.

e585c9  No.12910041


<Politie grijpt in met honden en wapenstokken na vechtpartij

>Politiet griper in med hunder og våpenstokker (batonger) na? ??


Learn to speak you stupid dutch fucks

046161  No.12910045



is a kike you fucking retard.

1cce64  No.12910051

File: 5163622d0f9e2b5⋯.png (28.09 KB, 874x233, 874:233, mm.PNG)


who could it be?

a1021f  No.12910057


>when the "Protestant hell hole" is the only community standing up to the invaders

046161  No.12910058


>Hitler unnecessarily caused millions of whites to die

Because Hitler declared war to "save poland", right, you stupid fucking shitskinned mutt?

046161  No.12910064



>On NSDAP State approved coin

Sure thing, muttman!

171845  No.12910091

File: c3b2f495d56c7b4⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3968x2976, 4:3, IMG_20190301_113738.jpg)

We'll see which race is more solidarity

24aa14  No.12910094


Definitely not the mutt races,thats for sure, dear french fag.

6b7c6c  No.12910095


Bump. Hail to the Dutch

e585c9  No.12910104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also they didn't even show up yet right?

chances are in fact that it's just empty arab talk then

171845  No.12910106


For sure mutts are completely lost.

I hope this event will blow out of proportions and serve as a redpill moment for white minds.

7f0d6b  No.12910111

File: 7fba35895494ef5⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 1107x1200, 369:400, 7fba35895494ef5122253e93e9….jpg)

There is a reason why I like the Dutch so much. I still can't point it out but it exists.

Godspeed nederbrös

56ea99  No.12910114


I needed this comment today

ba68b2  No.12910118

Wij gebruiken cookies

learn to archive you fucken mong

ba68b2  No.12910119


live links shoa'd

archived links fucked

well done morons

sage and out

abc64e  No.12910124

File: 5b41b410e56115d⋯.jpeg (148.63 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 184A8822mia_preview.jpeg)


/yoga/ reporting in

7f0d6b  No.12910127


>sage and out

>can't even sage


7d56f4  No.12910131

File: 34a431e07796b5c⋯.png (52.51 KB, 591x545, 591:545, 5156156.png)

Some tweets about the incident:

Muramurante Estante:

Time to send the people from Urk back to Urkije. They never integrate.

(It's making fun of right-wingers that say "TIme to send the Turks back to Turkey, which is Turkije* in Dutch."


Urkers are next level American stupid… filthy racist, even more retarded as they've pretty much started a war in their own neighborhood.

Frank v.d. Linde:

Complaining on how white*** Urkers attacked a "Dutch person of Moroccan descent" and how the police is doing nothing.


Holy fuck, Moroccan family has been attack while they were staying at the hospital, and the media is talking about disturbances? Damn, Netherlands, God damn.

9345c8  No.12910135

File: 84c6033c6a37d68⋯.jpg (31.77 KB, 403x334, 403:334, 1490625921427.jpg)

Nothing will fucking happen. The Netherlands is cucked to the core, combined with the fact that small villages like Urk in this case (but also Volendam, Staphorst, Genemuiden, etc.) have been ostracized and villified for decades, this'll just blow over. Just like the kid that got beat up some weeks ago. Like the Bijlmer, MH17, Theo van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn.

You ask a random Dutch person on the street what the first thing is that comes to mind when talking about Urk, it'll either be Christian fundamentalism, or incest. I guaran-fucking-tee you.

Don't get me wrong, I feel a lot of pride for these bastards. Events like these, and for example the superfriezen from 2017, we might be better off than I first thought. I stand by what I said though.

d81352  No.12910141


a large group of white people fighting back will have worldwide ramifications

d8bb04  No.12910146

are the Dutch whites well armed or did they have to bin their weapons to the Jews Because that would suck All the Islamic Rapefugees coming to a small town from all over Europe What's going to really suck is Them getting attacked and the European News will Say its caused by Evil racist Dutch bros Then Shits gets Comfy and Europe burns

458988  No.12910152


Does this sound familiar to anyone?

MGS IV laughing octopus?

What if the niggers kill everyone in the town and torture them?

df0dd2  No.12910154


>The Netherlands is cucked to the core

No, it is not. More realistically, our people are extremely demoralised and patronised. Make the Dutchman, especially the Hollander, realise that he has the right to his own nation, his own blood and soul, the future of him and his people, and he will fight.

55c163  No.12910158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

/vr/ platoon reporting

73fdd0  No.12910177

File: 644963208f48f8b⋯.webm (6.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Politie controleert toega….webm)

File: 719abb0b0951fb8⋯.webm (9.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Politie grijpt in met hon….webm)




Thanks for the info and the video links. Here's some webms.

781984  No.12910180

File: 3617c2c6be7e84d⋯.jpg (171.68 KB, 700x1057, 100:151, 1455826083846-3.jpg)

File: 603506996b902b8⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, pixel.png)

The Dutch are pretty cool.


9345c8  No.12910195


If it gets shown to the world. This won't even be shown to a large part of the Dutch populace, and even if it does get shown, the story will be so twisted and turned that nobody will be on the Urkers' side.


>especially the Hollander

Fuck that. It's the fucking Randstad that's causing all these problems, and it'll be the boers who'll have to fix it. Like always.

Though you might be right about The Netherlands not being as cucked, for we are mostly an intelligent people. But, like Sweden, apathetic to the real problems and empathetic to the people causing said problems. There has to be a large scale event in order to change that, and it won't happen. The jew is too heavily entrenched here.

I have a lot of faith in my people, but the wonderful things you speak of, I just don't see it happen anytime soon.

41b1c8  No.12910196

Seriously, though, the Dutch are probably the most politically liberal country in the world right now (okay with weed, okay with prostitution, okay with gays, something like 90% atheist). They're just really really racist for some weird reason, and their immigration requirements are incredibly stringent (you have to take history classes and become fluent in Dutch among other things). You wouldn't want anything to do with these people in any other circumstances.

Enemy of my enemy, I guess.

68768c  No.12910199


People say that shit all the time and it never happens, what makes you sure that this time is 'it'?

458988  No.12910201


That's because like most white people they like to have fun. However kikes, niggers and other flavors of sub human have to come and ruin it by being overly aggressive and exploiting it and ultra refining it for pure capitalism.

They ruin it in the same way a bully comes to your pokemon card club and starts harrassing everyone and peddling shit just to make a buck.

c06eff  No.12910204

File: d89bc80f38f70f6⋯.jpg (99.7 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, image-placeholder-title.jpg)


>Enemy of my enemy, I guess.

Or maybe we arent actually a bunch of people who want to gas litterally everyone with a different opinion then us like the jews in the media say


just maybe

the idea of being swamped in army of child rapping niggers is where we draw the line

c06eff  No.12910208


KEK lol weirdly well said

040cb7  No.12910216

File: 95187cb0c9a7af5⋯.jpg (222.98 KB, 1200x719, 1200:719, main_1200 (1).jpg)

73fdd0  No.12910235

File: 06a74e7b49eb98b⋯.png (99.15 KB, 1080x613, 1080:613, (8)_pol_-_HAPPENING_IN_HOL….png)

bced54  No.12910237


Heil brother, the more I look out of this little hurtbox, the more I see redpilled conversations around the net. Most games have /pol/ tier chat, many comment sections from breitbart to youtube are more redpilled than ever. Even reddit has some consistently deleted comments because their too much it seems. I have more than a few friends who proclaim white nationalist sympathies. Family too.

This seems to be too fast growing, and the jews can't stop it. The jew must be removed.

5b7fa7  No.12910240


How does one distinguish a dutch from a Morrocan at night?

a909e3  No.12910241


/pol/ac/k/ reporting in. White wife and kids on support standby.

01a031  No.12910246



Totally organic tweets, and kosher.

c06eff  No.12910249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





>pluss vid

Some white pills for you brother

heil vicotry

ad4676  No.12910250

File: 452fd04f6c776e6⋯.jpeg (41.87 KB, 448x598, 224:299, 452fd04f6c776e6a561b0ded7….jpeg)


/strek/ present

902470  No.12910257


Stop trying to derail, this is a happening thread.

339e36  No.12910258


100% cucked dude

Total ban and no licenses are issued it seems

No guns or funs

2144a3  No.12910261


>Hitler killed whites

This is the most faggy jiff argument that keeps getting regurgitated. The allies agitated for war to serve their kike masters. Kys painfully you worthless piece of shit.

68bcbf  No.12910320


/tg/ here and taking odds.

339e36  No.12910324


That was weirdly well said indeed

c75bc4  No.12910328


/biz/ here

92c841  No.12910345

/dubs/ checking in

d39154  No.12910346

File: 03098438df23f95⋯.jpg (54.65 KB, 900x600, 3:2, mui.jpg)


/tv/ answering the call

5e2dd7  No.12910364

File: e3513aed9548b9f⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22e8b9808adfe8ba5809ad1dfc….jpg)

hopefully mob psychology kicks in and some shitskin gets beaten to death by an angry mob in the chaos. Europe is in desperate need for escalation

339e36  No.12910365


Fuck christcucks you dutch faggot

5e2dd7  No.12910366

335f59  No.12910375

File: 9e7a8de51ce45b5⋯.png (231.48 KB, 744x434, 12:7, pepeshootingshiiit.png)

335f59  No.12910383

File: bcd7577fb9dbc1a⋯.jpg (501.05 KB, 1272x621, 424:207, officerhonkcity.jpg)

bf9a1c  No.12910394



this board is beyond mentally ill jesus christ.

e668c8  No.12910395


The Dutch are the tall ones.

5e2dd7  No.12910403

File: 213ed9450bb588b⋯.jpg (344.66 KB, 1188x892, 297:223, clog.jpg)


they'd both smell like hashish

b00bc7  No.12910424

>race war in another country

How will this help in the US? You are still losers here who wish for a situation that will once again make you an equal to your peers

335f59  No.12910437

File: b24722a06658c46⋯.jpg (618.91 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, vaporwave1.jpg)

68bcbf  No.12910443


I think it's telling that the board is about interracial relations but it's exclusively black male white female.

ee2653  No.12910450

File: 88ee1e534cba352⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 486x360, 27:20, WLP_kill_them_all.webm)


/pol/, reporting for duty

be3b8e  No.12910456


the moroccan rides your bike

0be2a4  No.12910464


Catholic bitch tits talking about cozy, when there's fighting. Fuck you christfags, holy jesus titty fucking on a pogostick krist you pieces of shit are gay. "Oh I don't care, they worship the same jew as me, but without the even gayer priests, so good riddance."


fucking ayy they will

d81352  No.12910467


I just...I don't know anymore

339e36  No.12910468


Thatbullet did a barrel roll through that niggers “””””””brain””””””

339e36  No.12910471



God damn they are absolutely insufferable

2144a3  No.12910486


>makes anti-pagan threads 10 times a day

>Sperg out and attack Christianity in every thread that could have even a slight reference to Christianity.


I don't care whether you're pagan or Christian, but you pagan spammers need to be hung from the neck. Only jews benefit from dividing Europeans across religious lines and turning every discussion into a shit flinging contest. I sincerely hope you die painfully, you human maggot.

5e2dd7  No.12910491

File: 8114202ff55639d⋯.jpg (48.4 KB, 720x317, 720:317, 8114202ff55639d0c296d4b4f1….jpg)


>muh d&c

get rid of the fucking christians and there won't be anything to be divided from. they're very rare nowadays anyway

it's important to understand the christianity is incompatible with white nationalism, it's a globalist, altruist, 'nice guy' religion that's fine with race-mixing and immigration. they think niggerabortions are evil, they're disgusting fucking fags. they only post here to "evangelise" for jesus points, their whole life revolves around being as good a goy as possible in a desperate plea for an afterlife. even their thoughts aren't free

339e36  No.12910496


One hundred percent this

2144a3  No.12910500


I'm not engaging in a religious debate with you in a thread about a happening in Holland. That's the point. Kys you kike rat.

2144a3  No.12910503


Kys you coordinated faggots.

8e4b9a  No.12910512


How many times does this need to be utterly debunked? Go away Marie.

339e36  No.12910514


I ain’t coordinating shit motherfucker

I am sick of ( ( ( religion ) ) ) PERIOD

a92ed4  No.12910515


This is /v/, standing by

2144a3  No.12910516


They're jidf. Hence the reductionist arguments, strawmen and quotes that don't even exist.

000000  No.12910530

>The most Christian place in Holland is declaring war on the shitskins


714436  No.12910534

File: 6d39d1f0fd214bd⋯.gif (263.95 KB, 466x354, 233:177, 6d39d1f0fd214bd97b280b37e4….gif)


/v/ reporting in

b729b8  No.12910539

so when is the race war expanding worlwide?

aa1bfc  No.12910549

File: 955749dda09efe1⋯.png (140.47 KB, 1125x501, 375:167, ADL_Runes.png)

>Moroccan youths form the entire country are gathering in the little village to destroy it.

May it rain blood. Everything has to start somewhere.

Learn how to spell, you fucking nigger.

c28521  No.12910553


>that you support the jewish banking cartel when you make payments of your mortages.

Yes, yes you are when you do that. Stop.

753aa6  No.12910554



>a Dutchman of Pakistani decent…

Fucking kike media. You can only be a Paki shitiskin of PAKI decent; paki shitskins can never be DUTCH.

5e2dd7  No.12910558


>WLP is debunked


>anybody that isn't a nigger-loving jew-god-worshiper is jidf


are they smashing sandniglet's heads open with hammers? no? then fuck off christfag

c4c55a  No.12910561


>>>/jewess/ reporting in.

68bcbf  No.12910562

>religious derails are back on the menu

I guess it is about that time of the month, eh?

2144a3  No.12910563


>WLP is debunked

The quote is you slimy faggot.

>anybody that isn't a nigger-loving jew-god-worshiper is jidf

No, but you are.

>are they smashing sandniglet's heads open with hammers? no? then fuck off christfag

lmao nevermind I thought you were a shill but you're just baiting.

753aa6  No.12910564


>Moroccan youth

He is not DEAD after being 'attacked' by 100 people? So basically he wasn't attacked at all.

aa1bfc  No.12910566

File: fd456f0e25deae8⋯.png (92.76 KB, 511x398, 511:398, Welcome_to_PO.png)


/po/ here. We won't fold.

753aa6  No.12910570


In a race war you usually want to kill the other side or they will torch your home while you sleep.

000000  No.12910571


>/pol/ is too reactionary, treating every little setback as if it's some massive blackpill

There is an army of jews working on blackpilling the board with demoralization propaganda. Admittedly, there are spergs that fly off the handle every time some little thing goes wrong; but not many people are that unbalanced. Ultimately, I believe the majority of the blackpilling is astroturf.

bc390a  No.12910575



aa1bfc  No.12910576


>Dutch people should arm themselves with bats rifles and aim for kneecaps the traitorous politicians who let these niggers in in the first fucking place.

Fixed your spelling there.

bf9a1c  No.12910583


it appears to be populated mostly by fags and insecure niggers, so it's no surprise that it's anti-white.

c28521  No.12910587

File: 939e11bfedf1960⋯.mp4 (3.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-03-12 21-12-00.mp4)


This dude look serious ….

753aa6  No.12910591


Same with all the Alt-Kikes…such as AfD etc…all are kikes or bug people or employes of Goldman Sachs. ALL ARE OF THE COVENant TRIBE.

339e36  No.12910592


>traitorous juden


ef6190  No.12910599

We need as many details as possible. I have a good feeling that if this gets too big for media to contain, they'll do everything in their power to make it look like "a bunch of inbred crack head fringe religious nuts attacked a poor defenseless refugee minding his own business for no reason!"

We have to understand what happened here and get the truth out. Most importantly, if the other refugees were to learn that there are people who hate them so much and they were to be made to feel afraid, they will get more violent.

It seems like, from what's happening here, a handful of people fighting against invaders causes many more to chimp out, since they are so tribal.

339e36  No.12910601


That dude is sick of this shit

Good hunting dutchbros

bbf2a7  No.12910603

Can this shit fucking start already. Been waiting years.

bbf2a7  No.12910617


Mentally ill faggot

01a031  No.12910618


is that pistol made from cardboard?

80514d  No.12910628

Lots of anti-White attacks happening in the Netherlands. I remember the last thread about the Netherlands was a White native Dutch kid that got attacked by a bunch of niggers and sandniggers.

1f83ab  No.12910631

the kike subversion in this thread shows that they're scared of this.

81eac5  No.12910639

File: 4b6f3969329a809⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 176x320, 11:20, hitlerFan.gif)

99d26d  No.12910643

File: 45bb8676d4c2991⋯.png (556.22 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, strike first strike hard n….png)



8a936e  No.12910645


Has the European collective consciousness finally had enough? Is the happening truly upon us?

337895  No.12910647



Cuckstianity IS the D&C. Oppose it or you are complicity in race treason D&C.

This is your only warning.

99d26d  No.12910648


lol you fucking asshole

2144a3  No.12910653


Nope. Fuck off.

99d26d  No.12910655

File: 12fc20b9faa54f1⋯.jpg (81.94 KB, 860x556, 215:139, hanging a nigger.jpg)

File: eff1e98afa073cd⋯.jpg (311.36 KB, 1895x1500, 379:300, hanging nigger 4.jpg)

File: 05f12319c0e9d51⋯.jpg (100.54 KB, 729x760, 729:760, hanging niggers with the f….jpg)

File: c8206ff322a05fc⋯.jpeg (75.05 KB, 444x446, 222:223, hanging niggers.jpeg)


0be2a4  No.12910658


Fucking hell anon, he was replying to me for replying to a dumb papist nigger, for saying to hell with this town because its protestant. As if this is fucking 1648 never happened ffs. It was a /christian/ reporting in who was doing the d&c. Keep your nose out of it, if you haven't got a clue what happened, and just keep reading.

8a936e  No.12910660


If you see a non-white commit a crime on your way to work, chain them to your car and keep driving.

5e2dd7  No.12910664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

242b6e  No.12910668


You're completely powerless here, yid.

2144a3  No.12910672


>uck you christfags, holy jesus titty fucking on a pogostick krist you pieces of shit are gay. "Oh I don't care, they worship the same jew as me, but without the even gayer priests, so good riddance."

Yeah not d&c at all. You need to leave this board.

5e2dd7  No.12910673


>come to this thread, brothers! they mentioned our religion, we must defend it!

kill yourself christfag

0be2a4  No.12910676


Are you retarded?

753aa6  No.12910685

File: 6811feffcc4d62f⋯.jpg (543.63 KB, 2500x1664, 625:416, grenfel tower.jpg)

Don't let your memes become dreams anons.

169562  No.12910687


am I supposed to click on a message thread????

fuck you faggot

99d26d  No.12910692

File: acd3f91bd52427d⋯.jpeg (74.35 KB, 750x410, 75:41, gunman beautiful race war.jpeg)

every fucking shitskin invader, and every cop that defends them, (choosing bad ideas over race) and every legislator, and every government subcontractor knowingly settling them in our neighborhoods need to be MURDERED ALONG WITH THEIR CHILDREN. its time to send a message that terrifying motherfuckers 1,000 years from now.


d81352  No.12910695


white people fighting in a group against non-whites is terrifying to everyone who isn't white

753aa6  No.12910698



753aa6  No.12910700


Soon…very soon.

2144a3  No.12910702


>no argument

Are you? The first poster was a d&c fag for shitting on Protestantism, and you're a d&c fag for the anti-christian sperg-out.

2144a3  No.12910704

c8451e  No.12910709



This is what a jew does. These are actual kikes

609b0b  No.12910717


I want to habeeb, but I don't think it'll reach that level. Eurocucks are still quite unaware what is happening and the most that will happen is gangs of whites vs gangs of mud orcs in a brawl with the cops arresting all the whites.


Ideally, but they don't have guns and don't seem like they're really interested in making any either. Better to maim the enemy pretty good with whatever they've got on hand.

492952  No.12910720



The traitors will start getting randomly assassinated in all the West, this will start in the next decade.

Keep radicalizing whites, keep going.

c06eff  No.12910732

File: fb6a4880b8441fd⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 200x218, 100:109, 8ba53b1ad6392f00ac8494ba75….jpg)


Absolutely fucking faggot

000000  No.12910734



They are the reason Whites can no longer be tribal and network anymore. Nothing but endless misery.

They dox Whites as "Nazis", "Racists", etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense.

Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these low brow misfits than survival of Whites.

d81352  No.12910739


time to remove civcuck spammers from pol

d89c70  No.12910743

File: f5cea83e96c7e34⋯.jpeg (223.12 KB, 968x681, 968:681, siege bros.jpeg)


stop copy-pasting this shit in every god damn thread faggot. i dont care if a cracker was a hillary supporter yesterday if they get the memo and start greasing moroccans today.

any white who removes cancer is good white.

d89c70  No.12910747


this for this:


580e1b  No.12910748


So to write this out as it should be written:

1) Vikings punish invader for touching Viking woman

2) Invaders take note of attack on their invading brethren, draw their swords and head to village to destroy village

3) Will Vikings step up?

d89c70  No.12910750


if you speak tha language please translate, and post niggermurder videos ASAP.


580e1b  No.12910753


Caesar Matteo bulldozed (literally) an entire "refugee" camp a day or so back and they are now openly removing the Moors invaders from the Roman Empire.

The Northern colonies of the empire are now banding together and have called in Eric the Muzzleslaver. We shall see what happens my friends, we shall see. Rumors abound about Vikings sharpening their axes and Romans polishing their swords.

71c287  No.12910760


That's one of the differences between a human and a subhuman.

Another difference is that of delayed gratification, and future planning. The orcs aren't capable of either, and will suddenly be turned into jelly/dust when the carefully planned out mass-extermination devices take effect.

8fb411  No.12910765



8485ea  No.12910769

“on the orders of a Dutchman of Pakistani descent who was working with a Montenegrin henchman.” You can’t make this up.


580e1b  No.12910770


Not even kidding:


8fb411  No.12910772


>The orcs aren't capable of either, and will suddenly be turned into jelly/dust when the carefully planned out mass-extermination devices take effect.


71c287  No.12910776


kill yourself kike

339e36  No.12910777




You can’t murder a monkey anon, niggers are monkeys and therefore not human

Sure you could (and should) slaughter them but technically it isn’t murder

2144a3  No.12910779


The Dutch aren't vikings.

8485ea  No.12910780


8fb411  No.12910781

File: 59d1aef766e823d⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 897x593, 897:593, beer sluts.jpg)


Many Blessings Anon. You have brought me many triumphant feels.

580e1b  No.12910782


FUCK YOU ANON! They are in now. We need Vikings for this to work.

339e36  No.12910783


I am as white as they come

Jesus was a jew and not a god because he was killed BY GOD DAMN JEWS you idiot

Gods can’t be killed by jews retard

6e9bb2  No.12910784

Are we wasting shitskins yet yet or yet or was it all a ruse?

8fb411  No.12910786

File: 07423a051b6e1a6⋯.jpg (127.36 KB, 800x586, 400:293, fashy redhead babe yes new.jpg)


>We have to understand what happened here and get the truth out.

yes yes yes

we need to know the genesis of this situation so we can storm the narrative NOW

8fb411  No.12910792


HalleFUCKINGllujah brother

2144a3  No.12910793


Sorry my bad

580e1b  No.12910797

Salvini isn't fucking around, he is legitimately going straight Caesar on them:


"For those who blame themselves for a horrendous crime like violence against a child, chemical castration, jail and, if foreign, expulsion."

8fb411  No.12910801


read it and weep kikes. i personally have my own bullhorn so when shit gets heavy i will slip into the crowds of my people, meet them where they are at, and eventually lead them to the KIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

580e1b  No.12910804

Seriously, one more, this guy has an awesome Twitter feed if you ever want to have a "based" moment:


"Sentenced to 38 years and 148 lashes. This is the Middle Ages. We await the comment of the "feminists" of our house …"

2e818a  No.12910807

File: 3c5ad4338025650⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 600x391, 600:391, memphis-belle.jpg)


tailgunnuh checkin in

8485ea  No.12910814

Why isn’t the Netherlands raising hell everywhere? Ffs what’s it going to take?!

“Despite calls for the school to be closed down, this will be extremely difficult under Dutch freedom of education rules, the NRC points out. City officials were similarly powerless when the board of orthodox Jewish school Cheider refused to quit after a sexual abuse scandal.”


337895  No.12910833




t. actual jew worshippers

Seriously, these treasonous faggots (if they're even white, most of them are niggers or mulattos LARPing as white) actually get down on their kneels and try to telepathically communicate with a dead 1st century jewish rabbi

It's hideously disgusting. One thing to note though, they have such weak minds, that their bodies follow. All of them are either overweight lard lads or skinnyfat beanpoles. They're actually afraid of violence and weapons make them sweat and tremble. Any non-cucked white man could probably kill half a dozen of them with his bare hands while they wailed to the dead kike for help.

f1e19a  No.12910838


>>>/zoo/ and my pet snake reporting in!

71c287  No.12910842


Dutchmen should be going there now and camping in all the fields around for miles, put 100,000 dutch there and camp until the shitskins leave.

The Netherlands was the one of the most peaceful, intelligent and good-humoured countries in the world 30 years ago. All of this is happening only because of the shitskins being there. How anyone can say any different is categorical insanity.

Even if the Dutchmen go every weekend camping there and return to work/home for mon-fri it will have a massive effect.

303669  No.12910843


>is the concentration of pagans on here higher than on half-chan

Yes. The average level of IQ is higher here as well. Not necessarily a knock on cuckchan posters. That place has 100x more shills and 2000x more newfaggots who reply to shills making the site unusable most of the time. I run into based anons there when I shitpost late at night.

8fb411  No.12910853



good as a movie but…


>you posting a kike

allow me to purity spiral upon thee

9403c1  No.12910858


Good point.

And now the truth cannot be hidden forever.

71c287  No.12910859


Kiked as it may be, christendom is what unified Europe against the muslim hordes for 1,500 years. What you disgusting faggots never mention is that blood is the most important thing of all; and the reason you don't mention it is because you are a fucking kike yourself.

337895  No.12910868


That argument is made occasionally, I'm not really sure it's true. Europeans would have banded together to push away the brown hordes regardless. Perhaps more effectively had they not been constantly hampered by a slave religion intended to emasculate them. It's a miracle we resisted the psyop for so long, but now it's taking it's toll.

8485ea  No.12910871

Netherlands is apparently screwed.


50d470  No.12910873


WTF did I just read

2144a3  No.12910877


You're a kike because this thread ins't about Christianity and you keep posting you're arguing about it. You're either autistic or a shill.

71c287  No.12910881


This. That is why they are on this thread. They are attacking the dutch villagers that are trying to protect their home from stinking muslim shitskins, but the fact that there is "christian" in the title means that these (((posters))) try to turn a real happening where dutch europeans are standing up for their land and their culture, into an attack on christianity and a debate about that.

It is distracting, one of the typical tricks of the jew. JDF style thread derailing.

339e36  No.12910882



be3b8e  No.12910883


Hitler's views on Arabs and Islam

In speeches, Hitler made apparently warm references towards Muslim culture such as: "The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France".[5]

A famous anecdote about Adolf Hitler's perspectives towards Islam and the Arabs is recounted by Albert Speer in his best-selling memoir, Inside the Third Reich. Speer reports that "Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs."[6] The delegation had speculated that the world would have become "Mohammedan" if the Berbers and Arabs had won the Battle of Tours in the 8th Century AD, and that the Germans would have become heirs to "a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the German temperament."[7] Speer then presents Hitler's claims on this subject:

Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.[8]

Similarly, Hitler was transcribed as saying: "Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers […] then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world."[9]

According to Speer, Hitler usually concluded his historical speculation by remarking, "You see, it's been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn't we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"[10]


71c287  No.12910886


fuck off and make a thread on /b/ you stupid derailing kike.

337895  No.12910894


Kikes become absolutely enraged when you stop worshiping their dead rabbis

339e36  No.12910901


Funny how that works eh?

Fuck that crazy nigger abraham- nothing good has ever come from that whole shit

d81352  No.12910903


napoleon thought the same thing, funny enough, except for the French instead of Germans

71c287  No.12910905


no one was talking about any of that until you brought it up d&c JDF faggot. this is about GLORIOUS DUTCH standing up for their GLORIOUS DUTCH country, and I hope this spreads far and wide, because with the shitskins gone, your hook-nosed kin will stand out like a sore thumb, and that is what you are absolutely terrified of.

18e284  No.12910912

File: 5584a13eabd4287⋯.png (318.03 KB, 613x407, 613:407, too big to jail.png)

We should teleport there to help them kill niggers… I mean Moroccans. Damn you physics.

169562  No.12910916


mmmmmmmmmmmmm, tasty genocide with a touch of hollyfag … yummmy … super ums

i likey

2e818a  No.12910917


just let me have my funny non-sequitur, bud

458988  No.12910918


The dutch would glow, the darkies would look like a shadow, hope that helps!

169562  No.12910928


yes , witches , and fags , yes yes yes


2144a3  No.12910935


All of this is post-war hearsay just like the (((table talks))). It's all bullshit.

18e284  No.12910937


> Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"

Christianity brought scholarship to the table, not meekness and flabbiness as the kosher wannabee scholars (((who have to pay millions to get into good colleges))) want you to believe. This is why Constantine didn't genocide them like other emperors did.

be3b8e  No.12910967




Himmler told his masseur Felix Kersten on December 2, 1942, that he was reading serious books on the "Mohammedan religion." When the war was over, he said, he wanted to visit the Islamic countries himself with a view to continuing his studies. "Look, how wise ("vernünftig") this religion is."

Himmler: "Let us assume that the Turkish Muslim armies would have conquered Vienna and Europe in 1683…"

Five days later, Himmler told Kersten that he regretted the fact that the Turkish Muslim armies had not been able to conquer Europe in 1683:

"Let us assume that the Turks in whose ranks Europeans were fighting as well, even in high positions, would have conquered Vienna and Europe in 1683 instead of having been forced to withdraw. If the Mohammedans would have gained the victory at the time and Islam would have swept victoriously over Europe, then the Christian churches would have been depoliticized. (…) For the Turks were religiously tolerant, they allowed each religion to continue to exist, provided it was no longer involved in politics – otherwise it was finished."


b7867e  No.12910991

>Religious Derail

>Using language that's reddit in nature

Fuck, it's gotten bad, but regardless /v/ reporting it

Anyone in the Nederlands have more information

458988  No.12911023


Anon, semetic religions in general have no place in Europe, same goes for brownies of any tone.

ad48c0  No.12911032


I actually started hanging out more in /v/ recently because its pretty unbearable in /pol/. The whole place is shilled to hell, so many threads attacking different groups of white people or Christianity, those threads that aren't inevitably become about religious or national D&C after the yids arrive to derail, but as always its good to check in for updates like this.

>on topic

Send them to their desert demon Dutch bros. The fires of nationalism are well and truly alive all across Europe (how glorious it is to now be able to say this when just a few short years ago we were all so demoralised); strike first blood for us and let this inferno ignite the whole planet!

80514d  No.12911035


I've been told that the Netherlands has a "bible belt" akin to the one in the USA. I take it that this town called Urk is a part of that belt? Also, tell me more about the Netherlands' bible belt, are they big Zionist Christians like we have here in the States who are crazy about Israel and prophecies and all that nonsense?


>An attack on western culture is by default an attack on Christianity.

Western culture, and Western civilization were created IN SPITE OF and not BECAUSE OF Christianity. It was from the ingenious mind of many individual White men that created the West and much of the modern world as we know it today.


Geert Wilders is yet another "far-right" pro-Zionist, pro-Jew leader being put forth. Just like VOX in Spain, Le Pen/National Rally (formerly National Front) in France, AfD in Germany, ect. All controlled opposition.


We apparently had a big bust of cocaine here in the States that originated from Colombia that was either going to be distributed across the rest of the USA, or be shipped to Belgium and be distributed across all of Europe from there. I take it that the Netherlands get most of their immediate cocaine source from neighboring Belgium.


Personally, I don't care what you believe in, whether Christian, pagan, or atheist/agnostic, if you're pro-White and support Whites, then you're part of the team in my book.


Funny thing is, the Judeo-liberals seem to be promoting incest themselves, and the Jews have been promoting it in porn lately. More projection on their part.


>(okay with weed, okay with prostitution, okay with gays, something like 90% atheist).

That's most of the Western world, dude.

242b6e  No.12911039


Tip harder, yid.

2144a3  No.12911041


>Western culture, and Western civilization were created IN SPITE OF and not BECAUSE OF Christianity.

Christianity was adopted by whites because it was true. Christianity being the main religion in Europe is the result of ingenious European minds.

b7867e  No.12911046


Same, then again election season is coming up, so it makes sense that demoralizing and general kikery increases tenfold; back on topic, I forwarded some of the links to some Dutch dudes I know, who have been grumbling about the rapefugees lately, not sure what they can do with that information, but they seem to be around that part of town, I give it a week before even more (((faggots))) paint a target on this Village's back.

1b8e76  No.12911052



Why do christians lie so much?

2144a3  No.12911057


>no argument


000000  No.12911058





80514d  No.12911064


Someone who is pro-White is a Jew? You're going to have to try harder than that, JIDF.


It was adopted because it became legalized in the forth century by the leadership of Rome, from the top down. Much of the classical architecture you see is from Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, which were pagan until the legalization of Christianity.

281367  No.12911070

File: 444e7053e609af7⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 510x338, 255:169, 11.jpg)

2144a3  No.12911077


>Hitler wasn't right

Why are you on a natsoc board then?

000000  No.12911089


He is here for the stupid prizes.

281367  No.12911090


This isn't a natsoc board.

281367  No.12911096


It's Schlomo and its D&C


-Boomers etc.

046161  No.12911099

File: c5771e25d7f356e⋯.gif (3.56 MB, 480x304, 30:19, 6f884d4a01e0b7859192587099….gif)

File: a6876b831134d32⋯.gif (72.92 KB, 566x421, 566:421, a6876b831134d32b048b3a91b6….gif)

File: 80aa5a58fbbfad5⋯.gif (471.14 KB, 1024x820, 256:205, 80aa5a58fbbfad54342bbf271f….gif)



Your grandpa was a subhuman who served the kikes and the red, and so are you.

2144a3  No.12911100


Yes it is.

ad48c0  No.12911107

You can tell this is an important event by how hard these jews are trying to derail it. The thing they fear about us is that we spread information incredibly quickly and in such a way as to encourage people to act; so I guess we need to fire up the twatters and kikebooks and make the world aware of what is going on.

310923  No.12911130

File: b105e2de11627a7⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1024x794, 512:397, 1545658422978.png)

bf6af8  No.12911133


this post is so backasswords it makes no sense.

339e36  No.12911155


Uh , yeah it is

You should leave you don’t belong here

aa1bfc  No.12911156


That's because it's a bot. Notice how it doesn't connect with the comment it's referring to? See how it could be used in response to literally any post here?

5a9125  No.12911192

File: 93fc8c21d661e1a⋯.jpg (64.98 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 40ef5b19d8096c0481117a66a7….jpg)

09a57d  No.12911193

>paganiggers itt ripping on the one true faith

fyi if you actually believe kike claims that they are the chosen people of the Bible you're a fucking idiot for believing anything a jew says. Even their history is a lie

>b-but the KJV calls them Jews!

Read the Christogenea New Testament, faggot

242b6e  No.12911220


>oy vey goyim it's exactly the same today is in 1933

>ignore that jews own all voting machines and that there is no accountability

>ignore that they're on video admitting they've stolen elections for 60 years

>ignore that illegals can now vote and niggers have been double and triple voting for decades

>but it's totally the same as 100% white 1930s Germany where they had paper ballots and no fraud

242b6e  No.12911223


>oy vey goyim I'm pro white



Said the jew.

2ff1c4  No.12911229


Yet there are more far right supporters in the US right now than there were in Germany during the Weimar. Have hope.

242b6e  No.12911232


Not as a percentage of the population. Never in history have fewer people known about jews. Never in history have fewer people been racist (and all attendant other traditionalist behaviors).

5299f3  No.12911233

ethnostates or ethnoglobe?

2ff1c4  No.12911240


When the soy wears off.

9e8479  No.12911244


The Dutch envy the Second Amendment

2ff1c4  No.12911248


Never have armies been a smaller percent of the population. Wars will be fought and won based on far fewer people. All the fat lard asses that want to watch football are pretty irrelevant one way or the other. The untermensch never really wield power. What their attitudes are is irrelevant.

79e3a5  No.12911251


Gods willing Anon.

79e3a5  No.12911267











Holy fuck my man, you're actually the Dutchfag. I can't fucking believe it. I kind thought it was you, but I didn't believe it.

Fucking Christ dude, the fact that you're willing to support the kike narrative of Hitler being a zionist all because the Germans marched across your front lawn without asking you, while you tried to play neutral in the conflict for the fate of your people on the European continent.

Blaming your own racial kin for their defeat in a conflict your tribe attempted to avoid engaging in to save their own hides… Unbe-fucking-lieveable. You're worse than the fucking Anglos my man.

Archived for great justice.


000000  No.12911289



80514d  No.12911297


>Oy vey goyim, I'm a D&C kike

Yeah, we knew that already.

09a57d  No.12911317



000000  No.12911326

blessed and deuspilled

000000  No.12911334



/pol/ activated

000000  No.12911335


Gather your brothers and kill all immigrants. Kill anyone siding with the immigrants.

000000  No.12911342


Such a lovely people, watch


381534  No.12911389


They will be murdered without doubt but their children, including their wives, will be taken into our custody, assuming they're untainted and given into better care.

What else you gonna do? Kill every family of a man that once fell for global kike propaganda?

2ff1c4  No.12911398


This, the only punishment that suits the crime is to give them extinction of their family lines.

c83b36  No.12911410


Oh good, all gathered in one place.

5299f3  No.12911415


>/pol/ activated

Meh, /pol/ is either white nationalist or full ethnoglobe. But support for the ethnoglobe idea is few and far between.

1ba67a  No.12911416



The same group made by a freemason?

381534  No.12911417


The fuck are you talking about, nigger? More people believe in jewish lies than have been killed by niggers so far, so what about them? You gonna kill them all even the children who have nothing to do with anything?

>Stop talking like an edgy faggot and get your priorities straight, nigger. Because by your retarded ideas, unless both of your parents are 100% /pol/ tier, that means you get the rope too.

592f58  No.12911418


>Mogge makker

I'm Belgian: it's sort of dialect which (i believe) means 'really buddy?'

5299f3  No.12911419


> white guy got all of his friends to beat up the Moroccan guy

So wait the one who laid hands first was the Dutch? I thought the Moroccans were the first to do so but if the Dutch were to lay hands first then what's the point?

09a57d  No.12911423


>applying moral concepts to nonwhites

fbf6da  No.12911462


You have to realize that the people that come up with this data to feed their masters are considered top of class, naturally. They have spent centuries amassing the wealth to have a finger in every pie. Some researcher a decade or more back must have realized that only by systemically relocating foreign populations into every single last Podunk in the country could they avoid situations where 'ghettoization' was possible. In an Appalachian county I know, there's like 4 Nicaraguan families, 1 Vietnamese, 5 Guatemalans and I'm just thinking wtf where are they all from?


How do you tell real Dutch from so called 'Dutch ebonics', will some guy show us? I'm a linguist and I'm interested in hearing your take.


The Rhine formed the northern extent, so these folks aren't of the Empire.


They are spiritual Jews (of the classical sort).

000000  No.12911467


>Western culture, and Western civilization were created IN SPITE OF and not BECAUSE OF Christianity.

That's just plain wrong. Much of the best music, best art, best literature, best architecture etc. was inspired by Christianity and Christian themes. It is deeply woven into Western culture. You don't have to be a christfag to recognize that; but you'd have to be a blind fool to ignore it.

For the record, I seriously loathe Atheists (really anti-Christians), and I'm not even Christian. You are miserable, shitty people, driven by jealousy to destroy the faith of others because it pains you to see others find joy in something you cannot. It's a very, very jewish mindset. And the most intolerable of the bunch are the Atheists that continually proclaim their "superior intelligence", not realizing that they're every bit as deluded as the Christians they mock.

337895  No.12911516


>That's just plain wrong. Much of the best music, best art, best literature, best architecture etc. was inspired by Christianity and Christian themes.

Bullshit. The greeks and the romans accomplished that too without any semitic religions. It was their blood that created such wonders. Christianity was just the theme. It arguably held us back, as under the Greco-Roman Pantheon, Rome conquered the known world. Christians struggled to build any sort of empire.

Kikeinsanity worship is damaging to all who practice it, but the white race is capable of maintaining success even with such a burden weighing it down.

c83b36  No.12911524


>Christianity is bad because it doesnt have overt world domination agenda


4f115a  No.12911541

>thread about mudskins trying to genocide a white dutch village for beating up a fwllow mudskin

>pagan LARPers instantly start D&Cing it with "MUH CHRISTCUCKS NOOOOOOOOO!"

4f115a  No.12911542



381534  No.12911568


>Kvetching and calling them Larpers

You passive aggressive faggot can't even pretend to not be offended by people pointing out christianity is the worship if a kike on a stick.

Acting as if you angry about the thread being derailed only to add more oil into the fire.

Guess what, faggot, if you'd said nothing or put it in a more objective manner, I'd have agreed with you on how we have to bring the (admittedly slow) discussion back on topic.

But nah, you just had to be a butthurt kikeworshipping faggot about it, so now I'll take my time shitting on your pathetic post and religion.

5299f3  No.12911580

16b847  No.12911585

File: 919b29d2a434941⋯.png (4.31 MB, 2463x2894, 2463:2894, aqS85K2.png)


This is /monster/ reporting in.

1b8e76  No.12911586


the point is whites need to shut up and accept genocide in their own countries

a3d66b  No.12911593


Rodnovery here.

I presume so. There is far less deuce gevalting too.

a97725  No.12911600

File: cecc5b73ccb27d7⋯.jpg (28.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, walnuts.jpg)

Goddamnit I see this thread right as I'm about to hit the hay. When I wake up there better be a decent fucking happening or I am going to be sorely disappointed.

a3d66b  No.12911601


(((William Finck))) please go we wuzing elsewhere


5299f3  No.12911604


I'm not saying that whites should oppose genocide, but they need a good reason. The Dutch in this story can't really say "we hate shitskins because they're troubling us" when in this case, the Dutch were the first to lay arms on them. Again, as I said, whites MUST shoo the shitskins off, but for this story, it can be a bit difficult.

5299f3  No.12911606


I meant "I am saying that whites should oppose"

a3d66b  No.12911611


<Don't go back to your native faith, goy

>We live in a rapidly changing world where we must continuously catch weak signals and watch whether they get stronger. Nothing good for the Jews – nor for society at large – can come out of a worldwide strengthening of paganism. The same goes for a distorted emphasis on the importance of nature.


5735e4  No.12911612

File: a6613ef31f10a42⋯.gif (341.25 KB, 213x199, 213:199, 4258948478432.gif)


>Shitskins move somewhere where they are not welcome

>Shit the place up

>Can't say they were troubling them

Wew lad, ever had to interact with moroccan "people"? Even the other shitskins here hate them, even the soyboys go "im not racist but I really fucking hate moroccans".

5299f3  No.12911618


Good point, but the shitskin kids are coming to the village because the Dutch laid hands on the sandniggers. And remember, they were fighting over some love affair issue, not over a murder of a white woman/man.

ac6e65  No.12911620


Oh cool, a sandnigger invasion of a coastal village, yeah we had that happen in Cronulla. Guess which side the police took.

381534  No.12911627

File: 9598c501f55f979⋯.jpg (73.11 KB, 546x408, 91:68, How_does_this_fire_benefit….jpg)


At this point in time it doesn't really matter. The shitskins are rallying like goblins and they will be treated as such.

The crimes of the invaders as a whole are too numerous and too far spread for all but the most retarded of cucks to ignore which means that even if the mudskins didn't start THIS incident we'll still be the ones to see it to it's rightful end.

In fact just the news of this happening is going to affect people. Whites fighting back and the niggerkind gathering like a unwashed horde.

All we need is a little blood spilled and we got ourselves a couple months closer to DOTR.

5735e4  No.12911628


Some narrative is going to get spun and it's inevitable. This is typical behavaiour for moroccans by the way, one faggot gets his ass kicked and a swarm of moroccans appear. It doesnt matter for them who is in the right or not, if you hit one of them because they tried to hit you they will still swarm you.

5299f3  No.12911633

File: 5a71d26bad5a3d2⋯.jpg (12.05 KB, 214x208, 107:104, usrsfam.JPG)


Meh, I guess the larger picture is more important.

120632  No.12911646

Watch zogbots side with the niggers.

781360  No.12911671


All the people that are concerned with the rise of "anti-semitic" jokes and memes are Jews. Hmmmmm…

Good laugh, thank you anon

7fdf1e  No.12911682


As usual, blaming the internet for their mistakes

Souldn't have forced a million immigrants on a society

ba4be3  No.12911688


It's just a symptom, ignore it and use the distraction to strike at as many jews as possible.


>It is a closed community

Exactly why the jews force their slaves in there and distribute drugs to that region. it's all orchestrated to destroy any kind of group behavior.


Enemy of my enemy, anon.


jews are gonna use it to prove to opposite by demanding more "diversity"

ba4be3  No.12911691


>Muslims just want to fuck goats and cut clits in a desert. They're not thinking about traveling thousands of miles away to take advantage of a welfare system and collapse a country. They're doing that because Jews are setting them up to do it.

Hear bear-anon, it really looks kinda pathetic if you just use Owen Benjamins entire quote without source. You know it's the truth and all, but how about putting your own spin on it, instead of just blindly repeating what others tell you?

5e845a  No.12911756

File: 3363fc8c2cbac14⋯.png (32.16 KB, 372x90, 62:15, Dayofreckoning.png)

8eaca1  No.12911770

can I get a quick rundown?

6aaee8  No.12911820

File: 8fd0183096ba86a⋯.jpg (116.92 KB, 630x886, 315:443, 818761c1cf0c97525756a82366….jpg)


>I don't want niggers in my gay bathhouse

The post. "Racist liberals" get the bullet to. Fuck your hedonism, fuck your decedence. White people had standards before the 1960s, and pleasures were never taken at the expense of dignity.

7fdf1e  No.12911821


A shistkin provoked a dutch guy, then 100 Dutchmen went into the shitskins house and slapped the shit out of everyone inside

Shitskins mad, cops controlling the DMZ as always

c8451e  No.12911824

$20 says nothing happens

7fdf1e  No.12911829


It already happened, it was vengeance, now the shitskins are left bitching about it at the other side of the police line.

046906  No.12911837

Is this Chemnitz'18 tier happening yet?

Sandniggers usually have country level religious brotherhood connections, so it can be expected that they bitch about racism and Islamophobia so that Lügenpresse and AntiFa can spoil the escalation.

cf398b  No.12911840


If you're going to half ass it you might as well keep the men alive too, faggot.

02772e  No.12911841

Don't fall for religious D&C

All whites must be called to fight

964ac7  No.12911850

Take note anons, this is another example of the police stopping the escalation (see: France) Take over the police and you take over the law.

d8bb04  No.12911854

Dutch Cleaning house Good job pay attention they do this the Shitskins whine the cops stop them the Only thing that keeps the Shitskins coming back and or guilt tripping the nation to letting them back in is ????? You know ???

Whites have power and the Dutch are showing it. D&C fags get Fucked if whites fall we all fall

If they the Dutch fall it will be only by other whites who let them fall

5c93d0  No.12911893

File: ab62ac38f79ac4d⋯.jpg (417.37 KB, 1019x1024, 1019:1024, 14499262251_acf22c2fa3_b.jpg)


/voat/ ready to goat

902470  No.12911897


Fuck off shill, we won’t let you derail this thread.



ca3b3c  No.12911900


/liberty/, arming mcnukes

592f58  No.12911903


/fromViolenceToBoner/ reporting for duty, sir!

339e36  No.12911908



I want a mcnuke anon

e3aa78  No.12911911




000000  No.12911925

inb4 used by the world to further subjugate whites. This type of thing, you have to win or die trying, otherwise you'll be painted as pure evil. Of course this isn't on the level of Hitler losing, but they better be willing to kill all who attempt to invade their town, otherwise they're screwed. Once you question your own notion of what is right and wrong, you're made open to manipulation of the parties that condemn you.

067e98  No.12911936


so now to just wait for any of these tweeters to be the victem of irony.

067e98  No.12911990


just another reason to hate trateroius Himmler.

97a7b2  No.12912013


nothing will happen, go back to sleep

000000  No.12912031


any rahowa will involve atrocities that are off the scale. i would rather have all out war than the mind bending insanity that a new inquisition will infect us with.

a79afd  No.12912033


I can't source the quote either, but it seems right in line with his beliefs. Can you show anything that has Pierce saying anything positive about chtistians?

0b6bf7  No.12912052


>Anyway, has their been violence yet? Somebody hospitalized?

Nah, the police have barricaded Urk, and no one is allowed in without identification.

Current situation:

>Immigrants calling Dutch people racist

>Right-wing Dutchies are happy Moroccans are being taught a lesson

>Left-wing Dutchies are also complaining about racism

>News mentioned it, but didn't make it seem too big

>Most people don't care about the situation at all

283c1a  No.12912069

File: 7ea5b43956ea818⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 742x1024, 371:512, jng0ap.jpg)

Holland goy, it's all just a (((conspiracy theory)))

fd7f66  No.12912073

File: 603c7d54036db45⋯.png (600.02 KB, 728x491, 728:491, bump.png)


>Nah, the police have barricaded Urk, and no one is allowed in without identification

This is nice. In germany, france, or england they would have let the rapefugees in and the town would have burned. Based Dutch police.

841f3a  No.12912078

File: 9f845962ee1beb2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.7 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 9f8.jpg)



reporting in

242b6e  No.12912093



>still posting things only jews post

Powerless. You will never convince anyone of your lies.

242b6e  No.12912094


No one cares what you're sure of, paid jewish shill.

cd878c  No.12912095

File: 38a403c36f8de31⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 480x720, 2:3, connet nazi bird.jpg)


Nein/pol/ standing by.

676b2c  No.12912113


No, fuck you, cuck. This is your countryman you're talking about here. Or are you as "Dutch" as these morccan subhumans? Regardless - consider suicide

fd9327  No.12912115


1ab97e  No.12912116

1b84c4  No.12912123


Wow… Your country is doomed. Letting the invaders murder your fellow whites because of some miniscule difference between you and them. You know you are next as soon as these guys get murdered right?

000000  No.12912124


<Politie grijpt in met honden en wapenstokken na vechtpartij

>Polizei greift ein mit hunden und waffenstoecken (schlagstoecken) nach gefechtspartie ??

085733  No.12912149


More likely a rape or attempted rape.

676b2c  No.12912151


This. Stop falling for this low-effort faggotry and realize that it's whites vs other races. Dividing ourselves amongst ourselves (d&c) is the *only* way these subhumans can win.

676b2c  No.12912154


>Rape attempt is an affair

Maybe in your sub-saharan shithole, mouthbreather

c0f116  No.12912166


Trips checking dubs and no one checked them? Hast thou forsaken Bateman and Kek, /pol?

For shame.

I checkem and pray for a mighty happening

a005af  No.12912168

File: cc8b27dfcff4f86⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 1088x1200, 68:75, Blonde-Hair-Blue-Eyed-Jesu….jpg)


I'll pray for you anon

a005af  No.12912176

File: 8fd0c8112c47bbc⋯.jpg (107.37 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 8fd.jpg)


It depends on the leadership of that party. A true leader will attract the strongest followers, and that core group sets the example

2ff1c4  No.12912187


It's not edgy, if a race war happened, did you ever think it would not include shooting all ages? So much has been done from the left that can never be forgiven. A fight for survival will not be pretty. We want to avoid such a future but every year looks less likely.

fd7f66  No.12912212

File: 5182371fd6f9f04⋯.jpg (199.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, neinchanisup.jpg)


Je suis neinchan.

c4b3c5  No.12912273



Fuck off /kikestian/. Your anti-white religion is only a hindrance.


>their kind of jew worship is not the same as mine so fuck these fellow whites

Point. Proven.

33cb4a  No.12912284

File: 6642667243a52d4⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxweightdefault.jpg)


/hl3/ reporting in

c8451e  No.12912289


Nothing happened and it won't

97a7b2  No.12912293

File: c123350dc5d8ccd⋯.jpg (250.31 KB, 1080x1530, 12:17, Screenshot_20181203-235037.jpg)


/dempart/ reporting in

En avant Guingamp, en avant les..

6cb1b9  No.12912306

File: b18ae50f7b6fa43⋯.jpeg (33.03 KB, 553x330, 553:330, b18ae50f7b6fa431e98e1b611….jpeg)


We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Non whites are a genetic plague.

87468e  No.12912328


>All he does that is in-line with /pol/ is that he hates on Muslims.

Anybody that is a Jew or an Israel loving shabbos goy. What ever they say is always a lie as a means to deceive the goyim.

Like Trump everything is a charade to keep the populace pacified, to make them think there is real opposition and that the democratic system works and is fair. Everything is always done in accordance to Jewish agenda.

Wilders says he hates Muslims but I bet your ass he would not do shit about the problem just like Trump with the Mexican problem. Wilders truly only doesn’t like Muslims in Israel, anywhere else where the Muslims can be used as golems against whites he is happy with.

The ultimate redpill is there is no such thing as a good Jew and that all Jews and whites are in an existential war for their people and only one will survive.

If we keep playing Jewish games they’ll win, if we start fighting back with our sword then we’ll win.

9345c8  No.12912347


/südpol/ standing by.

9345c8  No.12912362

>>12910111 fucking checked

Thanks friend. It's a damn shame nobody has checked your digits.

9345c8  No.12912402


>How do you tell real Dutch from so called 'Dutch ebonics', will some guy show us? I'm a linguist and I'm interested in hearing your take.

Dutch ebonics doesn't make any sense logically. It's also laden with foreign words. It's kind of hard to explain, but there are a lot of subtle differences. Especially in grammar and pronunciation.

Hope this helps.

polite sage for both offtopic and doubleposting

5299f3  No.12912422


May I know where did any source say it's a rape attempt?

c0af6e  No.12912428

File: 7818a191242b8fe⋯.png (200.82 KB, 593x319, 593:319, neder.png)

Holland is best girl.

5299f3  No.12912430


As in kicking shitskins out of Europe/America or eradicating them from the earth?

3f3a75  No.12912449


Mara was/is dating a Moroccan and though she is not wholly white herself, hers is a flaw that is embedded in most Dutch and other Europeans.

f112cb  No.12912469

File: 182e18ad85bfa3c⋯.jpg (135.29 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, Valhalla_Java-ground-12oz-….jpg)

Shall we use our combined forces through Kek to invoke the Odinforce! Its against Arabes in Scandinavian.

99f638  No.12912472


100% arabica

f112cb  No.12912482


Technically arabica beans are from Asia.

3b27e5  No.12912500


/zuidpol/ staat klar!

f112cb  No.12912524

File: 4ec911d86b2478a⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Vajrayogini_from_Tha….jpg)


Vajrayogini is best deity anyway. Shes basically the chans greatest waifu. I call upon the forces of Kek to invoke the powers of the Odinforce and the ultimate Karmic force of Vajrayogini to help Scandinavia and the rest of Europe fight against the invasive species known as the arabes and strengthen the power of the Yellow Vests.

201bfa  No.12912530


Smoel. Je moet je studentenstadje eens uitkomen. 't Land staat op springen.


Precisely. Its also why this news is nowhere to be found in the (((news))). National news NOS has a story about evil white Urkers, other agencies have pictures of white kids throwing fireworks at the police.

>sandnigger gets punched

>media never asks why he got punched

Disregard all blackpillers. The country is like a powderkeg. Especially because of Fortuyn, Van Gogh, et al. In cities you wont hear Dutch, but only Arab. People are aware that all the country needs is a spark. White men will stand tall.

90a2b0  No.12912533


/cuckquean/ reporting

73fdd0  No.12912554

File: 34ec995a57c41a3⋯.webm (2.7 MB, 1280x708, 320:177, Alex Jones the Goblin Sla….webm)

File: 14461e8bc7222b2⋯.webm (6.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GOBLIN SLAYER - The Netfl….webm)

File: e385c0f5678640b⋯.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Remove_Goblin.webm)


>The shitskins are rallying like goblins and they will be treated as such.

940b32  No.12912584

File: 6ffad4c1c1954a4⋯.png (123.37 KB, 480x478, 240:239, 1551474942840.png)


/cunt/ reporting in

5d22e2  No.12912595


I heared from a local that the Maroccan mafia is trying to push drug smuggeling on the local fishermen and now the locals have started rounding up Maroccans.

5d22e2  No.12912597


>I've been told that the Netherlands has a "bible belt" akin to the one in the USA. I take it that this town called Urk is a part of that belt? Also, tell me more about the Netherlands' bible belt, are they big Zionist Christians like we have here in the States who are crazy about Israel and prophecies and all that nonsense?

It's heavy Dutch Reformed, in many ways more conservative and more strict then anything you got in the Americas.

5d22e2  No.12912600


>Much of the best music, best art, best literature, best architecture etc. was inspired by Christianity and Christian themes.

If you where genuinely familiar with what you are talking about, you would know about the large Greek and Roman influence.

954057  No.12912605

File: 72c8325fe5e9fc9⋯.mp4 (15.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dutch SS Tribute.mp4)



The Dutch & all fellow Europeans will stand together !

All Whites together, no more D&C!

blijf sterk, blijf verenigd, Broeders!

267619  No.12912614


267619  No.12912618


Krijg kanker.

9345c8  No.12912632


>'t Land staat op springen.

Je moet niet zo wijs doen. Het land staat onder grote druk, maar die vonk waar je over lult zal uitblijven. Dan had dit wel gebeurd tijdens het zwarte pieten gezeik van twee jaar terug, of de MH17, enzovoorts. Grappig dat je Fortuyn en Van Gogh aanhaalt, Nederlandse iconen die beiden op klaarlichte dag om het leven zijn gebracht. Kun je je die landelijke rellen nog herinneren? Ik ook niet.

Nederland is er een stuk erger aan toe dan we zelf toe willen geven. Het Gooi is één groot joods hol, en laten we over Mokum maar niet beginnen. Iedereen weet dat we onze politici niet kunnen vertrouwen. Ik noem in gesprekken met collegae of vrienden Rutte met veel liefde een 'landverrader', en vrijwel iedereen is het hier mee eens. Toch gebeurt er niets.

Begrijp me niet verkeerd, ik probeer hier niet te zwartpillen. Ik zou zo verdomde euforisch zijn als die vonk toch overslaat. Maar laten we even eerlijk blijven, een confrontatie tussen allochtonen en autochtonen in een vissersdorpje waar de rest van het land toch al minachtend tegenover staat, is gewoon niet genoeg. Denk ik. Ik zie het gewoon niet zo snel gebeuren. Ik denk veel de afgelopen weken aan die jongen die zo in elkaar is gemept door een groep buitenlanders, waar je nu ook helemaal niets meer over hoort.

Weet je, misschien heb je wel gelijk en zit de emmer nu bijna vol. En laat Urk nu dat ding maar over doen lopen. Zal verdomme tijd worden.

>Je moet je studentenstadje eens uitkomen.

Ik ben Drents. Flikker op met dit soort onzin.

381534  No.12912640



Im talking about you fucking edgelords killing white children of men or women who were traitors. That shit is fucking retarded.

Purging shitskin spawn is a given.

5d22e2  No.12912644


Mee eens, het zal pas ophouden als het leger in moet gaan ingrijpen, maar begrijp me niet verkeerd, liever nutteloos werk verrichten om het tij te veranderen, dan niets doen.

5d22e2  No.12912647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bb15cd  No.12912648


Operation Sealion should have happened

9345c8  No.12912664




Dan kun je lang wachten.

Ik was het eigenlijk niet eens met die andere anon, maar de enige hoop die we hebben op grote ongeregeldheden in dit land zijn wel plaatsen als Urk. De noordelijke en zuidelijke provincies zullen vervolgens op moeten staan en dan is het maar hopen dat de Randstad mee gaat. Want de verdeeldheid onder de autochtone bevolking baart me de meeste zorgen.

Godver, die mp4 geeft me toch wel weer veel hoop.

5d22e2  No.12912676


>Godver, die mp4 geeft me toch wel weer veel hoop.

Klik eens op mijn youtube video.

Trouwens ben je ergens lid van of actief binnen Nederland?

d8c506  No.12912677

File: 709637ec2ebab75⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, resist.webm)


As in:


e31550  No.12912694

de hoeveelheid schillen in deze draad is wel zeer opvallend, ik zal maar even in het moerasduits verder doen dan begrijpen ze het toch niet en kunnen ze niet meer ontsporen

mensen tegenhouden van dit nieuws te verspreiden is hun grootste zorg, want hier in de vlaamse media geen woord erover zelfs geen 3 regels, 17de paginea vermelding, ben zelf al druk bezig de geenstijl links te verspreiden via de nog open kanalen

98876c  No.12912701


how cucked are holland on a scale from 1 to 10?

Maybe their level of cuckdom might be their end… maybe they might make it just in time. Who knows..

267619  No.12912702


Zelfs hier in Nederland zijn (((ze))) er stil over.

267619  No.12912716


It's pretty cuck here, I give it a 7

98876c  No.12912727


damn thats bad…

really bad.. I thought holland was more like Poland and resisted shit, just like they always have resisted shit.

But 7.. thats bad newsjews

f112cb  No.12912755


He has the digits. Something is happening I can feel it with all Yellow Vests. The more visible you guys make the resistance in Europe the closer to victory you will have in convincing the commonwealth of the world to protect each other. The commonwealth is who you are targeting with your meme's. Nothing can kill humor if you make the Moroccans the but of jokes on 4chan they wont be able to do anything and will start acting out of desperation. Just some ideas.

98876c  No.12912758


perhaps collect and buy as many yellow vests as you can before they get banned?

267619  No.12912760


>I thought holland was more like Poland and resisted shit, just like they always have resisted shit.

I wish, Holland is full of white guilt and NSB guilt. The cities are the biggest cucksheds though, horrible shit.

381534  No.12912767

File: be8128eacc7ee3a⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 566x800, 283:400, Kek_Nebula.jpg)


>He has the digits


>letting 4chan make fun of some violent niggers to help with the upcoming racewar

wew lad

98876c  No.12912771


damn son, sorry to hear it.

Its the source of one of the whitest people of the world. I can understand why its a target.

9345c8  No.12912800


Nee. Het risico is mij nog te groot. Ik probeer mijn vrienden en collegae te roodpillen, om vervolgens misschien het één en ander met hen op te starten. Het grootste euvel momenteel, naar mijn mening, is dat men weet dat er iets compleet mis is met ons land (en de verdere Westerse wereld), maar niet weet wat en waarom.

Wil je trouwens succesvol zijn in het roodpillen van je naasten, maar zijn ze nog erg huiverig? Neem ze een keertje mee naar Laren NH, ga gezellig met ze vreten ergens en kijk eens goed om je heen. Je hebt geen idee hoe joods de rijkste plekken van ons land zijn. Overal Meijers, Cohens, noem het maar op.

d40502  No.12912812


Groeten uit Vlaenderen!

f112cb  No.12912814


They cant ban Yellow Vests, its to much of a liability for employers. They may change the color but it hardly maters its the symbol of the common worker, the commonwealth. You can't get rid of that.

5d22e2  No.12912829


>Nee. Het risico is mij nog te groot.

Ken genoeg mensen, van student tot arbeider die het risico wel neemt, natuurlijk kan je met je kop en gegevens online komen te staan, alleen ja, zonder risico's nemen bereik je niet bijzonder veel.

Dan heb ik het niet over activisme, maar gewoon over contact zoeken met gelijkdenkenden.

267619  No.12912837


>Its the source of one of the whitest people of the world. I can understand why its a target.

Yeah, though I do notice more and more people that speak openly about the jews controlling shit. Things might turn around fast.

f4c99d  No.12912846

File: 75408ee3f27c1c2⋯.jpg (223.2 KB, 773x1008, 773:1008, 7aa68482a600339242074644a6….jpg)


/keen/ reporting in

98876c  No.12912855



thats why I'm saying there might still be time. You don't need to freak out like sweden or germany

You can still do this swift and clean without too much setback. Just gotta take the opportunity now. Don't wait and linger, time is of the essence here. For every day, your country might get less white by 1/1000 at this rate of immigration to europe. Just look at England, that place is totally lost, no way they can get out of that mess without a full blown civil war.

7fdf1e  No.12912862


Some sandniggers got beat up and now no sandniggers are allowed to enter the town

That happened

9345c8  No.12912868


Misschien was het woord risico verkeerd. Want ik ben niet bang om gedoxt te worden, heb niet zoveel te verliezen wat dat betrefd. Waar het mij om gaat is dat ik me niet wil koppelen aan een politieke partij, instantie, of wat dan ook, omdat ik de kans erg groot acht dat ik geld/informatie in de verkeerde handen druk.

Iets wat je me aan kan raden?

5d22e2  No.12912878


>Iets wat je me aan kan raden?

Ja, activisme zijn Voorpost of Identitair Verzet.

Voorpost is iets wat minder radicaal en langzaam aan het groeien, dus op dit is Voorpost de beste optie.

Intellectueel heb je Erkenbrand, hoewel de beweging een beetje stil aan het lopen is.

98876c  No.12912883


someone needs to make a /pol/-based betting service for news-events. Let's do some betting good folks.

9345c8  No.12912891


Erkenbrand was hot topic in de /polder/ draden tijdens de verkiezingen van 2017, kan ik me nog goed herinneren.

Voorpost heb ik nog nooit van gehoord, ik zal me eens even een beetje inlezen.

5d22e2  No.12912897



8e2e64  No.12912969



When you get to the jews, you kind of need to leave the country since most of them are sitting in off shore shit like panama controlling through loans and deals. Most of this is kept under table and not very out in the open though if you dig really hard in many documents you can find it. Problem is nobody has the energy, time or desire to dig through a lot of boredom to maybe find something in a month that proves corruption but can't do anything with anyway due the all channels being controlled.

9345c8  No.12912980



It 404's.

75c7c5  No.12913007


what the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch?

77d950  No.12913024

File: 16323f6f69ff906⋯.png (4.19 MB, 2801x1764, 2801:1764, 16323f6f69ff906fe0c812a95b….png)


When the hate and rage exceeds the fear and apathy Europe will burn. Until then . . .

8941f8  No.12913030

Don't know if it has been mentioned already in this thread (got too many replies since I last checked) but happenings won't be until Friday. The sandniggers are 'planning' to 'attack' Urk then. Just so happens that I already planned a day off Friday, talk about good timing.

6e184b  No.12913036


/bmw/ reporting in

75c7c5  No.12913046


Odin is the one who unifies europe under the banner of war


another fun fact: the nazi flag had a "swastika" symbol in the middle of it. most people don't see it because it's hidden but if you look closely you will notice it there in the middle. this is a religious symbol of vedic origin

782647  No.12913048


Need to use the chaos to kill every brown invader you can Dutch bros. Drive long nails into their necks and move on quickly. You can pike hundreds per night with a small group.

9345c8  No.12913050

File: d21569daf249fb5⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 373x521, 373:521, fat beamer boomer.jpg)



000000  No.12913056


I am familiar with those influences, of course. What I take issue with is with fuckwit Atheists denying the positive influence of Christianity on Western culture simply because they don't like the kike-on-a-stick meme. You don't like the faith? Fine. Neither do I. But don't discard all the great things it has produced (or inspired people to produce) and pretend that its influence was entirely negative. That's as bullshit a revisionist narrative as the "you only do bad, goyim" narrative pushed against Whites today.

e79b40  No.12913064

File: ccd6f0be5d341af⋯.mp4 (510.2 KB, 138x268, 69:134, 4d30f5d6_IMG_4876.MP4.mp4.mp4)

File: 13f09f34457cd76⋯.png (782.43 KB, 600x1234, 300:617, 3.png)

File: ad03c07d2766c86⋯.png (492.21 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, 1.png)



We don't know. It could be relational (pics related), it could be money related. Whatever the initial reason, it finally sparked the race war we've been wanting for some decades now.

Mocronegertjes van Plein 40-45; De Randstad is Holland maar buiten Holland ligt Nederland.. en Nederland heeft geen zin meer in jullie.

cd1d8a  No.12913074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



000000  No.12913080

deus vult

7c1cfb  No.12913082


translation for 2nd pic, third pic isn't that important

Luister veize vuile kanker urkers > Listen filthy foul cancer urkers

Ik neuk jullie allemaal de kanker moeder > I will fuck all your cancer moms

Ik moet nu een naam hebben > I need a name now

Die dat heeft gedaan bij souf > The one who did that to souf (sandnigger)

ik heb jullie kk nummer en namen > I got your cancer phonenumbers and names

Wacht maar > Just you wait

Jullie zijn allemaal van mij > You're all mine

kk pussy durfen wel > Cancer pussy feeling brave

met zen allen tegen een > With everybody against one

wie is dit > who this?

wie is dit > who this?

mogge > morning

wats loos > what is happing

018f3a  No.12913083

File: d0110ac8e53bb86⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 544x282, 272:141, 52417112_2188045891287879_….jpg)


/argentina/ over here

201bfa  No.12913085

File: d1ff3e29d380461⋯.jpg (191.39 KB, 711x607, 711:607, racemixing.jpg)

File: c36544e5c7ecfaa⋯.jpg (501.44 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, ertyuio.jpg)


Als in de supermarkt hardop gepraat wordt over hoe we ze allemaal het land uit moeten sodemieteren is dat voor mij een teken aan de wand. Vooral nu het weer zo interessant is, van regen naar zon. Media is allang geen peilstok meer, elk verhaal leeft nog waar het moet leven, lokaal. Oma overvallen? Reken er maar op dat iemand dat niet vergeet. Zoon in elkaar geslagen? Dat blijft branden. Als we dan toch in dezelfde sfeer blijven praten: Als heel Nederland smeult wordt de kans op een vuurzee groter bij elk klein brandje.

Denk dat we het alleen oneens zijn in welk stadium we zitten. Ik denk toch een treetje hoger. Een beweging heeft tijd nodig om te groeien, maar we zijn allemaal het wachten een beetje zat.

>je moet niet zo wijs doen

Dat maak ik godverdomme zelf wel uit :^)

f112cb  No.12913087


You are correct about Christianity being a good traditional influence, but the reason we don't want to focus on religion is because is an easy target for the left.

We need to focus on the human rights of the dutch commonwealth being attacked by a gang not-native to the region. Its all about getting others to see this perspective. Everything else is an add on IMO.

201bfa  No.12913092


In any other time it would be called a siege. I think these faggots forget the police isnt there to protect the townspeople. Best thing that can happen is acceleration, police pulling out. I would hate to see women and children injured, but…

337895  No.12913098


>Whites aren't destined to rule over the entire world

Spic detected

9345c8  No.12913104

File: 72599675712ef35⋯.gif (3.67 MB, 500x294, 250:147, 1552499184616.gif)


>Als heel Nederland smeult wordt de kans op een vuurzee groter bij elk klein brandje.

Mooi gesproken maat. Praten we toch dezelfde taal. Ik ben het wachten gewoon zo gigantisch beu, dat ik misschien het vertrouwen wat verloren ben. Maar je hebt zeker gelijk, voornamelijk na wat de Franzen hebben geflikt, merk ik wel dat het vuur steeds meer aangewakkerd wordt bij de mensen om me heen. Het brand alleen al zo lang in mijn eigen hart.

Ach, geduld is een schone zaak.

90beac  No.12913105


Christians say mentally handicapped should be able to procreate.

We don't

87bf2c  No.12913106


/ebola/ ready to spread

8941f8  No.12913112


Ik verwacht zelf dat we een stuk harder gaan deze lente. Als het mooier weer wordt. Het vuur is zeker aangewakkert in December met de Gilets Jaunes. Wanneer de bom gaat barsten weet niemand als het een organische beweging wordt. Als er vrijdag in Urk ware happenings gaan voortkomen dan denk ik dat 2019 heel rumoerig gaat worden.

02772e  No.12913137

File: 58302113eaaa435⋯.mp4 (6.84 MB, 1280x618, 640:309, bang_bang_bang_pull_my_dev….mp4)


Dem dubbadubs don't deny, dork.

000000  No.12913141



looks at Golden Dawn

kek again

kys votecuck

f4c99d  No.12913146


Just fucking shit up

f112cb  No.12913149


Focus on what people cant dispute is wrong. Keep it simple

9345c8  No.12913153


>een organische beweging

We zullen bijzonder alert moeten zijn en heel goed oppassen met deze voortkomende bewegingen, de jood zal koste wat het kost proberen deze bewegingen te sturen. Zie bijvoorbeeld bijgaande afbeelding. Dit was de dame die de Gele Hesjes zou leiden in Amsterdam. Toepasselijke (((achternaam))). Kijk alleen al naar wat ze onder andere zegt in dat Parool interview:

>Het is bij ons geen demonstratie uit woede tegen benzineprijzen zoals in Frankrijk. We hebben het goed in Nederland. Het probleem is dat we niet meer worden gehoord.

In de eerste alinea alleen is de waarheid al flink verdraaid.

9345c8  No.12913156

File: 81f916a62715936⋯.png (686.41 KB, 716x895, 4:5, deerenberg.png)

189b8e  No.12913170



>Het Parool

Bij dit Pro-Jodenblaadje kan je ook weinig anders verwachten dan dat. Je hebt gelijk though. Mijn observatie: Jan Dijkgraaf was er als de kippen bij om het gele hesjes front te kapen, en bij die lijer heb ik het grootste vermoeden dat hij gecontroleerde oppositie is (net als Geenstijl overigens.. ander verhaal). Wat Boomer Jan namelijk deed, was de speerpunt eruit halen en het onderdompelen in weeïge boomer nostalgie naar een betere tijd. Weet je wat hij als lijflied voor deze beweging koos? Het nummer 15 miljoen mensen. Weet je hoe snel Jan verdween uit de Gele hesjes beweging? Na 3 demonstraties. Daarna ben ik gestopt met de beweging te volgen: het is een poppenkast.

8e102f  No.12913179

Would you faggots speak English please

97a7b2  No.12913190

how many dead?

how many sandniggers burning alive atm?

9345c8  No.12913191


>het is een poppenkast.

Ongetwijfeld. Het is ze wel gelukt. Het is hier nog niet van de grond gekomen.


Sorry friend, it's pretty refreshing to be able to talk with my countrymen on here in our own language. I catch your drift though, I'll gladly translate anything you want, to the best of my abilities of course.

f4c99d  No.12913194



5735e4  No.12913200


Significantly less shills that way though

97a7b2  No.12913214

File: e11b18b40d4ff68⋯.mp4 (872.91 KB, 480x704, 15:22, rwds_urk.mp4)

Is there any other footage?

781984  No.12913224


Stop being an English Only Peon, lmao

189b8e  No.12913245



Right you are. Ik zie namelijk erg veel parallellen met de Franse Revolutie ca. 1790.

Ach ja, we gaan het zien.

460982  No.12913248

File: 82741c86a0cbcdd⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 651x807, 217:269, grashing dis blane.jpg)


/bane/ standing by

a7e22f  No.12913293


>I'm not saying that whites should oppose genocide, but they need a good reason.

What better reason could there possibly be?

6ad064  No.12913348


/vg/ reporting, death to corruptors of culture and fun.


Anyone who has read Mein Kampf would know the futility of attacking the church because of the nefarious elements that use it. Any movement based in such a manner would die quickly. You can call me when the pagans demographically outnumber the Christians however, which is happening slowly but still higher than Christianity in growth. Not in our lifetime however, especially with Islam being a stronger influence.


Not everyone speaks English as a first language you stupid faggot, where do you think we are?


>Albert Speer

>man who betrayed Hitler and vigorously tried to throw him under the bus at every opportunity should be trusted

I know Hitler liked him, and that's why he let him go, but that's absolute dog shit.


Kill yourself you fucking degenerate.

201bfa  No.12913376


Precies waarom (((Wilders))) bestaat. Mooie bliksemafleider, hij speelt zijn rol goed. Maar wees daar niet al te bang voor, echte beweging ontstaat vanuit het hart. Een verlangen. Dat ontpopt zich onder stamgasten in een kroeg, een vereniging, een societeit. Zonder dromerig door te kwezelen, het bloed draagt zijn vaandel. Er is een constante barrage propaganda voor nodig om het slapende te houden, iedereen die een week van verlost is ziet het licht. Lugenpresse.

Volk raakt ontworteld, vrees wel dat de tijd dringt.

>Luystert dan bewogen wolcken

>Met ontschorden hij sijn keel

>Om sijn handen te vertolcken

>Naer mijn waterigh gequeel;

>’K tapp het uyt veel dieper’ gronden

>Dan van onder tongh en tand,

>’t Zijn de wiecken uyt de wonden

>Van mijn seerigh Vaderland.

9345c8  No.12913407


Wilders is mijn favoriete politicus om over te discussiëren met mensen. Ze gaan er altijd vrij snel vanuit dat ik op Wilders zou stemmen, vanwege mijn opvattingen. Ik gebruik altijd het woord bliksemafleider. Als je uitlegt waar die man mee bezig is, valt het kwartje vrij snel. En zodra je aangeeft dat het wel bijzonder hypocriet is voor iemand die deels joods, deels Indonesisch en deels Nederlands is om andere bevolkingsgroepen het land uit proberen te trappen, begrijpen de meesten wel dat het pure verdeeldheidstactieken zijn.

Verder heb ik niets toe te voegen aan de rest van je post. Verdomd lekker geschreven.

saus voor dat gedicht?

444e76  No.12913489

File: 6f03556e075c6a0⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 446x559, 446:559, 1206536930550.jpg)

poastan for updates

8735a6  No.12913760


I understand, but Your fate is tied to mine. For now English is the common tongue

80514d  No.12913880


The Weimar Republic had a multi-party system, where in the USA, it's a strict two-party system. Granted, there probably are many with genuine far-right views, and not (((far-right))) views, but there's not much available to channel that into something effective electorally.

9284f4  No.12913881


Don't think this event warrants it yet but ok, /b/tard here.

5299f3  No.12913916


What is the relevance of this clip to the post you replied?

5299f3  No.12913922



bb434b  No.12913932


who's house is burning? white or nigger?

0be2a4  No.12913935


On the bright side, this has kept guns precious to radicals, and why we seldom turn out for anything but gun rallies. We know there's no help coming from above. We know they're fake and gay and sheep only follow charismatic men, not the man's vision. Its just us, ours, and guns.

bb434b  No.12913936


what is actually happening here?

is it whites storming a niggers house and killing him?


80514d  No.12913953


True, very true. Hopefully, you guys are supporting groups like GOA instead of NRA (Negotiating Rights Away). Say what any of you will about Varg, but he's right when he says that there is no political solution.

6d82bb  No.12913955

File: be51735ce569179⋯.png (178.24 KB, 464x934, 232:467, free helocopter rides.png)


we know who you are

fbf6da  No.12914184


Was Doenitz a capable leader all things considered? Before the end, I mean, he had to have been known as a reliable man to be awarded the honor.


<circumcised jew cock

>no mods to clean up literal porn

e1dd6b  No.12914191

File: 9003741cea0ee80⋯.png (125.33 KB, 1806x1252, 903:626, 15c0480e00f09f92848fa5879b….png)

8ee28a  No.12914243

File: cfde6eef873f245⋯.jpg (552.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Banning No 4.jpg)


>>>urbex/ reporting im

e983f5  No.12914300


Son, I think you're a bit too late. lol War was happening before our births.

e983f5  No.12914311


Her stare is a tractor beam.

455a75  No.12914330


>Using a jew-cut cock in the first part


f2c7fb  No.12914349


The Dutch have always been in the middle of crazy shit like this.

f2c7fb  No.12914366


>Papist scum

Fucking your next.


Boers havnt had much to do with their Dutch cousins for over 200 years, and 400 years outside of Cape Town. It was a hard break too. And Id bet but Afrikaners Boers are the ones getting hit the absolute hardest by the South African Anti White policies, while kikes and Anglos slowly make out like bandits.

e9de09  No.12914380

File: 8c130b4c6c2e543⋯.jpg (90.41 KB, 669x1200, 223:400, taftaj.jpg)


/trap/ here.

feebd3  No.12914432

File: ac22a5cb37572f7⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 480x740, 24:37, fcbf7487b536466633b54e1868….jpg)


unironically kill yourself, whether you're a trap or not

71c287  No.12914435


>using the jew propaganda term "anglos"


85507b  No.12914441


> race war

With Christians instead of LARPagans ? The irony.

eb326f  No.12914460


> The Netherlands is cucked to the core

I have a Belgian friend who lives in Netherlands and he says his town harasses every immigrant that moves there to the point they leave and this has kept their town almost entirely white.

aa1bfc  No.12914461

File: ec404514b1c84cf⋯.jpg (9.99 KB, 190x255, 38:51, Look_At_This_Shit.jpg)


Not you, faggot.

4493fd  No.12914463


why do traps look hotter than actual girls?

d21d8b  No.12914466


Cosmo fucked himself up.

aa1bfc  No.12914471


Because you're a fucking homo?

4493fd  No.12914476


No I'm not

85c6fe  No.12914479

File: 87d1930a9ed765a⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 580x523, 580:523, ghenea_si_bebe_0.jpg)


Or get yourselves some gypsies,most of what you have to worry about them is pickpocketing and being overall pigs.

But gypos hate muslims and niggers with a passion.

I'm from Romania and so far gypos have sent so many niggers and arabs to the grave,that i'm amazed.

3 nigger basketball players stabbed just last year and sent packing back to the US,2 killed,Arab casino owners and migrants killed.Gypos stab muslims and beat them up especially in Slough,UK

Romanians aren't any worse either,especially when it comes to Turks.

Get yourselves some gypos,westernbro's

781360  No.12914493


Exchanging one parasite over another is not a viable strategy.

97c11b  No.12914497


Goed bezig Urk. Hier een Hagenees die volledig geredpilled is. Ik ben dakloos en word opgevangen door Parnassia. Ik kan geen huis vinden omdat ik geen vluchteling ben, en ik kan geen werk krijgen omdat ik geen huis heb.

Er zijn veel blanken de lul zoals ik in het belang voor de zwarten in ons eigen land.

Momenteel ben ik een individu die alle blanken om me heen probeer te vertellen dat Joden het blanke ras willen uitroeien.

Graag kom ik in een organisatie om dingen groter aan te pakken. Ik heb een auto, iemand suggesties voor een goede organisatie binnen NL?

97c11b  No.12914505


Cute, but you are advertising race mixing and you are thus nothing more or less than a Kike. Larp more for a year or 25.

45e270  No.12914509


To destroy it? If any one of those sand niggers gets past the police line or the police don't try to "keep the peace" niggers are dropping left and right.

85c6fe  No.12914512


One parasite takes out 3 others(they don't get along with cinks either)


The model in the pic is a half gypo.

Myself personally got 2 nephews(my cousins kids) that have green eyes(the only ones in my family)And his wife is a half gypo girl.

97c11b  No.12914519


We do not need anyone else to safe the white race other than white people.

And, we dont want to celebrate victory with degenerates.

85c6fe  No.12914521


I'm giving you a alternative/info,do with that what you will.

e31550  No.12914579


sorry anon talking in swamp german removes all the shills as shariablue/yangang/haaretz doesn't have people fluent in it

it is quite refreshing that we can speak in dutch as suddenly all the fracture points are gone and almost everybody agrees on what is happening

zeer opvallend natuurlijk dat ook de hele religieuze D&C verdwijnt als tel aviv niet kan meelezen met wat er gedraad wordt

97c11b  No.12914628


>zeer opvallend natuurlijk dat ook de hele religieuze D&C verdwijnt als tel aviv niet kan meelezen met wat er gedraad wordt

Zeker man, "talk english" zou altijd als Kike-opmerking beschouwd moeten worden. Dezelde Kikes gaan dan gelijk "Nice english" zeggen. KankerKikes.

676b2c  No.12914633

189b8e  No.12914660


Noones: this was the welcoming committee in Urk on the night the Moroccans said they'd come down there to trash the place.


Ik denk dat het tijd is voor een dutch-pol thread

fce598  No.12914666

File: 6a38bd4b8821233⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 290x406, 5:7, JPEG_20180919_002000.jpg)


/k/ Eastern Shore Division reporting, we hear the call. Thread is being shared to ancillary /k/ networks across the states. Ave Nex Alea! May the /k/ube shine its light on the boer.

189b8e  No.12914673


>zeer opvallend natuurlijk dat ook de hele religieuze D&C verdwijnt als tel aviv niet kan meelezen met wat er gedraad wordt

.. maar je kan er van uit gaan dat ze nu een nederlandse agency aan het contacten zijn om verdeeldheid te zaaien. joop en groenlinks klapmongolen leven op (((staatssubsidies))), dus ik verwacht binnen niet al te lange tijd een tagteampje hier.

908dbd  No.12914674


>Similarly, Hitler was transcribed as saying: "Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers […] then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone

It was Christian heroism that won Poitiers and many other battles against heathens

8941f8  No.12914684

A comment from the ubercucked /r/theNetherlands:

"Ik ken een paar jongens die willen gaan vrijdag. Ze waren super trots dat er broeders uit Antwerpen schenen te komen. Dit gaat nog een lang staartje krijgen ben ik bang. Ze stoken elkaar al best lang op met wat voor strijder ze wel niet zijn."

Translated: "I know a couple of guys that are planning on going this Friday. They were really proud that brothers from Antwerpen are planning on going. I'm afraid this isn't the end of it. They've been inciting each other for quite a while now on what kind of fighter they are."

So far no happenings since the first showing of sandniggers that got stopped by the police but from what I can gather at least something is going down tomorrow.

e83db4  No.12914688


Both Islam and Christianity have Jewish roots and are controlled by Jews. Both religions and their believers belong in the middle east. Real Frisians are loyal to Odin, Thor and Wralda because those gods represent the values of 1488. Christianity and Islam are out to destroy the white race.

01b1b8  No.12914747

File: 23749d0729d15c1⋯.png (40.91 KB, 784x708, 196:177, F_jannys.png)

Imagine thinking Refugees are bad in a crackhead fisherman city thats also christian, sucks to be you liberal


04cfd0  No.12914751

only ugly people hate their own race


7205ca  No.12914852


/pdfs/ reporting in

e8835a  No.12914867


>why are men sexier than women

You're gay.


Have the numbers risen on the town's side yet or will they be simple martyrs and just another redpill on this site?

339e36  No.12914883


Checking those awesome trips there /k/ bro

bbdb66  No.12914900


/tg/ reporting in

321122  No.12914983


>This seems to be too fast growing, and the jews can't stop it.

I'm convinced that we passed an inflection point some time ago. The jews are causing it to grow now, every panicked move they make to try to stop it just serves as a demonstration of jewish power and creates more converts.

About the only hope they would have now of saving themselves would be to back off massively on all the subversive shit they've been pulling, release their hold on our governments and enact a massive program of border security and deportations across the West. Instead they do nothing but double down. It's like they want to be holocausted for real.

dfc7db  No.12915008

Hope to see photos of dead sand niggers soon.

a5f4fc  No.12915013


Once again, you lot shove your hooked nose into everything.

As Rosenberg would have said, this does not happen because they are Christians but in spite of it. How I fucking loathe you xcucks.

5e0b94  No.12915017


This isn't a Jewish board.

201bfa  No.12915029

A summary for the burgers:

(((News))) is pretending race has nothing to do with it. It was just a simple barfight between Jan-Willem and Soufyan. Because Soufyan Boukhizzou is a real Urker, a true Dutchman, of course, as evidenced by his name. Oer-Hollandsch. It has nothing to do with his race.

Social media, so the actual Urkers and Dutch, have a different opinion. They think Soufyan is an annoying foreigner, who might have grown up in Urk but has a peculiar attitude. One more attributed to nogs than to whites. When he made some wrong comments about a white girl shtf. Proverbial straw, sorta say. (((News))) downplays this by saying he was simply annoying, but anyone that can translate newspeak knows what this means.

This resulted in a confrontation, one that escalated rapidly. (I keep telling people the fire is rising.) Escalated to the point where more than 100 young people were at the house of the sandniggers - and apparently broke in too. This is where the police started to intervene. Now, three days later, after calls from the police and the mayor, unrest still has not died down.

Urkers stand united; shitskins stand united. So in good fashion a bunch of these subhumans took their drugmobiles and drove to Urk. And here we are now.

Media first tried to make Urk out to be racist. But when the mediakikes noticed it had an undesirable effect (namely people owning up to the term racist and standing behind Urk) they quickly changed their tone. Now they are downplaying the events. Its been really interesting to see them change narrative halfway through their newscycle. I consider it more proof that people are waiting for an event where they can take a stand and raise their banner.


>sinskin attracted to white girl

>white knights defend white girl

>sinskin outnumbered and afraid

>calls in family, more sinskins show up

>police protect incoming sinskins from white knights

>downloading escalation



>70% you are here

4dc86f  No.12915033


So whats the chances of this turning into a full race war?

0b0d66  No.12915048

File: ae234d2667385aa⋯.jpg (296.81 KB, 1440x494, 720:247, SmartSelect_20190314-10554….jpg)


/x/ reporting for duty

e84d92  No.12915049

File: 3b196bda5549b44⋯.jpg (414.48 KB, 1202x1620, 601:810, HollandTulipsAndWindmill.jpg)


Never once did I think the fire would rise in Holland. The dutch are a shining example for us all. Godspeed.

000000  No.12915095

it isn't just holland its belgium too, i think this whole labelling of the yellow vests as racist has put the europeans in a naughty mood.

201bfa  No.12915096


Very slim. But its there for once. Political parties making an issue out of this might actually fan the flames.

It can go two ways; Either (((they))) realise shit might actually start an inferno and they dumb and tone it down. Or it gets exploited, meaning it was that much of a deal anyway.

Right now the rhetoric is immensely toned down, that is very telling for a Dutch people that usually pride themselves on being direct and having no-nonsense attitudes.

d03797  No.12915113

Look at this news article, Christians. This is what your religion ought to have been doing for the past two thousand years. Until every Christian is on the White side, you'll still be faggots.

9479a8  No.12915128

File: 144ee0a7ffcc5ce⋯.jpg (48.98 KB, 332x498, 2:3, Numeriser0002.jpg)


If my white brothers from The Netherlands need help, let them call and I shall answer!!!

There is no better struggle then that for your own people!!!

Who here feels the same?

177f24  No.12915160


Yep. Count me in

559788  No.12915177


/tok/ here. Time to summon the frogs of war!

559788  No.12915186


So then, those unable to come, should make libations to Odin, requesting that he gifts these dutchmen the ganger and they go berserker on the shitskins, initiating the race war?

458988  No.12915350





I'm pretty sure the first bit is just to bait degenerates, and then throw the rest in their faces.

Posting it on a porn site with the first bit as the thumbnail would likely rickroll the cockbeaters

458988  No.12915357



aka "Imaginary friends: the grown up version"

213530  No.12915361

dutch here this country is cancer eliteist and mason hive

Mocros beat people to death and go unpunished here daily

most of the time they upload themselves beating kids on dumpert

cant wait to have a civil war WHOS WITH ME?

8d0ca2  No.12915408


>( ( ( religion ) ) )


201bfa  No.12915422

File: 5d7acaf7a7cfb8f⋯.png (26.64 KB, 854x426, 427:213, 2017_Immigrants_to_Netherl….png)


>country is elitist and mason hive

Out of 17million people you should be able to find millions to be willing to fight for.

>mocros beat people to death and go unpunished daily

Sure they are.


Heb je de comments wel eens gelezen? Als er ergens een generatie zyklon bestaat, dan is het wel in de comments op zulke sites. Misschien dat de referenties te subtiel zijn voor je.

>cant wait to have a civil war

This is a war between the Dutch and an invading force. Not a war between citizens, but war between incompatible cultures and races.

Beter kanker je op met je onzin. 60% van onze gevangenissen zit vol met buitenlanders die volgens jou onbestraft zijn. Je post in een draad waar we het hebben over een groep Nederlanders die opstaan tegen buitenlands anti-Nederlands gedrag. Unpunished.

Eenmaal aan het front zal ik samen met je strijden, maar ik betwijfel of je er serieus over na hebt gedacht.

Sinskinned subhumans from society, leeching our resources.

9479a8  No.12915599


>>mocros beat people to death and go unpunished daily

>Sure they are.

Thats true retard, if you dont know that your either a shill or an useful idiot.

93cf85  No.12915610


So far, i haven't heard of any cases where that happened. Please post a story to back up your claims.

As for beating up people and getting away with it, that's another story.

As for whoring out young girls as loverboys and getting away with it,.. that's another story.

So far, you're just kiking up the thread


I hate how niggers and sand niggers get all those gibs. I know for a fact that almost all of them do shady business on the side. And I also know for a fact the gross percentage of them send the moneys back to their families in their home countries through Western Union.

201bfa  No.12915655


Show me the seven people killed last week. If you want to convince people, especially the people unaware of the societal issues, at least stick to the truth. This anon understands: >>12915610

Leeched resources end up in Africa and the middle east. Its a literal drain on our economy. Usury and kikery (well thats rather redundant) aside, we are giving these things money which then gets funnelled back into their homelands, into their economy. Then they poison our youth with drugs and rape our women and our language. All of western society is keeping dying populations, dying countries, dying continents alive with monetary aid. Aid that was meant for their own people, is now extended to literal foreign apes as a courtesy. And why? Why they are 'workers', or 'refugees', or 'diversity', or simply 'migrants' looking for a better place - we have to help them. Meanwhile land and houses get too expensive for the new generation to start properly in life, but at least hey have neat gadgets and the newest phones. White people, responsible as they feel, are getting less children while the sponsored and pampered shitskins breed like rabbits. We are facilitating our own demise, but people are waking up to it. There is still plenty of time to turn this ship around!

One of the worst things that was ever done to my ancestors was convincing them we had an obligation to diversity. Because we had colonies, that same mixed society over there, should be implemented here. Because it worked out so well in Africa and Indonesia, right? Or how about giving people from Suriname the right to become Dutch citizens? And of course the family of those hard working first wave of turks and marrocans, they should be able to come here right? Oh almost 40% of people under 18 has a non-European heritage now? Fuck, well, that doesnt matter i guess.

Its all so tiresome.

e918f2  No.12915775

One can only dream of the day where we kick out the kikes from our government, tell the EU to fuck off and physically remove every single african from our beautiful white european country.

Our lands and peoples have been raped by the christian horde and the muslim horde and now the kikes in our government have convinced half the country that we should take in even MORE invaders.

Enough is enough. Make Europe White Again.

681672  No.12915797


Checked also dubs in your id

a992f8  No.12915802












201bfa  No.12915861

File: 87d37ea2a2ac3c7⋯.jpeg (169.64 KB, 1024x2048, 1:2, blablabla.jpeg)

File: ece86c22271231b⋯.png (388.86 KB, 690x1106, 345:553, kutmarrokanen.png)

File: 1a0f9d9ae6af24e⋯.png (348.75 KB, 1484x1202, 742:601, 5968748649.png)

File: 67ebaa50ada0824⋯.jpeg (138.84 KB, 1080x1863, 40:69, shitskins.jpeg)


Police is still, few days after the fact, putting up checkpoints along the main roads. I cant believe theyre doing anything other than racial profiling, which is hilarious to me.

Couple of people arrested for making threats, all white of course.

There was a large group of shitskins in Utrecht tonight, planning to go to Urk. Not sure what came of it. Then pic related started circulating later tonight. See it on the police's feed as well.

If anything is going to happen, chances are its happening tonight. Make sure to accentuate the retardation that police has to 'protect' Urkers from shitskins across the land. I reiterate; best option is for police to take off (their uniform and fight in the siege).

Nurture this flame so that it may burn brighter still.

201bfa  No.12915871

File: 87d37ea2a2ac3c7⋯.jpeg (169.64 KB, 1024x2048, 1:2, blablabla.jpeg)


Sorry wrong file.

Heres the threat from tonight. Thats an hour ago, so if anything is happening tonight it should hit soon.

381534  No.12915908

File: 483c7ee8ac014b3⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 392x462, 28:33, 483c7ee8ac014b3899ab41f1af….jpg)


Supposedly productive shizofrenia. Interesting.


True but I can't blame the man for wanting uncle Adolf as a mentor.

9345c8  No.12915925


Will the shitskins actually start a race war? I can't fucking believe it. They are jumping the gun, which will work in our favor big time. If they'd just wait for about a decade, they would have a shot. What utter retards.

381534  No.12915953


That is actually far from unlikely. We all now how impulse niggerkind is and how easily insulted they are. Additionally since this is a small town the local ZOGbots might not have the numbers to stop the two groups from clashing.

Add every second idiot using his phonecam to share the violence with the world and we got ourselves all we need.

That reminds me. A question to my dutch cousins ITT.

How hard have they been hitting you lot with the guilt-stick concerning muh natzees and such?

9479a8  No.12915956

File: 6cc89364a05a413⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 536x435, 536:435, 6cc89364a05a413fdc8549f013….jpg)

File: c717ba2cd78ba87⋯.png (839.79 KB, 708x639, 236:213, c0b1640275cec5d83280af00dc….png)



Fuck off kikes, daily reminder whites get killed, raped every day wile shit skins get no or little consequences!!!

110e70  No.12915977

File: 2f84c3b50ab57d3⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, 9mm blank.jpg)

File: 927d3dee2ee343f⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, 9mm FMJ.jpg)


> 4th image

/k/ here

That's a Walther p99 PAK. A replica that only fires blanks.

9345c8  No.12915978


>How hard have they been hitting you lot with the guilt-stick concerning muh natzees and such?

Hard. And I grew up in the farm land, far secluded from the bigger cities and Randstad. Lot of (((education))) on the subject through school from a young age. Went to the Westerbork train station when I was 12 or something as a school excursion. There also exists a sort of rivalry with Germany, mostly because of sportsball™, which helps a lot in getting people to swallow the Germany Bad bluepill. Diary of Anne Frank much discussed subject in schools. Big emphasis on WWII, not so much on WWI.

I know a lot of people who either went to visit Auschwitz, or the Anne Frank museum.

daa895  No.12915988


>very poorly mspaint applied eyepatches

Would you faggots stop with the fakes? This is like that one image of Hitler badly inserted into an image with Jesse Owens that was too fucking obvious. Should've kept just the right side of the image. You're hurting our cause with fraudulent bullshit. Let jews lie as they always do. Stick to the truth.

381534  No.12915996


Sorry to hear that, bro. I thought they might've gone easier on you since us Germans kinda invited ourselves in on our way to Frogland.

That being said it does sound like people are still proud and sane enough to admit to disliking niggers, at least. So how can you give me a overview of how bluepilled people are overall and how much of that (((education))) stuck?

201bfa  No.12916027

File: e483f5b00cb41d6⋯.png (2.8 MB, 2514x1350, 419:225, rabo(((bank))).png)


>gets asked to substantiate claims

>calls people kike instead

>moves goalpost from the Netherlands all the way to SA and France

What is this low effort bullshit? Filtered.


Same experience. Grew up on border between Germany and Netherlands. Went from colonisation, to nazis, to vietnam. Had excursions in grade 8 to synagogue, mosque and buddhist temples - paid for by the state because a Catholic school would never do this out of their own pocket. Small enough a town to have parents complain about these trips even. I mean, especially the race-mixing angle is everywhere.

>even geld overmaken

>pic related


bbf2a7  No.12916047

what time is in over there? anything good happen yet?

381534  No.12916050

File: f7e460a76e79280⋯.jpg (229.62 KB, 720x540, 4:3, hereitcal.jpg)

681672  No.12916063



9345c8  No.12916070


>Sorry to hear that, bro. I thought they might've gone easier on you since us Germans kinda invited ourselves in on our way to Frogland.

Don't forget we basically welcomed you with open arms back then. Also, you're the first non-Dutch I've encountered calling our country Frogland.

>That being said it does sound like people are still proud and sane enough to admit to disliking niggers, at least.

We are notorious for being a level-headed people. While overt racism mostly won't be condoned, nobody complains about a rational discussion on touchy subjects.

The media would have you believe otherwise though.

>So how can you give me a overview of how bluepilled people are overall and how much of that (((education))) stuck?

Always keep in mind that us Dutch have had a, relative to other countries, large internet presence from the early 2000's to present day. This might give you an indication of the general views of people who grew up with the internet, in regards to being either red- or bluepilled. The official narrative is being discarded by large numbers of the public. Though I'm not so sure about boomers in general, and the people living in the bigger cities/Randstad. Sure, the working-class there has pretty redpilled opinions on immigration, but any mention of JQ is still a big no-no to most people over 35.

The country-side is pretty redpilled overall, Urk being an extreme example of this. It's a comfortable place still, and foreigners are very much shunned there.


>Had excursions in grade 8 to synagogue […]

Forgot about that. Exactly the same with me, went to a synagogue in Groningen. My friends and me bailed halfway through, and went to visit the red light district there to giggle at the half-naked ladies. All in all an interesting experience for a 12 year old.

201bfa  No.12916072

File: b1f4f64cc21a096⋯.mp4 (10.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, blablaturken.mp4)


Apparently, because of police presence, the shitskins are organising. Nothing happened tonight apart from some shouting between groups.

>vid related

Its a video muslims are circulating. Apparently the shitskins want a racewar already. They can have it.

Ik ga ervanuit dat mensen snappen dat ik het antwoord op deze bijeenkomst van de Neerlandsche kant even achterwege laat. Het rommelt.

8c661d  No.12916079


what is the anime?

381534  No.12916119

File: dc9fc644e7095a2⋯.png (813.97 KB, 676x676, 1:1, yes it was.png)


Thanks for the info, cousin. Happy to hear you still have your heads on your shoulders, all in all.

Holland is as good a place as any for the racewar to start and there are still plenty of us Germans left who will come over to help.

9345c8  No.12916140


We're in this together, brother. Victory will be ours.

a5d9b1  No.12916156

File: fdef0ae8616e8b5⋯.png (152.07 KB, 442x681, 442:681, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58ae87a747fcbf5⋯.png (88.03 KB, 358x304, 179:152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c75c7b5573547b⋯.png (143.44 KB, 721x358, 721:358, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3d186bd21f9556⋯.png (279.11 KB, 750x399, 250:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0034637f999b0dc⋯.png (202.87 KB, 836x505, 836:505, ClipboardImage.png)


That horrible racemixing they propagate. It's a collective effort. It's everywhere. Pic related is from the booklet about sex education. The pictures added are all from there, and there isn't a single white-on-white in there (maybe that scooter fag and the redhead, but earlier she was infatuated by Aziz, so i'm still doubtful who the boy should portray). The booklet is a booklet in the Arabic language, so that people who don't speak the dutch language know how the racemixing works best. I have gathered numerous of these suggestive race-mixing evidences throughout the years. It's a real fucking plague in Education.

Whenever I see a racetraitor walking by, I pour every drop of my disgust and disdain over while I gaze at them. I mouth the words "Racetraitor" while I stare at them intently. I whisper it softly when I pass them on the streets. Shame has worked to get women to racemix, so it will be shame to get them off racemixing again. It actually started working with some girl I sometimes see with a syrian refugee. She now looks scared whenever she sees me, while I keep giving her the death stare.


Kind reminder that all muslims have mutilated dicks because the Quran tells them to do that to their sons. This makes them bad strategists since they're so impulsive. So yeah, I hope they'll jump the gun here; >>12916072 ze pakken de kebabmessen schijnbaar uit het vet. Het gaat los.


All the fucking time. Boomers obviously were hit the worst and as anon said here: >>12916070 you don't mention it to them since they've been trained never to question the narrative they've been fed. Still, they know. They're just too goddamn scared to talk about it.

(((Amsterdam))) had a very Jewish population since the dutch made the error to be tolerant to the jews. Since the end of the 2nd world war, the Jews have kiked up every media and banking outlet and still are doing so. I'm not really in the mood to type out all the Jewish shit they've pulled, but they're in every main organization.

b11672  No.12916162

why is it called both holland and netherland? and language and people and things called dutch?

9ce9c3  No.12916193

There is no race war coming weirdos!! There will be no mass murdering of any village folk. Lay off the drugs.

a5d9b1  No.12916198

File: 6b0db94000e1006⋯.png (459.24 KB, 1200x1423, 1200:1423, downloads.png)


Holland are two provinces (north and south holland). They generate most of the (((wealth))) and think they're the most important

The Netherlands are all 12 provinces.


Krijg stage 4 hersenkanker.

9345c8  No.12916203


>Whenever I see a racetraitor walking by, I pour every drop of my disgust and disdain over while I gaze at them. I mouth the words "Racetraitor" while I stare at them intently. I whisper it softly when I pass them on the streets.

Mijn neger.


Basically our country is called The Netherlands, but we carry this festering tumor with us that is Holland. It has grown in power overtime and now it demands to be mentioned by name at least as often as its host, preferably more.

Obviously I'm not claiming everyone living in Holland is a traitorous piece of trash, because they're not. It's just that most of the problems derive from Holland, especially the Randstad.

9345c8  No.12916213


Also shoutout to the elitist- and jewladen hellhole that is 't Gooi.

a5d9b1  No.12916227


>'t Gooi

>The Goy

Am i the only one seeing this?

381534  No.12916228

File: 534af7b6860b8be⋯.gif (72.68 KB, 942x942, 1:1, 1457465485882.gif)


You sound scared, kike. Thanks for raising our morale.

Now, kvetch harder.

9345c8  No.12916238


No, I've also said it before in some /polder/draad, but some anon half-convinced me there was no correlation, and I haven't brought it up since. I am prone to see connections in a lot of things.

But since the jews have been here for such a long time, I still wouldn't completely discard the theory.

b11672  No.12916247


>Holland are two provinces (north and south holland). They generate most of the (((wealth))) and think they're the most important

>The Netherlands are all 12 provinces.


>Basically our country is called The Netherlands, but we carry this festering tumor with us that is Holland. It has grown in power overtime and now it demands to be mentioned by name at least as often as its host, preferably more.

interesting. in swedish "holland" and "nederländerna" is the same thing (as far as i know). if netherlands is the proper name for the whole country, then why is it always called holland in football?

and what about "dutch"? makes me think of "deutch" but there is nothing german about it.

a5d9b1  No.12916262

File: d37cec582401f8e⋯.png (402.92 KB, 1450x776, 725:388, ClipboardImage.png)


It makes sense: they keep the goodest goyim who allow the perversions to continue happy by giving them wealthy houses. But I have to remain rational here: appearantly there was/is a land called "Goye" back then and it would make sense if it came from that. I have to dive back in history to see when the first Jewish Subversion started here.

e7005c  No.12916310


/tg/ standing by. Time to gain some exp boys.

923224  No.12916332


Someone give TL;DR of progress

I can't read this Dutchspeak


Mein Kampf was a propaganda book authored co-authored by Hess, a sworn pagan "occultist". Both he and Hitler hated christianity, but Hitler was not going to remove it before removing the kikes, as christianity was still strong and deeply ingrained. He even said something to this effect in MK and it was corroborated with words of other NSDAP members and his best friend Kubizek.

b11672  No.12916342


>Both he and Hitler hated christianity, but Hitler was not going to remove it before removing the kikes

remove it in favor of what? islam or atheism or paganism or what?

b11672  No.12916360



> islam

considering the quotes earlier


but thats just communism



a5d9b1  No.12916395


Shit's escalating and it will likely explode tomorrow at 19:00 (GMT+1)

adb302  No.12916396


>implying that christkikes are not the TARGETS of any Holy War

381534  No.12916402


The official stance of the NSDAP on the topic, as could be seen in the laws was simple.

The tldr: "We don't know what comes after death so we cannot and will not answer this question for our citizens. We leave it to every person to seek answers to that question by himself."

Christianity in the Reich was changed to be much less cucked and cancerous than what we see today and Paganism was also an option for any who want it.

Neither was officially endorsed nor restricted by the Reich. Atheism was treated the same and only retards and shitskins go for Pisslam so it was never on the table. Hitler and Himmler simply recognized how it mass produced footsoldiers and merely sought to use them as meatshields.

adb302  No.12916411


That's dumb. It would be smarter to have adjacent elements hit your enemies before they get to the AO. Nice try though, civ.

adb302  No.12916413


>in favor of what?

Of being European and going back to your real Gods, you fucking moron, holy shit.

a5d9b1  No.12916419




Ja, stelletje gappen, laten deze religieuze D&C effies uit deze thread.

923224  No.12916431


"Paganism" is what the leaders of the NSDAP favored. Remember: almost all of them came from the Thule Society, which was pagan. Hess, Himmler,Bormann, Goebbels, Rosenberg etc - all of the most powerful men in NS Germany were pagan. Why, if Hitler was so sworn to christianity, would he empower so many pagans? Especially so many pagans who openly hated christianity.

The plan was to defeat the kikes and kike puppets, then slowly phase christianity out via Rosenberg's positive christianity, and replace it with Germanic paganism over time.

a5d9b1  No.12916437





Take this shit somewhere else: it doesn't belong in this thread.

201bfa  No.12916438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Embed kind of boils it down.



Typerend of niet. Altijd hetzelfde gelul.

97a7b2  No.12916439


rolling for race war

d91fcd  No.12916453

So what happen Eurobros? Did you all kick some sandnigger ass?

023430  No.12916457

File: 879e03014c31bb9⋯.jpg (124.23 KB, 664x913, 8:11, 159419.jpg)

Rassenoorlog! Zin in makkers!

adb302  No.12916458



>oy vey I'm against facts

b11672  No.12916491


>Embed kind of boils it down.

thanks! very informative and yet confusing at the same time.

923224  No.12916501

File: 6627bb42d4d99e5⋯.jpg (484.99 KB, 960x1378, 480:689, demon king nagatoro2.jpg)


Shut up whiny nigger, someone will make a second thread once postlimit is reached and you can just filter shit you don't want to see.

466fc1  No.12916517


not fooling anyone today, mutt.

745a37  No.12916580

File: ad05d6b9d4056ff⋯.png (181.17 KB, 680x438, 340:219, 7c742jmiawl21.png)

File: 829054378b27503⋯.png (84.84 KB, 698x714, 349:357, 1552595917252.png)


Hup Holland hup. Word got out that its happening tomorrow

0a385f  No.12916604

File: 4e9f71e7f0adf6e⋯.webm (7.72 MB, 640x384, 5:3, french_revolution.webm)

EU wide revolution, when?

745a37  No.12916606


It's probably all larp, maybe even from an anon. Police will be there, no? So if they try to do something shitskins will die. Fuck me now I'm excited. I need to sleep. Fuck

c9d412  No.12916607


if you have 2 big crowds shouting at each other at night


c9d412  No.12916614


what movie is that?

745a37  No.12916622


Happening tomorrow 19:00. Nice

753adb  No.12916624


That's what Whites are going to do to Nazi cucks for serving the Jews for so long.

0a385f  No.12916626


La Révolution française

79e3a5  No.12916629


Go back to your Owen Benjamin thread, loser.

381534  No.12916644

File: d9e2448cb832f85⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 26df223e6ea218fe1be9c56f7d….png)


Go jump into the nearest oven, kike.

782647  No.12916875


You need to start silently killing sandniggers at night. Quick cut of their neck and move on.

6a6995  No.12916919

>rural Christians BTFO shitskin filth

>/pol/ notices

>immediate anti-Christian D+C

>If only Nazi Germany wuz shitskin religion


080fa8  No.12916938

File: dbb38a02bfd482d⋯.png (559.77 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, jews on pol.png)


what do you except from all these kikes on here?

3213e0  No.12917015


/hgg/ represent

d9164f  No.12918637

Did the original thread get shoahed? Can't believe I missed it.

a81a8b  No.12920628


9d96c2  No.12920898


CoC update when brother

201bfa  No.12923114


Voorwaarts. Kunnen niet achter blijven op NZ.

000000  No.12923147


7ded84  No.12923463


gast, post ff screenshot dan, geen zin om (((TELEGRAF))) te sponsoren

7ded84  No.12923539

File: e1d8e019ec375c3⋯.jpg (112.11 KB, 654x806, 327:403, Untitled.jpg)

0d9eb3  No.12924336


>een definitieve


>zijn te gaan verzamelen

have you ever been as far as ..





>de huis adres


>jou broederschap

ondanks hun bezitzucht hebben deze mocro's weinig kaas gegeten van het bezittelijk voornaamwoord.

7ded84  No.12924534



niet de nederlandse taal verklappen aan buitenlanders ;)

5db3b8  No.12925185

File: eb7b9d0e2a31061⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 1100x826, 550:413, 1491164538778.jpg)


/mlp/ here. mount up!

7ded84  No.12925744

File: 129af0bd774fe9b⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 620x1274, 310:637, urk-im5.jpg)

File: 5670f0420d62497⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 620x1342, 310:671, urk-im2.jpg)

File: 3d2f7ae5ffc0a34⋯.png (193.11 KB, 365x624, 365:624, urk-im1.png)

troep die op twitter staat

704ffa  No.12925765

ff4b61  No.12925924

File: b58dd4491bb4a43⋯.jpg (476.69 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1549636477021.jpg)


god i miss how easy going /po/ was, having that pinned.

60dcc2  No.12926445

File: 9833a192b2f378c⋯.png (471.27 KB, 494x605, 494:605, 0217.png)


Krijg de kanker domme boomneuker.

e918f2  No.12926716

Wew, I bet the mudslimes will be extra motivated today after what that auscunt did in NZ.

Hope the people of Urk prepare accordingly.

edeb0f  No.12926893


Daily reminder the French Revolution was orchestrated by powerful jewish families, including the Rothschild. An early attempt at communism and the killing of monarchy in Europe, which threatens Jewry and its long standing goals.

0d9eb3  No.12928472

File: 19a3607ad9d4211⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 181x197, 181:197, 19a3607ad9d4211fa0131c74a2….jpg)

Turk, Turk, Turk

Vanavond Mocro's slopen in Urk.

046630  No.12928622


>Shit's escalating and it will likely explode tomorrow at 19:00 (GMT+1)


9345c8  No.12928829

Three hours remaining. Get ready to archive everything.

8753b0  No.12929063


Mogge means morning, makker means buddy

madri = mother

0044b6  No.12929803

T-minus 97 minutes

c96983  No.12930067

File: 011c9dabb923739⋯.jpg (202.55 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DccHCF4W4AEJAqs.jpg:large.jpg)


dit wordt weer een 80 jarige oorlog mannen

a repeat of the 80 years war has begun, we will beat the mocro occupation

fa11d9  No.12930458


>why do men pretending to be women look better than women?

Nigga you gay.

9345c8  No.12930583

File: 740794f77aefa6c⋯.png (1.71 KB, 161x73, 161:73, NL doet.png)

Preheat the ovens and get the tendies from the fridge, it's about to get comfy.

fd50e1  No.12930637


Heb je nog een goeie link? Ik ben compleet niet op de hoogte van betrouwbare nederlandse websites

9345c8  No.12930662


Ik ook niet, ik kan de meeste niet uitstaan. Ik zal wel eens even zoeken.

9345c8  No.12930700


Twitter is sowieso een goeie om in de gaten te houden.


9345c8  No.12930948

Geenstijl liveblog:


Live webcam Urk harbor:


fd50e1  No.12930991



Is een Pro-Joodse blog. Ik heb het sterke vermoeden dat zij in dienst van Mossad zijn.

9345c8  No.12931010


Mee eens. Maar voor dit soort ontpoppende gebeurtenissen wel handig om in de gaten te houden.

49162a  No.12931054

Don't forget to start a new thread when it kicks off since this one will likely fill up soon

8941f8  No.12931361

A gathering of 20+ people (look to be Urkers) at the docks. https://webcam.nl/urk/ Reports of sandniggers able to pass the police blockades and entering Urk on twitter.

a9139e  No.12931608

File: 9716e1e62c56ba0⋯.gif (950.08 KB, 320x234, 160:117, disappointed.gif)


Damn, I was promised a comfy thread and all I get is a bunch of Abdhul crying over Twitter how racist NL is and how much they despise Urk while nobody suggests them to go back where they came from if they don't like it there…

And I finished my snack

99d9c2  No.12931636


hell's angels

Nederlandse Volks Unie

er is nog een andere organisatie die beter bij je past, maar ik ben de naam daarvan kwijt.

99d9c2  No.12931718





ID Verzet



99d9c2  No.12931740



9e29ee  No.12931768

So it began, on the eve of spring, March 15th, 2019.

The Race Wars.

1adc32  No.12931785


Nothing will happen. Mark my words.

c4fd07  No.12931796


beware the ides of march applies two times in history. what a coincidence.

9345c8  No.12931823


fd50e1  No.12931846


So far, nothing big is happening. Police have shut down Urk pretty tight.

So tight, that they even forbade some youth to walk around with dutch flags. Yes, national pride is condemned by the national police. Fucking yids.

9e29ee  No.12931850


I'm aware of Shakespeare reference but not the other one.

c4fd07  No.12931879


today is the ides of march. march 15

c9c06d  No.12931910


Incorrect. We are on a different calender than the Romans used. You ignorant nogger.

27342b  No.12931931

File: b1288c0e32f69dc⋯.png (443.17 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, ClipboardImage.png)


/rhomboids/ reporting in.

c9c06d  No.12931933


California to Brooklyn. Win er gets sloppy seconds of my premium Russia doll.

c9c06d  No.12931944


Look you learned a muscle group. I have huge erectors as well.

ef6603  No.12931956

File: 411a12d4e80d8a7⋯.jpg (48.28 KB, 417x384, 139:128, 39587273.jpg)

/pol/ reporting in

c9c06d  No.12931970

Aluminum or wood

8b5075  No.12932043

Dutchfag here

Nothing happening so far.

8941f8  No.12932126



8b5075  No.12932361

All is still quiet on the dutch front

000000  No.12932384

Keep us updated, Dutchbros

9345c8  No.12932468


I'm watching the livestream and twitter for any significant happenings. Police have barricaded the entire town, noone goes in without a legitimate reason. There have been reports of sandniggers that still made it to Urk regardless, but there has to be proof of this. Talks about a group of about 40 Moroccans at the soccerfield in Urk.

There have been no expenses spared by police to prevent a large clash. Some Dutch boys were walking in Urk sporting the Dutch national flag, which has been apprehended by the police.

Situation has done a LOT to divide the populace, although I'm not sure if twitter is a good way to gauge this. In any case, there is still a possibility this will end in fighting, the evening is still young.

Also, seeing a lot of jews on twitter trying to divide even more.

9345c8  No.12932550

Sandnigger apprehended by police. Getting cuffed by female agent. That's gotta sting.


8941f8  No.12932564


A sandnigger just got arrested


The soccerfield is a long way away from Urk itself. There a forest inbetween. Also Twitter definitely is not a good way to gauge any opinion on this situation.

8b5075  No.12932637

File: 8ce2810b735014b⋯.mp4 (4.88 MB, 360x640, 9:16, sandnigger-arrested.mp4)

9345c8  No.12932696

File: 2b568db89538156⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, Elfie_Tromp.jpg)

How's your Judar, anons? Pic related is the columnist Elfie Tromp that's under fire right now for a column calling all Urkers inbred, and that it would be a good thing if they'd all drown.


Thanks fren.

8941f8  No.12932827

File: 81431578701ed9d⋯.png (81.08 KB, 637x234, 49:18, shotsfired.PNG)

Shots fired during arrest. No further information as of now.

9345c8  No.12932997

So many goddamn kikes on twitter. Holy fuck. I'm constantly refreshing the 'Urk' searchphrase, I can't fathom the amount of sheer kikery. It's frankly amazing.

The jew is deeply infested in The Netherlands.

39886e  No.12933063


/monster/ 5 standing by

8941f8  No.12933122


Looks to be false news. An Urker went passed the Wilhelminapark five minutes after this was supposed to happen and everything was quiet. Now a group of 15 cars filled with sandniggers went to Emmeloord (a town close to Urk) and apparently are trying to fight soccer players (?).


Yeah, we're definitely one of the most Jewed nation on earth.

8b5075  No.12933232


No problem.

My jewdar is going off, but it's hard to pinpoint why. It's the cheeks maybe? She's got that same disdainful look that (((Femke Halsema))) has. My theory on her anyway is that she's a programmed MK kitten, just like most of the writers, actresses and singers you see on (((TV)))


Oh, the jew is everywhere in The Netherlands. Remember that the Dutch were always told they were very tolerant to Jews, evident because of the evergrowing population since the 1500's. 130.000 Jews lived in The Netherlands before WW2. Next to that, look at this list

(((Annie M.G. Schmidt)))

(((Lodewijk Asscher)))

(((Ernst Hirsch Ballin)))

(((Frits & Sonja Barend)))

(((Sunny Bergman)))

(((Job Cohen)))

(((Jan Cremer)))

(((Arnon Grunberg)))

(((Raoul Heertje)))

(((Youp van 't Hek)))

(((Maurice de Hond)))

(((Aletta Jacobs)))

>Al snel ging ze arme volksvrouwen twee dagen per week gratis behandelen. Via contact met een Duitse arts introduceerde ze een voorbehoedsmiddel (pessarium) waardoor deze vrouwen nu niet meer elk jaar een kind kregen, maar zelf ook konden bepalen wanneer ze zwanger raakten. Dat was voor velen in die tijd een zonde, omdat een kind krijgen als een geschenk van God gezien werd en dat hoorde je niet tegen te gaan. Nadat Aletta ermee begonnen was en men de voordelen inzag van kleinere gezinnen, volgden al snel meer artsen met het voorschrijven van voorbehoedsmiddelen.

(((Wim Kan)))

(((Tim en Jeroen Krabbé)))

(((Ronald Plastkerk)))

(((Uri Rosenthal)))

(((Jacques Wallage)))

(((Rob Wijnberg)))

(((Geert Wilders)))

etc etc etc

The list is non-exhaustive. If you check out all the TV programs that were being made after the war (Dappere Dodo, Fabeltjeskrant, Sesamstraat) all made by Jews. The Jew is neck-deep into the Netherlands.

9345c8  No.12933259


She's a dead-ringer for a young Abramovich.

Thanks for the rest of the info, very useful.

8b5075  No.12933281


Always glad to assist in naming the Jew. I got it from me ta pedia.org/wiki/ Lijst_van_Nederlandse_Joden

>She's a dead-ringer for a young Abramovich.

What do you mean by this?

9345c8  No.12933312


Meaning she looks an awful lot like turbo-kike Marina Abramovich (picrelated).

Also, if you're still on the fence whether Tromp might be a kike as well, watch this disgusting vid:


This bird's got a beak alright.

9345c8  No.12933314

File: 74e7f9d54a8e996⋯.jpg (119.67 KB, 980x980, 1:1, marina abramovich.jpg)



Why do I always forget pics.

df0dd2  No.12933349

File: 47f5165d317b3be⋯.jpg (77.95 KB, 830x597, 830:597, bff.jpg)


Notice the brooch

8b5075  No.12933371


Ik zie wat je bedoelt,.. en nu kan ik het ook niet meer ontzien.


Het is goed dat m'n eten al flink is weggezakt, anders lag het weer op tafel


Ja, pizzafeestje met de (((Von Amsbergjes))).

Zoveel kinderen zijn gestorven in die verderfelijke handen

b39cc4  No.12933477


meer info over ambergjes? nooit van gehoord, weet uberhaupt niet veel over NL joden

b4703a  No.12933500

Anything happen other than a couple arrests? Seems this is dying out.

9345c8  No.12933540


Yeah, yeah. That was a particularly interesting little tidbit that came out of the pizzagate research. Don't even know who disappointed me the most, our royal leader, or Willem fucking Dafoe.


Ik weet niet of het een gift of een vloek is, maar mijn judar is door de jaren bijzonder scherp geworden. Soms kan ik het niet meer voor me houden, en sneuvelen er vervolgens weer een paar vriendschappen. Tja.

heb een tijd in het hol van de leeuw gewoond, denk dat dit veel geholpen heeft


Probeer je meer in te lezen over het jodendom in Nederland. Je hebt bijvoorbeeld waarschijnlijk geen idee hoeveel jiddische woorden wij doorgaans wel niet gebruiken. Zelfs in fucking Drenthe, waar ik vandaan kom, is mazzel een veelgebruikt woord.


Give it time, neither side will forget what happened here. Police has done a tremendous job at keeping foreigners out of Urk tonight, but what will haopen tomorrow? Or the day after? The police can't protect the muslims forever.

8b5075  No.12933578


De vader van Beatrix is natuurlijk Prins Bernhard.

En Prins Bernhard zijn familienaam is von Amsberg. Het Koningshuis is de verloedering in geholpen toen hij met Juliana trouwde.

Kort achtergrondverhaal: het Koningshuis was praktisch failliet toen Juliana prinses was. Tevens was Juliana het enige kind van Wilhelmina en Prins-gemaal (en achterneef) Hendrik. Zij moest een man en ze was zeer gecharmeerd van Prins Bernhard. Helaas krijg je dat als meisjes als beschermde prinsesjes worden opgevoed, dan vallen ze snel voor foute types. In ieder geval: Prins Bernhard was goed met geld bijkomstigheid als je dealtjes met de duivel sluit dus in dat opzicht was hij geliefd en goed voor de rol voor redder van het Koningshuis. Al het andere wat hij heeft gedaan, van Bilderberg tot Lockheed, van ritueel kindermisbruik tot jagen met geweren op kinderen sja, dat is een ander verhaal. Helaas zijn de Oranjes sinds Bernhard een verloren huis en zijn ze volledig onder controle van de Satanistische Cult.


They're going elsewheres to wreak havoc, appearantly



Ai, al die Jiddische worden in het Nederlands.. de aantijging kwetst me! .. wacht..

Wat dacht je trouwens van de klank /g/ en /ch/. Alleen Joden en Arabiërs knallen dezelfde /ch/ en /g/ klanken uit hun keel.

De Jewdar is een gift. Ik ben hem nu ook sterk aan het ontwikkelen in het verderfelijke Amsterdam.

94ab7c  No.12933580


/fit/ locked and loaded.

e57aad  No.12933594


here's the manifesto and video. anybody that takes these needs to reup and post links everywhere



8b5075  No.12933663


How big is the original PDF?

8b5075  No.12933668


Also, here is your video: http://www.filedropper.com/christchurch-mosque-shooting

9345c8  No.12933682


> Ik ben hem nu ook sterk aan het ontwikkelen in het verderfelijke Amsterdam.

Oef, succes broeder. Kijk hier voor een selectie van jiddischie woorden die veel gebruikt worden hier:



Ik weet zeker dat je versteld zal staan. Het ergste van dit alles vind ik nog, dat ik het over het algemeen nog beste leuke woorden vind ook. Het heeft me altijd wat aangesproken, maar dat zal misschien voortkomen uit het feit dat het zo apart klinkt.

0f6f8c  No.12933688

File: 0ac31212e62b0f4⋯.gif (21.75 KB, 1000x1148, 250:287, 148644213170.gif)


old fag /k/ommando, reportin in

edd5d6  No.12933721

File: 4fb1529c6e40174⋯.jpg (63.39 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 0ed01a2307e4351bc88b29d2d5….jpg)


>subscribe to pewdiepie

>plays the kebab remover song on the trip to Mosque

holy shit lel

0f6f8c  No.12933722


Those are fightin words right there

9345c8  No.12933739






Fellers, this isn't the thread for this.

edd5d6  No.12933760


Sorry m8, first time I got to see the full vid unedited. Everything was down for awhile on my end. polite sage for my incompetence

8b5075  No.12933855


You're right. Anything happening in Flevoland tonight? Seems awfully quiet while there's 15 cars of angry muzzies driving around

9345c8  No.12933916

>>12933855 (checked)

So far everything has remained fairly calm. The outskirts of, and acces routes to, Urk have been heavily patrolled by the police. While in Urk itself there have been and still are a lot of civilians patrolling the village themselves. This can be seen here: http://hdtv.webcam.nl/urk/

Fairly disappointed, but this event won't soon be forgotten by anyone in The Netherlands. There will be a clash.

8b5075  No.12933934


Oeps, kleine rectificatie in deze:

Bernhard was niet von Amsberg; Claus is een von Amsberg!

9345c8  No.12933996

File: a9680019636d085⋯.jpg (27.46 KB, 593x386, 593:386, 1489286966841.jpg)

Vraag aan mijn medelanders: Nu deze gebeurtenis met een sisser is afgelopen lijkt mij een nieuwe draad voor dit onderwerp wat overbodig. Maar een /neder/- of /polder/draad hebben we al zeer lang niet gehad op vol/pol/, misschien is dat een idee? Afgelopen weken veel Nederlanders tegengekomen hier, en ik denk dat er zodoende best wat animo is voor een dergelijke draad.


Wat was Bernhard dan precies? Hij was toch wel zowat het minst zuivere van het hele stel?

nooit gigantisch veel ingelezen in ons koningshuis, behalve dat ze niet te vertouwen zijn

ed68e1  No.12934029


This. So much this.

Pleasure at the expense of dignity. Anon, I'm stealing this phrase from you. Thank you.

Even trying to convince a person to stop eating fucking candy bars is taken as a personal attack, as if I'm asking them to murder their first born.


So you're part of the problem.

8b5075  No.12934039


Tuurlijk, gooi maar een draadje op. Er gebeurt momenteel genoeg en ik kan wel een goede plek gebruiken om daar over te praten zonder moderator gezeik. Ik zal daar wel verder over uitweiden over het Koningshuis.

9345c8  No.12934141


Nu moet ik er natuurlijk ook eentje gaan maken. Verrek, ik doe dat niet zoveel. Heb je een paar suggesties voor een redelijke OP? Uiteraard iets over Urk en de aankomende verkiezingen.

8b5075  No.12934218


Ik denk dat een voortzetting van wat de oorspronkelijke OP was een goede invalshoek is. De rassenspanning is er nog steeds en zal gaan intensiveren, zeker gezien wat er net in Christchurch is gebeurd. Een nieuwe draad zou dus daar over kunnen gaan: "Keeping an eye on the racial tensions in The Netherlands" o.i.d. met referentie naar de Strijd om Urk. In de thread zelf kunnen we genoeg shit neerplempen: het Cornelis Haga lyceum, Loverboy netwerken, Criminaliteitscijfers, Joodse Aanwezigheid etc. Ik zou de OP wel in het Engels doen, zodat nationalistische broeders van alle uithoeken van de wereld mee kunnen doen.

000000  No.12934271



We zouden ook op >>>/polder/ een verkiezingsdraad kunnen starten of zo, al is dat bord niet erg actief. Maar een voordeel is dat er niet steeds Engelstaligen door gesprekken heen tetteren, natuurlijk.

9345c8  No.12934319


Goede adviezen, veel dank. Was het inderdaad al in het Engels aan het neerkalken, we kunnen onze mede-westerners veel leren over ons kikkerlandje, en diens positie in de huidige wereldpolitiek.



Holy shit, ik ben dat bord compleet vergeten. Vorig jaar nog half vol gespammed met /polder/ memes :^)