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File: 8c67a924d67177b⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 318x180, 53:30, 8c67a924d67177bcbb7124507d….jpg)

3044cf  No.12909978

>UK police have confirmed that a group calling itself the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has claimed responsibility for a spate of parcel bombs that were received at buildings in London and Glasgow last week.

>The group, which is also known as the 'New IRA', say five devices were posted to UK addresses but only four have been detected so far.

>Police say the paramilitary organization claimed responsibility for the explosive parcels by sending a statement containing a recognized codeword to a Northern Irish media outlet.

>The group say that three of the envelopes were sent to “commercial targets,” while the other two were posted to British Army recruitment officers.

>The statement says that the device discovered at Glasgow University was intended for a recruitment officer who works there. The undiscovered device was also sent to another recruitment officer, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

>Major disruption was caused when three of the packages were discovered at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, and Waterloo train station.

>The device sent to Heathrow Airport burst into flames when it was opened, while the other two were dealt with by the British Army bomb squad.

Is the IRA back? Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

4b1da6  No.12910002




3044cf  No.12910005


Sorry, forgot link like a faggot



da906b  No.12910010

File: fba20106a3e576a⋯.jpg (128.12 KB, 677x901, 677:901, tayto.jpg)

File: 5768bfa7405d410⋯.png (1.46 MB, 736x1129, 736:1129, ANGLOS.png)

taytonigz am i right.

serious fuck these celt faggots.

who's the one trying to uncuck themselves? Not the irish; but the anglos.

8a2f44  No.12910032

>IRA bogeyman reappears during brexit fiasco

What a cohencidence.

e97fea  No.12910046


This pretty much

b03a46  No.12910047




oh lawdy

3044cf  No.12910054

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

084e49  No.12910063

File: b135d53dea83bce⋯.png (245.52 KB, 1470x662, 735:331, d34cf4c191a1dc7a8aca1b6ee2….png)

b8ed8c  No.12910071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

forgot ireland existed until a brexit vid mentioned it

>* The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

CGP Grey

1.3M views2 days ago

4b1da6  No.12910072



aad973  No.12910310

File: 5a4ef6d143d5bf1⋯.jpg (304.24 KB, 850x1070, 85:107, 66e1cb86030586ea6ae07d2f5e….jpg)

fuck the republic of ireland

f1aa71  No.12910347

File: 025b8a547a1b218⋯.png (1.91 MB, 2642x922, 1321:461, Utah.png)

Does new-IRA realize this isn't the 1980's anymore? It's not like the British Isles is ruled by monocle wearing mustachioed BRITISH aristocrats, it's a globalist ruled economic system. And also the Irish government is flooding Ireland with immigrants. This new-IRA people are really annoying. Just another instance of white people venting frustrations on each other in an impotent way rather than doing something constructive about their situation. Pathetic.

74a006  No.12910352

be2e93  No.12910376


>This new-IRA people are really annoying. Just another instance of white people venting frustrations on each other in an impotent way rather than doing something constructive about their situation. Pathetic.

Heh… yeah…

sure is pathetic to see that… >>12910002 >>12910010 >>12910310

On another note, these NIRA dorks ought to send these letter bombs to actual threats to the Irish people.

000000  No.12910411

Is there even a point for the IRA to be around anymore? The UK is embarrassingly cucked.

ab1650  No.12910475

File: ab0eb5175bf5606⋯.png (646.29 KB, 1750x820, 175:82, Mossadfalseflag.PNG)




Fuckin Mossad, any terror attack instantly assume it's the Mossad and see if there's an Jewish motive. Pic related

What's next, Trump Bolton and Pompeo pushing sanctions?

cbe349  No.12910476

>but but muh backstop!!!

Fuckin kikes love going back to this well the minute ireland wants to seperate.

034ea1  No.12910481


And no real damage either, just a potential fire hazard, and one (fire?)bomb saved for until after they see the public's reaction to the first (((four)))

64783d  No.12910489

so is this new IRA just going to attack whites or do something about all the niggers in Ireland?

938ccf  No.12910494


Irish aren't white, and anyone who defends the Irish is a fucking retard

f1aa71  No.12910546


salient points you make there

a214f9  No.12910559


Anyone else think this is a lead up to a bigger attack on St Patricks day or Easter?

a0f5c5  No.12910568

>new IRA

>send mail bombs

>0 deaths


da906b  No.12910589


I feel like this is a wannabe IRA faggot who's crying because he knows that their cause is detrimental to the survival of Europa and the white race and is just major coping.

9d10b3  No.12910600


You nailed it.

a214f9  No.12910608

File: 1b88883794bc8fb⋯.png (159.06 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, genetics.png)


Divide and conquer huh rabbi

938ccf  No.12910614


Only a jew would call the Irish white when they've never been white before, just niggers

e0a932  No.12910616


It's good to see that there are still real people posting here who are intelligent enough to recognize bullshit when they see it.

The real IRA produced bodies and mayhem.

938ccf  No.12910620


The real IRA were just worthless niggers who got BTFO like always and attacked innocent people. No one likes the potatoes and that is why

e0a932  No.12910621


Hey put, why you attacking the kettle?

e4a1e9  No.12910622


And you aren't a D&C kike, eh rabbi?

e0a932  No.12910626


The state of this board…

Seriously, get a real job you fat keyboard jockey slob.

e0a932  No.12910632


Third shift in Tel Aviv…

e0a932  No.12910641


Yeah, fuck science!

Am I right fellow white person????


1ce99b  No.12910874


Basically, if you're anti Irish, you will be rounded up on the DOTR no matter what your skin tone is. That means you, Schlomo.

000000  No.12912127



>the letter contained a codeword that proves it was the IRA

What the fuck? So the IRA and the UK have secret passwords they use with each other? Yeah, Im gonna agree with you guys; someone benefits from this, look into who it could be and bingo, a nose pops up. FUCK.

000000  No.12912299


Pretty funny.

>t. celtnigger

70d8ac  No.12912325


Oh no, they will take out some ZOG by accident? Oh noooooo.

f67f78  No.12912333

Germany has always supported Irish Independence.

da906b  No.12916022



>same fucking poster

>doesn't wait until another reply comes in so that it's not back to back

btfo potatonigger.

98f6fe  No.12916041

File: 2c690121d1392ab⋯.jpg (79.48 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 219ff2a89aa7135293de7dc537….jpg)



Any Irish 'paramilitary' that does not first seek to expel all Niggers, Traitors and invaders is controlled by (((them))) nya~

98f6fe  No.12916044


Fuck the united cuckdom too nya~

79815e  No.12916059

File: fcbfca104f964fb⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 837x1193, 837:1193, fcbfca104f964fb139c4ca23be….jpg)

WTF is wrong with the Irish?

>immigration at record levels

>no go areas

>Muslims grooming scores of young girls


>Some Brits invaded a few centuries ago


e90fa7  No.12916075


the UK is to blame for almost everything negative that has happened to Ireland in the past 300 years. In some way, the UK was connected to anything bad. Ireland is a bunch of potato farmers who have been stepped on by one of the most cancerous nations in Europe.


1416b5  No.12916078

The IRA's gay but the UK government is gayer so that's fine

80496d  No.12916114

Number of bombs sent to Brussels: 0

f67f78  No.12916324

File: a4753ca2c645d5b⋯.png (363.33 KB, 940x940, 1:1, ira.png)


You can hardly go house-to-house executing undesirables while you still have the boot of an occupier on your throat. Same reason the Amis keep their zogbots in Germany nyaa~

784e6a  No.12916428

>based nya poster is back

dfea9b  No.12916576


I hope so because the British government is the enemy of the British people. In a perfect world they would all be killed.

c43988  No.12916603


Aussie here. Fuck the irish rats.

White niggers is what they are.

They are like jews, always thinking its someone elses fault or issue. They never look inward to see that they themselves are the issue.

You cannot prove me wrong on this either. Not when my direct descendants on my mothers side are Irish. I have seen them up close and personal. I no longer talk or relate to that side of the family.

1014b3  No.12918556

If the poo nigger reigns there can be no doubt this is a false flag. Irish are extinguished in Eire. They were all killed starved or fled. what's left are the ones bred for slavery and racemixing

38a8bb  No.12918689


>Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes

>wanting a literal marxist druggie group to come back and kill white children

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