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File: 09751c849c58790⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ninth-circuit-cars-umbrell….jpg)

98b56e  No.12914103

US immigration law no longer exists. US voting restrictions no longer exist.


>Congress could never get away with creating constitutional rights for illegal aliens to remain here, yet a single lower court just did so on Thursday. And where Congress would face deep reprisal in the next election, faceless judges will never feel the heat. Conservatives fear that extreme Democrats might actually abolish ICE and all immigration enforcement, but the lower courts are already systematically abolishing ICE’s authority, nullifying immigration enforcement statutes, violating separation of powers, and constantly increasing the wave of bogus asylum-seekers that they originally spawned with other radical rulings. The latest ruling from the Ninth Circuit demonstrates that unless Republicans and the president begin pushing back against these radical judges and delegitimizing their rulings, Democrats will get everything they want without ever facing electoral backlash or even the need to win elections.

It’s truly hard to overstate the outrageously harmful effects of Thursday’s Ninth Circuit ruling. For the first time in our history, the courts have fabricated a constitutional right for those denied asylum to appeal to federal courts for any reason.

>In past cases, the courts merely twisted statutes and contorted their plain meaning. In this case, for the first time ever and in direct contrast to a ruling by the Third Circuit in 2016, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the immigration statute that denies the federal courts jurisdiction to hear such appeals is unconstitutional under the constitutional requirement of habeas corpus, thereby giving 7.8 billion people in the world habeas corpus access to our courts. This will allow numerous illegal aliens, including the brand-new ones entering now, to stay indefinitely while they litigate themselves into status. The (((ACLU))), which of course led this lawsuit on behalf of a Sri Lankan migrant denied asylum, wasn’t kidding when it proclaimed, “The historical and practical importance of this ruling cannot be overstated.” This is one of many recent violations of sovereignty doctrine, known as “plenary power doctrine.” This long-standing principle in the courts is that while aliens have due process rights against criminal punishment, they have no rights to litigate against deportation, which is a mere extension of sovereignty, other than the process laid out by Congress. This principle “has become about as firmly embedded in the legislative and judicial tissues of our body politic as any aspect of our government,” not “merely” by “a page of history … but a whole volume” (Galvan v. Press). The concept is “inherent in sovereignty,” consistent with “ancient principles” of international law, and “to be exercised exclusively by the political branches of government.” (Kleindienst v. Mandel).

2775b7  No.12914140

jew free post.

2775b7  No.12914147

Why is trump appointing judges and not reducing the number of courts with how judges have been legislating from the bench for decades?

747368  No.12914153

Voicing concerns to representatives is how people stay powerless. Physically removing jews and their servants is the only way now.

1ae9a8  No.12914164

Just protect the blighted immigrants already. I think I’m starting to get over enforcement legalism and trend towards acceptance legalization. If we naturalize people they’ll be under full cotizen protections responsible for paying full citizen taxes. They’ll be Americans, and employers won’t efficiently be able to exploit them.

Ending the drug war will also help. Anything that rewards illicit crossings tends to encourage them, after all. People would prefer domestic products in a legalized market.

c11c09  No.12914171


baste n redpilled

1ae9a8  No.12914173

Prove a Jew hurt you in any way whatsoeer and I guarantee (with the full faith and credit of a distant anon; it’s a figure of speech) that you’ll find the court unbiased. If they’re subtly watchful in some way, federal police and for that matter tech company efforts are your friend eventually; buckle down and outlast.

c8110d  No.12914175


Note that you were immediately hit with a shill reply seconds after posting this. Obviously, some language in that post makes ripples, so it only stands to reason that your thoughts are sensible and therefore threatening.

000000  No.12914177


And if people don't kill (((them))), this will keep getting worse.

Violence is the only solution.

98b56e  No.12914213


>just pass full amnesty, goyim

082c29  No.12914215

File: 614398422631a92⋯.jpg (38.33 KB, 320x492, 80:123, p01vf47d.jpg)

Ninth Circuit of Appeals….

ad1041  No.12914219

The greatest gift any nation or the entire nations of the world can do for us is to work in tandem to nuke Washington D.C. at a moment when every single important person(s) is there. If they truly hate us, which I don't blame them, then they can sit back and watch this shit show continue on to its end.

cf5da1  No.12914221


Voting has never mattered in the entire history of the country. Everything always moves left. Stop living in their world by their rules.

ed1dd4  No.12914233


>You. Can't. When you try you get waco'd. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees as they say

90188d  No.12914251

File: ac0f6d699553a5d⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 480x362, 240:181, ac0f6d699553a5db56aec562d9….jpg)



Go back to voat, you crybaby faggot.

c07051  No.12914255


Fuck off faggot, back to faggotville, Alabama, and kill yourself like you're always threatening to do.

c07051  No.12914258

Lord, please grant me the ability to strangle someone over TCP/IP.

c07051  No.12914263


You dumb fuck, it was Alabama last year and the year before that.

c07051  No.12914270


I did a poo.

c07051  No.12914273


I did a big poo.

fcd5f1  No.12914275


No, it hasn't been several years. You lived in Gadsen Alabama back last March, or at least that's what your lying faggot ass told me back then when you begged me to kill you.


holy fuck though the mods have gone to shit here haven't they

fcd5f1  No.12914276


>April 2018


000000  No.12914283


War swims right.

a56c7c  No.12914312

This is the end of muttmerica. Karma is beautiful.

c11c09  No.12914374

File: 34ba8ef0ea58e49⋯.png (164.51 KB, 500x647, 500:647, get-a-load-of-this-guy-138….png)


>anyone who mocks my stupid amnesty don tier beliefs is a shill

a85b0a  No.12914400




6402a6  No.12914416

File: 6af5f628ecfeba7⋯.jpg (34.58 KB, 640x500, 32:25, Youre_Wrong.jpg)

>faceless judges will never feel the heat.

I'd ask for dox, but nobody is going to do shit about this.

3a2528  No.12914419


Hey, y'all, forget this here shit. We're gunna wanna head over and go to the europoor threads so we can tell them how much better we gots it and how they's lost and it's over. Maybe we can give them some of our freedoms, CHICAGO FUK YEH!

79b207  No.12914420


fe0d67  No.12914425


>You don't want your country overrun by an impossible to assimilate horde of Spics? Wow you must be a shill

Holy fuck shut up you kike


>Pay taxes

Yeah please give the unaccountable government more wealth and power.

251fd8  No.12914456

File: e6d613222a0fa57⋯.jpg (101.53 KB, 787x865, 787:865, 78929237230823593472323.jpg)

File: cbcb769da280aba⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 787x525, 787:525, 772625780336026.jpg)

>No one will ever do anything to stop this.

There will never be a legalized, government approved consensus to stop it that becomes legislation.

I want to write a science fiction story wherein an disillusioned Trump voter and White Nationalist has a dream that an underground biology lab engineers an ethnically targeted pathogen, and with that disease of Mestizos in hand the little lab launches a biological attack that [by chapter 2] does something dispositive about the waves of parasitic brown subhumans who are invading America. For the tale's ending maybe it's a dark & stormy night & the ghost of Kate Steinle shows up and laments the fact that Trump couldn't politically deliver on his promise to avenge her murder by that illegal alien beaner in San Francisco..

Then the spirit of Francis Crick arrives and joins Kate Steinle's haunting soul. He mentions that he was teaching biology at the University of California toward the end of his life… Crick's ghost points to a translucent image of a DNA molecule's double helix, and together both of their ghosts, Kate and Francis, quote Virgil, the ancient poet;

"Arise, my avenger, from my bones."

Bio-war fiction

Then Jared Kushner sells some upskirt photos of Ivanka to xhampster. THE END

747368  No.12914481


Didn't you hear about that former National Guard lieutenant that was arrested before he went on a murder spree against /thelist/? Nobody can come from nowhere. Always have dox handy.

If someone is willing to take the initiative, the information should be there to enable them.

6a2d1a  No.12914786


The siege needs to happen. Burn everything to the ground and start again kike - free.

d47bd1  No.12914841

>not a single archive in the thread

What the fuck has this place become


283550  No.12914846

File: b2d5ef6fb84d38c⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1295x977, 1295:977, dotr3.png)


I agree

bb7f4e  No.12914848


Perhaps winterchan will deliver us a cleansing ice age, freeing us of all the shitskin hordes, freezing away the rot

0c1f5d  No.12914851

File: 6c8a8dd91196d9f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1600x1530, 160:153, 1551281093455.png)


Jewnited States of Isramerica.

8fff67  No.12914866


There is no help from above you glowniggerfaggot. Nothing in nature, no memes, no authority, no god. Its up to us to do this. Make yourself a weapon and hate, hate, hate.

db2790  No.12914868

File: b00a0bbc92da1ef⋯.png (140.58 KB, 770x309, 770:309, Codreanu jews you deserve.png)


>jews run all white societies into the ground

>no place left on Earth for them to escape to

>can't keep their scam going any more

>time for a reset!

>get whites to burn everything to the ground in a fit of jew-induced rage

>everything gets reset, some jews survive, jews take over again

>another 6,000 years of suffering

Reminder that no matter how many times jews get kicked out of white countries they get let right back in again. When will there be a serious attempt at ending jewry itself rather than enabling their cyclical control of reality? Look at pic related. Stop indulging in fantasies that only temporarily solve the problem and start thinking about how to fundamentally jew-proof the white race and white societies.

000000  No.12915038


>give the germanic savages full-citizenship!

>they will fight for rome!

>they will pay tribute to rome!

>they will do the jobs we romans don't want to do!

I unironically agree with you; just let it all burn.

84bbd5  No.12915043


Kill your self you civnat faggot kike double nigger

c83270  No.12915061

File: d8f96309663371d⋯.png (206.42 KB, 728x740, 182:185, why the US is doomed.png)


Here's why that doesn't work.

d537c6  No.12915066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm not saying that you should kill the judges, but if you were to kill someone, killing the judges would be much more effective than killing random people.

ff09b4  No.12915076

File: a8aef52eff49db3⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 1608x905, 1608:905, Trust the Plan Goyim.jpg)


>Why is trump appointing judges and not reducing the number of courts with how judges have been legislating from the bench for decades?

9af564  No.12915085


You can't abolish God given rights, no more than they can change the constitution. They only get away with it because we let them.

b41a4a  No.12915091

When will Americans actually use their guns for what they were meant for???

184a82  No.12915123


Cause he is an anti white New York City liberal

98b56e  No.12915126

b4be7a  No.12915154

File: a42250d7f98d92b⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, a42250d7f98d92b6ec1d7b84a8….jpg)


Fuck off Pancho Villa

b4be7a  No.12915159


Why can't whites go to Latin America and outbreed the natives?

If only more whites had their wives' and gf's permission…

b4be7a  No.12915166


The meztisos will survive thanks to their Aryan DNA

b4be7a  No.12915193


>not marrying and impregnating a hot Latin in her country

eaceb6  No.12915198


kill yourself CIA.

Everyone knows why you post those pictures of women, to trick our brains into believing your posts.

f8026b  No.12915292

Dare I say, unbased and deathpilled

135a52  No.12915642


>you post those pictures of women

i-is that what that is?

251fd8  No.12915701

File: a8c5dceb0ba4591⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 640x479, 640:479, 5524w79163419176141.jpg)


What a retarded statement. You need remedial biology courses starting at about the Middle school level.

But maybe you should stick with a trade, like working in clay.

08fa9b  No.12915791


Your autistic loli meme related to normal fucking winter weather isn't going to do anything at all. Meme magic isn't strong enough to do more than elect a traitor.


Stop being retarded. That Anon is the dacaryan spammer.

d3bb44  No.12915831

Can one man stop a locomotive rolling down a hill at 50mph?

Can 200 men stop a locomotive rolling down a hill at 50mph?

Can 1000 men stop a locomotive rolling down a hill at 50mph?

If 2000 men can stop a locomotive rolling down a hill at 50mph, how many have to die?

If 2000 men can stop a locomotive rolling down a hill at 50mph, and none die, what's stopping another locomotive from rolling down the hill at 100mph?

The United States is dead. There's no stopping it's progression to a spic nig police state who pledges allegiance to it's kike masters.

So how do you fix it? Scorched earth.

Only the white man can build something from nothing, and like the phoenix, this society must be burnt to ashes.

Vote for the most destructive candidates.

Use welfare to it's fullest extent.

Get injured on the job and collect disability.

Get more disability.

Buy a plot of land with your extended family and build a family homestead.

Get others to do the same next to you.

Give nothing to charity, take everything.

a43eb7  No.12915847


>DACAryan spammer

That's just anti-DACA propaganda and you know it!

5fd875  No.12915864

File: 0058ecd64fe9f7e⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 280x210, 4:3, DSCN1923.JPG)




d3bb44  No.12915878


That train isn't stopped, it's destroyed.

Furthermore, men did not stop that train, a derailer stopped it.

63bf3e  No.12915897


This is the same that happened in Italy. Where Berlusconi, Salvini and everyone conservative is constantly under attack by the judiciary. The 9th Circuit is the Sinedrium, or assemblies of rabbis which overpowers any other institution.

750bea  No.12915954


>No one will ever do anything to stop this

I might.

When I do, I hope you're prepared to help me, instead of just whining on /pol/ about it being LARP or some shit.

5026d2  No.12915971

File: c421879e0655456⋯.jpg (836.58 KB, 1920x1436, 480:359, 1e0ad7286c4944accfa427f048….jpg)



The USA's path to oblivion was certain after making an enemy of the Third Reich, the power that stood for the Aryan Race itself. In destroying the heart of Europe, the life rune of the Aryan Race the USA doomed itself. Now we are circling the drain ever faster… and the only hope is strategic bloodshed, but that's illegal so don't do anything nya~

dc17f9  No.12916004



lol, it’s literally just like he said.

000000  No.12916052


>unless Republicans and the president begin pushing back against these radical judges and delegitimizing their rulings, Democrats will get everything they want without ever facing electoral backlash or even the need to win elections.

GOPe and the Chamber of Commerce fully support the invasion. They're perfectly happy to let the political hacks in the (((courts))) do their dirty work under the guise of the "law"… Zero respect or concern for US sovereignty.

c6514c  No.12916060

59d014  No.12916094

>>12915154 this photo is the 'reality' of your anime photos >>12915971

…not pretty at all. Looks very uncomfortable…and can you imagine what a rockin' body she would have had if she hadn't 'plumped when you cooked her'? She is like a ball park frank.

ac9091  No.12941248

Everyone has an opinion just like an ASSHOLE..

I say we take back our country from the GOVERNMENT.


ac9091  No.12941285





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