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1ba007  No.12915089

Dr E.Michael Jones on the Homosexual Network inside the Catholic Church, and on the Jewish MSM potrayal (trying to portray it as a pedophilia problem, instead of the homosexual problem that it really is, because homosexuality is wrong).


Do not get your education on this problem by the Jewish MSM.

39bc3a  No.12915102

>implying pedophilia isn't a problem

just fuckin lol

1ba007  No.12915105

File: 61a335b19bb8055⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1481x4799, 1481:4799, Homo.png)

File: 3ce66f43b58d5ab⋯.png (614.23 KB, 1122x2283, 374:761, homoNotGenetical.png)

File: 8e884da21db79b5⋯.png (1.28 MB, 906x1024, 453:512, 1543783460632.png)


It is of course. But more often than not, homosexuals are PDs (pederasts).

028056  No.12915116


Good shit.

>homosexual problem

This. Pedophilia isn't such a widespread and common problem when homosexuality is denounced and treated as mental illness, and suppressed publicly. More broadly, though, it's a corruption problem. Men like Cupich, Dolan etc have no real supernatural faith, and they use their position to elevate others like themselves, and they all circle the wagons and protect their sacred cows and golden geese. Every single time, it's so predictable, and it's absurd that they're still getting away with it. They have the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of 13yo girls, and they need to hang for what they've done to Mother Church.

>don't listen to Jewish MSM

Don't even listen to most Catholic news sources. EWTN and NCR are corrupted, Relevant Radio is getting there too. Church Militant, Dr. Taylor Marshall and Remnant Magazine's YT channel are my current sources for Catholic news at the moment.

Reminder that there is a strong wing of Catholics, cardinals on down to lay people, working against the St. Gallen gay mafia that has ruled since Vatican II, pushing back against the (((internationalist))) takeover.

Whether you think Catholicism is dumb or not, you should support those within the Church trying to reverse the damage done by Francis of Rome and his predecessors and peers.

39bc3a  No.12915117


Good to see you have a brain after all. Have a bump, even if I hate EMJ. This was something he was neglecting to mention from the beginning, so I'll support shedding light on his statement.

d0f20d  No.12915131

>eceleb shit

<look what this BASTE kikestian eceleb nigger says!

Kill yourself. Sage and report.

baf3f7  No.12915175


>But more often than not, homosexuals are PDs (pederasts).

Because they want to be the first in, the one that turned them, gave them aids, whatever their particular deviance is etc. The younger you go the more likely you are to succeed in fulfilling your need to abuse.

The reason it is more homosexual than pedophile in nature is because these priests have easy access to female minors, nunneries, childrens homes, hospitals etc, but more often than not, it's boys.

1ba007  No.12915187

File: 7bc1b106d239fe0⋯.png (152.3 KB, 1211x700, 173:100, Father.png)

File: 64c4b92f5482849⋯.jpg (88.12 KB, 720x714, 120:119, GayDisco.jpg)

File: 119b8bbca5ec38c⋯.jpg (62.43 KB, 653x354, 653:354, knock-knock-whos-there-gay….jpg)


Well, that's how the reproduce…They recruit by sodomy, which is an act of supreme corruption and of Soul Killing.

d0f20d  No.12915222


>kikestian denies reality to reframe events

Typical. Mental issues and damage are not some fake "soul fight" bullshit. Fuck off.

2e8b39  No.12915252

Take it to >>>/christian/ nigger

1ba007  No.12915354


Why, because it's too politically incorrect for your sensibility ?


Well it is mental disorder and physical torture, but it's also an attack on the soul of the person, destroying in from the inside.

c630f6  No.12915358

I cannot stand Catholics, they'll see any nigger that preaches Jesus as a viable neighbor.

f681f7  No.12915377


It was catholic organizations that spent the entire 8 years of the Obongo regime flooding formerly nice white parts of the country with stone-age shitskins for a bag of jew gold. Catholics are baby rapers and race traitors.

40e617  No.12915427


USA nuked the Catholic cities of Japan. You're essentially at war.

39bc3a  No.12915484


IT was best for Japan that those Abrahamites got vaporized. The only good outcome of the nukes tbh.

1ba007  No.12915495


>Having the same irrational hatred of Christianity like the Jews

How ironic.

000000  No.12915510


>40% to 60% of serial killers are homos

Let's average that to 50% then. Talk about a useless information. I fail to see how this is damning.

39bc3a  No.12915512


I thought Catholics weren't True Christians™ anyway. But the deal is it's a good thing for Japan that those subversive Abrahamites died instead of living on to destroy Japan from inside and turn it into Worst Korea 2.0.

39bc3a  No.12915518


It would be significantly disproportionate if 3% of the population committed 50% of all serial killings.

1ba007  No.12915524

File: 6d1d7f82de651a0⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 1010x766, 505:383, J5Hih4w.jpg)


Well, maybe because not 50% of the population oare homosexuals, but only 1-2% are actual sodomite practicing homosexuals ?


>Still this Talmudic hatred of Christianity

Funny how those LARPagans claim to hate the Jews, and yet they think and have the same wicked values as them…

000000  No.12915526


Brain farted. Of coursh. Same logic as for niggers and their over-representation in crimes.

I think an edit and a reminder of the percentage of gays in the population would make the point more obvious.

39bc3a  No.12915570


>Talmudic hatred

The Talmud hates on Jesus, not on his braindead "followers". Not once did I disparage Christ, only worms like you who give Him a bad name.

1ba007  No.12915622

File: d67190051b979b2⋯.jpg (124.12 KB, 729x828, 81:92, 1537467834997.jpg)

File: 3a2d54f7be1d621⋯.jpg (617.47 KB, 2004x1524, 167:127, 1537066260781.jpg)

File: 78ea4aa791157db⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1660x1968, 415:492, 1537113035097.png)

File: 31b677eb134e57d⋯.png (265.7 KB, 731x587, 731:587, ijh.png)

File: 5704369be909ce8⋯.jpg (325.14 KB, 900x1616, 225:404, FuckChrist.jpg)


>The Talmud hates on Jesus, not on his braindead "followers".

Yes, of course, Karl Marx the Jew REALLY just wanted to liberate the "braindead" Christians from their stupid Christ and their stupid fairy tales book, because "Religion is the Opium of the people" and we all know that the Jew really did it do save people from this evil Jesus guy.

And the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Russia exterminating and starving to death of millions upon millions of christians really was just to liberate them from their stupid mystic book, and clearly not an act of deep hatred.

1ba007  No.12915627

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


A 9 min video on this subject.

39bc3a  No.12915636


I said nothing of Marx or Communism. This was a conversation about the Talmud, and you bring up the Reds. Are you (((changing the subject)))?

39bc3a  No.12915638




And are you going to admit that Christians are the greatest anti-Christs in the world today, second only to Jews?

1ba007  No.12915646


We are all in one in Christ when we welcome him in our heart as Christians. And that sees with all the murders and genocides of christians by Jews and you know it.

81103e  No.12915651


>when we welcome him in our heart

Jews never do this.

39bc3a  No.12915653


That is not relevant to the hatred of Christ as found in the Talmud.

1ba007  No.12915658


Well exactly. And that's why the are Jews, because they reject Christ.

81103e  No.12915664


No, I'm saying that even conversos haven't converted and must be killed.

39bc3a  No.12915686


So is that mean anyone who rejects Jesus or Christianity is a jew?

d0f20d  No.12915733


Kikestian ecelebs belong on /christian/.

>destroys soul

Prove it damages an imaginary thing.

ae721a  No.12915913


>>Still this Talmudic hatred of Christianity

Do you really think that the only reason anyone could possibly dislike Christianity is for "Talmudic" reasons?

d0f20d  No.12916001



000000  No.12916229


Jesus boils in semen. Christians boil in feces.

That's the deal. Not that I care much, this Talmudic kvetching who probably considered Christianity not bolshevik enough.


What is your point anon?

e15156  No.12916465


>50% is useless information

Yeah man, your chance to win $10,000,000 in the lottery is 50%: either you win or you don't.

9ddea0  No.12916472

The entire (((Catholic Church))) IS a homosexual network to begin with.

b70b5b  No.12916483


Give any reason you have for hating Christianity, and I guarantee it will either be a talmudism, or it will be some herpaderp attribute of Denominationalism that isn't found in the New Testament

18ecde  No.12916490


>Pushing false dichotomy

Give up, rabbi, it's not working.

e15156  No.12916496

File: 401051efb7b29c7⋯.png (37.37 KB, 887x766, 887:766, German anthem banned in Ge….png)


Hooktube is a glorified Youtube embed, they do not mirror. Google threatened them with legal action if they keep acting as a mirror service, to which Hooktube complied.

ae721a  No.12916610


One from among my laundry list is that I find the entire premise of original sin to be reprehensible.

bd8a79  No.12920761


Kek, this is absurd.

You can go to YOutube and load the "USA" flag to avoid country based censorship but it shoudln't be that way.

776ea4  No.12925515



Also Invidious doesn't mirror either as they too are an embedding service. If you don't want Google to leech data off of you then get uMatrix, uBlock Origin (with a shitload of filter lists) and a reliable VPN. Alternatively Noscript and Request Policy. Other shit to go with it is a given but that should be your starting position.

000000  No.12925921


try harder yeshuan! the list is endless and based on aryan principles that predate your pathetic jewish cult

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