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File: 2ee160def9f419f⋯.png (4.74 KB, 260x194, 130:97, index.png)

File: 42df33d7f1886c1⋯.png (2.22 MB, 927x3685, 927:3685, Southern_Poverty_Law_Cente….png)

864592  No.12916507

Sexual misconduct played a role in the decision.

“Effective yesterday, Morris Dees’ employment at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was terminated. As a civil rights organization, the SPLC is committed to ensuring that the conduct of our staff reflects the mission of the organization and the values we hope to instill in the world,” SPLC president Richard Cohen said in a statement. When one of our own fails to meet those standards, no matter his or her role in the organization, we take it seriously and must take appropriate action.”

“Today we announced a number of immediate, concrete next steps we’re taking, including bringing in an outside organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our internal climate and workplace practices, to ensure that our talented staff is working in the environment that they deserve – one in which all voices are heard and all staff members are respected,”

23115c  No.12916513


>Today we announced a number of immediate, concrete next steps we’re taking, including bringing in an outside organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our internal climate and workplace practices, to ensure that our talented staff is working in the environment that they deserve – one in which all voices are heard and all staff members are respected

In other words they pay off an alphabet to ignore them getting blowjobs from children or blackmail the investigators while suowing them the blackmail materials.

94d275  No.12916522


Things like this are huge and serve to demystify the entire business, places like the SPLC thrive entirely on a environment that is suffocated in of their own misguided sense of virtue.

People only notice when it starts to smell rancid

51981f  No.12916572


Rest in piss.

29f297  No.12916602

File: c2b11ebc5e6bced⋯.jpg (166.28 KB, 768x997, 768:997, deez.jpg)

File: 377e60298e8e466⋯.png (79.47 KB, 734x422, 367:211, dees news.png)

684477  No.12916615

This is not what I've been sending $25,000 a year to support!!! Oy.

1b7afb  No.12916652

the accusations against this guy are fake but it's hilarious to see him get hoisted on his own petard

c5a8cb  No.12916658


>Morris SELIGMAN-Dees

<His grandfather named his son as "Morris Seligman" after a Jewish friend.

Oy vey!

c5a8cb  No.12916669

File: 5d0de385c4880cd⋯.png (54.42 KB, 1645x351, 1645:351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 659bc781357431c⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1146x1107, 382:369, ClipboardImage.png)

What a piece of shit.

26ebf0  No.12916672

Funny how corporations and charities go full sjw when they have a ceo or top brass on the hook for sexual blackmail. It is almost as if there was a gameplan in place as it seems to happen quite often. I wouldn't put it past marxists to try sexual blackmail using sjw whores who were just pretending to be liberated.

c5a8cb  No.12916673

File: 7fc88aff2e17cdc⋯.png (1022.84 KB, 1132x859, 1132:859, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 893fb9537bc6bfe⋯.png (903.75 KB, 1161x1296, 43:48, ClipboardImage.png)

287114  No.12916681


He's a jew. Of course they're real.

1b7afb  No.12916703


that he sexually assaulted someone in 1979? I am the naziest motherfucker on this entire board and even I don't give a shit

a5acb8  No.12916720

File: 649b5e125ac524b⋯.jpg (23.28 KB, 312x390, 4:5, 22c90a97-ae5a-483b-a7c5-4b….jpg)

File: 1ca29f32ac9b524⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 520x377, 40:29, 917c8242-e1c3-4912-9a4d-4c….jpg)

5ee714  No.12916738

He's called Morris Sleeze for a reason.

5ee714  No.12916753


He tried to use a dildo on his wife's daughter, anon. She only told her mother after they divorced.

c058e2  No.12916826

File: 7592e05340bcf3f⋯.jpg (325.94 KB, 2048x1421, 2048:1421, boy buggering faggots.jpg)

Now for Canada.

0e6ed9  No.12916909

File: f4b4e227e9d96b6⋯.png (168.49 KB, 500x357, 500:357, verdict.png)

More like dees nutz amirite?

8dc117  No.12916974


bahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah YESSSSSSSS aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahah













press S faggots

whatever state or non-state actors are responsible for leveraging this twat out of the most corrupt zionist front in this nation, I will never fail to remember to salute you and your family's name if they are ever revealed in my time.

8dc117  No.12917042



Disgusting. Got any more? Seems they are scrubbing all internet presence on this guy. My feeling is they got a tip off to some sort of sealed indictment. The pace of cards being played is increasing:

>Coordinated kinetic/sabotage and propaganda attacks against Boeing

<anti-gun court case verdict against Remington

>Obama's Tennis coach college-briber taken down along with other big money democrats.

<Mueller report about to drop

>Veto incoming

<Roger Stone gag order

>New York Manafort charger

holy fuck bois it is HAPPENING

8dc117  No.12917054


glad to know drawfags still follow this shit

8dc117  No.12917125


should be

<New York Manafort charges

1f4031  No.12917715

Morris Dees grandfather named his son (Morris Dees) and a Jewish friend. Of course the SLPC founders family is a bunch of Jew loving christcucks.

"His grandfather named his son "Morris Seligman" after a Jewish friend."


ab7335  No.12922370

File: 63b319e70919580⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Morris_Dees.jpg)

>Morris Dees is a sex offender, just like Stormfront was saying 25 years ago.

Gee, if only there had been some warning.

7942ab  No.12922590


jesus christ I remember Bill White at overthrow.com (rip) calling this shit out in the fucking 90s. WHy do they care now?

3806e8  No.12923105

File: a977ca4cea1df0a⋯.jpg (109.98 KB, 1042x777, 1042:777, 4w2223435677.jpg)

What unconstitutional monies these jews take from taxpayers

2c9dbb  No.12960069

Wonderful news.

000000  No.12964149


Poor poor spedolc

e40a2b  No.12989106

bump for search engine indexing

584a9f  No.12989267

File: 3da23d672f46aa3⋯.jpg (202.13 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1433978136573.jpg)


>the accusations against this guy are fake

10 bucks says this is a lurking buzzfeed or vice reporter trying to do a report on "chan hate culture"

6998cc  No.13005610

it gets better, former staffer Bob Moser has come out and called the SPLC a "highly profitable scam" that "never lived up to the values it espoused"


9eddc7  No.13005613


45b974  No.13005660

File: 73f512bfdfc442b⋯.png (206.13 KB, 560x802, 280:401, 1433970354525.png)




30db7e  No.13007792


The legal director, (((Rhonda Brownstein))) resigned.


And the Current President (((Richard Cohen))) is ready to bail once a scapegoatinterim president is found.


e6edbc  No.13007854


>recent allegation

shit goes back to the 1980s. all the male SJWs that aren't totally psychologically fucked are just in it for pussy.

950d0d  No.13010818

Now Cohen just resigned. LMAO


950d0d  No.13010932

>Right now, we're at a critical point in our country's history. We owe it to those we serve to right the ship and do even greater things in the five decades to come.


Why "five decades?" Is that where the timeline in Potok's OFFICE SPACE ends?

26bdf0  No.13010947


>Earlier this week, the SPLC board of directors appointed Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, Tina Tchen - who, in an unrelated matter, unsuccessfully tried to pull strings and have the Jussie Smollett case transferred from the Chicago PD to the FBI. Tchen is heading up the inquiry into the sexual misconduct claims.

Close enough.

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