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File: ed14b445343115f⋯.mp4 (1.06 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, ed14b445343115f85ec3214d6d….mp4)

File: 0bf72b2d79f9525⋯.jpg (492.57 KB, 2184x2048, 273:256, thefuck.jpg)

5e13f8  No.12920215


Possibly 4 guys involved. Images and videos are surfacing.

>origianal shooter was alone and wore dark camo this is another guy

8dbf16  No.12920246

I wonder if they had (((backup))) who were never supposed to be caught on camera.

1c0e0f  No.12920271


2cf555  No.12920286


Yep. Lurk 8chan for a few years, really get the lingo right, and then stage this attack with two patsies and two professional shooters. People always talk about crisis actors, but you have to remember that the powers that be don't care about killing innocent lives, why go to the trouble of faking victims?

4dd088  No.12920302

psyop confirmed

it was a honour shitposting with you faggots, RIP 8gag

2cf555  No.12920316


Also look at all the mouth breathing READ SIEGE tards that showed up right on cue. It's all to make this place look unhinged.

9aa80f  No.12920327


White genocide was never off the table dumbass

f32cca  No.12920341


so what should we do? just let it happen?

your nose is showing..

2cf555  No.12920343


Ruining your ruse shlomo? Did you forget this is the most critically thinking board in the world?

34020c  No.12920415


So BT was alone, and these others were independent?

5e13f8  No.12920438


The timing is too perfect, they definitely coordinated.

5e13f8  No.12920468



8757d8  No.12920548


These self-segregated muslims aren't behind white genocide.

4a9548  No.12920568

>muh wignats

Anglin, dailystormer tards and optixs cucks are out in fullforce

4d734e  No.12920570


>love you homo

Confirmed true.

4dd088  No.12920574


weren't these clowns laughed off the board a while back? where the fuck did they come from? /pol/ doesn't support books written by satanists, we are followers of Christ (unironically)

f8e612  No.12920584


that guys an islander not a white guy

a575a5  No.12920591


What do you think of this?


Did he do this to raise awareness? Is this even real

6ffba8  No.12920607

lol, so many cucks here crying, anyone complaining isn't from /pol/, they're annoying normalfags who come from cuckchan

4bf00b  No.12920624

File: f78d4b299482520⋯.png (612.68 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 12216C3F-EC2F-4DEA-9643-DC….png)


The guy gots everything and anything said on /pol/ nailed down . But there’s just one missing ingredient in his manifesto

Here’s his manifesto


Kind of like Thanksgiving without the Turkey, eh?

c59909  No.12920626

File: ffbb9b6cdcf5012⋯.jpg (300.6 KB, 750x918, 125:153, ffbb9b6cdcf50122589ab4ef55….jpg)

File: ff377bbb4b9f0e8⋯.png (475.55 KB, 656x1114, 328:557, ff377bbb4b9f0e8446e9697113….png)

c59909  No.12920635

File: 37f7b1e691aca6b⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 3518x1644, 1759:822, faf8f86e03d741cba7053bd25e….jpg)

File: f67f2991347a686⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, f67f2991347a6863a1a9432fe7….jpg)

6d9cb3  No.12920645

File: 9dee95800ffe993⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 1200x633, 400:211, 54849caa0278f112c9372f8d5e….jpg)


(((They're))) going to keep trying to kill us all off either way, you are aware of this, no?

6ffba8  No.12920653


then stop being a pussy and fight back

4b329e  No.12920654

File: fb579adef8425cd⋯.png (36.41 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 7574afd400615ae8048a3cdb72….png)


>pizzagate with the sketchy instagram accounts was fake haha

>im totally from around here guys not some astroturfing retard.

Accelerationism is key, shitskin.

7b61bd  No.12920662

too much reference to chans, the manifesto too. it looks like they just did a case study then put it into one piece of writing. the guns covered in references. im sure investigators will have a hard time associating a shooting, (of muslims, not jews), to free speech boards. how convenient.

5313d2  No.12920688


I second this

If we gonna hit we MUST hit stronger, we need to do a big damage to ((((them)))) we should priorice killing jews instead of muslims. Muslism are just puppets kill the fucking head

6d9cb3  No.12920690

File: a0279fad37c5993⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 500x749, 500:749, l_1537.jpg)


And your solution is to, what? Vote them out?

09fa47  No.12920699


The Jews knew the manifesto would be widely distributed which is why the leave themselves out of it, other than an honorable mention.

3f7b18  No.12920708

>CIA niggers create "underground" right wing group

>organize big multi mass shooting event


>one poor sod actually goes through with it

>CIA niggers are like:

>"Lol jks I'm actually CIA"

>get "arrested" without killing anyone so they don't blow their cover

A possibility no?

5dbedf  No.12920711

8chan is going to get completely fucking destroyed over this

09fa47  No.12920730


Not quite, the other two showed up at the second mosque

a5cdca  No.12920731


Good. If they take away all our places to talk about these problems, we'll be forced to stop talking and start doing. That's why 8chan, the kike-owned CIA honeypot, isn't going anywhere.

9b605e  No.12920733

File: 57bf06573affe9f⋯.png (217.02 KB, 327x316, 327:316, ClipboardImage.png)


bef75a  No.12920734


>If you kill your enemies, you lose

a797ae  No.12920738


They were already doing that you spastic retard.

19023f  No.12920750



I made a music video with the song

09fa47  No.12920754



353e09  No.12920757

File: 9331f7731ea36bf⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 320x180, 16:9, containment.gif)


No. Because they know what happens if they break the containment unit.

015837  No.12920764


and the one remaining?

9b605e  No.12920778


holy shit

09fa47  No.12920830


Unknown as of yet, one tweet mentioned an armed muslim and he claimed to chase away only two.

I'm speculating, but the third might have been waiting in the getaway car.

2cf555  No.12920867


I wonder if Mosley is added for the UK glowniggers to get a chance to lock things down. This is a local event that will have global ramifications. It's suspicious as hell.

4dd088  No.12920873

>sitting downstairs browsing /pol/ listening to the radio

>wake me up when september ends comes on for the gorillionth time

>flashback to 2015 when anons thought that the song refers to the shemitah

we had our moments lads

remember that guy who robbed the bank?

remember the guy who set off that massive explosion?

this shithole is truly crazy

if it all ends here, again, it was a pleasure faggots

62574c  No.12920883

File: 625b11ee0a0a8fd⋯.png (199.11 KB, 617x368, 617:368, shootin.PNG)

who got da video

2cf555  No.12920889


Certainly a possibility.

2cf555  No.12920905


Nick Monroe is a massive faggot. The video is in webm's on all the other threads. Lurk.

969cf2  No.12920940



e95519  No.12920971



3f7b18  No.12921047


Perhaps I didn't clarify but that's what I meant by "big multi mass shooting even":

>Joe hits mosque A

>Billy hits mosque B

>Brenton hits mosque C

Only Joe and Billy were actually CIA agents and get conveniently arrested without actually killing anyone…

f32cca  No.12921083


muslims by definition are for white genocide.

being a muslims means killing or converting the infidel. i hope hamas drops a huge rocket on your house

4dd088  No.12921119


nice spacing (((retard)))

there is no exit wound, there's barely any blood

fake as fuck

61498a  No.12921219

File: 18f5ebd53585665⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 634x403, 634:403, 11015852-6812073-Witnesses….jpg)

Could just be bullshit, but I remember hearing that if you see random shoes left around at a "terror" event, it's staged.

09fa47  No.12921304


Operatives are easy to disappear. "High profile" inmates go to the Security Housing Unit (or 24 hour lockdown, isolation) wing and can easily be sneaked out without anyone but the prison staff being any wiser.

09fa47  No.12921363


It'll be your house kikel, not mine, lol.

68ab3f  No.12921456


Why would shoes lying around = staged event? That sounds like complete BS

09fa47  No.12921476

Explosive devices were found on the cars

b84c2c  No.12921477


That theory came from Ole Dammegard. Very strange that there are two different shoes seemingly discarded on the side walk. The shoe theme is definitely a common motif in all their events. Remember in Charlottesville where the shoes are floating in the air in a photo, but not seen in the video.

f10ee4  No.12921489







>implying that this won't be used as the perfect scapegoat for the left

>implying minor actions like this compare to the abilities of the ZOG

>implying this won't disenfranchise the normies into opposing any thing to stop this


You guys are retarded

b84c2c  No.12921492


It does sound like BS, but people have alleged it's a calling card for people in the know, that the event was performed by a specific group.

349b79  No.12921564


being a lazy 400 pound neet wont save the white race, you fucking whale

84cf7a  No.12921635


>implying you optics will ever beat the medias

>implying you have 200 years reverse the brainwashing

09fa47  No.12921654

File: c7d3b948990074e⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1381x1175, 1381:1175, christchurch-4arrested-ied….png)

03c474  No.12921686



This whole thing reeks of psyops. A mosque is shot up by a white shooter in CHRIST CHURCH, NZ. Christ Church for the town's name for the shooting, really!?

I can't wait to see what each white leader and every Christian religious leader has to say by praising Islam tomorrow.

09fa47  No.12921690

File: 0415a47f103ad10⋯.png (364.4 KB, 1209x1012, 1209:1012, christchurch-mossad-spy-ri….png)

Old, but possibly of interest:



273bd1  No.12921723


how old is the artical? because i think the bombing runs they did 6 hours ago are probably what they're covering up.

137eba  No.12921742


ever think the shooter planned it that way you fucking cuck.

b84c2c  No.12921744


There's no way actual National Socialists benefit from this. Even if he killed 200 Muslims, that's not going to pave a way for a nice white homeland. It's stupid. I don't believe all of the newcomers to the board are our regular posters.

d84799  No.12921746



Fuck off yids. If leftists are going more anti-white, then more people are going to wake up.

If we do nothing, we are dead

Slow genocide is what will kill us, not racewar

c513ba  No.12921753


that muslim is doing the "1" isis symbol with his finger

a1896c  No.12921774



THIS and exactly THIS.

deb044  No.12921800


THIS IS VERY HOT POST MORE - ChunkyMunky (my epic signature)

a1896c  No.12921812


Way to put word in his mouth you pilpul-ing asshat. Yous bullshit argumentative techniques don't work here.

In fact, they out you for what you are.

Now kindly FUCK OFF,

a1896c  No.12921824


And what the serious fuck is that leftypol image?


You stick out like a screeching Jew.

253511  No.12921834

File: 70917a04f6a7dc6⋯.webm (4.16 MB, 800x450, 16:9, YEAH.webm)

1afb50  No.12921840


The CIA and other groups have LITERALLY provocateured groups exactly like this before, except that it's extremely unlikely they'd have one of their own agents get arrested - which creates a public record. You can't easily 'disappear' or 'let slip out the back door' someone accused of involvement in a terrorist attack without people following it up.

09fa47  No.12921847


Here's a more likely scenario.

The intelligence agencies have this guy post on the chans before his shooting spree, as well as filling his non-sensical manifesto and his livestream with chan memes.

I wasn't a Gab user, but do you remember what happened to Gab after Pittsburgh? This is an attack on the freedom of information as well as the right to bear arms. One psychopath I can believe, but four with IEDs? Where are their names, manifestos, and histories? Why don't we know who they are? Are they legended?

09fa47  No.12921876


It's common for Muslims to pray with a finger extended, not just ISIS.

a1896c  No.12921884



And on the off chance that anyone does get to visit, they have to wait for weeks to go through all the paperwork and red tape…

Plenty of time to get Timmy McVeigh, Ander Brevik, or now, Brent, back into the cell for a day to do an interview…

Its all a bunch of bullshit

a1896c  No.12921929


Just like he planned his manifesto, hardware, and music to point to the chans. It all suggests that he was heavily influenced by the chans.


You have no power here. Kindly Fuck Off.

264270  No.12921948


The first World Trade center attack (in the 90s) being a good example.

63e6b4  No.12921951

Wondered, why I had a good dream tonight.

74258d  No.12921959


dubs of truth, I, a hispanic, along with many others only come here when happenings occur cause half chan is shit when it comes to gritty stuff. Half the time i cringe at how nat soc you guys are despite hating foreigners and liberals myself.

i also enjoy the /SIG/ really helped me get my shit together

bd3dbb  No.12921964


I had the most wonderful nap as the shooting occurred. I think there is a connection.

a1896c  No.12921982

a1896c  No.12922028


The board is flooded with narrative protection brigade. They are shouting down anyone who asks questions about the inconsistencies that are glaringly apparent in this event.

And they are spewing the most non-sensical sensationalist bullshit in praise of the perpetrator

50e525  No.12922031



a1896c  No.12922045


Resting up for a big night of shilling?

273bd1  No.12922106


Well a few members of the AIN have been calling 8ch the back channel of information so i guess shutting us down would be a logical step and if your a Q follower you could think that (they) found something to big to ignore.

a1896c  No.12922112


MY take is that they will use this to lock down NZ. They are cleaning it up and getting their nest ready.

They are preparing for the big kike exodus that will go there when shit goes down.

There are already alot of Jews there. Especially considering how hard it is to get a work visa, much the less, a residence in NZ.

And I remember reading several times that Jews have stated that they will go to NZ and not Israel when SHTF.

I also remember reading a book, possibly by Huxley, about a post apocalyptic world where NZ was the last bastion of civilization, And an expedition went back to the west coast of the US where warlords ruled after the fall…

cb07fa  No.12922115


You can't wear shoes in a mosque that's probably why there's shoes strewn about

bd3dbb  No.12922129


No my friend, a big night of trolling kikes.

162b1a  No.12922140


Yep it’s over.

Don’t forget, turn in all firearms and ammo at your nearest Police station or local FEMA Office if in the CONTUS.

c7ae57  No.12922151


And im just over here gearing up to be a warlord. I just hope shit collapses before I get crippled by old age.

Hypothetically speaking of course

1be80c  No.12922156

File: ea3acb7a223fc74⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 433x322, 433:322, thinking.jpg)


> can't wear shoes in a mosque

I could be wrong but I thought it was when they prayed.

f8e612  No.12922188


yeah this, you also cant wear shoes inside the

main marae hut things

09fa47  No.12922195


I've also heard of rich kikes building bunkers there.

Likely they want to be the only ones with weapons, so why not disarm the rest of the population now, and curtail their ability to communicate as well?


They are removed a few steps from the front door, and kept off until they leave.

c7ae57  No.12922255


They were praying. He come in on their afternoon prayer sess. Guess they werent good muslims cis allah didnt do shit to help

63e6b4  No.12922336

Looks like lots of people are putting the blame on 8chan instead of cuckchan.

a1896c  No.12922338


Sure, fellow white person

("my friend" 555-come-on-now)

c150d6  No.12922339

File: 3ddd2a0f6adf69e⋯.png (534.37 KB, 816x500, 204:125, shoes in place.png)

File: 3ddd2a0f6adf69e⋯.png (534.37 KB, 816x500, 204:125, shoes in place.png)


The shoes are far outside the mosque. When he kills the woman on the street, there are shoes right next to her (not hers).

bd3dbb  No.12922350


I don't care if you believe me.

c7ae57  No.12922384


So what he planted the fucking shoes there and just got lucky enough that she ran to them so he could broadcast his calling card?

63fc57  No.12922413


All theatre.

74258d  No.12922444


thats cause the they are relatively harmless, they post nazi memes, yang gang, and other zoomer stuff now. They cant organize worth a fuck

c7ae57  No.12922449


Obvs a false flag but this shoes thing is unbelievably absurd on the level of 6 million. Cmon dude its a chaotic shooting spree. Niggers probly jumped right out of their shoes running

b499f1  No.12922485

File: 42595c088fcddc2⋯.webm (11.75 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, Mi video.webm)

38646f  No.12922495


dont respond to schizophrenic posters

87791b  No.12922496


Help me help me sounds like what a video game character would do. Wouldn't a real person scream ARARAGARARAAA ARARRRRRA RAARRRRRHHHHHH AAAAHH? Maybe the others are real and that one is the crisis actor? He did seem to spend a lot of time looking for someone to shoot when he ran outside. It's all absurd to me. I don't even trust my own existence, let alone what shlomo shows me.

c7ae57  No.12922541


But its entertaining


She played too many video games and it caused her to act like that. Those dam vidya games.

a2cb83  No.12922550


Wasn't there someone saying that a false flag like this was about to happen not too long ago? Then again, there's always someone saying something like this, so maybe it's a coincidence.

c7ae57  No.12922588


And fucking crisis actors goddamn you think they have any problem killing innocent people? And the news shows up, interviews 10 people, broadcasts the 1 lemming who reinforces their narrative. "Crisis actor" is a bs sun tzu tactic "appear strong when you are weak" They dont have the resources to field that level of dystopia and they do not have total control. Its a mindgame to make you feel helpless.

42fee5  No.12922602


Her head splattered across the road. The way she dies doesn't look at all fake to me, especially the second shot. The way he kept lifting the gun up to the center felt like swapping weapons in a FPS… but I guess that's just what it looks like.

9e0ab4  No.12922661

File: 8024b46227ee5d5⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1473611807918.gif)

42fee5  No.12922681


>No ammo updates

>No health change when the guy lunges

It's the small things that count anon.

a2cb83  No.12922793

>>12922588 (heiled)

I just found out about the shooting a little while ago, so I don't know the details, whether the shooter(s) were genuine, it was a false flag or what. However one reason why crisis actors might be used in some events might be due to legal reasons. Certain organizations that pull false flags might simply not have the legal right to kill civilians, whereas some others might.

bd3dbb  No.12922822


There were magazines planted in the building, you can see him pick them up. https://neinchan.com/pol/res/2723.html#2723

ec8657  No.12922823

Alright, which one of you faggots have inside knowledge on this?

c7ae57  No.12922878


He picked it up off a dead enemy you never play vidya? But seriously he droped it when he got rushed, he mentions it after. You seriously think 50 muslims are gonna walk by a magazine on the floor and leave it there on their way to prayer? The public education system will never teach you critical thought you gotta fucking figure that out on your own

ed6c76  No.12922884

File: 9c4c0459d83cc70⋯.jpg (98.8 KB, 1080x444, 90:37, Screenshot_20190315-005254….jpg)


No, (((journos))) are covering it so I doubt it. Pic related, the AP notification.

99410c  No.12922914


He dropped them when he go tackled. The absolute state of schizoposters.

e32ef0  No.12922920


>can't easily 'disappear'

>clinton/bush families live high life, no question

>niggerbama family is now worth hundreds of millions

this idiot means to convince 8pol that TPTB and their jewish controllers can't make things happen?

fuck off and sleep in a bog

061300  No.12922943


I would have wanted them to make imp noises too.

a972a8  No.12923051


He even mentioned it in the car. Faggots cant even appreciate a good happening.

349b79  No.12923138



>Likes foreigners

pick one

c76356  No.12923142


God bless this man, god bless him!

bd3dbb  No.12923204




Apologies, gentlemen. I am mistaken. A more clear version of the video showed this. https://bit.tube/play?hash=QmUE34RoKnuB5qvnvmZmgKH9GmggBED69L8248ifbFgGNH&channel=7579

0c00ca  No.12923452


>thinking NS means hating foreign peoples

lurk more newfag

read more:


3de252  No.12923927

In all seriousness, day of the Goat is coming.

33def1  No.12924544

File: eb354c188919de7⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1306x1012, 653:506, ClipboardImage.png)


I feel like I've seen this at other mass shootings reported by the media.

Pic related.

103ba8  No.12924831


> But there’s just one missing ingredient in his manifesto

Yeah, like any mention at all about how Jews are orchestrating the entire replacement. The fact that he said nothing about Jews nor try to target Jews despite playing /pol/ music in the background really makes you wonder about this whole operation.

dffd51  No.12924966


Exactly this.

9a4718  No.12925086


Did you just get that from the other thread?


33def1  No.12925098

File: 3000f2b61526dbc⋯.png (436.59 KB, 803x964, 803:964, ClipboardImage.png)


It's a pro-left psyop.

This doesn't help the right.

Mosques will get tax-payer backed security money now.

15e140  No.12925148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

14660c  No.12925336

>manifesto says that "has no problems with jews if they stay in israel"

>media focus on events regarding gun control (brazil school shooting while bolsonaro campaigned on free access to guns, this """attack""", both republicans and democrats advocating gun confiscation, all in a matter of a few days)

>the manifesto pointing back to chans in a childish way and portraiting the shooter as working-class male with no university education (bad white man! uneducated white man!)

>fits too many things perfectly

I'm not saying people have not died. But this reeks of psyop from miles aways. what the fuck /pol/, keep up.

If it was a genuine attack and not a mossad backed false flag, it would get NO media coverage. However, the whole msm worldwide is covering this.

6ea586  No.12925357



Or pro Jew?

The manifesto names them once. Not even as "kike"

9f94f2  No.12925360

1afb50  No.12925623


Or what if… uneducated white males really are drawn to memery and white-nationalism?

14660c  No.12925735


They very well might be. Now, from this notion to taking arms against a secondary target while being a /pol/ack and aware of the real cause of the problems is a long stretch. An unbelievable one. This is a clear false flag. Synchronised worldwide media spotlight is a dead give away.

Also, I can tell you're not from around here. Feel free to leave after having a few redpills.

fc7b0f  No.12926406


>watch him driving to mosque

>think "this would be better with remove kebab in the background"

>he actually starts playing it


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