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File: 0c4b6db00311b9c⋯.png (195.92 KB, 454x395, 454:395, brenton_tarrant.png)

7c11c9  No.12920648

To anyone who is stupid enough to say anything negative about the shooter:

Listen you fucking retard

You do not have morals, so stop trying to moralize.

You have fake morals based solely on your own personal emotions,

Fake emotions that were programmed by media conditioning and consumeristic reinforcement.

You have zero concept of objective reality let alone any clue about the purpose of life, so you can't even begin to comprehend true morality, which is the basis of all judgement and justice.

Morality is a bias that guides us to complete a purpose. You live for absolutely nothing but your own gratification.

You have no purpose; you're totally insane and self righteous.

You have absolutely no clue how to begin solving the simplest problems.

The only reason you think this event is evil is because you're brainwashed to get meaningless social signalling points for saying it is.

To be exact, you don't 'think' anything at all, you do not have consciousness or free will.

You aren't looking at this shooting and thinking about it. You're reacting how you know you will be rewarded for reacting and not a split second of thinking went into it.

The truth is this shooting is universally good.

We're being invaded and our culture is almost dead. Those people should be driven out, and there's only one way to do it: start killing them.

Those people would be better off in their native lands learning to solve their problems by themselves instead of coming here and stealing our solutions to our own problems. So they have motivation to do what is right for them as well.

Invaders and traitors are not innocent. No one is innocent just because they weren't expecting retaliation.

Basically, everyone who thinks this shooting is evil should be shot themselves. They're just putting the brakes on our survival.

We are being torn to shreds. We do not have another 20 years to wait around and watch the jew burn us to death.

Civil war now. Kill them all without mercy.

7c11c9  No.12920671


Also look around the boards and social media: Watch the bots, shills, and other servants of the Jewish proto-singularity try to drag this very real event into their pit of lies and shadow.

They want to make us believe no one would really take up arms.

They want to make us feel alone and undefended.

They want to make us believe they are all-powerful.

They want to make us hopeless.

The truth is the shooting happened organically.

The truth is we all need to do similar things.

There is a war to be fought. We won't last another generation under their control.

Fight or go extinct. You probably have less than 20 years to win.

e8d372  No.12920682

File: 5e101de8ae7bbc3⋯.png (156.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0083b916edae460⋯.png (260.97 KB, 663x371, 663:371, ClipboardImage.png)


Found the shooter right here.

He's literally holding the AK in his jelly rolls!

ce7223  No.12920698


This man knows what he is talking about.

If I were a younger man, I'd be seriously considering a copycat attack right now. I'm sure others are.

7c11c9  No.12920705


imagine being a shill relegated to 8ch, not even 4chan

28a783  No.12920706

File: 50deace672d8aab⋯.jpg (75.14 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Vibration.jpg)

Did someone fire back against the Aryan genocide?

Has the war begun?… because since WW2 Aryans have been the target of genocide, and there hasn't been any serious resistance.

e8d372  No.12920718

File: 306a72d890fcd97⋯.png (428.81 KB, 750x699, 250:233, ClipboardImage.png)


8chan is easier to shill on.

My company doesn't have to pay for passes anymore too.

000000  No.12920727

Don't be distracted by kike false flags from the

Gaza Bombing

95ea7d  No.12920744

File: c0fa180c6cca3f7⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 1500x1129, 1500:1129, bismuth.jpg)

d13d62  No.12920745

Bruh I regret going here, this is just edgy insane 4chan.

Seek mental help man.

b19eee  No.12920760


>cia niggering this hard.

you satanic siege discordpics should fuck off with your ops.

5938f7  No.12920772


Fuck off back to.Reddit nigger

4cd02f  No.12920786

File: 2426adb1fe8d0fb⋯.jpg (116.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1380405641134.jpg)


how many times were you circumcised?

95ea7d  No.12920787

File: d52681993b99980⋯.png (1.22 MB, 973x834, 7:6, make-me.png)

4218b0  No.12920790


t. schizo boomer who will never get off the couch to resist the reptilian overlords he never stops talking about

1a8131  No.12920793

28a783  No.12920813

File: 86ce466d94a7cd5⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 702x991, 702:991, Ladies-Union.jpg)


If this is true, then Aryans are doomed.

Action fails, in-action fails, you have to stand up for your race against slander. Wars have been fought over much less than the survival of the Aryan race on planet Earth.


4218b0  No.12920814

Remember the Rohan exiled for resisting the orcs? We are those Rohan. We ride until our king awakes. Ride

28a783  No.12920837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4218b0  No.12920838


>try to debunk this image

it's all just ad hominem nigger

d13d62  No.12920849

Weebshit combined with literal nazi propaganda lmao

1210de  No.12920859


Nah if it was the Kikes they would have have had him shot to enforce the Police are the Good Guys goy narrative.

4218b0  No.12920870



d13d62  No.12920874

Reminder that killing people does indeed result in dead human beings

afe31d  No.12920880


This isn't going to be the start of some kind of glorious Aryan uprising, Lord Übermensch. It was just a bitter loser who shot some Muslims, and now he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison. The End.

Go outside, nigger. Get a fucking hobby.

>inb4 Kike

>inb4 Kike shill

>inb4 Kike shill nigger

>inb4 Joo memes

3bac7c  No.12920885

Inb4 some jews shop him to look like a jew

15e9b2  No.12920888

People expect me to give a fuck about these invading mudshit goatfuckers or their shitty desert cult even as they mass rape and murder beautiful European children. Those people are retarded. Mudshits aren't even capable of empathy, so if the shoe is on the other foot it means nothing to them. It's like trying to play fair with a Rules for Radicals worshiping leftist, only you have standards to begin with, and unreciprocated they are a liability to success.

4218b0  No.12920891

that's where you're wrong kiddo

28a783  No.12920903

File: c25dd24f270abd5⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Elfheim.jpg)


I should have greentexted:

>Action fails, in-action fails, you have to stand up for your race against slander.

If this is true, then Aryans are doomed. Wars have been fought over much less than the survival of the Aryan race on planet Earth.


There fixed.

4218b0  No.12920908


sick trips

a22997  No.12920914


>ctrl+F jew

1 result

<"Were/Are you an anti-semite?"

"No. A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people"

The people of the world are learned about your game and its critical mistakes and signatures. You're going to have to go to plan b and start WW3, perhaps a nuke, to distract us from this messianic spectacle. Jews.

d13d62  No.12920919

I like HSPs.

28a783  No.12920927


It must, or all is lost, and if you are not your green text you are a worse than useless blackpill.

7c11c9  No.12920936


>shooter hedges for good optics

>complaining about it

2205d3  No.12920941

You talk all this shit about purpose and brainwashing, but the same shit could easily be said about you.

How is this "universally good"? How is some sad autist that was just ultimately looking for attention picking on defenseless people morally good?

Don't you realize how hypocrite you are when you say shit like invaders and native lands when we're talking about white non-aboriginal Australians? In your logic there is nothing wrong with aboriginals and american indians and the groups along that line killing white men.

Go out and speak out your ideals in public. If you really believe in what you've said they will stand firm. If not maybe you'll realize how much of a colossal retard you are.

28a783  No.12920957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

95ea7d  No.12920977

I enjoy a happening as much as the next guy, and as far as production values goes this guy did everything right. A manifesto? Livestreamed the action? Subscribe to pewdiepie?! Vince McMahon just fell off his fuckin chair

but yeah, murdering innocent strangers is bad

7d04b9  No.12920980


>he then started shooting at people in the streets

the faggot has not point anymore. he's just a mindless shooter trying to stir shit up.

afe31d  No.12920992


Whatever you say, loser. Keep blaming the Jews for all your problems while they continue cucking the absolute fuck out of you.

I'm just glad that everyone who's voicing their support for the attacks are now going to be under active surveillance by law enforcement.

>inb4 b b but I have a VPN

656d49  No.12921004

omg yeah he was so based even though they’ll use him and his retarded actions as ammunition for gun control and anti-whiteness XD

28a783  No.12921006

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Go out and speak out your ideals in public.

The public are sheep to the slaughter. (((MEDIA))) is controlled by (((central banking finance))) The strongest WILL RULES.




15e9b2  No.12921009


Breivik was a shitty Mason faggot murdering the children of lefties, many ethnically European. He's probably better in your eyes because you're a filthy kike.

925abc  No.12921017

I bet he's a freemason.

f66f99  No.12921020






Will you fucking cuckchanners go back to your shithole already, you're not going to get a foothold here

1210de  No.12921023


Traitors hang next to the Jews.

f66f99  No.12921030


All these faggots are probably the first ones to laugh when white people get killed by muzzies too

a22997  No.12921040


oh yeah, hedges focusing entirely on goyim. no mention of why any of whats going on in the world or why. definitely from pol. the only thing missing are swastikas on his hood and forehead.

d13d62  No.12921043

Were you lot molested by an Israeli as a child? How the fuck does one grow from an innocent kindergartener to a fucking sweaty neck beard licking at the shrine of a literal mass murderer?

95ea7d  No.12921054


No, retard, some people just oppose murder. Not everybody sees the world like you where you have to either cheer for the murder of one group of people or the other.

f66f99  No.12921057


A real nazi wouldn't get retarded degenerate tattoos

4cd02f  No.12921062


are you implying those things aren't already in full force?

f66f99  No.12921066



Oh fuck off kike

95ea7d  No.12921074


well he wasn't fuckin jaywalking

d13d62  No.12921075


>murder is good

ad956f  No.12921077


This is probably the most pragmatic post in the last hour or so. I appreciate the sum of your character in this post

other stupid faggots here will call you a kike or nigger or some stupid shit to try and tell themselves this was a win of any kind; you basically nailed it. This did nothing, and in a week we will be seeing these people being made into martyrs.

you have to be a fucking moron to believe this is anything more than it is.

15e9b2  No.12921079


You're too low-born for me to even want this (You) and you aren't getting one from me.


Stupid children have no place in politics to begin with, Breivik is closer to a traitor as an adult set in his ways. If you kill European children for simply 'being leftist' before they're even politically self-aware - being raised by Marxists - you'd be a component of white genocide. For now though, you're just a stupid child with no place in politics, and I won't condemn you yet. Do better, faggot.

afe31d  No.12921084


>you're not going to get a foothold here

A foothold? No, I wouldn't want to ruin your little echochamber. I'm sure law enforcement will take care of that soon enough.

280c68  No.12921091


Reddit thinking. Calling someone edgy trully got 'em.

You don't peacefully get rid of those who hate you. No politics, no agreements, no elections won't get rid of them if they are already there. Only thing you can do is to vanish the servants with their masters. Let this be a lesson from ex-Soviet Union, you don't change your nation by just declaring independence. If you do, the same people who loathed you in the past loaths you today. And on top of that, they play victim.

000000  No.12921092



Fight. Kill. Win.

4218b0  No.12921097


Survival of the geneplex is all that matters. Morality is bullshit abstraction useful only in stable social games. It has no bearing on war.

facf11  No.12921106

File: 092aae34293038d⋯.jpg (33.93 KB, 600x597, 200:199, 1547598304776.jpg)

Reminder if you think the Muslim invasion is bad wait until you realize the governments of Europe, the US , and beyond are openly inviting the Muslim trash and attacking anyone who complains. Also, keep in mind both the Christian and Jewish churches and organizations in these countries have happily joined the government in welcoming the Muslim scum. Muslims are trash but so are the government, Christian, and Jewish leadership that have aided the Muslim invasion. Be sure to give all of them a magazine full of love for all they have done.

373efe  No.12921108

>you have no idea about…

sure I don't shill

It's obvious what's going on here and what you're trying to do

000000  No.12921109










30421c  No.12921114

HEY GUYS IM SMART!!!! !!!1! you are all dumber than me and I know the REAL HIDDEN TRUTH. Mass shootings are good because i said so! anyone who disagrees should die

^^ TLDR version of what you posted

afe31d  No.12921129


>They want to make us believe no one would really take up arms

… you mean angry white people? I thought it was the opposite. You morons really need to make up your minds.

The parallels between you stormweenies and feminists are hysterical.

f66f99  No.12921130




See what I mean, only in a world so cucked by woman and pussy faggots would anyone demonize events like this to this level of faggotry

ad956f  No.12921132


inb4 the whole board just turns on you because for some reason the faggots here are all about shitting on muslims and jews are fucking stupid, but find christianity to be any better.

a006a6  No.12921142


>Were you lot molested by an Israeli as a child?

circumcision denial detected

ca5d54  No.12921146


>comes to /pol/

>it's proved that jews are behind the shitskin invasion ad nauseam day in day out

>solution? Why of course, do as jews desire! kackling and hand wringing heard in the distance.

000000  No.12921152

THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyEaVnziIpI







7cdc80  No.12921172

Muh Good & Evil: Morals are only best-practises

There is no morality, there are only actions which DO or DO NOT further one's goals.

>but that's destructive

Acting to further one's goals doesn't preclude cooperation- what it DOES mean is that one should be certain their actions, directly or indirectly

15e9b2  No.12921185


Stay mad, Reddit. You don't know shit. Maybe if you shit the board up long enough you'll passively learn enough for me to talk at you instead of down to you. Not likely, though. Retard.

2205d3  No.12921194


Oh yeah then where the fuck is your children? Where the fuck is your nuclear family? What did you do to help out the white race other than waste time on 8chan lying to yourself that you're smarter than you really are?

You're fucking pathetic. You talk all this crap about genes and races and yet you're gonna end up a sad genetic deadend. Get a life.

1d4926  No.12921198


I hope you ment


06879f  No.12921202


I don't think it was a good thing, but I don't see how it changes anything, the fundamentals all remain the same it's only the speed at which things move that has changed. It's acceleration, just as he wanted. It's not like NZ is "now" going to become an England like shithole full of Muslims and a totalitarian nanny police state, it was already doing that. Now it just has the impetus to move there faster.

72cb70  No.12921205


Unless his goal is to build sympathy for invaders and ensure that there are more of them, how is this going to further anyone's goals?

ab8635  No.12921206



7cdc80  No.12921226


I'm speaking in general.

000000  No.12921233



239eec  No.12921235

The tripfag Moody from >>>/4chon/ is from new zealand and did the shooting.















































ab8635  No.12921236


>she's still IP-hopping and spouting that facebook-tier bullshit

b6318f  No.12921237


Wtf are you talking about? These people don't even need ammunition to spout the shit you are mouthing off about. The only thing AT ALL this changes is 20 less invaders.

b36e13  No.12921244


Muslims have been attacking and slaughtering whites for thousands of year. They do it..because of their beliefs. Youre an imbecile.

95ea7d  No.12921249



You might change your mind about how cool murdering strangers is if you or a loved one ever get jumped by a murderer.

afe31d  No.12921255


>there is no morality

Ah, I hate this pretentious, pedantic bullshit. Morality exists. It's a concept, and it's comprised of various subjective constructs.

>b b but it doesn't exist in nature

d10582  No.12921256

Based Brenton

2205d3  No.12921258


>neo-nazi worried about the future of his race can only wank off instead of having children


90f2b9  No.12921272

Anyone have the backup of the facebook video he linked in his manifesto?

The one that said "Muslim eyes only" or whatever?

The video that made him choose that mosque specifically?

a3baa3  No.12921277



Is war faggot.

Humans had always been tribal.

Keep pusing whites some more and one of them would nuke israel.

ab8635  No.12921292



Or better yet you can come see me direct confrontation style instead of the usual glownigger tactics

d10582  No.12921293



c27ec3  No.12921296


Hey this was the fucking pasta from 4chan

Come up with something original you retard.

cafb99  No.12921297


Your concept of morality is totally broken, and our civilization was not built with it. You are the rot within. You are the cancer.

95ea7d  No.12921300

>>12921277 (checked)

It's not war, it's murdering unarmed civilians. The shooter is a coward.

77d54e  No.12921311

File: 638ff1973cd5ff1⋯.png (337.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, CIA Wojak.png)


Good idea Mr CIA.

ab8635  No.12921314




How come I had to hear about Trayvon Martin for 2 years straight but you've probably never heard of the Knoxville Massacre

bad4f4  No.12921326


I'll consider that strongly if ever I'm in a position where a family member is displacing the population of a foreign country. I doubt I'll be siding with my family member.

30beda  No.12921334

This guy (the shooter) has the same phenotype as Cernovich. Do you complete brainniggers not realize a mossad agent when you see one?

83a1de  No.12921337


kys kike

90f2b9  No.12921344


Is this the facebook video though?

I already got the manifesto

ab8635  No.12921346


>muh dick

Unlock your chastity already faggot and maybe you'll get dicks off your mind

77d54e  No.12921347

File: aad58a58e905c11⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 600x585, 40:39, Christchurch Mosque Attack….jpg)


John Doe number 2 is even more obvious.

95ea7d  No.12921352


Western civilization was built on moralfaggotry. Shitposting is one thing, but if your actual worldview is that murder is cool and that everybody else is just naively moral then you're no better than the most savage sandnigger

a3baa3  No.12921362

File: 25e9087ed2c8366⋯.jpg (103.15 KB, 700x232, 175:58, scaled_full_a1e370ff37f503….jpg)


If they didn't want to be killed they shouldn't have come to european lands in the first place these are invaders either you like it or not.

Anons years ago were warning if the things continue as they are it would make ww2 look like a complete joke except the fact nsdap wanted to destroy world wide jewery.

bad4f4  No.12921367


>murdering unarmed civilians

Sounds like Dresden, or Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, aka war.

7c11c9  No.12921369

File: c42af01f93e300a⋯.jpg (54.86 KB, 943x263, 943:263, D1q5hClVAAEfme7.jpg)

in case you missed his post here before he went

72cb70  No.12921372


Would someone who actually used this board title their manifesto with the kosher term 'The Great Replacement', used by Lauren Simonsen and the Identautarians?

95ea7d  No.12921373


Because the media is shit, but murdering strangers has nothing to do with that.

83a1de  No.12921374

So it looks like 8chan is jewified with r/the_cuckold boomers in here

d10582  No.12921376


nah its manifesto.

ab8635  No.12921382


answer my question about the Knoxville Massacre

2205d3  No.12921387


What I said is all correct though isn't it? :)

You're a cuck. You say you want to help the white race survive yet only thing you do is waste time on the internet just thinking about what you say you're going to do. You're not going out getting married with a white woman and having white children. You're not outside your house doing anything that would help your race.

You're just a sad little cuck hoping someone goes out there and make some lame ass happenings. You aren't doing anything. You're just waiting and hoping for someone to do it for you you fucking lardass.

95ea7d  No.12921392

afe31d  No.12921395


Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that everyone expects this kind of behavior from niggers. It's just business as usual.

It's like, why do you think the vast majority of Dateline and 20/20 episodes feature white people? It's because no one cares about niggers killing each other.

ca1768  No.12921397


That dude looks like a Māori

a3baa3  No.12921401


Your describing 4cucks

Even then arguments are going back and forth overthere too.

0a2943  No.12921406


Be sure to save and upload to as many places as you can.


95ea7d  No.12921410

>>12921344 (checked)

you need the 60MB full vid? or is facebook video something else?

7c11c9  No.12921415


prove it. Make an argument.

I bet you have no reason for anything you say, let alone what you just said.

you're just a dumb fucking animal that will repeat your view again and again and not define anything or explain or discuss.

NPC filth

83a1de  No.12921416


both sites have been ruined by the kike boomers shilling their goblin overlords

30beda  No.12921419

File: 6b91ca5c1974b36⋯.png (311.6 KB, 454x395, 454:395, 1552623017188.png)

File: 01123f0c9402924⋯.jpeg (99.33 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, 592794ce1600002200ddcf29.jpeg)



Hell yeah nigger now youre seein it.





3d0ad1  No.12921421

File: 8e678829acf1a36⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 285x279, 95:93, 1413349212808-0.jpg)

>You do not have morals, so stop trying to moralize.

>You have fake morals based solely on your own personal emotions,

<Waaaaaah everyone who doesn't agree with me has no morals!

People like you should be euthanized to be quite honest.

83a1de  No.12921431


why are all white shooters so fucking ugly? Hitler would have gassed this cunt

a3baa3  No.12921434


They are also killing strangers.

I do not have a problem with Muslims living within their homelands but I do have the provlems with the ones here.

They are not innocent you are being naive.

34aa07  No.12921436


If you aren't in a wheelchair, you have no excuse. The older generation have less to lose, lead by example.

af82e2  No.12921440


Muslims and kikes have gotten used to whites just rolling over and taking their shit. They haven't known fear for a long time. Today they felt it again.

ab8635  No.12921446

File: 44a2882c4c54180⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jew Barbara Lerner Spectr….webm)



MSM sweeps that shit under the rug while overplaying MUH BABY TRAYVON because they are complicit

White Genocide is real

7c11c9  No.12921457


>You realize that some people will NEVER see things the way you do right?

you realize I know that and that's why i believe they have to be killed right? at least as long as they set up shop near me or mine.

2205d3  No.12921460


>didnt even type out a single dick in that post


someone's projecting

a05195  No.12921461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Depressing if true.


>White Genocide is real


95ea7d  No.12921482


Democracy and rule of law is what separates us from the people that you hate. We're better than them, but it's not just because we're prettier. We usually conduct ourselves better than they do. When you cheer for murder you're cheering for them. We are better than them, but only when we actually do it. Today the shooter did not do it. He's every bit as scummy as the lowest sandnigger.

a3baa3  No.12921483


Not likely. Especially the bill incident. If anything is either shills or genuine anons at least on here.

d6302b  No.12921484


Killing nonhumans doesn't qualify as murder.

bad4f4  No.12921487


Looks like Tarrant is the same phenotype of European that Cernocucks jew ancestors stole the genes of. They look similar but only in the non jewy features.

e4487e  No.12921488


How much political power does Barbara Spectre have?

e57c37  No.12921491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d5d175  No.12921498

File: 5868bd151f784b5⋯.png (752.09 KB, 750x862, 375:431, sugoi!.png)


just remember wide angle lenses distort faces

a5f2a1  No.12921500



This exact post is being posted on multiple 4chan threads. Some organized groups is posing the most radical things to get this site shut down. I've seen this exact same post on 5 different 4chan threads.

d6302b  No.12921502


To the goyim: very little.

Behind the scenes: more than a sitting US senator.

90f2b9  No.12921506

File: 7d43533bff95ba0⋯.png (16.44 KB, 666x308, 333:154, manifesto fb link.PNG)


Something else

In his manifesto he talked about a Facebook post by one of the mosques that pushed him over the edge.

It was something about "muslims eyes only"

The mosque page deleted that video so i was curious and hoping you guys had a backup

053c2e  No.12921514

File: 3937d556b5e0621⋯.png (651.21 KB, 501x660, 167:220, 05ef7f7dee14f85ac9ecbe47e6….png)

File: 2a2cb82bc517047⋯.jpg (149.65 KB, 887x476, 887:476, Your_future_if_you_choose_….jpg)

File: 0e26272a40dcde0⋯.jpg (363.78 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, pyramid_attempted_demoliti….JPG)


sometimes morals have to be defended with savagery. western civilization was built just like any other civilization; through toil, sweat and blood. we didnt conquer america by being "morally superior" to savage treeniggers; that was a given fact the second they started flaying virgins alive and dancing in their skins. we conquered america by being even more savage than them, because white people are better at everything, including violence.

the lack of willpower to defend everything good in this world when our enemies are willing to destroy everything that ever built humanity up from the dust, not just whites, but the entire human race, is nothing but weakness. there can be no forgiveness for our enemies, there can be no moments of hesitation. meditate on these two artworks if you will. the third image is one of the great pyramids that muslims try blowing up with dynamite in the 15th century. this is the future of all civilizations if shitskins and jews are continued to steer the course.

youre either a pussy or a shill.

ab8635  No.12921522


>everyone I don't like is an incel

I don't necessary think you're a nigger.

You could be a:

300 trigglypuff landwhale

angry beaner who lost his greencard

white sjw daddy issue whore


retard white boy who fights for people that will laugh when he's dead

There's quite a few of us with kids

e4487e  No.12921525

ab8635  No.12921532



a05195  No.12921533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She is a representative like (((Trudeau))), (((Sarkozy))), and (((Macron))). Remember it is March. The season of war.


afe31d  No.12921536


It's ironic how they basically support Ugandan-warlord-nigger-tier justice, isn't it?

15e9b2  No.12921543


You know I'm right, baby man.

ab8635  No.12921546


>It's because no one cares about niggers killing each other

<victims white

so disingenuous

7c11c9  No.12921547


ok let's dig into your mental retardation

you said 'strangers'

You use this word to describe people regardless of race?

Here's the problem: 'strangers' like you say are not strangers. This are foreigners. They aren't just people who don't know who are inside our society.

They are people who do not know from outside our society.

You're too stupid to make the distinction and also too cowardly; you wouldn't dare betray your brainwashing even if you had to die for it and get nothing but grief for all you loved in return

reminder that when things start getting hot, you have to keep track of people like this poster that you know. They are the dangerous ones, they are the ones who will hang out around us and then betray us as soon as it momentarily benefits them.

Kill them.

afe31d  No.12921548




193b7b  No.12921550


If OP happened twice a day, every day, for a month… the idiot mohamadans would leave post haste.

95ea7d  No.12921551


They are literally innocent. Justice applies to individuals. That one simple truth is the whole reason that "social justice" is completely invalid as a concept. Give up on the identity politics, you're as bad as a fucking leftist right now.

d59a2d  No.12921553


He was a fool. Instead of shooting up any of the (((elites))) such as George Soros or the Rockefellers, he spergs out and shoots a bunch of fucking kebabs in New Zealand which will just support the narrative and (((gun control))). Now it has also brought attention to this site alongside that thq ama.

Reminder: One dead George Soros is ten-fold as effective as killing 100 musilms. Attack the one who lets them in, not their "goyim".

a05195  No.12921577

File: 00ecfeacf296e0a⋯.jpg (144.81 KB, 1024x505, 1024:505, 00ecfeacf296e0a5b2fddea105….jpg)


Muslims are child mutilators and satanists like Jews.

4d9fdb  No.12921586

File: cd689dff77ef2a9⋯.png (31.6 KB, 170x138, 85:69, smug.png)


>sometimes morals have to be defended with savagery

Sometimes, with the vulgar, one must speak vulgarly.

ab8635  No.12921593


> rule of law

Many arabian countries have rule of law.

Are you implying otherwise racist

7c11c9  No.12921595


you're total dumbfuck

how could you guarantee that you get to those targets? the resistance is 1000x greater.

you have one chance and you have to make it count.

until more shootings happen regularly, the elites will be mostly safe. We have to fight their armies to cut their heads off.

If you have a secret ninja way to kill them, please proceed.

But otherwise


193b7b  No.12921598



i smell something

a3baa3  No.12921614


>they are innocent

Then tell them to go back to their nations where they came from.

If you think your above nature and human tribalism then you have another thing coming.

ab8635  No.12921616


Does that even matter, considering they all

think the same way.


af82e2  No.12921617




Pick one and only one

a05195  No.12921626

File: a48ec5ca07c0e02⋯.png (539.1 KB, 510x845, 102:169, 4b4db1c5ba377777cfeff7949d….png)


True, but hard.

4f70c5  No.12921628

File: 1c3fb14c73370e5⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 344x499, 344:499, 1537547693537.gif)


>They are literally innocent


>Give up on the identity politics, you're as bad as a fucking leftist right now.

afe31d  No.12921630


People expect it. It's not as sensational and entertaining when it's a bunch of gorilla-looking giganiggers. If the media can't sensationalize it, they're not going to report on it as much.

15c5ca  No.12921632


95ea7d  No.12921634


>You use this word to describe people regardless of race?

Yes, obviously. You either know a person or you don't, their race doesn't come into it. It shouldn't be that difficult for you to use the word correctly.

Murdering innocent unarmed strangers is bad, regardless of their race. This shouldn't be a controversial opinion.

Again, I understand that happenings are fun, but you should be able to separate the enjoyment you get from watching exciting footage from the fact that the guy murdering innocent strangers is an asshole

34aa07  No.12921637


This. The reason is that juden have been opening the gates for the muslim hordes since the very beginning. Islam is the sword arm of juden.

Take a look at Constantinople,or the fall of Toledo.

13980b  No.12921640

Guys has anyone posted up the official mudslime shooting songlist? I mean now theres no more argument.

ab8635  No.12921665


>implys dick


Just unlock your shit already sissyboy

34aa07  No.12921666


>/trannypol/ nigger

Kill yourself, it will end those feelings of inherent non-worth and low self esteem.

de071d  No.12921671


ITT people who think new zealand is a european land

000000  No.12921684

Watch as the same lemmings who wholly and utterly condemn this event and dismiss the reasoning behind it go on to claim that any "retaliatory" attacks from the semitic community are technically justified.

Calling it now.

95ea7d  No.12921689


>Then tell them to go back to their nations where they came from.

I do tell them to go back, or at least to stop coming, but I do it the proper way. With my vote.

6eac2e  No.12921702


Heres what I know in order from memory, dont feel like replaying the vid





Theres one missing I dont know the name of

ab8635  No.12921706




Seriously stfu

d5d175  No.12921710

File: cdd1e707a6b9a63⋯.jpg (158.71 KB, 512x471, 512:471, sweating fiat.jpg)


remove kebab serb song

remix of Erika

hellfire something or other ???

Manuel - Gas Gas Gas

f7e4b9  No.12921713


Do you think he's literally a "former" or even active duty A.D.F./N.Z.D.F. soldier?

4bb3e0  No.12921724

I think this shooting is evil because we should not have our countries in such a state to drive people to this, he should have a wife and kids.

000000  No.12921726

They're right OP shootings are evil but beheadings are MUCH better and the epitome of good according to leftists


So is raping, murdering, and grinding up little girls to turn them into sandwich meat


95ea7d  No.12921730


>Many arabian countries have rule of law.

which ones? Sharia is probably the closest they get to rule of law, and even then I doubt a king would submit to it and nobody would dare try and administer it to him

afe31d  No.12921735


You still have yet to make a single argument. Perhaps you're the one who should stop posting.

95ea7d  No.12921737


nice, thanks

155d30  No.12921743

File: 3e01a4dafebbd90⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 333x499, 333:499, After Virtue.jpg)


Related to this read After Virtue.

95d28c  No.12921745

File: 4836c5bfa886563⋯.jpg (195.47 KB, 720x960, 3:4, D1gVhiiU0AAJUsN_jpg_large.jpg)

File: 495550b08c90902⋯.jpg (194.04 KB, 960x720, 4:3, D1gVLEbUkAAtboP_jpg_large.jpg)

File: 098cd416bc5520c⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 960x720, 4:3, D1gVr07U0AA2ZL4.jpg)

File: 249eaf84d4f4bc8⋯.jpg (233.81 KB, 720x960, 3:4, D1gWbHhVYAAaVnp (1)_jpg_la….jpg)

File: e25c77bae034803⋯.jpg (178.41 KB, 720x960, 3:4, D1gWEnEUkAA4pqR_jpg_large.jpg)

If anyone was interested.

ab8635  No.12921752


>If the media can't sensationalize it

2 whites kidnapped, raped, tortured, set on fire, etc

then you're just deflecting here >>12921548

Seriously just stfu

ff361e  No.12921762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d59a2d  No.12921775


Then fucking plan it. Find other minded people and do the job. Getting at least one of them down would be good than x1000 of the members of their footsoldiers. Remember, these servants will keep flooding in as long as there is a ringmaster.

Also, how do you expect to kill all of them? The moment there is an actual serious effort being made tk exterminate them, the country will go straight into 1984 mode with a complete lock on guns and internet which is already being done in Sweden. Any people who are similar to the shooter will get fucking arrested/tortured for information. The only hope we have is to become the ones who have the power. I know it sounds impossible to do but attacking one of the financial (((elite))) would be a much better goal.

Atleast, die trying. That would send them into a absolute frenzy.

ab8635  No.12921779


>MSM silence just like in european countries because they are complicit in white genocide



Filtered for being a low IQ dipshit.

afe31d  No.12921786


>2 whites kidnapped, raped, tortured, set on fire, etc

Yes, and many sources reported on it. Notice how I said, "the media isn't going to report on it *AS MUCH*.

Why would they cover something like that with any regularity?


7334dd  No.12921787


You sound like a Jason Bateman tier psychopath trying to quantify a range of human experience that you simply don't have access to.

It sounds a lot like projection, but either way, I do think its evil, but evil begets evil, that's the whole point. I don't particularly like this happening, I don't want to see any non-combatant type people die, even if they represent a death cult that I would like to see barred from taking residence in western nations.

The reality is that this was bound to happen because progressive governments and progressive traitors are allowing the sovereignty and peace of western nations to be trampled on by alien civilizations who represent a dichotomy of colonizers and terrorists. We learned a lesson from the colonization of the west by the europeans and it was that if the natives couldn't defend themselves, they'd be overrun. In the end that's the way of things.

This guy is just the canary in the coalmine, he's a taste of what's to come, and it's not all one-sided as the progressive media will have some believe. He did this because progressives are taking deliberate measures to destabilize their own countries and make westerners victims on their own streets. I'll be honest, I don't agree with what the guy did, I'd never do it, but if I were confronted with some dude running around stabbing people screaming allahu akbar, I'd pull out my knife and do my best to mutilate the fucker without remorse.

I won't castigate the guy because he was clearly pushed over the edge, and while he was pushed sooner than most, everyone, even the virtue signallers, deep down know precisely why. We're in the opening stages of civilizational war.

34a96d  No.12921791



7334dd  No.12921795


*Patrick Bateman

163d54  No.12921796

quality firearms are not expensive. being armed should be your 2nd priority after 1, having the will to kill.

95ea7d  No.12921802


Trayvon was an American nigger. This guy killed Muslims in New Zealand. Any links between them is tenuous at best. Perhaps you justify murdering strangers just a little bit too easily?

murder can be fun to watch on TV, but it isn't as cool as you think

d0984f  No.12921803

>Oy vey you silly goyim! This achieved nothing so don't even think about doing anything other than shitposting on this nice platform we provide you!

000000  No.12921808

What did this accomplish, exactly?????????

Tell me, what does this in the long run do? The only thing it will do is further justify calls for gun control and give the muslims the moral high ground (in NZ at least)

I am willing to bet my bottom shekel that the people who support this dumb and senseless act are between the ages of 16 and 20, fucking kids who just want to start shit. Well the world doesn't work that way you fucking faggots. You cannot just livestream someone killing civilians indiscriminately and expect people to react positively.

Even hardened soldiers have qualms about killing civilians, hard and brave people who have done more for the white race than any of you edgelords could even dream of. So yeah, sit and type and post anime girls and memes and celebrate. Give the enemy exactly what and become the exact caricature of a violent right-wing fascist they want because if you fags are really that stupid then they deserve the win.

afe31d  No.12921809



053338  No.12921813


ow the edge

nah he was a cunt though

a05195  No.12921814

File: e86876495a70006⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 712x960, 89:120, 85d6f15c78bbf31b74484debdd….jpg)


If nothing else, this will drive more traffic to 8ch and probably kill the site if it's not controlled opposition

a3baa3  No.12921816


>lwith my vote

Not gonna work (((democracy)))

Is owned you are given the illusion we had our best chance with national socialism and having things go peacefully for a few centuries but after hitler lost and people who went against (((them))) all get assassinated.

There are not many options left.

13980b  No.12921819


Damn wish I knew the name of that song hes playing when hes shooting everyone up.

ff361e  No.12921823

Stupid ass motherfuckers


7334dd  No.12921829


It didn't accomplish anything, this guy just blew his load prematurely.

ab8635  No.12921830


>Notice how I said, "the media isn't going to report on it *AS MUCH*.

Careful don't exert yourself on those heavy goalposts

>Why would they cover something like that with any regularity?

Why would they cover Trayvon for 2 years other than fuel black hate / instill white guilt?

More excuses incoming

d59a2d  No.12921832


I think it's the remove kebab song or some remix.

6a0732  No.12921833

Shooter planned mass murder because he was worried about a decrease in white population.

Obviously a nut job who took a radical idea and used it in justification to hurt people.

His manifesto is just nonsense, copy and pasted.

The only thing this guy proves is that we need more guns and more training. It's too bad he wasn't gunned down sooner.

000000  No.12921846

This shooting is great, is to maximize Muslim victim status. The jews already don't stand a chance against Omar's sandnigger victim status.

ab8635  No.12921850



>Yes, and many sources reported on it

BTW I'll wait while you show some MSM citations for this claim

c581fe  No.12921857

File: 94ea5abfc0417fa⋯.jpg (26.49 KB, 500x361, 500:361, 5264d32fbd11603e2e53539c67….jpg)


TORfag being a total fucking faggot. #PrayforNice worked well, didn't it? Rotherham is sex-slavery free now right? Germany totally isn't a hellhole. Fuck you. The world works the same way it always has, conquering peoples have literally always raped and pillaged the conquered territories. ALWAYS.

13980b  No.12921861


Its definitely not remove kebab, he plays that before the shooting.

5180b2  No.12921863


>don't do nuffin, goyim!!!

No. They didn't have to be here. They chose to trespass. The consequence for their trespassing was death at the hands of a righteous man. Go fuck yourself, coward.

7bc10b  No.12921866


What's interesting is that his manifesto is so poorly written. It's like he didn't even finish high school. While Elliot Rodgers' manifesto was practically a literary masterpiece by comparison.

000000  No.12921867


t. cuck

95ea7d  No.12921868


>we had our best chance with national socialism

and Hitler was democratically elected. White genocide will be defeated in the voting booth or it won't be defeated at all.

d5d175  No.12921879

File: 7844b4e0437f998⋯.mp4 (11.12 MB, 836x800, 209:200, fallschirmjaeger.mp4)

File: aa528c1e27cb97e⋯.jpg (201.89 KB, 757x1073, 757:1073, Purity.jpg)

File: eaa1b89aad8a2eb⋯.png (493.57 KB, 471x628, 3:4, 44585422_479096492499153_4….png)


it's a remix, of Erika

163d54  No.12921882

File: 6dfc56a12523331⋯.jpeg (36.83 KB, 320x221, 320:221, 6462F956-3C73-404A-A0B8-4….jpeg)


but let the zogbots feel lead this time.

806a4b  No.12921886


yeah, better bend over and keep taking it in the ass. how about another hashtag? that'll stop your country from invasion.

ab8635  No.12921896

File: efb41b706c4b4fa⋯.png (6.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.png)

ff361e  No.12921897





afe31d  No.12921901


>Careful don't exert yourself on those heavy goalposts

So, quoting myself to highlight a relevant point is moving the goalposts? You're not too bright, huh?

>Why would they cover Trayvon for 2 years other than fuel black hate / instill white guilt?


Notice doesn't talk about blacks being shot by cops nearly as much anymore? Why is that? Is it because cops aren't killing nogs anymore? No, it's because they're now focused on Trump, because that's what they're currently able to sensationalize the most.

a05195  No.12921910

File: 43edb94822735fd⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 615x441, 205:147, 003ee735e9a1c990751c7c500b….jpg)


Lol and you think (((they))) will let that happen again? Democracy is farce. Media controls democracy, and money controls media.

ea03af  No.12921911

File: 4e3ab5887a78831⋯.png (217.43 KB, 1837x482, 1837:482, ec5aac961c2af39ee03a18f2da….png)

95ea7d  No.12921913

>>12921866 (checked)

>What's interesting is that his manifesto is so poorly written

I like the way he wrote it. Point form like greentext. Nice and succinct, no tl;dr necessary. He really did a great job with the manifesto and the livestream.

12826c  No.12921917


Only a faggot, boomer, or a psy-op would seriously use a rifle or pistol for a mass killing. Pro's would use a flamethrower.

dd043f  No.12921919

Is he from cuck /pol/ or our /pol/?

ab8635  No.12921920


that's nice see >>12921896

afe31d  No.12921923



*notice how the mainstream media doesn't talk

99c331  No.12921927

i don’t care about politics does anybody have the full video

ff361e  No.12921933


He's from 4chan

346868  No.12921934


Christchurch shootings inside two mosques during Friday prayers leave multiple people dead

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed an Australian was among the attackers who massacred worshippers at two Christchurch mosques in an act of "extremist right-wing terrorism".


Get fucked kikes, shit happened and shit will keep happening

e11ac1  No.12921935

File: 73662ad3f739aaf⋯.png (852.33 KB, 728x970, 364:485, ClipboardImage.png)

a05195  No.12921936


>i don’t care about politics

Are you a god?

5180b2  No.12921937



>click my google video link pls

You're not convincing me you're not a kike.

13980b  No.12921939


No it isnt, or if it is, you need to specify what remix because theres a ton of them.

ad9818  No.12921940

File: 06bf59c03e9085e⋯.gif (4.87 MB, 644x360, 161:90, 5498C951-BA12-4570-82C9-9E….gif)

File: 3b665805445bc31⋯.jpeg (126.77 KB, 640x960, 2:3, E722BF96-AA62-4C6E-9336-1….jpeg)


>Spyro the Dragon 3 taught me ethnonationalism

Top Kek. Sadly his prediction of being incarcerated for 27 years and the death toll being purportedly 27 confirms fake and gay. Also 74 page manifesto:

>74 in simple gematria







>and so on


Friendly reminder that next Wednesday is (((Purim))); when kikes celebrate using false flags to start goyim wars.


>false flag in New Zealand

>killing mudshits

>remove kebab memes

Has anyone checked the price of lamb futures?

(((THEY))) opened Pandora’s Box by making this place global and turning it into a shithole. The truth will either set the NPC’s free, or it has been proven to cause ptsd. Every post should include gore and redpills, related or not. Come get some niggerfaggots.

346868  No.12921947


Probably here, he made a thread

9f3a0e  No.12921950

File: 48cf5c924a8da6e⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 720x479, 720:479, 7da.jpg)

Hi you pedo libtard journalists. Are you outraged yet? This is just the beginning. Where was your outrage at Rotherham? The countless of terror attacks in Europe. Where are your outrage as the white middle class is being pushed out to favor strangers. You must be fucking dense if this comes as a shock for you. Did you expect people would just die out, without a fight? This is all on you (((guys))).

As the Celts said to Caesar, Woe to The Vanquished.

99c331  No.12921955


i don’t care about real life

a3baa3  No.12921956


Oh that's right.

000000  No.12921958


>Hurr fucking durr maybe we can get people to join our movement if we brutally fucking murder a bunch of people

But US support for Israel and all those countless individuals who literally rode down to the Middle East to join ISIS rose after their groups escalated violence. The Jews murder more than ever right now with the shootings and bombings, the USA is already removing references to occupied and upping billions of shekels. The ISIS and other violent movements in the Middle East see great gains after their videos of beheaded innocent tourists and enslaving and raping women. Hitler did not even start to see great gains in his movement until the Brown Shirts were formed and they started fighting back so people respected them. Tell me, does anyone in history respect a pushover?

d5d175  No.12921960

File: 3fd3b24a97991e9⋯.jpg (13.51 KB, 233x225, 233:225, baka.jpg)


open the files in my post you retard.

346868  No.12921962


>It's all a false flag goyim! Nothing happens!

Too late for that rabbi

95ea7d  No.12921970


google video link? did you reply to the wrong post?

4d64a3  No.12921973

>we live in a society

Sorry OP, you're morality isn't any more real not your reality any more objective because you managed to scramble all your thought power together to write a bad impression of the joker. You have no culture apart from culture, and you know it, so don't pretend to act defense of the culture of a people you are more alienated from then any of the people who got shot.

000000  No.12921981


Fine. Go out there and start shooting people. Go buy a gun (though I doubt you are old enough considering how fucking stupid you are). Go and stream it as well. Make sure to be the very avatar of a deranged loon with guns. Please, by all means.

RUIN EVERYTHING for law-abiding firearms owners who try their hardest not to give the left justification for banning guns. You fucking cunt. If they do take away guns they will point to morons like this dumbass and everyone will agree because of dumb fucking cunts attention-seeking like him.

Honestly if you all support stuff like this then I see no moral or ideological high ground whatsoever. This is what ISIS is doing for muslims: Making them look bad by conforming to stereotypes and making sure everyone sees it.

Anyone who supports this is a short-sighted retard who just wants blood on the streets. NIGGERS.

ab8635  No.12921989


And we've got more faggot bots trying to derail with incoherent argument

observe >>12921896

13980b  No.12921991


Didnt see it was an mp4, my bad.

cf87d9  No.12921993


8gag should die tbh, Russia already banned it for bestiality and Google removed it from searches. OP is doing the right thing and marking this site for removal.

000000  No.12921995

a3baa3  No.12921996


Okay tell them to fuck off then.

Oh they wont?

Then removal it is.

95ea7d  No.12922000


heh nice

a05195  No.12922013

File: bd09b7b3c8639de⋯.png (194.58 KB, 344x469, 344:469, 6f5032bc841426d5e3ee3fc7b7….png)


YUP, purim is the day Jews celebrate taking control of the Persian Empire and killing Aryans who they portray as wanting to kill them for the pride of one man. Aryans have the right to do as the Jews did if they wish. The world is a struggle and enemies will show no mercy to the Aryan race.


dd043f  No.12922016


Then who gives a shit? He's a faggot and a cuck.

4659a9  No.12922023

You people supporting this are sick, deluded fucks. You're the epitome of ignorance and hatred.

6eac2e  No.12922026


You got a name or yt link so I can make a list?

6a0732  No.12922027


It's not just about the words, it's what they mean. The point he was trying to make, was intuitively false. Actions justified by delusions.

000000  No.12922032

People who argue "bohoo other whites won't agree with him" he didn't do it to inspire others. He's an accelerationist. His goal is to divide. To radicalize muslims which in turn will produce more nationalists. This shouldn't be that hard to grasp even for the retards on /pol/

I normally only shitpost about linux on this site. You'll get it shot down with your random murdering. Thanks a lot guys.

e11ac1  No.12922033

File: a49125d5b54b556⋯.png (693.68 KB, 1024x897, 1024:897, ClipboardImage.png)

7ea426  No.12922038

File: dbc8652a1380af8⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 226x410, 113:205, 1536669389317.jpg)

Did anyone save the webpage for his thread? Supposedly it's 12916717.

8ch has no archive as far as I can see.

afe31d  No.12922039



It's only a matter of time now

163d54  No.12922047


if you nerds would post where these orchestrators live you might get some shooters who cant figure out where they live to kill them

000000  No.12922048

The leftists and establishment kowtow and worship violence. Look at how much they love and show their support only for the most violent among the shitskins. After every terrorist attack and violent act, they only love them more. You do not see them giving love to peaceful law abiding Hindus, Orientals, and Buddhists. It because the left and establishment is ruled by fear and fetishes being beheaded and raped by their pet shitskins.


Everyone should have saw this coming, simply studying history. There's still a very small window left to stop all this and restore society to what it once was and at its best. You either do that now or you will face the great Fourth Turning of history.

95ea7d  No.12922053


Oh, I'm not saying I agree with everything that he wrote. I must've misunderstood the post I replied to. My bad

e11ac1  No.12922056


bump, I need that shit

ce5b83  No.12922061


Well considering I'm a poorfag/nofrens who doesn't want to get a sunroof for my head I think I'm just gonna spectate.

afd768  No.12922064

the fuck is a zoomer? ive been away

7334dd  No.12922068


Generation 'Z'

ff4568  No.12922072


so there is only a 16:55 video and manifesto right? he just posted it in many places?

7ea426  No.12922073

File: 033e7eb8dfb57ff⋯.jpg (193.53 KB, 1110x1600, 111:160, __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis….jpg)


bumping until someone posts the .html

5180b2  No.12922074


>don't use your guns for their intended purpose please please i just want my expensive toys leave me alone please government i'll be good!

You're a spineless faggot. Nothing will be done by cowards who concern troll at every turn, but you know that don't you? You have no intention of doing anything beyond jacking off online day in and day out.

>This is what ISIS is doing

We don't have Israeli funding and our moral prerogative is to ensure the survival of humanity and all life by extension, ISIS is a kike backed group that exists to exterminate life to appease a pedophile sand god. Not remotely similar, faggot.

>if you kill your enemies, they win!

Yeah I'm sure if we lay down like good goyim and never do anything white genocide will stop and the sandniggers will stop raping and leave. Kill yourself.

9f3a0e  No.12922075

File: b832133ab26d0dd⋯.jpg (274.63 KB, 919x1227, 919:1227, 3f0f03f22b63cb955e1f42125f….jpg)


Says the pedo-sympathizers and dude that permits the genocide of his people. Stop acting so fucking shocked, what the fuck did you expect to happen with the past few years of white hate rhetoric? Did you believe white people would just bend over and take it anally, as they rape, pillage and subvert our societies. Of course there is going to be someone fighting back. I swear you pedo sympathizers cant even conjugate your own independent thoughts, its all automated responds. Fucking spergs the lot of ya.

000000  No.12922085







2375e0  No.12922103


Post your IRL info so we can accelerate it a little faster.

6a0732  No.12922107


No no no, I was too dismissive.

I appreciate you.

f3c014  No.12922108


Wait...where did he say he thought it wouldn't cause backlash? Violence breeds violence...and since he never say what you're putting in his block I'm sure he's aware of that, and YOU are the one trying to dance around it so you can play moral superior....

c67b04  No.12922110

just wanted to add the fact this is in fact the manifesto is the greatest Australian shitpost of all time. nothing from now on will compare.

ff4568  No.12922114

File: 97f7dec840271fa⋯.jpg (144.47 KB, 509x774, 509:774, Saint Brenton.jpg)

3d0ad1  No.12922119

File: eadef39847e2775⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 573x572, 573:572, top nep.jpg)


350 IQ post my dude.

07d5c0  No.12922120

File: 5ee7946d23fe691⋯.webm (15.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, magazine.webm)


>To anyone who is stupid enough to say anything negative about the shooter:

A magazine for his gun was laying on the floor before he drove up to the place.

That's weird.

4d9fdb  No.12922122


Rumor has it 8chan has just been blocked in kiwiland.

000000  No.12922127

The Muslims and niggers make up more of the crime proportionally than ever and they have more privileges, media, and political power than they have ever had. Their violence has only made them more popular. How could that be? I was told the opposite would be true. Strange.

7334dd  No.12922131


I'm going to rebut this post by saying:

- You don't think if the powers that be want to they won't resort to false flag attacks to strip you of your firearms? Do you honestly think if they want to take them from you that incidents such as this will prevent them?

- Armed conflict, another civil war of sorts is inevitable, the only issue really is how each side of the conflict will posture for leverage. There is no "ruining everything", because that is an inevitability, the only issue is the how and the when, not "if".

acb05c  No.12922136





b38f6f  No.12922138

You are a fucking retard and one day you WILL see how much of a fucking retard you are, you fucking retard, if you hate the world so much just fucking kill yourself.

f3c014  No.12922141


Guess we're sick…now unless you have a solution to the sickness I suggest you fuck off or get down with it yourself…

Fucking non-starter arguments from the pulpit…

6a0732  No.12922143


When he was rushed and fell, some of his gear fell out.

09b803  No.12922148


That's not a magazine you no gunz faggot.

84d22d  No.12922149


He dropped it, dummy

163d54  No.12922158

who cares at all how the public reacts? theyve had enough opportunity to look deeper yet they didnt. we could wait till we’re 10% lower in numbers or we couldnt. he did this for us, he was one of us. he has energized all who arent cattle and that is the benefit. how to masses react is irrelevant, only our reaction matters as we will be the ones to win.

af82e2  No.12922162


He went in twice. He dropped the mag the first time and picked it up the second.

c3acce  No.12922168

ITT Leftypol trying to cope like crazy through the tears

dea847  No.12922170


Npc tier response.

000000  No.12922171


>Violence breeds violence

This anon has a point. He doesn't even deny it, he wants acceleration, he wants everything to burn. Isn't that the goal?

13980b  No.12922177


Holy shit anon it didnt even hit me until now. God damn. Moot foresaw this coming.

7ea426  No.12922178



Cheers I appreciate it. Though a .HTML or archive link would be better

b38f6f  No.12922180

Muslims have been in New Zealand for a hundred years you absolute fuckwit, this shooter is not good for you, this will only make the left gain power, just like muslim terrorism made the right gain power, you must be a special kind of retard

ab8635  No.12922181


>hate something

>kill yourself instead of thing you hate

is this you in my pic


5a067e  No.12922194


>muh optics

Screw your optics.

>muh innocents

There are no innocent invaders.

>you have no right to kill your enemies!

Rights don't exist for non-Europeans. Go cry to the chimps about it.

>this is in some way hypocritical!

I don't care that you're upset by your own medicine being applied to you. Its part and parcel of living in a multicultural society, right? Now whose the hypocrite?

>he didn't name the jews in the way I wanted him to!

I don't care that you don't get the joke.

>hatred and violence are evil!

Real love involves real hatred: whoever has lost the power of moral indignation and the urge to drive the buyers and sellers from the temples has also lost a living, fervent love of Truth. Charity, then, is not a mild philosophy of “live and let live”; it is not a species of sloppy sentiment. Charity is the infusion of the Spirit of the Gods, which makes us love the beautiful and hate the morally ugly.

09b803  No.12922197




The shill is referring to when he first entered. There is a white object on the ground and the disinfo shill is trying to say it's a mag.

000000  No.12922199

So this is it…… /pol/ has become a bunch of accelerationist blackpilled morons who want to immanentize the racewar.

b38f6f  No.12922206

you guys are fucking insane and you are going to cost us 8chan, fucktards

163d54  No.12922211


>complains about enemies of the aryan race being slaughtered

>doesnt link to a new zealand dox thread listing better targets

dont speak then

09b803  No.12922217


Feds won't shut down their own honeypot redditnigger.

5a067e  No.12922218

File: 77d9af8d31754a4⋯.png (178.41 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)


> if you hate the world so much just fucking kill yourself.

I love the world.

I hate the jews and the muzzies and the other assorted enemies of my kind.

Pic related.

f3c014  No.12922224


…my eyes are rolling into last decade. -_-

000000  No.12922225



posting on TOR because what we have here is the 2019 equivalent of an ISIS forum full of people cheering a bombing and encouraging more attackers.

I hope your cheap laughs were worth it you 18 year old faggots.


also maybe this.

000000  No.12922229

Kek @ all the yank cowards ITT scared for their guns when their own founders made it clear if you aren't willing to fight for them and any other of their rights they don't deserve them.

5a067e  No.12922231


Anyone who accuses someone who disagrees with them ideologically of being 'insane', 'mentally ill', a 'schizo' or a 'psychopath', immediately activates my jewdar.

And you are activating it like a mother fucker (((bro))).

7ea426  No.12922234

File: ba917d533489c64⋯.jpg (416.75 KB, 994x1140, 497:570, 21820736_p0.jpg)




Would anyone happen to have the page open in their browser?

Go right click > save page as > rar the folder > upload to catbox.moe

441139  No.12922237


>ITT Leftypol trying to cope like crazy through the tears

The funny thing it is actually leftypol this time because they are saying the same crap in their own thread about the shooting.

5a067e  No.12922241


>an ISIS forum

Still rocking that narrative, eh? What, you run out of VPNs? Fucking loser.

000000  No.12922253


pretty sure the founding fathers wouldn't have exactly encouraged people to massacre worshiping civilians either

6a3e98  No.12922254

Fucking white nigger

d5d175  No.12922257

File: 67de0df79a49788⋯.jpeg (83.63 KB, 1200x665, 240:133, mixtape.moe admin.jpeg)


mixtape is pretty good about that shit, it wont go down at least.

95ea7d  No.12922260

the TV just told me that we're at 40 dead so far

30 at one mosque, 10 at the other

23615e  No.12922261

op, who is we to you?

afe31d  No.12922262


ITT: bitter morons who will never do anything remotely substantial with their lives, and so they spend most of their free time bitching and whining with other losers about how it's all the Jooz fault

000000  No.12922263


pray tell how is it any different when you morons are becoming the very demons half the country paints you as.

cf2152  No.12922267

DeepFake? The video may not have been a livestream, and FB was down yesterday.

2af641  No.12922271


This. Everyone ITT is filled with retards. The American Revolution wasn't done by rebels who raped British women and killed children.

5a067e  No.12922273


>pretty sure the founding fathers wouldn't have exactly encouraged people to massacre worshiping civilians either

Bro, the founders were the ones doing the massacring.

Kek, you really are a fucking retard, aren't you?

Go on, tell me again how

>What? You want to kill your enemies!? You know who ELSE wants to kill their enemies?


You fucking faggit, kek.

6eac2e  No.12922283

File: f2970c8e501c710⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1150x1600, 23:32, 1461451442756.png)

Like clockwork the concern trolls, redditors who grew a pair, journocucks, and blue tick twiggers in every thread now that we're in the spotlight. this board will be interesting for the next few days

5a067e  No.12922293


>pray tell how is it any different

Christ you did it before I even got the fucking post out. Top Tip Kek faggit.

Daily Reminder: The US Founders killed plenty of US citizens - the ones who sided with the British.

Remember that my man. ;D

23615e  No.12922302

this is really bad stuff here. theres a lot of very far far gone people and ideologies. we are all one people . have any of you angry people really tried talking to jesus ?

09b803  No.12922305

File: bac8ae6c14f1a35⋯.png (19.83 KB, 570x370, 57:37, ClipboardImage.png)


NBC is stating the same thing.


f49ec4  No.12922306

I know when my dad first sees this news he's going to complain about how "racist" the references he made are plus say that "PewDiePie is a nazi for wanting this"

Can some great give me some things to say that will change his mind.

000000  No.12922317

Very strange all the posters lately posting peace on the board constantly waiting for DOTR and they all have reddit spacing. Hmmm…

806a4b  No.12922323


sounds like you need to eat a bullet too

5180b2  No.12922325


Your D&C won't work here, kike! Afraid you'll be next? You should be!

4e75e9  No.12922327


that feel when you are so lost in life that you start agreeing to literal neo-fascists

i need to rethink my life decisions

000000  No.12922329


yes and I'm sure they shot the civilians, women and children as well and showed it to everyone in real time because that's what made the thirteen colonies support them.

God you are a fucking retard

09b803  No.12922333


>ur all bitter losers who will never amount to anything!


>no! plz no take my gay little board away!

4d9fdb  No.12922337

File: ecfd5c01f85b860⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 398x500, 199:250, 1470551241375-2.jpg)


>have any of you angry people really tried talking to jesus

Yes, and so help me god if you do not cease your faggotry I will take a whip and lash you out of the temple.

5a067e  No.12922348


>When was the last time you interacted with people faggot?

Every day faggot. I'm doing it right now you fucking loser!

>Because it amazes me that you actually wonder why someone who praises a guy randomly killing civilians is being called a "psychopath".

No it doesn't! You lying faggot, kek. You're just upset because your narrative is shit.

And yeah, it doesn't make me 'wonder', you fag, I said outright: When someone says some shit like that, my jewdar goes off. Because that's a go-to for low-cog philosemitic NPCs like you. Fucking loser.

>What, do you also film and rape Muslim women too?

I sure would if given the chance! War brides are a thing, but I don't intend to actually marry any of them.

>By your logic, you can find a way to justify yourselves

And by your logic Whites deserve genocide, so who the fuck cares about logic? There's no logic in your griping, you're just a faggot shilling and shitting up the board because you're fucking triggered that a White guy wasted a bunch of your pets and live streamed it twitch.com style.

>but most people will think your batshit insane

Who gives a shit you fuckin' loser? Appeal to fucking majority? Cunt, where the fuck do you think you are?

If I cared what NPCs think, I'd be an NPC.

>you act shocked that people around you disagree.

Hah, no I don't! I never expressed 'shock'!

I laughed at your shitty mid-90's fucking kike rhetoric and called you a fag. And then you pouted about it, like the fag you are. Kek.

Women shouldn't be allowed to use the internet, I swear…

4659a9  No.12922351


Lol you're all sad virgin idiots who cope with your pitiful lives by pretending to be intelligent and spewing hatred

09b803  No.12922356


>muh colonies!

Don't live in the past. This is an entirely different situation.

000000  No.12922363


This anon is right, always kill a traitor before an enemy.


Are you going to whip the kikes out of banks like Jesus too, anon?

f3c014  No.12922364


Only posting from Tor because he lives in tea-sipping shit land that'll bang on his doors because feefees was hurt on twitter.

Get bent, wanker…

>ITT scared for their guns

You just told us you're on Tor because your country will drag you in over text on a forum you don't even own and have no control over…the only person scared here is you -_-

If you wanna see a massacre wait till you see what happens when they come for those guns we're 'afraid of losing'…

9cfdff  No.12922367

File: 5506733fba3bffd⋯.jpg (161.32 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 410bbc62-b50f-4733-b363-51….jpg)


You uncivilized fucking retard. Violence is unnecessary to solve the problems you seem to care for. The state of things is not nearly as bad as you portray it and the National question can be solved culturally. Trump's success is still in the process of being digested by normies and he's still changing minds in the center which is beneficial to your cause. There is place for debate about multiculturalism in the public sphere and increasingly so. Stating otherwise is completely stupid. Accelerationists like you will be the doom of everything you wish for.

5a067e  No.12922373


>yes and I'm sure they shot the civilians

Yes, they did, explicitly, factually, they did.

>women and children as well and showed it to everyone in real time

Now there, I dunno, I don't think they had the technology to do it in real time.

>because that's what made the thirteen colonies support them.

What made the 13 colonies support them? HAHAHAHHAHAAHA! Do you honestly expect me to believe you're not the samefaggot pouting about the same shit on 9 different IPs?

>oy vey oh gawd muh optics!

Hah, kys my man. ;D

5180b2  No.12922375



Think rationally for a moment, I see now you are frightened and lashing out. Has any susbstantial progress been made in any political movement without violence?

f3c014  No.12922378


>You uncivilized fucking retard. Violence is unnecessary to solve the problems you seem to care for.

Talking has done soooo well these past few years against trucks and knives too :(

5a067e  No.12922383


No, he posting via Tor because he probably has a limitation on his IPs/day on his VPN or some shit and likes to hop around to give the false impression of more people holding his NPC views.

Shoddiest fucking forum manipulation I've ever seen, and he's really going all out tonight.

34416c  No.12922389


>If I were a younger man

Yeah if you were young and had child making ahead of you you would do it but you're old and already have kids so you won't take a bullet for your children. Makes sense shlomo.

2375e0  No.12922390


This is going to back fire 100%. Everyone's going to hate on white men even more now. You people are idiots beyond belief. If you want to change the game, you need to play it and win. You're literally the same as shit skins, just opposite end of the spectrum.

6a0732  No.12922391


Watched source footage again… Object def was there on first walk through. Same location and orientation as magazine he picks up. He may have thrown it while clearing his right turn, there is an audible click, but could be from weapon?

5a067e  No.12922397


And note: He has no concern for the women and children these mongrel fucks abuse and kill every year in White lands.

Killing these muds saved European lives, no doubt.

4d9fdb  No.12922398

File: 55fdbbb33b8194c⋯.jpg (128.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1434679999988-2.jpg)


>Violence is unnecessary

Wouldn't that be idyllic if it were true?

000000  No.12922401


Luke 22:36-38

c271a6  No.12922402


>oy vey! how dare you wicked goyim fight back against the ones trying to slaughter your people!


000000  No.12922408

That's it, you guys are retarded. I don't know what I expected but of course you're all just children screaming for blood without any understanding of why long term this is absolutely and utterly a catastrophe.

I hope you get the spectacle you wanted and I hope it was worth it

868086  No.12922409


Stop cringing and scraping to the slave morality of the masses

This man is a hero

Does anyone have the go-pro footage? I've looked everywhere but can't find it

f3c014  No.12922410


Quiznos! Mmmm…TOASTY!

5a067e  No.12922415


>Everyone's going to hate on white men even more now.


You're the same nigger from here



Stop trying to hop IPs while triggered, you can't control your rhetorical tics and its obvious as fuck that its you.

8ab467  No.12922420

File: 6cfc81a16a96165⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 279x372, 3:4, 6cfc81a16a96165bc7791ea80f….jpg)


>This isn't going to be the start of some kind of glorious Aryan uprising, Lord Übermensch

I was going to say, "just because you say it doesn't make it true". But then I realized that you're actually right on this one. It's not the beginning at all.

06879f  No.12922433


>Trump's success

He's had no success, he's 180'd on all of his campaign rhetoric and has turned out to be a total shill for alien interests, just as every other American candidate that year was and will be in 2020. How you still think there's a democratic solution after Trump's betrayal is beyond me, he's the apotheosis and ultimate demonstration of democracy's failure. You can't have a political solution to a spiritual crisis.

000000  No.12922435


>shilling for ZOGnald "Sodomitelover More Immigrants than Ever" Trump


5a067e  No.12922438


>Ah yes, I forgot the average people find

Who cares? The average people are busy playing Fortnite right now, you faggot.

I don't give a fuck about the 'average' people, they move to where power draws them.

>murder and rape causes the average person to be repulsed back in the 1700s

OH!? Is that why there's so much fucking activity to get rid of the muzzies who rape and murder constantly!? Oh, its not? They don't? FANCY FUCKING THAT!

One. Fucking. IP.

Have some fucking integrity.

9cfdff  No.12922440


Some people start to sound a lot like the very people they despise :^)

868086  No.12922443

File: 3492d73ab0b5f92⋯.png (92.53 KB, 467x671, 467:671, screwyouropticsfeuerkrieg.png)


>iT mAkEs Us LoOk BaD

The popularity contest electoral politics game doesn't work

If we can rile the niggers, muds and slants into such a murderous rage that they start attacking whites wholesale, whites will have no choice but to band together racially and start fighting. Otherwise it's just slow mongrelization and civilisational decay

f3c014  No.12922459


Oh yeah, I'm sure if he stuck to his guns he'd have been able to get his shit passed with his own backstabbing party behind him you fucking twit…

5a067e  No.12922470


>Fighting back against what? A bunch of dumb muzzies that were invited there by your politicians?

Oh my god dude and you're still going with this line too?

Jesus Christ.

<oy vey, they wuz innocents! they was invited by the jew-owned politicos, that means you have to welcome them! they clearly didn't realize they were invading white lands with intent to harm whites! oy vey goy!

>Sounds like just random murder too me

Hah, no it doesn't! You wouldn't be here repetitive shitposting across 3 different IPs in one thread if that were true! You are such a disingenuous loser dude, hahahah!

>Nothing changed.

Then you have nothing to be worried about, right? ;D

Make up your mind - either nothing changed, or now Whites are going to be more demonized.

You can't have it both ways Schlomo. ;D

553903  No.12922471


You lost the culture war nigger brain and this was going to happen eventually anyways. The only way things change is if you make the invaders stop wanting to come at all.

868086  No.12922476


Matthew 10:44 "Do not assume I have come to bring peace, for I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"

17b706  No.12922477


That's a lot of words. Here are mine:

The Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran with violence, including the firebombing of hundreds of children of Western oil technicians.

George Washington used violence to take over America. His successors violently subdued the continent, including the violence against the South, which was using violence less successfully to gain independence.

Japan used highly honorable violence against Russia in 1905, only to be on the receiving end 40 years later. In both cases, the wanton violence made a very persuasive case. Didn't even need to argue anymore after that.

Best of all? When the violence is total, lethal, and apologizes for not a fucking thing, the history books record it as "inevitable" and "progress."

So, go fuck yourself, Martin Luther Anon. We are through talking out our differences with heathen shitskins.

ce5b83  No.12922479



f9d0c0  No.12922483

Best part in the video was when the woman was saying "HelP MEee…". I would have kicked the bitch in the face and then run her over.

5a067e  No.12922490


>Well, I'm not you little bitter paranoid fuck.

No, you're the human projector, once again showing what a pathetic bitter faggot you are, hahahah.

>How about you answer the fucking question? instead of trying to ignore what I'm saying because your a little neurotic idiot?

How about you stick to one IP, you stupid triggered nigger? Then we'll talk. ;D

4d90b1  No.12922493


>t. 4chan tourist

This is 8ch. We don't support political solutions here.

2375e0  No.12922497


Holy fuck who put sand in your vagina? The only other post I made in this thread is here


Again, my point still stands. The majority, if not all of us hate Muslims because they're violent. Specifically the extremists who want shariah law on all of us. You fucking idiots are doing the same shit, and it's going to take us all down. Prove me wrong you flaming faggot

8ab467  No.12922498


>A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people

so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people

Keep repeating this line, retard. It might have been the best line of shitposting in the entire manifesto.

5a067e  No.12922499


>>blah blah I'm a stupid psychopath.

Hahahahahah, dude, you are so fucking bad at this, is this bait?

What the fuck are you even doing?

You're not even trying to hide your IP hopping at this point! Are you THAT upset? ;D

30bf09  No.12922502

you are all the faggitiest bunch of homos ive ever seen. you understand very little about life, but understand a lot about your own ideas, not realizing how dime a dozen you are, how lame your hatred really is. the other anon, with the picture of that typed out deconstruction, was exactly right. you are braindead. you are a product of something you are not even in control of. just blind, all of you. completely blinded. you can make your excuses, but does any of this amount to anything for any of you? no. it's just more fodder. each time it gets worse and the pol archetype solidifies into something that can only express it self over and over, in one way, in a sea of degradation. you're a fluke. and you'll burn out. the next time one of you dumbass retards decides to do something stupid, do your self a favor and think about how nice that sun feels and maybe think twice.

acb05c  No.12922503



Brenton "Save the Briton" Tarrant

f3c014  No.12922513


This some basic bitch shit right here…

5a067e  No.12922515


>Holy fuck who put sand in your vagina? The only other post I made in this thread is here

Yeah, that's why you responded on the wrong IP you stupid faggot.


So fucking triggered you fucked up your own forum manipulation gig.

They really are not sending their best.

000000  No.12922518


yeah we only support DANK MEMES and accelerationism because apparently everyone but myself and 2 other people in this thread doesn't agree with outright killing civilians on the streets and making sure everyone sees it

5a067e  No.12922522

File: 93c674cd2a6c9aa⋯.png (439.96 KB, 2464x1932, 88:69, OY VEY U NEON NAHTZEES!.png)

File: 89b89ad1084433d⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 444x442, 222:221, kekkin at this cow.JPG)


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

553903  No.12922523


Who bothers to write a whole paragraph and not capitalize anything?

95ea7d  No.12922525


I've got the liveleak version, so stamped with their logo

60.2MB and 16:55 long. If you want it then tell me where to upload it

5a067e  No.12922528


Dude, nobody believes your shit. Its you on 3 IPs, probably more.

You're such a loser, and you're so bad at this.

5a067e  No.12922533


Someone shilling copy-pastas across 3 IPs in the same thread desperately trying to control the narrative.

000000  No.12922539


believe whatever you want since you're retarded enough to think this is a good thing. whatever.

e11ac1  No.12922542


this shit is gud

acb05c  No.12922545

File: 6c6293927c193f4⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 430x676, 215:338, 3c8f714934a62a973c9a52f4a9….jpg)




30c413  No.12922547




5a067e  No.12922551


Oh, also:

> The majority, if not all of us hate Muslims because they're violent.

Nah, the majority, if not all of 'us', hate Muslims because they're Muslims.


Prove me wrong, faggot. ;D

5a067e  No.12922558


All the words you typed. ;D


Sure thing bro.

30bf09  No.12922563


im not him you absolute mouth breathing fucking faggot kike nigger retard

000000  No.12922565


dubs confirm

everything about democracy was a sham from the start for the americans their 1965 immigration act where they sold lies to the public it would not budge even a little the demographics of their country. we have the same in the eu where the majority of people voted against immigrants and refugees democratically and they completely violate all our peaceful democratic processes. even the democratic brexit right now for the british is being shoved and stalled undemocratically. there is no peaceful solution because we tried them all already and it failed.

2375e0  No.12922572


The religion? The person? The name? Everything?

5180b2  No.12922575


Absolutely. When dealing with animals you cannot expect to reason with them, or try to understand them. They are alien in almost every aspect, and totally incompatible with the values of European humans. When a person dies they will never pass on their genes, they will never cash a welfare check, they will cease to occupy your country, because they are dead. Brandon denied 40 invaders the chance to spread their genes and further colonize his home. Do these people try diplomacy with mice, or sugar ants? Do they withold death from insects that infest their home?

8ab467  No.12922581


>Find a preschool filled with muslim children?

Well if you do the math, that is possibly the most efficient method of kebob removal. They'll all just grow up and spawn more 80 IQ mohhamideans. But hey, why are you here trying to convince people to commit more acts of violence? IP is logged

ce5b83  No.12922586



d819ea  No.12922592


This is a data mining thread. The fault is in believing that only those who express support for violence will get in trouble. Everyone that replies probably does. Another mistake is in believing that attracting attention from law enforcement is inherently a bad thing. Making them bind up resources on you while you are not planning on doing anything will just contribute in bringing down the system a tiny bit faster.

2375e0  No.12922594


I haven't changed my IP, and you couldn't even see it if you wanted to. Post pics faggot

5a067e  No.12922600

SO lets see, how many are you on at this point...


Tor, obviously.


And here's your main IP, at least for this thread.


Here's a new one you brought out for a (1) and done.

(And yeah nigger you are him.)


And here's another one.


You are so fucking desperate to control the narrative and do baitposting that you're running 4 fucking IPs, and you can't manage to conceal the fact that you are each and every one of them for shit.

Amazingly incompetent.

5180b2  No.12922606


*Brenton, please excuse my autism. Polite sage for correction.

5a067e  No.12922609


And then you fucked up the reply too, jesus christ dude, stick to 2 IPs at most, you can't handle anymore, especially when you're so upset. ;D

7ea426  No.12922611

File: fbc9ef7e2a3847e⋯.png (219.95 KB, 600x349, 600:349, 1535960045922.png)


Thank you little loli

30bf09  No.12922612


just look at you. youre fucking PATHETIC!!!! Are you fat? You type like you're fat.

4d90b1  No.12922614


06879f  No.12922615


What you said validates my point you idiot.

fb35fa  No.12922616

I think mass shootings at innocents are evil but so what?

It's nothing they haven't done to us.

Islam is an evil religion.

2375e0  No.12922625


Okay you got me, I'll admit. I got trolled hard

5a067e  No.12922626


>The fault is in believing that only those who express support for violence will get in trouble. Everyone that replies probably does.

For what?

Saying some guy who shot up some muzzies in a white country maybe, possibly, isn't some psychopath nutter madman, but maybe, just maybe, has a point?

Wow, yeah, sure gonna get me for that one.

e11ac1  No.12922627

5a067e  No.12922635



And you type like the same jewish woman no matter what IP you're on.

30bf09  No.12922643


shut the fuck up you fat faggot hahahah you're such a fucking lame, suck it up more cuck boy hahahahahaha

f9d0c0  No.12922644


This is not about islam, it's a glimpse of whats coming in the near future. Either they will be killing us or we will but one thing for sure is that you can't escape it.

70bec0  No.12922645

File: cf440d6d890f21b⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 627x663, 209:221, moderate islam.jpg)



2375e0  No.12922650


Are you being serious or are you just fucking with me here.

ce5b83  No.12922651



5a067e  No.12922653


Now you're trying to copy me! JESUS CHRIST dude!

806a4b  No.12922664


hoard bullets

you can never have enough ammo, and they'll be making damn sure you can't get your hands on any

30bf09  No.12922666


why dont you pull your pants down and finger your asshole

000000  No.12922676

Good for the kiwi.

Meanwhile, what good have the guns done the yanks?

They talk big, they talk about why they have their guns, but always do nothing.

Just recently some nigger wogs burned some American white women to death and what do these stupid yanks do? They give the wogs academy awards, millions of quid, and a talk up giving them trillions more.

If violence didn't work, their cowardly lot wouldn't be so scared of niggers rioting violently and the most powerful minorities there would be some American buddhist blokes.

So don't fucking lie to me about peace or civilisation. These subhumans don't have these things and they only understand violence.

23615e  No.12922677

File: 9fc74e0d27cb3c5⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 236x352, 59:88, jesus .jpg)

You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven

5180b2  No.12922680


>kike numbers

>kike 'humor'

Why are jews obsessed with feces? Why can't you kikes stop thinking about shit?

193b7b  No.12922690


you're such a worthless faggot lol

5a067e  No.12922692

I am 100% serious with you nigger, and my cigar is done, and I'm going to bed.

Face it: You made this mess.

Through your weakness and cowardice, you created this scenario.

Oh, and I won't finger my bumbum because 1) I'm not gay (sorry bro), 2) I don't make porn (that's jewish), and 3) I don't want to give porn of myself to a desperate sodomite rapidly descending into a triggered mess as he tries to control the narrative across multiple IPs and no doubt threads too.


This right here?

This is why your chosen (((Abrahamic))) cult is basically DOA.

dea847  No.12922695


More butthurt shitskins. You always harped about how this place is all bark but no bite. Well shit :)

ce5b83  No.12922700



f80005  No.12922702


>It's nothing they haven't done to us.

The people in that Mosque hadn't done anything to you, faggot.

5a067e  No.12922705


Oh shit I missed this one!




4d9fdb  No.12922706

File: b87f177feedd809⋯.png (223.47 KB, 500x472, 125:118, b87.png)


>Just let them fuck you over goy

5a067e  No.12922711


>The people in that Mosque hadn't done anything to you, faggot.


They were there. And there are no innocent invaders.

Your time will come too. ;D

f9d0c0  No.12922715


They're brown and in white clay.

ce5b83  No.12922722



30bf09  No.12922723


you're a loser incel kike faggot shill, and you spend all your days here, forever and ever and ever little boy, until you rot in the grave you'll be here forever faggot, you'll never achieve anything in your life and you'll remain a failure until kingdom come

ce5b83  No.12922741



f35dd4  No.12922747

REMEMBER - "Jesus Christ" is Warlord

Muhammad is a Brigand and a Pedo

e11ac1  No.12922752

File: 3c5d9af2da62b5c⋯.png (422.7 KB, 1438x810, 719:405, ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone get his face on this?

902881  No.12922768

File: 510da33e9edfb7c⋯.jpg (271.62 KB, 1789x986, 1789:986, heisscum.jpg)

2375e0  No.12922776

In all seriousness it's amazing how fucked a lot of you guys are. It's pretty much come to fruition everything leading up to this point. It's easy to dismiss anything that doesn't agree with you because they're either a shill, leftist, jew, etc. Both sides are just as guilty as it. I always wondered how people became extremists. It's been a beauty to watch it occur over the past 20ish years. I wonder if anyone here still remembers going on Abovetopsecret, and godlikeproductions before they became diluted. Anyways, I hope everyone here lives a happy life, and doesn't get shot, stabbed, bombed by a white extremist, or a muslim extremist. At this point we'll have muslims, and white people shooting us up, and bombing us every other weak. Maybe the blacks will join in too.

f80005  No.12922780


>And there are no innocent invaders.

I hope you're not posting from the U.S. because that's an entire land of invaders by your logic. Also, whites in New Zealand are only in their 5th generation. Be consistent with your retardation.

ce5b83  No.12922782



f3c014  No.12922790


Yeah…forget that the Church scrubbed the fact that he tried to murder one of his cousins by pushing him off a roof though…

90a309  No.12922800

File: 9c1d86d0782ec23⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 512x286, 256:143, FB_IMG_1552317901357.jpg)

just give me the video link you white sissy faggots lmao

000000  No.12922801


>europe would totally still be christian today even without the reconquista

>american education and moralising


06879f  No.12922802


>At this point we'll have muslims, and white people shooting us up, and bombing us every other weak. Maybe the blacks will join in too.

why do you think people on here are against migration you nonce

ce5b83  No.12922812



f3c014  No.12922813


>bombing us every other weak


5180b2  No.12922816


>still on "you won't do nothin' goyim!" after Brenton diverisified his local mosque

You're in for it tomorrow, kike.

c271a6  No.12922817


Our race conquered America and won it. Same with Aus/NZ. Cry more you butthurt niggerlover.

America, Australia, and New Zealand belong to the White race alone, and anyone who goes against this will one day be put up against the wall.

373efe  No.12922820


>this poster hasn't been banned

8d6f5b  No.12922832

The (((usual))) people will clutch their pearls over this but most people will have forgotten about it in a couple of weeks anyway. The long-term implications will be negligible.

2375e0  No.12922837


If they could adapt, it wouldn't be an issue. Taking in refugees from 3rd world countries and expecting them to integrate is retarded. We should fix our broken immigration system, and skim the best people from every country.

dea847  No.12922840


Reminder that your fence sitting caused this.

4d9fdb  No.12922841

File: c52b8906b1c91af⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.12 MB, 420x315, 4:3, Turtle Power.webm)



>Using homo slang

>With a DBZ picture

>Too fucking stupid to use the catalog

Checks all the boxes. I have a video that should be right up your alley.

f80005  No.12922842


Still invaders. Still not innocent as you've said.

f3c014  No.12922847


Mods too busy trying to collect themselves from the hilarity.

2375e0  No.12922849


Are you sure you're not a liberal? Yelling louder doesn't make you right.

f6ea84  No.12922867

There are some sick sick people on this website. Also truly retarded.

2375e0  No.12922885


My fence sitting? You mean our governments fence sitting. More specifically our elected representatives. Our politicians are so concerned over public correctness it's killing us.

971e58  No.12922887

You are fucking sick, mofo, talking about being brainwashed and then talking about being invaded, bro quit checking conspiracy theories and 4/8chan and grow the fuck up you arent in 2 grade how the fuck can you still believe this shit when you live in the 21century and have means to get educated, srsly you are like those antivaxx mothers that dont believe in vaccines even after going on national television. You wouldnt react in the same way if your family got killed there. Fucking brainwashed incel fuck. Get out of your basement and get help if you think this is not evil.

ce5b83  No.12922889


Nigger what are you on about I'm just cooking up some spicy memes.

ff361e  No.12922893

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

4d9fdb  No.12922894

File: 7dbf95331ce9832⋯.jpg (576.83 KB, 2048x1295, 2048:1295, nig made good.jpg)


Hi. Nice to meet you.

30bf09  No.12922895

File: 2e3e8b518064a81⋯.png (137.67 KB, 1004x708, 251:177, 56hdxa236gvj.png)

553903  No.12922900


Yeah, all the normalfags flooding in after the shooting really brought down the IQ.

2375e0  No.12922901


Some good shit, want some?

ce5b83  No.12922911


> 21century


>2 grade

Aside from the rest of your shit spill, you type like a 14 yr old from CY-10

0bcb75  No.12922927

File: 35ece0d340399e3⋯.png (891.26 KB, 624x951, 208:317, 0hsio6f37mn11.png)


Weird flex, but ok.

ce5b83  No.12922928


>free spicy memes

Goyim, I..

2375e0  No.12922935


The issue is, not all of them are dumb.

5180b2  No.12922940


I shoot niggers in the head with my AR-15 and bomb federal buildings. I am going to send anthrax to several judges tomorrow. Nigger bomb bomb nigger bomb. Get fucked, faggot.

2375e0  No.12922941

2375e0  No.12922949


I can see your VPN hanging out from here

4de894  No.12922951


>Muh centrist

Found the sneaky shitskin

063209  No.12922952



155d30  No.12922955


Save it for the manifesto, looking forward to your video.

ce5b83  No.12922956


You forgot to mention jews, christians, and muslims, or did you forget the "religious people" part of your post?

90a309  No.12922957


post it here fag .also im a pajeet .

06879f  No.12922959


>If they could adapt, it wouldn't be an issue

Yes it would, European ethnic groups are being replaced by other ethnic groups, and since they can't adapt that's another reason not to do it.

>skim off the top

Sure, let's import foreigners to fill the highest rungs in our society so they can become our elites and rule over us, fucking brilliant, you faggot.

971e58  No.12922961


Well, of course i do, i am talking to human shit why should i bother, not worth wasting my time just get help.

000000  No.12922973



90a309  No.12922975


imagine being this retarded

ce5b83  No.12922977


To get help learning basic grammar? anon, if your this far along and haven't done that, it would seem there isn't much help for you in the first place.

30bf09  No.12922980


wew dont cut your self on that edge, kid

2375e0  No.12922984


They're being replacing because nobody has kids anymore. Everyone's so worried about Agenda 21 and population control. Living in the 1st world is population control.

5180b2  No.12922985


Nonsense. Only an evil nazi would use a VPN. I'm a good goy bareIP poster with my personal laptop, which is not secured with any encryption whatsoever.

cdaa79  No.12922987

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



You hope

971e58  No.12923022



Bro, have you checked your reply? If you re gonna judge someone s typo make sure yours is perfect first of all. Hypocrite.

cdaa79  No.12923028

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


000000  No.12923038


Some nigger shot up police from on high. I think it was Texas or some shit? Killed a bunch. The media and politicians praise that nigger and give niggers even more. Weird shit. How yall gonna tell them violence doesn't work when it so clearly does?

084d01  No.12923039

>Spend over two year planning ebin shootout

>Blow your load and kill a few dozen dozen muzzie


Oh wait

>demographic displacement = ideology of some crazy fuck that killed a bunch of people

>kikes in power that brought the muzzies in the first place still in power

>subversive elements have more ammo to disarm law abiding whit populous

>anyone who even whispers of displacement now is equal to some crazy shooter

>can't even listen to eurobeat now without getting queer looks

What a hero

219669  No.12923047


I waited 5 minutes after watching the video before masturbating. We're not soulless.

abe0a2  No.12923057

File: f0219e664a498eb⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 426x345, 142:115, FB_IMG_1538860025772.jpg)



2375e0  No.12923063



0b7fc6  No.12923069


>Adhering to anti-white civilizational principles based on Talmudic law

>Shunning violence (oy gevalt!)

>Muh based Zognald

Avi my dude …

95ea7d  No.12923072

What does he say at 10:15 ?

000000  No.12923086


>I despise each race equally because humans are cunts in general however well you are at hiding it

>dude fuck humanity n shiet lmao

>muh cousins

>even though muslims and jews are literally the most inbred of all people in the world

Wow you're so edgy and nihilist and euphoric, my teenage guest.

971e58  No.12923098

Just get help, get out and meet new people or do something don't stay in front of your pc everyday. That's why school shooting and mass shooting happen because people just visit those toxic communities and are brainwashed.


oh would you look at that, a retarded meme. Fuck off dude.

d819ea  No.12923115


Anyone with a strong emotional reaction to this happening is a newfag. They have been larping here for a while, now it just got real and it makes them feel bad.

5180b2  No.12923122


Spineless media worms keep bashing whites because whites take it. They don't fear, but they will.

30bf09  No.12923124


top trips mate!


>just wait kiddo you'll be dead inside too

09d43f  No.12923126

File: e6261cded47d506⋯.jpeg (34.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 7C3DB2EC-FE8D-4278-9114-3….jpeg)



Warning to all based pollacks after careful thought the conclusion is this was NOT a false flag. The ZOG media is doubling down on anti white and pro immigrant rhetoric. Calling this event a false flag is a careful attempt to poison the well with typical libertarian/civnat faggotry straight out of the Alex Jones conspiracy playbook. Breaking down this garbage it’s easy to understand the ZOGbots are threatening that any form of physical resistance to the international extermination and dispossession of whites/Europeans will result in a retaliation upon the whole white race. Funny how they threaten actions that are already taking place? Embrace struggle and hail victory

8ab467  No.12923143


<Look comrades I stuck it to those ebil nazis!

<I was all like 'ur moms basement" loland ur toxic


b4f603  No.12923146


Piss off back to twitter.

9f3a0e  No.12923164


Ree harder you pedo fuck. Consider cyanide instead of fucking children.

a368c6  No.12923175

File: 68130f9b9cb2f16⋯.png (28.99 KB, 858x581, 858:581, 4.png)

5180b2  No.12923179

>Kikes can't correct the record so they're lashing out by shitposting incohrently

Mods, wanna clean some of this up?

4d9fdb  No.12923189


>kike projecting his own sexual perversions again

Whites aren't the ones with the scatalogical obsession.

5180b2  No.12923194


Filter them, they get paid per reply too.

971e58  No.12923232



Don't worry i'll get the fuck out of here this website is toxic and promoting bad behavior and mass shootings. You know what, stay in your basement and post Pepe memes, 20+ people died when one of yours got out. Stop being a victim.

15cffc  No.12923235

You know what would be more effective than this?

Filming a video of yourself trying to sell paintings and pictures of Muhammad outside of a mosque and getting them infuriated and yourself near beaten up. Then spread the video, get on the news, claim that they are incompatible with western values.

If you are anti islam it is more effective to portray them as being violent and intolerant now than doing something like this which will garner sympathy for them.

Retaliatory attacks of this nature are better carried actually in the immediate wake of a Muslim attack at the correct location. This will not help further his objectives so he is in my opinion pretty stupid.

This whole aspect of society is certainly not my hill that I'm dying on so take these comments a bit as someone looking on more objectively.

9f3a0e  No.12923260

File: 6e70973bad64d1a⋯.jpg (220.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


All you need to do is film a no go zone.

0c5780  No.12923264


> they have to be killed right? at least as long as they set up shop near me or mine

What mine? You're all alone, also that sounds like a great mantra for life and society just kill people who disagree with you.

come on…I mean are you joking or actually retarded?

27b909  No.12923298

File: 59f642901d0bd0e⋯.jpg (107.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


>When you try to out-jihad the jihadis

You guys are copying the muslims now? What's next? Trucks down the street? Suicide bombings? Raping kids? Trying to copy the cool kids ain't gonna work noobs. Go back to crying in a dark corner on the internet.

8ab467  No.12923305


>stay in your basement and post Pepe memes

<He fucking admits it


a10c16  No.12923331


No, it's a remix of "Grün ist unser Fallschirm". Listen to the lyrics for fuck's sake.

a10c16  No.12923341


Gotcha, we should vote for conservatives who will keep bringing in hostile foreigners.

0c5780  No.12923346


Damn you are seething out the ears, seriously what is your goal in life, what is your actual political and strategical plan in life beyond being an edgy moron who thinks he can play Hans Jager nazi coybow outlaw in his head where all the white people lost their morals and just shoot and gut brown people? What do you really want or are you just constantly angry and have no idea about your own life so you project onto these fantasies?

2dac62  No.12923351


>What's next?

Bet you'd really like to know, right? What IS next? Well I'll be honest with you: not a single one of us knows. Not /pol/acks/, not /leftypol/, not the ZOG, hell probably not anybody at all. But it's coming. And I bet it's going to get more and more effective every time.



609481  No.12923355


Here you go spoonfeeding you


e4a1dc  No.12923358


>does nothing

Glad to be a Satanic SIEGE nigger if it means actually getting off my ass and doing something about demographic decline.

fb51b5  No.12923378

Lol that video kinda relaxed me tbh

65e220  No.12923386


could you post a MEGA link in this thread? thanks man

8b2893  No.12923400


>if the US collapsed brown people would never, ever invade and hold ordinary whites accountable

>had they a superior weapon, say a nuke, they certainly would refuse to drop it on civilians

Get fucked.

4bfdd6  No.12923415

Obsession with Jews has destroyed any ability you once had to associate with and live in reality. Your worldview is so distorted by constant unreliable information from all sides, and you pick and choose those which you want to believe. Your suffering is solely self inflicted, a slow descent into psychosis.

be6bd3  No.12923418


missinformation already being spread, great

7bf451  No.12923422

File: 8751dbd6f0e88d0⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 28943678.jpg)

>wake up

>realize I missed another happening

>catching up

nice and comfy Friday morning

280c68  No.12923423


You failed to bring those muzzies back to life, try again.

e9785c  No.12923427


the attack wasn't anti-islam, brainlet. it was accelerationist, to try and cause a sudden increase of pressure on whites to submit to minority status and spark pushback, before the white population ratio declines to the point where any pushback is doomed. although I think that it's already past that point.

34a96d  No.12923436



here's the full video bby

8b2893  No.12923439


No one has gone blind, and you know it; only prioritized who will feel their wrath first.

971e58  No.12923447


What the fuck did i admit?, what the fuck do i have to admit? Stop being delusional and read properly what i said. My message was simple, no meaning in between. Fucking pussy stop with your straw man shit and read properly.


4d9fdb  No.12923448

File: bf61e7b4dc7c6bd⋯.webm (3.54 MB, 420x420, 1:1, ave maria happening.webm)


Welcome aboard old chum.

0c5780  No.12923453


How do you know it will be more effective? What even are you referring to, why do you think more of this will ever cause anything but police and military crackdown on people like us?

406922  No.12923464




12cba2  No.12923469


Cry harder, niggerfaggot. 50 dead dunecoons and it's only the beginning.


So what is your peacuful solution to millions of mudslimes killing and raping us? Ban them? Ask them to leave? Civilize the problem away?

Describe your cuckoldry to us. Be detailed about it.

0c5780  No.12923485


Just keep deporting them you retard, letc them stay in their sandbox

2032d3  No.12923494

believe me but this accident will not make islam down, they will use this for play victim, and try convert stupid ppl to convert to islam. when this happen, they will appear as religion of peace. but we all know what is islam real is.

7bf451  No.12923505


Thanks! This is certified KNHO!

95ea7d  No.12923509

File: bdc3cd01ce4ba9b⋯.png (43 KB, 450x247, 450:247, Screenshot from 2019-03-15….png)


sure, but this is my first time using mega


did i do it right?

2032d3  No.12923524

40 is very small number for islam, they breed like Cockroach

4bfdd6  No.12923526


This is what I mean when I think you people have lost touch with reality. Millions of Muslims are killing and raping you? Come on, western man. Millions?

e22adc  No.12923529

File: bdb80bbb47f0f1e⋯.png (487.76 KB, 1024x610, 512:305, 1552623828093.png)

abfed9  No.12923544

File: 8f097e7975fbfa9⋯.jpg (125.2 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 8f36cbb6daa23c49e39d7a55c3….jpg)


look at this mutt

06879f  No.12923551


The European ethnic population is set to remain basically stable up until 2100, but the countries Europeans lived in will be swamped by non-Europeans.

Europeans are having kids, just marginally below replacement. If it was allowed to project forward without interference it would normalise, as atheists and degenerates wouldn't pass on their genes while healthy, religious people did through having normal families.

It's mass migration that is a threat to Europeans, not the birth-rates. They're a relatively minor concern.

280c68  No.12923558


Your law abiding white population would give their guns away even if this didn't happen. And give the officer some coffee too. There is literally no point of your weapons if you "abide the law". Laws change, your obedience stays.

2dac62  No.12923574


>How do you know

Because I'm a fucking genius, asshole, and I can analyze shit on the fly faster than a team of ponyfuckers in an hour.

>will ever cause anything but police and military crackdown on people like us

>like us

I'll ignore your obvious self exposure for the moment, liar. If the fucking ZOG could do more to genocide Whites faster, they would have already. Neh. I'm watching the controllers run out of fingers to stick in the dyke. I'm quite pleased to stay in observational configuration. In fact, while we're at it, run and get me a Coke.

27b909  No.12923583

File: 8dfea78e32e19aa⋯.png (637.9 KB, 480x474, 80:79, Screenshot_1 (2).png)


It game me a giggle. I just came to laugh at you guys thinking you're superior to the muslims by following in their footsteps. Pretty cute really.

Do you even jihad noob? Don't worry, I hear the muslims have a book that can teach you how to do it properly.

ff2417  No.12923604

File: a55fef226a207ab⋯.png (414.32 KB, 2408x1904, 43:34, Genetic_similarities_betwe….png)


>middle east (mooslim) gene pool is more similar to euro whites than some euro whites are to each other

If having morals means being absolutely retarded, then I definitely don't want those.

95ea7d  No.12923607


>So what is your peacuful solution to millions of mudslimes killing and raping us? Ban them? Ask them to leave? Civilize the problem away?

Well, the first step is to continue being better than them. It's not something that we are simply are by virtue of existing. In fact, it's not even something that we are, it's something that we do. But only if we actually do it. If we condone murder we stop being better than them. Today we are violent niggers, and it's a fucking disgrace.

But, more specific to your question, ideally we would peacefully and democratically close our borders, and strongly encourage the ones that are already here to either assimilate or leave.

Memes are good, murder is bad. Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie.

406922  No.12923620

Those 30 people could've subscribed to Pewdiepie, guess not :/

2dac62  No.12923624


>80 IQ faggots will show us de wai

[X] Doubt

>But Geoffery, Saracens use swords!

>Therefore you must cast down yours!

You've had your fun, inbred. You pushed too hard. But I never expected strategic planning to be your strong point. You do what your 89 IQ imam tells you to, and nothing more. Now enjoy the stew you made for yourselves

12cba2  No.12923652

File: 0d7c2159fe1ba7b⋯.jpg (82.99 KB, 800x960, 5:6, steel.jpg)



Bloody hell it has been a while since I came across faggotry of this level. I mean, do you really think you are insulting ANYONE here using that pre-school tier word.

Please tell me, where the everliving fuck do you think you are?

Between faggots like you, shills and the occasional lurker still making up his mind, EVERYBODY here is dreaming about killing shitskins, kikes and traitors.


Did you naive faggots really think we were joking when?

You're just pissing into the wind, faggot.

4cc16d  No.12923655

not evil, just a massive fortnite/counterstrike uck

8401c2  No.12923657


Your posts are incredibly obvious in all of the top threads rn and it's also painfully obvious you're a cuckchanner. GO fuck yourself kike.

0c5780  No.12923698


Uh what? It's literally like I'm talking to that insane homeless guy who loiters around my local grocery market. Oh wait this is bait isn't it.

295078  No.12923707



95ea7d  No.12923711


I'm only posting in this one thread. And I use 8chan for everything except discussing politics because 4/pol/ is usually better than 8/pol/

Of course I'm going to come to 8/pol/ today, the fucking killer posted here earlier. I'm a board owner of a board on 8chan with active users, but when I discuss politics I prefer a forum that has free speech. 8/pol/ is much better now that imkampfy is gone, but he banned so many people for so long that it did lasting damage to this fucking echo chamber. So, there you go, the validation you were loking for: when it comes to /pol/, I am a cuckchanner. Because 4/pol/ is better than 8/pol/

2dac62  No.12923713


>Stupid glownigger cant vibe with a parallel processing mind

Yeah, color me surprised. Go back to jerking each other off pointlessly

c700d0  No.12923737

File: c8d8fcd48073bfe⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 406x288, 203:144, mfw.gif)

>MFW Incels are starting to become even bigger terrorists than ISIS

06879f  No.12923740


you sound gay lol

0c5780  No.12923741


Yes it is I CIA man, here to brainwash you into doing bad good thing, and be submissive slave, you sure got me.

Get some better bait I'm not biting anymore

5fdaf3  No.12923745


>The past few hours is proof there is nothing wrong with killing right-wingers en masse, in the most painful way possible. You autistic freaks deserve to be skinned alive and burned alive.

We know, because you literally killed between 50-80 millions ethnic christians you Communist Jew.

5b8d58  No.12923761

File: a46b7ff67227a16⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 577x192, 577:192, Capture.JPG)

lmao a virgin

c700d0  No.12923762


>muh 80 gorillion

cc236d  No.12923766

280c68  No.12923771


Your giggle didn't wake up those dead muzzies. Try again.

95ea7d  No.12923777


lol fuck you asshole

2dac62  No.12923779


Oh wait, hold on. You're even dumber than a niggerbrain glowgorilla, aren't you? You just accidentally asked a question that ranks 3/10 on the set-your-ass-up scale. You really are just some dumb faggot, but one without a fancy hat. Jesus Christ, it must suck to be you. If I had a mind like yours I'd try to overclock it enough to remind myself that suicide was the best option and GTFO my body ASAP. Run along now child

774c41  No.12923790

0c5780  No.12923794


How about both of you kill each other en mass, like every Nazi extremist and full tankie meet up in a big field in the Gobi desert or North dakota far from any thick forest or civilization for an event and kill each other and don't come back.

295078  No.12923803

0c5780  No.12923810

280c68  No.12923830


Nice effort in your post, however, did it bring back those dead muzzies? No? :(

2dac62  No.12923841


>When it breaks

Great post m9. Now leave defeated and in shame, dumb nigger

0c5780  No.12923851


What is this meant to be?

you're either a bot made by a retard skitzo, or just a normal retarded skitzo

34aa07  No.12923861


No one noticed that there were women and children in a "mosque", when even the canadian female politicians were told to stay at the back of one on their official visit.

From what I've heard, only men can go in mosques.

eeb104  No.12923866




0c5780  No.12923872


Who are you quoting?

You're the defeated one here, nobody is taking your false flag bait so now you have to keep going with the act.

774c41  No.12923878

File: 9cfb2159b4d3b9a⋯.png (581.75 KB, 648x364, 162:91, poor flag.PNG)

Holy shit that poor abused flag

12cba2  No.12923903

File: 4a58139635db893⋯.mp4 (7.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Grün ist unser Fallschirm.mp4)


This is the one playing while he was inside unloading on the cockroaches.

Man had some good taste.

27b909  No.12923905

File: 1a04eb551252494⋯.jpg (82.91 KB, 440x400, 11:10, lCRaaDx.jpg)


Lol, I'm not a muslim you dumb motherfucker. I like how you live in a black and white world and jump to blind conclusions because you can't control your emotions like a little girl.

Go on faggot, have your little jihad. Call it whatever you want, you're both the same. I bet that's why you hate them so much, you're exactly like them. But unlike them, no one cares about you. No one takes you seriously. No one gives you special privileges.

Sound a little jealous.

06879f  No.12923914


we love you too, cheerio mate

95ea7d  No.12923920


some other anon in some other thread said that these muslims weren't sunni, so some of the rules and culture might be different. idk

2dac62  No.12923924

File: aacb473bd6fe772⋯.png (437.33 KB, 853x480, 853:480, beat it nigger.png)

File: cbcb00071485387⋯.jpg (445 B, 15x15, 1:1, pepebypass.jpg)


>nobody is taking your false flag bait so now you have to keep going with the act.

<When the ignorant but arrogant project

Oh, go ahead. Keep going. It's not like I'll invade your "mind" if you try. Tell me more about yourself. Tell me what you fear.

9bc57c  No.12923945

File: abc9716e65b9bfe⋯.png (408.12 KB, 565x871, 565:871, antifa_proud_cuck_smash_th….png)

File: 7d8cc762882840b⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 189x361, 189:361, antifa_running_in_front_of….gif)

File: 42147c4e19f4dd4⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 76xYZrA.jpg)

File: a0d27b343d4f620⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 483x360, 161:120, antifabtfo.gif)

File: 7828963d0ac0d2d⋯.png (77.83 KB, 1855x472, 1855:472, Dead_board_lmao.png)


>Does it sting leftycuck?

0c5780  No.12923946


I fear the masked man, the big guy…


12cba2  No.12923950

File: 280a5834653deec⋯.jpg (8.81 KB, 168x255, 56:85, Bane_0_Percent_Survivors.jpg)


Of courshe.

0c5780  No.12923971

2dac62  No.12923972


>I got an honest answer

We don't necessarily have to be enemies


But I do have a hivemind

0c5780  No.12923988


Nobody cares about your muslim US fetishism blog m8

afd768  No.12923990

women should stop posting here

820135  No.12923991

File: 9375417c1f32dd2⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 600x574, 300:287, 42568938_163444764603936_4….jpg)



b2249f  No.12923994

File: cf9a70db27f7522⋯.jpg (109.78 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 3f603eb9744cd5312e9dfb7be6….jpg)

mans a fucking hero leading by example

2dac62  No.12924050


<Wew that really fucking worked for me

I'm just curious, did you want me to click my Rage up a notch? I've got a fuckload of tricks I basically never use, and since we're in clownworld I thought maybe I'd try some that never get play

0c5780  No.12924052

>This thread is shit and full of mental patients spaming all the time

>This board is shit full of metal patents spaming all the time

Where is the real /pol/?

This is more like political /b/

95ea7d  No.12924055


Don't like democracy? Feel free to vote against it :^)

0c5780  No.12924061


What are you going to do? Crash this plane maybe?

95ea7d  No.12924063


>Where is the real /pol/?


000000  No.12924071

So funny to see a bunch of brainwashed idiots call others brainwashed idiots. So stupid you are angry at everyone else for it.

0c5780  No.12924073


That's cuck pol, full of shills, bait, and newfags

2dac62  No.12924083

File: 9c27c512375ead7⋯.gif (982.73 KB, 480x300, 8:5, 9c27c512375ead7667e00790fd….gif)


Now is not the time for fear

95ea7d  No.12924095


>That's cuck pol, full of shills, bait, and newfags

you're right on 2 out 3, but baiting newfags is fun

and as an added bonus some of the users there even understand and discuss politics now and then, unlike most in this community

fb51ee  No.12924103

File: c6bb59603ac8735⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 4460x2908, 1115:727, leftypolusers.jpg)


0c5780  No.12924120


This makes me sad, basically there aren't any live or good boards anymore, they've all died out, and 4chan is getting more and more worse with its "evolution" I mean I thought 4channel would be the nail for it and revival for us but nah.

820135  No.12924150

File: ab6b73c871fa01a⋯.png (76 KB, 400x294, 200:147, ab6b73c871fa01a47b7d9ce4b2….png)


Communism collapsed under its own weight, while Fascism collapsed under megatons of bombs. Apples and oranges.


Reichstag fire was the original false flag, and it worked. (((They))) learned from the best.

000000  No.12924181

Found the original artist and the original version of the paratrooper song I think. Versions floating around on the internet are chopped up remixes of this remix.

dj flowee - grün ist unser fallschirm (Remix).mp3


fb51ee  No.12924201

File: 10ba5859943c371⋯.jpg (108.03 KB, 908x716, 227:179, leftypol leader.jpg)


You should of been there to help them

63263b  No.12924205


Based Maori joining the fight

406922  No.12924221


>"I can drop them at 500 yards!"

>Doesn't do anything

9093b9  No.12924239


Honestly I doubt he'd hit anything beyond 50ft. And considering his mass, he'd get worn out just loading the gun.

9093b9  No.12924243

File: 5e0bc37331550df⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 320x350, 32:35, Varg-smiling.jpg)

Do you think Varg approves of this?

95ea7d  No.12924246

415a48  No.12924279

File: 292465126fe7d0b⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 472x469, 472:469, nice_album.jpg)

The real mistake in this whole situation was not blaming Jordan Peterson for radicalising him.

056269  No.12924281

File: 07565e37642a5ee⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 1100x1380, 55:69, 1435817214032.gif)

63de1d  No.12924284


Great reply. You aren't the only guy on here who sees things like this.

63263b  No.12924288


Brenton " GOD OF HELL FIRE" Tarrant

406922  No.12924294



e008ee  No.12924300

brent you'll live forever in my memories. i don't even know if you're dead, but cheers m8. you're a martyr

95ea7d  No.12924309

File: 57aef40ac5b3c49⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kiwi-kebab-killer04.webm)

>>12924300 (checked)

I'm pretty sure they got him alive

000000  No.12924321

>>12920814 88

let's ==RIDE!!==

e008ee  No.12924329


it was never about that… for all brent knew these were good people that donated to charity and shit. this was about sending a message

e72820  No.12924345

415a48  No.12924355

File: 399e22dbee36a53⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 270x541, 270:541, b69467d73750372f1150391f1d….jpg)


Oh that's just as good. Cheers dude I missed that in the information overload going on right now. Someone who uses twatter needs to get that on (((the press))).

b2249f  No.12924360

File: fb45dd590852ef6⋯.jpg (368.76 KB, 1556x1600, 389:400, fb45dd590852ef694451271ee1….jpg)


for sure, his only criticism is that they didn't burn the buildings down on their way out

varg knows best

04afbc  No.12924370


not doing anything = killings of us will continue

doing asomething in return = might change something after a while.

248ce9  No.12924372

Anon passing by, I only came to this thread because it was the most recent one. I don't have arguments to contribute, but for what it's worth, I personally don't think he's a shill, a false flagger or whatever. He's pro white, and you can say he's misguided, but pro white is enough for me. Also, you should only say that he had an overall negative impact if you disagree with accelerationism/yang gang. Just saying.

e008ee  No.12924378

Now muslims will kill a few hundred people a la bataclan, then whites retaliate and muslims will go full apeshit, awakening the rest of the sleeping white lambs. race war NOW! BRENTS BRUTES WILL PREVAIL!

9093b9  No.12924388

File: f7f71e14d09ec35⋯.jpg (46.03 KB, 249x140, 249:140, 250.jpg)

Final kill count estimates? 60-70 is mine.

b2249f  No.12924406

File: 936d30773732094⋯.png (70.54 KB, 500x768, 125:192, 476de642af7fcf94bc1a7417de….png)


don't even reply to that faggot,our own traitor governments are flooding us with 3rd world scum to replace us in our own countries. Only the people can stop this we can't vote our way out physical removal is the only option they have given us.

248ce9  No.12924412

Alright guys, so the important thing we can do at this point is deal with the fallout of this in the minds of normalfaggots.

I think we'd best remind the people of a gent named Baruch Goldstein who did the EXACT SAME THING and is considered a hero in much of the jewish community

https://encyclop ediadramatica.rs/Baruch_Goldstein

https://youtu. be/ZknF8rF7Wtw

Also, here's this https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

I don't know what kinds of arguments you want to make irl, but here are some decent tools to make them.

0daf49  No.12924414


>Muslims are a race..

Duuuuuuuuuurrrr I'm a fuckhead race war now

248ce9  No.12924419


islam is an ethnoreligion like judaism.

27b909  No.12924430

File: ee86cee6e69c108⋯.png (414.53 KB, 600x395, 120:79, 2bc5e242.png)


Your little jihad won't unrape those children AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!

b2249f  No.12924433


fuck your optics

7c689f  No.12924435


>caring about normalfags

just ignore them

2dac62  No.12924451


>Hey what the fuck?! Killing those innocent mudslimes??

>Also lol we rape your children

This will work out well

248ce9  No.12924456


Baruch Goldstein did the EXACT SAME THING and is considered a hero in much of the jewish community

https://encyclop ediadramatica.rs/Baruch_Goldstein

https://youtu. be/ZknF8rF7Wtw

Also, islamic terrorism is much more widespread for sure, and possibly/likely much more destructive on average than white/natsoc-ish terrorism: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

248ce9  No.12924461



95ea7d  No.12924463


A great message would be that white people deserve national self-determination. Instead he sent the message that white nationalists are cowardly murderers of innocent people. It's counter-productive.

And this is not just about optics. It's about actually being better than the people that are infecting our countries. Brenton Tarrant is as low as the lowest sandnigger.

27b909  No.12924472

File: 71f4bb50e7f30ae⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 500x366, 250:183, Terrorists-Meme-No-sempai-….jpg)


Yes, New Zealand is full of hostile foreigners. Did you hear about that Australian man who recently killed 49 people there?


b2249f  No.12924477


godspeed anon

17b706  No.12924486


Rabbi Israel Ariel, who read a eulogy at Goldstein's funeral, said this:

"The holy martyr, Baruch Goldstein, is from now on our intercessor in heaven. Goldstein did not act as an individual, he heard the cry of the land of Israel, which is being stolen from us day after day by the Muslims. He acted to relieve that cry of the land."

Rabbi Yaacov Perin, who conducted the services at Goldstein's funeral, said:

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

Rabbi Moshe Levinger a prominent leader of the Orthodox Israeli community wrote:

"I am sorry for the 29 Palestinians murdered by Goldstein in the same way that I would be sorry for the killing of 29 flies."

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg produced an extended essay on the Goldberg massacre. In this, he stated that:

"The crowning glory of his act is the sanctification of God…

God looks more fondly on Jewish blood and therefore it is redder and its life has priority."

"Gentile sperm leads to cruel and barbaric offspring."

The most interesting statement was from Meir Tayar, the Deputy Commander of the Israeli Defence Force, who said that:

"Standing orders forbid security forces from firing on Jewish settlers under any circumstances. If a settler opens fire, instructions are to take cover and wait for the clip to finish, then stop him in some other way, not by shooting'."


248ce9  No.12924507



anyways, how is it about optics if I'm advocating people make whatever arguments they deem fit for their personal lives? The metacult/shitlib beliefs are based on The general vague equality of the races and some sort of historical/current evil unique to whites. A third could be heritability of man but thats kinda implied by the first to. These things that I've posted helps break that narrative in people. It doesn't have to be any big thing to be shilled on a mass scale or have any bearing on how the world will react/go accelerationism, its just that this is a thing that anons can use in their personal life to break that narrative.

820135  No.12924526

File: 571fddcadab2556⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 448x648, 56:81, scythians-ca-4th-c-bc (1).jpg)


Imagine being a Maori and seeing whitey import these sandfucks to your island paradise.



All invaders must die, indiscriminately. Women and children are a greater threat to us, since milquetoasts like you don't have the stomach to do what you must.


Is our boy somewhere in that soylent mass?


Shut the fuck up Herschel. The Aryan world was won and sustained through savage conquest.

12cba2  No.12924538

File: 858416dfcbdc447⋯.png (426.76 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 0dda17f7231d648c1792b6b61c….png)

File: c3b5483a202b936⋯.png (486.17 KB, 1100x777, 1100:777, 1468254954817.png)



We've been shouting it to the high heavens for years now. How fucking new are you?

Did you really think we are only joking?

248ce9  No.12924549


He said in his manifesto that he did what he did because he believed that european countries/former colonies should continue to be inhabited by europeans and same for other races.

He said that getting rid of the muds was an end unto itself and that's enough for him but that a bonus would be to have the attempted gun restriction thing contribute to accelerationism.

Anyways, kikes will always be able to pull some guy who didn't follow optics 20 years ago out of their ass, or make their own event. Us making sure our guys all uniformly follow optics and try to debunk false flags won't have much bearing on this. Instead of trying to craft our narrative to mass society, we just need to focus on putting things into perspective for individuals with things like:


000000  No.12924550

Does anyone have alternative video links to the video entitled "Very interesting video. Only for Muslims. do not redistribute" mentioned in the manifesto that he was concerned about?

84d2bd  No.12924555

File: 72a15fbee7e54a1⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 400x332, 100:83, 73675677.jpg)


>fake morals

>Fake emotions

What did he mean by this?

248ce9  No.12924557



2320f8  No.12924568


morality exists only in your mind, it is subjective. It is irrelevant.

27b909  No.12924573


I never said the muslims were innocent, you neanderthal. That's a conclusion you jumped to. You seem to have trouble reading English, would you like me to get you a translator?

6be104  No.12924578

In light of this attack the Muslim community should not allow themselves to fall into this vicious cycle of hatred, they should gather in christchurch to sing Don't look back in anger and hold hands. Muslims posting angry tweets in response to this attack are the real problem and my thoughts and prayers are with the White community for the inevitable backlash of whitephobia they will face, I imagine the police will be patrolling white communities to protect them from this terrible bigotry

820135  No.12924580


While it's true that Jews are manipulating us into going full Deus Vult mode, that doesn't mean we can just ignore the cockroaches breeding on our soil. Chaim's biggest mistake is thinking the Inquisition won't turn and come for him next.

30c3e0  No.12924583

how much cum did you guzzle before you posted this utter display of cancer spewed from you insides. fuck you cunt

17b706  No.12924586


Have a word with your supervisor, Avi. Not only are you working on Shabbat, you're using expired talking points. He is now /our/ intercessor in Heaven.

248ce9  No.12924594


again, this isn't meant to be some sort of mass response, it's just giving some tools for people to make arguments where they see fit. No matter which direction/strategy you think the movement should go in wether it be accelerationism or whatever, having a greater number of people on our side helps all of the strategies.

9549ac  No.12924600


You're low IQ bro

248ce9  No.12924630


okay, but people who inherently think suicide is immoral and that reproduction is moral are going to live longer. Races that think its moral to continue to exist are more likely to continue exist. So from that basis, morality has at least some objective grounding in reality

248ce9  No.12924642


who are you replying to? op?

2320f8  No.12924645


>All invaders must die, indiscriminately. Women and children are a greater threat to us, since milquetoasts like you don't have the stomach to do what you must.

Death is not necessary, but probable. Ultimately your women and children point is in fact very correct tho. Milquetoasts see a sad looking girl in a picture and they immediately surrender and go weak at the knees. Sympathy is their weapon

9549ac  No.12924647


Someone else linked it. It's an old well known video. It's this one.


248ce9  No.12924666


I kind of overlooked that muslims would have a reaction to this too and become even more violent in response. That seals the deal for me, I think that this is a more positive thing than a negative thing.

f9f930  No.12924716


Hello, FBI.

820135  No.12924720

File: f504f7003a4a799⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 540x478, 270:239, tumblr_inline_pfp2pjjl9r1u….jpg)


2dac62  No.12924738


Well let me put this in context for you, Mr. 101 IQ genius

>Your little jihad won't unrape those children

No, but when mudslimes don't exist anymore it will prevent the rapes of all the other children. But go ahead, keep on pushing forward, full steam ahead. What could possibly go wrong?

248ce9  No.12924756


yeah he's pretty annoying but I think people like jordan peterson and kikes are worse

f4f95e  No.12924784


AHAHAHAH, even nigger and spic cops still patrol ghettos and always will. Cops know crime and prison statistics.

634f3d  No.12924808

File: c8b5c54bf089090⋯.webm (1.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Live TV Shooting - WJDB A….webm)


I don't believe for a moment that this is not a false flag. The video resembles to the confirmed false flag shooting of Alison Parker by Vester Lee Flangan in the sense that it is taken in 1st person.

They probably improved on this through the years. If you are making a real attack why do you have to record it in 1st person?

Why target muslims? If there was a list, the enablers traitors would be first. Breivik seemed more realistic but he couldn't possibly have been in two places at the same time.

Also, notice how this shooting was carried out by a Zionist just like Breivik was. Just like the whole Jewish 'alt-right'.

The Jews they're afraid to even give us fake hero that might name them, because suddenly that could unite everyone, heck even the niggers, against them.

b72715  No.12924865

all the optic cucks aka kikes gotta control the narrative somehow. Gotta jew fast

95ea7d  No.12924971


It's not even about optics. Murder is bad. Not just because it looks bad, but because killing innocent people is bad.

0daf49  No.12924979


Crazed right wingers killing innocent brown people is the kind of optics that makes the Jews cream their pants. Only a complete moron or a Zionist Jew would celebrate this clusterfuck

248ce9  No.12924986


dude, I'm sorry for you muh optics people, but I genuinely do not believe this guys is a shill / false flagger or whatever. He's seems to be pro white and his account of what positive effects there would be kinda make sense. He also has an understanding of meme culture and has demonstrated a character that a highly doubt can be artificially replicated. You can argue he's misguided, but not a shill.

Cons: -Didn't go after jews

-Muh optics

-Stricter gun control

-Stricter censorship / general hell for the right

Pros: -Less shitskins


This is ultimately an accelerationism vs no accelerationism debate. I personally am on the accelerationism side, however no matter what you think, more people on our side helps every strategy. Refer to:


248ce9  No.12925009


No, pewdiepie is fine. (So fine I subscribed 37 times)

2dac62  No.12925010


>Invaders are innocent

I see we're going to hear this line over and over again for a few days


Killing invaders is what kikes like


Fuck off rock worshipping pilpul-peddler. Also


0f1424  No.12925016

Your gay little clubhouse will not survive this. You've made your filth now lie in it.

0daf49  No.12925019

Anybody who justifies this attack is justifying collective punishment. That means the next time one of Trump's drones takes out a Muslim family in the Middle East they are justified in killing random westerners.

248ce9  No.12925033

248ce9  No.12925041


that's a really messy argument to make, its not as straightforwards as you'd think.

460317  No.12925051

File: cba3093a37742be⋯.png (556.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, they all died.png)

399cda  No.12925057

What are the results of this attack?

>Some Muslims died

>Will encourage revenge attacks by Jihadists on European communities

>Definitely will be used for more gun control justification

>Gives an easy excuse to silence anti-Islam speakers

>Islam will continue to exist in the West

>Didn't attack any kind of actual power structure or person in power

>Didn't expose anything or redpill anyone

What has this attack changed exactly, apart from giving the system more ammunition against "Islamophobia"?

857a08  No.12925058


there are no innocents

they are getting into your lands, your country to replace you

take them out or get replaced

there is no such thing as coexist

820135  No.12925066


We've been at total war since 1860. The man is one of us, and a martyr. Get with the fucking program.


No retard, because we aren't attempting to colonize them. All they have to do is burrow into their caves and Afghanistan will still be Afghan in 1000 years' time.

f15917  No.12925073


The people condemning this are like those annoying shrill bitches that scream on every video of every fight. They're irrelevant noise. Just ignore them.

2dac62  No.12925075

File: f2d504035ec6386⋯.jpg (148.96 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, 80108f3b3181956252d1d3361e….jpg)


>Hopefully this containment field breaks down and a swarm of pissed-off Umman Manda rides roughshod across all the rest of the internet

Yeah, let's hope that happens, dipshit

9549ac  No.12925076


>Why target muslims?

Because they are literally people of a different race conquering white countries. Cleansing them off of white lands is a goal unto itself.

9549ac  No.12925087


Good thing members of a violent religion aimed at annihilation of nonbelievers are not innocent people then.

65e220  No.12925088



all moderates please return to nipchan and reddit

we're trying to celebrate

b72715  No.12925090



thanks for proving my point kikes


into the ovens you go

65e220  No.12925101


>muh innocents

>muh slave morality

Read Might is Right and Beyond Good And Evil you pussy

857a08  No.12925102


sure, go for it

you advocate for open war

which is the natural outcome of 2 forces trying to dispute the same place

the sooner we remove the veil of the kike media about "peace" "being civilized and letting migrants in" and being possible to coexist

the higher chances whites will have to saving their lands

9549ac  No.12925108


Mental illness is a jewish construct.

Do you think the Mayans or Spartans would conceive of a thing such as "ADHD"?

It's purely a conception so that authorities can justify controlling people.

27b909  No.12925115

File: 8c2f7248a47c1e4⋯.jpg (33.35 KB, 426x426, 1:1, tumblr_nvkypmuOVP1tgy8tlo1….jpg)


101 IQ? Thanks, didn't realise you thought so highly of me.

You seem to think only muslims rape children. What a tiny, deluded little world you live in. No wonder you're such an emotional little faggot. I doubt you can control your emotions enough to survive a real-world conversation, which is why you sit inside staring at a computer screen.

Go ahead dipshit, have your little jihad. Kill every muslim on the planet. Waste your time, money and blood fighting for your insecurities. Go live in fear and paranoia like the coward you are. You will achieve nothing, because you have no idea what you're trying to achieve.

Me? I'm here to achieve a good laugh. It's fishing season and you fuckers are biting on every little piece of bait I cast. It's a feeding frenzy of try-hard autism AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!

1241cf  No.12925117


People will become redpilled by all the things that you just listed.

55b282  No.12925119

evil isnt always bad. a necessary evil.

9549ac  No.12925121


Except they should not kill random Westerners but jews, given their influence in middle east and US politics. But yeah, they are justified in killing neocons as well. Why is that so hard to conceive?

248ce9  No.12925126



I forgot, for pros, it should be

-Less shitskins


-Gun control causing more divide between right and left

-Muslim backlash showcasing their savagery as a natural redpill

b72715  No.12925127


fuck, you guys still cant figure out how to redtext and its been how many years now shills have been trying?

84d2bd  No.12925128


Call me crazy but I think shooting a hundred people to get your point across is a tad extreme.

9549ac  No.12925129


Do you come from tumblr or Reddit?

9549ac  No.12925139


What have you changed?

65e220  No.12925147

File: c2f7bdb6b554d1e⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 960x651, 320:217, nomeasureofhealth.jpg)


857a08  No.12925151


I think you are more retarded than crazy, but suit yourself

1241cf  No.12925152

File: 54b8004eabdf85c⋯.jpg (67.36 KB, 646x288, 323:144, M13.2Hydra.jpg)


They clearly had a concept of madness but just believed it meant you were possessed or some shit

813ff5  No.12925161



It cracks me up posts like this sit around while people accuse shit like >>12925085 of being the shills.

b72715  No.12925166


shill harder

49c1e3  No.12925168


>this is just edgy insane 4chan


c67c45  No.12925398

I think you're a rodent. How does that grab you, rodent? Did you watch the video ten times and jerk off? You hapless little impotent nobody.

dec163  No.12925579


It's useless, these fuckers really think shooting up a mosque full of unarmed people is a good thing that everyone and their dog should do. It's a lost cause here.

dec163  No.12925589


Sure thing

2f9dee  No.12925593

File: 1fee8316642abf3⋯.gif (391.35 KB, 500x372, 125:93, 1fee8316642abf33dd64b28023….gif)


>Being this mad on the internet

d10582  No.12925625


The rodents were the ones scurrying to the corners of the room and piling on top of each other, haha.

373efe  No.12925634

this false flag hoax was so blatant that literally the day beforehand a newzealand rep was on abc television trying to negotiate with the Australian government over deportations of New Zealand citizens from Australia

This whole thing is so fucking suss it's ridiculous

373efe  No.12925653


>what are shills

exactly, both of you are actually too dumb to be here even if you are being paid to

baa7dc  No.12925675


Much like Tarrant, you write like a caricature of a /pol/ poster, and that is what makes you both suspicious.

cc20d3  No.12925700



>seek mental help man

why are you here again, aren't you supposed to be in reddit

cc20d3  No.12925708


Ok then leave back to reddit you retard gorilla nigger.

7c11c9  No.12925880



>blender-brain mental defectives that can just see to the heart of the matter

I'd ask them to explain anything they ever said, but I probably wouldn't have enough intelligence to comprehend.

000000  No.12925909

posts like these will bring down 8chan, which is the glownigger ultimate goals in their war against Q's NSA

84d2bd  No.12925913


I think you're psychopathic, or stupid.

3620e3  No.12925931

File: 5337fd2c5c5e1d2⋯.jpg (68.36 KB, 626x461, 626:461, doubleslongarm.jpg)

2ccea7  No.12925939



baa7dc  No.12925965


>I probably wouldn't have enough intelligence to comprehend

Yeeeah, you're probably right.

9e0e21  No.12926025

It's a great fucking Friday!

f35aeb  No.12926051


This isn't about not taking arms, it's about being efficient and productive.

How is shooting 40 muslism going to stop the maa immigration and destruction of hte culture? It is not. Attacing random people is NOT the answer to any problem. It's a lashing out born from either stupidity or desepration.

You want to make an actual change? Kill the traitors in power.

But for some reason every stupid fuck with a manifesto just goes on a random shooting spree, instead of hitting the globalist cabal where it would actually hurt.

9e2b64  No.12926052

File: 60bfe2fb1e3d1a5⋯.jpg (203.8 KB, 960x930, 32:31, Guts Smile.jpg)




Just woke up, 'bout to read the whole thread before I watch the vid. From the hysterics of the mediakikes and flood of shills, I can't tell if he was /ourguy/ just yet. Either way, dead goblins is always a net positive.

>tfw got my cup o' java

It's gonna be a /comfy/ day fam.

2160c2  No.12926079






1488e0  No.12926091


So….why don't you do it?

0f1424  No.12926151

You people are very, very evil

173592  No.12926155

File: 6fe589ca6198491⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fe22asf3.jpg)


People unfit to society dictating how society should be

9278e0  No.12926162

If this is a honeypot can you just throw these morons in jail already?

9e2b64  No.12926165

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2320f8  No.12926177


the dominant ideology is far too entrenched. In order to make a dent in the system you must first destabilise it. You must polarise people and pit them against each other and violence is a great way of doing this. Only then will people take notice of the content of radical ideologies, therefore making them perceptible to them. Without any joy I think it is likely that there will have to be much more bloodshed to destabilise society enough to enable the normalisation of ultra-nationalism.

f945f8  No.12926191


That makes sense you fucking idiot.

7c11c9  No.12926198


Yes, and we are going to kill YOU because you think so

2320f8  No.12926212



morality isnt a thing, only achieving your goals is my dude

d8716c  No.12926232


4971f0  No.12926257

File: 9bc9df0924d7530⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 343x256, 343:256, 32282-full.jpg)

7c11c9  No.12926266


>random people

>foreign invaders who are going to be the direct cause of our genocide within 20 years at absolute latest

pick one

>kill the traitors in power

ok I will just walk through their hordes of slaves and soldiers totally unnoticed and just do it.

listen kid, shut up and listen, you don't know shit yet.

You have no idea what needs to be done at all let alone what is most important.

You are so absolutely out of your depth you need to smash yourself in the balls to bring you back to your senses.

Violence is extremely efficient and productive. It is the absolute of efficiency. It just goes in and does what needs to be done.

It's even better for us because our enemy's economic system is backed up, nay, leveraged to superphysical extremes, by the assumption that all these hordes of mental retards are going to feel it's safe enough to go out of the house and go to work in the morning.

If we inspired the 'immigrant' population to work half the hours they do the economy would be teetering on the edge of an infinite abyss and our war could be won in a couple years at a long estimate.

fb35fa  No.12926276


When the Saxon began to hate.

feeb05  No.12926280

watch out guys chapo cuck house is onto you


feeb05  No.12926296

File: 8a8931d6032008c⋯.jpg (982.62 KB, 1566x1394, 783:697, 206360.jpg)

7c11c9  No.12926297


>random people

>alien invaders set to displace us demographically (genocide) in 20 at the absolute max

how about we kill people who say shit like this poster

4971f0  No.12926324

File: 027458029b6e3c3⋯.png (132.4 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 20760-full.png)


Aryans died by mixing with celts, germans and other peoples

38bb9f  No.12926352

File: acfcf4364339e47⋯.png (41.65 KB, 90x246, 15:41, blek.png)

f945f8  No.12926355


ad365d  No.12926361

OP’s entire post is derived from the very “bias” of morality that offends him (her?). To be invaded, your privacy must be breached. To have privacy, you have to have ownership. To have ownership, people must believe in that right. To have rights, you must have values. To have values, you must have desires. To have desires, you must have emotions. To have emotions, you must be alive. To be alive, you must survive. To survive, you must compete. To compete, you must understand the rules. To understand the rules, you must make sense of reality. To make sense of reality, you must make stable systemic relationships of variables. To make stable systemic relationships of variables, you must have criteria to measure against. To have criteria to measure against, you must have scale. To have scale, you must delineate. To delineate, you must be binary. To be binary, phenomena must be true or false. To be true or false, it must be right or wrong. If it’s right or wrong, then it is moral.

000000  No.12926374


ok nerd

af6f22  No.12926382


>The Aryan world

What? The shooter specifically stated white nationalism, he never meant the jewish idea of "white supremacy"

f35aeb  No.12926385


Because I don't want to die just yet. However, if someone is already willing to go down in a blaze of glory, you can at least make sure your death had maximum impact.

And this one did not.


Killing traitors sends a stronger message and doesn't alienate people as much. If you keep killing traitorous politicians, they won't be so easily replaces by capable replacements. And yes, this does destablilise the system.

Killing random people nets you nothing in the long run. It doesn't open people to the radical iddeology of random mass murder - it just pushes them further away.

Bloodshed against our people might get more poeple thinking, but that means more dead white poeple so fuck that.


In the long run, perhaps. But these people didn't come here with the express reason and purpose to genocide you. For the msot part they came searching for a better life, and you cannot realy fault such normal behavior. And while they certainly don't belong here, removing them by ejecting them from the country once the traitors are dead is preferable to starting bloodbaths that will invariably lead to even more crackdowns and less support from the mases.

>ok I will just walk through their hordes of slaves and soldiers totally unnoticed and just do it.

If you think politicians and other traitors are untouchable, you are retarded. There's far too many of them to have strong security everywhere, and you can always pick your targets. No defense or security is absolute and many bankers and lower-ranking senator don't really have 24/7 super protection.

For those that do have protection, it's not a presidental security detail, but something that can be overcome easily.

And if a few of them were killed, they would start moving resurces towards their own protection and away from other things, which would accelerate the collapse.

feeb05  No.12926408



feeb05  No.12926425

File: 0a2dcf9f04678be⋯.png (10.94 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 1531758719303.png)


Brenton Tarrant is a hero!

f1cdb1  No.12958880

All you are some demented racists. We are all human beings.

3097b3  No.12958907


Yeah, it is a good thing! Did you think this war was going to be won without bloodshed? Did you honestly believe a voting apparatus run by a government that hates your guts would fix anything? Welcome to realpolitik, you stupid nigger.

786d46  No.12958913


communists and jews are not human beings

2e3c7d  No.12958950


only US military base in NZ is located in,.,,, christchurch…,,..,

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