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File: d817393a62c15f2⋯.png (9.14 KB, 255x222, 85:74, 0c4b6db00311b9cdc0ec0981fd….png)

e5c5cc  No.12922360

Uncensored Brenton Tarrant Video Shooting Livestream Recording


c52d7b  No.12922521


can you provide a mega.nz link to download? I can't find a site or software that'll download bittube videos.

08207c  No.12922804


I've got it saved to my phone, no idea where to upload it again but

e1549e  No.12922825

File: 25fd96054f31fa3⋯.jpg (271.65 KB, 1789x986, 1789:986, heisscum.jpg)

he did what>?

65d0ea  No.12922876

Can someone post a link to the manifesto?

65d0ea  No.12922903


You're retarded if you think its jews and not just the powers that be or simply self loathing white people.

a0da6a  No.12922912


c45a36  No.12922918


damn you are more hardcore than him bro. When are you going to do your shooting?

e84340  No.12923018


Thanks for the link!

c9f0b2  No.12923021

File: 7f1130d91e0f47b⋯.jpg (703.49 KB, 1125x1778, 1125:1778, 1552631321141.jpg)

File: c46e33f2fcfaaa4⋯.png (81.18 KB, 779x701, 779:701, captcha proof.png)

How does it feel like protecting m'ladies who don't even want your help, stormlords? LOL.

Captcha: Hbd pyu (Human bio diversity pee yew)

c4ebfc  No.12923077

"Subscribe to PewDiePie"…

I think he doesn't realize that he just destroyed PewDiePie by saying that and that he will be harassed by all the Jewish "anti-racists" bullies over the world and that his channel is going to be deleted because of it.

Really not smart.

84957f  No.12923101


>Really not smart.

PewDiePie is shit, faggot

5201ae  No.12923130


Pewds stands with us!

973d40  No.12923149


Not long till some gang of 9 year olds set some shit on fire if he gets banned. -_-

5201ae  No.12923150



000000  No.12923166




3893b6  No.12923171


>That Girls Und Panzer soundtrack

He was one of us, wasn't he?

aea6e0  No.12923188


Try anonfile

15e2dd  No.12923217


95cc9f  No.12923238

File: f96e22c6ecf0397⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1550873857028.png)



You can watch the whole video. This didn't happen.



Who gives a shit? The U.S. is done. 10 years max until it falls apart.

65d0ea  No.12923246


He made an endorsement for right to bear arms. Literally the best thing to come out of this. Also I don't think he was trying to look heroic shooting unarmed people lmao.

bd5d13  No.12923289


Countdown to amending the Constitution so only nonwhites can bear arms: 3. . . 2. . .

000000  No.12923317

lol all cucks on reddit locking all the subs to prevent the video and the manifesto from spreading

526bbc  No.12923329


There literally is a video and it does not happen. Are you really this dumb? Of course they make up a "heroic Muslim man defender" story.

569fef  No.12923343



000000  No.12923363


kek there's in the video a muslim pig bitch on the ground crying HELP HELP, 10 seconds later he gets headshotted.. these are the muslims

a2770d  No.12923370


the Legend known as Tarrant

dc8761  No.12923374


>don't fight back, goy

a2770d  No.12923383


Good riddance then, e-celebs are faggot cancer only normalfags listen to

a2770d  No.12923390


>he goes running away the moment a muslim with a gun shows up

Kikes already lying. That never happened

000000  No.12923434


Good. Shame he did not say something about kike Shapiro.

a4a642  No.12923510

File: 5cafc86e5c555f5⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 648x365, 648:365, 8701d6f460274f6b25581d9412….jpg)

File: 4fc54d59941c7ae⋯.jpg (27.15 KB, 475x267, 475:267, ed68cd1406468a72f3085b4462….jpg)

File: b979e096bb5d766⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 474x267, 158:89, bdbaf3f51c6222055392ea4677….jpg)

File: 6416d2299764b6a⋯.jpg (125.8 KB, 885x1200, 59:80, D1qphS-UgAALe0X.jpg)

The Bitconnect stuff and his history is very dodgy. It was an MLM type scheme.

I'm an eurofag who never had weapon training but he seems to be a skilled shooter.

How hard is it to get weapons in NZ?

Not saying this is a false flag but his manifesto and the way of carrying this out raises questions.

e69bd6  No.12923588


>Not saying this is a false flag but his manifesto and the way of carrying this out raises questions.


I know what you ([(mean))).

000000  No.12923770

>Radicalization of Western men

The radicalization of young Western men is not just unavoidable, but inevitable. It should come as no shock that European men, in every nation, and on every continent are turning to radical notions and methods to combat the social and moral decay of their nations and the continued ethnic replacement of their people. Radical, explosive action is the only desired, and required, response to an attempted genocide. These men and women are not being being brain-washed, corrupted or misled. They are finally removing their blindfolds and seeing the reality of the the world and their peoples future. The truth that the West killed the notion of god, and proceeded to replace it with nothing. Brought forth two competing ideologies(communism and fascism)to replace this loss of god, then proceeded to allow both sides to slaughter each other to a standstill and then let corporate backed capitalists tear the survivor to pieces. Resulting in a society with no core beliefs, no purpose and no vision for the future. A society of rampant nihilism, consumerism and individualism, where every individual is a competitor and the rights of the individual override all notions of responsibility. In this hell the individual is all and the race is worthless, something to rail against and use whenever possible, a power structure to climb, or topple. The truth that they are rapidly becoming, not just a global minority, but a minority within their own lands. The Truth that they are left, alone, an individual in a society worshiping the cult of the individual, to respond against an influx of outsiders from all corners of the world. Enemies bound by faith, culture or tradition with higher levels of fertility, trust and in group preference resulting in much stronger communities. The truth that they are expected not to combat these myriad, unending and dedicated interlopers, but to embrace them, accept their own disenfranchisement, accept the loss of their fathers lands, their own impoverishment, their own REPLACEMENT. But they will not accept this death. This eradication of their people, their culture, their very soul. So these young men and women see this suicidal nihilism and isolate themselves from this mainstream, “multicultural”, egalitarian, individualistic insanity and look for allies anywhere they can find them, in the flesh or online. They congregate, discuss, despair, strategize, debate and plan. They decry weakness, mock fecklessness and worship strength, and in this worship of strength they radicalize and find the solution. Somehow this isolation then radicalization is seen as a surprise, yet for anyone who was paying attention, it was a long time coming. Once the corporate and state medias grip on the zeitgeist of modernity was finally broken by the internet,true freedom of thought and discussion flourished and the overton window was not just shifted, but shattered. All possibility of expression and belief was open to be taught, discussed and spoken. This open and often anonymous discussion allowed for information, outside of the states and the corporation control, to be accessed often for the first time. The result is obvious. People are finding their way home. Finding their people, finding their traditions, seeing through the lies of history, the brainwashing of the institutions and they angry, they are energized and yes, against their degenerate societies, they are radicalized.



- Commander Brenton Tarrant

e69bd6  No.12923788

File: c47065c8bb096e4⋯.png (513.05 KB, 713x1080, 713:1080, oa7867rafo7578cts.png)

4229ba  No.12923793

File: ea552a9f38bf5be⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 411x600, 137:200, hitler election poster.jpg)



Thank you bro, I am making some popcorn before I watch

ed9715  No.12923795

2796a3  No.12923838

Ok I cant make a thread so I'm just going to spam this in as many threads until someone notices:

Video posted on Otago Muslim Association Facecuck page mentioned by Brenton Tarrant in his manifesto which made him want to initially stage the attack in Dunedin.

I grabbed vid before it was taken down and I posted it in the Christchurch #4 thread but they are circle jerking too hard to notice and it needs to be seen for posterity.


It's just a video about population fertility and how whites are basically fucked within 25 years posted by Dunedin Muslims to revel in our demise.

41a743  No.12923844


This is interesting. Checked

000000  No.12923847


better action than any capeshit this right here is the real super hero stuff

41a743  No.12923858


Bumped and checked I saw the video. Anybody got screenshots of the mosque page it was posted too?

000000  No.12923870

17 min video - download before it disappears


33ebc7  No.12923875

Does anyone know how he got caught in the end?

000000  No.12923902

Can’t Warrant the Tarrant

fdcdcc  No.12923929


PewDiePie is a complete cuck. He has a massive platform and does nothing to help Whites, fuck him.

c34ff4  No.12923932

Anyone got his manifesto?

fdcdcc  No.12923942


Lmao, kill yourself, SHITSKIN.

fdcdcc  No.12923954

File: 26ec71f261105d3⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 3523x8191, 3523:8191, b036061a9e8a66af167f3cfea5….jpg)

569fef  No.12923966


he claims that hes been overseas and hes from australia so must've been smuggled in

000000  No.12923999


kind of true tbh, muslims should be the last ones in the line..








6aa017  No.12924013


Everything is available on https://darkweb.tokyo/

c5019a  No.12924019

File: e7ef03b708704c8⋯.png (249.86 KB, 2545x1207, 2545:1207, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)


There is a video on halfchan. His car got pinned by a police sedan and the curb. He was arrested with no resistance by two police officers.

7c78ae  No.12924020

File: 93a9cc327376351⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 631x404, 631:404, gotta_stay_fresh.jpg)



9f13f0  No.12924023

File: 36239bcab77e69e⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 439x423, 439:423, bR6Y3V6.jpg)


I was wondering about this video, thanks. Looks like it is from 2006, so muslims were jizzing themselves about world domination - just 5 years after 9/11.

cedb92  No.12924068

File: 10b054f94855cba⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 487x389, 487:389, OhYou.gif)


Oh you.

>pic unrelated

bc1895  No.12924069


"Anyone buying firearms or ammunition, whether privately or from a dealer, must show their firearms licence. In addition, a permit to procure must be obtained prior to the transfer of pistols, military-style semi-automatics, and restricted weapons."

Visitors to New Zealand may be issued a temporary visitor's licence. "B" or "E" endorsements may be included on the licence when appropriate (e.g. an overseas competitor in a pistol shooting competition).


Maybe that's how he obtained it or he had (((handlers)))

fea75d  No.12924078

Watching now, lost it when he started playing remove kebab.

fdcdcc  No.12924089


>muslims rape and murder white women

<they're not that bad, guize

Kill yourself.

5a2f4c  No.12924093


news said at least one of the guns was printed

bc1895  No.12924122


nationalist travels to another country to murder muslims with printed gun

sounds like a jewish wet dream

064f4c  No.12924131


Oh, he definitely had handlers. You can bet he's back in Tel Aviv by now.

00e751  No.12924162

File: 24d0cee066ae600⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 299x409, 299:409, n97814_KOREAN BINOCS STRON….jpg)


Good catch.

Sad thing is, some christian groups are explicitly aware of the muslim population bomb. Long ago in 2004 when I was still a retarded liberal and active christfag, there were outreach conferences I'd go to that would mention fertility rates, especially involving in deerborn michigan. Things like child rape, kidnapping, slavery, women beating/murder, no go zones, and sharia infiltrating the local justice system were also talked about as being very common in the area.

Of course, it was always with a "white man's burden" type attitude. "Those poor ignorant muslims, they just needed jesus to stop being walking sacks of pure evil". It was always implicitly accepted that ever more of them would be allowed to move here unrestricted and that this was perfectly fine.

I'm so fucking glad I managed to dehypnotise myself of that bullshit.

64d146  No.12924226

File: 17dd3de3a507f0f⋯.png (146.78 KB, 530x482, 265:241, intredasting.png)


fea75d  No.12924282

Just finished watching. Gonna read now. The fact gas gas gas came on right as the cops got on his tail was fucking perfect timing.

59f87f  No.12924289

>he played remove kebab in his car before he did it

Well at least he knows how to set an ambiance.

5a2f4c  No.12924322


is there video of the chase?

0420ae  No.12924333

File: 900f8808f84284c⋯.png (105.49 KB, 1242x1341, 138:149, dec485c89976748df053db13e5….png)


he mentioned jews

fea75d  No.12924343


They cut it off a couple minutes in, faceberg probably found it. All there is is this seed here.


fea75d  No.12924352


>A jew in israel

>Not trying to subvert

Pick one.

5f92ec  No.12924366

File: 6ba39d3639e8eba⋯.png (80.18 KB, 703x229, 703:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a0f7003efba243⋯.png (81.36 KB, 692x229, 692:229, ClipboardImage.png)


ab096f  No.12924367


does anyone know why the audio cuts out at 3:08 for about 30 seconds?

134792  No.12924396

>peoples republic of china

what a fag

fea75d  No.12924397

>More recently I have been working part time as a kebab removalist.


2c447f  No.12924408

Y'all on a higher level of stupid.

fea75d  No.12924415


>No fun allowed

Fuck off nigger.

3a7141  No.12924422


You don't understand why he named him because you didn't read the manifesto clearly.

000000  No.12924445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Loved the crying bitch yelling for help.

Thread theme.

5a2f4c  No.12924449

File: 89f38c24c9fddec⋯.mp4 (9.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, CHOOSE_YOUR_OWN_ADVENTURE.mp4)



fea75d  No.12924487


>Organize comments by: Newest first


acf4d1  No.12924500

* SIGH * I will keep trying I guess. Too many invaders on the board for anyone to care now I suppose.





I have gone to the fucking effort of getting this file before it was taken down the least you can fucking do is convert it and upload it here FOR FUCKS SAKE

Video posted on Otago Muslim Association Facecuck page mentioned by Brenton Tarrant in his manifesto which made him want to initially stage the attack in Dunedin.

I grabbed vid before it was taken down and I posted the link in multiple threads but so far nobody fucking gives a shit. They are circle jerking too hard to notice and it ==needs to be seen for posterity==


It's just a video about population fertility and how whites are basically fucked within 25 years posted by Dunedin Muslims to revel in our demise.

fea75d  No.12924511

I'll try something gimme a minute.

505885  No.12924535

File: 984ed0e7062a259⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 320x560, 4:7, 1552629987437.webm)


Countdown to whites not complying.

>"… a state authority is entitled to demand respect and protection only when it meets the interests of a people, or at least does not harm them. There can be no such thing as state authority as an end in itself, for, if there were, every tyranny in this world would be unassailable and sacred. If, by the instrument of governmental power, a nationality is led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people - it is his duty. "

"In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species. And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role. Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people's instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon. "

6134d1  No.12924537


>Jew is not my enemy

False Flag confirmed.

a19d18  No.12924539


thank you bro.

will download and share on halfchan

8b243a  No.12924540


>Not using "Erika" or "Die Fahne Hoch!"

8b243a  No.12924552


Checked lad. /pol/ will post it ITT and spread it everywhere.

4afc1c  No.12924563


Thank you anon, please keep the filename so it mathces the file in the manifesto.

5a2f4c  No.12924576


those have been done and op already chose the best soundtrack for his stream. womp womp.

eebc4c  No.12924648











fea75d  No.12924714

Shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes tops to finish screwing around with the video from.


ab096f  No.12924737


can't find that vid does anyone have a link?

89cef8  No.12924788

Is he a jew? I detect a slight Neanderjew resemblance. Looks kinda like Ron Perlman.

fea75d  No.12924861


Disregard this. 10-30 mins from now. My software slowed down half way thru.

088832  No.12924871


>that nose

jew/10, looks like palestine was not enough

>fake manifesto

yeah, nah, we know how jews work.

6134d1  No.12924886


I'm tellin ya T this whole thing stinks to high hell. They want us to believe this psycho looked at memes so much that he decided to whack dozens of ragheads. They say he made a fortune from speculated shitcoins or some shit. What the fuck kinda guy makes money on that scam? The more I think about it the less sense it fuckin' makes.

5a2f4c  No.12924891


i dont understand. it's already postable but you want a postable webm?

48f3d2  No.12924964

total gun noob- do you have to have any training to fire and aim the type of guns he did or are they super easy

fea75d  No.12924970


He's trolling.

6134d1  No.12924982



>The writing and comma spam.

Confirmed false flag.

gg kikes, ready player 2

93ec5e  No.12924994

File: d9f9795dc39be76⋯.jpeg (6.28 KB, 210x240, 7:8, download.jpeg)


bd7638  No.12925000


Terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city.

5a2f4c  No.12925008


6134d1  No.12925013





You faggots have never even played Spyro 3

fea75d  No.12925029



7264be  No.12925050

File: b9c83744ea4e50c⋯.webm (4.57 MB, 320x240, 4:3, The Count Loves to XXX.webm)



Millennials can't comprehend that the one video they watched doesn't show the entirety of what happened. Probably interns at CNN.


OT vid related. The Count is Boss

6134d1  No.12925074

>he spams wiki links in his manifesto


Oy vey

fea75d  No.12925081


Fuck off back to your gloryhole antifa tranny.

000000  No.12925109


what am i not surprised by this???

manifesto makes sense though, it's cleverly penned. and then you see the boomers on tv kvetching about this, i can't decide who's paid and who's genuinely terminally retarded

bd7638  No.12925111


We have not yet begun to savage.

a73dd4  No.12925134

I think what he did was wrong, guys

255916  No.12925135

Just got in and trying to catch up on this; so this guy just wipes out a mosque and then drives around and no sirens, no police chase…just like real world GTA5 then…

39f4e5  No.12925140

File: 80bdb7a9f63265b⋯.gif (352.98 KB, 300x182, 150:91, tenor (1).gif)

fea75d  No.12925144


Gas yourself.


Nah the cops showed up after a while and right as they did gas gas gas started playing.

6134d1  No.12925154

255916  No.12925157

that bit tube…it starts and he says "subscribe to Pewdiepie" aaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha

5a2f4c  No.12925163















255916  No.12925164

Fuck he's playing meme songs by serb fascists from here!

4229ba  No.12925170

File: 46232b7420882a3⋯.jpg (133.83 KB, 814x981, 814:981, SS WIKING LOGO.jpg)


Wir kampfen für Deutschland, wir kampfen für Hitler… :)

9362e9  No.12925176

255916  No.12925181

Jesus I thought they couldn't get guns there…this guy is armed to the fucking teeth.

5a2f4c  No.12925188



4229ba  No.12925192

File: eb209289a0fb0d6⋯.jpeg (92.04 KB, 1100x513, 1100:513, pewds wsj threat.jpeg)

Remember lads subscribe to pewdiepie


000000  No.12925199

>>12922912 (almost sos)

watches like cod

fea75d  No.12925203

File: 734bb8557ad5af2⋯.mp4 (9.74 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Kebab video.mp4)

File: 7b711f13e2a33ad⋯.jpg (467.62 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ahmed.jpg)

File: bb9af1a860238f0⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 760x797, 760:797, assad gas.jpg)

526bbc  No.12925205


Aww, did that picture bring backe the dead muzzies? No? :(

94c8cf  No.12925213





youtube. c om/watch?v=6-3X5hI FXYU

This is the video that has since been removed. Right after the shooting of you looked up "Muslim birth rates" on youtube it appeared. It's since been washed from the results (or at least been made harder to access).


4229ba  No.12925234

He's got a black sun on his vest.. based

93c4a6  No.12925240

File: 46c3a2cdaafb8c4⋯.mp4 (11.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Indian Camel lap dance.mp4)


I'm celebrating with pork and alcohol tonight!

6134d1  No.12925245


>look at how many pop culture references he has!

Fuck off kike

5a2f4c  No.12925258



93c4a6  No.12925275

File: 4365c2a06eebf1b⋯.webm (14.64 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Indian Toilets.webm)

5a2f4c  No.12925277

File: 906640d18b8f25e⋯.webm (15.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, transcode_request.webm)

0dfa91  No.12925280


GREAT! A video I can't download, thanks, you fucking subhuman.

7264be  No.12925291

File: 7ee6d81765ff9d4⋯.webm (2.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OH MY FUCKING GOOOOD.webm)


Pre-emptive strike. Fucking Nice!

b5cb0b  No.12925299


Imagine being so low IQ

0dfa91  No.12925301


FUCK OFF, you MAGA retard.

b5cb0b  No.12925313

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's literally this video you autist. Doesn't need to be reuploaded or spread. It's an old, well known video.

fea75d  No.12925314


1) Read the thread. the video is here.

2) Lurk 2 years before posting.

cedb92  No.12925315

File: d12d63562b783d8⋯.jpg (173.3 KB, 1000x1426, 500:713, FugginChops.jpg)


I agree grabbed pork for the cook out.

6134d1  No.12925318

File: 43b24197342d48d⋯.png (474.56 KB, 645x360, 43:24, 675675.png)


Fuck off kike

e86d5a  No.12925322

File: f017788d047a83c⋯.png (228.6 KB, 404x576, 101:144, 1435193399448.png)


Freshly uploaded mirror of the video, you lazy fatass:


b5cb0b  No.12925324



0dfa91  No.12925328


I've been here five years, buddy. I've literally been involved in almost everything. Fuck off with your lurking meme, you tremendous faggot.

72526d  No.12925329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's on Youtube (for now)

b5cb0b  No.12925341


Let me spell it out for you. He is not "anti-semitic" because he does not hate jews that do not subvert. Meaning he DOES hate the jews that do subvert.

fea75d  No.12925342


Been here 5 years but you failed to tag the person you were responding to and you didn't bother to Ctrl+F the thread for the video before sperging out.

X to doubt.

0dfa91  No.12925349


I'm busy and can't really pay attention but downloading vid from youtube now. KEK!

5a2f4c  No.12925351



>"As a jewish man, i had no choice but to carry out these attacks"

>"These muslims are so disrespectful of israel"

>"They were supporting BDSM against Israel"

>"They were palestinians"

>"I had to prevent the next holocaust"

a19d18  No.12925361

File: ce633d42d09f7ba⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 629x320, 629:320, 1552634765646.jpg)

a19d18  No.12925365


>what is plausible deniability

>what is limited hangout

b5cb0b  No.12925371


Don't blacks in the US alone murder like 40 of themselves every day

b5cb0b  No.12925374


Calm down goy, this is just part and parcel of living in a multiculti society.

b5cb0b  No.12925379


Literally the same video as >>12925313

7264be  No.12925381


Ignore the autistic kids mate.


Every cloud has a silver lining.

bd7638  No.12925385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b5cb0b  No.12925386


It hasn't disappeared you dumb fuck. Still has 16M views.

bd7638  No.12925391



b5cb0b  No.12925400

File: b6d87fa06dfe3a1⋯.png (62.47 KB, 526x254, 263:127, ClipboardImage.png)

fea75d  No.12925406


I think he meant they shadowbanned it from the search results.

a27f13  No.12925407


>if you kill your enemies they win


00b265  No.12925409

File: 7af1b8648fca442⋯.png (517.29 KB, 757x975, 757:975, 275727-a-handsome-man-in-a….png)


6134d1  No.12925424

File: e5efca6371b8144⋯.png (2.91 MB, 1614x1044, 269:174, 3311111.png)


kikes be kiking

fed651  No.12925435

File: 021b3d57d833024⋯.webm (497.48 KB, 852x480, 71:40, timetoleave.webm)


>reddit spacing

b5cb0b  No.12925440

File: a569e56bbc98834⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2098x1816, 1049:908, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah right. Does this look like a shadowban?

fea75d  No.12925447


Well guess he's just a fuckwit then.

b5cb0b  No.12925451


I swear some people here are too paranoid for their own good.

fb8193  No.12925453

Subscribe to PewDiePie already.

fdcdcc  No.12925454


Damn, he's good looking.

6134d1  No.12925481


>thinking an inbred Golem is good looking

lol fag

000000  No.12925485

Take control of the narrative

Don't let the media get away with portraying Brenton as an evil White man who did this for no reason. It is the actions of the genocidal (((anti-Whites))) that have driven family/folk-oriented White men to such measures.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Brenton was a normal White man who did what he thought he must to secure some semblance of justice for the thousands upon thousands of White men, women, and children killed, raped, and beaten, and the never-ending destruction of European culture, values, and history.

b5cb0b  No.12925489


I see you're a faggot of refined tastes. Good for you!

fea75d  No.12925490


That must have been sarcasm.

6134d1  No.12925504




>Even kike made shootings are now boring.

Living in the woods is getting pretty dull tbh

fea75d  No.12925520


Well if you end up becoming an hero don't forget to livestream your suicide and do a flip faggot.

fbcc91  No.12925532


he seems legit from the video. You can hear his heavy breathing and panic toward the end. Unlikly to be a professional

fea75d  No.12925574


This was the mass shooting with the best soundtrack.

6134d1  No.12925575


Fuck off kike

000000  No.12925581

Uncensored Brenton Tarrant Video Shooting Livestream Recording





fea75d  No.12925595



1b8c91  No.12925606


>fortnite taught me to floss on my enemies

cheeky cunt

7264be  No.12925611

File: 7ca49c17f22f166⋯.webm (286.81 KB, 500x328, 125:82, Sierpinski.webm)


>Take control of the narrative

The Muslim must die so that Israel might live.

b5cb0b  No.12925677


Yeah right, arabs aren't nearly as dangerous as White or Asian people

I unironically foresee the Asians genociding the jews if they ever become the global hegemon

94c8cf  No.12925692


Disappeared from the Idaho muslim associations Facebook page you dumb kike at least pretend to be up to date on what's happening

b5cb0b  No.12925719


Who da fuck cares lol. The video isn't even accurate and Mudslimes will be quickly subverted and dominated by jews just like whites. Muslim fertility in the West is already dropping below replacement fast

21de66  No.12925736


Yet his post is good and yours is total garbage.

8d9e61  No.12925745


Nah, fuck pewdiepie.

He capitulated without hesitation when he didn't even need to address it.

Sub Ended with PewdiePie

Now TSeries is best Tube.

b5cb0b  No.12925753

File: ede197ce024849a⋯.png (451.07 KB, 1362x1288, 681:644, ClipboardImage.png)

4ed779  No.12925769

File: a4977135fe0f03b⋯.jpg (82.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, London mayor Khan terroris….jpg)


7d2f45  No.12925775


h3h3 confirmed shooter

3c9020  No.12925782

Is there video of the second mosque getting shot up?

6134d1  No.12925785




fea75d  No.12925801


Facebook shoah'd the livestream and I doubt anyone there was filming.

90041b  No.12925806

What the fuck is wrong with Anglos?

6134d1  No.12925816

File: e372f6b39c28555⋯.png (21.93 KB, 250x221, 250:221, 86.png)


Everyone needs help sometimes anon.

fea75d  No.12925821

File: 6d7209dd2e6987d⋯.mp4 (831.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Copypasta.mp4)


9ad4bf  No.12925828


Well Nathan will be one of the highest paid most heard voices if PewDPie is removed from the poop tube….so…..

000000  No.12925834



Why do you think Ethan took time off? He planned the attack for months.

7d2f45  No.12925842


news needs to get up to date on the memes

0f1439  No.12925851


fuck that video game playing cuck

his demise is just the kind of 'accelerationism' we need.

The accelerationism thing is a subversive meme on the whole, but there are definitely aspects of society that can and should be scuttled to agitate the population.

8d9e61  No.12925853

Has anyone found any legit hit pieces against fortnite over this yet?

How many bluecheckmarks fell for it?

a83a64  No.12925856

Bro's how do we stand any chance

The fact is that women in general just don't care about the future of our people

Brenton was right about fertility rates

Even the few women who are conservative and want a strong family and to bear children won't be a match for the amount of people refusing to have children, while mudslimes and other 3rd world garbage have at least 5 children and more

How do we start knocking up whores and rebuilding our society?

I felt almost excited today watching this unfold, but now I feel more depressed and angry than ever

8d9e61  No.12925874


Dont need to match their birthrate numbers if you reduce the shitskins to 0.

fea75d  No.12925885


/pol/, only the hottest of takes.

69cc44  No.12925887

Obviously ASIO

"remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie" Obviously scripted, plus the timing of the music in the car. Gets back in to "god of hellfire" playing.

Also, stop the video as he goes close to the cluster of bodies, no bullet holes in the wall, despite him spam firing at least 2 clips into them. Obviously ASIO psyop. I fucking hate these cunts OMFG!

3c9020  No.12925918


Shoa'd? So was there two shooters? Uk media saying two shooters but ive read he drove to another mosque. I want to see the second mosque footage, his livestream ends in a really weird place.

9ad4bf  No.12925966


CGI augmented reality or something? The body twitches and breaking glass, moaning victims going silent as he finishes them off the way an IDF disposes of a Palestinian, all look the most realistic of any of their false flags so far.

I agree with your points on the bullet holes and the timing of the obvious tunes. I have no idea what the first tune was, maybe something afrikaans? But yeah the next two tunes and their timing seem like someone with a desire to work with David Lynch going a bit too far with their dissertation.

3de4d5  No.12925975


>no bullet holes in the wall

Someone explain?

3de4d5  No.12925979


First song was kebab removal song.

3c9020  No.12926018


Nah the audio disappearing is because of how loud the gunshots are and how close to the mic, the guy moaning can still be heard moaning after the headshot once the audio fades in again

000000  No.12926033


The Great


Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

69cc44  No.12926044


When he reenters the Mosque and he approaches the cluster of bodies to the right, there is an absence of any damage to the walls at all. No Blood splatters, no bullet holes, despite him spamming at least 2 clips into the mass of bodies. Also, the moaning could have easily been acting, simple blood packs could have been used for the closer up victims.

Could be that there actually were muzzies killed and i'm wrong, but even so, i'd give it 9/10 odds of being ASIO, just like port Arthur. It's hard to get guns in NZ, even harder to get good with them.

33ea0d  No.12926049


>still up

Im surprised, not surprised by the comments though.

69cc44  No.12926050


He said it in the video, mate. Listen.

Proof to me that he's a psyop.

33ea0d  No.12926065

My local news just said it was three men and a woman and that they have three in custody and one killed.

3de4d5  No.12926086


Its fucking weird. I truly want to believe that muzzie subhumans were put down. But there is no way a significant number of rounds didnt hit the wall.

Although on the right side when walks over you can see one that has slightly ricochet and other possible hit. there no none of other side of room.

000000  No.12926101

The DW is just as fucking terrible as the www. Can we just post a fucking video with a simple fucking link? I am so sick of the hoops

69cc44  No.12926109


I don't believe some nut job/crusader did this.

I'm not a sand-nigger lover, but this is more damaging to us than it is to them. Think how this will be used against /pol and others in a few months time? Just wait… A shit storm is coming.

7f883c  No.12926134

File: f90968ca1cdd7ed⋯.png (1.74 MB, 910x898, 455:449, cruise_control.png)



what a fucking autist. china is the most mongrel country i know

bb4e28  No.12926143

File: cffe842f89c3c87⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 10cacaf49e25d2d7db4ad944cf….jpg)


mainfesto working as intended

d09ecc  No.12926144



f06b13  No.12926158

based tbqh


fea75d  No.12926163


It's the first thing he says.

7f883c  No.12926178


fuck off flipfag

7ff8d1  No.12926201


>Jewish living in Anglo land wants to have free range of his natural enemy

Goyish jihad confirmed

5ea043  No.12926228

where can i download his manifesto

ac8817  No.12926235

File: 24fb850acd0eaa4⋯.pdf (718.25 KB, The Great Replacement.pdf)

bed3e8  No.12926259


>jews invite them

f6f85c  No.12926278


71cca1  No.12926295

music at start ? name plz ?

69cc44  No.12926299


Traitor politicians, subversive jews and weak whites let them. Don't invite a wild animal live in your house and get angry when it attacks you. They aren't our real enemy, it's common sense.

65d30b  No.12926300


They are all hated, faggot. There are none that don't subvert.

fea75d  No.12926308


Remove kebab.

65d30b  No.12926309


All jews subvert. It's in their shit DNA.

9ad4bf  No.12926322


What we know so far.

He says subscribe to pewdiepie just like Ethan.

He goes to the trouble of downloading meme music to play in his car.

He supposedly made money from bitcoin.

He has 6 assault rifles which are painted with manifesto type slogans the military paint on bombs.

He has gone to the trouble of livestreaming it so people can see his work.

The media are saying 1 shooter in the US and multiple in the UK.

There's weird metaphysical type things but we already have the people who like to associate anyone noticing their coded shit with flattardism, which also points to psyop.

69cc44  No.12926348

File: 63c01350d299cca⋯.png (51.46 KB, 148x265, 148:265, Nightmare.png)


I'm at the point where i'm done, tbh. I can't save society, we can't save society. I just want to get my girl, by a house in the country and raise 8 kids while society eats itself. I don't even care what this cunt did and if ASIO is behind it. Fuck this, i'm so done.

42aaa9  No.12926364


Gratz you're a brainlet

9ad4bf  No.12926394


You know they aren't going to allow that, you might get long enough to see your kids get mind, ass, and wallet raped by them.


10c05c  No.12926405

File: 6cc89a00668d4b6⋯.gif (173.72 KB, 299x240, 299:240, 1445507490628.gif)



c0c5a7  No.12926450


Allow me to quote the shooter himself:

"There is no sheltered meadow

There is nowhere left to run, turn around, face your enemy, make your stand. There is not a single place left where the tendrils of replacement migration have not touched. There is no single place in the West that is even close to reaching replacement level birthrates, let alone birthrates that indicate a level of vitality and vigour."

bed3e8  No.12926477


That's a kike.

1dad38  No.12926482


>video have potato quality

>guys, i don't see any holes in walls

did you mother told you are smart boy. suprise. she lied.

bed3e8  No.12926485


Pure cohencidence

bed3e8  No.12926498


Cohencidences, goyim.

171731  No.12926505

File: 670b17534b1ba3a⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 670b17534b1ba3ae3f331eb1d4….jpg)

File: 5309ae84937efe6⋯.jpg (108.86 KB, 468x426, 78:71, 5309ae84937efe6d6d91ba4ca2….jpg)

File: 2fddc764fa7386b⋯.png (176.76 KB, 480x616, 60:77, de90026b62414746d878f0b815….png)

File: df13a58c8b8572f⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 500x707, 500:707, df13a58c8b8572f5dd72ba2ab5….jpg)

File: ccc35a352b3ad91⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1373x850, 1373:850, when the red pill kicks in.png)

000000  No.12926521

The fire rises

This is the opportunity we have been looking for, this is our chance to turn it all around.

I have access to military grade weapons like CZ scorpion EVO 3 a1 and Saiga MK in Europe.

Also possible to get funded through the network.

Join our network on wickr and join the struggle today.

We will not ask for any personal details ofc.

wickr = rne14

6a819c  No.12926527



exactly you fucking retards, the manifesto says in a roundabout way that the jews are the enemy

c7ecd5  No.12926537

File: e8cdf7e4a19faa3⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1144x4510, 52:205, 0a1fd505b3b11810c42b6d56bc….jpg)


>The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People's Republic of China.

>People's Republic of China


>Designed and run by jews living in China

>Has the same beliefs and values of jews and bugmen who have had the soul of their cultural perspective ripped out from the stem and replaced by a jewish one.

>A jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine

>Despite jews using Israel as a base of operations to enact strategies such as the Kalergi plan.

This guy, if he isn't an actor, is absolutely fucking retarded. His usage of the Sonnenrad is an insult.

36be06  No.12926568

File: 6acf92d7af6a62a⋯.png (85.04 KB, 580x624, 145:156, 02F812FF-0AED-4607-97AA-43….png)

Why does the audio go dead for about 30 seconds at the point he takes the camera off his head and points it at his own face? Don’t know the timestamp.

Was this in the original video?

7b082b  No.12926573

>remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie


0e16be  No.12926580

File: 94b05d96570952e⋯.png (34.94 KB, 375x173, 375:173, brb pewdiepie.png)

has anyone does this meme yet

i was at work when this all went down so i couldnt mspaint it together

7b082b  No.12926584

>immediately plays 'Remove Kebab' song

I swear to the gods this is a false flag to shut down the chans, but it's funny as shit regardless. The guy is memeing the entire time.

807695  No.12926592

Pewdiepie vs. T-Series is a proxy war of one superior Aryan man vs. a horde of sub-100 IQ consumerist brown mongrels.

9ad4bf  No.12926605



it certainly seems that way.

At least a zionist like Breivik.

Then we get the agent known as 5 pic ultrafag. Cos big post with lots of pictures is how you get noticed goy.


and this


7d7744  No.12926616



is there a live steam longer than the 16 minute one?

ae0d64  No.12926617

>watching part 1

>he turns the camera around to point at himself and says something

>audio goes dead just as he does it

what the fuck did he say?

7d7744  No.12926619


video where?

171731  No.12926639

File: a4087c71ed8ed36⋯.jpg (188.1 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, a4087c71ed8ed36054b69653f6….jpg)

File: be68d74d82e4946⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1494010116834.jpg)

File: 9fb286574c63794⋯.jpg (47.19 KB, 802x562, 401:281, 87cf1b1881b8f8b07e1817dacf….jpg)

File: 5567b5c440de2b3⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 456x402, 76:67, 1493896499514.jpg)

File: 3de78b177ba34af⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 18033556_1457957450943347_….jpg)

09630d  No.12926648


So, any thoughts on his soundtrack? I kinda liked it. Idk if I like the first person view though, the whole Cloverfield/Blair Witch stuff was tired before it even hit theaters.

Great little indie film otherwise though.

b63be3  No.12926656


These threads are eating up cpu/ram today and have frozen the browser several times. New botnet in place for this event?

Also, who would have had time to censor any of this yet anyway? What's the point of saying "uncensored".

b9bb60  No.12926662

File: 2d5b562e7478bd1⋯.mp4 (9.03 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Nazbol.mp4)

Here you go, comrade.

5ea043  No.12926684


Your kids will be brainwashed in school and by the media to grow up and marry niggers. If not them then your grandchildren. I live in the country, you can't escape it.

f3167d  No.12926687


It is a false flag. I mean there is zero affiliation or topical connection between chan post content other than calling out jewish world government, which also just so happens to be the only topic entirely absent from his windy, poorly written paper.

0e16be  No.12926697


1 -> god you are fucking stupid

2 -> plenty of retards

The following message has been sent from NZ Police <xxx@police.govt.nz> (IP: Gov't IP from NZ) via the contact form at Kiwi Farms.

Removal of New Zealand shooting video

Hello. As I am sure you are aware, your website has some video streams of a shooting in New Zealand from earlier today. Sharing violent footage such as this could be considered to be an objectionable publication under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. To knowingly distribute an objectionable publication is a criminal offence.

Please could you remove any links to the site immediately.

8e5a69  No.12926704


>If you kill your enemies they win.


7b082b  No.12926709

File: 9b717e8dfe326a6⋯.jpg (41.23 KB, 680x500, 34:25, 1537805697974.jpg)

>has "kebab remover" written on his rifle along with an Othala rune

Two more things the Jews will try to ban

d1b2b5  No.12926717


>muh white wimminz

The whores are doing it to themselves, they want this shit to happen otherwise they wouldn't be so pro-immigration. I literally don't give a shit about them let the muslims kill, rape, behead or torture these vle cunts.

If i saw a muslims sodomizing to death a 9 year old white roastie i wouldn't give a shit maybe wish him luck. Fuck have these cunts ever done for us? Fuck you and fuck your white whores you faggot and fuck this aussie cunt too for not killing white roasties or jews at least.

All women deserve nothing but brutal rape and daily beatings, you racecucks are the worst for ot seeing who the real enemy is.

8422a1  No.12926726

File: 02fda646ee6e5ee⋯.png (150.58 KB, 388x443, 388:443, zergface.png)

Someone give me a tl:dr, just got here

b63be3  No.12926728


Very little blood, most without any, no damage to clothing, why are people piled up in the corners before he is even in the room, and don't move or run out of the door that is 2 yards away - were they told it was going to happen and to be 'martyrs' for their disgusting cult, ammo magazine already on the ground in the corridor as he's walking towards the room like a Doom pickup.

Looks more like a blank gun shooting hot air that moves hair/clothing, as seen in the cop-on-ground 'finishing move' in the charlie hebdo thing in paris.

ae0d64  No.12926734



22ac8c  No.12926742

ausfags good evening, it's fucking cold in tas atm


d1b2b5  No.12926748


Aussie shitposter did the ultimate sacrifice for pewdiepie's victory over the poos.

bed3e8  No.12926751


>Livestreams massacre

>concerned with optics so only alludes to jews in manifesto

Fuck me you kikes are desperate.

b9bb60  No.12926753


Some Communist, turned anarchist, turned libertarian, turned eco-fascist uploaded a shitty manifesto and live streamed himself going postal in New Zealand killing a couple dozen Muslims for the lulz.

b63be3  No.12926761


>If i saw a muslims sodomizing to death a 9 year old white roastie i wouldn't give a shit maybe wish him luck

>you racecucks are the worst for ot seeing who the real enemy is

100% correct, race is unimportant, the real enemy is of two religions, jew and muslim. Nothing to do with race.

d1b2b5  No.12926766


>couple dozen

At least mention the correct number of 50 faggot.

8760c8  No.12926767


they probably weren't thinking the shots were aimed at one specific person and thus thought it safe to hide away from open areas and windows.

8760c8  No.12926771




god damn it.

f3167d  No.12926774


"Encourage my colleagues…"

d1b2b5  No.12926776


Mostly women and jews actually. but mainly women.

3887e2  No.12926777

<He’s a Jew posing as a white.

Okay. Then Jews posing as whites get lumped in with the rest of the whites and make themselves subject to removal by the brown foreigners the (((whites))) supposedly want to empower with these alleged conspiracies. Instant gratification for future disaster, as is typical of all Jewish behavior. I’m okay with this possible angle.

5a3caf  No.12926782


>"very little blood"

>"looked like a blank gun shooting hot air"

guns don't work like call of duty you mongoloid, people don't just explode into salsa when they get hit with a carbine round

171731  No.12926783

File: 743fc1665ae85ea⋯.jpg (73.5 KB, 666x527, 666:527, 1.jpg)


I live in the Australian Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. My name is

Brenton Tarrant. I'm 28 years old. I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

b63be3  No.12926788


If they'd been instructed to act like that in case of a very probable attack due to them being a disgusting invasion cult, then it was braindead advice.

Particularly when there is no change in that behaviour once he enters the room 3 times over 5 minutes and shoots into the corners, taking his time. He stands there for 30 seconds admiring his hand-inscribed gun in the first place and no one does a thing.

8b2157  No.12926800


He probably thought China was based because they put muslims in concentration camps.

bed3e8  No.12926807


Kike confirmed.

86ec15  No.12926810



Illiterate nigger detected.

Yep, best eco-fascist country, China.

7b082b  No.12926814


chan version = Memelord MAD LAD finally went and dinnit

Real version = The Jewish colonization of white nations with millions of hostile foreigners while smirking daily in perpetual agitprop about the demise of the white race brought about an inevitable backlash from a member of the disaffected population. Because the Jewish supremacist mindset shows no signs it will ever abate and they have determined their future depends on yours ending. such actions will continue in the future, as people of any race do not lend themselves to being mocked and exterminated quietly.

b63be3  No.12926822



People also don't die from a noise pointed at them with no physical consequence whatsoever, like a fucking children's cartoon, clueless cunt.

7b082b  No.12926831

File: d62d2d7e079ab04⋯.jpg (266.68 KB, 603x844, 603:844, (((joe bernstein))).jpg)


Daily reminder, Jew Joe Bernstein told his readers to kill white people.

d1b2b5  No.12926855


Mongrels of different east asian etnicities., Europe and America are way more mongrelized.

b63be3  No.12926868


Nor do people die instantly from one shot like happens in cowboy films. Usually they take several minutes to die in agony, even from fatal wounds.

2e3caf  No.12926882





I would like to know this as well. maybe copyrighted audio played in the background and the uploader wanted to prevent an automatic takedown for copyright?

4427f2  No.12926886

File: 223cc2aa3eda585⋯.jpg (23.8 KB, 400x533, 400:533, laughing wolf.jpg)

Tarrant is an accelerationist, nothing more. Look at his manifesto. He does everything to associate himself with as many groups as possible. Even the "subscribe to Pewdiepie" line at the start is meant to get the old media to blame new media. He wants people angry at each other. He wants the US to degenerate into civil war.

f3167d  No.12926890

So for anyone who doesnt know whats going on:

Jews are bringing about the messianic era.

Its like how at one time there was a holy roman empire, now there will be a jewish global government.

This has been in development for a very long time, but around 100 years ago it picked up pace and has been accelerating ever since.

Right now there is a world-wide push:

>Censor dissenters of world gov with libel like "anti-Semitism"

>grow the world into opposing ideologies, controlling thought and perspective, fusionists/neocons and trotskyites/neoliberals

This is known as hagelian dialectic.

>morph the american right identity into an extension of israel.

>morph left identity to encompass opposition of israel

>right kills left

The mosque shooting is real, but the shooters philosophies and reasoning are staged. He/they are certainly connected in a private or public capacity to jewish internationalism.

86ec15  No.12926895


It's good tbh.

86ec15  No.12926903


Or we just kill all the semitic trash, being jews and muds.

7b082b  No.12926914


Another 32 to go and he'll finally catch up to what the Muslims did to Nice, France!

b63be3  No.12926917



8d9e61  No.12926929

File: ddaed8eeff83690⋯.jpg (51.12 KB, 381x339, 127:113, 20190315_075131.jpg)

When you're happy and you show it.

9592ce  No.12926936



Have a hard time reading don't you?

>no enemy of mine

>so long as they don't seek to subvert or harm my people

This is their best play, make him out to be a false flag and easily dismissed.

4427f2  No.12926951

File: d02cd6f3a9bb20b⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Costanza.jpg)


Hell, it's hilarious watching people call him a right-wing terrorist when he claims the reason for "white replacement" is corporations needing cheap labor and an ever growing market, which is something straight out of the communist manifesto. Fucking idiots.

c7ecd5  No.12926955


Only a historically illiterate nigger thinks Israel can exist without subverting or harming Europe and North America.

86ec15  No.12926971


Yes, it's fucking good tbh, those capitalists who want cheap labor deserves the gas too.

198f5c  No.12926975

File: 8aa7d6644f1a010⋯.png (114.31 KB, 635x729, 635:729, breitbart normies.png)

Now here's an interesting thing. If you check the comment section on Kikebart, you'll find that even the normie boomers are sympathetic to this guy.

f3167d  No.12926977


Jews have been fomenting a war in the middle east for almost two decades, guy. Who organized the transport of muslims to europe? Who did it in america? Who caused the wars that stimulated muslim migration? Why do average americans have no idea of which countries they are at war in? Who flew planes on 9/11? Who paid for them? And the gov of those people, what is its disposition in the world?

They are fomenting this conflict between muslims and Europeans that never existed in history. Both people are victims being used against eachother. The only people who benefit is the nation of israel and jews.

000000  No.12926985


go torrent it at one of our fine one stop shops

566687  No.12926993


Thank you, I was looking for this.

There was a time 8pol was full of young men prepared to fight and die for white nations. Hopefully this will separate the wheat from the chaff.

f06b13  No.12927002


thats because accelerationism actually works

b0f0b2  No.12927009


There can be some pretty huge blood pools when you shoot animals irl honestly

I don't think it's a false flag though

86ec15  No.12927023


The wars are already happening, faggot.

Jews drive mudshit to Europe, it's in the deal.

Kill them both, no one to transport.

>They are fomenting this conflict between muslims and Europeans that never existed in history.


The invasion of Spain by the moors, and the occupation of Italy, never existed.

b9bb60  No.12927028


aka a couple dozen, you absolute fucking brainlet.

f3167d  No.12927032


You need to learn the history of revolutions anon. Pro tip: the people who fight, di. then the party takes over with all of its opposition gone.

4427f2  No.12927094

File: bd9c620c17712fa⋯.png (287.8 KB, 1024x1339, 1024:1339, angry squidward.png)

>We must ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.

Couldn't even quote it right.

2414a5  No.12927129

to whoever reads this, leave this website and these hateful ideas forever. go outside, appreciate the beauty of a tree or the stars.

your time on earth is limited. don't waste it here.

f3167d  No.12927133


Look, the jews have been at the center of global chaos since Alexander. You are trying to argue a chicken before the egg. You want to organize your personal threat matrix so that muslims,( who have no power or autonomy) above jews (who own all banking and communications), be my guest. When youre done killing muslims, you will be turned against eachother until you heed jewish global law of Sanhedrin. Muslims are a red herring and a distraction. you're no better than ppl who watch cnn and fox

4427f2  No.12927134

c7ecd5  No.12927150

File: fef9712a37defad⋯.jpg (514.6 KB, 1600x999, 1600:999, wotan2.jpg)


>your time on earth is limited

Fuck you jew. Our time is eternal, so long as we have a people.

d1b2b5  No.12927161


That would be 24 you nigger.

3f6bec  No.12927170


Good, I had enough of those annoying kids

529c7f  No.12927183

and yesterday….nooo nonono


86ec15  No.12927184


Nope, both jews and mudslimes are cancer and they actively working together.

Both of you die, that's all.

171731  No.12927191

File: 0e2c29f7c533720⋯.jpg (134.72 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 0e2c29f7c5337204490c38b5a1….jpg)

File: 5f8fd3029bc8f33⋯.jpg (124.09 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 5f8fd3029bc8f332a3618dbf23….jpg)

File: 4db744d78337300⋯.jpeg (312.73 KB, 1456x1696, 91:106, 7b0a36599e85c7c494b295d9f….jpeg)

File: 1f2e2cd776c128f⋯.png (155.15 KB, 630x518, 45:37, 1496469351009.png)

File: ef33c161a094ebd⋯.jpg (66.74 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1497081510511.jpg)

381c5f  No.12927192

any /k/ anon here? Why did the guns make so little noise especially the shotgun that he fired in a fucking car through the windshield? The shotgun seemed to make almost no sound. Not a schizo, not saying anything is fake just asking how are the guns so quiet esp that shotgun

529c7f  No.12927202

they can demand what the fuck from you, but they can't stop the people. in this I love communism

d02c13  No.12927205

The video has been taken down from the op can someone reupload a mirror? possibily the full one with the police at the end

ac8817  No.12927207


there are some parts where he talks but the sound is muted

9592ce  No.12927210


And any who do are being subversive and an enemy. I hold nothing against the plebs who have nothing to do with their government, want a quiet unobtrusive life, and whose families coexisted with Arabs before Israel came into being.

49b859  No.12927211


Imagine falling for an image pulling a few word out of context like this. You bollockless melts are truly the most easily led cunts on this planet, you do realize this right?

9f7a1b  No.12927218


Holy shit I can't believe that shit exist.

268185  No.12927221


check his facebook. he went to chink countries and india.

6965e8  No.12927235


d0a2a1  No.12927241


I disagree. Weaponizing the auto-immune backlash against 80million edgy teens is the right move.

4b1803  No.12927244


Thanks Anon. Everyone is talking about 'Subscribe to PewDiePie' but not one is talking about hjim listening to 'Remove Kebab' on his way to go clear out an invader's temple.


7376a0  No.12927255


>Sound of the gun firing so loud that mic crackles

>Sounds of screaming, footsteps and fabric moving when shooter turns head

>Guns don't actually make a hitmark sound like in CoD when they hit a person although someone should make a WEBM of that for this shooting some time

6965e8  No.12927258


Checked. He did good anon he did real good

e69060  No.12927266

I love you Brenton

4b1803  No.12927273


Yup. He is clearly an accelerationist. Saint Tarrant.



69ed0b  No.12927274


I am legit stunned. How do aussies do it? Even while slaughering muslims they shitpost.

5ea043  No.12927281


noise and muzzle blast was too much for the cheap microphone on the guy's camera

4b1803  No.12927282



49b859  No.12927286


lol, you fucking melt.

5ea043  No.12927291


oops meant to reply to >>12927192

9ab76c  No.12927296

File: 5697e707479792c⋯.mp4 (11.73 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Hatred_VR.mp4)

d0a2a1  No.12927300


microphones can't pick up super loud noises

268185  No.12927304

File: 5add165623d11e1⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 1024x898, 512:449, ausshitpost.jpg)

File: 788eccbceffa0ec⋯.png (69.11 KB, 988x823, 988:823, aussiemoron.png)

File: ca775770257399e⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 500x600, 5:6, ausnazi.jpg)

File: 9572a8355571718⋯.jpg (256.66 KB, 1516x1464, 379:366, aussieshits.jpg)

File: 9a0457cd64dd080⋯.png (88.83 KB, 836x982, 418:491, aussies.png)


its a culture of pure banter and one-upmanship. everyone in this country is a complete shit talker. foreigners rarely ever get it.

8422a1  No.12927310

this is a good start, would sure be a shame if more brentons started popping all all over the world tbqh

would be an even bigger shame if this accelerated the world situation significantly

eae75b  No.12927331


He destroyed him for saying a catchphrase of one of the most famous people on earth? In some dumb faggot bloggers mind that’s how the world works but it really doesn’t. I can’t shout “I love arianna grande” then shoot someone and her career is ruined.

7b082b  No.12927337


The problem I have with Kikebart is thus:

It doesn't matter how "woke" the Boomers get at this point. It doesn't matter if they suddenly realize Israel is a damaging parasite. It doesn't matter if they realize mass-immigration is ethnocide and state enforced terror.

Ultimately THEY caused it.

Ultimately THEY are responsible.

Ultimately THEY are too old to do anything about it.

They'll sit there and grunt grunt grunt about the state of the world while shunning any responsibility and having no intention of making any real difference or restitution to the younger generations for the harm they caused. It's like watching a chronic alcoholic on his 10th beer suddenly look around the bar and say "Maybe I shouldn't have liked alcohol so much…" Yeah, fucking thanks Jeff and Barbara. Now everyone under the age of 40 is going to have to suffer for the rest of their lives and probably slog it out through an inevitable series of civil wars. But at least you admitted, at the very tail end of your life, that you fucked the planet up. Now go enjoy that annual cruise to the Bahamas.

8422a1  No.12927349


>4th pic

>spic flag

>"Why didn't you rape her?"


3de4d5  No.12927377


ok this is cool

0a98d2  No.12927562

File: 5337caf4d0d5a1a⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 553x467, 553:467, 1463504184779.jpg)


>huwhites are jsdggkhghdllsdlgsjgldj

Can't hear you over all these dead goat fuckers you subhuman loser.

b6784a  No.12927588

The initial D music while he speeds from sirens. My fucking sides. The only part I could even laugh a little though, tbh. I don't like war, but we know their book calls for world domination and even the moderates secretly want it too. Seen in several polls in different countries with them in it if they wanted sharia law which starts off with taxing the non Muslims and then after they've flooded the place, convert or die. Usually over 70% wanted it. RIP. But you sealed your own fate by listening to a warlord of a prophet. Hell, even Christians at least reformed Christianity in the middle ages. While the Muslims won't even touch reform, and before the normies come in and start painting him out to be a monster first ask yourself "What have these kinda people done to trigger such a response?" I bet you can easily find the answer with research. Muslims have a code of conduct called "taqiya" which pretty much means deceive everyone so Islam will spread. And there have been countless killings on THEIR hands over the ages and countless more in recent times, in the middle east they even kill each other over disagreements. I will be well protected with who my dad is which is the only reason I say these things for you guys. Long live our people, and long live all other people as long as they don't cross the line, and if they don't wanna die, keep out. Their book calls for mass murder on a GLOBAL scale. So we shouldn't have to feel comfortable letting them in in such numbers. Welcome to the real world, sjws.

I don't condone such shit but this response was logically eventually gonna happen.

May the Lord God have mercy on us during these times in the world.

0e111c  No.12927601




8131c6  No.12927720


>no matter the social or legal position kikes have, they will always feel inferior enough that all actions against us are deemed revolutionary

Maggots, faggots, shmaggots

0e111c  No.12927792



>Blood on cloths

>moaning in pain

>mags obviously filled with FMJs

>not realizing that blood doesn't fucking splatter like crazy at all times

>not realizing 5.56mm ammo doesn't make giant holes

>doesn't even think that people do really dumb shit when panicking

>he already says he dropped his mags when the guy tried to stop him

Holy shit you guys are retarded.


A body dropping on you is going to knock you down, people aren't light and can be easily shoved away when they're dead weight. Especially in a state of panic. Others might have tried to play dead, which is why he double tapped them. It was obvious some where based on how they moved when shot.

0e111c  No.12927804


can't be, fucked

1ac117  No.12927840

Who the hell invented race mixing, if they kept borders closed like Japan and Koreas there would be none of this shif we have today

7b082b  No.12927843

File: d55340332ebfc86⋯.jpg (144.89 KB, 635x801, 635:801, You Gentiles 1924.jpg)

ddaf6e  No.12927854


Might have put his finger over the mic? CBF rewatching for that bit right now. I noticed the same quiet spot.

80c8a7  No.12927871

File: ce66670ca5eca10⋯.png (559.07 KB, 602x687, 602:687, bataclan.png)


2:26 – Shooter aiming directly for the heads, giving quick deaths without torture. Better than the Muslim militants would ever do for us.


807695  No.12927881

Gettin real tired of seeing these fags yell "muh flase fleg!!1!!11" every time someone actually does something for the cause.

9152cb  No.12927888

File: 163fbd74bfd7eb9⋯.png (712.3 KB, 742x754, 371:377, 1550318197113.png)


Indispensable for the playlist, sad he missed it.

Oh well, next time eh lad?

907d36  No.12927908

Why are Aussies the only anglos worth saving?

5ea043  No.12927909


Yea unless the bullet hits an artery or vital blood filled organs like the heart or lungs there isn't all that much blood. Not for the animals I hunt anyway.

6965e8  No.12927921


Sieg Heil

bda7d5  No.12927922

File: c6db9acd27ad3af⋯.jpg (48.61 KB, 480x535, 96:107, 1496172436582.jpg)


he should have cleared the room once, not jumping in and out of the room like fucking fortnight niggardry

c258ec  No.12927926


he was trolling, anon

69cc44  No.12927948


You do realise blanks can look very, very much like regular bullets right? You have no way of knowing what they really were.

You aren't an armament fitter, so stfu and stop trying to act superior because you don't know shit.

Are you retarded? Have you ever shot anything in your life. Blood does splatter after a bullet wound, especially to the head, which he seemed to be shooting for a lot.

5.56mm can make pretty big holes mate, especially at that range. ever fired a real gun before?

There is no way he could have spam fired those two rounds without hitting the wall and or causing a lot of blood splatter.

4d99e1  No.12927950


> we know their book calls for world domination

No it does't you kike

fbbccc  No.12927953


notice how if you look at your photo from another angle there is a heart shape drawn around the corpses in "blood"

How did that happen? Does it look normal?

80ec91  No.12927980


the pewdiepie subreddit has since gone private. this is where pewdiepie gets a significant portion of his content from.

3de4d5  No.12927983



Less jews than america and europe for longer.

4d99e1  No.12927989


Holy shit, he was a compassionate mass murderer! Not like those nasty muzzies! (Proceeds to link to bullshit claims of torture)

This is some next level Talmudry Schlomo

bda7d5  No.12927993


but it absolutly does mohammedean all will convert or die. your women are dust covered whores w big noses now fuck off

565cab  No.12927996


>they're blanks!!

>ignore all the visible blood

>especially on the two in the entrance that starts pooling and dripping down the stairs when he comes back

You're a moron. Stop posting now.

69cc44  No.12928005

Muslims are the least of our problem anyway, especially for New Zealand.

Genuinely find it odd that /pol is so quick to hop on this cunt's dick, whether or not he's ASIO/CIA/Mossad.

Retarded to think this is the beginning of some kind of RAHOWA. This is obviously going to be used against us.

9408b5  No.12928008

File: 266bfa5078e4145⋯.jpg (119.92 KB, 719x557, 719:557, ZomboMeme 15032019085226.jpg)

Her name was ebba akerlund

739269  No.12928013



It was a cia/mossad op.

3de4d5  No.12928014


notice how there in blood, he walks back to car and when he comes back there is blood.

69cc44  No.12928018


Such a thing as blood capsules/packs…

>You're beating me, please stop humiliating me because i have nothing else to say.


1414a7  No.12928022


> something positive happens

> shit all over it

the real state of the Anglo

bda7d5  No.12928023

File: 0c1ab971ce36b42⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 544x678, 272:339, 1491844461089.jpg)

69cc44  No.12928037


How the fuck is a bunch of shit skins being murdered positive? What will it actually do for us in the longterm? How will this preserve the white race in any way shape or form?

0e111c  No.12928039


>You have no way of knowing what they really were

I shoot 5.56mm ammo for a living retard, I shoot blanks just as much. Blanks make very weak sounds compared to live rounds, it would of been obvious. And as

>>12927909 said, it doesn't do shit.

You ever see that kid who blew his head clean off with the KSG? Not alot of blood despite his head dissappearing. With 5.56 ammo, unless you shoot a bunch of rounds into the wall, you won't notice them from a distance. Especially with crappy video like he had.

565cab  No.12928045


The only thing you're beating right now is your mental meat, thinking you're smart.

Prove your claim about blood packs, I'll wait right here little buddy

c1f9fc  No.12928048


>How is killing muds a good thing

739269  No.12928051


Jews are to blame.

When you have a tumor you cut it out, you don't focus on the symptoms of that tumor (migrants, arabs etc.)

1414a7  No.12928056


>How the fuck is a bunch of shit skins being murdered positive?

you answered your own question moron.

bda7d5  No.12928061

File: 6c60a0fdd92649e⋯.jpg (241.03 KB, 997x911, 997:911, 1494176081032.jpg)


40 less child rapists and lying taqiya enablers

0e111c  No.12928062


I agree, but he likely had an adrenaline rush going, so he wasn't thinking nearly as well as normal and trying to find a new target.

9ee037  No.12928065


>"niggers arent my enemy, as long as they dont behave like niggers"

<gee you must love niggers

literal mental retardation

a2770d  No.12928068


>If you let your enemies rape and genocide you, you win!

7b082b  No.12928072


They're going to try and ban Elder Futhark, wait and see. He had runes inscribed on his weapons. The reading and writing of Futhark runes is coming back into the mainstream (or internet underground) and white people conveying deep meaning through them to other white people is something they'll definitely want to torpedo. "Othala" literally means race, land, heritage, and so they'll ban it just like the swastika. Watch.

ea1c12  No.12928074


One dead shitskin deserves another.

More will follow in this man's footsteps until Muslims have been expelled from Western lands.

1414a7  No.12928085


the runes are already on a list of potential hate symbols.

69cc44  No.12928086


Are you seriously asking me to prove the existence of blood capsules? GTFO…


Doubt you ever shot for a living but i'll bite.

He literally spam fired 2 clips into the right crowd without any specific aim. I'd call that "Shooting a bunch of rounds into the wall."

The video quality was poor but you'd still be able to see the damage if you looked carefully, and there was none.

bda7d5  No.12928089

File: f021d4bed437cba⋯.jpg (78.78 KB, 680x626, 340:313, 1486453731569.jpg)


obviously they all have to go back. why discriminate

a2770d  No.12928091


You faggots are so fucking stupid. By your own analogy you'd just let the wild animal in and kill you instead of killing it

69cc44  No.12928101


No, i'd keep it as far away from my home as possible and kill any cunt who said otherwise.

7b082b  No.12928102


>how is it a good thing for the enemy to realize there's fire in the blood of the white man?!

How do you get out of bed every morning with a nose that large

bda7d5  No.12928105


of course.


565cab  No.12928109


>being this disingenuous

Prove the muslims shot on the video were wearing blood capsules. Until then, I'll use my own knowledge on firearms and police encounters to assess that the people who were shot were actually shot.

0e111c  No.12928117


Yet you people are complaining there isn't blood splatter, which is something bloodpacks easily emulate. Not everything is a falseflag.

Also to give another point, I think the reason he was playing typical chan music was because of how much he wanted to let everyone know who browses imageboards does so as well. I've had a couple instances where if someone who browses 4chan KNOWS I do, they will obnoxiously spout memes to me as a wink (HAHA US CHANNERS RIGHT?). Faggots do it all the time.

69cc44  No.12928174


>Accuses me of being disingenuous

>Hangs his argument on something that is literally impossible for his opponent to do and knows it.

Can i travel back in time with a camera and lift up their shirt? No.

Can i put together all of the evidence and suggest that the fact that there was supposedly 'blood' on the scene isn't evidence against it because it's possible to fake that? Yes i can.

c7ecd5  No.12928181

File: 527c48934d3bc44⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 750x390, 25:13, 123123141244.jpg)


Gee, you must be yet another angry little jew in this thread about a good goy faggot who just did the jews a favor and went out of his way to say he respects jews living in Israel who dindunuffin, despite only being able to live there and operate because they leach around thirty billion dollars a year from across the globe from numerous ZOG occupied nations.


You can't be an anti-semite if you don't believe the fairy tale that is SHEM ever existed.


King David and Solomon are also made up stories to justify Zionism, which is an unjustified invasion of Canaan.


bda7d5  No.12928187

File: 64be9a9ba6aec32⋯.png (347.57 KB, 791x816, 791:816, 1496286679847.png)

0e111c  No.12928188


>Doubt you ever shot for a living

I told you its my job, I don't do it every single day but I've been out quite a bit.

>He literally spam fired 2 clips into the right crowd without any specific aim


Its mags, and he fires 5.56 rounds into a big crowd of muslims. Don't know if you know, but 5.56mm doesn't penetrate too well. It will go clean through a body but if there is another one behind it, it likely won't pen depending on where you hit. There is a reason the US Army wants to replace the 5.56 with a new caliber.


Also, I am a faggot, I meant 8chan. Haven't been to cuckchan seriously for years.

565cab  No.12928190


>It's possible

>therefore it happened that way

Yes, you are disingenuous.

64b4e5  No.12928195


I think I missed that part, timestamp?

9db672  No.12928196

Video 140MB


362396  No.12928198


>This is obviously going to be used against us.

How? Nothing is going to happen, nothing ever does.

69cc44  No.12928203


They can emulate that, but don't have to.

I found it very scripted, the way the music was timed seemed fishy to me.

When he gets back in the car and "Hell Fire" is playing…

Oh yeah and also "Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie." Seriously?

000000  No.12928214


How does psyop save Jew? Btfo

69cc44  No.12928217


Nothing solid ever happens, but they bring in more and more laws and slowly tighten their grip making it harder for us to fight back in the long term. That is all this is going to do.

739269  No.12928220


I agree but this wasn't the way forward.

7b082b  No.12928224

File: b98e30e9f0ae2d4⋯.png (19.1 KB, 587x149, 587:149, wise words.png)

9ee037  No.12928225


no, you illiterate nigger. he said the same about muslims. does that mean he's pro muslim you retarded nigger brain?

do you understand what he said now?

8ed0a1  No.12928231

File: 5d0a73b2b652243⋯.png (52.03 KB, 508x620, 127:155, pewdiepie 3 14 19 video co….PNG)

And the 9 year olds have spoken.

0e111c  No.12928237


Coincidences can actually happen, doesn't always mean something fishy is going on. Doesn't hurt to be wary but this is overthinking it.

>Oh yeah and also "Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie." Seriously?

>Suprised a big youtuber who is constantly memed by the right is memed before killing a bunch of mussies to virtue signal to imageboard users.


329481  No.12928238

I'm happy today. Thank you Australia.

bda7d5  No.12928244

File: dd2bb140cce702f⋯.jpg (49.8 KB, 451x664, 451:664, 1493227015354.jpg)


sure thing you worthless cuck pussy

700266  No.12928259


Hes the real life ulfric stormcloak.

"Some here on 8chn call you a hero"

Holy shit this is just like the civil war in Skyrim


>anti imperialism

>europe belongs to the Europeans=skyrim belongs to the nords!

69cc44  No.12928265


Maybe you are a pro, i can't prove you aren't so i'll take your word.

I'm not a pro by any means. The best i've done is pig hunting and i've seen a lot of blood, especially from the head.

I'm also a RN and i've seen some nasty head wounds. I've had patients go hypovolemic from head wounds so don't tell me they won't bleed alot.

0e111c  No.12928266


I mean they aren't wrong. It's like the families from Sandy Hook who are trying to sue the gun manufacture (which a court recently approved of) despite that ACTUALLY being a falseflag

bda7d5  No.12928275

File: 6573a4203e444fb⋯.png (931.57 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, hdhdfghdsf.png)

a273a1  No.12928282

Full video + manuscripts + saved HTML 8chan announcement of shooting.

Download here : https://anonfile.com/TfD6c4x3b7/Brenton_Tarrant_rar

fb9624  No.12928288

No amount of dead shitskins will un-demoralize our people. They are't invaders; our leaders fucking invited them in. We can't just kill our way out of it.

69cc44  No.12928303


>Coincidences can happen.

Yes, they can, but i'm always on the lookout for signs it's being staged. Can't help but be skeptical and fuck you if you blame me for that after everything kikes have put us through.

I am surprised, because i fail to see what relevance he has to shooting up a bunch of shit skins. All it's going to do is embarrass Felix which fits the kike agenda. If this was really /ourguy he wouldn't have said stupid shit like that.

bda7d5  No.12928306


traitors inviting the enemy doesnt make them not invaders retard

09f457  No.12928314


typical blockhead viewiful joe.

66753c  No.12928329


80a5bc  No.12928333

File: 2d81c5fc0e68cd1⋯.mp4 (8.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hardcore Henry_1.mp4)

He's having a good time

2c30ee  No.12928334


I agree he looks like a jew

402f27  No.12928337

File: 46a72f67db60b27⋯.png (2.42 KB, 250x59, 250:59, seed.png)


4d99e1  No.12928362

File: c9eaba99b88065c⋯.png (514.04 KB, 471x628, 3:4, good goy.png)


He's a spiritual Jew. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a shrine dedicated to him in Israel. Jews will make pilgrimages to New Zealand,

b8c7c2  No.12928384

File: 9eb27bb75c39d77⋯.png (52.97 KB, 1214x608, 607:304, ClipboardImage.png)

A slight uptick in the searching for "the great replacement" worldwide

2e3caf  No.12928389


he literally denounces all jews EXCEPT those in israel. he also calls out anyone who "subverts" european nations.

0e16be  No.12928393

File: 962d1432bf303df⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 1439x755, 1439:755, Screenshot_20190316-010118….jpg)


5 gbit link :)

infomation wants to be free, i hope nz police rot in hell for their attempted censorship

4d99e1  No.12928408


Wow He's like Donald Trump, secretly our guy! Just keeping it on the down low.

95997d  No.12928414

The original thread via wayback machine


All links to manifesto still there.

9555bf  No.12928447


He literally does nothing to denounce jews in his pre-written Pam Gelleresque manifesto that blames the symptoms for what the jews are actually doing to us.

What value is shooting up a mosque going to do about the jewish problem responsible for all these 3rd world invaders from every non white territory and the various religions they subscribe to?

It's weird as if the jews on /pol/ seem to have a blind spot for their century long role in promoting and forcing mass immigration from every non white country, not just "Da moozlims", yet all they seem to do is celebrate jewish terrorists calling anyone against jews a muslim

4501be  No.12928453

1ac117  No.12928471

At 06:52 there is magazine on the floor in front of him which he later picks up at 08:33

80c8a7  No.12928517


In what context is that an acceptable thing for a muslim mayor of london to say?

2e3caf  No.12928526



there's nothing "down low" about demanding the removal of all ETHNICALLY and/or CULTURALLY non-Europeans from European countries. there is no ambiguity here. he isn't hiding it.

1fbd91  No.12928543


>i hope nz police rot in hell for their attempted censorship

8chan, 4chan and Kiwi farms as well as a bunch of other sites are banned in New Zealand at the moment.

80c8a7  No.12928546


still doesn't beat this though


8c5776  No.12928551

File: 1f3354e7d6222cb⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 1f3354e7d6222cbc4a4972a868….jpg)


Just remember lads

You're here forever

fb9624  No.12928557


Sure they are invaders, but I mean, they are invited because we have a fundamental demoralization problem. Killing a few dozen here and there does not help that problem.

9555bf  No.12928583


No ambiguity?

Killing targets that only isreali jews will gain anything from while the blame is laid squarely at the feet of white nationalists is hardly transparent to anyone not jewish.

77fc1e  No.12928606


I agree. But your prior statement saying that europeans and muslims were historically never at odds earlier is ridiculous. Today, the muslims in the west are a symptom and not a cause. You do not cure the disease by treating the symptoms, though it can help.

e892bb  No.12928607

File: bb45cff46ffaf89⋯.gif (205.77 KB, 444x250, 222:125, Goebbels-clapping.gif)


Holy fuck I need a new pair of shorts.

7b082b  No.12928608


This was accelerationism in action. He admits it in his manifesto. Plus the Muslims will definitely carry out attacks and rapes in response, proving him right. Wait and see.

6596d2  No.12928614


it pleases me he makes sure they are all dead.

642b1f  No.12928633


Go ahead and stick your head in the sand. Just means you'll be shot in the ass.

7b082b  No.12928651


>your time on earth is limited

It'll be even more limited if you do nothing about the enemies coming to wipe out your people.

e892bb  No.12928657

Where the fuck is the unedited webm without meme music, I dont see it in thread

4d99e1  No.12928662


Revenge rape? lol how does that work? I'm going to fuck this fat Kiwi bitch hahaha that will teach them!

694403  No.12928669

says 'can't find video'

bda7d5  No.12928684

File: 8a53d60ae985dad⋯.jpg (181.78 KB, 652x1200, 163:300, 1494702614971.jpg)

westerners live in a target rich environment now

1227a6  No.12928688


i still cant believe gas gas gas started with such a great timing. kek is really real

0e16be  No.12928700


It is only dns poisoning. Not a real block – but they sure as hell tried, they are just too stupid to block anything for real, but it is the thought that counts..

80c8a7  No.12928705

File: 114828963dbfeba⋯.png (789.81 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8b33d1b72471ecc4c772e2d36e….png)


You don't need women to care about the future of our people, you need your woman to care about you and your children. Once you have this, once women aren't bored anymore, the feminism will go away and the tertiary political shit will all fall into place.

Be alpha. Be the psychologically healthy Christian Gray that woman readers need and woman writers are incapable of portraying. Dominate your wife and devote yourself to her in equal measure, and she'll be joyously helpless to have your babies. Keep her healthy so she can have many. Avoid unnecessary hospital interventions in labor to shield her fertility from debilitating cesareans. Love her, and celebrate her love for you.

>knocking up whores

Do this if you want the west to die

694403  No.12928706


$10 says 1/2 the idiots who support this guy would consider Jews to be "ethnically and culturally" European.

6768d0  No.12928707


It won't survive on any host without meme music.

Check a torrent.

7b082b  No.12928709


That's literally what they do. You're apparently unaware they think along explicitly racial lines. Any time a white kid fights back against Muslims in Europe, the Muslims attack random white people and rape any white girl in the neighborhood they can get their hands on to intimidate the locals.

bda7d5  No.12928716

File: bd3fe1ead531f87⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2121x1353, 707:451, bd3fe1ead531f876e5553e7f4a….png)


it would have been more pleasing to see him use the firebombs

000000  No.12928718


God can't actually be replaced, in fact.

fb9624  No.12928723


Accelerating to our own destruction. Demoralized people remain that way until the sweet embrace of death. We have many examples of people's children murdered by invaders, and even then, it does not shake their dedication to civilizational masochism. We accelerate to destruction and won't fight back until that is cured.

4d99e1  No.12928730


Did you read that on jihad watch? or some other Jew owned website?

7b082b  No.12928732


I live in Europe. Where do you live, Jew faggot? LA?

5b3eb4  No.12928733

Hit or miss… I guess he never missed, huh?

77fc1e  No.12928754


He was a smooth operator all things considered.

1d340a  No.12928759


Can some one make this with BT saying it?

80ec91  No.12928763

File: d729af98144979a⋯.jpg (55.9 KB, 650x650, 1:1, havamal 38 2.jpg)

hey guys, quick reminder: so this guy killed dozens of people in their own place of worship - this is not something that should ever happen to whites. pic related. you have no excuse.


can't see the starts because of light pollution (irresponsible people overseeing the industrial revolution) and trees are on their way out too (judaism)



the only jews he denounced are the ones that don't exist, therefore he didn't denounce any jews.

on a serious note he did have some intellectual ignorance but don't be retarded and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

83a4c6  No.12928764


Time enjoyed wasting isn't wasted time.

4d99e1  No.12928766


Islam is non-racist so you're just a fucking liar about them targeting whites. It's true they do not respect western women, but neither do I because western women are fucking whores.

0f0cc9  No.12928768


Just right click and save video?

Try this link too https://seed20.bitchute.com/y07IZ3qXhZQK/OBZjCF85Kotn.mp4

4d99e1  No.12928774


Gotta save the precious gore man, gotta save some depraved fuckheads immoral act.

6965e8  No.12928777


Checked trips

e892bb  No.12928783



This ones good, fast download, 300 seeds or something

2e3caf  No.12928784


>the only jews he denounced are the ones that don't exist, therefore he didn't denounce any jews.

most jews live outside of israel and don't even support israel so he denounced most jews.

1d340a  No.12928788


We had good relations in the part of the world befor isreal was created. Makes you think.

e892bb  No.12928789

File: 2d743a56d62a57b⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 1178x896, 589:448, remove-kebab-rambo.JPG)

He played removed kebab. Shitposters to the end.

2e3caf  No.12928794


ethnically many of them are. culturally some of them are.

fb9624  No.12928806


No we didn't…

80c8a7  No.12928813


>meme therefore scripted

That is phenomenally stupid.

>no holes in wall

he shot at people not wall

whites can shoot.


Hundreds of songs would fit this interpretation. Shooter made himself a themed playlist. You would have reacted the same whatever song came up in shuffle.

1d340a  No.12928828


They don't respect faggoty like yours, they religious biggots.

80ec91  No.12928835

File: 2ce653bacc17061⋯.jpg (58.41 KB, 960x842, 480:421, 2ce653bacc170612e03d0ab49d….jpg)


checking these too


woops i misphrased that. i meant to say he denounced all except for the ones that don't exist.

he said that the only good jew is one who is living in israel who has no interest in subverting white people, but such a thing doesn't exist. i doubt he was aware of this fact but whatever. he was still correct even if it was an accident.

000000  No.12928843

Kebab Removalist

1d340a  No.12928846


Yea, we did.

There was way way less extremism amd friendly cooperation qith the European Empires.

80c8a7  No.12928848


> Don't invite a wild animal live in your house and get angry when it attacks you. They aren't our real enemy, it's common sense.

The fuck is wrong with you? You don't know the difference between getting angry and declaring an enemy? You don't need to get angry to declare an animal infestation such and cull/exterminate it.

000000  No.12928849


In his manlyfisto he spoke of a muslim video from facebook or someshit, a video muds tried to share without leaks.

Has anyone managed to grab that video, the one that exposed the slimes as clearly aware of The Plan?

80c8a7  No.12928858



639c84  No.12928862

File: 729b38a34ce5aa6⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 512x384, 4:3, ttj.jpg)

2d8939  No.12928863

yeah its in this thread

000000  No.12928864



sayf 2 klik bro?

071aa0  No.12928869

Apparently, the PewDiePie subreddit has been locked.

fb9624  No.12928872


Have you heard of the barbary wars?

000000  No.12928874


2d8939  No.12928876

it has lol

000000  No.12928879

whats going on in venezuela? nobodys looking that way

1628b4  No.12928881


>The accelerationism thing is a subversive meme on the whole


80c8a7  No.12928889


>No one has a face

stupid lie, watch the video

> they all fall, instantly

stupid lie, watch the video

>instantly face down

trajectory when running away + duck and cover

> no screams

shock; no time

stop wasting people's time you knownothing

2d8939  No.12928893

File: 2778d94f19f4cf8⋯.png (59.19 KB, 1338x459, 446:153, Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 0….png)

1ac117  No.12928896

How did magazine ended up on the floor?

It was there before he entered a mosque

80c8a7  No.12928922


>Your kids will be brainwashed in school

Homeschooling is easy, do it.

>and by the media

You choose the media.

Take some fucking responsibility for your family, jesus christ

1628b4  No.12928928

80c8a7  No.12928934


>it's "video game graphics" cuz I said so

>fuck evidence

>fuck definition

>fuck explanation

>skeptics are glowniggers

low effort

367917  No.12928939

Holy shit guys he was actually redpilled by my shithole of a country (France).

I can assure you it's a huge mess right here.

Does anyone have a screen of the original thread?

God bless this man btw.

7e841e  No.12928941


He tossed it on 07:12

6768d0  No.12928948

File: 78c2fb5b242db16⋯.jpg (87.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, oil up.jpg)


You've been playing too many video games bro. Put it like this, when people get shot. They don't explode into a fountain of blood unless an artery was hit and even then, it's like squeezing ketchup out of a packet. It's not going to be visible on a go-pro unless you stop and look for it.

1. If you want blood, you might want to look in the mosque an hour later- give the bodies some time to drain out.

2. Have you ever fired a pump-action shotgun in your life? It's not the same as a breach/semi/bolt. Those things can fire pretty fast.

3. Oil up.

60530c  No.12928953


Shooting is the easiest thing in the world. Only niggars suck at it because they suck at everything. Blood splatters and wall damage is video game fantasy. Bullets are so small that you can't see the bullet. What does not it just drains at once you fallen over

1ac117  No.12928954

There is no holes in the wall, 5.56 round would lot of damage to the wall, plus no dust, firing so many rounds in closed space would make him and everyone inside go deaf. I rmbr accidentally fingering 7.62 in my room, one round and dust was everywhere and my ears were ringing for hours….seems fake, the way thy go down…..

7b082b  No.12928965


And what's your alternative? You cannot salvage the current political paradigm. Voting is a farce. Idiots will screech "BUT HITLER WON IN A VOTE!" while overlooking the fact Germany in the 1930s didn't have tens of millions of foreigners being brought in by Jews to explicitly outvote the native population and disenfranchise them. It was 98% German. Yes, radical change by voting is possible in those conditions. It isn't, now. And that was intentional.

Accelerationism has a logic to it, even if you don't like it and the consequences are hideous. Simply put: If you create conditions which rob people of their consumer hedonism and forces them into a survival mode, they will become cognizant of the threats around them and be forced to form community along ethnic lines. If you take even the biggest pozzed metrosexual libshit from Portland and drop them in a civil war, or even just a desert, with no cell phone service and no agitprop programming reaching their brain, do you really think they're still going to care about the plight of transsexual Somali ballet dancers? No, they're going to want food, water, shelter, and a safe harbor. They're more likely to get all of those things from their own people, rather than from others who will definitely form ranks along their own ethnic lines. This is just a fact. In a crisis, people immediately revert to racial identity.

Example: There were plenty of anti-racists in Detroit before the riots. Blacks and whites pretended to get along. During the riots, blacks immediately formed racial ranks and shot at, raped, and looted from every white person in sight. What stopped it? A bunch of white men with rifles guarding the suburbs from being looted. Overlooking any additional context, the community immediately formed along racial lines as a result of conflict.

Example: Cops tried to arrest to Muslim thieves in Paris. They crashed while fleeing police. Muslims immediately formed ranks along ethnic lines and burned the city down in rioting that lasted for days. Just because white Parisians don't have ethnic consciousness doesn't mean the Muslims are the same.

Example: Cronulla.

Example: The recent rioting in Holland.

Example: LA Riots.

Create a crisis and people instantly revert to racial loyalties. Every single time.

That being said, accelerationism is like nuking your own city to cleanse it of a virus. Will it work? Yes. Is the cure terrible? Also, yes.

639c84  No.12928974


Subscribe to Pewdiepie

80c8a7  No.12928976


You're like a little kid.

e86d5a  No.12928979

File: cf0dc4f3ac299e3⋯.png (57.2 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 1322796219001.png)

Come shitpost at https://spacechan.xyz/b/ fren

60530c  No.12928986


>wall damage

Nope you dumb shit

>deafening noise

What is microphone gain?


Only kicks up dust if room is dusty. Clean your room nigger

c6496e  No.12929002

What's the name of the song when he gets out of his car and starts shooting people? It's surprisingly catchy.

80c8a7  No.12929019


>religion has nothing to do with race

Religion dominates reproductive practices and mate selection. Clearly it has a racial eugenic effect. This also explains why "turn the other cheek" Cuckianity rewarded beta male weakness in the West and we're not fighting back properly yet.

Fortunately the religion shackles come off millions of years of genes after just a couple generations of cultural rejection.

viking spirit is awakening in millions of white men

1628b4  No.12929033


>race is unimportant

>its more the women, not Jews

Holy fuck kys.

80ec91  No.12929038


yeah you gotta go check his most recent video on youtube to see dialogue. the general consensus, based on the 30 seconds of browsing i did earlier, was that they don't think pewdiepie should apologize whatsoever (pewdiepie did nothing wrong) but he'll probably still address it regardless


yeah i didn't hear any ringing in the video. normally you would get tinnitus from that kinda thing but my ears are fine. gunshots must've been fake. you can watch this video without ear protection easily


5.56 is a small bullet that goes very fast and makes a clean hole all the way through. an ak47 would have been messier but ar15 is like a laser

4fc0dd  No.12929041


The ottoman Empire vs The US and Sweden.

Have you heard of the Sykes–Picot Agreement or

The Trucial Coast treaties or

The McMahon–Hussein Correspondence?

80c8a7  No.12929068


>The mosque shooting is real, but the shooters philosophies and reasoning are staged. He/they are certainly connected in a private or public capacity to jewish internationalism.

Your conclusion has nothing to do with the lines before it, and is not supported by anything you said. This BecauseISaidSoIsm is a waste of everyone's time.

207440  No.12929071


Islam is extremely racist. They don't see a difference between race and religion. To them all Europeans are Christian and deserve to suffer as enemies of god.

Only a complete retard hasn't been paying attention to the Islamic sex trade in Europe where they smuggle in drugs, use them to get white children addicted and then traffic them around to various muslim areas. Even the local authorities are in on it and orphanages are known as whore houses to those working, living and visiting them.

a5012c  No.12929077


Fuck that guy. He has had ample opportunities to stand his ground on even the most middle ground conservative defamation but he apologizes and cucks out every single time. This is turn leads to no further insight among his audience.

7b082b  No.12929081

File: f69597421396369⋯.jpg (83.67 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1548624885932.jpg)


Typical low-IQ Jew post.

cdaca1  No.12929085


He dropped that mag after the one mud tried to tackle him. Everyone piled into the corners out of fear so there were probably some survivors hiding under the bodies.

7b082b  No.12929110


Do you want to know why so many Turks are becoming atheist? Because they correctly realized Islam is just Arab supremacism and it's fucking gay.

207440  No.12929112


Some times the best way to lead people the way you want is to appear to be neutral or against it.

>I hate brown rice, it tastes like shit

<Wow I didn't know brown rice existed

<I have to try it, can it really bad that bad?

<What's the difference between brown rice and other rices?

<Why does it taste shit? I will try it and find out.

Pointing to something existing can be enough to lead people to it. And he has so much reach even 1% of his audience investigating something he denounces is a huge deal. It's easy to go full retard and demand he gets his platform taken away by screaming about the jews, but he does better as a stream pointing towards the ocean.

953af5  No.12929128


>spamming the same article from 2011 in multiple threads

>"it's a false flag!"

What isn't according to you retards?

207440  No.12929133


Turks are being corrupted by the European culture they so desperately want.

0f7389  No.12929158


>>A jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine

>As long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people

Miss that bit, did you?



Say what you want about whether you agree with it but, other than a handful of grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors (unsurprising for a large document) it was remarkably legible and well-reasoned.

6965e8  No.12929159


You’ve never fired a pump shotgun fast before? Try it it’s not that hard at all

57aa53  No.12929161

File: f41cb9de3e2292b⋯.webm (14.2 MB, 713x396, 713:396, hotline nz.webm)

cdaca1  No.12929164

File: ee1e8a476b334f8⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 377x213, 377:213, head spaghetti.JPG)


It was a semi auto shotty you no funz faggot. The pump was in his passenger seat and didnt use it until he was driving off. I don't know what video you watched but there was plenty of screaming. Especially the one he shoots then runs over.


As for gore he opens this dude's can of spaghetti.

381c5f  No.12929172


Charls would not approve of this he is about reducing suffering

31f4f5  No.12929178


he was a 3 gun competition shooter, I partake as well and rarely meet anyone with better marksmanship when at a range. the drills you do to train for them will make you a far better than average shooter, as well as accuracy while moving in less than a month. he trained for ~two years, i doubt he missed more than a few shots if any with such large and close targets

cdaca1  No.12929187

File: 33e5160383e28fb⋯.png (503.38 KB, 2000x704, 125:44, magic space gun.png)


>magic shotgun

80c8a7  No.12929191


>the real difference is jews are "serious" and gentiles are "trivial," "playful," "backward," "silly"

That is some pure evil disney villain shit right there

6965e8  No.12929192


Nah , he’ll be fine. Walk it off bud…kek I bet his feet twitched

3d8a16  No.12929198


You retard, there are semi auto shotguns.

Also for the target dummy's relatively untouched exterior, he could have been using buckshot (and likely was). Let me guess, you are also one of those people that think that 10m is shotgun's effective range?

000000  No.12929204


links itt

31f4f5  No.12929205



it's the one he listed in his manifesto. get a local copy

000000  No.12929232



you two brainwashed cucks talk like being racist is somehow a flaw. stop drinking the libshit kool-aid.

80c8a7  No.12929233

File: 3bb5f500c9474b2⋯.jpg (267.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 3bb5f500c9474b22cb0b4c6ff9….jpg)


More compassionate than Slimes and you know it. We aren't so barbarous as to cut out eyes and genitals, they are. It extends to our treatment of animals: we but a bullet or a bolt to the head; they slit the throat and drain the blood to create panic and misery. And you know it. Semites are barbarians. Whites are not.

26c1db  No.12929250

File: 072ddbc32472243⋯.png (806.75 KB, 1378x647, 1378:647, arabs hate niggers.png)


>Islam is non-racist

lol okay

80c8a7  No.12929259


People with brains see things in things all the time. Pattern recognition is a function of the forebrain. If you have a definitive point to make, make it.

31f4f5  No.12929260

314a13  No.12929268


>Everyone who ever said the words Subscribe to PewDiePie is a suspected white nationalist.

This is exactly what the madman wanted.

Same with the Navy Seal Copypasta in his manifesto, navy seals will be implicated because that how dumb the media is today.



31f4f5  No.12929275

File: 289ec93054801c6⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 720x620, 36:31, a54b85e6389cb28028ef0ea4e3….jpg)



fucking god damnit ghost post nigger, my finger betrayed me

89d6f4  No.12929278


pewdiepie will not be deleted because that will make the event much more political and piss A LOT of people off from all sides

788435  No.12929285


Nice trips

Dude confirmed master of subtle rhetoric

000000  No.12929301


>semi-auto shotty

Exactly, how the faggot thinks it's a pump is beyond me.


>fires without being cocked

What is having one in the chamber, what is a semi-auto?

>first victim didn't bleed

Do you not see the pool of blood around the guy to the left in the entry? Oh that's right he wore a bloodpack but the others didn't.

80c8a7  No.12929308


>This is some next level Talmudry Schlomo

Look up the way the last Russion royal family was murdered. Not one bullet per head execution style, even though they were lined up against the wall, no – chaos, utter chaos. Bullets in random places. Slow deaths. They shot one of the Czar's daughters three times before she stopped moaning and begging. No compassion whatsoever.

Muslims and Jews are of the same stock. They are all inhumane semites, like rival gangs in the black slums, like competing families in the mafia. I will not side with any gang, I will not side with any family, and that you expect me to suggests you are a member of one or the other.

000000  No.12929314


fuck off, kid.


>Same with the Navy Seal Copypasta in his manifesto

The absolute madman.

7b082b  No.12929320

File: ce7c3142fef5d33⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 586x831, 586:831, 1524226780511.jpg)


Ebba finally had the vengeance her own cucked countrymen refused to deliver.



31f4f5  No.12929333


looks pretty english/welsh/scottish to me.

207440  No.12929345


How did this website get so full of idiots they think explaining why an ethnic group attack white girls isn't promoting genocide of that race?

3d8a16  No.12929349

File: f78f56e1298818f⋯.jpeg (139.85 KB, 1078x794, 539:397, f78f56e1298818f6c99109a84….jpeg)


No idea what kind of point are you trying to make here, retard. Post it yourself. Semiautos look exactly like pump actions on the first sight. You sound like /v/-tier nofunz yid which thinks that every semi looks like Pancor Jacqueshammer.

7b082b  No.12929350


>Same with the Navy Seal Copypasta

The Australian media already reported this deadpan:


Anyone who believes in the integrity or intelligence of media is a fucking idiot.

d8c228  No.12929376


It's time to upgrade from your 512MB RAM Pentium 3 shitbox, anon.

50c56e  No.12929379


Here's an idea, the website has been flooded with Muslims, non-whites and self hating whites since the attack.

788435  No.12929383


(((The count)))

685a2c  No.12929391

File: e653c8013eecd0c⋯.gif (5.41 MB, 435x244, 435:244, ground 0.gif)

This man was not a /pol/ anon.

Prove me wrong

00e751  No.12929400


Thanks anon!

d5d45b  No.12929402


what movie is that

de0bbe  No.12929409



Nigger read the thread. It's a M1014/Benelli M4

558bf5  No.12929411


>powers that be

Are jews.

The phrase "the powers that be" is non descriptive for the very specific fact that the people in actual power are not the "self loathing white people" you see. These white people don't have any actual power at the end of the day.

31f4f5  No.12929423

File: f2338b5bb8e2cc0⋯.png (141.01 KB, 825x289, 825:289, ben.png)


it's a benelli m3 you retard. it's semi-automatic and pump action, it has two firing methods alternating with a selector ring.

d2c4a2  No.12929429

File: 26b8b84eec5198b⋯.jpg (79.04 KB, 904x1024, 113:128, heavy metal intensifies.jpg)

File: e30a7d28d8be311⋯.jpg (191.28 KB, 640x755, 128:151, jazz music continues.jpg)

File: 7bfb1f8a046c287⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, moonman.jpg)

File: b55c31bd95ca9b0⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 274x237, 274:237, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.jpg)


788435  No.12929435

File: d0b9a48a9fdf293⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 300x300, 1:1, profile_picture_by_spoopy_….jpg)



As an attack helicopter, i can say i have truly seen everything now

fb9624  No.12929444


>we had peace with these people before jews

Don't stray from the point; you were wrong.

3d8a16  No.12929449

File: 1542ffdd375520f⋯.png (8.78 KB, 508x497, 508:497, 494412133264.png)


<how does he not need to recock a shotty

>it's a semiauto

<but it doesn't look like semiauto, which is a one and only type shotty with uniform look that is in no way similar to a pump action mossberg maverick and the like

>no idea what your stupid ass is about

<no pic haha drolled ebin

I give up, your supreme rhetoric wins. No more (you)shekels.

8c2a15  No.12929456

Yeah this whole thing is clearly staged. Where are the hit markers? Why didnt he get bonus points for the headshots? Where were any points at all? 49 is clearly enough of a killstreak to get a tactical nuke.

Guys I've put thousands of hours into call of duty this whole thing doesn't add up.

558bf5  No.12929459


If pewdiepie gets deleted because of that then this will be hilariously counter to what the goal of deleting his channel was for.

Pewdiepie's and young teens/kids in general don't' give a shit about stuff like this. The ones you hear about most are just the same, few, and loudest. They get a propped up soap box by trillions of dollars backing their approved.think. Pewdiepie - for all I hate that shit - skipped the necessity for the trillions of dollars backing him, and he has a bigger audience.

1dad38  No.12929472

File: 8e24c418e549e23⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, doomslayer.png)


Can give us something more than redpills for newbies?




checked and based


are you retarted. clearly shot brain from girls head. you expecting some bloodbath from movie or videogame in real life.


>secretly our guy

for faggots like you even Hitler is jewish psyop. he killed 50 muslims. it is not enough for you? even if he sprayed swastikas on wall in that mosque, you would say it is MOSSAD operation



it works exactly like that. maybe learn something about rapes in Europe and grooming gangs. or stay cucked.

000000  No.12929483


>How did magazine ended up on the floor?

>It was there before he entered a mosque


>He tossed it on 07:12

No he didn't. It was there *before* he entered the building.

There is a magazine on the floor when he enters and he looks down at it at 6:53. He drops a drum & another mag at 7:12 (the one you mentioned) then walks past the other mag again at 7:17. At 8:30 he picks up the mystery mag that was already there when he entered the building.

Fishy af.

788435  No.12929489

File: 43e10f57a4a0c97⋯.jpg (99.81 KB, 750x845, 150:169, 1541545318788.jpg)

File: 228206fe2ec06c1⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 335x378, 335:378, 1541545194263.jpg)


>le remove kebab

426dea  No.12929491

Heil Brenton Tarrant

3dc60e  No.12929506

Good fucking job, now the muslims will be portrayed as victims to whites too

7b082b  No.12929521


Who fucking cares. Muslims mow down 81 people in Nice with a truck, half of them children. All we heard about was BOO HOO NOW MUSLIMS WILL BE GETTING MEAN REMARKS ON TWITTER :( :( :(

The enemy already hates us and wants us dead.

558bf5  No.12929524


So count down until a civil war the powers that be understand they can't win?

I'm okay with this.

000000  No.12929529

Consequences will never be the same.

f6f9a0  No.12929530


You don't know what you're talking about

50c56e  No.12929536



f6fb9b  No.12929537

File: bd4abc72899bb79⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x788, 300:197, Justice gets ZOG'd.png)

File: 64dd25373eaa145⋯.webm (4.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Who can it be now.webm)

I agree that removing invaders is necessary, but attacking the symptoms of a problem is shortsighted. Get rid of the (((root cause))) and the rest will follow. It is a top-down agenda after all, so that's the order in which is must be addressed.

000000  No.12929550

i see ammo clips but no health pack or quad damage so the engine's recent

didn't even player duck to recharge though

d16a8e  No.12929557

File: 6576fbf0f648977⋯.jpeg (182.6 KB, 1181x587, 1181:587, B93A0C65-4B54-47D0-8971-1….jpeg)





fb9624  No.12929558

File: d2667bc402ef697⋯.png (152.87 KB, 500x719, 500:719, delicious tacos.png)


>they will become cognizant of the threats around them and be forced to form community along ethnic lines

You are severely underestimating the effects of demoralization. "Siding with your race" is a natural extension of a familial bond, but we know that bond is broken. We have many examples, it's actually the most frightening symptom of our current cultural.

d0cfb5  No.12929560


No, you can't stop this.

0c2d7a  No.12929586

Another shooting done by a jew to further diminish the image of Europeans even further in the eyes of the entire world.

3d8a16  No.12929589

File: 7396b95bb51d5ef⋯.jpg (121.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, GUzw7TkhVJM.jpg)





558bf5  No.12929624


Yes. He mentioned jews just like he mentioned Spyro. In passing. And it seems rather suspicious because now this can be used under the "hate we semites have to go through constantly!!!!" column. Despite jews not being semites come at me Ari

d7d6ac  No.12929629


Not our guy until he kicks the door in while blaring all-star

f6fb9b  No.12929631


It would appear that there are people who are willing to stop it. I expect more will appear, hopefully before we've accelerated to a point of no return in which rebellion is no longer possible.

8c2a15  No.12929648


Yeah it's like an old engine but his ammo doesn't replenish fully after reloading. Also it looked like his gun jammed? This is way too sophisticated for an old engine.

1dad38  No.12929653


>Fishy af

your posting is fishy af

207440  No.12929657


It's a valid tactic if your plan is to make Europe so hostile to Muslims they leave willingly. How many Muslims would be happy in Europe if every time they went to pray they risk a drive by? Gibs me dats aren't so appealing when you have gang bangers targeting you specifically. Making it dangerous to be Jewish thanks to Islam is making Jews fuck off to Israel. It's a viable tactic but you need a lot of people to do it.

d0cfb5  No.12929676


No, you can't stop this. Nothing you say or do will ever stop it now. We're going to exterminate your entire army, and then we're coming for you.

6fd168  No.12929680


Nothing wrong with killing shitskins invading your country. /pol/ is a board of peace

529c7f  No.12929699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You take your knife, then you stab eystein in his foreheaad!

b8dcd0  No.12929738

Just a quick reminder that every video you see today can be fake:



Don't trust media. Don't trust social networks.

529c7f  No.12929757

tjem you take the knife, and twist it around, then you see brains.

one of the most funny thing these people don't understand though. Varg lit speaks iraqi, he lived under saddam in iraq when he was a kid, because his father is an engineer like me and worked under saddam… plot twist! and those niggers down there they fucking love him. Varg was never anti middle eastern, on the contorary

f6fb9b  No.12929769

File: cf9b0bd7672fb90⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 850x641, 850:641, paki rapist off with porba….jpg)

File: 194e73d0b301a8b⋯.png (49.53 KB, 1191x761, 1191:761, Africans commit 128x mor v….png)

File: b44f50a819e53b2⋯.png (330.98 KB, 642x726, 107:121, bongs make shrine for crim….png)

File: 11a15eba73d6e3f⋯.jpg (53.83 KB, 801x670, 801:670, one million rapes by musli….jpg)

File: 8de79c551e5ae4d⋯.gif (584.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, narrative in motion.gif)


>It's a valid tactic if your plan is to make Europe so hostile to Muslims they leave willingly

With the media and justice system corrupted to favor non-whites I doubt this angle will be as effective as is needed.

7b082b  No.12929804


Unironically the most based shit in the manifesto

529c7f  No.12929823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

207440  No.12929855


The police can't manage a serious threat to every muslim group. Remember the gas station shooters in the USA who made everyone terrorified of filling up their cars? He was a muslim who modified a truck to shoot from and scared the shit out of people. Now imagine the same thing but happening all across Europe. Who's going to stay if every time they fill up their car or go to pray they risk being shot?

Terrorism works. That's why the blacks have what they have and the muslims too.

f9b028  No.12929886

Uncensored Copy of 2003 RACE TO THE HEADLINES Australian Government Report wrote by a gay pedophile Christopher Puplick AM (order of Australia) that the media must stop covering Muslim Gang Rapes because they will be used to inspire racial hatred and terror attacks.


So here's some MSM hate speech for you…

So when your wife is raped by a train of 25 muslims, it will be against the law for you to complain about it, go to the media, talk about it and the same for anyone else for that matter….


The thread with all the details on the pedophile Pooplicker AM head of the ADB that Loves MUSLIM GANG RAPE IS HERE:


!MSM HATE SPEECH! Just like the Manifesto from Brenton!

Left still thinks Skaf rapes weren’t racist

Miranda Devine, The Daily Telegraph

August 29, 2015 9:56pm

“You deserve it because you’re an Australian” they told one victim. “Suck on it, Aussie pig” another victim was told while being raped 25 times by fourteen men in a degrading six-hour ordeal. They called her a “slut”, told her they would rape her “Leb style” and asked her if “Leb c… tasted better than Aussie c…”. The 18-year-old victim code-named Miss C later testified: “I looked in his eyes. I had never seen such indifference.” She had been sitting on a train, dressed for a job interview in her best suit, reading The Great Gatsby, when she was ­approached by the youths, who stole her mobile phone to lure her off the train. Police investigated as many as 70 similar gang rapes which occurred in August and September 2000. Women and girls as young as 14 snatched off trains and from shopping malls and driven to southwest Sydney to be assaulted by groups of men summoned by mobile phone: “I’ve got a slut with me bro, come to Punchbowl.” At the time, detectives were struck by DNA evidence which showed many of the rapists were blood relatives, including at least two sets of brothers. In the end, 14 youths, including ringleader Bilal Skaf and his brother Mohammed, were convicted of raping seven women, and sentenced to jail terms of between 11 and 55 years (reduced on appeal)

0c2d7a  No.12929915

Who here thinks that the shooter is a European man who has been programmed to do this or from the jewish race, who now has jewish protection now that he has been "arrested"?

It's funny how none of you are even mentioning this..

f9b028  No.12929946

File: 618dcb13b750bc4⋯.png (78.09 KB, 518x868, 37:62, MUSLIM-GANG-RAPE-BAD.png)


https://www.smh.com.au/opinion/racist-to-deny-the-truths-of-rape-20030419-gdgmjt.html - this is so good I'm archiving it…




Check the thread:


6f1e8d  No.12929954

d37e55  No.12929968

File: f4c2376d89af3df⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 432x240, 9:5, NewZealandMosqueShooting.webm)

File: 024ad3987fd4dda⋯.jpg (39.12 KB, 480x392, 60:49, Islam Bacon.jpg)

Tried to cram as much as possible into a WEBM.

000000  No.12929973

Men don't cry like women. Women are like monkeys in panic. Not men. in shock, men remain silent, that's all. Proof that men descend from extraterrestrials who mated with female apes.

Right that is not proof but admit it, it sounded plausible.

07be79  No.12929980

does someone have the entire manifesto of Brenton Tarrant ? Want to read what he said (pdf if possible please)

d37e55  No.12929988



A trimmed webm version for those who want it: >>12929968

788435  No.12930014


>i think people being shot by firearms is a conspiracy by the illuminati

000000  No.12930023

Gotta admit this is so admirably dovetailing into the zionist agenda.

Less extremists:

- white far right on domestic groups clamped down. Less guns, less freedom.

- ISIS not bothered at all in our countries, potential killers left to roam, but now plenty of reasons given to drop troops in future Eretz Israel.

- more tolerance towards the "moderate", the nice people of color. That is, the real demographic threat.

822697  No.12930035

Dude didn't even have the balls to be an hero.

Shoulda stuck to trifocing

000000  No.12930036


Excuse me dear gentlemen and chanfags, but why is there already a clip on the floor at 6:53 in that mosque when the shooter enters it?

He picks it up later on at 8:33.

Do Muslims naturally drop ammo clips by accident?

Is that magic loot or something?

Was there a bug on the server?

ec925c  No.12930063

Magnet link of video:


8ea361  No.12930083


He had other attacks planned, you nigger retard.

1ce54f  No.12930089


News Headline:

PewDiePie: Christchurch Mosque Shooting 'Fully Sick'

000000  No.12930103


what kind of sik tho?

694403  No.12930123

where is this Manifesto all the normie cites are saying not to post?

80dd46  No.12930136


Settle down faggot.

788435  No.12930164

>>12930036 watch this one


448f18  No.12930166

Best GTA NZ mission ever

a79d3a  No.12930168

2m ago


Foreign ministries around the world are working to determine if – or how many – of their nationals have been killed or injured in the New Zealand attack. All information is the most recent avaiable from Associated Press, but are likely to change:

Pakistan’s foreign ministry says four Pakistanis were wounded, while five others are missing after Friday’s attacks.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says at least three Turkish citizens have been wounded, and that he has spoken to one of them

Indonesia’s foreign ministry says two Indonesians, a father and son, were injured; the father is in intensive care and his son is being treated at the same hospital

Bangladesh’s honorary consul in Auckland says three Bangadleshis in New Zealand have been confirmed dead so far. At least four others are injured, two critically – Shafiqur Rahman Bhuiyan says one person’s leg had to be amputated, and another has gunshot wounds to his chest

Malaysia’s foreign ministry says at least two citizens have been injured, but that number is likely to climb. No Malaysian nationals have been counted among the fatalities yet

000000  No.12930172

For anyone who knows why Israel exists, Brenton's point in his manifesto is completely off the mark. It's not meant to be a country of Jews like any other country you and I would build.

This action will only breed more allahakbars, which ZOG needs.

db868f  No.12930178

>wastes his time on a race with high fertility rate

>thinks its a threat to the white race

>goes and shoots innocent people minding their own business

>i forgot his an aussie

>i guess white niggers are no different than normal niggers

if you want to raise the population of whites than date more white people you inbreed fucks. No one is trying to end the white population but the jews and their interracial propaganda. We browns love our bodies and don't give a shit about ending an already dying race. I love my brown women. not so much the blacks tho but still i love my brown women. May Allah bring hell and dark hours upon you all

80dd46  No.12930181


He dropped it doing an ammo check while going in. You can hear it hitting the floor.

80dd46  No.12930193




a79d3a  No.12930198



000000  No.12930201

anon asked a simple question

>>12930164 what is the clip doing here?

0b5978  No.12930206

Any new link to watch online? All I've seen are already down

381c5f  No.12930218


your opinion is worth less than nothing, shitskin

a79d3a  No.12930222


Do you think this is typical of (((mosques))) everywhere?

0c2d7a  No.12930226

This thread is nothing but bots because no one has replied to a question that I asked about if this shooter is a jew, or a brainwashed European to go on a rampage to further diminish the image of Europeans?

251aca  No.12930230


It is posted multiple times in this fucking thread. Can you not scroll up retard?

558bf5  No.12930244


What is that vid related?

a79d3a  No.12930269


A) why do you keep aligning this with Judaism

B) Judaism is a religion, Hebrew is a better term


C) Jews can afford rhinoplasty, the 'noses' thing doesn't work anymore

Most are 'shitskin' - anyone using 'nose' rhetoric is misinforming purposefully like ancient aliens.

558bf5  No.12930270


How are jews not an enemy of his?

If he's so enlightened on the ways of the world then how does he not know jews are behind the mudshits in once white civilizations?

Answer that please. It's not been answered since I started asking yesterday.

558bf5  No.12930280


>Arabs can coexist with humans in their lands

(((you))) make it real easy.

sage for double post

a79d3a  No.12930282


Jews used to make mooslimes out as the bad goy when they were testing weapons on them, now they play kebaseball together

4fef00  No.12930285


it's clear from the video that he had plenty of prior experience and practice with those weapons.

if you mean formal training, that is impossible. there has never been a weapon that you can't figure out on your own with enough study and practice.

there are no telltale signs in his technique that he had received formal training.

a79d3a  No.12930291


Your question is asinine, most will ignore it for self preservation

0c2d7a  No.12930293


This shooting is being done to further diminish the image of Europeans, surely you must know this?

4b2158  No.12930308

Video from inside 2nd mosque: https://twitter.com/maryam_behappy/status/1106589333102972928

9cc303  No.12930314

Hotline Miami edit anyone? The west needs an organization like 50 blessings

12475b  No.12930317


I should have saved it. Someone upload please.

a79d3a  No.12930318


I see your angle but the reality is, action was taken - in what scenario will you flat earthers believe it was simply action

529c7f  No.12930324


alex, pls stop..

000000  No.12930335


was like ok thats far fetched rlly but with an second thought about it i think it make lots a sense

0c2d7a  No.12930342


This poster is a jew.

Keeps trying to make it out that jews are not involved and is also using the jewish "flat earth" narrative that they continually push.

6d4135  No.12930380


what are your thoughts on the Holocaust, Chaim?

558bf5  No.12930386


>only DNS

So can't you just point a browser to 8chan's IP and get the site?

529c7f  No.12930404

is how into


onions are healty

a79d3a  No.12930452


Is Chaim a Jewish name?


Religion wise, I'm Shumerian


a79d3a  No.12930479



What are the explosions, why wasn't this in the video

A separate mosque?

207f39  No.12930486

File: c2596a84c0a6284⋯.png (171.96 KB, 697x768, 697:768, c2596a84c0a6284d1ae74d5bca….png)

57aa53  No.12930491

a7f680  No.12930500

0c2d7a  No.12930501


No one mentioned religion and everybody on this board now knows that you are from the JEWISH RACE.


9cc303  No.12930505

4b2158  No.12930514


Two mosques attacked. Video from NZ guy only showed the first. The other attack was recorded by victims @ 2nd mosque. 2nd mosque had one of the devices detonated.

6d4135  No.12930515


stop LARPing, Chaim.

f3de5b  No.12930516



He's right, go watch any phone/phone tier camera video with gunshots in it. Or check out how the gunshots affect your ability to hear his music. He's clearly got the volume turned all the way up because you can actually hear his music while he's inside the mosque when he stops shooting to reload. Before he first fires the shotgun you can hear his music clearly, but the instant the gun is fired the mic's receiver is completely flooded and the music disappears. Same thing happens after he returns to his car and comes back.

52f97f  No.12930518

File: e8be68b6d032fdc⋯.jpg (35 KB, 480x600, 4:5, martyr.jpg)


>PewdiePie cucks

Been nice knowing ya, Puewds. You were my favorite Millennial.

a79d3a  No.12930549

File: bc7e5b0f5100997⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Picture 911.jpg)




2m ago


Nearly NZ $500,000 (£257,500) has already been raised for the victims of Christchurch terror attack. More than 7,400 people have now donated to the crowdfunding page on Givealittle, which was set up by the New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups, the country’s primary support provider for people affected by homicide.

Another campaign, spearheaded by a coalition of New Zealand Islamic groups, has raised nearly NZ $350,000 NZ

I can see how Jews would be involved lol

But yeah, no I'm poor>>


ahh, word

d66989  No.12930551

File: 474554fe81b0d0f⋯.jpg (138.04 KB, 1080x638, 540:319, Screenshot_20190315-181950….jpg)

File: e2d08f18c63698f⋯.jpg (246.75 KB, 1080x564, 90:47, Screenshot_20190315-181940….jpg)

We slaugtered quarter million Anzaks at Gallipoli, 1915. yet the attacker did not mention about how they get fucked by Turks and all the aussian and kiwi ladies became a universal whore in his manifesto. So this pussy is a grandson of those bitches. Very nice.

a79d3a  No.12930565


Did he gopro the first?

80dd46  No.12930579


What's up with all the refrigerator photos?

4b2158  No.12930590


Yes. First video (green floor on mosque) = gopro from shooter. Second video going around on twitter (red floor on mosque) = victim pov.

0c2d7a  No.12930604


Not gonna answer the question about the "holocaust" then?

You are a total jew.

a79d3a  No.12930606


what holocaust

4fef00  No.12930613

it's so great to see the rune of tyr in action here

e52906  No.12930623


the firebombing, rape and torture of german civilians

a79d3a  No.12930624

Suspect's rifle was covered in white-supremacist graffiti

The suspect in the attack on two mosques in Christchurch opened fire on worshippers using rifles covered in white-supremacist graffiti after listening to a song glorifying a Bosnian Serb war criminal.

now graffiti is under attack

while im not jewish i do write,


4413f6  No.12930628

File: 16eae36505c2937⋯.jpg (197.93 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, AscendedChad.jpg)

a79d3a  No.12930638

File: 7315d1dc21b8a32⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Picture 917.jpg)


Oh yeah, I did that too

0c2d7a  No.12930641


Very short answer that is easy to pretend in what you say and pass off, so go into detail about what it is that you dont believe about it.

a79d3a  No.12930643



a79d3a  No.12930656


Zyyyclonnnnn B battthoussseeee

A secret place for cleansing ethicallllyyy

a79d3a  No.12930673



Well, truth is - if you're dumb enough to claim it's true then it's probably a psyop

9b2701  No.12930689

>everyone ignoring that he spent 6 months in Pakistan to be trained by the Nizari after learning about Ebba's death

>Idolizes Brevick

>Kills low class Muslims that accomplishes nothing but more anti-white laws (gun control, free speech censorship)


0c2d7a  No.12930691


Very short answers, me old jew.

Answer me this then.

Do understand that the shooter is a jew in order to demonise the European race even further?

a79d3a  No.12930709


It would make sense tbh

I believe he had good intentions

0c2d7a  No.12930723


You are a jew.

a79d3a  No.12930735


Can I get a bank account then?

a79d3a  No.12930771

File: d24a0fb6eed5cbd⋯.jpg (109.89 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Beverly 11-24-13 (43).jpg)

0c2d7a  No.12930784


Course you can, since you're a jew you can get any bank account you like since your tribe owns it all.

f3de5b  No.12930797


How the fuck can we be demonized further? We're already "responsible" for slavery and the holohoax, both taught as the most evil acts in history. He was authentically immersed in *chan memery, that's difficult to fake. There's a reason shills stick out like a sore thumb.

Moreover, how often do you see serious calls to violence posted here? Anyone who has been disillusioned with Trump (which is pretty much everyone on our side now) has to come to the conclusion that a political solution is impossible.

a79d3a  No.12930802


I want a good one then

c526cd  No.12930808

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're kvetching just like this e-celeb

25a3e8  No.12930814

File: 922ce5813201a26⋯.jpg (183.24 KB, 883x882, 883:882, 922ce5813201a262e0c7d470a8….jpg)

Why does the right wing always, and I mean ALWAYS target unarmed, defenseless civilians? They never take out politicians that pass laws that actually effect their countries, they never take out media executives who publish this shit and further throw the global narrative left wing. Because they are pussies, you all are pussies. In a real fight where the person might be able to fight back you all know you will lose. You literally have to hit the weakest and defenseless because you know yourself that you are weak.

3af645  No.12930820

File: 3d814dd32e88873⋯.png (344.22 KB, 752x454, 376:227, rs.png)

4fef00  No.12930826


they weren't defenseless civilians, he attacked a mosque

a79d3a  No.12930830


I knew it, you're jewish

966209  No.12930831


oh boooo hooooooooooo im sure he'll cry the entiiiiiiiiiiire way to the bank……

a79d3a  No.12930837

103500  No.12930840

You’re all spergs and I sincerely hope 8chan is shut down.

4413f6  No.12930861


I just subscribed

c526cd  No.12930862


You're the sperg. You had to post. nigger.

0c2d7a  No.12930879


>He was authentically immersed in *chan memery, that's difficult to fake

You are another jew, because going around saying what everyone else is saying is like, totally hard to fake, isn't it?


25a3e8  No.12930889

File: 936ab364e641b97⋯.png (308.49 KB, 990x682, 45:31, 936ab364e641b97cc1e83efd05….png)


>they weren't defenseless civilians, he attacked a mosque

None of them had a gun and the most one of them did was try to tackle the guy. They were basically defenseless. This is like trying to crush a pile of ants that someone is trying to bring into your house. Just punch the guy whose fucking bringing them. Doing these attacks achieves nothing. But of course, you all will react like >>12930830 and show that in the fact of actually fighting your oppressors you will pussy out and attack those who can't fight back. Because any form of planning or logical thinking is not a strong suite of the right.

842c7a  No.12930900


Blanks? He had no BFA. God damn arm chair COD operators like you make me puke. You've got no business talking about anything involving firearms. Next time you feel like you have something to say about guns, kill yourself first. There are probably hundreds of military perconnel here, myself included, you could ask first instead of making brain damaged assumptions. This is as fucking real as it gets. This was not fake. I'll give you a hint, if something like this looked REAL to a civilian puke such as yourself who has only ever seen this in movies and games, I can tell you that as someone who has seen this IRL, that would be as fake as rubber dogshit. But no, this was, without question, exactly how it goes down in real life.

4fef00  No.12930927


he took out a biological weapons depot. what the fuck is so hard to understand?

25a3e8  No.12930936


and it will be refilled in four months if not less. What the fuck is so hard to understand?

1dad38  No.12930945


Stay out of our countries and there will not problems. Nobody care what you do in Pakistan or Nigeria.

4413f6  No.12930947


I flush my toilet even though I know its just going to fill with shit again eventually.

3d1d8c  No.12930950

File: 848baea9bbd0cce⋯.png (282.88 KB, 910x437, 910:437, avBMrfk.png)

BE FAGGOT >>12923077

>I think he doesn't realize that he just destroyed PewDiePie by saying that and that he will be harassed by all the Jewish "anti-racists" bullies over the world and that his channel is going to be deleted because of it.

>Really not smart.


a79d3a  No.12930984

File: ac25eb9016db7d1⋯.jpg (89.5 KB, 660x1024, 165:256, D1tUqirWkAE3cS4.jpg)

1dad38  No.12930999


can someone dowload it and upload? I can't see twitter videos.

25a3e8  No.12931006

File: 3795472cf373ca6⋯.jpg (287.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 3795472cf373ca6435391b7c82….jpg)


What happened to "kill traitors before an enemy"? There are literal traitors in our government and media and they continue to walk free as people on here justify shooting up a mosque full of people who are just pawns in their larger game. If you want a toilet to stop filling with shit, remove the asshole that keeps bringing the shit.

776f67  No.12931012




a5012c  No.12931026


You act as though right wing attacks frequently happen. They don't. Even then its probably more difficult to track down and kill a single politician than it is to kill a bunch of people. This shooting was a statement.

a79d3a  No.12931035



How was he so calm at the second mosque if he just did one like that

I thought those claiming psyop were flat earthers,

I'm starting to believe

a5012c  No.12931042


Agreed but that doesn't make me any less happy about dead muslims.

a79d3a  No.12931062

70bc8d  No.12931070


True, but it's worth showing the people that they control the bowl.

> "This is our toilet! You shall not pass (solids)!"

665cb8  No.12931084

Link is now dead.

0bbe29  No.12931088

The Jewish-Supremacist Globalist plan for mass migration subversion is demonically clever, and the glow-in-the-dark CIAniggas that recruit stupid patsies to play into their traps are sadly none too stupid themselves.

-Zionist Jews depopulate Muslim countries by getting their populations to move to Europe for free shit–meaning that there are fewer people left to fight Israel if it wants to expand into their territories (Greater Israel, "from the Nile to the Euphrates")

-They distract certain "nationalists" and trick them into becoming pro-Zionist or even pro-Jewish, ignoring the huge Jewish hand in mass-migration and other scourges of globalism (e.g. the English Defence League and Tommy Robbinson openly fly Israeli flags)

-They flood Europe with non-Europeans to weaken European society, waste its resources, establish demographic footholds, abuse our women [some of whom may accept it because they'd rather manly and vigorous barbarian Muslims than weak nice guy Europeans/White Americans]

-They spark retribution attacks that will probably make the rightwing look bad and give them an excuse to crack down on us

-Zionists have the gall to complain about "rising antisemitism in Europe" when most of that is from Muslim immigrants that ZOG let in. (I WISH it were coming from native Europeans, albeit in nonviolent form) Bonus points when that "antisemitism" was just removing Israeli flags that (((provacateurs))) put all over Germany to prove that "antisemitism" is an epidemic.

How do we fight back against the glowniggas and ZOG? I wish I knew for sure, but I suspect that the best plan of action is to concentrate on PEACEFUL SECESSION AND SEPARATION. Give mentally unstable people vulnerable to being recruited by glowniggers somewhere to go and feel they have a future, a society they can build up (because whatever little breakaway republic we manage to get will need a LOT of work).

The shooter was also totally wrong to seek war with Antifa. We should seek peaceful separation and autonomy for the far left and far right in our own ethno-political states. That's the only way to keep from being distracted by the (((master manipulators)))

5f4ba8  No.12931100


They do it the least out of all these groups though, metaphorically is some cases but rape none the less

303f6c  No.12931113

We really need more brave people like him. Way to go, hero!

0bbe29  No.12931114

Exactly, and frankly I'll side with anyone against the (((main enemy))). Remember that the Muzzie immigrants are just puppets of (((ZOG))). You can't really blame the puppets for wanting free shit. Blame the demonic Zionists who are rubbing their hands in glee as they flood our countries, distract nationalists from the (((real enemy))), etc.

25a3e8  No.12931116


>You act as though right wing attacks frequently happen. They don't

They do happen more often than left wing attacks if you choose to not deny every single one as a false flag.






You would have to turn your bathroom into a literal shithole to prevent everyone from shitting in it if its really nice. Also its easier to get public support if you are gunning down elites rather than everyday people the public can easily sympathize with

de5ec7  No.12931135

File: e613b112961846b⋯.png (292.99 KB, 658x415, 658:415, laughing.png)


>I am legit stunned. How do aussies do it? Even while slaughering muslims they shitpost.

Beautiful innit?

0bbe29  No.12931137

No, naming the Jew publicly takes much more courage than shooting up unarmed civilians who are distracted at prayer. FFS, if you want to know who rules over you, see who it is forbidden to criticize. Much easier to go after Islam than (((the hostile elite that is using Muslims as a puppet to flood our countries and distract us from the (((real enemy))))))

c9f0b2  No.12931144

File: 132c2e58ca7b81d⋯.png (217.06 KB, 640x715, 128:143, qFtnEPp2pvk37bnISQRXeHd1HO….png)


I don't know what noise you think dead bodies are supposed to make, Stormlol, but you should be perfectly capable of hearing that YOU'RE A CUCK.

You're even posting an image of an Asian slut because you know that White women hate you and want nothing to do with you. Over the next week they'll be marching in the streets next to Imam Chadullah and denouncing the hate of you Stormweenie betas.

0bbe29  No.12931155

He's very well trained, perhaps too well trained. I know NZ has fairly lax long gun laws but how did he get this training, being a recent immigrant and all? EcoGang is flooded with FBI agents (though I do agree with their pro-ecological orientation…just not the whole shooting civilians at prayer)

d37e55  No.12931159


Full video is on liveleak now, get it while it is still up


Shortened WEBM here >>12929968

d0cfb5  No.12931161


Zero effort.

d0db71  No.12938061

Bump badump, don’t let ANY of these threads languish :)

2aacfc  No.12938077

File: 5eceb4bd9dbe28b⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 515x420, 103:84, 5eceb4bd9dbe28ba861bca30e1….jpg)


Are you sliding this thread >>2929439?

This thread also got bumped at the same time I bumped the mossad thread >>12937966 (bump is here >>12938062)

2aacfc  No.12938082

2aacfc  No.12938148


What links?

9215ea  No.12938161

anybody have the uncensored picture of brenton smiling in court?

000000  No.12938218


205d70  No.12938222


fuckkkkkk link died

2aacfc  No.12938308



0266eb  No.12938359


>does anyone know why the audio cuts out at 3:08 for about 30 seconds?

It isn't missing on the original. During that time, some folk tune with an accordion (or similar).

Copying and converting media can result in loss.

9f1e07  No.12943620



Thanks, Man!

32bb48  No.12943682

File: 51f1ddf836abb7f⋯.png (8.22 KB, 1500x58, 750:29, 2019-03-16 17_32_17.png)




32bb48  No.12943685

File: 0a7577b86f4f1c6⋯.png (9.96 KB, 964x74, 482:37, 2019-03-16 17_33_00.png)

ffe013  No.12944092

File: 42adabc8d4a5395⋯.png (255.84 KB, 768x722, 384:361, shut it down on the comput….png)

05be74  No.12944185


Well played. They didn’t even steal his ride.

b4f163  No.12944387


>Never take out politcians

Who is Thomas Mair?

000000  No.12945209



>you're welcome

792d4f  No.12969130

Any new links?

bb0b14  No.12969746

File: 2beca1b73e64c29⋯.png (49.02 KB, 615x315, 41:21, 90000000.png)

PewDiePie is up to 90,000,000 subscribers.

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