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File: 1df3c08b79343e6⋯.webm (15.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Untitled project.webm)

54360a  No.12924572

This thread is a general for aggregating the evidence and details of the shooting so we can document exactly what has happened.





DEATH COUNT: 49 (at two Mosques)



>New Zealand’s police commissioner, Mike Bush, says the number of people killed has increased to 49 after one of the victims died in hospital.

>A man has been charged with murder and will appear in court tomorrow.

>One of those arrested may have had nothing to do with the attack, Bush said. The two other people arrested in possession of firearms are still being investigated.

So, it is likely that Brenton was a lone agent in the attack. And he is still alive.

NZ does not have a death penalty so Brendan will not go to death row upon sentencing, but the country does have tight laws so he'll probably get life in prison.



c8081d  No.12924664

Posting this one more time here since I guess if this is a documentation thread someone will care enough. If nobody picks this up here then I guess it will be lost forever because I'm done trying to get people to notice.





I have gone to the fucking effort of getting this file before it was taken down the least you can fucking do is convert it and upload it here FOR FUCKS SAKE

Video posted on Otago Muslim Association Facecuck page mentioned by Brenton Tarrant in his manifesto which made him want to initially stage the attack in Dunedin.

I grabbed vid before it was taken down and I posted the link in multiple threads but so far nobody fucking gives a shit. They are circle jerking too hard to notice and it

needs to be seen for posterity


It's just a video about population fertility and how whites are basically fucked within 25 years posted by Dunedin Muslims to revel in our demise.

851023  No.12924727


Correct. The ragheads are not innocent. They are invaders, to the last, and will all be killed a long way from home. Just like all your ancestors in the Balkans, you lurking ragheads.

81b7b9  No.12924775


I downloaded that shit right when I saw your first (?) post.

c8081d  No.12924795



I just want to be able to go to sleep tonight knowing that it has not been lost.

2cb2f5  No.12924798

>NZ does not have a death penalty so Brendan will not go to death row upon sentencing, but the country does have tight laws so he'll probably get life in prison.


2cb2f5  No.12924826



c8081d  No.12924854


We have relaxed laws if you are a poor impoverished brown person and it's society's fault that you raped/murdered.

Huwhite males that commit significant crimes like this are genereally lock up and throw away the key material though.

133b75  No.12924977


What are the results of this attack?

>Some Muslims died

>Will encourage revenge attacks by Jihadists on European communities

>Definitely will be used for more gun control justification

>Gives an easy excuse to silence anti-Islam speakers

>Islam will continue to exist in the West

>Didn't attack any kind of actual power structure or person in power

>Didn't expose anything or redpill anyone

What has this attack changed exactly, apart from giving the system more ammunition against "Islamophobia"?

25b369  No.12925054

Escalation is good.

3e9e09  No.12925077

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rolling for copycats and retaliatory attacks

0ea938  No.12925082


I do not think of this attack as a positive. But I do think about it as something unavoidable. It moves us along. Many normies still think "all is fine". Every such attacks makes it more difficult to pretend we aren't going to have to do something about "multiculturalism". I expect there's going to be a fair number of these before morale improves.

000000  No.12925110

in NZ, isp is blocking 8ch entirely, can browse 4chan but not post, str8 bs

54360a  No.12925122


>What has this attack changed exactly, apart from giving the system more ammunition against "Islamophobia"?

Impotent criticism. We're on hard-boil at the moment. Things will spiral ever downwards towards ground zero with a series of attacks on all sides as hostility and frustration grows. This attack merely acts as a catalyst for growth of more radicals on our side – and that's both needed and good. There's nothing else to do at this point but acknowledge that globalism is inevitably leading to a global race war of sorts and only the strongest and most adaptive will win. You aren't voting yourself out of this shit. Neocons and cuckservatives are not voting you out of this mess. An before you go "muh politics", war is politics by other means. Accept reality for what it is.

c1ecd8  No.12925136


f8e92c  No.12925138

Ausposters are the worst.

000000  No.12925184


pretty much what he says in his manifesto

3e9e09  No.12925189

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's evolution baby

468f8c  No.12925196

Brenton Tarrant, 28, grew up in Grafton, a small town in northern New South Wales.

Tarrant's father, who was a competitive athlete and completed 75 triathlons, died of cancer in 2010 aged just 49. His mother still lives in the area.

Tarrant attended a local high school and then worked as a personal trainer at the local Big River Squash and Fitness Centre from 2010.

A woman who knew Tarrant through the gym said he had always followed a strict dietary and exercise regime.

'He was very dedicated to his own training and to training others,' she said. 'He threw himself into his own personal training and then qualified as a trainer and trained others. He was very good.'

'When I say he was dedicated, he was dedicated more than most people would be.

'He was in the gym for long periods of time, lifting heaving weights. He pretty much transformed his body.'

The woman said she had not spoken to him or heard him talk about his political or religious beliefs.

'From the conversations we had about life he didn't strike me as someone who had any interest in that or extremist views,' she said.

'But I know he's been travelling since he left Grafton. He has been travelling overseas, anywhere and everywhere.

'I would say it's something in the nature of his travels, something he's been around.

'I know he's been to lots of different countries trying to experience lots of different things in life and I would say something's happened in that time in his travels.'

9fda1c  No.12925204


This was bound to happen eventually. When people are pushed into a corner and have nothing to lose anyway they go postal. You're probably right though, this will just be spun to be sympathy for muslims and justification for more gun control in both NZ and Australia.

efe643  No.12925212

>Posted on 8ch.

>Not cuckhan 8ch.

>Didin't name the jew.

That is suspicious af.

52a6cf  No.12925215



The trifecta of the Gods.

9fda1c  No.12925221


>A woman who knew Tarrant through the gym said he had always followed a strict dietary and exercise regime.


>'He was very dedicated to his own training and to training others,' she said. 'He threw himself into his own personal training and then qualified as a trainer and trained others. He was very good.'


>'When I say he was dedicated, he was dedicated more than most people would be.


>'He was in the gym for long periods of time, lifting heaving weights. He pretty much transformed his body.'


54360a  No.12925224


>'But I know he's been travelling since he left Grafton. He has been travelling overseas, anywhere and everywhere.

>'I would say it's something in the nature of his travels, something he's been around.

>'I know he's been to lots of different countries trying to experience lots of different things in life and I would say something's happened in that time in his travels.'

He probably visited Europe and got blackpilled. There's no unseeing France or Briton. Witnessing those cesspools is an IRL horror movie complete with 3D effects.

d3150c  No.12925226



d956e2  No.12925298


>What has this attack changed exactly

because to piss off the individualists, you ensure they are punished as a collective

5ce5d3  No.12925350

File: e044e8479fe4628⋯.png (232.94 KB, 720x399, 240:133, Screenshot_20190314-235206….png)

Quick profile of the woman on the street. Just something I find interesting:

>apparent devout worshipper

>at a place of worship, where a community of her own people gathers

>says in English, while panicked "Help me! Help me!"

>does not speak in Arabic or whatever her native tongue is in a state of panic

>never once calls to Allah

The last point especially rubs me the wrong way. Make of it what you will, but why did this Muslim woman, when confronted with death, uncharacteristically fail to call upon Allah? She just doesn't fit the profile. Anyway, just thought this deserved to be posted for consideration.

f001af  No.12925359

I'm all for /pol/ taking action, but this has false flag written all over it

d3150c  No.12925380

wonder how many subpeona's hotwheels has received this fine morning

4ea7d5  No.12925389

This shit is 100% falseflag. He is still alive and mentioned 8ch. Its all part of the plan to fuck up internet completely. Say goodbye for 8ch, the last true imageboard on the net cause it would either be closed or castrated thanks to him.

4c8a88  No.12925397



Anon, Hotwheels hasn't been part of 8ch for a long time now.

be1f19  No.12925403


I doubt it but they will blame MEMES and GAMES now, just watch.

54360a  No.12925404


It's a gookette

54360a  No.12925414


>mossad paid shitposter to blow the brains out of tons of muslims to shutdown 8chan

brainlet spam detected

d3150c  No.12925415


hah, man i'm an old fag

72689a  No.12925419

If you don't know her native tongue then how can you make assumptions about what tongue she's come to prefer to speak in New Zealand in general? She's saying "Help me" hoping that someone will help, if she said that in Arabic and a non-Arabic speaker heard it - they might not pay attention. How do you know she was a "devout" worshipper, anyway? She called for help from humans, that doesn't make her a fucking crisis actor.

4ea7d5  No.12925434


I don't doubt it in the slightest, its all part of the plan to get internet rid of the last good things, they might even fuck up mega for hosting his files and we would loose the only good filedump.


Even if he didn't got paid he endangered his and our fucking home. He could have did it like Breivik, spreading your ideals without risking anything but your life.

d3150c  No.12925446


mega.nz is a fucking virus

they're hosting petabytes of childporn which never gets taken down but, oy vey we better 404 that manifesto asap

54360a  No.12925450


Don't think he got paid mate. I live in Oz and we have armoured military trucks driving around the mosques now. They're afraid of copycat attacks. This was a real attack.

fb9177  No.12925457

File: 5a8e97d5a7eafb5⋯.png (4.08 KB, 566x113, 566:113, spyro.png)

A real humanbean

4ea7d5  No.12925477


That petabytes of CP never got featured in the news you fucking poophead. He killed plenty of shitskins and jews would be angry for loosing so much resources, they would make sure to fuck something up in turn and they have plenty of excuses and targets.


They would do the same even for a paid shooting. Anyway that's not really important.

000000  No.12925483

Take control of the narrative

Don't let the media get away with portraying Brenton as an evil White man who did this for no reason. It is the actions of the genocidal (((anti-Whites))) that have driven family/folk-oriented White men to such measures.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Brenton was a normal White man who did what he thought he must to secure some semblance of justice for the thousands upon thousands of White men, women, and children killed, raped, and beaten, and the never-ending destruction of European culture, values, and history.

d3150c  No.12925486

i cannot find any good bio evidence yet

something will probably surface today

guarantee he took a civil arms training course somewhere

probably here in the states

d956e2  No.12925498


what is security theater

54360a  No.12925501


>They would do the same even for a paid shooting. Anyway that's not really important.

Yeah, they just drive military trucks around in different countries after each false flag. Sure thing, kiddo. It's just a big conspiracy with no evidence.

670059  No.12925509

inb4 he grew out his beard so that he could scope the place out ahead of time and attend the mosque. I think they'll eventually discover this during the trial or it'll come out during the police investigation.

54360a  No.12925513


You're a schizo. There is precisely zero evidence for your narrative so I'm not ever going to buy into it.

5ce5d3  No.12925514


I thought 8chan was a bit more on top of thing. Are you completely unaware that multiple people were behind this shooting? How is thr lone shooter narrative you are pushing different from what the media is pushing?

4ea7d5  No.12925531


As I said its not fucking important if he got paid or not, even if it was real he did a big fucking mistake involving 8ch and mega into this. Are you really that dumb and fail to see how it could end?

d956e2  No.12925535


i'm not too confident in your standard of evidence considering you were able to diagnose my psychological state based off 4 words

be3a28  No.12925536

Guys, you're fucking famous now. Never heard about your chan before. Guess they will close you soon.

a58c38  No.12925538

File: 0a137a4c91982a2⋯.jpg (530.8 KB, 750x942, 125:157, D2575085-828E-4A1F-9BBD-D0….jpg)



What a great morning, lads! I'm watching that video for the 10th time now.

4ea7d5  No.12925555


And one 8ch and mega less in the future, yaaay!

670059  No.12925558

File: 136064549cbd689⋯.jpg (196.18 KB, 1400x943, 1400:943, 900.jpg)

Surf the Kali Yuga!

670059  No.12925567

File: 26cb8d0d6b0bf4e⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 934x625, 934:625, 1493925747998.jpg)



54360a  No.12925573


I'm saying you are if you actually think it was a false flag because there is precisely 0 evidence it was a false flag. You just wave around rhetorical words like theatre because you have no other leg to stand on. If I'm wrong, there should be evidence contrary to my opinion, but there isn't. You'd post evidence of security theatre if you had it. Continue trying to be a wizard with your word games. Whatever. I'm not going to buy it.

4ea7d5  No.12925576


See that crap? >>12925536

That's what Im talking about, check it out too.

be3a28  No.12925584


> fail to call upon Allah?

Because deep inside even sandniggers know that Allah is a joke.

9be627  No.12925586

File: d885e5d2c0e02e0⋯.jpg (58.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, alright pinhead.jpg)


quads of truth

8chan is gone. and for the better, it was becoming as bad as 4chan

54360a  No.12925588


>even if it was real

Implying its not even though all the evidence says it is. Enjoy your filter, brainlet.

36e9e6  No.12925594


Thank you based Brenton.

fb9177  No.12925603

File: c4a76286d73e364⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 360x360, 1:1, checked.jpg)


Maybe I can finally leave this god forsaken place.

4ea7d5  No.12925612


>precisely 0 evidence

Use your logic and brains if you have any left. He survived this crap, he brought up some resources jews would be happy to close down. Of course there is zero evidence to that but its all are pretty suspicious.

31927b  No.12925613

File: 3d5b4d3a9b589a7⋯.png (379.57 KB, 640x422, 320:211, optics.png)





2cb2f5  No.12925616


please this

54360a  No.12925617




>What a great morning, lads! I'm watching that video for the 10th time now.

I've already watched it 34 times. I wish I was joking. This man knew what he was doing with that gopro: an IRL FPS simulator for /pol/. Respect the Aussies, mate.

9be627  No.12925638

File: 9012f45fed83b7a⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 264x174, 44:29, At least we dont sound lik….jpg)


cheers brother

from all of straya

09d323  No.12925646

File: 04fc7b2be2ff524⋯.jpg (153.36 KB, 956x1334, 478:667, 0aa1d9f3988fa2483a2769cee7….jpg)

54360a  No.12925648

File: 65ce0e7d8b9d104⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BrentonTarrant.png)

d3150c  No.12925649

File: be575d486893485⋯.jpg (324.5 KB, 1024x799, 1024:799, 825515560-1024x1024.jpg)


anschluss when?

45d267  No.12925661


Also, why are her shoes off? Looks like a ff to me.

8b4581  No.12925663


1ee190  No.12925693


Because you can't go inside a mud place of worship with shoes on

54360a  No.12925709


Correct, plus she didn't have time to put them on properly and even if she got them on they would have been loose so they would have come off easily in such a desperate flight.

88f76d  No.12925730

File: a866456accb4a4e⋯.jpg (178.37 KB, 1419x858, 43:26, oyvey.jpg)

File: 2f794d9dcd598de⋯.jpg (386.07 KB, 1614x1044, 269:174, 3311111.jpg)

File: 5cf6d0132f0d302⋯.png (266.57 KB, 612x329, 612:329, 54.png)

False Flag.

Just enjoy the shitposting.

57f33d  No.12925743


7 dubs, praise Kek

d3150c  No.12925759


there is no empirical evidence of the spherical nature of the planet from where i sit therefore despite all the evidence contrary i say the fucking earth is flat

>aren't i special little fucking snowflake faggot bitch

907d32  No.12925768

File: 43e3a2491df709a⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 199x152, 199:152, Children.jpg)

Imagine getting so upset over a race or a type of personality that you decide to kill children over it.

Good riddance to this board, good to know it's getting deleted soon. It was a fun four years, I hope you all burn in hell with me.

88f76d  No.12925771


The fuck u smoking anon?

88f76d  No.12925776


But school shootings are A O K!

d3150c  No.12925787


tired of seeing false flag faggotry and diatribes on 8ch

d3150c  No.12925800


imagine how your government works in a multi-national taskforce to kill children daily through airstrikes

1a2561  No.12925802


He mentions Jews once, about if they stay in their homeland then he had no issues.

88f76d  No.12925805


I am indifferent, there isn't enough information so far. But that Manifesto reeks of CIA niggers. Way too much pop culture reference.

dfda9a  No.12925813

File: 2f3d69d190c46e8⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 717x208, 717:208, SmartSelect_20190315-06565….jpg)


after taking a look at his manifesto now I'm not sure

4ea7d5  No.12925818




I see payed fuckers already trying to push LE 8CH IS BAD agenda before closing. Is that it? We finally lost?

051ea6  No.12925824

File: 9b133e9294fdaf9⋯.webm (9.71 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Very_interesting_video_on….webm)



Anyone got a higher quality original or is this the best we got?

88f76d  No.12925826


Fuck no, this shithole will live on.

d3150c  No.12925843


whats the byte limit here?

051ea6  No.12925864

File: e4e89f3ab638bfe⋯.webm (15.99 MB, 850x478, 425:239, THE FUTURE.webm)


16MB, newfag.

1a2561  No.12925877


>Be me a pray

>Just taking my shoes off, male worship has finished

>Infidel comes in shooting

>Must put my shoes on before running away

39a87f  No.12925883

File: a0bb1f14bdc3987⋯.png (637.97 KB, 2861x1123, 2861:1123, NZ_Massacre_03-19.png)


57f33d  No.12925897

Polite bump for that webm

88f76d  No.12925898

File: 3e508dd514bbc95⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 250x221, 250:221, 86.jpg)

051ea6  No.12925903

1a2561  No.12925916


16 Chan anyone?

45d267  No.12925948

File: 38f3416c6ea579c⋯.jpg (44.97 KB, 691x391, 691:391, tf.jpg)




No, the distance, her location and the trajectory of where her shoes were doesn't make any sense to me, at all!

Why was she there?

Why were her shoes there?

Was she holding her shoes in her hands? It didn't look like it.

Also, her socks aren't dirty enough for her to have walked that far off on the ground. Idk.

0bccb2  No.12925954


>kill children over it

Nits make lice.

95b9fd  No.12925958


Muslims take off shoes in mosque, you idiot

45d267  No.12925960


She was too far away from the mosque, nigger!

4ea7d5  No.12925977



>Why not just genocide every young child in the world then?

Good idea. Humanity won't have to suffer anymore if its extinct.

1106ec  No.12926007


I will help you with ffmpeg command line instructions anonymously on this thread how to convert and share when I get home. Luke from the chris pooplicker thread on here.

47b9b1  No.12926026


>Will encourage revenge attacks by Jihadists on European communities

>Definitely will be used for more gun control justification

>Gives an easy excuse to silence anti-Islam speakers

These were stated goals. He seems to have been of the opinion that let's go ahead and get this party started and if we just let our rights get stripped without fighting to stop it then our people deserve to die out.

f99f2b  No.12926037


They will respond with violence, creating an increasing spiral until you have a full blown war. A war that will kill the globohomo, whoever wins. Do you think people will consent to have their guns taken away if they can get killed by a shooter the next day? Think twice. Their whole plan will blow up on them. They want to pacify the population, not make it more violent. And this, if sustained, can have global implications. Modern states were not designed to control population at a gunpoint, their control is almost entirely psychological. Once the critical mass is reached, it becomes free for all.

Why contain it?

d3150c  No.12926046


yeah thats the best you can get without adding special effects due to original files 143K bitrate. maybe could using dithering but not worth the time on my shitbox

1106ec  No.12926047


Wait i was going around sharing the same video and talking about it on radio renegade and other places for years. It was made in 2005 and would still be on youtube.

d3150c  No.12926057


whats worth a sheep getting butchered or your child being butchered?

moralization just opens the argument up to hyperbole so whats worse?

36e9e6  No.12926102

File: 8cbe215d6aa47f3⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1.webm)

1106ec  No.12926116



Video has been on jewtube in different places for more than a decade. some conserative lobby group in the US made it if I recall.

936f16  No.12926156

File: 130f0b1ce2dba10⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 600x580, 30:29, islamic terror networj.jpg)


After watching the islamic fertility video. Should we start shilling cuckold versions of the Quran out? Like let your wife be impregnated by a European and to serve the European is the path to enlightenment I mean it wouldn't be true muslims as servants to Europeans would improve their shitholes. Then start pushing faggot imams? Push islamic cuckold pornography heavily.

d3150c  No.12926164


i surmised that it wasn't FUBU muslim propaganda

brenton said it was on their facebook page though so obviously they're (muslims) aware of the population trends against the heretical non-muslims

36e9e6  No.12926180



part 2


d3150c  No.12926183

File: 77889aed1d6bd77⋯.webm (12.45 MB, 320x240, 4:3, output.webm)


here it is at 150% bitrate. no difference it just enhances the original vid flaws. 9.7M is an actual conversion

368c8a  No.12926186


More like this:

>Chaim: What do we do now, Moshe? None of the normies want to fight our wars for us anymore.

>Moshe: We go fishing among the white nationalists. Let's write a manifesto that will appeal to them.

>Chaim: I'll send the recruitment sergeant to the trailer park.

>Moshe: Time to go back to studying Talmud. Let me know how many you get.

d3150c  No.12926193


me own nan is in the feckin illuminati

d90bd5  No.12926199


Always funny to see a manifesto from a supposed 8chan member which only mentions jews once, and that is to praise them!

52e4fe  No.12926206


I think you forgot the mountain of paperwork you have to fill out tonight, glownigger.

fb91a4  No.12926207


My thoughts as well. Notice how much the board had been shitted up with leftypol like we haven't seen in a long time. Not to this degree. ANY dissent is being met with "ok kike" this and that. Then you have this convenient (((manifesto))) that reads like boomer tier kekistani horseshit and mentions Spyro the dragon? The real enemy wasn't named and the best we can come up with was because of optics? Not like it would be any skin off mossads teeth to off a few of their own useful idiots to stir up more anti-white hatred. Now we just have all these eyes on /pol and the kosher stamp faggots on Twitter are just loving it.

No real op would ever be mentioned anywhere and not fucking recorded for social media. It would just happen and the court of public opinion would make their judgments. But why did it get recorded and broadcast? Could it be because people have debunked every recent false flag attempt almost instantly due to lack of certain things/evidence? Look at Parkland. They didn't show any actual shooting/carnage and we just have feds tossing random body bags into a SWAT van then some goblino saying AR-15 a hundred times on a video. It didn't hit a nerve with anyone but the most retarded of NPCs who believe anything they see on television. THIS event has bodies and actual violence and has been the most easily found footage yet. Gore stuff and people dying on film has an effect on everybody to a certain extent. Nobody found any Parkland footage except that one potato-tier 3gp that maybe showed blood in a classroom but nothing else in an age of fucking everyone recording everything in the world so it had no effect. For this thing, the faggots on social media saying "don't repost" are operating according to plan. The shit is everywhere now. The Doom spoof footage is being shared by kekistan fag comedy meme groups all over Facebook. This was intended for worldwide exposure.

7f485f  No.12926222

File: cded3209bad5965⋯.png (45.76 KB, 252x291, 84:97, Jew.png)


>only 1 mention of jews in the entire manifesto

All acording to keikaku.

cfa033  No.12926226

Some kindly anon post the manifesto?

d3150c  No.12926229


8ch "member's" aren't all anti-israelites

i agree with him. non-europeans in their nations are no threat to us like those within our nations.

d90bd5  No.12926234


You must be new here…

a45596  No.12926239


(sadly his sacrifice was in vain cause these these people breed like roaches. but respect none the less) a more effective solution is needed really.


>muh. muh other cultures kid :'(


7f485f  No.12926247

File: 34ebbaf99e4f91b⋯.jpg (109.03 KB, 820x704, 205:176, 0c249f4540f4c96f382ad15bd6….jpg)


Everyone here is an anti-ZOG/jew/kike/israel type of goy!

45d267  No.12926255


MAybe he had a nigger-tier comprehension of words and didn't know about the jew.

70c4c2  No.12926269

>couldn’t even dethrone Breivik


368c8a  No.12926279



I guess I touched a nerve.

>Wars are the Jews' harvests.

Or maybe that doesn't apply anymore, right fellow white?

61728c  No.12926286



d3150c  No.12926288


>No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek

to subvert or harm my people.

find a flaw. protip: ye cannot do so

d90bd5  No.12926301


Everybody knows about the fucking Jews. Only the enemy claims to not know. Certainly somebody willing to blast 50 people would know something that elementary! This is a Mossad OP. End of.

54360a  No.12926303


>So killing more innocent children is okay? Why not just genocide every young child in the world then? Let's go ahead and make the blood pour from every small innocent child on the ground.

>White, Black, Islamic, etc. Lets kill them all.

>Because by all your faggots theories and stipulations, if one organization kills children then its okay to kill more!

>Glad to know you all are still the right wing cringe fest's that you have always been and can't change the world in a positive way.

I'd really like for you to explain your absolutest ethical system that explains how children are off limits. Please do. If anything, they're the ultimate targets because they are yet to reproduce.

d3150c  No.12926304


imma totally baited by your ebin troll hook mr. dahjoos

504193  No.12926321

I come to this board to laugh and discuss things, not for this. What happened here is absolutely disgusting. I am not going to post here or come here any more. Call me a faggot if you must, I’m done.

7f485f  No.12926325


>find a flaw

all jews are subverting the white race 100% of the time, what an obvious mossad plant for a false flag. all jews need to be exterminated

70e1ae  No.12926327


>You must be new here…

Brenton had the same idea. Whathave you done to stop the sand nigger invasion?

368c8a  No.12926331


>As long as the Jew asks another white for reparations, I don't see the problem.

>t. Eternal Anglo

d90bd5  No.12926346


I've been exposing the Jews every day for years. This Mossad puppet just did the opposite.

c816cb  No.12926354

File: ddd579f22fdf603⋯.jpg (142.67 KB, 2592x1456, 162:91, feels1.jpg)


>mfw I drank with the lads father the night he was born

>mfw my wife used to babysit him

<Proof -his fathers name is Bob and his mums name is Kerry


45d267  No.12926366


>"I had little interest in education during my schooling, barely achieving a passing grade."

Actual anglo nigg btw. Great shot though.

c63a6d  No.12926368

File: 317eeed55103b82⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 473x600, 473:600, 155ce0bae339f97ce7e825f725….jpg)

This is just like /pol/

I am laughing so hard right now. This proves that no matter how close that someone's views are to this image board, they will never be accepted here. They will be marked "shill", "psyop", or "CIA".

This was so obviously someone from here, that there shouldn't be any doubt. Anyone else who says otherwise is just pants on head retard

368c8a  No.12926386


>I just dropped by to give my bullshit opinion

>I didn't read the manifesto or any previous thread

>Hopefully someone will take my comment at face value and not dig further

af9ea1  No.12926389


Obviously Jews are incapable of this by nature, I wonder why /pol/ can’t figure this one out

d3150c  No.12926390


>remember to make every post about jews so that any discussion on the issue is spammed with our favorite non-sequitur

1106ec  No.12926392

File: b6373143ea13f5e⋯.png (46.13 KB, 529x298, 529:298, puplick-lies-it-was-5-year….png)

File: 397299a305f5630⋯.png (83.62 KB, 575x890, 115:178, puplick3.png)

File: 4cf1f5c185effff⋯.png (99.08 KB, 628x868, 157:217, puplick2.png)

File: 3b19791e8c46d8d⋯.png (22.19 KB, 506x743, 506:743, faggot-pedophile-puplick.png)

File: 37b7f104db44615⋯.png (153.97 KB, 667x915, 667:915, DONT-HATE-WHITE-RAPE.png)

I think he may have been on my thread last night about the head of the Australian gay lobby CHRISTOPHER PUPLICK saying IT IS RACIST TO BE AGAINST MUSLIM GANG RAPES OF WHITE WOMAN in his report RACE TO THE HEADLINES, published by the NSW Anti-Discrimination board - saying it's against the law to be complain publically even if you are the press about Muslim Gang Rapes. The blessed Muslims must rape all the white women.

Here's the post that could be him.


The same cunt Christopher Pooplicker the MSM covering the head of the Australian gay lobby saying it's a homophobic "witch hunt" to even investigate a gay catholic priest run boy brothel in an Australian Institute of Criminology pedophilia conference, before 100s of his mates were arrested for raping boys there.


If you read Brenton's Manifesto. He named the Sydney Muslim Gang rapes as motivation for the attack, the same gang rapes Puplick says is a evil racist act to complain about because the blessed Muslims must rape the white woman and no hate criminal white males can have the free speech to complain.

When the government aka @nodiscrim (It's Chairman was Christopher Pooplicker @NCATNSW on twitter says it's a hate crime not to love Muslim Gang rape - and spend taxpayers dollars writing government reports to tell us that, they force people to take extreme Measures like this.

I'm just saying they are the true people responsible for this.

d90bd5  No.12926399


We can immediately spot you, Jew.

d90bd5  No.12926409


Jews are the issue you utter shill.

36e9e6  No.12926410


You are based bro.

af9ea1  No.12926411


True, with so much newfaggotry and glow-in-the-darks here it would be hasty to blame it on the core board population

a58c38  No.12926413

File: 3c681ac8d74c2ee⋯.jpg (122.98 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, acidjazzsinger_19931886_18….jpg)







45d267  No.12926417


Why would I be a jew if jews aren't allowed to post on infinitychan?

7fdf17  No.12926421


Dead muslim children make me happy tbh

d3150c  No.12926432


no see this guy shot up a mosque in NZ because of non-white immigration

45d267  No.12926449


What about the few white Christian children he killed in that Mosque?

d90bd5  No.12926459


>The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their argumentative tactics. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion. They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring them to make any precise statement. Whenever one tried to get a firm grip on any of these apostles one’s hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards. If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day. The Jew would be


utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the previous day he had proved that his statements were correct. Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more - the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.

7fdf17  No.12926466


What were they doing there?

d90bd5  No.12926467


Enacted by Jews. Only a shill or a Jew could claim to not know this.

d3150c  No.12926470


>Just do not allow your scepticism to turn to paranoia and keep you from supporting those that want the best for you.

What this guy posted yesterday is alot more relevant than what Goebbels wrote before the Gotterdamarung, nigger bitch brained faggot.

45d267  No.12926479


Getting molested. Afterwards they got caught in the crossfire.

Their bodies were purged afterwards.

d3150c  No.12926483


>jews are the blame for everything

>my people are totally against all this stuff i don't like

takes 2 to tango but suicide is just for you

368c8a  No.12926488


He would have to be willfully blind to their influence. It isn't just here that puts out that information, but anywhere he would have found the memes that he used in his manifesto.

1106ec  No.12926491

File: 1af9e15cbe56a4d⋯.png (259.6 KB, 1580x651, 1580:651, was-this-brenton.png)

Oh shit the meme that maybe brenton's account posted on my thread isn't visiable anymore. Here's a screengrab.


Was that brenton? Any reason why the meme isn't loading now on that thread?

45d267  No.12926506

File: 08465d60c746a36⋯.jpg (225 KB, 1831x729, 1831:729, Untitled.jpg)


Ye mate

041d29  No.12926513


Why were there women/girls in a mosque in the first place. I thought it was a man-only thing.

5a7db1  No.12926530

File: cbfa1a5b4d85ddc⋯.jpg (5.23 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 3890a7b089f48cb1afff3698fb….jpg)

>prepared 2 years

>brings a drum magazine

>drops his magazine

Jesus, buy some duct tape

dac5ca  No.12926536

So, I've just found out about this whilst travelling Japan inb4 weeb and watching Japanese news about the incident, there was an interesting comment from a Japanese student studying in Christchurch. Apparently, his school was near the second mosque and his class was ordered to close the curtains and not look outside while it was taking place.

On a side note, as a kiwi myself, I would like to express my horror and sadness at the impending ramifications of this event on our people. Truly the joy of murder only means to speed up the pacification and destruction of the white race. Truly tragic.

6f7121  No.12926546


You can tell from the voice she's not white

bca526  No.12926548


It's not. You're just retarded

6f7121  No.12926549


Such a fucking worthless cuck

000000  No.12926559

Brenton is needed in Birmingham

8f036c  No.12926566

>shooter plays east European meme music

>guns covered in specific phrasing

>kills muslims at mosque on mar 14

>writes manifesto, 72 pages long, including hundreds of highly specific and eclectic keywords traceable to free-speech boards.

<no mention of jews whatsoever other than he's ok with them

Impressive, mossad. did you open up your foreign intelligence service jobs to mentally retarded people?

041d29  No.12926569


>arabic muslims kill hundreds of european children

That's A-OK guys!!

>guy defends his country from invaders

That's, that's just bad, that's a bad thing.

6f7121  No.12926576


Go away kike, people taking a stand against being invaded is always a fucking false flag to you homos

1cde3a  No.12926583


>sure thing, leftypol kike.

1106ec  No.12926587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am a KIWI and I exposed the NZ government mass importing drugs.

The did a false flag drug arrest for 5kg of meth, they can fake this… But personally I feel this is real. I was outraged by watching the same videos of muslim mass immigration he did.

Unless you can prove I hacked google, we have total proof in DKIM signed emails from Brendon O'Connel's lawyers time stamped a month before the drug bust went down.

Brendon O'Connell (who is a cunt - and has turned shill since leaving NZ) did witness a drugs bust a NZ airport, and was put in the cell with the guy who said customs stole 200g of the meth. I have the name of the guy that was driven back to the airport a months later to stage a drugs bust in my files.

Allegedly the MSM was in on the staging of it. \

As a result of this video my dad was held without charge at customs for 5 hours last time he flew back to NZ.

So don't put it past the capablity of the NZ government to fake shit. Read the description of that video for the exhibits to download from mega to prove the NZ government helps out with drug distribution and supply.

7fdf17  No.12926588


You are pretty pacified yourself m8

488a3d  No.12926590


> Still believes in a political solution


7fdf17  No.12926593


My bad meant for >>12926536

89d7ec  No.12926609

041d29  No.12926610


>ny act of worship that follows the Islamic rules of … Mosques typically have segregated spaces for men and women

>in Islamic law, custom and traditions refers to the practices and requirements in Islamic countries and communities for the separation of men and boys from women and girls in social and other settings.

>in Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, has issued a death warrant in the form of a fatwa against those who allow the mixing of the sexes


>Of the 1,975 mosques in Britain, 28% do not offer facilities for women, and up to 50% of all South Asian-run mosques do not accommodate them. When mosques do offer it, the access is restricted, and often does not even include a prayer space, but rather a teaching space, such as a girls’ madrasa.

2,000 fucking mosques in england, what the fuck.


It was a pretty valid question actually, you stupid fucking retarded clueless cunt faggot.

eb33b1  No.12926613

This is going to be the thing that gets 8chan shut down. The normalfags are screeching our name over at plebbit. Well, it was fun while it lasted, boyos.

041d29  No.12926623


Servers turned over to FBI within 12 hours. All logs/ips/thread histories/poster information neatly archived.

See you in the gulag.

d3150c  No.12926627


so, worth it though

54360a  No.12926637


I look forward to writing Solzhenitsyn-esque books with you in the gulag anon. Let's make the top 10 list.

c816cb  No.12926638

File: 000c66dd70d8d19⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 979x666, 979:666, 2.jpg)


Don't doubt your yarn m8.

But this guy did not glow. I knew his old man before he died of cancer in 2011.

He was born in Shark creek NSW

I know his half brother and half sisters well.

Pic related is the first house he ever lived in.

His ol man would be horrified at this

54360a  No.12926651


LOL. Brendon O'Connell, another Aussie hero.

bc0bf6  No.12926660


368c8a  No.12926664


They'll recruit anyone they can get.

d3150c  No.12926673


more info plox. article i read said the father died in 2010

d5fdea  No.12926674


There have been other suspected false flags with a curious case of missing shoes. I think the Boston marathon bombing was one such incident.

54360a  No.12926676


>Impressive, mossad. did you open up your foreign intelligence service jobs to mentally retarded people?

You must not be Australian. This shooting is the most quintessentially Australian shooting that has ever taken place. As a full-blooded Anglo-Australian with ties to working class culture, I can confidently assure you of that. We live and breath for the bantz, mate. Nothing else even matters.

d90bd5  No.12926677


>what mossad posted here yesterday is more relevant than Hitler

Yeah, kill yourself kike.

d3150c  No.12926682


because it fell from his vest when the muslim guy ran into him you massive dumb fagbot

af9ea1  No.12926683


Brenton said to kill your local drug dealer

d90bd5  No.12926692


Fucking youtube is enough to make a white man redpilled on the jews. There are no legit right wingers who are not aware of this.

d3150c  No.12926694


yeaaaaa everyone that doesn't agree with me is jewish and jews are literally supernatural beings that persecute me, yeaaaaaaa

368c8a  No.12926702


>Has all the information on the guy

>Legends the guy for /pol/

>Doesn't understand why he glows

957a89  No.12926718

File: 5a4d255f2c10a26⋯.png (41.75 KB, 1027x702, 79:54, Hengest and Horsa.png)


100% Island slav phenotype

3df9a6  No.12926722


Violent action works everytime. It reminds the retarded urban pacifist that the world isn't sunshine and rainbows. Killing will occur and will continue. We are in a war, the culture war. The war of whites against everybody else and there can be only one winner.

1106ec  No.12926727


He's a cunt. He names and dishes me on rense. All of his intel "management unit" research came form me and he admits it - but he says - luke's crazy don't talk to him.

d3150c  No.12926729

>The people who are to blame most are ourselves, european men. Strong men do not get ethnically replaced, strong men do not allow their culture to degrade, strong men do not allow their people to die. Weak men have created this situation and strong men are needed to fix it.

c816cb  No.12926760

File: 11c06977e14172b⋯.jpg (92.24 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, bob.jpg)


I dunno what you want to know.

His old man had him to a nice girl named Kerry. They broke up and she went back to Adelaide. RoboBob died in 2011 up in Brisbane. Last we heard Kerry was in a wheelchair.

Pic related is his ol man in 2004

920947  No.12926773


>"Be wary of white men who take care of their physical health! They're all potential mass shooters!"

HOLY SHIT the narrative holds about as much water as a paper bag with holes in it

368c8a  No.12926786


>implying that uneducated whites can only be tricked by supernatural beings

White pride can be taken to foolish extremes.

70e1ae  No.12926790


>missing the point

Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE

02a13b  No.12926791

File: 575635fea95e62c⋯.png (112.95 KB, 600x686, 300:343, CUNT.png)




>Uploaded: 2019-03-14 06:20:27

from https://archive.is/AlIX8


083c5d  No.12926792


>brown eyes


f11351  No.12926799

This post makes a good point >>12925866

These people seem extremely well trained for just a bunch of NEETs on a chinese origami forum.

70e1ae  No.12926803


>linking to your own post

54360a  No.12926804

File: 30255414839d736⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Roses.jpg)


>I dunno what you want to know.

>His old man had him to a nice girl named Kerry. They broke up and she went back to Adelaide. RoboBob died in 2011 up in Brisbane. Last we heard Kerry was in a wheelchair.

>Pic related is his ol man in 2004

RIP, mate.

70e1ae  No.12926812


f11351  No.12926813


Piss us off.

I think the goal was to give us either anxiety or encouragement.

But all I got was suspicion from the start.

d3150c  No.12926816


but your contact with brent or knowledge of his where-abouts recently is nil?

any military or law service in the family?

092499  No.12926817



Can confirm, Aussie in Christchurch for a holiday, was I'm the park across the road and heard the gunshots. The guy did it.

7fdf17  No.12926819

File: 83e27f49cce65b1⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 524x757, 524:757, -NSCL1dAf5w.jpg)

He was listening to Eurobeat at the end of the stream, just realised that. Absolute mad lad

6c90cb  No.12926826



literally nothing is gonna happen to this place other than maybe a few newfags

8ch isn't being mentioned in the news at all

f11351  No.12926828

File: 128bec765acd683⋯.png (110.79 KB, 881x247, 881:247, faggot.PNG)


>my own post

59a135  No.12926830





d3150c  No.12926836


jews and white pride aren't the real problem

its suicidal complicit whites and """men""" who allow themselves to fall into delusions like "jews did this that and everything so why care lets talk about jews jews jews every sentences. jews".

af9ea1  No.12926840

Pewdiepie is truly based, I subscribed, did you?

1106ec  No.12926842

File: 7ff8d584ba644c9⋯.png (211.47 KB, 658x850, 329:425, ADB-LOVE-MUSLIM-GANG-RAPE.png)


Shall I re-host Christopher Puplick Leader of the gay lobby who says it's homophobic to investigate Robert Dolly Dunn's boy brothel all his mates were going to - before 100 of them were arrested going there wrote the taxpayer funded ADB report "Race to the Headlines" that says how DARE THE MEDIA COVER THE SYDNEY MUSLIM MASS GANG RAPES OF WOMEN, mentioned the manifesto of this attacker…..

We must go into the night quietly. When our women are raped, by the elite Muslim, us white slaves have no right to speak out, to complain, and the MSM must not cover it - AS ORDERED BY OUR JEWISH PEDOPHILE LEADERSHIP?



Some of the MSM coverage of the Race to the headlines report where the Australian government says it's racist to complain or get upset when white woman are gang raped by a train of 20 muslims was on my thread that we are thinking Brenton was on here:



I have this report that is very hard to find as you can see. Any good pdf sharing sites you reconmend to host it on.

000000  No.12926845

Don't forget why there is a mosque in Christchurch. Muslims are invading the west for the purpose of destroying and taking over. Mosques are nothing but forward operating bases in their war against non-Muslims. Those in the gov't that allow for their migration are complicit.

e26776  No.12926847

File: e3f6760ced0dc48⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 960x716, 240:179, e3f6760ced0dc48d863d341d1c….jpg)



How do we know that?

54360a  No.12926853


Contary to what most people (outsiders and newfags) think, the average person here is STEM with >120 IQ and most are physically fit. I know, because I ran a group that recruited about 200 people from here and all of them were exceptional people – not to mention fit and trained. I myself have a degree in chem and was trained as a special forces sniper when I was younger. That said, most of us are aspergic or have ADD.

f11351  No.12926854


Oh what?


a88f12  No.12926856

File: 31178ba3a60512d⋯.gif (105.23 KB, 511x512, 511:512, 1550244169645.gif)

remember to go outside every now and then and keep the memes online friends

dc80e1  No.12926865

This is terrible! We need to ban Fortnite before it inspires more mindless violence like this!

f11351  No.12926866

File: bd7280c4b8b6000⋯.jpg (35.3 KB, 417x407, 417:407, 1272061609326.jpg)


>I ran a group that recruited about 200 people from here

af9ea1  No.12926867


He literally posted his livestream here when it was still going along with his manifesto

656cf4  No.12926870

This is all way too fishy.

54360a  No.12926872


Because he posted a thread here with a link to his faceberg saying that he was gonna start killing niggers. We thought he was a larper at first until an Anon clicked the link and saw muslim brains flying everywhere.

f11351  No.12926876


>That said, most of us are aspergic or have ADD

Oh so you're a shill.

d3150c  No.12926880


oops i accidentally memed myself into a quintuple homicide again

36e9e6  No.12926883


When its fake they "kill themselves' or get killed by cops.

54360a  No.12926887


No, I'm telling you that because that's what I've seen and have been told. I myself have Aspergers and the second leader also had Aspergers and ADD.

1b37dd  No.12926889


visiting from Australia?

where, how did he get firearms into NZ, from where did he purchase? etc.?

c0056b  No.12926891

File: 1f02327ff0dc4aa⋯.png (63.01 KB, 249x136, 249:136, 1554.png)


Ayyy LMAO fuck australians shitposters

f11351  No.12926892


Confirmed for an attempt to put fear in 8chan.

Fuck you.

528b63  No.12926905


No sympathy for pigs.

f11351  No.12926906


Bullshit, I don't even think there are that many anons in one jurisdiction.

You don't know what your talking about.

af9ea1  No.12926907


>I’m mentally ill so you all are!


656cf4  No.12926909


The tryhard "how do you do fellow anons" and single mention of Jews in his manifesto rubs me the wrong way.

54360a  No.12926910


Apparently, laws there are lax as fuck because nothing ever happens. You can still buy autos and pumps and everything, which as an Oztralian is amazing to hear.

1bd173  No.12926923


is there a better quality of this video?

d3150c  No.12926925


oh yeah what does he say about jews?

>inb4 uh i didn't actually read it. its just the non-sequitur that we operate on to deflect from actually discussing subjects

368c8a  No.12926931


The real problem of white genocide is birthrates and the maldistribution of wealth. Glorifying a white who will never raise a family or be able to provide for them is counterproductive, a symptom of degeneracy and nothing worthy of celebration. I would posit that is why you consider Tarrant's actions "manly" or "based," when they are as antithetical to 14/88 as could possibly be. A real hero would have gone to medical school.

How did it happen that whites have changed so much? Is the cause internal (from within white culture) or external? Who is best served by it?

f11351  No.12926935

File: 12da2062959fdd2⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1549733412859.jpg)

So how are these faggots so trained they can kill children without flinching?

They sound like real soldiers or officers to me.

54360a  No.12926940


This was in NY. There are about 3000 anons in the NY according to my figuring if you include the radicals from 4Cuck (Antipodean almost exclusively recruited from there). It's very easy to get people from here, mate.

a0d928  No.12926944

File: ae43517732bfe8e⋯.jpg (28.48 KB, 351x315, 39:35, chuckle.jpg)

54360a  No.12926949

af9ea1  No.12926956


The Aryan male once awakened steels himself to suffering and pain

488a3d  No.12926957


Fighting against a foreign army within your own country is degenerate? The fuck are you from?

Yeah, go to medical school, so you can spend the next 40 years treating the wounds of rape gang victims, you cunt.

f11351  No.12926959


Yeah funny. Funny how he happened to have convenient links to make this place blow up, including a live stream.

What a great guy.

A real legitimate 8channer.

36e9e6  No.12926963


Wait and see how he acts from now with public trail. If he stands staunch or turns shill then we know. But it is EXTREMELY rare they let false flagger live. Why this one would they? It feels like this should be standard suicide/cop kill.

d3150c  No.12926964


the european world population is half that of the muslim world population. european science and politics have caused muslims to overproduce. they they are coming to the source of their growth in order to virally destroy us. a phlebotomist would out of place at the alamo

1f2c48  No.12926973


>more ammo to system

If you think they're arguing in good faith and a 'principled stance' is all that's needed to win you need a bullet as well.

368c8a  No.12926974


If they were a foreign army why weren't they armed?

0f4809  No.12926976

File: 70bc86dc642e8b0⋯.jpg (52.79 KB, 426x516, 71:86, read.jpg)


could've been, he does say he's Australian and that he hates how stupid they are. Maybe that's why he moved to New Zealand, but then got annoyed at all the muzzies and finally snapped?

1ce497  No.12926980

anyone have his manifesto?

2777a4  No.12926986

Has it been established how he got caught yet?

1106ec  No.12926987

File: ac5598490634d8a⋯.png (106.32 KB, 641x874, 641:874, love-gang-rapes3.png)

File: ad420c039113b7d⋯.png (101.09 KB, 567x910, 81:130, RACIST-TO-HATE-GANG-RAPES2.png)

File: 3064547bcfc0c14⋯.png (103.88 KB, 664x902, 332:451, RACIST-GANG-RAPES1.png)

File: a06c1c40b32c325⋯.png (95.78 KB, 944x649, 16:11, puplick-race-for-the-headl….png)

Government of Australia says it's racist to be against the Sydney Muslim Gang rapes that inspired today's shooter if you read the manifesto.

The guy who wrote this said it's homophobic to investigate a boy brothel all his mates were going to and prosecutes anyone who exposes his support of boy brothels ran by Robert Dolly Dunn




Now what's a decent pdf sharing site, don't say scribd it's ran by pedos.

f11351  No.12926988

File: ff94836c5a1b9a8⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 320x320, 1:1, what.jpg)


Bollocks they're fucking agents, you are deluding yourself otherwise.

Otherwise, these fuckwits would have ended up like this:


Apparently NZ intelligence is not part of 5eyes anymore.

1bd173  No.12926989


not that much of an improvement but thanks

54360a  No.12926994


People underestimate what happens to Northern Europeans go into killing mode. Northern Euro killing mode is basically blood-lust mass-murderer mode with cheats on. The last person you want to piss off really bad is a Northern Euro.

25dc7e  No.12926996

Question for journalists browsing 8ch in the wake of this. Have you found anything worthwhile for your stories? Im also curious as to how many there are in this thread right now.

885c9e  No.12926998



Here U go.


c0ead9  No.12926999


Truth right here.

Why did only one of the victims bleed? Many of them were shot multiple times.

d3150c  No.12927004


well disciplined vc

66bfcf  No.12927005


Easy, you just don't lead 'em so much.

ff96b6  No.12927007



What's this shit from?

ab2421  No.12927008

I just banned on zerohedge.com for calling out the fags that woke me up with their stupid bullshit this morning.

What the fuck fags. Let me sleep you shit birds. I only do females.

54360a  No.12927010


Look for the dedicated thread, mate. There are links to uploads but the shit is to big to webm with good quality. Sorry.

1e1ed8  No.12927014



f11351  No.12927020


Bullshit. He's meant to be an 8channer.

Who does 8/pol/ talk about the most - Jews.

Why target someone that is just a jew pawn?

66bfcf  No.12927025


we were thinkin' the same thing there anon

a00477  No.12927034


This guy is a legend, the fact that mosques even exist somewhere like Christchurch sickenen me. Muslims all want one thing, for you to die, our women be their sex slaves or for you to become Muslim. Fuck them all, I cheered when I heard the news, but now I will contemplate the admistrative changes due to the attack. I think to really stick a stake in Islams heart is to gain as much power whether it be political, due to wealth or both and maneuver and rise within the system, lone wolf attacks will only give the disgusting Mudslimes more ammo for their own victimization while they stab us in the back.

1f2c48  No.12927036


People do stupid things when panciked

d3150c  No.12927037


compress and megaupload

3e3fb0  No.12927038

File: 66e4c844741c560⋯.png (7.19 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.png)

File: fff150a91463503⋯.png (35.86 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 5043481.png)

File: abb36695450fd5b⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, reflective-warning-signs-c….jpg)

File: 4995e6d0a3ed880⋯.jpg (30.23 KB, 500x500, 1:1, warning-sign-500x500.jpg)


This based NZ guy could get this site shut down.

Even normies in colleges are spreading the video around… The Kiwi police can't stop the spread of this video at all… But this shit will be milked as much as (((they))) can to try and shut us down.

They've been trying to silence us as much as they can. Relating to the US elections also… You've all seen this censorship shit accelerate as fast as possible of late. New laws have been slid in to make all of this possible and you cannot do anything about it goy!

False flag or not. You can bet your bottom shekel that the current powers that be will use this to push kiked shit.

If you think this shit was fishy before… Get ready to see some seriously fucky shit over the next few days or weeks. And make sure you niggers have access to a reliable VPN.

It could very well be possible that we might go dark this current year.

Buckle up lads. We're in for an interesting year.

On top of this. Mudslimes in Europe will feel vindicated in doing more snackbar attacks, mark my words, we're moving into race war territory.

This is just the beginning.

Not disavowing Mr Tarrant at all. But know this.

This is the future.

Kit up and fit up because /pol/ won't be here forever.

But /pol/ lives forever… In our hearts.


The Mudslimes are scared

f11351  No.12927040


I very much doubt that.

Ok then, where did they get these weapons from then?

I think that's the biggest indicator of agent activity.

ab2421  No.12927045


Those fivestar fags need to leave.

70c4c2  No.12927047


He channeled his Aryan warrior spirit, this is why he is in Valhalla now

f11351  No.12927052


Ok, now what would happen in the real world anon.

59d660  No.12927054


How is it 100% false flag faggot? Unlike Murica’ the cops aren’t trigger happy (most countries aren’t). All you autistic fucks on here should have been the ones in that mosque, not those 49 innocent people. I’m not for deplatforming and believe in free speech, but 8chan and all the other chans should wiped off internet you’re all spergs.

ff96b6  No.12927058



He signed this website's deathwarrant. 4 chan and 8chan are both banned in New Zealand currently.

1106ec  No.12927062


It's all on MEDIAFIRE



The same incident was in the manifesto of todays attacker.

For the sake of national unity - Whites must shut the fuck up when their are gang raped by a train of 20 muslims - BY ORDER - THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT - @nodiscrim - NSW ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BOARD..

See the Thread brendon was on just before the killing if it was him that posted the same meme ….


f11351  No.12927064


Definitely Jews then.

66bfcf  No.12927067


You have no idea what I just said to you, do you? You're really not from around here.

Time to fuck off back to where you came from nigger.

d3150c  No.12927069


it's hilarious how many mosques the US and NATO have destroyed full of worshippers but, this oh no my god not in new zealand once they're here it's come over and rape my daughter mate

3e3fb0  No.12927071


Journalist for Vox here. My Wife's Son is in the field researching the deep dark and dangerous lair of the alt right called "slash pole slash"

Needless to say I am literally shaking.

332c75  No.12927079

File: 76778497377d141⋯.mp4 (13.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Enthusiasm Increases (2).mp4)

Sorry, I had to.

f47aff  No.12927080


I 100% agree and the part about rising within the system, it is what people like Sadiq Khan have done in the UK, they pretend to be secular while quite glaringly still holding allegance to Islam.

0f4809  No.12927081


Why are you so quick to forgive Islam and its followers? They have moral agency whether you like it or not, they are complicit in every gang-rape, every truck attack and every mass-killing their murderous religion demands.

2a2bc9  No.12927082


I watched the video but i don't have time to read the manifesto yet. Does he really not mention the kikes?

A synopsis would be awesome since I'm at work rn.

7f485f  No.12927088

File: d8673a900fb5d08⋯.jpg (84.46 KB, 503x587, 503:587, Rhodesian soldier 2.jpg)


Its easy to kill without flinching, however most people I know just couldn't handle shooting a child even if it had a gun and was 15+, you aren't trained for it you are born with it. Why should you care for the children of your enemy anyway? They would just grow up and replace the people you killed only this time with more determination

54360a  No.12927091


>Question for journalists browsing 8ch in the wake of this. Have you found anything worthwhile for your stories? Im also curious as to how many there are in this thread right now.

CNN reporter here. Just finished jerking off to BLACKED.com but I'll get started soon.

368c8a  No.12927092


F for New Zealand

S for the Jewish pawn

1ee190  No.12927096


He mentions the kikes once and that is to mention that jews in Israel are B A S E D and not an enemy of his.

3e3fb0  No.12927101


Which is why I stress getting a good VPN now is essential… More than ever in fact.

It is only too easy for any government to outright ban a website especially under an "emergency". If the Kiwis can do it so can anyone else.

3f7612  No.12927104

File: 26f393606e79915⋯.png (111.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26f393606e7991557fe385edb1….png)


If you want to exterminate the fast spreading vermin that are mudslims you better start with the children you insufferable faggot

70c4c2  No.12927110


He’s subtle on the Jews and says he doesn’t mind them AS LONG AS they “don’t subvert or harm my people” – i.e. a physical impossibility

f11351  No.12927113


Red herring.

>>12927058 makes a decent point. The point was censorship of this place. This place still names the Jew.

That is the thing that singles this place out compared to similar forums.


I've never heard that slang on here.


Because he's meant to be from here yet didn't name the jew in a manifesto he made.

b632ea  No.12927115


Said the reddit spacer.

2a2bc9  No.12927116


If that's not evidence of a false flag then idk what is.

8e771d  No.12927117

File: b612644bc032b9e⋯.png (326.69 KB, 633x692, 633:692, 1536266785229.png)


Why cant I have a hero for once.

bc0bf6  No.12927119


he looks at it on the floor when first passing through the hallway, I am not referring to the two that drop after ya turkey

ab2421  No.12927122


Hang yourself mustard

35502d  No.12927125


It's in /pol/'s ability to use the chaos to our advantage that we shall win,as it is chaos is not to be controlled or contained.It might seem bad for some if the site goes down,but it might end up pushing anons for real action,it might seem bad if the site stays up, filled with normalfaggots but all of us know what we need to know about our enemies the site is no longer for our education it is now for others to learn the truth

No matter the outcome it will be the ability to gain from chaos that will keep us alive

54360a  No.12927126


He gives a mention. But he doesn't really say anything. He wasn't too high IQ, just a REALLY pissed off working class guy who took too many blackpills (and redpills) and decided to go HAM. He was 1488, though.

f11351  No.12927137

File: 542451fb4d876a3⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 600x534, 100:89, 1541519415950.jpg)


>Why should you care for the children of your enemy anyway?

I don't. I care about the fact he targeted useless shitskins instead of Jews IF he was meant to be from here.

That doesn't make sense.

2a2bc9  No.12927144


Why not call them out directly? It's a manifesto, why bother including a dog whistle when you can just spell it out directly? Is he a christcuck or something?

f11351  No.12927152

File: 31e843df0c9a7da⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 400x264, 50:33, 31e843df0c9a7dafff50511ddd….jpg)


No I'd start with the disease, not the symptom.

528b63  No.12927154


Go kill jews then.

Both must be driven out or exterminated.

3f7612  No.12927155


After you boomer

000000  No.12927175


>Didn't expose anything or redpill anyone

read the manifesto you nigger its redpill central

70c4c2  No.12927176


He’s trying to reach an audience of brainwashed normalfags, writing a screed on “DUH JOOZ” (which is how it unironically sounds to the unitiated) isn’t as effective in making normalfags actually think about this dude’s motives. Don’t get me wrong I would have had more mentions of the Jews if I were him but his manifesto has enough good information and lines in it to know that he’s legit

35502d  No.12927177

File: 2674ec96fdbda63⋯.png (21.57 KB, 1228x160, 307:40, b38b7caa0790a51bb748eb55ce….png)




partially true ,he said "no jew that seeks to harm my people" There are no jews who don't seek to harm white people-but the only people that will get what he meant are people who already know that,so it's not a tool for recruitment

f11351  No.12927181


The point is not his target.

The point is that his mention of Jews in the manifesto was politically correct

Seems odd.

ff96b6  No.12927186



The sad thing is, because no one denounced the wide spread ban of New Zealand, there will be no hesitation of doing the same thing here in Australia.

Sites that were banned in New Zealand:




kiwifarms (even after the DNS)


Australia already had Wikileaks, 4chan and a bunch of other chans on a filter list, but it never got put in place.

d3150c  No.12927188


the disease is in the heads of over 400 million white "men" who do nothing

d33443  No.12927194


>clean floors

>everyone laying perfectly still

>no awkward positions

>clean fucking floors

>no "dead bodies" move when shot at

f11351  No.12927200


You sound like a Jew.

02560e  No.12927215

File: 20e3efcf2fb24b2⋯.gif (996.15 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 20e3efcf2fb24b260f59c618ff….gif)


Believe it or not, there are anons on here that don't hate Jews and think they're being consistent when they say Jews deserve a homeland just as any other race.


>Is he a christcuck or something?

Why do you ask so many fucking questions about him and not just read his manifesto for yourself? He clearly states on it that he has conflicting ideas about Christianity, but more than likely sympathizes with it.

d3150c  No.12927216


ahhh, and you're a shill. you're turn bitch boy

f11351  No.12927217


Why waste bullets on grunts when you could aim for the command?

3f7612  No.12927219

File: 735ec4a7d3b9d13⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 640x327, 640:327, bataclan.jpg)


Unless you've got something to nuke mecca and israel with, a good old rampage is all we've got..

000000  No.12927227


>He’s trying to reach an audience of brainwashed normalfags, writing a screed on “DUH JOOZ” (which is how it unironically sounds to the unitiated) isn’t as effective in making normalfags actually think about this dude’s motives. Don’t get me wrong I would have had more mentions of the Jews if I were him but his manifesto has enough good information and lines in it to know that he’s legit

this, the guy wasn't a moron.

f11351  No.12927238


Fuck you cunt, the faggot literally divided himself from white men here >>12927188

For what purpose?

54360a  No.12927243


Click this:


It's the full thing. The place is far from clean. It's just less bloodier than you think because IRL isn't an action movie. Gun shots are pretty clean most of the time. But you can see pools of blood in the video. At the end he even blows a gooks brains over the main road.

000000  No.12927250


kvetching because you know he's right

759119  No.12927259

any /k/ anon here? Why did the guns make so little noise especially the shotgun that he fired in a fucking car through the windshield? The shotgun seemed to make almost no sound. Not a schizo, not saying anything is fake just asking how are the guns so quiet esp that shotgun

d9d1b3  No.12927260




Really? That's fucking stupid.

54360a  No.12927267


Yeah, it's a good point. Talking about the Jews sounds like schizo talk to normalfaggots because everyone gets brainwashed about the Jews more than anything else.

f11351  No.12927275


>Believe it or not, there are anons on here that don't hate Jews and think they're being consistent when they say Jews deserve a homeland just as any other race.

How can you not hate a race of people with a severely disproportionate amount of control of your banks, government and media and at the same time are the pot calling the kettle black with white people?

570fc7  No.12927283

File: 32622612ace2f07⋯.jpeg (43.55 KB, 1024x573, 1024:573, 9B5DB507-08AC-420A-85D4-B….jpeg)

Guys don’t forget to sub to pewds.

7c1033  No.12927284


Is it the video https://www.facebook.com/206778229358786/videos/451628238207116/ that he mentions in the manifesto?

d3150c  No.12927290


majority of white men have become sissy faggot whores

you are a case in point

once again jews are the minority of those raping and robbing our civilization. the majority are our own breed

e6db86  No.12927301

File: af02d9516e01659⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 281x266, 281:266, antimage.jpg)

d3150c  No.12927302


yes or was i understand it was taken down

af90c7  No.12927303


It's likely the device he's using to record. Most modern mics, especially in cell phones, have a feature that will stop audio peaking and muffle the noise instead. That's probably why the gunshots sound quiet.

935614  No.12927305


And how does doing nothing change anything? Before we will start seeing changes it will be far too late.

f11351  No.12927307


Is that why you got banned anon?


How are they going to wake up if the manifesto leaves out most of the reality (even if a lot of it is crazed talk)?

54360a  No.12927315


I used to shoot comp. Shotties are rather quiet.You can shoot them without earplugs, even a lawnmower is louder. Basically, you're using movies as a reference for how things should be. I actually served in Iraq and saw several people head-shotted by AKs – no blown-out skulls and some even lived.

880c27  No.12927316


False flag

>As in, no Anglo feels that minorities are invaders

>or he didn't shoot those people

>Was he not mentally ill…

Sorry bro, what?

6c5ed0  No.12927322


Mics aren't entirely perfect when picking up extremely loud sounds like a gun or a scream. It's why police footage always has that annoying blow-out when shooting and screaming happens because the mic quality isn't good enough to pick up the sound without fucking with the levels.

286271  No.12927323

File: b611433c0afab2e⋯.jpeg (176.83 KB, 855x523, 855:523, kike.jpeg)

>open manifesto

>crtl F kike, nothing, jews, nothing, jew 1 result pic related

everything about it, was all board culture stuff too, the music he was playing as he did it, the stuff written on the guns, and he covers everything in the manifesto except the jew.

000000  No.12927333



>more shootings happen

>shitskins protest

>gun confiscations

>more enraged leftists elected

>more whites radicalize

>more shootings


ff96b6  No.12927343


It's because anon's kept uploading the video there. Obviously people were just spreading it on FB and Twitter and they literally couldn't do anything about it.

Live Leak might have even been blocked too, but I'm not sure. There were a bunch of others that are banned I think.

af90c7  No.12927345


>he covers everything in the manifesto except the jew.

So? He rid his country of almost 50 semites regardless.

f11351  No.12927348


It's so "8chan" it's almost suspicious in itself.

The lack of Jews being mentioned is the kicker.

54360a  No.12927350



d3150c  No.12927354



my theory is that he's receving a voice transmission which mutes the audio recording. right after that he says 'not going according to plan' because the other team had to retreat from the egress point

7c1033  No.12927358

File: 734a7c3c39f331a⋯.webm (14.65 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Muslim fertility rates an….webm)


Thank you. In that case, for archival purposes, I'm reposting it.

66bfcf  No.12927360

The real question is, will this help Pewds finally BTFO T-Series?

000000  No.12927362





2a2bc9  No.12927365


Because, as I said, I can't read it at work rn.

But I take your point, and I'll stop kvetching about this until I've read it. Was just hoping for a few immediate questions I have to be answered.

f11351  No.12927367

File: 611e673dd95c070⋯.jpg (468.09 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1372046452806.jpg)


Why would I read crap by an agent that deliberately avoided mentioning Jews?

3c8e9d  No.12927370

File: 1487b4a24918f33⋯.jpeg (21.58 KB, 460x342, 230:171, rip.jpeg)

This is what happens when white male virgins who regularly visit 8chan/4chan that meme about muslim genocide, white supremacy, Donald worshipping and gun control get deranged from reality because of their incompatibility with the real world due to their absence from it. The terrorist and all of you who support this devil are in desperate need of real life human connection. Get out there, stop browsing these forums and get a real life before you turn into a psychopath like aforemetioned terrorist (some of you are already borderline).

I'll be praying for you. Best of luck.

ff96b6  No.12927371


On the news they said his idol was Oswald Mosely

dec28b  No.12927375

File: 80e2e44f6dd6ec7⋯.jpeg (77.91 KB, 750x1140, 25:38, 80e2e44f6dd6ec7bc71708020….jpeg)

286271  No.12927386


exactly, how could he use board culture to that degree, which I mean come on he fucking said supscribe to pewdiepie, and not mention the jew?

af90c7  No.12927388


Fuck off, pussy.


9fda1c  No.12927389


This is why Hotwheels said to move to NNTP chan

54360a  No.12927391


Even as a devout Christian I support this man. You're a cuck.

f11351  No.12927392


And here we go with the psychological attacks.


Mossad fucking confirmed.

286271  No.12927394


he says so in his manifesto

f11351  No.12927397


>said his idol was Oswald Mosely

Is it on youtube?

d3f9de  No.12927398

link to full manifesto cannot be found. anyone got one?

a58c38  No.12927400



6c5ed0  No.12927405


>I'll be praying for you. Best of luck.

We don't need you praying to your god Moloch on our behalf, you kike.

a58c38  No.12927410

File: 888dcb110234565⋯.jpg (121.56 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 15263686757710.jpg)







70c4c2  No.12927411



af90c7  No.12927414


From another thread: https://pastebin.com/i1sxLiPP

It's very long tho

f11351  No.12927418

File: 315451288bcd014⋯.jpg (109 KB, 1039x1004, 1039:1004, 1534272571992.jpg)


>how could he use board culture to that degree

>because intelligence services would never study a site that actively digs into it's dirty laundry.

70c4c2  No.12927419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3150c  No.12927421


search .com itt lazy asshole

000000  No.12927425


fucking lul

dec28b  No.12927426

File: 756da2901adbc79⋯.jpg (24.28 KB, 500x229, 500:229, resist.jpg)


You are what happens when sentiment replaces morality.

3c8e9d  No.12927427

File: 76c95fd9cce99ac⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 209x241, 209:241, 22z.jpg)






All of you look in the mirror and say with confidence that you are proud of who you are.

You're insecure, hiding behind an internet persona who tries to act all tough and thinks dehumanization is edgy and cool.

All hope is lost.

Don't leave your basement or attic for the safety of those who are contributing to society.

a58c38  No.12927429


This one is better >>12927410

86f1c4  No.12927439

File: a84b2e237095866⋯.png (461.93 KB, 803x515, 803:515, luger death.png)

what about the other people who were arrested?

af90c7  No.12927441


>the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

ff96b6  No.12927442


Yeah just ctrl-f'd Mosely.

I had only read bits before.

f11351  No.12927444

File: 8e607bf8bf29101⋯.png (256.33 KB, 458x438, 229:219, 1491103189108.png)


Why are you derailing the thread?

a58c38  No.12927446


>nigger muslim

>contributing to anything but the destruction of anything that's beautiful and white

Hang yourself, ASAP.

0297ee  No.12927450

Hey, sorry for the (1), but so far I haven't found "proof" that the dude posted his stuff on 8chan

I keep seeing journos swearing he made this site his base or some stupid shit, is there even an archive of such posts in the first place?

Please don't use memes while killing people meme magic should never reach that level of power

d3150c  No.12927455


we know fuck all nothing and knowing anz we won't know anything they can keep from us

286271  No.12927456



Someone who is completely enveloped with board culture, and not going after kikes doesn't come off as strange to you?

3c8e9d  No.12927462


If you think that killing innocent people is moral then you are too far gone of having a civilized discussion.


Coping mechanism.

286271  No.12927463



6c5ed0  No.12927468


it's been archived and passed around since he made the original thread, retard.

286271  No.12927471


i have it opened in another tab if you need screens

70c4c2  No.12927472


>thread posted by dude dropping docs and a facebook link

>people call him a LARPer and a faggot

>anon clicks link

>muzzies being gunned down

It’s that simple. Lurk more

6c5ed0  No.12927475

File: b52181d0827171d⋯.gif (499.92 KB, 370x210, 37:21, spitto.gif)


>innocent people

d7e662  No.12927476


You never really belonged here in the first place. Sorry you had the wrong idea. Begone or behold the change that you are powerless to stop

70c4c2  No.12927481





>not animals

0297ee  No.12927482


I asked for an archive, cunt



Sorry in that case, was working and missed the big part of it


That actually could be interesting, sorry to be a bother.

f11351  No.12927487



Posted about 1:28pm NZ time. 12 minutes before the shooting.

If you have the balls, check the links, especially the time uploaded if possible.

2f89f8  No.12927488

5 threads on front page, muh optics, muh children

I told you faggots this is a kosher board now, shills run it and post in it, there's no genuine polacks left here

000000  No.12927490


lmao fuck off journalist

f11351  No.12927493


derp, wrong link


35502d  No.12927494


You have no idea what you are talking about,every time anons go out they redpill people,"We are all Hitler" is true in many ways,we can inspire like he did

af90c7  No.12927496

File: 93072b685868a19⋯.webm (4.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, rabbi admits white genoci….webm)

File: 41b5b97546fbd6f⋯.jpg (1006 B, 20x15, 4:3, 1.1.jpg)


>Someone who is completely enveloped with board culture

I haven't seen any proof that he posts here yet. But again, he's doing God's work, and God's work is against the jews. They do plan to breed muslims with whites anyway, and believe it's prophecy. Vid related.

286271  No.12927497

File: 438c734c03e40a1⋯.jpeg (274.43 KB, 1780x312, 445:78, wild.jpeg)


archive posted in this thread

a58c38  No.12927498

File: 867fb7ba677b74b⋯.jpg (193.74 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 12.jpg)


I don't know if I should be posting this here, but whatever. Fuck niggers.


000000  No.12927511


this is what a msm jew looking for clickbait looks like

de2d73  No.12927512

"The manifesto also referred to US President Donald Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity”.

LMFAO what a dumb bluepilled fucking cuck.

507994  No.12927519

it was made by some westerner, you fools and some other fool posted on that group. have you seen the percentage of muslims in western countries? also see this https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/muslim-demographics/

the video is already in youtube u dumbfucks, posted by a fake muslim https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=6-3X5hIFXYU

70c4c2  No.12927535


>right before calling him a shitty leader

Read nigger read

f11351  No.12927537


>referred to US President Donald Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity”

Shooter confirmed psuedo 8channer.

Now I'm suspicious there are other potential parties from America involved.

Which explains how they got guns so easily.

3c8e9d  No.12927541


What have they done wrong?


Did you really just try to make me feel bad for not belonging in a shithole, but unironically?


Invaders? Not per se. Maybe people who try to live a peaceful life. Look, don't get me wrong. There are many people around the world whom get killed in the name of Allah. I wholeheartedly disagree with that, but innocent slaughtering isn't the answer to this.

0297ee  No.12927545



Thanks a lot anons, yeah that's pretty irrefutable indeed. Damn. It's pretty fucking weird.

Welp. Gonna be nuts on this site the next few weekswhat am I saying these twitter idiots will have forgotten in just a few days


My bad, must've missed it.


Yeah, yeah, I'm a polygon journalist too, lad

de2d73  No.12927547

File: 476f41f7b891298⋯.png (907.87 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

80715d  No.12927555

File: 58418fcc34e148c⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 482x549, 482:549, 58418fcc34e148c841bd19bc77….jpg)


>Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

>As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a

policy maker and leader? Dear god no.

Stop reading the headlines and start doing the digging yourself faggot. Confirmed for not actually belonging here.

de2d73  No.12927558



"wtf i love pakis now"

af90c7  No.12927559


>What have they done wrong?

They assumed that a white country was theirs to live in, and practice their child-raping religion in.

f11351  No.12927563


Have you seen who brought them here?

Have you seen who has the most mainstream media sway?

Have you seen who demonises white people the most?

It ain't the mudslime.

de2d73  No.12927565


>anime girl

kill yourself, queer.

7fdf17  No.12927567


We cuckchan now

80715d  No.12927571


nobody cares

286271  No.12927573


actually its not, it makes it seem like a false flag because he mentions them once, and not as an enemy.

70c4c2  No.12927574


filtered and reported

70e1ae  No.12927577


Theoretical cs major here

f11351  No.12927580


>pretty irrefutable indeed

You mean convenient?

Because he's clearly glowing.

ff96b6  No.12927589


> muh optics, muh children

Faggot, Optics are all that matter.

If you are planning on trying to set a high-score, write your manifesto about Karl Marx and how being a Quee-Tankie-faggot and the reason you targeted a mosque was that Communism is incompatible with Religion.

Then go blasting communist music or something while wearing a Che Guvera shirt and beret.

80715d  No.12927594

File: 1383b414024a83e⋯.jpeg (122.02 KB, 830x850, 83:85, 7e0dde53bf97130de097f9a53….jpeg)


>complaining about anime on a website created for niponesian flipbook cartoons

Spot the shill.

f11351  No.12927595


… taliban connection?

af90c7  No.12927597


>5 threads on front page

Use the catalog and hide the threads then, you insufferable nigger

70e1ae  No.12927598


He said he had been training for 2 years. He made the decision to kill her many times over these two years.

507994  No.12927599


You dumbfucking cunt it was made by some westerner, you fools and some other fool posted on that group. have you seen the percentage of muslims in western countries? also see this https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/muslim-demographics/

the video is already in youtube u dumbfucks, posted by a fake muslim https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=6-3X5hIFXYU

70e1ae  No.12927606

He should've actually flossed over their dead bodies. Or t bagged

6c5ed0  No.12927607

File: a6c0ebcda1fe4ae⋯.gif (4.12 MB, 460x258, 230:129, a6c0ebcda1fe4ae3fa081592b5….gif)


>What have they done wrong?

They live in a white nation. Their very presence threatens to usurp white people their homeland.


>but innocent slaughtering isn't the answer to this.


3c8e9d  No.12927623


Good day.


The world doesn't belong to anyone. If any of them did rape a child then I would agree in sending them back where they came from.

f11351  No.12927628

File: 764a98a6e0a1701⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 702x658, 351:329, 1535808999084.jpg)


Remember the glowing ones anon.

507994  No.12927630


it was made by some westerner, you fools and some other fool posted on that group. have you seen the percentage of muslims in western countries? also see this https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/muslim-demographics/

the video is already in youtube u dumbfucks, posted by a fake muslim https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=6-3X5hIFXYU

de2d73  No.12927633


anime girl posters should be the first put infront of the firing squads.

f11351  No.12927637


>training for 2 years.

At what, face to face combat? Where? Who supplies that training in NZ?

76bf29  No.12927641

i am sooo excited to all of you to die in a really nasty way

f11351  No.12927646


No you will be gassed for srs bsns contravention order 6969.

ff96b6  No.12927661


This homo just wants (you)'s.

af9ea1  No.12927662

3cad0f  No.12927666

File: 02271a4372ca5b3⋯.png (13.09 KB, 499x231, 499:231, Retard speaks on new zeala….png)


Nice to see where you fags are coming from


af90c7  No.12927672

File: 6147c91745aea2e⋯.png (119.29 KB, 675x534, 225:178, 6147c91745aea2e9bbd3c244f6….png)


>The world

I didn't say "world" you disingenuous journo-kike. I said "country". Australia is a white country. Britain and Germany are white countries, as is the rest of Europe. America, despite retards calling it a melting pot, is a white country. And you know who belongs in white countries? Whites.

>If any of them did rape a child

Their religion permits it. Just like the Talmud permits jews to rape gentile children.

Pic related is you btw

1ee190  No.12927673


He played Fortnite

59a135  No.12927674


>to all of you

I guess today is a good day to be mad on the internet

70e1ae  No.12927675


Why do I get the feeling you're a reporter?

922976  No.12927679


>Citing Snopes from 2009

>Citing Snopes at all

Snopes has been a left-wing rag for almost a decade now, and in 2009 our statistical data was even more patchy and ambiguous than it is now. Muslim immigration into Europe will overwhelm the white population. There's nothing to debate about that, so why don't you go suck off a shotgun.

Some of us care about building a future for white children and anyone who stands in our way will be hanged.

54360a  No.12927680


I am extremely proud and I have nothing but the greatest respect for Brenton. I ironically regard him as a hero and I've already watch his video over 50 times. I've actually had it on repeat for the last 12 hours.

f11351  No.12927682

So has anyone made a decent timeline yet?

Posted here at 1:28 pm. Shooting at 1:40pm.

I still need the info on the upload times for the links. If they were posted to close to the time of the thread post… immediately consider it suspicious.

1a0c1f  No.12927686


Never watched an anime in my entire life, but this^

fucking kikes always overplay their hand

7a512f  No.12927695

Reminder that jews are our real enemy, and that attacking the jewish scapegoat, a natural enemy of the jew and potential ally is entirely counter productive to preserving the white race.

This guy has done a great harm to the cause, further enforcing the jewish propaganda that whites are an enemy to the lesser races, and not their uplifting salvation

f11351  No.12927701




Are you going to answer the question or just be mad?

af90c7  No.12927704


>a natural enemy of the jew

Islam is the sword of international jewry. Never forget it.

3c8e9d  No.12927711


What? This is your argument? LMFAO.

> Tfw whites stole native Americans' ground and turned into the 3rd-world country which we call USA.

There's also no such thing as white and black countries. What about white muslims living in Britain and Germany? What are your viewpoints on that?

I don't think the Qu'ran permits rape. I personally haven't read it so if you can show me a source I'll gladly read it.


Good for you. Everyone can spend their time in whichever way they like.

f11351  No.12927725


Can't slay a person by just attacking the sword.

af90c7  No.12927726


Get your journo-kike story from another poster, heeb.

4dc06b  No.12927727


So it was creatine that made him kill those muzzies?

c315b2  No.12927729

are there any details about the other mosque shooting/s? I try not to suggest seeing conspiracies everywhere but this scenario would potentially make for a cover at the other locations while everyone's attention was focused in the other direction

70e1ae  No.12927732


Read the manifesto you lazy nigger

1e355e  No.12927738

Of course the scum of the Earth stuck on 8ch are happy about this. They have nothing better to do but stay bigoted and full of hate after decades of no physical contact with a human being. You all have nothing to look forward to on a daily basis so this is the most emotion you've felt in years, making you all happy as fuck. I get it. I get how little it makes you.

3c8e9d  No.12927749


I don't waste my time on being a fucking journalist. I just want to know why you support the killing of innocent people. Personal interest. Tell me if you'd like.

e609c4  No.12927754


>felt in years

at least a week, anyway.

7fdf17  No.12927759


You are right about one thing, it does make me pretty happy.

54360a  No.12927760

File: 3249869941609c1⋯.png (94.51 KB, 500x676, 125:169, compareNPC.png)


>Of course the scum of the Earth stuck on 8ch are happy about this. They have nothing better to do but stay bigoted and full of hate after decades of no physical contact with a human being. You all have nothing to look forward to on a daily basis so this is the most emotion you've felt in years, making you all happy as fuck. I get it. I get how little it makes you.


a0ab90  No.12927768


"Attacking" a sword is called a pary. If you do not defend, your head is cut off.

286271  No.12927772

File: e5d82d55ce7138e⋯.jpeg (160.79 KB, 883x366, 883:366, knightstemplar.jpeg)



kind of agree, in his manifesto he claims to have gotten blessing to carry out this attack from Knights Templar. make of that what you will.

7e3b08  No.12927783


Anywhere. Anyhow. A naked man, alone, in an empty room, can practice Ninjitsu.

f11351  No.12927786

befb81  No.12927791

Is it possible that he purposefully did not mention Jews because he knew they would twist the whole thing into "muh antisemitism/Nazis", making it too much for the Normies to swallow and easily discredited?

Dude might be playing a smart game here and realised he needed to pull some punches in order to wake a few normies up. Once they're on the path they can figure out the rest for themselves.

286271  No.12927803

70e1ae  No.12927823

Heil Satan and our leader hex

af90c7  No.12927831

File: 6147c91745aea2e⋯.png (119.29 KB, 675x534, 225:178, journokike.png)

File: 96222d225efe5d3⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 15x14, 15:14, 1.6.jpg)

f11351  No.12927856



Reminds me of this for some reason.


9e5a50  No.12927857



>High Expectations

Do you know where you are journocuck?

f3f5ec  No.12927858

Anyone got a list of mud terrorist attacks with fatalities. Recent ones better.

Or who knows links or quotes of things leftists have said to excuse said attacks?

With this we can diminish the effect of their anti-white propaganda push around this attack, which has already started.

3a6fed  No.12927865

File: c31b25413b5939f⋯.jpg (211.89 KB, 2048x1025, 2048:1025, 7e5df59558215a4d3df10cb858….jpg)


>old fag

>doens´t know of Jim takeover

You may be old irl, but over here, you are a newfag

1106ec  No.12927876

File: 7964302b2e221dd⋯.png (132.42 KB, 925x973, 925:973, MUSLIM-GANG-RAPES-CAUSED-T….png)





What other outlets do people have to be heard?

The same guy who wrote that "Race to the Headlines Report" says it's racist for the media to cover Muslim 20 guy train gang rapes of white women, said it's a homophobic witch hunt for the Wood Royal Commission to investigate his favorite Gay Catholic Priest Robert Dolly Dunn Boy Brothel, before 100 of his mates were arrested for going there.

I put all the Gov Reports on line saying we must love Muslim Gang rapes in Sydney - or not talk about them when they happen because that's RACIST MMMMKAY…



1deaef  No.12927885


Someone posted this in some other thread https://thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2018

I highly suggest verifying anything you want to mention though

000000  No.12927886


was this guy a christcuck by any chance?

f11351  No.12927887


I bet you just love to suck dick ay.

Bit like most OPs, though this one is half decent.

4d8303  No.12927889


Hi, I am a journalist from Polish Gazeta Wyborcza. I want to write about 8chan to bring more people here and redpill them.

f11351  No.12927901


Didn't they have a similar blackout on antisemitism recently?

I mean yeah, it's not good either way, but one's clearly being used to mask the other.

c49ec4  No.12927903


Yeah, no shit lad. Jews have a well defined doctrine of how they hate us…although I would consider their "why we hate you reason to be very shaky. *wink wink*" However, Muslims are like feral animals that will shit all over your house, eat the roots of your trees and garden plants, and otherwise act like better organized negroid scum. I've heard it said before that if they all die, then there is nobody left to complain… besides the liberals.

a45c27  No.12927906


this smells like a kike psyop using this guy as a patsy. (((they've))) been wanting to shut this place down in order to prevent another 2016 meme season from happening.

af90c7  No.12927916


Ok, start by hanging yourself

286271  No.12927925

File: cffb68e33269d06⋯.jpeg (251.21 KB, 943x727, 943:727, readthemanifestoyoulazyni….jpeg)

b263f8  No.12927929


>100% falseflag.

>He is still alive

Pick one faggot!

All the glownigger false flags are carried out by mk-ults who self clean themselves by programmed suicide.

1deaef  No.12927930

File: 551925f9a3c8ef5⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 332x386, 166:193, 551925f9a3c8ef56c3947c9113….jpg)


Why the fuck did he use Wikipedia for sources

61cc5c  No.12927934


Does someone have that Vid in HD?

badce1  No.12927938

>4chin jannies deleting any post mentioning it

o i am laffin

1106ec  No.12927939



Yes my friend was used as justification for the law if you read that thread. John Sunol a brain damaged Christian patzie to establish unchallenged case law to go after the rest of us.

Today in court he was told he doesn't have the right to plead not guilty and doesn't have the right to defend himself, and it's re-scheduled for April.

0bc22c  No.12927944

I was one of the first posters in the original thread and saved literally everything. does anyone have any questions?

b263f8  No.12927949


Seemingly dumb at first.

My guess is the commie scum at shittipedia will delete all these links soon.

Thus showing nicely even to the last NPC on who´s side they´re on.

1deaef  No.12927952


Share archives

1106ec  No.12927955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Share the JIDF wikipedia video for the normies mate. We know…

779a7f  No.12927966

File: facf57f3cfcc609⋯.jpg (75.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, the fire rises.jpg)

the racial war began. Say hello to the jewish media and CIA, everyone.

61f9f0  No.12927970


>Reminder that jews are our real enemy, and that attacking the jewish scapegoat, a natural enemy of the jew and potential ally is entirely counter productive to preserving the white race.

>This guy has done a great harm to the cause, further enforcing the jewish propaganda that whites are an enemy to the lesser races, and not their uplifting salvation

Relax guy. They can BOTH be the enemy.

6c5ed0  No.12927974

File: 687f329324311e2⋯.jpg (136.58 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 0efed9f4a21405c48b72642c61….jpg)


>whites stole native Americans' ground and turned into the 3rd-world country which we call USA.

Territory is earned in blood you dumb faggot. If the Natives wanted to keep the land, they should have fought for it. Whites are not willing to fight for their land and therefore are losing it all over the world. Notice how not a single German argues that Danzig or Konigsberg is German anymore? Because the Germans were all killed/forcibly removed from those cities after WW2. Why do disingenuous retards like you deny this basic fact of humanity?

0bc22c  No.12927992


i dont have an archive. i have a saved htm file with a folder of all scripts/pictures and a screencap of the entire thread.

61f9f0  No.12927998


>Why the fuck did he use Wikipedia for sources

I agree. Needs to adhere to Harvard Referencing before it can be taken seriously.

61f9f0  No.12928006


>Does someone have that Vid in HD?

Please God Inshallah

af90c7  No.12928012


You are replying to a journalist who is trying to make a greater story out of this shooting.

fc7059  No.12928031


So why did he choose the Mosque in ChristChurch? Instead of a Mosque in Australia?

61f9f0  No.12928034


>I was one of the first posters in the original thread and saved literally everything. does anyone have any questions?

What's your favourite type of frog?

59a135  No.12928060


imagine the faces on the journoqueers lurking these threads

61cc5c  No.12928070


Violence is never a good thing for a small movement or the moral thing to do especially against a religious institution, and overall this is going to hurt everyone and New Zealand can kiss their decent gun laws good bye, but After Trump going sideways, seeming to have flipped and nothing being done about social media censorship… no one can really expect anything to get better.

The liberals still think this in the 1970's and 80's where they can just do whatever they want, but when people get desperate and see no way out …. shit happens.

831091  No.12928075


throw pigs blood onto mecca.

348069  No.12928088

Who here up to liberating /ourguy/ from prison?

af90c7  No.12928092


>a small movement

What movement?

>overall this is going to hurt everyone


61cc5c  No.12928103


Creatine is a hellva drug.

61f9f0  No.12928107


>who here up to liberating /ourguy/ from prison?

Naw. Let's just get that Nobel Prize ready for him in 27 years' time

0bc22c  No.12928124


i like toads. like the firebelly toad.

e257d7  No.12928125

How do we know this guy wasn't just defending himself? Muslims are known to be aggressive and attack in groups.

5f525c  No.12928127

File: 8b4fe82d08bde18⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 660x371, 660:371, loser_dylan.jpg)


This you WS will never learn. There is always a price to be paid

Charlottesville - Stromfront loses it's hosting and has trouble with funding

Dylan Roof - no more confederate flag

Robert Bowers - Pittsburg synagogue - Gab loses it's funding options - even coinbase.

2017 UK finsbury mosque attack - mulsim child abuse stories and discussions on the news are barely an item and if they are they are way down the schedule.

Governments will always try and make sure WS shootings etc are a losing game - 8chan might not be taken down but good luck funding it.

These white supremacist shootings do nothing but shut down the debate. All you had to do was sit back and point out the problems but now it's going to be a hate crime to do so. You're losers, you're violent, pathetic losers who are so incompetent that you would have been better doing nothing. The forces of Political correctness and open borders will win because opposing them is seen as being part of a violent ideology. You just had to point out the problems but instead you've just lost the game. Well done dipshits.

149366  No.12928130

File: 489b4fd7e35bcb5⋯.png (40.82 KB, 143x160, 143:160, 489b4fd7e35bcb50dbb843bf45….png)


Being this much of an assblasted journo

02ca7c  No.12928131


>the country does have tight laws

So how come there are FUCKING MUSLIMS?

286271  No.12928132


read the manifesto you stupid fuck

0bc22c  No.12928136



if i was on the trial, i'd never move to convict.

61f9f0  No.12928141


>How do we know this guy wasn't just defending himself? Muslims are known to be aggressive and attack in groups.

The video clearly showed that the muslims were on the attack. He'll be free before Easter.

6f7121  No.12928144


The only reason that happens is because people have been castrated and won't even fight back. Your solution is to be a beta cuck

59a135  No.12928147


Think about it smart guy, white people will be vilified, slandered, blamed and so on. They will be painted as the enemy of society. This in a sense is total emancipation from the system. When the system sees you as the enemy, you will see the system as your enemy.

a3de49  No.12928152



How? No way there's 50 people in the vid. And now they're saying it's *2* mosques????

61cc5c  No.12928156


Honestly, you need to understand the kikes WANT us to fight Muslims … for them of course. The West got to weak and didn't want to fight kike wars anymore, so they are flooding us so we get angry.

They divide and conquer. Killing a bunch of muzzles doing nothing does nothing for anyone. I'm not going to speculate about anything but if you have a decent IQ you should know this by now.


The debate was already shutdown.

cce5bc  No.12928157

Does anyone have a link to the full video of the shooting so that I can save it?

e257d7  No.12928158


Uh the government is going to take everything away from us anyways soooooo?

What you are saying is the equivalent of "don't fight back, you'll just make you attacker more angry". They are planning to exterminate all wypipo. They are gonna take everything away, rather we cuck, or fight back. You cannot appease them, they want us all dead.

c1f6c8  No.12928162


He successfully drove away from the first one, so it makes sense he'd reach a second.

0bc22c  No.12928163


he said the 2nd mosque was a bonus objective and where he'd go right after. he also shot people in the street and out of his car. and there were atleast 30 people in that first mosque

59a135  No.12928167


>shut down the debate



af90c7  No.12928170


>muslims and jews get away with everything

>when whites do something freedoms are taken away and funding is lost

Hey FAGGOT, white people will eventually notice this pattern and rise up en masse.

61cc5c  No.12928173


I don't disagree, but you have to reach critical mass first.

In the Muslim world 60% of of people support this kind of activity, its why they get away with it.

66bfcf  No.12928175

File: 00ce259527844a0⋯.png (209.12 KB, 454x675, 454:675, 0c4b6db00311b9cdc0ec0981fd….png)

1106ec  No.12928176

File: e8c50d393719c05⋯.png (240.53 KB, 808x721, 808:721, left-wasnt-racist.png)

File: 049224c83bc17d4⋯.png (74.82 KB, 505x876, 505:876, Musling-Gang-Rape-Of-White….png)


The @nodiscrim pedophile government of Australia that says investigating Muslim Gang Rapes And Little Boy Rape Brothels are off-limits has already BLAMES WHO IS RESPONSIBLE…

The government says the conserative press is responsible for this attack.

The Conserative News outlets covered all the muslim gang rapes that the attacker said aside a whole chapter of his manifesto on.


I put up the government reports on my thread now where they say to hate muslim gang rape, to talk about it, or even publish stories about it in the media is a hate crime because it inspires racial violence.




Left still thinks Skaf rapes weren’t racist

Miranda Devine, The Daily Telegraph

August 29, 2015 9:56pm

“You deserve it because you’re an Australian” they told one victim. “Suck on it, Aussie pig” another victim was told while being raped 25 times by fourteen men in a degrading six-hour ordeal. They called her a “slut”, told her they would rape her “Leb style” and asked her if “Leb c… tasted better than Aussie c…”. The 18-year-old victim code-named Miss C later testified: “I looked in his eyes. I had never seen such indifference.” She had been sitting on a train, dressed for a job interview in her best suit, reading The Great Gatsby, when she was ­approached by the youths, who stole her mobile phone to lure her off the train. Police investigated as many as 70 similar gang rapes which occurred in August and September 2000. Women and girls as young as 14 snatched off trains and from shopping malls and driven to southwest Sydney to be assaulted by groups of men summoned by mobile phone: “I’ve got a slut with me bro, come to Punchbowl.” At the time, detectives were struck by DNA evidence which showed many of the rapists were blood relatives, including at least two sets of brothers. In the end, 14 youths, including ringleader Bilal Skaf and his brother Mohammed, were convicted of raping seven women, and sentenced to jail terms of between 11 and 55 years (reduced on appeal). Justice was done, thanks to the courage of the victims submitting themselves to trials and retrials, and the competence of investigating police and Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen. But a sinister pall hung over the case. A stifling political correctness sought to suppress the truth of those gang rapes, pretending they were just like any other crime, with no religious or racial motivations, and that racists were lying to create a “moral panic”. It was the beginning of an Orwellian push by the social engineers of the Left to demean and damage anyone who spoke honestly about the cultural and religious faultlines that would soon lead to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and endless social disruption since. As one of the journalists ­involved from the beginning in the story of Sydney’s gang rapes, which broke in July, 2001, I was staggered, naively, by the pressure to sanitise the victims’ accounts. This pressure came from fellow journalists, judges, lawyers, academics, politicians, the Human Rights and Equal ­Opportunity Commission, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, even feminists. Careers were made by twisting secondhand facts to prove a conspiracy against Muslims in the Australian media and criminal justice system. Police, prosecutors and journalists involved firsthand in the case were accused of being Islamophobes — the launch of that now well-worn slur. Whole books and PhD theses were written about “Islamophobia in Australia”.

1106ec  No.12928180


NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Chris Puplick published a 123-page pamphlet wrongly claiming the media was infected with institutionalised “anti-Arab, anti-Muslim” bigotry which created “moral panic” in the community. In the August, 2001, case of three men convicted of gang raping two 16-year-old girls, then NSW District Court Judge Megan Latham, (now the ICAC commissioner who accused Cunneen of perverting the course of justice over a car crash involving her son’s girlfriend) imposed ludicrously ­lenient sentences, which were later more than doubled on appeal. At the time, Latham made a point of debunking the racial element: “There is nothing said or done by the offenders which provides the slightest basis for imputing to (the rapists) some discrimination in terms of the nationality of their victims,” she said. One of the victims later complained her victim impact statement had been “censored” of “ethnic” references by prosecutors. But the facts had an ­inconvenient habit of asserting themselves in court. When District Court Judge Michael Finnane sentenced ringleader Skaf to a record 55 years in jail, he said: “By their own actions and their own words they have drawn this completely unique slur on their own culture by asking some of the victims do they like it Leb-style, suggesting that in some way they, themselves, are part of some separate group that isn’t really part of this community (and) they are wreaking revenge on the other group, the Australian group, if you like.” The emphatic nature of the convictions still didn’t convince the distortion merchants. Cunneen was heckled when she addressed a conference on the prevention of violence against women three years later. The hecklers asserted the gang rape cases were “nothing but racist prosecutions”. To its eternal shame, the leftist establishment has never acknowledged that young Muslim men singled out non-Muslim women to rape on the basis that they were “Aussie pigs” and “sluts” who asked for it. A PC stance on multiculturalism is more important than the safety of women.

dbc49f  No.12928191


>just point out the problems, goyim

How about a solution? Like a final one?

61f9f0  No.12928193



>What a great morning, lads! I'm watching that video for the 10th time now.

Cool story bro. Who's the chick? Google search came up with 'sitting'.

bfc50a  No.12928194

VPNing ausbro here

ISPs are taking this shit pretty seriously, can't access 8ch, liveleak, or archive.is in the clear anymore

b9a43b  No.12928201


You're too civilized to deal with these barbarians.

Muslims have no problems with murdering the children of their host country. We just repay in kind.

af90c7  No.12928202



Go back to reddit

ce2494  No.12928211


based and Savitripilled

54360a  No.12928212




However, this guy was Australian, not a Kiwi.

1106ec  No.12928213


Download location for Australian Government reports that say it's racist to give media coverage to Muslim gang rapes of White woman, and a homophobic "witch hunt" for the Wood Royal Commision to investigate child rape boy brothels run by gay catholic priest Robert Dolly Dunn.


03d3ab  No.12928216


Except he was Australian

59a135  No.12928218


>you have to look like France before you are allowed to do anything

France and Greece are out of time. But this is the double edged sword of globalism. What happened in NZ happened in France, Spain and the entire white world simultaneously. This is globohomo.

50c2ff  No.12928229

File: 10803523c1183f8⋯.png (15 KB, 586x112, 293:56, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)



Shitlibs, homos, and trannies on MetaFilter are wailing and gnashing teeth.


This is a good dipstick into the stupid narratives they use. Demographic here is late-boomers and gen-x. A few millennials too.

Maximum empathy for brown invaders. Zero concern for demographic pressures or the Islamic threat led to this action. The usual calls to curtail free speech and restrict firearms. The latter will probably happen.

61cc5c  No.12928230


Wasen't Brerivik in some kinda Knights Templar group?

d7e662  No.12928232


lurk more faggot

61f9f0  No.12928236


>Except he was Australian

Australians and New Zealanders are like Austrians and Bavarians. Are you not woke?

ff96b6  No.12928240


Dumbshit you have it backwards, Kiwi's hate Australian's.

The Shooter was an Australian, shooting up a New Zealand Mosque.

7d7c7e  No.12928246


Are you retarded? ISPs don't do shit without the courts getting involved and Aussie courts do not move quickly and even if they did they only do DNS blocking so use literally any other DNS provider.

737959  No.12928252


He claimed to be backed by some organization by that name yes. Honestly considering how much memes are in that document it is probably just a joke.

1106ec  No.12928254

84a267  No.12928255

File: 4dc94a0d6680539⋯.mp4 (13.84 MB, 720x576, 5:4, Eye Nz Shooter Comp-1.mp4)

bideo gayms

e257d7  No.12928256

File: 5e4bdff8779e951⋯.jpg (102.45 KB, 524x696, 131:174, a8e2e0566aa9c29527a4b1fc14….jpg)

Fuck the optics. They are already openly genociding whites. They want all of us dead. The (((government))) will take everything from us eventually anyways. Cozy morning, and today will forever be national New Zealand Appreciation day to me and my family. Next time, don't build mosques in New Zealand, Einstein!

61f9f0  No.12928260



>What a great morning, lads! I'm watching that video for the 10th time now.

Cool story bro. Who's the chick? Google search came up with 'sitting'.

b9a43b  No.12928263

File: 5b1f0f259a377b5⋯.png (1.86 MB, 826x3577, 118:511, breivik.png)

cce5bc  No.12928269

File: 87d4398de67b330⋯.png (349.31 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 1522084528876.png)


122cca  No.12928272

File: 55c6ca79338b40c⋯.png (176.16 KB, 1338x970, 669:485, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)




61cc5c  No.12928296


Knights Templar are some serious players though, I have no idea if they really exist today but if you know the history behind them, it was them that got us out of the dark ages, and they essentially created the modern banking system after the Royalty of the day (and then the Jews) stole their system and banished them underground.

b9a43b  No.12928297

File: 97d4b807e4b4a0c⋯.gif (727.61 KB, 500x270, 50:27, 97d4b807e4b4a0c9ac1586368d….gif)

61cc5c  No.12928304


Maybe they did this to tighten up the Gun Laws on their little escape Island.

Pitty most people will probably just bury their guns like Australians did.

122cca  No.12928311




Top Clinton aide John Podesta describes Australian politics as a self-referential "circular firing squad" and warns that the country needs to address pressing issues around climate change and artificial intelligence, if it is to resist the global rise of far-right populism.




I thought the NZ shooter was AUSTRALIAN?

In general

Who are you?

Just a ordinary White man,28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class,low income family.





au ag = death

At a glance, au ag would logically be the symbols for gold and silver. But that meaning is called into question when you find out that one of the founders of the airport also discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, also called AUAG. It has been rumored that AUAG could be a potent weapon in biological warfare. This symbol rests on the ground directly in front of the biological warfare mural.

HBsAg (also known as the Australia antigen) is the surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It indicates current hepatitis B infection.

61cc5c  No.12928316


We've already had threads on this.

1b37dd  No.12928328

File: deafcfa4c8f8b3c⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1000x749, 1000:749, ClipboardImage.png)



Matt Damon has purchased a house in Byron Bay next door to Chris Hemsworth

And it's because of Donald Trump.


122cca  No.12928338

File: 8b386232fb07083⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, mossadNZ.png)

02ca7c  No.12928349


Why EYE though? Talk about random.

dcdf22  No.12928361


>CHECK THIS!!!!!!!!!!

>no source.jpg


389a0d  No.12928366

File: cef4f6a441a9317⋯.png (114.39 KB, 676x511, 676:511, ClipboardImage.png)


54360a  No.12928373


Byron Bay is in Australia, though.

d0084d  No.12928375


Good heavens, shills are out in full force today.

61f9f0  No.12928386



>What a great morning, lads! I'm watching that video for the 10th time now.

Cool story bro. Who's the chick? Google search came up with 'sitting'.

66bfcf  No.12928388


I may be wrong here but if I had to take a wild guess, anons source was The Telegraph…

b9a43b  No.12928403


Now that John "Fatherhood" Podesta was there, this gets us in a whole nother dimension. This has the same tendencies as the Breivik shooting. i.e. Breivik was used to backpedal the growing Volk Nationalism sentiment.


I did not know that. I posted the image to remind anon what the verdict on Breivik is.

fb9177  No.12928412

File: c0e3ab37bc9cf2f⋯.jpg (427.19 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, c0e3ab37bc9cf2f7c977605ca5….jpg)

The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.

66bfcf  No.12928416



Damn, just woke up to the story. I missed he was a Strayan in NZ.

dec28b  No.12928433

File: 1bb872fcad3aa5f⋯.png (1.58 MB, 782x1106, 391:553, 3286bf9c56ead1545d25b83b27….png)


Sentiment or survival.

9eff11  No.12928440

File: 0aa338b36d0b58f⋯.png (1.68 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, F5CD4689-4B0C-49DD-8EBE-0C….png)

File: 044b96ec3dd0336⋯.jpeg (93.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 4DE89BFB-2B62-41CB-88D0-C….jpeg)

Any bakers on this?

b9a43b  No.12928481

File: dacfe17c763e60a⋯.png (19.32 KB, 230x230, 1:1, dacfe17c763e60aec4908cbb43….png)



c45b9e  No.12928485


brown-dick worshiping bloated /leftypol/ meme at its finest.

c45b9e  No.12928493


rofl nice try newfag. kikes need to burn.

cd9329  No.12928503

File: 0709f326cc57f18⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 615x399, 205:133, HerNameWasEbbaAkerlund.jpg)


If you read his manifesto, he says the Muslim truck attack, that killed the partially deaf child because she couldn't hear the truck coming, was the turning point for him.

The 11-year-old girl was just coming home from school to meet her mom, when Islam ran her over with a fucking truck.

But you whine like a child over Muslim children paying for the sins of their fathers.

And, anyway, I haven't heard of any child-deaths in this counterattack…have there even been any?

TAKEN FROM Stockholm attack driver 'deliberately targeted young children' as he drove hijacked lorry into crowd

A suspected terrorist targeted young children as he drove a hijacked lorry into a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, witnesses claimed last night.

Infants’ buggies were sent “flying through the air”, one Swedish broadcaster reported, as the vehicle zigzagged along the pedestrianised Queen Street shopping district and embedded itself in the window of a department store.

“It swerved from side to side. It didn’t look out of control, it was trying to hit people,” a second witness, Glen Foran, an Australian tourist, told Reuters. “It hit people, it was terrible. It hit a pram with a kid in it, demolished it.”

Fuck the souls of every Mudslime that died in NZ.

They're all in Hell.

000000  No.12928552


>What are the results of this attack?


In other words: turning up the heat! :^)

54360a  No.12928570


So just reverse the terms. Not sure if you're Ozzy or not but Kiwis and Ozzies have an eternal bantz rivalry so it'll totally work.

1106ec  No.12928580

The Australian Government has already put out a report blaming the Australian media for inspiring this attack for daring to cover Muslim Gang Rape cases in Sydney and Ashfield that appeared in Brenton's manifesto.

Jewish Pedophile government spokesperson for the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board Christopher Puplick was saying since 2003, all muslim gang rape cases must be hushed in the media or this will happpen. At long last the dirty jew has been proven right, and now for national unity they must really clamp down on our free speech, block 8chan and make everyone normies.

@nodiscrim stands for the rape of white women and children - I have already proven that in my numerous videos: 153news.net/view_channel.php?user=hojuruku

Australian woman must be gagged for life once they have had the muslim cock forced upon them.

By order - The anti discrimination board of nsw

Ten bucks the same laws as Sweden are coming now…

Check these posts & this thread - head of ADB is a pedophile and tried to stop an investigation into his favorite boy brothel ran by Robert Dolly Dunn. Anyone who exposes the ADB leadership loving raping little boys - gets hunted down by the facebook.com/policeglbti - I don't blame people for reaching for their guns. It's already gone too far in Australia. Australian's have to go to NZ to protest.. That's why it happened in NZ they already took our guns with a false flag.












9aa1a3  No.12928596


Imagine being paid to defend muslims.

cd9329  No.12928600


>attempted meme rife with falsehoods and lies.

Leftyfag, for a meme to be effective, it has to portray a truth.

Just as for a joke to be effective, it must be based on truth. Jokes based on lies are just cringeworthy, as are memes based on lies.

54360a  No.12928604


>They're all in Hell.


000000  No.12928631


Overchan is the bunker in case this place burns in a DIA classified materials chamber. DuckDuckGo for Tor and I2P addresses to the various front-ends!

714b89  No.12928640

File: c2aa77c85783ce8⋯.png (358.49 KB, 641x1113, 641:1113, ClipboardImage.png)

000000  No.12928644


>they are going to shut down the containment board

oh, are you sure thats a good idea? I thought the point of h8chan was to contain and monitor… hmmmmm this is some legit 37D tic-tac-toe

5f525c  No.12928650

File: f23db0cf2fb34f5⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 600x450, 4:3, sb.jpg)


people who want a Final solution are in the minority. The majority will try and stop you. Think achievable.Example less immigration more oversight of muslim communities.


Implying Muslim pedos and terrorists aren't in jail and terrorist sites aren't take down.


You could have won less immigration and government doing more on radical islam and pedo mulsims but now they won't want to be siding with WS.


>government is going to take everything away from us anyways

Bullshit. all those things I listed were only taken away AFTER a shooting. Figure it out.

You can fightback but everytime you use violence you lose the argument.


The BBC was discussing muslims pedos on the main evening news progams as a headline - saying "why always muslim pedos on white ppl" . Ever since the finsbury park mosque it's a short 1min segment buried 20mins in talking about "asian men" with no debate and no mention of race of victims. They are scared to debate because they fear stoking violence - THESE ATTACKS are killing the debate.


You'll never win without the majority on your side - anything else is a fantasy. This means winning over normies. Normies HATE violence. They hate Muslim violence but they also hate WS violence. WS violence makes it look like "both sides are bad" to normies. If you don't understand this you've just spent too much time in a WS echo chamber and NOT enough time in Normie land.

66bfcf  No.12928659

File: 1ad64cf65547f63⋯.png (63.27 KB, 361x333, 361:333, 982176457391753219.png)


Yeah but Ozzys already have that #1 shitposter rep so it seems less funny knowing a Kiwi didn't scoop em ya know

fb9177  No.12928678


Please. Please for the love of God, let it be over.

d80c0d  No.12928686


You can also identify as a LGBT Pirate. Point beeing?

000000  No.12928689


that's a great narrative you have there, would be a shame if someone were to shit all over it… ;^)

59a135  No.12928692


Those "tech savvy" nazis know all sorts of deepweb websites though

25b369  No.12928710

File: 8584e341fbdcbc2⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1399x1915, 1399:1915, 60CD4CAA-839E-426C-8AC8-5….jpeg)


Leftypol is having a rough time with this. The read was about thoughts that make you feel optimistic for the future.

0753c1  No.12928726


BT said he didn't hate Muslims in his manifesto. He only hates those he consider invaders. It can make sense for him to say these things about Pakistan knowing that he wants to preserve all countries' cultures through ethno-nationalism. And tourism is completely different than immigration. BT seems to have wanted all people, no matter what race, to have their own unique culture and state.

45b097  No.12928727


Because he has gained brofist.

1106ec  No.12928734

File: 4b65cb2cf0130da⋯.png (188.29 KB, 1127x847, 161:121, satanic-pedo-censorship-on….png)


4chan pedophiles already do a good job of shutting shit down.

Shutting down their whole site wouldn't make much of a dent….

This post lasted lest than 30 mins.

http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/135163177 (that got archived by another site, offical 4chan and 4chan archive killed this thread in 30 mins)

4channers can get banned, but Long Live HotWheels.

b572af  No.12928741

File: 62ff7c6bde7d43f⋯.gif (445.63 KB, 499x408, 499:408, killEverybody.gif)

Can we name this shooting, "Counter strike."

25b369  No.12928748


He’s a visitor from leftypol. He does it for free.

b572af  No.12928758

File: 3249421aa67f776⋯.mp4 (3.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sam Hyde Illegal Move UTR.mp4)

Also, where the FUCK is the Sam Hyde meme?

d20fdb  No.12928762

Tldr a bunch of pathetic loser incels who will never know happiness, friendship or a woman's touch 🤣🤣🤠 Next time just kill yourselves in a hole in the ground where you belong

2c65e6  No.12928769

File: 4e1927f30512752⋯.jpg (392.62 KB, 1070x676, 535:338, refugees welcome sweden st….jpg)

000000  No.12928778


Welcome newfag, and just remember; you're here FOREVER!

66bfcf  No.12928801

File: 17ef1e902397dc7⋯.png (214.13 KB, 454x675, 454:675, 0c4b6db00311b9cdc0ec0981fd….png)


cd9329  No.12928808



News media tells the fucking truth for once, and that makes THEM the bad guys?

Pretty much confirms what a pack of fucking liars our governments are. They even get pissy when other people WON'T lie.

59a135  No.12928821


you can post emojis here?

0230ad  No.12928823

File: 249083ba93a7861⋯.mp4 (4.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, desusex.mp4)

927616  No.12928834



The problem is they cant blame the media for reporting on the muslim rape gangs without admitting there are muslim rape gangs.

And people would naturally blame the rapists more than the media telling them about the rapists.

143e91  No.12928837

File: 4fad7f5b2abcc9a⋯.png (267.38 KB, 566x322, 283:161, WyGCK21.png)


All your points are valid. If you're nopt hitting near the top of power it's useless. Killed a bunch of falafel crunching NPCs, no politicians or Jews even. Still edgy teens and sociopaths will enjoy this.

1106ec  No.12928844

File: 63e2ce9000069c0⋯.jpg (764.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, asas.jpg)

File: ab510db71acb1c6⋯.png (810.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, illridewithyou2.png)


I did a big presentation censored from Jew Tube for hate [of pedpohile] speech with Jim Fetzer exposing a GAY DAD PEDOPHILE @TwoDadsAndMe CHARGED WITH CHILD RAPE STAGING A FALSE FLAG HATE CRIME Against Muslims known as #IllRideWithYou that even Obama was putting out White House Press Releases about and Ben Shapiro the jew was only giving limited exposure to in the middle the Lindt Siege Muslim Terror attack in Sydney… They didn't include Man Monis anti-fag manifesto in the inquest… Funny eh?

Here's the video exposing a false flag attack in Sydney with James Fetzer, and yes the fucking jews got a big mention.


6afed7  No.12928851

All the uploads have been taken down? Anyone care to provide? I'm a bit late to the party.

07e46e  No.12928852


>worried about birthrates

>doesn't have any children

fe639f  No.12928867



61cc5c  No.12928883


>attack in sweden

>blame muzzies in NZ

thats liberal tier logic brother

ee43f4  No.12928884


Yeah we all saw it you fucking sperg stop acting like you saved us all from something.

918949  No.12928894

File: 027e9eb31a52965⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 528x498, 88:83, 09d88c798f287830a246b78446….jpg)


>you decide to kill children

It's just an afterbirth abortion, anon. The left loves that

26d130  No.12928895


That one is a joke

f8c88f  No.12928901

File: cac88db0c5e2915⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1496348191744.gif)


i already do fren

64e0c2  No.12928903

I'm watching MSNBC live and they are mentioning us

61cc5c  No.12928918



4chan already basically shutdown by moving to a safe for work web domain

e257d7  No.12928932


Post gore so normal faggots leave.

7fdf17  No.12928944

File: 6cb78df0e39d371⋯.jpg (169.04 KB, 650x829, 650:829, b74be432bd8574a6ce9e41eecd….jpg)


Whatever helps you sleep at night faggot.

9e3904  No.12928955

File: 6f61697a33a1cbd⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 1542130762235.png)


and anime

a5c361  No.12928956


The hacker known as 8chan?

66bfcf  No.12928963


are we talking about a brief mention, 8/pol/ by name, a full segment topic? Details anon DETAILS!

4f4b61  No.12928967


Thank you for the poophead remark. I needed that today :’)

1d5403  No.12928991


It's 2019 you bigot, murder of ideological opposition is now just an extra-late term post-delivery abortion.

ff96b6  No.12928998

File: 40f1643a11947d1⋯.jpg (110.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 40f1643a11947d1a317ca70d4f….jpg)


Just anime please.

9730d2  No.12929000


I also saved it, it's been saved by many

9e3904  No.12929008

File: 6f3eee231f42a21⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1829x2048, 1829:2048, 1547774359716.png)

File: 66fc27b7d8f1c59⋯.png (451.19 KB, 583x518, 583:518, bang.png)

64516d  No.12929018

File: 2a9c552e0482c0e⋯.jpg (56.06 KB, 461x487, 461:487, mooning.jpg)

File: 7bfb1f8a046c287⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, moonman.jpg)



a97f90  No.12929023

File: d2ff560dd13e3b2⋯.png (483.95 KB, 493x741, 493:741, 40348301_665448237173693_7….png)


i've seen this exact same post multiple times on cuckchan, what are you trying to shill?

7098db  No.12929040

59a135  No.12929050


Can you tell me what 4chan is saying about this? I'm not a journo asking questions I just hate 4chan so much and I don't want to go to it but I want to know what they are saying.

ff96b6  No.12929052

File: 163a2e89aaa0521⋯.png (107.79 KB, 488x241, 488:241, 163a2e89aaa052103c91edef98….png)

File: c237ca412e363a3⋯.jpg (182.3 KB, 850x850, 1:1, c237ca412e363a3d11ada2f74b….jpg)

45b097  No.12929053

File: b45fa6da7928eb3⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 3046e91f12129fe1602f41e9c3….jpg)




6be181  No.12929058


>Make of it what you will, but why did this Muslim woman, when confronted with death, uncharacteristically fail to call upon Allah?

Maybe in her moment of panic she failed to remember her imaginary friend.

I'm not a Christian, but I was raised in a Christian culture. Yet when I was in a life and death situation for about an hour or so, it literally never occurred to me to ask Yahweh for help. Not even a "please God" or "God help me"

I just went into survival mode and swam to safety.

cd9329  No.12929067

File: ea9f56eeb88c8c5⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 768x512, 3:2, IWantToDoThis.jpg)


There would be no attacks at all if mudslimes would get the fuck out and go back to their own countries.

Why do they have to come to white countries and fuck them up with their shit-tier religious garbage?

Everywhere mudslimes go, terrorism follows. Everywhere mudslimes go, they create enclaves of mudslimes, just like the core of a boil.


Also…never forget, shills…this kind of attack can easily be be made on the offices of anyone, like anti-gun groups, shill warehouses, pedophile groups…everyone that keeps pissing off the wrong people on a regular basis, and thinks their victims will just take it forever.

1106ec  No.12929074

File: b2727358bb9a2c3⋯.png (73.93 KB, 447x849, 149:283, tolerate-muslim-rape.png)




You deserve it because you’re an Australian” they told one victim. “Suck on it, Aussie pig” another victim was told while being raped 25 times by fourteen men in a degrading six-hour ordeal. They called her a “slut”, told her they would rape her “Leb style” and asked her if “Leb c… tasted better than Aussie c…”.

The 18-year-old victim code-named Miss C later testified: “I looked in his eyes. I had never seen such indifference.” She had been sitting on a train, dressed for a job interview in her best suit, reading The Great Gatsby, when she was ­approached by the youths, who stole her mobile phone to lure her off the train. Police investigated as many as 70 similar gang rapes which occurred in August and September 2000. Women and girls as young as 14 snatched off trains and from shopping malls and driven to southwest Sydney to be assaulted by groups of men summoned by mobile phone: “I’ve got a slut with me bro, come to Punchbowl.” At the time, detectives were struck by DNA evidence which showed many of the rapists were blood relatives, including at least two sets of brothers. In the end, 14 youths, including ringleader Bilal Skaf and his brother Mohammed, were convicted of raping seven women, and sentenced to jail terms of between 11 and 55 years (reduced on appeal). Justice was done, thanks to the courage of the victims submitting themselves to trials and retrials…..

The government says you are not "tolerant" if you can't tolerate Muslim Gang rapes around the world of white women. They don't want you think about it, read about it or talk about it.

(((THEY))) want to shut it down. This guy did what he did so we can get some traction to expose the pedophiles like Christopher Puplick in the Australian government putting out reports saying THE MEDIA MUST NOT COVER THE WAVE OF MUSLIM GANG RAPE CASES FOR THE SAKE OF NATIONAL UNITY.

292ebd  No.12929078

File: bbc07a1090cc768⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bbc07a1090cc768fe19debc868….jpg)


I wonder how many white women he saved from sexual assault yesterday. A dozen? A hundred?

f8a14f  No.12929083

File: 9dc138d99d8b32e⋯.jpg (489.93 KB, 1112x1708, 278:427, 5332532535.jpg)


b572af  No.12929084

Rest in peace brother. You did the right thing.

5ec94b  No.12929088

File: f119f9bddf59357⋯.png (352.66 KB, 640x416, 20:13, Brenton Tarrant 2.png)

File: fa8d5e6bed8f112⋯.png (8.05 KB, 529x135, 529:135, cohencidence.png)

File: 7e50e128a0825f8⋯.png (156.29 KB, 1337x911, 1337:911, downloads.png)

File: 19043a550eeb0f3⋯.png (400.29 KB, 887x652, 887:652, twomosques.png)

File: 5e00f7b1b61e3fa⋯.png (85.09 KB, 651x509, 651:509, ziokiketrumplover.png)

>M.ossad false flag edition NZ

Here are some notable events that happened regarding the mosque shooting in NZ:

>two mosques were shot, not one

>four (!) people were arrested, not one

>Tarrant somehow visited Pakistan as a muslim hater

>Tarrant STILL supports (((Trump))) as a symbol of white identity

>the name Alexandre Bissonette was on 'Tarrant's" rifle equipment; Alexandre Bissonnette is the 'patsy' in the Quebec Mosque shooting

>the manifesto contains typical Jewish-American spelling

>Tarrant was alledgedly inspired by literal zionist mason Andres Breivik

I am not saying the guy who played Tarrant wasn't on this board; in fact, I think it was a CIA/Mossadi glowkike that completely enshrined himself in his new identity to do this attack, which makes it even more disorienting for anons.

What this did:

>Some Muslims died

>Will encourage revenge attacks by Jihadists on European communities

>Definitely will be used for more gun control justification

>Gives an easy excuse to silence anti-Islam speakers

>Islam will continue to exist in the West

>Didn't attack any kind of actual power structure or person in power

>Didn't expose anything or redpill anyone

>Those whites that do decide to defend the attack, will get drawn to Zionism

The best course of action? Unironically blame Israel for inspiring hatred against muslims with figures like Trump (Tarrant supported Trump), Tommy Robinson (literal Mossad agent) and Avi Yemeni (Aussie-pretender constantly attacking Muslims). This can only be beneficial, because either Israel admits that they hate muslims, or they have to pretend they like muslims (hypocritical). We must control the narrative.

Also, dig, fellow anons.

(I (((cohencidentally))) cannot create any thread of my own to post this in.

e257d7  No.12929099

File: 3fadc08654cacc6⋯.gif (728.69 KB, 422x750, 211:375, black_sun.gif)


If the death toll is 50, then I would say he saved 100 white women min. If you factor future Muslim children that will no longer happen, it would be in the thousands.

cd9329  No.12929100


Pretty much what we're saying here, only with more weak-tits crying about how terrible it was.

59a135  No.12929114


>only with more weak-tits crying about how terrible it was

makes sense, that place is full of complete trash

e257d7  No.12929116


There is no political solution. They have planned the extermination of whites for thousands of years. They will not let us vote our way out of it. The media that they own will never report on us fairly. Who cares. This will all end in violence.

90ce5d  No.12929126

Good work. This dumb bastard has made muslim migrants martyrs. Such a good job. Killed a bunch of women and kids - so hardcore.

Now every time there will be a protest against islamisation / mosque building / sharia patrols you can expect the screams about Brenton Tarrant. This moron just gave the left a silver bullet to use against us. I am an actual racist. I want clean neighbourhoods. Thanks to idiots like this it will no longer be possible. Rot in hell

219c63  No.12929132

Anybody know the name of the song in the OP?

bc471c  No.12929136

File: 06a3b1595f5b321⋯.png (205.46 KB, 683x547, 683:547, 1378274083360.png)


I'm kinda scared to watch.

c1f6c8  No.12929143


>his moron just gave the left a silver bullet to use against us.

That was the point stated in the manifesto. He's forcing whites into a situation where we either get violent or lose everything, in the hopes we get violent.

9d152d  No.12929145

File: a846c31523d9a09⋯.png (27.18 KB, 570x92, 285:46, ClipboardImage.png)

292ebd  No.12929151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't be gay.

59a135  No.12929154


He deserves a statue

cd9329  No.12929162

File: c3d93acd8bfa7eb⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 500x295, 100:59, YourResponsibility.jpg)


During the Columbine incident, one Christian girl was praying when the asshats showed up to kill her, and even told the little fucktard she forgave him.

This wrenches emotion out of me more than I'd like to admit.

Some Christians are too good for this shitty world, and had better just leave these things to assholes like the rest of us.

We'll handle it, just try to stay clear.

e257d7  No.12929181

File: 7e2d634cf11eaed⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 625x417, 625:417, 7e2d634cf11eaedb7be5f94834….jpg)


They have been planning the total genocide of whites for thousands of years, you really think this 1 shooting made the difference? If we all went belly up and promise to be the best slaves they will still kill us. Whites haven't been given any other option. It is us or (((them))). Optics don't matter, rather we bend over for them, or rather we walk around with swastica flags, they still intend to tape torture and kill every last white person down to the last child. It looks like the Saxon is learning to hate again. About fucking time.

Did muslims care about white children in the countless acts of terror they have inflicted? Nope. I hope their little maggots suffer in hell.

7447d9  No.12929194


>Shooter clearly didn't want the kid to become an orphan

What kinda monster are you to want parentless mudbloods to fend for themselves?

000000  No.12929201



>I forgive you

>eats lead

So what you are saying is, when your enemies kill you, jesus is pleased?

e257d7  No.12929221


The way things are going whites will lose everything anyways. So why are people trying to virtue signal that they feel bad for Islamic colonists?

2dd972  No.12929248


Wrong about Anders.

Lurk more you shill scum.

cd9329  No.12929251


What I'm saying is, she kept to her faith, even when the gun barrel was pointed at her forehead.

She couldn't fight them, she was not armed, and not physically strong enough.

But she kept to her faith, did not beg for her life, as someone that really didn't trust in their doctrine would have.

I'm disappointed nobody tried to jump either one of those Jew bastards, but I'm not disappointed in her.

c1f6c8  No.12929252


Exactly. Better for things to heat up while our population is higher, and our gun ownership is still strong.

af2c53  No.12929290

File: 8832bd675a79e1f⋯.jpg (58.45 KB, 700x673, 700:673, a.jpg)


>>Will encourage revenge attacks by Jihadists on European communities

Good. The more people they kill, the more eyes will open. Some have to die for the whole race to survive.

45b097  No.12929292


>one Christian girl was praying

Don't worry, she was probably a whore and a protestant anyway.

9f5e5f  No.12929293


read the manifesto retard

05e127  No.12929306


The fact that there's meat on the pizza seems like an oversight.

3b8c01  No.12929316


You grossly overestimate the capacity of normalfags to understand this world; (((4d chess moves))) fly waaay high above their heads, but not in the muslim issue. Don't you understand that this was meant for the normies, to shock them ?

6be181  No.12929329


The trouble is that they will not stay clear because they think that they'll score good boy points from the liberals by loudly and vehemently denouncing us for this.

I can already hear Princess PJ saying "See liberals? I denouncince RIght Wing Terror. See? I denounce it. He should have voted for the muslims to leave New Zealand but not fought back! I denounce Right wing violence"

All the while the fuckers at antifa celebrate every violent action they commit against us.

And why shouldn't they? That's how you win.

cd9329  No.12929330

File: 70178094721d7c7⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 474x327, 158:109, GlobalistPlan.jpg)


If he's right, and this creates a situation where they try to confiscate firearms, there WILL be a revolution, and it will be a nasty one.

Best to map out key weaknesses in the electrical grid near your positions, and prepare to utilize biochemical warfare on a mass scale, just to be sure.

I would think that we will have to engage the better part of the regular army, although the Air Force and National Guard will be divided in our favor.

Any Federal policing forces they send, no matter how well-armed, will be toast.

The heads of our snakes will be prime targets for insurgent attacks, cut them off, and the body dies.

6be181  No.12929340


>If you kill your enemies, they win

c1f6c8  No.12929352


I want to see what happens if a nationalist revolution takes a nuclear silo. It might take a while to undo the safeguards, but it could be done.

65db10  No.12929360


You're a worthless moron if you've been here that long

292ebd  No.12929368

File: 644a4d2d2f23cac⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, Incredulous Australian Man.jpg)


>i ashamed of myself for frequenting this site

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

cd9329  No.12929373

File: 7694565a54f8bfa⋯.jpg (78.18 KB, 625x625, 1:1, Game.jpg)


>He should have voted for the muslims to leave New Zealand but not fought back!

I would simply ask them when the last time they had any chance to vote for stopping migrants was.

We have no control over this crap, and our elected "representatives" only represent shekels.

that's why I say the Christians, no matter how well-meaning, need to stay out of this.

3cbb94  No.12929375

Anyone have a working link of his manifesto.pdf?

84a267  No.12929389

File: 07791c02dbacf1f⋯.mp4 (13.68 MB, 720x480, 3:2, EYE COMP1.mp4)

Alright I edited the video a bit better

0b254c  No.12929392

File: b64bac23b6898ee⋯.png (10.58 KB, 128x128, 1:1, swastika 1.png)

File: 2801720508210ea⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Shooting - 1.webm)

Part 1

cd9329  No.12929393


heh…ultimately, everything boils down to an on/off switch.

0b254c  No.12929394

File: a0aa5d9abe8106c⋯.png (11.39 KB, 128x128, 1:1, swastika 2.png)

Part 2

0b254c  No.12929403

File: cc6d85b5dc0dd93⋯.png (12.05 KB, 128x128, 1:1, swastika 2.png)

File: 3a6568e1fa770b2⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Shooting - 2.webm)

Part 2

4e8c3f  No.12929417


you have magnet link for torrent which contains it

0b254c  No.12929425

File: 99bfcdbb44e899a⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1537975849868.jpg)

File: d9017cfda86a093⋯.pdf (867.57 KB, d9017cfda86a09390ffcea0976….pdf)

cd9329  No.12929427


Something I noticed…he's got a relatively new car with all the gadgets, he's got some expensive firearms…this wasn't a guy down on his luck with nothing to lose, was it?

c1f6c8  No.12929433

File: c75fa0005345460⋯.png (3.8 KB, 537x74, 537:74, ClipboardImage.png)


Here ya go



I would just upload it but 8ch is being a faggot.

0b254c  No.12929440


He planned it for months with other dudes.

You don't just shoot up 50 people and get away with it.

What did he have to lose?

6be181  No.12929445


Amen to that.

Anyone who acts shocked that this event happened should be reminded how the blacks of Rhodesia responded to every church massacre they conducted.

I am not a bloody minded person. But I completely support Mr. Tarrant.

0b254c  No.12929450


Nigger, learn how to duplicate post shit.

It only checks the first image for duplicates.

Upload a random anime cunt first and you can double post the video/pdfs all you want.

ac30ab  No.12929463


Remember how the media and leftists have been harping that "it's all whitey's fault" for whatever problem for the last several decades. Dude applied the same logic.

0b254c  No.12929469

File: ce2ba7b54f49865⋯.png (538.04 KB, 510x765, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c1f6c8  No.12929471


Thanks for the advice; I never knew that.

8c894b  No.12929473


It's called compassion/empathy fatigue.

8aac3b  No.12929493


because thats where 99% of people would look them up anyway

569d78  No.12929500

File: e8ab1d06d6c8cb3⋯.jpg (43.82 KB, 745x431, 745:431, C0sL5RJUkAERXqP.jpg)




7f485f  No.12929508


the fuck? any more info on these mossad agents?

c1f6c8  No.12929526


Multiple people detained is a far cry from multiple shooters.

f7225f  No.12929540


>You just had to point out the problems

Fucking moron, do you know why nobody supports or listen to imbeciles like you? Because there is simply nothing to support or listen to, you offer no solution which is extremely important when it comes to sending messages and influence people to do something. But chances are, you already know this and is another faggot on payroll. I hope you seriously hate your miserable life and most importantly I look forward to people taking even that from you because you don't deserve to live the most pathetic life either.

The only wrong thing this guy did is getting after the wrong target because violence is the only solution now, but after reading the thread I can understand him, the guy was simply too desperate. Shit like >>12928503 >>12927876 >>12926987 >>12929074 or >>12928580 already boils my blood and I'm not even close to Australia and this is just a small part. Shit like this shows that solution is going on the streets and if necessary become violent against the scum which is responsible for all of this and of course it's not a bunch of sandniggers, although they should be also removed due to the all the harm they cause, especially the ones who are responsible for rape which ironically and to no ones surprise feminists aren't covering, by the way.

Also fuck journalists who tell something about empathy and other shit in this thread, even in a form of text on the Internet it sounds fake as fuck coming for you, because what possibly monsters such as yourself would know anything about kindness, love and empathy, i.e. you're so low you even insult victims of those rapes and actually claim that criminals are innocent. You sick fucks have no soul and deserve the most painful death, much more than the scum you desperately trying to protect and they're the lowest of low.

cd9329  No.12929542

File: 5badeed879138c6⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 474x316, 3:2, SpearHunting.jpg)


Yea, your talking to a guy with a 1998 Chevy truck and a 2007 Jeep (that's been hit by 3 suicide deer) to my name, and will probably never own a new car.

And crap like Onstar or backup monitors…I wouldn't even know how to use them, and would hit them with an ox-bone if I encountered them.

This guy seemed well-supplied and able to spend a lot of dough.

I've got a bunch of guns, but only my AK and shotty aren't from WW2 era (well, I have some pistols that aren't, too), and couldn't bring myself to spend the dough it takes to get an AR variant.

A couple of the guns he used were $1,000 plus.

I'm kind of happy they now allow you to hunt with a spear in PA…

51f975  No.12929543

>Tarrant idolizes Brevick

100% this guy was MK'd

00e107  No.12929545


Is that an AR mag on the floor? If so this would be really suspicious of a set up false flag

1f43b1  No.12929547

File: ca57c2cd50bc028⋯.png (65.94 KB, 1044x616, 261:154, 5.png)

Posting in this historic thread.

e257d7  No.12929548


A jew in Sweden is no different than a jew in NZ. Likewise, a Muslim in any other land is still a fucking Muslim.

00e107  No.12929553

File: 66fcae6c9936c9d⋯.png (479.03 KB, 803x460, 803:460, mag.PNG)


sorry forgot image

84a267  No.12929577


His mags are double taped together, he dropped it on the floor earlier with one of the mags unused, and picks it up later.

000000  No.12929585

I'm gonna start a shooting center business.

That's some prosperous shit and a good way to meet how MILFs who care about their white progeny.

13b145  No.12929590


Most of the first part is the shooter driving. If you don't want to see it, you don't have to. However I do recommend reading the shooter's causus belli/manifesto. Apparently he/they wanted to make governments increase censorship and put more pressure on non-criminal populace in order to create a civil war.

ie. Reducing gun ownership rights, limiting freedom of speech…

He wants people to become more violent. That is his goal, to make the common man or woman exercise their hatred openly.

This whole thing screams false flag to me, but don't take my word for it. The only freedom you really have, is to make up your own mind.

1bfc56  No.12929596



>false flag!

9d152d  No.12929608



Thanks anon. My favorite action movie now.

51f975  No.12929617


All good points. Why don't these faggots choose high profile targets like high profile Jews or Muslims with influence in their community instead of just shooting some random sand niggers in a mosque?

54360a  No.12929625


Kiwis is the plural mate. Kiwi is singular.

1106ec  No.12929626

File: aae67aee5f3a62d⋯.jpg (79.63 KB, 851x660, 851:660, aae67aee5f3a62d64f7ede1163….jpg)

000000  No.12929640

I think I'm not gonna care if it was psyops or not.

Removing shitskins seems fun!!!! Eye for an eye. And beyond.

b726c2  No.12929642


do it faggot. it's your daily dose of objective reality. Muzzies jerk off to jihadi videos.

000000  No.12929647



he didn't expect he would be able to walk in and out as many times as he did, he didn't expect zero police response and he didn't expect to just be able to drive away; he mentions it not going as planned afterward as he drives off, wondering what he should do now.

9d152d  No.12929652

000000  No.12929661




1106ec  No.12929662

File: 737be2dd44329d9⋯.png (274.98 KB, 812x1200, 203:300, 737be2dd44329d90dd74fc5a47….png)


Some fucking pedophlie posted this on my threads before…

I don't endorse it…..

8chan didn't make me sick yesterday, but the day I first saw this - it made me sick.

54360a  No.12929667

File: 308b83549c412c9⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Coming foryou.jpg)




ec1f74  No.12929678


It didn't go as planned; he said so when he was driving away from the scene. He had multiple cans of gasoline in his trunk so obviously planned to also burn the mosque up but he spent too much time checking for survivors.

000000  No.12929684

must be lucky here cause i haz the complete hd vid but now all people get is a two parter animated thumbnail

8aac3b  No.12929685


Government crackdowns is usually how open revolts start, most manuals written by radicals say as much and that to start a revolt you first need to do something to get the government to crackdown on ordinary citizens.

219c63  No.12929686


Naw man I just checked the video. At 6:53-54 you can see something on the floor being lit up by his strobe light. He drops the mags at 7:12-14. At 8:30 he picks up the mag you saw that was lit up, at 8:36 you see the mags he dropped at 7:12.

54360a  No.12929696


A pro wouldn't do that. Evidence it's not a false flag.

fd798a  No.12929703

File: 131b3ae44b278d2⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, culk45t1nxp01.jpg)

what the fuck bruv

cb6937  No.12929704


Brenton is our hero. I for one applaud him, his manifesto says all you need to know regarding his motives for this.

Brenton, thank you for your sacrifice.

a77d24  No.12929711


Calm down. Warfare is fighting between groups. In warfare, kids are often killed. Remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden? The blitz?

By WWII all governments understood total war. Meaning, that all aspects of the enemy contribute to their military strength. Therefore each combatant nation will attack all aspects of the enemy nation.

Within a civilized society murder is barred, and the murder of a child is especially abhorrent. Your confusion arises from an enemy colony being nominally within the society, when it's actually an outpost of an enemy combatant.

c1f6c8  No.12929717


If it were a false flag there wouldn't be a fucking livestream.

13e803  No.12929733



Citation very much needed for this one

00e107  No.12929736


This was as soon as he walked in. watch the part again

b79147  No.12929739

You people are fuckin hilarious, no balls bottleless maggots.

Horrific act with innocents slaughtered and you celebrate it behind an anon image board haha sad depressed souls enjoy your miserable lives.

Vermin and a scourge on society I hope your miserable lives improve and you find people who love you because this is one of the most poisonous places I’ve seen.

000000  No.12930698