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File: 7891aa3aa5b1786⋯.png (49.32 KB, 612x385, 612:385, abc.png)

5e3329  No.12924908

Ben Shapiro has posted instructions.

>Share the shooter's name!

Brenton Tarrant

>Share the shooter's video.





>Share the shooter's manifesto.




>Share the original thread




da7af7  No.12924924

Can someone post his manifesto here ?

6ccdfc  No.12924936

TVNZ have been speaking about it nonstop for the past 7 hours kek

5e3329  No.12925002

OP here. I made most of those backups myself.


e17484  No.12925072


The actual reason why don't want the information shared is because it risks serving as a source of inspiration for others. I doubt the shooter even cares about fame, only whenever or not what he did yields a result that grows into a full movement. That's the impression I get.

da7af7  No.12925104

File: 13bca2d851559db⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13b.png)


It took us 8 fucking years to get another Anders Breivik.

5e3329  No.12925420


d6f5d3  No.12925449

File: 6d7975c56b94419⋯.png (711.01 KB, 805x487, 805:487, ben shapiro merchant photo….png)

Oy vey

2cebe3  No.12925533

File: 70f1b565ce79296⋯.jpg (144.91 KB, 1012x675, 1012:675, 25o7wv.jpg)

>b-but once you remove the jew, you can't handle the Muslim hoards D:

>Brenton Tarrant

>one white guy, 30 dead Muslims

5e3329  No.12925544



44eb1b  No.12925563

File: 51c77a3b7f54f2c⋯.png (652.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1536420389476.png)


Enjoy it.

Share it in social media.


84208c  No.12925566

File: e71a6e321c5a67b⋯.png (131.92 KB, 1023x453, 341:151, 1066213239318.png)

Fuck that little kike.

0d65ba  No.12925609


100% chance there's a police record somewhere about him complaining about his brown neighbors making too much noise.

1c9b70  No.12925654

i like his sister, her face is cute

713ea1  No.12925671


He doesn't care, Kike Jewpiro just wants it shut down because a white man spoke the truth and took appropriate action against one of the biggest threats to his people's continued existence and sovereignty. The truth does not fear investigation, refusing to read the manifesto only means they fear the truth held within it. It's the same reason why no one cares for Elliot Rodgers' manifesto, its more of an autobiography than a declaration of truth.

713ea1  No.12925683

>>12925533 (checked)

>one white guy, 30 dead muslims


000000  No.12925688

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2d23d6  No.12925712



>you will never pay Shapiro a visit

0c86d8  No.12925724


https://www.scribd.com/document/401945007/brenton-tarrant-great …

SHAPIRO wants it shut down because this quintessential /pol/ tard , White Nat is missing 1 Ingredient in his manifesto.

Can anyone name what that is?

Hint- It’s like the turkey missing at Thanksgiving

713ea1  No.12925781


I know, he doesn't name the jew, but if you think about it then you can understand the implications for why:

>i like jews in their own countries where they dont subvert my people

Basically "jews go home"

>muslims are the biggest threat and can easily be rallied against

They're the tool of jews against whites. A jew without immigrants to do the legwork is a weak jew unable to do anything. Without another population to replace us then there is no cheap labor, anti-white is harder to push, pro-white is easier to bring up publicly and the threat to white civilization is severely diminished.

His strategy is essentially "kill the violent actors, deterring more from coming, then kill the subverters".

5ae371  No.12925848

File: e99f4658cd29b1c⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 315x160, 63:32, synagogue-bob.jpg)


"Da fack am I? Chopped liver."

0c86d8  No.12926149

File: 2dab766aa7cbaae⋯.png (562.28 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1EAD7A35-E424-4319-826F-BA….png)


That’s a stretch dude , the whole Pro-Israel White Nat thing only started what? A year ago . Who’s the most prominent till now ? Richard Spencer .

This guy is line item /pol/ who’s going on a shooting spree (the end) to fight for his brethren right? But in his lurking somehow managed not to take the 6 Gorillion Red Pills on the Jews which excluding a nigger hate thread or SJW cringe/Salt thread is 90% of /pol/

And then Candace Owens….GTFO!

Some CIA and/or Mossad Niggers are laughing their balls off right now.

Candace Fucking Owens

“Do you Glow” , “Fed” , “Direct Action”

Bull Shit yo .

000000  No.12926176

Rotherham Paxback Time: NZ Edition


7bb5da  No.12926437


They are afraid that people read his manifesto and discover he was pro-Israel

2ddf27  No.12926542


He later names Semites as among those who should be removed from European lands.

6acca2  No.12926557

File: 24cdae50ffec8ee⋯.jpg (106.67 KB, 801x800, 801:800, 8fc48a277495c8a5fc3cf95039….jpg)

>tfw you restream the video for a few hundred people

>everyones laughing with only a handful of apologists

0c86d8  No.12926785


Yeah and this thread has IDF written all over it


Can you Sauce that , because I read the thing and only saw one sentence mentioning the Jews

Reminds me of ISIS and first /pol/ and then Normies started questioning: “How Come the Islamic State is the only Muslim Terror organization that doesn’t condemn Israel” and the Very Next Day: “We hate Israel”

000000  No.12926833


Any faggots with a twatter, just bombard this kike's timeline with


bba366  No.12926844


50. 50 dead “people” (abrahamites really)

438042  No.12926857

445150  No.12926862


i wonder if the shooter freed himself of the brain bank brains on the moon that the communist computer god controls

bba366  No.12926864


It’s really funny because there is no such thing a jewthat isn’t subverting someone somewhere. Double entendre too because pissrael isn’t even a real country

This madman had 150iq

0900a0  No.12926896


so he mentioned that mandela is a criminal; that enough is enough reason for the kikes to not want the non-kikes to know

000000  No.12926900


He wasn't pro israel, he just claimed he was not anti-semitic and had no animosity towards jews not invading White countries. There is a difference.

713ea1  No.12926902


>that's a stretch dude

You post part of the manifesto but directly ignore the part where he says jews should be in their homelands and not subverting whites? How is this a stretch? He literally has a section that says "Are you an anti-semite" to which he responds "No. A jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people."

>the whole pro-israel white nat thing only started like what, a year ago? and omg muh boogeyman spencer is the most prominent guy!

Would you rather Palestinians die out or whites die out? Let them have Israel but only Israel, get them the fuck out of the US and Europe and let them fend for themselves. I wouldn't mind a world without jews but I would settle for an America/Europe without jews. Don't get me wrong, Israel being nuked after all the kikes are deported to it is the best scenario but it's also not a very likely one. I'm not pro-Shitsrael in any sense, but it is a concession I'd make. Alt right faggots cucking for Israel and associating with it are merely seeking to make political gains with the very people plotting to destroy them, they're fools no different than the parasites in our current system.

>He's a /pol/ack who doesn't name the jews?

Except he did name them, stating they should be in israel not subverting or harming white europeans. He then says muslims are the greater threat and easiest to rally against. It's really clear that the goal is "Remove violent kebab, send subverting kikes to israel, enjoy white ethnostate plus tourism because [insert basic nationalism for all nations/race realism argument here]." Don't forget "(((NGO's))) ARE TRAITOR ORGANIZATIONS" and "(((NGO's))) ARE DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE GENOCIDE OF THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE"

cf7a63  No.12926911


I think we need to improve on this number next time. I wish he would have picked a busier time at the mosque. If we are going to lose one of our own, the brave, protective and responsible of our peoples and nations, the numbers of the enemy dead need to be at least 100 or more.

0c04d8  No.12926926


kikes never had their own countries.

7bb5da  No.12926927


>tor posting

why can't I take you seriously?

000000  No.12926932


Because you're a stupid faggot.

713ea1  No.12926967



No, just you. What the guy did was heroic but make no mistake fed, secession is what we should strive for. It's the best shot we've got for peace. Give leftists the west coast and let them ruin themselves, give WN's part of the country and let cucked civnats have some other shithole section of the country. They can keep their corrupt leaders and free whites can have their ethnostate with a prime view of the collapse of both D&C false options.

cf7a63  No.12926979


For a reason. How could the destroy nation from within if they had their own nation. No they had to be active within the host nation, subverting it, destroying it and playing traitor within it. They didn't have a nation not because 'god' (a fat fucking chance excuse they like to give) they didn't have a nation because they COULDN'T DESTROY NATIONS FROM THE OUTSIDE.

cf7a63  No.12926992


I am ETHNOGLOBE anon. I won't be happy until the subhumans are extinguished from this planet.

565471  No.12926995





713ea1  No.12926997


Because ban evading shills use tor to continue shilling, ruining tor posting for legitimate anons that are doing it right.

53c340  No.12927001


this thread should be the most vocal thing, nobody seems to want to share the content of his, and jews are not very good of at least in the moment thinking, quite often. I think that they do not want his manifesto, and the content that motivated him to spread.

THUS WE MUST DO THE OPPPOSITE. The entire boards should be the ones providing content and argumentation today, less pondering as to what or how happened. A good opportunity this is to get more numbers.

713ea1  No.12927021


There's literally no need for that. Focus on the homeland, make it great, preserve its greatness and seek to expand through the stars.

cf7a63  No.12927027


So stop printing "its ok to be white" posters and start printing the manifesto.

7bb5da  No.12927041


Is there any way to be truly banned anymore? I mean you can just put airplane mode on phone and post

cf7a63  No.12927043


You want to know how I know you are not White?

FUCK OFF FAGGOT…you have NO IDEA what needs to be done to secure the future of our race.

3ecc1c  No.12927060

Someone uploaded a copy of the manifesto to the BSV blockchain.


This can never be taken down, spread this

3ecc1c  No.12927070


The video itself could also be uploaded to the chain, but it would cost about 50 bucks and from what I can tell isn't needed (yet)

7413a1  No.12927105


Manifesto is garbage, even mentions jews as friends to us, complete blue pilled faggot

53c340  No.12927121


maybe, I dont know, but just look at what is happening right now, its a massive opportunity to reach even greater numbers. More memetic content around him. More quotations from his manifesto (the most delicious morsels) spread them as pictures to faceberg, give backup links of the ones removed. We got a nice change to do massive damage to not only the kikes, but also the lefty retarded whites.

cf7a63  No.12927139


Who cares what he thought personally. It is about what he did, what he was willing to do to secure the future of our people. I am sure you are not as adamant as I am about SECURING the future of our people completely but that doesn't mean that we don't have the same goal.

3ecc1c  No.12927142

000000  No.12927151


Read his manifesto, idiot. The whole thing is centralized around the concept of the invader; it would be contradictory for him to claim that he's fine with everyone living in their own nations except for jews. Agree with it or not, that's his perspective. It doesn't make him "pro israel" any more than he is pro- any arab shithole.

dc1075  No.12927180


>even mentions jews as friends to us,

Nice blatant lies, faggot.

55dd96  No.12927220


Nice lack of context faggot.

Were/are you an anti-semite?

No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek

to subvert or harm my people.

cf7a63  No.12927225

I wish that he would have focused more on the role of Corporations in destroying our people so that they can maintain their bottom dollar.

713ea1  No.12927246


>if you disagree with me you're not white

Thought out like a true nigger. Nonwhites if left alone will never achieve what whites can achieve, they will therefore not be an issue if left to their own devices far the fuck away. Yeah, all out war eliminating nonwhites secures the existence of white people, but at what cost if not TENS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of white lives and the likely destruction of anything worth preserving. The beauty of rome, barcelona, french towns, etc. would be lost forever as terrorists explode themselves and take out plenty of white lives with it. To show you how fucking stupid you are, let me use your own words for you:

Wanna know how I know you're not white? Because you're OK with millions of whites dying over a fantasy than accepting a realistic scenario where white lives are preserved, sovereignty is restored and jewery is done away with. Neck yourself faggot.


>read his manifesto idiot, it would be contradictory to claim he's fine with eeryone living in their own nations except for jews

read the ID's nigger

e07526  No.12927366


Someone post his tweets, please. I want to read the text scribbled on all his guns.>>12924908

cf7a63  No.12927417


Fucking kike. With no one to play D&C with you won't have nearly as much fun will you? Doesn't matter…only one species (ours, White/Europeans) can survive on this planet as technology advances. SINCE TECHNOLOGY BELONGS TO US…SINCE ALL CULTURE ON THIS PLANET IS OURS…SINCE EVERY ADVANCE THAT WAS MADE HERE WAS MADE BY US…


e3ffa3  No.12927467


It is beyond my ego to even attempt to understand what it must be like in ben Shapiro's head to know whats going on, and with a straight face tell his followers the things he does. This is all from the book of esther. Straight up plays from the tanakh

38863f  No.12927523


>israel is okay because we gotta put the jews somewhere amirite?

oh so it's one of these things? then basically this guy overdosed on red pills. i guess you people need another to


this is literally the second rule of the 8channel. we say this all the time.

f97d62  No.12927525


This is why I'm convinced it wasn't a false flag, if it was the kikes wouldn't be in complete "shut it down" mode. I think this was an unexpected anomaly which took them by surprise.

116f7b  No.12927570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Benny my boy how do you explain this?

What do you think would be the the way you would EJECT these "people"?

e5b2c8  No.12927592

File: a2974849aef0a7c⋯.jpg (129.07 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, 1515874710835.jpg)

Reminder that (((Ben Shapiro))) supports genocide.

713ea1  No.12927603


You lash out angrily because you know I'm right.

>fucking kike

I'm no jew

>with no one to play D&C you won't have nearly as much fun will you

Advocating that whites get white nations with zero shitskins and zero kikes is D&C now? You're schizophrenic.

>only one species can survive on this planet as technology advances

You're gonna genocide cats and dogs now too?


You're literally stating what I said here, nonwhites cannot achieve what white can achieve, technological achievements included.


Wrong, Japan has a culture where cheating in marriage is rampant, that is not a cultural creation of ours. Widow burning is not a cultural creation of ours. Stoning whores and those with different opinions is not a cultural creation of ours. Other cultures belong to the people who made them, our responsibility lies in maintaining ours, not taking that of others.


And to take the planet means to place a small minority against literal BILLIONS of nonwhites that already have nothing against exterminating us. You call me a jew plotting D&C for seeking peace and prosperity for my people yet here you are, like a jew claiming that the goyim are cattle and the planet belongs to them, that whites should do as jews do, believe what jews believe and die in the tens of millions while risking extinction to achieve such a status. Again, go neck yourself.

5aaf76  No.12927605


fuck this pilpul kike piece of shit.

cf7a63  No.12927663


You sure argue like a kike. I am done with you.

7413a1  No.12927664


The guy was a fucking retard, it's in Jewish nature to subvert, the idiot doesn't know anything about jews

cf7a63  No.12927714

FILTER THE KIKE 7413a1 it is just trying to provoke people for no reason.

713ea1  No.12927730


>i can't respond to a single point thus you're a jew

Jews like you will come back tomorrow pretending you getting BTFO today didn't happen. Uncle adolf was correct, rather than admitting your faults you will shamelessly shill your bullshit again and again.

000000  No.12927773


Go away, you stupid woman.

caf14c  No.12927811

File: 69ca1f3cdae95a8⋯.pdf (3.09 MB, The Great Replacement.pdf)

File: 3e280d78410f1ec⋯.png (120 B, 1x1, 1:1, pixel.png)

713ea1  No.12927890


>interpreting the manifesto by directly quoting it is provoking people for no reason!

>him having a different opinion and being able to defend that opinion means he's provoking people for no reason!

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. The best part of it all:

>OP is about ben shapiro, a jew, trying to censor the manifesto from spreading

>cf7a63, after being BTFO, lashes out and seeks to censor a pro-white opinion from spreading

It's like pottery.

38863f  No.12927897

File: 2f50d1c99e51cd1⋯.png (676.94 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, austrailia 5.png)


you need to lighten up. he started his video with "let's get this party started" and he threw out a "subscribe to pewdiepie". i haven't even gotten past that part yet but if you can't appreciate the lulz of this then you should go back. what do you expect from an irl aussie shitpost? seriously. the average iq of whites is around 100 so stop expecting every single one of them to automatically turn into hitler just because they browsed this website for a bit. there's a million opportunities for memes here but you can't have fun because you have a stick up your ass for some reason. where do you think the fabled power of 4(8)chan comes from in the first place? it doesn't come from nagging and being uptight about every little thing.

even hitler didn't try to kill the jews. it's not as self evident of a necessity as you would think. they've had us fooled for over two thousand years so don't expect everyone to wisen up all at once.

3d161c  No.12928002


Jews cannot subvert if they don't have access to the country. They cannot subvert the US if the have no control of the institutions and are not allowed to be made citizens of the US.


This. The guy admits he's not even well educated but just made for himself a good life with hard work and investments that paid off.

>dont expect everyone to wisen up all at once

It's why I advocate secession, even the biggest retard can agree it's best to leave people to their mistakes while minimizing the damage. Given demographic trends and jewish control of our systems, secession lets the commies starve out of their own volition, civcucks get voted out and witness their values go extinct as nonwhites outnumer them and WN's laugh at both while living peacefully. It's the best political movement that literally every side can get behind, especially when events like this serve as emotional pushes for it. "Would you rather civil war when commies try gun confiscation?" for lefties and "Would you rather starve under communism when leftists take control via immigration or secede and preserve your freedoms?" for the american right.

aaf5ba  No.12928003


It's because everything in his manifesto was true lmao.

3d161c  No.12928016



For some reason my ID has been reset, hotel log in be damned.

5c962f  No.12928209


We've had numerous false flags since then.

5daafe  No.12928242

Some anons are saying that the guys escaped from the police in his car listening to GAS GAS GAS.

Anyone has a link to that video?

0c86d8  No.12928251




“Magakikes , Da Joos, Trump sucks Israel Cock, Donaldstein , Don’t Vote , Alt kike”


“Our Direct Action Hero , Kill them Mudslimes , and Israel is our Friend, no problem with Jews they dindu nuttin”

The Absolute State - meet /newpol/

5daafe  No.12928253


Nevermind, I'm a retard.

0c86d8  No.12928312


Yeah maybe that gaping hole in the Manifesto is what the problem is.

54e119  No.12928396


That gaping hole means /pol/ isn't the hivemind you thought it was, kike

e1594d  No.12928460



713ea1  No.12928463


>israel is our friend

Meanwhile, in my post: "Israel being nuked after all the kikes are deported to it is the best scenario"

>the absolute state of /newpol/

nah, just you shilling like the kike you are


>maybe that gaping hole in the manifesto is what the problem is

It's a different take on the solution, he argues whites must rally against a common enemy, in this case muslims. /pol/ argues whites must rally against a common enemy, in our case jews. It's a matter of what has more public appeal, he thinks its muslims and anyone on /pol/ can make the case that it's true because muh holohoax brainwashing triggers a response against holding jews up to any sort of standard. Jews are the bigger threat but I can understand why he claims muslims are the big bad whites should rally against. Religiously and through nationalism, the appeal exists whereas evangelical whites absolutely love jews to the point where they'd send their daughters to a hollywood pizza party.

38863f  No.12928491


and now with you:

>/pol/ is only two people

the absolute state of /newerpol/

12a7b1  No.12928509


Shapiro's right. Don't post the shooter's name, video or manifesto. Instead, post the stories of victims of muslim violence like Ebba Ackerlund.

Post the name of every victim of muslim terrorism. Post them individually. One victim, one post.

dd4471  No.12928595


We should blame the neoconshits and kikes for all their moslem bashing hatred in the media.


Spread it everywhere

dd4471  No.12928660



Get off the internet with that ridiculous device that screams what a faggot you are when you try to take a screenshot

3962e4  No.12928899

This wanton idiotic violence is sickening and you shouldnt glorify it. Violence against innocents can never be justified. No matter what stupid fucking reason you think you have.

0c86d8  No.12928929





What time is it in Tel Aviv Guys ?

54e119  No.12928950


Let them taste their own medicine, let's see how they like it

d0aa8d  No.12928985


the guy says specifically in his manifesto that he doesn't want fame and that he doesn't expect to be remembered

actually had a good point too about no one even knowing the 9/11 hijacker's names

f48a3f  No.12929032


>does not care about browning of USA

Well duh. He'd better care about browning of Israel though.

Better genocide those nigger jews otherwise Israel will be browning. Forcefull sterilisation of ethiopean jews was too tame IMO.

dd4471  No.12929042


>defending ben shapiro

>defending mobile cancerposting

gas thyself

a87763  No.12929202


I can't do so myself right now, but

=somebody get IPFS addresses for everything too=

713ea1  No.12929242


>what time is it in tel aviv

>claiming tel aviv should be nuked with all jews present is shilling

and another report gets sent out, you fucking jews are desperate to astroturf and shill now that /pol/s warnings of war are slowly becoming true

973190  No.12929313


Candace Owens is as crazy as subscribe to Pewdiepie and playing music off of pol like that serb fascist tune on his music stream in the car.

It's just like the entire thing was


94bb79  No.12929378


8/pol/ is the place to talk about the truth, what's happening in our world. It's the place to talk about the JEW.

That's why they want to take it down. They can't win a well-reasoned argument, so they want to bury it.

000000  No.12929397

It's like watching a real life game of Counterstrike, one CT vs fifty Ts! :^)

371dfd  No.12929413

File: 76d3550342d27f1⋯.png (561.84 KB, 900x674, 450:337, blue checkmarks.png)



Ben seems desperate to hide that this attack was motivated by his tribe's policies.

54e119  No.12929447


Their big problem is that it's practically impossible, they might shatter the imageboards into a million pieces, they won't be able to get rid of them because setting one up has been simplified a lot, the communities might separate under different domains but there's always going to rise a sort of central hub where most of the content is shared

000000  No.12929559


Mass killing our enemies is a good thing. It is sacred.

Do more mass shootings of mudslimes, and add jews, faggots, liberals (especially liberal women) and niggers to the kill count.

Kill them all. Keep killing.

Victory is achieved by killing the enemies.

bee3e1  No.12929751

bee3e1  No.12929794

File: 47e3aab08e73570⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 480x792, 20:33, christian fanatics.jpg)

File: da3ff8d6e1b1a85⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1086x608, 543:304, boomstick ready.png)

File: 1fe66ca1f0ef396⋯.jpg (302.7 KB, 598x714, 299:357, heavy cig drag.jpg)

File: 9dda699924a3282⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 420x410, 42:41, John Wick woke up.jpg)



97f936  No.12929825

be3e46  No.12929829


>How could the destroy nation from within if they had their own nation.

They are destroying their own nation, no need to worry there.

2d23d6  No.12929833

File: 6b177bda177850e⋯.pdf (733.17 KB, The Great Replacement.pdf)

bee3e1  No.12929933

File: b4a04e19d3ee110⋯.png (198.69 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, not so based.png)


nice, some faggot reported the room and a mod took the control away from me. The files are still there tho, he hasn't deleted them

fca138  No.12929939


Breivik is the undisputed champ for a reason

6f339f  No.12929957

File: 18a4d7340d197a8⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 300x259, 300:259, 1539873647001.gif)


do you have that video? I was looking for it the other day to show to someone and I can't find it anywhere. sage for off-topic

aa8519  No.12929974


Well they have control of almost every single institution on this globe, so i don't know why you're telling me this crap

2d23d6  No.12930015


He was a Freemason?

29ff91  No.12930039

i was in the original thread and saved everything. let me know if you need help finding something and i can re-create it from what i have.

495096  No.12930078

File: a70746223dfd25d⋯.webm (6.4 MB, 638x360, 319:180, Ben kikepiro.webm)


Here you my bruder.

2d23d6  No.12930460

File: ba697b9ae426d8d⋯.jpg (59.48 KB, 335x357, 335:357, 12365465765476547547547547….jpg)


>mentioning the ch*n

1d24c8  No.12931081


Friendly reminder that Breivik did this same thing so as to purposely divert public blame onto Israel. I need more evidence to know if he is truly bluepilled on the jews or not.

e263d1  No.12931108

File: 6416d2299764b6a⋯.jpg (125.8 KB, 885x1200, 59:80, 6416d2299764b6a06484529517….jpg)


9629dc  No.12931140


>kike parroting psychobabble

Like clockwork.

>do not listen to others

That's exactly why this happened.

9629dc  No.12931191

File: 1ff211e898b36fd⋯.png (6.35 KB, 494x66, 247:33, ClipboardImage.png)


>jews are our friends

False. Pic is the only mention of "jew" in the manifesto.

>a jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine, so long as

This is a conditional statement. There are three conditions that need to be met in order for a jew to not be an enemy.

1) Must live in Israel.

2) Must not be attempting to subvert whites.

3) Must not be attempting to harm whites.

Have these conditions been met?

9629dc  No.12931215


The guy was smarter than you'll ever be.


10f185  No.12931319


Anyone with a twatter account want to reply with the cuck with "Which shooter? San Bernadino? Pulse Night Club? Christchurch? Bataclan? "

278ff2  No.12931338


278ff2  No.12931359


d69d17  No.12931498


Except a Jew living in Israel jews the Arab and blames it on White people so then people think dumb Arabs are responsible for Jewish Attrocities

21136e  No.12931595


>how can I spin this to make Brenton look like some kind of anti-white kike lover


4941ee  No.12931715


would if i could. at this point the, the instant i register a new account, i get b&. vpn, proxies, doesnt matter… ah well

72ae54  No.12931777


I'll be honest, this doesn't bother me (the shooting itself not Kikepiro). Lord knows this doesn't end with a single event in New Zealand.

c2954d  No.12931843

Someone post the gaza bombing to shapiro.

cbfb58  No.12933023


Always do the opposite what Jews say.

ead5e5  No.12933037

File: 2ecb545e1e439ca⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1531417280625.jpg)


Food For Thought

Brenton Tarrant had almost 15 minutes in which he was able to shoot at people before police even started to notice. If he had been smarter and had an exit plan, he might have been able to get away with it. I don't think he had an exit plan though. He was as shocked as we were when no cops showed up. Nothing happened. He was just able to remove kebab freely for 15+ minutes.

I hope more people around here realize this.

2dd9c3  No.12933059


Not that it matters, since they’ve already massively increased permanent security around mosques using white taxpayer dollars.

2d23d6  No.12933065


>no cops showed up.

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

>dat ryoko


c95b06  No.12933083

File: 8e084192841adf3⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1200x919, 1200:919, natural_selection.jpg)

Everything I post here is satire.

That said I've spread this video far and wide along with the manifesto and I will continue posting it on all my burner social media accounts and encouraging people to watch it. I know you media kikes and normalfags are afraid, you should be, the race war is coming.


06bdb4  No.12933088

File: 0ff3a0667f87fec⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 547x471, 547:471, 114246352.jpg)


>Posted in the OG thread

Made my little mark in history

26f3b6  No.12933099

File: 2a39c4a2353870e⋯.png (173.26 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 1518150784096.png)

>>12933088 (checked)

me too bro

its some good feels huh?

37d168  No.12933115

File: d5e322bacb905bf⋯.png (8.68 MB, 1348x8000, 337:2000, ClipboardImage.png)

Compiled the original thread, well, the better half it

9cd444  No.12933117


>that image

fucking kek

26f3b6  No.12933126


I have the HTML version of it backed up in a zip, no clue how to share it though

37d168  No.12933134


The original thread?

Got it on archive


7353d2  No.12933137


Holy shit I never saw this before, hilarious.

8ccf47  No.12933139


((("Also, jews are better than you")))

Why am I not surprised?

5e3329  No.12933140


OP here

the html of the original page can be downloaded on the Archive.is page

78baf8  No.12933164

File: 4f0daa8e3c548c3⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, remove kebab2.png)

Pewds is happy.

7353d2  No.12933168

File: 6f0e635dc55fed4⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1000x15000, 1:15, part1.png)

File: a9ffe3f223e8d49⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1000x15000, 1:15, part2.png)

File: 25f297a3e006119⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1000x15000, 1:15, part3.png)

Manifesto in image form.

7353d2  No.12933177

File: 2f7bf1e6f003a79⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1000x15000, 1:15, part4.png)

File: 189286f06b0302a⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1000x15000, 1:15, part5.png)

File: da83475160dc69f⋯.png (1015.2 KB, 1000x3993, 1000:3993, part6.png)

Manifesto image form part 2

78baf8  No.12933200

File: 67f90bafddad778⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, remove kebab.png)

That's right! Dingoes vindicated!

d5c92c  No.12933231


You didn't post the manifesto in your original posts you dumb nigger.

af5c2e  No.12933239


absolutely based

7e3aa4  No.12933288


Hey Ben, isn't that what media did for the yellow vests?

06bdb4  No.12933301


Just post the link


bfb141  No.12933333



06bdb4  No.12933336



Nah I think you're just being an annoying twat

It's pretty easy to find it, even without you spamming it

7e3aa4  No.12933414

Where's Ben's outrage?


7e3aa4  No.12933432

File: 545971e8a557cbf⋯.png (183.9 KB, 894x1150, 447:575, dsdfsfds.png)

5cd573  No.12933529


Thanks for that comment.

I had a bag of marshmallows I was going to roast later, but the glow coming off my screen from you just incinerated them.

Go back to trafficking fentanyl, FBI NIGGER, and quit projecting your lusts on us.

71bfaf  No.12933555

Jews win again thanks to Stormtards.

2d23d6  No.12933590



lol, do people actually still use this term? You're definitely from Reddit, right? Nobody is this out of the loop.

23548b  No.12933593

fac3d5  No.12933607

File: 9c4969f5c5ea64b⋯.png (176.77 KB, 1043x548, 1043:548, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at ….png)

Linked from Drudge


23548b  No.12933613


This kike doesnt know grubbing was originally on the package of a kike produced sunflower seed bag.

Stupid fucking kike. Kill all KIKES!

95cec7  No.12933635


>"be /pol/tard"

>write 74 page manifesto before kebab removal

>does not name the jew


here's the manifesto and video. anybody that takes these needs to reup and post links everywhere



3ff485  No.12933665


Were/are you an anti-semite?

No. A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek

to subvert or harm my people.

Can't you see that this is a joke? Every jew that is subverting or harming "europeans" is his enemy.

He did this to get off the usual anti-semite journo hook.

2ad05a  No.12933711


>Can't you see that this is a joke?

Autists have a hard time with that part.

5dbbfc  No.12933736

Anyone got a working link to the video? All mine are taken down already

24ff0e  No.12933750

File: 1677a50056b7393⋯.jpg (6.83 MB, 3413x8169, 3413:8169, christchurch manifesto.jpg)



c64d6b  No.12933787

File: 6017b52f8f1c7c8⋯.png (6.19 KB, 301x74, 301:74, accelerate.png)

File: 30f3da45784bd05⋯.png (874.2 KB, 736x1110, 368:555, evola.png)



3264f1  No.12933831


Yes, people with autism do not always get jokes or they think something is a joke when it is not.

3264f1  No.12933882


I like Ben Shapiro, he is cute.

And intelligent.

3264f1  No.12933945


Oh I get it now. Ben Shapiro suggests we share the video and the manifesto, but he says it jokingly in this way like "Do not share the Video." I got it, he has a good sense of humour in a way.

06bdb4  No.12933960

40ce7c  No.12934040


he literally says he had no desire to escape and had another mosque as a bonus objective.

95cec7  No.12934083


if you were to actually read thru the thread you would see that links are posted 3 fucking posts before you

82034d  No.12934134

File: 22b70c7d678a0cc⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 589x451, 589:451, EuropeForEuropeans.jpg)



p. 50 in the Doc


Brevik's manifesto is rambling shit but I guess we all have our favorites.

88c61e  No.12934295

File: e7739c04fea38a2⋯.png (562.76 KB, 980x552, 245:138, ClipboardImage.png)


May these digits forever be check'd in the web archive of the akashic records.

941c09  No.12934364

File: e8019e047fdb799⋯.jpg (25.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, S O S.jpg)






941c09  No.12934390

File: 9ce9f7fae5c4946⋯.png (44.35 KB, 740x460, 37:23, pls hlp.png)

4c038f  No.12934614


I remember I was there to see it - too bad I didn't get to leave my mark on it.

8a6e91  No.12934669

File: 72a08eb05afbf3f⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 785x590, 157:118, homer.jpg)

88c61e  No.12934692



It's up for me. If it's down on your end, it means there's an operative near your house jamming your signal. Take a look from your window to see if there's a black van outside. If so, escape quickly, move out of the state and change gender as a disguise.

bb1f6c  No.12934719


The archive guy is a retarded cunt and doesn't know how to set up his DNS properly. If you're using, it won't resolve.

Ironically, he uses Cloudflare DDoS protection, but can't figure out how to set up his host records to work for them.

5f2307  No.12935198


sauce on graphic?

376e8e  No.12935364


What an evil little kike

2dfa78  No.12935385


Kike shapiro doing what he does best

2dfa78  No.12935400


How about the browning of Israel?

2dfa78  No.12935451

File: 52f813c0e09524c⋯.png (462.32 KB, 1169x772, 1169:772, DC sniper.png)


Really makes ya think

2d23d6  No.12935491



>for a random sniper that could be anywhere

It's like thinking you could escape a nuke.

1611ea  No.12935527

File: e4278e68561eaf9⋯.png (495.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>catbox is legit guys

Oh I'm laffin.

cf8cf7  No.12935529


>source of inspiration for others

It's not for inspiration. It's for reaction.

He wants the event to be shared to bait media outlets so the left reacts and starts being more and more censorious. The goal is to bait the right to react to this and accelerate the culture war.

He knew the media and normalniggers wouldn't read the manifesto.

2dfa78  No.12935604


I think that's why it's an effective terror tactic, or to take out high-profile targets.

cbbb54  No.12935606


Are you (F)(L)OSS?
Why don't you release your source?
Because a lot of it is messy and I don't like competition.


000000  No.12935611

Just look at the Jews frothing over this and "Nazis".


They are the reason Whites can no longer be tribal and network anymore. Nothing but endless misery.

They dox Whites as "Nazis", "Racists", etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense.

Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these low brow misfits than survival of Whites.

a59cbc  No.12935790

File: b44f9dc369e9ab7⋯.png (45.69 KB, 608x445, 608:445, pewdiepie.PNG)

pewdiepie approves this

000000  No.12936293



>"hey guise, what if there was something that attempts to be like torrents, but is total shit, no use uses it, and the idiots who do use end up with CP stored on their harddrive and get V&"

My god, Anon-kun, you're such a fucking faggot.

Torrents, trackerless torrents, torrents with self-hosted trackers, all better options.

Also get on the I2P darkweb. We have the best torrents, and the torrent system and tracker is built right into the I2p software.

4b3672  No.12936520


>one photoshopped pic

>suddenly jewish beauty, barely semitic anyway

Sucks to be a jew.

90b9d9  No.12936966

>>12924908 and everyone who wanted to keep the shooter's information open.

Thank you. If we gave in to the censoring what the shooter said and done, we'd be doing more harm by actually convincing people to follow his footsteps. There was no excuse nor justification for what the shooter did. It was outright murder. My prayers for the deceased victims and those in ICU in Christchurch, NZ.

74d163  No.12937006

(((Ben Shapiro))) is a little bitch.

000000  No.12937122


Honest question: how can you tell where the CP is stored as in physically if its all encrypted?

2dfa78  No.12937190

Plebbit is mass banning people for "violent content" that are posting links to the manifesto and video

12a7b1  No.12937228


>browning of Israel

You can't brown that which is not white.

1855b9  No.12937358

File: 80e06160d593c45⋯.jpg (361.32 KB, 821x1153, 821:1153, after-action-report.jpg)

make sure your shit works

After action report case study made from watching the frame by frame came to some conclusions. This is a multi post seeing as things are moving quite fast. Remember this is just a reference for minecraft

c65237  No.12937391


>Pale Moon

Good job mate










What are you even doing?

c65237  No.12937410



>taskbar -> Discord

>taskbar -> Espanol

Fuck off spic, you aren't wanted here.

>browser search Bluestacks

The android emulator for PC that only pedo scum use to trade CP and extort CP.

c65237  No.12937430


> Breivik's manifesto was miles better.

I seem to have lost my entire fucking /pol/ library. I'm slowly rebuilding but don't have that as of yet and I don't trust any sources these days. You mind sourcing me a copy?

c65237  No.12937447

File: 117b016f984a1a2⋯.png (16.74 KB, 765x403, 765:403, Capture.PNG)




archive.* rarely works for me. Currently I get pic related

4bfd6e  No.12937702


Lot of damage for a 22lr

7a3b69  No.12937786

File: a6d1ae368ecb6e2⋯.jpg (79.27 KB, 730x1024, 365:512, 1543851604174.jpg)


>delete this

7b42ef  No.12938974

File: ffa860f5bf6311a⋯.png (155.77 KB, 497x442, 497:442, oof.png)


yes, so cute

701b97  No.12942133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I think we need to improve on this number

89f99a  No.12942169


Superior video link


9a8571  No.12942283

File: 6ec7cd9424a5dc3⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 249x185, 249:185, 1232423235 - Copy.jpg)

Anyone got the Aussie shitposter edit of this pic related?

ddd26c  No.12943207


>10:00 PM - 14 Mar 2019

It's the small things that count. You can do better than that, Anon.

2f6fa4  No.12943228


Yeah.. this is code for: We cannot continue our narrative of attacking white individuals if you share the manifesto so please do not share it.

2f6fa4  No.12943244


Shot it out and add them all to one thread as OP so they remain and can be transferred from post to post. That way people do not have to depend upon those script sites which can come under heavy malware attack at under moment.

874387  No.12943307

File: 250269c76c189c5⋯.png (643.86 KB, 790x522, 395:261, asfafs.png)

840f2e  No.12943604

File: 8bab19fda1728ee⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 500x433, 500:433, gib milkers.jpg)

Fuck off ben.

840f2e  No.12943623


Yeah, he should have hit another synagogue instead, you jew fuck.

b504f7  No.12944368


6ffb34  No.12950077

c0bba2  No.12950115


shaprios sister is the forbidden jewish fruit jesus mary mother

a34dd1  No.12950149


just saw that filename







I wrote a 4-page "Essay" and part of it spoke about why Brenton Tarrant may not have written so much about the jews.

I thought that the major reason Brenton Tarrant did not directly name the jew was that there is not as much as a jew problem in New Zealand as there is here in the US where it is more obvious and blatant.

cfd0e9  No.12951021



65f67e  No.12951053


It may also simply be that the problem has extended well past the Jews and has been taken up by the "progressives" of all races. Kikes started this, but delusional leftists and useful idiots have pushed it further than those hook-nosed parasites could have ever dreamed.

5315b9  No.12956646


The girl's name is Ryoko Hakubi, she's from Tenchi Muyo, who drew this, I don't know.


I'm not gonna check it, but I can assume that Thomson Reuters is an US website. Bloody hell, maybe I'm just really sleep deprived or something, but the way they worded it, "allowing virtually any content, including hate speech" made me damn pissed. Like bloody hell, there is so much worse shit on this site, but this overtly vague, scary term for wrongthink is definitely THE worst and most illegal thing in the world to them. I should get some sleep.

d514b1  No.12980313


imagine liking him unironically

1e1e36  No.12980344

File: ee46c0c0314e90a⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 484x363, 4:3, Check_Blue.jpg)



1e1e36  No.12980371


Friendly reminder that arson saves a ton of ammo, nobody thinks it's suspicious to have gasoline and matches in your car, and bike locks for the emergency exits aren't too pricey.

In a purely hypothetical sense, of course.

Friday prayer day is coming soon, lads.

1e6081  No.12980459

his sister is hot

c1dcbc  No.12980603



>Jews are no enemy of mine as long as they aren't subverting my people

is like saying

>Niggers are fine as long as 13% of the population doesn't commit 52% of the murders

c9ae6b  No.12980671


probably best to host it on pdfs

that way it won't get slid

6a4f01  No.12980972


NZ is a fucking joke when it comes to police. Drugs are almost completely legal there and no cop bothers to do anything.

6a4f01  No.12980997


Jews are genetically tuned to be coke snorting psychopaths.

f531d7  No.12981063

File: a1b941cc0292362⋯.png (7.43 MB, 8271x9361, 8271:9361, 5437435743684567346834657.png)

6a4f01  No.12981089


I've never thought about it this way. It's like a machine, which only needs a kick start and adjustments at times. We are practically doing the same with the internet and they are pissed.

21029c  No.12981114

File: a4dbc3ab8c94f7f⋯.jpg (16.86 KB, 291x374, 291:374, image.jpg)

Harry Potter taught me not to be afraid to name evil men. He was not afraid to say 'Voldemort', when everyone else was saying 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'.

Let's be brave like Harry.

Don't let them win. Don't be scared of naming them.

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