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File: 557af5d4b330cad⋯.png (46.19 KB, 640x860, 32:43, FT_16.06.23_raceAge3-1.png)

e9ee53  No.12939072

The main point Brenton's manifesto is concern over white birthrate. Pew research shows that even though whites have a lot of boomers, we still have more people in the breeding range by a large margin. Why couldn't breeding preserve the white culture and race that he was concerned with, at lease in the US?

157ffa  No.12939121


>outbreed 4 and a half billion asians, 1.2 billion africans (on track to 4 billion by mid century thanks to gibs) and the billion other assorted shitskins

how about just closing the borders and deporting the filth to the middle of an ocean?

4113bc  No.12939130



We need nukes to save our race.

b2c4d2  No.12939144


Who says we can't do both?

5cc098  No.12939156

our society is set up so those with middle income face such heavy tax loads and low income improvement that is it economically impossible for most to give their children the same quality of life as them so they have fewer children. Coincidentally this group is majority white. Weird huh

cd54dd  No.12939187


>Pride in one’s race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their history is superior to our own.

>They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them. – Adolf Hitler

It's not about reducing the number of other races. It's about ensuring that the White race survives and thrives.

e17d36  No.12939191

>I want to raise the white birthrate

>we need liberated, strong "my body, my choice" women!

Pick one.

157ffa  No.12939208


The only way to do that is a culling.

d13435  No.12939211

Why are world populations so high? European science. Fertilizer, medicine, mechanical agriculture. Naturally having gifted other peoples with these technologies they wish to goto the source, our countries which have much better quality of life. Our population level is twice that of last century and there is nothing wrong with a little loss through low birth rates. The major problem is non-European birthrates especially within our countries of course.

cd54dd  No.12939224


I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Jewish science. The discovery of significant ideas in medicine (metabolism cycle, blood types, etc.) has improved the survival of White people. Jews, as long as they are not kikes, are the pinnacle of White civilization.

e9ee53  No.12939227


76.9 million whites in the US, 17.3 million asians, and 37 million non hispanic black in the US. Where are you getting these billion numbers? Globally? Leave Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans. Whites don't have to outbreed the world.

157ffa  No.12939237


>we don't have to outbreed the world

In a globalist hegemony with open borders we do.

e4827a  No.12939239


Not if we close the borders we don't

01e4ba  No.12939245


Who said anything about (((women's rights)))? We don't need "empowered" women.

d13435  No.12939246


Yeah whatever. Although "Jews" like Haber who invented nitrogen fertilizer have been beneficial they are a sect within European population. A sect which is antithetical in most respects to world European health.

157ffa  No.12939262

ffd8ea  No.12939263


Too many nonwhites here.

When a race is being pushed out of its territory, like euro americans are, the birthrate will plummet, and will not rise again until that stops.

Also take a look at the amerinds that we took this land from, the exact same thing happened to them.


Overpopulation is a problem that is not going to go away.

The world is not going to be improved with billions of negroids, subcontinentals and mestizos.


>civic nationalist quotes hitler



There are more than 80 million whites here, unless you are only talking about people under 35.


If you do not deport the alien population elements or restrict them to their own territory, then you absolutely do.

Anyway, deradicalization thread.

d13435  No.12939269


Trench warfare was obsolete in the 1st World War. How is it going to help us now?

909732  No.12939279

who would wanna breed with purple haired dykes?

e9ee53  No.12939286


Brenton said a race war is absolutely needed, but how would that solve the open borders problem? It seems like there are plenty or whites who could breed in the US that are or age.

ffd8ea  No.12939288


Also, it is kind of odd you do not mention the major demographic threat, the mestizos.

63d808  No.12939294

File: 8c7f20db8e7123b⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 8c7.jpg)

His idea of the importance of birthrates was overinflated, he was (justifiably) freaked out by that Moslem propaganda video describing how Moslems are demographically taking over the west. However, it is not the white birthrate that is the problem- it's the presence of these Moslems (and other non-whites), the influx of more Moslems (and other non-whites), and the birthrates of those Moslems (and other non-whites). If they all disappeared, the white birthrate would be irrelevant. Yes, the population would drop, but that doesn't really matter, it was much lower in the past. What matters is racial purity and quality. As long as there are quality white people breeding, which there always would be, the white race wouldn't be dying. But the problem is that there are foreigners in our lands miscegenating with our people and contaminating our rate. If this continues, there will be no pure whites left in the near future.

Increasing the white birthrate is good, but it's not going to solve the actual problems of Jewish political/economic/cultural control and non-white cohabitation/immigration. The white birthrate can likely be increased by a small amount, from those receptive to WN, traditional, and even 'conservative' ideas. But beyond a certain point is not possible because we have whole generations of white women that just slagged themselves out. The majority of them having sex with multiple partners before married, they're nothing more than a public cumrag. Nobody wants to clean up after that mess and breed with it, wake up every morning to some roastie cunt that's fantasizing about some frat Chad's dick she bounced on at a party before she met you. Fact of the matter is, a huge percentage of white women have completely ruined themselves and they're not marrigeable or lovable; they probably wouldn't be faithful or good mothers anyway. We have whole generations where a huge percentage of white women are just fucking trash, and you can't create a replacement birthrate out of that. And again, a replacement birthrate isn't going to just magically make things okay. The only solution is to solve the ''actual problems' of Jewish domination and non-white cohabitation.

1eea5d  No.12939299



The system is rigged against whites having children, and feminism really accelerated the whole destruction. Most families need 2 incomes to live decently, but then that takes the housewife out of the equation which handles the kids. Now they have to pay a fucking mortgage to send a SINGLE kid to day care.

Shaniqua just has kids like her pussy is clown car, doesn't work, lives off the whites busting their ass at work. The lower IQ trash is being subsidized by the higher IQ whites. We're fucking destroying ourselves.

Solution: Strip away 100% of all state welfare.

d13435  No.12939313


His point about birthrates was non-white birthrates within our countries. Not that our birthrates had to be excessive as theirs are.

63d808  No.12939324


I should add that in the USA at least (I can't speak for anywhere else), immigration outnumbers births. Not just for non-white population increase, total births. USA is seriously done in my opinion, I hope the same isn't true for Western European nations

d13435  No.12939339


Yeah USA is mid-90s South Africa tier now. We have a very dynamic situation to deal with. I like how 'The Great Replacement' focuses on the US social situation. We are quite actually bin Laden's Great Satan except everything and everyone Washington touches gets burned.

60b74f  No.12939343

Europe is already at max comfort capacity. What we need to do is chemically castrate the 3rd world, kill the boomers and niggers siphoning our money and start incentivizing white women to breed giving out 50k a white baby

000000  No.12939346

Already am. Two sons and another on the way for a perfect nuclear family but still I think to myself what is the point if there isn't really a future for them? You have this abhorrent sick degenerate clown world filled with barbarian invaders and nothing short of a major catastrophic event could correct it. All that is left if to accelerate it to ashes and rebuild.

96f220  No.12939353


Anyone got this Moslem propaganda video. It was from the mosque he shot up right?

1eea5d  No.12939372


Wrong. All we need to do is stop subsidizing the third world. Zero money, zero food. That low IQ trash will purge itself. You don't seem to realize we're paying for our own destruction.

ffd8ea  No.12939381


I still believe that some area of the north American continent can be taken for white people.

We are so vast that it is feasible.

Western Europe doesn't have that luxury (and European nationalisms will never allow shitskin states in the heart of Europe).

The only white countries that I believe are beyond saving(without outside intervention) are Argentina, Southern Brazil and South Africa.


There are salient differences.

South Africa is extremely urbanized, and most of the uninhabited areas are in rough, unproductive terrain.

While in America, the relatively uninhabited areas like the rural Midwest, PNW and the plains are very white, and contain very good farmland.

157ffa  No.12939382


sure, I'll just ask my local MP nicely

I'm sure he'll get right on it.

bac151  No.12939396

File: e2e2fe341858fe3⋯.png (121.01 KB, 856x435, 856:435, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4bc5391054c029b⋯.png (34.92 KB, 634x427, 634:427, ClipboardImage.png)


>When a race is being pushed out of its territory

not true

Low birth rate is caused only because jew-promoted feminism and woman freedom.

Countries like Russia and Eastern European countries have also extremely low birth rate (lower than the whites in the west)

d13435  No.12939412

He also focuses on ecology which is another reason for low birthrates. Urbanization and modern service industrial culture are very fucking dysphoric. I believe it is the largest cause of low European birthrates next to general social fears about terrorism and wars abroad that cause lifelong celibacy.

ffd8ea  No.12939423


That is a problem, but the fact remains that when a people are losing territory through conquest, immigration, or whatever, their birth rate falls.

You can't exactly settle down roots and have a large family when you are white flighting the hell out of a diversified area.

>Russia and EE

Over there it is the shit economy and other problems which communism and its subsequent fall created.

Don't forget that the major cities of Russia are being flooded by Central Asians either.

d13435  No.12939428


Euro-americans are 1.66 Russians are 1.75 per woman.

1eea5d  No.12939436


Unfortunately you're right, government isn't going to cut the welfare. So really, the only solution remaining is to minimize taxes paid to government in order to accelerate the systemic collapse. Once governments start failing, welfare will go with them.

d13435  No.12939483


Our federal government has it's dick into every county though. Factories and farms everywhere are full of the immigrants who will be more loyal to Washington in the long run and be cheaper to maintain than the boomers and their descendants.

bac151  No.12939519


No, it's not "shit" economy. If we cut down all immigration, the birth rates won't go up and if we let in more immigrants, the birth rates won't go down

India/Africa has worse economy and they have a lot more children. So did Europeans when they were nothing but peasants

It's only because females want to do other stuff besides having children

It's the "quality life" meme what kikes have been promoting in the west

d13435  No.12939530

If you think about the largest war in history is a drop in the bucket compared with even a hundredth percent of the current birthrate and replacement level of European peoples. No European government is really pushing for an increase in our population though which is tantamount to death's caused during WW2 (where the genocide claims stem from) 10 times over.

bac151  No.12939540


to add this

Having low number of children has became a standard for white people

c5eead  No.12939561

File: d04d9bf14947ce2⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1257x936, 419:312, ClipboardImage.png)


You can't breed when you have a anti-natalist culture and a lack of money. The reason why WNs lack money is people journalists and progressives deplatform them out of their credit cards, jobs, and payment processors for their views. Not going to get better when we have higher taxes from leftists are well. I'm doing better than most, but you can't raise children properly under six figures anymore.

d13435  No.12939566

Assuming world European population is dropping by 20% (lower than it is) per generation now that's a loss of 160 millions every 20 years. Well over any WW2 casualty figures.

000000  No.12939607

because it doesnt solve any fucking problems youre just buying into the (((infinite growth))) meme for (((them))).

the solution is to overthrow and crash the (((system))), expel or destroy the invaders, then implement sustainable environmentally friendly living.

bac151  No.12939649


> infinite growth

that is exactly the best way to crash the system.

e8e357  No.12939720

By killing muslims, he must have hoped to get muslims to kill whites, thereby creating a war footing scenario where white people suffer, break, and breed obediently.

Fundamentally, we’re past the era of reproduction. It’s better if people live their own lives rather than exacerbating resource scarcities. We can extend our own lives, too. Reproduction is no longer scientifically advisable in this scenario; we should look forward to being remade in a newer, better flesh, that we might at last give religion the punishment it has always deserved: paradise.

I hope Racist Tarant sees his era. I hope he gets new artificial organs every time an organ fails; I hope he gets enrolled in a senolytics trial. I want to see what he’s like in three centuries.

62a384  No.12939729

I'm too nihilistic and blackpill to ever breed for something silly like white race. Humans need to be destroyed not built.

I'd adopt, but never bring something new to life just to fight some autistic war

cc8023  No.12939739


It’s not just a problem of breeding. It that the social policies of european countries have been turned into an extermination program against them not only is this drastically altering the birth rate and marriage/family situation but the average white family is living in complete squalor compared to the 60s social policies which were much more nationally focused instead of focused on exploiting for the benefit of internationalist conglomerates

d1f79e  No.12939940

File: e0f78b3f946bb64⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 1550053256575.jpg)

9f13c6  No.12939956

You people are comical. You’re too hard to breed. Almost makes me miss the raging cock jokes of the nineties. Think that was the nineties.

1eea5d  No.12940053

File: 8bfc18ca2451438⋯.jpg (225.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, big johnson 1.jpg)

File: 64c5f0b2a9ce26c⋯.jpg (133.69 KB, 800x800, 1:1, big johnson 2.jpg)

File: 0337ea861e9077c⋯.jpg (140.41 KB, 684x817, 36:43, big johnson 3.jpg)

File: f2aca1594c5f8b6⋯.jpg (20.38 KB, 250x250, 1:1, big johnson 4.jpg)

File: 5417d92b75ff0ed⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 320x432, 20:27, big johnson 5.jpg)


Yep, don't suppose you remember the old Big Johnson t-shirts? Seems like we could bring it back as a meme.

589015  No.12943959


I feel like it is because of TV brainwashing.

Women act like they are perfect princesses becauses 1000 dickheads on Facespook liked them. Then, when I try to get one to buckle in and buckle down and buckle up with me to breed, they leave me over some dumb shit, like if I get a skin rash that last longer than a week, they are like "OMG this was never on fantasy TV land brainwashing, he's probably like a diseased leper, bail, bail, bail." Then they end being with some nigger or muslim or get pregnant with chad and become a single mother with horrible degenerate children who constantly have rashes from malnurishment, or at least they are left only with some sort of choice from a variety of evils.

It's ridiculous how "perfect" women think things need to be due to their brainwashing that "society is perfect" now, when in reality the opposite is true, we are under heavy psychological assault and the race is dying due to inversion of gender roles from jewish bribery and brainwashing.

Some girls are becoming aware of the genocide, but without a strong father, few of them have enough hope and courage and determination to breed, we need to win some battles, we need white pills to make mothers, #WhitePillsMatter.

370b55  No.12943995

Breeding is out of vogue with whites due to kike brainwash telling them to "have less kids due to climate change". Also race mixing.

000000  No.12943996

Improving our birthrates is one part of the larger project to save the Aryan race, but it's not enough. We need a massive eugenics program to ensure that only the best quality Aryan's are being born (quality always trumps quantity), not to mention the removal of non-whites from Aryan living-spaces. Of course, while we do not currently hold state-power anywhere on Earth the best thing a white man can do is to have at least six kids and inculcate them (not brainwash, it always backfires) with pro-white, pro-western thinking

589015  No.12943999


Well said.

257bc3  No.12944330

So, the real question is what are we going to do about it? How are we going to convince our wives that we should have MORE children in these troubled times? The new tax law makes it less expensive (tax wise) to have children, but only marginally.

2088e3  No.12944352

In every white nation the birth rates have declined. And now we see the same happening in Japan. Meanwhile, Israel's birth rates are on the rise. This is not organic. Anyone who says

>just have more kids!

Is a kike shill or they're naive and don't realize white genocide is not organic, it's not natural, and the only solution is mass public awakening.

90cb5c  No.12944447


On top of that and from my own perspective. I have never had a single issue getting a woman and never had a single issue with relationships and have been fortunate to know some great ladies but unfortunate in that I didn't push to "go" button when younger because I always figured more would be available and didn't appreciate what I had back then. More did of course come but the problem is that they were of a different mindset in terms of society and the world in general and I have found this to be universal now within females of marrying desire and age. They have been so fully indoctrinated that I cannot see raising a child with them because I seriously think that it would lead to that child living a horrible existence due to a Mother who has such a mindset. In short, the past two adult generations of women have been completely incapable of Motherhood and even less capable of marriage. Sure there are exceptions and sure those are great women I'm sure but, overall and by massive number, they have absolutely no business being Mothers.

On the flip side I have noticed that many men are also following suit and trying to adapt to that female perspective just to score pussy so we are left with a completely pussified male population as well from those generations. Again, it is not all of them but a large amount coming from the educational system which is completely fucking decimated.

I don't think about it and it doesn't bother me but now that this question has come up and I do think about it, of course it bothers me. Not because I see myself as unmarried without kids but because I did everything right in my life and in preparing for this next chapter I find that the white picket fence we all thought would be there is in actuality a yard filled with feces because of the indoctrination of youths. If I can make any suggestion to any of you guys 18-25 which, by the way in the case you have never heard this from your old man, it is the hardest time period for a man. That suggestion would be that if you are fortunate as I was and meet someone who is ready, a good person, has their head on straight, comes from a good family, shares your values, etc. Pull the go switch, make it happen and do not think something else will come again often because in this day and age, it is fucking rare which is amazing because a mere ten years ago, it wasn't. I may get women now but not a single one of them are even in the remote level of what a man should look for in terms of long term and they are fucking everywhere now. So if you meet a good one, keep her you lazy sons of bitches.

4d5823  No.12944601


>we still have more people in breeding range by a large margin

And a large portion, if not the majority, are leftists or the children of right wing parents who were indoctrinated into leftism and likely won't come to their senses until their 30s (like fucking clockwork).

Many of them either won't have children until at best their 30s (while non-whites are breeding like rabbits starting in their mid to late teens), or wont have the financial support of our society (because non-whites and leftists have systematically infiltrated government to the point they can corrupt it and refuse social nets and services to whites and theres little that can be done about it…there were scandals even in alabama about these types refusing, as an example, SNAP applications of white people despite them qualifying so that they could give that money to non-whites who DIDNT qualify but they spent their time fudging the paperwork up so it looked like they did), making it difficult if not impossible to support and properly raise a family of 2-4 children. Again all this while non-whites are having 5-10 kids and OUR tax dollars are going to support them, and naturally they dont care about the quality of their child raising process, only that they shit out as many as possible and indoctrinate them to continue the process later on.

Its simply not practical to just "out breed them," moreover its not DESIRABLE to inflate our population numbers at the rate that theirs are inflating. The world is already sort of fucked due to overpopulation being a thing. Not to mention that with the rise of automation increasing and low skilled jobs getting to the point where they will be phased out, and the need to preserve natural resources and stop doing shit like, I dunno, building millions of cars that go unused and just left sitting parked in giant open lots where no one ever ends up driving them and its just a waste, just so businesses can have a bigger number on a piece of paper and so some random people can "have a job"… we SHOULD be preserving our resources and toning down the excess and waste, straining our lands less for food production, and so on.

Our population numbers slowly declining (but not vanishing) is fine (or rather would be if not for other factors). Its fine in Japan as well. The problem is the corpratist belief that numbers have to be constantly bigger and bigger each year to be "worth" anything, at the expense of EVERYTHING else. The governments of our nations refusing to reign in these businesses who so openly abuse and destroy our nations, resources, and people (especially in places like Japan with their work culture thats beloved by the higher ups of course but destroys the worker rapidly). And the mass import of unintelligent, useless, hostile, leeches from the 3rd world that we are constantly being forced to support (as well as all the "aid" we're guilted into pissing away on africa that just allows their numbers to grow out of control while they remain unable and unwilling to care for themselves) who also want to replace us and remove us from the face of the earth eventually.

The solution isnt just "have shit loads of babies." It never has been. The solution is to stop and control the corpratist filth destroying our nations and the world, and to remove the invaders from our lands and stop supporting them abroad.

Think of it like this. You're a man with a wife, your neighbor and his wife have 6 kids and come over constantly to borrow your stuff, stay at your place, etc. They break your shit, harass your wife, and so on, but the mayor forces you to accept this by threatening to lock you in jail if you fight back, and your business owner threatens to fire you if you object to it either. Is the solution to just have 6 kids of your own? No, its not. Sure you should be having kids in general, but is having 6 kids going to solve the problems? Is the business owner going to care? Is the mayor going to send the neighbor away to leech off some other city? No, they are not. They're going to tell you to work even harder, and turn their heads when the neighbor and his kids start raping your children, attacking them, and so on. You arent SOLVING the problem by just having lots of kids. You have to deal with the businesses, the government, the culture, etc, if you expect to have a better life.

16f8f4  No.12944627


are you high?

aec9b2  No.12944636

There is no shortage of women out there you could breed with, if you're having trouble getting laid then leave the redpill shit and go work on yourself until you can - its easy even for someone like me.

Unfortunately the Jews got me and I'm a faggot now. During my oblivious years I had no trouble sticking my dick in pussy though.

If you can't get laid you LITERALLY CANNOT BE A STRONG WHITE MAN. I know I sound off key given what I said above but I am still your ally in spirit at least and wouldn't want more to fall like I did.

ded801  No.12944669


>Anyone got this Moslem propaganda video

see >>12926558

>It was from the mosque he shot up right?

I believe that was his originally intended target, but then he changed to a different one because it had more population, among other reasons. so no, basically, at least for the first one. maybe it was the second one he hit though?

736cb7  No.12945054


>Unfortunately the Jews got me and I'm a faggot now

Just because you're a homosexual doesn't make you a faggot, you're only a faggot if you act on those instincts. Be an over-man and fight it, and have tonnes of children anyway.

t. Somebody with the same problem but less severe (I'm still attracted to women, and men only if I'm in a faggotty mood)

Polite sage for off topic

e3362e  No.12945537


Practice complete sexual abstinence and donate your sperm

013c20  No.12945579


Nice b8 m8 i r8 8/8, 88

9bd560  No.12945603

Because women CANNOT be at two places at the same time. They are either with their careers fucking Chad and his best friend Tyrone…OR they have to be at home making AND raising a family.

Then you have betacucks who want to protect women's degeneracy like this kid: >>12945420 Because seeing the skin of a woman and getting a small erection is much more important than having ALL women wear modest clothing.

I don't want burkas, but a burka and taking your wife's virginity is much better than this hell hole we have.

9ecd09  No.12945628



You people are going to get dragged through the streets and put down like animals.

42f1a6  No.12945698

File: 0ff5ff7f4bf3e9e⋯.png (224.41 KB, 613x407, 613:407, christianity is communism ….png)


It's time to shift our sense of "quality of life" away from the purely monetary. The depression/wartime parents knew total poverty, so they drowned the boomers in material goods; then the boomers did similarly to their own children, but took for granted that "stuff" was all the kids needed – and now we have a generation of emotionally neglected and suffocated children with too much food and too many toys, who inhale SSRIs and high-fructose corn syrup, who divorce at the first sign of trouble, who enslave their husbands and can't even give birth to their own children independent of extreme (and fertility reducing) medical interventions.

If our children have healthy food, a roof, some toys, some books (maybe lots of books), and clothes to play in, and a pet to care for, they have enough. We have more resources than any Jewed economy can give us: we can love our children, nurture our children, play with them, teach them, encourage them, challenge them. That is more valuable to them than any school, any TV program, any e-celeb.

648c1e  No.12945707

The issue with breeding our way out of the problem is that even if it were possible to win the birthrate war against shitskins, our traitor governments will simply import more.

286b05  No.12945710


Was about to ask the same thing.

Also, >44

42f1a6  No.12945736


So we build walls around our homes, and build bigger walls around our communities, and keep building and pushing them out until we have cleared space for ourselves again, in pockets at first, ever spreading.

Build upstanding relationships with white neighbors. Learn useful trade skills, especially in home maintenance. Trade favors with one another. Barter goods and services. Give the best Halloween candy to the white trick-or-treaters. Bake Christmas cookies for every white house on the block, and deliver them all with a card a few nights before Christmas. Favors can't be taxed. Organic kinship can't be taxed. Spread the love.

3fff55  No.12945742

Why act like an animal?

3fff55  No.12945748

Quit being queer China

42f1a6  No.12945758


Fuck you. They won't.

42f1a6  No.12945761

oh and


d8c240  No.12945768

Take away women's rights and you'll get the birth rate up.

49f83f  No.12945772

File: a3ebf6419d8ab4e⋯.png (12.98 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1323878109403.png)

You're fighting a war you've already lost.

Attacks like the one in Christchurch are a dying screech, the death rattle of white supremacy. A new demographic is coming, a fairer and more just one, and your dreams of a pure white race will crumble before your eyes, and it will be glorious.

Which is why you support terrorist cockroaches like Tarrant. You've seen the fertility rates in Europe, you've seen the forecasts for 2045 in the US. You're absolutely desperate. But you WON'T stop what's coming, and your terrorist friend knows it too.

Have a nice evening ;)

faf8a9  No.12945790


Noone, and we should do both. Remember, its a numbers game, as long as you can feed it, make it.

a889d7  No.12945792


>if i say it enough times maybe they won't fight back

1:50 ratio. Numbers aren't needed when you have that kind of efficiency.

faf8a9  No.12945804


Who cares what they think, they will change after having kids anyway.

faf8a9  No.12945809


Jews have money so leadership and collect awards, everyone else do actual work.

f2d20d  No.12945819


> a fairer and more just one




3fff55  No.12945847

Go fetch hick

135fa8  No.12945853


There is something like the control of the body and the spirit.

Hands are changing, it's a bitter-sweet kind of thing.

Truth is plenty of normies are hand-waving this.

Will it really make a difference in long run, who knows?

I wouldn't be surprised if they continue turning a blind eye to ethnic cleansing.

When people get this way they have the genocidal intent, this is how it happened in Africa.

Whatever is the case, it can be easily said /pol/ will feel redundant soon.

f2d20d  No.12945908


Whatever is the case, it can be easily said



bc9f85  No.12945920


You niggers actually believe you're going to rule over some Wakanda utopia once the concrete of society is eroded away?

You'll immediately revert back to fucking your sisters, and eating your brothers.

Parasitizing Aryans is the only reason you shitskins even walk upright.

000000  No.12945933




GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



3fff55  No.12945936


3fff55  No.12945941


Neither are you

720e7a  No.12945944


OP apparently.

bc9f85  No.12945949


We bring children into this world whom fix what you've done, bitch.

Go make sammiches.

3fff55  No.12945950


You know most of these people are basically slaves right?

0f8fd7  No.12945951


>Think niggers and sandnigger can build a successful society.

Give me back my side!

3fff55  No.12945960


With what, their hate and daddy's money.

4503e4  No.12946002

Look at all that nice video of trash calling me an it, because I have no interest in your dogs.

000000  No.12946010


>hurr durr our children will fix it




42f1a6  No.12946178


No, WE fix it for our children.

42f1a6  No.12946197


>The only way to stop white supremacy is white genocide

In other words, my new baby boy is better than the entirety of all the other races.

Sounds about right.

42f1a6  No.12946222


Yeah, it's not like women who choose motherhood will actually be good mothers who nurture their children rather than resenting and beating them or anything, you third world fuckstain.

My body, my choice to have as many children as possible, which means all the sackofshit cultist genocidal obstetricians can keep their scalpels the fuck away from my uterus.

2c014f  No.12946233

File: f32ce12f44991f6⋯.jpg (273.96 KB, 1078x1672, 49:76, 2euphoric.jpg)


>le last gasp of whitey

Commies will hang first and you know it.

135fa8  No.12946270


I don't think so.

Even on their own they produce a very comfortable life by natural selection's standards.

f2d20d  No.12946274


Oh look its the tard from another thread who compared RWDS to sjw-tumblrinas screaming about whatever oppression they imagined

Still trying to use Rules for Radicals #4 on us?

000000  No.12946374


not the same guy

whats RWDS?

you are literally hte embodiment of r4r

8dfdd9  No.12946385

Jew psyop actor Brenton is pushing an Ostrich head tactic in the "manifesto" (written by a committee).

The idea that you can out-breed the immigrants is untrue, ridiculous and encourages an "I'm doing my part, things will be ok in the end, I'll just focus on my family and not worry about the other shit, it'll be ok in the end… it really will, and besides, now that I'm a FAMILY MAN, I can't AFFORD to get caught BREAKING THE LAW or posting something HATEFUL, how would my wife and children cope if I got sent to GULAG?"

Make no mistake, it is IMPOSSIBLE to out-breed the islamic womb-bombs.

The ONLY solution is deportation and/or genocide of the invaders.

Of course, it's GREAT to have children, but without halting the immigration and purging those already here, what you're doing by creating a family is providing VICTIMS who will be an ABSOLUTE MINORITY by the time they're your age, who will have to live in a hostile environment where they're a dying absolute minority that is EXPECTED or COMPELLED BY LAW to race-mix. And that doesn't even touch on the abuse and torture they will suffer at the hands of the non-White majority.

tl;dr Brenton is using malign encouragement and false assurances, because this was a jew psyop intended to harm Whites. When the kikes take the time to put together a psyop, they make sure that they get the most out of it that they possibly can. This means inflicting as much damage as possible through negative optics and false heroes who malignly encourage failing tactics.

f2d20d  No.12946406


>not learning from your enemies

Its like you faggots enjoy losing and/or are masochists.

a4289d  No.12946442


>how about just closing the borders and deporting the filth to the middle of an ocean?

Everybody knows that shit will never happen the ruling class doesn't want it and never will.

But what you can do is have white kids.

000000  No.12946481


i dont get it?

000000  No.12946489


>closing borders

plus you actually dont want closed borders because what if your country does something gay like increase taxes?

in europe you can move to a tax haven QUICK

you like paying taxes? cuck?

4a2d8b  No.12946491


Why would I bring a white child into the ZOG? So they can be brainwashed in those things they dare to call schools?

I'm not raising any "Americans."

a4289d  No.12946511


You still need to breed white children, Hitler knew this.

Hitler gave money to families for having kids and medals to mothers. Mother’s Cross.

We need to be rewarding white women for having lots of white kids.

Here is something white people can do. We could start a charity to help white families and white women to have white kids.

The problem is white people as a whole fucking hate each other. Sad but True.

68e644  No.12946566

File: 7402b9d00ebb041⋯.jpg (4.98 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Wow.jpg)




>On the internet

>pic unrelated

000000  No.12946599


well it's just more proof of horseshoe theory

>the only way to free individuals is by taking their individual freedoms away

d3b85c  No.12946611


You're not wrong, you're just autistic.

d3a542  No.12946667


You should put your affairs in order

Cornwell, Patsy Daniels

Cornwell, Patricia D. (Patricia Daniels)

Cornwell, Patricia

Kōnweru, Patorishia

Корнуэлл, Патрисия

קורנוול, פטרישה

קורנוול, פטרישה דניאלס

קורנוול, פטרישיה

コーンウェル パトリシア


b7ce40  No.12946696

Watch that retard's kid end up a socialist with an abo husband.

3eda1a  No.12946717


>1:50 ratio

This was the first try, it can be highly improved upon in the future.

81390f  No.12946737

File: 440d31678f12df0⋯.jpg (139.53 KB, 588x588, 1:1, 1549999460697.jpg)


Key point. One wonders how much of the system can be preserved while correcting merely this.

f281c2  No.12946805


>Muh 100% pure Bavarian phenotype.

Cmon. This is literally where the term “purity spiraling” was borne from. While it is now generally used for DNC ontrolled oppo purposes it’s still a pointless stance to take. I’m assuming though when you say “genetically pure white people” you mean generally European/aryan/Assyrian/etc derived peoples without negroid or asiatic or etc admixture. That’s fine but it’s important to remember, as others have said, it’s a numbers and IQ game. As long as we are going to persist in a democratic republic, and I see no reason to assume we won’t at least for the foreseeable future, the primary threat to the white race is now and always has been displacement and dispossession by nonwhites under the banner of democracy and populism.

Racial purity as a goal is important to strive for but what we need to ensure is the maintenance of the status quo in terms of white control of institutional power. Obviously we have lost much of this to Jews and nnwhites but our destruction will be assured not once the % of racially pure whites dips below a certain number rather once the total number of whites dips below a certain numbe compared to nonwhites and we actually do lose institutional power. South Africa is a good example of this band of nefarious anti-white democracy reaching its logical conclusion and is the example I always use with democracy loving normies sleeping on white genocide and the JQ. Once we’ve lost the numbers game their precious democracy will ensure the destruction of thri lineage.

Brenton is correct in his assertion that it is all about birth rates as we are entering into a kind of racial birthrace where the loser will find themself on the bad end of a campaign of ethnic cleansing by the close of the 21st century at the dawn of the 22nd.

Basically purity is important but it’s also moot. We have to be realistic and at the same time understand we are in a race to the bottom.

Essentially we gotta have more kids. That is obvious but that doesn’t make it any less important. We can work on the Overton window and changing the sociopolitical landscape for future generations but first and foremost we need more kids and as long as the IQ and behavioral patterns remain firmly civilizationally oriented I don’t care if they’re 100% pure Bavarian, happa, a quarter Native American or what the fuck else as long as they’re not African or African analogue, Jewish or some other ace antithetical to the persistence of civilization. Again let’s be realistic- some amount of admixture WILL occur. Barbara Boxer was right about some things - if Europe and European derived nations are to survive some amount of change must occur. Again I am NOT advocating for miscegenation but we MUST be realistic.

If we are going to win this war we have to change the way we approach it. White nationalists of the late 20th century proved we can’t get stuck on racial purity, negative demands, and quasi exterminationism. Say what you will about Mike Pienovich but he made a point recently that we need to focus less on negativ demands and more on positive demands ie focus less on “take gibs away from niggers” and more on “give gibs to white people” in more eloquent terms.

Basically we need to fight fire with fire and stop focusing so much on racial purity and begin moving onward as leaders of the soiopolitical body politic we HAVE and not the body politic we think we deserve. We need people, we need lots of them, preferably red pulled, and we need them to understand the situation both they am their people are in. The more kids WE have the more we can control the destiny of the white ace.

Remember. Kids not care about their racial purity. To them their parents are God.

We need to be God. We need to focus in the salvation of not just the white race but advanced civilization as a whole which in turn the new white race will be the savior.

We need the children, not us, to be the Nietzchean new man. We need them to be the Super Man, the ubermensch. It will not be us that saves the white race and thus civilization.

It will be our children’s children’s children.

f2d20d  No.12946898

File: dcb011d9fc6e3f5⋯.jpg (320.04 KB, 1555x1031, 1555:1031, dcb011d9fc6e3f5356860300fc….jpg)



Is this supposed to be you doxing me?

Here have a pic

d3a542  No.12946910


you've done worse than that

329759  No.12946955


Race war will come in Europe in the next 10-15 years.

Breed now so the next generation is almost ready by then.

4c06ea  No.12946958


Actual cringe lol

d3a542  No.12946987


here's qanaon guy…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xl1KsmDIQg

c49704  No.12947002




i reversed it to make you look even stupider.

000000  No.12947046


um actually you're the one who looks stupid

d3a542  No.12947174


You're disgusting and I am not DL anything you post.

be658c  No.12947246

R K selection

7001b4  No.12947280


Russia is heavily promoting Orthodox Christianity, in order to increase white birthrates. It works.

d3a542  No.12947292

File: fb287456697fecb⋯.png (96.84 KB, 980x886, 490:443, Screenshot_2019-03-16 cia ….png)


d3a542  No.12947337

File: b389b8b67257ec8⋯.png (116.09 KB, 540x254, 270:127, iqtmission.png)

In-Q-Tel is a venture capital firm funded by the CIA.

The stated reason for In-Q-Tel existing is to expand the research and development efforts of the CIA into the private sector in order to deliver innovative technology solutions that support the missions of the CIA and broader U.S. Intelligence Community.

In-Q-Tel was launched in 1999 with former CIA Director George Tenet explaining the vision behind it as being:

We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999, we chartered… In-Q-Tel… While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA. CIA identifies pressing problems, and In-Q-Tel provides the technology to address them. The In-Q-Tel alliance has put the agency back at the leading edge of technology.

7001b4  No.12947439



7001b4  No.12947454


White solidarity is so fundamental. I only give my money to white shop owners.

d3a542  No.12947483


Bah! Do not build up your expectations of REAL white women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbwU23BBMy0

7001b4  No.12947550


I'm in the same situation.

Got jewed at 10 years old for watching gay porn and it eradicated my early desires for women. It is so frustrating as I can't breed a wife to perpetuate the White Race.

My faggoty degenerated self dreams of having a white supremacist boyfriend though. How can I seduce a woman into having sex with her even though I'm a fag ?

7001b4  No.12947568


I know I will be persecuted in the future

It's either an islamic-Jew caliphate or a neo-fascist empire. We faggots are doomed

dadbf3  No.12947574


Because we are in the middle of a population correction.

Population overshot the livable capacity, and as a result it declined back down to where it should be and is now stabilizing to a constant steady value.

The problem is solely massive non-white immigration, and the already established non-white population.

d3a542  No.12947586


I pray to God Almighty you EVER be in a situation to touch a woman, let alone impregnate them!

d624ff  No.12947597

File: 7ce853d30b4934b⋯.png (651.64 KB, 7376x3308, 1844:827, 1900 cartogram.png)

File: 6dede6f1b88ab41⋯.png (761.18 KB, 7088x3008, 443:188, 2000 cartogram.png)

Reminder that Africa is only overpopulated due to white food aid. End all food aid and the billion niggers slaughter each other and starve to death and their population goes back to 200,000,000.

d3a542  No.12947611


what's the epop agenda for north America then?

d624ff  No.12947640

dadbf3  No.12947657


just want to clarify im not agaisnt breeding, planning on having lots of kids

d3a542  No.12947689


>just want to clarify im not agaisnt breeding, planning on having lots of kids


7001b4  No.12947741


Why ? I'm White, smart and handsome and we need to use all the available manpower to save the Race.

d3a542  No.12947758


Save the Race or Save Humanity…you lack on the later

7001b4  No.12947767


We can we stop the food aid machine ?


Please elaborate

d3a542  No.12947779

To further the argument, we are in a war to save our souls…wtf does skin or place of birth have to do with any of it, except to separate US from THEM, the liars!

c4b006  No.12947818


i think Brenton is the only one at war , in his mind .

you are in fake war that you created

and Brenton just wanted to play pubg

d3a542  No.12947840


in respect to my need of the conversation 'please elaborate', I am referring to the continuation of poverty events. How is it billions of dollars are being funding into these supposedly impoverished countries, yet they, the impoverished, never accede.

d3a542  No.12948043


who is Brenton? Who the fuck are to decide one way or the other

286b05  No.12950206


Until evolution takes its course and creates superniggers in a real-life Wakanda.

fb8eb6  No.12950255


Most of those ideas are stolen from Europeans.

932efa  No.12950283

So many cucks in one place 😂😂

b3f94b  No.12950286

Because white women wont fuck racists lol

6ef39f  No.12950325


Whites and Asians (the next highest median age group on graph) have fewer children than niggers and spics because they are typically more intelligent and have more wealth. Therefore, they actually plan to have children. They consider the quality of life of their children, what can they afford for their children, and how will the family be in 10,15, or 20 years into the future. Niggers and spics are almost always dumb and poor as shit. Consequently, they don't play by the same economic rules as whites and asians. Bankruptcy means nothing to them, debt is a meaningless concept, they've never seen a mortgage, and a D average in high school is their highest achievement. So from a financial standpoint, children are not a burden for them. Since they are dumb as shit, they never consider the consequences of any of their actions. Oh my baby momma is knocked up, cool. I'll see the kid in 10 years when I get out of lock up. They don't care if their kids go to a good school, have a good upbringing… none of that. They just don't care. So squeezing out half a dozen little niglets is like breathing. Condoms are expensive yo. The women only partially care because they get stuck with these mongrels so they get an occasional abortion or drown the babies in a bath tub but that's it. These kids grow up to be pieces of shit too but the Jews invented rap music to make them obsessed with money… or at least spending it. So they typically get some moderate skill or min-wage job and fill a role in society. They work long hours to get a big paycheck that they immediately spend. Since they don't actually save and make real purchases they don't actually benefit the economy besides feed the consumer market demand for bullshit. A 70 inch 4k TV is a great purchase idea… my kid doesn't need school supplies or new shoes. Gubmit will pay fo dat shieet.

8660a6  No.12951097


what about changing strategies? This is somethign i have been thinking about. Chick works as prostitute for 1 year to build nest egg to start family. Then arranged marriage at 19 with a guy that her parents pick. a decently attractive female at 18 can make 500k in one year. That's more than enough to take the burden off a guy that wants to start a family, so that she can stay at home while she works. I wish whites would loosen up their morals so they could do stuff like this.

Whites also need cheap childcare and should do what kikes and chinks do: run illegal daycares for other whites so that they can avoid paying 1500/month through licensed places where they will get abuser by niggers.

I would even say: if women worked for 1 year as a prostitute, and guys that could not stay at home in multigenerational homes to build wealth, should stay at bunkbed accomodation for three years to save money rather than wasting it on accomodation while young. IMO whites should be setting up dormatories in various cities so young whites have cheap places to bunk so they can build wealth,even while working low wage jobs. This kind of thing can make it possible for us to breed again.

The next step is building business communities so we can start building wealth among ourselves.

8660a6  No.12951119


fun fact: chinese people did bunk bed accomodation when they first moved to vancouver. One would sleep in the bed during the day and another would sleep in the bed at night. They were like underground hostels for chinese people that ran 24 hours a day and provided very cheap accomodation. That was part of how they started to build wealth and rise up in the early years. We all know how that worked out…they are all wealthy and all have massive multigenerational homes. Most are professionals or own franchises. 1 in 3 unmarried women are prostitutes and just rack up cash so when they get married they can have kids immediately.

221c90  No.12951134


>have 3 children

>remove 50 muslims

If out breeding the other race is just a numbers game, which one do you choose. Which one pushes you closer to the end goal?

1cd926  No.12951167

fa4e03  No.12951175


to bad there is a growing number if white women not having kids, or having kids with non whites..

d6591f  No.12951200



>selling your women like this

No wonder why the amwf phenomenon exists.

Protip, retard, that is the shittiest way to "rise up".

5c4c96  No.12951211

Can I get a link to the manifesto

2b83d3  No.12951217

File: 2f7b9ab51f58717⋯.jpg (147.08 KB, 995x798, 995:798, 2f7b9ab51f58717b718637daaa….jpg)

File: 7383e0f8aa73082⋯.jpeg (175.96 KB, 1242x857, 1242:857, 3GtfhC.jpeg)

File: 13a6bf10f55b41c⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 13a6bf10f55b41cc986f33f355….jpg)

File: b8332d37ae6f811⋯.jpg (238.05 KB, 779x891, 779:891, 145112.jpg)

File: 1f98ab15800d50b⋯.jpg (92.57 KB, 519x528, 173:176, pvwih9.jpg)


>at lease in the US

Because in the US I'm taxed out the ass so that all the various muds can continue to get free everything forever. Flat out - I can't afford to breed. I make decent money, but the government skims just about a third right off the top before it even hits my wallet. Not to mention the taxes, fees, thisses and thats attached to every buck you spend in this shithole. I bet out of 80K a year, only about 20-25 of it actually passes through my hands and gets spent on what I actually intend to spend it on - the rest is absorbed by the government at all levels any time I try to use it.

And none of that even touches on the fact that every woman is like the round in the chamber during a game of Russian Roulette, and can go off at any moment and ruin your life and take all your shit, leaving you living in a van at a campground and having to pay a monthly bill.

Fuck that. Fix our shitty, niggerish society, and only then can you fix white birth rates.

8660a6  No.12951231


i care about surviving. I care less about endless moralizing. I'd rather have money and a family that can support itself and buy a nice franchise than be a "nice" guy that doesnt reproduce.

bb182e  No.12951236

Wife is pregnant with #7.

Throw away your useless notions about welfare and "the dole". Move to a midwest state and impregnate a racist white woman and get your benefits asap.

I dont even get that much from welfare because I work, but every little bit is more for mine and less for niggers. I use the safety net to work less than 40 hrs a week, spend time with the family and afford some classes at a local college.

If you happen to be one of those non-NEET overproducers, dont hate me. Be glad at least one "white nationalist white supremacist neo-nazi" meanie is manipulating the government system that is stealing from you. Thanks. Also you're welcome.

Also buy either AR-10s or "SBR" 10.5-12 inch AR-15 pistols. Don't waste your money on long barrel AR15s. For the weight you might as well get .308.

49de25  No.12951292


You sure are a pimp, creating an ethno nationalist state by putting all your women to work as whores.

6d3330  No.12951310


Well said anon.

8660a6  No.12951317


again, i dont care about the morality. I care about if it actually works. if whites strategy of constantly taking the moral high ground worked - they would have a replacement level birth rate and they wouldnt be backed into a corner by jews… neither of which is true. morality is a hinderence to the survival of the white man.

8929e3  No.12951350


>women's rights

How do you plan to get rid of them without bloodshed? How do you plan to address the elephant in the room that is white women choosing not to have kids?

57e3a5  No.12951395

File: 95d5c457773ee68⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 502x353, 502:353, Mocking-Spongebob.jpg)


>marrying a woman who's taken over 3,000 cocks in one year

sOuNdS lIkE a GrEaT iDeA

8660a6  No.12951412


i dont care what other people think. You do what you have to do.

57e3a5  No.12951444

File: be72c778c27a26c⋯.jpg (258.43 KB, 908x908, 1:1, 9852917884_e6c66d528c_b.jpg)


>I'm so unappealing my only hope of breeding is being put in a forced marriage to a literal prostitute

a22485  No.12951453


The problem is I think you could raise a big family just fine while being relatively poor by adopting homesteading culture, but you are effectively giving any chance at building wealth or power to pass on to subsequent generations.

f072c5  No.12951610


The bible has moments where God told them to kill everyone, even the children of a tribe. Morality as a concept isnt the thing that is restricting your actions, it's unwillingness to make a decision.

0bd874  No.12958228


if whites had money, they'd be having kids. I'm just suggesting one way to come up with money. Most whites at 25 don't even have 100k usd in the bank.

3dd225  No.12958234

The main point was the brown people in white countries

ad23e6  No.12958386

File: dc07aa445bdbb12⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 350x349, 350:349, whites are too nice.gif)


>making them not old anymore would unfuck everything

Donate all the money you're spending on beer, dudeweed, and kiked vidya to lifespan.io right now

a7fe49  No.12958612


So your literally a genocidal Hitler figure. Thanks for letting us know we're on the right side of history.

f2a87f  No.12958627


White people are effectively sterile.

I don't want to get too into the religious debate because it always spirals into a retarded autistic screaming match between people that don't know anything.

But demographically, atheists don't have kids, and most protestant denominations don't have kids.

Feminists don't have kids. Working mothers don't have kids. Incels don't have kids.

The white race is so fundamentally broken spiritually and psychologically that having healthy families just isn't part of the life plan for these people.

Argue all you want. Scream or cry all you want, this is simply the truth. White people have been effectively sterilized. Not by chemicals (although this debatably could play a role) but mostly by ideology.

f2a87f  No.12958635


>muh right side of history

you're in the wrong place, think you got lost and should find your way back home.

f2a87f  No.12958656


>donate all your money to this crowd funded scam

Anybody with even a remote understanding of biochemistry would be able to see why this is hocus pocus homeopathy-tier horse shit.

ad23e6  No.12958706


>t. blackpilled abrahamite

a7fe49  No.12958746


>Not seeing the troll.

000000  No.12958761








First, you do realize all powers, since the dawn of time, commit genocide? Hell, currently ethnic displacement of those of European descent is occurring and now one bats an eye. Regardless, all who eventually control parts of the world did so over the corpses of many, it's just how people rise to power.

b78aef  No.12958800

That's because in 3rd world's they don't have controlled birth unlike any smart country. Retards.

b78aef  No.12958814


Also, same guy here. All of your guys is idea's to expand "the white race" are unironic laws in Sharia. Do you fucking love them or do you hate them, make up your mind retards

f2a87f  No.12958825


>let's extent our lifespans so baby boomers can live to be 200 and be effectively kept on life support for 130 of those years.

Great plan retard. Actually learn biology and get back to me. Just because your plan is retarded doesn't mean I'm a blackpillled abrahamite, it just means your plan is retarded because you don't understand the first thing about human biology.

432c06  No.12958908


Learn English, nigger

ad23e6  No.12958929


>literally believing that the fucking Tithonus mistake is possible

>literally believing in Abrahamic religion

>says someone else doesn't know biology

Hmm let's see, am I gonna go with a panoply of actual researchers when deciding what's possible or the meritless whinings of some blackpilled abrahamite?

ad23e6  No.12959065



>literally a fucking honeypot controlled by central servers

Does fucking nobody know how to use IRC anymore

91f1c6  No.12959066


kill yourself subhuman roastie

aa5494  No.12959623


We naturally seek a stable balance between ourselves and our environment. Humans(white people) aren't animals.

f2a87f  No.12959724


You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded

1b6698  No.12959774

1. Because killing 100 people takes less than an hour while raising a family takes 20 years.

2. Breeding doesn't get rid of the undesirables. We would have to have like 9 kids per woman for 100 years to get back up to 90% white, and that would balloon the population to like what, 2 billion people?

3. America would be fine with 100 million whites. It would be fine if there were only 10 million whites. The point is we need to be ALL white. If we're not all white, then we're not all right.

a89909  No.12984246

Whitoids have poor fertility

e9ac19  No.12984449

File: 73c5d4cf8723d58⋯.png (1000.44 KB, 892x690, 446:345, The Chosen People.png)


absolutely chosen

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