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File: 838736e88b9bd68⋯.png (54.66 KB, 608x449, 608:449, 380543a9517b5b7de9bf06613c….png)

58add8  No.12950716

>Cooperating with U.S. authorities

/pol/ is a board of peace wave to the Feds anons. They would not dare break the containment.

45366f  No.12950736

File: 298bb559fb68ee6⋯.png (21.14 KB, 597x600, 199:200, A2BE5001-E5B1-48FC-8832-B2….png)

Pol is a christendom board. Would the government dare intervene in religious affairs?

4962e0  No.12950750

File: ec8996f938f6c20⋯.png (48.52 KB, 654x588, 109:98, you got a license for that….png)

fd5038  No.12950751


What? I thought everyone here was Jewish.

06cdb2  No.12950752


Hello from Budapest!

4e0c88  No.12950761

>We have not been served any secret court orders and are not under any gag orders.

Why is this still in the footer?

b93213  No.12950764

Hey feds if you shut us down you know the worst will happen it was reddit and 4chan who did it.

06cdb2  No.12950767


Because it wasn't secret.

223660  No.12950782

File: 0a069a103e70aec⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 720x553, 720:553, Orthodoxy.jpg)


Yeah, I'm EE Christian. We are okay with war and nationalism, but only because those things keep the peace. I read my bible everyday, I swear.

e040f0  No.12950794


>tl;dr: Get fucked, NZ police.

9ed3b6  No.12950795

Yeah closing a website will make us embrace shitskins. Nothing will change, we will talk elsewhere.

315f43  No.12950797

File: cc02b354827c160⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, auschwitzchimney.jpg)

We can count on the American government to get to the bottom of this with the utmost accuracy.

59b489  No.12950798


We now live in the age of 24/7 vpn

59b489  No.12950802


Probably some retard on facebook

1306ea  No.12950815

I just want everybody to know that everything I ever said about the jews was sarcastic. I actually love Israel, metzitzah b 'peh, and the USS Liberty attack.

06cdb2  No.12950821


I just want everybody to know that I would ONLY EVER shoot somebody sarcastically.

2e6d51  No.12950827

better have your harry potter cloaks on when you come at me faggots because im gunning at your heads

0fc9d4  No.12950838

File: dce20b23c593646⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 558x344, 279:172, 1xazem.jpg)

<dude shoots up a synagogue

<other dude shoots up a mosque

Varg needs to lead the neo-Pagan uprising so we can get rid of Abrahmic religions all together.

c70d67  No.12950843

I dodn't even remember seeing the shooter post.

fa13f6  No.12950846


oh the ironing I have to do. so ironic, so much laundry, not enough ironing.

I always assumed this place was under investigation from the very beginning.

page 284, 5th row, use the cypher

a4059f  No.12950848

Any Zog Bot stuck investigating a bunch of LARPers on infinitychan must have really screwed the pooch in the acedemy.

Just for you pencil- dick, I turned off my VPN and I'm heavily armed. Come out to fill out a report on my likelihood of planting a massive boot in your ass

b93213  No.12950850


Well to be honest lads.

Those niggers deserve to die.

But glow in the dark niggers them selves are lower than niggers because you are working against your own people.

I don't answer to you fedniggers.

3c314f  No.12950858


im the real guy who shot JFK

b8021e  No.12950861

File: a9c0b5039b4dd7e⋯.jpg (91.82 KB, 584x580, 146:145, 1552311089597.jpg)

File: 336cad1d03722cb⋯.jpg (68.79 KB, 600x388, 150:97, 1552083590673.jpg)


The national socialists here are very peaceful.

b9b434  No.12950865

>it's illegal to own a replica firearm in AU

Golly. Must be safe there.

4962e0  No.12950866

File: 815ba2260734413⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 753x378, 251:126, DM-LP_3V4AAc_TL.jpg)

File: d87e8df19cca5b8⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 598x336, 299:168, DOFziOJVwAAhY3I.jpg)

File: 58ada1ac4b73efb⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 351x221, 27:17, australia-ASIO-351x221.jpg)

File: 6e57fcf53cfbd6f⋯.png (507.7 KB, 655x768, 655:768, diversity is our strength.png)

File: f3b5c5fbb55d004⋯.png (497.5 KB, 651x951, 217:317, kegibs.png)

>where many websites were used by a criminal

wotta cheeky cunt

shut down twitter and facebook when?

1ece0f  No.12950874

For the record, I do not condone or advocate any violence outside of self-defense. I fully understand the futility of such actions and am awaiting the inevitable collapse of the United States as the new americans physically cannot sustain the industry to compete with the other super powers. It's done. It's over. Trump had to deport them all. He didn't. Now for the collapse.

b4bbb7  No.12950882

If I'm kiwi and didn't post the video or say what he did was good (i genuinely dont think it was good) I'm safe r-right?

b9b434  No.12950883


>US law

>NZ is the US

>AU is the US

Anons have shit OPsec, he probably outed where he is, took pictures and left location data.

0fc9d4  No.12950886

File: e0a1b4db521c5bd⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 859x1024, 859:1024, e0a1b4db521c5bd044e50b930e….jpg)


>muh illegals

de05a4  No.12950892

The feds are going to risk driving people out of the public and into the shadows. They better be careful.

4e5650  No.12950897

for our friends in Australia from the Antarctica base.

the peacock has taken flight, i repeat, the peacock has taken flight.

b9b434  No.12950899


>into the shadows

You have that backward. People are being driven out of the shadows and into public.

784afc  No.12950914


Roger that Anon. I am buttering the monkey's shaved buttocks as we speak.

b67148  No.12950924

Twitter did it.

06cdb2  No.12950927


Be advised, anon, the monkey's ass is shaved, but he still has lice.

b67148  No.12950930


Leading sheep to the slaughter.

a037e7  No.12950935

File: 3105d15d1513bfc⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 320x507, 320:507, akydtcwwlv321[1].jpg)

How dare the U.S. Government abuse their powers with fishing expeditions of 8chan, a board renown around the world for peace and love. Truly an abuse of powers not in line with our Democratic values.


2f1772  No.12950939

Oh, my mistake, I thought this was a jewish message board. You see we have been oppressed so much, getting kicked out of countries for centuries, some multiple times, although no other group seems to have this issue, we are the most vulnerable which I suppose we are preyed on by the strong. They accuse of for hundreds of years of directly loaning and war profiting about the death and synchronized destruction of the goye..er..european nations. They accuse us of terrible lies of draining boys blood to make motzle balls, I can assure you my friend, these are terrible lies, just because we must ritually drain the blood completely from animals and have commandments forbidding us from covenants with nations just means that these traditions are misunderstood. We have a long tradition of cutting off babies penis skin and sucking the blood from said penis. It is a ling tradition which predates even jesus christ who was jewish, and unfortunately he was killed by pontius pilat, who was white, just like that mass shooter of the mosque. I think we should all just take a moment to realize that muslims may be very dangerous, and should not be underestimated, also it would be a good time to consider that white European men may be very dangerous, it looks like maybe with the recent incident that European governments may not have enough competence to protect their citizens from these realities. Please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, I have to bow out as I have a meeting scheduled with muslim community organizers and then another with the prime minister of nz. I have had so little time since the synogague shooting in pitsburg.

82e881  No.12950950

File: c4db7a18c1999ef⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 500x705, 100:141, Zoie_Palmer.jpg)


>charged with having a toy gun

Holy fuck. When did Australia get this cucked?

00b090  No.12950955


A VPN should be apart of your budget. An offshore one you can pay for with crypto.

de05a4  No.12950957


You are wrong. Trying to scare people off of the chans and into the shadows are what they will end up doing. People like myself and you are openly posting on a public forum. I have no issue talking about these political issues where everyone can see and read my post. If they attempt to shutdown the chans people will still communicate but no longer where they can be seen. That is a situation they will not want.

0fe96b  No.12950968

File: 863c909c03f364b⋯.jpg (122.81 KB, 1325x746, 1325:746, deception-isand.jpg)

when a single white man is left alone with his thoughts, what can he really accomplish, alone?

2e6d51  No.12950976


>we’ll btfo them by linking news articles in our ircs with 3 dudes

or attack their bases of power with weapons and kill our opposition

36ecf2  No.12950978


Hi everyone, here's a re-master of the Europe Awake video for 2019, it includes the NZ shooting footage shown at 4m12s as a slick mini montage of those epic kill shots. Here is a copy of the unlisted video on JewTube for preview purpose: https://youtu.be/KgKI_iFbFUs

Download it here from Archive.org before (((they))) shut it down: https://archive.org/details/EuropeAwake2019

Feel free to distribute and upload to any sharing website! Looking forward to better footage from future events for even more inspirational edits, which are bound to happen since the sold out politicians do not listen to white people anymore. We will not be replaced, the traitorous politicians and the hostile anti white elites they take orders from will be.

#TheDayOfTheRope will be here sooner than we think and will be livestreamed too. Get inspired for the revolution that is upon us!

Dr. Pierce talks just a little bit more than the original, and the middle track is the non-choir version. Watch the original on JewTube by searching: "Europe Awake (re-upload)". Search "Dr. Pierce Archive" to see his 122 hour archive of broadcasts on Archive.org, his voice here was taken from the one titled "Thinking About A White Future".

de05a4  No.12950979


>Being this stupid

e55869  No.12950990


nope, /pol/ is secular, fuck off

fd5038  No.12950991


50 dead invaders

0dd9a8  No.12951001


Reykjavík reporting in, operations at stage 2

4e0c88  No.12951005

File: 4e730a6367bc2e1⋯.gif (4.66 MB, 473x400, 473:400, wendywu.gif)

The LARP unravels

be2687  No.12951010





ca935c  No.12951012


I think he is talking about zeronet or NNTP at minimum, or more likely a closed forum similar to the explosives forums that exist on the darknet. Not really accessible to the general public. This has the effect of purifying our user base into those smart and dedicated enough to get to the new board. That is the best possible base to create IRL groups and militias. The only people there are either feds or anons. No civs or NGO infiltrators.

07accc  No.12951017

File: f3d464bc786dd32⋯.jpg (194.25 KB, 756x560, 27:20, Camp.jpg)

reminder that this is how it starts

20ab85  No.12951026

File: ece558e36c521f6⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 350x200, 7:4, 1547275010372.jpg)

File: aa12dc55b2d9347⋯.png (501.29 KB, 1475x545, 295:109, 1547417488819.png)

File: 5707df4cd13fd5e⋯.png (206.47 KB, 500x860, 25:43, 1552111124621.png)

Hello law enforcement.

Please turn on your management, they are protecting elite pedophiles.

766c3a  No.12951034

File: 710f27265949787⋯.jpeg (23.93 KB, 300x213, 100:71, 1274C134-CE1C-4334-B14D-A….jpeg)


Pol is here for peace

All nogs and low IQs is welcome here

2e81b9  No.12951056


Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne approve, operations a go. messages to be delivered by hand. We're all bloody wankers in the end anyway, cheers mates. Nice knowing you. Kissing my bird now.

3ebb48  No.12951074

File: 92f5ead8a220dd2⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 564x423, 4:3, FedChan.jpg)

No shit.

6c70ee  No.12951085

File: 9c30690825f64ff⋯.jpg (466.7 KB, 1158x1254, 193:209, FullSizeRender.jpg)

I"m a rabbi and wish spread the good news of the Talmud, pic related.

3ebb48  No.12951090

File: 23d38dacce37577⋯.png (570.71 KB, 790x522, 395:261, It's OK Cunt.png)

a037e7  No.12951115


The guy looking at tits has good posture.

123c2c  No.12951126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


never forget chopper read

9a5510  No.12951135

File: f9b82ba443bc1db⋯.png (21.47 KB, 200x186, 100:93, nervous_pepe.png)


>Be me, taking notes in class last Monday

>Used to sit alone at a table since I accidentally showed up late the first day, but unexpectedly a fatty was in my spot

>Start sitting at spot a table with 1-2 people depending on who shows up to class, mind you it's a small college

>Sit next to some random girl I never pay any mind to

>Take notes on my laptop, not fullscreened

>The night before I unbookmark 4chan but not 8chan for some reason

>Totally forget about the loli scandals, unbookmark it at break

>Mfw next Monday she puts her bag in where I sit

>Mfw girls gossip

>Mfw I just go on 8chan for /out/, /doomer/, /mu/, and /leftypol/

>Mfw fucking Christchurch happens yesterday

>Mfw 8chan now under investigation again

2e6d51  No.12951148


>being exposed with no response

411ca5  No.12951151


Sounds like you were born without testicles

07274c  No.12951155


about to start Torposting only.

b3dbfd  No.12951156

What is there to cooperate on? The crime has already been solved they caught the guy with more than enough evidence beyond any reasonable doubt.

07accc  No.12951160



spotted the retarded neo liberal

9a5510  No.12951164


for further context, I had been sitting at the table with them for a couple weeks before my table had been free for two days

3ebb48  No.12951169


How's the second asshole?

7b507f  No.12951171


how the fuck is that even relevant my dude

07274c  No.12951172


>acting retarded

>being retarded

>going on /leftypol/

I believe it.

deae8b  No.12951174

You guys are so fucking retarded I browse 8chan (now HATEchan) and I sure as fuck don't want my IP gathered when I'm selling molly online. But now that you have brought down federal attention I guess I have to leave this faggot place.

5a4115  No.12951176

Suck a dick.

Also dont forget that you need to update

>We have not been served any secret court orders and are not under any gag orders.

God damn faggots.

e796b4  No.12951178


Great story, you emasculated imbecile.

7441c9  No.12951187

File: 0cc559459a163e7⋯.png (223.19 KB, 1306x1571, 1306:1571, absolutelygross.png)


Congrats faggot

a037e7  No.12951189


lol hate to break it to you but the feds have been monitoring this place ever since /hebe/. You're on the list.

3ebb48  No.12951190


No they don't. It is not a secret nor are they under gag.

b93213  No.12951195


Oh damn…..

Are they enjoying their jobs at the very least!

5a4115  No.12951197


Just saying that they need to if IT IS pertaining to it. I just dont trust this shit. Thats the only thing I ask. Update that shit so at least i know if we are truely compromised. If they stick to that im golden.

ecbb77  No.12951208


big whoop

the cops care about troublesome issue f.e. "i am going to do x"

or maybe care about holocaust deniers

but shitposting isnt a crime, yet :)

deae8b  No.12951210


Take me off then. I didn't consent to this. I'm a canadian, you can't do this to me.

bb07f6  No.12951213

File: 809a148c8253d1e⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 575x855, 115:171, 88352764200300403021122.jpg)


So - it's come to this…!!!

b8021e  No.12951220


Quit be a coward.

Even hitler would hit on you.

Embrace your fate leaf like with the rest of the anons.

2c2854  No.12951222


When isn't the chans under investigation?

b8021e  No.12951224


I mean spit on you*

123c2c  No.12951230

File: c953afa2e1fec41⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 674x1032, 337:516, KIMZ02.JPG)


faggot, she sat next to me, I boned her for two solid months. loved the small titties and even smaller pussy

deae8b  No.12951232


>Even hitler would hit on you.

B-but I don`t *want* to be "the girl."

9a5510  No.12951237


I am pretty retarded, I also visit /suicide/ :)

b93213  No.12951238



>a degenerate

Not surprising.

Go back to your fucking containment you gommie.

4c2df7  No.12951244


Varg is actually squirming right now, and disavowing the event. Pretty fucking gay and fishy if you ask me.

8318cf  No.12951258


Inb4 they asked for a link to the manifesto

271a2c  No.12951259

File: 1bbcba8dd5e3c8f⋯.jpeg (15.14 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 6ab9623c02da0a295e35ad135….jpeg)



Pol has been and always will be a christian board.

John 2:13-16


2e6d51  No.12951266


hes got kids of course he doesnt want a collapse. his talk about being against the jews is for his own ego. he doesnt actually want things to happen, like a lot of talkers.

1f7f6d  No.12951277

File: ade9db0bfbef21e⋯.png (95.28 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ayy lmao waifu.png)


Jesus would shitpost on the internet at all hours of the day and LARP as a nazi.

8f6b48  No.12951279


/pol/ is a board of peace, fucking xenophobic bigots

447abc  No.12951281

File: 75e9c6b2e7409ea⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 580x387, 580:387, mum.jpg)


don't know OP's back story or posters but you remind me of my mum in 2002, how having sex was filthy, degenerate…… and dirty.


4e2c1b  No.12951301

This is the CIA 8ch.net will be no more in a week

4c2df7  No.12951303


roger roger, feather status: ruffled.

6aa42f  No.12951315


This is the KFC, oooh your gonna buy my chicken.

4c2df7  No.12951321


He'd rather have his kids do all the fighting when they grow up. Getting real sick of that kind of mentality in 'the movement'… But I guess, we're really the last sons of the west, eh?

bb07f6  No.12951322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's said there are always at least 2 sides to a story.

LINKED [VIDEO] is only 29 seconds.

52db87  No.12951326

File: 04234d81b17204b⋯.webm (7.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8chan.webm)

7093ec  No.12951327


I've always wondered about that. What kind of people are employed at these agencies where they're knowingly protecting the elite and their child-raping habits. I can understand that they could disagree with us about race-realism and the such, but not the elites who treat everyone like their play things and cause untold destruction throughout the world. Saying that, though, I did see a guy who's a news anchor reading a newspaper on his way to work, so maybe the agents are just as brainwashed as your average normie.

c70d67  No.12951329


oh so he's a boomer. They expect their kids to pay the debts off.

85ab67  No.12951332

Parallel construction.

Icarus is ready.

265de7  No.12951339


Ascertaining the mole

74de16  No.12951371

What law are people breaking by watching/downloading the video, and does it apply to the US?

265de7  No.12951383


Hoaxfag bot


315f43  No.12951385


He hit her as she was running through the gate to get to the sidewalk while he was still near the entrance.

c5acd2  No.12951408


Fuck the pedocops! Aussie feds we have your number.



cc7391  No.12951414


>What is the shock from getting hit by multiple high-caliber rounds for 100, Alex?

934ca7  No.12951424


The FBI have been hoarding everyone's internet history since 2005. In fact before interviewing at a job for the CIA or anything related to it you need to stop browsing or doing anything remotely corruptible to your psyche.

5e117c  No.12951434

File: f009c0898ae6bc3⋯.jpg (77.38 KB, 720x541, 720:541, ally.jpg)


Your fine, showing support for hero isn't illegal. This isn't a public place where your shouting at starbucks. People harvest clean IP's all the time for things thats are actual bad to be posting and muslims straight up gangrape children.

931469  No.12951443


He shot her as a target as she was running away with a man, when she fell the man left her, he kept running, shooter targeted him but he was at distance, his first bullet struck an extremity, or fragmented on the pavement, the last shot was a kill to the head. Allow me to assure you, a 5.56 round moving at 3000 fps is going to fuck you up when it explodes on the body at impact. All she was left doing before he ran her over was her bodily functions were releasing shit and piss all over herself after the headshot. Fucking muzzie should have stayed in Iraq and bought a Mercedes instead on invading New Zealand and paying sales tax. Lesson learned.

b50e5a  No.12951458


take a bullet through your head

271a2c  No.12951459

File: 2b97afa0e9fd601⋯.png (418.2 KB, 478x480, 239:240, pzjesus.png)


yes that seems like something who was literally crucified be the juice would do.

read your bible and lurk moar newsodimite

b50e5a  No.12951469




Also reported for shilling

c5acd2  No.12951474


Logp2p was ran in Australia. AFP redistributed child porn many times. Logp2p got false positives so i dont support that and them having a mega hoard of CP on an insecure samba share easily accessible for a fit up. I do support them taking over Shannon McCooles cp empire. FBI did the same with playpen and good on them. They nearly jail freetalklive and cris cantwell for his CP stash.

did you know AFP covered up homosexual fuel air bombing of Australian Christian lobby by San Fran Democrat Mayor staffer…..

funny eh? Why are faggots licensed to kill by the aussie feds.


they tried hard to memory hole this hard…



The story had a happy end. The state killed the faggot to protect the gay lobby his criminal associates in the terror attack the AFP said wasnt a terror attack because a fag lit the fuse. Also its not rape if a muslim does it.

1ea035  No.12951478



I would like to offer my condolences that a guy in another country removed kebab without israeli authorization. As a 1024th American Indian from the Warren tribe I feel for all minorities that must face such persecution from the majority white world. Furthermore, I would like to state I am only sarcastic in my irony and ironic in an attempt to merely pretend to be stupid. Also, I am possibly a bot and can relate to the persecution faced by our jewish brothers and sisters, as 50% of the arguments I have here end with someone labeling me as such. Sadly, I will be unable to provide much information about the possible thought crimes committed by other anons here because I do not possess a Gold pass and, despite providing my credit card information and social security number on /b/ repeatedly and error led me to be charged multiple times by Blacked.com but never receiving my login for such an exclusive look in to the minds of fellow anons. I am, however, certain that at least 4 unique individuals post here and two of them are not me IP hopping. I hope that this information was appreciated and may you always glow brightly when discussing such horrific incidents.

df5572  No.12951481




c5acd2  No.12951531



09049c  No.12951539

if only the master of active shooters had listened he might've saved some lives



30f3a3  No.12951546


>seized weapons at his home

>a replica firearm

>some kitchen utensils

>larp bow

>and a stick

America sucks, but the rest of the world is so much worse.

6e9505  No.12951556

why sould 8chan be investigated for shit that happened on ebaumsworld?

271a2c  No.12951560

File: 2d10212abcc5564⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 438x438, 1:1, 2d10212abcc556411002198665….jpg)


Revelation 2:9

be gone false prophet :^)

608382  No.12951568


Agreed. Thankfully I think Brenton's plan is working. Take my guns, Ill take your life. Fair trade, no?

0eef7f  No.12951587

6e9505  No.12951590


how can they take something at the bottom of the ocean that you lost in a tragic boat wrek?

6df79f  No.12951605

File: 67b1dfae335759a⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fbIRIte0_400x400.jpg)


Who else does not use a proxy to surf 8ch? I openly inform my normie friends that i browse 8ch.

c5acd2  No.12951606

File: 69266d3ab89dc27⋯.png (793.76 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190317-141500….png)


Good words.

i said this to a tranny trying to dox 8chan staff on another thread.


You faggot libtard. They are jailing people for the comments 3rd parties put on "their" facebook page. Dirty boylover @garryburnsblog is talking about it happening to a mate of mine in South Australia.

Here is Garry making gay police endorsed death threats like you.


Because if you are a dirty inferior faggot you can't be held to same standards of decency to a christian conservative right? Is that why you think you are licensed to threaten to kill and others aren't you fag bigot?

a long time ago libtards were upset over the communist China party sentencing to death a chinese bbs sysop because he left his pc on and some anti-ccp users dialed in when he was busy with his day job.

now you are the cunt against due process and doing the same as the totalitarian organ harvesting ccp right? Due to your Muslim death threats against 8chan staff they should release your ip, find out who you are and murder your whole family….

if that doesn't sound fair (at least the family bit) you should believe there is no crime of association and a bill of rights. When cunts like you try and take away freedom of speech and fundamental human rights the only recorse left is to spill totalitarian faggot blood and reeducate you to classical lib not a fuckwit begging a hot civil war that you will loose with every faggot anti family anti democracy anti free speech head on a pike,just like the French revolution.

if you are really calling for an escalation in violence we may be willing to accommodate you. You will last as long as the two trannies in a suv who tried to storm the nsa compound.

btw where do you live?

6df79f  No.12951609


pic not me

158c18  No.12951611

covfem dyslexic 'cept da Barron kNOW ;)

Ortegrity IS IS isisis: sore y kNOT

butt tards gonna b [tards] - can't help dem: why help a parasite?

SerIOUsly: WHY?

dem screwed beyond LIVe recognition -kNOT yOUR [problem]

fe7b32  No.12951617


No. Christians are sometimes conservative, but not all conservatives are Christian.

6df79f  No.12951620

fe7b32  No.12951621


How do you use a proxy? They're all banned for me.

1ea035  No.12951623


>guy shoots up mosque

>says he is doing it, partially, so that governments overreact

<governments overreact

All they had to do was publicly denounce his actions and make an example out of him while not giving him what he wanted, but the temptation to fuck over everyone was too strong.

6e9505  No.12951639


he only did it ironically

fe7b32  No.12951645


Lay off the juice.

476cfb  No.12951648

im the driver who shot jfk

5aef43  No.12951650

and yes the earth is flat

4e86bd  No.12951657

lol, who cares, everyone knows website owners today are cucks

c5acd2  No.12951661


Once was enough for him .learn opsec to be an effective ghost wolf. Don't advertise you have none.

43ab80  No.12951669

i'm jfk and why is everyone in this thread shooting me

76cc9a  No.12951677

File: c0a8b9172aae76d⋯.jpg (162.46 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1526786241054.jpg)


>doesn't say what platform he commented on

>doesn't say what he said

406b2a  No.12951681


I was a JFK voter… until this.

4e86bd  No.12951686




It's always the fucking same with family people these days, they never have the balls to do anything

1f7f6d  No.12951701


>a muddled call to action was a distraction to cover something that nobody outside of the politician sphere can affect

finally i understand

1ea035  No.12951705

What, exactly, do you want from her death? What scene would make it more believable for you? A monologue with dimming lights? A ribcage bouncing down the street? Some big dude to scream "Finish Her" beforehand? Serious here, what exactly are you looking for?

f473ca  No.12951709


Leave it to the feds to ruin shitposting.

1ea035  No.12951721


>doesn't realize people aren't buying the "everything is a false flag" narrative anymore

>assumes people can only focus on one incident at a time

>is thumbing through his script for the appropriate response to this message

4e86bd  No.12951722


No one should fear their own government

1ea035  No.12951724


So, then what you need is a good action flick. I recommend John Wick.

c5acd2  No.12951725

File: e7abcd617d64794⋯.png (238.03 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190317-143457….png)


Shut up. The Australian court of infant sex normalization (aka @nodiscrim @ncatnsw) supports flat earth….


if you don't respect flat earthers you need to pay aud 20k or be jailed for contempt of court for refusing to pay



globe earth is the counter-culture now cunt.




75328c  No.12951734


so much for this being a cuckchan alternative, where else isnt shit?

1ea035  No.12951736


There you go. As you can tell, using that movie as reference, she definitely would have fought back while in the process of already dying on a street. I went hunting once and shot a deer, but it didn't die. As I approached it it wrestled for my gun and was very thematically pleasing, like action movies.

fe7b32  No.12951738


O.K. Ironmarch.

1ea035  No.12951760


I agree one hundred percent. If they wouldn't have skipped on the budget and used a life sized puppet like the guy in the mosque she would have twitched afterwards. Also, I noticed a strange lack of floating spirits after the deaths, leaving me to wonder if they were really dead or simply more injured mannequins. Overall, as a simple retard who has only seen death in vidya games and movies, I am just as displeased by the effects as you.

c5acd2  No.12951766


Fuckwit, make it count. You wont beat any high scores going about it that way. Only fools rush in. Your anger is justified, but you need to deal with it more effectively. Now shut up and start preparing for the day of the noose, or you won't be around when we need dumb footsoldiers the most.

make it count for something cunt

don't end up a footnote in the Australian Jewish council of deputies submissions to take away goyim free speech without actually getting the job done.

you are a walking conspiracy charge. Consider this an intervention. how old are you? 14?

4e86bd  No.12951778



Where did you cucks come from

85ca7f  No.12951789


No, we are all muslins. Allahu akbar!

1ea035  No.12951801


Thank you. But I wonder, for the remake, if she could fight back and didn't fight back why was she even laying on the sidewalk in the first place? It confuses me, because she was in a position where she looked pretty injured but obviously should have been able to fight back (due to our demands) but didn't. Were they trying to sell some bullshit plot where she was really injured and couldn't fight back? Because, while believable I guess (don't know, used to respawns or rage quitting when I am incapacitated) I don't like it. I much rather she was merely pretending to be shot on the ground injured but had the physical energy to karate chop him when he got near.

1ea035  No.12951812


I came from IMDB and he came from Rotten Tomatoes. We both agree this was a false flag because we didn't see credits at the end and every video we have seen of death has credits at the end.

f38bf2  No.12951820

File: 5eb511aeddf2a54⋯.png (783.82 KB, 1227x644, 1227:644, garfield.PNG)

Yall wouldn't have intelligence over here, would ya?

fe7b32  No.12951830


Bretty good, anon. I think you're giving too much credit to women. They've degenerated.

720f29  No.12951836

File: fd5cc960183308e⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 251x242, 251:242, 32f.jpg)


Pretty sure everyone who encouraged Tarrant in his thread is gonna get into some big doodoo!

fe7b32  No.12951837


What anime?

1ea035  No.12951842


Your autism is admirable. However, it doesn't help you didn't bother to read my previous points and his. I guess, just for you sunshine, I will point out I am making fun of your intellectual superior (which is sad, because he is a dumb ass) about his argument that this is a false flag due to the muslim lady not holding an MMA tournament at the time of her death. But, argue the same point I am making out of an attempt to try to make in order to save face. I have time.

a4f3cb  No.12951848


It's going to be a nice performance test for the various VPN providers. If you were in that thread and the police knocks on your door within the next days you should definitely find another VPN.

4e86bd  No.12951855

File: 7de83d0f49f3331⋯.jpg (234.07 KB, 2319x1546, 3:2, faggotfaceniggermcdickfag.jpg)


Nope, they can't do shit and they know it

1ea035  No.12951861


Exactly, let me entertain you with another hunting story. Well, an observation from years of hunting small to large game. Every time I shoot them they squirt blood all over the fucking place. I don't know if you have ever seen hunting photos, but I assure you the animal was covered in 12 gallons of blood (so was the hunter and any other animals in a 100 foot radius) when the animal was cleaned. All those blood free photos of hunted deer and moose? C G fucking I. Movies were right again.

4e86bd  No.12951863



Oh so you're cuckchanners or boomer

f38bf2  No.12951877

File: 95893742bd3cb96⋯.png (370.74 KB, 600x595, 120:119, monkaW.png)

1ea035  No.12951880


I am actually a glow nigger here to observe this thread and decided that addressing a guy who was on to this being a false flag by belittling him in a back and forth was my duty to israel. I would ask you to filter me, but you seem to want to join in a discussion about 3/4ths over, so I guess have fun.

4eb256  No.12951888


No fucks given.

4eb256  No.12951892


My trips don't give a fuck either, checkem.

eb8e2a  No.12951897


>Why didn't she beg for her life from the guy who just wasted 40 dune coons?

Um do you know what a Possum is?

c5acd2  No.12951905


I actually had to make a video I wasn't involved in the planning of the NZ attack because of some odd happenings on 8chan last wed-fri. Anyone who knows me knows I would only settle for the best target like The Sydney Mardi Grass NSW Anti-Discrimination Board Skools Out float if I was going to attack something. At least that is a target we all (including Muslims) can agree on. Well I'm not sure about that any more because before the pedo chris pooplicker organized gay marriage vote the homos promised the mosques the slippery slope is real and they would get polygamy and child marriages if they voted for gay marriage. This is real - look it up.


153news is getting heavy traffic now because of the possibility of a false flag in NZ. It will be encoded in about a hour or 2 available on this link.

NZ Shooting Inspired by AU Gov Policy to suppress Muslim Gang Rape coverage in the MSM

See the thread talking about the Sydney Gang rapes that inspired the NZ Terror attack (appeared in his manifesto) published on 8CHAN here last Wednesday 3 days before the attack. I have no connection to "Brenton Tarrert"


1ea035  No.12951912


Exactly. Glad we can agree. I will surely see you in the next 12 threads claiming it was a false flag because the bodies didn't explode on impact and because of stunt muslim 12's lack of a back story.

4e86bd  No.12951926


Only thing fake is you

fe7b32  No.12951934


True. However, it did coincide nicely with Israel's mass bombing of Gaza.

4e86bd  No.12951940


Ok, so you're just a faggot then

4e86bd  No.12951955

File: b49ec663babf487⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 1184x298, 592:149, JEWS.jpg)


Faggot it is

9ea264  No.12951966


im planning on a next attack im done with all this all talk fagetry

fe7b32  No.12951968



Aussies are funny af online too. USMCA-Oceania alliance when?

1ea035  No.12951981


And I have been able to pay attention to both. Luckily, I guess because of a strange birth defect, I was able to pay attention to both happenings. I haven't done a poll, but I am sure everyone else is only capable of processing one event at any given moment. This may be why so many people choke as well, eating and breathing would require massive amounts of multitasking. However, I am happy anons like you chose to solely focus on that and accidentally realize a shooting happened and fill in the rest of the tunnel visioned masses.

fe7b32  No.12952013


Ah yes, I'm an idiot, yet you said the same sentence twice in a row.

3368e6  No.12952024


I'm a jew posting anti-jewish memes so that people will help protect my people.

9ea264  No.12952027

on the jews

223660  No.12952031


I browse without a proxy. I'm already a very semi-public figure anyway. Plus I don't give a fuck. I plan on doing no illegal things so there is nothing to fear in the immediate future.

9ea264  No.12952039

1ea035  No.12952042


Your observational skills are beyond keen. I know the meat of my post was the two sentences at the beginning and by focusing on that you accomplished making the most effective argument for this being a false flag. I never insulted your intelligence, I praised you for using your resources to inform everyone about the other happening that absolutely none of them were aware of. Don't sell yourself short anon.

5ca106  No.12952043

Hi were all terrorists with bombs and huge Arsenals and were all gonna kill a bunch of Jews niggers and mudslimes. Investigate us daddy.

9ea264  No.12952052


yeah right

9ea264  No.12952066


retarded racist Islamophobic anti semitic loser

931469  No.12952080


don't know what the fuck your talking about, I hunted in the 1980's shotgun, 22 30-06 30-30. Me and a buddy once went close range with 12 guages, number 8 shot on a deer with a broken foreleg, fucking gruesome how that fucking thing wouldn't die, we were left with blood, guts and skull residue all over our over coats at 15 feet. Once took a deer with a 22 through the head with a scoped rifle while it was looking directly at me, fucked leaped backwards and was dead when it landed, pissed itself and left shit pellets all over the place, took a deer with an arrow through it's lungs, never found it, fucker must has ran for miles because I tracked it for miles until nightfall. Shot an 8 point buck through it's anal area as it was looking at me moving away with an AK-47, it simply fell over and died in 1 second. Ever hit a goose in flight with a 12 gauge? it stops flying, when it hits the ground it's not dead, it's dying. Assisted EMT's on a man ejected from an automobile wreck and bounced through a rocky field, fuccker was still alive, his shirt was ripped off (who knows how that happened but he was groaning, breathing and looked like hamburger seeing the extent of the superficial bruising to his torso. Died on the way to the hospital, Real life death is a million different manners, and it can haunt you how remarkable the will, and the human bosdy's will to live is. With out seeing the post mortem I suspect she suffered spinal damage, her legs didn't move at all, but her upper body did, and she knew she was hurt badly.

you're a fucking clown

3e1e8e  No.12952114


Ok this is really funny

d1238a  No.12952132

File: f1d72f2703dcbf3⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, r_lee_ermey_61429-1600x120….jpg)


15f229  No.12952138


This, let's hope someone does the church next. Varg is a faggot though.

f38bf2  No.12952139

File: 5e2011642931968⋯.png (777.61 KB, 1273x681, 1273:681, 8chanlul.PNG)

1ea035  No.12952148


The argument you are making, if I am right, is death takes different forms. Meaning that expecting a shot lady on the sidewalk to fight back automatically is like expecting every day to be sunny and 75 degrees. Second of all, I have done quite a bit of hunting. Normally the animal doesn't bleed all over the god damn place, and the amount of blood you encounter initially is underwhelming. Normally it is nothing like expectations that when the bullet enters it is going to splat blood and flesh out in an extremely visible manner. As a matter of fact, the best way to make sure your shot connected at range is the signs of impact on the animal. Not to say a buckshot up the ass of a deer isn't going to look like a morbid pinata, but the request for gore in the video is definitely misplaced. As is the aforementioned death fight with the injured lady. The point I was making was that. Did that clarify my position?

2d674a  No.12952150

This is a board of peace.

Crazed lone guy man isn't representative of our culture.

Stop discriminating against us.

We want to live in peace and harmony, we are the victims here.

Wear this fucking hijab you cuck

d1238a  No.12952163


The guy looking at tits has tits himself.

a11fed  No.12952180


I love my little ruger 10-22. He's not a great shot if he's shooting well with a ruger. They're so easy to shoot well.

38dbdc  No.12952193


We're all jews here, shalom.

271a2c  No.12952213

File: 6dfa705bed3d5fa⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 642x480, 107:80, 1491978132018.jpg)

File: 1ae88ad6e66a8fc⋯.mp4 (3.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, J0HN P0D35TA.mp4)


[Future Comms]

Pre_stage ele_y

Pre_stage sec_y

Pre_stage dir_y

Pre_stage cap_y


b9b3cc  No.12952221

File: 7bf4c9bef825689⋯.jpg (385.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Peace.jpg)

38dbdc  No.12952229


No, his pelvis is tilted forwards when it should be upright, you can tell by the indentation in his lower back. He'll have more problems as time goes on.

Remember, sit upright, and that it has been scientifically proven that slouching with your pelvis forwards and your back backwards is better than hunching forwards, but a straight back is the best.

fe7b32  No.12952239


I read "filling in (with) the rest of the tunnel visioned masses." Your post makes more sense now. Also, you shouldn't use the antecedent "that" to refer back three sentences. Anyway, no foul.

38dbdc  No.12952245



That's aids for your brain. You'd be better off reading a dictionary.

1aff0f  No.12952246


Biggest problem is the low desks built for women, a monitor thats lower than your chin is going to fuck your neck to hell even if your postures good.

38dbdc  No.12952269


What is a class H replica? A neon multi-coloured water pistol with "alien soaker 93,000!!" on the side of it?

a2c8c9  No.12952272

File: e56fde98cf4fa80⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 642x630, 107:105, 2c58c1665b76d243632bfc5a7f….jpg)


the fuck's happening in the clip?

38dbdc  No.12952283


Put thick books or a box under the monitor, and sort the rest out by having the chair as close to the right height as possible.

You are right about the child-sized desks though, I am sick of sinks/toilets/chairs/desks/benches/aeroplane seats designed for midgets. One time in a thousand I find something suitable for a human to use.

38dbdc  No.12952296


It's a sacred jewish religious ceremony you ignorant bigot.

4eb49c  No.12952306

File: e5e2ce11821d9f3⋯.jpg (238.58 KB, 1233x725, 1233:725, 1539882782093.jpg)

Fuck these nazis pieces of shit. I support our asian american Yang.

7b07bc  No.12952310

File: fc7b4a272b44ff1⋯.jpg (1013.13 KB, 949x5065, 949:5065, Anti forensics.jpg)

Don't mind me. I will just leave this here. It's a good idea to start worrying about these kinds of things if you don't already.

19973e  No.12952317

File: db34c65f0506b13⋯.png (100.93 KB, 448x729, 448:729, 1536013888967.png)

I blame Facebook, it is a den of hate; that's why he live streamed there.

Peace brothers, sisters and thems.

a39f4b  No.12952318

I can tell you that I personally support law enforcement authorities actions regarding 8chan.

If they need access to information on certain users, I am happy to assist. People think they are anonymous on here. They are not. I can tell you that I personally will assist the authorities in gathering info on any type of white nationalist posters here, especially the ones active in the past few days.

I can tolerate and ignore posts that do not directly incite immediate violence, but not ones that do not. I myself have necessary capabilities(not much is required) and tools to identify certain users that I particularly dislike, but there are much more capable and qualified people working for the authorities that will be doing this as well.

080f8b  No.12952342

File: cb3181c33724c71⋯.png (999.44 KB, 800x868, 200:217, 10 LA coliseums in one cor….png)

File: f1e1fced6cfc698⋯.png (108.66 KB, 1264x640, 79:40, 10 percent.png)

File: b73d1b3e117dd68⋯.png (6.04 MB, 1871x2696, 1871:2696, a time we went to the moon….png)

File: 485601f57481492⋯.png (384.38 KB, 540x540, 1:1, a very fishy master plan.png)

File: 4f8471421d8360a⋯.png (808.32 KB, 1599x812, 1599:812, actual child porn is ok, j….png)


So what you're saying is we need to do thing like post redpills (also possibly blackpills for them) in all of our posts so the glowniggers get tainted/demoralised?

I can do that.

0d895d  No.12952676

File: 26f5332375b5d38⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2094, 180:349, image20195357075357.jpg)

e9ea71  No.12952688

Well when the kikes nuke the site I'm going to NeinChan




They are also putting together a list of all the KIKES in Congress

bbe9ff  No.12952691


stay away from marxism, its a hazardous meme that infects your mind and harms you and everyone around you for its benefit

96eb4b  No.12952711

This is unfortunate. The last bastion of free speech is coming down.

I'll miss shitposting for fun with ya lads.

96eb4b  No.12952715

and for any fed digging through my post history, don't take it seriously, I am but a humble farmer tending to his memes

fa422a  No.12952718


Don't worry comrade, just /pol/ will banned.

4c2df7  No.12952741

File: 652cf391f27648e⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gas.jpg)


checked m8

546ca9  No.12952752

Hey glowniggers: suck my dick. I hope you all explode.

d03bd1  No.12952761


>that nasa pic

>that one faggot in tshirt and blue jeans

when you took the day off but then remembered they were doing a launch

c5acd2  No.12952791

File: 7401116a3e68864⋯.png (797.58 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190317-170610….png)



HBO Vice faggots calling to ban 8chan and is claiming to speak for us. That's an eztv.io torrent so ur ip address is in the same pool with the faggots

Careful what they wish for, BDS sanctions will take them down next.

24d9b0  No.12952799


Shit I gotta get me one of dem jobs. Go rogue. Be the edgelord Fed like the final boss in Hunter.

4c2df7  No.12952841

File: 00ba41dec6c6eb7⋯.png (97.36 KB, 229x343, 229:343, rage.png)

065bfc  No.12952869


great point

19108d  No.12952883

Bump the holocaust thread faggots

f5712b  No.12952949

The US Feds can suck my dick. I live in Russia, eat shit niggers

Btw here is the link to the full NZ shooting: https://t.me/HansTerrorwave

1d1cd4  No.12952969


Im highly suspicious of how much this site is being shilled. Recommend anons be cautious with this one considering jewgle capatcha, an app development, and discord are involved. No tor access is also a fairly large con. Be safe

ffc737  No.12952982


oh no, he'll never pose on facebook with his cheap walmart shotgun ever again

7e8a2c  No.12953004

This is a symptom of totalitarianism guys. Why is the US even investigating a crime committed in New Zealand by an Australian?

4c3799  No.12953013

File: 9d4d2260bfd9a3a⋯.jpeg (299.81 KB, 743x393, 743:393, C2AA5CFA-550F-4BA1-A850-A….jpeg)

Revenge is started ISIS beheaded NZ journalist

dfc5bd  No.12953020

File: a2cf9308eec5bf0⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1516788534265.jpg)



dfc5bd  No.12953032

File: c10b746aaef357b⋯.png (19.47 KB, 272x141, 272:141, 1552581208489.png)


So if they're good enough to spot this, why the fuck did the mosque shooting happen?

dfc5bd  No.12953034


>ISIS beheaded NZ journalist

This is a good thing though.

3db4ce  No.12953040


pls make posts on /mu/ I've been feeling like I'm alone there recently

dfc5bd  No.12953045


Seems like you need to start wearing girls clothing, because you are not a man.

4c3799  No.12953048


Good things are ahead. Wait for more

dfc5bd  No.12953070


The shooter should have targeted the press 2bh.

dfc5bd  No.12953096


Don't even know if it's real. I doubt it after they let some dick mow down 40 odd slimes in NZ (remember, Aus and NZ share intelligence).

60eb74  No.12953103


c49cd6  No.12953120


>already on a watchlist

>can't get shit on me

>give those fags more hair to pull


b042fe  No.12953163


You're a faggot.

dfc5bd  No.12953193


I think law enforcement for a system nurturing the goodest of goys needs to be gassed.

1ece0f  No.12953197


Oh no, not the journalists. Damn you sand niggers to hell. You won't get away with this.

757700  No.12953239


Secularism can sustain itself when it can take power by force. Here that power is spam, apparently. Or that's where your ilk perceive it.

Shame, real power is still in the hearts and minds that can bear being here and elsewhere.

757700  No.12953248


I have a feeling there's a reason FBI hasn't arrested half the US members of this board.

282d5c  No.12953294

File: d5bdf311fc1adc6⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 697x960, 697:960, nervous hissing.jpg)

s-surely you wont take away guns for couple of shitposts, right?

cc9917  No.12953318

File: 25ef87c647d5ff8⋯.webm (536.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, how_to_build_a_deathcamp.webm)

The holocaust is a hoax. There were deaths in the prison/labor camps, but they were caused by an epidemic of Typhus exacerbated by starvation and allied destruction of supply routes. Typhus is spread by lice, and Zyklon B is a de-lousing agent. At the concentration required to kill a person, the gas chambers by design would not have even been able to contain the gas successfully. Ovens were used to destroy the clothing, sheets, etc of Typhus victims in an effort to halt the epidemic, and possibly to cremate those who died from the disease. The ovens could not possibly have been used in a mass extermination. Even modern ovens running 24/7 can't reach anywhere near the supposed rate of cremation that supposedly occurred at Auschwitz. No mass graves were ever discovered. Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials showed signs of torture, and the Jewish man who 'interrogated' the head of Auschwitz later admitted in his published book that he tortured a confession from him. Germans kept no details whatsoever of any plan to get rid of Jews, and much of their documentation of the prison camps contradicts the myth of the holocaust. The only evidence for the holocaust is testimonies from supposed survivors of supposed death camps. Several other hoaxes (like Jew soap and skin lampshades) were just recently proven to be false. Likewise, the showers and gas chambers are simply products of equal parts hysteria and propaganda. In the past century, elite Jews have profited enormously from the myth of the holocaust, and holocaust denial is illegal in several European countries. Truth does not fear investigation. The holocaust is a lie.

9edad2  No.12953329


because we are no shit to them and stop pretending that there are shills here in reality we are all retards

fa7fcd  No.12953338


they can afford 1 shooting but not 2 because they're having a hard enough time generating the pity for 1

fa7fcd  No.12953344


they can afford 1 shooting but not 2 because they're having a hard enough time generating the pity for 1

dfc5bd  No.12953345


If they do indeed react this way, then it's going to cause more deep state shootings that target civillians. Why? To further increase the controls.

Politicians need to realise that gun control reactions to shootings actually increases shootings.

78b972  No.12953350

can't we add some javascript with a rain of gore or something?

81e28e  No.12953359

File: 7f26a348df5e992⋯.gif (761.65 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 85Ce.gif)

81e28e  No.12953366


Are we mostly white males? Yes? Then, yes. They will tear this shit down!

81e28e  No.12953371


Facebook, too, right?

dfc5bd  No.12953391


>Are we mostly white males?

90% of this site is probably self hating jews.

4e86bd  No.12953392


Because no one has done anything illegal, having an opinion is not a crime here

81e28e  No.12953398

File: d998e9d74ab989d⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 638x359, 638:359, what-business-benefits-fro….jpg)

81e28e  No.12953410


NZ has already rolled in new anti-guns laws. LOL

4e86bd  No.12953421


NZ doesn't even allow guns to begin with,same with Australia, so not of it means anything it;s just a bunch of womanly projection

757700  No.12953434


>having an opinion is not a crime here

#BoycottIsrael is.

4c52db  No.12953437

File: f24c321bfd29296⋯.jpg (632.8 KB, 989x1356, 989:1356, 0071b694f637d7493026bc5310….jpg)

File: f78ac891c411e42⋯.jpg (502.98 KB, 2000x1481, 2000:1481, 9402650f61d1d5d3b59bd78a14….jpg)

File: 38749b55a5eebb3⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1280x2952, 160:369, 1453891025753-3.jpg)

File: 2f731d02f81e601⋯.png (88.99 KB, 725x892, 725:892, Auschwitz.png)

File: 6525b457a756a3a⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 355x500, 71:100, Auschwitz2.jpg)

Sup feds. The holocaust was a lie

29ec32  No.12953456

I call for one mass shooting a day until they stop this fraudulent (((investigation)))

81489f  No.12953461


> I swear

< But above all things, my brethren, swear not

< James 5:12


29ec32  No.12953472


Jay Kay peace & love and Stuff

29ec32  No.12953521

I am a government spook

Many of you will be receiving door knocks in the coming days (weeks) so please, tidy up, throw away your fucking cum rags, and remember to shower at least once in the next week. I know that’s a tall task for most of you retards but try to have a little dignity.

7e8a2c  No.12953534


You need a VPN to have a political opinion these days. Are there still people who haven't realized that?

3d6b59  No.12953538

And Facebook? Oh, right, they are "law enforcement".

d7634d  No.12953547


You’re gonna need Kevlar to have your specific political opinion you nazi faggot

27155f  No.12953558


The funny thing about this post is that it's this lunatic nutjob's fantasy that the government will throw the people he despises into prison for him, on the basis of wrongthink.

4c52db  No.12953560


Don't hate the truth, "anon"

7e8a2c  No.12953574


He was dead the moment they captured him, they were just saving him for a special occasion.

275b75  No.12953582

Any feds reading this? I just want to know why jews can murder innocents in broad daylight but are never charged with murder? Why is that ? I’m fed up

3d6b59  No.12953584


Is he the ISISreal bullshitter from twatter, or is twatter protecting him?

1ece0f  No.12953585



4c52db  No.12953588

File: a2890f889fd58ae⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 570x533, 570:533, 1411374686005.jpg)


>Any feds reading this?

>I’m fed up

8b099e  No.12953591

my only thread to all of you are on here,

you'r all selfish people and have no life.

have fun Internet Warriors.

still. all losers are on here.


7e8a2c  No.12953592


I'm prepared to die today, are you?

3d6b59  No.12953614


>many of you will be visited

You finally get off your dead asses and put the child porn down to turn traitor?

29ec32  No.12953645


Of course you are faggot. You’re a patheif virgin retard with no future. Life is worthless to you. But unlike the sandnigger goatfuckers in their desert shitholes you were blessed with all the western advantages and still failed. That makes you even lower than the lowest sandnigger. Think about that while you fap to children you piece of shit.

29ec32  No.12953647


5f185d  No.12953655


>pol is a semitic slaveboard

5aef43  No.12953659

id rather be a leftist and just enjoy my life than being miserable

7b507f  No.12953673


good luck with that sunshine

4c52db  No.12953678


>and still failed

Yet here you are, impotently raging against us on an anonymous silly straw forum. Who's the failure again?

1325e5  No.12953681


qfags deserve it

29ec32  No.12953685


>who’s the failure again


5aef43  No.12953688


but i will still live knowing by the Truth

1325e5  No.12953693


>rather be a leftist than miserable


>not miserable

choose only one

5aef43  No.12953704


>>leftist ?

4c52db  No.12953707


Then why are you here, trying to shit on supposed "failures". Wouldn't it be logical that a failure has already failed, and thus needs no more encouragement to fail more?

No, you're the failure. You are the impotent one. And despite this you'll continue on, poking the bear.

c5acd2  No.12953710


Ill interview any leftist cuck here.


i gaurentee ill get them to rage quit just by asking a few questions. Should be fun.

5aef43  No.12953714


leftist are stupid. equity is where its at

29ec32  No.12953716


Ya got me. Rawwwr

4c52db  No.12953726


It's ok, I know you're paid to post here. Just know that continuing to take that check will mean you're considered a traitor. And we know what happens to them.

29ec32  No.12953757


Daddy Soros has been late with his last couple checks actually, I’m worried about him. It’s getting tough running on limited budget. 10000$ a month is hard to replace. You tend to fall into a “lifestyle”.

4c52db  No.12953760


>immediately with the Soros red herring

Fed-kun, tell your boss to fire you

7e8a2c  No.12953785


What I'm afraid of is not dying but living and seeing everything around me become unrecognizable. Your future is finite just like everyone elses. Being resolved to die is just about accepting your own mortality, it has no bearing on your intrinsic value or self-worth. People die for pointless reasons all the time; you can believe that you are in control of your life if you want but it is only self-comfort. As for the 'western advantages' that were earned thanks to the hard work and success of our ancestors, those were already taken away because I'm too white, and given to 'hard-working immigrant families' or someone else more deserving.

You sound overly attached to your own life, like it has some high value, a self-inflated ego, your educational or career achievements - whatever they are and pompous sense of group identity will all vanish along with everything you recognize in the world as you age. When you eventually expire you will die filled with regrets, longings and attachments. When I die it will be a relief.

e59bba  No.12953792


Dude we’ve been over this. She wasn’t really yelling help me help me , she was yelling KRIKEEE KRIKEEEEEEEEE but that awful scarf was mufflin her words. Maybe if it was off someone could have heard her cries of krikey properly

7e8a2c  No.12953800

Because I won't have to deal with idiots like you ever again.*

dfc5bd  No.12953813


>You need a VPN to have a political opinion these days.

VPNs aren't a guarentee. I think the best method is to post chaotically and often with hypocrisy of earlier statements.

Can't do shit to a void of shit and piss.

dfc5bd  No.12953818

File: 7efc705a6ebe3b9⋯.gif (145.51 KB, 300x375, 4:5, 1512719179778.gif)

4e2c1b  No.12953833


i know my shit i have different routers and hardware that avoids that shit

4c52db  No.12953834

File: 6243b8375388125⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 6243b8375388125c8b27f8f602….jpg)


>I think the best method is to post chaotically and often with hypocrisy of earlier statements.

Indeed. I love the jews and the holocoaster.


50d4d5  No.12953850

That feel when you're in Russia (a free country) and thus have nothing to worry about. #feelsgood

7e8a2c  No.12953853


It's not if you're a terrorist or serious criminal but its enough to dissuade the internet police from lazily slapping you down for wrongthink. They don't have to the resources to waste chasing people for political reasons. There are too many pedophiles, thieves and fraudsters to pursue.

e59bba  No.12953864


Checking those nice dubs

Pants don’t fit can’t do shit

dfc5bd  No.12953866


Obviously by going from place to place, you need to confirm with board cultures.

eef952  No.12953875


Australia is truly America's greatest ally.

f100eb  No.12953878

File: e8aa3404e3331f1⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1542295835337.jpg)


More and more websites are blocking VPNs. In fact the way things are going in maybe five years time I see the internet in a place where I just decide to turn off. More and more countries are eyeing laws to ban them in some way. Some already have. Tech is just turning into a tool for tyranny.

dfc5bd  No.12953882

File: b92568e446a8b3f⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 240x252, 20:21, 47c51193.gif)


I frankly just like taking a shit in front of people looking at what I post.

The fact that people might be watching it is fucking hilarious.

e0ac32  No.12953893

File: 4bf909e69612ae4⋯.png (111.31 KB, 534x438, 89:73, cmon man.png)


> implying feds who visit this site to capture baddies won't immediately become redpilled and join our cause

dfc5bd  No.12953897


I swear a lot of the content was from government services to begin with.

The fact that this might not be the case… is confusing.

Why would you not exploit a public brainstorming forum for loosely correlated ideas?

7e8a2c  No.12953916


That's because silicon valley elitists want to steer the population's thoughts and ideology instead of just providing internet services. It would be beneficial to everyone except bribed politicans if they broke up the tech giants. Yeah lots of countries ban VPNs but you know lots of businesses, even banks use them for legitimate reasons. Nobody cares about using mainstream social media sites anyway, you can't post anything there anyway because of the ToS, whether they block VPNs or not doesn't even matter.

b32ca8  No.12953918


i can only imagine what it's like to actually be a crime fighter, detective, investigator etc and have to support and enforce things they know are based off utter fraud that someone with only an iota of their skill could pick apart.

e0ac32  No.12953921


Oh they definitely exploit it, but so does every non-glowing nigger and random faggot in Kuala Lumpar

2f1772  No.12953922

FBI, NRO, NSA, DHS whatever, please read this: If you are unaware, the fbi, just like all executive independent agencies is not authorized by the constitution but authorized by congress, as a federal function. The truth is however, executive independent agencies are funded by foreign powers, outside of the United States and are a parallel government to the united states government, meant to circumvent the challenges of the constitution and overcome the constitution. Therefore it is plain to see the inde-exec agencies, which are staffed by real americans such as yourself, are in a constant state of contradiction because of the oath of allegiance while simultaneously performing actions by the direction of those who take their marching orders from foreign power.

If you are investigating this shooting, you need to determine if this shooter had affiliations with israelli or jewish ngos, foundations, businesses, contractors, or government. Hopefully youre not so far behind that youre still unaware that the jews of the entire world are embedded into each nation state and are operating now, as they have for 100 years (really long before that, but officially 100) as a undeclared world government agency which can pass information and money back and forth with virtual impunity and immunity. I realize it must seem biggoted to a newfag to be reading so much about jews, I assure you. The jews are at war with the united states government, and especially the constitution. For greater insight read the jewish 613 commandments, a book called "you gentiles" maurice samuels. Book called "the court jew" by selma stern. And Maimonides code, mischna torah. Pay close attention to the term "idolater", as it includes nations like the united states.

It is very important you understand, if you find dirt on jews, youd better protect yourself. They are behind the invention of "terrorism", they created isis and al qaeda and also did 9/11 and introduced the tsa, patriot act and all of their destructive programs by putting michael chertoff at the wheel, who is the son of a rabbinical talmud scholar and the grandson of a rabbinic talmud scholar and his mother was the first flight attendant of Al el, the israeli airline. Probably not the appropriate person to be in charge of the united states counter terrorism strategy.

5aef43  No.12953940

File: dfdf0f2244070ab⋯.jpg (223.52 KB, 647x733, 647:733, 33.jpg)

7e8a2c  No.12953942


Also this is a public forum so it's better to have something 'concerning' in clear sight rather than hidden away on encrypted whitelisted communication channels, fermenting in the dark. If I was an agent I'd rather do it this way than having thousands of small groups that have to be infiltrated and monitored. There is a reason they developed systems to mass harvest metadata.

32b222  No.12953943



>I have a feeling there's a reason FBI hasn't arrested half the US members of this board.


Because you're all powerless whiners and it's just be a burden on corrections to be processing a bunch of powerless whiners. The Jews aren't worried about you. Most of you don't have kids because you can't hold jobs with your racism, and without a good job no woman will marry and reproduce with you.

You're the end of the line. They're more concerned with getting replacement labor in western countries to make their food and wash their Mercedes.

5aef43  No.12953944


we already know those obvious things

5aef43  No.12953948

7e8a2c  No.12953950


We need to stop the reptilians from harvesting our DNA.

c38f01  No.12953956


HI FBI, This board is budding pedos and terrorists breeding ground. OP is one of them

dfc5bd  No.12953958


>Implying we aren't the feds


dfc5bd  No.12953967


>random faggot in Kuala Lumpar

I unironically like KL.

Except it's lack of metros.

7e8a2c  No.12953968


They're still not worried about lone wolves?

Someone with no attachments, and no future is a fine candidate if they're also mentally ill I mean.

70a0fa  No.12953975

File: 5338f9c822b4a66⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 370x281, 370:281, HUEHUEHUE Fuck u cops.gif)


sup, feds

dfc5bd  No.12953982


Lone wolves have limited use. You need connections to carry out operations.

The idea of lone wolf attacks to me is rather laughable. You need to worry more about agents and blackmailed people with connections.

7e8a2c  No.12953985


It's true, I watch anime and play online shooters. We all know those are terrorist training simulators, and anime is just cp-lite.

dfc5bd  No.12953987


> We all know those are terrorist training simulators

Especially K-on.

32b222  No.12953988


This doesn't happen often. And nobody is targeting Jews except once when it happened. If this became a regular weekly thing maybe they'd care, but an annual shooter? Targeting non-Jews typically? You think they care?

Like I said, no threat to them.

dfc5bd  No.12953996


>This doesn't happen often

Not on this scale, because 9/10 these are not lone wolves nor small independent organisations.

They're either deep state connected or paid mercenaries.

2f1772  No.12954006


Ok great, now, follow up. It would be very disruptive to the enemies of the united states and its constitution if you bought a jacket, gave it to a seamstress, had her sow little pockets on it, then you take high explosives, something with high brisance and vod, put them into the pockets, go down to the UN headquarters or aipac, strap a camera to your head, and repeat this video, then when youre surrounded, maybe you just detonate your shirt. As morbid as that sounds, it would probably be the greatest service you could do to the united states and constitution.

7e8a2c  No.12954013


People still die, the people who do have connections get angry when people die. An organization might hesitate because of potential future losses, or risk of failure. Lone wolves have a less holistic and yet more holistic approach. Their aim is often to provoke other lone wolves forming a chain of reprisal. In fact they could even be aiming for lone wolves on the other side.

5af84f  No.12954016


/pol/ discovered and worshiped kek all on its own ("discovered" in the same way columbus discovered america)


digits overcame the spam because they are nearly impossible to fabricate.

5aef43  No.12954024


UN is like the president of the US

29ec32  No.12954026


That’s cuz Australia is even more white supremacist than America while having none of the chattel slavery nigger inhabitants and a mostly strong white cultural base. They’re like Canada except not full of faggots and hockeyniggers and they purged the fuck out of the abbos when weaker white countries were struggling with civil rights and hippie faggots. They’re infested by neoliberalism at the moment but they’re so addicted to social media and capitalism that they could be the strongest allies. They’re also dumb as fuck and incredibly impressionable so all it would take to turn a lot of them into white supremacists is a couple Islamic terror attacks.

230fd0  No.12954036


OOTL here. What post?

adc62d  No.12954037


Both my grandparents from the USSR lived in those camps. They came out alive and ran to western Europe after the war.

dfc5bd  No.12954044


>They’re infested by neoliberalism at the moment

More like their government is believing the press.

The press obviously has some agent problem like with the press of all nations.

7e8a2c  No.12954057


They recruit journalists because they often have excuses to visit other countries right?

Seems kind of stupid, the first person someone suspects as a spy is a journalist.

354a17  No.12954068


Dude the Washington times is quoting this ( ( ( ( elliot ) ) ) character as HIDING IN THE BATHROOM IN THE MOSQUE AT TIME OF SHOOTING REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>Elliot Dawson, who survived the shooting at Christchurch’s Linwood mosque by hiding in a bathroom, hopes New Zealand follows Australia’s lead on gun control.


I do not forget

adc62d  No.12954080


any interviews of GIs or whateve rwho first came across those camps?

dfc5bd  No.12954109


>the first person someone suspects as a spy is a journalist

You and I would think that, but dumb government reps?

I doubt it.

They barely look through the executive summary of documents.

dfc5bd  No.12954119


The fact that the whole thing was on camera and they're apparently still finding bodies should be an indicator of suspicious activity with this shit.

7e8a2c  No.12954124


Oh I just thought it gives them the excuse to approach whistleblowers and leakers with the cover of 'getting a story'. So they can contact disaffected members of a foreign government and potentially get a look at sensitive documents or access to important locations/people that way.

354a17  No.12954125



Someone fucking needs to answer This now

>Elliot Dawson, who survived the shooting at Christchurch’s Linwood mosque by hiding in a bathroom, hopes New Zealand follows Australia’s lead on gun control.

29ec32  No.12954142


He must have been one of those famous Jewish Muslims I’ve been hearing so much about.

dfc5bd  No.12954152


>implying they wouldn't also spread disinformation

275b75  No.12954170


The jew was eating mud shit cos jews love shit

e0ac32  No.12954174


morning shlomo

e0ac32  No.12954180


based + redpilled

b79daf  No.12954185

File: 4306f0576cb8eda⋯.jpeg (212.76 KB, 1024x997, 1024:997, C3F80A26-9969-4D45-B6F9-2….jpeg)



Damn , I was just sitting down for breakfast and saw this thread. Can’t believe it.

275b75  No.12954186


I watch the kadashtions and listen to Kayne West

dfc5bd  No.12954192

File: 7a469476846d77f⋯.png (158.27 KB, 261x405, 29:45, big_guy.png)


The answer was in front of us the whole time. We are the CIA.

e0ac32  No.12954196


Eh, I could see kikes sacrificing a handful of their own if it meant a 0.003% increase in anti-white sentiment worldwide.

645b11  No.12954199

>ongoing investigation

>in america

>for a crime an australian did in new zealand

This means feds have moderator access which explains this post >>12954010

dfc5bd  No.12954206

File: b55ffa0161378b2⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 600x655, 120:131, 1505847792445.jpg)


Oy vey, you mean this place wasn't a place of chosen ones pretending to be worst goys?

Oy vey!

e6eeb8  No.12954211


FBI agents are at this very moment browsing spicy memes on a nazi roleplaying board attempting to arrest computer nerds with blank criminal records who are guilty of the crimes of satire and apathy.

275b75  No.12954217

I’m C.I.A I swear on the Talmud I’m not a NIGGER

275b75  No.12954220

File: 1d5a75026498379⋯.png (21.99 KB, 434x554, 217:277, 0F6056D7-6CED-48DA-9C2D-14….png)

dfc5bd  No.12954224

File: efab0999f12bfc5⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 407x379, 407:379, 1518275445405.jpg)


Abandon thread. Pony faggotry just arrived.

2f80c7  No.12954226

File: 1dc38e27f9670fb⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, woe.jpg)

354a17  No.12954230

File: abc0bf6a4442102⋯.jpeg (110.69 KB, 760x443, 760:443, DEB08B11-CDEC-448A-A721-2….jpeg)

File: d23ed880b2536c8⋯.jpeg (12.38 KB, 300x168, 25:14, AF303BAE-CAC0-4D43-B72B-C….jpeg)

File: 0876f53869bab46⋯.jpeg (58.63 KB, 700x400, 7:4, B77AE52D-BB47-410B-8237-7….jpeg)


Given , but what in the actual fuck was it doing there in the first place? Ask the kiwi pm she’s a muzz apparently. Who would have ever guessed?

We need some phenotype specialists for some nose angle analysis

Ready set go

dfc5bd  No.12954245


That is another potential source of false flagging, Muslim state intelligence.

Especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

29ec32  No.12954251

MR CIA. if you arrest anyone, please arrest the Brony faggot in this thread. And instead of handcuffs just use a shotgun

6397ee  No.12954255

meanwhile the shot up mosque confirmed as a ISIS recruitment center was allowed to operate year in year out

29ec32  No.12954272


It was barely a recruitment center. It just provides comfort girls (and boys) for wahhabist militants on their noble fatwa. More of a FEDEX sandnigger brothel.

1ece0f  No.12954279


Oy vey, they're not playing around. They're dumpstering kids as we speak.

dfc5bd  No.12954285


Is there evidence of that?

Cause that evidence could spin everything around again and would be great to know about.

0b1b3d  No.12954289


Pretty sure thats a troll image because if you uncheck wipe free space it nukes your entire HDD including the OS

781034  No.12954294

>Pls sand halp Egg BOI. We need you to squish some egg sense into these cuck-a-toots!

dfc5bd  No.12954300


Everyone knows deleting system 32 is essential though.

bdbfdb  No.12954317

File: 1cbab1eadf065e5⋯.png (179.5 KB, 1305x545, 261:109, kiwi mosques.PNG)

File: 0ffd0c183d84927⋯.png (6.28 KB, 937x73, 937:73, kiwi mosques 2.PNG)

File: 2c836bc74713619⋯.png (69.1 KB, 1270x599, 1270:599, kiwi mosques 3.PNG)

0b1b3d  No.12954325


Oh PLEASE don't throw me in that briar patch!

2f80c7  No.12954332

File: d781e273c41e9d3⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)

a974f3  No.12954353

When politicians heard of the shooting in NZ and across the world in white countries, they thought how lucky they all were and relief that it was brown and black people targeted. They are all relieved and feel great about it. This public display is a circus designed to deceive observers.

The 8chan "investigation" is theater.

b79daf  No.12954362


Guess there won’t be no loli thread on /b/ today

0b1b3d  No.12954368



>going online and talking shit like a tough guy that your worried about your posts

Seriously, I know this place is for memes and blowing off steam, but does anyone actually go online and make REAL threats??? How stupid do you have to be. EVERYTHING you do is recorded and tracked online by the NSA. This is like circa 2011 snowden shit here. VPN and Tor don't matter.

The only thing that might save you is the volume of posts (they can't sort it all) and the fact the agencies hate each other and don't always share shit.

4c52db  No.12954376

File: d9a14a054c2dd2d⋯.png (124.06 KB, 560x423, 560:423, 1445484383064.png)


>FBI agents are at this very moment browsing spicy memes on a nazi roleplaying board attempting to arrest computer nerds with blank criminal records who are guilty of the crimes of satire and apathy.

I've never seen a post more correct than this one

29ec32  No.12954385


True. Western white gubments and police don’t care at all when sandniggers get wasted. They’re lowkey fascists. Baseniggers here that complain that he should have shot up a NZ police precinct don’t realize those ((police)) love when mudslimes get iced. They just can’t say anything about it because they have jobs to maintain unlike welfare babies on 8ch

354a17  No.12954400


It is not illegal to laugh at the misfortune of others or to display support or non-support for anything

Fuck em

My lawyers will take this to the Supreme Court

d38d9d  No.12954405

YouTube search filter is down.

Used Google search as an alternative.

The irony lmfao.

e0ac32  No.12954407

File: 5bba814e2fc98ac⋯.png (81.92 KB, 1200x1384, 150:173, 0fOKqAh.png)


Christopher Havard studied and prayed at the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch, one of the two targeted mosques in the March 15 terrorist attacks. He was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen.

Newshub, a New Zealand news agency, reported in 2014 that Havard's parents believed he had been radicalized at the Al Noor mosque.

(Link: https://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/christchurch-mosque-linked-to-alqaida-suspect-2014060417)

The article states that Havard was known at the mosque as Saleem Khattab, and that mosque president Mohamed Jama described him as a "normal man."

ABC News Australia also covered the story in 2014, reporting that Al Noor Imam Hisham El Zeiny had worked alongside Havard, describing him as a "good Muslim… He was very well-balanced, very cooperative and helpful."

The ABC news article continues:

"Mr El Zeiny says the mosque was not a place of radical teaching.

'We are spending most of our time trying to lessen the effect of what the Americans are doing,' he said.

He says many Muslims are angry about US drone strikes which target alleged Islamic militants in Yemen but also kill innocent civilians.

'It's a very hard situation but actually the Americans are radicalising people,' he said.

Mr El Zeiny believes Havard must have been training with militants in Yemen."

(Link: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-04/preacher-denies-australian-killed-in-yemen-was-radicalised-in-nz/5500604)

Interestingly, articles regarding Havard are disappearing from the internet, though links to the articles are still appearing in Google searches. An example, which is presently the top result for the query 'Christopher Havard Al Noor': www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/10310496/A-Kiwi-lads-death-by-drone

fee604  No.12954424


Shalom, my friend

dfc5bd  No.12954426

File: d831cd8c7ed0719⋯.png (827.82 KB, 1569x3435, 523:1145, Screenshot_2019-03-17 Dron….png)



>from 2014

Holy shit.

29ec32  No.12954430

I’m 7 different Jewish people

14e184  No.12954450

File: c64d6e69330100a⋯.gif (740.16 KB, 380x192, 95:48, SEX.gif)

2f1772  No.12954456


How would you even be able to tell who was a white nationalist besides a person writing "im a white nationalist" in which case it could easily be esoteric humor. You are a retard and a newfag. You have no idea what you are even reading, and half the shit you are reading is probably government counter-intel from around the world.

b79daf  No.12954465

File: 9e15fea458af86d⋯.jpeg (21 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3C467124-22B0-41FA-9777-6….jpeg)


Feds On /pol/ today

476cfb  No.12954475

File: 6505fbb23066726⋯.jpg (12.63 KB, 320x320, 1:1, starter pack.jpg)

04d377  No.12954484

File: 0f88447e3038b81⋯.png (723.24 KB, 1184x666, 16:9, CIA nigger.png)

is there anyway i can become a fed that monitors this place? atleast then i would get paid for my shitposting

6dfd20  No.12954486

Good lets put you animals in cages where you belong. You obviously can't handle modern society.

c5acd2  No.12954490


Its the news you don't see you have to worry about, like the AU government published policy to shut down all reportage on Muslim gang rapes using anti-discrimination/vilification law.




a459ed  No.12954499


What a fucking punk.

29ec32  No.12954501


Modern society is a spook.

4c52db  No.12954502


If whites are animals, why can we never be tamed?

52bf82  No.12954507

File: d465affe5af976c⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1066x1457, 1066:1457, 13%.png)


Offing high value targets or many low value targets. But mention crime rates and you're evil.

6dfd20  No.12954510


Wooohoooo to the cage you go savage.

024c36  No.12954524

File: ce62c1f38c026b0⋯.png (34.25 KB, 844x209, 844:209, canary.png)

Friendly reminder to keep an eye at the bottom of the page.

4c52db  No.12954527


>brown subhuman leftist cheers for baseless censorship

Color me surprised

432eda  No.12954530

File: 133f10188dd32f5⋯.png (386.65 KB, 758x430, 379:215, flabpep.PNG)

Defeat the Glowniggers with this one weird trick!

So now that the mods have been infiltrated by glowniggers and other fedniggers it's important that you understand the limitations of free speech in Weimerica.

The Brandenburg test is used to determine when inflammatory speech intending to advocate illegal action can be restricted. Speech has to satisfy both of these elements:

1. The speech is "directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action," AND

2. The speech is "likely to incite or produce such action"

As all of the speech on 8chan is satirical for the most part and lacks any real world consequence it will never result in the second part of the test being satisfied. You are all safe and if they do come for you, get a good jewish lawyer to ream their assholes.

I don't advocate for any violence and this post doesn't account for the patriot act laws which state that any support for terrorists or antisemitism is punishable by death

e14ddf  No.12954542



No wonder you’re so afraid of women’s opinions

dfc5bd  No.12954547


Does it come with employment awards in the form of tendies and tendie derivatives?

04d377  No.12954550

File: 20c3cb1457af293⋯.jpg (4.66 KB, 250x161, 250:161, le FBI meme.jpg)

b5a8c9  No.12954552

they just aired a minute long smear piece on 8chan on Al Jazeera international. the kikes want this place shoah'd.

6dfd20  No.12954553


Back in your cage animal

ba23b8  No.12954555

Are you SCURRR, anyone SCURRRRR?

dfc5bd  No.12954560

File: d73c0f2b1dec31d⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 1551357859613.jpg)


Not really worth getting blackmailed for though.

6dfd20  No.12954561


Smear piece? You are a bunch of savages advocating the annihilation of others. Accurate piece.

b5a8c9  No.12954569


whatever you say, Chaim.

dfc5bd  No.12954572

File: fce06e75d93a5cc⋯.png (457.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1543382118339.png)


Yeah and Team America is a terrorist recruitment movie.

000000  No.12954581

Use Tor Browser retards


000000  No.12954582

FEDniggers have to keep a lid on both copycats AND mudslime reprisals. Mad Lad really pissed in their punchbowl.


>We're under investigation, but we can't give details

>notifies via Twatter

>not updating the Canary

Pretty gay

dfc5bd  No.12954583


It's slow.

000000  No.12954591


No it's not, it's very usable and you are being protected you fucking retard

e59bba  No.12954592


It’s aweome. Danke

I am a peaceful man in an unpeaceful world. /pol/ is also a board of peace unironically

dfc5bd  No.12954593


Under investigation doesn't mean being served orders does it?

ae7a9f  No.12954595


>>not updating the Canary

If you saw how long the beak was on that canary…

4c52db  No.12954601


Literally why. I have done nothing wrong.

dfc5bd  No.12954602


I used it for ages and got tired of it's speed.

Use it if you want, I'll piss in a sea of piss in broad daylight thanks.

04d377  No.12954606

File: 1f2d636af3de197⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1f2d636af3de197e84be5b0331….jpg)


what about BLACKEDmale?

ecbb77  No.12954617


so a fascist government is telling me what is acceptable to read?

fuck that

000000  No.12954618


Feds will ask for the IPs in /pol/ and put them at a mild watchlist, adding the more serious offenders to higher watchlist tiers. Oh and you must be sure 8chan will fucking comply, don't rely on canaries, assurances and all that bullshit


You use it JUST for 8chan, voat and shit like that, not for normal browsing

1ece0f  No.12954623


It's the opposite. Even Tarrant's manifesto said he liked people staying in their own shitholes.

694d22  No.12954625


>US law

means they're not complying with NZ, expect DNS blacklisting fellow kiwis

6dfd20  No.12954631


Hey jack ass, fly to the location of the shooting. Go the hospital to see the victims. Then go get help for your mental illness because you are a danger to society.

4c52db  No.12954632


>Feds will ask for the IPs in /pol/ and put them at a mild watchlist, adding the more serious offenders to higher watchlist tiers

It's far too late for me to worry about being put on a list. I'm on every list they want me on, and have been for years. Fuck it.

If anyone else wants to use TOR in their confidence that they haven't yet made it onto those lists, more power to them.

4e2c1b  No.12954633

File: b206b43680f2728⋯.jpg (5.56 KB, 226x212, 113:106, h3.jpg)

694d22  No.12954640

File: b53f03903825c52⋯.png (107.3 KB, 262x258, 131:129, 2019-03-17-102404_262x258_….png)


>replica firearm


fee604  No.12954643


>wanting to be investigated and monitored for using a site where someone just killed 50 people

Your choice

ae7a9f  No.12954644


Everyone is on a list, including them.

0b1b3d  No.12954648

File: aaaf5b9a615fc7e⋯.png (1.77 KB, 240x44, 60:11, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-03….png)



58e923  No.12954651

File: 80e7f1ae7e875d9⋯.png (92.98 KB, 427x392, 61:56, hvdfhierhirfeg.png)

I live in Europe. Will I get arrested for memeing about Tarrant on here and cuckchan?

4c52db  No.12954652


Where did I say anything about "wanting" to be on a list, faggot? I said it's too late for me to worry about it, as I'm already on their lists. They already have all of the information they need to investigate, if they so choose.

694d22  No.12954654

Oi vey I stopped raping my gorilla-tape bound 12yo shikse for this?

000000  No.12954656


Well if you want to engage in extreme politics without OPSEC you must be ready to face the consequences.

I don't really care about US, I'm actually liberal but a civil war in US would be a nice outcome, whatever shit or sides it is, US can only be destroyed from within and far-righters like you and retarded far-lefters are thankfully accelerating it. Masters in Russia are helping too, just waiting when your piece of shit nation burns to the ground

99375f  No.12954658

694d22  No.12954659


are you fucking 12? of course

4c52db  No.12954661


>without OPSEC

TOR is not the end all be all of OPSEC, friend.

f5e7a7  No.12954664

File: 54551acc6ad7a2f⋯.jpeg (200.76 KB, 600x827, 600:827, cc7098aef47c5b75c90c81c3e….jpeg)


Just say the holocaust never happened and find out faggot.

000000  No.12954668


It's a good start, at least for engaging in psyops on 8chan

4c52db  No.12954675


>engaging in psyops

Thank you for revealing you likely are an INTERPOL/FBI employee

0b1b3d  No.12954680


>Please use our DOD created trap to make your threats goyim.


694d22  No.12954689

File: 564ced35ba55cbe⋯.jpeg (8.86 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (1).jpeg)


>Go to the hospital to see the victems

> because you are a danger to society.

what did he mean by this?

dfc5bd  No.12954692


>I'm on every list they want me on

Well actually, this shooter proves that that is not the case… assuming he is a channer.

Of course though, he's clearly not a real channer.

dfc5bd  No.12954700


Would it even work?

dfc5bd  No.12954701

dfbddb  No.12954702

File: 865c12248a73e0a⋯.gif (556.65 KB, 224x199, 224:199, suredude2.gif)

They won't do shit

glowing pussies

4c52db  No.12954704


>proves that that is not the case

I live in burgerland. It is, unfortunately, the case

000000  No.12954705


I wish lol

But you must realize what you are into and protect yourselves. I personally would like you all nazi scum here in /pol/ be put in concentration camps and shot but that's not going to help igniting a civil war in US which is the outcome I want, you being able to spout your bullshit is important in this time

000000  No.12954706


I think (((you're))) splitting hairs here. Even if it was a request vs an order, pig/pol/ should have made a notation in the placeholder intended for such notifications: the canary, not fucking twitter.

4c52db  No.12954709


>fully reveals himself

Yes, great job, now tell your boss to fire you.

dfc5bd  No.12954710


Cool, just send me details and I'll arrange a flower bouquet immediately.


b79daf  No.12954711

File: 5211f1dbffdf0b0⋯.jpeg (43.16 KB, 453x477, 151:159, C5A10244-50EF-43BE-9FDC-2….jpeg)

File: a18fb177c3f97b4⋯.jpeg (2.22 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 5BE6843D-94CD-4768-BF58-5….jpeg)

He’s a Crisis Actor

fee604  No.12954716


Nice autism face-blindness

dfc5bd  No.12954719


t. glow nigger.

476cfb  No.12954729

File: 778c1e265a97df5⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 775x517, 775:517, asdasdaf.jpg)

dfc5bd  No.12954733

File: b4a7efb21faeb58⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1540734192849.jpg)


Did you just call me a jew for asking whether "being under investigation" equated to "being served orders"?

But I agree, they did need to mention it on the chan what exactly is taking place.

000000  No.12954736


Whatever retard, just be sure to use Tor browser and 8chan via its onion hidden service, don't reveal personal info and keep spreading your redpill truth

dfc5bd  No.12954740


>thumbnail is upright

>expanded is sideways

What sourcery is this?

dfc5bd  No.12954743




476cfb  No.12954747


you're just a poser idiot

4c52db  No.12954748


>your redpill truth

There is no such thing as "my" truth or "your" truth, leftist scum. There is only the truth, and it will always be more powerful than you.

dfc5bd  No.12954750



694d22  No.12954751


if it did then it would just be a firearm. They probably just found him playing with an angled stick

694d22  No.12954761


truth means nothing to jews

dfc5bd  No.12954762


So they arrested him for fucking around with essentially a glorified piece of junk?

476cfb  No.12954764

File: 873df7c5cb213fd⋯.png (224.41 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, NIGGERS.png)

4c52db  No.12954769


Wrong. Truth means the destruction of jews, because the jews destroy themselves in the face of it.

ded092  No.12954773


Nazism is a religion of peace.

5b8492  No.12954774



The canary is for cases when the entire site and servers get seized secretly. Then it disappears to let you know because the seizure can't be announced.

694d22  No.12954775


inb4 cheap drones with black powder bombs

476cfb  No.12954777



2f1772  No.12954778



694d22  No.12954781


true, it is their kryptonite

000000  No.12954789


Install gentoo

000000  No.12954792

i'm waiting for them with some AKs and a glass bottle

3499c7  No.12954794

File: 3947ae9b9c30f72⋯.gif (163.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 62d3a6024af2da92b5e16e8cff….gif)

there's no question of everyone here being heavily monitored, there are personality aspects that are common amongst our overall group they've obviously incorporated into psychological/shilling methods. in fact I'd wager a big reason this site is still up is to test/experiment with those methods against the strongest in our demographic. if they can devise methods that work here, more common boomer/lower functioning idiots in places like t_d and elsewhere will certainly be susceptible to them


694d22  No.12954800

File: 25af41ee560c43f⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 640x337, 640:337, muslim-woman-violence.jpg)


wait who are you talking about here?

694d22  No.12954806


this is hilariously dumb and dated. use Linux or BSD with LUKS or you're a fucking idiot.

dfc5bd  No.12954809


I would never do that. This is a board of peace anon.

000000  No.12954815


You retards don't even know what you hate, Jews? Jews are white and Nazis needed lists to find them, they couldn't tell by their "nose" or shit you talk about. Muslims? Well why the fuck hate white Jews and brown India that fight them till the last man?

You don't have a clear target, you just move because ultimately your beliefs are relics, they belong to one century ago and because you can't cope, explain or give solutions with the economic corner our world is into (and no it's not capitalism and bullshit communists, another century old ideology) go the easy way of hating whoever it is easier to hate, immigrants, muslims, jews, etc. Just like the original Nazis who couldn't accept how their Imperial Germany simply broke down and couldn't fund and cope with the casualties, it wasn't the fucking jews or anything that easy in reality.

Fucking morons.

dfc5bd  No.12954820


>there's no question of everyone here being heavily monitored

There's massive questions actually.

Your intelligence apparently has surveillance enough to cover this botched attack:


But yet they lacked the intelligence to stop the Christchurch attack?

4c52db  No.12954825


>continue reading my inane ramblings!!

No. I would filter your ID but you've foreseen such an event and already made yourself a torfag

476cfb  No.12954842

File: 860a308b11f6709⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 88.jpg)

8effa1  No.12954855


>stupid frogposting cuckchanner

I fucking hope so.

476cfb  No.12954858

File: 13d2f55c2c53155⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 700x700, 1:1, woee.jpg)

be2687  No.12954859


Global report.

be2687  No.12954870


>places that they literally created and which they completely control will be vulnerable to them

No shit.

021b09  No.12954874

File: 5a7c6daa4c5f429⋯.png (13.66 KB, 200x200, 1:1, baneist.png)



476cfb  No.12954887

File: 7dedd8e9445afaa⋯.jpg (99.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dont-cry-white-man-theres-….jpg)

b79daf  No.12954901


I’m a phone fag

dfc5bd  No.12954917

File: 4d7b46afa999f2e⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 280x210, 4:3, 1533740127830.gif)

95b48f  No.12954925

Jews are not White they're mixed race, half-breeds, they have black hair, brown nipples, ugly noses and ugly faces.

Yeah some look pale but they're still half-breeds.

Here an ugly Scottish Jew named Christina nyssen, you can find her on Quora using the name chrissie nyssen, where she spouts Jewish propaganda and anti-gentile abuse.

She's a professional victim, like all Jews.

e796b4  No.12954930


damn, people unironically coming here and posting shit from memegenerator? stories like this really pull in a lot of retards.

95b48f  No.12954932

Christina nyssen - https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-raw-453008866-uydxyfotmtmxabmofxepxbhoknggomcs.jpeg

8effa1  No.12954934


If we had some sort of moderation team, they wouldn't be here.

476cfb  No.12954940

File: 994b6e5bf7b565a⋯.gif (7.5 KB, 501x372, 167:124, 1457042238084.gif)

4c52db  No.12954946


Hey CIA-kun, your bot is broken :)

c43494  No.12954958


>Blue check mark

Sounds like fake news.

95b48f  No.12954959

I'm confused about the New Zealand authorities, are they race traitors or not?

I'm confused because New Zealand authorities took their time to respond to the mosque shooting allowing hero brenton to take his time and kill many sand niggers m, but then we see the New Zealand prime minister wearing a hijab.

36d0e7  No.12954962


faggot you can literally see subhuman heads being ragdolled by 5.56 bullets

cianigger playbook: call fake events real and real events fake

you scared faggots? here watch it again. obviously fake right?


58e923  No.12954967


They are just incompetent retards, I guess.

d3f2bb  No.12954973

Jewish investigators will not be able to find anything, because they are incompetent

95b48f  No.12954988

Is there vid of the second mosque shooting, I've only ever seen the first one, does vid of the second shooting even exist?

d3f2bb  No.12955003


There is no second video

3617dc  No.12955010

File: b957f6aca4e8089⋯.jpg (110.12 KB, 736x608, 23:19, TrumpFundsNeoconWarPropaga….jpg)


The White Helmets budget only stretches so far goyim

95b48f  No.12955011


3b72d2  No.12955015

File: d59ab0fc8444f25⋯.png (678.26 KB, 633x576, 211:192, 3P_aeNMjyHrlAJhN6HBjZ8hB5J….png)

File: 3bdb76dcd5b25e8⋯.png (393.89 KB, 595x571, 595:571, 3bdb76dcd5b25e843b9f2b30d3….png)


you suck

615846  No.12955017

File: b612778e8f1fbd1⋯.jpg (104.11 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, mark-zuckerberg-laugh.jpg)

"8chan under investigation"

<Mark Zuckerberg right now

9a5510  No.12955018


I live in a pretty liberal part of the US, people's careers and social lives get ruined over opinions and personal views. It's lame and there's NPC behavior everywhere. But I've been curious about right-wing philosophers such as Evola, Strasser, and Sorel.

5aef43  No.12955019


non because he was not white


5aef43  No.12955030

File: d0faf58a0eb1538⋯.png (151.77 KB, 500x698, 250:349, wh-people-tears-all-these-….png)

4c52db  No.12955032

File: dff1efb26eddeb8⋯.png (11.61 KB, 549x375, 183:125, 1402834643967.png)


Oh shit, watch out Anon. They might throw a warm hotpocket in your general direction for words like that

95b48f  No.12955042

If the NZ authorotes are reading this - you're race traitors, you wouldn't have mosques shot up in your country if you hadn't allowed there to be mosques and sans niggers in your country!

d3f2bb  No.12955043

4e2c1b  No.12955050

File: c516b09e065ce08⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 500x745, 100:149, 54212923_598727527308583_4….jpg)

File: e11e034210a9539⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 259x194, 259:194, kjo.jpg)

4e2c1b  No.12955056

apathy and passivity is our goal

511137  No.12955083


Is this in regards to that chap who was a member of the navy seals and got 300 confirmed kills while fighting al-qaeda? It's sad because maybe he just snapped cos he didn't get enough support from the amry and whatnot.

aa6e0c  No.12955100

I see more false flags comingm the jews must be heaven right now covered in jizz, you know that golden city promised to the jews when they finish conquering us…

511137  No.12955104


Germany is in Turkey so you should be okay.

d3f2bb  No.12955128


They are watching us

95b48f  No.12955134

Niggers in Britain are stabbing people all the time, a nigger went on sky news this week and said the solution is to pay niggers with vouchers to turn in their weapons.

Niggers are out of control, docking animals.

Anti-gentilism and cyber stalking is at its highest by the Jew rat race.

Muslims are all extremists, and they don't lie in their own countries anymore, they live in ours and spread their shit.

To all the authorities that are monitoring this site, if you think white people fighting back and protecting our race, and our kids and our countries is going to stop then you're fucking stupid, it's not over its only just begun

6168da  No.12955145

File: a964b8a8b53e1b1⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 620x463, 620:463, 2loadfX.jpg)


Yessss. We are aren't we?

6c9f2b  No.12955166


based & red pilled

95b48f  No.12955200

Out of respect for the Muslims killed in the mosque shootings, the affected mosques should be perminantly closed down

00586d  No.12955204


I second this. Fuck Abrahamic religions.

bf2600  No.12955208

Fuck with me too much and I'll launch an interdimensional invasion and roast your asses properYou've been warned faggots

95b48f  No.12955211

: )

70d227  No.12955225

>cooperating with US authorities

Even with a court order you don't have to. Just remember the two key phrases;

>I don't remember.

>On the advice of counsel I plead the fifth.

95b48f  No.12955229

What's the weather like today?

4c52db  No.12955232


Truth. Also know that they will ask who your counsel is, and you do not have to tell them.

354a17  No.12955246


I third this

Fuck them all. Fuck ( ( ( adam ) ) ) and his ilk kin


70d227  No.12955260


Most states the most you have to do is identify yourself. Regardless of state if you're under arrest - illegally or not, you have to ID yourself. You should know if you're in an ID state or not.

3fe6b8  No.12955273

>an admin on Kiwifarms.net is more unironically based than 8chan


Why is the US involved in a New Zealand crime that was posted on a Filipino Cracker Barrel seminar

000000  No.12955285


>Why is the US involved in a New Zealand crime that was posted on a Filipino Cracker Barrel seminar

Because we can't have those naughty little goyim committing wrongthink now, can we?

c5685a  No.12955325


70d227  No.12955332


The website seems like the braindead child of 4chan and plebbit though.

I had people call me autistic for saying it's israel's standard op to have muslims rape, torture and murder whites.

3617dc  No.12955345


Agreed, the Trump administration's budget for mossad psy-ops is in fact limitless

4c52db  No.12955352


>doesnt realize posting quality is way down due to 8ch being in the news heavily

Just go back to cuckchan, you're not smart enough to stay here

1bb6e3  No.12955357

File: 495bb2e998f2a4b⋯.jpg (289.8 KB, 707x480, 707:480, 1-usaid-teroristi.jpg)


USAID funds usually end up in the wrong hands or missused

3617dc  No.12955361


shhhh shut up anon

The mossad Baruch Goldstein copycat terrorist was definitely a legit anon here

The whole "subscribe to Pewdiepie" only reinforces the mossad false flag's legitimacy

3617dc  No.12955369


USAID funds goes directly as the US government intends it to which is to the mossad trained mercenaries fucking up shit for all ME leaders who don't want to play ball with ZOG

0efb85  No.12955406



Daym son

that ID ###

bf2600  No.12955408

File: 6bbbf704fda6ab3⋯.jpg (14.93 KB, 300x243, 100:81, 6bbbf704fda6ab3f171b407458….jpg)


>FBI agents are at this very moment browsing spicy memes on a nazi roleplaying board attempting to arrest computer nerds with blank criminal records who are guilty of the crimes of satire and apathy.

They're wasting their time and money on nothing at all, just because we post the dankest memes on the internets. And they'll almost certainly get redpilled in the process. Is there truly nothing /pol/ can't do? Final boss indeed

7cbcf2  No.12955414


>a nigger went on sky news this week and said the solution is to pay niggers with vouchers to turn in their weapons

Are they still doing that? It just ends up as social welfare for niggers. Baltimore in 1976 tried that after a policeman was murdered. They decided to pay niggers $50 dollars for every handgun handed over. The result…

Niggers went to department stores and bought guns for $20, then handed them in to the police for $50, getting $30 profit.

Police even paid $50 for homemade zip guns, so kids started manufacturing them on a large scale. They cost only a few dollars to make, so the profit on them was even higher.

The murder rate involving handguns prior to the experiment was about 15 per month.

While the buy back program was in operation the murder rate jumped to about 23 per month.

This failed experiment cost Baltimore $660,000.

The plan not only squandered money, but also actually encouraged crime.

354a17  No.12955417


There’s no way anyone is this new

This is bait

dfc5bd  No.12955426


>being up during the day

Real NEETs lurk at night.

Or like me, on a 30 hour schedule.

c3933c  No.12955428

File: 16de6f20d4395e7⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 251x314, 251:314, enlightened cuckime.jpg)


You tasteless retards should be arming yourselves and fighting against these monsters instead of the unnamed groups that often get maimed and killed by them.

Honestly, you are nothing but unthinking pseudo-niggers.

dfc5bd  No.12955435

File: 7ae2b878a7d6c72⋯.jpg (152.89 KB, 472x451, 472:451, 1517346363809.jpg)


>pay niggers with vouchers to turn in their weapons

So you're saying I could make money by making fake weapons and turning them in?

4e86bd  No.12955437



Nothing of value was lost

3499c7  No.12955449


but do you glow? i imagine that's gotta be helpful during a late night piss

000000  No.12955458


People do that already in the US at "gun buybacks". Some shitty group of anti-2A activists will coordinate with the police to buy any guns for a flat amount (~$200) and destroy them, no questions asked. Of course the majority of them are stolen or trying to be offloaded by criminals, but occasionally someone will go to home depot and make some shitty slamfire shotgun out of a 2x4 and a lead pipe to make some profit.

c3933c  No.12955462


>fighting back

<by massacring elderly people and children without actually fighting against extremist combatants

You are worse than jews

70d227  No.12955483


>not being a Chad and just picking her bag up and setting it on the floor.

You aren't in 3rd grade.

284a94  No.12955492

File: deb0cffaad3c3fb⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 544x720, 34:45, Angel.jpg)


What is there to investigate? What crime was committed? Can anyone cite any specific laws that may have been violated?

000000  No.12955493


Do not be lazy and post over your normal internet connection during this period, bounce off a VPN.


Clearly, they all keep logs

You can set up VPN over TOR

Set up 2 virtualmachines with virtualbox or virt-manager/KVM if your not a nigger.

VM 1 - Gateway

VM 2 - Workstation

Isolate the workstation with the virtualbox networking, it should only have an internal network with the gateway.

Run tor on the gateway. NO NAT, FIREWALL EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T A TOR PORT ON THE INTERNAL NETWORK shared with the workstation.

Only use a browser or do anything else on the workstation VM. All connections should fail unless you have explicitly specified the tor port your trying to connect with as a proxy.

You can configure openvpn to use a socks/tor port to connect with the vpn server on the workstation VM. Do this when you want to use a VPN. Even if the VPN goes down, and it is prone to go down, all connections that aren't over the tor port will fail anyway.


Firewalls can solve this but you need to be careful.

000000  No.12955495



000000  No.12955506


alternatively you can install whonix


which is this idea in practice, but it's debian based and the concept is not difficult to setup yourself.

f6ff39  No.12955520

Anyone here in Australia having issues accessing sites?

For the first time in my life I'm getting all these references to "ngix" for the first time. archive.moe seems to be down, so I used desuarchive and found one or two other references. It appears to be related to the government here blocking these sites??

Apparently liveleak, bitchute, and zippyshare were getting these "ngix" pages earlier, but they're working for me now.

This wouldn't be so bad but I think they've messed up my ability to access phone credit.

000000  No.12955526


Someone in the UK was already arrested for wrongthink.


000000  No.12955534


>What is there to investigate? What crime was committed?

There's kangaroo laws in these non United States nations, they can jail people for anything.

In the United States, if they wanted to get stupid:

<18 U.S. Code § 373. Solicitation to commit a crime of violence

>(a) Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States, and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, induces, or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct, shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half of the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited, or both; or if the crime solicited is punishable by life imprisonment or death, shall be imprisoned for not more than twenty years.

>(c) It is not a defense to a prosecution under this section that the person solicited could not be convicted of the crime because he lacked the state of mind required for its commission, because he was incompetent or irresponsible, or because he is immune from prosecution or is not subject to prosecution.

<you can't plead insanity either


4b8783  No.12955553

File: 257eb60ab42e3bd⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 600x985, 120:197, 257eb60ab42e3bdd60113e08f6….jpg)


>yfw shitposts become illegal and you're set as a dealer

000000  No.12955556


< 18 U.S. Code § 2101. Riots

>(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent—

>(1) to incite a riot; or

>(2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or

>(3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or

>(4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot;

>and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph— [1]

>Shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

>(b) In any prosecution under this section, proof that a defendant engaged or attempted to engage in one or more of the overt acts described in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of paragraph (1) of subsection (a) [2] and (1) has traveled in interstate or foreign commerce, or (2) has use of or used any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including but not limited to, mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, to communicate with or broadcast to any person or group of persons prior to such overt acts, such travel or use shall be admissible proof to establish that such defendant traveled in or used such facility of interstate or foreign commerce.

332d25  No.12955567


So that's why they had Almost Christian Name Mossad Shooter post here instead of cuckchan. They're after 8chan. Did the recent AMA scare them that much?

3b72d2  No.12955571

File: 60b2d5b913ba950⋯.png (60.99 KB, 1280x934, 640:467, 60b2d5b913ba95026dc7fabec6….png)


>sans niggers

284a94  No.12955580


Thanks for proving my point, moishe.


I was referring to US laws but thanks.


I would be very surprised if anyone got charged with anything. And even if they did, the bar would be for proving guilt would be very high. There is, in all likelihood, nothing to worry about for any US citizens.

d173d0  No.12955583

bigot, racist, xenophobe,islamophobe, nazi, fascist

3fe6b8  No.12955601


Well nobody here told him to do anything. He just posted here before doing it. Literally makes no sense how anyone on here could be proscecuted. If you live in a non-totalitarian, somewhat free speaking nation anyway.

4b8783  No.12955603


Anything that contradicts (((them))) scares them shitless

e59bba  No.12955607


They can’t do shit

There was no felony that was committed in USA jurisdiction and the deed was done before any of us even read what he did. Faceberg is where it was livestreamed not here. Fedniggers can go suck two dicks

000000  No.12955610

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


t. just an innocent sovereign citizen boat captain being harassed by road pirates

6c608e  No.12955611




9fc645  No.12955631

>be FBI

>start investigating 8chan

> reads /pol/

> gets red pilled from reading all the shitposts

> ends up claiming the Jews did it

just imagine

2dd81d  No.12955633


>Jews are white

Hispanic are black, towelheads are black and dotheads are black. That same flawed logic applies to you


>You don't have a clear target


000000  No.12955640


there's multiple threads calling for accelerationis.

the mere mention of acceleration can be construed as solicitation.

remember the law is the just the excuse to get you into the court room, it's the kike judge that decides what the law is.

65cf5f  No.12955650

File: 4f31a1d56924858⋯.jpg (172.12 KB, 1000x1602, 500:801, 4f31a1d569248586b32b9ed07b….jpg)

Hey FBI-chan, do you like big anime tiddies as much as I do?

1d1cd4  No.12955663


Feds are pieces of shit, theyre thoroughly controlled. Anyone with a brain and conscious stays far away from these traitors

000000  No.12955665



look at the board log

mods are using these us codes to perma ban posters

and likely hand over their ip addresses to the feds


< 18 U.S. Code § 875. Interstate communications

>(a) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any demand or request for a ransom or reward for the release of any kidnapped person, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

>(b) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

>(c) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

>(d) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

6c608e  No.12955679


That's it. Going to remove the accelerator from my car

Fuck this shit! I'll sue Chevrolet if I get into trouble for inadvertently having one in there. How was I to know?


6c608e  No.12955696


Imagine a prison full of autists jailed for satirical posts

000000  No.12955697


To be fair these bans dont seem to be handed out indiscriminately, these posts do cross a certain line thats very easy to see

000000  No.12955706


John Podesta sexually torturing a young child.

No, really. For real.

000000  No.12955709


A lot of the bans were just faggots trying to shill their shitty discord.

000000  No.12955715


for those of you not aware

how to check the board log for censorship


/pol/ Created a permanent ban on all boards for …EN2/4LAO (#141321) with reason: Solicitation to commit a crime of violence. 18 U.S. Code § 373.

/pol/ Created a new permanent ban on all boards for …sO95.ElS (#141313) with reason: Solicitation to commit a crime of violence. 18 U.S. Code § 373.

/pol/ Created a permanent ban on all boards for …o8rJDOoy (#141303) with reason: 18 U.S. Code § 875

/pol/ Created a permanent ban on all boards for …MIosl2Ym (#141301) with reason: 18 U.S. Code § 875.


The mods banned tor and waited for idiots to continue posting in the clear, at which point they collected their ip addresses.

000000  No.12955723


good riddance

000000  No.12955724


>(((these posts do cross a certain line thats very easy to see)))

are any of these posts still up?

how would we know? how would you know?

000000  No.12955730


go to the ban log and read them dumbass

6c608e  No.12955732

File: 532e0aabe5ccb31⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 409x600, 409:600, smilo.jpg)


Just post this disclaimer after each post and you'll be fine


d63ab5  No.12955733


what's the point of going to these boards here if you can just do it on 4channel

db90dd  No.12955737

I thought this was a satire board…. I'm confused…. this is real?

402d72  No.12955740



Almost as difficult as proving a quadriplegic is a credible threat to a paraplegic. Glowniggers will have to use their NSA toolkit to verify intent.

000000  No.12955753


link to that?

6c608e  No.12955762

File: 9fd51ddb0b59a00⋯.png (111.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, viktor-orban-640x480.png)



000000  No.12955765




You can only read more recent ones, but I just actively monitor it.

000000  No.12955784


Surely Anon will deliver this time.

fb0c91  No.12955832

Anyone have an archive/screencap of the thread where he linked his manifesto?

000000  No.12955836



alright i'll admit half of these posts people were banned for seem so overt to the point they seem like literal shill false flag posts made by jews to try to shutdown /pol/ with later. the other half could easy be angry anon's posting wrongthink words. the half that seem like non-shill posts have no direct calls to violence, only implied, no different than posting about "acceleration"

c0ba0b  No.12955844


>I'm a D&C kike: the post

80c5b2  No.12955845

File: 5aa46ec0b2b992f⋯.png (5.62 KB, 664x126, 332:63, 6099.png)

>That active ISPs

Woah mama

402d72  No.12955850



fb0c91  No.12955860


Not what I asked for

000000  No.12955861


Heres the magnet to the full vid and manifesto, if you have a vpn


402d72  No.12955867


go fuck yourself kike

4c52db  No.12955871



3617dc  No.12955885


How many IPs can Tel Aviv ISPs host at one time?

I know I know… about 6 million

fb0c91  No.12955887


Or just tell me I'm a faggot. Why link irrelevant shit? You can't read?

3c26d6  No.12955904


>if you have a vpn

why? that video is on the Internet just kile ISIS beheadings. What's the big fuss now? Fuck this gay Earth!

213f01  No.12955986

File: 4ffbe2a380045e4⋯.jpeg (224.91 KB, 1506x1628, 753:814, 4ffbe2a380045e4345ce5833c….jpeg)

When shitposting carries the same penalty as murder, there's going to be a whole lot less shitposting.

97100e  No.12955999




945c48  No.12956005


And this means?

000000  No.12956025

Unlike Trump, we have nothing to lose Mueller. Stay kosher.

2dd81d  No.12956043



<can't take a hint

402d72  No.12956054


Five eyes and tranny corp mossad just increased your rank on the "white males who won't let us genocide them quietly" threat matrix.

aad4c4  No.12956086

File: 073581b7aca2b73⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2100x1575, 4:3, 7ef883725b44e5b750707c729c….jpg)


I just wanted to post cute anime girls

ba89f7  No.12956096

615846  No.12956112

File: ddbf99eb4da9157⋯.png (1.12 MB, 900x1080, 5:6, Armynime.png)

88857f  No.12956125

File: 31477f01194f0d5⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, gerb-moskva-georgiy.jpg)

Listen to me, you glow in the dark child trafficking FBI nigger faggots. If you indict me for shitposting, my lawyer will praise such holy hell that we will go all the way to the supreme court. I will make the Christian baker from colorado look like a parking ticket dispute.

Cock sucking jews. Give me shitposting or give me death.

a8636c  No.12956142

File: c421fafb54121ea⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1020x9243, 340:3081, thread screencap.png)

000000  No.12956147

Jim Watkins, the owner of this site owns Race Queen, Inc, and a pig farm in Manila. Contact Mosques in the area and tell them Jim Watkins runs the neo-nazi site that the shooter from Christchurch used to post his killings.

This is a free speech board

213f01  No.12956173


>thinks we care if Jim Watkins gets smudged out

How are you people so dumb?

306e97  No.12956186

The brothers of light are of no more use to the orange kike.

Surprised it took this long.

000000  No.12956187


Are you islamophobic and think they will get violent. I'm expecting a peaceful demonstration.

402d72  No.12956188


this is photshopped the op actually said


306e97  No.12956202





Watch more movies. Q is a LARP - a clandestine lodge black PR campaign to protect CIA assets in the Canadian government.

073c83  No.12956217

File: cf0187bb9b6c2e7⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, jim watkins aka the pig fa….png)


I would hate to see tears form in the corners of the eyes of the underage slanty ladyboys that love him, please Mr. ISIS, let that child alone.

0b1b3d  No.12956219


does someone have this thread archived???

a8636c  No.12956227



b42172  No.12956232


Afraid to RawDog a image board website ? What are they gonna do ?

Fears a mind killer

if they come and try to take you away Defend yourself live stream it to so we can spread the word that your rights are being violated

Board of peace ™

28a6f4  No.12956235

File: 095456f03364de8⋯.jpg (203.74 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 5453535353877.jpg)

402d72  No.12956236


that link's not the original thread. Someone's tampered with it.

645b11  No.12956242

I post on this website about how all niggers and jews have got to go with no proxy

dcae72  No.12956245

We didn't start the fire!


28a6f4  No.12956282


go back to half chan shill

00b090  No.12956291


Rape, rape, rape. Codeword: Anal

I repeat, Codeword: Anal. Over.

000000  No.12956301


So its war then. Im ready

9fd0a5  No.12956306


I can't remember if made any shitposts about this after it happened or not. Never had any contact with the shooter, so I'm not worried about that. I am a bit worried because I downloaded the video, but not unduly so. I live in the USA, but that probably doesn't matter.

ba0b73  No.12956310

File: 3520e2b89d40c2c⋯.png (9.84 KB, 207x243, 23:27, index.png)

/pol/ is a board of peace

3fe6b8  No.12956311


There’s literally nothing there that could prosecute anyone for simply watching and saving the stream or manifesto

9fd0a5  No.12956335


They're probably looking to see if anybody had contacts with the shooter on board.

000000  No.12956349


that depends

it was discovered a few weeks ago that spreading a film of a crime in Lousiana is illegal, some school mom got arrested for posting a video of a fight in a school ( nigger attack).

the state of Louisiana made it illegal to post videos of crimes being committed ( after Katrina put niggers in a bad light

If one state can do it they all can do it.

000000  No.12956360





be2687  No.12956364


>I downloaded the video i'm scared


9fd0a5  No.12956370


What is the exact wording? Is it illegal to post videos of any crime anywhere in the state of LA, or does the crime have to take place in the state of LA as well?

be2687  No.12956373


>it was discovered

No. It wasn't.

00b090  No.12956376


You won't get fucked for downloading, only on open social media, or anything attributed with your real name.

f6e741  No.12956381

File: e5508a9974ea0ba⋯.jpg (120.91 KB, 948x717, 316:239, 1543009716821.jpg)

>his job is to discern memes in a chinese cartoon board

c8cc5f  No.12956385


sounds like you are in disbelief or you want people to believe the falsification of this massacre. either way you are wrong on it being a fake. who benefits?

847d33  No.12956392

Good thing you used Tor/VPN for all your posts, right anons?

000000  No.12956397

This place is a synagogue of enlightenment

We love everybody on /pol/ and /pol/ loves us

It is a love and faith feedback loop

Those who fall onto violence are lost sheep


847d33  No.12956407


Never forget all the deadly mass shootings by crossbow.

fa6f51  No.12956408


really makes you wonder about the video/audio of him torturing that poor kid, doesn't it.

9fd0a5  No.12956413


Looks like you forgot to use TOR, muh nog.

88857f  No.12956419

File: 6f26f9dc8fe19e4⋯.mp4 (5.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6f26f9dc8fe19e481ffcdbea64….mp4)


000000  No.12956420


found it


<2011 Louisiana Laws Revised Statutes TITLE 14 — Criminal law

<RS 14:107.4 — Unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity

§107.4. Unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity

A. It shall be unlawful for a person who is either a principal or accessory to a crime to obtain an image of the commission of the crime using any camera, videotape, photo-optical, photo-electric, or any other image recording device and to transfer that image obtained during the commission of the crime by the use of a computer online service, Internet service, or any other means of electronic communication, including but not limited to a local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, or online messaging service for the purpose of gaining notoriety, publicity, or the attention of the public.

B. Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

C. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to any of the following:

(1) The obtaining, use, or transference of such images by a telephone company, cable television company, or any of its affiliates, an Internet provider, or commercial online service provider, or to the carrying, broadcasting, or performing of related activities in providing telephone, cable television, Internet, or commercial online services or in the production, exhibition, or presentation of an audiovisual work in any medium, including but not limited to a motion picture or television program.

(2) The obtaining, use, or transference of images by a law enforcement officer pursuant to investigation of criminal activity.

(3) The obtaining, use, or transference of images by any bona fide member of the news media broadcasting a news report through television, cable television, or other telecommunication.

(4) The obtaining, use, or transference of images for use in a feature-length film, short subject film, video, television series, television program, public service announcement, or commercial.

D. After the institution of prosecution, access to, and the disposition of any material seized as evidence of this offense shall be in accordance with R.S. 46:1845.

E. Any evidence resulting from the commission of unlawful filming or recording criminal activity shall be contraband.

Acts 2008, No. 660, §1.

4c52db  No.12956434


> for the purpose of gaining notoriety, publicity, or the attention of the public.

So just say it's for archival purposes.

000000  No.12956441


>it's only illegal for the accessory

that's what the mom who got arrested's kike lawyer argued to get her off of the charge, but it didn't stop her from being arrested, and who exactly is an "accessory" could be construed to anyone who posted in support of the act, either prior or during, IE anyone who posted in the thread prior to the first shot being fired, and anyone posting during the actual shooting until the end.

It could also be construed in 50 million other ways based on whatever the kike judge says. Remember the law only gets you into court, it's up to the judge to decide what the law means. It's supposed to be the "jury of your peers" that makes that decision, but we all know how that works.

6c608e  No.12956443

File: 03db0960fb92263⋯.jpg (251.38 KB, 800x1087, 800:1087, don't give terrorists atte….jpg)

Reminder not to give any terrorists the attention they crave

5816af  No.12956446


the mom is neither a principal nor an accessory to a crime, so the law does not apply.

000000  No.12956447


>So just say it's for archival purposes.

Just say that to the kike judge as he laughs at you.

000000  No.12956455

4c52db  No.12956460


<muh judge

Yeah the judge can be a dick, it's luck of the draw. Make the best argument you can and hope.

3fe6b8  No.12956463


Okay, that is some bullshit I’d fight in court. You cannot post a video of a crime that occurred? So what magical privilege makes a news agency or a Journalist able to do so? Free flow of information being censored and shutdown sounds like a 1st amendment issue.

8bf36a  No.12956473



>attempting to sow dissent

>forgets to switch back to his other IP when samefagging

000000  No.12956482


>sounds like a 1st amendment issue.

it is, but the 1st amendment only means what a judge says it means. they can prosecute and you can petition all the way up to the supreme court, but the supreme court has no obligation to hear your complaints or make any ruling on it one way or another, at which point whatever the previous judge said stands.

be2687  No.12956514


Thing is, the law's illegal. You'll have tens of millions of people on your side.

6c608e  No.12956515

Good lad!


3fe6b8  No.12956526


The other issues to overcome. They would have to prove how you would be the principal or accessory to a crime by simply viewing it happening, which is impossible. Bystanders are neither.

fa6f51  No.12956536


Promise anons their YANGFUCKS (free women for incels) you will get farther on /pol/. $1000 YANGBUCKS for their genocide isn't as enticing as free pussy YANGFUCKS.

000000  No.12956537


> by simply viewing it happening

that would be difficult

posting "hell ya the mad man actually is doing it 14/18!!!" in the thread would be less difficult

645b11  No.12956538


its not about what the law says go, it's about the spirit of the law!

9fd0a5  No.12956544


It's in keeping with everything he's said in the past. He simply said that NZ is not for white people, but for the Maoris. He's made similar comments about other countries.

073c83  No.12956546


That's not possible anon, the video loses all context if you take out the terrorists. It'd be like Brenton was shooting nothing.

3fe6b8  No.12956553


I could see how they may not take it to court if the sentencing is a $500 fine. I would fight in court over a ridiculous 6 month prison sentence though if the judge decided that is reasonable. Again though, no legs to stand on.

9a5510  No.12956556


I saw it on the popular threads, and this concerns all 8chan users

e9954d  No.12956557

Feds would be stupid to shut down the chans. They are containment centers for crazies. Shutting down chans would just make the crazies go more underground and harder to monitor.

Don't put me on a list sir, I'm only here for the memes and wacky conspiracy theories.

0fc9d4  No.12956560

File: c40a5decb8f6111⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 500x392, 125:98, bLaq80I.jpg)


I would disavow this too. Lone shooters are all retard spastics who can't be trusted no matter who they're fighting for. Who the fuck says "subscribe to pewdeepie" as their last words?

073c83  No.12956565


You're a retard, not even close to his last words. He's still fucking alive. He wrote a manifesto. You dumb shit.

fa6f51  No.12956570

File: 10e6c1b5f4cb84e⋯.jpg (6.3 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ahmed the bomb builder2.jpg)

File: f92ed3ea3e74082⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 200x214, 100:107, ahmed the bomb builder.jpg)







Anon is thinking of Mohammed the Bomb Builder and wondering if Ofaggo is going to meet with Saint Tarrant as well

fa6f51  No.12956575


This is how we know that subhumans have no sense of humor.

0fc9d4  No.12956590


>He's still fucking alive.

lol really? So he's hiding out in the Shire or what?

>He wrote a manifesto.

They all do. Is it pro-Christian?

b1f3cb  No.12956592

File: 5a9b177c3978b6c⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Peace.jpg)


I just want everybody to know that Israel is the best ally I've ever wanted to see blown up with a nuke, and I only ironically hate people that foment war and constantly drag us into it.

Also, I only, in jest, despise them for promoting the massive influx of non-whites into white countries, to genocide my people with displacement.

/pol/ is, and always has been, a board of peace.

000000  No.12956600


>lol really? So he's hiding out in the Shire or what?

they arrested him and he's awaiting trial you fucking retard

9b570f  No.12956601

File: c960ffb78803a42⋯.jpg (102.1 KB, 1033x1200, 1033:1200, D04WQOCVAAAvJPs.jpg)

How's it going FBI?

fa6f51  No.12956602


PS these are the literal photos that come back when you type ahmed the bomb builder into a search engine

A shitskin subhuman half nigger meeting with heads of state after both he and his sister threatened to kill White children and then blamed the society they invaded for racism

3fe6b8  No.12956607


That still wouldn’t make you even an accessory to a crime. I get that this is done on a case per case basis but imagine the repercussions of such a prosecution.

“If you witness a crime and tell people about you will be jailed. Nobody can know this happened so you must be silenced.”

fa6f51  No.12956615


The state of the shills on /pol/ these days…


000000  No.12956618

well boys, looks like 8chan doesnt have long left if the top threads on b are to be taken at face value. The fact that mods arent doing their jobs is extremely suspicious to say the least.

000000  No.12956621


>cheering on a criminal during the commission of his criminal act doesn't make you an accessory

i don't know about that.

000000  No.12956623

0fc9d4  No.12956628


Don't call me a retard for not giving a shit about another mass shooter. These hotheads are like popcorn seeds. I just want to know if he's a christcuck.

847d33  No.12956631

File: 7887cb1f8a0d4d1⋯.jpg (128.48 KB, 850x569, 850:569, german girl.jpg)


It's okay, /pol/ is a board of love. We just want to cherish pic related.

073c83  No.12956642


You don't know about much, faggot. Brenton Tarrant is a hero.

c301a9  No.12956652




He's exposing the event for what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

0fc9d4  No.12956666


He worships a dead jew.

9fd0a5  No.12956668


>They all do. Is it pro-Christian?

No, he's a fedora.

b1f3cb  No.12956678

File: d5f09642cac776b⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 612x408, 3:2, AE1.jpg)


Asked to comment on the case, ACLU of Louisiana lawyer Bruce Hamilton said that, based on media accounts, he doesn’t see how the jailed mother could be charged under that law.

“If the crime is the fight in the school, she was not a principal to that fight and she wasn’t an accessory,” Hamilton told The Associated Press. “It’s also very suspect to say that she posted it for the purpose of notoriety, publicity or the attention of the public.”

Looks like a sure win for her, as she does not even fall under the requirements of the law. But even if she did, this thing would die in the light of the First Amendment (as long as Trump keeps nominating the justices).

They're just leaning on her, so it looks like somebody involved in the fight knows somebody in the courts or law enforcement.

073c83  No.12956685


Well shit friend, canonize yourself in his eyes. You're already half way there.

be2687  No.12956692


Zero effort, moishe. Get a new IP.

3fe6b8  No.12956695


Okay, then the prosecution would need to explain. 1. Whether your words “cheered” for the criminal or were satire or had any ill intentions at all 2. How commenting on a crime makes you an accessory to a crime

be2687  No.12956696


All jews should die. All muslims should die. Kill yourself, too, torpedo.

b1f3cb  No.12956697


I'm not a cop, so I'm under no obligation to stop any crime, and I have freedom of speech, so whatever I say during that crime is my right.

73f55c  No.12956702

File: 64823fd218cc1e2⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 560x305, 112:61, 1434529291_387989_14345480….jpg)

I mean, these guys know that Ebaumsworld is the real culprit right?

0fc9d4  No.12956704

File: fcbf273bfcff539⋯.jpg (121.71 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 49bbd922a93fe3ac7fefe4cdb8….jpg)



>Answering whether Brenton Tarrant is a Christian is, in his words, “complicated. When I know, I will tell you.”The complication may be a semantic distinction derived from Breivik’s notion that it is possible to be a cultural Christian without believing in God. Breivik wrote that his followers “don’t need to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus to fight for our Christian cultural heritage. It is enough that you are a Christian-agnostic or a Christian atheist.”

Sounds like he's a christcuck.

000000  No.12956716


>literal CP thread on the front page of /b/

Yikes, mods are asleep at the wheel today.

82ec54  No.12956718



They don't need laws to back them up. They have guns and there's lots of them, fucking moron.

be2687  No.12956725


>I am a jew

Leave, then.

073c83  No.12956729


It would seem he's one of those Christian-trappings types that wants to hold onto their symbols and such while ultimately acting in a completely contrary manner to the demands of the religion. Beats adherents, not quite as good as a total absence of semitic poison.

f55e64  No.12956733


Just manifest reality by looking in yourself and outside. There are three truths that might be important: I'm here in some form, other are here in some form (even if that form is an illusion), and earth along with the universe along with hard to observe and potentially unobservable portions are here in some form (even if illusions). Another thing to know from observable reality that most know is that most people bullshit most of the time, but most don't know how severe of bullshitery it is, thus have increased trouble learning the truth. Also your second image is for ants.

f55e64  No.12956744



*Just manifest your view of reality


3fe6b8  No.12956748


Basically this. It’s not illegal to comment on a crime or criminal investigation whether your comment is positive, negative or neautral.

3fe6b8  No.12956754



501eb3  No.12956761



Go back to reddit, faggot

9fd0a5  No.12956766


I guess it depends when you made the comment. If you were watching the livestream and encouraged him to keep going, then you might be charged.

000000  No.12956776


>under investigation

>CP thread up for an hour


Could this be a false flag perhaps?

f55e64  No.12956782


She probably didn't give a fuck about you but thought you were annoying, so she put her bag there so you couldn't sit there the next time you came. Seriously, who remembers some random person's bookmarks?

d999d5  No.12956785


Yep, anti-Christian = anti-White, no exceptions.

3fe6b8  No.12956801


I never saw the livestream as it occurred, did anyone even comment in that FB stream?

073c83  No.12956803


Nice try, kikelover.


000000  No.12956818


Why are you niggers viewing a CP thread? Jesus wept, you're dumb. And degenerate.

e59bba  No.12956822


Heck yeah satan. You’re not wrong

Gas gas gas

3fe6b8  No.12956828


The real question is why haven’t the global mods removed and banned whoever it is by now

6fd468  No.12956834

Jesus christ bless all those muslim souls.

f55e64  No.12956840


Someone who said in his manifesto he was doing shit like that to stir up drama and try to start a race war.


Varg is so pro white he shits it. He hates non-aryans. He just worries this'll make pagans look bad because the shooter was pagan.

000000  No.12956855


The FBI probably has control of the site and is using it as a honey pot. Which means everybody who clicked on it will probably get a knock on their door soon.

f55e64  No.12956857


8chan posts pepes all the time. Are you new?

f3fd91  No.12959764

People are just pissed because all the Uber drivers and curry chefs have been shot in Christchurch.

Eat different food and use a different taxi firm = no drama

60b7f7  No.12960865

63,000 8ch.net users were just arrested worldwide in 42 countries

000000  No.12961041


other fair-weather 'bad goys' are doing the same. if they can't handle a habbening half a world away then they aren't worth any further attention. fuck em

e59bba  No.12961171


All according to plan inshalla

17ebaf  No.12961546

Just waitng for jimbo to get akbar’d

da9124  No.12961597

Don't worry whitey your precious 8ch is run by feds and kikes, they call for violence on shitskins but once you tell them to do the same on jews see them quiver and attack you personally.

8ch is safe

6c280e  No.12961606

e40266  No.12961612



da9124  No.12961618


Response as expected from a kike.

2c2854  No.12961672



You said the key word! https://voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838/

6c280e  No.12961695


>Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she intends to ask Facebook officials how the Christchurch gunman was able to livestream the massacre that killed 50 people

Women are just like boomers when it comes to technology tbh

6c280e  No.12961705


I'm so scared I'm going to stop looking at this evil website now! Only joking m8

5a8c63  No.12961726

File: b5db93d4e98ade4⋯.png (362.64 KB, 1483x814, 1483:814, jewsh2.png)

a7c552  No.12961737


What AMA?

Got an archive link?

7b9261  No.12961766

File: a0cb145076cb49c⋯.png (1017.88 KB, 1750x1750, 1:1, 1530558791312.png)

>mwf I'm in Brazil and there's nothing they can do

687c4c  No.12973181


>Yeah closing a website will make us embrace shitskins. Nothing will change, we will talk elsewhere.

>we will act elsewhere.


The time for talking is over.

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