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File: e499f6192fa0d3b⋯.png (2.33 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-03-17-19-1….png)

284ccd  No.12959318

The Mainfesto of Brenton Harrison Tarrant Part 2

The Great Replacement

Read by The Kommandant


Pic Related

7421c8  No.12959609

Pretty epic ngl

Have a bump

284ccd  No.12959654


Thank you Brother

815ed6  No.12959777

File: a853873a88b1b67⋯.webm (13.75 MB, 636x360, 53:30, Readout_The_Manifesto_Of_….webm)



269c52  No.12959785

Cringe. The goal is to win over normal people and turn them against Jewish domination and white genocide, not LARP as some Darth Vader-sounding Wolf Brigade retard

f05a03  No.12959800


That'a Part 2.

c78024  No.12959804


Yeah, this guy is the origin of "compounding cringe". He's either completely aware or completely unaware that he looks like a degenerate faggot that was given full access to a gay larp leather warehouse.

815ed6  No.12959832


yeap, but the audio of his videos can be used in other videos with infographics and other stuff


i've quoted the part 1 and post the part 2

92beb1  No.12959912

Great job brother

aeea90  No.12959940

Lol, it's all done on purpose. There's a bunch of vaugely nationalistic people on Youtube already, but this guy and his gimmick is unique and makes a strong impression in your mind.

284ccd  No.12959995


Like the Commander Rockwell vs Dr. Pierce

097795  No.12960031

File: 2f0813efe26ee6b⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 310x466, 155:233, 1460681038215.jpg)


>The goal is to win over normal people

611ed5  No.12960463


>The goal is to win over normal people and turn them against Jewish domination

>there is literally one (1) occurrence of the word 'jew' in the entire document

Really makes you think.

7421c8  No.12960590


The redpill on mudshits and white genocide is a good one for the masses, he obviously designed the manifesto to fit to his plan. Elaborating on the JQ too much would have made it easier for people to just write him off as nuts. He had a merchant on his gun right above the trigger and adressed the likely question we would have in his manifesto in a cryptic manner.

>why is x not a problem, but muslims?

(answer in the manifesto, read it you lazy fucks)

5ffc3e  No.12960630


I was just thinking about doing this.

Thanks either way mate, for reading out a story as short as a list of chemicals used in Soylent.

611ed5  No.12960798


>He had a merchant on his gun right above the trigger

Got a pic of this?

And yes, obviously muslim immigration is a problem. But who is responsible for muslim immigration? Would you scold a dog for biting you, or its owner for raising a violent brute?

7421c8  No.12961043


I would kick the dog in the nuts so he will never do it again. Also, mudslimes are subhumans but they are not dogs. They made the conscious decision to invade our lands.

I cant post the image because its already in a different thread. But just google it.

611ed5  No.12961073


>I cant post the image because its already in a different thread. But just google it.

Nigger, everything pertaining to this case is being actively censored. If you have the picture, then post it. Otherwise you're just being a gatekeeping kike.

b5ad71  No.12961116

File: 2fc47189072e82c⋯.jpg (123.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1528116256.jpg)


I can honestly say this is the first I've seen of him. Well I lie I saw a video of his posted in another thread as a webm just now.

The fuck is this shit?

And yes gay larp leather warehouse certainly describes his aesthetic.

b5ad71  No.12961131


What did bypass images stop working?

64eec7  No.12961148


It’s eceleb cancer and another case of a LARPing grifter trying to shill his shit on imageboards.

7421c8  No.12961150

File: 2e1ee3a2715257c⋯.png (18.17 KB, 94x118, 47:59, merchant.png)


Here you go lazy faggot

7421c8  No.12961157



611ed5  No.12961244


I have no way of verifying that this is his gun, and it's way too abstract to say definitively that this is a merchant. Try again.

7421c8  No.12961372


Go back to plebbit, retard. You obviously haven't lurked for more than the last few days. You are too lazy to google his weapons, then cry that you cant verify this being his, and you cant spot a rare merchant which has been in use for years. Off yourself.

b554ed  No.12961380


You are a fucking nigger.

611ed5  No.12961389



>he used a rare merchant, he must be on my side!

Cocksuckers detected. Reminder that he didn't say a single fucking word about jews in his manifesto.

7421c8  No.12961418


And you also haven't read the manifesto.Mc fucking kill yourself.

611ed5  No.12961429


I have.


Sorry Shlomo, low IQ tactics may work on Twitter and FB, but not here.

5f0e4d  No.12961758

File: 2690b83d18e793b⋯.jpg (305.12 KB, 753x707, 753:707, 07c2c9231d1c2db9156295b763….jpg)

Where is the rest of it? Shit is getting pulled off jewtube

07f522  No.12961814

I await the reading of the Navy Seals pasta

5df2f5  No.12961832

File: 46a9ab171db007c⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dekinaichan 2.0.jpg)

File: add3f6c069d5221⋯.jpg (338.69 KB, 2023x1717, 119:101, birth rates.jpg)

Have you semen slurpers read this take on the manifesto?

611ed5  No.12961896


>doesn't mention the jews even once, just like the manifesto

Get lost, Mordecai.

20b260  No.12961996


Aaaaand its gone

a2c28b  No.12962101

File: 24b92e6dcd9fd11⋯.jpg (143.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qtowl with gun.jpg)


>everything has to be tailored for normalniggers

Get out.

e9493c  No.12962105

File: a981b01c170338c⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 250x238, 125:119, a981b01c170338c2b19ca5c879….jpg)


>The goal is to win over normal people

The goal of this man's channel is clearly to provide a level-headed take on recent events for people that are already redpilled and want a Jewtube channel to watch.

e9493c  No.12962119

File: 42525bdd9e7701e⋯.gif (715.37 KB, 387x301, 9:7, 42525bdd9e7701e6d64bd7527a….gif)


>Aaaaand its gone


d91854  No.12962136



I first saw this guy in the Highjump thread and when he came on he spooked the shit out of me. He's def. a fun and entertaining larp.

6631f8  No.12962144

File: d29a927a6ffa979⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 3500x3000, 7:6, 7002752018217.jpg)


JewTube strikes again.

e9493c  No.12962145


yeah I just learned about him a few days ago, it was one of the funniest things I've seen in my life. sad

hope he finds another platform that will tolerate him

d8c2d7  No.12962151

Better than sichard repencer

20b260  No.12962159

File: 2894c537dfc2d34⋯.png (64.79 KB, 1092x1037, 1092:1037, feels bad man.png)


I was looking forward to part 2, but it is now gone. I am very ashamed. This was pretty legit for what it was.

93ffa7  No.12962162

This guy is a larping retard. He made a video pleading to his users that once the 1488 subscriber subscribes to take a picture and email it to him. Also

Video unavailable

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.


45e486  No.12962185


Motherfucking jewtube. REEEEEEE.

20b260  No.12962186


It's still on bitchute

d8c2d7  No.12962196


His mask and patches were cool but the little light system in his eyes fucked it all up. Just do no lights or make your own. Don't buy faggot chink shit.

000000  No.12962197

All you haters are gay. The Wolfenstein act is perfect for stopping normalfag brains just shutting down.


d91854  No.12962216


The current political climate has made people forget why its necessary to constantly deescalate the "ebil nazi" narrative cemented in the minds of normies.

d8c2d7  No.12962227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jesus was Shinto- Buddhist

01726e  No.12962241

File: 98643526e3a1fdb⋯.jpg (53.82 KB, 747x850, 747:850, 31dc221ef9ec00918fe957c1b8….jpg)

>>12959777 (check'd)

The cringe is almost as epic as your holy trips. Praise Kek… for whatever this guy is…. We fucking memed this reality to what it is today. There's no going back, and no time for regrets… We fucking memed this damn it!


45e486  No.12962251


Joke's on you fucktube, I've already downloaded every video he's made. Hail Victory!

20b260  No.12962258


Can you do me a favor and make a backup channel?

b554ed  No.12962276


"Hurr why didn't mosque shooter mention da jooz, he must be a zionist shill, muh based muslims!"

kill yourself, so we don't have faggots like you thinking you're "prowhite".

45e486  No.12962280


I might just do that

c911be  No.12962281

is there a webm of part 2? YT is already down

a2c28b  No.12962287

File: 30c7a8db8e4f688⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 499x670, 499:670, RIPANDTEAR.jpg)




He was banned because he impersonating a diplomat; same reason why they canned Iron Sky 2. Shit is too real.

45e486  No.12962290



20b260  No.12962305


This isn't all of his videos

6631f8  No.12962323

Anyone have a full copy of part 1?

611ed5  No.12962355


>da jooz

I need you stupid fucking kikes to realize that you are the only people on earth that utter these words. If you stupid fucking yids can appreciate that you have failed utterly in your crypsis, we can move on.

b554ed  No.12962392

File: 24ff418a2513c01⋯.png (343.29 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 2edgy4isis.png)


I'm calling you out for defending muslims and being so obsessed with jews, you can't be pleased with any effort to actually fight our enemies and inspire our brothers.

611ed5  No.12962418


Muslims are stupid nigger sandpeople, don't get me wrong. But you jews are their puppeteers, and we don't need you bringing mudpeople into our societies in order to weaken us. Please admit what you're doing before we have to wage war on you.

b554ed  No.12962576


>implying I am a fucking jew

Why are you being such a nigger? Just celebrate the happening, and prepare for the collapse. We can't have our solution until we get this party started. Or are you planning on voting, or sitting on your hands until 'god' sorts everything out for you?

01726e  No.12962583


If people won't acknowledge that mudslimes are our enemies, then they'll never accept the fact that the kikes use them as weapons against us. If you want to save the poor mudshits, then you'll have to fan the flames within their ranks, shia and suffi vs sunni, and see if something will come of it. Until then, we're going to have to deal with the combatants until the normies have enough of the kikes coming in to support the islamic combatants. Every time a kike defends a mudslime terrorist, it redpills a normie on the kikes.

611ed5  No.12962745


>and prepare for the collapse.

Fuck you, you jewish accelerationist pile of shit. You won't win.


Kill yourself. It's not an 'either-or' thing. It's the jews flooding our societies with muslims. You can hate the muslims all you want, but it's the jews doing this to you.

86a279  No.12962756

File: 7fe0b218b32554b⋯.png (110.32 KB, 710x954, 355:477, merch.png)


wtf is this darth vador shit

000000  No.12962796


>this take

It won't have any effect at all on population. 10,000 people going code 800k and racking up 50 kills each would essentially deplete us in that country and the kikes will make up for it in a year or so by keeping on importing from the endless supply of niggers. Actually they could make up for it instantly. 50 sandniggers dead? Just add another 50 visas that day.

So no, even that pipe dream scenario wouldn't make a dent in demographics. Just 10 people following up on the most high profile mudslime targets would have a massive repercussions however. Basically his analysis was right; give the mudslimes back what whites have taken for decades without ever getting violent and the sandniggers will show to even the most boneheaded normalfag why coexistence with them has always been completely impossible. At this point it's probably the most potent course of action a man without the extraordinary abilities needed to start a movement can take.

The manifesto in itself was harmless though. On it's own it would just have been another collection of truths in a sea of ignored truths. But with a video demonstrating that these are not empty words but shows what a man willing to follow them can do they have for a moment risen like a piercing light above everything else, impossible to ignore. It makes every oppressed and blackpilled white suddenly wonder what ten men could do …

Or a hundred.

And with that they realized that the violence they've been conditioned from birth to have a panic attack just thinking about wasn't really that bad. And after watching it a few times, and thinking about all the shitskins around them that make their life a living hell, they realize that there is a little voice somewhere deep inside that they've never heard before. A little voice that tells them yes. And suddenly we have the situation where it is not the kikes, blacks and sandniggers doing everything they can to kill their white enemy while the white man just takes it and backs away, but one where in his eyes they can vaguely hint a sudden glimpse of the ghostly legions of Sparta.

There is no wonder why the kikes are so desperate to shut this one down at any cost.

20b260  No.12962823


Well said

20b260  No.12962854


yeah and they will get waht is coming to them.

It's just the thought of what can 100 whites do when you think about what Saint Tarrant did.

50f8ba  No.12962886



It is also on the side of one of the scopes he took in

01726e  No.12962897


>anon has zero reading comprehension

How do you not realize that you are the one that was implying the situation was "either-or"?

000000  No.12962916



3ce497  No.12962929


preach it

611ed5  No.12962936


>Saint Tarrant

You're a moron.

ef8429  No.12962947

File: 909929703d4c464⋯.pdf (908.07 KB, smbklt.pdf)

Just read it. Larping is only making his message less heart hitting. Whites need to take this seriously and continue the acceleration/destabilization to escalate balkanization.

d5d732  No.12962956

Jewtube noscoped his channel, has he made a new one? Seperate platform maybe?

90ef0d  No.12962960


kiketube terminated it.

611ed5  No.12962961


You can post it as many times as you want, jew, but the fact is that he didn't mention the JQ. His manifesto is shit, and the only people who care are jews and neocon boomers.

3ce497  No.12962971


There was a bitchute posted earlier if youre still looking

32b2ad  No.12962979



he wanted people to see him as a human who has a sense of humor, not a crazy person who writes numbers on the wall and screams all night

32b2ad  No.12962990


Oh you meant the video, not the manifesto. My bad, just woke up.

ef8429  No.12963019


Stop with the brother wars NOW. It's helping absolutely no one. He may have not been as informed as us, but he is /OURGUY/. Stop this stupid bullshit. Accelerationism is key and is one of our last hopes. Read it if you haven't. If you still disagree please tell me why.

611ed5  No.12963023


What's your main takeaway friend?

611ed5  No.12963031


Demote this guy. I'm honestly fucking laughing at you stupid glowniggers. What a waste of fucking shekels.

d5d732  No.12963040


Eh I've already read through it myself so not worth the effort.

ef8429  No.12963054

File: 8407375322ca3a4⋯.jpg (623.79 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Art.jpg)


>No argument. Just cowardice


20b260  No.12963063

I can't tell anymore who is the glowie

20b260  No.12963073

What I want is a backup of The Kommandant's channel. It seemed pretty based and I would have enjoyed many of his content if it wasn't shoa'd.

f888dd  No.12963079



Show me on the doll where Rabbi Shekelstein touched you, Anon.

611ed5  No.12963085



This isn't 4chan, you stupid nigger. Filtered.

611ed5  No.12963089

File: c2cd20faf7f860a⋯.png (341.41 KB, 608x610, 304:305, 888eaa18137d43f56979b0d878….png)


>I'm fucking done with 8chan.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

ef8429  No.12963109


If accelerationism isn't good, what is? If shitskins are outbreeding us in our own fucking homelands, what do you suggest we do? Do you think trying to establish a family will be the only thing that will help us? WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR ALTERNATIVE KIKE? ARGUE WITH ME, SAY SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE.

ef8429  No.12963121



000000  No.12963174


>It's the jews flooding our societies with muslims. You can hate the muslims all you want, but it's the jews doing this to you.

Read what he said again.

>If people won't acknowledge that mudslimes are our enemies, then they'll never accept the fact that the kikes use them as weapons against us.

First things first. None of us here just started hated jews one day. What happened was we had begun to hate how sick and ugly society was, and then when we wandered around in disillusionment we learned that it was the jew who made is sick and so we began to hate the jew. If we had not hated the state of society would we ever seen reason to hate the jew? No.

Normalfags are natural degenerates and they really have no problem with the sickness of society itself, even if they are starting to feel the pains of the long term effects. Tell them the jews did it and what would they do? Thank the jews setting all the outlets of quick dopamines free? Even among christcucks, where you may see a lukewarm antipathy to the degeneracy, is there any wish to kill the jew? No. Just an equally meek wish to see them repent and fill up the pews.

No, the bulk of the non-lemmings will only begin hating society because their physical existence has becoming unpleasant and never for any spiritual reasons, and before they hate society there is no point in revealing the jew as the culprit. Tarrant's goal was to make the ultimate consequences of the sandnigger invasion manifest itself now instead of when our demographic situation is worse, and once the inevitable begins to manifest in people you can work with them from there.

Basically the day the man sincerely says he's had enough and that we should just kill them all before we suffer another 900 years of occupation you follow up with "and do you know who opened the gates all those centuries ago and who did it again this time?"

611ed5  No.12963201

File: 0ac7b03fe5a4e95⋯.gif (119.27 KB, 273x270, 91:90, 0ac7b03fe5a4e95a234804ae58….gif)



You tried, you really did. But you simply couldn't withhold your hatred for Jesus Christ. Next time, try your psyops without hating Jesus. I'm sure you'll see that it is far more effective.

000000  No.12963221


I don't Jesus. What I hate are christcucks.

82355d  No.12963262


Muh Optics Cuck. Guise, we have to be respectable good lads to win normies over

000000  No.12963264


>I'm fucking done with 8chan.

This is quite pathetic to be honest. 8chan crawling with desperate kikes trying to tell whites that if you kill your enemy they win is something you should revel in. It means we are winning.

20b260  No.12963282

so uh, back to the original content, Anyone planning on reuploading his videos or do you think he will remake his channel?

4a822e  No.12963295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Iron Sky 2 is released what are you talking about

though they toned down some things from the initial script it is virtually the same If anything it turned out as a nice b-movie and a parody.

ef8429  No.12963310


What do you think we are winning? White Genocide isn't winning. Accelerationism and possible balkanization sound like winning to me. No one is giving me an alternative. What plan did we even have before? To wait? I'm tired of waiting for revolution. What are we waiting for? Can you tell me? No one is.

611ed5  No.12963314



I'm just pointing this out because I like a challenge, but this is a dead giveaway that you're a commie. Literally only commies do this.

000000  No.12963315


Guy on /mlpol/ claims he's working on it so we should see something even if the bitchute channel isn't updated.

ef8429  No.12963323


And until someone tells me, accelerationism seems like the best answer. I would like to think kikes are not replying to me.

000000  No.12963341


>Accelerationism and possible balkanization sound like winning to me.

Then what's the problem? So far.his purge is having exactly the effects he was hoping for.


>Literally only commies do this.

Go back to wherever the fuck you came from. You know nothing of chan culture.

20b260  No.12963364


It is argued that when things goes beyond fixing then the only thing left is to undermine and proactively participate in the destruction of the system. In Tarrants case it was traveling around the world and seeing how fucked europe has become from immigrantion and his solution was to speed along the process of degredation to the rights of his people so they would take a stand sooner while the numbers are still high enough to fight rather than later when it is passed beyond a high chance of saving. It is believed by accelerationists that now there are no other alternatives than to war against the system that is procedurally genociding the white race.

ecffde  No.12963368


goofy white guy √

autist white guy √

evil white guy √

stronk woman of color √

look out Marvel

7334df  No.12963369


Super gay but also super based

Thank you anon.

611ed5  No.12963371


>Go back to wherever the fuck you came from. You know nothing of chan culture.

Says the guy that says "guise." You're literally too stupid to shill here. Go get fired.

000000  No.12963397

Based /mlpol/ delivered on the Kommendant archive. I'm not going to link because the kike going to purge as soon as he sees it. Go look for it.


>Says the guy

Get a load of this amateur.

21bcf9  No.12963434

File: 14a9b4373091239⋯.png (595.83 KB, 1065x481, 1065:481, march time.PNG)

bf5188  No.12963458

File: c8f3c4d24251934⋯.jpg (20.22 KB, 620x362, 310:181, brk2.jpg)

The TERROR begins now: Australian homes raided over NZ mosque attacks


000000  No.12963486


Are you really going to try to shill with this after the discord purge? Someone who's feeling mean can report the channel for instant deletion and IP ban.

20b260  No.12963506


aaaaand it's gone

905c06  No.12963873


Muslim gang rapes must be covered up in Australia due to anti discrimination law.

thank you brenton for helping me expose this

as seen on 8chan since last wednesday…

no not last friday


349108  No.12964332

File: 4c8e286f276d13f⋯.mp4 (1.33 MB, 1186x666, 593:333, brotherhood of nod.mp4)

The Kommandant is on minds.


e05a2a  No.12964907


Assume from the thumbnail the hose goes to his ass so he can huff his own farts.

000000  No.12965197



only pol and JIDF read the manifesto (well, the JIDF read it before publishing it)

16d1ec  No.12965258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>gay larp leather warehouse.

Nope, that's this guy.

0eced0  No.12965936


I snagged it and am encoding now

0eced0  No.12968170

File: 0b30ef05bdace77⋯.webm (14.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Readout_The_Manifesto_Of_….webm)


45e486  No.12969185


I am at mlpol, I don't see any Kommandant. I want that Fascist view of communism video!

deb537  No.12969269

Here dear newfriends;

Readout Manifesto PART 1:


Readout Manifesto PART 2:


Christchurch Engagement:



8c0d3d  No.12969426

File: a6b53b30e39dc0d⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 444x461, 444:461, nmfGJfO5zq.gif)

6e1333  No.12970563

File: 1fbe91129d97266⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 326x326, 1:1, skeletor 2.jpg)

Anyone have part one? I can't find it anywhere on this zog forsaken chan

a5ade5  No.12970835

File: d414f5ec19ea9e9⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 526x567, 526:567, 1552854661672.jpg)



fa1c2d  No.12971278

File: 96195d8fa4114a2⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cap_The Manifesto Of Brent….png)


This board's gonna be pretty fucking dead for the next few days.


>Anyone have part one? I can't find it anywhere on this zog forsaken chan

I've got it.

0f519d  No.12971320

Mutts are so cringe. They ruin everything.

fa1c2d  No.12974774

File: b3f07a9f398eac1⋯.mp4 (8.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 🐻🐢.mp4)

/b/ thread's quite full of content now.

48c561  No.12974931


>No stahlhelm+gasmask combo


6e5753  No.12975509

I would hugely appreciate an mp4 version of this, if any anon out there would be so kind as to produce one. You have my thanks and gratitude in advance, anon.

70af7a  No.12975602

File: 0756e2e84c801c4⋯.png (42.4 KB, 800x897, 800:897, 800px-15divss.svg.png)


That's the insignia of latvian 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS.

41c684  No.12975623

File: 0700f187a3aeed7⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1402166496017.jpg)

brenton tarrant did more in 9 minutes than you did in your entire life behind your keyboard

ba1570  No.12975624

File: 1431cc9c3ccfe15⋯.png (19.93 KB, 1282x125, 1282:125, ClipboardImage.png)

Which one of you did this?

c1e944  No.12975737


It's a Latvian SS symbol and another one of this many dogwhistles to the Third Reich

625885  No.12979860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's back.

25c844  No.12980146

File: d4f5eab749bec61⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 400x192, 25:12, The Hunter-Seeker Algorith….mp4)


Good, good. It's better for them if they can see us any how, at least then you can keep better track of your enemy, without centralization of form we become formless and thus we are contextless noise, undiscernable from other random occurrences.

And while such may not serve us as well, with the memetic high ground, it's all the same in the end and moreover because inevitable there will be splinter anons regardless.

3ecac7  No.12980188


It's not what he did, but what he said.

02b8bf  No.12980288

File: 0ebf1bf4afd90be⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 322x322, 1:1, 0ebf1bf4afd90be8b68504df54….gif)


That video is gone but his channel is still up.


25c844  No.12980335



Double HEIL Praise his holy name Lord


dafb21  No.12980411



You got shoah’d

e228e6  No.12980416


I think you're missing the point. His audience here are those kids into that Star Wars bullshit. If not, he better be anonymous or he'll have to mail order a bride.

1a4fea  No.12980473

File: 3f0b99faff91356⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, concept.jpg)


But if people start all out murdering invaders then politics will blow up and the final war begins to clean the planet. Not to mention the violence and mass awakening will be the trigger for the real national socialists to come back from Agartha then Europe will be feared with all the high technology. I'm not even joking. This is prophecy.

1a4fea  No.12980655

File: 173b0ac555b14b2⋯.mp4 (8.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the_future_belongs_to_us.mp4)


1689f0  No.12982408


Some kike who shills this board and wanted revenge on the people who keep btfoing him i assume

2ff50a  No.12984602

LOve the dark vibe

e6f4fc  No.12992007


Is coming.

855ef7  No.12992029


But normalfags love Darth Vader

0f7309  No.12992081

Stay updated via his butchute:


9744e0  No.12992114

What I’m about to type on my Apple II connected to the internet via tin cans and string is completely a work of fiction. It’s completely unfounded speculation and hypotheticals and I don’t believe in any of it and I don’t know anything about anything.

The original manifesto PDF document had curious properties. In some instances the search function would not work as most people would expect (depending on software used) literally finding nothing that one would search for. Every character of the document was its own text field. If the reader thinks there is nothing of interest in the document from purely running the search they have been fooled. If the reader realises that search is not working correctly they may attempt to copy the text out of the PDF and pasting it into Word/Notepad et. al. and doing so will cause the text to paste as one character per line (line breaks for every character), also making searching ineffectual. Of course it’s possible to correct this but I am wondering about most personals ability in a government office (or any other office) to identify what the issue is and correct to allow for searching. In wasting time on this they may resort to printing out the document. The document will print a good chunk of pages correctly (the first pages to typically come out with default settings) so when someone checks it seems to be printing correctly. Then it starts to print little rectangles with a dot in the middle for every character for pages and pages (most of the document) – a ruined and useless reproduction. Print again - still same thing. Why is this not printing? Let’s suppose even there was a smarty pants that got it printed… quick spread this around the office for people to read their section. Nothing has page numbers and there seems to be a deliberate attempt to create ‘similar’ pages through the text to cause confusion. Does anyone see the frustration this would give and the delay in time? Did BT50 planned ahead to frustrate efforts to expediently analyse the PDF?

It is known that BT bought 4 guns legally online though had 6 in his position during the attack. It’s stated by the shop that sold him these 4 guns that none were semi-automatic and only A Category. Did BT modify the guns to semi-automatic? Where did he get bigger clips from? Where did he get the additional firearms from? Did he even use any of the firearms purchased online in the attack? Apparently BT might have bought the guns from another source… at this time apparently another dealer… but how did that dealer sell BT those guns when BT was not licensed to? Did the police find any firearms in BT’s Dunedin flat? Did they even investigate or did they just secure the flat? What if some firearms are found there? Were firearms found in either mosque? What do the serial numbers say?

We know that BT was in Pakistan for what would seem like a lengthy stay for most people in one spot on holiday.

BT’s guns were scrawled with seemingly anti-Muslim rhetoric… battles and people. But was it anti-Muslim? What if it’s a matter of perspective and time? The number 14 is significant…

Hadith 14, Nawawi: It is not permissible to spill the blood of a Muslim except in three instances: the married person who commits adultery, a life for a life, and the one who forsakes his religion and separates from the community.

The above texts meaning is a matter of perspective and is time dependant.

What if the symbol of the ‘fish’ to the right of the 14 are two cleverly disguised Islamic swords crossed? What if it’s a matter of perspective? Who had seen these guns other than BT marked this way prior to the attack?

What happened to the massive document BT wrote prior to deleting it and writing his manifesto? Who had seen it/proof read it? What if it was pro-Islam?

Why was BT only charged with murder? How will the charge of murder instead of terrorism change the court proceedings? Is there some basis in reality for the charge of murder over terrorism based on best available information rather than it purely being a political statement?

What if the two mosques were under investigation/observation? What is BT had been radicalised to be an Islamic extremist? What if the NZ Government knew this and he was an ‘asset’ or under observation? What if BT was meant to hit a high school? What if his original, now deleted manifest was a proclamation about Islam being the way and the decadence/decay/filth of the Western World? What if there was an operation underway to catch BT?

What more does BT have in store for us? What intelligence is he providing in his cooperation? Why would he not want a defence lawyer?

What if he played them all for fools?

This is an artistic fiction and shouldn’t be taken seriously and everything I’ve ever had to do with this website is fictional et. al.

bc1397  No.12993510


The post that had part 1 is gone now.

0915d5  No.13003435


>not LARP

LARPing might be right in this case. No normie will ever listen to serious nazi propoganda, it's just too far off overton window. But might look at 'lol le cringe)))))' video, and listen to it's message

It's also better at attracting attention. If it's wacky enough, it might start spreading in role of funny video.

0915d5  No.13003485


fe9b29  No.13003587

>video no longer available.

One of you better give me a link when I get home tonight. I've wanted to watch this for a while but the links never work because they keep getting taken down.

482116  No.13004623

Upload it to https://archive.org

486c89  No.13006845



39739c  No.13006849

I have just finally completed the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant and turned it into an audiobook. (1:36)


030dda  No.13011312


Writes like a redditor with a conclusion that leaves everything up to interpretation? No one writes like that in a serious discussion, shill fucker.

000000  No.13011375


And then you decided to upload it to a honeypot site?

5e2a84  No.13011736

is this jim sterling?

030dda  No.13012158


Mask too slim to fit his fat face

bfe2e9  No.13029534

File: 279432bdeb90e92⋯.png (525.28 KB, 554x793, 554:793, download.png)


>Latvian 15th Waffen grenadier division

He showed great honor to these brave men, my grandfather included.


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