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File: 23dcbb41e862232⋯.png (1002.36 KB, 1283x691, 1283:691, ddlcnzmeme.png)

7e1d89  No.12961960

further continuation of previous fruitful threads

<keep going boys

<contribute your oc

<donate to the cause

<memetic warfare is our greatest weapon

7cedff  No.12962045

File: 25d04c85afc57cb⋯.png (95.46 KB, 619x494, 619:494, unintelligentafricanameric….png)

2ad19d  No.12962057

Let me reiterate again Brenton was a mossad agent trained in pakistan. Here are some interesting facts about the mosque he attacked

For those of you that like to look deeper into things. The mosque in New Zealand, and the mosque that was shot up recently in Quebec, are of the the Ahmadi (also spelled Ahmadiyya) sect. They are looked down upon by the other Muslim sects, not even allowed to legally enter Medina or Mecca. They may even be viewed as lower than Christians. They are the ones that are none violent and not anti other religions like the others. So it always strikes me odd that those that target mosques, target these that already have enough persecution by Muslims, and are targeted by other Muslims. These are the last ones that anyone fighting against Islam would target.

7cedff  No.12962072

The shooting was a JewTuber publicity stunt.

e581ac  No.12962154

why tf is this thread so dead the others were active

pick up the pace

b9b4d5  No.12962156


can you provide evidence to the fact that they are Ahmadi and the way Ahmadi are treated in by other Muslims? Just curious

Anyway, isn't that what he wanted? If he kills the pacifists then he will radicalize the Muslims even more and there are higher chances of a terrorist attack, ultimately Tarrant wants more terrorists attacks so that Whites also get radicalized and organized, which in turn results in a global race war. More normies will wake up to the fact that our society isn't ok, we don't live in comfort. In the end people will go back to their countries and immigration will halt, maybe we will change our societies, but only time will tell.

ef6947  No.12962284

looks like its this is the end of these threads than, its been fun faggots

2ad19d  No.12962315


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on terrorist attacks


persecution of ahmadiyas

>For the five million Ahmadis, religious persecution has been particularly severe and systematic in Pakistan, which is the only state to have officially declared that Ahmadis are non-muslims.

Also remember Brenton Tarrant visited Pakistan.


>hurr more attacks by mudslimes means more normies will wake up durrr.

Would you call 9/11 accelerationist too? No you white golem you are getting played by mossad kikes and they will create a bigger false flag to send you to fight in Iran.

f4e4cc  No.12962473

File: cc49dbdb67e805e⋯.png (487.71 KB, 1024x610, 512:305, training.png)

File: 96812f9566692ca⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1060x1441, 1060:1441, tseries.jpeg)

File: 8bb5aa9a524abb4⋯.png (454.28 KB, 580x497, 580:497, waronterror.png)



Stop astroturfing, kike. Filtered.

Also dropping good content from earlier threads.

f4e4cc  No.12962502

File: 1e31aeca5b3878c⋯.jpg (150.08 KB, 694x658, 347:329, sandniggergetsit.jpg)

File: d488e7f783d9333⋯.jpg (183.87 KB, 976x549, 16:9, sub2pewds.jpg)

f4e4cc  No.12962528

File: a497ed2786baace⋯.jpg (294.27 KB, 2602x1236, 1301:618, aussie_shitposters_are_the….jpg)

File: f3950cd0e476230⋯.jpg (71.91 KB, 896x1024, 7:8, basedtwitterpost.jpg)

f4e4cc  No.12962557

File: f65f183beab8393⋯.jpg (195 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bitconneeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

File: 2975f6ad079a9cc⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 1024x762, 512:381, cameraman.jpg)

File: 658a57f6ca22f79⋯.png (801.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fortnitebrandon.png)

f4e4cc  No.12962592

File: 11efeb374bf95a5⋯.jpg (333.18 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, madcunt.jpg)

File: 089bb182cde0909⋯.png (78.33 KB, 261x223, 261:223, sandnigger.png)

c9e4f0  No.12962595


Yawn. Try harder bud. You posted zero evidence, not a single for person is falling for this shit lmao

f4e4cc  No.12962626

File: 55fa772e493b428⋯.png (1.09 MB, 857x1202, 857:1202, pewdipiebigbrain.png)

File: e97550f64a907c3⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 980x742, 70:53, rarepepe.jpg)

File: 73f4b20ba1d8efa⋯.jpg (340.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, rwdsstraya.jpg)

fb264b  No.12962640

File: 3a59f341a34e449⋯.webm (2.79 MB, 854x480, 427:240, bruh_look.webm)

File: 683662aadaf75f6⋯.webm (7.18 MB, 648x364, 162:91, postal_mosque.webm)

reposting my stuff

3bb642  No.12962687


Did you even bother to check the thread, draw your conclusions cuckservative golem >>12962315

1321dc  No.12962697

Anyone have that edit with the Queen song? I lost my shit to that and wish I saved it.

a9d7fd  No.12962718

anyone got a zip with everythign?

fb264b  No.12962750


>UN having any power to pull the plug on 8ch

This bullshit organization was designed to suck money from governments, not to actually function or do something worthwhile

Have these fucking idiots done anything in the past? And by that I mean something useful.

f4e4cc  No.12962803

File: 6537b8bfe898980⋯.png (180.89 KB, 300x370, 30:37, RARESTMERCHANT.png)


Good shit.


I will only join the endniggers if the kikes actually manage to pull that off. Doubtful though.


Its in the first three somewhere lol

Also, reminder that Brenton introduced the rarest merchant on the planet.

f4e4cc  No.12962834

File: a0dad45b1e66127⋯.jpg (547.89 KB, 1920x1064, 240:133, subscribe.jpg)

My recent OC, thanks to whoever compressed it for me btw.


d79c84  No.12962885

a9d7fd  No.12962975


fucking kek

c9e4f0  No.12963005


You stick out like night and day here. Simply calling people jews will get you nowhere. So again try harder bud.

4642a8  No.12963021

File: c397bab19b95c04⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 600x717, 200:239, saint brenton iconography.jpg)

Saint Brenton

f4e4cc  No.12963041

3a3585  No.12963049


Jesus fuck I laughed

3a63eb  No.12963072


I'm upset you weren't at the mosque.

214f8b  No.12963078


is he left-handed?

f4e4cc  No.12963104

File: c30b67f694b3ca8⋯.png (389.03 KB, 632x1000, 79:125, mudslimesubhuman.png)


Why are you reposting your drivel here, cuckold? I think you confused us with reddit.


Oh well. >>/reddit/

0a1ad4  No.12963125


Riddle me this glowfag : if the video is a false flag why do they try to delete it as hard as it is possible for the Zorg ?

1929e2  No.12963126


The attack was staged. Here's proof


1929e2  No.12963139


>rarest merchant


03677b  No.12963149

File: 121821f1e7b1725⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1195x3706, 1195:3706, ec0e893163798801a1f982a07c….png)

10000 hours in gimp

f4e4cc  No.12963168



Look closely

214f8b  No.12963169


very nice

fb264b  No.12963188


Muslims isn't a race tho, so shut the fuck up, nigger

23dd97  No.12963192


That meme was supposed to show the devolution of halfchan. We are not halfchan.

2abf70  No.12963195


lol, love the first one

f4e4cc  No.12963202


Didn't know they have WLAN in the mental ward.

61c7b6  No.12963209

File: 68f025e47d7c84b⋯.png (349.15 KB, 416x419, 416:419, LookAtMeImTheKiwiNow.png)

Almost lost a finger firing off this one lads.

4642a8  No.12963216


he's not. Can't fix it, I just stole it.

537837  No.12963231


Brent will not suffer for a single moment. He shall live in peace in this life and for eternity


ccc43d  No.12963256


132e1f  No.12963290




5dd8fe  No.12963327

File: 49224fc4218ae99⋯.png (8.06 MB, 8271x9361, 8271:9361, The Great Replacement.png)

485394  No.12963329


Obvious shill. He targeted the mosque because it was cranking out jihadists. It's in the manifesto and corroborated.

41a4c1  No.12963351

File: 4b596ec5f902017⋯.png (318.14 KB, 724x401, 724:401, ClipboardImage.png)

f4e4cc  No.12963370


Lmao this cracked me up more than her skull cracked from that bullet

41a4c1  No.12963392

File: 3956ad5e695954c⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 744x605, 744:605, brenton smiling.jpg)

8fc747  No.12963399


>Everybody is a shill

He was also a jewish apologist it is in the manifesto too.

45f637  No.12963420


keep going jew we all know what you are doing

1dda5b  No.12963437

File: 58f81182d521fb4⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 882x731, 882:731, 1538704856415.jpg)


top right hand corner of pic.

7e066c  No.12963518

why cant i post anything lol

73e636  No.12963525


Was there just a shift change, Schlomo?

Didn't the last guy give you his notes, or something before he clocked out?

Try harder.

476355  No.12963556

File: c35ad371b490739⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 310x272, 155:136, rare remove merchant.jpg)

f6f749  No.12963770

I just made a fucking video and 8chan isn't letting me post it tf

7e066c  No.12963780


yea same here

f6f749  No.12963788

File: 1f1170a389adecd⋯.mp4 (8.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Muslim Slayer ss.mp4)


Its kinda shit but let me know if you guys have any suggestions

f6f749  No.12963790



Fuck finally it uploaded.

214f8b  No.12963845


High effort, I love it. Must be the best video OC so far, and I've seen them all.

7e066c  No.12963861


brillant !! still waiting for mine to upload…although yours is awsome well done

1843df  No.12963940

File: 4c18de012c58d0b⋯.jpg (251.09 KB, 1087x612, 1087:612, teabag.jpg)

Tea Anyone?

1843df  No.12963978

File: eb5bf6bc834edcd⋯.jpg (252.53 KB, 1087x612, 1087:612, captainmorganspicedrum.jpg)

1843df  No.12964010

File: 1f1a68aa5da7fb7⋯.jpg (213.85 KB, 1087x612, 1087:612, bitethecurb.jpg)

dbfd05  No.12964014


Get a copy of the shooting without the best gore water mark, and add your subtitles onto a fresh goblin slayer rather than just blurring out the original subtitles.

1843df  No.12964015

File: eafac3ec146ad03⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 600x318, 100:53, 1.jpg)

e05588  No.12964092


I fucking lost it.

3e7721  No.12964179


fuck off cia nigger

739c1f  No.12964188





Discord is the worst of the worst, never ever use it.

3e7721  No.12964189

e0deb0  No.12964192

File: d3fcf82eaaee002⋯.jpeg (198.48 KB, 273x410, 273:410, not_cia.jpeg)

File: 126bf419832a047⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, not_fbi.jpg)

File: 9ee6f109bae4d75⋯.jpg (11.11 KB, 221x228, 221:228, download.jpg)


You're glowning in the dark.

f6f749  No.12964202


can you explain glowing in the dark? I haven't been on /pol/ in ages. Mainly lurk on /v/

3e40fa  No.12964210

File: 714d3bcdafb2326⋯.jpg (219.05 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1549246949857.jpg)

Got anymore DDLC memes?

440406  No.12964222

File: 5babb2c84905eae⋯.png (373.12 KB, 960x845, 192:169, ClipboardImage.png)

000000  No.12964277

>/pol/ figures that can come up with a bullshit reason as to why the globally used OK sign actually means white power

>retards buy it

>madlad shows it in court

>MSM loose their shit

Do you guys think we can meme the navy seals copypasta into being a way white supremacists intimidate opponents?

41a4c1  No.12964303

File: 536387d0ac7d754⋯.png (346.08 KB, 910x650, 7:5, ClipboardImage.png)

41a4c1  No.12964330

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>They blurred his fucking hands

e9787c  No.12964391


I fucking knew it. His only mention of jews is him saying "I don't hate jews. Only those that subvert my people. (So basically all of them but the most brain dead ignorant desert dwellers)". I thought it was an obvious dog whistle to let us know he is not ignorant to the jq. He's planned this for years so he must have come to reasons why not to name them himself now. If a cryptic happy merchant is not a loud enough dog whistle then you are deaf. False flags look like Steven paddock. No footage,no proof, just a ghost killing whites.

f2421e  No.12964404

b80345  No.12964414

>>12962803 what does that symbol mean? Has anyone listed everything we can see he wrote on his weapons and what they mean?

f6f749  No.12964423


looks japanese.

000000  No.12964446



That Voltaire quote comes to mind.

Whats next? Court session on the 5th will have him entirely blocked out (as in, black bodysized bar) and muted with someone respeaking the lines deemed to be not dangerous?

50d25f  No.12964456

File: e11a65e945ac5c0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.07 KB, 171x184, 171:184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78ede6d257969b5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 15.68 KB, 270x326, 135:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bfa38dee638d4ef⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.85 KB, 207x266, 207:266, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe one of these will jog your memory.

5d069e  No.12964478




It looks to me like the Katakana for "Ri"

(Pronounced Ree).

f22c3e  No.12964490


>all of his other markings were referential

>this one must be an original meme

my sweet summer child…

5424fe  No.12964491


Talk about censoring something way after the fact, half the internet has already seen and memed it by now. I swear the media's incompetence of covering this is so bad, it'll end up making people wake up to their bullshit (if they haven't already). All just as planned on Brenton's part most likely.

000000  No.12964502


>Has anyone listed everything we can see he wrote on his weapons and what they mean?

>this retard actually feeds the journalist

For fuck's sake …

50d25f  No.12964541


Except I only posted equally abstract material which only people who already know what it is should understand.

e3855b  No.12964609

File: 13497448450fed7⋯.jpg (885.97 KB, 1111x970, 1111:970, 1552902461690.jpg)


You better not have come here to look up what that hand gesture was!

ef8457  No.12964682

File: 50a5bcd6df05b51⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1500x844, 375:211, Candace-Wipe-Them-Out.png)


ef8457  No.12964700

File: f737e68d0ee5868⋯.png (681.47 KB, 751x1334, 751:1334, pokemon-spyro.png)

The real reason he went in, despite optics.

000000  No.12964704


ctrl + f "semite"

4b163f  No.12964830


Those crying Aussies are all hired by the way, they absolutely don't give a fuck.

54a78d  No.12964894


My god, you people are monsters

Keep it up

a1cc61  No.12964895


It's a jojo reference.


/pol/ didn't decide that, the ADL did and people ran with it


CIA niggers glow in the dark, you can see em at night and hit them with your truck

Inb4 don't feed the journos, it seems the more meme material they get the more they publicly fuck it up in hilarious ways, and I want more of that

5424fe  No.12964919

Any other Aussies suddenly notice that 8chan just got DNS blocked just a moment ago?

5424fe  No.12964933


Actually never mind, I better conduct some more tests. Think my connection is glitching out.

5424fe  No.12964971


Hate to triple post but I can confirm 8chan has been blackholed by my ISP DNS.

45f637  No.12964983


im an aussie and mines fine

5424fe  No.12965045


What's strange is that I decided to check if 4chan was blackholed and it wasn't. There's a possible rare chance they fucked up their DNS server again so I'll try again in a few hours. I'll know it's deliberate for sure if it persists.

45f637  No.12965078


i checked 4chan too coz people were saying that buts its fine for me

5c8455  No.12965079

Encore, encore! Future historians will marvel at this one in the logs!

Seriously, this question is going to go medically obsolete. If anyone has real cockxiety, talk about it in public. I think it might be a little fixable now, and for the better stuff, being open means you’ll take part in favorable medical developments. At the very least you can find people who say the nice things about it not mattering, many of whom are even sincere.

Cockxiety is not a good reason to be racist. This place isn’t ruled by people who have good reasons to be racist.

Nice porn in this thread btw. If you’re into humans. I think my triple dark majesty is better served elsewhere.

88df76  No.12965087

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Brenton Tarrant, he's our hero

Gonna take immigration down to zero

He's our rage just magnified

and he's fighting on our races' side

Brenton Tarrant, he's our hero

Gonna take immigration down to zero

Gonna help him put asunder

Bad guys who like to rape and murder

(((You'll pay for this Brenton Tarrant!)))

We're the Grenadiers

You can be one too!

'Cause saving our race is the thing to do.

Cucking and running is not the way

Hear what Brenton Tarrant has to say:

"The Power is YOURS!"

5424fe  No.12965132


You might want to make sure you have an alternative DNS just in case.

45f637  No.12965163


nah i dont give a fuck let em come and try and hustle, im down for the tussle

69478e  No.12965251

File: f2977e7e5ccd9f9⋯.png (392 KB, 500x683, 500:683, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are there not headlines like this;

"…were gunned down by Obama Supporting Black Supremacist attacker Xavier Johnson'…"


Instead we get pic related

d5f189  No.12965329

File: 6f50bf86136b216⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 720x576, 5:4, spillspaghetti.jpg)

Request from another thread.

45f637  No.12965341


very noice

f90883  No.12965566





I do not know if you guys are just memeing or you do not know this.

This is insignia of 15th Waffen SS division (1st Latvian)


9ffff9  No.12965802

51a80d  No.12965841

File: 9e9d9de8c253443⋯.png (675.83 KB, 1675x781, 1675:781, ISISonTV-Christchurchtojai….png)

File: c951a60855a2587⋯.png (304.63 KB, 1039x1623, 1039:1623, NZ-justice-fairness.png)

File: b264576a6df624c⋯.jpg (143.43 KB, 1114x691, 1114:691, NZ-thought-crimes.jpg)

There is a MASSIVE redpill fracture point we could be memeing into.

Normfags are already disgruntled about being censored or arrested for having the wrong opinions. Tell them to find out why it is happening.

d97cc9  No.12966043

File: 2f18aa2dbe718fc⋯.mp4 (12.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Benny Hill edit 2x_1.mp4)

Benny Hill edit

53582e  No.12966087


reply coz good idea. nice, anon

53582e  No.12966096


this angle guys

5424fe  No.12966119


This would be crucial to turn people against the media. Once that happens everything else falls into place.

53582e  No.12966129

File: 135bf89ab114072⋯.gif (9.66 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Killer.gif)

564c8c  No.12966141


have a facebook like

51a80d  No.12966181

File: bd441c5b1ab3704⋯.jpg (141.17 KB, 1114x596, 557:298, NZ-thought-crimes.jpg)


*corrected 3rd pic





txs anons. Feel free to share & clone.

eb0948  No.12966265







this spamarino disavows the claim that inbred shitskin invaders being killed is bad

fddf5a  No.12966272

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just watch the video, memes made themselves




this attack was an ordered by THE MASONIC




We need more drawfag and tan OC

b9020d  No.12966484


Qtards need to neck themselves

In one of these some fat neckbeard claims its very mysterious that he had the black sun on his gear because muh occultism

Using the black sun = confirmed freemason

501deb  No.12966485


Do you even google bro

One of the UK news sites has an article explaining quite a few of the historical references

b9020d  No.12966489


Yeah and they censored "for Rotherham"

90d2de  No.12966538

File: 149bf8c97d7585c⋯.jpg (480.19 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, let_there_be_glow.jpg)


000000  No.12966547


>do you even google


501deb  No.12966565


Yes this is a good angle. Reduce white space on your images tho and fix typo in last one

90d2de  No.12966647

File: aebe8c8fb5419c4⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 640x446, 320:223, 1471529856340.jpg)

File: 82c0bd5395131e4⋯.png (125.25 KB, 580x346, 290:173, opensource.png)



b9020d  No.12966862


a11677  No.12966890


Imagine my total surprise

501deb  No.12967408

File: 11183b66f598f7b⋯.jpg (195.44 KB, 1215x705, 81:47, SmartSelect_20190318-11200….jpg)


>implying jewgle doesn't still provide best image search results

9428c3  No.12967473

File: 35d0616a4f13580⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 700x394, 350:197, Remove Kebab.webm)

File: a1890b9fe8f3ccd⋯.jpg (1011.23 KB, 2555x1581, 2555:1581, remove kebab.jpg)

F [11:08 AM]

I spent five hours last night making this

It's a short, sweet, and glownigger-friendly video game based on the events of the Christchurch shooting

If you want to download it you can do it here


If the links get taken down, I'll replace them

It's not very good, but it's better than a fucking minecraft world

d02f6c  No.12967516



>Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

>purely coincidental.


The map looks pretty well done (for the time used obviously)

9428c3  No.12967522


Thanks m8

Tried to shit it out as quickly as I could

4274b0  No.12967545


bruh look at this dud is legendary edit. good work anon

45f637  No.12967567


what do you use to unzip it? winarchiver isnt working

4274b0  No.12967572


9428c3  No.12967589


it's just a rar file

winrar or 7zip should do it

676266  No.12967614


top kek

47901a  No.12967705



0a1ad4  No.12967781


a pretty good one if I might say.

3ef30c  No.12967817

File: d2ea141906b1a0e⋯.png (990.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled.png)

sauce: https://www.deviantart.com/r0pher/art/Remember-Mates-Be-Polite-and-Efficient-789816685

c1c306  No.12967829

Shitty edit I made

00fa14  No.12967839

File: 90a2be3b3ed494b⋯.png (261.41 KB, 655x728, 655:728, ClipboardImage.png)

f470b0  No.12967843

File: 47f522713cea5a2⋯.png (2.14 KB, 211x164, 211:164, fatal_error.png)


Looks nice for a quick demo !

But i've get a error, pic related.

c1c306  No.12967846

File: 63a9d0917c3cc0c⋯.mp4 (6.37 MB, 640x356, 160:89, madladvsworld.mp4)

fe2112  No.12967856

File: 58dcacb1ec29dae⋯.png (18.63 KB, 748x514, 374:257, Political Game theory Matr….png)

I have created a game theory matrix to represent the idea that liberalism can only result in peace if all nations are liberal.

ac45fc  No.12967867

File: ec087f6f923889c⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 640x559, 640:559, e85cf1bb4ddfc3015d339016fa….jpg)


They fucking explode

9428c3  No.12967875


It would seem the solution is to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist Package 32 and 64 bit

0a1ad4  No.12967928


This is true, but that is waaaay to much to demand from the shitskins to understand, so it is as real as communism

97f3c7  No.12967954


Based anon

c32caa  No.12967979

What a cuck

26acdf  No.12967985

File: fb22f8a448bb5ec⋯.png (436.92 KB, 788x614, 394:307, Brenton-Chan in court with….png)

File: e7c9ede169dee3e⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2894x2894, 1:1, Brenton Chan pony version ….jpg)

File: 085e1f1d3a28911⋯.png (81.86 KB, 592x666, 8:9, Jay156 Brenton Chan March ….png)

File: f525fb18d9ed268⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1185x4073, 1185:4073, 4chan mlp thread.png)

File: 958cfe99cacf4c3⋯.png (75.93 KB, 1363x695, 1363:695, christchurch police mail.png)




Shoutout to Jay156 and MLPOL dot net

9428c3  No.12968011


Hello atlas

26acdf  No.12968019

File: 3f69636cd87ebb5⋯.png (862.61 KB, 1439x1079, 1439:1079, Atlas Synagogue Napalm.png)


not Atlas, but Atlas made me do it.

1a52ba  No.12968099


I was unaware of that. Without doubt that's it. Now I'm just contemplating if the Third Reich were the pioneers of minimalist shekelbergs.

532ea8  No.12968239

File: 6f1c86c7e2b81ab⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 625x400, 25:16, asdf.jpg)


amazing work, shame such a quality post should be buried here

f90883  No.12968394


Good. Sometimes I cannot tell here if people are being ironic about everything.

It stuck in my head and I knew some SS division had that insignia.

The rarest merchant was a great meme though.

788a0c  No.12968402

Has anyone made a jojo "to be continued" one??

f4e4cc  No.12968408


He probably chose the insignia to be as cryptic as possible about his support of Hitler and the Reich.

7c5ca2  No.12968419

File: d6d2bce9303780d⋯.jpg (67.93 KB, 414x600, 69:100, fittyMen.jpg)

bee1e4  No.12968433


>school shooting

>not a mosque

needs more hours

615937  No.12968483


other sources tell me this mosque was recruiting for Al-Qaida and is connected to the Charlie Hebdo attack. either you or them is absolutely full of shit.

f90883  No.12968484


Probably. Even the Iron Guard bars will not be comprehended by most people watching the video.

f4e4cc  No.12968569


Yeah, even many /pol/acks aren't that well versed in the history of fascism, especially when it comes to small states such as Romania.

21442d  No.12968584

File: 87446b242834234⋯.png (95.24 KB, 255x550, 51:110, ClipboardImage.png)




Holy shit you fucking boomers, it's literally a symbol from Jojo.

532ea8  No.12968598

File: 4d362903907a874⋯.jpg (269.41 KB, 864x1152, 3:4, IMG_20190318_191432.jpg)

File: e88cbc32ea6ead7⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 437x582, 437:582, IMG_20190318_191528.jpg)


yep 100% not 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS

9c0dc0  No.12968716

looks like this whole thing has kinda blown over already

f4e4cc  No.12968782


Its Monday, nigger

I think Brenton planned even that, he wanted the memes to flow as much as possible so he did the shooting right before a weekend

eb0948  No.12968796


dropping this here, you're welcome niggers

meme going around about nz shooter being trained on fortnite

true or not fortnite is connected

fornite designed by child psychologists to be maximally addictive

what's less known is that some of those psychologists scripted the sandy hook school shooting and fortnite is their tribute

if you want a thread to pull on cross reference street names around sandy hook and area names in fortnite, specifically aliteration

f4e4cc  No.12968817


Nice schizopost

dd3566  No.12968836


Good job anon.

41a4c1  No.12968840


Fuck off nigger.

Get out.

a41b87  No.12968847


please for the love of god leave, you don't belong here

a42798  No.12968854


fuck off Q boomer

f4e4cc  No.12968855

File: 2bd013148ba9e92⋯.jpg (289.29 KB, 1000x1272, 125:159, wp.jpg)

This has potential

f4e4cc  No.12968897

File: 368fe3a083852fb⋯.png (828.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fortnitebrandon.png)

3c4a71  No.12968900


>60 million

>zero deaths

>6 million, zero deaths

this cant be real

ab10d6  No.12968906


Just edit out the zero in "60 million club"…

also, can someone make a "his name is Robert Paulson" tribute to St. Brenton?

Seems fitting, given how hard they're trying to unperson him.

His name is Brenton Tarrant.

7f5f53  No.12968915


>if you want a thread to pull on cross reference street names around sandy hook and area names in fortnite, specifically aliteration

I checked this, and found it to be false.

Location Sandy Hook Elementary School

Newtown, Connecticut, U.S.

Coordinates 41°25′12″N 73°16′43″WCoordinates: 41°25′12″N 73°16′43″W[1]


Junk Junction

Haunted Hills

Pleasant Park

Snobby Shores

Greasy Grove

Shifty Shafts

Flush Factory

Lucky Landing

Salty Springs

Moisty Mire

Loot Lake

Dusty Depot

Anarchy Acres

Wailing Woods

Lonely Lodge

Retail Row

Moisty Mire

Tilted Towers

Fatal Fields

Tomato Town

de2b6c  No.12968918

File: c0989f5cebf5d81⋯.jpg (27.07 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 1514169655026.jpg)

75229f  No.12968922


change it to 50 kill club

f4e4cc  No.12968939

File: 3c99d9f3e543958⋯.png (865.47 KB, 1280x872, 160:109, fortnitebrandon.png)


Version is fucked, here is a better one


It is


He needs a nobel peace prize certificate also

c6fa56  No.12968963

File: 1fd6677606ecb3b⋯.gif (426.88 KB, 499x374, 499:374, skeletoons.gif)

bee1e4  No.12969051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I feel this music video is related.


50d25f  No.12969114


Anon, hooktube has been useless for like a year now, even the creator agrees. Use invidio.us

a891d5  No.12969158

File: 2b4978ff501affd⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200, 1:1, empty.gif)


>not using riot

47901a  No.12969169

c6fa56  No.12969183


Any other alternatives beside invidio?

>inb4 bitchute

4a596a  No.12969192


Did 4chan make this one? This looks a like a 4chan thing to make.

d7cc78  No.12969198


It's this guy


e437ef  No.12969239



a46773  No.12969266

File: 04e2f5184743195⋯.png (560.8 KB, 798x774, 133:129, 1552767798700.png)

File: b631bd314b04a52⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1552767803025.jpg)

File: 2d8fde097e9a713⋯.jpg (229.76 KB, 883x599, 883:599, 1552770778377.jpg)

File: 56bd6ec04d236a4⋯.jpg (82.82 KB, 485x1019, 485:1019, 1552778356046.jpg)

788a0c  No.12969272

Requesting the webm with the soyboy wearing a capt america shirt reacting to the shooting, please.

dccb28  No.12969275

File: 4a8020a66b240b3⋯.png (1.07 MB, 937x1488, 937:1488, irl shitposter.png)

File: 28dba2cf6188a85⋯.png (530.71 KB, 607x608, 607:608, 5386734732457.png)

25baf4  No.12969282


Holy shit that girls retarded

f4e4cc  No.12969298

File: a5220ef45e8e10b⋯.jpg (24.67 KB, 409x286, 409:286, goatfucker.jpg)


Needs this guy in it

d97cc9  No.12969326

File: 643573104c32de5⋯.jpg (358.41 KB, 736x1016, 92:127, Meme Warrior.jpg)

Meme Warrior

d97cc9  No.12969370

File: 60e57bde1c29dc6⋯.jpg (131.05 KB, 607x608, 607:608, weak should fear strong.jpg)

be6413  No.12969390

File: 0e1cab444607aad⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 635x636, 635:636, 0e1cab444607aadbbc84f2322f….jpg)


the postal 2 one made my day, easily the best edit by far

d22a2d  No.12969410


>fornite designed by child psychologists to be maximally addictive

Last I checked they dont have statistics, gear to grind out, no leveling system, no lottery system so yea thats bullshit.

f4e4cc  No.12969413


Saved for inflationary use

dccb28  No.12969427

File: ea7d24344fde374⋯.png (558.31 KB, 607x608, 607:608, 34856732940876.png)

File: 40db3381f3a83ab⋯.png (67.57 KB, 155x255, 31:51, muslim face.png)

491e3c  No.12969436


where can I get one of those stickers??

e7379a  No.12969557

File: 4697fb6034929ea⋯.png (404.02 KB, 500x1733, 500:1733, the-violence-has-escalated.png)



reporting for duty, sir


Yean I'd like to have the original file as well

d22a2d  No.12969559

File: b13f075f11059c2⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 517x211, 517:211, nordfront-feds1.JPG)


Nordfront are a bunch of fed shills asking people what crimes they have committed and defending Cantwell, and his handing people over to feds. This guy runs their group on Gab.

dccb28  No.12969573

File: 1f9f83c9d4ced88⋯.png (289.1 KB, 335x538, 335:538, irl shitposter smile.png)

60901b  No.12969640

File: e887a8838a125c5⋯.gif (360.36 KB, 550x1600, 11:32, why you don't help shitski….GIF)

File: 89e66d681701d69⋯.png (76.5 KB, 400x277, 400:277, 1379517807-GUN_CONTROL_UK.png)

File: 45aa1cf1855fd86⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1032, 50:43, breakdown of votes.png)


So (((they))) are staying in Israel and not subverting/harming other nations?

Didn't think so shecklebergistein.

a9d430  No.12969671


5f9dfe  No.12969748


I did not know this. Breton knows way more than we gave him credit, I guess.

c6fa56  No.12969766

File: d9c16019c20ffbc⋯.png (194.38 KB, 500x748, 125:187, Everything.png)

000000  No.12969788


>Brenton Tarrant, he's our hero


>Gonna take immigration down to zero


>He's our rage just magnified


>and he's fighting on our races' side


>Brenton Tarrant, he's our hero


>Gonna take immigration down to zero


>Gonna help him put asunder


>Bad guys who like to rape and murder


>(((You'll pay for this Brenton Tarrant!)))


>We're the Grenadiers


>You can be one too!


>'Cause saving our race is the thing to do.


>Cucking and running is not the way


>Hear what Brenton Tarrant has to say:


>"The Power is YOURS!"

Now someone make this into a song / actually sing it and upload the recording.

3c4a71  No.12969796

File: 718c0412c378489⋯.jpg (167.09 KB, 2208x1622, 1104:811, unknown.JPG)

d80729  No.12969821


This shit doesn't work when we've read the manifesto faggot.

d80729  No.12969866

File: 59ee80ae2699ab0⋯.png (322.96 KB, 600x739, 600:739, 1552647635299.png)

d95231  No.12969904


i'm retarded and i can't think for myself, is this guy defending or shitting on Tarrant?

1509e4  No.12969922

File: d054ae0b921c559⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 490x513, 490:513, nice.jpg)

ec954c  No.12969926


Postal 2 webm DESPERATELY needs the "ALALALALA" sound the terrorist NPCs say.

1509e4  No.12969959


this will come in handy next time I see a faggot with a muslim memeflag

53944a  No.12969978

does anyone have 411x411px profile of BT all bit darkened with red border?

88ec41  No.12970003

File: 55bfe9825d9bc05⋯.png (417.88 KB, 1666x666, 833:333, FearAction.png)

000000  No.12970004

>b me

>b tier1 shitposter

>c neighbouring cuntry (sic) turn into Islamic State of New Zealandistan overnight

>c NZ PM submit to Sharia law and threaten kiwis with jail if they don't comply

>own gov cucks out and follows suit

>mega shoah on Western freedoms

>get shitposting balls cut off in the shoah blast

>only bitterness and anger remain where beloved shitposting balls once were

>dont make the white men angry.jpg

>had enough you cunts.jpg

Memetic Warfare


In search engines type things like "Why do people call each other nazis if there's no evidence nazis existed?" "Did the nazis really exist?"

This will put the fear in your enemy that they shoahed too hard and ended up creating generation Pogrom


Meme PewDiePie as Fuhrer.

Meme PewDiePie adverts with Brenton's subscribe message in it.

Meme PewDiePie's covert White Supremacy signals.

Tie PewDiePie to Brenton in any way possible.

When JewTube is forced to kill PewDiePie's channel you create a 90million Waffen 9yr old army with one life mission - Revenge.

Memetic Virus

Take GreatReplacement.pdf the 733Kb version - anything bigger is a glownigger doxxing version

Take Kiwi national flag photo.png

Write feels message on flag photo.png

Embed GreatReplacement.pdf invisibly inside flag photo.png zip GreatReplacement.pdf | cat - >> feelsflagphoto.png

Release WeStandWithChristchurchfuckyourcensorship.png to censors and NPCs

NPCs share image with manifesto inside

Censors have to punish themselves to be compliant with their own penalties

To open pdf: change file extension from .png to .zip and open in archive manager

Do same for the video.

"When your enemies share your memes, you win" - me

d7cc78  No.12970037

File: 962b4e0980f0418⋯.png (100.63 KB, 489x256, 489:256, back to cuckchan.png)

c42c6a  No.12970052


The recent comments are fucking glorious

000000  No.12970060


-9000 internets 4u famalam newfag

d015d8  No.12970076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Request for a more skilled anon;

Brandon video with Mosley narration.

>what can you do youd say?

>get going, get busy

>inspire other people like yourself

d7cc78  No.12970082


Shut the fuck up newnigger, nothing scream cuckchan post 2012 like "be me".

d015d8  No.12970095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>wrong embed

>user was gassed for this mistake

1509e4  No.12970122


don't like it. Showing too much sympathy for muslims. I'd rather have 5 goblins than one muslim.

b7dedc  No.12970157

File: 0797916c1ab4dee⋯.jpg (205.9 KB, 719x1024, 719:1024, 1552848333581.jpg)


90d2de  No.12970165

File: 8c684cd9a3e04cc⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 584x839, 584:839, the cycle of meme.jpg)


If you haven't killed at least 50 shitskins you're still new tbh

d015d8  No.12970179

File: 10a15eb79a6421a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 972x968, 243:242, kek'd.png)

b7dedc  No.12970181

File: 39c065d01728e23⋯.jpg (305.1 KB, 993x1234, 993:1234, 3.jpg)



d95231  No.12970182

File: abf7e45662e5362⋯.gif (85.23 KB, 650x603, 650:603, aXPpVd17_700wa_0.gif)

c40b33  No.12970198

File: afdd1979fd5dcd4⋯.jpg (254.94 KB, 1080x1067, 1080:1067, IMG_20190302_155627.jpg)


Bitch Lasagna

d77803  No.12970207


Can't even imagine how many countless hours your braindead tards waste on this

41a4c1  No.12970254

File: 547a82f78b31e6c⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 398x582, 199:291, 4b5b212f4558e6a9fd1f88ba30….jpg)


>he can't shit-post so hard it affects the real world

Name: Kills: Assists: Deaths:
Brenton Tarrant 50 0 0
/pol/ 0 50 0

6436f7  No.12970281

I'm still thinking about how genious of Saint Brenton it was to say "subscribe to Pewdiepie". This alone must have made tens of thousands of kids look into him and check out his already legendary GoPro stream.

62050e  No.12970304


did you use paint for this one? great work fag

dccb28  No.12970324

Need 4 guys for a pic

Already have pewdiepie, breivik and brenton

Who's 4th that'd fit in?

23a861  No.12970325

805f9f  No.12970340


I have a .jpg on my pc I posted on 2+2 chan that has Dylan Roof, Anders Brievik, and Brenton's K:D ratio on it. It says, "Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboard in the fight for white survival?"

b7dedc  No.12970345

File: c14c5025fdf3e68⋯.png (508.04 KB, 400x688, 25:43, 1552852707568.png)


Saint Roof

f87c37  No.12970354

f87c37  No.12970365


Fucked up my earlier reply but somebody should make a CS:GO map for this.

5f9dfe  No.12970384

File: 7443bdb691bc041⋯.mp4 (15.89 MB, 648x360, 9:5, output.mp4)


low effort

805f9f  No.12970388


I wish he would've mentioned Zelda. Probably most redpilled game ever.

90d2de  No.12970408

File: 021f63e8805d72b⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 1200x654, 200:109, larger vs smaller govt dem….jpg)

File: 2bd5dcd7a6dad04⋯.jpg (121.51 KB, 1200x584, 150:73, Ethnic_makeup_of_Bosnia_an….jpg)


How many hours have you wasted being ethnically replaced?

4a4d2d  No.12970410

File: 12193974650d87e⋯.mp4 (13.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BTCM-FALCO-Hit-Me_640x360.mp4)

60ca2f  No.12970434


god bless you mate

00795d  No.12970439

This music fits this new era.

Listen all the way through.


b7dedc  No.12970451

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is more actual tho. Can't fucking wait for Right Wing Sacrifice Squads. I want to tear open journalist whores and eat their hearts.

173d20  No.12970469


>ingesting soy

dccb28  No.12970470

File: 40b3f009e3cbd7e⋯.jpg (388.18 KB, 1600x881, 1600:881, fortnite suits.jpg)

945b09  No.12970480

e7874f  No.12970486

File: 2db0f536ca7dc7b⋯.jpg (434.37 KB, 1572x2260, 393:565, Maybe Love is the Reason W….jpg)

ca2ca8  No.12970496

Utrecht shooting

Hope that Turkish eliminates as many white supremacist as possible.

Allah be with him.


47461c  No.12970501


nice bait retard

85c085  No.12970506

File: 686dd9dda17837f⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 520x640, 13:16, cf7da2943dd858014527144dde….jpg)

I hope some in Christchurch has the decency to make an IRA style mural for Brenton. That would be really nice.

e7874f  No.12970519

File: 6b8b7c6061a8f7e⋯.jpg (678.47 KB, 1552x4448, 97:278, Maybe Love is the Reason W….jpg)



e7874f  No.12970527


>3 dead


9e933f  No.12970531

>>12964222 (checked)


b7dedc  No.12970549

File: 03b11347b5e8d2d⋯.jpg (201.03 KB, 1184x666, 16:9, 1457153601082.jpg)


When your boys will break the high score then come here and brag until then shut your cuck mouth and lurk more. PS: jews are 2x points

81934c  No.12970577

there is wikipedia article about Christchurch mosque shootings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christchurch_mosque_shootings

take a look at it. we should try and make it more Brenton friendly.

805f9f  No.12970594

File: b0bcdd9acdcfc0d⋯.jpg (415.37 KB, 1655x937, 1655:937, MSM showing their true opi….jpg)


MSM changing headline titles, shows how they really feel about white males.

41a4c1  No.12970596

File: 9dd1a30e0dbe2d9⋯.png (39.4 KB, 528x182, 264:91, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc057a338e4928c⋯.png (39 KB, 479x161, 479:161, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b70b2460ddfebb2⋯.png (55.48 KB, 806x181, 806:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f2a60248b7ff0d7⋯.png (30.92 KB, 482x192, 241:96, ClipboardImage.png)

every pro-brenton thread on half-chan is being spammed with "SLOPPY JOB MOSSAD".

The amount of "shut it down" going on over there is really telling.

e7874f  No.12970604

File: 7f8bdd88a5a9792⋯.jpg (467.02 KB, 1216x1586, 608:793, OY VEY - Roseman.jpg)

d7cc78  No.12970610


>going to 4um

There's your problem

e7874f  No.12970613


Hahahaha what the fuck they didn't catch him yet did they?

e7874f  No.12970615


4chan is full of TRSodomites my man.

41a4c1  No.12970617


>ignoring 4chan during happenings

Its like you want to miss stuff.

4a596a  No.12970621


What's the general consensus, post the thread OPs

90d2de  No.12970622

File: 2a8e4ff23d119b5⋯.jpg (34.82 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 2a8e4ff23d119b5d1688e28bc7….jpg)


Yes, please start the race war so we can end it with aryan efficiency.

e7874f  No.12970623

File: 678c5315e1fa85b⋯.jpg (240.62 KB, 1028x1352, 257:338, Vibrant Diversity.JPG)


What are you some kinda bigot?

805f9f  No.12970624

File: c0cff529d81781b⋯.png (798.56 KB, 1659x922, 1659:922, MSM showing true opinion.png)


made a better one

73da46  No.12970625


Is the the TRS narrative? It was a false flag?

41a4c1  No.12970628



I think this is actually paid shills. Nobody responds to them with anything except for "fuck off faggot" or "you are a retard".

Also, I've noticed a lot of UK flags that are posting negatively about Brenton Tarrant.

9e933f  No.12970629


My judar is getting stronger.

e7874f  No.12970630


They're trying to paint him as a pro-zionist breivik type, and their audience are so fucking gullible and stupid, lots of them bought it.

41a4c1  No.12970632



TRS is a jew-run site used to control opinion of low-IQ white nationalist types.

e7874f  No.12970638

File: 7516be41af5b349⋯.jpg (644.67 KB, 1240x3456, 155:432, How Quickly the Mask Disap….jpg)

e7874f  No.12970640


More like low-IQ lolberg types to be honest my man. Not a whole lot of legit WN allying themselves to some fat mischling with a kike wife who refuses to prove he's divorced.

But I feel you.

e7874f  No.12970677

File: 0bbb4dd925463bb⋯.jpg (578.93 KB, 1216x2014, 32:53, OY VEY - Roseman MkII.jpg)


This cunt is a gold mine.

e7874f  No.12970684

File: 9e061938ab1ab13⋯.png (621.7 KB, 1164x718, 582:359, ClipboardImage.png)



e7874f  No.12970695

File: e81ff12e84f8a07⋯.jpg (971.56 KB, 1216x3040, 2:5, OY VEY - Roseman MkII.jpg)

73da46  No.12970699


>be TRS

>make podcast about how much kikes suck

>one host married to a kike

>another fucks trannies

>another is down with brown

>last host cheats on wife with cow-titted degenerate

>shill your narratives on /pol/

>get caught

>everyone finds out your forums are filled with faggots and furries


>shill Trump hard

>like really fucking hard

>shill even harder when he fucks up

>tone down the rhetoric in your podcast because muh shekels

>host public event

>get your people beat and arrested

>one sent to prison for life because of the situation you created

>others facing years in federal prison

>claim it isn't your fault

>stop shilling for Trump only when it becomes impossible to continue

>call a guy who has done more for the white race than you ever could a Zionist mossad operative

>shill this narrative on /pol/

>don't forget to subscribe to the paywall!

How am I doing?

90d2de  No.12970701

File: 18946ce55d80c6f⋯.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x894, 250:447, one-weird-conjugal-trick.jpg)

b90a64  No.12970726

File: 4220fc6695a606f⋯.png (46.13 KB, 741x552, 247:184, christchurch crusaders.PNG)


90d2de  No.12970733

File: 46b19c169486d65⋯.jpg (114.5 KB, 438x891, 146:297, today and tomorrow.jpg)

File: e83c6f5821c8ca7⋯.jpg (269.35 KB, 1063x1623, 1063:1623, patriot vs criminal.jpg)

File: 55c575f8ed98c76⋯.png (582.13 KB, 800x528, 50:33, bop.png)

81934c  No.12970734

File: 5c2ed378c350012⋯.png (718.33 KB, 851x1330, 851:1330, eng.url2png.com.png)

File: 8f64f5d5d18334a⋯.png (754.74 KB, 851x1330, 851:1330, api.url2png.com.png)

take a look at wikipedia article in english in russian (pic related). can you see the difference with one glance ?

there are flags of states from were dead are coming from on russian version.

then take a look at other wikipedia articles on the same subject.

e7874f  No.12970737


You missed a spot or two.

>be TRS

>make podcast about how much kikes suck

>one host married to a kike

<purge community when discovered

<entire remaining community claims its 'rumor' or 'out of context'

<host claims divorce from kike, refuses to prove it, hides behind 'legality' when questioned

>another fucks trannies

>another is down with brown

>last host cheats on wife with cow-titted degenerate

>shill your narratives on /pol/

>get caught

>everyone finds out your forums are filled with faggots and furries


<claim you never shilled /pol/ and that the chans are full of schizos

>shill Trump hard

>like really fucking hard

>shill even harder when he fucks up

>tone down the rhetoric in your podcast because muh shekels

>host public event

>get your people beat and arrested

>one sent to prison for life because of the situation you created

>others facing years in federal prison

>claim it isn't your fault

<get drawn into court case

<mysteriously manage to 'legalese' your way out, despite no legal training

>stop shilling for Trump only when it becomes impossible to continue

>call a guy who has done more for the white race than you ever could a Zionist mossad operative

>shill this narrative on /pol/

>don't forget to subscribe to the paywall!


Then you must have never been there. Why would those who like Mossad accuse them of this? That's dumb and so are you.

e7874f  No.12970740




41a4c1  No.12970742

File: bed84d3ee3b9eb7⋯.png (218.56 KB, 499x640, 499:640, 18946ce55d80c6f1f02b3fa9bf….png)

d015d8  No.12970746


>low effort

Well im not arguing. Cant complain either.

90d2de  No.12970747

File: 75172a945cb4ae0⋯.png (49.42 KB, 699x565, 699:565, christchurch game play.png)

e7874f  No.12970748


Seems like maybe the US version needs an update.

90d2de  No.12970779

File: b4c6ec55873cd92⋯.png (115.93 KB, 323x373, 323:373, jc brenton smile.png)

File: 6c196fc246969dc⋯.png (7.55 KB, 641x481, 641:481, aussie shitposter game.png)

File: d6e0e0339bc56c6⋯.jpg (135.89 KB, 2000x1080, 50:27, if it bleeds.jpg)

772cac  No.12970781


Final kill count is 50 I think? It got updated as one of them died in hospital?

a2cbbd  No.12970790


ea4ef9  No.12970794

>niggerjew STILL spamming his crap

e7874f  No.12970805



90d2de  No.12970817

File: d2c082df1841042⋯.jpg (80.92 KB, 780x520, 3:2, nz-feminazi.jpg)

File: 30b2a00b3de6bdc⋯.jpg (276.07 KB, 801x966, 267:322, traitors.jpg)

81934c  No.12970837

File: ebe149ce9d8a240⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 800x3844, 200:961, spu-ea68c8-ogi2-3cwn3bmfo….jpeg)


>Seems like maybe the US version needs an update.


spanish version is same as russian.

anons who can do it ?

096716  No.12970857


Someone made a Gmod addon for it, I imagine it would be possible to port it over


81934c  No.12970859

(((they))) are purposely hiding on wikipedia that people who are dead did not have NZ citizenship.

12cb1f  No.12970873


>>Implicate all white Australians in the slaughter

This is perfect. Push that absurd, anti-white narrative you filthy traitors.

d8dc04  No.12970895


>crying over people that would love to see you dead

e4658c  No.12970944

Anyone have an image of the cover of "The Great Replacement"?

85c085  No.12970982

File: 92ec17d021b593e⋯.gif (55.32 KB, 640x623, 640:623, game.gif)

Some fun OC

90d2de  No.12971010

File: bbcca825da8e409⋯.jpg (249.75 KB, 679x1024, 679:1024, great-anglo-shitposters.jpg)

8a341a  No.12971024


somebody should make skins based off Brenton's customized guns for like CS:GO, L4D2, or Gmod or something

1f50df  No.12971044

ea3875  No.12971060

File: b221194c0d6bc3c⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x1670, 200:167, TarrentB&R.jpg)

File: 4e75cb5337b78df⋯.jpg (514.88 KB, 2000x1670, 200:167, TarrentB&W.jpg)

Edgy OC attempt

4274b0  No.12971061

File: a81367914cbd2b2⋯.jpg (98.14 KB, 858x718, 429:359, kratoss.JPG)



ccf11a  No.12971063


gave me a hearty fucking chuckle

5f9dfe  No.12971105


Honestly wanted to do a better edit, but I only marginally know how to use ffmpeg

1f50df  No.12971114


Good Job !

7f5f53  No.12971160


>marginally know how to use ffmpeg

git gud two pass encoding ;^) >>>/webm/

47901a  No.12971173

6884ac  No.12971211

File: bf447018e3531c4⋯.mp4 (11.45 MB, 640x356, 160:89, dont stop me now.mp4)


9e933f  No.12971224


Fuck, didn't save that one.


03677b  No.12971230

File: dfa407b0c7a2c6b⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1000x1272, 125:159, zero_deaths.png)



hot off the presses!

5f9dfe  No.12971237


I did make it into a webm but it was too big

9e933f  No.12971241

>>12970388 (heiled)

You are absolutely right.

2f3f79  No.12971243

File: db856ae466e9eb9⋯.png (818.06 KB, 1000x633, 1000:633, Chad Tarrant.png)

cf3135  No.12971257

File: 5f321bc1a4ea3c7⋯.png (119.18 KB, 207x252, 23:28, fact2.png)

41a4c1  No.12971269


honestly, not very good propaganda

"Anti-White" doesn't flow very well

Try "FIGHT THE INVASION" thats much better rhetoric

361715  No.12971291


Is that really him? Source pls

90d2de  No.12971316

File: 85313f093e80dae⋯.jpg (514.45 KB, 922x1129, 922:1129, the beginnings.jpg)

Brenton "spaghetti the mags, still 50 frags" Tarrant

ea3875  No.12971318


Eh, it was just a quick and shitty idea I wanted to get out of my head. Do you think "For our people" or something more positive would be better? Either way I appreciate the constructive criticism.

a5ca4a  No.12971326

File: e4f151ef17b7d3f⋯.jpg (722.12 KB, 3123x1044, 347:116, BrentonTarrant.jpg)

7f5f53  No.12971329


>being this new

it's your lucky day faggot.

1. learn two pass encoding in ffmpeg

2. go here and learn also >>>/webm/

41a4c1  No.12971348


Brenton "When they start prayin… I start sprayin" Tarrant

35b46b  No.12971361



this is the mindset of the typical normalfag

he cannot cope with the idea of something being different

Of someone not being interested in team sports neither spending sheckels on "his team"

Of someone not being addicted to programming on tv talmud vision

Of someone not wanting to be around toxic womyn

Or having anything to do with society

Or someone wishing actively that entire society is burnt to the ground

so the normalcattle goes on his favorite normalfag site and shouts




not even understanding anything at all

90d2de  No.12971367

File: cecfc6f270fe0f5⋯.jpg (629.18 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, the internet is radicalizi….jpg)

361715  No.12971371


Shame he didn't just settle down and make babbies

41a4c1  No.12971373


I hope they do.

The harder they squeeze, the more the Tarrants we get.

90d2de  No.12971383


"Big tech could be doing better" is codeword for censorship


That's what the conjugals are for

805f9f  No.12971387

File: 367292e7fb75fc0⋯.jpg (175.36 KB, 916x561, 916:561, hiscore.jpg)

ccf11a  No.12971396


Good shit anon

805f9f  No.12971400

File: 0d885586aef2a85⋯.png (897.22 KB, 1658x930, 829:465, MSM showing true opinion.png)


Apparently it took an incel shooting up a mosque to get a little bit of respect. They changed this headline today. No wonder they suck islamic cock with them bombing shit everyday.

41a4c1  No.12971401


>"Big tech could be doing better" is codeword for censorship

Yea, and the more people are not allowed to speak, the more they are going to be willing to start killing their enemies.

90d2de  No.12971402

File: a5c963abf5740d9⋯.png (292.79 KB, 549x597, 183:199, new zealand reposter.png)

35b46b  No.12971405


>hello and welcome to anons IRL stories

>in todays episode:

>today in the supermarket

>see boomer couple walking

>husband talking to wife

>yes and then she came to the mosque, without announce

>in headscarf and coat

<wife interjects him

<that's how it has to be done, you don't go to mosque without headscarf

>anon walks away in disgust

>come to 8gag

>finally found out they were talking about the kiwi cunt

and this anons is why there will be no change on this fucking planet until every single one of those boomer cucks is dead. First they destroy society with profit maximalizing and progressive policies, then theses shitheads have the gall to live for another 20 years after they retired. Sucking out the money of the young people through pension systems and exploding prices for everything, from housing to healthcare and food. I will be happy when we have year 2030 and all those cockroaches are dying out.

7f5f53  No.12971406



>involuntarily celibate

That's mighty bigoted of them to insult handicapped men who have no sex life due to no fault of their own. Perhaps the shallow 'progressive' wymn should be reminded of their offensive bigotry like we did when they first used the slanderous term?

90d2de  No.12971452

File: d7ae92bd1e649c3⋯.jpg (96.45 KB, 800x528, 50:33, tarrant the madlad.jpg)

File: ff0e9487a6a2c02⋯.jpg (304.09 KB, 700x979, 700:979, this man is your friend.jpg)

90d2de  No.12971474

File: abb9c732f202307⋯.jpg (110.69 KB, 780x520, 3:2, snipingsagoodjobmate.jpg)

Australian of the Year


90d2de  No.12971490

File: a5387c0d81327d0⋯.png (722.52 KB, 1246x1488, 623:744, shitposter number one.png)

90d2de  No.12971510

File: 0ca9194044e3373⋯.png (135.97 KB, 1101x1002, 367:334, crikey.png)

90d2de  No.12971521

File: bf8abb93d12f8bd⋯.png (583.58 KB, 1220x1600, 61:80, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTE….png)

e58e3f  No.12971529

File: 95795e573ec7b0e⋯.png (59.95 KB, 924x872, 231:218, ClipboardImage.png)



90d2de  No.12971539

File: 57fdf0d0ef13f1c⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, twatter.png)

File: 716b220456cd3c8⋯.jpg (189.96 KB, 1290x960, 43:32, shitposter ascent.jpg)

e58e3f  No.12971545

File: a25e32e041c24d0⋯.png (42.59 KB, 979x476, 979:476, ClipboardImage.png)

90d2de  No.12971550

File: af6d34f657264fc⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, super mosque brothers nint….jpg)

e58e3f  No.12971551

File: f6e02dfbbcd5177⋯.png (36.56 KB, 1021x449, 1021:449, ClipboardImage.png)

90d2de  No.12971554

File: 4d84d5b96f6f622⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nerf this.png)

File: 65c3a2bfc0602d3⋯.jpg (105.46 KB, 1024x855, 1024:855, for pewdie.jpg)

90d2de  No.12971560

File: ccc0e24a16256f2⋯.png (45.29 KB, 602x349, 602:349, who is truly to blame.png)

File: c5e4421f919647a⋯.png (335.22 KB, 624x651, 208:217, alleged shooter.png)

0e0495  No.12971564


What are conjugal visits for? Also, there's not much sense in making babies until our countries are ours again, or if we make even 10 babies only 1 or 2 will carry on whereas the rest will be consumed by jewish degeneracy.

2f3f79  No.12971575

File: f4e087ad263a257⋯.png (660.32 KB, 1000x633, 1000:633, Thug Life Brendon.png)


I'll make another one later maybe

2f3f79  No.12971592

Does anybody still have a high quality screencap of his first posts on 4ch/8ch or facebook or whatever?

e7874f  No.12971598

2f3f79  No.12971607


He took out fifty, so unless he breeds like a rabbit his score is up.

8934e8  No.12971617


>What are conjugal visits for?

that's if they give him a room and not a booth

9e933f  No.12971633

File: d160f5f426d848f⋯.png (154.03 KB, 417x600, 139:200, 1552665947235.png)


Look here, friend:


43d32a  No.12971640

This dud is a bit of a cunt. They need to put a gun to his head and make sure he feels that fear his victims felt before putting a bullet in his leg. If he cries, bonus points. Then put another in his arm, make sure he feels that pain. Put the burning nozzle to his cheek, let it sizzle for a few seconds. Make him suffer. Then end him after he pisses himself.

9e933f  No.12971651


How could you say such things? That is much worse than what he did, which was giving them all a quick death. What is wrong with you?

90d2de  No.12971660

File: 0bd8829857b110d⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 498x497, 498:497, irl-moon-man.jpg)

41a4c1  No.12971662

File: e28cf38fcceba53⋯.pdf (6.97 MB, 8ch thread.pdf)

5f9dfe  No.12971667


will do, thanks.

guess Tarrant deserves effort posting, after all

43d32a  No.12971668


He killed 51 people. MAKE HIM PAY. Make it public too. I would definitely watch that livestream!

41a4c1  No.12971670


Also here is the archive.


If you look at the top of an archive.is page you can download the archive into a .zip you can story on your machine

d015d8  No.12971672



0a8ae2  No.12971681

File: 5d616e67074227c⋯.png (870.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1529132993563.png)


Could we get the source code for this? We should turn it into a collaborative effort with more "buildings" and better kebabs rofl.

9e933f  No.12971684


I bet you would, since you're a sick, sick individual. I fear for your mental health. You know there are a lot of intelligence agencies watching this place, right?

59bc41  No.12971691

File: 4d543e1d8c9448f⋯.png (198.18 KB, 769x712, 769:712, Sans titre-1.png)



43d32a  No.12971699


Boy, I hope so. Insulting and hoping for the immense suffering of a terrorist? I bet their whacking it while reading this right now. I can smell the bleachy smell as we speak. Mmmh. Damn.

a0d78a  No.12971704

anyone have the abstract painting of the first frame of the livestream

Where it’s black and gray cause the cameras facing the car seat

1bb323  No.12971718


Remember this is what commies actually want to do to white children behind their veil of crocodile tears. They're 10x more sadistic than Nazis ever were. But we'll fix that this time.

9e933f  No.12971727


How could you post these things on the official board of peace? Also, as a National Socialist, I think you need some lessons in grammar.

7f5f53  No.12971730


>guess Tarrant deserves effort posting, after all

No, it has nothing to do with Tarrant. It has everything to do with your shit video encoding skills.

43d32a  No.12971735


Oh boo hoo. You kill, you deserve to be killed a lot. You kill a lot, you deserve IMMENSE PAIN. Basically heroism but with cold hard steel.

04a902  No.12971736

File: 6623931b6b3eab1⋯.mp4 (12.31 MB, 320x180, 16:9, final.mp4)

Violent Revolution!

43d32a  No.12971744


I was bored. And Tarrant Cuckboy really needs to suffer before burning in hell for eternity. Or. Paralyze him and bury him underground so he claws until he runs out of oxygen. Love that idea! <3

1bb323  No.12971752


How many guns do you own kiddo? You talk big but you're a little pussy slut who would never shit in a bucket for four years just for the privilege of blowing away your enemies. You can't do shit. You won't do shit. I walk strapped all the time and I'm just waiting for my opportunity to kill one of you and get away with it. Sleep tight.

41a4c1  No.12971757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9e933f  No.12971760



No, no, no anon. You were on the right track. You were starting to calm down, thinking about the smell of CIAsemen. Remember? Hush now, get your emotions under control. You'll be thinking gay things again in no time.

7f5f53  No.12971762


*skills which are obviously absent even without watching your lame ass video since you freely admitted your rampant faggotry


>I only marginally know how to use ffmpeg

8c145e  No.12971768


Take your meds, boomer

e7874f  No.12971779


Be less jewish, heeb.

5375a5  No.12971782


newfag here. Still doing research, but wasn't the Al-Noor mosque a hotbed of ISIS recuitment a few years back?


CTRL+F "Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch"

"Jones was killed alongside Australian Christopher Havard, whose parents said he was introduced to radical Islam at the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch."

Were (((they))) perhaps "cleaning up" any evidence and inciting violence using the hegelian dialectic?

1bb323  No.12971786

File: 80efb483f0775d0⋯.jpg (154.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1cacacadef0156f0766f4091f3….jpg)


They're sending a bunch of women from a university deradicalization course from this board to try out their skills. The white ones will convert, the beaners etc. will leave their white boyfriends and go shack up with some MS-13 goon who will beat them to death while they sleep. So give it six months and the problem will be solved - if they don't run crying into the bathroom first.

e7874f  No.12971787


>And Tarrant Cuckboy really needs to suffer before burning in hell for eternity. Or. Paralyze him and bury him underground so he claws until he runs out of oxygen

Now THIS is judaism.

db1c05  No.12971788


That cop is so insensitive. Doing nazi salutes in front of that poor muslim woman.

43d32a  No.12971793


I've fired weapons and played with knives, kid. And what's hilarious is I also participate in this talk in real life. Not hide behind an anonymous alias. Tarrant needs to be severely for his crimes. Cruel. Unusual. Punishment. I recommend "the Boats".

90d2de  No.12971798

File: 2232874f7f775f2⋯.png (442.33 KB, 597x573, 199:191, i sleep real shit.png)

43d32a  No.12971800


Nah, I call it justice. With a side order of Spaghetti.

43d32a  No.12971803


Speak up sonny, can't hear you with that dick in your mouth.

90d2de  No.12971806

File: e71022d11d94909⋯.jpg (124.41 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, hashtag.jpg)

File: b193b4f96e1115d⋯.jpeg (140.69 KB, 987x550, 987:550, hashtagwomen.jpeg)


1bb323  No.12971808

File: a3702344b7c146d⋯.png (203.33 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>poke white men

>poke white men

>poke white men


>poke white men

>poke white men

>poke white men

Do you not remember what happened last time white men got mad? Keep it up. It's beneficial for ME if you keep it up, please, don't let me stop you.

9e933f  No.12971814



Look guys, he actually thinks he's tough.

"I can smell the bleachy smell as we speak. Mmmh."

"I can smell the bleachy smell as we speak. Mmmh."

"I can smell the bleachy smell as we speak. Mmmh."

90d2de  No.12971818

File: 7f7d7a680c4bb50⋯.jpeg (260.57 KB, 862x1192, 431:596, nz crackdown.jpeg)

90d2de  No.12971823

File: 5a43d0d098b71b3⋯.jpeg (221.34 KB, 750x914, 375:457, gamergaaaaaaate.jpeg)

d7cc78  No.12971825

File: eec7228c73c7337⋯.png (81.66 KB, 400x297, 400:297, faggot bat.png)


So are you just going to screech impotently at us or are you going to livestream your revenge-shooting?

43d32a  No.12971827


Oh, I don't mind. I've been meaning to test if my 9 iron can fracture a human skull. You wanna come at me bro, come at me.

1bb323  No.12971835


Literally post your address here and I promise you'll be dead tonight.

43d32a  No.12971838


Well, I don't have access to the guy. Unfortunately the system has him now. Sad. So many vicious things undone to such a worthless piece of filth.

d7cc78  No.12971846


So you're going to do nothing?

43d32a  No.12971850


I'm only after one guy. Tarrant. I don't need to come after all of you. You guys are my faggots!

329526  No.12971851

d015d8  No.12971852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<side by side as we crush homophobia

<we are the antidote to the radicalised [fascists]

<supremacists have forced us to align with fear itself

<thousand hands turn into raised fists

I have no idea what happened to the Kreator i once knew, but when you start listening to the lyrics you realise hes a filthy red.

741cb8  No.12971855


>postal 2 one

I had sounds for Postal 1 just in case - https://my.mixtape.moe/gbttvg.zip

43d32a  No.12971863


I'm not a cop, nor am I an Australian. So sad. But maybe if I wish really hard, a cop will realize just what a filthy piece of shit he is and end him brutally. Like…DeadTube's Mashiro Mai brutally. Now that's a girl with some skill.

1bb323  No.12971864

File: c8cc98453ddd357⋯.jpg (111.65 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 9ef0fb547fa6bdbaa0b2adcb8e….jpg)


Oh, you don't need to come after us? Don't worry. We'll come to you.

90d2de  No.12971866

File: 858af69f7ae8c8c⋯.png (2.13 MB, 3408x2872, 426:359, jc brony.png)

90d2de  No.12971870

File: 64291bf0e065eef⋯.png (955.4 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, do it for him.png)

6aff53  No.12971880

File: cfb577f3b3c646c⋯.png (18.19 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1414220486670.png)


>They're still asshurt about gamergate

43d32a  No.12971881


Try it bro, I'm a Texan with Hispanic family members. And we don't take kindly to threats.

90d2de  No.12971882

File: 43cb45b9e170d2c⋯.png (350.29 KB, 540x333, 60:37, part and bloody parcel.png)

43d32a  No.12971891

File: 39316a98c3db931⋯.png (346.71 KB, 516x500, 129:125, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah this was fun. Have a good night, faggots!

2acafa  No.12971892


The scenario labeled "war" should instead say, "Deterrence".

1bb323  No.12971894

File: d435d485ab47668⋯.gif (2.83 MB, 384x372, 32:31, laughing goddess.gif)


So you're a short, fat, beaner female at U of T who hasn't washed her pussy in three weeks. I won't even need a scope to murder you, I'll be able to aim by smell alone.

e7874f  No.12971911


Yeah, lots of jews are retarded.

41a4c1  No.12971912



Look at this fuckin tea-sipper.

cc4c46  No.12971915

File: c31652f5a957c80⋯.jpg (139.86 KB, 538x872, 269:436, Untitled.jpg)

Their rxion

cc4c46  No.12971919

File: 525f737fb6722e8⋯.jpg (196.6 KB, 937x1280, 937:1280, aa.jpg)

b58f91  No.12971930



7f5f53  No.12971931


For accuracy, Islamic Liberal Cuckoldry / White Nations Liberal Cuckoldry shouldn't be Peace, it should have Whites are genocided and put (Taqiyya) under the Islamic Liberal Cuckoldry label

85b4c0  No.12971956

File: 09a75bf366d68d0⋯.gif (914.41 KB, 245x230, 49:46, 09a75bf366d68d06fdaae4669a….gif)




Nah, nonwhites aint Texan. Pack your bags boy and head to Mexico.

t. Texan

1bb323  No.12971960

File: 140e7588f6c0517⋯.webm (3.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, It&#39;s a hard knock jew.webm)


Don't have them stop at just themselves. They should shoot up their synagogues before turning the gun on themselves.

9e933f  No.12971974

File: b76f930b5c4b71f⋯.png (142.71 KB, 492x436, 123:109, 1546143465810.png)

118237  No.12971985

File: 45240947935b031⋯.jpg (10.23 KB, 227x294, 227:294, saytoface.jpg)


>I've fired weapons and played with knives, kid.


>then this image

I'll bet you cancerous weeaboos who haven't left this board in ages are proud now.

c10c8b  No.12971992



Niggers they essentially said "we aren't going to talk about this because we're actually frightened of the potential reprisal, here's some music," then played Remove Kebab. One of them has essentially spent the better part of 2 episodes now complaining about how stupid the 'it was mossad' people are.

Unironically admitting I listen to TDS on 8/pol/, good thing kikey's gone huh

9e933f  No.12972007


Tail between your legs, I see. Til we meet again semensniffer.

2f3f79  No.12972018





Thx anons. Btw, what's the best way to get all the memes/files from a thread? I would just save page as, but will that get me the full res pics, or do I have to manually save every single one?

921c84  No.12972029

File: 05a458383fde2d7⋯.mp4 (4.41 MB, 588x340, 147:85, Patrick-Little-Exposes-TRS….mp4)


TDS are faggots. I get that they can be kinda entertaining, but don't trust them; they are just acting.

118237  No.12972032


Fucking rightclick, open in new tab and save the pics like everyone else, you lazy shit.

73da46  No.12972048


>he subbed to the pay wall

Oh no.

7f5f53  No.12972049


Since you're a glownigger, yeah you'll have to manually save every single one - but hey, you're getting paid for it

ea3875  No.12972055


The front man isn't even an ethnic German, he's a spaghettifag. Sad times.

8934e8  No.12972074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>played with knives,

Have you played this game?

c10c8b  No.12972080



I don't give them my money, I download it off 4/pol/ like any rational actor and mock Sven when he shows up to whine about it.

9e933f  No.12972096


It's not very easy saving full-res pics from an archive. I instead suggest you look for threads still on the catalog, for example this one >>12942921. There is an option to "Expand all images" (just ctrl-f to find it), click that and save the entire webpage through your browser. If you don't expand the images first, it'll just save the thumbnails. If you want the webms/mp4's as well, you have to save them all individually. To my knowledge this is the best an fastest way.

e0bbb2  No.12972102

File: 8eaa29026a7cc9b⋯.jpeg (10.07 KB, 233x216, 233:216, images.jpeg)

9e933f  No.12972108



d00a30  No.12972115

What's the best program for making meme vids? I just wanna put words and pictures to music.

118237  No.12972130



>Tarrant kills muslims

>shills for Israels "right to exist"


21f42b  No.12972137


Is that the Romanian Iron Guard symbol?

c10c8b  No.12972146

ccf11a  No.12972167


>shills for Israels "right to exist"

Please show me where he says that

788a0c  No.12972173


Another bump


9e933f  No.12972180


I have my hands free, let me check the other Memetic threads. I'm sure I've seen it here.

22919a  No.12972181


>this tired shill line again

d849a6  No.12972198


You're retarded those symbols look nothing alike. Either he fucked up real bad, or it's a rare merchant.

dad681  No.12972212

File: c3bed49d6ecfded⋯.jpg (27.53 KB, 491x488, 491:488, 1540858836768.jpg)

8934e8  No.12972218


He never got a sentence, they transferred the case to the High Court. His hearing will start April 5th

118237  No.12972224

File: b5f967d952e1831⋯.png (30.7 KB, 504x226, 252:113, 077.png)

File: 78f8da01aa6e2fe⋯.png (702.63 KB, 702x616, 351:308, ca502259116c8542046bc3f0cb….png)



He was never anything close to a National Socialist and spent 9 days in Israel. Eat shit.

fbc3f9  No.12972238



>Tarrant visited israel

>by david rosenberg

Holy shit anon. You done goofed.

136a50  No.12972250


Maybe it would worth it to meme that the USA should declare war on New Zealand, for curbing their populations freedom of speech. All censors should be killed.

064bfc  No.12972255

File: 3d66d2134b34a71⋯.jpg (342.74 KB, 800x516, 200:129, middle_east_1914_english.jpg)


White supremacy vs Muslim supremacy would go the same way it did last time.

760663  No.12972262



>how do you know he was in israel?

>this jew told me

257e25  No.12972263


he accomplished more in one friday than you will in your entire lifetime moarpheus

118237  No.12972283



Any jew with news about jewish shit? You don't say? A kike would know.


Moarpheus is a faggot. His psyop against Little was transparent. It all boiled down to "stop anti semitism because jews like it".

d015d8  No.12972292


>not recognising a good shitpost

I bet you believe Candace Owens radicalised him as well.

9e933f  No.12972304



I'm usually pretty good at this, but I can't find it anymore. Sorry, bud.

118237  No.12972308



118237  No.12972317

And another:


ccf11a  No.12972362


>as long as jews aren't trying to hurt my people, i don't hate them

You realize this is him saying he's an anti-semite, right?

They ARE actively trying to hurt us, therefore he hates them

118237  No.12972370


>They ARE actively trying to hurt us, therefore he hates them

4D chess, typical usually of magapedes. He never said anything of the sort.

ea3875  No.12972386

File: 5fba9917c8a4615⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 337x390, 337:390, buttsauce.jpg)


>Postal 2 edit

Fucking mad lad

257e25  No.12972398


>Moarpheus is a faggot.

you're both cut from the same cloth

>everything is psyops

>spam every thread with my shitty unsupported opinion

>hop ips constantly

>believe myself to be some master manipulator

>present the flimsiest of bullshit as if it were ironclad proof

if you aren't that fag, you're a damn good imitation

118237  No.12972421


>"you're cut from the same cloth :("

Claims I hope IPs on a static IP I haven't been able to change in years.

Petty little boy accusations.

921c84  No.12972428


Really though, Moarpheus is a faggot.

ccf11a  No.12972429


I'm sorry your autistic ass doesn't understand how context works, but here in normal people world, we're able to understand things when they're not told to us explicitly

118237  No.12972457


>here in normal people world, we're able to understand things when they're not told to us explicitly

>admits being a normie

>admits making shit up to suit his feelings


000000  No.12972489


stop blaming everyone else for the fact that you're too much of a fucking stupid low IQ nigger to understand the manifesto and Brenton's strategy and you've been gaslit by glownigger kikes posting schizo false flag bullshit

ccf11a  No.12972496



holy shit dude can you hear yourself?

921c84  No.12972502


>Actually incapable of distinguishing notions from facts.

Literally autistic.

The guy said he hates subversive jews. There's no 4D chess involved in the equation.

257e25  No.12972544


>static IP

oh well if you say so, I unironically believe of course

but the rest is accurate right?

09e7c8  No.12972575


Moarpheus is a fucking flaming schizo, buddy. I don't go to many sites, yet everywhere he'll spam his fucking links like a self important faggot having a masturbatory fit, like he's some great decipher prophet who is the only one to see reality. His constant autism about Patrick Little was nothing but distilled irritation. You hear the bum on the street corner screaming that the end of the world is coming, you're going to be pissed at him when he does it every single day for ten years straight.

Moarpheus is insufferable and the people who buy into his delusions are to be pitied. He chases information tidbits to fit a predefined conclusion, not vice versa.

118237  No.12972603

File: 2078750e9e9cef7⋯.mp4 (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nobody gives a fuck about ….mp4)


>still making shit up, but now it's (((IQ))) time


Normies are heavily indoctrinated rose-color glasses shit for brains. They're not National Socialists and you know it.


>The guy said he hates subversive jews.

He didn't though. Ever.


>but the rest is accurate right?

Spam every thread? Nope. I keep track of one at a time. Everything is psyops? Hardly. Believe I'm a master manipulator? Nigger, I can't even convince the local niggers to turn down their rap.

>>present the flimsiest of bullshit as if it were ironclad proof

Well now, that sounds like this pro Tarrant "but he hates jews you just don't see it" bullshit.

c5ad05  No.12972626

File: 759dd78805d3fc2⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 298x169, 298:169, TTo5hoz7yiOvtHAobhz8lwLGMK….jpg)

ed569b  No.12972653

File: 59e80ea7ac94fd5⋯.png (504.34 KB, 992x563, 992:563, b67b0bdf5d053e88e3b10daca9….png)


Once the semite purges begin in full thrust, it won't matter which side of the coin they're on.

a3afaa  No.12972660


I second this.

118237  No.12972675


If the purges begin in earnest towards synagogues, I'd be fine with that.

c51bae  No.12972676


that first video is the only one ive seen where it shows his face. all the other streams dont have that i dont think

09e7c8  No.12972709


>He didn't though. Ever.

He intentionally implied it directly while using plausible deniability. He said he had no problem specifically with "jew in israel as long as they don't seek to subvert my people." It's a plain elbow nudge to anyone reading it that he's an enemy of any jew who does subvert his people, unless you're a literalist autist. He phrased that a very specific way for exactly the reason we know he did.

ed569b  No.12972717

File: 0f2d8a609adab8e⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 712e6e6db3b004897e2fb6a3d8….jpg)


Don't let your memes be dreams, anon.

4393bf  No.12972731


>Imagine being this much of a boomer faggot

You won't do shit

Brenton has won

You are just an old man squealing on 8chan lol

92dcf9  No.12972765


Doing Gods work

118237  No.12972778

File: 5c12e1390c38cb7⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5c1.png)


>He intentionally implied it directly while using plausible deniability.

>you're an autist if you don't believe me :(

It's the 4D chess all over again.


Same false assumptions.

0084c6  No.12972802

File: a20a12764e94890⋯.png (218.8 KB, 456x411, 152:137, fa9ab8279db515b8673dc5fdd3….png)

File: 6cc79ef64dd68ca⋯.png (254.16 KB, 447x649, 447:649, caf813fa88864607c6e597b48a….png)

"To create an atmosphere of fear and change in which drastic, powerful and revolutionary action can occur."

- Brenton Tarrant

"Incite conflict. Place posters near public parks calling for sharia law, then

in the next week place posters over such posters calling for the expulsion

of all immigrants, repeat in every area of public life until the crisis arises."

- Brenton Tarrant

000000  No.12972811


>that sounds like this pro Tarrant "but he hates jews you just don't see it" bullshit.

He hates kikes and you're too stupid to understand it. Go back to Q you boomerfaggot, you don't belong here.

118237  No.12972844

File: d72dc4b0d195b3d⋯.jpg (436.45 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, this-is-what-a-rr (2).jpg)


Fuck yourself, you false implication making Torfag.

921c84  No.12972883


He's too stupid to understand A=B, B=C, A=C.

92dcf9  No.12972891


Big Tech Needs to do something about the Inventors of big tech WEW

000000  No.12972896

This seems as good a thread as any.

Here in Murica, we'll need to counter the gun-grabber narrative, and Brenton Tarrant has given us a perfect weapon in his manifesto. He specifically stated that getting the left to propose new outrageous gun control was a goal of the attack, so we need to start memeing that anyone who supports gun control in the USA is working with terrorists.

This post was delayed by fucking kike spam getting Tor banned again and also posted in a related thread because no thread in this series was open at the time. Know this kikes: when we finally Holocaust you hook-nosed rats for real, you will have earned every last grain of Zyklon, every last drop of gasoline, and every last bullet a thousand thousand times over.

09e7c8  No.12972899


>Tarrant didn't mean something unless he literally spelled it out

Serious question, do you think Candace Owens was "too extreme" for Tarrant? Do you think he was 100% genuine about his Navy Seals copypasta? The answer is yes, you do, because if you didn't, you'd be a fucking hypocrite who is picking and choosing what he did and didn't mean to suit your own opinions.

>you're an autist if you don't believe me

Looking at your other posts, I'm pretty sure you are. You're someone who gets caught up in semantics and bogged down in technicalities, a stickler for rules, someone nobody wants around at a party. You'd be incapable of understanding sarcasm or implications, two lingual tools that people DO use for various reasons.

d015d8  No.12972902


>sage is downvote.reddit

Im not arguing he went there nigger, i archived his entire FB. What worried me was the fact he went to Europe and realised there, that the world was doomed without action. He travelled and saw it was true. All of it. All the redpills, the shitposts and the niggerhate threads.

During that stream, there was no debate, no shilling, no divide. It was a celebration of life and not of dead. The energy of this place that evening is what scares semetic niggers like you. You notice that energy is lingering and your first instinct is to temper it.

(((you))) and i know whats coming. Reactions to NZ in Europe. Hotbeds of shitskins will explode and mother Europe will feel the cold boots of her sons marching in harmony again. Freeing her of parasites.

There are no fracture points to be exploited, there are not enough shekels in the world to prevent this from happening. You can kvetch all day on this Pokemongo Tradingcard Exchange and it wouldnt matter a single thing.

257e25  No.12972907


So your whole thing with this is that he visited israel once, and therefor everything after that is part of some psyop

Like killing 50 shitskins and telling people to fight back.

Yeah that sounds like a huge psyop, so deep it makes no fucking sense at all

000000  No.12972936


he's probably a TRSodomite or another form of alt kike retard

c8b5e6  No.12972938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Could someone make a minute video of shooting clips with this slapped on?

118237  No.12972958


>Israelis killing Muslims? Wow, that almost never happens.

You're an idiot.


Mike Enoch is a kike and Paul Gottfried coined the Alt Right. Fuck yourself on Rabbi Rob Thomas's Tor Project.

c10c8b  No.12972998


No other guys were right it's the 15th SS symbol.

92dcf9  No.12973019

OC idea for you Glorious Gentleman,,,,

Battlefield 1 campaign has Australian war hero as lead in story mode fighting the ottoman empire. If one was to make something EA salt could be had plus FPS ? ..can't into OC This week ….

ee839f  No.12973026

File: 565ad32bc32b68c⋯.png (399.48 KB, 1019x754, 1019:754, brenton tarrant nike smile.png)

File: 095765f7132b99c⋯.jpg (266.05 KB, 2150x1210, 215:121, 1552791324293.jpg)

File: 5bb60618679877a⋯.jpg (55.04 KB, 718x718, 1:1, 6386ff07-e5eb-49cf-8d57-bc….jpg)

Love this thread

257e25  No.12973039


maybe, no clue. It seems like we've been flooded with schizos who spin these webs of bullshit where if anything could possibly happen, or if they can even just imagine a thing happening, that's irrefutable proof that it did happen. Their "proof is in the stars" (X-DDd).

ee839f  No.12973043



e77a8a  No.12973045

File: 47d5d5d9ac81127⋯.mp4 (2.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, masjid al noob.mp4)

54f6c6  No.12973060


audio should be from his car mixtape otherwise 10/10

46e6e2  No.12973069

File: 64761e8198d2217⋯.jpg (93.42 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 1542901928809.jpg)

>seemingly redpilled

>shoots up mosque

>no mention of jews in manifesto

>uses stale memes to boot

>no fucking mention of jews

118237  No.12973078


Beware. The stupid 4D chess faggots will come out of the woodwork now and make more shit up.

000000  No.12973086

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92dcf9  No.12973087



921c84  No.12973100

File: 1ca8ad782429fe2⋯.png (947.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, so tiresome.png)


>Previous fag gets his shit pushed in

>New one enters rotation

e77a8a  No.12973111


He had a bluetooth speaker on him, if you watched the livestream you can hear the music always playing on him

257e25  No.12973112


>>shoots up mosque

oh no! not our friends the muslims!

why would he do this D:

59e357  No.12973121

File: 81f2d4af86c0223⋯.jpg (204.51 KB, 1599x999, 533:333, 1498070415543.jpg)


>shift change

92dcf9  No.12973151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

46e6e2  No.12973158

File: f716126c4f42e46⋯.png (9.12 KB, 219x193, 219:193, 1421688207112.png)



Yes shabbos goys, go fight the Muslims instead. Just fight amongst yourselves and we'll be here behind our wall when you're finished.

09e7c8  No.12973159


He's spazzing out against the whole thread at this point, it's just him versus everyone else. I don't think I'm going to bother. I'm pretty new to the thread and haven't read back too far, but I'm seeing that my criticism of him was already said by like three or four others.


>seemingly redpilled

>shoots up mosque

Sorry, are you trying to claim the mosque shooting is somehow a loss in our books?

921c84  No.12973166


>Immediate and deliberate misrepresentation of opposition.

ee839f  No.12973199



46e6e2  No.12973200


>Sorry, are you trying to claim the mosque shooting is somehow a loss in our books?

He didn't name the jew once and now the Sonnenrad is more easily viewed by normies as a swastika

Too busy filling his manifesto with old memes

d015d8  No.12973214

File: ac8dab3b1b5806f⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0b3a2d6e5663e1cea4a6cab77d….jpg)


You are one retarded nigger. 230 more posts of this until you can shit up the next thread.

9b1c9f  No.12973245

File: 1286933db436eb9⋯.jpg (397.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, x1.jpg)

File: 8fd2fab2c8a9934⋯.jpg (348.82 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, x2.jpg)

2f3f79  No.12973246

File: 8e6a149d9f8a59d⋯.png (280.03 KB, 474x500, 237:250, women.png)

File: 066c8cba488537f⋯.png (816.42 KB, 768x849, 256:283, swag.png)

File: 04b67c8b513140c⋯.jpg (47.39 KB, 510x450, 17:15, stupid bitch nz pm.jpg)

For trolling purposes. Normies won't know.

921c84  No.12973256

Do they have computers in kiwi jail? Can Tarrant read these threads or possibly make posts in the future?

921c84  No.12973266


>Just remembered we're blocked in NZ

Never mind

c26dd2  No.12973273


I doubt it, maybe he could get a smartphone sent to him contraband style…

6aff53  No.12973275

183c2f  No.12973283


>They're sending a bunch of women from a university deradicalization course from this board to try out their skills

I hope to be reading an article of the severe emotional and mental trauma these people will endure like those fags at faceberg

09e7c8  No.12973284


Do you want me to get technical? He used the word "jew" exactly once in his manifesto, so there wasn't "no fucking mention" of it. I'm not shedding any tears for the mudshits, you want to believe Tarrant was secretly our enemy or whatever, feel free, but I approve of his actions and his articulation in describing many of the problems our countries face.

633956  No.12973300

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

/pol/ BTFO

b03a3e  No.12973307

File: 11a8cfd357c0da9⋯.png (647.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Spyro3TaughtTarrantNationa….png)

168cee  No.12973331


old one got taken down

46e6e2  No.12973371


>Jews push for mass immigration

>Muslims move in and start causing problems

>Decide to do something about it but name everything except the Jew

Do you guys not see anything missing here? 50 dead slimes is great and all but the effort's wasted.

20201b  No.12973374

File: 620ae7237045f1c⋯.jpg (51.81 KB, 669x446, 3:2, 5559719143800725191063529.jpg)


Moses & dat Ethiopian woman

You want Proof that there's a black woman at the root of the Hebrew family tree?

How about the wife of Biblical Moses, VIP of the Hebrews?

Moses, the Torah says, married an African Sheboon Negress from down Ethiopia way….

"And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman."

Numbers 12:1 - King James Bible

Some modern translations of the bible published by timid Christian sources these days humor the jews by translating the phrase as "Cushite woman", but in point of fact the word Cushite is just Hebrew for Nigger. There is or was a video on youtube of a group of Israelis yelling about a woman's black husband being a "Cushee", and the translation is "nigger".

>Pic related is a random photo taken from a Google image search for "Ethiopian woman"

a6b22d  No.12973385

File: e0b15c1eb7eced8⋯.jpg (95.28 KB, 767x433, 767:433, CoolRanch.jpg)

183c2f  No.12973400


>jew put violent animal in your home


we should just sit around and point at the jews while the muslims cut our throats

921c84  No.12973411


>Do you guys not see anything missing here?

No. He's a Mosleyite, so he doesn't view passive isolated jews as needing to be xterminated. Believe it or not there are even lolbergs on /pol/, and not everybody believes in killing every jew everywhere.

183c2f  No.12973419


>>no mention of jews in manifesto

read the manifesto newfag

59e357  No.12973428

File: a1368416a2db2f6⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1608x1200, 67:50, kurd inbreeding.png)


>praising Kurds

d8dc04  No.12973433

Just a quick reminder that Turkish people actually think they're white and take pride it in.

2f3f79  No.12973462


breivik has a pc but no internet, doubt nz will be different. He's got a ps2 too.

ee839f  No.12973473


I love the passage in The Great Replacement about killing them all and retaking Constantinople

921c84  No.12973484

File: f900196fa01068b⋯.png (95.67 KB, 733x244, 733:244, ClipboardImage.png)


>He's got a ps2

Spyro nationalism confirmed.

92dcf9  No.12973495


Please explain this are they going to start fighting Twerking or are they warding of bad voodoo ?

It looks autistic and Threatening im kinda Scared

183c2f  No.12973511


If that worked NZ would still be majority island nigger

48e5b1  No.12973521


that's kinda the point. It's a haka read a book nigger.

9589eb  No.12973522

File: fe31c7053f5722b⋯.png (121.35 KB, 707x521, 707:521, 1375838003950.png)


Outrageously underappreciated post.

2f3f79  No.12973553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He'll soon have a ps4 topkek

92dcf9  No.12973556


Reading now …..

The haka (/ˈhɑːkə/;[1] plural haka, in both Māori and English) is a ceremonial dance or challenge in Māori culture.[2] It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. Although commonly associated with the traditional battle preparations of male warriors, haka have been performed by both men and women,[3] and several varieties of the dance fulfil social functions within Māori culture.[4][5] Haka are performed to welcome distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements, occasions or funerals.

92dcf9  No.12973578

Traditional Battle preparations

Deus Vult

b2fb5f  No.12973580

What's the cruelest thing that you've done in your school guys i wanna hear

51c3df  No.12973588



2f3f79  No.12973590


samefagging for participation.

9e933f  No.12973596


Wait, wtf? Crossposting to another thread reveals a TORposters ID. This could be very, very useful.

Try it for yourselves. ID 5541e4 is shown when hovering over these links with your mouse, yet in the thread itself they are 000000 TOR posts.

3ceb81  No.12973607


well waddayakno

9e933f  No.12973620


Interesting fucking times.

e6e261  No.12973632

new, testing

2f3f79  No.12973657


probably a false alarm. don't see how that's possible unless he doesn't delete cookies when closing tor or something.

921c84  No.12973693



921c84  No.12973700


>Forget to switch threads

I'm fucking retarded.

e6e261  No.12973702

I found some Romanian news site that is favoring Brenton


9e933f  No.12973706


Alright, I just want to point one thing out to any and all anons. BT says here that "No. A jew lower case 'j' living in isreal is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people."

All jews try to subvert, or harm, the white race. It's in their code. A /pol/ack knows this. He was speaking directly to us with this statement, without alerting the media. I believe this is why he also didn't paint 88on his weapons, but did paint 14 on it.

921c84  No.12973711

File: ac6b01a6a70d1af⋯.png (22.26 KB, 689x213, 689:213, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit.

2409cf  No.12973734



2409cf  No.12973744


Daym sun

6898aa  No.12973747

File: febb0162c68f9cf⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 259x195, 259:195, 35196886_1789984641081162_….jpg)


Sigh, Numerologists

5424fe  No.12973754


What's ironic is that the best way to solve the problem is actually to reduce censorship to a degree and foster a "moderate" right environment. Any social engineer worth their pay would know that having controllable opposition and maintaining an illusion of freedom, is fundamental to mass manipulation. The discussion eventually becomes about the issue of radicalization emerging through isolation via censorship, and give them a way to sell a change in policy while pretending they're solving a problem (so their pet SJWs don't freak out as much, and doesn't appear like they're conceding to this situation).

Because mass censorship only lures people to more "extreme" sites that are not in their direct control. It generates severe polarization to a point people feel there is no other option left except violence. It also introduces a lot of variables and noise to social manipulation which may not be reliable to nudge.

Pretty sure some in Google already know this.

921c84  No.12973756


Considering the entire op was about the way the media would respond to it, that should've been obvious.

9e933f  No.12973766


Well, apparently not to a lot of faggots I've come across these past three days.

921c84  No.12973771


Talk about it.

c2d2eb  No.12973777

File: 6867b1d57d70abf⋯.png (365.09 KB, 673x619, 673:619, lol.png)

File: be83505dd38eaf4⋯.mp4 (9.23 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ayy.mp4)

This is funny

2409cf  No.12973788


Could be newfriends or diversion technique. Traffic has like doubled since the attack, though I didn't see what it was immediately before I recall the last I saw was ~2500

9e933f  No.12973793


I made that post, didn't I? ;^)

>>12973788 (heiled)

Yeah, around, or just below, /v/'s numbers. 2500 sounds about right.

e6e261  No.12973800

File: 0eab4475925e775⋯.png (171.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, news1.png)

41a4c1  No.12973822


They all say the same thing too. Same talking points. Its shilling.

2c395c  No.12973824

File: 3e3442a7db40942⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 702x808, 351:404, tarrant.jpg)

Get familiar with the international law conventions on partisan resistance against occupying forces. When governments are complicit in the crime of white genocide a variety of resistance fighter actions become legal by international law, ranging from disinfo/propaganda to sabotage and even direct fighting of occupying forces.

e6e261  No.12973826

That stupid kiwi native hak dance is just showing the whites acting like the cannabal savages and making the muslims think they are more civilized then the whites and encouraging them to stay and convert them

6898aa  No.12973828

File: dfae85ebb0c199a⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 598x351, 46:27, DjTB0ZPXoAMfBqZ.jpg)


That's right, Anon.

>We should keep welcoming Muslims from all the dark corners of the world, let them have +1/2 dozen kids, and take full advantage of our taxes paid for by our labours.

>They're our only hope when the time comes to attack ZOG!

Is this your narrative?

e6e261  No.12973837

im new, should I be using VPN? always?

9e933f  No.12973843


If it helps you sleep at night. In all honesty, I don't think VPNs work.

47901a  No.12973850


> should I be using VPN?

already too late m8, see you in the FEMA camps

3ceb81  No.12973896


targets for what

921c84  No.12973913


It's a good idea generally, but not as nevessary as some might suggest.

183c2f  No.12973957


glitter bombs and bacon fires

2409cf  No.12973970


Not sure. I bought a couple years of nord vpn. While they say there is no logging I have no idea if they are bound somehow by that agreement. No logging may not necessarily mean no tracking user activity. Doing some investigation of nordvpn I notice that it, expressvpn, and PIA all have extremely similar advertising(same style etc) and site layout/interface. Ads for each one of them are usually found on any page with ads for any of them. I suspect they are all owned by the same group, whoever that may be. Using a vpn gives the service access to watching where your data comes from and goes to. The fact they they can doesn't mean they do though. Would like to hear if anybody know more about this

9e933f  No.12973994

>>12973711 (checked)

Did you post that on /pol/, or a different board?

9e933f  No.12974010


They aren't threads, they are posts in the same thread. ID's don't carry over to multiple threads, wheter they post with TOR or not.

9e933f  No.12974014



921c84  No.12974022


That was on /test/

We'd need two torposters in a thread to see if it actually reveals ID that can differentiate torpedos

3a75c8  No.12974041


why no media about this?

9e933f  No.12974049

>>12974022 (checked once again)

Find a thread with a shitload of TOR posts, pick some at random and post them over at /test/ again.

5424fe  No.12974092


Last time I saw that it was revealed that the ID is the same for every TOR poster exclusively in that thread. You can't uniquely identify each individual TOR poster with it, from what I recall. The 000000 is merely a overlay to notify anons the person is a TOR user.

9e933f  No.12974106


That would be a real shame.

2234bd  No.12974121


Did you notice the editor is David Nosenberg? Come on. Next you're going to tell us his source is the Israeli government.

4ebaec  No.12974149


>why is white genocide occurring?

>it's the jews!

>bunch of white kids doing this shit

Everyday I move closer to the opinion that whites are doing this shit to themselves and kikes are simply taking advantage of our own stupidity.

000000  No.12974224

I had to learn video editing to make this: https://my.mixtape.moe/noiqbf.mp4. Rate my shit, anon. Also, please reupload, like and share, lol. And don't forget to subscribe to PewDiePie!

38b787  No.12974237

File: f915f3dde8f4672⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ebba.jpg)


>someone make this into a song / actually sing it and upload the recording.

Hitler dubs confirm this is a good plan

Let's start brainstorming possibilities to contact with this request. Once we decide, link them this thread, they can observe our consensus and be inspired.



Is there an easy way I can sub Ebba Akerlund pics into >>12961960 as suggested?

41a4c1  No.12974251


I find musical comedy to be very unsettling.

000000  No.12974415


testing post over tor

000000  No.12974421


wow this is much better than 4han cucks that block TOR.

41a4c1  No.12974459

File: 940415746771713⋯.png (40.96 KB, 1186x602, 593:301, ClipboardImage.png)

41a4c1  No.12974479


everything about this website is better than 4chan feature-wise

183c2f  No.12974525


>great replacement

wait wasn't that the PC term Identity Europa used to replace White Genocide?

e4dcd4  No.12974532


Oy Vey All those cis white males appropriating a native culture.

2f3f79  No.12974534

File: 8391c5a885fbf47⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 700x394, 350:197, kek m8.jpg)



1f7850  No.12974537


I like this.

ccf11a  No.12974660


Not only is it still up, but now you can play it in browser and download the project file to improve the game and make mods

4c8493  No.12974678

File: dce4bdf36e9641e⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 598x473, 598:473, nasty double penetration.jpg)

I hope brenton tarrant starts a new trend of meme shooters.

I want to see someone kill a jew and yell "WOMBO COMBO" and then teabag the body.

3e0d02  No.12974717


I second this. Final stage: Inside the Hagia Sophia. Objectives include planting bombs at the base of each of the four towers to bring them down, as you weave through the building slaughtering every muslim inside

3e0d02  No.12974727

File: 3f3effb9392279c⋯.png (101.78 KB, 321x184, 321:184, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at ….png)


I fixed your disclaimer.

ccf11a  No.12974731



Sure thing, it's on the site right now

You can download the rar containing the project


Now we're talking

6aff53  No.12974744

File: d1c0d4a299675e2⋯.webm (3.45 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Austin Jorgenson.webm)

58b7b5  No.12974778


Glowing like a lure for fish.

b7dd7b  No.12974782


where play in browser?

ccf11a  No.12974796


Top link on the site, but here you go


Recommend using Firefox

The textures and music is a bit fucked for unknown reasons, but just getting it running was a bitch in the first place so who cares

982615  No.12974804


Kill yourself.

d792f2  No.12974857



Crickey, it's spelled CRIKEY, cunt.

176ab5  No.12974862

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ilahya khinzir! Allah is a swine!

(probably the only black metal band in all of Lebanon)

ccf11a  No.12974866

File: 9ece511032de8b0⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 640x336, 40:21, VID_181710906_161006_259.mp4)

Just got sent this on IG

eccfa0  No.12975032


Get out of my state you subhuman

537837  No.12975070


Arabs are just brown kikes

6ec05b  No.12975108

File: c4fdcfb2668a3fa⋯.jpg (735.33 KB, 1440x831, 480:277, IMG_20190318_202851.jpg)

What can I say except..

772cac  No.12975216


Backing, they would subtly fit into xcom/xcom 2 as well.

6ec05b  No.12975259

File: 36d7ef868efc938⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 461x236, 461:236, IMG_20190319_001131.jpg)

With tears in my eyes

b813b7  No.12975275

File: 9b7eecef219b6da⋯.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1155651456.png)




214f8b  No.12975315

File: 9ef9d84c62fa396⋯.png (3.35 KB, 200x153, 200:153, 1546877991959602103.png)

97c3ad  No.12975365

File: a217661f9f7dca5⋯.png (531.29 KB, 898x484, 449:242, Hold Still.png)


My reaction to this whole thing.

971459  No.12975371



oy vey

4c8493  No.12975381


Oh no, he made a symbol associated with white nationalism1

214f8b  No.12975434


atlas is fucking BASED

4233d5  No.12975442


lol fuck no just send books to him if you can

13ed5a  No.12975528


He produces merch for his fans all the time. He made shirts when his channel reached 60 million subs, then 70, then 80 and now he reached 90 million. Zero deaths is a reference to a joke he makes about always beating any game he plays with zero deaths despite dieing all the time.

575f47  No.12975531


There is no equality in nature. Nature is the greatest fascist.

e7874f  No.12975573


Why do the mods allow obvious baitposts like this?

223481  No.12975608


Rare oc

a69768  No.12975613

I had something on my mind: do you guys think Brenton is aware of Hybristophilia? If the madlad does, he might have found a way to fix both problems.

Reposting an update I did, still need to finish it.


4c8493  No.12975680

File: 26f1183ff0cb004⋯.jpg (140.36 KB, 1492x1080, 373:270, 26f1183ff0cb0043010536941b….jpg)


>the cucks think they won by putting him in jail

>but actually he becomes a chad breeding bull making blonde, blue-eyed aryan children with his monogamous wife attracted by his deed

>and he reads the books anons send him inbetween fecundation sessions

8c979c  No.12975900


Needs all the songs,and ONE female model(this should be easier to do than other improvements)

e4c853  No.12976076

video I made

link to it on pornhub


e7874f  No.12976103


The maximum sentence for his crime is like 20 years man.

4274b0  No.12976192


I would also watch execution of traitors like you on livestream. People die in war. Not my fault Americans took 9/11 bait and started this hell. Should white people just give up, because fighting back hurt someone? Are you mad that not all white guys are cucks like you?

8c979c  No.12976195


To expand on this,It makes people learn things that in proper hands are a tool of war,just look at an average /pol/acks "skill" range

Few steps into hacking and above average use of computers and understanding of tech around them,good understanding of social media and internet phenomena

Almost a degree in psychology and use of propaganda and infiltration,Vast knowledge of history,military tactics and logistics,geographics with the inclusion of humanity related statistics

Practice in graphical design,video editing,music creation,video games development,Care for discipline and psychical well being,no dependency on drugs,no hard addictions

I assume most Anons casually scan their surroundings when outside,We read CIA rule books as a fucking hobby,but most importantly We are passionate and dedicated people with capacity to learn.When there is a happening a single Anon learns the layout of the building,layout of the area,vehicle traffic at the time of the event,possible entry and exit points,watches the source material frame by frame and notes anything he finds off,maybe imagines himself being in that situation with multiple angles of perception

In what other people or "job positions" do you find this way of acting and thinking?

98889d  No.12976205


lol ok boot

e7874f  No.12976211

File: 80679e265e53347⋯.jpg (562.33 KB, 1045x1270, 209:254, Kaitlyn's Story.jpg)

4274b0  No.12976223

File: 42c4dbd8bec586a⋯.jpg (705.24 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, 63_B.jpg)


But you are not our guy.

5b5ca7  No.12976314

File: e286c930fd165e3⋯.webm (14.5 MB, 600x336, 25:14, howbadwhitetemplar.webm)

a shameful attempt

e52c38  No.12976346

File: a9267b9da5cb0db⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1182x820, 591:410, broke woke.png)

What you think about my madskillz, boyz?

08a785  No.12976359

So NZ president refuses to say Brentons name. Because "It's like Harry Potter" is politics now.


Report system is busted and they can't eary every post made. Unless you see a flau out dismiss in the board log.

1dda5b  No.12976379

File: c4c4dd05b0bbf06⋯.png (29.43 KB, 338x338, 1:1, 1533637236048.png)


the haka is so fucking cringe. bunch of ass backward brainlet cunts screaming and dancing pretending to be powerful.

f6bd48  No.12976388


Where is Knight Justiciar Breivik when you need him?

34f064  No.12976396


>raped by strangers

>living at home

>returns to rapists voluntarily for more rape

>is victim

Whores playing victims get rope too. It is not possible to get pregnant during rape, the body shuts down in defense and fertilization is impossible except for one condition - she was enjoying it…and she was pregnant 11 times.

Go white knight for whores back on reddit whence you came.

c6fa56  No.12976426

File: 8357f953a1952c0⋯.png (85.23 KB, 255x255, 1:1, read.png)

File: 0c2cf00c27f5b31⋯.png (552.52 KB, 1500x965, 300:193, READNSPREAD.png)

6b4c6d  No.12976474

File: fa3e0232bf9225b⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, whiteboy.jpg)

ab7939  No.12976493


Is this all that exists now? Does someone have better footage?

4891b9  No.12976506

File: fc330dcac8e2395⋯.png (774.9 KB, 778x441, 778:441, DontWorryCunt.png)

File: 57dddcebef576f4⋯.jpg (164.68 KB, 778x441, 778:441, Smoko.jpg)

File: a4a8424c582c7e7⋯.png (831.16 KB, 768x432, 16:9, download (3).png)

File: f563f58892811b7⋯.png (828.57 KB, 778x441, 778:441, Cunt.png)


Here's some Ozzy OC made by me, an Ozzy.

9e3c12  No.12976516

File: 40ceba477e3eb06⋯.jpeg (13.48 KB, 474x266, 237:133, df.jpeg)


>I'm a Texan with Hispanic family members

d91f9e  No.12976541


Subhuman trash. Kill yourself so we dont have to

9e3c12  No.12976562





Those who can, do.

Those who cant become critics.

Look forward to reading your manifesto after you beat his high score, anon.

94b98d  No.12976634

ur mom idiot fucking dickhead fucking motherfucking idiots

0993fb  No.12976703

File: f2210e12ef9e08a⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 1916x1032, 479:258, now comes the part.webm)

c34aa7  No.12976766

File: 3421dbb6eb520ba⋯.png (64.89 KB, 1164x572, 291:143, Capture12.PNG)

7771ce  No.12976778

File: e4f2fe2922ab97d⋯.png (15.48 KB, 956x151, 956:151, ClipboardImage.png)



>Use fake mail from here



>or wherever else you want

>Use fake phone:

>https://fakenumber.org/au/ (click on one of the area codes, if it doesn't work, another anon might have already used it)


>(or your own sources, there are plenty)

>Don't link the pdf file if you don't know what you're doing and you are a paranoid fucker, depending on your OS and what you;'ve done with it it can (possibly) have meta-data

>you can baste the pdf's text tho

have fun anons

0b0d92  No.12976875


This guy must have been on MDE

340a20  No.12976966


my wife chino is so cute

4c1b51  No.12977166



9a8f97  No.12977171

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is it a VR game?

e7874f  No.12977172



e7874f  No.12977183


>returns voluntarily

>It is not possible to get pregnant during rape

Found the brown person.

I'd report, but the mods aren't even removing niggerspam, so what's the point?

4c1b51  No.12977187

File: b413f4949c82e97⋯.jpg (87.61 KB, 960x720, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


4c1b51  No.12977194

File: 30fd6e4aa0c071a⋯.jpg (232.18 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D1uEetmX0AAo3wM.jpg large.jpg)

yall look at this big ass monkey

00e385  No.12977278


>posting bestiality


c7f8b8  No.12977305

File: e7904e21f4fd00e⋯.jpg (104.59 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2weodddhs.jpg)

9a8f97  No.12977322

It's a known fact that jews post porn as an attack. That's not just a "you're a kike!" to the pron-poster, it's a verified tactic that's been used for decades. So the porn-poster most likely really is a kike.

921c84  No.12977336


>jews post porn as an attack

At an industrial level, yeah. But when it's a "i troll duh nahtzees" attempt, it could be anybody.

bfda82  No.12977374

File: 4bafd741575f202⋯.gif (437.09 KB, 365x212, 365:212, snake.gif)

e3073e  No.12977399

Do we have playlist Brenton used?

4c1b51  No.12977420


yeah most people are just baiting for lulz and are probably just apolitical or bored

9a8f97  No.12977429


Not really. It's obviously their nature. For trolling I don't feel like posting porn. Do you? For a start I'd go to at least a little bit of effort at actually posting something funny.

06c1e5  No.12977434

File: a61ac70a64ea0ca⋯.png (42.49 KB, 1038x716, 519:358, In my community.PNG)

File: de3ad7f0a9c988d⋯.png (70.1 KB, 1038x852, 173:142, shitpost.PNG)

Yeet on the dead muds

9a8f97  No.12977441


RamZPaul psoted this:

>remove kebab

>march of the british grenadier

>fire - arthur brown

>gas, gas gas initail D

But I heard Rock Me Amadeus by FALCO too.

ed569b  No.12977458

File: b123591f33552b8⋯.jpg (344.34 KB, 1111x1457, 1111:1457, 95a130e2798b0737dde8ced077….jpg)


The majority of people are normalcattle, anon. Normalfags. Normalniggers. Used to call them sheeple. Probably always have been. With media the kikes found a vector to signal boost their subversive parasitism. And they found enough opportunistic traitors within the ranks of our elite to put a veneer of native charm over the brainwashing. It's may be that European civilizations have always been protected by relative isolation and a small class of great men of high moral character with a vision toward a shared greatness.

47901a  No.12977464

c2d2eb  No.12977478


Serbia Strong

The British Grenadiers

Grün ist unser Fallschirm (Remix)

Arthur Brown - Fire

Manuel - Gas Gas Gas

8934e8  No.12977508

File: eb142d522811c20⋯.jpg (164.65 KB, 477x539, 477:539, 1444174540438.jpg)

thanks for bumping this thread spammer

btw filtered

ed569b  No.12977521

File: 0bce67cffb7a0d9⋯.png (15.13 KB, 767x871, 59:67, 0bce67cffb7a0d97b87d3f7460….png)


>meme shoot aipac in minecraft

>cut a bad angle in mess hall

>tackled by overweight christcuck boomer

>ruger 10-22 jams

>only get 49

>get called a newfag

20d757  No.12977523

>BBC spam

Wow haven't seen this since I was on cuckchan.

This is ineffective newfag. We actually moved on in our quality of trolling.

What the trolls do now is post pictures of dead/tortured animals with schizophrenic text.

This works better because fullchan /pol/ users have empathy for animals.

8934e8  No.12977535

File: c60e8b2f12aa296⋯.jpg (182.47 KB, 900x900, 1:1, giant_ogre.jpg)




they are orgers, anon.


e3073e  No.12977537



Cheers lad, Gonna play it when wever I go for for a drive.

a3ff92  No.12977553


You're mostly correct but he was AISO, not IISO and the sect are cypto-kikes.

c2d2eb  No.12977569

ID 4d9acb filtered and reported.

9a0f5b  No.12977571

File: 0da59d304b2ca0b⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1927x1927, 1:1, WeDoinBadShitNigga.png)


ignore niggerdicks, read more.

ed569b  No.12977581

File: 0bc8e351f627c2f⋯.png (435.97 KB, 923x519, 923:519, figurines.png)


Send him printouts of these threads

ed569b  No.12977584

File: be1850994698816⋯.mp4 (11.7 MB, 720x480, 3:2, the sims.mp4)

ed569b  No.12977596

File: 401687a33b54529⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 802x500, 401:250, who would win.jpg)


Yep filter and move on

ed569b  No.12977611

File: 9c8e2298da74452⋯.png (568.51 KB, 710x400, 71:40, revive.png)

e3073e  No.12977621


Send him phone number he can call to get his words out and feed them to the media. He just needs money on his prison account and he can register numbers he wants to call.

61e252  No.12977624

File: 4b58e5078dc8c96⋯.mp4 (8.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, m.u.s.l.i.m.s.mp4)

47901a  No.12977630

f51ff6  No.12977644

File: 135c93fb61f0217⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 320x180, 16:9, serveimage.jpeg.jpg)

Does anyone have contact with the Moonman Doom wad developers?

I think we have a candidate for a new class.

ed569b  No.12977655

File: 598c25a715cdf53⋯.jpg (149.87 KB, 876x1034, 438:517, anime-girls-are-reading-th….jpg)

2f1453  No.12977673


Fuck off shillfag

c2cb2b  No.12977675


i know you're clinically retarded, but your < 80 IQ nigger brain does realize porn actors aren't actually starting families with everyone the kike porn producers tell them they have to fuck to get their money, right?

4c1b51  No.12977676


not to shit on your parade or anything but vpn's dont do shit and give out your info per request usually just dont use home ip, connect to tor with bridges before vpn and youre good

e19129  No.12977691


>Starts at the same moment as the shooter.

>Every muslim is the same.

>Kills the Grim Reaper in the process.

So perfect.

ed569b  No.12977710

File: bf4c601b65e8ce6⋯.jpg (200.95 KB, 1137x987, 379:329, the gap.jpg)

It's time we had a conversation about the score gap between muslims and whites. Whites are getting significantly less numbers for the same job.

0e0495  No.12977732


Isn't that what they do at ballgames to the other team? Fucking meme that shit together. Has NZ ever won against Turkey? I'm a burger, I don't watch your games.

ed569b  No.12977734

File: 1092fcf618f8d52⋯.png (320.33 KB, 492x920, 123:230, kikepedia.png)

New thread for when this one hits limit








ecfc41  No.12977746

File: 223ed65673b82d6⋯.jpg (79.68 KB, 618x586, 309:293, brenton-tarrant-6-618x586.jpg)

New Zealand: 18-Year-Old Denied Bail After Sharing Live-Stream of Self-Defense Mosque Visit


ed569b  No.12977760

File: f8d08c2aadd2288⋯.jpg (235.42 KB, 555x1976, 555:1976, oi-got-a-loicense-for-that….jpg)

0a1ad4  No.12977785


What's new tho? kikes gonna kike

c5d4a2  No.12977789


lmao, you need to add the alulaulalualulua sound effect to the postal 2 one