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File: 474d9a6f3ae75c3⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1647x1201, 1647:1201, awaken.png)

File: ae9e70b2a205b5d⋯.mp4 (13.23 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Christchurch-Pumped_Up_Kic….mp4)

cc6d76  No.12963619

Brenton Harrison Tarrant filmed the shooting in first person POV for a very specific purpose.

He wanted us to live the experience through his eyes. He wanted to say to us: I did it. It can be done. He did this to shatter a barrier inside of us. He manifested an expression of pure, unadulterated power and he used it to send the animals who are invading our countries straight to hell.

This is why they are trying so desperately to stop the spread of the video, at any cost. The NZ government is now threatening 10 years in jail for spreading the video. Jewish (((clinical psychologists))) are trying to warn people (obviously meaning young White males) against ever watching the video, because it will "change them". And they're right, it will change them. They know exactly how powerful it is. There is no going back after watching this video.

At first I wasn't sure what to think of the shooting. Naturally, I assumed it could have been some kind of false flag at first. But once I watched the video, I realized that it was for real. The instant that I saw Tarrant gun down the man in the doorway of the mosque, and then mercilessly execute him as the man left a trail of blood behind as he tried to drag himself across the floor, everything changed. Suddenly I wasn't just watching a video, I was experiencing it. I felt the raw power. I felt a fire ignite in my blood, and an indescribable sensation spread throughout my entire body as I watched a White man brutally slaughter foreign invaders in our lands. In that instant, I became initiated.

We are now living in a post-Christchurch Shooting world. This is just the beginning. The video is going to continue to spread like wildfire, and it is going to forever modify the collective psyche of the White race.

For years we have been taking abuse, we have been mocked and humiliated as our birth right is given away and desecrated right before our very eyes. We have been taunted and ridiculed when we express calm, peaceful objections to the invasion of our lands, told that we deserve to go extinct because of "karma", told that we have no claim to the civilizations created by our ancestors, told that our very DNA is an "abomination" that will be exterminated, first by miscegenation, then eventually by genocidal force. We tried to speak, but they silenced us. We tried dialogue, we tried appeals to reason, we tried debate, and we were censored from the Internet, charged with hate speech, and fired from our jobs. And some of us tried to warn them what would happen.

A storm is coming. The Christchurch Shooting was the first few raindrops beginning to fall, and the thunderheads starting to roll in. You can feel it, and I can feel it. We can feel it in our blood, in our bones. We can feel a beating in the depths, a war drum being beaten by the spirit of our ancestors who are calling out for vengeance and fury, for an astonishing inferno and merciless desolation to be unleashed upon the enemies of our race.

Spread the Tarrant video. We have been spreading truth and memes for years, and some of us have wondered if it is even worth it, if there is even any point in trying to resist using such means, but Brenton Tarrant is evidence of its success. He was steeped in our memes, maybe even awakened by them.

And in turn, Tarrant has given us possibly the most powerful meme we have ever had: The shooting video.

Enjoy this version of the video someone emailed to me this morning.

5b7b27  No.12963676


you dumb fuck it's not like he'd film it in 3rd person

cc6d76  No.12963691


He didn't have to film it at all. Subscribe to pewdiepie already.

40bdff  No.12963701


I think he shot it in first person because it was the least-obtrusive method since he was only one guy and and he streamed it at all for the lulz.

97501d  No.12963734

How the fuck else would he have filmed it you goddamn spastic

cc6d76  No.12963791


<don't subscribe to pewdiepie goy

He didn't think to himself

>I will film this this massacre, I guess the only way to do it is with a helmet cam

He thought to himself

>I am going to film this using a helmet cam so people can experience it from the first person POV

9566f8  No.12963830

File: 95c4902c8b065b9⋯.jpg (71.56 KB, 745x960, 149:192, aryanpredator.jpg)

Well said brother, I'm sick of seeing the cowards and shills try to drag this man down

c2b93f  No.12963851

Wonderfully written post, OP. I too felt that fire when I watched it.

Normies were spreading it around for shits and giggles too. Meaning people have seen this shit whether they wanted to or not.

Shills are coming in HARD about this, the same faggots who will bitch and moan about how anything done IRL is 'bad optics'… As if we should be as cucky and scared of what to say or do as possible while our very race is being attacked and wiped out over time.

We've tried peaceful means, the kikes stopped us at every turn, censored us and told the sleeping sheep that we are basically the ones responsible for everything wrong in the world.

We gave the world a chance of aiding us willingly…

…But the kikes elected the way of pain.

c60d2c  No.12963854


The message of the video is very, very simple, but undeniably powerful. It is this:


1e5197  No.12963887

File: 093feb813a9941a⋯.png (393.7 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Traitor.png)

File: ac51184a9de7cd2⋯.png (233.95 KB, 782x263, 782:263, brentontwitter.png)

File: 410bec5f6b85ac0⋯.png (1012.59 KB, 1201x636, 1201:636, kebab remover.png)

>Christchurch Was An Initiation


Christchurch was an invitation.

But yes, I agree entirely that a large part of the decision to livestream it was to show the rest of us just how easy it is to do.

000000  No.12963904


"Never show the face or name of the shooter because it will just inspire more shooters"

- Ben Shapiro 2017

"Sup lads I'm Brenton Tarrant, here's my face and a full livestream blessed with the sweetest soundtrack you've heard in your life. P.s. google the names on my rifles and you will immediately you no longer give a fuck how many child raping muslims die. Also watch this badass GTA moment when I turn this lady with a mustache into a speedbump"

-Brenton Tarrant 2019

Everything about it was planned precisely to inspire, in the most autistic shitposting manner.

000000  No.12963923


>A storm is coming.

Yes, it is.

63a9f2  No.12963933


I agree with you, OP. Anons can make the point filming options were binary, but if you think about the fact he attached a speaker to himself so he could play background music while shooting, it's pretty obvious what effect and look he was going for. As an avid FPS player, I recognized this right away. And you're right, its nature is initiatory. Hell, I've got an okay life. Basically, I'm a societal dropout who for fun writes papers for academic journals, but I've been considering pulling a Brenton after witnessing that masterpiece. Seriously, what a badass!

63a9f2  No.12963939


>forwarding this thread to NZ police

>"The Christchurch Shooting was the first few raindrops beginning to fall,"

>you need to be investigated, no more dead people, fuck nazis

I'm a Ancap and even I support him. Have fun with your report, cuck.

000000  No.12963944


Be sure and report me too, faggot. We're coming for you as well.

4420b6  No.12963947

File: 5ddad61e388e736⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, rwds.png)


Ok Ahmed

986d2c  No.12963949

This is one of the dumbest threads iv seen in my life.

Malcom x noted that jews were suppourting black rights movement not out of sympathy but to move white prejudice from jews to blacks.

This is a similar move to get arabs and whites fighting eachother when they’re the only two groups left that would honestly work together against jews.

Dont buy the lie.

000000  No.12963950


Do you realize how many of my threads I've had show up on the transparency report? You're next faggot, get offline and enjoy whatever remaining sunsets you have left.

4420b6  No.12963952


Kill yourself, kike

cc6d76  No.12963957

File: bc3f7b1b862d1e0⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 474x335, 474:335, anime_of_peace.jpg)


You can't stop the memes.

b4e584  No.12963959


Fuck off Normal Fag.

000000  No.12963961


Arabs and jews are two sides of the same coin. They are both semites; and they are both enemies.

74f57a  No.12963976

File: 25ae73f49474f90⋯.jpeg (579.32 KB, 2160x3840, 9:16, thurisaz.jpeg)


It was an initiation anon. I felt an awakening also. Something primal. I wonder if our kameraden felt it in the presence of the Fuhrer. I am not comparing Tarrant to the Fuhrer but this was raw primal racial memory.

573e5c  No.12964000

File: 4c07c8e1eaa7ed8⋯.jpg (233.88 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, 4c07c8e1eaa7ed8e75256e33e3….jpg)


I agree. Don't let these kikes tell you any differently.


28701a  No.12964019


Get a look at this faggot

6efda1  No.12964020

File: 20b2160e83f84d9⋯.png (9.42 KB, 320x270, 32:27, ClipboardImage.png)


I honestly didn't imagine it would be that easy. Even walking in the street, nobody even noticed him, there were no screaming neighbors, the cars just passed by, the two women he waited in the crosswalk, it was all like real-life NPCs.

Maybe a violent armed assailant is regular sighting near a mosque…

000000  No.12964024


This. Both are pedophiles. Both practice genitle mutilation and inhumane ceremoniously prepared food (Halal and Kosher) both fight for open borders and more foreign funding. Both can get gassed

Jews raise money for New Zealand Muslims


Muslims raise money for Pittsburg Synagogue


Muslims unite to repair Jewish Cemetery


Muslims unite for Pittsburg Synagogue


Muslims and Jewish women unite against Hate


Muslims and Jews unite for Sadaqa Day


Jews, Christcucks and Muslims unite for refugees


Jews, Christcucks and Muslims Unite to talk about Gun Violence Prevention


Muslim and Jewish community leaders are united in frustration at Ilhan Omar's comments


eded8e  No.12964027



> Cause I need to watch things die

> From a distance

> Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies

> You all need it too - don't lie

c2b93f  No.12964034


Bait is only too easy to get (you)s so here is another one

ecce1b  No.12964055

Done us a solid, we need to unite and follow as an army

d489e5  No.12964075


Breton is a reasonable man.

64a2ea  No.12964080

Does anyone else feel it? I know my purpose in life now.

cc6d76  No.12964083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>We listen to the tales and romanticize,

>How we'd follow the path of the hero.

>Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

>How we rise to the height of our halo.

>Listen to the tales as we all rationalize,

>Our way into the arms of the savior.

>Feigning all the trials and the tribulations.

>None of us have actually been there,

>Not like you…

5705ac  No.12964087

File: c4ab358ce2590f4⋯.png (17.54 KB, 907x80, 907:80, poetry.png)


That was poetry, anon. Just… beautiful.

c63bbf  No.12964093


that patch

Holy fuck anons.


kek is already blessing the most murderous posts in this thread and none of us want the world to burn

/pol/ is a board of peace

f4a8ba  No.12964125

File: 10c24a1c536b721⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 443x376, 443:376, 1552865549684.jpg)

The feeling I felt afterwards I can only describe as electric. You're correct in stating it awakens a feeling in our blood. The fire rages in all of us and the lad definitely stoked our ancestral calling.

28701a  No.12964134



360bdc  No.12964138

File: cfb0afe198a78d4⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 1420x946, 710:473, 26-mitt-romney-laughing.w7….jpg)

d87944  No.12964181

Excellent thread OP, this guy broke the blackpill psyop being gradually pushed by shills that nothing can be done and that white people should just sit and watch their own destruction. He disregarded the Talmudic law, and acted in adherence to the Natural law. This is what kike fears the most. Brenton was the archetypal Hero, he mastered the memes. Dispelling the miasma, the spell of Jewish lies of peace and equality. Driving a stake straight into the heart of the hypocritical, weak, pathetic, perfidious "moralists" who are also killing "innocents" , just on a much larger scale, and by far more subtle means. Jews are poisoning our children with food, vaccines, degeneracy, and by importing biological weapons (non-whites). Suddenly, removing that biological weapon is highly immoral and unethical? If we are to live, slave morality will have to die.


Do you think Jews would be safe in a case of a race war? Their agenda for decades was reducing violence, racial and social tensions etc in some kind of artificial bubble, abomination. If the host becomes dangerous enough, they are going to leave. Also, once their (((republics))) fall, they will lose means of control.

Arabs are the enemy as much as they are, as long as they are on our lands.

cc6d76  No.12964183


>filename: join_now_16.jpg

>"please connect to honeypot.gg, fellow anon"

Fuck off. Reported.

299f9d  No.12964187


pol is a board of peace

28701a  No.12964200

I sm not going to prison for low iq street hoods.

28701a  No.12964203


No it isn't.

069a86  No.12964212

File: fbee5e46c0c1427⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 500x591, 500:591, 2wauqj.jpg)

Our lord and savior Brentan

28701a  No.12964218


He fell for all of the memes and will be sitting in prison get handled by Muslims while they're trying to convince him that he's getring frogged by attractive women.

93a01c  No.12964219


>There is no going back after watching this video.

only if you're a newfag

504ce8  No.12964220

File: 81e7c0346e02f59⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1392x1815, 464:605, b.png)

Filming in first person probably was the only opportunity to film anyway, but the effect of it really is powerful, when he picked up his gear and walked through the parking lot, towards the door, I felt the rush and my heart began to beat faster, very intense moments in those 17 minutes.

Lets pretend that I censor the video by cutting out only the shooting parts and censoring the dead bodies so we get a censored version to spread on the Jewtubes and other video sites. They most likely delete it but they can't v& me right?

63a9f2  No.12964221


Is there a link for that patch by any chance? Asking for an Australian friend.

28701a  No.12964224


I was never a fag, so I am safe.

63a9f2  No.12964229


Best bet would be to put a cartoon filter on it and change the sound effects so it looks like an imitation.

768227  No.12964245

DONT BE SO RACIST. ITS NOT their fault to be born a nigger or a muslim

28701a  No.12964254


I am Danish you stupid pig.

000000  No.12964255


Bodybuilder, fitness trainor and power lifter.


People who are afraid of dogs…

What are they going to do, smuggle a suicide vest into the prison? He'll be fine faggot.

28701a  No.12964268


He's not going to have test injections in prison.

d87944  No.12964271


Doesn't change the fact that he killed 50 of them.

>muh prison

Maybe enough whites should go to prison to outnumber the shitskins? Would they have enough capacities, enough means to control? Could they even arrest all of them? This is what you rats are afraid of.

Kikes rule by uniting the lowest criminal dregs with the top of society, they are natural allies against the honest, hard working white man that makes the majority. This is why antifa and their corporate masters work so well together.

37c8c1  No.12964273

No doubt this massacre is a seminal, watershed milestone in the history of the web

d08018  No.12964290


You need to shop this with "The wrath of the awakened Saxon".


058495  No.12964312


I kinda hope you're not joking, and you're actually this retarded.

26c65e  No.12964314

File: 9e6bd95b9826c83⋯.gif (8.21 KB, 400x210, 40:21, sattal.gif)

You guys know that the Black Sun symbol is Saturn right? That the moloch worshipping kikes basically praise the same thing? Moloch is Saturn. Himmler was a moloch worshipper. Hitler didn't buy into his shit.

cc6d76  No.12964318

File: 745bc696fcc2d31⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 236x236, 1:1, vril_society.jpg)


Imagine being this desperate.

6efda1  No.12964323


He'll just say the Vril were crypto-kikes all along.

000000  No.12964327


>Moloch is Saturn

Bullshit. Moloch is a bull. You see him on Wall Street in statue form. He's really obsessed with making money and gaining power but in a sinister way (power of a non-sinister type he doesn't take an interest in). I know. I was possessed by him for about an hour before he eventually left my body and hopped into someone else.

26c65e  No.12964328


Saturn was known as the "black sun" in ancient times. The black sun symbol is literally a sphere with a ring around it.

26c65e  No.12964335


The patron animal of saturn was a bull you schizophrenic retard

000000  No.12964338


He killed 50 shitskins not "men".

bc3274  No.12964340


stop the black sun symbol its what the jews, muslims lucifarians use so stop being stupid

c60d2c  No.12964345

File: 4bfacf82ec3b61f⋯.jpg (91.57 KB, 599x762, 599:762, 1470286566957.jpg)

6efda1  No.12964347

File: 47ed909992e3e4c⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 876x960, 73:80, monument to women.jpg)


>You see him on Wall Street in statue form

What did they meme by this?

bc3274  No.12964352


26c65e  No.12964356


learn english

61ebf4  No.12964357


Saving the webm, don't care if I get jailed

000000  No.12964358


No you idiot. If anything Saturn is a goat aka Capricorn.

33c580  No.12964361


no arabic is greater than english

26c65e  No.12964365


saturn lucifer baal moloch are all the same thing

the horned god, the eater of children

cc8253  No.12964366


haha I started laughing so hard, imagining a bunch of cuck kiwi secretaries opening it in the morning and watching it together, their pussies suddenly getting wet over a white man, unable to deny it

28701a  No.12964368


Leaving who to have families?

How stupid do you think I am? We are losing demographics not the moral high ground. You're literally saying we should abandon the moral high ground to further lose on demographics.

If the fuck mixed Irish could keep their dicks out of the Mestizo and Mulattos we wouldn't be in this mess.

6e48a9  No.12964370

File: 0db02ec6b5ac769⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 648x360, 9:5, 1552742704786.webm)

d5d35c  No.12964371

File: ef1a6ffeeaaf1ca⋯.jpg (57.54 KB, 720x558, 40:31, tarrant.jpg)


Thank you anon for articulating the memetic purpose of the video. Commander Tarrant is the hero we needed.

33c580  No.12964372


jews and muslims serve the same god

000000  No.12964373


What about the Owl?

fc031a  No.12964377


>he doesn't have a shoulder-attached-behindy-selfie stick

28701a  No.12964378


Saturn is Pan

Lucifer is the light bringer (gives man wisdom)

Baal is the homo deity.

Moloch eats flesh and babies.

I would say they are all quite a bit different

28701a  No.12964386


Servant of Minerva. Tells her when children are being targetted.

b7a6f2  No.12964390


LMFAO, they can't do shit you nigger. Go cry somewhere else, they have no power here.

26c65e  No.12964392

File: 96143ed47444121⋯.jpg (323.38 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, painting.JPG)


It's literally right in front of your eyes

ab9164  No.12964397

Need info on greenvale hotel - 2 dead , fight, death by crush ?

32ab3a  No.12964398

Why do I always smile at the help meeee part ?

Good god I love seeing the desert vermin getting exterminated

000000  No.12964420

I've seen owls, goats, bulls, horse, and peacocks all associated with Saturn by religious synchronists.

ProTip: Saturn was normally represented as a man. There statues of him and he was depicted in the form of a man. Also, amongst other things, he is the god of freespeech and liberation and time. I don't want some jewish disinfo faggots to associate him to Moloch and to Yahweh.

Jews fear Saturn.

32ab3a  No.12964436


A soft, bloodless ans blurred version would be a perfect spread for White normies


Is there a pewdiepie version of this ?

5db80c  No.12964438

Did he have to kill women and children tho?

cc6d76  No.12964440


Can't believe you just assumed their age and gender like that, shitlord.

000000  No.12964442


Yes he did. They breed more of our enemy. History is full of cases btw where a young boy was adopted after his entire family was killed, was raised by his enemies, and then many years later betrayed them and killed them all. Look to ancient Germanic history for one example. Do you seriously want to let any of them live? Fuck that.

df79c0  No.12964449


Read the manifesto. Every child is a future enemy. Every woman is a potential mother.

63a9f2  No.12964450


>but this was raw primal racial memory.

Brenton making your genetics recall your forebears killing.


d87944  No.12964462


Shill quality has dropped considerably


Rule of Moloch/Mammon, the kike god of materialism, globalism, child sacrifice and financial slavery. Mithras (Lucifer, the god of white people) slays the bull, just sayin'


What's the point of having families when they are going to be bred out long term anyway? You cannot outbreed niggers and shitskins as it's not your reproductive strategy, you will only create more people for them to rape and destroy. Kikes want you to be literal goyim. Destroying the Talmudic system is the first priority, having children and continuing lesser intensity warfare is second. We should not abandon the moral high ground, we should stop playing by enemy morals. Deprogram yourself from semitic poisons and slave morality, embrace the natural Law. What Brenton did was the true moral high ground.


This is an attempt of in-thread slide, do not reply to those pseudo-religious baits. OP confirmed for containing dangerous information. That being said;

>Kike god orders (((Abraham))) to sacrifice his own son to him

>Lucifer tells him not to because it's pretty much retarded


You will find christcucks shilling against Brenton, promoting their slave morality and slavery to the kikes, which shows that they are enemies as much as any SJW cuck is.

5db80c  No.12964480

Vid was fuckin insane. But is it not better to attack some boss towel head or choose a location where the impact will be much higher? Guy went through all this fuckin shit, why attack higher up the food chain. Killing lowlives is fucking worthless

4f96a1  No.12964488

348740  No.12964493


He specifically addressed the issue of children in his manifesto:

> Children of invaders do not stay children, they become adults and reproduce, creating more invaders to replace your people.They grow up and vote against your peoples own wishes, for the interests of their own people and identity. They grow up and take the potential homes of your own people for themselves, they occupy positions of power, remove wealth and destroy social trust.

> Any invader you kill, of any age, is one less enemy your children will have to face.

> Would you rather do the killing, or leave it to your children? Your grand children?

The manifesto is very much worth a read: it's very well thought-out and demonstrates his frame of mind rather perfectly.

d3fafe  No.12964501


Agreed. Lowlifes should kill themselves.

000000  No.12964503


Me personally I'm working on a plan to break him and anyone else that has followed his example out of prison soon. I will make sure all your heroes get out and get a new set of weapons to arm yourselves with for Round II.

c60d2c  No.12964505


The sad, painful truth is if you don't kill the enemy's children, it is your children who will suffer. They will live in a future where they have to kill or be killed by the enemy's children.

The father must carry the burden of such sin, so that his own children can live free of it.

5db80c  No.12964506


I read the whole manifesto. But wtf is that lil kebab child gonna grow up to be? Open a fuckin laundry store or work in some god damn 7/11. Ur gonna fuckin off someone, why not off someone of value?

d3fafe  No.12964508


How long have you been a massive faggot?

000000  No.12964509




>do nothing goyim

>make attempts only on highly guarded targets you can't succeed

>don't attack highly vulnerable targets like is normally done in the starts of a civil war

ab9164  No.12964515

Who has anything about the greenvale hotel? Police ask not to share any info or pics

000000  No.12964517


The very same Mosque he attacked already had previously radicalized two jihadists who were killed in drone strikes.

Everyone in that Mosque is conspiring to kill whites.

5db80c  No.12964521


Cut the head of the fucking snake or the else the fucker will only lay more eggs to replace the broken ones

26c65e  No.12964529


>anything that triggers me is a shill card

2dc8af  No.12964532


classic muslim projection


You will never be Danish, ahmed


>anyone who's jacked is taking drugs, except for niggers… niggers are awesome!

faggot i'm in my mid 40s and can overhead press 100kg and bench over 160 and have never touched T in my life.. Do you know what i look like in comparison to shitskins like you?

I'm a Celtic wrecking machine..


The Aryan Brotherhood are the smallest of the prison gangs in the US but commit the most murders.

9566f8  No.12964538


>posting Tool lyrics in an asinine effort to seem deep and insightful


1e5197  No.12964540

File: 31dc5285157d618⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 377x271, 377:271, 9E1782FC7D2DC401D81612AD4B….jpg)

REMINDER: Brenton Tarrant spent two years training.


The Ballad of Brenton Tarrant

Traveling in the French countryside

Immigration is just White Genocide

Open my eyes to The Great Replacement,

Played Spyro 3, and it made me racist

And I said,

Do you come from a land down under?

Where libshits arseholes tear asunder

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

You better run, you better take cover

Buying guns from a shop in Christchurch

He was five-foot-four and made liberals butthurt

I said, "do you speak-a my language?"

He just smiled and gave me another dead sandnig

And he said


Removed Kebab, subbed to PewDiePie

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

You better run, you better take cover, yeah

Mudslimes stand in a mosque doorway,

Shotgun kebabs, not much left to say

I said to the feds, "Are you trying to tempt me?"

"'cause I post on the chan of infinity"

4936db  No.12964544


You’re mentally retarded. Not every fucking base sandnigger grows up to be isis supersoldier. If they were all warriors they’d have taken over the earth by now. Educate yourself faggot.

f87aef  No.12964549


I don't have to outbreed them. We feed them. If we stop feeding them, they cannibalize.

ac95fb  No.12964556


Theurgical rites for this event commenced more than 30 years ago in ChCh. Having Skippy turn up just prior and describe it as a "juicy target" was somewhat of a surprise though.

2dc8af  No.12964562


I don't know why this hasn't been memed the original song into the video yet. Whenever anyone hears this song they should get chills up their spine.

509f55  No.12964576


Once I realized that it was a Men At Work parody,I was like "fucking brilliant!" Well done,anon. Makes me want to smile and give you a Vegemite sandwich.

000000  No.12964577


why do shills this stupid bother….

b50800  No.12964585


>no more dead people

too late for that. you should think about that before they flood all white countries with muslims. there will be more blood one way or another. do you know what something about Islamic State? this is our future if we don't do anything. do you want your daughter to be sexslaves for 20 dirty muslims?

298632  No.12964590

i got guns but to be honest am afraid to use them

d87944  No.12964592


What was the point and context of your post then?

>The Aryan Brotherhood are the smallest of the prison gangs in the US but commit the most murders.

Which just proves my points.




You will keep feeding them as long as kikes own you and your country.

c2b93f  No.12964593


Beautiful, Anon. Brought a kek to me

c60d2c  No.12964606


>You’re mentally retarded. Not every fucking base sandnigger grows up to be isis supersoldier.

There is so much, much more to war than overt fighting. War is a mindset. War is a way of living everyday life. Too many white men have forgotten this.

>If they were all warriors they’d have taken over the earth by now.

The only reason the muslims haven't taken over yet is because older generations of whites still knew how to live in a state of war. Since most modern whites have forgotten the ways of their ancestors, the muslims are now making pretty good progress towards world domination.

949d85  No.12964611


This. (((They))) always try to turn it into an either/or, when the real answer is BOTH.

b5412a  No.12964613


Class, loved Blake's 7

dc181b  No.12964615

File: 6b3a38a7de667c5⋯.jpg (30.41 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Nelson-Mandela_permission.jpg)

000000  No.12964622


>Not every fucking base sandnigger grows up to be isis supersoldier.

Right. But the ones that don't grow up to be literal truck of peace terrorists provide support, finance, political cover and other resources for the ones that do. Just because they might not engage in violence themselves doesn't disqualify them from being; in fact, some of the smartest non-violent ones are the most radical, and their primary contribution is to radicalize others. Any man telling himself that mosques - literal enemy fortresses on our soil - are harmless is either a liar or a fool.

9566f8  No.12964627

File: 5a6e00b0ae4e264⋯.jpg (174.31 KB, 869x1024, 869:1024, heroesoftherevolution.jpg)

Notice the anti-Brenton shills are all either

>misrepresenting his manifesto

>resorting to moralfaggotry (bUt MuH iNnOcEnTs)

>saying 'its obvious hes mossad' without providing any credible evidence

Don't let shills and apathetic hobbyists turn you against Brenton


000000  No.12964628


>from being

*from being radical

5002d0  No.12964629


>oy vey

>no more dead people

People die about every second friend.

2dc8af  No.12964633


I wish Mandela was still alive in these troubled times…

So we could lynch that filthy anti-white communist and throw him into a pit of crocodiles

26c65e  No.12964643


that image is ruined by the cringe symbol

000000  No.12964644


5002d0  No.12964651


But he was a commie you dumb nigger.

5002d0  No.12964654


Shit I read that wrong, I need my coffee.

bce164  No.12964656

File: a71e15745df31ba⋯.mp4 (7.78 MB, 512x288, 16:9, hitler_on_democracy_v2.mp4)


Good post. Remember, kikebook is saying the video got uploaded and then deleted 1.5 million times in the first 24 hours alone, and that's just them and even then only the instances that were posted obviously and publicly. I don't think anyone here quite understands just how viral this video went. I don't think the government understands either, but they're fucking terrified either way.

They should be. We are going to overthrow them. We are going to win.

4f69ce  No.12964657

You’re a piece of shit. How does a person get this disgusting?

000000  No.12964659


You can print your own using t-shirt paper and then applying it to some fabric

949d85  No.12964660


>acted according to natural law

This is quite astute, all the jew media and education programming is designed to contravene your natural thoughts and impulses, to question everything and invert them.

Wrong is right, truth is poison and so on.

By dropping all of that, and realising that 2+2=4, you reclaim your sanity, you become the real creature on this earth in this reality, and it is equivalent to waking up in the pod from the matrix, the realisation gives you power in the world.

It is a red pill for the soul and the unconscious.

794a20  No.12964663

File: f5892685df589bc⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 548c_1.jpg)


>The video

There is another Mosque in that video and full footage of the whole thing in 720p or better in the fucking police station.

I don't advocate any classified information laws being broken (or any other) but one of /ourguys/ should make that public.

That would be epic. Okay now?

2dc8af  No.12964664


haha i know, no worries cunt

000000  No.12964673


>How does a person get this disgusting?

How did you become so feminized?

porn + soy

d5600b  No.12964675

File: 05a35931e4ffa6b⋯.png (331.29 KB, 1249x868, 1249:868, The Initiation.png)


Wouldn't it be a damn shame if this screencap was shared online?

b50800  No.12964686


It is their fault they live in white countries.

794a20  No.12964687


> in that video

I mean, we only have the 17 minutes and Mosque 1 because Facebook cut the stream.

He was still recording to local disk in the GoPro. (We can assume).

d87944  No.12964689


You forgot that they never provide counter-arguments, just make a lot of threads repeating the same lie, making them painfully obvious. They are relying on previous slave programming in people and aiming for maximum visibility, but they came to the wrong place for that.

05e60f  No.12964696


He did nothing. The people who killed his father, were the corporations and politicians, who remain 100% untouched and even more secure now. He chose to target people the political class are really against (see all their wars).

000000  No.12964697


You realize that this is the reason this shit happens right? People just wanted to play videogames and shit post in peace. You took that away from us with your SJW bullshit calling everyone a nazi, school shooter, incel, racist.. this is just the beginning, the practice. Every single leftist meeting out there will be a massacre in the future.

000000  No.12964702


I want the rest of the footage so badly. Next /ourguy/ needs to stream to non kike service that wont be cut mid-stream.

05e60f  No.12964709


He did nothing. The people who killed his father, were the corporations and politicians, who remain 100% untouched and even more secure now. He chose to target people the political class are already against (see all their wars).

000000  No.12964710

Hell yeah!

1e5197  No.12964714


>He chose to target people


Mudslimes aren't people.

05e60f  No.12964720

Tarrant chose to target people the political class and corporations already are against. See every single war of the 21st century is against the muslim countries.

949d85  No.12964721


put it into the music video

794a20  No.12964730


He also filmed it this was, and, in part, gave the nod to Pewdiepie because he looked like he was a real life version of most every video game since Doom.

The whole thing was a meme in a feedback loop.

It's like footage of JFK's shooting with the mechanics of Two Girls One Cup.

d87944  No.12964735


You can never go straight after those, first you must create the right environment. You are free to try to take down people with private armies at their disposal, paid by your taxes to boot.

000000  No.12964742


Why still shill things that were debunked instantly days ago. Its laminated glass you cretin.

05e60f  No.12964748

A real hero chooses hard targets.

794a20  No.12964753


The Zapruder film was hidden for over ten years.

I think it will get out unless they delete it (and the copies at Facebook, if they exist).

d01857  No.12964762


Don’t worry. Nobody is worried about NEETniggers doing anything to anyone. They have too many mental and physical illnesses to function outside of the house. Even Christchurch sperglord held a job for a while.

000000  No.12964766


Good. Don't forget to livestream and try to break the high score.

794a20  No.12964778



This was true under old media.

This is a new animal we're dealing with.

He didn't something nobody thought was possible with it.

He made the meme war hot.

1e5197  No.12964781

File: 1eb32dd14bd1d06⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 1280x692, 320:173, hard target.jpg)


Everyone who's ever seen a windshield get impacted knows it's bullshit, they're specifically engineered NOT to "just shatter" like that. Don't respond to shills.

>hard target

Shit movie

000000  No.12964782


I hope some young NZ lad starts training today to join the NZ police force for the purpose of liberating the footage.

000000  No.12964791


>He chose to target people the political class are really against

The people the (((political class))) are really against are White men of good character. Just compare the level of media handwringing going on over this attack vs. the jaded acknowledgment of the multitude islamist attacks against our people. When islamists attack us, the political class defends the islamists; when we attack the islamists, again we are attacked and shamed by the very same people. The political class is pushing the islamification of the West and attempts to silence those who resist it. You are an ignorant faggot and should kill yourself.

bce164  No.12964799


This happens literally every time something actually happens. We get flooded with shills more than anyone thought possible. But we also become more alive as a board than ever before, and those extra shills get swept away far faster than usual.

000000  No.12964803


You are worried or you wouldn't be here desperately shilling so hard.

794a20  No.12964808


>liberating the footage.

Someone got that footage of them crying about the Trump election out of Google.

Though Google has lots of employees, the leaking just shows the tendency of bits to show up wherever it's wanted.

96ea73  No.12964814


Watching the video is indeed a very powerful experience. I used to consider myself as a moderate and at first I was extremely critical of his actions, but watching that video has changed me. I can see why kikes are so busy trying to censor it

d01857  No.12964816


No, I’m really not.

05e60f  No.12964823



The bottom line is every war in the 21st century is against muslim countries, exactly what the democracies are against right now. He chose the same target.

000000  No.12964825


Replying says otherwise. Please learn to shill properly. Its boring when they are incompetent as you.

08330c  No.12964833


I'm not saying any of these merchants have that patch, but there's some good stuff nestled in there.

Some of these guys are pretty ok, and some are gigantic faggots. Use your own discretion I suppose.


d01857  No.12964841


Ok NEETnigger, don’t break a wrist typing to me.

b50800  No.12964844


>Why not shoot all these Bilderbergs

Because you would be shot trying to climb over fence. It is impossible to kill them as lone wolf. They are guarded 24/7. And moust people don't care about them. Even if you killed them, they have replacment in 2 days.

6e953f  No.12964845


05e60f  No.12964848


So here you are believing it's a right wing attack, which is "opposite" to his "manifesto" and stated position.

05e60f  No.12964858


No you wouldn't. The political class and their enforcers are very vulnerable.

05e60f  No.12964873


Except all the people saying it's a "leftie" shooting. So what is it? I think his manifesto is to hide his background and blame the ideology that he and the right are against.

5db564  No.12964874


dc06a9  No.12964875


5db564  No.12964880


ill stick my penis in your ass

000000  No.12964883


Pathetic, you have failed. Back to reddit.

dc06a9  No.12964885



4936db  No.12964886

It was a white supremacist leftist communist ecofascist nu atheist shooting funded by (((them)))

5db564  No.12964891


2bbc1a  No.12964899


Nobody owns me.

000000  No.12964901


>The bottom line is every war in the 21st century is against muslim countries

The wars being fought in the middle east are not our wars, but wars being fought solely for benefit of israel. They also conveniently provide justification for refugee migration into Europe and other White countries. Thus the jews are winning on both fronts: their arab enemies in the region are being eliminated for them or forced to flee, and their European enemies are being displaced by the migrating arabs. That doesn't magically make arabs arriving on our soil friends. Only an idiot would believe that.

42954b  No.12964904


Exactly right. If it was a false flag it was a bad one - I feel nothing but energy and will.

4936db  No.12964909


What else do you feel?

5db564  No.12964910


it was real faggots

259ff2  No.12964920


Are you surprised that the gang that is outnumbered has to defend themselves and by that keep themselves incarcerated.

876de4  No.12964923

The last thing the Jews want is white men to believe they can do damage, to see it with their own eyes.

Like the scene in Equilibrium when he ripped the blinders off the window.

058495  No.12964930

File: d79f10f8f6ce8bf⋯.gif (6.35 MB, 480x268, 120:67, sandy.gif)

058495  No.12964934


>this wasn't even real!!!

>and if it was it was mind control!!!!


1e5197  No.12964935



Mein neger! Keep training your Gun-fu and learn those gun katas.

33c580  No.12964939

no bullet holes no shattered glass no blood. missing body. socks ,police,

4936db  No.12964942

Jews are responsible for all the white man’s feats of strength


33c580  No.12964944


if you believe its fake you are detached from reality

05e60f  No.12964951


You believe anything and lie about anything. Saddam was good for jews:

"2003 BAGHDAD - Under Saddam Hussein, they were a privileged group, protected and left to worship as they wished.

Since U.S. troops toppled Saddam in April and Iraq cascaded into lawlessness, they have taken refuge behind high walls and closed their house of prayer. One Muslim cleric has made death threats against them and they say they fear for their future.

"I speak the truth: Saddam Hussein was good to us," said Tawfik Safer, 80, outside the now locked doors of Baghdad's last synagogue."

33c580  No.12964953


because they aint white

058495  No.12964954


Or ya know, because it wasn't on the 17 minute unedited live stream that we've all watched multiple times now.

ac95fb  No.12964959


No other shooters, other than 2 that returned fire from the Linwood mosque

05e60f  No.12964964


But the Jews of Baghdad, left behind by tens of thousands who departed for Israel over the past half-century, were afforded the direct telephone number of an Iraqi state security officer they could call if anyone bothered them.

"We did our fasting. We celebrated Passover. We read our religious books. Then the war came and the synagogue was closed because of the circumstances," Safer said.

d3fafe  No.12964973

It was as fake as Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora, Pulse Nightclub, the moon landing, the Holocaust, etc etc. you’re all dumb sheep niggers.

000000  No.12964975


If you think jews will repay kindness toward them with kindness in return, then you're an even bigger fool than I originally took you for.

1e5197  No.12964982


Nah m8, you've misunderstood. I was merely pointing out how fucking sweet a martial art that incorporates the firearm is.

1e5197  No.12965003



You're both right. The entire way Saddam held that shithole together was by ruling with an iron fist and that meant no favorites. He didn't give a fuck whether you were atheist, sunni, shiite, christcuck or kike, they were all treated exactly the fucking same - with absolutely no mercy.

05e60f  No.12965004


"Jews were also the only minority to have their religion mentioned on their passports and identification cards. Though they were occasionally subjected to violence by Palestinian protesters, the Syrian government took measures to protect them. There was a Jewish primary school for religious studies, and Hebrew was allowed to be taught in some schools. Every two or three months, a rabbi from Istanbul visited the community to oversee the preparation of kosher meat, which residents froze and used until his next visit."

After the war of NATO in Syria, they all had to flee their homes in Syria, dispossessed.

Who is to blame between Syria and Iraq? You say it helped them to be dispossessed and worsened. You're the antisemitic western, white liar.

564f65  No.12965012


I have already mastered the noble art of blastery

000000  No.12965013

if only he had attached the gopro to his nuts

298632  No.12965019

BREAKING: A man is reported to have opened fire on a tram in the city of Utrecht.

ac95fb  No.12965021


Oh for fuck sake. He wasn't a shooter.Not even armed. He was picking his kids up from school rather foolishly decided to wear camo.

1e5197  No.12965025


But then you wouldn't have heard the kickass soundtrack over the clanging of his BALLS OF STEEL.

000000  No.12965044


Lol. Of course I'm antisemitic you idiot shitskin; so would you be if you knew what was good for you. You've just given me two examples of the jews being treated well by the host nations in which they resided, only to pull out when it suited them and call in the US to destroy them.

968a59  No.12965055

File: 67f17dc6615fd92⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 550x550, 1:1, jews everywhere.jpg)

058495  No.12965059


Nothing in that video has any substance. The pictures of those guys in the phone video could've been taken literally anywhere. That area didn't even look like the same one the shooter was in.

298632  No.12965062

death to all jews

000000  No.12965068

anybody got that 240 pages he says he deleted?

298632  No.12965069


ac95fb  No.12965077

And yet he was let go with out charge… nope, it wasn't a gun

c6b5e1  No.12965082

someone cap this im a phoneposter

ac95fb  No.12965088



7e52b6  No.12965092

File: 3bab69c9a374ed4⋯.jpg (921.66 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, four kinds of shills.jpg)

The Four Kinds of Shills To Sage:

1. The do nothing ever goyim shill.

2. The everything is fake you have no heroes shill.

3. The optics cucks shill.

4. The "oy vey he didn't give jews an eternal victim narrative shill I'm mad he didn't criticize jews more explicitly"

c7bf1c  No.12965098


> t-shirt paper never even heard of that shit. cheers, cunt!!!

298632  No.12965099


the low iq shill

c7bf1c  No.12965107


t-shirt paper never even heard of that shit. cheers, cunt!!!

902f98  No.12965112

File: c9a9e2c1d239845⋯.gif (38.96 KB, 399x369, 133:123, 1548995096452.gif)

Holy cow, the >human shills are overrun, so they brought in spambots. Truly pathetic.

7f8833  No.12965122


>Suddenly I wasn't just watching a video, I was experiencing it. I felt the raw power. I felt a fire ignite in my blood, and an indescribable sensation spread throughout my entire body as I watched a White man brutally slaughter foreign invaders in our lands. In that instant, I became initiated.

Couldn't have described it better. I had the same rush, it was surreal. The last time I'd felt that way was a couple years ago when I finished reading Revolt Against the Modern World.

05e60f  No.12965126


No, you said they were jewish was to benefit jews as if stealing the oil and NATO white countries are innocent and have no interest. So I prove it is bad for jews and you still say "of course that's true and I hate jews for pointing out that white countries benefit, not jews and hate jews because someone proved I'm a white liar"

298632  No.12965127


omg its not hollywood . velocity of a bullet etc,

058495  No.12965128


kill yourself

d240cb  No.12965129


Apparently according to Paul Barry your a white wing extremist hate group who kill muslims on a daily basis.

Well he didn't say that but I might as well since he fucking douche who doesn't do an ounce of research or choose his words carefully.

ac95fb  No.12965136


Because laminated windsheilds don't shatter when you shoot them. Look at the image of the car being hauled away. Three gunshot holes through the front window

298632  No.12965139

hes not a shill hes probably a stupid flat earther

c7bf1c  No.12965140


>The feeling I felt afterwards I can only describe as electric.

Yeah, it was a mix of ecstasy and adrenaline. I watched the video at least 50 times and was forced by impulse to roman salute with closed fist each time. I've never watched a more powerful video.




7e52b6  No.12965146


Aren't windshields shatter proof glass?

005194  No.12965149


False. The guy standing behind him would have only needed to step back a little.

05e60f  No.12965153

Everyone I just proved a lying white was lying right here. He admitted it and said "i don't care I hate jews. When jews are said to be liars, instead it's whites who lie and when caught out say you're right i'm the liar, not jews, and I a white liar lie but say jews are liars when I am. I will continue to lie about jews."

c7bf1c  No.12965158


Go and buy a junk car and shoot it or alternatively look up videos of people shooting cars. Life isn't a Hollywood movie.

000000  No.12965166


I'm sorry you're dumb. I really am. Because it would be much better for you to learn that jews are not your friends.

7e52b6  No.12965167


You're incoherent.

d87944  No.12965168


Absolutely human and organic my friend

They are getting desperate because no one is buying into their shit.

05e60f  No.12965172

Everyone can stop reading the thread. There are whites here who openly brag about lying about jews, but before being caught out say they are telling the truth. No one questioned what this lying guy said here, except me.

6efda1  No.12965188


Fantastic work anon.

8e3f24  No.12965190


safety glass retard, shit fragments on purpose you must be underage at not able to drive yet or just fucking retarded

7f8833  No.12965191

File: b6c2a5e2cb8abd0⋯.png (127.88 KB, 300x453, 100:151, wotan.png)



887007  No.12965198


I haven't seen the part of the video you're referring to, but there are two kinds of glass in cars. The windshield doesn't shatter, the side windows do. Stop spamming the same shit or you're going to be banned, nigger.

ac95fb  No.12965205

File: 3fc5b1bb4c2bb42⋯.jpeg (31.45 KB, 649x365, 649:365, 2b9757c00ca632e1a7e9567b9….jpeg)


Just fuck off now

6efda1  No.12965219

File: a4f5e849aea3d7c⋯.png (138.9 KB, 715x669, 715:669, ClipboardImage.png)


>I mean, we only have the 17 minutes and Mosque 1 because Facebook cut the stream.

In all honesty he should have expected this would happen, shouldn't he?

Not that I blame him, I don't know which site he could have uploaded to. Maybe a thread could be made with a tutorial for streaming if anyone has ideas.

b50800  No.12965240

File: a3cb5490d246e0b⋯.png (836.72 KB, 798x420, 19:10, matrixbrenton.png)


I still hate muslims in Europe more than political class anyway. Specialy peaceful one who just want to start new life and have 10 kids. Killing elites is useless. Now muslims will fear every time they pray in mosque.

073d46  No.12965245

File: 8964ec94c1f0419⋯.jpg (513.24 KB, 1566x1394, 783:697, CHAPO CUCK HOUSE.jpg)


46251e  No.12965277



The man has good taste. Learn about your people.

f636aa  No.12965286

File: a47fc1a38c11403⋯.gif (21.37 KB, 128x118, 64:59, 7d5c236c178a7a01848c9a9e04….gif)

>all these people who have never heard of shatterproof windows

000000  No.12965288

I'm a right-wing looking guy, shaved head, Aryan features, and sometimes get dirty looks from sand people at Uni. Today I seemed to get more smiles than usual from white people in the city - middle aged couples, pretty women. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't know if it's because white people are happy about the shooting or if it's because of my renewed energy .

005194  No.12965295


The front glass on cars is built to withstand impacts, that is called safety glass, and he was pressing the shotgun against it which minimized the spread.

You can see the glass on the door shatter when he shoots it, as cars are not impact resistant on all other windows due to semitic influence on the economy. To test this all and confirm what I am saying, I recommend beating the shit out of your car's windows with a hammer.

166a80  No.12965331


I don't see any blood.

Does anyone have the whole video?

0d4e92  No.12965337


Hi Reddit!

cc6d76  No.12965338


Lots of blood in the video in OP.

46251e  No.12965370

People are so okay with white suicide because they have contempt for cowardice but don't realize it. Tarrant showed we won't all go quietly into the night.

It's a subtle psychological quirk.

>if they believe so much then why don't they do anything?

>if we're so deserving of life then why aren't we fighting for it?

Our people may yet live.

ac95fb  No.12965376


Oh yep, so lets get a car with the same make and model and rego plates and (if you actually look closely) bullet holes in the windscreen in the same location that appear in media provided by two independent sources and call it evidence for a false flag shall we. ,.,ok

c7bf1c  No.12965377


>Has anyone else noticed this?

Yep, you aren't imagining things. I'm Cornish and a bit dutch so tall white guy with brown features but obviously Euro as hell. Every nonwhite being extra respectful. I was even imagining killing one Muslim across the room from me and I burst out into laughter. He looked up and saw me laughing like a freak. I saw the nervousness in his eyes.

Oh God I could kiss Brenton for this gift.

c46238  No.12965391


Precisely, attacking soft targets forces your enemy to guard them, especially if one of your enemy's beloved "protected classes" demands it, thus spreading the enemy's forces too thinly and making bigger targets easier to hit, too.

166a80  No.12965398


I wouldn't say lots. There some blood there.

c46238  No.12965409


There's a vid on Youtube where a guy shoots a car with a 9mm and the laminated glass totally deflects the course of the bullet once it enters. To the point that you could theoretically shoot directly at a driver and still miss.

4dfec7  No.12965418

are we decelerating now?

0b3b9f  No.12965419



They’re shit scared and they should be >>12965391

They can’t even into gorilla mma? pathetic as hell

05e60f  No.12965436


if your daughter is with them it's your fault. there are plenty of single white males, whom are attacked all the time by the political class. Again the political class are the enemy and causing the trouble (besides the morons believing their propaganda)

cf4b48  No.12965437


It's weird reading OPs post it's like /pol/ is 100% under jewish occupation where isreali jews get to pretend to be white and paint us as if we're bloodlusting kikes

If any anon made a post like this suggesting we target synagogues the mods would delete it in 10 seconds, but when jews demand we play along with their mossad false flags it stays unmoderated

67622b  No.12965444

File: 29602a0a7db0b26⋯.jpg (10.09 KB, 280x280, 1:1, disgust.jpg)




Good lord, this is a whole new level of cringe

cf4b48  No.12965452


There's no blood or fallout from the bullets the 1st time the mossad agent enters the mosque, only when he leaves to change weapons in his open car with the boot lid up playing the carefully synchronised music and re-enters the building when the team provide blood packs

cf4b48  No.12965467


>I can see why kikes are so busy trying to censor it

You mean the mossad false flag attack that the jews carefully choreographed and filmed and provided for you which was sent out on millions of whatsapp accounts across the world and now we have paid teams of kikes shilling for this mossad false flag as legit resistance… against the muslims who dominate our media, banks and governments?

67622b  No.12965476

File: 4c049c6a1e54f62⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 807x802, 807:802, hehe.jpg)



lmfao what the fuck is this gay shit?

65b0ad  No.12965477

i fucking love this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIcxqVRLEWI

c7bf1c  No.12965482


DOTR when??!!

cc6d76  No.12965483



>false flag

>blood packs

There's plenty of blood the first time he goes it faggot. The first guy he kills leaves a huge trail of blood behind himself on the floor. Go back to your Q containment zone you fucking shitgoblin.


>oy vey

cf4b48  No.12965506


why are you on /pol/ trying to promote jewish mossad false flags that target not one significant jewish figure as legit resistance to the jew world order

The only anons that could fall for this are your MAGApede types the majority of which were LARPing kikes, just as with this jewish psyop

2883d3  No.12965508


>when they’re the only two groups left that would honestly work together

lol, where have you ever seen that, anywhere, anytime, dickhead?

673dbb  No.12965515

Men felt it too man.

902f98  No.12965521



> look ma, I posted it again

cc6d76  No.12965522


>it's mossad

>source: reddit.com/r/Qlarp

66ea78  No.12965528


>Kikes are bad so you should ignore the sand niggers taking over your cities and raping your women.

Fuck off nigger. What have you personally done for you race? I guarantee nothing as signifacnt as elimating 50 sand niggers in a majority white area.

3c079a  No.12965529



Getting ready for Holocaust Number 2.

65b0ad  No.12965530


hahaha gtfo here jew

0b3b9f  No.12965533


Dude it is here now. RIGHT THIS MINUTE THIS DAY NOW!!!!


0b3b9f  No.12965538


But…number 1 needs to happen first anon…

ac95fb  No.12965552



>why are you on /pol/ trying to promote jewish mossad false flags that target not one significant jewish figure as legit resistance to the jew world order

>The only anons that could fall for this are your MAGApede types the majority of which were LARPing kikes, just as with this jewish psyop

The jews have no idea how this one ends. We know them, and had no need to call them out yet

d3fafe  No.12965554

I swear all of you are feds and Jewish niggers. I need to call my shrink, Dr. Bernbaum and up my dose.

14b52f  No.12965558

File: 74a1e8a971c521b⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Doom 2019.webm)


Someone turn this into contra

3c079a  No.12965567


screw your optics, we're going in.


000000  No.12965573


Thats dumb, here's what you have to do: splice the video within another. Right now YT algos ban the video by comparing the files. If they video is within another video they can't detect it, and when they take it down you splice it into another regular video and once again it cant be detected so it has to be taken down manually

Bonus: use really normie videos then send the links to unsuspecting normalfags. Get a fake account to do it else you get v&.

0c96f2  No.12965575


Top Kek

65b0ad  No.12965576


you dont need to tell us that

59b74b  No.12965581


When is the actuall doom mod coming out?

cf4b48  No.12965586

File: ebd11b1c536fe5e⋯.jpg (82.75 KB, 1231x341, 1231:341, BreiviksCheerleaders.JPG)



>Oy vey, how dare goyim try to challenge us jews openly shilling for jewish false flags designed to undermine white resistance

What is it about zionist terrorists pretending to be white nationalists that compels you to encourage others to kill… not jews,but the jews enemies.

Another point that most of you kikes will struggle to understand is that there are more murders, rapes and muggings committed by niggers in our cities and in fact muslims are just one group of 100s you kikes sent to destroy our nations.

Yet apparently in the tiny minds of you isreali hasbara we only see muslims and none of the niggers and various hostile muds you brought here?

You jews are THE PROBLEM

None of these mossad attacks target jews, just the jews enemies while being blamed on whites

d3fafe  No.12965589


JFK (Jewish Fucking Kike) is still alive, fyi

60e96a  No.12965592


You realize we have only been annoyed by SJWs so far, and for the last 20 years only, right? Most of our history is us fucking over other countries really, even if it's not as dramatic as SJWs make it seem. Also, the last thing we ever need to do is create another war, that will actually make matters worse. Stop being retarded just because far-left SJWs annoyed you. I'm more right-wing, and I realized there is no real danger for us unless we let SJWs take over. Fuck over the bad people, not everyone else.

45f854  No.12965594

Wow tough comments from weak little cunts behind a screen your fucking pathetic get a fuxking life hope you end up as a victim in one of these shootings you weak piece of shit

60e96a  No.12965603

For the love of god, stop calling Jewish anyone who is a serious scientist or doctor

cf4b48  No.12965609


>The jews have no idea how this one ends.

Considering they arranged and filmed the psyop you and other jews are promoting on /pol/

They know precisely how this ends which is whites under more restrictions without and means to defend themselves and jews power reinforced

Which all you jews are more than aware of, hence your stepped up shilling on these boards pretending /pol/ supports your jew psyops

Ultimately you jews will be made responsible

b50800  No.12965614

File: 544e172a884d752⋯.mp4 (8.59 MB, 320x180, 16:9, tarantula_2_NZ.mp4)

d3fafe  No.12965615


Don’t trust (((scientists))) or (((doctors))) that’s your first problem, anon

000000  No.12965619


Delicious shitskin tears.

14b52f  No.12965623


Or, we could do both. One of you faggots should U U D D L R L R B A a jüden building.

bce164  No.12965624


Do you happen to have the original image?

000000  No.12965626



At least he has a choice on where the camera to be put.

It needs not to be positioned like a FPS game.

60e96a  No.12965633


Believe or fucking not, they hold the truth with actual PROOF and EVIDENCE unlike you kike retard

cc6d76  No.12965641


lmao, this buttblast


How many levels deep are you on Jordan Peterson you pathetic cuckold?

0b300b  No.12965649


I really hope the dude posting this pic is not white otherwise you're no better than a jew you filthy nigger, if you want to jerk off get the fuck out

67622b  No.12965652


I sure did m8

im honestly amazed at how fucking gay you cunts are

>brentberg ignited my ancestral fire by shooting a bunch of retired shitskins in the back and spouting off internet memes like an autist


holy fuck you're pathetic

3c079a  No.12965656


> isis supersoldier

implying they could ever be or have the capacity to be anything else than a suicide bomber.

938386  No.12965661


Fucking spot. Thats what it is. Europeans have much more so its understandable that someone would fixate on migrants but all of the estherian wars in the m.e and the immigration networks and the ngos funding them are all jewish.

019930  No.12965668

File: 1dec07a44026127⋯.png (401.48 KB, 447x438, 149:146, 1537999670418.png)


Fucking kek

d3fafe  No.12965674


Why would I need (((PROOF))) and (((EVIDENCE))) when I have Gematria and ancient Hebrew Magick, retarded soygoy?

ac95fb  No.12965676


Not eveything is a Jewish conspiracy. Just occasionally majic occurs..

60e96a  No.12965677



019930  No.12965678

File: 754bf0918422f67⋯.jpg (82.86 KB, 872x960, 109:120, Christchurch.jpg)

14b52f  No.12965680

File: 41e24c28105178c⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 4160x3088, 260:193, IMG_20181102_165317.jpg)


Sciences such as robotics or engineering are largely uncucked (besides the BLAK WHAMEN FOR STEM bullshit, but that never really worked), but biology is fucked.

cf4b48  No.12965684


Every single post you see glorying in this mossad false flag is made by a LARPing kike

The same kikes who mass report you if you suggest that we target prominent jews instead of just attacking isreal's enemies

c7bf1c  No.12965685

>>12965533 (double dubs)

Sir, meme responsibly. I can only handle so much desire to kill.

60e96a  No.12965688


Wait what

cf4b48  No.12965695

File: 7e44a29f10c4ba0⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, c-idWkYhzkUGkuL_Ykg46LJ6tq….jpg)


>The very same Mosque he attacked already had previously radicalized two jihadists who were killed in drone strikes.

You mean the mossad ISIS cells that they were caught setting up in Christchurch?

60e96a  No.12965700


Nah mate all sciences got it good except for the scientists who send out reports that get debunked by other scientists

14b52f  No.12965709


So why not kill 2 birds with one stone?

9566f8  No.12965723


Reminder that 'cringe' is a buzzword only used by leftist shills

60e96a  No.12965733

Who joined the discord server? Is it a trash one?

d01857  No.12965736


Nigger u got a spreadsheet on posters? Lol. What a triplefaggot you are. Prob FBI

ea9766  No.12965742


Yeah, it's a direct callback to the control grid; jewish media directed 'cringe' where all truth, European culture and religion is shunned and avoided.

14b52f  No.12965745

File: e525b6c30ba5c55⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 4160x3088, 260:193, IMG_20190317_183511.jpg)


Get your blackpill bullshit outta here, even if the Aussie had the wrong targets, he showed us that anything is possible. If this shit keeps happening, a Rothschild will eventually fall.

ea9766  No.12965775

File: 6ba57b752355c29⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 256x144, 16:9, skyking forever.webm)


<Asses and echoes

<nothing is possible

000000  No.12965790

Well, I think the shooter just want to make use of a big event to draw the public mention so that more people will take a look on his seventy-pages message posted on social media.

It's a pretty successful and extreme marketing campaign, seeing how everyone is involved in the discussions about the event these days….

60e96a  No.12965791


ThAt'S pReTtY gOoD…

ea9766  No.12965798

File: b0e771eb4d0f796⋯.jpg (369.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1547406590604.jpg)


>Because good things don't happen.

It would be extremely painful.

>We exist in a place of punishment.

For you.

504ce8  No.12965799

Anyone claiming that this is a false flag based on missing "blood splatters" and gun impact, has obviously not that much knowledge about guns. When someone gets shot with a 5.56 caliber there is rarely blood splashing all over the place in high amounts like in a kike hollywood movie. If the body lays on the ground blood might gush out, the first sandnigger he shot at the entry was bleeding all over the stairs, some of the sandniggers laying on top of each other also probably gushed out a good amount of blood that we are not able to see since they lay on top of each other. Bullet impacts can be seen all the time and when he shoots them in the head it is even more obvious that this is not some kind of toy gun. The footage itself obviously is not in full quality since the live-stream and the capture of it probably both downgraded the overall quality which means that there are blood patterns and other small details that are hard to see on the video.


Most windshields are able to absorb a good amount of the shotgun pellets so this is not fake at all, also the windshield clearly shattered so I don't even know what you are talking about.

60e96a  No.12965817


Nice shutdown


You massive kike

ea9766  No.12965818


Truck cavalry is a modern invention, don't shame them.

000000  No.12965822



Damn Ashes is that you? Are you still building that atomic bomb?

9566f8  No.12965824



Read The Lightning and the Sun and stop with the demoralization shilling

ea9766  No.12965826


>Well? How am I wrong?

I just posted it. It's always possible to do things.


b50800  No.12965835


>Nothing is possible. All is manufactured by ZOG.

Than even you are manufactured by ZOG. Schizo boomer.

c82e7d  No.12965843


I'm doing my part. I hosted a copy on Mega to share amongst my friends and family. A repill storehouse if you will. I showed the entire 16+ minute video to my brother, sister in law and their kids, lol! I've been cold and approving of what happened. No one in my family dares to question my enthusiasm because at this point my years of rambling about what's happening to this planet is starting to become evident to even the normies lately.

0b3b9f  No.12965849


Are you still in Gadsden? Or did you move?

000000  No.12965856


Show them The Lion edit.

60e96a  No.12965865


i'm not replying to myself you niger. please stop the massive red writing it's cancer

3c079a  No.12965867


I'm watching this for the 4th time and I can't stop laughing.

ff4475  No.12965869


fuck you whites over all

504ce8  No.12965879


Why are you formatting your posts in bold and red letters, are you craving attention?

ea9766  No.12965887

File: 8911a944cd54173⋯.jpg (292.36 KB, 1200x1681, 1200:1681, c0240e84da56c45fa19bd20221….jpg)


>Go ahead and try. It will accomplish nothing.

<my experiences aren't real if they have no impact on (((the political world)))

<my positive experiences aren't real

Fuck you kike.

>Jesus was a kike

You are a kike.

>and there is no salvation.

Make better posts and be the change you want to see, faggot.


60e96a  No.12965888



b50800  No.12965897


Honestly nigger. Calm down. Just enjoy ride. Mr. Bones ride never ends. Even if you kill yourself you will be born again. Don't make it harder for yourself even more.

60e96a  No.12965899


Yea he is living in his mom's basement wanking to furry porn and his friend is a pencil

ebd85d  No.12965902

File: 8a7f9fdc0827365⋯.jpg (756.06 KB, 1220x686, 610:343, zelande1.jpg)

d069b9  No.12965912

File: 35ad998e64e7540⋯.png (410.79 KB, 572x474, 286:237, smiling elf.PNG)


>asses and elbows has come to visit

where have you been m8?

30a6ea  No.12965947

the attcak is a false flag operation by the Pakistani Deep state I.S.I.

ask me why?????

Advantagess: There will be no more hate towards moslems.

Action will be taken towards islamaphoess

tried to make a point that its not only the moslems, who are terrorists.

will take our gun rights, where we cannot protect ourselves by these moslem faggots.

the action is in place, the NZ rughby team Crusaders are considcering new name post christchurch shooting.

NZ P.M brining in stricter laws and gun control.

can easily blame the leaders like D.Trump and make them more liberal on their visa law for islamic nations.

bcoz of islamphobia the islamic nation hv suffered alot of humiliation.

the country like pakistan is famous for false flag operations. they wud not mind sacrificing their own hs a hero rather than with a sucide bombing. Our race is in threat, the islam will conquer, the brits r suffering sharia law will be practiced in britan. we are


60e96a  No.12965948


Or you like gore furry porn, since you like red color on your posts. Seems reasonable

b50800  No.12965955




and that is your problem. if you don't enjoy anything, suicide is always option. they will give you new body and you could start again.

be1761  No.12965997


christ was a kike

60e96a  No.12966008


Oh yea it's bad, since it sustains humanity and is an enjoyable love process. Dumbass

b50800  No.12966025


If you know about reincarnation, you have nothing to fear. I am not from Weimarica. If i want to kill somebody, it would be propably Tarantula style. Not execution of innocent anon. If you can't enjoy your life, hang yourself. They will prepare another life for you and you can try again. Don't torture yourself. That is what they want. They feed your pain.

be1761  No.12966040


reincarnation = eternal death

b50800  No.12966053



60e96a  No.12966054

Can you kikes stop talking about religion in a politcal board

be1761  No.12966069

File: 1f2f49a8eb7b03f⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 520x347, 520:347, tridentine.jpg)

yall are full of hatred yall need Jesus

60e96a  No.12966079


Well if that's so bad use contraception aka condoms. Stop being a nihilistic cunt plz

60e96a  No.12966093


I don't give a fuck religion is the most further from politics than other things plz stop the cancer boiz I know there are some edgy people here but cmon

da4343  No.12966099


you need proper conscience and morality

7f6364  No.12966104

File: b08514fcbc9bbd5⋯.png (297.77 KB, 952x872, 119:109, 12345323454323.png)

So when do whites actually get shit done? I have been telling you fags to make money and build up resources but you never listened and now bitch about being poorfags without organisation?

You could have all had houses with brothers you trust by now.

60e96a  No.12966107


Well sorry boy, but your conception of sex is over-dramatic. You need to try it at least once to know what it is

ed630d  No.12966116

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I would like to use these dubs to draw attention to (((Stick Girl))) who had an amazing selfy stick giving a high-up view of the Charlottesville car crash. She conspicuously TURNED AWAY from showing people attacking cars, as previous footage showed.

da4343  No.12966117


Whites are not barbaric we evolve to be walking pussies

ceffc3  No.12966118



b50800  No.12966120


If you don't want to kill yourself than try to enjoy life bit. It is not your resposibility to change world. Only if you chose to sacrifice your life for it. You will die anyway. You died million times and you will die again and again. Just like you go sleep and wake up.

c52c3d  No.12966127



06850d  No.12966135

he will go to jail, or so they want us to believe. but he will be released when the dust settles. this is all part of <their> plan.

"we didn't start the fire, it was already burning."

7f6364  No.12966138

File: 114f51109f9237f⋯.jpg (6.16 KB, 163x250, 163:250, 1552853799592.jpg)


Maybe the same could be said about you. You don't care about Whites because they are different to you.


Whites can be. My point is that we could have had housing, decent jobs and put the money to propaganda but (((anons))) on here screamed to be poorfags for some reason. We evolved to warriors and thinkers. We have to evolve again and people need to get over their fear of money and resources.

7f6364  No.12966150

File: 79c6a9bc64e34df⋯.jpg (32.97 KB, 237x210, 79:70, 75a75f095eef0037119682f900….jpg)


>be a lone wolf

>be isolated and weak

>this will work

How do you think jews got powerful?

60e96a  No.12966152


Nice, not even trying to understand why I said you should at least try sex once

60e96a  No.12966159


Massive cunt actually thinks nothing can be enjoyed lol I'm starting to wonder if he's not just trying to do edgy jokes

b50800  No.12966167


If there is nothing to enjoy, kill yourself and start again. They will erase your memories and give another chance. They will try to fix you because they still souls running this system. You can't ecape it same way like you can't escape night.

cbce43  No.12966168


The damage is done. That video will haunt internet for a really long time. The seeds have been sown and the harvest is nigh.

cf4b48  No.12966179


What with your Purim coming up it looks like many more mossad false flags will ensue with Christians and muslims as the only victims

61ebf4  No.12966186


It's haunting my vlc right now.

60e96a  No.12966201


How do you even know you've been re-incarnated?

7f6364  No.12966211

File: 343a3d82fc5ccfc⋯.gif (917.28 KB, 269x371, 269:371, 12423532454326.gif)


>build wealth

I will build wealth. My point is. Why aren't other Whites doing it?

>the gods allowed them to

Either newfag bullied by jews or schizo poster.

ed630d  No.12966215


The "either/or" only applies when they want us to target Muslims first, to distract from them. Muslims will always be the more obvious threat. If we always focus on them, we'll never find the Jews as they dig deeper into our society as cryptokikes.


> inhumane ceremoniously prepared food (Halal and Kosher)

This is going to require some explanation for me. I mean, I understand how Kosher is inhumane…


> These strict guidelines require the animal be killed by a single cut across the throat to a precise depth, severing both carotid arteries, both jugular veins, both vagus nerves, the trachea and the esophagus, no higher than the epiglottis and no lower than where cilia begin inside the trachea, causing the animal to bleed to death. Orthodox Jews explain that this ensures the animal dies instantly without unnecessary suffering, but many animal rights activists view the process as cruel, claiming that the animal may not lose consciousness immediately, and activists have called for it to be banned.

But I don't understand what is inhumane about Halal food


>strangled to death

>beaten to death

>died due to falling

>killed by being smitten by horn

>eaten by wild beast

On the other hand…


>The UK Farm Animal Welfare Council said that the method by which Kosher and Halal meat is produced causes "significant pain and distress" to animals and should be banned.

I understand how the "single cut, let it bleed to death" is torture by Jews, but I don't see that requirement mentioned under Halal. It's not like we would mercifully kill animals via strangulation/falling… is somehow the "beaten to death" prohibition a prevention of using bolt guns to the skull?

60e96a  No.12966220


>newfag bullied by jews


c52c3d  No.12966267

File: 46d375acd08ee66⋯.mp4 (14.61 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Truth shall Triumph - Adol….mp4)

7f6364  No.12966294


I've been here since 2014, lad. You are clearly bullied and this is you coping. You'll get over it soon. You think our Race needs people like you? Scrawny little spergs with no money or power? lmaoing@ at you right being such a faggot.

Cheer up. Make some shekels and start getting power back. Right now you are just a lonely and useless white who is coping.


I get paid cash in hand. What now? Even then "zog" doesn't even take that much unless you are some beta who plays by the rules. Your call. Seems to me you want to be a victim.

ed630d  No.12966306


I just want to say, I am the guy who suggested this on one of the the previous threads. Although this wasn't the particular Doom music I had in mind, it's not like I know the name of the soundtracks.

aaa8e9  No.12966313

Hm. Maybe I have a specific apology to make to the US government. “They do” indeed… Blight.

The above is as much apology as is practical to give, and in any case the problem might still be fascistic liars who claim that “having set the minimum wage, even were it an error, taking it down might create a problem larger still” as an excuse to conserve blunders and suppress progress.

There are techniques that aren’t practically effective - certainly not as implemented by China and Cuba.

7f6364  No.12966322


I am telling you all the same, you dumb fuck.

bce164  No.12966324


>So when do whites actually get shit done?

Last Friday?

bce4ec  No.12966329

File: 3ad8d10cfbc6405⋯.jpg (931.92 KB, 2048x1800, 256:225, IMG_20190317_212625.jpg)

The media is using this

bb5122  No.12966333


cf4b48  No.12966335


That was you jews play acting as whites to demonise us whites

60e96a  No.12966345


How dare they disrespect these high minds of Youtube by pretending they're alt-right lamestream media should be illegal

7f6364  No.12966378


And I'm tell you that are the fucking newfag and you clutching to muh ID won't save you. Cope more, you fucking poor bitch.

>wah wah jews hurt me wy peepo

>so what have you done to stop them kid

>bitch on 8chan about how people are newfags


000000  No.12966415

The press keeps saying that the guy wanted to 'stop immigration' but that's only part of the story. He really wanted to incite a civil war, so all the Muslims would be killed or kicked out.

caa482  No.12966442


that's what happens when the majority of population are fucking city fags who never have slaughtered their next meal, and have no fucking idea what blood looks like

e4eeae  No.12966453


Think about all of the whites who should be owning local gas stations or laundromats. These foreigners get preferential tax treatments and loans to open businesses that make a perfectly sensible middle income for a white family. Whites are being relegated to low income employee positions for the benefit of outsiders.

000000  No.12966462

It's on everyone's mind.

The inevitable conclusion.

The sign of the times.

The true meaning of the end times.

Everyone was in it together.

We all had the same thought.

Every calculation, every rationale,

Every single datapoint lead to the same thought.

We all sang with a smile, as we loaded our guns.

We took the shovels off the handles and replaced them with knives.

We took our belts off and tied on little razors,

We replaced our sanity with murder, and finally the killing had begun.

And we all went on together for the conclusion of humanity.

The governments all lied, and the religions did too.

The society was a lie, and at this point, everyone knew.

So the one conclusion we were drawn to began to sap our sanity.

It was finally time.

Finally time. Finally time!

Finally time to just start killing everyone! EVERYONE!

I won't be the first. And it won't even be you. There's no one to blame.

We'll see it start to escalate, slowly at first, the military does this as their job, you know, so it's not like it's out of place.

And then more and more and more will come, everyone's in it together now, and we're all going insane!

A concerned mother will look at all the bodies, and go to the police,

She'll ask meekly, "Sir, what will you do with these?"

And the policeman will smile nicely, pulling out his gun,

But his laughter did not stop, as he shot her again and again, simply for fun.

The prime minister of our land, and even the queen as well,

Asked simply for order, for us all to line up nicely.

But the face she had on was amusing, as her eyebrows went too high,

Her smile was pulled tight as she started to massacre the people, hundreds at a time.

But she wasn't alone, no one was, because everyone was dying.

And better yet: Everyone was killing, and it was the truest joy.

Nobody was spared the lust, not men, not women, not children,

The little children would pick up the tiniest knives, and stab stab stab!

The most simple conclusion, the one thing we all had to do.

All at the same time in unison, we knew the day had arrived.

Yes, it all happened in just a single day, that wonderful conclusion,

Perhaps a year or three from now, no one truly knows the date,

However when it happens, we know it would never again abate.

But it all happened at once. Everyone looked around and decided:

The day is finally here. Killing day has finally dawned.

The smile was on everyone's face as they were coming home from work.

They thought simply: "I think I'm done working now, as there's nothing left to do."

"We've poisoned the land, the air, the water, the trees, and there is no future. It's time to simply end this, before we suffer more."

They looked around, and realized everyone was thinking the same thing.

Everyone had a special sparkle in their eyes, a smile on their face.

Everyone saw each other and began to rush home with delight.

They had to prepare their weapons, for the coming of the night.

The greatest minds of the century pondered what to do.

These wise scientists suddenly knew what to do.

They built a machine, a killing machine,

A robot that has a gun. The robot began to move, and then went door to door, bringing everyone a weapon. A special weapon for each person, delightfully unique, each person was armed now, and filled with deranged glee.

People looked around, and all they saw were enemies.

The inevitable conclusion of the 21st century had finally been reached.

Not Mars, not Venus, certainly not happiness,

The one single conclusion was simple: Everyone is an enemy, and they all have to die.

Yes, everyone is an enemy, and everyone has to die.

c5a7b6  No.12966472

File: 7564353d771ab83⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 968x646, 484:323, BRT22.jpg)

Brenton Tarrant Declines ZOG Lawyer, Will Defend Self Before Court


3c079a  No.12966480


Because that's what the JEWS DO.

You won't beat them by playing their game.

Wealth is not the most important thing in life…

caa482  No.12966486


all lawyers will hand on DotR! majority of them are kikes anyways, and the rest are just as twisted, if not blood connected with the tribe

ed630d  No.12966527


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Al_Noor_Mosque,_Christchurch#2013 scrubbed from Wikipedia too. Although I suppose in fairness, the mosque didn't have an article prior to this shooting, despite having radicalized a couple guys.

That's just Al-Noor though (the 1st one I think) what about the 2nd, do we have any dirt on the Linwood Islamic Centre?

880e61  No.12966571


>centered around 8chan

He was from here. He posted his livestream here. He was into the same memes as the regulars.

>like he was following a script

He was, his script for how it would go down. The music was the trigger for the different phases but he states that he ran out of time to burn it down.

24c0bb  No.12966600

Let's get the fact straight: I have no idea why people criticize him for what he did. He just believed in what he believed it was right. Who decides what is right and what is wrong to begin with? There is no justice, no injustice in this world. Everything happens because it happens.

096c6f  No.12966601

File: 6810cdfad9633bb⋯.jpg (176.12 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1098927972ff03ac7bb9ed43e3….jpg)


Ethnic replacement was never an option, faggot.

096c6f  No.12966626

File: 51cade4dbf04075⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, data.jpg)

4fafee  No.12966633

mass shootings will eventually lead to ww3. the war to end humanity itself. can't wait for the next one.

da4343  No.12966642


yes i cant wait for it im fucking sick with college

24c0bb  No.12966661


At schools, boys should be shot, girls should be raped and impregnated.

24c0bb  No.12966666


Please rape some girls from your college and film it.

da4343  No.12966675


ermm im a loser whose loyal with only one girl

24c0bb  No.12966685


Might as well rape her too. Give us some breeding and fapping material plz.

da4343  No.12966698

File: 88e66052173fb17⋯.jpg (154.01 KB, 962x660, 481:330, moslem.jpg)

File: 4650b3a5fcfe070⋯.jpg (233.03 KB, 962x638, 481:319, allah haha.jpg)

b7b272  No.12966709

The only way to end the current tyranny in the world is to kill all these White racist scums one by one. Just like how Communists massacared Nazi soldiers in WW2. These white racist savages have been enslaving and massacring Indians, Blacks, Jews, Muslims and Asians, physically, economically and politically. We have to all unite and eradicate them once and for all. Do not engage in any dialogue with them, they’re a lost cause, eliminate them. MAKE THE RACIST AFRAID AGAIN.

350e1c  No.12966723

File: fb3942329464660⋯.png (196.97 KB, 361x500, 361:500, Oh you.png)


>forwarding this thread to NZ police

Put me in the screencap

7a142c  No.12966747

File: 5680a4b75d4156f⋯.jpg (140.56 KB, 1439x1071, 1439:1071, bf2c9385.jpg)

24c0bb  No.12966764


Just with a little difference: Male white supremacists should be slaughtered, female white supremacists should be raped and creampied interracially, so their offsprings will bear mixed blood, their sons will be killed and their daughters will be raped and bred again.

489104  No.12966783


>>>/leftypol/ is that way you massive overweight hero

489104  No.12966801


DOTR soon you feckless coward. We'll string you up by your balls.

ec293a  No.12966861

File: 29365b0ff9ba889⋯.jpg (101.02 KB, 935x935, 1:1, 29365b0ff9ba88917ec6736d7b….jpg)


pls make sure i'm in the thread when they see it so i can tell them that clownpiece is best toehoe

05e60f  No.12966894

05e60f  No.12966904


Why are you posting that picture?

5d229f  No.12966955

File: 23a0f468a5b7fe4⋯.mp4 (2.69 MB, 640x400, 8:5, 0f37eec7ea80608bf1010d347b….mp4)


No blood you say?

255529  No.12966991



3c079a  No.12967012


What a dumb bitch.

It's people like this that really shouldn't be allowed to live.

9566f8  No.12967036


You appear to be lost, are you trying to leave a comment on WorldStarHipHop you illiterate subhuman?

cbce43  No.12967038


Not worth spending time on these lowlife pathetic spineless worms. A 5.56 and a wall is all they'll get.

be1761  No.12967041


like most white women are

72042a  No.12967098


Would you mind sharing me an archived version of the manifesto?

43cf72  No.12967105

File: 8d106d4d1e8c945⋯.png (371.89 KB, 627x473, 57:43, ClipboardImage.png)


f21c14  No.12967128

File: 97ae4f1d3cd9b30⋯.png (219.34 KB, 939x1176, 313:392, Christchurch was an Initia….png)


Agreed. Capped the whole thing for posterity.

61505d  No.12967213

File: b4da6540acd6827⋯.webm (11.36 MB, 648x360, 9:5, WrathNZ.webm)


Truly a day to mark down in history

5f45ff  No.12967219


Heh. Tarratula is actually a pretty good nickname for our hero.

The roach fears the


125f00  No.12967225


Using the playlist to keep to his schedule was a really nice touch. His first songs were a little too relaxed for my taste. But when the /pol/ anthem became audible around the 7:30 mark, I feel like he really came into his own commercially and artistically. Regardless, the whole album had a clear, crisp sound, and a sheen of consummate professionalism that gave the removal a big boost.

035922  No.12967227


He probably raped some pigs and ate them. I means it’s a nigger mudslime.

c29683  No.12967253


3rd Person would have helped him check those corners better

5d7c7c  No.12967254

File: 71080e5d6449b79⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 283x429, 283:429, img004.jpg)

Fuck you all bastards, …. We Muslims will kill you the hard way

035922  No.12967277


How does it feel to marry your cousin? You’re gross. Lol.

c29683  No.12967290

b40968  No.12967337


For god's sake don't get as low as them, no one is going to kill anyone please stop that shit already !


9566f8  No.12967371





da4343  No.12967372


HAHAHAHAHAH we will skin you the easy way

b892ba  No.12967386


Good. Gather as many witnesses as you require.

There is nothing in this world that can stop what is coming.

1e448b  No.12967412


I'm glad I wasn't the only one feeling this. Normally gore and the like didn't really affect me, but now after this first person front row seat deep in my gut I feel changed. Like more carnage awaits us and I can't wait to participate.

7807fc  No.12967424

File: 78eecb05ce1632e⋯.jpg (75.17 KB, 480x646, 240:323, ddicc.jpg)

>The black sun is not a Nazi symbol

b50800  No.12967437




"HD" version of anybody want to collection.

4c0add  No.12967444

I have this friend who was sort of into this right-wing scene, and the Christchurch shooting video got him to stop supporting Trump. It's bad optics.

8e09bb  No.12967453

Lolol bunch sad humans here

b50800  No.12967466


Supporting Zognald is bad anon. You should not support jewish puppet.

8e09bb  No.12967487

All you old white dudes threatening random people online lol sad life…. Dont be a bitch

4c0add  No.12967491


funny, he's jewish.

8aa835  No.12967527

Can anyone send me a copy of his manifesto?

f384a3  No.12967546

File: ecc92025654790f⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 490x370, 49:37, make islam retreat again.jpg)


I was pretty upset when my fiancee told me the news. "I don't want to kill anybody, I just want to put them on boats! Why can't we just put them all on the fucking boats?" Pregnant femanon even cried about it.

Then I watched the video, and realized, "Oh, it's not so bad." I'm surprised by this, but the idea was far more upsetting than the actual event. Conceptually, the people shot are relatable, but visually, I realize they are the enemy, and I'm just watching a war video. And the war is one of defense.

It drives me mad how many right-leaning and anti-Islam e-celebs and activists are completely cucked on this. If they could only understand that this is a war, if they could only see this event in its proper light, by placing it alongside death tolls like Dresden, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, or by placing it alongside the grassroots heroes of history that we idolize like Braveheart and Robin Hood, they might start to understand it properly: this is nothing.

These cucks think mass killing is statistical when done with political sanction rather than the consent of any population, and a tragedy when the killing comes from the people themselves. They abandon their nations to suck the cock of the state. It's exasperating.

985f32  No.12967565


this is for san bernadino 2015 you son of a bitch

b18a5b  No.12967600


>Braveheart and Robin Hood

Anon, this isn't a movie. And take off the red hat, Grab a Balaclava.

f384a3  No.12967602


>this isn't a movie

Neither are Wallace and Robin Hood, you dip.

f384a3  No.12967626



Those two people, who came off the top of my head quick, inspired their people and stood out through hundreds of years of history by serving as avatars for the collective values of their people. Justice, and rebellion against invading and oppressive forces. Western history is full of such heroes.

b18a5b  No.12967634


I can agree with the idea. I want the same goals.

24c0bb  No.12967646

If a 12 year-old girl wants to be licked by a grown up man, to deny her of that would be a crime. If she licks a grown up man, it is only polite for the man to lick her back. We must teach our children to be friendly with strangers and insist to be licked by them. Children who aren't licked are worth nothing. When I walk on the streets, if I see a child alone, I am going to lick it. Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups. Lick a 12 year-old girl's cheek as if she was a lollipop, as if she was a sweet candy. Seeking her as a precious jewel, for to give up I would be a fool. Even if she doesn't want to be licked, give her politely the unwanted lick.

f384a3  No.12967651


found the semite

53c399  No.12967675


When they want to shut something down, they just ignore it and the normies follow suit.

They are doing the opposite and hyping this video up by shutting down websites and telling people how scary it is.

>>An initiation

Interesting choice of words.

I agree.

This was an initiation like 9/11 was an initiation.

eedfc6  No.12967690


>give her politely the unwanted lick.

It's actually a flip. They're like this too, and the jumbled word order screams "Philippines."

7fb162  No.12967694

Murder is wrong. You will burn in hell for eternity if you murder someone.

2aa32c  No.12967704


>he states that he ran out of time to burn it down

Toward the end it sounds like he says he did have time but he ran out too early. Hard to hear it all but something went wrong with his "burner" (forgot lighter?)

bce164  No.12967708


Big brain analysis right there.

53c399  No.12967711


You're smarter than the internet warrior aren't you?

Doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.

And when you say things like:

>>this is a post-Christchurch world

It sounds just like the government saying:

>>This is a post 9/11 world

9/11 was used as an excuse to publicly institute overreaching governmental powers and undermine the rights of the people. And nobody did a fucking thing.

The result will be the same with the

(((current happening)))

Only when a true leader emerges from the people will anything change.

Tarrant is no leader. Anyone who avoids the Jewish Question cannot be a leader for the people.

A true leader must stand on the Truth. Because that is the only way that he will have the power to counter their lies.

Those who avoid the truth will eventually be called for the cowards they are.

Faggot didn't even go down in a blaze.

Just like Brevik.

Captured like cowards.

Or just taken in by their ^v brothers ^v for show, if you ask me.

f384a3  No.12967717


Define murder.

53c399  No.12967726


Poison the well shill here

We have enough evidence that he was an agent. That is all that we need to see the jew behind this attack.

He definitely killed people. They need real bodies to get the reaction that they want out of this one,

f384a3  No.12967728


>Only when a true leader emerges from the people will anything change.

The Internet is changing this. There are plenty of leaders – and they're all saying, "Calm down, please no more violence." Historically, leaders goad their followers to fight, but now we're seeing the opposite. Leaders are filters, taking in information, shaping narratives by speaking. Now the information comes directly to the people, and we trade memes instead of listening to speeches. All leaders can be assasinated. But good look assassinating all the heads of the white snake.

f384a3  No.12967729


… *luck

4f96a1  No.12967741











000000  No.12967746


They are humans something you will never shitskin.

53c399  No.12967754


Yeah and those shoes that were next to the ladies head.

What was up with that?

And why don't you include his accomplice in the glory?

You know, the guy in the fatigues that got arrested. I think he should be honored too.

I want to know who he is.

Don't you want to know who he is?

4115ee  No.12967760


pewdiepies follow list is similar to mine just two years ago, his radicalization is almost complete if it isn't already

75e676  No.12967769


Theyll grow up to be a 7-11 worker with 10 kids on the public dole.

53c399  No.12967770



The internet is a false God that lulls people into inaction.

The only thing it has been good for is priming the people and arming them with knowledge. So that they will be ready when the leader emerges.

Lone Wolves do not a revolution make.

Only Masses of people with a common purpose can change history.

Look at how divided people are over this incident. Division and chaos is not the mark of leadership.

7f6364  No.12967774


Yes it fucking is at the minute, you scrub faggot. What do you think this game has been about. What would you do with 100k$ you fucking inbred white faggot? Exactly, you would use it to fuck up the (((system))) in some way.

>i cant wait for the race war pew pew pew

Dumb fucks like you don't even know how to race war. You need more than sitting in your house larping. We need money, resources, man power etc. The fact that we haven't made ground in a long time should tell you to listen to other ideas.

1b7bf7  No.12967825

File: fcaeacef299b891⋯.jpeg (94.7 KB, 705x614, 705:614, 42794A31-6655-4B40-95FF-1….jpeg)

but will you act or are you attached to a sick world? dont let this or future events give you hope. losing hope was freedom. many have and will be satiated back into their beds by this. its your duty alone, its why youre here. will you be a part of it or will you be a contempt bystander happy others acted so you didnt have to?

fb808c  No.12967830

There can be only one Victim in the end - The Victim Card is required to hide behind the thieves who have constructured a global Ponzi scheme which will destroy our currencies and as a result, kill of 90% of humanity. Georgia Guidestones (Tombstones) point in the direction of every Hemisphere.

7fb162  No.12967836


Killing someone for a stupid reason, like that you don't want him or people like him to procreate in you country.

067ba1  No.12967861

File: d439ce8731cd175⋯.jpg (87.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smug.jpg)


The shills can only reeeeeeeeee after reading this post.

c490cc  No.12967870

File: a3a4086717b03b4⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, AmericaIs.jpg)


Third World Shitholes: training little boys to become men.

POZ'd Clown World: training little boys to become bitches.

Think about it.

ec3f7d  No.12967884


>Reddit spacing

>retard ideology based on broken economic system

Checks out.


Cringe is a verb not an adjective you faggots.


Can't wait for Moon 2 wad that adds Brenton to the playable characters list.


>Reddit spacing

Why do you hate Image board culture Shlomo?


>there are anons replying to this subhuman after it called JFK a kike

f5d9d6  No.12967893

It’s ugly, but it’s true that the world’s only chance is found in the decision of good white people to act, and make it better.

53c399  No.12967895


I think Tarrants accomplices should get some glory too. Don't you?

I want to know who the man in fatigues that got arrested was.

Don't you want to know too?

That way we can give all credit where credit is due.

53c399  No.12967904


I think Tarrants accomplices should get some glory too. Don't you?

I want to know who the man in fatigues that got arrested was.

Don't you want to know too?

That way we can give all credit where credit is due.

53c399  No.12967906

My bad on the double post

53c399  No.12967921


The fact that these questions are completely ignored by Tarrant Glory posters should tell you everything you need to know about them.

566a6b  No.12967931



He was some guy that showed up to "protect kids" that was released. All three other people that were arrested were all released

53c399  No.12967941


So this guy supposedly caught the livestream and had time to get a dressed up and get over to the local school…

In the same time frame that this was all happening?

Yeah, seems legit.

Do you have a source?

3c17e4  No.12967942


He was too retarded to figure out how to attack the adminsitration so went straight for innocents. What a retard

276bdf  No.12967950


He shot that woman from the mosque doorway and it looked like she was standing there with someone else. Completely believable that they lost their shoes running away in panic.

The other apprehended guys are what interests me. He doesn't seem to mention anyone else in his manifesto - not that I've read the whole thing.

53c399  No.12967952


What about the second mosque that got attacked?

Who did that?

a06f1f  No.12967956


He filmed it that way because his buddy couldn't make it to shoot it in third person.

Neck yourself faggot

000000  No.12967963


he did, the stream was just shoah'd before he got to the second mosque.

ec3f7d  No.12967968


That's not murder that's self defense, he's a patriot and a hero.

566a6b  No.12967973


Tarrant was driving there when the stream cut off. Read the manifesto, he said he was attacking both mosques and he even had a third planned.


Bro this happened after both shootings when the police were chasing down/arresting Tarrant. Some dude sitting at home that heard the gunshots would definitely have time to throw on some fatigues and grab a gun to go play hero

4321ea  No.12967982


53c399  No.12967987


The steam didn't get shoah'd.

He cut it off himself.

I was one of the first to post in his original drop thread and I watched the whole thing live AS IT HAPPENED.

I was the first guy in the thread to say:

Holy shit!

That was my post…

His page stayed up for an hour after it started. The livestream could be watched on repeat for that whole hour. The video cut off after 16 minutes because Tarrant cut it off…

32e90b  No.12967995


They're not innocent, nor is just their death the point of it.

If you can gun down your local rabbi then do it faggot.

566a6b  No.12967996


Also apparently I was partly wrong, this is from the wikipedia article about the shooting:

On the day of the attacks, authorities stated that four suspects were arrested.[105][106][107]

Two days after the attack, Police Commissioner Mike Bush stated that separate from the main suspect, the three other people arrested were not charged in relation to the attacks and did not appear to be involved in the attacks. Bush then gave the following descriptions of the other three suspects:[108] Police arrested a woman and a man after finding a firearm in a vehicle in which they were travelling together.[109] The woman was released uncharged while the man was held in custody, charged with a firearms offence.[110] An 18-year-old man was arrested after he armed himself with the intention to "assist children in the area"; he will appear in court on 18 March 2019.[60][111]

Additionally, a 30-year-old man claimed he was arrested when he arrived at Papanui High School to pick up his 13-year-old brother-in-law. He was wearing camouflage clothing, which he habitually wore.[112]

7fb162  No.12967999


Define "self defense"

b8e4f8  No.12968005


This is what really kills me, is that footage saved somewhere on that gopro's SD-card.

Did he actually cut it off? Or did he lose data connection or battery?

I hope we find out

4321ea  No.12968010



Still shilling hard, shlomo?

000000  No.12968013


if it is we will literally never get it unless it's leaked

NZ is sending anyone spreading THIS video to jail for 10 years, they definitely aren't going to let any additional footage come out via any official means.

53c399  No.12968023


Do you have a link?

I don't have this article yet.


53c399  No.12968025


Oh, Wikipedia. Never mind.

566a6b  No.12968029


It will be used in the trial which gives more chances of it being leaked and at the very least we could get a description of it depending on if media is allowed in the court room

34de64  No.12968037

Still a (((Mossad))) agent who is trying to destroy us whites

000000  No.12968054


they are trying to shoah all coverage of the trial after he fired his lawyer and will be defending himself. I doubt any of it will be public and whatever kangaroo laws the NZ has; I imagine they can keep the entire record of the court sealed indefinitely.

ec3f7d  No.12968064


Killing invaders who threaten the existence of your people.

efef4e  No.12968073

File: ff3f76242c8265a⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 225x225, 1:1, j15.jpg)


That guy and brenton turned out to be glowsticks

>be me

>wake up to cnn, accidentaly

>find out there's 4 shooters / comrades

Nah, thats bullshit

>go online

>see jews getting mad everywhere - the exact opposite of what happened after the mosque murders



5b9fea  No.12968076


000000  No.12968092


>wake up to cnn, accidentaly

nigger how the fuck you just wake up to cnn, accidentally

d470a7  No.12968117


Lol, clearly you didn't hear about the SIX THOUSAND Christian's massacred last week in Nigeria. Honestly, there's two sides to this story, and then a third darker side that highlights the monumental facts of last week's atrocious attacks on my Christian Brothers and sisters. Yet, you vehemently oppose a Nationalist movement. I suggest you read some books... although, let's be real here. The only way this movement can proceed efficiently is with peace, and SWIFT action intermingled. The irony is that by stepping into an all out war, we are actually doing the Globalists work for them. We need to destabilize the banking systems, and take over the Swiss accounts while deporting Muslims in Masse numbers to the ports of Israel. If they want to use the "GOLDEN CALF"(USA) to do their dirty work, we are going to make them clean it up. While destabilizing Israel for the short term we can restabilize and deport all of the Muslims from Christian nations, and restructure our economies to be backed by a sovereign state Bonds or a gold system. Simeultaneously dropping the EU. Also, we need to put in a Constitutional clause in France through the Southern Gaul leadership. Using the U.S Constitution as a framework, thus, all other great nations will follow, creating a free unified white movement from Sea to shining Sea, we get rid of our problems, remove false globalist leaders. If it cannot be done with impunity, then we must have the military leaders of the great white nations remove these men from power as Zhukov did in Soviet Russia in 1953. God Bless the freedom of the common man, and the limitless potential of hope, faith and prosperity through unity.

c61bb1  No.12968134


It can be real and a false flag you fucking kike.

The guy was a Zionist and wanted us to become warriors for Israel

efef4e  No.12968136

File: f365425220bf56e⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 189x266, 27:38, j7.jpg)


my dog stepped on the remote

d470a7  No.12968137


Don't threaten people. I don't like it, and if I have to crawl out of my bear cave to promote peace in yours, you may not like the outcome.

efef4e  No.12968184

File: d8e69b95c970734⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 225x224, 225:224, j11.jpg)


I'm too busy laughing at this jewish pron I found:

It's a casting couch kind of thing but there's these little jewmidgets biddding on who gets to eat a shitskins hairy snatch

"100 million sheeekaaams"

"2 talents of gold"

"the sun"

The bids are outrageous, when one finally wins the girl asks for half up front


My sides

000000  No.12968194

List of Mosques worldwide


d16fa0  No.12968244


Fuck off honeypot shill

efef4e  No.12968247

File: 205cd9954d3c796⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 227x222, 227:222, i5.jpg)


<be me

Wake up to FAUX NEWS as always :)

See the scroller on the bottom


>no big deal

"Also went to - *, * , Pakistan, *,*"

>wtf, still it can't be israel

Get online with my 88s

>back to reality

"Hey check out this veterans today article"


>wtf this is too much - IT'S NOT ISRAEL

Listen to glowsharts arguing


Realize that is what they did with ISIL,

>I won't believe it

SEE 1000 posts in a row about turkey and how Israel owns your home - shills everywhere

>no way - a common jewtactic

Find the average poster



>get a call from my mudslide friend who is happy about something



>text coming in, I know he will say turkey




000000  No.12968252


c29683  No.12968268


nice thumbnail

747aff  No.12968277


>shooting happen

<I know! I will dress up like a muslim to show how submissive i am!

My God..

77b601  No.12968285


Gr8 b8 m8

e8e895  No.12968297


chest cam, much different

The next best thing would of been of gun/sight camera, like in those airsoft videos.

efef4e  No.12968311

File: 8cf16463d0fed13⋯.png (134.89 KB, 500x578, 250:289, i2.png)

87497e  No.12968325

It just reminded me of CS:GO

c29683  No.12968332


you don't need to reply to me twice, just get better pictures and stop being a fat dumb nigger

f7e5dc  No.12968333

Where is the blood, that's an awfully high powered weapon to not have any blood anywhere not a single drop.

c7d02d  No.12968337


87497e  No.12968338

Is ie eindelijk gepakt?

c7d02d  No.12968347


pls delet, im an idiot.

efef4e  No.12968362


I'm a fatdumbnigger when your mom is on the casting couch for "BLACKED"

I turn off the lights - extra special sauce all over her pig belly, then like shooters 2 and 3, I disappear - but unlike the ugly bald jew - I don't go back to israel

(((Do you think they have some kind of "you must be this ugly and this soulless *picture of bibi* at the border?)))

efef4e  No.12968368


We were just talking about it, it's likely his dad bought him those special jew bullets because hes a hemopheliac and daddys baby boy

"my dad… owns a dealership"

535279  No.12968370

Amren, brother.

The video is on its own level. Something so much better than Hollywood could ever produce even with astronomical budget.

Brenton awakened the white spirit that had been imprisoned for too long. He showed the way. He showed that we can win this.

e72dea  No.12968382

0ff84c  No.12968451

File: 84bc2a2b7610185⋯.png (1.93 MB, 3180x2012, 795:503, thinking without a license.png)

File: 7ec438411943c99⋯.png (392.99 KB, 1101x1053, 367:351, Christchurch Mosque 1.png)

File: 8be4e27bbc8031f⋯.png (397.33 KB, 1270x929, 1270:929, Christchurch Mosque 2.png)

File: 9c0368cb3585598⋯.png (207.42 KB, 1098x564, 183:94, Christchurch Mosque 3.png)

Some info that (((NZ Authorities))) are trying to block and scrub from the internet.

0bd19f  No.12968466

Just here to watch the comments and im not disppointed.

Little cowards behind their screen fapping on this shit, you should try to go outside, find a girlfriend (if you can), bang a bit, grab a beer and have a fire on the beach, you'll see it's cool.

Wanted to say donkeys about you but donkeys have a brain, otherwise, i will just say no worries, you'll be dead in maximum 80 years and world will continue its evolution without you like the previous thousand years before.

418acc  No.12968478

Anybody have the full mp4s of both videos?

efef4e  No.12968480


The fact that that pepe is decent, and your grammar is also - makes me stop wondering:



Thanks jews, today is a good day

efef4e  No.12968485


Jews don't drink beer silly goose

We're all jews - the shooters were turkish

bb7294  No.12968500

Christchurch was a false flag and an inside job. He didn't act on his own. Everything was set up for him from the get go. That's why he went to israel before the shooting.

f8dabe  No.12968504


We must act!

4062ca  No.12968512

File: c8762f00b7b8090⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 740x400, 37:20, galeri_ataturk-hitler-jpg_….jpg)

File: faf3f7707598424⋯.jpg (15.52 KB, 255x227, 255:227, 033ef0c07378b2254702bfc45b….jpg)

I see that it's -3 degrees in Utrecht mehehe

fc5710  No.12968524

File: 2c35515473ad8c0⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2100x1152, 175:96, invaders.must.die.png)

Invaders must die.

096c6f  No.12968539

File: 99693b2613eca64⋯.gif (3.78 MB, 356x356, 1:1, 6c1b2caea3b90bbf5a745697c9….gif)


Fuck off soullesstechnocrat. Just rope already you insufferable attention whoring tranny faggot.

bb7294  No.12968540



1b7bf7  No.12968552

File: b9363a2c4be2796⋯.jpeg (52.95 KB, 500x352, 125:88, 1588245A-B970-4969-80D7-4….jpeg)


>didnt kill 1 zogbot

>showed we can win this

theyre already arresting people just for showing the video. if it happens again, theyll ramp up the arrests until you are forced to acknowledge the armed enemy. you can think the police and military will defect but they wont. what will you do when they show up to your neighborhood with a list of people who posted unapproved things online? when they post snipers in your cuck neighbors house and begin kicking doors? when the helicopter is circling above with flir? when they just burn your house down and wait for you to come running out if they take casualties trying to kick in doors?

he was 100% wrong about the unarmed invader being more dangerous than the armed. the unarmed can be easily massacred once the armed are destroyed. not the other way around when the armed will provide shelter and protection for the others if they start being killed in mass. the entire system is so corrupt and all the zogbot leaders and their underlings so compromised theyll do whatever possible to keep us from gaining power as they know their crimes will not go unpunished if we succeed.

while the attack on the mosque was beneficial its not how we win. we must target those with power and their protectors. and one guy acting every so often is not enough. i know i wont live to see a better world, does that mean i care about living out the life i do have? not at all.

096c6f  No.12968557

File: 6da863d5558ea05⋯.gif (2 MB, 352x272, 22:17, 6da863d5558ea0530f219458ca….gif)

096c6f  No.12968572

File: 2d99b7dc40f9d2e⋯.png (191.58 KB, 452x378, 226:189, 2d99b7dc40f9d2e97c0fd0ad65….png)


Being a subversive kike is already illegal it's just not being enforced. Only a matter of time until someone take it into their own hands tbh

d5d891  No.12968592

File: 0383193aafe4a20⋯.jpg (266.68 KB, 952x1037, 56:61, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-….jpg)

d5d891  No.12968636

File: 9c5ab921dfcc94e⋯.jpg (188.34 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, neu4ef43bb_sfhhhhhhhhhhhhh….jpg)

84221f  No.12968637

File: d5b0c1a9f0fbfcf⋯.gif (86.48 KB, 220x165, 4:3, tenor.gif)


fucking R Tard

ea9264  No.12968642


We love you, Mr. Elbows. Go ahead and try to change this. You can't. We will kill you with hugs and friendly banter. You know this.


84221f  No.12968681


You'd be surprised how many people just don't get that. They've been working together for a long long time against the White man - whom they BOTH HATE. The enemy of my enemy is my friend type shit.

1b7bf7  No.12968682


>being a kike is illegal

what are you talking about

367dae  No.12968694

File: 3bc1e326488d287⋯.jpg (620 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 3875143_16db7f66a8b6851f2a….jpg)



Führer or Fuehrer.

eb984d  No.12968730

i found this website from the news, they were writing something about 8chan so i am here

1b7bf7  No.12968753


>implying the sword and the pen arent the ultimate

cc6d76  No.12968756

File: 6ee4b8f696737ba⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 3755x5760, 751:1152, media.jpg)

File: 3bf7e9616c5b00b⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 750x592, 375:296, 3bf7e9616c5b00b83df3623edb….jpg)


Watch the shooting video attached to the OP.

d01857  No.12968765


Imagine identifying as an ancap. Wipe up your drool retard.

3c079a  No.12968818


Just because the nazi's used it doesn't mean it belongs to them.

It has a meaning in and of itself you absolute waste of space.

4420b6  No.12968841


It was literally created by nazi occultist you absolute shit for brains

3c079a  No.12968870


>unapproved things online



This is the problem that the fucking jews created because you fucks can't rest when you don't control everything..

Well… the universe does not work that way, and you will fail… every time.

Hopefully, we exterminate you in the next big happening.

389c24  No.12968874


I was surprised how easy and uninterrupted the whole thing was.

Apparently NZ officers aren't armed so they had to wait for units that can actually respond to a shooting.

Of course I'm not trying to remind anyone that bong officers are unarmed too, but it's a fact that UK has a lot of mosques.

17838e  No.12968921


dude he is such a coward. why. simple you see.

(I'm a newfag) *Red Text* GUN FREE ZONES*. Now it would be something else if he did this in the islamic state base somewhere and pulled some Leam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hitman style combat but no he went for the innocent defenseless muslims. He is the faggot.

17838e  No.12968935


ancap who wants mass shootings. Die off.

389c24  No.12968949


Arabs and whites working together?

You live under a rock right?

2883d3  No.12968950

thanks god the false flag retards contain themselves to their own threads, it's unbearable there. personally i wouldn't give a fuck even if it was a FF since it's a net positive.

4420b6  No.12968962


>Leam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hitman style combat

Fucking off yourself, plebbitor

50 dead shitskins

b79d25  No.12968964


>Can't wait for Moon 2 wad that adds Brenton to the playable characters list.

The developer blog is here :


Just register and ask them to add this new idea.

53fdaa  No.12968974

File: c470f0307015252⋯.webm (1.5 MB, 400x360, 10:9, 1544905074371.webm)





They are all a part of the house of abraham. They have had saught after an inordinate amount of authority for the last 3300yrs. Please study.

eb984d  No.12968980


thanks dude,i can see

2883d3  No.12968981

IRL shitposter changed the course of history.

it is already happening, watch Erdogan giving a total war speech while broadcasting the entire Brennan video. 3 dead people in Netherlands in retaliation already.

17838e  No.12968983


anyone can do it with an automatic. ANYONE strong enough to hold a gun.

ddfbcd  No.12969001

File: 4a443b78a207e2b⋯.jpeg (74.05 KB, 640x906, 320:453, shaggypower.jpeg)



1b7bf7  No.12969012


so dont kill zogbots or what? youre not really making coherent points.

330932  No.12969016


you're like one of those fat people who sits there watching people skateboard saying 'it doesn't look that difficult he's just showing off'

It all comes from envy and insecurity

ddfbcd  No.12969043

File: b5b78af42feaeac⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1500x1058, 750:529, murdochlounging.png)


Anon! You're so…. BIG

fd6ece  No.12969067


You're not wrong.

I was surprised at myself after watching that video.

I wasn't shocked.

I wasn't disturbed.

I wasn't upset.

Instead, I smiled, I laughed, and I saw the action in that video as nothing but righteous.

Maybe it's a false flag, maybe it's not.

The only thing I know, is that it changed me. It made me realize that I don't have to fear the violence that's coming.

b8c75b  No.12969117


Is spam see

>>12969073 (other thread)

>>12969071 (another thread)


Discord is honeypot, don't fall for it anon.

fd6ece  No.12969141


>innocent defenseless Muslims.

It was almost entirely men.

They had taken over a Christian church and converted it into a mosque.

Muslims do this kind of shit constantly as a way to thumb their nose and disrespect our culture.

Also, if you read the manifesto, he claims this was a mosque that had been complicit in radical Islam activities.

I hate that we have to fucking start all over on this redpilling about Muslims again.

000000  No.12969155


CIA pls go

eca9d4  No.12969157


>Be white supremacist

>Believe in the ethnostate

>Not racist, I just think that they should go back to their homeland

>Hates imperialism & foreign invaders

How in fucks name can you hate Mandela for being anti-white? The only way he differs from your ideology is in the fact that he thought South African whites could coexist with the black native population.

By your logic that we should be a world of ethnostates shouldn't you want all the whites out of South Africa?

eca9d4  No.12969166


The windows structural integrity was compromised when he shot people through it earlier.

000000  No.12969178


>You people got fooled by the media

Unlike in the movies where windshields immediately shatter into a million pieces, right?

Are you also skeptical about the cars he shot not exploding?

ef5e45  No.12969218


>mercilessly execute him

Excuse me anon?

That was an act of mercy. The entire thing was an act of mercy.

Anyone who thinks what happened was in any way bad is either a willful subhuman, or an admitted nonhuman.

ef5e45  No.12969261



>replying to (((his))) own post

She was a mudshit. That can't be argued.

She was outside of a mosque. That can't be argued.

Mudshits don't wear shoes inside mosques. That can't be argued.

The soles of her socks were dirty as fuck, as though walking on the street in socks. That can't be argued.

Figure it out (((yourself))).

17838e  No.12969268


good point, i don't play sports, just go to gym.


i'll give the evidence a shot

eedfc6  No.12969276

File: cc66e644c1407c8⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 1034x887, 1034:887, Mandelas_and_Jew.jpg)


>How in fucks name can you hate Mandela for being anti-white? The only way he differs from your ideology is in the fact that he thought South African whites could coexist with the black native population.

I really hate you newfags. I know you came here because of the shooting, and you'll wind up fully pilled and ready to kill also, but it takes two years. Until then, shut the fuck up and lurk.

f225ff  No.12969289


According to my own, massive Aryan cock, I can not, in good faith, agree to this kike imposed racemixing, BBC, porn myth.

e96a58  No.12969294

File: 0a8854df15f57bb⋯.jpg (465.88 KB, 1448x1158, 724:579, 1552918983411.jpg)


A friend made this for you. Your words ring true. Keep it up brother.

4a5681  No.12969321

Zip drives are pretty cheap now. Time to drop all over places white males traffic

000000  No.12969323

Complete video ReUp:


000000  No.12969332


Password: 1

61f004  No.12969363



holy fuck that res

000000  No.12969364


NZ authorities need to be permanently poled.

7855de  No.12969378

File: 50b53dcdd7fb8e3⋯.jpg (18.3 KB, 274x300, 137:150, blacksun-back-mark-274x300.jpg)

File: 1de39f476323f50⋯.png (490.99 KB, 640x444, 160:111, C3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM….png)

There seems to be much more than a muslim attack here . The attacker knew about other stuff .

I live in a very small and insignificant place and I've met strange people with memories of being trained and obsessions with the ending of world. Damn crazy people, one of them was speaking about a list of people he was going to kill and he knew Florence very well.

Probably this guy was a groomed assassin/agent and looks like OP is into something as well.

The black sun symbol OP has posted was in the shooter's bag as well. I don't know why these to guys use it or who has given it to them , but to my understanding it refers to some energetic being with whom P2 Freemasons/ Italian Black Nobility or some other destructive/dark and very negative groups talk to and take commands from. That is why these negative groups have such and easy time going around and doing what they do.

And to prove further any connection I also found this photo of 14 and fish thing they do with each other. The meaning of these too I'm not sure .

P.s: To my understanding there is some kind of big change/event that is coming , but differently from what these guys think it is very positive . Be safe everyone and look out for these negative people . They will do anything to promote their destructive agenda.

fa3d7d  No.12969407


And good day to you, Mr FBI Guy.

a931b3  No.12969421



>black sun something

just neck yourself

ef5e45  No.12969439


Fuck off kike.

91bb9a  No.12969466

e34357  No.12969470

who has the full live stream link? Feel like im keep seeing only half of what happened

91bb9a  No.12969481



53fdaa  No.12969500


You need assistance with your neurochemistry. Not with your death.

ef5e45  No.12969517


Good fuck that kid.

He bows to his (((masters))) too often.

1b7bf7  No.12969521

File: a0ee0e07d992f5b⋯.jpeg (342.61 KB, 1535x2112, 1535:2112, F06CEBA1-1EBA-4E4C-ABBD-8….jpeg)


its every sheboons fantasy to be promoted to the big house to serve her master in cute skimpy maid outfits

dd616e  No.12969526


I don't condone violence, but it's no lie that our greatest works of penmanship are always shoah'd by the time they catch fire. They are only getting better at damage control and censorship as time moves forward.

dd616e  No.12969539


That's an odd thing to say in response to the OP.

76be7d  No.12969543

Guys, I am new to 8chan, moreover I am from Russia. Could someone explain, how to find treads, like yesterday I was reading smth named "Brenton Tarrant meme Warfare", but now I cant find it with search.

I am trying to spread a word and some fucked up memes, but do not fuly understand damn website.

e34357  No.12969556

76be7d  No.12969575


I am not a faggot, like you, fucking kike.

We do not use 8chan here, I am trying to do my part in this epic shit, is that bad?

ac0255  No.12969579

000000  No.12969589

My question is why didn't the muslims adapt? They know terrorist groups funded by Israel are committing massacres in the name of Islam. They know they're illiterate goat fuckers. They know their malnourished, inbred half-monkey bodies can't take on a white men even when he's outnumbered 50:1. They know Palestinians have been getting ass-raped by jews for decades and lost every battle. They got assraped again last weekend. They know the assrapings will continue. They know synagogues are invincible fortresses protected the true god yhwh, worshiped by none other than US president's daughter. Yet they continue bowing as hard as possible in mosques. It's just Darwinism. That's how I see it. I can't adapt for them.

0fd98e  No.12969593


He was a commie, therefor anti-white. His actions against his own people where just as disgusting.

9159eb  No.12969602

File: 16a704ff64a0aec⋯.jpg (146.75 KB, 1024x1014, 512:507, 1546732413834m.jpg)



e34357  No.12969606


i smell bacon

dd616e  No.12969615


Loads of russians use imageboards what are you talking about? Just control F and search.

70537c  No.12969682


Nothing will happen. We will degrade into a commie shithole unless we end the KIKES. Tarrant wants to make us fight not who has cucked us for years, but the result of their cuckings.

Not shitskins, not liberals, shekel-grubbing, child-foreskin-sucking, kikes. We can only free ourselves of the jewish menace by ending them once and for all, then dealing with the aftermath of their wicked deeds, aka ending niggers en masse.

000000  No.12969689

Just toss pork products into the properties of Muslims. Or on their cars. Place pork on to halal products at the store.

1b7bf7  No.12969706


>another cuck not acknowledging the zogbot question who exist to protect kikes

d23a6d  No.12969711

MI6 please

76be7d  No.12969763

Just awesome, no fucking help. Ty, guys.

dd616e  No.12969804


use your eyes son, Go to the catalog and don't take your eyes off the top until you find the word search.

1b7bf7  No.12969817

File: 5d9b7492e145067⋯.png (812.62 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 756FCE76-F9B5-4022-8724-A5….png)

3e4c96  No.12970512

> "A storm is coming. The Christchurch Shooting was the first few raindrops beginning to fall, and the thunderheads starting to roll in. You can feel it, and I can feel it. We can feel it in our blood, in our bones. We can feel a beating in the depths, a war drum being beaten by the spirit of our ancestors who are calling out for vengeance and fury, for an astonishing inferno and merciless desolation to be unleashed upon the enemies of our race."

So true bro. I'm totally up for some more shit, i can hear my ancestors

f8d9ce  No.12970559

Honestly Antifa is starting to make a lot more sense to me now. I was curious what 8ch & 4chan pol’s thoughts are on this and feel stupid for thinking they might be a little more reverent. But nope, actual Nazis that glorify mass shooters. This shit is really fucking disturbing.

045156  No.12970566

What a bunch of fucking dumb pieces of shit you all are.

0a77d5  No.12970570



It's true, Harry Potter literature is ruining our children. Initiations are for sports teams, bikers, and pedophiles.

59636e  No.12970580


Kek, I know you're one of those conservative cowards who fears direct action or you're a kike, but people losing shoes in violent struggles or when they slip and fall or are shot is so normal that I'm surprised that you even bother using that as an argument.

Anyone can watch hundreds of videos of suicide bombers, car accidents, and shootings and people lose their shoes.

Especially women who don't even bother tying their shoes these days or wear shoes that slip on and off.

d30e6b  No.12970685

Normiefags rolling in

e0655e  No.12970735


>saturn lucifer baal moloch are all the same thing

No they arent you fucking stupid christian cunt

You people are so fucking low IQ and filled with kike bullshit that you call literal Aryan gods jewish

e0655e  No.12970741


Schizoposters rolling in with their tinfoil false flag bullshit.

Fuck off back to Q and /x/ you shitniggers

5512ac  No.12970782

File: d97d28926fba38a⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 506x704, 23:32, hitler4.jpg)


>christ was a kike


>reincarnation = eternal death


>yall are full of hatred yall need Jesus


>like most white women are

This game of spot the jew is easy now that we have the newfag invasion.

5512ac  No.12970810

File: d393554d635facc⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 360x453, 120:151, SS Generals Hall - Himmler….jpg)

File: 1d6a3684deea4a2⋯.jpg (63.24 KB, 315x450, 7:10, Heinrich.jpg)


>to my understanding it refers to some energetic being with whom P2 Freemasons/ Italian Black Nobility or some other destructive/dark and very negative groups

61c630  No.12970885

File: 02e704d7d5d7434⋯.png (300.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, don't come back nigger.png)

Expect him to drag a fucking crew around, nigger? So tired of you invading fucks.

61c630  No.12970888


You will never be white.

2dcccc  No.12970907

File: 46cf18536c89b31⋯.jpg (122.66 KB, 947x1024, 947:1024, Dumb wojak apu helicopters.jpg)

cc6d76  No.12970990

File: d27823b9aa91d4b⋯.png (556.81 KB, 1357x759, 59:33, 1552942527724.png)


>actual Nazis that glorify mass shooters. This shit is really fucking disturbing.

The weak fear the strong.

d2163d  No.12971018


op mercilessly beats his dick, absolutely no more.

d2163d  No.12971062


is it possible at this point for ANY of you faggots to provide any legitimate source for ANY of the beliefs you hold?

000000  No.12971090

Brenton's great displacement

Be white boy.

The world at my feet, I am happy.

Internet booms, I look around, realize I am a shit cunt.

Depressed, unable to accept my place in society, I look for a greater purpose.

I dig, I find others around me, I learn their ways, I find the real truth to the state of my life.

It's not my fault, its them, they caused my failures in life, why didn't anyone tell me earlier?

Anger boils inside of me, sadness and pain everyday, why am I here? What is my purpose?

I want to make a difference, I will be the hero my race needs, I have to let everyone know.

I will be the greatest white boi ever.

cc6d76  No.12971188



Stay assblasted shitskins. :^)

b65191  No.12971197


Bantus only went to South Africa after the Boers built the country. They aren't the native population.

8c1fe8  No.12971251


I blame YOU, cuck boy

e0291e  No.12971264

File: 2182ee6f15e22b9⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 312x350, 156:175, bad_goyz_by_ratjuice88-dbk….jpg)

who has the torrent of the stream?

f8da4c  No.12971414

It has definitely changed me. Before this happened I considered myself a liberal. This video along with his manifesto has some amazing power. It’s entered my mind like some kind of virus and it won’t stop replicating. I am awoken. I understand now. This man is a beautiful god and what he did is a blessing. I’m not strong enough to do something like this myself but I pray for more.

f8da4c  No.12971438


Fire in my blood. That’s definitely it. I watch the video and it’s like a hit of a drug. I feel alive. I feel good. It’s a wonderful thing.

2c3076  No.12971461

NSA CIA FBI all over this thread and for good reason. sick fucks.

2c3076  No.12971487


lets get the ATF DOD and whoever the fuck else in here too, I supported gun ownership, but holy shit I may just vote for hilary this time around you sick faggots

1702f6  No.12971542

File: 3b1125e6802dfb9⋯.jpg (31.26 KB, 326x500, 163:250, zionism islam west.jpg)


Yes. They are setting up a "clash of civilizations" within the West. It's part of a strategy of tension, and also a method of societal disintegration and global re-integration.

Read this book, freshly banned by Amazon


by Kerry Bolton (a New Zealand dissident and historian)


0e82b1  No.12971543

10 years?!? Jesus christ, I figure they could keep it up for educational purposes for people to see what damage a gun can do if you don't use it right. Of course, what the hell am I saying as most people (especially on here) would probably put it up so they can enjoy themselves in a sick fucking manner.

0e82b1  No.12971557

Of course, I am still against censorship but god damn it, I am so glad I don't live in New Zealand right now.

0c15b8  No.12971570

File: a86410df5059f40⋯.jpg (151.17 KB, 934x674, 467:337, Hitler-and-Haj-Amin-al-Hus….jpg)

Why yall keep taking about jews know thy enemy the invader the muslim the jew skin wearing beast devouring europe. Mabye they should ban muslims the way they did nazis

035922  No.12971578

File: 3a74196883951c1⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 480x256, 15:8, E5C89FB5-309D-4F31-99DF-37….gif)


I think you’re in the wrong place bud. We reject white genocide here.

0c15b8  No.12971612

File: c11c029c4416580⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 220x148, 55:37, 220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_10….jpg)

Ban the muslim in europe just like you let them do the nazis, long live the white race with its great ideals of freedom and the right to genocide HAIL the USA..ban the mestizo AND LONG LIVE B. TARRANT , STOP COMING IN ILLEGALLY OR ELSE.. PS. ITS MUSLIMS DOING ALL THE JEW BASHING ON THESE BOARDS, ITS THEIR TACTIC…

c2b859  No.12971652


Amen, fam. This thread is glowing so fucking bright I had to turn my monitors brightness down to 1. I don't see how any anon could read 90% of this shit and not think it sounds sketchy and fake as fuck. Wouldn't be surprised if half of these faggots are journalists posting shit so they can have some screenshots for their next 8ch hit piece.

15e293  No.12971682


you sound incel af

4147f8  No.12971683

Hittler was white genoside he killed more whites than jews😱😱😱 like i said HAIL THE USA ERADICATOR OF THE SAVAGE..a beast with no writing only spoken b.s. a liar who was eradicated for being an indian giver!!!! Like i said a slime trying to pose as a white talking about white genocide blaming the yesterday jew for the slime(muslim) invasion confused youth mabye!!! Their job is done mabye!!! Long live the white race

4147f8  No.12971724

And did you know the mestizo(myan) only let the royalty read and learn , geuss that worked good didnt it !! Now their all catholic fuckoholics breeding out of their ability to eat and provide, just like the slimes that are invading europe to survive wars and famine, but then they have 9 kids in the name of allah and say we so proud

15e293  No.12971725


this thread is a pretty legitimate source of why deplatforming Nazis is morally sound, if it emboldens vulnerable people to murder innocent men, women and children.

035922  No.12971747


Learn English. Emojis don’t make you any more coherent. Also irrelevant. Inbred mudslime idiot.

4147f8  No.12971755

And fuck the spaniard the mixed breed religious zelot who converted the mestizo and loves the raghead its neighbor without walls

503716  No.12971869


Same here. I keep watching nearly every chance I get when alone. My first time seeing it I was in awe and could stop myself from giving him a roman salute while he was in the middle of shooting. Brenton Tarrant is truly a hero of our time. I honestly believe this is just the beginning. Things are going to get much more violent across the west very soon and Europe will rise again. As an American, I may even move to Europe if they manage to uncuck themselves.

4147f8  No.12971872

They were never innocent the mestizo and arab races both addopted religions that oppresed those that did not agree with it. Like most religions do, then the people marched with the kings of old , and current times the muslim is migrating to better schools and oppurtunities taking from the peoples of the existing government who want to be left alone, but greed lets the upperclass hire who they want it is a, moral dilema to let the rulers take from the citizen, its why he killed those people !! They are invaders their ideas and goals are not freedom they want sharia law and oppression of women and several other absurd laws you should read about, like most religions they are the next to get cooled down or wiped out for imposing oppression on people, so ya those were mostly adults and should have been informed about what islam is!!!! Read the manifesto !!!

92d59d  No.12971938


Fucking boomer, go back to your 'Q' facebook group.

9ba9d5  No.12971957


also lets you know who is willing to stand for them, spend money for them, guard them. these are good things to know going forward

000000  No.12971993

The wisdom of the jews are to be said in this whole situation.

Our whole species on this planet as one is all about what value can you provide to the entire world. Our quest for universal understanding of where we come from and why we are here.

Yet all white nationalists have shown is their ability to destroy and halt the progress of man kind. What great things have the white male given to our species? They have not even yet accepted that there are other races on this planet and it is a place to be shared.

As our species move towards a new space era, I for one am glad for these degenerates to be exposed and their DNA deleted from the universe, regardless of their race. Either you can serve those around you or perish. Looking forward to the self destruction of all those that are unable to add value to our species enlightenment.

Get more angry, get more hatred, the ultimate demise will be yourself.

62d6f4  No.12971998

File: 93df556d86b4da1⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1735x567, 1735:567, rtretrttr.png)

5ef17d  No.12972027




>I posted it again mom

You could have at least put in 15 posts of work to sort of blend in before you spilled your spaghetti /leftypol/

b1d10b  No.12972168


stop overdosing on LSD

4d4e6c  No.12972185

File: 3b5d3f97d14db1e⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 477x624, 159:208, Clipboard01.jpg)


>What great things have the white male given to our species?

Picture is related.

000000  No.12972288


where the fuck did you get that picture? from ms paint?

and brazillians wants white blue eyed color sperms, thats your definition of adding value to humanity? you fucking useless cunt.

d13355  No.12972296

I heard a rumor the video was longer than three minutes. Is there another rendition??

c6c4e0  No.12972354

File: d0256f3286c770e⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 1024x586, 512:293, 1552859377407.jpg)

5b9c3a  No.12972367

File: 789bae68e08cdc7⋯.png (8.46 KB, 255x209, 255:209, d8a44c7398208d4702688d8094….png)

File: 6a451fe8a769376⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 624x617, 624:617, 21d35a8b87bcfa6b2096aa842d….jpg)


You do realize their sons start raping as soon as they learn how to make their dicks hard, right? There have been several cases of shitskins raping girls in the bathrooms of the elementary schools here in the U.S. I think the jews had it right when they told their soldiers to shoot the pregnant Palestinian women in the stomach. One shot, two kills. Too bad the women weren't on site when Brenton went on his rampage. Because you know those bitches will just marry another muzzie and crank out more kids.

798079  No.12972472

File: fde4732eeb816ef⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1688x1034, 844:517, ClipboardImage.png)


The scariest words in the English language in the Current Year +4:

What one man can do, another can do.

81d66d  No.12972503

File: 984bc8e9a26da7f⋯.png (14.22 KB, 579x251, 579:251, rofl.png)

does anyone have a discord invite i got banned by the trust and safety jew and want to rejoin on new account

798079  No.12972531

File: 0789bc6fb7ee011⋯.jpg (547.42 KB, 1200x967, 1200:967, 1423558681722.jpg)

File: e6006292dd2968e⋯.jpg (648.01 KB, 1703x855, 1703:855, 1423558774302.jpg)

File: 9dc92f7be8a3efb⋯.mp4 (13.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jewish Expulsions and Titt….mp4)


>As our species move towards a new space era

Hahah, not without Whites it doesn't!

>What great things have the white male given to our species?

Pic related. Basically all of it my man.

Your arrogance has always been your undoing.

Vid related.

Just another case of history repeating…

d487c2  No.12972539

if you all have got the purpose of your life and are so fucking inspired by your Hero, then why the fuck are you hiding your coward, self-ashamed, fatherless, ass es as anonymous? :-) :-) show some balls and show your real selves on the street….do you dare? All of you fucking whore kids??? LoLzzzzz :p :p

798079  No.12972582


I'd rather wait for you to show yourself on the street and then drag you into an alley and…..

…. You'll have to wait and see. ;D

000000  No.12972609


Yeah but you fail to point out that most of the scientific progress have been Jew physicists?

I'm talking about actual white males, the intellectually challenged, culture-less ones who know nothing but violence.

The pictures you posted look like a primary school kid's homework on ms paint.

Whites are going to self annihilate due to lack of ability to fit in and contribute in the 21st century, dont you see it happening? Many on this board think they can grow a nazi minded group, however they're getting baited out by the jews. 90% of anons are bots and jews lol

573e5c  No.12972613

File: b7f2584c747be7c⋯.png (90.68 KB, 187x332, 187:332, b7f2584c747be7cedda236926e….png)

You know a thread is a good one when Kampfy shows up to shill against it.

6f38dd  No.12972652

File: 791593ea6c17314⋯.jpg (391.12 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DUDsA9VUQAA1lls.jpg)

798079  No.12972699


>Yeah but you fail to point out that most of the scientific progress have been Jew physicists?

I don't see any proof of that in your post my man.

Its almost like you're pulling that out of your ass!

Daily Reminder that Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is sub-105 (the US White average) and that the Israeli jewish average IQ is sub-100. ;D

798079  No.12972716

File: 4b27357c92c272f⋯.jpg (413.24 KB, 2629x1393, 2629:1393, Israel Aid - Youth Rejecti….jpg)

This is so good actually.

>Jews are going to self annihilate due to lack of ability to fit in and contribute in the 21st century, dont you see it happening?

>Many on this board think they can oppose a National Socialist minded group, however they're getting baited out as the jews.

>90% of anons can identify bots and jews lel

Its so good.

2a2a9c  No.12972719


>I said, "do you speak-a my language?"

>He just smiled and gave me another…

12 gauge?

(top kek, anon)

000000  No.12972724


Oh you need proof of Einstein? how autistic are you lol

798079  No.12972741


Oh you didn't know Einstein was a fraud? how tay sachs are you lel

000000  No.12972772


I'm sure Jews are unable to contribute, they just own everything in america from the shit white boys eat, to the entertainment white boys love, even donald trumps son is good with the jews. just face it bro your fucked and the sooner you realize the faster you can go learn how to build wealth and protect your family :)

8e0de4  No.12981073


A false flag just means the perpetrators were masquerading as someone other than who they are (flying a false flag) in order to spark conflict between two of their enemies. It doesn't mean the event didn't happen for real, or any Alex Jones tier retarded "crisis actor" nonsense. Mossad have no issue with killing any amount of Goyim to achieve their aims.

cf1b4b  No.12984381

File: e77903a79af58a1⋯.jpg (35.76 KB, 525x398, 525:398, pepe boom splat.jpg)



03385e  No.12984408

>i hate immigrants that ruin the country and hurt natural citizens!

>be an immigrant yourself

>prove your point correct by shooting up a bunch of other immigrants and destroying civil liberates for the natural population of the country you live in

wow what a genius

dede27  No.12984430

File: bbd339d0fa9b77f⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 700x315, 20:9, aleh-photo-e1450800494791.jpg)


Jews have been historically persecuted and kicked out of countries because they're awful scum.

027da0  No.12990190

I'm bumping this thread again because the OP is not a faggot.

ea0764  No.12990234

Yeah Im the Mother OF Dragons !

I am Coming !

Erm: I mean a storm is coming !


I bet 2019 will be the highest year for the new number of mass shootings world wide now which is why they try to censorship!

08ec27  No.12990473


>He wanted to say to us: I did it. It can be done.

Remember, GoPro's slogan is "Be a hero"

d726b1  No.12990521

I watched ISIS videos, Irak War, Sucide Videos and they censor such a piece of shit. For me its nothing.

Death is a normal Part of our Nature, the same is the "Dark side" of us to Murder. Nature is Brutal, so are we.

d726b1  No.12990534

You are a Kike. The Jews want a War beetwen Islam and Us. So the Jews can make what ever they want in the Time of War.

3784ec  No.12990555


>GoPro: Be a Hero

fucking hell xD

08ec27  No.12990598


He needs his face on a GoPro ad.

Also, check'd

2d5ec6  No.12990664


>Wouldn't be surprised if half of these faggots are journalists posting shit so they can have some screenshots for their next 8ch hit piece.

Let's pretend for a moment that's true.

And? 8ch's fate was sealed the moment they started talking about certain topics. If shills galvanize the base here, let them shill. They're only making things worse for themselves.

Opticsfags fuck off.

9d5fac  No.12990666


>Electre tiddy video

I fucking love that girl, shame she is batshit insane and ex-porn degenerate too.

e2eb1c  No.12990680

Given the shitty quality of that video, that was REALLY bad advertising for gopro….

cc6d76  No.12990787


>if you remove the jews the muslims will pack up their bags and leave our homelands

Imagine believing this.

f693a6  No.12990798


literally every point you retards are making about the video glowing have been debunked. yet you keep trying. Are you a shill? Are you genuinely retarded/schizophrenic?

c161f8  No.12990808


Just a thought: We should meme 2+2=4 into another ebil nadsi symbol like the okay sign.

c6b502  No.12991229

File: b063a193adb4677⋯.jpg (280.87 KB, 1024x925, 1024:925, 1538027656088.jpg)


Feeling this too

have no been able to look at porn since

think about that, demoralization makes it impossible to quit.

this event lit my spirit alight

a1722c  No.12993620

How come no ones talking about the magazine that was already in the mosque. Seen at timestamp 6:50on the left side of the hallway on the floor and at 8:30 he picks it up. False flag my friends

f7336d  No.12993876

Hahaha you (and some others) sound like Theon


with the same punchline :D

46251e  No.12997135

I think people are now figuring out that they never cared about these people, they cared about optics. It's an emperor has no clothes moment.

faec61  No.12997718

File: 862ef6b9b6020da⋯.jpeg (351.46 KB, 1406x1046, 703:523, MuslimsChristians.jpeg)


Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Russia, the grand Mufti meeting with Hitler, etc. …

You're just ignorant!

cd7c09  No.12997797

File: 2c505e712e12f38⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 1543374224121.jpg)

>tfw cannot delete kabeb bc gubmint took all the toys away

2bb2d6  No.12997828


I have experience firing several different automatic weapons, quite a few semi-automatic weapons, etc. I've seen the way these weapons fire in person, I've seen (first hand) how it is to get a jam and have to clear it, how it is to run out of ammo and have to reload, and what it looks like for brass to fly out and this looks a lot more like a video game than reality.

d33b90  No.12997859


He did it because it made it look like a video game.

People need no more than that to be enthralled these days.

It's nice to believe that someone out there would be that thoughtful, but even if they were it'd be a waste.

2bb2d6  No.12997906

And someone else brought up a good point, which I somehow forgot though I noticed it as I first watched the video. NO IMPACT EVENTS! Not in the walls, not on the floors, not on the bodies… Not even dust from drywall and paint, or chipped flooring. No holes, no blood. This is such bullshit that it pisses me off that those who produced it actually expect people to fall for this crass shit. Are people really this fucking stupid these days? I don't know what really happened, or where or when it happened. I just know that what is shown in this video is some fabricated bullshit.

59636e  No.12997924

File: 70bf1acd948875a⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 612x312, 51:26, Shrug.jpg)


>tfw you can get guns easily or make explosives with household materials

da05b3  No.12997933


There were links to another thread that had the video part files along with the manifesto files, Does anyone have that, or the archive links for them?

59636e  No.12997934


>implying that the arrogant, aggressive invaders would want to work with the indigenous White population they openly seek to displace.

cc6d76  No.12999234

File: 1bb0960d7b7bae7⋯.png (11.01 KB, 144x151, 144:151, 1d0e45b906a6335fcb156c8f4a….png)


>it was CGI goy


>it's hopeless goy


>it was CGI goy

f21977  No.13002888



000000  No.13021746


000000  No.13031026

Shills are desperate to rob Brenton Tarrant of his agency by shilling the idea that he was a Mossad operative.

This is basic jewish black magic. Their final trick is to claim that an Aryan hero was secretly a zionist or a jew (e.g. "Hitler was a rothschild zionist agent").

It is their final trick.

b695c3  No.13031071



027da0  No.13031356



>it's not real, goy

>there's nothing you can do

b5e7e0  No.13040564


That's basically cheating anon go back to fortnight

9cbab1  No.13040601



The original Fallschrim video on YouTube got shadow kiked.

9d5fac  No.13040632


Forcing the idea that the group has no heroes or valuable individuals is as old as kikes themselves. Do not fall for their tricks. Tarrant is a hero and nothing will ever change that.

84cf20  No.13040667


If Tarrant is executed, he shall be named among the martyrs. Valhalla awaits him. 1488

9d5fac  No.13040676



How, NZ doesn't have death penalty.

4414ec  No.13040679


==It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late,

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxon began to hate.==

==They were not easily moved,

They were icy – willing to wait

Till every count should be proved,

Ere the Saxon began to hate.==

==Their voices were even and low.

Their eyes were level and straight.

There was neither sign nor show

When the Saxon began to hate.==

==It was not preached to the crowd.

It was not taught by the state.

No man spoke it aloud

When the Saxon began to hate.==

==It was not suddently bred.

It will not swiftly abate.

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxon began to hate.==

4414ec  No.13040685


Wow, either I forgot how many characters could go into a redtext or this shit site fucked me over, either way, the poem is becoming reality again.

4414ec  No.13040694


It's New Zealand, St. Tarrant is probably doing something gay no offense meant to St. Tarrant like playing vidja.

baabc8  No.13040860


I'm a white nationalist and I think that shooting was a travesty.

He gunned down innocent people that had nothing to do with the kikes and this will only serve to increase gun regulations, increase censorship, and limit free speech in the guise of stopping "extremism".

You're being played like a fucking fiddle.

e240d7  No.13040896


like most women are*

fixed that for you, no need to thank me.

9d5fac  No.13040917


Stop larping Herschel, no one believes you. And read his manifesto you dumb ape, it's obvious you didn't.

baabc8  No.13040918

Btw this is a complete shill thread. Nobody in a stable frame of mind would ever consider murdering 50 people acceptable. Not even one is acceptable.

Get help.

baabc8  No.13040930


I can virtually guarantee that this thread is filled with shills like yourself looking to find like-minded people to collect their data and monitor them. You'd be fucking delusional to think otherwise.

Nobody condones mass murder.

2e3e26  No.13040995


Nigs are even creeping into kernow! Should dig a canal and separate west of Truro from UK.

2f66b2  No.13041022


>Nobody condones mass murder

>Bombs the shit out of Iraq and Syria

>Kills 1 million+

>opens the gates to Western nations

>Gets Europeans slaughtered in Truck/bombings

>Cries about 50 invaders

Ok moshe

2e3e26  No.13041062


Yup. 5.56 is tiny bb gun calibre! The external wound can close up and be almost invisible like stabbing someone with a hatpin. Bullet unlikely to exit but spins and fragments inside mincing organs

730315  No.13041097

File: e13aa5861e73ddc⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 489x400, 489:400, 317788.jpg)


I cant even tell who is being serious anymore, but that is the dumbest shit i've ever read.

2e3e26  No.13041153



That is Ottoman style

Now turkroaches are the muttest mutated mutts.

Kill all

Preserve only those of pure race

591d04  No.13041195


it's actually true. kikes have used dune coons and nigs to fight europe for centuries.

96573b  No.13041247

File: eb258d881c21e13⋯.png (714.2 KB, 800x528, 50:33, 1552772245470.png)

>Christchurch changed things

The Aryan rage has awoken


4c051f  No.13058375

Who knows if it helps us win an ultimate geopolitical endgame. But the revenge gave me dignity again. Akbars are not scoffing at us like they were. Idgaf anymore. I'm not getting out of this life alive and I don't want the dishonor of joining hands with women and sharing crying versions of my flag. He did the right thing. The stink of pity and contempt is being replaced with fear. Those were the only two options on the table. I choose terror hate over pity hate and I say thank you to Bt.

bc4c18  No.13058381

File: b72ee9fd792f05b⋯.webm (3.16 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1553910787205.webm)

4c051f  No.13058394


Tits or gtfo

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