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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e688a  No.12964035

Are you a warrior of Logos ?

Or are you an Agent of chaos, an Agent of Anti-Logos ?

Will you fight to preserve the order of the universe, or will you fight to revolutionize the order of the universe, turning it upside-down in a typically satanic fashion?

3e688a  No.12964039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's Take a Step back Here,

3e688a  No.12964044

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ballad of the NeoCon

ebc715  No.12964060

You said higher?

dacec9  No.12964443


Logos is a jewish concept.

Literally the opening of the first book of moses.

3e688a  No.12964482


>Logos is a jewish concept.

Logos is a Greek word and extremely important in Greek philosophy.

The New Testament was orginally written in Greek, and the word "Logos" was used there and it gave a higher meaning (which it already was). Here is this John 1:1 where the term Logos was baptized into Christianity.

"In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God."

d00426  No.12964483


Read some Schelling, faggot.

a217f3  No.12964537


Did daddy E Michael Jones send you?

dacec9  No.12964574


Logos is literally how you control the goyim in the myth of the golem.

bbbd01  No.12964649

Ordo ab chao motherfuckers.

White race is the highest expression of beauty and reason on earth, destroying (((order))) where all the values are inverted through sheer chaos is our game, as we transcend both. We are beyond good and evil.

New World Order is coming, and it's predominantly white and Aryan, based on our ancient wisdom.


>"In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God."

Then Christianity happened

1c760b  No.12964898


>"New World Order is coming, and it's predominantly white and Aryan, based on our ancient wisdom."

lol this is a /pol/ wetdream, what will actually happen is;

<"New World Order is coming, and it's predominantly jewish and Semitic. Every nation and folk will be transformed into a single selfless mass of labor force and then we will become a different species compared to the jewish elite and die painful and miserable deaths."

80fb1d  No.12965040

Encore, encore! Future historians will marvel at this one in the logs!

Seriously, this question is going to go medically obsolete. If anyone has real cockxiety, talk about it in public. I think it might be a little fixable now, and for the better stuff, being open means you’ll take part in favorable medical developments. At the very least you can find people who say the nice things about it not mattering, many of whom are even sincere.

Cockxiety is not a good reason to be racist. This place isn’t ruled by people who have good reasons to be racist.

Nice porn in this thread btw. If you’re into humans. I think my triple dark majesty is better served elsewhere.

0b5076  No.12965064

I'm a warrior of the lolgos you bloviating pseudo intellectual tryhard

a1391e  No.12965347

Never understood why judeo-cucks cant grasp non dualism. Order vs chaos is for retards who havent evolved. Order and chaos are 2 sides of the same coin, they dont oppose each other, they are complimentary.

daf135  No.12965441


It's you who doesn't understand the breadth of the term 'order'. It doesn't merely mean 'society functioning without crime' or 'people paying taxes'; it is about the universe having unchanging rules like gravity, it is about natural hierarchies, it is about truth being absolute. It refers to logic and reason, to justice and to civilisation. It is a pretty huge term and if there is one thing present in EVERY white culture, it is Order or Logos.

3e688a  No.12967156


>Order vs chaos is for retards who havent evolved.

It's for people who don't believe in moral relativism. There is an objective moral law, which tells you objectively what is good and what is bad. This is a kind of objective context.

7dd4cf  No.12967484


When has the government of a people ever been moral?

Name a society in history. Please, because I want to know of one.

Order and chaos are both in opposition and complimentary at the same time. It is when they are unbalanced that we see these problems.

The problem with our current society is that is has been unbalanced toward the chaotic side of human nature. Putting more value on emotion rather than logic.

We are swinging toward a potential Holy War that will see people attacking each other like ravening barbarians.

The swing back will then eventually come and it will be cold and efficient.

This is human nature and history in a nutshell.

7dd4cf  No.12967552


Goven ment

To control the mind

The very root of the word shows you that human society is and has always been a system of top down rule.

Hierarchies exist at every level of nature. To think that we are somehow disconnected, or above that fact is ludicris.

Those at the high levels will always seek to control and impose their will on others. The art of governing people is ancient and it can be taught. But we plebs are not privy to this kind of education.

The elites know how to use chaos as a tool for opening space. Space to insert the order that they want to impose.

Kind of like making a clearing in the woods to build a house…

OR in our case, to create a space to grow the cattle and fatten them for slaughter.

Afterall, humanity is seen as nothing more than a resource to the elite.

3e688a  No.12967779


>When has the government of a people ever been moral?

If you search one that has never sin, you will never find it.

But the best ones were Christian Monarchies I guess.

>The problem with our current society is that is has been unbalanced toward the chaotic side of human nature.

Humans always have a natural tendency toward irrationality, and we have to control it with practical reason, with the moral law.

>This is human nature

This is why we have laws, that's why we have civilization, that's why we have Logos, in order for us not to fall into chaos, and the Jews are promoting anti-logos around the world because they are agents of chaos.

7dd4cf  No.12967796


>>They are agents of chaos


They are the elite who are educated in the art of governing men. They use chaos as a tool to create an opening for their preferred style of order.

Look at Israel. It is extremely well controlled. Their general population is much better controlled than most.

Those in higher positions know exactly what they are doing.

7dd4cf  No.12967820


I would also disagree that humans tend toward irrationality.

Irrationality has been pushed into the minds of the population with mass propaganda.

We have no guage to judge what an uncontrolled population is like anyway. Radio, Television, and now, the Internet are extremely new and powerful mind control technologies. They have allowed for much more influence on the minds of the general population than anytime in recorded history.

All of what we think we know is taken from an extremely skewed perspective relative to the rest of history.

3e688a  No.12967826


You confuse "Order" with "Control". They are not interchangeable.

For example, the Jews promote sexual liberation, because it is a very advanced form of control. But it is a promotion of anti-logos, of chaos.

7dd4cf  No.12967844


Yes exactly. They use a form of chaos as a tool so that they can then push their style of control.

And yes order and control are basically synonymous.

You yourself just argued that humanity tends toward irrationality (I disagree). So if this is the case, control is needed to bring order. Is it not?

3e688a  No.12967962

File: c1f920d8dae71d0⋯.jpg (90.37 KB, 646x484, 323:242, Masters.jpg)


>I would also disagree that humans tend toward irrationality.

This is our human nature, we always had a tendency for irrational behavior, that be with the temptation of the flesh, that be the temptation of violent behavior, or the temptation of glutonny and so on and so forth.

But there was a strong moral law that was applied and there was the faith which allowed people to control their irrational behavior in a certain extend.

But know in today's world, not only we don't have any moral values anymore, we are being "liberated" from the Moral Law, we don't have any faith anymore and we have the technology which is more powerful than ever…Well yes, you are encouraging and even celebrating the irrational part of your nature to take over. And when that happen, you will be enslaved by your vices.

> So if this is the case, control is needed to bring order.

My point is that in order to be truly free from irrationality (from sin I mean), you need to follow and submit yourself to the Moral Law, which will tell you what is good and what is bad, and you'll also need some strong religious faith to help you out so that you can fight those irrational impulses and urges. So in that case, submitting to the Moral Law will free you from sin, because if you don't submit to it, you will enslaved by those vices. So you could say that following the Moral Law is some kind of control, but I would say that it is the true liberation and that it brings the Logos, the true order of the universe, into place.

With sexual liberation, they seek to undermine the Moral Law strongly so that they can make you being weaken and enslaved by your vices and by the strong guilt that they generate, and by doing it, they truly enslave you by exploiting you.

To tell you in a more "biological" way: You either conform yourself to what is good and moral, by avoid addiciting behavior and by practicing virtuous circles and "moderate" and rational behaviors…Or you let your urges and your impulsions guide your behavior and your choices and then, you will have as many masters as you have vices, and you will be extremely easy to manipulate because of your weakness. This is what sexual liberation is all about.

31b0e9  No.12968018

>Will you fight to preserve the order of the universe, or will you fight to revolutionize the order of the universe, turning it upside-down in a typically satanic fashion?

How does this fit in with Tikkun Olam? Why would someone reorder the universe into satanic chaos and despair?

2f352f  No.12968050


>Being this dumb

I guess this is bait, but still, I would expect more either way.

3e688a  No.12968060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How does this fit in with Tikkun Olam? Why would someone reorder the universe into satanic chaos and despair?

Because they want to "heal" the world based on their twisted notions of what is "good". It is coming from the people who killed Christ and who rejected God, and thus rejected the order of the universe. What they really want to do by "healing" the world is to promote things like Bolshevism, Zionism, feminism, multiculturalism, …

See this video between 43:10-47:17


6e55eb  No.12968467

File: 3383c00c59fdcb4⋯.webm (7.83 MB, 480x270, 16:9, damnation.webm)

Florian had the good sense to leave and never come back.

There is no longer a hope of restoring order, the only option is to start again from the ashes.

4be989  No.12968769


is bogus

if it comes from without

twas made to enslave you

and to hold you down

accelerate shitposting

make it dense and obscure

for whoever watches into it

will leave confused&unsure

they want to put labels

it is plain to control

freaks who subscribe

to role playing roles

>New World Order is coming, and it's predominantly white and Aryan, based on our ancient wisdom.

truthful and bogpilled.

yee, unbelievers! shed for a second your fear and resentment

think of a world that is free and relentless

striving for Good and for Might and for Magic

vimanas fly high, no more drinking from plastic

creativity roams, manifests new art forms

in such a new world you won't sit all day home

train DBZ-like on a nearest playground

with accessible medicine - you ll make extra rounds!

them muscles grow fast just as your will to live

to live, to create, and to find your true love

while Apollo tunes holy lyre for you both

why not to close tired eyes and imagine just that.

or you might spend your life becoming a .. >Fhajiit

trembling and hating till you circuit's backward

Future is bright, O!, my brothers in Light

it is only a lifetime, don't you worry too much

never let them blackpill you and keep to the Right.

2db7a6  No.12968877



>principle of order and knowledge

>the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, government, and redemption of the world

>Christ, God

Friendly reminder that all this describes the laws of nature, not a men made superstition.

3e688a  No.12969036



>Men made

This is the contrary, men are God made.

2db7a6  No.12969126


Every way humans describe God…be it the creator of all life, the entity that connects everything on earth, the power that can hear our thoughts and feel our pains, the god that grows his power through our worshiping, the god that makes us part of himself when we die, the one that tests and challenges us, the one that shows us all the wonders on this earth, the one who dictates the morality of good and bad, the one who puts his own existence into the hands of his creation, the one true God…all this describes unmistakably NATURE itself. Humans not only based their religions entirely around what nature teaches us, but they decided to claim the achievements of nature for themselves and hide it behind a superstitious entity. Why? Because they think they can can get away with defiling and exploiting nature for themselves.

See it this way…why should you accept a believe as the absolute answer to a question that already has a logic answer? Isn't superstition inherently linked to the curiosity of seeking knowledge?

2db7a6  No.12969145


Hey anon, you could respect anonymous imageboard culture and stop spamming sites that require logins?

000000  No.12969151


>When has the government of a people ever been moral?



8ddf73  No.12969153

File: a3bdcc79808d532⋯.jpeg (8.91 KB, 150x200, 3:4, Laguz.jpeg)

46f778  No.12969316


Interesting, you are assuming that a tendency to violence or gluttony is irrational unto itself.

In many situations, these are the most rational responses, even if that behavior is discouraged in our domesticated society.

A christian couple decided to not press charges after the rape of their toddler by a Muslim. They wanted to be forgiving and "fair."

Was that decision against violence a rational one? No I think tortuting that haji to death would be the most rational approach.

9ef2fe  No.12969338


Chaos and Anti-Logos are not the same thing.

Chaos =/= Anti-Logos

Yes the natural order has been turned upside down by semites and the judaized (you)!

stop pushing your shit


b594f8  No.12969809

File: 50261eb4e3b6d1e⋯.png (157.92 KB, 380x445, 76:89, WARRIOR-OF-THE-LEGOS.png)

b594f8  No.12969830


As a life form I manifest the order of the universe

577e88  No.12969943



ad95d7  No.12969987


Fuck discord.

615e41  No.12970234


>Are you a warrior of Logos ?

>Or are you an Agent of chaos, an Agent of Anti-Logos ?

>Will you fight to preserve the order of the universe, or will you fight to revolutionize the order of the universe, turning it upside-down in a typically satanic fashion?

<I am a completely unoriginal basic bitch christfag boomer sourcing his shitty room temp IQ ideas from Vox Day

615e41  No.12970266


The bible is not the bible you drooling retard. The bible is what was once the teaching of Christ perverted by jews and pagans serving the Roman emperor Constantine who tasked them with creating a religion loosely based off the popular teachings of Christianity but whose basic goal was to placate the mob and make it more docile/controllable. Christianity in its present form is a jewish lie; Christ himself would tell you this.

e276ad  No.12970348

File: 7a6c6375b9f119d⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 678x381, 226:127, black_sun_by_hlidskialfodi….jpg)

File: 3bb222212595974⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1224x815, 1224:815, 1485989745655.jpg)

File: 269fbcc4e0b3033⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1544587887599.jpg)

Logos, universal truth, The rules of the Universe are laid open by Christ

To go against the rules of the game is to degenerate.

To go with Logos is to live according to Gods intended Order, the Universes law.

I fight for Logos, my Weltanschauung, my aim, my destiny

615e41  No.12970355


>from sin I mean

Not only do you not even know what the fuck sin is but you don't know a fucking thing someone else didn't tell you because you've never had an original thought yourself. Fuck off back to reddit Owen. There is no such thing as morality there is objective good and bad measured in the evolution and duty of humanity which is to act as both a custodian to this planet and to ourselves both of which we are failing while moralfags like you prosthelytize about endless bullshit not realizing your are just as bad as "satanic" kike's emotional moral relativism with your religious relativism. There is only objectivism and the objective is caring for our planet and evolving our species.

e276ad  No.12970456

File: b4ec2e537574b04⋯.jpeg (82.3 KB, 814x661, 814:661, israel22istandagainstsata….jpeg)


A lot of the bible has been misinterpreted by jews and enemies of Logos to turn Universal Order upside down, like women being equal in any way (vote, decisions), we are one in christ (open borders, mixing), love your neighbor (don't let him ger shanked, protect what you love

Don't view the Bible like the Synagogue of Satan wants you to

cc9d3f  No.12970576


Ah so listen to some other drooling idiot represent it for me then like you do dumbfuck.

The Bible in it's present form is a book written by men based off the teachings of a man who walked with God but was not God or of God that they stole from the cult of Sol Invictus/Horus/Paganism along with a bunch of other shit so they could create one massive religion all the previously pagan inhabitants of the Roman empire had to follow/ give tribute to. That's not even getting to how some kike named Saul infiltrated and destroyed the original teachings of Christ from DAY FUCKING ONE after his death to become the first "mega pastor".

When Christ comes back i.e. the unstoppable spiritual energy driving humanity towards evolution you people will be the first he says needs to go as you have perverted and subverted the divine to serve your own belief systems making you no better than a jew.

cc9d3f  No.12970607


KJV - being so fucking dumb as to not realizing you are following deliberately mistranslated writings of other deliberately mistranslated writings that were deliberately mistranslated to keep the status quo the status quo during an age of population growth where the village became to big for the local elite to control without the backing of a central moral authority.

9f3479  No.12970903

fuck off christ nigger shills. the only logos is our genes dominating

4d8366  No.12970999

File: 22dbfa8cb35d0c6⋯.png (708.11 KB, 725x945, 145:189, ClipboardImage.png)


Definitely the latter. First option sounds boring and retarded.

3eb8fe  No.12971433

File: a0e17ba93deaa7b⋯.png (44.95 KB, 723x432, 241:144, logo-star.png)

> Are you a warrior of the Logos

Fuck Yes

a58563  No.12971506


Logos was a Greek philosophical concept. John 1:1 is a quote from a Greek Philosopher, not something that was made up by John. HOWEVER, I would like to point out that this is one of the most logical reasons that point to the fact that Jesus was not a jew at all (outside of the fact that all of the new testament he refers to JEWS AS JEWS and they refer to him as a NON-JEW) so there is that. But it also leads to the conclusion that Christ is Apollyon/Pythagoras (Azazel) and again NOT A JEW. Problem is that Europeans haven't a fucking CLUE who they are anymore and even less of a clue what the NT is trying to tell them.

966a47  No.12971534


I'm pretty sure Europeans are Israelites, and jews (and maybe even arabs and the elites too) are edomites. But the NT does seem foggy at times, especially with the pacifist sounding stuff that contradicts with other parts of the Bible. What do you think the NT is trying to tell us?

229941  No.12971635

File: 70aff079f0ba995⋯.jpg (248.79 KB, 636x640, 159:160, 1541455756109.jpg)



Several interesting "theories" concerning this.

One involved Jesus being the same person as Julius Caesar.

I personally do not believe it, but I do certainly believe that history is faked/fabricated on an extensive scale and that there is much more truth to the ancient myths, such as the massive floods, than most people think.


This, they have subverted the fuck out of it. But we can only do our best, ""they"" still hate Christ, jew or not.

3605f0  No.12971685


Repeating digits are a form of Logos; order emerging from chaos.

3605f0  No.12971719



000000  No.12971784


>Christ is Azazel

you are full of shit.

Azazel is a demon and you are the scum of the water, defiler of the Name

6e55eb  No.12971802


We've gone well beyond Weimar.

Weimar was just a prototype for clown world.

000000  No.12971820


The movie The Exorcist is based on Azazel

go suck demon cock

56f631  No.12975687


>Every way humans describe God…be it the creator of all life

Because every man has a part of Logos in them and they all know that they had to be put in to life by an uncaused cause, a.k.a God. They pretty much all have some kind of undertsanding of God, but the interpretations are differents.

0db586  No.12975758


Logos is Dharma, at least they are pretty much the same idea being approached by two different religions.

Personally, I prefer to serve in heaven then to rule in hell, but then again, I'm one of those weirdos who can't really live for themselves. I need a higher principle to drive me forward. Consumerism, liberalism and capitalism have all failed me.

In a way I failed christianity, and I'm not sure, but I feel like maybe Sanatana Dharma is the path forward. Don't want to let go of Jesus though.

1b88a8  No.12975991

Chaos brings order.

Gotta find that dao OP.

1b88a8  No.12976003


Oh and the world is upside-down now btw, if you hadn't noticed..

56f631  No.12976139


>Oh and the world is upside-down now btw, if you hadn't noticed..

Well, because the world is deep into Anti-Logos, because the Catholic Church is extremely weak and the Jews extremely strong. So what is truly good is now considered evil, and what is truly evil is considred good. It's a typical satanic inversion, it's anti-logos.

5ac7b9  No.12976196


>he's still here shilling this shit

53dfbf  No.12982685


You have IP hopped 5 times in this one thread alone to push your shit ideas Owen.

274991  No.12982747

OP replies to himself for attention.

4b1f8b  No.12984378

File: fae14dccd966491⋯.png (81.31 KB, 1046x560, 523:280, dualcitizens.png)

c64f03  No.12984498

Shills don't want you talking about this

e09406  No.12984928


You'll have my axe brother

3c97ec  No.12985036

File: 7dcf60318479078⋯.gif (243.31 KB, 800x422, 400:211, 154744223784368902.gif)

c33197  No.12985046


creation through destruction, like the pheonix, a hatchling breaking out of an egg, a butterfly from a cocoon, or a rejuvenating forest fire

4b1f8b  No.12985284

File: 561eae69a354a9c⋯.jpg (374.66 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 1548873719507.jpg)




605ef0  No.12985353

You must hate the word Logos since it's bad okay? Do you listen little goy?:) Trust me Jews invented the word Logos like everything else. Problem is the word Jew wasn't even in the original bible. But somehow managed to get it into the bible later on after 1000AD . Israel wasn't even a physical nation in Bible. But goyim please just STFU. Obey:)

0db586  No.12985380


Definitely not, I have a job and I can't afford to bother with proxys, sorry.

4b1f8b  No.12988361

File: b744fd15e544c38⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1081x710, 1081:710, Darius.png)

File: a6785a5afa70de0⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1750x1441, 1750:1441, euro1.jpg)

File: 9c65050d4493f0d⋯.png (388.91 KB, 1000x993, 1000:993, euro2.png)

File: e61e886247094da⋯.jpg (88.8 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, euro3.jpg)



Ieudomites was the original term, and was a designator for a specific ethnic group. The (((persians))) created a golem and ever since it has been projecting is mongrelized incestuousness onto the world. Make no mistake, they are the synagogue of Satan.


4b1f8b  No.12991773


yo thanks, I just realized how based the Masons are. did some research while trying to 'debunk' you and realized what an arrogant fool I have been. My apologies

000000  No.13003228


What is good for your people can easily be bad for another one.


>Those at the high levels will always seek to control and impose their will on others.

Which is fine if these people are good willed.

And I hope you will not pretend such people never existed.


>temptation of the flesh

What kind of retard still speaks like that?

Someone who thinks sex is sin?

>temptation of violent behavior

I think we have found our village faggot.


You utterly failed to understand anon's point.

Religions are made by men.



No. (((Some humans))).

Logos works with both Chaos AND Order if you go that way, assuming you accept the definition of Logos as generally pasted around here.

Only brainlets think Chaos can only be bad.

May Kek have mercy on your souls and not dump them in the nearest black hole.


>muh bible distorted Jewsus' teachings

You've got a touching nice narrative here pal.

I'd love to hear about those heart warming teachings from that distant kike, lord of the sand pits, called Yeshua Bar Yosef.

==HAIL SATAN== (just because)


Having problems typing?


>Jews called Jewsus a non-Jew

I thought the book was mistranslated? How can you be so sure?

Christ addicts make for a sorry picture, really.


>Europeans are Israelites

Ha, Christian Identity moron spotted. Finally.

/christian/ should check their valves, too many leaks.


> Jesus being the same person as Julius Caesar.

Jesus Christ was an invention, a syncretism of several ideas, gods and people.

There indeed are many similarities between both JC and JC (oh, it's the sam…).

There is a whole book written by a woman, that properly explains this.

Christians are literally running after a bucket of plagiarisms.

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