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File: 5ac65913bf9e29f⋯.jpg (101.65 KB, 905x675, 181:135, 1546036150742.jpg)

dbfb8e  No.12975664

All of you are a joke, including me.

All you have been doing for the past years is talk abut how your people are being genocided, yet you do NOTHING about it.

In fact, you probably do degenerate things like masturbate and sit alone in your room all day.

I hate phonies. Put the money where your mouth is, start doing shit you fucking moron.

You might now say, oh well why aren't I doing shit. It's because I'm just support, I'm not even white.

Heed these words: His actions will be for naught because of YOU.

0eec03  No.12975702

>all you have been doing is talk

You have no idea what are plans are and no amount of fishing will get us to reveal them.

dbfb8e  No.12975709


I'm not saying to share, I'm saying that most likely, with 99% accuracy, virtually all of you are doing nothing.

You will continue posting in this board, while everything around you decays.

a7850a  No.12975726

File: 12d4a70a0f9dddc⋯.jpg (121.21 KB, 1502x880, 751:440, based brenton.jpg)


Posts like these show exactly why they are shilling so hard against Brenton Tarrant and the video. They know its a call to action.

dbfb8e  No.12975734


Yeah but let's face it, none of you, including me, will do a thing about white genocide.

You're okay with it, you're very okay with it at this point.

a7850a  No.12975741


>Yeah but let's face it, none of you, including me, will do a thing about white genocide.

Get the fuck out. You don't belong here. Stop astroturfing.

41406b  No.12975746


Is that Vin Diesel?

dbfb8e  No.12975751


Why are you mad, you know I'm right.

I'll check back in a week, and I'll post this thread yet again.

Screencap this fucking post.

4cf79b  No.12975757

It's been a tough time for these kikes. Have to try to blackpill hard to make up for the fact we got a glorious victory in NZ!

d97e6b  No.12975768

Mr CIA, if you want to recruit people that badly then put an advert up on your website and offer to pay at least 15 dollary-doos for that living wage. EZPZ.

/pol/ is not a recruiting ground for CIA mercenaries. Please leave.

963071  No.12975772


You first.

dbfb8e  No.12975774


>tarrant wants a civil war

>instead you're out here saying le kikes are mad because I'm pointing out you're not capitalizing on the shooting


>glorious victory

how so, white cucks ended up raising over 6 million for the moslems, and you 're still not doing shit

dbfb8e  No.12975795


Again, I'm support.

So you're waiting for things to get real to be real?

You need to acknowledge the fact that for things to get real, people need to do real things in an unreal world.

Just as Tarrant did.

In other words, you cannot wait, you must act.

963071  No.12975797

File: 476e4c14defc1c1⋯.gif (1.82 KB, 546x525, 26:25, white.gif)


>I'm not even white

Nobody is. Look at pic related, that's called white, if your skin looks like that, then you're clinically dead. White is a color not a race.

dbfb8e  No.12975798


Get out of here you stupid cunt.

963071  No.12975821


Look for opportunities to strike against the enemy, not the symptoms, only the cause. Meanwhile accumulate defenses by bettering yourself and spreading the truth. When the opportunity arises, strike or die. Remember death is inevitable for all of us, it's about what you did in life that counts. Also, your individuality doesn't matter either, because only what you achieve for your collective (blood, race) will carry on.

a10ad6  No.12975824


>not even white

no need to state the obvious

0332a2  No.12975830


Shill Shillstein

963071  No.12975834


Truth hurts. Being alive is the struggle to avoid death. Get over it and struggle towards a better life.

343fe3  No.12975840

Hard to do something about when the board is overran by literally street trash and homosexuals that won't fucking leave.

343fe3  No.12975844


Get off my board you nigger.

85c48a  No.12975855

File: 58d82470e3a6f30⋯.jpeg (70.86 KB, 702x366, 117:61, 137665.jpeg)


Thinking and talking is the First Step.

online and in real life I talk about Engagement of Open Hostility against those Who want to enslave Whites.

Openly speaking against White Genocide is the First Step.

This kind of talk by the Masses in person and online got a President elected.

I can assure You, Nothing about any of this is a Joke.

Picture the absolute terror Words spoken by Just everyday Whites being put into the heart of those who seek to enslave Whites and their Children.

The Absolute shock of another Race Openly supporting Whites.

The Shock and terror Simple words puting fear into the very hearts of the enemy of all people. is more than enough Drive. Knowing that simple words pictures and Well made Video's absolutly scare the Hell of of the enemy is enough to motivate anybody.

b7f1e5  No.12975857

Well I guess we better all start posting about how we are about to commit violence because faggot OP told us to

cc22a1  No.12975860


Can you imagine how pathetic your life must be to make this post?

Take a moment and think about it.

Now remember that the mods are allowing multiple shitpost OPs like this in the catalog.

Take a moment and think about it.

Now say:

Go to bed modnigger.

and close the thread.

dbfb8e  No.12975861


Retard, I'm not saying to post shit here.

I'm just pointing out all of you niggers here will keep taking welfare.i

963071  No.12975871



Am I in the way of your deceiving campaign? Does truth stand in the way of your attempts to accelerate violence on false pretenses? Am I responsible for another failed day of controlling public discord by stating the obvious? Well…so be it.

dbfb8e  No.12975872


You're even more pathetic for thinking this is a shitpost.

See you in 30 years where you're still here posting about white genocide and the white's number have shrinked even more so than now.

1cd255  No.12975874

dbfb8e  No.12975883


You're an obvious jew, go suck suck off a baby's dick you disgusting kike.

1cd255  No.12975890


>white's number have shrinked even more so than now.

>You're an obvious jew

Oy vey

dbfb8e  No.12975904


Typical kike making no sense and doing "no u r da kike" trick.

Woudln't mind if you fell into an oven.

ff4940  No.12975907


It's better to do nothing than to do something stupid that hurts your cause.

But that is still worse than doing something actually productive - like getting into positions of power.

But that requires time and effort and rubbing shoulders with people you secretly want to kill.

Just grabbing a gun and shooting a few randos is far quicker and simpler and gives idiots the feel like they are doing something brave.

1cd255  No.12975918


It's your narrative, buddy.

a10ad6  No.12975921


hello fellow 8channer.

773c36  No.12975950



dbfb8e  No.12975958


My narrative is that you aren't doing shit, therefore, white's number will have shrinked, and the white genocide project will have progressed.

But somehow I'm a kike for wanting you to do shit.

Kike pilpul showing there.

Are you done sucking that baby?

1cd255  No.12975968


Well, I guess I'll see you on the 7pm news tomorrow, oh man of action.

a10ad6  No.12975970

File: 4884dea674f9c9e⋯.png (287.13 KB, 626x1000, 313:500, 1510870900449.png)


000000  No.12983919


>"Do something because I'm too pussy"

Sorry coach but I dont take directions from some worthless sack of shit sitting on the bench during the game.

5b6f67  No.12983938











6a8d76  No.12983940


Girl on the left looks like a lot of fun.

17c9ae  No.12983948


nice thread you kike

000000  No.12984014


Afraid, subhuman? You should. We will kill all of you.

The world will be for white people only. Every other race will suffer genocide by our hands. There is nothing that can stop us.

e32ddd  No.12984028

File: f169819675024e2⋯.jpg (330.03 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, REMOVE.jpg)


>yet you do NOTHING about it.

You got a short memory

>I'm not even white.

And there it is

b594f6  No.12984751

Lol. OP, do you not know how fucking dumb you look?

Your obvious demotivation attempts are pretty damn clear for a federal agent like you. Guess they are getting dumber.

You're literally terrified that more Saints get added to the role call that now includes the holy trinity of St. Breivik, St. Roof, and St. Tarrant.

You're shaking in your boots and it will be fine when you get lynched.

959f5a  No.12984791


>I'm not even white.

Nice job outing yourself, idiot.

178d2d  No.12985007

So many desperate shills, wanting smart white men in jail for doing raghead-level stupid shit that accomplishes nothing. Then they pull out all the anti-jew insults that have been directed at them in the past when you won't play along with their little scheme.

How much longer until jewish shills end up redpilling normies by acting like /pol/acks?

Terrorism is a nigger-tier action.

It's not surprising that jews would sell it and not understand why it doesn't appeal to us like it does to their easily controlled idiots and themselves.

There are more shills here now than people and still you're getting your shit pushed in. The people that are here didn't make it this far by acting like niggers.

Take your message of jews and baby dicks to reddit. They could use the info.

b87049  No.13003522


>All of you are a joke, including me.

<including me.


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