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File: 06c71191edc20cb⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 618x1099, 618:1099, PollPic1.jpg)

File: 9937bec9e0336cb⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 618x1099, 618:1099, PollPic2.jpg)

73290c  No.12975667

The West is beyond cucked, it has completed its metamorphosis into a Platonic female.

A poll of over 2000 Chinese people was done on WeChat, the most popular Chinese social media app, and found that after reading the manifesto, 76% sympathized with Brenton Tarrant.

Translation of pic 1:


Do you have sympathy after reading the gunman’s essay?

Very much sympathy – 56%

A little sympathy – 25%

No strong feelings – 13%

I hate him – 4%

Translation of pic 2:


How would you characterize the attack on the mosque?

Vengeance – 61%

Terrorist attack – 10%

Self-defense behavior – 14%

Violent crime – 3%

Political intrigue – 10%

Chinese have not been completely demoralized. They still have a sense of pride and aren't completely brainwashed. Thus, they can empathize with Brenton who acted supra-rationally and with compassion for his people. The Chinese understand in-group defence quite well. The West at this point in time is little more than an over-emotional suicide cult hellbent on total self-annihilation. The stupidity of the average person here knows no bounds.

Now, if only I could take these nightmare vision goggles off!

707f1f  No.12975740

What about Koreans? I've tried reading some ILBE comments with Google Translate but its pretty shit for translating ilbespeak. I saw someone say

>he did a good job of taking out trash

or something like that though, lol.

Also curious about the Japanese reactions.

1ec561  No.12975743

>psychopaths sympathize with another psychopath

21d3b9  No.12975780

Ar there any polls from westerners on this matter yet?

73290c  No.12975865


Not that I know of. But you can bet 99% would virtue signal against him because whites are fucking faggots – and I say that as a 100% Cornishman.

2bc983  No.12975897

I wouldn't consider chinese people as a role model in any form.

bed682  No.12975962

Chinks are soulless subhumans. This is day 1 stuff.

43e816  No.12975993


This, a poll on the japanese or korean would be better.

79019c  No.12976001


Fuck off, kike. Chinks are based.

b4b1f4  No.12976010









We do not care, shills. 8chan knows that the jews ordered brenton to attack.

bed682  No.12976025


>jews ordered brenton to attack

Literally easiest way to spot a shill. Honestly they are so easy to spot its not even fun anymore. Try harder or go home because you are only wasting your time.

d92beb  No.12976027

File: 2935f97cf6ff7fe⋯.jpg (49.47 KB, 620x657, 620:657, abbott.jpg)


You gay ass faggot. :)

a22b3f  No.12976065

File: a439c9f5f14da2e⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 1077x456, 359:152, No Escape.JPG)


>I hate him – 4%

957cb8  No.12976108


Has the manifesto even been translated into Chinese and Korean yet? PDF sauce please.

a22b3f  No.12976110



e005b6  No.12976343

That's why BT praised China in his manifesto: they are uncucked about muslims even though they still have a jewish problem.

b399a5  No.12976790


They are not controlled by jews

>inb4 retarded cherrypicking

f53f47  No.12976807

>271 out of 1.3 billion

>the only people motivated to respond in the first place are people who have a personal interest in international affairs, unlike 99% of Chinese who live in a box and don't even know who their own leaders are

CIDF fuck off

d82ccc  No.12977014


> Platonic female.

what is this? are you referencing plato?

aa4643  No.12977037

There's so many more Chinese than there are Western people, muzzies are truly fucked. They picked the wrong side to infiltrate and destroy, but they probably can't help it since it's the jews doing it and a lot of jews hate the West.

d82ccc  No.12977128


Chinese people aren't so facile and lovelorn that they would let flattery take them under, like the west.

a22b3f  No.12977132


>The West is beyond cucked



>ISRAEL: 48%

>US: 41%

TOTAL: 89%

Everywhere Else: 11%

a22b3f  No.12977136


So am I.

d82ccc  No.12977153


Conspiracy argument is no longer valid as it is an easy out and overused. Put some thought into why the chinese government would associate themselves with this situation and then we'll talk.

774b58  No.12977189


perhaps not, but they're still controlled by something thats pretty bad; chinks

has /pol/ forgotten about the chinks because of this poll?

2ef3ad  No.12977197


That would only be true if 8chan was completely populated with shills like yourself

ed5ce2  No.12977274



>because whites are fucking faggots – and I say that as a 100% Cornishman.

Truth, our race is fucking fucked. All that time and effort, dragging civilization up out of a shithole, and we're just going to throw it away

Exactly what Tarrant was talking about.

5aa5b5  No.12978171


>Truth, our race is fucking fucked.

White race died in 1945. RIP.

0f4c3a  No.12979117

i for one totally believe your hieroglyphs as we all know communism is the future and the chinese are the ideal society

58b356  No.12984516

File: d06122af5500386⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 912x513, 16:9, conservative-jewish-gay-ma….jpg)

000000  No.12984649

Let's tear down mosques in muslim countries in the name of progress. Then put up synagogues and holocaust museums in their place. Let's see how tolerant the muslims are.

00de8e  No.12995156

can someone clarify the current % please?

The URL at https://dailystormer.name/chinese-poll-76-sympathize-with-brenton-tarrant-after-reading-manifesto/ supports 76 as in this thread title, but when I actually visit it, Andrew Anglin's title is:

>Chinese Poll: 81% Sympathize with Brenton Tarrant After Reading Manifesto

meanwhile on Twitter:

60% per https://twitter.com/slmngy001/status/1106926569241694209

56% per https://twitter.com/WilliamYang120/status/1107096101146906625

So what is the current number? 56, 60, 76 or 81 ?

000000  No.12996027

Since when national chink polls are to be trusted?

b399a5  No.12996043


>Very much sympathy – 56%

>A little sympathy – 25%


Can't do the maths faggot?

e7acd2  No.12996047



There is your problem. To be more precise the 81% is a composite of two vote options and these faggots where just too retarded to add 1 and 1. The other cases are just changing poll numbers.

Why would you even bother about that kosher shitrag in first place?

4abdb7  No.13021222

File: 57431936624ba02⋯.png (219.91 KB, 850x485, 170:97, 1eee3501e84e8f6ab7b43382b2….png)



>Ar there any polls from westerners on this matter yet?

pols can be trusted exactly as much as CNN can be trusted. Why are you letting jewish media tell you what white people think? Do you think that jewish media would let you know if a lot of whites agreed with the NZ hero?

8ac6e0  No.13023567

File: 811b2aafcfba44d⋯.gif (31.48 KB, 146x170, 73:85, 9vXuxZW.gif)


>It's over goys there's nothing you can do about it

Same old shit Shlomo

5e502e  No.13042692

Muslism hate Jews. White hate Jews.

Muslim plus White fighting toghter against the Jews.

Muslims fighting Whites or Whites fighting Muslims.

The Jews will achieve what they want with let us fight agianst Muslims.

a000ad  No.13042702

And the fucking chinks have nothing to lose. Kill yourself gook.

a000ad  No.13042713

Amazing, You filter all the fucking jews at the thread is empty.

319efb  No.13042876


>Muslism hate Jews.

They don't.

Ton of muslims in Europe? Have they ever strike the jews. None.

34937c  No.13042934

File: 6797c49b8178c72⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 186x202, 93:101, L2.jpg)



319efb  No.13042945


Funny because muslims hate dogs.



>for fucking invaders

2bb36b  No.13042952

Indians do to, of course.

Funny thing is, I bet most Muslims in their homelands would say they "understand where he is coming from" since they certainly don't approve of other groups setting up shop in their lands, such as Israel.

Most Muslims, and even Mexican gang bangers, are much more circumspect than cucked and duped White Americans.

000000  No.13043002


maybe its just because china and india have the largest population so they also have the largest /pol/ type groups

7c83b0  No.13064990



Bump, moshe.


It's really astonishing that this does not happen.

1209ce  No.13065235


I live in a Chinese area and they are not psychopaths. Highly xenophobic and racist yes. But the ones I live with are very orderly and kind. But yes, buy chinese, deal with chinese, fire non chinese workers, etc.

Asian women are one of the highest creations on the planet. Not a fetish either. But think of it, they are small and dimunitive but largely suffer and discipline their way through university to get decent jobs. They study and work hard. My last GF's dad died when she was young, but her mother is 64 and still works 6 days a week and has for the last 40 years. They are kind and generous if - and only if - they think you are good. If they think poorly of you or do not know you, they do not have the same empathy.

I got to learn that in my visit in China. When I first arrived I thought 'holy fuck these people are insane' because just in the airport alone it seemed so hectic with everyone shoving their own way through crowds.

But I stayed in a hotel for a long while and while some degenerate slavs went out looking for hookers I chilled with the hotel staff. It was a really great experience because they were kind and cute and hard workers.

I wouldn't mind being segregated from the Chinese, but I am 100% certain we can make peace with them and share this planet for the better of us both. We'd have to stop impregnating their women or fucking them so much though since that is a huge cause of resentment that their women literally throw themselves at us.

7cd287  No.13074385

File: 331ee85e095c4be⋯.jpg (82.67 KB, 837x606, 279:202, nazi-cosplay-07.jpg)


All I have to say is…

33b00b  No.13074445

Pretty sure most people outside of the obvious left-leaning countries have a decent number of supporters. I'm from Lithuania and we have two big online news sites here, one with a right-wing nationalist readerbase and one with a more center-leaning readerbase. Both had many comments, and these were also by far the most upvoted comments, saying that the muslims brought it upon themselves, that they should go back to their own countries, or just outright congratulating Brendon Tarrant and saying he did a good job. Says a lot when people who otherwise would be at each other's throats (and are, there's an election happening here soon) agree on a shooting of all things being justifiable.

693b9a  No.13074811

File: 7a17eb42e1500af⋯.jpg (127.72 KB, 700x803, 700:803, aussie mosque shooter graf….jpg)

Glad to hear it, but still kind of sad that he has more support among the Chinese than our own people.

e11710  No.13075488


Only a pshycopath would post thid

9ad122  No.13096824

*honk* *honk*

000000  No.13110213

lol even Poos give him high support. Maybe Tarrant will be reincarnated as one of them just to punish our shitty failed cuck race.

c09bc6  No.13110228


Meanwhile in 2050:

Hunting Down Nazis in Northern China, How One Holocaust Survivor Fought Back Against Antisemitism by Sabotaging the White Diaspora in Mainland China

e44738  No.13110736

Admirable things about China:

1. They ruthlessly pursue their own national interests.

2. They ruthlessly pursue their own national interests and aren't Israel.

b13366  No.13111161


Really? I didnt know this. That fucking explains a lot.


8e3db9  No.13111198

China hates Islam.

I ran a few Islamic watch groups on G+ and was always backed by China. China is also the creator of Jihad watch dog.

China has been secretly helping with the fight against Islam in the west.

e4c2a8  No.13132358


I live in Vancouver and think relatively highly of them. They don't use drugs, act like drunken idiots, educate themselves, and keep strong families. I find that they can be kinder than their reputation implies. They just have a higher standards for appearance than whites do.

My dream is that whites move to China and move into a clone city of Paris. If they were allowed to stay segregated in their own city with their own schools, they could use their creative genius to do research and advance china intellectually. I think that if whites and asians worked together, they could take over the entire globe. The thing is that Asians are not creative and when whites get exterminated in the west, they will have no source of new innovation. Asians are smart in their own way, but they are more interested in pursuing things like status than knowledge about the world.

They are also smarter about some things than us: particularly business and finance. I think if they could shelter us in china, we would be unstoppable.

54729e  No.13132429

6a6a75  No.13132434

>Another Chinks are baste thread

Oy boy, I wonder what awaits me in this thread. Could it be dozens of back and forth between Chink shills and anons? Let's find out.

0508dd  No.13132456


I respect the Chinese, but this whole 'share the planet' thing is literal cuck thinking. The Chinese are genocidal and have no interest in sharing the planet with whites.

We should still learn from them. America needs its own Boxer Rebellion.

9cf2c3  No.13132973


everywhere else = eastern europe

cd649d  No.13135545

File: b371b66a2ab3caf⋯.webm (1.65 MB, 720x480, 3:2, a_nice_reminder_chinese_a….webm)

1bf2c9  No.13138469


ohhh man, that's enough internet for the day, the more conscious i become of humanity, the less human i become, why not just kill it first so it doesn't have to suffer.

365c5b  No.13138824


They think it tastes better if it suffered first, preferably in front of the rest to stress them out as much as possible.. This is why Yulin is such a shitshow of torture.

d93035  No.13139302


I'm never going to be able to sleep again. How the fuck do I go just continue with my daily life after seeing this shit.

53b1a4  No.13141242


>da joos did it, he says on a Semite-conscious Mongolian absurdist throatsinging forum

Spotted the Jew

54bd67  No.13141268

File: c8f20ef4917f068⋯.png (189.04 KB, 757x1411, 757:1411, chinesearmyisajoke.png)

File: d2dcf2ef860f645⋯.png (43.81 KB, 749x611, 749:611, chingchongu.png)

File: 470518a425b5155⋯.png (363.14 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, chineseparasites.png)


Based le honorary aryans, amirite m'fellow right-wingers!?

ba5638  No.13141274



>Honorary anything

Just give up.

54bd67  No.13141283

File: a06f3ef09ec65f9⋯.png (98.2 KB, 234x278, 117:139, chingchongpotato.png)

File: 79f4a50a99f8a58⋯.png (208.77 KB, 800x1672, 100:209, chinanpcnation.png)

File: bcb7d038229abd6⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1371x1208, 1371:1208, chinesearenotpeople.png)

File: 20c6acf921c40a1⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2029x1713, 2029:1713, chinksuseless.png)



le based asians. they will be our allies ecks D

ba5638  No.13141290


No one is supportive of Chinese ants, negroid. Quit your screeching and go elsewhere.

54bd67  No.13141292


b-b-but asian qts. euroasian master rice.

ba5638  No.13141306


Jew-loving Dugin was exposed. Now move on and talk about something relevant.

ab1ad8  No.13141319


impossibru, cortisol ruins meat, but I guess scared weak digestion yellow rats may like the rotten acid meat.

2b298c  No.13141376

File: fa77ad779463faf⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Tail.jpg)


Isn't it funny how an OFFICIALLY COMMUNIST STATE, one made up of Chinese, a historically servile race, is less cucked than the supposed 'free west.' I can't help but laugh.

0352ed  No.13141377


Every single white person I know, even my libtard father, supports Brenton's actions. My boss. All the people at my workplace. Everyone. He has widespread popular support for what he did, for one reason or another, everyone loves him. I'm saying this as someone from Ontario, Canada one of the really cucked nations in the world.

2b298c  No.13141391



0352ed  No.13141397


How about fuck that? Lets tear down mosques in our own countries instead of bothering Muslims that have the decency to live in their own land instead of invading ours.

0352ed  No.13141407


I don't need a poll to tell me that chinks have no problem with other races squabbling and fighting each other. As long as they aren't the target they are quite amused.

dd4306  No.13141430

this speaks to the fact that pro tarrent shills here, are commies LARPing as edgy nazzis

0352ed  No.13141447


What a retarded narrative you're spinning.

199217  No.13142895

File: dd4349328a3f2b7⋯.png (12.5 MB, 3859x2594, 3859:2594, a new tide.png)


>this speaks to the fact that pro tarrent shills here, are commies LARPing as edgy nazzis

Shill or retard?

4e539d  No.13142900



4e539d  No.13142943


Imagine being such a pussy, it only takes animal suffering to get you swayed. This is exactly like democracy, show a child crying and you have everyone on your side

faa425  No.13144308


Yep. I would not be surprised if half the /pol/ is vegan soyboys at these point.

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